The International Public Holidays and Festivals Index

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The International Public Holidays and Festivals Index

Postby Shurdington » Sun Mar 08, 2020 2:21 am


As part of Shurdington's ongoing commitment to the promotion of traditional customs, arts, folklore and expressive culture throughout the world, the Government has created a directory of public holidays celebrated globally. Delegates are invited to share their national holidays and a brief description of the festivities.

Public holidays are, for the purposes of the survey, legally recognised occasions celebrated as a holiday and on which the organs of state, such as the court system, are closed. The general public may or may not work on these days, and they may or may not be religious in nature.

The Prince's Custom House, Excise Office, and Stamp Office keep five holidays (The Prince's Birthday, Good Friday, Coronation Day, and Christmas Day), on account of their vastly important duties in Shurdingtonian society. Public holidays are followed by all other government institutions, as well as all places of business, which are required to close. Any holiday falling on a Sunday is kept on the following Monday, excepting Saint's Days.

†: Religious holiday
‡: Movable
※: National day

Full moon: Thor's Feast (†, Lillorainen)
1st: New Years Day (Shurdington, Gandoor, Danavaria, Thermodolia, New Visayan Islands, Aikoland, Nacrad, Anollasia, Radiatia, Vallermoore, Confederate American States and Syndicates, Valentian Elysium, Empire of Brazil, Voxija, Khaleesi Nation, Lillorainen, Montevento, Shamsiyya, Duravia, Commonwealth of Great Britain, United Mafia Empire, Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic, Norteno,Verapaz); Circumcision of the Lord (†, S-Hertogenbosch); Solemnity of Mary (†, Vatican City State); Festival of New Life (Tamriel)
2nd: 2nd Day (Verapaz)
3rd: Prince's Birthday (※, Shurdington)
6th: Epiphany (†, Shurdington, S-Hertogenbosch, Vatican City State, Valentian Elysium (Observed)); Sunreturn ends (Khaleesi Nation); La Befna (Montevento)
12th: Ploughday (Shurdington)
15th: Prayer to the South Winds (Tamriel)
17th: Capone Day (United Mafia Empire)
25th: St Paul (†, Shurdington); Robert Burns Day (Commonwealth of Great Britain (Scotland only))
30th: Brick Day (※, Legolannd)
Chinese New Year: (‡, New Visayan Islands, Nacrad); Lunar New Year (‡, Amenria)

First Monday: Traiyan Day (Radiatia)
Third Monday: Family Day (‡, Anollasia)
Shrove Tuesday († ‡, Shurdington, Confederate American States and Syndicates)
Ash Wednesday († ‡, Shurdington, Vatican City State)
2nd: Candlemass (†, S-Hertogenbosch); Groundhog Day (Confederate American States and Syndicates); Pelagius the Mad (Tamriel)
8th: Revolution Day (Confederate American States and Syndicates)
11th: Lateran Treaty Day (※, Vatican City State)
12th: Freedom Day (Norteno)
14th: St Valentine (†, Shurdington, Confederate American States and Syndicates, Valentian Elysium (Observed), Montevento); Purge Day (United Mafia Empire)
15th: President's Day (Thermodolia)
16th: Day of the Heart (Tamriel)
17th: Public holiday (Gandoor)
20th: Soldier Day (Legolannd)
23rd: Third Intifada Day (※, Shamsiyya)
24th: St Matthias (†, Shurdington, S-Hertogenbosch); Carnival begins (Montevento)
25th: Carnival ends (Montevento)
29th: Balarabe Day (Ivory Coasts)

Nyepi: (‡, Amenria)
First Friday: Spring Day (United Mafia Empire)
1st: Articles Day (Confederate American States and Syndicates)
3rd: Flag Day (Gandoor)
4th: Constitution Day (Aikoland)
7th: First Seeding (Tamriel)
8th: International Women's Day (Valentian Elysium (Observed), Montevento, Commonwealth of Great Britain)
9th: Federation Founding Day (※, Lillorainen); Republic Day (※, Verapaz)
10th: Remembrance Day (Thermodolia)
11th: Victory Day of Layla-Sultana (※, Shamsiyya)
14th: Coronation of Holy Emperor Nino II the Good (Valentian Elysium (observed))
16th: St Menes Day (Diarcesia)
18th: Day of Martyrs (※, Verapaz)
19th: St Joseph (†, S-Hertogenbosch, Vatican City State); Father's Day (Montevento)
21st: Spring Festival (Lillorainen)
25th: Lady's Day (†, Shurdington); Annunciation (†, S-Hertogenbosch); Easter Day (Vallermoore)
26th: Festival of Swords (Tamriel)
28th: Atlantian Oceania Day (Ko-oren)
29th: Flag Day (Anollasia)

Full moon: Victory Feast (†, Lillorainen)
Week before Easter: Tourism Week (‡, Montevento)
Maundy Thursday: († ‡, New Visayan Islands, Valentian Elysium (observed)); Holy Thursday († ‡, Vatican City State)
Good Friday († ‡, Shurdington, Danavaria, New Visayan Islands, Vatican City State, Aikoland, Nacrad, Valentian Elysium)
Black Saturday († ‡, New Visayan Islands); Holy Saturday († ‡, Vatican City State)
Easter Sunday († ‡, Shurdington, S-Hertogenbosch, Vatican City State, Aikoland, Nacrad, Confederate American States and Syndicates, Valentian Elysium)
Easter Monday († ‡, Danavaria, S-Hertogenbosch, Valentian Elysium)
Easter Tuesday († ‡, S-Hertogenbosch)
Week after Easter: Hocktide (Shurdington)
Sunday after Easter: Divine Mercy Sunday († ‡, Vatican City State)
1st: April Fool's Day (Vallermoore, Confederate American States and Syndicates)
3rd: Beginning of War Day (Voxija)
4th: Flag Day (Thermodolia)
7th: Founder's Day (United Mafia Empire)
9th: Day of Valor (New Visayan Islands)
12th: Reunification Day (Confederate American States and Syndicates)
13th: Public holiday (Gandoor); Victims of Communism Memorial Day (Radiatia)
17th: Union Day (※, Aikoland)
18th: Empress' Birthday (Empire of Brazil)
19th: Armistice Day (Lillorainen)
22nd: Earth Day (Gandoor, Montevento)
23rd: St George (†, Shurdington); Children's Day (Anollasia); William Shakespeare Day (Commonwealth of Great Britain, England only)
25th: St Mark (†, Shurdington)
27th: Day of the Rise of Raorkon's Dynasty (Shamsiyya)
28th: Jester's Day (Tamriel)

