ASOIAF - The Bleeding Years: Approved Characters

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ASOIAF - The Bleeding Years: Approved Characters

Postby Dragos Bee » Wed Feb 19, 2020 3:10 pm

Post your Approved Houses, Kingdoms, and Characters here!

List of Dropped Houses and Free Cities:

- House Arryn
- House Stark
- House Lannister
- Volantis
- Braavos
- Ibben
- The Faith of the Seven
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Canon Name:
The Green Kingdom of the Reach


Our Seed is Strong


Canon Military Strength:

The Reach has the mightiest army in Westeros due to the fertile land that it inhabits and the chivalrous nature of the populace. The Reach can muster a host of 60,000 men during time of war; over a quarter of that being cavalry. Making the size of their army; 40,000 light infantry and 20,000 heavy cavalry. Many of their heavy cavalry are also knighted making them a highly trained force.

The Reach also has a strong navy due to House Redwyne of the Arbor; House Redwyne provides over 200 warships. The Shield Islands also provide several hundred multi-oared vessels.

Canon History:

The Reach is the most populous and fertile land in Westeros; it is the home to chivalry and also contains the center of religion and learning in Oldtown. The Reach was established by Garth Greenhand, the mythic hero who led the First Men across the Arm of Dorne and negotiated with the Children of the Forest for the Reach Proper. Garth was said to be a god among men; he taught the First Men how to tend to the soil and brought fertility to the land. Once Garth Greenhand left the mortal plain, his eldest son Garth the Gardener settled atop a hill overlooking the River Mander and built the mighty fortress of Highgarden. Garth the Gardener continued the legacy of being a steward of the land; Highgarden became the most fertile and beautiful location in Westeros.

King Garth the Great transitioned the Gardener family was stewards to kings; bringing in local lords into a friendship alliance and establishing the early feudal model that Westeros would adopt. House Gardener would continue to peacefully bring the local lords under the fold, famously King Garth II would bring House Hightower under the feudal contract via marriage; solidifying their power in the region. It wasn't until King Garth the Goldenhand that The Reach would expand under the guise of conquest as he launched a campaign to expel the Ironborn. This first famous conflict would solidify the modern border of The Reach we have today.

House Gardener and The Reach were among the first to accept the Andals with open arms. At first they were wary but adopted the soft-handed approach of Garth Greenhand and allowed the Andal men to help tend to the land. House Tyrell was among the first to settle in the Reach and became one of the closest allies to House Gardener. With the acceptance of the Andal culture, came the acceptance of the faith; The Reach became the home of the Starry Sept and home to High Septon. Since the conversion of The Reach, Reachmen been at the forefront of chivalry; adopting the lifestyle with utmost zealotry.

Headcanon History:

King Mern IX sits at the throne of Highgarden; a headstrong and virtuous leader. The Reach has seen peace and prosperity under King Mern's rule over the last several years which has led to bountiful harvest. King Mern, alongside House Hightower, has invested much into the growth of Oldtown as a central location of trade and wealth in Westeros. King Mern is wary of the Ironborn who now border his realm in the Trident but is reluncent to act as it would mean moving men out of the Dornish March.

Economic Strength:
The Reach maintains very high economic strength; they only come second The Kingdom of the Rock in terms of physical currency.

King Mern IX "The Thorned Rose" Gardener






Mern took the throne at the age of eight as his father, Garvin II, was killed in a fray with the Stormlands. His mother sunk into a dark depression leading to suicide shortly after King Mern's tenth birthday. Mern's childhood was influenced heavily by two individuals; Ser Lymond IX Hightower and Septon Derrick Root. Ser Lymond IX Hightower would act as his regent while Septon Derrick Root would act as his guardian. Ser Lymond Hightower and the boy became close; Lymond was the reason that Mern became so interested in becoming a knight. While Septon Root put the fear of the Seven in Mern's life, pushing for a rigorous lifestyle of prayer and meditation.

These two influences created the man that Mern is today; the zealot knight of honor. Soon after Mern ascended to the throne he was wed to Elia Hightower; Lymond's firstborn daughter. While Mern was in love with his childhood friend Meera Tyrell, out of respect for his mentor and House Hightower he proceeded to marry Elia. This began his steady era of prosperity for The Reach; being led by a stable ruler and a healthy relationship between the two high houses of Gardener and Hightower.

