First issue creation

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First issue creation

Postby Quileth » Fri Feb 21, 2020 2:25 pm

Trying my hand in issue creation, any thoughts on this first draft? I also dont know if this is a duplicate of a current issue. I looked through the list but didnt see anything.

Nationstates Issue ideas:
Nuclear reactor safety
Title: Counting Grays

Description: In response to a recent nuclear meltdown near @@CAPITAL@@ the question arises “How safe are nuclear reactors?”

Option one: “Hold on a second says @@RANDOMNAME@@, a nuclear physics specialist “ while pulling out a projector “Nuclear reactors are perfectly safe and have been for a while, they are a clean source of relatively low cost energy to feed our modern power requirements, something solar simply cannot do. Give us the @@CURRENCY@@ we need and we can make that safety rating even higher with more jobs as a side bonus.”

Result: Energy companies recommend having a “porta reactor” on hand incase of an outage.

Effect: Increase in economy specifically industry.

Option two: “Clean?!” shouts @@RANDOMNAME@@, your secretary as @@HE@@ storms in from @@HIS@@ office “If these things were clean or safe the recent meltdown shouldn’t have caused nearly that amount of damage, now because of these fancy reactors all the nearby properties are uninhabitable until we get this mess cleaned up! We should move all the nuclear reactors to far outside city limits to minimize the risk of damage while keeping our nation powered.”

Result: Reactor employees subject to daily multi hour commutes

Effect: Environmental beauty beauty slightly down

Option 3: “You know, what if we got rid of the danger at the source” @@RANDOM NAME@@ a local supermarket employee walking in like he owns the place. “If these things are as dangerous as your secretary says maybe instead of trying to accommodate them we just get rid of them altogether. I mean, whats the harm in donating some land to support more clean energy. It might take a while but over time we should see an improvement.”

Result: National parks and local gardens are being cleared to make space for cleaner power sources.

Effect: Up in Eco friendliness
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Postby The New California Republic » Fri Feb 21, 2020 2:29 pm

Issue 206 already covers a very similar subject.
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