Malstrecigano Meltdown [GO News Cycle][Closed/GO Only]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Malstrecigano Meltdown [GO News Cycle][Closed/GO Only]

Postby Tero Malstreciga » Tue Mar 31, 2020 7:04 pm

The Confidence Crisis
Malstrecigano Meltdown 1
Malstrecigano Meltdown 2
The End of the World As We Know It

Yellow - Urbo de Liberico Government
Light Green - Parazio Government
Pink - Bonporton Commune
Orange - Moorlands Citizens Republic
White - Nikelo Canal Zone/Imperio Free State (Luksa Clique)
Light Blue - National Security Alliance
Dark Red - Malstrecigano Federation
Green - Riverine Republic
Dark Blue - Southern Moorlands Territory (Contested)

Black Stars - Conflict Areas

Tero Malstreciga, everyone's favorite Isthmian den of depravity, is no more. Or perhaps it's eight more? That's a matter of opinion.

Regardless, the implosion of global markets and an impressive vanishing trick pulled by a President has led to chaos and rioting, militant arguments over the legitimate government, and a deluge of secessionist breakaways at the extremities of the former nation. The region has been in a state of chaotic flux over the past few weeks as the situation gradually became more defined, and lines in the sand more formally drawn.

With the "stabilization" of the situation, outside forces can now take note of the nine organized groups in the former nation that have enough staying power to be relevant. What are these groups?

The Urbo de Liberico Government
Leader: Acting President Angelo Koralo

After impeaching Vice-President Armiro on the steps of the Capitol Building, Speaker Angelo Koralo became the legitimate Acting President of Tero Malstreciga for as long as President Brava was missing. When the Presidential Guard disagreed with this notion, the police in the capital disarmed them and brought Koralo into the Presidential Office. After his call for the state governments to bring the national guards to bare floundered, Koralo was left with a loyal administration over only a small portion of the country, though his hold on the vital capital city continues.

The Parazio Government
Leader: President Abelo Armiro

President Brava is presumed dead, and several weeks ago Armiro as his Vice President was sworn in as the next legitimate President. Koralo who claims to have impeached Armiro did not reach a quorum of the chamber for his kangaroo court vote, and but the traitor nonetheless usurped control of the capital. President Armiro has withdrawn to his core of support, the cluster of southern states with Governors he considered political allies.

National Security Alliance
Leader: Chairwoman Fajra Orabela

After the collapse of stability and legitimate government in Tero Malstreciga, the state governments and institutions of a large chunk of the central wealthy area of Tero Malstreciga met in the Kvarurbo to sign an agreement forming the National Security Alliance. Their stated goal is to maintain stable government and regularity throughout the crisis and to restore a united Tero Malstreciga under a legitimate government, though they have been very careful not to indicate a preference of the two current competitors.

Bonporton Commune
Leader: Presidium Chair Lucjo Amiko

As the rest of the country kicked and screamed about who the President should be, the economically-motivated protests in Bonporton devolved into riots, and when organizer Lucjo Amiko was arrested they devolved further into an all-out conflict. With their nominal victory in that conflict, protest movements have united into the Peoples Front and declared the independence of the Bonporton Commune. Conflicts between militias on the North and East borders continue, but intervention by the TSPR providing material aid through an airbridge has recharged the spirit of the revolutionaries.

Moorlands Citizens Republic
Leader: First Minister Diko Malbono

In the deep south of Tero Malstreciga are the Moorlands Territories. At the onset of conflict, the wealthy land-owning class of this region hired private mercenary forces to secure their properties, and soon enough they had compelled the governors of the three territories to concede control. The resulting Moorlands Citizens Republic is a plutocratic dominion of the ruralistas and has reportedly conducted a number of ethnically-motivated killings and forced relocations. Quickly, the MCR has collapsed into the least stable region of the country, and there are continuing rumors that several mercenary companies have grown unsatisfied with their employment.

Malstrecigano Federation
Leader: Federal President Safiro Stelaro

The shortly after the NSA's formation, three Northern states that were approached as members, Grandabieno, Malflava, and Minoj, signed a multilateral agreement to form the Malstrecigano Federation, joint shortly afterwards by the Intiqilla Native Territory. The Federation's stated goal is to peacefully establish a new, better democracy for its constituent regions. A constitutional convention in Sangoverŝado Pasu recently confirmed a constitution heavily based on that of Lykens, a Federal Republic which has a leading presence in the region.

Riverine Republic
Leader: Minister-President Murdo Mortigi

The State of Riviera, which was expected to either align with the NSA or the Federation, ultimately did neither. After the governing coalition in the state merged to form the Universala Savo-Partio, they voted in the State Senate to issue a unilateral declaration of independence. The Riverine Republic has adopted a constitution relying on a complex system of caucuses to elect their legislative assembly, which the USP has dominated. The election of local actor Murdo Mortigi as Minister-President has raised some eyebrows.

Trankvilavoj Islands Governorate
Leader: Governor Vilhelmo Venka

The island territory of Tero Malstreciga worried many when it looked like localized conflicts would get out of control, but after the Guard succeeded in stabilizing the situation, Governor Venka surprised many by managing to broker a local peace. He then surprised onlookers again by refusing to commit the islands to any side in the conflict on the mainland, instead beginning a process of internal deliberation and public discussion about the future of the islands. Concerns about Venka attempting to build a personal fiefdom of the islands are thus far unfounded.

Nikelo Canal Zone
Leader: Admiral Campio Luska

Many were initially concerned about the devolution of the meltdown into an all-out civil war, especially after many army units defected to align with preferred sides, but thankfully much of the Malstrecigano Armed Forces has veered away from militant intervention. Admiral Luksa drew much international attention after he took most of the Malstrecigano Navy, as well as the Marine Corps, and used it to secure the Nikelo Canal Zone. He has ensured safe and regular passage to international ships, and has called for peace in the isthmus. Since the defection of previously neutral air force units to his side, Luksa holds the most dangerous military capability of any involved group.

The situation has thus far developed with little international intervention, aside from Tanayan material aid to the Bonporton Commune. How outside influences could impact the future of the Isthmian region is anyone's guess.
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The Isthmian Report
Abelo Derro, 1/04/2020
Malstrecigano Federation holds elections

In the little slice of stability in the North, democracy lives. The Malstrecigano Federation, having agreed to a constitution on the Lykensian model, has dissolved their provisional government and committed to full and fair elections. There was some pause when the pre-existing party structure broke down, but it proved to be more of a natural political realignment than any sort of systemic collapse.

When the RLP merged with the Movement for Change and several other minor parties to form the Progressive Party, the right wing of the RLP split off, and combined with the KLP to form the New Liberal Party. These two quickly cemented themselves as the predominant parties of the national conversation, and Malstrecigano voters used to using their ballots strategically voted disproportionately for one of the two, though a number of other parties have passed the threshold to get into the first Federal Assembly.

Far-right Alianco por Nacio failed to reach the threshold, the only major party to do so. The new Universala Savo-Partio (USP) from across the border in Riviera State was allowed to participate, and received enough votes for two seats. Objektivisto on the right and Verda on the left are two pre-existing parties which made it across the line, surviving the transition to the new nation and electoral system. Finally, the Socialist Party which formed as a result of ex-LibSolPro politicians in the Federation reconvening, entered the Assembly and took the position of fourth largest party.


Left to Right:
USP - 2
OBJ - 11
NLP - 36
PP - 41
VER - 3
SP - 9

The broad left holds a small majority in the Federal Assembly, and Progressive Party politicians have said this will be the avenue used for accomplishing much of the economic response to the collapse of Tero Malstreciga. However, the Progressive Party and the New Liberal Party have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding recognizing a number of mutual goals, and agreeing to a broad arrangement of power-sharing on committee positions and ministerial portfolios.

Voters in the Federation also selected their first Federal President, and the victor was Safiro Stelaro, a well-known Professor of Law from the University of Malflava. After agreeing to run on the Progressive Party ticket, the New Liberals withdrew their candidate and endorsed Stelaro. Some degree of reluctance has been noted from the Federal President, who reportedly swore profusely once his victory was announced.

Nonetheless, he has gotten to work quickly, signing a number of directives to ensure executive and civil service positions are filled on the basis of merit, and he has reportedly begun work on establishing a Bureau of Internal Investigations, for the purpose of preventing political corruption. On matters of the economy, however, Stelaro has avoided the question and indicated that the Federal Assembly should, and will, take the lead.

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The Isthmian Report
Abelo Derro, 1/04/2020
Admiral Luksa allows TSPR through the Canal

Surprising news came out of the center of the isthmus this morning, when the office of Admiral Luksa published an instructional directive to his forces which issued a formal grant of access through the Nikelo Canal for Tanayan naval cargo forces bound for the Bonporton Commune.

The Bonporton Airbridge sustained by the TSPR has displayed an impressive level of logistical and technical operation, but raw throughput and efficiency has been lower than some estimates of the immediate needs of the Commune for material aid, primarily thanks to the small size of the Bonporton Civil Aerodrome. The Ports of Bonporton are, of course, one of the largest in the former Tero Malstreciga, the city was named after them after all, so access to naval shipping would provide an easy answer to the problem faced by the Socialists in attempting to shore up their beachhead on the isthmus.

It is little surprise, then, that the Tanayans have been reaching out through backchannels to accomplish this goal, and their efforts appear to have born fruit.

Admiral Luksa's directive allowed for full access of Tanayan cargo to provide humanitarian aid to the people of the Bonporton area, but made a number of clear restrictions on any sort of military shipments. Luksa issued a stern warning during a speech to the Marine Corps today on the subject:

"The people of Bonporton are my people, just like the people of Urbo de Liberico are my people. I will not see them starve. But if the Tanayan Socialist Peoples Republic makes any attempt at unilateral military intervention, and thus violates the sovereignty of Tero Malstreciga, they can expect any and all arrangements ended at once, and possibly further action depending on the severity of Tanayan disruption of our self-determination."

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The Isthmian Report
Abelo Derro, 1/04/2020
Trankvilavoj Governor announces referendum

Vilhelmo Venka, Governor of the Trankvilavoj Islands Territory, has been a standout figure so far in the Meltdown, as a surprisingly stabilizing force for his territory. The banker-turned-politician was mocked relentlessly when he was given the role of Governor, an appointment perhaps even too distastefully corrupt for the Malstrecigano standard.

When the crisis began, it was widely expected that Venka would fold and lose control of the islands to anarchy. When he miraculously brought them back from the brink of chaos, it was then expected that he would return to his former role as a political lackey, most bets being on Armiro. It seems now, perhaps, the crisis has awakened some level of suppressed competence in the man, who has stepped slowly and carefully to keep the Trankvilavoj Islands out of the business on the mainland entirely.

Now, it seems like the only undecided left is finally making its decision. But, instead of the call being left to the political elite, Venka has done the unthinkable and turned to the public for their opinion.

The referendum announced today will cement the near future of the Trankvilavoj Islands, and a number of local groups have started issuing their rallying cries for their respective goals. The Guard has, for the time being, kept arguments and protests from erupting back into violence, but a number of voices intend very much to be heard. The referendum that every registered voter will be able to cast a ballot on within thew next few days will look as follows:

    Mark the statement you support:
    • The Trankvilavoj Islands should remain a territory of Tero Malstreciga
    • The Trankvilavoj Islands should become an independent state
    • The Trankvilavoj Islands should become an associated state of Tero Malstreciga
    • The Trankvilavoj Islands should become a State/Territory of the Malstrecigano Federation
    • Other: _____________________________

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Postby Lykens » Wed Apr 01, 2020 5:01 am

Arecibo Province, Lykens
March 29, 2020

Kenneth Diaz rubbed his eyes thoroughly as he leaned back in his chair. He still hadn’t kicked the jetlag from his flight to Oceania. Opening his eyes, he looked out of the immense window that stood behind his desk in his personal office at the hacienda de Diaz, enjoying the broad expanse down before him, rolling fields that brought him immense peace. Someone cleared their throat and the moment was broken.

Sighing deeply, Kenneth swiveled his chair around to the desk, looking at way too many of his Cabinet in his personal safe space. The cadre of bureaucrats on either side of the assembled Cabinet Secretaries made the situation even more fun. As gregarious as he was, when he wished to be alone, he wished to be alone. Or at least in the comfort of his family, which is why he had opted to journey home upon his return, at least for a little while. That pipedream was immediately quashed as he drove from the airport to the ranch, and the next day heralded the arrival of his Cabinet and the bureaucrats that made up the National Security apparatus. Rivals had begun lambasting him in the media, demanding he return to the capital and brief the Assembly on the happenings of the Isthmian nation of Tero Malstreciga, and in time he would, but now was time for the delicate work of statecraft that had no home in front of cameras, but in the back rooms that were alleged to be smoke filled.

Kenneth looked around the room again. His cabinet was tiered, allowing for only seventeen Secretaries to be jammed into a picture, making meetings more manageable, and the positions all the more prestigious. Below the Secretaries of State were Undersecretaries, of which there were many, way too many to fit into a meeting, but 49 that needed to be squeezed into a photo in addition to the aforementioned seventeen. Brought in today, were the Secretaries of State for the Treasury, Foreign Affairs, and Defense. The Under Secretaries of State for International Security, Mu-kal and Nori, the Mu-kal Union, Intelligence, the Armed Forces, and last but never least, Acquisition, Logistics, Preparedness, and Readiness, complemented their department heads today, as their individual specific portfolios would shine in today’s proceedings. Among the scattering of bureaucrats were his National Security Advisor, several of her deputies, translators of the Malstrecigan tongue, and a few of the career diplomatic service that specialized in or had served in Tero Malstraciga, before things went to shit. In total, 25 individuals sat in front of him in several rows of chairs. He shook his head and wondered how he’d got there.

“Alright now that I’ve had a minute to myself, let’s get this going. Eneida, Cipriano, I’m going to announce our support for the Federation the next time I address the Assembly, put out feelers and see how our brothers and sisters abroad are feeling, this isn’t a horse race and we don’t want different competitors betting on and propping up horses, there has to be a single end game here and we’re going to try our damnedest to get there. The Federation is trying to establish a real democracy in that depraved, rather formerly depraved place, and we need to help them achieve it.” The Foreign Secretary and her deputy for Mu-Kal nodded and continued typing on their phones, occasionally leaning over to converse quietly before continuing in their tasks.

“We’re going to want to bring in financial support from the international community as well, not just Lykensburgish dollars, get in touch with your contacts in RESP to gauge support for such an action, I know the recession has hit Winst particularly hard and their government is going through some turmoil, but when have Wintonians ever been keen to keep their noses out of things? I’m sure they’ll find some extra money laying around somewhere, if they think they can spread their influence just a bit further.”

Eneida looked up from her phone, “Sir, the Othurian situation is heating up quite a bit, I don’t think Winst will look thousands of miles across the world while that is happening at their doorstep.”