Mern was knighted at age sixteen and quickly joined the Order of the Green Hand, much to the dismay of his former guardian. He was a reckless youth; gallantly bringing law to The Reach with the sound of clashing steel. Many of his closest advisors, along with his wife, opposed King Mern partaking in activities that put him in such danger. At age eighteen hosted one of the largest tournaments that Westeros had ever seen and enrolled himself in the jousting event. Hundreds of knights stretching as far as the Vale attended; Mern defied his Tyrell steward and enrolled in the joust anyways. Mern ended up winning the tournament by-a-landslide, some only attributed it to 'royal' interference but others claimed of Mern's great talent.

At age twenty-eight, Mern led a raid under nightfall in the Dornish March. He and thirty mounted knights were riding past Starpike when ambushed by fifty Dornish spearmen. The two hosts engaged in a skirmish; while outnumbered and in hostile territory, Mern refused to retreat and was soon hit by a spear in the lower abdomen. Somehow Mern and his men were able to hold their ground and defeat the Dornish. His men rushed him back to the Starpike fortress; he was in a coma for several days but the Peake's maester was able to save him. Some say that this moment strengthened his faith in The Seven; Mern has said he communed with The Warrior during his coma and gave him the resolve to survive the injury.

Mern has become revered throughout The Reach, being known as an impartial and pious ruler. He only seeks to live up to the legacy of his forefathers; although The Reach has engaged in several border conflicts with Dorne, his reign has been mostly met with peace. Mern has strengthened the standing army of The Reach, gave autonomy to the burgher class of Oldtown, and reinforced his relationship with the High Septon.

Mundane Skills:

King Mern is a stout commander and excellent knight; since his youth he has been training in swordsmanship and equestrianism. He has become accustomed to leading his men through the various border conflicts in the Dornish Marches. Through his daily discipline of a training regiment, daily prayer, and strict diet; he has a fit physique. Mern is an excellent equestrian; alongside his horse Maybell, he has won many tourneys from Lannisport to the Eyrie. Throughout his time in court; he has picked up on stewardship often consulting his wide variety of advisors such as maesters and septons.


King Mern is a pious fellow who prides himself in his faith; one can often find him in prayer throughout the day. He has a strong sense of duty when it comes to three things: his kingdom, his faith, and his family. Chivalry is at the forefront of his mind; he maintains his strong honor which leads him to often ignore court intrigue.

While not attending to matters of the state or faith; Mern finds himself in pursuit of knightly matters alongside The Order of the Green Hand. His body shows no signs of aging as he continually keeps up with a rigorous diet and training regime. He is known to be brave in battle, often commanding troops in skirmishes along the Dornish March earning him the nickname "The Thorned Rose" as he is said to have never retreated from battle.

Kingdom: Kingdom of the Reach

Is he/she a Ruler? Yes

Prince Edmund Gardener (20)
Prince Gawen Gardener (18)
Princess Pricilla Gardener (17)
Prince Konrad Gardener (17)
Prince Erik Gardener (14)
Princess Emma Gardener (6)
Princess Selyse Gardener (6)

Canon Name: The Empire of New Ghis

Canon Flag/Badge:

Canon Military Strength: The bulk of the military of New Ghis is made up of the Iron Legion; one of the most disciplined infantry units in all of Essos. Each legion is comprised of six thousand men; new Ghis currently has seven legions making their total count of men 42,000 heavy infantry. New Ghis also has a staunch navy comprised of: One massive flagship, eighteen war galleys, and twenty-two long ships.

Canon History: New Ghis is the child of the great Old Empire of Ghis, once the strongest nation on the planet. At the peak, the empire was ruled by Grazdan the Great from atop of The Great Pyramid. Grazdan's empire stretched from the Isle of Tears to Mantarys, no one could stop their massive slaving fleets that spread fear through the known world. The Empire of Ghis out-shined its neighbors including the new Valyrian Freehold and the City of Qarth.

Less than four thousand years ago the Empire was engulfed in a series of conflicts with the neighboring Freehold after their discovery of dragons. While the Ghiscari Legion was the strongest military and could easily defeat Valyrian infantry, the might of the dragon led to their downfall. After five separate conflicts, the Valyrian Dragon-riders burned the great City of Ghis to the ground and conquered the Empire of Ghis. The slavers soon became the enslaved as the Freehold adopted the practice of mass slavery.

