World Cup of Hockey 39 - Everything thread

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World Cup of Hockey 39 - Everything thread

Postby Kelssek » Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:12 pm


The Kelssek Hockey Association looks forward to welcoming competing teams to this 39th World Cup of Hockey tournament. If you have signed up, you may begin posting your rosters and RPs in this thread.

Some basic rules
The winner is the team that scores more goals than the other team. Each team can have 6 players on the ice at any time, and players are constantly being subbed on and off. A team that needs a goal or two late in the game will often "pull the goalie" - sub the goalie off for a forward, with the obvious risk that this gives the other team a chance of scoring an empty net goal.
All stoppages are restarted with a face-off between the two centres. A linesman drops the puck between them and the game is live when the puck touches the ice.
Offside - the rink has two blue lines dividing it into three zones, the defensive, neutral, and offensive zone. A player is offside if they are already in the offensive zone when the puck is passed to them. Some video reviews of excruciatingly close calls might help this rule make sense.
Icing - the rink also has a thick red line dividing it into two halves, and two thinner goal lines. If a team sends the puck across the opposing goal line from inside their own half, this is "icing" and the game is stopped and restarted inside their defensive zone. The penalized team is not allowed to substitute players during the stoppage. In French this rule has a rather more descriptive name: "refused clearance" (dégagement réfusé).
Fouls are punished with penalties. Most penalties are "minor" penalties, where the infringing player is sent off for two minutes or until the other team scores. Teams cannot be reduced to below 4 players. If they get more penalties when already down to four players, they stack on top each other (so the other team gets more 5-on-3 time).
Some infractions include:
  • Slashing - chopping the other player's stick or hands with your stick (sideways 'sweep check' or upwards 'stick lifts' are fine)
  • Hooking - using your stick like a hook to slow down an opponent
  • Tripping - Duh
  • High sticking - this is the one that you most often see a 4-minute double-minor when it draws blood. Technically the rulebook says "causes injury", but blood's become the de facto interpretation.
  • Interference - Checking a player when the puck is not is playing distance
  • Roughing, elbowing, charging, boarding, kneeing - Bodychecking a player in an illegal or excessively forceful way.
Where can I watch a full match to get a feel for what international hockey looks like?
How are international rules different from the NHL?

Schedule (preliminary)
Cutoff time will be 2100 EST/ 0200 UTC. Dates are given in the North American time zone.
MD1: 23 Feb - 2v5, 3v4
MD2: 25 Feb - 5v3, 1v2
MD3: 27 Feb - 3v1, 4v5
MD4: 29 Feb - 1v4, 2v3
MD5: 2 Mar - 4v2, 5v1

Round of 16: 4 Mar
Quarterfinals: 6 Mar
Semifinals: 8 Mar
Final and bronze medal match: 10 Mar

The cities listed next to the group are the order of venues for each matchday. Hence, Group B plays MD1 in Breton, MD2 in Outineau, etc.

Group A - Outineau, Saint-Rémy, Breton, Neorvins, Colwyn
Tjun-ia (UR)
Anthor (22)
Free Republics (10)
Gergary (63)
Neu Engollon (1)

Group B - Breton, Outineau, Burnaby, Alavaria, Mazinaw
Mercedini (2)
Vdara (UR)
Qasden (23)
Bolgano (68)
Cassadaigua (11)

Group C - Vickery, Ulyanof, Novonaya, Latrobe, Clayquot
Fluvannia (UR)
Banija (12)
Abanhfleft (3)
Terre Septentrionale (27)
New Moreessia Ban (UR)

Group D - Kirkenes, Redswyth, Latrobe, Clayquot, Ulyanof
Siovanija and Teusland (4)
Sarzonia (UR)
Vangaziland (32)
Trolleborg (UR)
Savojarna (13)

Group E - Alavaria, Langlois, Neorvins, Outineau, Saint-Rémy
Kelssek (33)
Adyatin (UR)
Swiaji (UR)
Vilita and Turori (5)
Royal Kingdom of Quebec (14)

Group F - Redswyth, Kirkenes, Mazinaw, Vickery, Burnaby
Oscioru (UR)
Devonta (15)
Equestria (7)
Huelavia (33)
Nikaton (UR)

Group G - Latrobe, Alavaria, Vickery, Mazinaw, Novonaya
Kita-Hinode (16)
Imperial Joseon (UR)
Kandonica (UR)
Gyatso-kai (33)
Ko-oren (8)

Group H - Clayquot, Latrobe, Kirkenes, Redswyth, Neorvins
Valanora (9)
St Saratoga (19)
La Fiorita (UR)
Recuecn (UR)
Taeshan (48)

The teams finishing in the top two positions of each group will advance to the round of 16. Match-ups will be determined by seeding based on the following criteria:
1. Position in the group
2. Standings points
3. Goal difference
4. Goals scored
5. Randomization
This is only for the round of 16; subsequent rounds will follow the usual bracket we know and love.

Rules and format
During the group stage, teams winning in regulation are awarded three points, the loser none.

Where there is a tied score in the group stage, teams are given one point each. A five-minute sudden-death overtime, with three skaters per team, will follow. If the score is still tied after overtime, Game Winning Shots will be used. The team winning in overtime or shoot-out is awarded the extra point for a total of two points.

Ties in the standings are broken in the following way:
1. Number of points (three points for a regulation-time win, two points for an overtime or shootout win, one point for an overtime or shootout defeat, no points for a regulation-time defeat);
2. In case two teams are tied on points, the result of their head-to-head match will determine the ranking;
3. In case three or four teams are tied on points, the following criteria will apply (if, after applying a criterion, only two teams remain tied, the result of their head-to-head match will determine their ranking):
1. Points obtained in head-to-head matches between the teams concerned;
2. Goal differential in head-to-head matches between the teams concerned;
3. Number of goals scored in head-to-head matches between the teams concerned;
4. Result against closest best-ranked team outside tied teams;
5. Result against next-best ranked team outside tied teams;
4. Game winning shot competition between the two teams, following the procedure described below. [OOC: The result of a newly-scorinated match between the two teams, with the posted shootout score reflecting the margin of victory.]

Games which end in a tie after regulation time
All overtime periods are played three skaters on three.

In case of a tie at the end of regulation in a round of 16, quarterfinal, semi-final or bronze medal game, there will be a 10-minute, sudden-death overtime period, following a three-minute intermission. The teams will defend the same goals as in the third period. The team which scores first is the winner.

If no goal is scored during the sudden-death overtime, there will be a game winning shot (GWS) competition ("shootout"). Each team must select three shooters to compete in the GWS. If the score is still tied after the teams have had three attempts each, the teams continue to shoot in pairings until the shooter of one team misses and the shooter of the other team scores.

In the gold medal game there will be 20-minute periods of overtime, following a full intermission during which the ice will be resurfaced. The teams will change ends. The team which scores first is the winner.
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Postby Kelssek » Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:13 pm

General visitor information
Kelssek is a country of soaring mountains, vast wilderness, natural beauty and frigid winters. Its population of over 153 million is easily stereotyped as a bunch of bilingual commie sports nuts. As a multicultural, immigrant society, it is one of the world's most cosmopolitan nations. As a leading tourist destination, Kelssek draws well-heeled sophisticates and grizzled adventure-seekers alike to its lively cities, unspoiled wilderness, organic local handcrafted unionized vineyards, and completely epic skiing and mountain resorts. Politically, Kelssek consists of a centralized federation of 12 provinces and one territory, governed as a republic under a system of parliamentary democracy. Its economy is largely composed of co-operative enterprises and companies directed by democratic worker’s councils.

Kelssek boasts high-quality transportation infrastructure, with the Velocit high-speed train system (map) being the most cost-effective method for shorter trips. Velocit trips between eastern cities like Outineau, Neorvins, Redswyth, Clayquot or Breton take 2-7 hours. Trips from the coast to the interior take longer, with 11-hour overnight trains that run from Outineau or Kirkenes to Burnaby, and a similar time from Latrobe to Ulyanof. The same trips take 3.5 hours by air.

Kelssek is a union of some distinct and diverse cultures, but in general foreigners will find locals to be laid-back, friendly, and to have very little sense of social hierarchy.

Kelssek's currency is the thaler, written as τ (lowercase Greek letter tau) or t, which is divided into 100 pence (d). The exchange rate to Universal Standard Dollars is roughly 1 USD = 35d, or τ1 = USD 2.86. It comes in coins of 1d, 5d, 10d, 25d, τ1 and τ2, and notes of τ5, τ10, τ20, τ50 and τ100. Foreign credit cards are accepted and will work in major bank ATMs. Because of the merchant fees card issuers charge, businesses often impose a τ5-10 mininum to accept a card. There are capital controls in place but no visitor is going to even notice them unless they're going to buy a house or something.

Typical prices of things:
Pint of beer: τ2
Late night kebab: τ3.20
Dinner and drinks for two at an upscale restaurant: τ30-40 (tipping is not customary in Kelssek)
Souvenir stuffed beaver: τ6.99
One night in a backpacker hostel: τ10
Prices tend to be around 15-20% higher in Burnaby, Latrobe, and Kirkenes

Laws and policing
The legal age to purchase alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational substances is 18. The possession and consumption of all recreational drugs are legal, but their sale and production must be licenced; you are not breaking any laws by having a meth lab, but you are if you make and/or sell meth without a licence, but why would you when you can get it from a middle-aged clerk behind the counter of the government dispensary whose professional manner barely hides their judgment of your life choices. Firearms are heavily restricted in Kelssek; the average citizen can apply for a licence to own hunting rifles if they want, and a handgun if demonstrably necessary for their work, but otherwise guns are basically illegal.

For more information about pretty much anything, please ask!


Venue information
Laineá Arena, Alavaria (capacity 17,900)
Home of the Alavaria Vanorian hockey club, this arena also hosted figure skating and hockey events during the 4th Winter Olympics.
Alavaria is the provincial capital of Eryn Firith, a city of half a million nestled in the mountains of the Cradle Ranges that began as a logging camp and trading post. It is an important city for higher education, auto manufacturing, wood and paper processing, and a major destination for outdoor recreation activities like fishing, whitewater rafting, skiing, and rock climbing. It was the host city of the 4th Winter Olympics.

Federation Arena, Neorvins (capacity 19,200)
Home of the Neorvins Wolves.
Neorvins is the federal capital, a middle-sized city with a metropolitan population of just over two million. It hosts a large number of public institutions and museums catering to a wide range of interests; indeed it’s the more esoteric ones that are probably more worth a visit as the most famous art pieces tend to be in Outineau or Kirkenes. These include: the National Capital Exhibition, a museum of Kelssek’s social and political history, the Royal Palace Museum, which focuses on the former royalty and the Kelssek Revolution, the Parliamentary Art Gallery, the Bank of Kelssek Monetary Experience, which makes central banking as thrilling as possible, the Museum of War and Peace, housed in a decommissioned nuclear bunker, and Polar Institute, which educates visitors on life in the far north and the history of polar exploration. Other sights to see include the Parliament of Kelssek public tours, Queen’s Market and Guilds Hall, Place Paul Langlois, Shawinigan Gate, the Revolutionaries Monument, and pleasant walks can be had in Federation Park, Kieran Pearson Park, and Parc Elliot-Trudeau.