Full Moon: Hathor's Feast (†, Shamsiyya)
First Monday: Capitalism Day (Radiatia)
Second Sunday: Mother's Day (Anollasia, Empire of Brazil); Momma Day (United Mafia Empire)
Third Saturday: Citizen Forces Day (Confederate American States and Syndicates)
Last Monday: Remember Day (United Mafia Empire)
Vesak Day († ‡, New Visayan Islands)
Eid al-Fitr († ‡, New Visayan Islands)
Ascension Day († ‡, Shurdington, S-Hertogenbosch, Vatican City State, Valentian Elysium (observed))
Last Monday: Memorial Day (Confederate American States and Syndicates)
1st: May Day (Shurdington, Valentian Elysium, Duravia); Labour Day (Gandoor, Danavaria, Thermodolia, New Visayan Islands, Aikoland, Empire of Brazil, Lillorainen, Shamsiyya, Commonwealth of Great Britain, Norteno, Verapaz); Ss Philip and James (†, S-Hertogenbosch); Worker's Day/May Day (Confederate American States and Syndicates, Montevento); Army and Labor Day (Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic)
3rd: Finding of the Cross (†, S-Hertogenbosch)
6th: Unification Day (※, Anollasia); End of War Day (Voxija)
7th: Second Seeding (Tamriel)
8th: Victory in Europe Day (Aikoland)
9th: Victory Day (Duravia)
10th: Mother's Day (Montevento)
13th: Golden Law Day (Empire of Brazil)
8th-14th: Mother's Day (Confederate American States and Syndicates)
15th: Feast of the Ipet (†, Shamsiyya)
10th: Public holiday (Gandoor), Texan Independence Day (Norteno)
12th: Birthday of Holy Emperor Nino II the Good (Valentian Elysium (observed))
13th: National Day (※, Nacrad)
18th: Independence Day (※, Montevento)
19th: Youth and Sports Day (Anollasia)
20th: 520 (Amenria)
25th: Republic Day or Democratic Revolution Day (※, Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic)
30th: Fishing Day (Tamriel)
Seventh week after Easter: Whitsuntide († ‡, Shurdington); Pentecost († ‡, Vatican City State)
Whitsunday († ‡, S-Hertogenbosch)
Monday after Whitsunday († ‡, S-Hertogenbosch, Valentian Elysium (Observed))
Tuesday after Whitsunday († ‡, S-Hertogenbosch)
Trinity Sunday († ‡, S-Hertogenbosch, Vatican City State)

Full moon: Feast of the Sothis (†, Shamsiyya)
Third Sunday: Father's Day (Anollasia, United Mafia Empire)
Midsummer's Day (‡, Danavaria)
Corpus Christi († ‡, S-Hertogenbosch, Vatican City State, Empire of Brazil)
1st: International Children's Day (Valentian Elysium (observed))
2nd: Merthyr Rising Day (Commonwealth of Great Britain, Wales only)
3rd: Restoration of Sovereignty Day (Aikoland)
5th: Discovery Day (Anollasia)
8th: Student's Day (‡, Verapaz)
9th: Sigurd's Day (Lillorainen)
19 Days after Pentecost: The Sacred Heart of Jesus († ‡, Vatican City State)
5th: Liberation Day (※, Legolannd); Discovery Day (Gandoor)
11th: St Barnabus' Day (†, Shurdington)
14th: Flag Day (Confederate American States and Syndicates)
15th-21st: Father's Day (Confederate American States and Syndicates); Unification Day (※, Norteno)
16th: The Mid Year Day (Tamriel)
19th: Children's Day (Gandoor)
20th: Ouag Festival (†, Shamsiyya)
21st: Midsummer (†, Lillorainen); Summer Solstice (†, Shamsiyya, United Mafia Empire)
22nd: Smash Evil Fairies Day (Voxija)
23rd: Valentian Elysium Day (Valentian Elysium)
24th: St John the Baptist (†, Shurdington, S-Hertogenbosch); Midsummer (Duravia)
26th: Unification Day (Thermodolia)
28th: Californian Independence Day (Norteno)
29th: Ss Peter and Paul (†, S-Hertogenbosch, Vatican City State); Diversity Pride Day (Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic)

Eid al-Adha: († ‡, New Visayan Islands)
4th: Independence Day (Confederate American States and Syndicates); Purge Day (United Mafia Empire)
7th: Our Lady of 's-Hertogenbosch (†, S-Hertogenbosch)
8th: Constitution Day (Thermodolia); Queen Yocasta's Birthday (Vallermoore); Day of Salvation of Valentian Elysium (※, Valentian Elysium); Khaleesi Day (※, Khaleesi Nation)
15th: St Baldwin of Shurdington (†, Shurdington); Restoration of the Monarchy Day (Aikoland)
16th: Constitution Day (Empire of Brazil)
17th: Goodman Day of Peace (Anollasia)
21st: Cobras Fumantes Day (Empire of Brazil)
23rd: Tolpuddle Martyrs Day (Commonwealth of Great Britain)
25th: St James (†, Shurdington, S-Hertogenbosch)
26th: St Anne (†, S-Hertogenbosch)
28th: Revolution Day (Gandoor)

First week: Lammastide (Shurdington)
2nd: Sacrifice Day (Norteno)
6th: Family Day (Gandoor)
7th: Federation Day (Danavaria)
9th: Public holiday (Gandoor)
10th: St Lawrence (†, S-Hertogenbosch)
12th: Election Day (Thermodolia
15th: Assumption (†, S-Hertogenbosch, Vatican City State); Confederation Day (New Visayan Islands); Marching of the Shades / Holy Emperor's Official Birthday (Valentian Elysium (observed)); Independence Day (※, Duravia)
16th: Democracy Day (Aikoland)
18th: Commonwealth Day (Commonwealth of Great Britain)
22nd: Founding Day (※, Shamsiyya)
24th: St Bartholomew (†, Shurdington, S-Hertogenbosch)
27th: Liberation Day (Anollasia); End of the Harvesting (Tamriel)

31st: Unification Day (Amenria)
31st: Indipendence Day (Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic)

First Monday: Labour Day (Anollasia, Confederate American States and Syndicates); Summer's End (United Mafia Empire); Worker's Day (‡, Verapaz)
Second Sunday: Father's Day (Empire of Brazil)
5th: Ex-Slaves Hospitality Day (Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic)
7th: Independence Day (Empire of Brazil); Republic Day (※, Voxija)
8th: Birth of the Virgin Mary (†, S-Hertogenbosch); Thornton Day (Montevento)
9th: Public holiday (Gandoor); Birthday of Holy Empress Cynthia (Valentian Elysium (observed))
10th: Republic Day (Anollasia)
15th: Public holiday (Gandoor); Federation Day (Radiatia)
14th: Holy Cross (†, Shurdington, S-Hertogenbosch)
20th: The Rest of the Sun (Tamriel)
21st: St Matthew (†, Shurdington, S-Hertogenbosch); Heavenly Emperor Tianshi's Birthday (Amenria)
22nd: Harvest Festival (Shurdington, Lillorainen, Shamsiyya); Day of the Personal Union (Aikoland)
23rd: St Constantius Day (Valentian Elysium)
29th: St Michael (†, Shurdington); Michaelmas (Shamsiyya, S-Hertogenbosch)
Late September/Early October: Oktoberfest (Confederate American States and Syndicates)