For years Slaver's Bay was indentured to the Valyrian Freehold, many of the former Ghiscari cities were able to maintain a form of autonomy such as Yunkai and Meereen. The Ghiscari people were able to reinstate some of their power after The Doom and the fall of the Valyrian Freehold. The Ghiscari cities rebelled against their Valyrian overlords and slaughtered the provincial governors. The three main benefactors were the cities of Yunkai, Meereen, and Astapor under the various Masters who quickly reestablish Ghiscari control over the slave trade. Yet from the ashes rose the true predecessor of the Ghiscari Empire, the Empire of New Ghis. While the Master's of the Slaver Cities deviated from the original Ghiscari principals for plutocracy and greed, New Ghis remained true and faithful.

Headcanon History:
New Ghis originally was founded by the zo Grazdan family, distantly related Grazdan the Great. The zo Grazdan family quickly reestablished the hereditary and bureaucratic nature of the previous empire. The zo Grazdan also rejected the idea of the Unsullied and reestablished the professional Iron Legion, in favor of a voluntary and conscripted force over a slave-oriented army. The Master's to the north, while remained neutral, disliked New Ghis and rejected the nation of being the child of the Ghiscari Empire. Cultural norms and the need for stability in Slaver's Bay prevented all-out-conflict.

The zo Grazdan family faced pressure from the plutocratic community in New Ghis, those who wished to leave the power in the hands of the Masters. Generation after generation, the zo Grazdan family weakened. The last ruler from the zo Grazdan family was Hizdahr "The Fat" zo Grazdan; a slothful ruler who'd care more about his harem that affairs of the state. New Ghis was on the verge of civil war; the military aristocracy versus the Master plutocracy.

Military commander and the religious elite feared that Hizdahr would lead to the ruin of the nation. The Emperor's council eyed the well respected general Mizleq zo Shaak who was related to the material line of Grazdan the Great. Mizleq was a brilliant strategist and leader who was loved by the nation. Mizleq had served in the Iron Legion for thirty years and had led the campaign to retake mainland territory for the empire and ended up defending it from a Dothraki hoard of 20,000 Riders. The council discreetly approached Mizleq with the offer; Mizleq refused at first, being a loyal soldier and wanting no part in state-building. Although after seeing the execution of two military officers who were charged with treason after insulting the Emperor and a plutocratic riot within the city of New Ghis, Mizleq conceded. Mizleq agreed to stage a coup as long as it was bloodless; the council agreed. Mizleg marched into the city of New Ghis with one legion on the premise of a military exercise. Mizleq marched into the Emperor's chambers, denouncing the Emperor as unfit to rule and urging his retinue to step down. Being as respected as he was; the retinue laid down their arms and arrested the Emperor. Mizleq, not wanting to bolster plutocratic forces, quietly escorted Emperor Hizdahr out of the New Pyramid and exiled him to Sothoryos aboard a slave vessel.

The council staged a grand coronation for Emperor Mizleq; thousands appeared at the base of the New Pyramid and cheered at the crowning of the beloved Mizleq. Emperor Mizleq had the greatest qualities of a ruler; he was just but stern, charming but reserved, and intelligent but humble. He made a great announcement, telling the world that The Empire of New Ghis was the true predecessor to the Ghiscari Empire. He began rebuilding the former capital of Old Ghis from scratch and cracked down on plutocratic elements while bolstering the Iron Legion and consolidating the love of the Ghiscari people. Some say that Emperor Mizleq is leading New Ghis into a new gilded age and will restore of the Ghiscari throne.

Economic Strength:

Due to the proximity on Slaver's Bay and involvement in the slave trade, New Ghis is considered rich but not as rich as its neighboring cities.

Mizleq zo Shaak




Mizleq was born to an aristocratic military family; his father was a proven officer in the Iron Legion and serving as a primary military adviser to the Emperor. The zo Shaak family was also the maternal lineage to Grazdan the Great which brought their house much respect among the Ghiscari community. Mizleq had a difficult childhood; his mother had passed away during childbirth and his father was often away serving the court. Mizleq was ultimately raised by his uncle who was a ruthless drill instructor, teaching Mizleq the art of war as a toddler. Mizleq was often beaten by his uncle during training. This toughened Mizleq and shaped him to become the legendary warrior he is today.

At age ten he was sent off to train as an Iron Legionary. He proved to be an exceptional soldier and capable officer; at the young age of twelve earning the title of Iron Legionary. Serving under his father for several years, Mizleq became a seasoned veteran; fighting against Dothraki hordes and Lhazar militias. After his twenty-third year in the Iron Legion, serving as the Commander of the Second Legion he was rewarded with the title of Supreme Commander of the Iron Legion and primary military adviser to the crown. Mizleq took great pride in this duty and served loyally until the coup. He now sits upon the throne of New Ghis, with newfound enthusiasm he seeks to reform the Great Empire of Ghis and rebuild the old capital to its former glory.