Aréna Saint-Jacques, Outineau (capacity 20,600)
Home arena of CH Outineau, formerly named Centre Belle it has reverted to its normal name after expiry of the sponsorship by a major cheese co-operative.
Outineau has an NsWiki article too. A major city with a huge metropolitan area, it is primarily French-speaking and a centre for education, technology, aerospace, engineering, and commodity futures trading. It’s also the provincial capital of Beaulac. The popular tourist things to do are to check out the historic Ville-Baptiste, the oldest part of the city, the lively and vibrant streets of the Plateau-Mont-Phare and Quartier Faubourg , look at art in the Musée des Beaux Arts and Musée pour l'art d'aujourd'hui, eat poule mouilée or viande fumée, possibly in a poutine, and go to one of the music, beer, coffee, literary, comedy, and art festivals that are always going on.

Maritime Life Arena, Breton (capacity 18,700)
Breton (Breçan in French) was founded as a military fort and the ancient Breton Citadel, which occupies the hill overlooking the city, is its main landmark and tourist site. Its large natural harbour is today used as the largest base of the Kelssek Navy, and the city's naval heritage is a major feature of Shearwater, the district across the harbour from central Breton adjacent to the base. Breton also has a large student population as home to three major universities: Dartmouth University, Saints University, and the University of Haligonia. Attractions include Granville Square, Keefe's Brewery, the Maritime Museum of Kelssek, and the deliciously fresh seafood offloaded at Dartford Market.

False Creek Arena, Burnaby (capacity 18,900)
Burnaby is the centre of Kelssek's 3rd-largest metro area with a population over 7 million, nestled between the mountains and the shores of Lake Konoha. The city and its surroundings is a mecca for outdoor sports especially skiing, mountain biking, and climbing. A walk along the Seaforth Park Trail promises spectacular views of the mountains, lake, and the landmark Sanoqua Gate Bridge. Junction Beach was Kelssek's first clothing-optional beach and its adjacent Khatsalano neighbourhood was a focus of the new-age counterculture.

Portage Centre, Clayquot (capacity 18,600)
Clayquot is the provincial capital of Etnier. Its major industries are agriculture and biomedical research. Its main landmarks are the 328-metre North Star Tower, always nice to go to the top of, historic St. Boniface Square, the Northlands Theatre, and the Clayquot Fort National Historic Site, location of a major battle during the Kelssek Revolution.

Public Service Workers Centre (capacity 16,500)
An arena nicknamed the "Pension Fund" as it was financed through investment by labour unions. Home of Colwyn Bay HC.
Colwyn is a gritty industrial and port city whose population is a shade under a million. Its landmark is the historic City Hall and Helam Square in the city's historic centre. Walking the Docklands Trail along the shoreline is a good way to get a feel of the ocean spray and to stare down some seagulls.

Bantam Yard, Latrobe (capacity 18,300)
Latrobe is a city of 3.5 million and clocks in as Kelssek's 5th-largest metropolitan area at over 5 million. It has a lively music and arts scene, two top research universities, and is a centre for the software, media, and auto industries. The Museum for Human Rights is a relatively new landmark just off Republic Square, the historic heart of Latrobe where visitors can take their pick from a number of brewpub and restaurant patios to patronize. The small shops, cafés, and galleries of the old city's winding alleys are a diverting way to spend an afternoon. Arts and culture sites include the Kelssek Centre for the Moving Image, National Gallery of Etnier, the People's Opera House. Nagorno Park along the Yalumbia river is the city's landmark green space and dotted with art sculptures.

Aréna Olympique, Langlois (capacity 20,100)
No Olympics was ever held here; the arena takes its name from its owners, the Olympique Langlois hockey club who are one of the most successful teams in Kelssek.
Langlois is a large city on the coast of Beaulac which enjoys a relatively mild climate. Known as a city of a thousand hills, its scenic setting and colourfully-painted houses of the Côte Rouge feature on postcards, while restaurants offering the city's trademark fish stew crowd the Promenade des Brumes. It is an important port and centre of Kelssek's shipbuilding industry, as well as for higher education and research, home of the Université nationale beaulacoise. Something else to see is the Gothic towers of the 900-year old Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Langlois, and there are also good wineries in the surrounding rural areas.

Eoilenne Dome, Mazinaw (capacity 17,900)
Mazinaw has a metropolitan population of 3.8 million and is the administrative headquarters for the bulk of Kelssek's energy and natural resources industries. Much to the architectural regret of subsequent generations, the city's first boom years were in a time when concrete brutalism was in fashion, though some appreciate the sense of high modernist utopia that characterizes the city's East End. Most tourists pass through on the way to mountain resorts or to view the glaciers of Icefields National Park.

Salmonwynd Arena, Redswyth (capacity 18,500)
Redswyth is a post-industrial city that is still home to a great deal of aerospace and auto manufacturing. Its time as the industrial centre of Kelssek leaves its legacy in the city's impressive Gothic revival architecture. Dorson Quays, the banks of the Northern Canal, and Eastbourne Road are the most interesting neighbourhoods to find nightlife and interesting shops. Other tourist attractions include Redswyth Castle, the oldest portions of which date back over a thousand years, the impeccable landscaping of the University of Redswyth, the Museum of Industry which covers both factories and the labour movement, and the modern art collections of the Great Northern Gallery.

Colisée de Saint-Rémy, Saint-Rémy (capacity 19,600)
Saint-Rémy is a large metropolitan city with important technology and software industries. It is famed for the historic architecture of its old city, capped by the Chateâu Bonsecaselle which was built to defend the river. The history of the city and its role in the War of the Crowns can be explored at the castle and for the rest of stuff that happened up to today, try the Musée du Beaulac. The Bas-Saint-Louis district has the city’s best restaurants and art galleries.

Lupinissia Place, Ulyanof (capacity 19,600)
Ulyanof is the provincial capital of Lupinissia, a prairie city built on agriculture industries (mostly wheat, cattle, and corn) and the Western Mutual insurance cooperative. Despite being a large city of 4 million, it’s known for a friendly, laid-back, country culture. Microbreweries and bistros are thick around Platt Place and the Lorimier district. The surrounds have got great spots for whitewater rafting. The ultramodern Art Institute of Lupinissia is the city’s newest architectural landmark.

Harbourside Gardens, Kirkenes (capacity 19,200)
Kirkenes is the most populous city in Kelssek, a huge and bustling multicultural metropolis of over 18 million. The city's character comes through in neighbourhoods like Little Ariddia, Bathurst Gardens, and Lancaster Hill. Fashionable boutiques and other opportunities for bourgeois consumerism are located in the Rosewood area. The 540-metre Panopti Tower is an iconic landmark, the St. Jude Market is a good stop for fine foods or a quick meal, Melbourne Square and Caron Street are where to go out, and the Museum of Global Civilization is pretty cool to learn about history and cultures and stuff. The Loyalist Fort National Historic Site is where the enemies of the revolution holed themselves up. The city also has a lively microbrewery scene. See also the street map, and the TComm Subway.

Northlands Coliseum, Vickery (capacity 18,700)
Vickery is a the provincial capital of Conryia, a mid-sized city of over one million residents located on a high plateau formed by the Cradle Ranges and split by scenic river gorges which are maintained as parkland. The glass pyramids of Legislature Square are a city landmark. The Strathcona neighbourhood retains much of its artsy and countercultural charm despite being increasingly subject to gentrification. The Polaris Distillery would also interest anyone who likes whisky.
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Postby HUElavia » Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:33 pm

HUElavia National Hockey Team

#1: Marco Vasilevskiy (23 Years Old)
#30: Alejandro Rodriguez-Gomez (24 Years Old)
#56: Tomas Sanchez (22 Years Old)

#4: Mateo Companioni (25 Years Old)
#8: Ruslan Chevchenko (23 Years Old)
#25: Raul Martinez-Herrera (24 Years Old)
#38: Felipe Costa-Reus (26 Years Old)
#50: Felix Garcon-Chevalier (23 Years Old)
#67: Karim Ben Youseff (21 Years Old)
#88: Joao Leite (19 Years Old)

#7: Rafael Dominguez-Garcia (24 Years Old)
#18: Ricardo Lima-Fernandes (25 Years Old)
#21: Robert Petit (20 Years Old)
#31: Gianluigi Rossi (19 Years Old)
#49: Alexei Pavluchenko (25 Years Old)
#55: Josue Carvalho (19 Years Old)
#69: David Kariya (21 Years Old)
#77: Marc-Andre Roux (24 Years Old)
#87: Igor Ovechkin (22 Years Old)
#97: Pierre Giroux (23 Years Old)

Starting Goaltender: Vasilevskiy 
Starting Defenders: Chevchenko and Garcon-Chevalier
Starting Attackers: Dominguez-Garcia, Ovechkin, Grioux

Captain: Dominguez-Garcia
Alternative Captains: Garcon-Chevalier, Pavluchenko
Style Modifier: +1.5
RP Permissions: Anything goes, except giving career-ending injuries or death.