Full moon: Winter Nights (†, Lillorainen); Mid-Autumn Festival (‡, Amenria); Feast of the Eye of Ra (†, Shamsiyya)
Second Monday: Thanksgiving (‡, Nacrad, Anollasia)
1st: Anniversary of the Fall of the Radiatian People's Socialist Union (※, Radiatia)
7th: Republic Day (Montevento)
10th: President's Birthday (‡, Lillorainen)
12th: Founding Day (※, Gandoor), National Day (※, Thermodolia); Treaty of Rome Day (Vatican City State); Columbus Day (Confederate American States and Syndicates); Our Lady of Aparecida (Empire of Brazil); Day of the Americas (Montevento)
13th: Festival of Witches (Tamriel)
18th: St Luke (†, Shurdington)
20th: Citizen Day (Thermodolia)
21st: Patriot Day (Confederate American States and Syndicates); Thanksgiving and Unity Day (Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic)
28th: Ss Simon and Jude (†, Shurdington, S-Hertogenbosch)
30th: Day of the Emperor (Tamriel)
31st: Halloween (Legolannd, Confederate American States and Syndicates, Valentian Elysium, Montevento, Amenria, Norteno); Public holiday (Gandoor); Nightmare Night (Vallermoore); Superpurge (United Mafia Empire)

Full Moon: Feast of Amun and Ra (†, Shamsiyya)
Fourth Thursday: Thanksgiving (Confederate American States and Syndicates); Feast Day (United Mafia Empire)
1st: All Saints (†, Shurdington, New Visayan Islands, Vatican City State); All Hallow's Day (Valentian Elysium)
2nd: All Souls (†, Shurdington, New Visayan Islands, Vatican City State, Empire of Brazil); Day of the Dead (Montevento)
3rd: The Don's Birthday (United Mafia Empire)
5th: Public holiday (Gandoor)
10th: Festival of Reason (Confederate American States and Syndicates)
11th: Armistice Day (Danavaria, Aikoland, ※ Verapaz); Veteran's Day (Confederate American States and Syndicates; Armed Forces Day (Commonwealth of Great Britain)
16th: Empress's Birthday (Aikoland
19th: Men's Day (Montevento)
22nd: Day of Pyres (Valentian Elysium)
23rd: Bite-Apple Day (Shurdington)
26th: Dragonfly Day (Ko-oren); Thanksgiving (Norteno)
28th: Domiku Biskarret Day (Voxija)
30th: St Andrew (†, S-Hertogenbosch)

First Friday: Victory Weekend (Radiatia)
1st: All Saints (†, S-Hertogenbosch)
2nd: Indigenous People's Day (Gandoor)
5th: Peace Day (Nacrad)
6th: St Nicholas (Valentian Elysium (observed)
7th: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (Confederate American States and Syndicates)
8th: Conception of the Virgin Mary (†, S-Hertogenbosch); Independence Day (※, New Visayan Islands)
9th: Unification Day (Shamsiyya)
Fourth Sunday before Christmas Day: Advent Sunday († ‡, Vatican City State)
17th: Peace Day (※, Verapaz)
21st: St Thomas (†, S-Hertogenbosch); Winter Nights (†, Lillorainen); Winter Solstice (†, Shamsiyya)
24th: Christmas Eve (Aikoland, Confederate American States and Syndicates, Valentian Elysium, Empire of Brazil, United Mafia Empire, Norteno); Sunreturn begins (Khaleesi Nation); Christmas begins (Duravia)
25th: Christmas Day (†, Shurdington, Legolannd, Danavaria, S-Hertogenbosch, Thermodolia, New Visayan Islands, Vatican City State, Aikoland, Nacrad, Vallermoore, Confederate American States and Syndicates, Valentian Elysium, Empire of Brazil, Voxija, Commonwealth of Great Britain, United Mafia Empire, Norteno); Public holiday (Gandoor); Family Day (Montevento); Winter's Day (Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic)
26th: St Stephen (†, Shurdington, Danavaria, S-Hertogenbosch); Boxing Day (Nacrad, Vallermoore, Valentian Elysium, Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic)
27th St John (†, Shurdington, S-Hertogenbosch)
28th: Innocents (†, Shurdington, S-Hertogenbosch; Montevento)
31st: Public holiday (Gandoor); St Silvester (†, S-Hertogenbosch, Valentian Elysium), New Years' Eve (Thermodolia, Aikoland, Anollasia, Radiatia, Vallermoore, Confederate American States and Syndicates, Empire of Brazil, Lillorainen, Montevento, Shamsiyya, United Mafia Empire, Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic, Norteno, Verapaz); Festival of Old Life (Tamriel)
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International Public Holidays and Festivals Index

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Postby Legolannd » Sun Mar 08, 2020 2:29 am

[center]Brick Day
Celebrated on:
January 30

Celebrating the first bricks that built Legolannd.

[center]Soldier Day
Celebrated on:
February 20

Similer to Memorial Day in the US, Soldier Day celebrates the brave soldiers that are fighting for Legolannd.

[center]Liberation Day
Celebrated on:
June 5th

Like Independence Day in the US, this celebrates the signing of the Proclamation Of Independence.

Celebrated on:
October 30

Just like Halloween in the US.

Celebrated on:
December 25

A holiday in which Legolanndians celebrate the idea of Santa Claus, and familes get together. As few Christians live in Legolannd, it is a secular holiday. It has trees and presents and all the American traditions are celebrated in Legolannd.
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Postby Gandoor » Sun Mar 08, 2020 9:51 am

In Gandoor, the law concerning public holidays is the aptly named Public Holidays Law 1960, which replaced the previous holiday system that had been used since the establishment of the Democratic Republic in 1904.

Under the current law, there are ten named and recognized holidays with an additional ten being generic Public Holidays. All governmental services are closed on all twenty holidays and all non-governmental employees (excepting those in essential services) are guaranteed a day off on Labour Day and the ten Public Holidays.