Mundane Skills: Mizleq is a proven military commander, one of the best strategist in Essos from his time serving in the Iron Legion. He is also an exception fighter, even as Emperor maintaining his Legionary Training Routine.

Personality: Mizleq is extremely humble and soft-spoken. He is a soldier-at-heart who has served New Ghis for the entirety of his life, he does not even see himself as a 'ruler' but more so the servant of the Ghiscari people and The Harpy. Mizleq is extremely religious, often spending long periods of time with religious advisers.

Being so devout in his religion and patriotism he can also be very stern. He has cracked down on the plutocrats who he has deemed the enemies of the state and will crush anyone that stands in the way of a united Ghiscari Empire under The Harpy.

Kingdom: Empire of New Ghis

Is he/she a Ruler?: Yes

Preferred Heirs: Grazdan zo Shaak (8)
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Application for the Vale Kingdom, House Arryn, and Character

Postby Ard al Islam » Wed Feb 19, 2020 4:58 pm

Canon Name: The Kingdom of the Vale
Canon Flag/Badge:

Canon Military Strength: 45,000 Vale Knights. They are 30,000 infantry and 15,000 cavalry. 10,000 of them are Arryn Knights; the other 35,000 can be mustered up from all of their vassals during war time. When not fighting, however, they likely won't maintain such a massive standing army, something like 25,000 max. But during war, they will muster up the large 45,000 force that they are capable of. They also have a strong navy with roughly 200 ships, not that well-suited for offense but perfect for defense. They have sufficient men for these ships, separate from the rest of the army.
Canon History: Many First Men established small kingdoms in this region. The most prominent was the Winged Knight, a legendary hero who flew to the top of the Giant's Lance(the tallest mountain in Westeros) to slay the Griffin King.

The Vale was where the Andals first landed, and they easily overpowered the First Men. One prominent house, that of Ser Artys Arryn, won against the First Men at the Battle of the Seven Stars, establishing House Arryn as the ruling house in the newly-named Vale of Arryn.

The Arryns would rule as Kings for 6,000 years, in which time they constructed impenetrable defenses. Their castle, the Eyrie, was impenetrable. In addition, there was one large castle on the way to get there. An important trading city was established around the port of Gulltown. Those First Men who didn't want to submit fled to the mountains and became the Mountain Clans, known for harassing Valemen.

At some point, the North invaded the Three Sisters, and the Vale retaliated by taking them back and burning Wolf's Den, in a war known as the War Across the Water. Halleck Hoare tried three times to invade the Vale, but all 3 times he was unable to penetrate the Bloody Gate(a good distance away from the Eyrie).
Headcanon History: From 47-43 BC, the amount of assaults and attacks from the Mountain Clans slowed, and eventually stopped. The Mountain Clans were preparing for a large attack. This started what became known as the Mountain Revolt, a large-scale rebellion against House Arryn. The Prince and Heir to the Sky Throne, Ser Adler Arryn, turned back a massive force at the Bloody Gate and then followed the Mountain clan, eventually defeating them and putting there rebellion to an end.

After the old king's death, Prince Adler became the King at the age of 30 in 37 BC. He married Lady Bryna of the House Feather in the North, and tried to have a son, but had 5 daughters, the oldest of which was Sharra. Adler is currently the King of the Mountain and Vale, and his aim is to cement the Vale's authority in Westerosi politics, affairs, and diplomacy, whether by making alliances, or by war.
Economic Strength: Average-The Vale has access to the best port on the East Coast, at the city of Gulltown.

Name: House Arryn
Coat Of Arms:
Words: As High as Honor
Location: The Vale of Arryn, with its center at the Giant's Lance
Vassal of: None
Military Strength: 10,000 Vale Knights
Economic Strength: High
History: The Arryns are considered to come from the oldest and purest line of Andal nobility, which they say reaches back to Andalos and possibly Hugor of the Hill.