Kenneth frowned and began tapping his fingers on the desk. Deficit spending to combat the recession was working as intended, boosting infrastructure created jobs in construction while government purchases of surplus goods had led to a halt in the dropping of demand, although experts were warning it was temporary and subsidies would instead be needed to allow for prices to decline substantially enough to sell goods but at rates that were not outrageous to consumers. Breaking the bank even further for a few upstarts in the northern part of the isthmus, and not even the damn canal, would be a hard sell through the Assembly. He sighed again.

“Faustino, do you have any projections for next quarter’s expenditures? I am not looking to enlarge the deficit substantially, but I’d like to know how much leeway we have to grant at least a few billion dollars. The rainy day fund was projected to last for at least ten more months last I checked, and I expect this new spending will deplete it even quicker. In fact, do me a favor and arrange a meeting with Maximiliano, he’ll know it’s important if you set it up, I don’t mean to make you an errand boy, I do apologize.” Many had expected Maximiliano to bolt the ARP for an actual right leaning party, but the rock ribbed conservative stuck it out, keeping his dwindling faction loyal to him alone, and his loyalty with his party. As a reward, he’d been made Finance Committee Chairman in the Assembly, and his support would be needed to muscle through more spending, which as opposed to spending as he was, was going to be a tall order.

“Deficit projections are still at ten months, you’re correct, Sir. I’m thinking that, and I’d have to double check with the staff back in the capital at my department and your budget office as well, but I think that we’d be able to make an increase of five to seven billion dollars without changing the time we’d deplete the fund, to fifteen billion reducing it to nine and a half months, and every five billion shaving off two weeks from there.” Faustino shuffled through some papers before finding the memo he was looking for, “The Executive Director of the Monetary Authority has authorized up to 11 billion dollars in loan guarantees, so that will free up money for other things, as we’ve discussed potentially pledging those from the budget directly.” Kenneth nodded.

As he set his gaze upon his Defense Secretary he couldn’t help but smirk. “Why is it, Abril, that everytime I look at you during a meeting such as this, you have the most determined look.”

Abril Toledano had served 7 years in the Lykensburgish Army, and those years still could not break her immense fear of public speaking, she gave her mentor and leader a pained look before he got to the point.

“We are hoping for zero need for military intervention, I know I brought in Azeneth today, but this is more in a worst case scenario rather than an expected scenario. Even in the event of the worst case, we’d again hope for MU intervention, rather than unilateral.” He paused and turned back to the Under Secretary for the MU. “Candelaria, I would like to again emphasize that any talk of military intervention, MU or otherwise remain extremely off the record with any of your colleagues at the MU, and I will speak with Arecelis as soon as she lands in Urbo de Liberico about what she needs to know on her end. We’ll give her a few days to see if she can work things out by her.” Candelaria nodded as she finished writing in a notepad.

“Continuing, the Defense department is a bit over represented here, but again this simply serves as a precaution, as well as the fact that the Intelligence Under Secretary falls under Defense’s purview now. Tulio has prepared briefing books for all of us, I assume you’ve all read it, if not please keep up as I go through it. The governments of the ‘prezidanos’ are extremely unstable, Koralo has control of the capital, and Arecelis will work him first. Armiro has retreated to his powerbase in the south. The Canal Zone is controlled by Admiral Campio Luska, Azeneth I’m aware you have some connections to him, please coordinate with Cipriano and Eneida in getting in contact and seeing what we can do to bring him into the fold, offer money, offer weapons and machinery, the Canal Zone can not fall to military action. The Moorlands to the south are allegedly conducting ethnic cleansing.”

A groan rippled throughout the room, reopening Oceanian wounds which had just barely scabbed over.

“Yes, yes, this again. Again though, these are reports, Tulio has had trouble establishing a foothold in that region so this may just be some disgruntled political official who got kicked out of office. But we can’t have this happen again, so we will work to figure out what’s going on. The National Security Alliance seems to be in good hands, we’re going to reach out to them as well, and see if we can get them and the Federation to unite, again, offer money, weapons and machinery, see if they can be engaged into helpful partners. The Riverine Republic is also a faction we are looking into possibly bringing into the fold, although their selection of an actor seems rather confusing, as they intend to chart their own course out of Tero Malstrecigo. Let’s hope they’re not too determined to do that. Trankvilavoj Islands seems to be doing their own wait and see game, again send out feelers and see if we can get them to budge. Our goal here is to reunite the country under a democratic banner, it’d do good to have another friendly democracy in the Union.”

He flipped to the last chapter of the book and sighed. The Bonporton Commune. He could hear the assembled men and women grumbling quietly amongst themselves.

“It is highly likely Tanaya will lend support to Bonporton. It’s unclear whether the rest of IRP are going to be willing to do so, but the Canal Zone is a strategic position close to Bonporton. We have to tread lightly. Candaleria and Cipriano, every little thing you hear from your Tanayan colleagues, I need to hear next. Intelligence is spotty and we need as much information as we can get, from any. I am loath to publicly declare support for the Federation, as it could invite Tanaya to jump in behind Bonporton, if they haven’t already, but our goal is to as quickly as possible unite Tero Malstrecigano and have the Canal safe and sound for MU shipping.”

He looked at the clock, he had fifteen minutes.

“Now, Ysabel,” He looked to the Under Secretary of State for Acquisition, Logistics, Preparedness, and Readiness, one of his closest allies and friends, “You’re here because any of the weaponry and machinery we pledge to send is coming out of your budget. It will be filled and enlarged as necessary, but the supplies that we need to send have to go as soon as possible, meaning things that are about to go into service tomorrow need to be boxed up and prepared for shipping instead. You’ll be the point person on getting all of these goods together. While I know your department comes equipped with a few dozen cargo planes, look to secure more from Azeneth and the airforce, and look into private shipping companies to haul goods as well. All of the materiel will be replaced as soon as possible, but I can not stress enough how important it is to move as quickly as possible.”

Ysabel nodded and retrieved a laptop from her bag to begin carrying out the orders. Kenneth knew that if he could trust anyone in his cabinet, it would be Ysabel. Previously serving as Under Secretary of State for Commerce, she cut her international diplomacy teeth in Schloe, helping to hammer out a multilateral trade agreement that only proved to Kenneth her skill and value. Having worked with her on his ranch, he knew she was a good one.

The clock read 6:40 pm. It would be 4:40 pm in Tero Malstrecigano, or at least what used to be Tero Malstrecigano. In a few moments, he would place one of the most important calls of the coming months, and he felt well prepared.

“Other than the eggheads, Eneida, Cipriano, and Candelaria, you’re all dismissed. Thank you all so much for coming out here and for all of the memos and briefings you’ve all compiled, I do appreciate it and I will see you all in Lykens in a few days. Please head downstairs, my mother will have food for you all.”

As the secretaries collected their things and began to leave, Kenneth took the phone which had been sitting on the far right side of the desk out of the base. Zoraida Rivera, his National Security Adviser, scooted her chair closer as did the remaining assembly of staff. Connecting to the switchboard, he asked to speak to Safiro Stelaro. After holding for a few seconds, the line started to ring.

“Hello. This is Safiro Stelaro.”

“Hello, Mister Federal President. It is a pleasure to finally speak with you, I have heard great things. On behalf of the Lykensburgish government and our Federal President, I am happy to convey our congratulations.”

“I… thank you. Who am I speaking to?”

“I am very sorry, Mister President, I forgot that you are not as well versed as other Malstrecigano politicians, I am State Counselor Kenneth Diaz.”

“Oh!” Some rustling. “My apologies, Mister State Counselor. Thank you for your kind words but I really can not accept congratulations yet. The results of the election are to be announced in a few days time.”

“I don’t believe in gambling, Mister President, but I would bet a lot of money that you’ll be the winner on Wednesday’s election. This is simply the time to carry out business to ensure that you can hit the ground running. You are going to be the leader of your people, they will look to you for guidance, safety, and above all hope that the situation will end up for the better. I am hoping that we can come to agree on how best to secure that.”

The other side of the line was quiet for a few seconds. “I hope so too.”

Kenneth paused for a moment, looking at Zoraida. He raised his eyebrows at her, and she scribbled on the notepad in front of her, holding it up “Seems timid”.

He nodded and returned to the call.

“Now, the Federation is committed to democracy, we in Lykens are happy to have another sibling in the neighborhood, and we will do all we can to ensure the Federation’s sovereignty, as well as an end goal where the Federation can unite the entire Isthmus once again. Now while I’m sure it goes without saying, for the next few days before your election after we are done speaking, we will need to keep the things we have agreed to under wraps, and announce at the optimal time within the next week.

And to apologize beforehand, Mister President, I am a loquacious speaker and if I begin to drone on, please do cut me off and add your thoughts.”

“The government of Lykens is willing to send up to ten billion dollars in military and humanitarian aid, ratioed according to the wishes of your incoming government, as well as up to eleven billion dollars in loan guarantees, to shore up the Federation’s economy and begin establishing credit with international financial organizations. We will also begin outreach to the National Security Alliance, Riverine Republic, Trankvilavoj Islands, and Admiral Luksa at the Canal Zone to encourage unification under the Federation’s banner. It also goes without saying that the signing of a treaty to ensure the Federation’s independence is also on the table for your consideration. ”

Some kind of scratching. Writing notes? “I understand. What are the obligations on our end that the Federal Republic is expecting?”

“Simple adherence to international law, the rule of law, and operating as a free and fair democracy. We are not here to bully you into submission, we are not looking to colonize the isthmus and seize the canal for ourselves. We believe that Malstreciganoj unity is an important and necessary component of a free and safe Mu-Kal. And by extension, Lykens and Tero Malstrecigano, should that name be used again.”

“Well, that’s something different. I see a little better why we’ve modelled our constitution as such.” Stelaro paused for a moment. “If- when I am elected, what will dictate the “optimal time” for these agreements coming into force?”

“As soon as you are sworn in, the money bills will be tabled in the Grand Assembly. Materiel will be shipped to ports in the..” Kenneth fumbled around moving papers around before finding the appropriate map, “Intiqilla Native Territory as soon as the bills are passed, though they should have already began to be loaded just a half an hour ago. It’s important that we move as quickly as possible to blunt any possible momentum that the less democratic elements of the Malstreciganoj,” Kenneth paused again to extend his tongue and wonder how he managed to make the noise he just uttered, “From gaining ground and shifting towards more authoritarian viewpoints.”

“I see. I will have to make some arrangements…” Stelaro quietly muttered something to himself at the other end of the line, and some papers could be heard moving around. “I, ah- thank you, State Counselor.”

“Of course, Mister President. I considered President Brava a close associate, and it is a shame that he has disappeared, and an even greater one the chaos that has befallen your beautiful nation. Together, we can rebuild it in a manner that will bring equality to all.”

A sigh. “I certainly hope so. I will look forward to hearing from you again, Mister State Counselor.”

“Absolutely Mister President, thank you for taking my call, this was wonderfully productive and members of my government will be in touch with you and yours. You have a nice evening, and be sure to pop an extra bottle of champagne for me on election night.” Kenneth chuckled as he bade farewell and ended the call.
He looked to Zoraida and nodded. “I think that was very productive, have leg counsel draft the security treaty, and contact the budget office back in Lykens to begin drafting the money bills. I suppose I should get back to the city tonight with the rest of you, no point in staying here as things are starting to get good.” Zoraida rolled her eyes and stood up to collect her things.

“Caution, Kenneth, caution. There are nine factions, three to four are unpredictable, and Tanaya might just make moves. They’re our partners in the MU, and if you wish to see that body still be effective, we have to step carefully and slowly.”

Kenneth nodded and he swiveled back towards the window.
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Postby Achesia » Wed Apr 01, 2020 11:28 am


Energy exports threatened by instability in Tero Malstreciga
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Alwin Fiedler (@AFPKendra)
1 April, 2020| Beldon, Ackesia


Tension today as world leaders turn their attention to the isthmus of Tero Malstreciga where secessionist groups begin to solidify the fracture of the government there as splinters begin to draw blood. Since the crash of the global markets the fragile situation in the eastern nation caused it to fail and now successionist groups are beginning to pick up the pieces, albeit separately from each other. Armed conflict has begun between sides and the threat of all-out war with international players weighing in on many different sides is imminent. Many fear the devolving nature of the situation could lead to both political and sectarian conflict, pitting rival ideologies against each other which only highlight the spectrum internationally. While there may be peace between RESP, the Monarchies, and the Communists now in Lira, their conflict could become a proxy war in Tero Malstreciga.

The President today highlighted the situation at a campaign stop in north-western Ackesia. When questioned above the situation in the east, President Ackerman called forth concern over the stability of the Nikelo Canal, a vital trade route in Olympus where 30% of the worlds energy passes through on a yearly basis. Indeed, the President confirmed, some of that 30% are Ackesian National Energy ships exporting crude oil to nations around the world. The instability in this fractured nation could hit home in Ackesia where economic strain is already high with bread lines wrapping around Beldon street corners.

Thankfully the world seemed to catch a stroke of luck in Tero Malstreciga, as Admiral Luksa of the Malstrecigano Navy has taken much of the forces loyal to him and secured the Nekelo canal zone for use by international trade. This was for now settled concerns in the market regarding the situation and allowed commerce to continue. However, with conflict brewing this will not always be the case, and in wrapping up his answer to the press, President Ackerman stated that he verbally supports Admiral Luksa in securing international trade routes and hopes to show international solidarity soon once consulting with RESP allies.

"It is in the world’s best interest to support the strongest and most stable answer in Tero Malstreciga..." the President stated. Observers from international policy think tanks have taken this as a strong show of support from the world’s largest energy exporter to one of the smallest nations. Ackesia's influence on the international stage is large and the support from such a nation could drive Admiral Luksa's faction into being the one found most legitimate.

For now until physical action is taken they are just words. But for the fractured nation of Tero Malstreciga, it is hope on the horizon.

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Date03/04/2020DirectorClément Auclair
With Regards To:Malstreciga IsthmusAddresseeCabinet-Level, Vermeil

Agents indicate success in collaboration with TI Gov to suppress sectarian violence. While referendum option is recognized as a risk, all estimates point to some kind of stable and liberal government form. Most TI activities summarily wound down, resources transferred. NCZ Occupation continues to prove resistant to infiltration, militantly prepared administration responsible. Informal conversations with military staff have provided some hope for the goals of this group being ideally aligned.

BC reception of high-level TSPR government members indicates very strong TSPR influence and presence, as well as sense of security. Some indication towards preparations for further military action, though BC Gov appear reluctant. Situation still developing. Highlight situation in Moorlands, disruption of ethnic violence has produced mixed results. Reports indicate serious loss of discipline of mercenary companies in deep south of MCR, presenting new unknown factor.

Prezidantos continuing to suppress local opposition through pseudo-legal means, attempts to instigate back-channel negotiations have produced no results and as per Directorial instruction, have ceased for the time being. Further communication with NSA personnel highlighted as new target for connection with pre-existing institutions.