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Postby Imperial Joseon » Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:35 pm

Head Coach: Lim Jae Hoon
Assistant Coach: Jeong Hyun Ho
Assistant Coach: Sin Bool Am
Trigramme: JOS
Demonym: Joseon
Style Modifier: -5


Line 1
LW - Ji Min Seok (28) (Alternate Captain)
Height: 182cm
Weight: 87 kg

C - Oh Woo Yeon (27)
Height: 186cm
Weight: 85 kg

RW - Jeon Hyun Cheol (31)
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 81 kg

Line 2
LW - Mo Hyeong Beom (32) (Captain)
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 92 kg

C - Jeong Min Joon (25)
Height: 194 cm
Weight: 88 kg

RW - Roh Woon Taek (23)
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 90 kg

Line 3
LW - Choo In Hwan (35)
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 85 kg

C - Shin Seung Nam (28)
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 83 kg

RW - Lim Gi Woong (29)
Height: 191 cm
Weight: 88 kg

Line 4
LW - Lee Seung Ong (27)
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 80 kg

C - Goo Young Gwan (33) (Alternate Captain)
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 83 kg

RW - Jin Yoon Bae (26)
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 85 kg


Line 1
LD - Yeo Min Ki (29)
Height: 193 cm
Weight: 87 kg

RD - Roh Joon Seo (31)
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 86 kg

Line 2
LD - Baek Hong (26)
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 83 kg

RD - Eom Do Gyu (37)
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 84 kg

Line 3
LD - Seol Myeong Min (32)
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 89 kg

RD - Jo Seo Gyu (33)
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 87 kg


Starting Goaltender
G - Jang Joon Sang (27)
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 86 kg

Backup Goaltender
G - Seol Jin Tae (32)
Height: 196 cm
Weight: 91 kg


C - Bang Geon Il (34)
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 90 kg

RD - Yang Hyeok Jae (23)
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 85 kg

G - Ha Tae Seung (29)
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 87 kg

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes. Don't kill anyone.
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Postby Vangaziland » Wed Feb 19, 2020 9:33 pm

Vangaziland National Hockey - The Geese

Head Coach: Gordy Ombayson
Assistant Coach: Vernik Hammarström
Personal Trainer: Katri Malmqvist

Position - Number - Name - Height - Age - Team

G - #00 - Tim Goldkeld - 5'8 - 21 - Blue Coast University

LD - #10 - Rik Skullkap - 6'2 - 26 - East Austerbrook Ratsharks
RD - #15 - Daron Flake - 6'1 - 22 - South Stead College

LW -#50 - Rashard Lee - 5'11 - 24 - Northton Dockworkers
C - #07 - James Banksson - 5'9 - 20 - Overglade University
RW - #65 -Jonas Sundstrom (C) - 6'0 - 29 - Western Vangaziland Rangers

Defense Depth Chart
G - #11 Katrina Bloch - 5'7 - 24 - St. Catherine's University
G - #99 - Leroy Stanbury - 5'10 - 22 - North Lake Provincial College

LD - #33 - Wilmer Wahlgren - 6'3 - 30 - Red River Rattlepigs
RD - #12 - Marcus Hillbrad - 6'0 - 23 - Northton Dockworkers

LD - #14- Sara Daganson - 5'11 - 21 - South Stead College
RD - #16 - Derrick Roberts - 6'2 - 22 - East Austerbrook Ratsharks

D - #20 - Jerry Still - 5'11 - 26 - Dirktown Mine Canaries

Line 2
LW - #55 - Milly Hellqvist - 5'9 - 26 - Western Vangaziland Rangers
C - #04 - Khristian Duffy - 5'6 - 28 - Western Vangaziland Rangers (Speed)
RW - #72 - Erik Carlsson - 6'1 - 21- AA East Coast All-Stars

Line 3
LW - #52 - Kenneth Lindeman - 6'1 - 24 - Dirktown Mine Canaries
C - #09 - Adam Forestbranch - 6'0 - 26 - Emeros Emerald Sea
RW - #68 - Noah Dahl - 5'10 - 22 - University of Auster

Line 4
LW - #49 - Naomi James - 5'5 - 23 - Overglade University
C - #06 - Evelyn Annarsdottir - 6'0 - 22 - Overglade University
RW - #75 - Simon Ferenc - 5'11 - 26 - Heske Riverenes

F - #82 - Lee Harmony - 5'8 - 19 University of Auster
F - #84 - Ben Vince - 5'10 - 19 - AA Green Street Buds



Who's Who

Tim Goldkeld is known more for his mop of curly hair than any professional hockey experience. The 21 year old plays for Blue Coast University. Although BCU has top tier programs, it is known as the biggest party school in the Vannish Empire. Scouts believe Tim has some of the fastest reflexes in Vannish hockey. He's good enough to start for the national team. Some of Vangaziland's best hockey players are still in college earning their degrees. Since hockey is a semi-pro sport in Vangaziland, many players work other jobs.

Katrina Bloch is another collegiate goalie. She brings more aggression that Tim. Katrina has stepped up to help her team when championships with late game clutch performance. Top tier international forwards will be the strongest test either keeper has faced.

Rik Skullkap starts at the left defenseman spot. He is known for his intensity, though he may be sloppy at clearing around the goal. He has a hit first mentality that may not always stop defenders. He needs to work on his fundamentals with the puck. Wilmer Wahlgren subs in for him at 6'3. Wilmer is big, but isn't the best skater when compared to the international level.

Daron Flake starts at Right Defense. He plays for the small school South Stead College. He shows better skating and fundament skills than his Vannish semi-pro counterparts. Entering the World Cup of Hockey is designed to draw Imperial interest in the sport to build the domestic leagues. Players like Flake will need to step up to make the geese competitive.

5'11 Sara Daganson is the youngest player on the defensive unit. She is most likely to lose her cool and draw a penalty. Sara is quick to respond to any situation she takes personally. This makes her one of the easiest defenders to fluster.

One of Vangaziland's best skaters starts at LW. Rashard Lee is more agile than any other Vangazi. He can be tricky to cover. Many wonder how his shot will translate against the best in the multiverse. Vannish hockey is in a development stage. The effort of a few talented players may throw a results the way of the Vangazi. The Geese are expected to struggle to compete.

Many eyes will be on James Banksson. He first played as a high school student but is now in university. Banksson learned to play overseas while his father worked on an oil contract. He is the best passer and shooter on the team. Key offensive plays will likely rely on Banksson. Each line is prepared for the center to sub into their middle. His status as a somebody who hasn't even reached college draws ire, even though he is an adult. Many feel he is privileged, on and off the ice.

Line 2 is also capable for the Vangazi. Milly Hellqvist and Khristian Duffy play LW and C respectively. The two both play for the Western Vangaziland Rangers. Milly can facilitate plays and create shots. Rashard Lee may be the best overall skater. K. Duffy is still quicker.

Many analysts think a tendency towards low shooting accuracy might impact this team's offensive performance. They will still try to lobby as many shots as they can to counteract this. Jonas Sundstrom is the team captain. He has the most experience on the team and still has enough skill to impact a game.

Vannish Motors Arena - Emeros, Vangaziland

The arena is home to the Emeros Sparks, a hockey team known more for Vannish history than modern relevance. Basketball and indoor lacrosse teams also play here. The crowd capacity is 23,500, located in the political capitol of the Vannish Mainlands. 'The Arena District' is the name for the surrounding area. Here you can find small parks, bars, cannabis lounges, coffee shops and restaurants. There are also office buildings and condominiums nearby.

*Stadium given for flavor since all games are in host nation

Skill Mod: +5 (if applicable)
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following...
Choose My Scorers: No (But you can write how goals were scored. Just want to choose names.)
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to My Players: No
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: No (But you can suggest them)
Godmod Other Events: Yes
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Saints Roster

Postby St Saratoga » Wed Feb 19, 2020 10:40 pm

Saratogan National Hockey Team

Nation: St Saratoga
Region: New Coalition of Nations
Trigramme: SGA
Leader: Chancellor Jonathan Stewart
Currency: Kredit
Capital City: Rogerbei
Largest City: Rogerbei

Role                     Name               Age
Owner: Jon Sampson
President: Simon Martinsen
Executive Advisor: Levi Henriksson
Chief Financial Officer: Gabriel Hagerup
General Manager: Patrick Uphill
Asst. General Manager: Elina Strand
Director of Hockey Ops: Mathias Norheim
Head Coach: Connor Lindquist
Associate Head Coach: Henrik Hall
Assistant Coach: Sara Thoresen
Assistant Coach: Jonas Martin
Goaltending Coach: Elias Bye
Player Development Coach: Oliver Kittilsen
Director of Scouting: Filip Hansen
Scouts: Oskar Lindberg, Oliver Hansen, Malin Berge

##  P   Name              Age  
1st Line Offense
5 C Noak Zwack 21
11 LW William Green 28
17 RW Nathaniel Thorson 30

2nd Line Offense
6 C Micheal Warren 31
10 LW Matthew Skov 26
36 RW Joshua Ek 18

3rd Line Offense
19 C Daniel Zuez 31
27 LW Robert Sandberg 25
25 RW Julian Nyström 23

##  P   Name              Age  
1st Line Defense
12 LD Owen Ekström 22
32 RD Mark Miller 25

2nd Line Defense
49 LD Lewis Faulkner 31
13 RD Marc Ekström 22

3rd Line Defense
21 LD Tristan Dahl 21
18 LD Christopher Harr 30

##  P   Name              Age  
99 GK David Crawford 27
14 GK Storm Ekström 22
01 GK Jan-Erik Liukko 17

33 C Karl Nyman 23
34 C Harry Franklin 33
23 W Mikkel Nygaard 27
42 W Gary Pittman 26
44 W Dennis Jacobsen 25
47 D Daniel McDonald 29
23 RD Seth Ivarsson 30
51 D Tosh Larsen 32

Style Mod: -4

[align=center]RP PERMISSIONS
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: TG me first
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Best Results:
  • World Baseball Classic: Group Stage
  • World Cup of Hockey: Group Stage
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Postby TJUN-ia » Thu Feb 20, 2020 6:27 am

Name: TJUN-ia
Trigramme: TJN
Governing Body: Ice Hockey TJUN-ia (IHT/IHTJUN-ia)
Nickname: Ice Jaguars/Jaguars
Colours: Home - Blue/Orange, Away - White/Blue

As if we needed another passtime, but here we are.

TJUN-ia has known of the great sport of Ice Hockey for a very long time. In fact current Secretary General Joe Gray is originally from a city that values the sport as it's 2nd or 3rd choice (after football (Ass.) and cricket). The IHT have selected some of the best players from the International Community to participate in the hunt for some sporting achievement in the world of sports.

As with BoF71 and WBXXXVIII, we sent a pack of coaches to Kelssek in order to organise the team. A potential head coach for the Ice Jags could be among these people.


Line 1
LW: #2 Julian Visipils
C: #1 Christian Kalsters (C)
RW: #3 Teemu Pukaninen

Line 2
LW: #8 Vasil Cherysezsky
C: #7 Viktor Orban
RW: #9 Ryan Pericic (2nd C)

Line 3
LW: #13 Danil Svengren
C: #12 John Gallagher
RW: #14 Chris Jeeves

Line 4
LW: #18 Callum Sorento-Lineker
C: #17 Thorgan Annursson
RW: #19 Kisei Nawakami


Line 1
LD: #4 Li Chei
RD: #5 David Stewart (3rd C)

Line 2
LD: #10 Ki Hwa-Na
RD: #11 Peotyr Markelovsky

Line 3
LD: #15 John Le Pont
RD: #16 Kristian van Oosteren


GK (Starter): #6 Jakob Vaduz (4th C)
GK (Backup): #99 Chulalonnkorn "Chula" Shinawatra


MD2: vs Anthor (22) @Colisée de Saint-Rémy, Saint-Rémy (home)
MD3: vs Free Republics (10) @Maritime Life Arena, Breton (away)
MD4: vs Gergary (63) @Federation Arena, Neorvins (home)
MD5: vs Neu Engollon (1) @Colwyn (home)

Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Yes (OOC: I like creativity :) )
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Football: BoF: Round of 16 (71) / WC: Group Stage (Qualifying) (85)/ CoH: Group Stage (76) / IAC: ? (9)
Am. Football: WB: 1st Group Stage (XXXVIII)
Ice Hockey: WCoH: Group Stage (39)
Rugby: Sevens WC: ? (5)
Baseball: WBC: ? (48)
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing: #00 Micheal Stefan (S9: ?)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (S9: ?)
WGP: #11 Lane Carter (WGP2 S3: ?)