When King Robar II Royce began to unite the First Men and defeat some of the petty Andal kings during the Andal invasion, the Andals of the Vale united behind Ser Artys Arryn, the Falcon Knight, a native Valeman esteemed amongst his peers as the finest warrior of his day. Robar was slain in the Battle of the Seven Stars, possibly by Artys, and the First Men houses who remained bent the knee and swore fealty to Artys Arryn, the First of His Name, new-crowned King of Mountain and Vale. From that day, the Vale became known as the Vale of Arryn. Songs of the Vale conflate Artys with the legendary Winged Knight, who is said to have slain the Griffin King atop the Giant's Lance. The First Men who did not accept Artys as their king were forced into the Mountains of the Moon, becoming the Vale mountain clans.

The Arryns initially lived at the Gates of the Moon, but over generations they constructed the Eyrie. They often used the Eyrie as a summer pleasure palace, descending to the Gates of the Moon before winter made the Eyrie inaccessible.

The Arryn kings added Pebble, the Paps, and the Witch Isle to their realm. They battled with the Stark Kings of Winter over the Three Sisters in the War Across the Water, which featured King Osgood Arryn and his son and successor, Oswin the Talon, who burned the Wolf's Den. There were bloody battles wherein the Arryn fleet turned back slavers from Volantis, ironborn reavers, and pirates from the Stepstones and the Basilisk Isles. The legendary Lady Alyssa Arryn gave her name to Alyssa's Tears, a waterfall on the Giant's Lance, when she did not shed a tear for her murdered husband, brothers and children.

The most recent conflict was the Mountain Rebellion. Between 47-43 BC, Mountain Clan raids and attacks slowly ceased. They were preparing a large attack. In 43 BC, the old King Robert I, and his eldest son, 24-year-old Ser Adler Arryn, wondered why, and came to the conclusion that they may be planning an attack. That attack came the next year, when 3 separate armies raised by the Mountain clan began their attack. 15,000 assembled west of the Bloody Gate, taking over the High Road up to that point. 10,000 got together North of the High Road between the Bloody Gate and the Eyrie, and 5,000 to the South.

King Robert created three Corps to squash the rebellion. The first was a 5,000 strong Vale army led by his 2 elder sons, Rob and Jon. They were made of the finest knights. The objective of the First Corps was to assist the garrison at the Bloody Gate and repel the main body of the Mountain Rebels. The Second Corps was to be a 10,000 strong army led by Robert's greatest general, Ser Arrys Royce, and his youngest son, Ser Adler Arryn. Their mission was to attack the rebels up north and stop them from getting the High Road between the Bloody Gate and the Eyrie. The Third Corps was led by other bannermen fielding a 5,000 strong army, with the intent to destroy the southern rebels. A relatively small garrison stayed at the Eyrie to defend it.

The Third Corps was the first to set out, easily defeating the rebels in the south. The First Corps set out along the High Road to the Bloody Gate. The Second Corps went north of the High Road to defeat the rebels up north. The First Corps managed to reach the Bloody Gate, and they fought against the rebels, who were laying siege. The Third Corps continued fighting rebels down south.

Up north, Ser Arrys and Adler led the army to attack the rebels, finding them. Arrys took the center, and Adler the left. Another man commanded the right. The battle was easy for the Valemen(thanks to their mounted archers), and soon, the rebels took 1,000 casualties compared to 100 Vale casualties. Arrys' unit managed to smash through their center, causing the rebels to flee. Arrys wanted to pursue the majority who fled East, but Adler suggested to keep going West. They split, and Adler took 3,000 men west and Arrys took 7,000 men east.

Arrys' army managed to catch up to the 3,000 rebels who fled east, and engaged in battle with them. It turned out to be a trap, however, and another 3,000 rebels came and surrounded Arrys' army. They fought bravely, managing to kill 3,000 rebels before in turn being wiped out, Arrys being martyred. The 3,000 remaining rebels began to march towards the Eyrie.

Out West, Adler marched his 3,000 strong force to catch the rebels before they got to the Bloody Gate, eventually reaching them and utterly defeating them, causing a mass surrender. Adler then moved his soldiers to the Bloody Gate, were 5,000 rebels were currently assaulting it. There was already a garrison of 5,000 Vale Knights there. Adler took a secret, one-way route to get out, and moved behind the rebels. The rebels were now trapped against the gate and Adler's soldiers, while the other Valemen shot at them with arrows. It was a slaughter, and only 500 rebels managed to escape through a desperate push. After, Adler learned the terrible news that his 2 brothers perished in the fighting, making him now the heir to the Sky Throne.

