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Postby ROM » Tue Mar 31, 2020 4:06 pm

Now think about it: where is Caelapes. I want to see Caelapes. You know nothing, Caelapes. Your reign as Secretary General has been sad. Very sad. I mean look at the office of the Secretary General, it is a total dump. No more. We the people deserve better. And that is where I come in. I am a fighter. A strong fighter. I am a proud NS patriot, and I say no more. The office of Secretary General deserves someone who will respect the office and return it to it's former glory. Did you know that the Secretary General was once considered a prestigious title? I did. I knew that. I know many things, in fact one of my fans known as Bobberino proclaimed me as a stable genius. I have to agree. He said to me while balling, (Bob is a very tough guy who rarely cries) "Mr. ROM, you have to run for the Secretary General Election that is coming up. You are dragon energy." Now I don't know what dragon energy is, but I assume that is a good thing. Bob is one of my many supporters. Now I have supporters like you wouldn't believe. And does fake news NSToday report on that? They don't. They just make up lie and take my words out of context. That is why I like to call them Fake News NSToday. You hear that NSToday? Consider youself destroyed.

They all say the same thing. They say, “Caelapes has the backing of the NS populace. He has the backing of the NS media.” Well I say to hell with that. I am anti establishment. I hate the fake news media. They will say that I made an unsubstantiated claim about Misley, that they are a no good lazy socialist Secretary General who has degraded that once proud office. The fake news like NS Today will report on it for a couple days, maybe a couple weeks. They will blow these statements I make way out of proportion, and believe me they do this. And I say let them report this. I would like to go on record and say that Caelapes and the socialists, they are up to no good. They have some bad hombres over there, some of the worst people you will ever meet. And now, they are getting bold. They think that since they won the last election, they can win it again. They think they can defeat me, when I am a rich and successful NSer who is maybe the most stable and smartest NSer ever. WRONG!

And this is why I will get elected, folks. This is why I will win the election, and win like nobody else ever has. And the reason is simple, people. I am a winner. I know how to fight, how to win. I know how. Many people have doubted me before, they didn’t think I would be able to win, but I proved my haters wrong like I always do. People are glad to see someone who loves this great game and this community. But in order for this community to remain great, there must be be change, and I am that change. I am that fighter. I know how to raid, how to defend, maybe more so than anyone else. Some people they walk up to me while crying and say, “Mr. ROM, you are so handsome. So beautiful. You have remembered the forgotten people, and have stood up for our great website known as nationstates dot net. Thank you.” So in conclusion, yes I am running for Secretary General. There, I said it. Report on that NS Today. We will be running against Caelapes and any other crackpot that thinks they can challenge me. They seem to know nothing. Once this election is all over, they will be crouched under their computer desk calling for mommy. They will be saying, “Mommy, mommy, please come save me. Please come save me. I was not tough enough to defeat ROM in the Secretary General election” Just sitting there crying like a bunch of babies. Thank you all for coming, thank you. God bless NationStates, and may you all have a tremendous day. Thank you.
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