[PASSED] Commend Kuriko

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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby ShrewLlamaLand » Wed Apr 15, 2020 9:49 am

Boda wrote:
ShrewLlamaLand wrote:If you cared to look, we also have many embassies with non-fascist regions; many are not even right-leaning regions. Your comment regarding the IRX is poorly informed, and the organisation is largely inactive regardless.

Ok. But you're still in an alliance with other fash regions?

It's not an alliance with other fascist regions given a) the CCD is not fascist, and b) other regions within the IRX are also not fascist.

IRX is an alliance between right-leaning (i.e. not fascist), dictatorial (i.e. not fascist) regions, although as I mentioned it's now largely inactive.

I'd suggest taking this conversation to the CCD gameplay thread to avoid threadjacking, but I guess we can't do that for now.
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Postby Sedgistan » Wed Apr 15, 2020 9:54 am

Boda, ShrewLlamaLand, stop it.

This is "Commend Kuriko", not "Yet Another CCD ThreadTM".


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