Adler then took 7,000 soldiers(leaving 1,000 to guard the Gate) on a mission to defeat the remaining 10,000 rebels. They chased after them and caught up to them multiple times, defeating them 4 times in one week at the Battle of Hills, Battle of the Ditch, Battle of Rainbow Skies, and the Third Battle of the Mountains. These successive victories proved Adler's capability and made him very popular. By this point, they still had 6,000 men west of the Gate, and only 5,000 rebels remained, being pushed further west.

At the Eyrie, 3,000 rebels tried to attack it, to no avail. The defenses were impenetrable, and 1,000 of them were killed by Arryn arrows. They tried to retreat, in the rush knocking many over off the bridges. However, when they got to the bottom of the Giant's Lance, the found the Third Corps, returned and waiting for them.

Now the only threat lay West, and Adler was confident in victory. He moved his soldiers to make one final attack in the mountains, near the Riverlands-Vale border. It turned out to not be so easy, both sides being exhausted. In the end, the Vale won, taking 1,000 casualties while the rebels lost 4,500. The remaining 500 rebels fled into the North and Hoare-controlled Riverlands.

The war made Adler very popular, and he earned such titles as "Adler the Eagle" and "Defender of the High Road." He stayed in the west for a bit to visit other Valemen and provide condolences to the families of the fallen. Soon he got a message from his father asking to return to the Eyrie, and he obliged.

In 37 BC, King Robert died, and Adler succeeded him. As the Falcon Crown was placed on his head, he was proclaimed King Adler Arryn, First of His Name. His first goal was to marry so as to secure an alliance and a bloodline. Although the Vale is a historic enemy of the North, King Adler viewed them favorably, saying "Northmen are Valemen as First Men, and Valemen are Northmen as Andals." He didn't ever want to fight them, but in the event it would happen, he forbade things like plundering.

He wanted to secure a good relationship with Northerners without dissent, so he thought he should marry from a vassal house instead of house Stark. He tried to find a relatively worse-off house with strong values, and settled on House Feather. He visited them and was enchanted by Lord Kaegan's elder daughter, Bryna, for her beauty and personality. She was six years his junior. He asked for her hand in marriage, and he was accepted.

He got married to Lady Bryna Feather, now Queen Bryna Arryn. They had a marriage ceremony at Irontown, and another one at the Gates of the Moon. They had 5 daughters; Sharra, Lydia, Aemma, Bela, and Lily. Adler also made sure that his wife had everything she needed to practice her own customs and religion comfortably, such as setting up a Godswood.

Name: Adler Arryn I, King of Mountain and Vale

Appearance: Adler stands at an impressive 6 feet tall. He is muscled and strong-built, as warriors usually are. He keeps his dark brown hair long, that it flows down to his neck. He also maintains a beard. Adler prefers to wear traditional Vale clothing, and usually some protective or fighting gear(not full armor, but maybe a vest). He has long hair, but he wears a hat. Usually he wears a military-style wool hat, sometimes wrapped in a scarf. If needed to, he will wear the Falcon Crown. He also wears a gauntlet on his left arm at all times for Saqruhaa.
Age: 40
Bio: Adler was born in 67 BC, the third son of King Robert Arryn. He had 2 older brothers, Rob and Jon. He learned how to speak before he could walk, and when he was 2, he rode his first horse. When he turned 4, his father made him learn the ways of the warrior. He practiced and became adept in the uses of the sword and bow. He liked to play with his brothers, but they were always too rough with him. In time, he also learned how to read and write from one of the servants at the Eyrie.

When he was 5, in 62 BC, his younger sister Sharra was born. Until now, it was only brothers. Sharra looked up to Adler. Adler felt closer to his sister than with his brothers, and he would often read stories to her. When Sharra turned 3, Adler stole a horse from a knight and brought it to her as a gift. He eventually returned it, though.

Adler would spend the next 2 years improving his fighting ability, as well as studying various subjects(his favorites being history, economy, warcraft, theology, politics/diplomacy, and medical). Various squires recall Adler as having "a book in his hand as much as he had a sword." During this time, Adler's relationship with Sharra grew stronger, and they frequently did many fun things together.

At the age of ten, it seemed that Adler lost all interest in the way of the warrior. He would often confine himself to his room, not going outside to practice sword-fighting with the smallfolk or practicing archery. He spent his time studying and writing poetry. He was only visited by his parents and his sister. Adler's mother remembered these times:
"I would come in the morning to see how he was doing, and he would be reading a book, his sword resting against the wall or on the floor. He wouldn't say much to me. Then I would go elsewhere and come back later, and then he was writing. I asked what he was writing, and he would describe the poetry or story he was currently working on. He would then take a candle and burn it, before writing something else. It was a very miserable time, and I feared the worst."

