[Query] WA Cheatscanner and Account Sharing

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[Query] WA Cheatscanner and Account Sharing

Postby Mehlandis » Thu Apr 02, 2020 6:46 pm

I am currently thinking over leaving NS/taking an extended break. This comes with the issue one of my other accounts is the founder of a region I am very fond of (as I made) and is big enough it wouldn't be practical to move. Thusly, I am looking into giving my account to someone else. The person is fine, but I am worried about the risks. Specifically one:

"WA warnings - If you're sharing around a WA member nation while one or more people with access to it also maintain WA accounts, you run a greater risk of getting caught on the WA cheatscanner."

I don't have much worry for when I retire. I'll just resign from the WA. But it brings an issue: If I do indeed return, and I am in the WA at the same time as the other person (with separate emails, of course), will I get warned by the Cheatscanner? Do humans look at people hit by it, and could I appeal it if that happens (being I would obviously not be using the same computer as that person), or tell you which nation I'm doing this with in advance?
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Postby Frisbeeteria » Thu Apr 02, 2020 6:53 pm

We're not going to tell you how the cheatscanner works, or how to avoid being caught by it. That would be actively counterproductive.

While the cheatscanner sends out warnings automatically in certain circumstances, it is not empowered to eject you from the WA. That does require a human moderator to review and process the ejection. Note that the mods can in fact set up automatic ejection for egregious multis - if you're not one of those, you won't be impacted by that tool. As for the rest of it, read the Regarding Sharing Accounts section of the OSRS to be aware of the risks.

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