  • 1 January - New Year's Day - Celebrates the New Year
  • 17 February - Public Holiday
  • 3 March - Flag Day - Commemorates the meaning of the Gandoorese flag. Date corresponds to the date of the adoption of the then-current Gandoorese flag on 3 March 1952.
  • 13 April - Public Holiday
  • 22 April - Earth Day - Commemorates the environment and the environmental protection movement.
  • 1 May - Labour Day - Celebrates and commemorates labourers and the working class.
  • 10 May - Public Holiday
  • 5 June - Discovery Day - Celebrates the establishment of the Gandoor Grand Council, the earliest unified government called Gandoor, in 1587.
  • 19 June - Children's Day - Celebrates children and their well-being.
  • 28 July - Revolution Day - Commemorates the start of the Gandoor Revolution on 28 July 1900 and all who have given their lives for Gandoor in its history.
  • 6 August - Family Day - Celebrates families in Gandoor.
  • 9 August - Public Holiday
  • 9 September - Public Holiday
  • 15 September - Public Holiday
  • 12 October - Founding Day - Celebrates the ratification of the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Gandoor on 12 October 1904 and the establishment of the modern Democratic Republic.
  • 31 October - Public Holiday
  • 5 November - Public Holiday
  • 2 December - Indigenous People's Day - Celebrates and commemorates the various native peoples of Gandoor and their contributions to our nation's culture and society.
  • 25 December - Public Holiday
  • 31 December - Public Holiday
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Postby Danavaria » Sun Mar 08, 2020 10:52 am

There are 9 federal public holidays in Danavaria. Most government offices and schools are closed on these days, and government workers receive holiday pay. Many, but not all businesses, also close on federal holidays. Some additional holidays are also observed in individual states, but not on the national level. The holidays are as follows:

New Year's Day (Jan 1) - A celebration of the start of the new year. A quiet day off for most people as the main festivities take place on the night of New Year's Eve.
Good Friday (movable) - The Friday before Easter.
Easter Monday (movable) - The Monday after Easter.
Labour Day (May 1) - A celebration of Danavarian workers and the achievements of the labour movement. Marked by trade union marches in most major towns. Considered by many Danavarians to mark the "first sign of summer", people will often go camping or visit the seaside around Labour Day.
Midsummer's Day (movable) - A celebration of the summer solstice - also celebrated by some Christians as the feast day of John the Baptist. Traditionally marked by bonfires and fireworks displays.
Federation Day (Aug 7) - Celebrates the foundation of the Kingdom of Danavaria following the 1848 Revolution. Marked by patriotic parades, the largest of which takes place in the capital, Valthorp, followed by a public speech from the King. Public barbecues, fireworks displays and musical performances are held in most towns.
Armistice Day (Nov 11) - A day of remembrance for Danavarian casualties in the First World War, as well as more recent wars. A wreath-laying ceremony is held at the National Memorial in Valthorp, as well as many other local monuments. It is traditionally marked by a minute's silence at 11am.
Christmas Day (Dec 25) - Celebrated by the majority of Danavarians - both Christian and non-Christian - as a day for family to spend time together and exchange gifts. Christmas dinner - a large meal traditionaly consisting of ham, potatoes, cabbage and gravy - is usually eaten in the early afternoon. The King delivers his yearly message at 2pm - it is broadcast simultaneously on every major channel.
St. Stephen's Day (Dec 26) - The day after Christmas. People tend to relax or visit relatives on this day. Leftovers from Christmas dinner will often be eaten for lunch.

If a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday will be designated as a day off in lieu of that holiday. In practice, many workers take time off on the days before and/or after a major public holiday if it occurs during the week.

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Postby S-Hertogenbosch » Sun Mar 08, 2020 1:32 pm

25 December: Christmas
26 December: St. Stephanus
27 December: St. John Evangelist, patron saint of the diocese and the cathedral church
28 December: Holy Innocents
31 December: St. Silvester
1 January: Circumcision of the Lord
6 January: Epiphany of the Lord
2 February: Candlemass
24 February: St. Matthias
19 March: St. Joseph
25 March: Annunciation
moveable date: Easter
moveable date: Monday after Easter
moveable date: Tuesday after Easter
moveable date: Ascension
moveable date: Whitsunday
moveable date: Monday after Withsunday
moveable date: Tuesday after Whitsunday
moveable date: Trinity Sunday
moveable date: Corpus Christi
1 May: Sts. Philip and James
3 May: Finding of the Cross
24 June: St. John Baptist
29 June: Sts. Peter and Paul
7 July: Our Lady of 's-Hertogenbosch
25 July: St. James
26 July: St. Anne
10 August: St. Lawrence
15 August: Assumption
24 August: St. Bartholomew
8 September: Birth of the Virgin Mary
14 September: Exaltation of the Cross
21 September: St. Matthew
29 September: Michaelmass
28 October: Sts. Simon and Jude
30 November: St. Andrew
1 November: All Saints
8 December: Conception of the Virgin Mary
21 December: St. Thomas
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Postby Thermodolia » Sun Mar 08, 2020 8:24 pm

The Federal Holidays Act of 1971 is the current law governing all federally recognized holidays in Thermodolia.

Under the current law, there are twelve federally recognized holidays. All government services are closed on all twelve holidays and all non-government employees (except those in essential services) are guaranteed a day off on Labor Day and Election Day.

In addition to the Federal holidays provinces may have their own holidays.

  • 1 January - New Year's Day - Celebrates the New Year
  • 15 February - Presidents’ Day - Celebrates the Presidents of Thermodolia, set on the birthday of the first president of the National Republic of Thermodolia
  • 10 March - Remembrance Day - Remembers all of those who gave their lives in defense of Thermodolia
  • 4 April - Flag Day - Commemorates the flag of Thermodolia, 4 April 1899 was the day the current flag of Thermodolia was adopted.
  • 1 May - Labor Day - Celebrates and commemorates laborers and the working class.
  • 26 June - Unification Day - Celebrates the unification of Thermodolia and the establishment of the Thermodolian nation in 558.
  • 8 July - Constitution Day - Celebrates the ratification of the Constitution of the National Republic of Thermodolia on 8 July 1897.
  • 12 August - Election Day - Election Day
  • 12 October - National Day - Celebrates the establishment of the National Republic of Thermodolia on 12 October 1898.
  • 20 October - Citizen Day - Similar to the US pledge of allegiance day and citizenship day, the Thermodolian Citizen Day celebrates citizens of Thermodolia and allegiance to Thermodolia. All people who become citizens are sworn in on this day.
  • 25 December - Christmas Day
  • 31 December - New Years Eve - New Years Eve
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Postby New Visayan Islands » Mon Mar 09, 2020 7:13 am

There are eight fixed holidays and seven movable holidays at the Federal level; territories may also declare their own holidays, but most businesses that span the entire country adhere to the Federal Schedule of Holidays.
The following Federal Holidays fall on fixed dates:
  1. January 1st - New Year's Day
  2. April 9th - Day of Valor
  3. May 1st - International Labor Day
  4. August 15th - Confederation Day
  5. November 1st - All Saints' Day
  6. November 2nd - All Souls' Day
  7. December 8th - Independence Day
  8. December 25th - Christmas Day
The following Federal Holidays do not fall on fixed dates:
  1. The new moon between January 21st and February 20th - Chinese New Year
  2. The three days before a Sunday between March 22nd and April 25th inclusive, within about seven days after the astronomical full moon - The Paschal Triduum (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Black Saturday)
  3. The full moon of May - Vesak Day
  4. The end of the Muslim month of Ramadan (1st Shawwal in the Islamic Calendar) - Eid al-Fitr
  5. 10th Dhu al-Hijjah in the Islamic Calendar - Eid al-Adha
Below is a schedule for Federal Holidays that do not fall on fixed dates in 2020:
  1. January 25th - Chinese New Year
  2. April 9th, 10th, and 11th - The Paschal Triduum (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Black Saturday; note that Maundy Thursday in 2020 coincides with the Day of Valor)
  3. May 7th - Vesak Day
  4. May 24th (1st Shawwal, AH 1441) - Eid al-Fitr
  5. July 31st (10th Dhu al-Hijjah, AH 1441) - Eid al-Adha
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State of Vaticane City
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Postby State of Vaticane City » Mon Mar 09, 2020 1:34 pm

The Holidays Act of 1961 is the current law governing all holidays in the Vatican City State.