Adler would speak to his sister more than anyone else. They had very heartfelt conversations, and they knew all of each other's secrets. Sharra would bring food to Adler every day and wouldn't leave until he ate it. It hurt her very much to see Adler depressed like this. Adler never gave a reason for what caused his depression, but it's been speculated that it was a lack of confidence in his abilities as a warrior, being overshadowed by his brothers.

In 52 BC, tragedy struck. Adler, now a 15-year-old man, learned that 10-year-old Sharra had been kidnapped by one of the mountain clans. She was sadly killed. Adler blamed himself for her death, a guilt he has always lived with. From that day forward, Adler vowed to become a great warrior and avenge his sister.

Adler traveled all over the Vale to learn every combat technique. Swords, spears, pikes, staffs, axes, daggers, and bows. He kept himself sharp and well trained for fighting. One notable Knight he squired with was Ser Aquila. Aquila traveled all around the Vale with Adler, exposing him to life as a Knight. Eventually, at the age of 17, Adler was made a Knight by Ser Aquila, a fortnight before he died.

At the age of 18, Adler located the clan that had killed his sister. He went on a revenge mission, going after each of the clan leaders in an assassin type fashion. He managed to recruit small armies, and he fought numerous battles with the clan, eventually killing the men responsible for his sister's death and earning the respect of his father. King Robert placed Adler as a commander in the army. For the next few years, Adler proved his military prowess and fighting ability in numerous campaigns against Mountain clans. The greatest of these was in 42 BC(when he was 25), the Mountain Revolt(see above for complete details)

After the war, Adler set up numerous relief centers in the Western Vale to provide aid to many people whose lives were affected by the fighting. He ended up becoming very popular with the smallfolk, and Adler would often give his own money to them. He set up temporary provisional councils to control things. King Robert was getting senile, and Adler was acting on his behalf. He demanded that House Hoarre return all escaped Mountain Clan rebels, but this fell on deaf ears.

Adler knew the reality of his situation. With his brothers dead and his father growing old, it wouldn't be long before he became the King of Mountain and Vale. Eventually, he got a Raven from the Eyrie to return. Adler bade farewell to his men and rode across the High Road with a protective escort to the Eyrie.

King Robert revealed to Prince Adler that he was dying, and he needed to teach Adler how to become a great king after him. For the next 5 years, Adler studied diplomacy, politics, and administration, all the while honing his combat skills. His father also gifted him some fine weapons; an ornate sword and a Valyrian steel dagger, which he named Talon. When Adler turned 30, he was given a falcon egg, which hatched into a female falcon that Adler named Saqruhaa.

Eventually, the sad news came. In 37 BC, King Robert passed away at the age of 60. Adler was now Adler Arryn I, King of Mountain and Vale. His first aim as King was to secure a bloodline. Already infatuated with Northern culture, as well as wanting a strong presence in the North, he looked to find a good house to marry from. He learned of the House Feather, and set off to meet them.

King Adler and his entourage arrived at Irontown and met with Lord Kaegan Feather. After a brief meeting and discussion, Lord Kaegan takes the King to his residence. Their, the King meets Lord Kaegan's 19-year-old son, Eyan, and his 24-year-old daughter, Bryna. He is immediately enchanted by Bryna's compassionate disposition and her breath-taking looks. The King makes an offer of marriage on the spot.

After much discussion, Lord Feather and King Arryn work out a marriage alliance. King Arryn requests Lady Bryna's hand in marriage, and in addition, being allowed to place a garrison of 2,000 Vale knights in Irontown, who would live independently. He also demands that the Feathers turn in any mountain fugitives that they may encounter. In return, King Arryn offered a holding in Gulltown reserved exclusively for House Feather, allowing them to build a merchant fleet and mitigate the disadvantage of being landlocked. Lord Kaegan happily agrees.

King Adler and Lady Bryna are wed in a ceremony in the way of the Old Gods, in front of a Godswood tree. They then hold an elaborate feast, which King Stark himself attends. After Lady Bryna Feather, now Queen Bryna Arryn, bids farewell to her family, the couple and their entourage sale back to the Vale.

In the Eyrie, they held another elaborate ceremony, this time in the tradition of the Faith of the Seven. After the wedding, Adler has a Godswood set up for his wife so she can practice her faith. Later in the year, Bryna gives birth to their first child, a daughter. Adler names her "Sharra."