RIV infiltration proving very difficult, questions about worthwhile expenses raised. FED proves resilient to internal risks, informal security support for new democratic institutions partially wound down. Reports indicate some level of direct economic intervention by LYK, estimations expect success in stabilization of situation.

Situation still developing. Fears exist that a consolidation of Isthmian territory into opposing camps based around BC and FED may lead to protracted violence. Such scenario inevitably leads to closure of Nikelo Canal for indeterminate time. Broad support for democratic elements continuing covertly.

Recommendations: Provide supporting resources to efforts of Federal Republic of Lykens in north of the country. Make efforts towards prevention of formalized conflict, particularly between international proxies.

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The Isthmian Report
Abelo Derro, 3/04/2020
The Economic Perspective

With the ongoing breakdown of order and government in what was Tero Malstreciga it's easy to forget that the global economy took a serious dent recently and the oil and natural gas shocks that followed have done nothing to stabilize the situation. Even in the best of times, the very thin Tero Malstrecigan government would not have been capable of handling this situation well. That raises the question, how are the current administrations of the regions handling things?

We're starting with the National Security Alliance, which controls the largest portion of the former nation's GDP. The coalition of institutions, political groups, and governments from central Tero Malstreciga has been somewhat of a quiet unknown so far, especially considering their prominent position. The NSA's focus has been on ensuring a smooth transition throughout the crisis and maintaining the pre-existing order. They have put little to no effort into establishing new organized government, because their stated intent is to rejoin with the legitimate government when the situation is more clear. Because of that, most of their response to the economic crisis has been at the State level.

Broadly, the NSA States have committed to austerity budgets, declining to continue a number of ex-federal programs. They have, however, committed to a surprisingly bold "Universal Stimulus Package" which will pay every adult citizen in the NSA States one thousand Stelo, to reinvigorate spending and restore health to economic activity. How effective this will be remains to be seen. In the meantime in the NSA core states, the lower classes continue to struggle.

In both of the Prezidanto territories, the governments are claiming legitimacy from the Respubliko and continuing from that point, with new executive directives. Both Armiro and Koralo have committed primarily to broad tax breaks funded by deficit spending to encourage life in the economy, though their new tax schemes differ in a number of unimportant ways. Economic activity has yet to return to normal in either territory thanks to ongoing rioting, but generally speaking it is expected that recovery will be slow.

Out in the Trankvilavoj Islands, the almost lethargic pace of Vilhelmo Venka's territorial government has led to rises in uncertainty, but pre-existing programs have continued. The Islands were, unfortunately, already the poorest region of the country, and the crash of international stock markets has done little to knock down the already impoverished islands. Their economic future, for the most part, has been seen to rely on the results of the oncoming referendum on the political future of the islands.

In the Nikelo Canal Zone, Admiral Luksa has been collecting the regular tolls paid to use the canal, but has thus far put little of that revenue to use, calling it the "Common Wealth of the Malstreciganos". While this fund grows, the towns and cities in the Zone have experienced more or less business as usual, albeit with a larger military presence.

The extremities of the Isthmus tell perhaps the most interesting stories.

In the South, two of the most controversial breakaway authorities exist. The Moorlands Citizens Republic controls the bulk of it, but the economic situation in the Moorlands appears complicated. The Moorlands contains by far the largest agricultural region in Tero Malstreciga as well as significant oil fields, making it more or less the only region of the country with a positive trade balance. Quiet exports, often by truck through Kanchaka, are providing a steady income for the MCR government which is funneling most of its wealth directly back to the ruralistas behind it.

Large payments to mercenary companies and wealthy benefactors has left the MCR civil government with little capacity for other economic activities, but that doesn't seem to have deterred them. The impoverished people of the thinly spread cities throughout the Moorlands have effectively been left to fend for themselves by the MCR government, leading to a rise in local militias and sectarian violence.

In the Bonporton Commune, violent revolution followed by an unsteady shift towards a socialist mode of production has been particularly harmful. Material aid from the TSPR has been vital in keeping the Commune afloat in it's first steps, but beyond emergency services and food supplies, little else was left functional in the Commune. Recently, the Presidium of the National Convention has voted to pass their first Three Year Plan, to address the subject and provide clarity for their future actions.

The immediate steps enacted in the passage of this plan include the introduction of a new currency, the Unuo. This is the currency the Bonporton Commune will be paying civil employees in, and the only currency that State Companies will accept for goods and services. The Commune will be allowing individuals to transfer physical Steloj into Unuoj at a 1:1 ratio for the next week at several locations. The newly established Financial Oversight Commissariat will be responsible for regulating the currency in future.

The plan also established the immediate creation of a series of State Companies including the National Energy Company, the National Telecommunications Company, the National Transport Company, the Bonporton Docks, Ports, and Shipyards Company, the National Post Office, and the Bonporton Peoples Bank. These companies are 100% owned by the Bonporton Commune, and legislation restricts sale of any portion of their ownership. While a number of questions remain about other sectors of the economy, the Commune government is getting directly involved in strategic sectors to secure their regular operation.

In the North, another story is told.

The Riverine Republic has been almost conspicuously quiet since their declaration of independence, but backstage a number of economic decisions have been made. The National Parliament under the USP's leadership attempted to sign a budget earlier in the week, but it was reportedly vetoed by Minister-President Mortigi who was apparently unsatisfied with the measures proposed within it. While politicians scramble to come up with answers, Mortigi has provided for the immediate future in the form of directives from his office.

These directives include surprisingly strong support for the existence of labour unions and the establishment of an Industrial Tribunal which will act on disputes between unions and companies. He's also provided instructions for the nationalization of utilities like electricity. The swing somewhat to the left from the Riverine Republic is somewhat shocking to most, who had little conception on the Minister-President's economic ideals before his election. On Welfare, the Minister-President has taken an interesting view in lending support to charitable organizations. Reportedly, funding will be made available to support existing organizations providing charity to the less well-off in the Riviera, rather than a direct welfare system.

The Malstrecigano Federation is showing the early signs of being a success story from this whole affair. Economic aid in the billions has been made available by the Federal Republic of Lykens, and the Federation is making the fullest of what it has to work with. Its position in one of the least violent parts of the former nation has proved advantageous to this.

The Progressive Party signed a budget today with the support of Verdo and defecting votes from the New Liberals. The budget was primarily engineered by Kontano Fromago, a financial expert from the Progressive Party who has taken a leading role in the Assembly. In it, most prominently, the Federation has committed to a Negative Income Tax scheme which will replace the spotty-at-best pre-existing welfare structure. New spending has also included significant payouts for a Federal Health Service as well as a small investment in the establishment of a Federal Army.

The Federation has reportedly also leveraged eleven billion Stelo in a number of generous loans from Lykens, and has put that money to use in long-term projects. The first executive department established in legislature of the assembly has been instituted, the Ministry of Works. Federal President Stelaro appointed Konstrada Ingiero, a civil engineer, to head it. The Ministry will reportedly be spending billions on creating major infrastructure, including a highlight project intending to connect a number of major cities via high speed rail. The Ministry of Works is expected to employ upwards of ten thousand construction workers.

The stimulus package, as well as the certainty of a steady budget, has led to somewhat of an economic stabilization in the Federation. Some consumer markets are returning to near-crisis levels, but most luxury markets remain more or less flatlined.
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“Uh, we’re approaching Bonporton Civilian Aerodrome, comrade narkom. ETA 3 minutes.”

Anna Nikolayeva Kalafatova, People’s Commissar on Foreign Affairs of TSPR ─ or just Narkomindel (Lorianized: COMFOR) ─ was working on some manuscript when she was interrupted by a voice of young pilot of COMFOR Air Service, coming from loudspeakers.

Unfazed, she took off the internal phone connecting her to the pilots’ cabin..

“Are we on time?” She asked.
“Just on time, comrade narkom.”
“Good. Remember: take off as soon as you can after I leave and don’t disturb transport operations.”
“Roger that.”

Bonporton Civilian Aerodrome was quite a busy place to say the least. Every now and then, a Tanayan cargo plane was landing, usually carrying 150 tons of food and/or medical supplies. After that, three hundred people and about 30 vehicles moved all that cargo to designated areas from where Bonporton militia would pick it up and distribute it to the city. Finally, the plane proceeded to take off to Tanayan mainland ─ but not before a rendezvous with an air tanker.

“Now and then” wasn’t a fixed time frame throughout the operation. Initially it was about two hours, amounting to 1800 tons of cargo per day. Optimizing everything and some more, Tanayan Transport Aviation Command was able to reduce the interval to 90 minutes from the Day 4 (16.03) of the operation, theoretically amounting to 2400 tons per day. However, that cargo had to get from somewhere and only from Day 6 (18.03) onwards Tanayan railroad network had adapted to the sudden increase of workload. Any attempt to increase throughput further met the main bottleneck ─ the Aerodrome itself.

Perhaps it’s time for naval transport?

“We’re landing, comrade narkom.”

The SUV, repainted with the letters “BVA” on the side in white, came to a stop outside Bonporton Civil Aerodrome. Armed men exited from both sides, and were followed soon after by Lucjo Amiko and Gaja Mirinda, the Chair of the Presidium of the National Convention, and the Executive Secretary of the People's Front Central Committee, respectively.

They exchanged a glance as they walked towards the main terminal of the aerodrome, and Mirinda sighed and indicated to Amiko’s chest. He glanced down and noticed his tie hanging somewhat loosely. As they were let through the doors, he fiddled with it.
Inside the terminal was a veritable hive of busy workers, carting around hundreds of crates of supplies from the Tanayan Socialist People’s Republic. A man with a holstered pistol and a blue armband approached them near the entry to the terminal, and they held a fist up to each other, a salute of solidarity. Amiko spoke first, “Captain…”

“COMFOR Kalafatova is just landing, we’ll bring you through to the airstrip.” Amiko and Mirinda nodded, and followed the BVA Captain through the throngs of logistics workers.

The plane ─ a beige business jet with red stripe along the fuselage and inscription “НАРКОМ НА ВНЕШНИТЕ РАБОТИ ТСНР” ─ slowly descended on the airstrip, masterfully avoided a transport proceeding to take off and stopped so that COMFOR could proceed straight to the waiting delegates.

The door opened and a short, plump woman closing her sixties, stepped on the soil of the Isthmus, fist in the air, a symbol of international solidarity. Surprisingly, she wasn’t wearing a formal Tanayan suit ─ a black closed trench coat-like suit ─ but her characteristic white dress with Tanayan flag armband on the left arm above the elbow.

“Comrade Amiko, comrade Mirinda.” She approached them with a smile on her face. “Congratulations with your success ─ and sorry we’re not yet meeting our own expectations. I hope things are tenable there.”

Amiko and Mirinda returned the COMFOR’s salute, and smiled as they approached to meet her half-way. Shaking hands with the Tanayan representative, they listened intently to her words. Amiko responded first.

“Comrade Kalafatova, thank you. Welcome to Bonporton.” Mirinda nodded, and added, “We cannot express enough thanks to you and your government for the aid you’ve provided us.” Mirinda indicated towards the terminal as she continued. “Please, there’s a conference room prepared if you’ll come with us.”

As they walked, Amiko responded to Kalafatova’s query with a general summary of the situation. “Food aid has been sufficient to stabilize the immediate situation and prevent any level of starvation, though general medical supplies are being expended at a higher rate than they’re coming in. Primarily due to use by BVA field clinics.”

“We’re putting all the focus we can on improving the logistical capacity of the aerodrome, though soon enough we’re expecting to hit the theoretical limit of actual air strip use. The Dockworkers Union has undertaken repairs of some damage at the main cargo port which would have much greater capacity, though you’d either have to go around the continent or negotiate with that admiral for canal access to make use of it.”

Kalafatova listened attentively and was taking notes in her mind. Aha, no problems with food but not enough medicaments. And apparently, the port is operational. No offense to brave pilots of Transport Aviation, but for large-scale supply operations like this one a ship would just be more efficient than a plane.

And like anyone who studied logistics ─ and she had to study logistics ─ she knew it well.

“Good for us, I’ve had negotiations with admiral Luska just days ago.” She stated almost immediately after Amiko ended. “We agreed on allowing traffic to come through his fiefdom, but only for civilian aid. I think first ships will be ready to depart in… one and a half, maybe two days at most.”

She looked at her counterparts and chuckled. “Working like a well-going clock, aren’t we? Go find this level of preparedness anywhere in the Union!” COMFOR wasn’t lying but what she said was not revealing the whole picture of just how TSPR was able to mobilize its assets for an operation that large ─ the entire 10th Strategic Air Transport Division was involved ─ in less than 12 hours.

It was almost as if mobilization had already taken place.

Amiko exchanged a glance with Mirinda, before replying. “That is certainly a quick turnaround. I think we’d struggle to find another nation which could produce results several days before we ask for them.” The Malstreciganos chuckled lightly.

Approaching the conference room, they were met at the door by a BVA volunteer who saluted them as they entered, and stood guard outside. As the Malstreciganos took their seats, Mirinda broke the quiet. “Now, what is the first order of business?”

Commissar took a little paper from a pocket of her dress, glanced at it, then put it back.

“So, we have congratulated you on your success,” she started, “but as you have already guessed, this is just the beginning of our story. To your north lies a dominion of one of the self-proclaimed presidents, another outpost of old Malstrecigano ruling classes. And you know what’s going on to the east ─ parasites and bands engaging in ethnic purges, plus blockading Bonporton itself.

“Your uprising, comrades, may have given people a chance they themselves don’t recognize. A chance to unite the Isthmus south of the Canal under the red banner. Maybe even the entire Isthmus, though I bet Lykensburg will find a way to the north really fast.”

Her tone was getting more and more serious.

“We cannot waste this chance. If you just let everything stay the way it is, you will not solve the problems that brought the Isthmus to its miserable state. Besides, Bonporton will never become something outside of a blockaded city, so you will not solve even your own problems simply staying in trenches. And furthermore, other political forces are moving on. I am certain Lykensburg is plotting to back the Malstrecigano Federation just as we backed you. Time is running fast. I’m sure that you as capable leaders will know how to move in it. I myself have no doubt in you.

“Now, I know the situation is really difficult right now and that you need more help before entertaining any thoughts of exploiting this chance. TSPR will help. Be it weapons, equipment, money, machinery, clothing, anything ─ we will provide, our stockpiles are vast. We can even send a contingent of men to support you. But we cannot do the job you have been given a chance to do for you, comrades. We can only share some of your burden.

“I came here to persuade you to liberate at least the entire Southern Isthmus, that is, the newborn fiefdom of Armiro, and Moorlands. This is, really, the main order of business I have arrived with and around which I expect us to talk.”

Exhaling, she continued in a much less serious tone:

“Also, this entire story from the Tanayan side revolves around just one comrade Zajac from our Presidium of the CEC who is acting under his personal responsibility.