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Postby Oscioru » Thu Feb 20, 2020 8:54 am


Nation name: Oscioru
Trigramme: OSC
Region: Sonnel
Capital: Poma
Leader: Prime Minister Gennaro Vieri
Kits: Green, red and blue for the home kit, full white with adidas-like stripes of the afforementioned tricolor
Style modifier: +3
RP perms: Do whatever as long as it doesn't injure or kill my players, but do tarnish their reputations if necessary

The newly-refounded United Republic of Oscioru is willing to make a grand debut to the world of Ice hockey, presenting its new team, the Ice Republicans, an offensively-minded team with a bulky squad!


1st line offence:
Timoteo Di Mercurio (22)
Height: 187cm Weight: 84 kg
Lucas Cantù (26)
Height: 184cm Weight: 79kg
Haroldo Parri (31)
Height: 180cm Weight: 77kg

2nd line offence:
Ignace Yi (18)
Height: 195cm Weight: 87kg
Rui Leroy (29)
Height: 185cm Weight: 82kg
Herbert Rojas (21)
Height: 189cm Weight: 86kg

3rd line offence:
Min-Jun Ardovini (24)
Height: 176cm Weight: 70kg
Jonathan De La Cruz (22)
Height: 183cm Weight: 78kg
Isaías Ardiccioni (27)
Height: 188cm Weight: 84kg

1st line defence:
Gil Philippe (30)
Height: 184cm Weight: 81kg
Severino Abate (20)
Height: 187cm Weight: 83kg

2nd line defence:
Agatino Larue (23)
Height: 192cm Weight: 87kg
Cezar Sánchez (28)
Height: 188cm Weight: 82kg

3rd line defence:
Enrique Grimaldi (26)
Height: 198cm Weight: 91kg
Romeu Lachapelle (19)
Height: 193cm Weight: 88kg

Cesarino Bonaccorso(main goalkeeper) (33)
Height: 185cm Weight: 80kg
Thomas Chevrolet(substitute goalkeeper) (19)
Height: 190cm Weight: 88kg

Main coach:Casimir Parent
Assistant coach:Atilio Chaves

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Postby Terre Septentrionale » Thu Feb 20, 2020 12:50 pm

Équipe nationale de hockey de Terre Septentrionale

Reprezentacja Nordycki w Hokej

Northern Land National Hockey Team

Nation Name in French: République de Terre Septentrionale
Nation name in Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polnocna
Nation Name in English Republic of Northern Land
Short Nation names: Terre Septentrionale / Ziemia Polnocna / Northern Land
Trigramme: RTS
Demonym: Septentrional (plural: Septentrionaux)
Nicknames: Nordiques, Reprezentacja Nordycki, Northmen
Team colors at home: Red, white and green shirt with green pants
Team colors on the road: Green, white and red shirt with green pants
Style Mod: +2


All time record: 1-2-1-1

WCoH 38: 1-2-1-1

You probably wonder what are these numbers? It's Regular time wins - Wins in overtime or shootouts - Losses in overtime or shootouts - Losses in regular time

Most Points
1-Czeslaw Niemczynowicz - 6
2-Emilia Zyskowska - 5
2-Melania Zyskowska - 5
2-Kévin Beauregard - 5
5-Antoine Lusignan - 4
5-Frédérique Lainé - 4

Most Goals
1-Emilia Zyskowska - 4
2-Melania Zyskowska - 3
2-Antoine Lusignan - 3
4-Pierre Sanschagrin - 2
4-Zofia Stepniewska - 2

Most Assists
1-Czeslaw Niemczynowicz - 5
1-Kévin Beauregard - 5
3-Frédérique Lainé - 3
3-Krzysztof Klepczynski - 3
5-Melania Zyskowska - 2
5-Virginie Woodbury - 2
5-Nico Villemaire - 2

Most wins (regular and extra time)(goalie)
1-Jennifer Ciccarelli - 3

Best GAA (minimum 5 games)
1-Jennifer Ciccarelli - 2,48

Most shutouts
1-Jennifer Ciccarelli - 0

Most wins (regular and extra time)(coach)
1-Georges Grondin - 3




Head Coach	Georges Grondin	        69
Ass. Coach Urszula Wieczorkowski 41
Ass. Coach Michel Picotte 52
Ass. Coach Wlodzimierz Kostrzewski 48
Goalie Coach Sylvie Mongrain 57
Video Coach Malgorzata Przybylowicz 39
Equipment Manager Paul Picard 47


Captain: Szymon Krzysztalowicz
Assistant: Antoine Lusignan
Assistant: Jennifer "Jenny Hockey" Gaudreault

Num     Pos     Player                  Age     LSH Team                Birthplace                      College                 Drafted
Line 1
19 C Jennifer "Jenny Hockey" Gaudreault 22 Yamaska Swamp Rabbits Baie-des-Chaloupes, CN Huskies d'Oujé-Bougoumou 2021 1.1
16 LW Emilia Zyskowska 32 Naprzod Krzczonow Wloszczowa, PO
17 RW Melania Zyskowska 32 Naprzod Krzczonow Wloszczowa, PO

Line 2
13 C Pierre Sanschagrin 32 Trzebiegoszcz Bears Grande-Rivière, KA
15 LW Antoine Lusignan 31 Loups de Jacques-Cartier Baie-Sainte-Catherine, CH
66 RW Kasandra Wojcinowicz 24 Port O'Connor IceHogs Krzczonow, MT Krzczonow Sea Hawks 2019 1.2

Line 3
11 C Virginie Woodbury 27 Naprzod Krzczonow East Broughton, CS
29 LW/RW Frédérique Lainé 29 Éperviers noirs de Prévost Côte-des-Neiges, MT
99 RW Günther Schützenauer 22 Éclairs de B-Ste-Catherine Ville Jacques-Cartier, DC Patriotes de Bernard-Landry 2020 1.3

Line 4
91 C Malgorzata Niemczynowicz 26 Shelburne Whalers Trzebiegoszcz, PO
88 LW Zofia Stepniewska 34 Nordiques d'Oujé-Bougoumou Swietochlowice, PO
82 RW Slawomir Zawistowski 33 Loups de Jacques-Cartier Krzeszowice, PO

Defensive Pairing 1
86 LD Kévin Beauregard 24 Yamaska Swamp Rabbits Sainte-Mélanie, HY Foreurs de Yamaska 2019 1.1
23 RD Krzysztof Klepczynski 30 Naprzod Krzczonow Malogoszcz, PO

Defensive Pairing 2
3 LD Szymon Krzysztalowicz 34 Stoczniowiec Trzeszczyn Rzgow, LU
5 RD Stanislaw Wojciechowski 33 Shelburne Whalers Zdzieszowice, PO

Defensive Pairing 3
89 LD Nico Villemaire 31 Trzebiegoszcz Bears Champlain, CN
32 RD Wlodzimierz Wawrzynkiewicz 25 Port O'Connor IceHogs Wyrzysk, CA

33 G Nico Eggenberger 23 Yamaska Swamp Rabbits Ville Jacques-Cartier, DC Coll. Catherinois de Longueuil 2020 1.1
1 G Jennifer Ciccarelli 31 Kukljica Grizzlies Upper Woodstock, SH

93 C Pierre-Marc Carbonneau 30 Loups de Jacques-Cartier Oujé-Bougoumou, CN
26 C Peter Szczesny 28 Port O'Connor IceHogs Trzcinsko-Zdroj, KZ
81 C Czeslaw Niemczynowicz 35 Naprzod Krzczonow Szydlowiec, PO
90 LW Arkadiusz Zlomanczuk 34 Trzebiegoszcz Bears Wyrzysk, CA
86 LW/RW Fryderyka Krzyszczyk 20 Checkers de Roxboro Brzyskorzystew, CA Ostroszowice Buckeyes 2023 1.1
21 RW Frédérique Brassard 31 Nordiques d'Oujé-Bougoumou Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, HY
7 RW Nicolas Guertin 27 Podvolovljek IceDogs Oujé-Bougoumou, CN
87 LD Joanna Katarzynska-Goj 23 Port O'Connor IceHogs Trzeszczyn, LU Trzeszczyn Red Raiders 2020 1.2
34 LD Czeslaw Szerszenowicz 28 Naprzod Krzczonow Szczebrzeszyn, MA
24 RD Urszula Zolnierczyk 22 Podvolovljek IceDogs Krzczonow, MA Karol Wojtyla Monks 2021 1.2
2 RD Keaton Brind'Amour 24 Kukljica Grizzlies Beach Meadows, SH Shelburne Chanticleers 2019 1.3
35 G Natalia Mroczkowska 27 Naprzod Krzczonow Krzczonow, MA
25 G Grzegorz Grzegorczyk 35 Trzebiegoszcz Bears Trzebiegoszcz, PO

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Penalise Players: Y
Eject Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
Nation name: République de Terre Septentrionale | Trigramme: RTS | Capital: Ville Jacques-Cartier | Maps

Ranks: Hockey: 20th | American Football: 24th | Baseball: 29th | Association Football: 42nd | Rugby Union: 42nd

Runner Up: Cup of Harmony 76
3rd Place:
4th Place:

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Postby Nikaton » Thu Feb 20, 2020 1:19 pm

Name: Nikaton
Trigramme: Nik
Nickname: The Snow Leopards

Head Coach: Niles "The Abominable Snowman" Noel
Assistant Coach: Yukon Cornelius
Assistant Coach: Charlie Box
Trainer: Hermey Misfit


Line 1
LW: #2 Fred Hoiberg
C: #1 Kirk Hinrich (C)
RW: #3 Luol Deng

Line 2
LW: #8 Scottie Jordan
C: #7 Micheal Pippen
RW: #9 Nik Niker (2nd C)

Line 3
LW: #13 Frosty Scotty
C: #12 Fred "Needed another year" Solich
RW: #14 Jesus Osborne

Line 4
LW: #18 Idk Nika
C: #33 Jim Bob Jenkins
RW: #19 Leeroy Jenkins

Line 1
LD: #4 Wichita Will
RD: #5 Topeka Tom (3rd C)

Line 2
LD: #10 Maddie Manhatten
RD: #11 Sam Salinas
Line 3
LD: #15 Lawrence Lou
RD: #16 Ollie Olathe


GK (Starter): #44 Nick Nikio
GK (Backup): #99 Nikian Niki

Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: no
RP Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: no

