Ink Satra Dispute.

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The United Solar States
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Ink Satra Dispute.

Postby The United Solar States » Tue Mar 31, 2020 2:26 pm

I was told this was the right place to post this so...

Hello my Name is the united solar states, as a rep. for the Independent Nations. I wish to communicate a issue that my region believes deserves a good moderation.

So there is this country known as Satra, also known as Inkopolis.

In my Region, over the past few months she has undertook actions that warranted several Discord Bans. But starting around yesterday ish, when she was ejected and banned, she undertook several actions which were unusual to say the least.

In a RP, involving multiple nations, she was surrounded by multiple other countries who wanted her land. Okay. She then, accused Rumona, one of the countries of godmodding without any evidence at all. Words were typed. Another Country which I totally forgot the name of, made a apparently ' racist ' comment, I read the RMB forum myself, it was just a harmless joke. Nothing out of the ordinary. She then created a nasty environment in which RP was significantly damaged. The Admin of the Region took approriate action to eject and ban her from the Region completely. If you want to question the region, you are welcome to come on over and question us.

We later found out that Satra apparently dmed a country known as The Chuck and twisted the facts to fit her agenda. I would be confused as to why the Chuck did not ask more, and investigate further but he closed down embassies with my region and encouraged other regions to do the same. Image

Satra has slandered and blackmailed the region and the integrity of everyone in it.

I therefore request that the Nationstates moderators take approriate action as needed to deal with this.

Thank you!

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The New California Republic
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Postby The New California Republic » Tue Mar 31, 2020 2:35 pm

File a GHR for gameside issues.
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