“But anyways, if you have anything to ask from us, ask. We will do our best to fulfill whatever we promise.”

The two Malstreciganos watched and listened silently, and when the COMFOR seemed to be finished, they exchanged a look between themselves. While Amiko was nominally the head of the government, Mirinda was leading the Front which the BVA (the most significant militant force on their side) was answering to. Mirinda took the lead.

“We must thank you again, for all the support you have provided to our revolution.” She paused for some time. “But, what you propose is not practical. We don’t have the resources, or the capacity, for such a thing.” She was talking slowly, and it seemed she was perhaps running calculations in her head. “Maybe it could be done, but only with extreme military support on the part of your government. We’d be inviting a multi-year war…”

Amiko jumped on the quiet before she continued. “What is feasible is our unification of the former Bonporton State area. Controlling this territory entirely will give us more comfortable breathing room, and it will establish more legitimacy for our continued existence in the eyes of other groups.”

Mirinda nodded and picked back up. “Yes, that could be done without necessarily stretching beyond our support. It might even be possible that the amount of military material aid we’d need would be small enough to remain incognito.” She turned to the COMFOR and prodded cautiously, “Would that movement be satisfactory for your government?”

Kalafatova was put in a difficult position. All planning conducted in COMFOR assumed that there would be more than one party intervening with the Malstrecigano political process. Moreover, the Isthmian Republic was the epitome of capitalism of Mu-Kal, of raw, unbridled, unproductive capitalism so the adversary would have a massive advantage, capable of relying on ruling classes.

A crude plan pioneered by Chairman Stamboliyskaya herself was to grab as much land as possible to the south of the Canal by all means and present it as fait accompli, disregarding anyone and anything. Very much in her style, it was discussed with COMFOR, it was rejected not once and not twice but she was adamant enough, so Commissar reluctantly accepted the plan, if only as a “guideline”. Now, however, the Chairman was out of the picture, but Jozef Zajac, who has become in effective control of the situation, didn’t leave Kalafatova any concrete guideline. She only knew that CISS had good estimates on socialist sympathizers outside of Bonporton and as expected, there was not much to be expected.

So they can’t handle it alone, of course they can’t. What are militias on offense against mercenaries? Perhaps I should insist on our direct intervention? That will end any war in three months, knowing our cadres. But no, that’s not going to play well internationally, even if they “ask” for it. Plus, the local support is a problem. Can’t be stirred up even with all our intervention and we can’t have them sit on our bayonets. Yet staying even in the boundaries of one state would, uh, not be the best solution either way. We need to pull of something convincing for the Isthmus if it’s not brute force.

“Well, even dealing with home matters can be satisfactory for us, if you can pull it off. But I would also suggest you could add more weight to yourself on the stage by liberating a state of Supunkto which, if I remember correctly, is just to the north of us and is currently under Armiro. I don’t remember much about the state other than it is not as good as Bonporton, so liberating it will give you an opportunity to show what you can bring to other states should they support our cause.”

After a little pause, she carried on.

“And worry not about covering military aid.” She stated somewhat dismissively. “At the very least, we can always say it is for opposing bandits from Moorlands who are certainly very well armed and very angry and are willing to raze Bonporton and genocide its people like they are doing right now in Moorlands. People have the right to be armed well against that scum, right? Nothing outrageous here. And if someone persists in their obstinance...”

She smiled, but not the kinder kind of smile.

“... then Oceania will come into play. That will shut everyone up lest they risk disgrace.

“So, do you think you can pull Supunkto off after the home state is safe, our assistance in mind?”

“Hrm.” Mirinda furrowed her brow. “Supunkto…” She scratched an itch and tutted. “That might be feasible, but doing it openly is going to start a conflict with Armiro. I’d worry that the establishment groups might coalesce to stop it. Maybe, if we could agitate internal revolt in the state, we could make some agreement unifying with them and present it as a fait accompli.” Amiko nodded along, and added, “Establishment of our own external intelligence groups is something we’ve already started, but this could be an area for significant cooperation with Tanaya.”

Carrying on, he pulled out a set of folders. “That subject aside, we’d hoped to broach a few other subjects quickly. For legitimacy reasons, we would like to ask the TSPR to serve as our proxy representative in international bodies for the time being, most prominently in the Mukal Union.”

“Additionally, we had hoped to organize some sort of exchange of delegations in a series of fields, such as healthcare, education, and consumer industries. We feel it would be valuable to lean on Tanayan experience and expertise about the praxis of socialism in action.”

He pushed the set of folders over to the COMFOR.

“Oh, I was about to ask whether perhaps there was something you would like to ask us for.” Commissar said, taking the first folder.

She spent some time carefully examining contents of each folder.

“We will be glad to help. I think our representatives in MU have already considered you may need representation, and we’ll send a liaison for communication shortly.”

“I think CEC also wanted to provide economic aid,” she added as if remembering something, “but I’m not strong in shenanigans of our economic institutes, even with their chief offspring being the Chairman of the Presidium. You will have to negotiate with them directly, I can make arrangements.”

“Okay,” Amiko said. “That is good.” The Malstreciganos seemed relieved. It was one of a few indications that this was more or less their first time interacting with a high level foreign diplomat. They glanced to each other and stood from their chairs, offering hands to shake with the COMFOR. “Thank you for coming, Comrade Kalafatova.”

Kalafatova shook their hands. “Thank you for doing what’s right. And remember, should you ever need a military or civilian aid, our coffers and warehouses are full and waiting. Use this chance wisely. I know you can.”

Plamen, TSPR

"So how did it go, comrade Kalafatova?"

COMFOR straightened herself. Jozef Zajac was not the one to mess with. Stamboliyskaya may be stubborn and perisitent, but just a scholarly intellectual even if a hardened one. Zajac was adamant and battle-scarred, participating in revolutionary organizations since 15 and until 60. Few in the broader CEC went against him, though in Presidium he was often matched by Stamboliyskaya and Wohlgenannt.

"They will not be able to claim the entire southern Isthmus as Stamboliyskaya expected them to do, comrade Zajac. I have failed to convince them on anything more than recover their state of Bonporton and make a try to snatch the state of Supunkto from Armiro and his cronies. We have agreed on cooperation in matters of education, healthcare, economics and social policy, as well as us being proxy representatives of the Commune in the Mu-Kal Union."

Zajac, a man with long beard and long hair obscuring most of his face, looked at COMFOR disapprovingly.

"Have you promised our them our military aid? Have you promised them supply and equipment?"
"I have. But I believe they were unwilling to ask for direct or any sizeable intervention..."

"Unwilling or not, you should have insisted on that no matter what!" He raised himself from his chair and slammed a fist on the table. "This is a gross failure on your part, comrade Kalafatova."
"Comrade Zajac, I..."

COMFOR never had a chance to continue; the man cut her.

"But I guess with no support around they have their point. Let's hope they do it right and at the meantime, we'll make our own overtures. You're free. Still, don't make any more blunders like this. We must be inexorable in these times lest anyone snatches the initiative from us. We will not see Bonporton failing!"
"Affirmative, comrade Zajac."

Kalafatova saluted and left.
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The Isthmian Report
Abelo Derro, 3/04/2020
Bonporton Forces in possession of MLRS

The military situation in the South of the isthmus region has developed rapidly over the past week or so, but a new development has caused surprise and curiosity among a number of onlookers. Evidently, Bonporton has got its hands on a missile launch system.

While the bulk of security responsibilities have remained in the hands of the BVA, several other groups have since been organized most prominently including the Peoples Liberation Army, a formalized armed forces branch under the Commune Government. This group is much smaller, but has spent some time in actual training and sports standardized modern equipment, and has a core of defectees from the former Malstrecigan Armed Forces making it one of Bonporton's most dangerous tools.

The PLA now appears to have somehow come into possession of a very expensive toy. The BM-50/300 Циклон (Tsiklon/Cyclone) is a powerful multiple launch rocket system that has a theoretical range above 50km depending on payload and can fire a salvo of a dozen in the span of half a minute. The system is absolutely characteristic of its designers and producers, the TSPR, who commit deeply to principles of supporting firepower and overwhelming artillery capacity.

A recent video circulating on signpost shows PLA forces operating a Tsiklon to bombard a military encampment of the mercenary group RightMight under the employ of the MCR, to raucous cheers by militias. That mercenary group, one of the roughest in the Moorlands, has been consistently harassing Bonporton's established security lines for the past week. Reports are few from the front, but casualties are expected. The PLA quietly confirmed that bombardment of militant facilities would continue as long as hostilities were engaged in (though this raises some question as to whether they are sitting on a pile of missiles, or bluffing about their capacity).

The question is of course raised, and readers in their right mind may come to their own conclusions, on how the PLA acquired such a sophisticated piece of military hardware. It certainly wasn't in a Malstrecigano military depot, and black markets can only go so far. TSPR sources have claimed to have no information on this matter, but there is a slight possibility that MLRS systems recently decommissioned have not been handled correctly. Tanayan military sources stated in a very brief response that they would investigate the issue.

If the unthinkable were to be true, one would hope the system was transported by air to the recently renamed Stamboliskaya Communal Airport, as if it was sent by ship such an activity would violate the informal agreements made that grant the Tanayans access through the Nikelo Canal.
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Lykens, Lykens
Grand Assembly Chamber
April 1, 2019

Raucous yelling thundered from both sides of the chamber today, not necessarily different, except that both sides of the chamber were united, directing their ire towards Kenneth Diaz. He sat at the center of the government frontbench, arms folded and brooding in thought. He ignored the jeers from across the aisle and while not outwardly reacting, cringed internally at the yelling coming from his backbenches. One of the things that Kenneth prided himself on was the cohesion of his caucus. From his four years as Chief Whip, he kept the benches in line, and for the last three years, he managed them effortlessly. And now, he sat here, having handed down an aid package to the Malstrecigano Federation, listening to anger from his own party. He watched as Calista Borja, his handpicked choice for Speaker of the Assembly, attempted to call the body to order.

”Order! Order! This August Body will come to order or its proceedings shall be suspended!”

She rapped the gavel several times to drive her threat home, and slowly the yelling subsided.

“I have served as Speaker for nearly four months, and I have not in said time suffered any sort of the behavior that was exhibited just moments ago. Under no circumstances will such an event ever be tolerated, and next time members will be ejected from the Chamber. This is a promise. We will maintain proper decorum as dictated in the Standing Rules.

The State Counselor is recognized.” She sat down with an audible ‘hmph’.

Kenneth stood up from his seat and approached the dispatch box.

He looked to the Speaker, “Madame Speaker I move to proceed to the first reading of the Malstrecigano Federation Relief and Cooperation Act.” The opposition registered a few scattered jeers. A sharp rap from the Speaker quieted them.

“So ordered, the bill shall be read a first time, the Clerk will report the bill to the House.”

The clerk seated in front of the Speaker read the bill’s title and long title.

“The State Counselor is recognized.”

“Madame Speaker, I move to proceed to the second reading of the Malstrecigano Federation Relief and Cooperation Act.”

“So ordered, the State Counselor has the floor.”
“Thank you Madam Speaker.

Today, for the first time since I have been a member of the leadership of my caucus, and that is going on eight years now, I have never before seen both the government backbenches and the opposition benches united with such vigor.” He paused to scan the opposition benches before turning and waving his arm before him across his own benches.

“I applaud the politicians of this august body for finally coming together to solve a problem. Except for the fact, Madame Speaker, that neither side of this august body, or at least those who choose to jeer the loudest, have no solution to the crisis unfolding to the south. Tero Malstrecigano has fallen apart, and the citizens of a nation wracked so badly by this recession are dying from lack of basic needs that can no longer be provided. The government is in shambles, and we need to step in and do our damn job. We are a leader of this region, of democracy. We must do what is right, and I will not apologize for that, Madame Speaker. This bill is the first step to the solution to the crisis, one that my government has been working on tirelessly and devotedly. The Federation is the best hope for the isthmus. It will bring democracy, true and fair democracy where are all equal before the law, to a nation that once staked its reputation to its perceived proclivity for depravity, where corruption and treachery were saluted and even bragged about.

Here before us stands a willing partner to bring about the systemic changes needed to free the people of the former Tero Malstreciga from their bonds. They look to us for guidance, and my government will provide it. There will be calls from the honorable members opposite to focus on one thing, ensuring our economy recovers from this recession. They will fear monger and argue that we will become trapped in an unending civil war. That the money to be spent could instead be used to bolster the economy. But I challenge them this, why can we not do both?

We must, Madame Speaker, for it is our duty.

We can.

We must.

And by the grace of our ancestors, Madame Speaker, we shall.

I yield the floor Madame Speaker.”

The applause began on the frontbench, but begrudgingly the backbenchers of his caucus began to clap as well. They knew Kenneth wouldn’t lead them astray, they had trusted him thus far, and had no reason to doubt him. They were skittish however, with the opposition divided into three parties, they would be hammered on numerous fronts.

“The Leader of the Opposition has the floor.” The Speaker rapped her gavel twice to regain control of the house.

Valentín Escamilla had founded the Civic Union after bolting from the ARP at the last election. While he was hardly right wing, his center right views constrained him in a party dominated by the Social Liberalism of Kenneth Diaz. He had run against him for Leader upon the death of Nicholas Rodríguez and lost badly, harboring a grudge ever since and effectively shut out of further advancement in the caucus. He bided his time until the moment was right and took a contingent of ARP caucus members ideologically aligned with him to help facilitate the breakup of the right wing tent party, and led them to substantial gains in January’s election. He served as Kenneth’s constant foil since then.

“Thank you Madame Speaker, I rise to oppose this bill. Please do not misinterpret my intentions, I am as much an internationalist as the right honorable State Counselor, however, I know when too far is too far. The State Counselor wishes to deplete the rainy day fund that enables our nation to survive during times of economic trouble. There is no money in the budget for this action, and we should not use the hard earned tax dollars of the Lykensburgish people to fund frivolous international escapades of the State Counselor.

Madame Speaker, I yield the floor.”

“The State Counselor has the floor.”

“Madame Speaker, while I’m sure the right honorable and learned Opposition Leader would like to speak about the rainy fund, I would like to point out that the predecessor of his party, the Fatherland Union, of which many of his caucus were formerly of, historically and infamously drained the rainy day fund only fifteen years ago. The Association of Ranchers and Planters has time and again balanced the federal budget and filled the rainy day fund. We on the government benches know how to manage state finances, I’m not sure the opposition benches are so qualified.” Kenneth flashed a smirk at Valentín as the man rose to rebut him amid laughter and cheers from the ARP benches.

“Madame Speaker, point of order, the right honorable State Counselor has besmirched the opposition benches. It’s unparliamentary.”

The Speaker rapped the gavel twice. “Order, may I remind the Opposition Leader that I decide what is unparliamentary or not. The State Counselor has not uttered anything unparliamentary at this time.”