Style Modifier: -1

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Postby Ko-oren » Thu Feb 20, 2020 2:24 pm

Ko-oren - WCOH 39

Team Colours: Green, blue, yellow
Demonym: Ko-orenite
Nickname: Dragonflies, Green-and-blue
Style Modifier: -5
Jerseys: Home, Away, Alternate (AO) - note: the Away and Alternate jerseys are used most often.
Most recent season: 1 Egevea Islanders, 2 Aevanna Plains Wanderers, 3 Aevanna Scouts

Position, Name, Age, Team

G Aiane Alacia (22) - Northerners Egevea
G Eliun Aoporin (25) - Explorers Aevanna
G Samuel Isaakszoon (27) - Launott Polar Bears

Line 1
D Assanor Aiaros (21) - Rangers Southwest Aevanna
D Winand Nedergard (24) - Storm South Aevanna
Line 2
D Erling Mirre (27) - Launott Polar Bears
D Aiane Auvia (24) - Scouts Aevanna
Line 3
D Roger Haarstad (26) - Wanderers Aevanna Plains
D Aemis Aivimara (29) - Mariners Aevanna Bay
D Jowdah Wamallu (31) - West Coast Blizzards

Line 1
LW Izan Aiamalod (23) - Storm South Aevanna
RW Elis Hermanszoon (29) - Noordrug Bi-state
Line 2
LW Nim Curumbah (31) - West Coast Blizzards
RW Aidaloph Autibel (29) - Mariners Aevanna Bay
Line 3
LW Kjell IJsberg (23) - Noordrug Bi-state
RW Torsten Groenbloem (22) - Straudum Ice

Line 1
C Hallady Buck (25) - West Coast Blizzards
Line 2
C Yaller Nyan (29) - West Coast Blizzards
Line 3
C Ainoph Eriren (26) - Scouts Aevanna

An 'umbrella' with Mirre, Wamallu, Aiamalod, Curumbah, and Buck

Penalty kill:
Either a 'box' or a 'diamond' with Haarstad, Aivimara, IJsberg, and Groenbloem.

The Ko-orenite league cracked down on fighting to speed games up. Don't be surprised if the Dragonflies don't respond to a call to arms - at the same time, Aiaros, Auvia, Haarstad, Hermanszoon, Autibel, and Nyan wouldn't back down from the challenge. Centres occupy goalies and defencemen, so it's usually up to the wingers to create chances and score. Defencemen are an anchor, used to pass the puck around in attack but not really expected to score often either. That said, the defenders that were picked for the team tend to make their mark offensively as well. Nedergard and Auvia have a mean shot from far away. Aiamalod and IJsberg are the quickest members of the team. Buck is certainly the luckiest member, stumbling his way towards the world's easiest goals - but those count too.

Ice hockey is a small sport in Ko-oren, limited to frigid Aerellen, the temperate (but cold) northeast, and parts of the unwelcoming west coast. Venues are limited, and Aerellen's largest venue hosts multiple games per day while the season is on, so speeding up games and keeping them plannable is key. Languages used by the team are Dutch and Aerellen (Ko-orenite). Aerellen names are easily recognisable, they start with vowels, featuring many Au, Ao, Ai, Ae combinations at the start of each word.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Penalise Players: Y
Eject Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
Sports Domestic Sports Newswires - RPable People - Info Factbook - Top attractions in Ko-oren - Map - Storefronts Loro Language Schools - Goliæth Sports Café
Champions 1x CoH - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 1x T20 WC - 3x RUWC - 1x RLWC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 2x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x FHWC
Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC - 1x FHWC

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Postby Sarzonia » Thu Feb 20, 2020 5:40 pm

Sarzonia Stars

Code: Select all
Style modifier: -1
RP Permissions:
Choose goalscorers: Yes
Choose goal scoring events: Yes
Godmode goal scoring events: HELL NO
Penalize players/give game misconducts: Yes
Injure Players: Yes, but I'll determine severity
Godmode other events: If you mean someone got sick, there was a power outage at the rink, there was a disagreement between players, I'll run with it. Anything else is a no-go.

Coach: Paul Bremerton, 48
Assistant Coach: Joe Crosson, 58
Goalie Coach: Pete Peeters, 57

GOALTENDERS (starter in bold)
32 Jacob Parsons, 23, 5-foot-10, 175 pounds
Uses a butterfly style and quick reflexes to make up for inexperience with positioning. Suspect puck handling. Bremerton is starting him because of his preternatural calm.
1 Matt Peterson, 38, 6-foot-1, 215 pounds
Also uses a butterfly style, but now has the benefit of experience and is using that to make up for the slight slowing of his reflexes. He's here for veteran presence (and OOCly, to provide a smart mouth, lmao).
39 Yuri Evgenikov, 30, 6-foot-3, 230 pounds
Provides veteran depth in the event of any calamities and uses a stand-up style in contrast to the two butterfly style goalies.

First pair
3 Erik Weinert, 32, 6-foot-2, 190 pounds. First alternate captain.
Hard hitter, can pitch in on the power play, but usually isn't the point man with the man advantage. Provides veteran experience in addition to his bruising style of play.
5 Jill Sanders, 23, 5-foot-7, 150 pounds
Certainly not the first woman to play for the Stars, but she's certainly the scrappiest. She willingly goes into the corner to scrum to win pucks.

Second pair
6 Mia Chretién, 33, 5-foot-8, 145 pounds.
Can move the puck in and out of the zone well. Sometimes used on the front line during penalty kills.
7 Erik Weingart, 28, 5-foot-11, 200 pounds. Second alternate captain.
He's there for both hitting and leadership on the ice.

Third pair
18 Jack Bradley, 34, 6-foot-3, 205 pounds.
Size, speed and hard hitting make him a feared defender to go up against. Has worked on conditioning and strength to make his way back to the team.
52 Kirk Stephens, 23, 6-foot-1, 190 pounds.
Stephens is the offensive defenceman on the Stars, and often lines up as a right wing on the penalty kill. He's a threat to score a shorthanded goal.

Seventh defenseman
14 Chris Walton, 26, 6-foot-3, 195 pounds
Can sometimes play on the fourth line or a penalty killing forward if needed, but he's also an at-home defenceman.

First Line
LW 8 Sylvan Turcotte, 33, 6-foot-1, 175 pounds. Captain.
Lefty shooter with the hardest shot on the team. Led his league with 58 goals in 72 games.
C 38 Nate Barnes, 25, 5-foot-11, 189 pounds
Best faceoff guy on the Stars, winning them at a 62 percent clip last season. Second in the league with 78 assists in 72 games.
RW Matt Davies, 23, 6-foot-2, 190 pounds
Lanky and fast, also with good puck movement skills, but can be relatively easy to get physical with.

Second Line
LW: 13 Cameron Granato, 34, 5-foot-10, 180 pounds.
A righty shooter even though he plays left wing. Provides some scoring punch for the second line
C: Alyssa Hannigan, 23, 5-foot-7, 149 pounds.
A great puck distributor, she often features as the first or second line centre on the power play.
RW: Calan Leftwich, 24, 5-foot-10, 180 pounds.
Plays well enough on defence to be on the checking line, but his offence keeps him on the ice in offensive situations. Could double-shift to the fourth line in case of injury.

Third Line
LW: 15 Jeff Tucker, 29, 5-foot-11, 179 pounds.
Has the versatility to play any of the three forward positions offensively, but his defence is suspect.
C: 16 Colin Yarmouth, 22, 5-foot-8, 175 pounds.
Plays a sparkplug style, but is still working on the conditioning and stamina needed to play on the first two lines. May not be able to play long minutes in extended knockout round overtime sessions.
RW:24 Ray Olendorff, 32, 6-foot-1, 190 pounds.
Plays harder than most. Is now much improved in conditioning, but meshes so well with the third line that he only plays on the other lines in knockout stage matches.

Fourth Line
LW: 25 Alan Donald, 37, 6-foot-1, 215 pounds.
Sarzonia's designated enforcer, led the league in penalty minutes 11 of the last 13 seasons. Has the national record for most PIM.
C: 26 Cliff Sauerchuck, 29, 6-foot-4, 230 pounds
His checking and physical play are what have him playing fourth line centre, but his ability to win faceoffs and distribute the puck are why he plays centre.
RW: 44 Terré Sombulier, 23, 5-foot-10, 170 pounds
They check well, and cleanly. That's why they're fourth line.
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Postby Valanora » Thu Feb 20, 2020 6:10 pm

Valanora WCoH 39 Roster

My opponent if the RP first may:
Choose goalscorers: Y
Choose goal scoring events: Y
Godmod goal scoring events: Y
Penalize players/give game misconducts: No, the Calcuttas play a clean and fast paced game, committing few penalties, preferring to use skill over goon tactics.
Godmod other events: N

What is the name of…

…six time World Cup of Hockey and twice Winter Olympic champions?
Valanora (known prior as Elves Security Forces)

...the nickname of the team?

...the other nations involved in Valanora?
Sabine and Caddonia, Vyinta and Dark Templara

…the nation in which this Commonwealth play their domestic league?
Elves Security Forces (sometimes ESF in shortphrase)

…people from the Commonwealth?
Vanorians or Vanors

…the person who created this mess?
Elves Security Forces

Modifier: +2


Manager: Zelda Hellström (F) - age 52
Assistant: Tarik Carlsson - age 53

Scoring Line 1
LW Jacob Sandberg, 30, Stormgaurd Lions
C Leandro Söderström, age 28, Soldarian Royals
RW Hussein Gustavsson, age 28, Therathor Majestics

Scoring Line 2
LW Eva Strömberg (F), age 23, Raynor City Raptors
C Ricky Björk, age 34, Raynor City Raptors
RW Nora Åström (F), age 29, Soldarian Royals

Scoring Line 3
LW Maia Nordström (F), age 29, Ispan Wanderers
C Måns Dahlberg, age 29, Zul'Atun Eagles
RW Jamie Hansson, age 28, Everlin Hawks

Checking Line
LW Felizia Norberg (F), age 23, Longview Sabres
C Denniz Danielsson, age 29, Gladerial Panthers
RW Melker Åström, age 35, Raynor City Raptors

Defense Pair 1
LD Caspar Öberg, age 28, Hondo Guards
RD Najma Engström (F), age 31, Gladerial Panthers

Defense Pair 2
LD Vilmer Sandström, age 33, Ianisle Guardians
RD Charlie Eliasson, age 28, Longview Sabres

Defense Pair 3
LD Dino Håkansson, age 22, Hondo Guards
RD Jesper Nordström, age 26, Travesian Giants

Starter - Birk Dahlberg, age 31, Ianisle Guardians
Backup - Freddie Holm, age 34, Hondo Guards