Under the current law, there are ten holy days of obligation, eleven feasts, and two public holidays. All government services are closed on all 23 holidays. All catholics are required to attend mass on holy days of obligation while Catholics are recommended to attend mass on feasts.

  • 1 January - Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
  • 6 January - Epiphany
  • 11 February - Lateran Treaty Day - Celebrates the signing of the Lateran Treaty and the establishment of the Vatican City State
  • February Moveable - Ash Wednesday
  • 19 March - Saint Joseph's Day
  • Moveable - Palm Sunday
  • Moveable - Holy Thursday
  • Moveable - Good Friday
  • Moveable - Holy Saturday
  • Moveable - Easter
  • Sunday After Easter - Divine Mercy Sunday
  • Thursday of the sixth week of Easter - Feast of the Ascension
  • Moveable - Pentecost
  • Sunday After Pentecost - Trinity Sunday
  • Thursday after Trinity Sunday - Corpus Christi
  • 19 days after Pentecost - The Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • 29 June - Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
  • 15 August - Assumption of Mary
  • 12 October - Treaty of Rome Day - Commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Rome and the expansion of the Vatican City State in 1946.
  • 1 November - All Saints Day
  • 2 November - All Souls Day
  • Fourth Sunday before Christmas Day - Advent Sunday
  • 25 December - Christmas Day
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Postby Sefeiunto-Redu » Mon Mar 09, 2020 1:51 pm

We don't use the Gregorian calendar... or any calendar based off of the Roman one... or any that are synced with earth's orbital period... or rotational period.

The calendar we use is... complicated to say the least, but the ones we use are listed here.

To summarise, there are 5 semiofficial holidays listed on the Holiday Calendar:
  • New Years (Deiume 0)
  • Founding of Calan (Pluduiame 9), a day about research, investigation and curiosity.
  • Anniversary of the Redstonian Revolution (Urome 26), a day about skepticism, critical thinking and evaluation.
  • Founding of the Antiudecte (Concapne 27), a day about rationality, logic and reasoning.
  • Birthday of the Fliudero (Tritme 11), a day about individuality, non-conformity and expression.

It is not required to observe these holidays.
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Postby Aikoland » Mon Mar 09, 2020 9:44 pm

1 January - New Year's Day
4 March - Constitution Day - Commemorates the enactment of the fourth and current constitution in 1902
Movable - Good Friday
Movable - Easter Sunday
17 April - Union Day - Commemorates the incorporation of the then-independent (but in personal union under the same monarch) Kingdoms of Aiko, Boullién, and Saun into the Kingdom of Aikoland in 1719 (Recognised as our national day)
1 May - Labour Day
8 May - Victory in Europe Day
3 June - Restoration of Sovereignty Day - Commemorates the return of Emperor Benoît II, the Royal Family, and the Aikolandais Government-in-Exile from London to Aikoland after WWII.
15 July - Restoration of the Monarchy Day - Commemorates the restoration of the Aikolandais monarchy on 15 July 1815, following the final defeat of Napoléon, who had conquered Aikoland and deposed then-Emperor Auguste II in 1812.
16 August - Democracy Day - Commemorates the establishment of the first constitution of Aikoland and the introduction of democracy to our nation in 1794.
22 September - Day of the Personal Union - Commemorates the unification of the Kingdom of Aiko, the Kingdom of Boullién, and the Kingdom of Saun under personal union under the reign of Queen Marianne II of Aiko in 1303.
11 November - Armistice Day
16 November - The Empress's Birthday - Celebrates the birthday of Empress Élisabeth IV on 16 November 1963 (the date and name of this holiday changes with each new Emperor or Empress)
24 December- Christmas Eve
25 December - Christmas
31 December - New Year's Eve
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Official Nation Name: The Empire of Aikoland
Government Type: Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Head of State: Empress Élisabeth IV
Head of Government: Prime Minister Mélodie Bélanger
Population: 5.8 million
Official Language: French
Current Year: 2020

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Postby Nacrad » Tue Mar 10, 2020 8:22 am

1 Jan: New Year's Day (holiday until 3 Jan incl)

Late Jan to early Feb: Chinese New Year (refer to Chinese Lunar Calandar) (This year was 25 Jan)

The Friday before the first full moon after 21 Mar: Good Friday (This year is 10 Apr)

First full moon after 21 Mar: Easter (this year is 12 Apr)

13 May: National Day (Holiday until 18 May incl) (Commemorates the declaration of independence)

2nd Monday of October: Thanksgiving (This year was 19 Oct) (Holiday lasts for a week)

5 Dec: Peace Day (Commemorates the armistice between the Kingdom and the Federal Republic)

25 and 26 Dec: Christmas and Boxing Day

When a public holiday coincides with Sunday, it will be postponed to Monday
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Postby Anollasia » Tue Mar 10, 2020 2:07 pm

Religious holidays may be celebrated by individuals or communities, but are not celebrated nationally. Here are the national holidays.

January 1: New Year's Day
Third Monday in February: Family Day (intended for families to spend time with one another)
March 29: Flag Day (commemorates the adoption of the current flag and the Act of Peace in 1912)
April 23: Children's Day
Second Sunday of May: Mother's Day
May 6: Unification Day (celebrates the unification of the country in 1687)
May 19: Youth and Sports Day
Third Sunday of June: Father's Day
June 5: Discovery Day (commemorates the discovery of the country by English explorer James Anoll in 1650)
July 17: Goodman Day of Peace (commemorates the assassination of Prime Minister Harry Goodman in 1912)
August 27: Liberation Day (celebrates the overthrow of Abdullah Hezarfen and his military dictatorship in 1896)
First Monday of September: Labour Day
September 10: Republic Day (celebrates the declaration of the republic in 1760)
Second Monday in October: Thanksgiving Day
December 31: New Year's Eve

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Postby Radiatia » Tue Mar 10, 2020 11:59 pm

Federal public holidays in Radiatia:

Date: Official Name:Details:
January 1st New Year's DayCelebrates the beginning of the new year according to the Noctur Calendar, as well as the Aquilan Calendar and Gregorian Calendar. Sometimes colloquially referred to by Radiatians as "hangover day" due to the tradition of heavy alcohol consumption the night before.
February 7th - 14th (floating)Traiyan Silviu DayCelebrated on the first Monday in this period to honour Traiyan Silviu, the founding father and first President of the Radiatian Federation, whose birthday was on February 7th.
April 13thVictims of Communism Memorial DayHeld on the anniversary of the April 13th Black Friday massacre, when the Radiatian People's Liberation Army opened fire on a group of pro-democracy protesters in Exegrad, killing approximately 1000. The day also commemorates the approximately 10 million people killed in communist-era purges. Flags are flown at half-mast on this day.
May 28th - June 4th (floating)Capitalism DayCelebrated on the first Monday in this period. Was known as "Workers Day" during the communist era, but was changed to Capitalism Day by the Radiatian Federal Parliament "as a joke" after the fall of communism and never changed back. Many Radiatians consider this to mark the unofficial beginning of summer.
September 15thFederation DayKnown in some states as "Constitution Day", and formerly as "Union Day". Marks the signing of the second constitution of the Radiatian Federation (although this was replaced by the third and current constitution 15 years later) and coincidentally marks the date that the "Original Seven Republics" united to form the short-lived "Radiatian Union" over a century ago.
October 1stAnniversary of the Fall of the Radiatian People's Socialist UnionUsually referred to as just "The First of October" and occasionally as "Radiatia Day". Celebrates the anniversary of the collapse of the communist regime and founding of the modern, democratic Radiatian Federation.
December 6th - December 12th (floating)Victory WeekendHeld on the first Friday in this period and is actually an amalgamation of three former holidays into one - "Democracy Day" on December 6th celebrated the anniversary first free and fair elections in Radiatian history, "Veteran's Day" on December 7th was a commemoration of Radiatian war veterans during the communist era and "Victory Day" on December 9th commemorates Radiatia's victory over Rivenka during the Isthmus War. As there is a good chance that the holiday will land on one of the three days, it is usually referred to as "Victory Weekend" and is generally considered to be a time to honour the military.
December 31stNew Year's EveCelebrates the end of the year, although trading doesn't usually cease on this day. However a peculiar thing about this holiday is that it is illegal for any federal or state authority to charge excise or sales tax on liquor on this day, which makes liquor cheaper and encourages heavy drinking on the final night of the year. Many states also temporarily lift restrictions on sales of alcohol to minors on this day, if they have age limits in place.
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Postby Vallermoore » Wed Mar 11, 2020 8:12 pm

Vallermoore's National Holidays.

1st January-New Year's Day
A happy national holiday for all. Since a lot of people drank too much on New Year's Eve and drink driving can get prison or even the death penalty in some cases it is not fair to expect them to risk their lives to get to work. People rest and sleep off their hangovers. Only emergency services work on this day.

March 25th-Easter Day. The second national holiday of the year and it is a good time to feast on chocolate eggs.

April 1st-Not a holiday as such but a time for silly pranks. Even the press and TV joins in.

July 8th-Queen Yocasta's birthday and the third national holiday of the year. There are large numbers of fireworks set off officially and otherwise.

October 31st-Hallowe'en/Nightmare Night

Not a holiday as such and unpopular with many people because of pranks such as tyre slashing and other such things. Trick or treating is banned as people are either too young or too old for it but it still happens. Every year a few people get arrested doing illegal stuff on this night.

December 25th-Christmas Day

The fourth national holiday of the year and a time for feasting, opening presents and enjoying oneself as much as you can.

December 26-Boxing Day

The fifth national holiday of the year and a time to rest and enjoy yourself. Also a traditional time to watch boxing matches on the TV.

December 31st-New Year's Eve

The sixth national holiday of the year and a time to set off fireworks at midnight, jump into the New Year and kiss your loved one.

Some workers get up to a month of extra holidays and others have just the six national holidays guaranteed by law.

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Postby Confederate American SU » Fri Mar 13, 2020 12:23 am

National Holidays
January 1st: New Year's Day
February 2: Groundhog Day
February 3 – March 9 (floating Tuesday using Computus) : Fat Tuesday
February 8: Revolution Day
February 14: Valentine's Day
February-March: Jefferson–Jackson Day
March 1: Articles Day
March 17: St. Patrick's Day
March 22 – April 25 (floating Sunday using Computus): Easter
April 1: April Fools Day
April 12: Reunification Day
May 1: Worker's Day/May Day
May 8–14 (floating Sunday): Mother's Day
Third Saturday in May: Citizen Forces Day
Last Monday of May: Memorial Day
June 14: Flag Day
June 15–21 (floating Sunday): Father's Day
July 4: Independence Day
First Monday in September: Labor Day
Late September - Early October: Oktoberfest
October 12: Columbus Day
October 21: Patriot Day
October 31: Halloween
November 10: Festival of Reason
November 11: Veterans Day
Fourth Thursday in November: Thanksgiving
December 7: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
December 24: Christmas Eve
December 25: Christmas
December 31st: New Year's Eve

Regional Holidays
January 19-21: Lee-Jackson Day (Virginia)
January 19: Robert E Lee Day (The South except for Virginia)
Fourth Monday in April: Confederate Memorial Day (The South)
Fourth Monday in May: New England Day (New England)
July 11: Freedom Day (New York City)
August 25: Blair Mountain Remembrance Day (West Virginia, Kentucky, and United Mineworkers of America)
October 6: German-American Day (Pennsylvania)
October 9: Leif Erikson Day (Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, unofficially celebrated all over the RCAS and Quebec)
December 16: Day of the Vow (New Transvaal, New Free State)
December 17: Republic Day (Former Canada)

Every state celebrates their day of foundation. The same with every county and municipality.
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Postby Valentian Elysium » Sat Mar 14, 2020 1:59 am

In Valentian Elysium, we have National Holidays and Observances. National Holidays are when the entire country celebrates a particular occasion and places like shops, schools etc. are closed. Observances are when only a select group celebrate a festivity, or that festivity does not, for some reason, fit in to the National Holidays category, for example Valentine's Day. Some places may choose to close during certain Observances, but many remain open.
Here is the list of National Holidays:
Jan 1 - New Year's Day
Mar/Apr - Easter (Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday)
May 1 - May Day
Jun 23 - Valentian Elysium Day
Jul 8 - Day of Salvation of Valentian Elysium (can be considered as the National Day)
Sept 23 - St. Constantius Day
Oct 31 - Halloween
Nov 1 - All Hallow's Day
Nov 22 - Day of Pyres
Dec 24 - Christmas Eve
Dec 25 - Christmas Day
Dec 26 - Boxing Day
Dec 31 - Silvester