“Madame Speaker!” A crotchety voice rang out.

“The Honorable de Santiago has the floor.”

Members around the house turned to look upon the old man. A fearsome parliamentary debater, his booming voice carried the prestige of 40 years of service. He was Father of the House and Chairman of the Finance committee, adding even more heft to his words.

“Madame Speaker, allow me to note my usual tendencies to support efforts at home over those abroad. I have in my 40 years in this august body been one of the most consistent members of this body. I have a memory that goes back very far, and I hold grudges for decades. I have lambasted many a member who have forgotten their previous stances, and I hope to be able to convince this house that I am not one of those.

When the State Counselor approached me about this bill, I was initially skeptical, but for the reasons he has already eloquently mentioned here today, I have put my full support behind it. The Finance Committee has reported this bill favorably without amendments and I hope that this august body will do the same. This is the reputation of our nation as a leader of the world, and we can not jeopardize that.

Thank you Madame Speaker, I yield the floor.”

As Maximiliano sat down, the ARP benches erupted into thunderous applause.

Kenneth smiled up at the frontbench, the bill would pass easily.
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The Isthmian Report
Abelo Derro, 4/04/2020
The unreported conflict zones

We all know that the Prezidantos are going toe to toe with local opposition, and that Bonporton and Moorlands Mercenaries are exchanging increasingly shocking blows, but there are other areas in former Tero Malstreciga which have erupted into organized violence. The two most prominent regions where this has taken place are the State of Imperio, and the South Moorlands Territory. It is important to be aware of who is fighting and why in these regions, to understand the full context of the current situation in the Isthmus.

Imperio is a central state just north of the Nikelo Canal which stuttered and hesitated when the competing claimants to the title of Prezidanto formed up on either side of them. Their absentee Governor, Mallabo Goranto, tendered his resignation during the crisis. Lieutenant Governor Netiela made the decision to align the surrounded state with the National Security Alliance, refusing to explicitly recognize a legitimate government during the crisis period.

This decision led to immediate chaos. Pro-Koralo militias (believed to have received direct support from the North) started violent protests and attempted to seize a number of strategic locations, resulting in a response from Armiro-supporting RLP members who initiated counterprotests. At this point, it was too late for any sense of law and order to be restored. Militias representing both Prezidantos have conducted firefights in city streets and fought over control of small towns, creating a microcosm of a civil war.

The violence has led to the rise to prominence of other groups within the State. The Senseco City Council declared the existence of a commune in the vein of Bonporton, but the small landlocked city almost immediately collapsed again after the Municipal Police refused to recognize the legitimacy of the Workers Council. The small town of Dioneo has sent requests to be annexed by the Riverine Republic. A militia calling themselves the Imperio Freedom Front are fighting for entry into the Malstrecigano Federation. Through it all, one thing rings true. No noticeable intervention by the rest of the NSA has come.

The State Government seems more or less fed up with their colleagues on the other side of Koralo's fiefdom and have effectively withdrawn from their participation, nominal though it was. The State Guard has secured most of the State Capital, Felicio, but it is unclear whether they have any interest in handing their possessions back to the NSA if they are successful in reclaiming a larger portion of the State.

Down in the Southern Moorlands Territory, a different kind of violence exists. Rather than war, total anarchy.

The inability, or perhaps lack of desire, of the MCR Civil Government to bring any level of civilian authority over the far-flung communities of the Southern Moorlands has led to a total collapse of order. Local governments have done their best to maintain the pretense of stability, but frequent conflicts between an innumerable set of groups have destroyed any concept of peace in the territory. Town militias fight over control of water reservoirs, tribes and families avenge old blood feuds, ethnic militias in the deep south resist attempts at genocide.

The only place in the South Moorlands with any remaining semblance of stability is within the security zones established around oil wells, guarded by mercenaries sent by the MCR. Even that, though, is starting to become questionable.

The Ĉampionoj is a multinational Private Military Company commanded by "Captain Karesindo", who have the contract watching the plurality of oil wells in the territory. Reportedly, the Captain and his company have grown dissatisfied with their pay given their vital position, and have demanded extortionate increases to their wages. What will follow is unknown, but history does not reflect well on the concept of withholding pay from one's fighting forces.

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The Isthmian Report
Abelo Derro, 5/04/2020
Outbreaks of Violence in Supunkto

Supunkto, the Southwestern State with an Armiro-aligned Governor, has seen a sudden and extreme rise in violent protests.

The State, one of the poorest in former Tero Malstreciga, has a history of being unaccounted for by the governments responsible for it. The Respubliko did little to invest in the dense suburbia that occupies much of Supunkto's land area, less even than the concessionary spending made to calm socialist agitators further south in the Bonporton urban area. That pattern has continued with Armiro's fiefdom, in which the claimaint Prezidanto has focused his efforts on maintaining the pretension of continuation of normal government.

The only change Supunkto has seen from the Respubliko, other than the collapse of civil services, is the presence of large numbers of armed State Guards called up to secure the territory for Armiro. The presence of this armed force maintaining order has done little to put minds at ease in the impoverished state which sits tantalizingly close to what some agitators have called liberation just a stone's throw to the South. Bonporton is the historic heart of socialist activity in Tero Malstreciga, but Supunkto has some ideologues of its own. Most notably it is one of few parts of the Isthmus with high rates of union enrollment.

A strike by workers at a cannery was broken up by municipal police in Ustebo yesterday, which led to the outbreak of a general strike in solidarity by a number of allied unions. The economy of Supunkto ground to a halt almost immediately.

The State government has issued an emergency order that workers employed in strategic sectors (energy, transport, defense) should return to regular work immediately or face jail time. Nera Askulta, elected spokesperson of the striking workers, has promised that this will not happen unless a broad range of industrial concessions are agreed to.

For the time being, the standoff between the unions and police continues, while throughout the state the general fall in order has led to a rise in criminal activity and unrelated riots.
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AoS Meets on Isthmian Situation

Comrade Jozef Zajac Appointed Plenipotentiary on Isthmian Affairs

Isthmiam Republic is no more. According to the Institute of Sociopolitical Studies, "we can now safely say that what was once Isthmian Republic is now eight de facto independent states in a low-intensity war." Tanayan support for Bonporton Commune via Bonporton Air Bridge and, since recently, by the marine Lane of Comradeship passing via Nikelo Canal, is proving to be one of the greatest undertakings of TSPR in support of socialists since 1970s.

Yesterday, the Assembly of Soviets have assembled on an emergency meeting regarding the situation in Isthmus, presided by the Secretary of the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee of the AoS, Mirai Higuchi, representing comrade Stamboliyskaya in her absence. With the situation necessitating direct oversight by one of the members of the Central Executive Committee, the question for the Assembly was to appoint a Plenipotentiary on Isthmian Affairs with complete responsibility over our further actions in the Isthmus.

The choice fell on Jozef Zajac, one of the most distinguished and uncompromising members of the Presidium with 45 years of experience of underground work. The Central Executive Committee of the Assembly have found out that he had already authorized visit of the People's Commissar on Foreign Affairs, Anna N. Kalafatova, to Bonporton several weeks ago. Any details of negotiations are vague and the outcome appears to be inconclusive; nevertheless, this visit strengthened official diplomatic bond with our friends and comrades. Knowing that, appointment by the Assembly was unanimous.

In his address to the Assembly, comrade Zajac thanked it for its trust and answered several questions that are in the air following several latest news from the Isthmus. First, investigation by the General Commanding Staff of Tanayan People's Revolutionary Army over BM-50 MLRS in Bonporton yielded no results but clarified that those launchers were not brought to Bonporton by any ship traversing Nikelo Canal.

"We, the socialists, keep our promises and hold on to agreements." Zajac proclaimed. "Since the start of the Lane of Comradeship, no military cargo has traversed Nikelo Canal on its ships. Furthermore, I state that no military cargo from Tanayan ports ever traversed the Canal."

Second, the new Plenipotentiary has presented a plan of economic assistance to the Bonporton Commune created in conjunction with comrades from the Republican Economic Council. The plan calls for reserving funds from Tanayan operational reserves as well as some diversion of heavy industrial production capacity to support our comrades materially. This shows that despite the recession wracking the worldwide economy, our own Tanayan economy, shaped by precepts of Borovitskiy and Plamenev and built by two generation of hard work and talent, not only stands firm but also has strength to support others in the need.

Comrade Plenipotentiary also announced that the Isthmian Socialist Volunteer Brigade is being created from volunteers, which will assist the Commune in duties of civil engineering should the National Convention of the Commune require its aid. Also, upon request of the National Convention of the Commune made in negotiations with comrade COMFOR, several cooperation programs in fields of healthcare, education and several others have been established and started their work.

Finally, comrade Zajac addressed the recent happenings in the state of Supunkto. The people in this long neglected and severely underdeveloped state have finally had enough of their class enemies. Inspired by success of their comrades to the South, workers all across the state have risen in general strike despite extensive presence of armed forces from the self-proclaimed Prezidanto Abelo Armiro. At this moment, the strike continues despite obvious threats of the enemy of the working people.

"Tanayan Soviet People's Republic will not be deaf to the plight of the worker class, no matter where." Plenipotentiary stated. "Let them know that Tanayan Maximalist Revolutionary Party will support the people of Supunkto. I also implore the National Convention of the Bonporton Commune to take action to relieve Supunkto of the grip of reactionary fiefdom of the Southern Contender. We will provide any and all support necessary to achieve this goal. Do not hesitate: in these times, hesitation equals death!"

Vrijemena Tanaji will continue covering the events.
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Transcript of Radio Broadcast
Saturday April 4th

Workers of Manoba Rejoice!

To our south the Revolution continues as the proud workers of Bonporton have broken the shackles of the Capitalist and torn off the noose of wage labor from their necks! These proud workers follow in our footsteps. However, the Workers of Bonporton have not secured their revolution, they need the help of their brothers and sisters to beat back the forces of counter revolution.

Our steadfast leaders have approved resource allocation of food, weapons, medicines, and other supplies to the people of Bonporton. So that they may defend themselves.

Manobans Answer the Call!

The National Integrated Industries are recruiting on Volunteer Workers to help our Comrades in Bonporton!

The PRD is looking for fresh recruits to bolster our defenses and veterans to reenlist. Bonporton may need our help!

Sailors the UMA has approved temporary enlistment in the Navy while retaining membership in the union. Our convoys need experienced men and women.

For more information visit or talk to your local Shield

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Lykens, Lykens
April 3, 2019
8:19 AM

On the third basement level of the State Counselor’s residence at 22 Condado Street was a room dedicated to discussing top national security issues. Although room was a bit of an understatement, as it functioned more like a bunker. It was one of Kenneth’s least favorite places to be, but he found himself down here every day bright and early at 8 am for intelligence briefings. On this day, he was being briefed about Murdo Mortigi, in addition to other leaders located north of the mess further south.

Fajra Orabela was mentioned, and he absentmindedly paid attention to the official describing her, continuing to read about Mortigi. Something about the man seemed… different? An obscure actor plucked out of barely remarkable fame, probably intended to be a popular figurehead who shook hands and kissed babies while the real powerbrokers, the leaders of the newly founded USP, which itself was a newly formed creation of the governing parties that had led to the mess federally, planned to pull the strings. The man had an eerie allure to him that disturbed Kenneth, although he couldn’t explain why. He had extremely grim feelings about his phone call with the man later that day.

He shook his head and closed the briefing book on Mortigi to focus on the current one. Orabela sounded like a regular neoliberal trying to maintain a status quo that she had learned to thrive in. It was understandable, as reprehensible as her politics may or may not have been, but in any event, he would dispatch Ysabel, one of his most trusted allies, to do business with her. Orabela was a smart woman, and she would know that the key to keeping her state’s, and the states of her allies, wealth was to accept outside help. The Tanayan were making quick moves in the south in Bonporton, and most definitely had probably spooked the NSA. As the official finished droning and moved onto the next topic, Kenneth felt an icy feeling run down his spine.

“The Moorlands Citizens Republic has found itself pretty well off since the chaos started, they contain the vast majority of Malstrecigano energy reserves, and they’ve been selling resources on the market ever since the federal government collapse. They’ve used that money to enrich the ruralistas and their mercenary armies. However, the wealth seems to stop there, as local villages and communities have become worse off than before, and we’ve seen some evidence to suggest that they are attempting to fight back and regain some of the resources. Also, we are becoming more and more certain by the day that militias from these impoverished groups and the mercenaries and their rural benefactors are engaging in possibly widespread ethnic cleansing of South Kanchakan ethnic groups.” The briefing paused for a moment as the official leafed through his book.

Kenneth shook his head and rubbed his forehead with his right hand. He truly wondered what fueled people to kill others for simply being of a different ethnic group. First he had to deal with the human flaw in Oceania, leading to an ouster of a close ally, or at least a presumed close ally, and now while he worked diligently to reunite the isthmus under one democratic government, he had to deal with it again. He looked to his Defense Secretary, Abril Toledano, and gestured for her to lean in.

“Simply out of curiosity, and I want to emphasize the hypothetical nature of my question, how long would it take to equip and prepare an expeditionary force?”

As her eyes widened, Abril realized that this question had the potential to become an order, and her brows furrowed as she thought.

“Lykens does not carry out expeditionary missions, ever, this would be the first of its kind. However, we are always trained to prepare for the event, so give or take a week, best case scenario where the training comes in handy and flawlessly, but more realistically, two weeks. We’d have to coordinate with the navy and airforce too. I don’t doubt my own ability to do it, but I’d recommend you also work with me on the nitty gritty to fill yourself in.”

He nodded as she spoke, “And Ysabel would be working on this as well?”

Abril nodded.

He dismissed the idea, as Ysabel would be needed to establish contact with the NSA, and would probably not return to the country for another few days. A mock up could work, and it would fulfill the same effect if needed, even if it was only practice.

“We’ll discuss that more later today, have Celso pencil you in for about four.”

She nodded again as the official began speaking.

“We are also becoming aware of a massive amount of supplies being airlifted into Bonporton by TSPR. We knew they’d be backing Bonporton, but they’ve been delivering supplies for weeks now. With Luksa allowing for shipping to pass through the canal, it’s safe to say military aid will soon follow, potentially activating a hotspot in the southern portion of the region.”

Kenneth nodded and closed the briefing book. He sat and listened to the rest of the briefing while deep in his own thoughts.

7:33 PM

Kenneth was in his office with the assembled group of officials necessary for a call to the head of state of another nation. He had just finished reviewing the briefing book dedicated to Murdo Mortigi, and he still felt a strange feeling about the man. He hoped to put it to rest by speaking to him and getting him to work with the Federation, but he was becoming less and less optimistic as time went on. Zoraida Rivera asked if there were any last minute questions, and upon Kenneth’s answer connected to the operator, and asked to be connected to Murdo Mortigi.

The line rang for several seconds.