Power Play 1
Eva Strömberg - Leandro Söderström - Hussein Gustavsson

Power Play 2
Maia Nordström- Måns Dahlberg - Nora Åström

Penalty Kill 1
Ricky Björk - Melker Åström

Penalty Kill 2
Leandro Söderström - Felizia Norberg

Extra Attacker
Nora Åström
Måns Dahlberg
World Cup 40, 42, 43, 52, & 61 Champions
WC 47, 51 (2nd), WC 34, 38, 39, 41, 44, 45, 53, 60, 67 (3rd), WC 49, 58 (Semifinalist), WC 33, 35-37, 46, 48, 54, 55, 62, 63, 65, 72, 83 (Quarterfinalist)
WCoH VII, VIII, XVII, XXVIII, XXX, XXXII (1st), WCoH I, XXXI (2nd), WCoH II, XXIX (3rd), WCoH XII (4th)
AOCAF 44, 46, 51, & 53 Champions, AOCAF 39 & 43 Runners Up
Co-Hosted: too many events to count

EPL Season 20,073

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Postby La Fiorita » Thu Feb 20, 2020 8:11 pm

The Flowerheads
Fredo Balzarini14F5'7150 poundsFRBiomedical EngineeringAcquaviva, San Marino
Matteo Porretta5D5'10171 poundsSRSupply Chain ManagementDomagnano, San Marino
Panfilo Scozzari42F6'1171 poundsJRFinanceAcquaviva, San Marino
Basilio Monestime2D5'9157 poundsSRCriminology and SociologyDomagnano, San Marino
Tito Oprea81D6'2196 poundsSOMarketingFiorentino, San Marino
Pier Kuri96G6'0176 poundsJRComputer ScienceSerravalle, San Marino
Emilio Cardosi91F5'9167 poundsFRMechanical EngineeringFaetano, San Marino
Giona Morone47F6'1173 poundsSRCriminology and SociologyCity of San Marino, San Marino
Abramo Falotico4D5'10166 poundsFRFinanceDomagnano, San Marino
Omar Biasi52D5'11177 poundsSRManagementFaetano, San Marino
Teodosio Rusconi11D6'0202 poundsSOAccountingCity of San Marino, San Marino
Adelardo Galluccio41G5'11168 poundsJRComputer ScienceChiesanuova, San Marino
Fortunato Tufaro3F5'11187 poundsSRMechanical EngineeringMontegiardino, San Marino
Pasqualino Felicetti13F6'1177 poundsSRMechanical EngineeringFiorentino, San Marino
Carlo Bellisario12D5'7151 poundsSOSupply Chain ManagementMontegiardino, San Marino
Zeno Allegretto25D5'10173 poundsSOCriminology and SociologyCity of San Marino, San Marino
Fiore Cordasco37F5'8174 poundsSOAgricultural BusinessSerravalle, San Marino
Pierluigi Muoio38F6'3183 poundsFRInternational BusinessChiesanuova, San Marino
Mirco Licitra20D6'1186 poundsSOSports ManagementCity of San Marino, San Marino
Desiderio Merolla88F5'8176 poundsFRMechanical EngineeringFaetano, San Marino
Nerio Armento31G5'11164 poundsFRClassical StudiesFiorentino, San Marino
Valter Millilo19F5'11164 poundsJREconomicsCity of San Marino, San Marino
Cirillo Castoro98F6'1204 poundsJRBiologyDomagnano, San Marino
Daniele Truxillo15F6'1194 poundsSOBusinessCity of San Marino, San Marino
Tullio Mazzilli8F6'0181 poundsSRCommunicationsMontegiardino, San Marino
Francesco Pio Spinnato9F5'11180 poundsSOCommunicationsDomganano, San Marino
Ermanno Crivelli44D6'1171 poundsJRMarketingCity of San Marino, San Marino

RP Permissions: Do anything you want, this a tertiary nation I just signed up for fun.

Colors: Home - {} - Away
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2015-16UEFA Europa League1QFC Vaduz0-51-51-10
2016-17UEFA Europa League1QDebrecen0-50-20-7
2017-18UEFA Champions League1QLinfield0-00-10-1
2018-19UEFA Champions LeaguePRLincoln Red Imps0-20-2
2018-19UEFA Europa League2QSpartaks Jūrmala0-30-60-9

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Postby Sarzonia » Thu Feb 20, 2020 8:19 pm

Retirement was feeling pretty good for Matt Peterson. He and Kate Schmidt-Peterson were raising three children, two boys and one girl. Schmidt was a colour analyst for Sarzonian League Baseball Network. Peterson did the motivational speech tour.

Both had little need to stoke their competitive fires. Schmidt was a key contributor to a World Baseball Classic championship team as the Stars defeated Tarrentum in a long ago final punctuated by Peterson shouting out, "scoreboard!"

That's why the phone call from Paul Bremerton was such a shock. Even more surprising for Kate was hearing Matt reply with, "Fuck it. I'm in." She looked at her husband with wide eyes and an expression the couple each knew meant, "are you fucking kidding me?"

Matt Peterson gave Kate Schmidt-Peterson a look that she knew meant that he'd regained his competitive fire. His wife had the one thing that eluded him, that eluded the entire ice hockey team in Sarzonia.

The odds were against the Stars even being competitive with such a long absence from international competition. The likelihood that Peterson would get to live out his dream of lifting a World Cup trophy aloft was essentially nil. And yet.

Peterson was a realist. He was a blunt as fuck, curse enough to make a battleship's complement blush realist. One who hadn't laced up his skates in six years. Four, if you count the abortive attempt to establish a senior hockey league, which gave Peterson five games before the sporting goods store financing the circuit pulled out of the project.

But still. He had unfinished business. He knew it. Kate knew it. The kids were going to be a harder sell. Matt Jr. would understand. He wondered why Dad retired so abruptly. Juliana was going to be upset at Daddy leaving. Holden was too young to know what was going on.

Matt promised to Facetime every day so Juliana would be able to talk to Daddy. He could keep tabs on Holden. Plus, his mother Norma and Kate's mother Gladys would help with the children.

It was an itch that Matt Peterson had to scratch one last time. Even though he was likely to be on the bench more than he would be on the ice. He still had to put on the navy blue sweater at least once more. And now, he was leaving the comfort of Corcorran for the cramped dressing room in the Palestra.

Some things never change. Some things can't help changing.


As for Paul Bremerton, the Sarzonian manager was certainly no stranger to being behind the bench in Sarzonia's domestic leagues, but managing a full on national team was a new experience for him.

He was going to shepherd a very experienced Sarzonian national ice hockey team through the World Cup of Hockey in Kelssek. He gathered the team when the groups were announced.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he said, until he heard the sound of a throat clearing. He looked. It was reserve goalkeeper Matt Peterson.

"What is it, Matt?"

"Not everyone here is either male or female," he said. "You might want to start saying 'team' instead of 'ladies and gentlemen'." Bremerton gave Peterson a look and then looked when Peterson slightly tilted his head to his left for a brief second. He looked and saw Terré Sombulier, the fourth line right winger sitting directly to Peterson's left. Bremerton then looked back at Peterson, who mouthed the words "they're gender non-conforming." Bremerton paused for a moment and then his eyes widened for a brief second. He closed his eyes, nodded his head three times, then the right side of his mouth inched up ever so slightly.

"Thank you, Matt. Team. We've got a tough draw ahead of us. We have the fourth ranked and 13th ranked team in the world in our group and we're playing them both to start the World Cup of Hockey. Even if we play our best hockey, we may be on the short end of a lopsided scoreline.

"That's part of life. That's part of growing. We're going to go out there seeking the full three points each time we play, but we also want to be realists. Fortunately, we have a bye after Matchday 2 and then we face Vangaziland on Matchday 4. We then face Trolleborg on Matchday 5. That scheduled does us no favours, but we will all be prepared leave it all out on the ice. All right lad-uh, team. On three. One, two three, Stars!" Bremerton then dismissed the rest of the team to get acclimated to their time in Kelssek except for Sombulier.

"Terré," may I see you in my office for a moment?"

"Uh, sure coach," they said hesitantly. After the rest of the players dispersed, the two Sarzonians then walked into Bremerton's office.

"Look, I'm sorry," Bremerton said. "About the pronouns thing. I completely forgot you're gender non-conforming."

"It's OK, coach," Sombulier said.

"Listen, if I ever deadname you, please let me know so I can correct it."

"OK, coach," Sombulier said. "Look, Coach Bremerton," they said. "I completely appreciate the fact that you're respectful enough of my story to approach me like this, but you don't have to treat me any differently from any other player."

Bremerton looked at them and nodded.

"I'm trying to treat you like I'd treat any other player. With respect for his or her," he said, then blurted out, "or their wishes. It might take me some time to get it right. Hopefully, I'll do as right by you as I can."
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Postby Recuecn » Fri Feb 21, 2020 2:33 am

Reçueçn's First World Cup of Hockey Team

Reçueçn has always been a hockey-loving nation; its snowy mountains and frozen alpine lakes provide the perfect breeding ground for the sport's lovers and players. Yet until recently, no team from the allied states ever tested its mettle against anyone from outside the country. It was only at the XIVth Winter Olympics that Reçueçn finally sent representatives to find out where it ranked against the other nations of the multiverse, and was pleasantly surprised; a quarterfinal finish for the men's team was fairly decent, but the women won gold. Inspired by this success, Reçueçn has elected to simply send that same women's team to the WCoH. We will have to wait to see how well Reçueçn can acquit itself its first time participating in the tournament.