Here is the list of Observances:
Jan 6 - Epiphany
Feb 14 - Valentine's Day
Mar 8 - International Women's Day
Mar 14 - Coronation of Holy Emperor Nino II the Good
Mar/Apr - Maundy Thursday
May - Ascension Day
May/Jun - Whit Monday
May 12 - Birthday of Holy Emperor Nino II the Good
Jun 1 - International Children's Day
Aug 15 - Marching of the Shades / Holy Emperor's Official Birthday
Sept 9 - Birthday of Holy Empress Cynthia
Dec 6 - St. Nicholas Day
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Postby Pax Brasiliana » Sat Mar 14, 2020 11:12 am

National Holidays: The country is paralyzed in these dates
January 1st: New Years' Day
February: 2 days of Carnival
April 18th: Empress' Birthday
April 22nd: Discovery of Brazil
Second Sunday of May: Mother's Day
May 1st: Labour Day
May 13th: Golden Law Day (End of slavery)
June: Corpus Christi
July 16th: Constitution Day
July 21th: Cobras Fumantes Day (End of WW4)
Second Sunday of August: Father's Day
September 7th: Independence Day
October 12th: Our Lady of Aparecida
November 2nd: All Souls' Day
December 24th: Christmas Eve
December 25th: Christmas
December 31th: New Years' Eve

Provincial Holidays: Certain provinces observe a few holidays
January 31st: Battle of La Paz (Petrônia)
March 1st: Heroes Day (Paraguay)
March 6th: 1817 Revolution Day (Pernambuco)
March 19th: St. Joseph (Ceará)
April 21st: Tiradentes (Minas Gerais)
April 23rd: St. George (Rio de Janeiro)
May 18th: Battle of Las Piedras (Uruguay)
May 24th: Mary Help of Christians (Goiás)
May 29th: Province Day (Entre Rios)
June 10th: Portuguese Immigrant Day (Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo)
June 18th: Religious Diversity Day (Acre, Amazônia, Goiás, Rio de Janeiro)
July 2nd: Independence Day (Bahia)
July 8th: Emancipation Day (Sergipe)
July 9th: Constitutionalist Revolution Day (São Paulo)
July 19th: Day of Russian Brazilians (Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul)
July 28th: Independence Day (Maranhão)
August 5th: Creation of the province (Paraíba)
August 11th: Santa Catarina Day (Santa Catarina)
August 15th: Independence Day (Pará)
September 5th: Amazon Forest Day (Acre)
September 20th: Farroupilha Revolution Day (Rio Grande do Sul)
October: Oktoberfest (Santa Catarina)
October 3rd: Martyrs of Natal (Rio Grande do Norte)
October 11st: Province Day (Mato Grosso / Guiana)
October 19th: Piauí Day (Piauí)
November 25th: St. Catherine of Alexandria (Santa Catarina)
November 30th: Spanish Language Preservation Day (Entre Rios, Paraguay, Uruguay)
December 8th: Immaculate Conception (Amazônia)
December 19th: Emancipation Day (Paraná)

Unofficial Holidays: Many shops and services operate normally and schools may close. Some provinces, people and organizations chose to follow these holidays.
March 8th: Women's Day
April 3rd: Immigrant's Day
April 19th: Indian Day
May 14th: Dia da Vitória / Capitulation of Germany
June: Festa Junina
June 12th: Dia dos Namorados
June 18th: Day of the Japanese Brazilians
June 27th: Mixed Race Day
September 15th: Dissolution of the South American Union
October 12th: Children's Day
November 20th: Black Awareness Day
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Postby Diarcesia » Sat Mar 14, 2020 3:10 pm

16 March: Saint Menes Day
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Postby Voxija » Sat Mar 14, 2020 4:52 pm

There are some holidays that are public, and some that aren't public but are still important anyway. We have a factbook!

New Years Eve and New Years Day
(Note: these are only public holidays in some jurisdictions.

Beginning of War Day
On April Third. A public holiday and national day, commemorating the beginning of the War for Independence.

End of War Day
On May 6th. A public holiday and national day, commemorating the end of the War for Independence.

Smash Evil Fairies Day
On June 22nd. A religious holiday from native tradition. No school on this day.

Republic Day
On September 7th. The most important national day. Adults (except teachers) have off work, but the kids are still in school.

Domiku Biskarret Day
On November 28th. A public and national holiday. Celebrates the moment when white Europeans first landed on Voxija.

This is obvious.

The reason why Voxija has so many national days is because Voxija has multiple founding dates. If you have to choose one national day, choose Republic Day.
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Postby The Khaleesi Nation » Wed Mar 18, 2020 7:45 am

January 1st-New Year's Day. This is a national holiday-given the amount of drinking of alcohol that took place the night before, many people would be too drunk or hungover to work properly on this day anyway.

July 8th-Khaleesi Day-our ruler's birthday and another national holiday.

December 24th-January 6th-Sunreturn, our equivalent of Christmas, and our nation's only major holiday period, a time of feasting, fireworks, bonfires, presents and fun.

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Postby Lillorainen » Wed Mar 18, 2020 8:10 am

These are all public holidays in the Federation of Lillorainen. Only includes nationwide holidays; some states have their own in addition.

January 1:
New Year's Day (national holiday).

January Full Moon:
Thor's Feast (religious holiday).

March 9:
Federation's Founding Day (national holiday).

March 21:
Spring Festival.

April 19:
Armistice Day (national holiday).

April Full Moon:
Victory Feast (religious holiday).

May 1:
Labor Day (national holiday).

June 9:
Sigurd's Day (national holiday).

June 21:
Midsummer (religious holiday).

September 22:
Harvest Festival.

October 10:
The President's Birthday (national holiday; moveable for obvious reasons).

October Full Moon:
Winter Nights (religious holiday).

December 21:
Yule (religious holiday).

December 31:
New Year's Eve (national holiday).
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Postby Montevento » Wed Mar 18, 2020 11:41 pm

Due to the strict secular laws established in Montevento, many religious holidays are no longer called by their original name receiving instead a secularised name given by the State. However, they mostly still have their religious roots intact, despite many citizens ignoring or being unaware of their initial meaning. In order to facilitate the understanding of this list, the original religious name of the holiday in question is enclosed in parentheses in case it has been changed.

1st: New Year's Day - Celebrates the beginning of a new year. Most activities are cancelled this day.
6th: La Befana (Epiphany): Celebrates the arrival of an old woman that distributes sweets and gifts to children. This is the typical day when children get gifts, instead of Christmas.
14th: St. Valentine - Celebrates romance and love.
24th and 25th: Carnival - Popular party that combines festivities of both European and African origin.

8th: Women's Day - Day of remembrance of the achievements of women and their importance in society.
19th: Father's Day (St. Joseph day) - Celebrates the importance of fathers to take care of a child (Initially begun as a celebration of St. Joseph, adoptive father of Jesus)

Non-Fixed/Movable: Tourism Week (Holy Week) - It is the week just before Easter. The totality of the week is considered as a holiday in Montevento, and many people do not have to work on this week and school is suspended. Although it started as a religious festivity, it retains little of its original meaning, now becoming a week when Monteventanis usually go on short vacations to various places within the country and outside it, hence the "Tourism" week name.
22nd: Earth Day - Celebrates planet earth and seeks to raise awareness among people to take a better care for the planet.