“This is the Minister-President, how are we doing?”

Kenneth paused momentarily at the aloofness he met on the other side of the line.

“Hello Minister-President, it is an honor to be speaking with you, I am Kenneth Diaz, State Counselor of Lykens.”

“Kenneth! Good to hear from ya, man. What can I do for you?”

Kenneth locked eyes with Zoraida to make sure that she was on the same call as he was. She looked just as dumbfounded.

“I am calling to offer my congratulations at your election as Minister-President, it must be tough working all alone out there.”

“Ah, much appreciamunto, Ken. But we’ve got a lot of people working with us and wishing us well. Judging by your call you’re one of them now, huh?”

“I guess that I am, Minister-President, I guess that I am. The Riverine Republic is well positioned with an astute man such as yourself at their helm. And I hope that I can assist in helping you in your duties.”

“Keep talking, Ken.”

“As a republic, I’m sure you’re as committed to democracy, the rule of law, and human rights as I am, or the Malstrecigano Federation, your dear neighbor. The Riverine Republic truly led the country in marking her own path, and I hope that we can find common ground to benefit the Republic in cooperation with others.”

“Keep going, Kenny.”

Now, Kenneth was sure the man was attempting to get underneath his skin. He looked to Zoraida again. She refused to make eye contact.

“As it is, the Riverine Republic stands alone. To her east, however, a friend sits. The Malstrecigano Federation is championing a form of government that can succeed in Tero Malstreciga, and truly lift up all of her people. Just yesterday Lykens and the Federation agreed to lock arms in this chaotic situation, and work for the benefit of Malstreciganoj everywhere.”

“You’re speaking a lot Ken, and believe you me I like what I’m hearing, but you’re not saying much. Where are we going, help me out?”

Kenneth quietly scrawled on a note and threw it to Zoraida. “He wants to be coddled and courted, I’m going to puke.”

To Mortigi, he continued, “What I’m saying is that it is in the best interest of the Riverine Republic to unite with the Federation, both for the citizens of your state, and Tero Malstreciga as a whole. We are willing to offer aid at this time to assist in the transition, should you agree.”

“There we go Ken, there’s some meat on those bones. Now, if I agreed to hand the sovereignty of my Republic away in the first week of my term, that’s going to reflect pretty poorly on the old curriculum vitae, huh? So when we say unite let’s be niiice and careful about the definition of that and make sure it’s playing nicely with what we all want. How’s that sound?”

“I disagree with that notion, Minister-President. You’d be putting the good of your state and brother and sister Malstreciganoj ahead of your own political ambitions. It would be patriotic, heroic even. Analysts from governments near and far have concluded that the Riverine Republic will not be able to function independently of its sister states for very long, it’s important that a solution be brokered and accepted as soon as possible.”

“Listen Ken. You’re a good guy, I can tell I like you. But independence is independence, ya know?” Mortigi chuckled. “The Riviera wants to make its own future. We feel like we’ve really got something here Ken-” He sighed. “-I’ll tell you what, just ‘cause I like you. How about we get around to signing up a treaty with your guys in the Federation, get nice and buddy-buddy, play in the same ballpit, y’know. We can agree they’re better folks than some of those psychopaths down south.”

“And what would you have in mind for the treaty?”

“Well we’re going to have to get real conversational with the Federation before we know for sure huh? But let’s start by saying we recognize the legitimacy of the Federation, and vice versa, maybe we work on a customs agreement and take those borders back down again. Heck, Ken, we’re pretty comfortable using the same old currency. We just want our sovereignty. I’m sure you understand that, right?”

“Of course Minister-President. I will contact the Federal President of the Federation right away to hopefully open up a dialogue between your two august organizations.”

“Aw well, much obliged Ken! I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with my counterpart.”

“Absolutely, my staff will be in touch with yours to further coordinate our actions, thank you so much for taking my call, Minister-President.”

“I hope I’ll be able to shake your hand soon, Ken.”

“We will definitely find a way!” And with a click Kenneth ended the call.

He slowly turned to face Zoraida. She had a meek expression on her face.

“The man’s sick in the head, there’s something off about him. I can understand the outsider mentality forgoing usual diplomatic niceties, but did you see all that he’s been doing down there? You know where corporatism blossoms something else usually gets reaped.”

He sighed and shook his head before leaning back in his chair.

“His ties to the Eventualist movement? Even sketchier. I’m not one to pass judgement, but I swear to you, it’s a fucking cult. Tulio, I want as much intelligence as we can scrape up on this guy, not a single stone unturned.” His Under Secretary for Intelligence nodded and spoke to one of the NSC staff in the room, who then exited.

“Alright alright, let’s get Stelaro on the phone, might as well see if we can at least get Rivera to agree to what the actor proposed.” The contempt dripped from his words and Zoraida sprung into action, dialling the switchboard and connecting to the appropriate number, the line began to ring.

“Hello, this is Federal President Stelaro.”

“Mister President, it is a pleasure to speak to you again, I hope the trappings of your office are suiting you.”

“State Counselor Diaz, I’m so glad to receive your call. It’s… certainly something new.”

“I heard that you’ve successfully passed your first budget? That’s a marvelous accomplishment, only three days into office. The budget process up here is quite an arduous task,” Kenneth chuckled, “But by all outside accounts and the local news I get, you’re doing a great job so far.”

“That’s very kind of you, Mister State Counselor. We have the rare and valuable resource of public support on our side, so the assembly has gotten to work before the honeymoon period winds down.” Stelaro laughed a little.

“Of course. I’m calling today to encourage your outreach to the Riverine Republic. I just got off of the phone with their Minister-President and I believe there are several areas of common ground your two sides can work together on. I’d love to facilitate or partake in such talks, should they advance further. Secondly, I’m curious about any possible contacts you have with the NSA leadership apparatus, one of my cabinet members has established a relationship with Aminda Miela, the International Facilitator for the NSA committee.”

“Ah, I see. One moment...” Rustling of paper. “We’ve been in touch with a few different groups, mostly just mutual assurances against aggression… you spoke to the Riverine Minister-President directly?”

“Yes. He’s an.. Interesting fellow. Definitely one to watch closer in the future.”

“I see. Our own attempts to get in touch have been delayed by ‘scheduling conflicts’ but with luck those can now be resolved. As for the NSA… one of our assembly members, Iterno, is a colleague and personal friend of Resso Lindelo, who’s on their central committee. It’s terribly back-channel stuff but we’ve used that link to facilitate a peaceful border on our South.”

“Yes, I hope the Minister-President is able to successfully schedule a call with you soon. I’ve dispatched Ysabel down to Reakastello to make contact with them and hopefully push for their accession to the Federation. Do you have any information from the backchannel that would serve to help our efforts?”

“As far as we know, if Orabela had her way they’d be signed up with Armiro. One or two of their state governors refuse to accept that Brava’s dead though, and Armiro swearing in was poison to them. They all just want an easy answer to keep things how they were, but I don’t think one exists.”

“Sounds a bit contrary to the experiment you have going on up north, but I can’t see any situation where anything returns to normal, especially not the political system which proved itself unable to withstand the recent economic shock.”

“No, you have my agreement, Mister State Counselor.”

“We’ll do a two prong approach, Ysabel and I will work to urge the NSA to unite their provinces with the Federation and you and your staff can speak with Mortigi and work towards a solution amenable to both sides. And Mister President… Be careful with how you interact and deal with Mister Mortigi, he’s something of an eccentric type.”

“Yes, that sounds like a workable plan. I really must thank you and your government for the level of support you’ve given us.”

“Of course Mister President, it is only right. Thank you for taking my call today. We will be in touch.”

Kenneth ended the call and looked to Zoraida. “I really like that man, you can tell he’s unsure of himself, but he’s slowly getting his feet, and I can feel he truly cares about the people under his charge.”

She nodded.

“Ysabel should be landing soon, should we call her?”

Kenneth shook his head, “Let her call us when she’s ready, I trust her.”
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The Isthmian Report
Abelo Derro, 5/04/2020
Federation aligns Riverine Republic

Encouraging news for the continuation of peace and stability in the North of the Isthmus came about today with the announcement that the Malstrecigano Federation and the Riverine Republic have signed the Treaty of Mutual Understanding outlining a number of areas for cooperation between the two governments.

Covered in the treaty, the Riverine Republic has committed to maintain a customs and currency union with the Malstrecigano Federation, which has allowed the hastily erected borders between these states to be taken back down with confidence. The specifics of how these details will be implemented are still vague, but it is believed that the Federation will be taking the lead on regular administration of these policies, with some assured level of input by appointed representatives from the Riverine Republic.

The two governments have also agreed to a general level of cooperation, wherein an inter-government body will be established to facilitate close contact between policy-makers on both sides. Article three of the treaty stipulates that neither government will make "decisions in internal or foreign policy reflecting an active or inactive attempt to damage the interests of the other party". The broad agreement is expected to more or less bring the smaller Riverine Republic in line with Federation policy, though with it's sovereignty retained.

Timigo Abela, the Foreign Minister of the Riverine Republic and a high-ranking USP politico, stated that the treaty was an "encouraging sign of the resiliency of the brotherhood of the peoples of the Malstrecigano peninsula". Federal President Stelaro, and his Foreign Secretary Martela Armando, were gracious in thanking the negotiators of the Riverine Republic for entering talks in good faith, but also made mentions thanking the Federal Republic of Lykens for an important role in facilitating inter-state discussions.

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The Isthmian Report
Abelo Derro, 5/04/2020
Admiral Luksa Rolls into Imperio

The State of Imperio has been undergoing a serious crisis in recent days, with militias aligned with a number of different factions in former Tero Malstreciga duking it out for control of the strategic region just north of the Nikelo Canal Zone.

The inability of the NSA to stabilize the situation, and the agitation of both Prezidantos in favour of militias loyal to themselves, was an indication to the State government that no outside assistance would be forthcoming as they took on the challenge of preventing a complete collapse of order in the State. Lieutenant Governor Netiela issued a directive in response declaring the conceptual existence of the Imperio Free State outside the influence of other competing Isthmian factions, the banner of which the State Guard soon aligned with.

After securing the state capital, the Lieutenant Governor made a move that surprised many, by requesting the intervention of Admiral Luksa, whose professional military force was present tantalizingly close. Netiela agreed unilaterally to align the Imperio Free State with Luksa's military administration, and to follow Luksa's lead on inter-factional affairs, in exchange for his immediate action to stabilize the situation.

Luksa's move was swift and professional, and displayed a frightening level of military capacity to onlookers representing other groups. Bombing runs on militia compounds were followed by deployment of the Marine Corps via helicopter. Some Prezidanto militias were even reported to have cooperated together against Luksa's assault, though the defense did not last long. The State very quickly fell in line, and a general amnesty brought many of the militia members back to their homes without putting up a fight.

Admiral Luksa, notably, seemed grim about the affair. He was quoted as follows: "I take no joy in this, and no pride. I have heard that Felicio and Senseca have been taken, but there should be no celebration. The Malstrecigano has defeated the Malstrecigano."

The Nikelo Canal Zone administration has reportedly freed up a portion of the Canal Fund for infrastructural repairs in the Imperio Free State, and military forces will remain garrisoned in the State to maintain order. The effectiveness of this takeover and integration reportedly has outside forces worried that if Luksa's forces stir further there will be little that Isthmian forces can do to resist.

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The Isthmian Report
Abelo Derro, 5/04/2020
Moorlands mercenaries provide evidence of ethnic cleansing

Whatever offers the Moorlands Citizens Republic made to the Ĉampionoj, it appears it was not enough. The large PMC reportedly stopped responding to orders from the MCR's Civil Government, and seized full control of the security zones around the oil wells of the South Moorlands Territory for themselves.

If one expected the mercenaries to be satisfied sitting on their cash cows, one would be surprised. Captain Karesindo's forces made quick moves to assault the positions of several other mercenary companies set up in the Territory, quickly routing them and uniting the Ĉampionoj's brigades into a unified block of land within the MCR. The Ruralistas must have truly insulted Karesindo, because his troops carried on further and rolled into the deep south, attacking several positions held by MCR-aligned militias.

It's at that point that the game really changed. The Ĉampionoj have leaked, via social media, a large folder of photographs and videos of direct evidence of attempted ethnic cleansing by MCR forces in the deep south of the Moorlands. In one video, Karesindo is seen, smoking and swearing as he breaks into an abandoned home with dozens of stacked bodies inside. He turns to the camera, and begins a tirade. Denouncing the Moorlands Citizens Republic for it's crimes, he says the Ruralistas have hired "upstanding soldiers of fortune" to conduct criminal slaughter. Staring into the camera Karesindo promised to Diko Malbono (MCR First Minister) that he would string him up and flay him alive for making him and his men complicit in these acts.

The mercenaries, who at most were expected to cause a temporary loss of control of the South Moorlands oil wells, have apparently begun a crusade of violence against MCR positions. Karesindo called on other mercenary groups in the South Moorlands to rally to his side, a prospect made much more enticing by the fact that he now controls the flow of oil profits.

MCR forces in the north have been partially withdrawn to respond to the crisis, though forces have remained on the Bonporton border to prevent the socialists from rolling into the Moorlands territory unopposed.

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Postby Lykens » Sun Apr 05, 2020 2:59 am

Lykens, Lykens
April 5, 2020

Kenneth slammed his fist into the desk. The NSC staff member who had handed him the paper recoiled and took several steps back.

Kenneth, who had shot up from his chair to smash his hand into the hard wood desk, turned around and walked towards the window. He looked down at the port below him and sighed deeply. Direct confirmation of ethnic cleansing. He was equal parts immensely angry and disgusted. Part of him wanted to order Abril to prepare an expeditionary force right there, to land in the Moorlands, and start removing from power those who felt they had the right to take the lives of innocents.


His anger softened as he heard his husband’s voice. He had been on the phone with him before being slipped the news article. Turning back around, he took his seat and took a deep breath.

“I’m here cielito lindo.”

“Take a deep breath, what happened?”

“Proof of ethnic cleansing in the Moorlands. Released by the mercenaries that did it. They seem to be angry about the MCR government not paying them enough? They’ve seized the oil fields. It’s a fucking mess.” Kenneth looked up and realized the NSC staffer was still in his office.

“I’m very sorry you had to see that and if it startled you, please get Zoraida, Eneida, Abril, Tulio, in here as soon as possible.”

The shellshocked staffered nodded and scurried out of the room, being sure to close the door behind him.

“Ay querido, you had an outburst in front of a staffer?”

Kenneth chuckled lightly and rolled his eyes. “Yes, and I think he’s going to have PTSD from it, because he was shaking when I looked at him.” He sighed deeply.

“What am I going to do, my love? The situation in Tero Malstreciga gets worse and worse every day.”

“You’re building a strong democratic state in the north, why are you fretting?”