Style mod: +2.333
#1 | First Goalie | Elea Lörtscher [Captain]
#2 | Reserve Goalie | Émilie Fresnel
#3 | Reserve Goalie | Dietlind Frank

First Line
#4 | Center | Berthe Arceneaux [Alternate Captain]
#5 | Left Wing | Marleen Heilbronn
#6 | Right Wing | Caroline Pernet
#7 | Defense | Audrey Lecerfe
#8 | Defense | Lynn Kern

Second Line
#9 | Center | Seraina Bichsel
#10 | Left Wing | Sarah Essig
#11 | Right Wing | Marilen Rieder [Alternate Captain]
#12 | Defense | Inja Kammacher
#13 | Defense | Liv Jucker

Third Line
#14 | Center | Marei Zurflüh
#15 | Left Wing | Sylviane Mignard
#16 | Right Wing | Bella Gehrig
#17 | Defense | Abby Beaudouin
#18 | Defense | Ramona Grasshoff [Alternate Captain]

#19 | Center | Sandrine De Villiers
#20 | Center | Amandine Bombelles
#21 | Left Wing | Alessia Schwarz
#22 | Right Wing | Eugénie Dubuisson
#23 | Defense | Eva Herig
#24 | Defense | Nicola Fürstenberg
#25 | Defense | Maeva Pasteur
Starting Line-Up:
#1 | First Goalie | Elea Lörtscher
#4 | Center | Berthe Arceneaux
#5 | Left Wing | Marleen Heilbronn
#6 | Right Wing | Caroline Pernet
#7 | Defense | Audrey Lecerfe
#8 | Defense | Lynn Kern

Special Teams:
Game Winning Shot/Penalty Takers: (in order)
#4 | Center | Berthe Arceneaux
#6 | Right Wing | Caroline Pernet
#5 | Left Wing | Marleen Heilbronn
[#9 | Center | Seraina Bichsel]
[#10 | Left Wing | Sarah Essig]

Power Play:
#14 | Center | Marei Zurflüh
#15 | Left Wing | Sylviane Mignard
#16 | Right Wing | Bella Gehrig
#17 | Defense | Abby Beaudouin
#18 | Defense | Ramona Grasshoff

Penalty Kill:
#7 | Defense | Audrey Lecerfe
#8 | Defense | Lynn Kern
#4 | Center | Berthe Arceneaux
[#6 | Right Wing | Caroline Pernet]
[#5 | Left Wing | Marleen Heilbronn]

Three-Skater Overtime Lines
OT First Line:
#7 | Audrey Lecerfe
#8 | Lynn Kern
#4 | Berthe Arceneaux

OT Second Line:
#6 | Caroline Pernet
#15 | Sylviane Mignard
#17 | Abby Beaudouin

OT Third Line:
#16 | Bella Gehrig
#18 | Ramona Grasshoff
#5 | Marleen Heilbronn

OT Fourth Line:
#14 | Marei Zurflüh
#11 | Marilen Rieder
#12 | Inja Kammacher

Edited for rp permissions: knock yourself out.
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Postby Banija » Fri Feb 21, 2020 10:43 am

Banija National Men's Ice Hockey Team
Head Coach: Martial Odongo

The Banijan Hockey Federation, as the national governing body for ice hockey in Banija, is the governing body for this squad.

All teams listed are in the Greater Banijan Hockey League, or post-secondary education institutions competing in the Banijan Collegiate Sports Group competition. Players who are making their international debut are in orange.

Starter: #50 Dewa Bangè. Age 28. St. Jakob Crusaders. Third-String goalie at WCoH 38.
Starter: #35 Adama Singateh. Age 20. University of Loyola-Istria.
Backup: #44 Demba Jobateh. Age 24. Shakmir Whalers.

Partnership 1
Left Defender- #7 Kausu Faye. Age 24. Shakmir Whalers.
Right Defender- #17 Kekuta Jawara. Age 32. Quebec Grizzlies. ALTERNATE CAPTAIN.

Partnership 2
Left Defender- #19 Thibaut Luba. Age 31. Stalliongrad Mountaineers.
Right Defender- #18 Bala Kargbo. Age 29. Cascadia Lions.

Partnership 3
Left Defender- #13 Taleh Ndo. Age 30. St. Jakob Crusaders.
Right Defender- #22 Abdou Ouattara. Age 22. Jaromirgrad GBHL team(Savojarna, yet unnamed). Graduate of University of Loyola-Istria.

Line 1
Center- # 40 Alanso Hairte. Age 22. St. Jakob Crusaders. Graduate of Northern Moravica University.
Left Wing- #2 Kabiru Colley. Age 32. Quebec Grizzlies.
Right Wing- #16 Kutubo Gaye. Age 21. Jaromirgrad GBHL team(Savojarna, yet unnamed)

Line 2
Center- #8 Yakuba Tiyana. Age 24. Goldstaff Cocodragons.
Left Wing- #5 Edrissa Sonko. Age 26. Kapetägien Kestrels
Right Wing- #4 Jumu Sidibeh. Age 28. New Istria Eagles.

Line 3
Center- #13 Pateh Kaba. Age 29. Rosaria Knights.
Left Wing- #10 Wassa Bah. Age 24. Goldstaff Cocodragons.
Right Wing- #6 Jebel Ogunsola. Age 32. Little Istria Tigersharks.

Line 4
Center- #1 Saikou Suso. Age 20. Plays at University of Moravica.
Left Wing - #33 Isa Tiyana. Age 27. Mansfield Warriors.
Right Wing- #14 Luke Matondo. Age 29. Maal Pioneers.

The team's special teams tend to struggle, as they are more likely to score goals when it's 5 v 5.

Group C Schedule
Matchday 1: Banija(12) v. New Moreessia Ban (UR) @ Northlands Coliseum(capacity 18,700) in Vickery, Conryia, Kelssek.
Matchday 2: Fluvannia (UR) v. Banija(12) @ Lupinissia Place(capacity 19,600) in Ulyanof, Lupinissia, Kelssek.
Matchday 3: BYE
Matchday 4: Banija(12) v. Abanhfleft(3) @ Bantam Yard(capacity 18,300) in Latrobe, Etnier, Kelssek.
Matchday 5: Terre Septentrionale (27) v. Banija(12) @ Portage Centre(capacity 18,600) in Clayquot, Etnier, Kelssek.
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Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
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New Communist Ontario Hockey Team

Postby New Communist Ontario » Fri Feb 21, 2020 12:06 pm

New Communist Ontario National Hockey Team

#1: James MacPherson
#2: Albert Neauveau
#3: Gerry Katelini

#4: Keaton O'Tyler
#5: Reyton O'Tyler
#6: Newt Shawnagan
#7: Tom Darnmouth
#8: Remmy Himlo
#9: Bryson Tobigan
#10: Tao Ying

#11: Owen Herrick
#12: Liam Tondo
#13: Dave Runner
#14: Jordan Hunter
#15: Daryl Warcheski
#16: Joshua Samp
#17: Hammer Tagnot
#18: Simon Wentoyon
#19: Uter White
#20: Jean-Luc Equaine

Starting Goaltender: MacPherson
Starting Defenders: Keaton O'tyler, Himlo
Starting Attackers: Runner, Hunter, Equaine

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Postby HUElavia » Fri Feb 21, 2020 12:26 pm

New Communist Ontario wrote:New Communist Ontario National Hockey Team

#1: James MacPherson
#2: Albert Neauveau
#3: Gerry Katelini

#4: Keaton O'Tyler
#5: Reyton O'Tyler
#6: Newt Shawnagan
#7: Tom Darnmouth
#8: Remmy Himlo
#9: Bryson Tobigan
#10: Tao Ying

#11: Owen Herrick
#12: Liam Tondo
#13: Dave Runner
#14: Jordan Hunter
#15: Daryl Warcheski
#16: Joshua Samp
#17: Hammer Tagnot
#18: Simon Wentoyon
#19: Uter White
#20: Jean-Luc Equaine

Starting Goaltender: MacPherson
Starting Defenders: Keaton O'tyler, Himlo
Starting Attackers: Runner, Hunter, Equaine

OOC: I don't think you're registered for this tournament.
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Postby Trolleborg » Fri Feb 21, 2020 2:34 pm


Head Coach - Morten Gould (45 y.o.)

Tomas Heg (28)
Peter Shelburn(25)

Aitor Jigan (31)
Gijsbrecht Berkhout (32)
Zeger Nieuwenburg (28)
Bargash Holmgren (25)
Jonas Flerquin (30)
Sizwen Roburn (29)
Lucius Halst (21)

Torfinn Strow (28)
Egil-Johan Loondblad (27)
Martijn Limburn (25)
Barein Paine (23)
Ruud Halgren (29)
Drake Drakeson (31)
Mogren Brass (26)
Tankred Borgen (27)
Morten Bagger (23)
Jasper Irwin (21)
Vidar Riseth (22)
Yakob Valgren (23)

First match line-up:
Jigan-Berkhout, Strow-Loondblad-Limburn;
Nieuwenburg-Holmgren, Paine-Halgren-Drakeson;
Flerquin-Roburn, Brass-Borgen-Bagger;
Roburn-Halst, Irwin-Riseth-Valgren.

PP team Nieuwenburg-Berkhout, Brass-Halgren-Bagger

First kit: totally green
Second kit: totally blue

Style +1

If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Assign penalties to my players: Yes, except fighting penalties.
RP fights: Only with prior coordination
RP injuries: Yes but I will determine severity
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Postby Kelssek » Fri Feb 21, 2020 5:10 pm


Sean Duneasler C/RW, age 24, Dinamo Lupinissia
Julien Lescarbeau [A] RW, age 29, Ad Astra
Ryan Carter-Jenkins C, age 27, Burnaby Ravens
Riley Hesselboe [C] LW, age 32, Internationale
Roch-Olivier Charron RW, age 21, Éireann Dartmoor
Cameron Franklin C, age 24, Olympique Langlois
Luc Pelletier RW, age 33, Grand Falls Haligonian
Mathieu Fabre RW/LW, age 21, Kirkenes Dragons
Shawn Freedman C/RW, age 28, CH Outineau
Jackson Croft LW, age 30, Dinamo Lupinissia
Dylan Saranack LW, age 20, Faucons de Saint-Rémy
Brad Torrhen RW, age 22, Red Star Clayquot
Pierre Machouf C, age 22, Redswyth Union
Eamon Coady C, age 27, Breton Emeralds

Kirk Betand LD, age 31, Neorvins Wolves
Rory Kirkland RD, age 28, Dinamo Lupinissia
Brian Malley RD, age 29, Olympique Laneux
Pieter Ostend LD, age 24, Vickery Vikings
Matej Halmana [A] RD, age 25, Kirkenes Dragons
Alejandro Belvila LD, age 25, Alavaria Vanorian
Antoine Lauzon LD, age 33, Clayquot Partisans
Loïc Normand RD, age 21, Novanaya Rangers

Simon Durocher, age 29, CH Outineau [starter]
Gabriel Dillon, age 32, Redswyth Union
Bryce Kennedy, age 36, Vickery Vikings

Head coach: Dennis Emberly
Assistant coaches: Alain Champagneur, Richie O'Malley

Lineup chart
Hesselboe   Duneasler   Lescarbeau
Fabre Franklin Charron
Saranack Freedman Pelletier
Croft Coady Torrhen

Betand Kirkland
Belvila Halmana
Lauzon Malley

PP1: Duneasler, Lescarbeau, Hesselboe, Osend, Halmana
PP2: Charron, Franklin, Fabre, Betand, Malley

If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Assign penalties to my players: Yes, except fighting penalties.
RP fights: Only with prior coordination
RP injuries: Yes but I will determine severity
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Postby Cassadaigua » Fri Feb 21, 2020 5:37 pm

TEAM CASSADAIGUA- World Cup of Hockey 39

Coach- Katherine Gardner, 63
Assistant Coach- Rachel Belmont, 57

(Line and defensive pairings listed below are the typical pairings, but things can and will be mixed up from time to time)

Line 1:
LW- #20- Abby Dayton, 27 (5'10", 189)- Sniper getting first line duty for the first time.
C- #25- Danielle Cunningham, 28 (5'9", 179)- Shifty playmaker, linemate of Dayton in WCOH 38
RW- #14- Maddie McCarthy, (6'5", 228) (A) 31- Power forward; mildly physical

Line 2:
LW- #12- Meghann Carmello, 24 (5'8", 176)- Small, but an excellent puckhandler and a good shot.
C- #13- Cassidy Conti, 24 (5'9", 183)- Also lacking in size a bit, but complements Carmello well.
RW- #16- Cassie Browning, 29- (6'1", 203)- Sniper and physical.