1st: Worker's Day - This is a day of rest in which the fight for a fair working day is commemorated.
10th: Mother's Day - Celebrates the importance of mothers to take care of a child
18th: Independence Day - Celebrates the Independence of Montevento from the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, the Spanish Empire, Gran Colombia and all foreign powers.

8th: Thornton Day - Celebrates the day when Captain Thornton sailed from the port of Livorno towards the lands where Montevento would be later founded.

7th: Republic Day - Celebrates the death of the Monteventani Dictator Dante Moraldo in 1872 and the birth of the modern Monteventani republic.
12th: Day of the Americas - Celebrates the discovery of the American continent.
31st: Halloween - In decline, each year its popularity is more and more reduced. Children often dress up and ask for sweets.

2nd: Day of the Dead - A day to remember friends and family members who have died.
19th: Men's Day - Day of remembrance of the achievements of men and their importance in society.

25th: Family Day (Christmas) - A day to celebrate as a family and remember those who are both in good and bad times. Gifts are rarely exchanged on this day.
28th: Innocents (Day of the Holy Innocents) - A day dedicated to jokes.
31st: New Year's Eve
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An Italian colony in South America formed after the Thornton Expedition of 1608

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Postby Ivory Coasts » Sun Mar 22, 2020 4:25 pm

February 29 - Balarabe Day
One of the country's most colourful festivals, taking place only once every four years. Balarabe Day features floats shaped in the likeliness of mythological creatures and famous celebrities and characters. Balarabe refers to the float of a mythological emperor who is believed to have founded the 4,000 year old Ivorian Empire, and gets carried around throughout the centre of the city. These floats are paraded in close proximity, replicating an army, and is believed to scare away evil spirits.
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Postby Tamri3l » Sun Mar 22, 2020 4:45 pm

There's a different naming of months in our nation; the dedicated law states that:
"A year is composed by the following months:
- Morning Star (31 days);
- Sun's Dawn (28 days);
- First Seed (31 days);
- Rain's Hand (30 days);
- Second Seed (31 days);
- Midyear (30 days);
- Sun's Height (31 days);
- Last Seed (31 days);
- Hearthfire (30 days);
- Frostfall (31 days);
- Sun's Dusk (30 days);
- Evening Star (31 days)."

The same law states that festivities are:

"1. Festive days are divided in 3 types.
- Type A: secondary celebration. Rest day for workers is not mandatory. Schools and Universities remain open.
- Type B: commemoration or celebration. A rest day is to be granted to workers of the primary and secondary sector. It is facultative for commercial activities to remain open or not. Type B festive days imply a closing day for schools, but not Universities;
- Type C: important commemoration or celebration. A rest day is mandated to all workers and students.
2. Festive days are established to be the following:
- 1st, Morning Star. Festival of The New Life. This day is dedicated to the New Year, but also to the celebration of the Foundation of the Empire. After this day, at least 5 days of further rest are mandated. Type C;
- 15th, Morning Star. Prayer of the South Winds. This day is dedicated to agricolture, with usual expos in various cities of the Empire. Type A.
- 2nd, Sun's Dawn. Pelagius the Mad. This day is dedicated to the Emperor Pelagius Septim III, known as the Mad Emperor. In this day, mad actions that do not contrast with law are permitted. Type B;
- 16th, Sun's Dawn. The Day of the Heart. This day is dedicated to lovers. Type A;
- 7th, First Seed. First Seeding. It is tradition for farmers to perform their first seeding on this day. Type A;
- 26th, First Seed. Festival of Swords. It is a commemoration born in Hammerfell, and the main festival is performed in the Alik'r desert; it's a commemoration of the myth of the Great Battle between Redguards and Goblins. Type B;
- 28th, Rain's Hand. Jester's Day. It is tradition on this day to make jokes to friends and relatives. Type A;
- 7th, Second Seed. Second Seeding. It is tradition for farmers to perform their second seeding on this day. Type A;
- 30th, Second Seed. The Fishing Day. It is tradition for families all over Tamriel to go to the sea and fish or to the beach and relax. Type B;
- 16th, Midyear. The Mid Year Day. Everyone takes at least three resting days. Type C;
- 20th, Hearthfire. The Rest of the Sun. In this day, at least seven resting days are mandated. Type C;
- 27th, Last Seed. End of the Harvesting. It is tradition to farmers to end their work on this day, until the First Seeding. Type B;
- 13th, Frostfall. Festival of Witches. It's tradition to perform fake magic rituals, as those which were considered real were lost after the Second Aldmeri War, in the year 4E - 221. Type A;
- 30th, Frostfall. The Day of the Emperor. This celebration used to change date, according to the day of birth of the Emperor, but now it doesn't change anymore. On this day, huge festivals are performed all around Tamriel, and eventually the coronation of the new Emperor is performed. Type C;
- 31th, Evening Star. Festival of The Old Life. This day is dedicated to remembering the passed year. Type C."

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Postby A m e n r i a » Sun Mar 22, 2020 5:49 pm

There are several special days in Amenria, including:

  • Idul Fitri: The largest holiday in Islam, Idul Fitri is celebrated at the 1st of Shawal of the Islamic calendar, which corresponds to different dates every year in the solar calendar.
  • Idul Adha: The festival of sacrifice, which commemorates one of God's biggest pranks the prophet Ismael's willingness to be sacrificed by his father as a sign of obedience to God. Like other Muslim holidays it corresponds to a different date in the solar calendar every year.
  • 520: Observed in the 20th of May, this special day has no official name, though it has been called the "Love Day" by some. It's a day to treat loved onces specially to express one's feelings. The date comes from how similarly 520 sounds to "I love you" in Chinese.
  • Lunar New Year: An important holiday, especially in Central Amenria and Vietnam, Lunar New Year (also known as Spring Festival), is a cultural event, and thus also observed by Amenrians outside the national borders. Falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice.
  • Halloween: Falls on the 31st if October. Observed as a day to appreciate one's non-human friends, family, and/or loved ones, usually vampires but also includes werewolves and other non-humans.
  • Nyepi: Observed by Balinese Hindus at the start of the Saka calendar. At this day, Bali's normally busy streets go quiet, as residents stay in their homes in silence, not even turning on their lights, computers, and televisions.
  • Mid-Autumn Festival: A harvest festival observed at the 8th full moon every year. Mooncakes are eaten, dragon dances are performed (sometimes by actual dragons), and sky lanterns are released.
  • Heavenly Emperor Tianshi's birthday: Observed on 21 September. Schools and most workplaces are closed to give citizens a day for relaxation or fun.
  • Unification Day: On 31 August, the nation commemorates its victory in WWIII and its founding.

Note: this may or may not be edited to add more holidays in the future. The complex cultural diversity in the nation leads to many different holidays observed by different groups.
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