“It seems every time we take a step forward, something else comes out of nowhere and knocks us back four steps. TSPR and Manoba are actively aiding Bonparton, and somehow military equipment of the highest grade has found its way down there. I don’t want to have to have a confrontation with Stamboliskaya, but I fear it’s becoming inevitable.”

As he finished, Zoraida Rivera, Eneida Villalobos, Abril Toledano, and Tulio Robledo entered his office. They took their seats across from him and waited.

“I will call you later my love, thank you for calling me.”

“Of course querido, I will speak to you later.” Kenneth ended the call and turned towards his cabinet members.

“How is Christian doing?” Eneida attempted to prolong the good feelings from the call with his husband, “I haven’t seen him in so long, I was very sad we didn’t get to see him at the-” Kenneth cut her off by putting his hand up.

“Ethnic cleansing in the Moorlands. Give me options.”

Eneida sighed. “We can get Arecelis to bring MU sanctions on the MCR, coordinate to blacklist those wells, maybe even get the Assembly to sanction a blockade?”

Abril shifted in her seat uncomfortably, “We could begin discussing making preparations for the expeditionary force, although I don’t know how TSPR would react, especially with the Moorlands so close to Bonporton. I don’t think it’d be the wisest option as of now, a multilateral mission is our best bet.”

Zoraida nodded, “Working through the MU is best, sanctions and then a multilateral task force. I think that’s the quickest solution we have.”

Kenneth picked the phone up and asked for Arecelis. Within a few seconds he put the phone on speaker and replaced it in the cradle.

“Arecelis, how are you doing down there? Is Koralo treating you well?”

“Well sir, the situation seems to deteriorate by the day, I’m starting to fear a conflict erupting over Imperio, we might have to evacuate the MU staff to a safer location, the situation is becoming untenable, especially with the support for the Federation. Koralo isn’t a happy camper about it.”

“We’ll organize an evacuation, in the meantime, would you be able to muster MU sanctions on the MCR and the mercenaries? Blacklist all of the oil coming out of that region, and see if we can bring about an MU blockade of the MCR.”
“I don’t think the Tanayans will go for something that close to Bonporton’s borders, sir.”

“We’re going to have to try, Arecelis, we can’t let another case of ethnic cleansing get out of hand. I’m going to have Abril work to get the HQ evacuated, hang tight.”

“Of course sir.” Kenneth ended the call and turned back to Zoraida.

“Let’s get started on our own sanctions, get leg counsel on it so we can hand down the bill as soon as possible.”

She nodded as the rest of them filed out.

Kenneth sighed and rubbed his eyes.
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Mu-Kal Union News
Apr 6th


Manoban Government calls for MU neutrality in Isthmian Region Conflict; Threatening MU Rail Worker Strike if action is attempted on a Union level. Full Story @

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Postby Lykens » Sun Apr 05, 2020 5:26 am

Reakastello, Kvarurbo

April 5, 2020

As the sunlight slipped into the room through the blinds, Ysabel Alejandra Escarrá finished the last touches of her makeup. She’d woken up two hours before to slowly begin preparing for the day’s task. Convincing the Chairwoman of the National Security Alliance to bring her states into the Malstrecigano Federation, and bring this god damn chaos to an end. Only recently within the last year adding international diplomat to her resume, Ysabel had jetted around the continent more often than she’d have liked, but it was for a good purpose. She had made good impressions around Mu-Kal, and hoped to leverage another one.

Since arriving in Reakastello, she’d kept to herself. Checking into a nice hotel and sampling some of the local life was a nice relaxer, and she prevented herself from feeling guilty by how late she had arrived, which precluded any possible diplomacy. The following day, she was unable to connect with her associate, Aminda Miela, and today she had finally secured a meeting. She’d had her fill of galavanting around Reakastello, at least for now. Aminda had become a close friend of Ysabel after their work together in Schloe to craft a multilateral trade deal. It had fallen through, but they’d maintained close contact as the two clicked relatively well.

Both had received pretty significant promotions since their last meeting, with Aminda becoming International Facilitator of the NSA committee, and Ysabel climbing up several rungs from the Commerce portfolio to Defense. Kenneth was counting on her to add another hefty win to her belt, and she hoped to do just that.

She leafed through the briefing packet beside her, skimming through the Chairwoman’s past as a well connected RLP politician, especially with the pharmaceutical industry. The amount of drugs that this country had swirling around unnerved Ysabel, but she wasn’t going to let that get in the way of her job, or at least she hoped.

She read the text from Aminda last night once again, “Kvarurbo Hall of Commerce, 4 pm I’ll meet you outside.”

She looked at the clock beside her bed, 3:22 pm. She’d have enough time to catch a taxi if she left now. Sighing, she grabbed her briefcase, donned the scarf that Aminda had gifted her in Schloe, and exited her room, making sure the door locked behind her. 

Kvarurbo Hall of Commerce

3:58 pm

As she exited the taxi, Ysabel grumbled at the price she was just extorted out of, but decided that due to the current circumstances, it was the best possible scenario, for her and the driver. As she looked up at the building before her, she once again was struck by the Malstrecigano devotion to wealth and capitalism. It was a damn shame they’d collapsed in such a manner, although a bit ironic. She squinted in the sunlight before reaching into her bag and donning sunglasses to help look around for Aminda.

“Ysabel! ¿Como estás querida?”

Ysabel turned and giggled at Aminda’s Lykensburgish skills, the pronunciation was very nice. She hoped to surprise her with her newly fluent regulingvo.

“Aminda! Bonan posttagmezon, kiel vi fartas mia amiko?”

Aminda grinned as she walked up to the Lykensburgish diplomat. “¡Parece que perdí mi tiempo! Soy bueno, amiga.”

Chuckling, Ysabel hugged her friend, “Grandaj mensoj same pensas, bona afero havas niajn naciojn.”

Accepting the embrace warmly, Aminda sighed. “I wish this was a meeting for a lighter subject. Let’s go inside.” She indicated through the doors to the Hall.

As Ysabel walked with Aminda through the doors she nodded, “I do too, but it’s good to see you again. I have to say Reakastello is a very… interesting place. I enjoyed it. Hopefully this works out for both of us.”

Aminda smiled slyly, and glanced to the side as Ysabel summarized her experience in the city. “That sounds along the lines of the appraisal most give it. I know most places like to pretend it’s impolite but you have to admit it's relieving to just let go for a day or two...” Aminda let the pair into an elevator, smiling to an armed security guard as they entered. She pressed the top floor.

Ysabel lightly touched Aminda's arm as they entered the elevator, "Extremely relieving, the flight down here was way too long. I was happy to have a bit of time to unwind before getting to business, I have to say the Malstreciganoj are excellent at that.

Congratulations on your move up, by the way. When we first met you were subservient to the Finance Department, now look at you."

Aminda smiled and looked down, then turned back up to Ysabel. “Thank you, it's definitely nice to be out of Juvela’s shadow, though I kind of miss things being simpler… also you’re one to talk,” Aminda prodded Ysabel’s shoulder “ - with your promotion.” Glancing, Aminda mused as she gently tugged on the end of Ysabel’s scarf. “Nice touch by the way.”

Ysabel scoffed, "I'm still a lowly Under Secretary, but I have to admit I prefer my new portfolio, as long as the title is, over International Trade, it's more my line of work. Logistics is just so much fun." She chuckled as she realized she was veering off topic. 

"I thought I'd show an appreciation for the culture here, also I like how the scarf brings out my eyes."

Aminda nodded. “That’s why I chose that colour.” As the elevator doors re-opened, she led Ysabel down the opulently decorated hall (which also hosted an armed guard) and into an equally showy office. She sighed as she sunk into the chair behind her new desk, and started fishing for something in her drawer.

Ysabel smiled as they walked into the office. Taking her seat opposite Aminda, she looked around. 

"I love the decor you have here, I might steal some of these ideas for my own."

Aminda threw a hand up as she kept digging, adding “Steal more than ideas, it all came with the office. I think this was the… ‘Vice-Chancellor of Business Relations’, prior to the Chamber of Commerce ceding the office space. Here it is - ” Aminda pulled out a small, unlabelled bottle, and tipped a handful of colourful pills into her hand. Looking up, she offered the bottle to Ysabel.

Ysabel leaned forward and accepted two. The last day and a half in Reakastello had shown her that sometimes the Malstrecigano way of doing things was superior. She thanked Aminda before swallowing them.

“Will it just be you and I today, or will Chairwoman Orabela be joining us?”

Aminda pounded back the drugs, and sighed, leaning and staring at the ceiling for a moment. “Just us, Fajra has an important meeting with Governor Adoranto at the Pilakoj Golf Course.” The words left a bad taste in her mouth. “But I’ve been given full authorization for the discussion today, and I’ll be sending a report to the committee afterwards.”

Ysabel nodded, noticing that the painting off to her left had begun to start moving. She took a second to marvel at it before turning back to Aminda. “Sounds fun! I’m sure we’ll be able to make some concrete work here today.

First, I have some questions that have been handed down from the State Counselor that he wished for me to ask you.

What are the long term goals of the NSA? And if the NSA is willing to divulge any discussions they have with any other factions of the former Tero Malstreciga.” The pencils and pens on Aminda’s desk began growing arms and legs and started a game of tag.

“He also wishes to know if the NSA or the individual state governments are in need of humanitarian or military aid at this time.”

“Right, yeah.” Aminda pulled out a few documents and stared at them for a few seconds. “Well, we’re just trying to hold things together. When we can finally get Armiro and Koralo at the same table and work something out, we can go back to the Respubliko. Of course, they’d sooner spit on their mothers than give each other any sort of concession.”

“We’ve talked to both camps. They’re both pretty happy to treat us well, because they want to entice us to pick a side. A little bit of backchannel contact with the northern secessionists just to avoid violence. Oh, Orabela tried to convince Admiral Luksa to use the military to force the Prezidantos to the negotiating table, but that fell through pretty much immediately. I get the feeling he really doesn’t like the idea of bombing his own people, you know?”

“As for uh, aid…” She looked for a different document for a few seconds, before giving up and continuing anyway. “The core states are looking pretty healthy, though I’m sure the governors will find all sorts of metrics to justify getting bribes. Imperio’s more or less fallen apart, because we can’t get aid through without agreeing to play Koralo’s game which Orabela refuses to do.”

Ysabel nodded as Aminda’s eyes began to slowly creep down her face, while her nose contorted to all sorts of shapes. Her mouth remained constant as she spoke, but when she paused it began to twirl and twist before snapping back to normal as she spoke again.

Ysabel continued nodding as she stopped speaking.

“Has the NSA Committee thought about the possibility that returning to the Respubliko is not a feasible option? Koralo and Armiro won’t come together to solve the problem, and Luksa refusing to use arms to force a solution is not going to yield a reconstituted Respubliko.

I don’t think anything short of Brava reappearing would even do that.”

She looked at the painting again to see Antono Brava waving at her. She blinked and turned back to Aminda.

Aminda sighed and shrugged. “You’re right, of course. But they want to pretend they can keep the rules they profited from.” Aminda tilted her head and looked at Ysabel. “What’s your government’s angle on this?”

Ysabel blinked, rescrambling Aminda’s face once more.

“Lykens is currently supporting the Malstreciga Federation, up north. It was a long and drawn out cabinet battle between supporting one or the other of the Prezidantos, but once the situation escalated to a complete breakdown of the Federal government, Kenneth decided that the best course of action would be a fresh start for Malstreciga.

They’ve been receiving some financial support since a few days ago, and Kenneth wants to prod the NSA in that direction. Bringing the NSA into the Federation would bring almost half of the former Tero Malstrecigano territory under one government, and basic service can be provided to those who need it. It will help stabilize the markets, and I think benefit all member states greatly with extra protection from the Prezidantos and whatever mess they’ve embroiled themselves in down south.”

The pens and pencils had discovered warfare and were waging a particularly destructive battle across the desk.

Aminda nodded along as Ysabel explained. “It makes sense, from an objective view...” She sighed, and leaned forwards on the desk. “To tell you the truth, this whole thing is a lost cause. I’m trying to steer us in the right direction but the ship’s sinking under me. If we could… If we could just get some kind of structure that everyone could agree to, this whole thing will fold and the states will go their own way. You could probably poach a few.”

Ysabel watched as the pens and pencils began using Aminda’s arms as defensive positions.

“Aminda, if I may be so bold as to speak to you friend to friend without the trappings of either of our governments or positions, the NSA is living on borrowed time. It’s only a matter of time until Koralo or Armiro gets deposed by one of their own who is more forward thinking, and then the winners and losers are going to be chosen by who supported who.

The NSA is trying to have its cake and eat it by staying out and trying to placate both sides, but the time for action is now.” As she rapped her knuckles on the desk for effect, the pens and pencils were thrown into the air by the force.

“The Federation is young and new, and elected representatives from the NSA states can probably find a way to ensure that some elements of the unregulated past are realized, but these governors are kidding themselves if they think that things will go back to normal.

Things have changed drastically, and they will never revert back. The commune in Bonporton is evidence of that, things need to change if the governors hope for anything to get better. If they stick to the idea of reverting to the status quo, they’ll fall just like Bonporton.”

“I know, you’re right.” Aminda put her cheeks in her hands. “But I have to drag these people to the right side of history or no one will. They’re not going to hand off sovereignty unilaterally unless it’s to the impossible option of a reunited Respubliko. I almost wish we’d taken Venka’s lead and just left it to state referenda.”

"And that's where I come in, my dear Aminda, the Governors are going to be greedy, they'll eventually sap the resources of their states, especially if they continue down the together but not truly together route. Joining the Federation would safeguard any financial chaos, as the Federation is receiving monetary aid from Lykens, more states in the Federation would lead to more aid for the states. It's only a matter of time until the masses start to realize where the wealth is concentrated.

Bonporton 2.0 is just waiting to happen."

Ysabel felt somewhat bad about redbaiting, but her words were true. The politicians of Tero Malstreciga had always been greedy and corrupt, with few very nice exceptions such as the woman in front of her, but it was only a matter of time until that greedy corruption collapsed their state governments just like the federal one. 

“I can’t force the committee to join with the Federation, and I don’t like the odds of convincing them either. But...” Aminda opened a second drawer, and pulled out a bottle. Pulling out the stopper unleashed a powerful alcoholic vapor. She poured from the bottle directly into her mouth. “If we can provide an excuse to dissolve the NSA Committee, then you can interface directly with the States. You won’t get them all but it’ll be a lot more than if the committee sticks around.”

"Wouldn't it be a powerful message if the NSA Committee dissolved and endorsed accession to the Federation? The federal government of Lykens would never pay out bribes, but if the committee could swing a majority in favor of that action, anything is possible."

As the pens and pencils danced across the desk, they'd seemed to have finished their war, Ysabel fought the urge to, and succeeding in stopping, scratching at her ear, a tell that she was lying. Kenneth wouldn't go for a bribe, and would be angry she even offered one, but in order to play the Tero Malstrecigan game, one had to adhere to their rules.