Line 3:
LW- #17- Meaghan Albritton, 30 (6'6", 228)- Power forward
C- #23- Holly Linnehan, 29 (6'3", 224)- Defensive, two-way forward
RW- #10- Mikayla Conrad, 29 (6'3", 215)- Defensive forward, hard and mean hitter, willing fighter

Line 4:
LW- #29- Jacob Thomas, 25 (6'6", 221)- Physical, power forward.
C- #26- Lauren Potvin, 24 (6'5", 218)- Two way forward with great shot
RW- #22- Jessica Zabinsky, 30 (6'4", 223)- Physical, willing fighter.

Defensive Pairing 1:
LD- #5- Shannon Fowler, 31 (6'0", 205) (Captain)- Completely offensive minded, though smart in her own end. First time as captain
RD- #4- Stacie Nolan, 32 (6'1", 218)- Solid in both ends

Defensive Pairing 2:
LD- #7- Courtney Burnett, 29 (5'11", 198) (A)- Moderately offensive defenseman
RD- #2- Lexi Hamlin, 31 (5'11", 206)- Defensive defenseman, fearless hitter

Defensive Pairing 3:
LD- #27- Mallory Healy, 29 (6'2", 207)- All around defensemen
RD- #8- Kayla Ritchie, 33 (6'4", 230), Two-way player, hard and mean hitter, willing fighter

Starter- #1- Heather Stanford, 30 (6'3", 211)- Hybrid, First time regular starter.
Backup- #30- Anna Howell, 30 (6'1", 211)- Butterfly style

PP Unit 1: Dayton-Cunningham-McCarthy; Fowler-Burnett
PP Unit 2: Carmello-Conti-Browning; Hamlin-Healy
PK Unit 1: Linnehan-Conrad; Nolan-Hamlin
PK Unit 2: McCarthy-Thomas; Burnett-Healy

Also traveling with team (scratched unless otherwise noted)
G- #31- Tori Dixon, 23 (6'3", 211)
D- #24- Cortnie Simmons, 29 (5'10", 197)
D- #6- Jennifer Everson, 26 (6'4", 222)
D- #28- Krystina Marion, 27 (6'3", 219)
D- #32- Kelsie Haller, 25 (5'10", 181)
F- #11- Danielle Turnbull, 21 (6'2", 199)
F- #15- Shelby Coufal, 22 (5'10", 183)
F- #18- Madison Prutton, 29 (5'9", 195)
F- #44- Samantha Dryden, 21 (6'4", 224)
F- #55- Bryan Auger, 24 (6'2", 208)
F- #36- Trevor Bellows, 23 (6'5", 237)

Style Mod: +1

RP Permissions:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes, but only say they are hurt. I will determine the severity.
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes, on a basis of no more then one more then you eject from your own
Godmod Other Events: Maybe. TG your idea for approval first.
NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, & 19; WB 8 & 22; WCOH 11 & 39; IBC 13.
Also: CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, WVE (Vball) 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13 & 15, DBC 21
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77), 81-84.
Games of the XIII Summer Olympiad: Second Most Medals
Hosted: World Cup 54, 67 & 84; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 43 & 45, Conferences within NSCAA, NSCH 1; WLC 7, 30 & 33.

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Postby Taeshan » Fri Feb 21, 2020 6:16 pm

Taeshan Ice Hockey Team

Forwards (by Line)
12 Jackson Gagne 23 MT Ceabring Stormchasers C (Captain)
14 Emmit LaRue 27 Reynea Monsoons RW
89 Jeffrey Kordell 25 Chinchinhua Catalysts LW
24 Axel Gardener 32 Atlantea-Greenville IceWolves C
25 Jordan Maxwell 34 Zorg City Zephyrs RW
33 Alvaro Venatia 24 Yaton Fissures LW
68 Morten Packwell 26 Capetown Capricorns C (Alternate)
88 Fordham Lafayette 22 Atlantea Atoms RW
15 Mathew Gold 29 Loudon Thundercats LW

20 Tyler Pierre 21 Reynea Monsoons LD (Alternate)
5 Gordon Quarant 27 Reynea Monsoons RD
30 Johnson Kent 36 X Island Avalanche LD
40 John Drew 31 Eshington Earthquakes RD
99 Porter Syvret 24 Machrobat Ice Kings LD
2 Benjamin Moriarty 27 Pariot Phoenix RD

1 Emmit Williamson 27 Reynea Monsoons G
70 Emerson Quioto 37 Mierton Lakers G
Last edited by Taeshan on Sat Feb 22, 2020 6:02 pm, edited 1 time in total.
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Cup of Harmony 35, World Lacrosse Championship 2, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83, 84 (RoS)

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14, Sporting World Cup 10

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WCOH 39 - Roster

Postby Vilita and Turori » Fri Feb 21, 2020 10:11 pm


AOHC Champions
World Cup of Hockey XXXIV Champions

Vilita & Turori Ice Cat Things
Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Avalan Marcraw
Assistant Coach: Colora Boharii
Style Mods: +3.14159

Players shown in Jungle Teal are projected to be in the active lineup during the opening match of competition. Players may be subbed in/out of the active roster in response to performance, injury, quality of opposition or match importance.

[ 80 ] 'Snowman' Avalanski [ - Seraai Icestronauts (VHL) - ]

[ 96 ] Fiko Oreta [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]
[ 92 ] Tommy Finn [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 42 ] Koyo Apen [ - Turoki Islanders (VHL) - ]

[ 37 ] Kevin Diesel [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 06 ] Dolak Vintal-Morta [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 62 ] Hluali Tiik [ - Turoki Islanders (VHL) - ]
[ 56 ] Torren Filiao [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 45 ] Cinnami Vellamoi [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 55 ] Bayyre Provichuk [ - Tivali River Sharks (VHL) -]

[ 74 ] Mike Ice [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 50 ] Rikki Budushield [ - Lopinka Lynx (VHL) -]
[ 57 ] Korus Korney [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]

[ 32 ] Cartai Chiate [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 48 ] Ricky Fike [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 16 ] Vakki Cren [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 22 ] Ieeko Nareta [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]

[ 44 ] Alagre Wilnodstar [ - Lopinka Lynx (VHL) - ]
[ 26 ] Ippolit Entara [ - Turoki Islanders (VHL) - ]
[ 7 ] Fordin Unrangii [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]

[ 4 ] River Suzgar [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 23 ] Eastern Raciani [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 41 ] Lance Blaki [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 21 ] Buffky Oktopi [ - Morata Valley Fog (VHL) - ]

[ 52 ] Malaino Oraziala [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]
[ 33 ] Askol Mastley [ - Morata Valley Fog (VHL) - ]
[ 49 ] Ki||to Orreta [ - Turoki Islanders (VHL) - ]

[ 88 ] Ocean Suzgar [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 91 ] Tavren Raparon [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 22 ] Jualiar Fichaud [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 15 ] Emhaoi Linaozi [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]

[ 32 ] Akitana Ruta [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]
[ 17 ] Ataris Filiac [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 51 ] Denmastre Redfran [ - Lopinka Lynx (VHL) - ]


The Vilita & Turori uniform shirts are dark blue with orange and lighter blue striping. The shoulders are Vilitan Jungle Color while the elbows are highlighted in Eelskin Brown. The numbers match the striping in the lighter shade of blue with orange trim. The two-tone helmets allow the Vilita & Turori players to stand out on the ice.

RP Permissions:
Choose my Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod my Scores: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, Duration of Group / Current Stage only
Godmod injuries to my Players: Sure.
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

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Free Republics
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Postby Free Republics » Sat Feb 22, 2020 8:44 am

Fair Play (TM): The Federation of Free Republics National Ice Hockey Team

Style Modifier: -2
Colors: Blue and White
Head Coach: Lisa Edwards
Assistant Coach: Nicola Dellucci
Assistant Coach: Viktor Rokstad
Goaltending Coach: Ai Nishio
Arena: Indoor Sports Palace
Arena Location: Baseton, Amolotopia, Free Republics
Arena Capacity: 23,412

Roster (age and gender in parentheses)

Line 1

LW: Maria Gonzalez (28-F)
C: Emil Danielsen (29-M)
RW: Caitlyn Kiddle (24-F)
D: Lindy Waddell (27-F)
D: Willie Pettersson (25-M)

Line 2

LW: Esra Havekes (26-F)
C: Albinca Seferaj (32-F)
RW: Rosando Visket (32-M)
D: Sharina Bart (26-F)
D: Maryam Lundberg (27-F)

Line 3

LW: Manchu Tan (31-M)
C: Elaine Matheson (33-F)
RW: Tihana Jovanovic (31-F)
D: Lei Sung (28-M)
D: Bodor Angyalka (27-F)

Line 4

LW: Guang Liu (31-M)
C: Chaborz Inarkaevich (33-M)
RW: Fanny Eklund (27-F)
D: Amadeus Melendez (24-M)
D: Bethany Barnes (24-F)

Line 5

LW: Eric Genovese (28-M)
C: Visia Kucharska (33-F)
RW: Valentine Kapustin (28-M)
D: Jasmin Gunnarsson (28-F)
D: Cosma Pisano (33-M)


Starter: Annabelle Johnstone (30-F)
Backup: Lukas Young (31-M)
Third: Procopio Piazza (28-M)

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Last edited by Free Republics on Sat Feb 22, 2020 8:45 am, edited 1 time in total.
Games of the XIII Olympiad Host / NS Olympic Council President
1st: DBC 28, X Winter Olympics, Independents Cup 4, CoH 66
2nd: World Cup 68, DBC 27, U15WC 8, UWCFA Gold Cup I, BoI 15, 2nd Imperial Chap Olympiad, NSCF 11
3rd: World Cups 71 & 81, DBC 29, UWCFC Gold Cup III, GCoS 1
Qualified: World Cups 68, 69, 71, 72, 73, 79
Host: World Cups 68 & 81, CoH 58, X Winter Olympics, World Bowls XXII & XXXI, WBC 42, RUWC 25, Beach Cup XI, World Korfball Classic III, Runner Cup 7
Current Senior Consul: Kyle Bolton (Liberty)
Current Junior Consul: Scarlett Nicholls (Liberty)
Demonym: Republican
Trigram: FFR
Official Nation Name: Federation of Free Republics
List of Scorinators and other related programs



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