Aminda sighed and shrugged. “I’ll see what can be done, in regards to that. But the first step is giving the Committee a reason to dissolve in the first place. I’ve been playing with some ideas with Captain Oralo, one of my counterparts from Luksa’s clique. Some kind of inter-factional body, keep the Isthmus together nominally. Details still hazy, but could be enough to cause the NSA to fold.”

Ysabel sat in thought for a few seconds. "That sounds like it'd be the best option to prevent a Civil War from breaking out and destroying the area. Although I don't know how the south would take it, or even Armiro and Koralo."

“Neither do I, but that’s where you’d come in. If we can get this off the ground and Lykens can push for it, I think we can pressure the Prezidantos in. If one joins and the other doesn’t they’d be left out in the cold. I don’t know how the South would work yet, but like I said the details are hazy.”

"I think you're right, this could be the best step. Everyone remains happy but the isthmus is united and war is avoided."

Aminda nodded. “That’s the hope, but it will take a lot of work to get people on board. If the State Counselor agrees to the idea in principle, you would be a lot of help in negotiating.” Aminda widened her eyes for a moment, “- your government would be, that is.”

"Of course, I think he'll definitely spring for this, his goal is a united and peaceful isthmus. I'll probably be on a flight out of here tonight, I'll call him when I'm on my way to the airport." Ysabel slowly stood up and extended her hand, "Thank you so much for these productive talks Aminda, I knew I could count on you."

Ignoring the extended hand, Aminda walked around the desk and hugged Ysabel. “Thank you for coming. I think there’s a chance now.” Releasing, she turned to the door. “Let me walk you out.”

Feeling an odd flutter in her stomach she decided to blame on the drugs, Ysabel followed Aminda out.

"How about the next diplomatic crisis you come up to Lykens? I'm sure we could have some fun in the city, although maybe not as much as here," she chuckled.

Aminda laughed and leaned back against the wall of the elevator as they returned towards the ground. “I’d like that. As much as I love my country I’m starting to think we’re not quite so fun when we’re arguing.”

Ysabel scoffed, "You haven't seen the Grand Assembly lately, Lykensburgers are just as vicious to one another. Although I suppose that's not comparable to some of the violence we've seen here. Keep hope, the light is at the end of the tunnel." She patted Aminda on the shoulder as they exited the elevator. 

Leading Ysabel down the hall towards the main entry, Aminda smiled. She was in a better mood than she’d been in a while. Exiting the building, she turned to Ysabel. “I hope we’ll be working together again soon.”

"Of course." Ysabel leaned in and hugged Aminda again. "Good luck on your end, I'll call you as soon as I know more."

Parting, she hailed a taxi and turned back to Aminda before getting in, she winked and got into the vehicle. 

She began texting details of her meeting to Kenneth as she told the driver to head back to her hotel.
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Palace of Councils, Plamen, TSPR

The Palace of Councils was living its daily life but one person strolling the halls definitely was not from its staff. A middle-aged man of average constitution with head shaved clean, wearing blue military uniform. His collar patches had four rectangular bars and an image of three crates stacked in triangle below the ─ service category K-10, transport aviation. His name tag read "Polyanskiy".

The man stopped before one of the doors in the halls of the Presidium, glanced at his watch and entered the cabinet behind. There, three people were waiting for him ─ Zajac, Kalafatova, and another one, a woman past forties also in military uniform, but in that of land army with collar patches of service category K-12, armored troops.

"Comrade Plenipotentiary, comrade Kalafatova, comrade Wohlgenannt."
"Comrade Polyanskiy." Zajac replied. "You're just on time. Now we can start."

Everyone took their seats around a conference table.

"Comrade Kalafatova, situation report."
"Ethnic cleansing in Moorlands confirmed one hundred percent, comrade Zajac." She brought a folder to the desk. "Bourgeois cliques of the North are consolidating, clearly the Lykensburg hand is leading them just as we expected. Canal Army has occupied the state of Impero in less than 12 hours. No major changes in Bonporton."

"Bah, I might have expected." Wohlgenannt grunted, then continued, scoffing. "That's the best forces those contenders have, right? Give me my old 1st Armored and we'll have Isthmian Socialist Republic in one month."
"Luksa will be more of a challenge to your tanks, comrade Wohlgenannt. He's fielding the best of the Malstrecigano army."
"And I will field the best of Tanayan People's Army, comrade Kalafatova. I have never once lost a tank battle and not planning to begin."

At the meantime, Zajac glanced through the contents of the folder, a report from CISS on the Moorlands. The moment Wohlgenannt finished her tirade, he cut them both.

"Just as I thought." He was outwardly quiet, yes, but after saying that he clenched his teeth. "That scum of the earth..."

Zajac glanced at Polyanskiy. "Comrade Polyanskiy, situation report."

Commander almost immediately reported the situation. "Air Bridge keeps working as it had, but I'm wary about wear and tear of the aircraft. After all, we haven't done an operation of this scale before and these beasts need careful handling. Besides, only 12 are planned to enter service this year, so I do not want to lose any, especially with close hostilities in South-East Nori."

He looked at his colleagues and concluded. "I am preparing to swap 10th STAD with 41st, but that's just about the only our reserve in Transport Aviation Command. There will be no delays or interruptions of the flow of supplies to Bonporton in process."

Zajac stroke his curly beard for a moment. "There will be no war in South-East Nori, at least for another season. Will that be enough to recover?"
"More than enough, comrade Zajac."

"Good. Your pilots will not be flying on a tight schedule anymore, comrade Polyanskiy. Air Bridge have fulfilled its purpose, but it will not be closed for the time being."

His left hand was stroking his beard while fingers of his right hand were rapping the table in quick succession.

"Our plan is as follows. We will start re-purposing the Air Bridge to deliver military supplies. Comrade Wohlgenannt, I leave the roster of the equipment delivered on you. Comrade Polyanskiy, you are free to set up a new norm of supply throughput per day but no less than 50% of the current norm. You will start preparing at once and when I give order, you will start supplanting deliveries."

"What about replacing Cyclones from the 2nd Heavy MLRS?" Wohlgenannt inquiringly interrupted.
"Go negotiate with councils and directors of the Nikhrom, I'm sure they'll understand. Use all incentives you need."
"Thank you, comrade Zajac."

"Next, comrade Kalafatova, query Bonporton NC if they are ready to accept military aid, preferably as soon as possible. And I will order infiltration groups of TMRP to action. The only way to fight terror is terror. We will rally Moorlands people for war and mercenaries and landowners will have land burning under their feet. Questions?"

Kalafatova raised two fingers. "Shall we try to contact Lykensburg?"
"No cooperation with them until I order one." Zajac sternly noted. "You may use contacts for other means."

There were no more questions. As others left, Zajac exhaled and contacted Commissariat of Information Technologies and Communications.

"Comrade Vasiljev?.. Comrade Zajac, Presidium. What do you have to conduct a propaganda campaign across the Central Isthmus..."


With current developments regarding the situation on Isthmus, the following measures are to be taken:

1. DISCONTINUE following sections 2 and 3 of the Directive MU-IST-1.

2. Diplomatic staff of LYKENSBURG is to be told:
2.1. that TSPR will continue supporting BONPORTON;
2.2. that TSPR only has no military personnel in BONPORTON apart from what is required to maintain Bonporton Air Bridge according to the regulations of the Transport Aviation Command ("approximately 300 men");
2.3. that TSPR investigation of missing BM-50/300 in possession of BONPORTON is not yielding any results and is still being conducted with utmost seriousness;
2.4. that TSPR has NOT violated any agreements made with admiral Luksa of Malstrecigano Armed Forces;

3. Diplomatic staff of LYKENSBURG is NOT to be told:
3.1. any concrete information on Tanayan forces in BONPORTON outside of the information in the section 2.2 of this directive;
3.2. any concrete information on the possibility of diplomatic cooperation on the matter of ISTHMUS;
3.3. until further notice: any concrete information on the possibility of TSPR sending expeditionary forces.

4. I assume full personal responsibility for this directive.

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The Isthmian Report
Abelo Derro, 6/04/2020
Trankvilavoj Islands Vote: Federation

The situation in the former Tero Malstreciga has developed rapidly over the past few weeks, but one area particularly sluggish to make any changes has been the Trankvilavoj Islands to the West of the Isthmus. The Federal Territory kept out of the bickering on the mainland thanks to the surprising success of Governor Vilhelmo Venka in stabilizing the situation there, and the ambiguity of the Islands' future has carried on since then.

The referendum announced nearly a week ago was the ultimate solution to the crisis of the future on the Islands, with Venka effectively handing the decision to the population at large of the Territory. A number of political activist groups organized to campaign for their preferred results, though thankfully the Territorial Guard were successful in maintaining regular order in voting locations throughout the islands to ensure a free and fair vote for all.

The results of the hurried referendum are finally in, and the decision is clear; the people of the Trankvilavoj Islands have voted in favor of accession to the Malstrecigano Federation. The result, while not an absolute majority, was the clear victor against other prominent options which enjoyed less than half the amount of support that Federation membership did.

Koheka Pilako is the chief organizer of New Democracy, the largest advocacy group on the islands that fought for accession to the Federation. Pilako stated that the vote was a clear endorsement of the "enhanced liberal democratic principles being established in the North of the Isthmus", though exit polls indicated that most voters who supported the Federation did so for economic reasons. The Federation which has recently passed its first budget is one of few regions in former Tero Malstreciga with a positive outlook in the near future, much thanks to direct economic intervention by the Federal Republic of Lykens.

Evidently, the contrast between the austerity budgets in the core of former Tero Malstreciga and the Federation's enticing stimulus solution to the economic crisis has been enough to convince many. The results were as follows:

  • 41.1% - The Trankvilavoj Islands should become a State/Territory of the Malstrecigano Federation
  • 17.9% - The Trankvilavoj Islands should become an independent state
  • 15.2% - The Trankvilavoj Islands should become an associated state of Tero Malstreciga
  • 11.5% - The Trankvilavoj Islands should remain a territory of Tero Malstreciga
  • 14.1% - Other answers
  • 0.2% - Invalid/spoiled ballot

A source in the territorial government leaked the full count of ballots online, which confirmed that the official tally was accurate, and also revealed statistics on other answers written in by locals. Notable write-in responses included "Establish Trankvilavoj Commune", "Apply for Annexation by Federal Republic of Lykens", and even a proposal that would have split the Islands into four different independent states. Spoiled ballots included such gems as Governor Venka's name written several times, papers completely blank other than the necessary information to cast a vote, and two ballots that advocated for becoming a "clony", believed to be a misspelling of "colony".

Governor Venka has confirmed that the results of the referendum are being respected, and that the territorial government has opened channels with the Malstrecigano Federation to discuss potential terms of accession. Both claimant Prezidantos denounced Venka as a traitor to his country and the memory of Prezidanto Brava who had appointed him to his position.

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The Isthmian Report
Abelo Derro, 6/04/2020
A Very Malstrecigano Socialism

One of the most conceptually interesting breakaways that has resulted from the collapse of Tero Malstreciga is the Bonporton Commune, a new hub for socialism right in the underbelly of the most unapologetic culture of raw capitalism in Olympia. How the Commune would fare in transitioning to a new mode of economics has kept many economists and political analysts guessing, especially given the heavily damaged state of the economy that the National Convention inherited. They undoubtedly surprised many by their continued survival, thanks in large part to the response of international socialists, most prominently the TSPR which provided vital material aid to prop up the Commune during it's foundational emergency.

The situation in Bonporton has seemingly settled somewhat since the period immediately following popular revolution, and the passage of the first Three Year Plan recently provided an indication for where Bonporton was heading in the future, establishing a new currency and a series of State Companies in strategic sectors to attempt to return some level of regular economic activity to the Commune. Now, with the passing of the Bonporton Commune Basic Law, the economic future of the Commune is even clearer.

The Presidium of the National Convention has voted to establish a system of "market socialism". Strategic sectors will remain nationalized under the monopoly of State Companies, but the bulk of the economy will be free of direct government oversight. A series of mandatory trade unions will serve as the primary regulatory bodies for economic sectors, and the actors within these sectors will be freely established cooperatives. Basic Law has stipulated that all Cooperatives will not have any system of shares for ownership, instead being collectively owned by their workers. The basic law also provides for the enforcement of industrial democracy wherein the workers within a cooperative will ultimately control the decisions made by it including the election of managers.

The relatively lax system which Bonporton has established has set many minds at ease in the Commune, who feared the enforcement of a more Tanayan-style mathematically planned economy. People in Bonporton will instead wake to find that they still are paid in currency units which can be exchanged for goods and services, the biggest difference being that the economy will be owned and managed by those working in it. In fact, some outsiders have been amused to see the establishment of such trade union institutions as the Alliance of Sex Workers, and the Drug and Pharmaceutical Vendors Federation, cementing the fact that Bonporton's socialism will be of a very Malstrecigano brand.

People in Bonporton will also be comforted to know that basic necessities will continue to be provided without charge by the Commune government. Residences will reportedly not directly pay for electricity, water, or sewage/refuse utilities, healthcare and education facilities will be freely accessible and publicly managed by the Commune Government, and every citizen will receive a Supplies Booklet which will allow them to receive regular household goods (mostly food) without pay. All land has been nationalized and a system of rents has been established, though some emergency housing has been established which will provide free accommodations.

The economic situation in Bonporton has finally started to look up. As the implementation of socialism becomes more clear and established, many individuals are starting to return to work, either being employed in State Companies or establishing Cooperatives in sectors in which they were previously employed. The situation is still somewhat precarious, but the Commune has become capable of importing some food goods of its own accord, reducing reliance on material aid from the TSPR and Manoba. Work on infrastructural projects has begun, notably including the use of the International Socialist Labour Army, a volunteer organization of construction workers and civil engineers dispatched by allied socialist nations which is assisting the Commune in the repair and refurbishment of power plants, water stations, and other vital infrastructural works.

The battered Commune has emerged scarred but functional from the worst of the crisis, and in a healthy security position as well. With the withdrawal of most mercenary forces on the MCR border to resist the insurgency of Captain Karesindo, the BVA and PLA have been successful in finally securing control of the entirety of Bonporton State, and have taken the opportunity to fortify this border. One unaccounted-for issue is the slow roll of refugees from the Moorlands trying to flow into Bonporton, which the Commune is attempting to slowly process but may upset the careful balance of necessary supplies in the Commune.

To the North, the Commune's position looks even better. The State of Supunkto has more or less overthrown the administration of Prezidanto-claimant Armiro, local trade unions and municipal militias occupying a number of strategic sites including post offices, railway stations, and radio/television broadcasting towers. It is believed, though with little evidence at this time, that Supunkto militias are receiving support from the BVA, and Bonporton's International Brigade. Though no official declaration has yet come, it's expected that Supunkto will effectively be absorbed into the Bonporton Commune.



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