Adler continued to rule after that, ten years so far. His reign was marked by an era of social reform, changing policies to work better, making him popular with the population. He also works to end the "threat" of the mountain clans. The King's main goal is to strengthen the Vale as a power in international affairs, and King Arryn does so with control over Gulltown and a garrison in the North. His reign is secured, and so is his kingdom.

However, King Arryn has had trouble producing an heir. Over the years, he has had 5 daughters with Lady Bryna; Sharra(37 BC), Lydia(35 BC), Aemma(33 BC), Bela(31 BC), and Lily(29 BC), but he has no sons. The future of his kingdom may be at risk, but he feels that his daughter could become the ruler. Still, he would prefer that one of his daughters has a son who can become King.
Mundane Skills:
Combat: He is regarded as the greatest warrior in the Vale of Arryn, with great skill in many weapons.

Leadership: King Adler has proven himself to be an excellent leader, both politically and militarily.

Falconry: Is very skilled at hunting with his falcon, Saqruhaa.
Magic (If Any): N/A
Personality: A very wise and compassionate person, Adler loves to uphold the chivalrous values of the Andals. He is very proud of the Vale and its history as an unconquerable nation. He has the personality of a warlord if needed. He can be very cold. He is very stern with his enemies, and very loving with his friends. As one man puts it, "an Eagle outside, a sparrow in the house." When needed, he can be very aggressive. He is able to keep his emotions in check, for the most part. Adler has an absolute love for his family(mother, wife, and daughters), and he considers himself blessed to have so many women in his life.
Kingdom: The Vale of Arryn
Is he/she a Ruler? Yes
Heir(s): Sharra Arryn(10), Lydia Arryn(8), Aemma Arryn(6), Bela Arryn(4), and Lily Arryn(2), in that order. It does not bother Adler that he has only daughters, but he hopes that one of them will have a son who can become King.


Name: Sharra Arryn, Princess of Mountain and Vale
Sharra is a fair-sized young woman, known to be one of, if not the most, beautiful girl in the Vale, being known as the Flower of the Mountain. Despite being only 10, she has had countless marriage proposals, all of which her father rejected. She has light brown hair, and her mother's eyes.

Sharra's style of clothing is a blend between her parents. Like her mother, she prefers to wear plain dresses, but she will wear elaborate overcoats over them in traditional Vale style. She keeps her hair braided, and she either wears nothing on her head or a crown(her's, or more usually, her father's). She also takes to wearing a gauntlet on her left arm for birds.
Age: 10
Bio: Born in 37 BC to King and Queen Arryn, she has lived her life in the Eyrie and the Gates of the Moon. Sharra knew from a young age the enormous responsibility she would have as future Queen. When she was 2, her younger sister Lydia was born. By this point she could speak. When Sharra was 3, she would begin to accompany her father on his journeys, after she learned how to read. She would often ride on the same horse with her father, who loved her dearly. One witness states:
"[Adler's] host had set off from the Gates of the Moon. We were heading towards Gulltown for an economic assessment and meeting. As the King mounted his horse, the Queen watched from the doorway, her infant in her arms, and she tried to hold Sharra back from running to her father. The little girl tried to run as best she could towards the King, who, evidently, really loved her. Although she could speak, she was shy, and the King took her up in his arms and kissed her head. He then tried to put her down on the ground, but she resisted, grabbing his beard. The King relented, and he lifted his daughter up on the horse in front of him, removed his elaborate Falcon Crown, and placed it on her head."

When Sharra was 4, she learned to write, and she became less shy, openly talking to others. Another sister, Aemma, was born. Adler had left to assess a situation regarding mountain clans, a dangerous mission, so Sharra had to stay behind. She was home with her 2 sisters and her mother, Queen Bryna. Sharra and her mother would spend their time riding horses and practicing archery, sparking Sharra's passion and skill for them. When her father returned, Sharra surprised him with her archery ability, better than usual for a beginner.

By the time Sharra turned 5, she had began reading books in the library. She learned a variety of subjects, but her favorite things to read about were history, politics, and falconry. At this time, the King was organizing a visit to see his father-in-law, for he was unable to before and Lord Kaegan was soon to pass away. The Royal Family sailed to the North, Sharra's first time on a ship. It scared her, but eventually they made it to Irontown. The King was glad to see his father-in-law, the Queen was glad to see her father, and Sharra was glad to see her grandfather. Lydia and Aemma were too young at this time to know what was happening.

It is said that Sharra greatly impressed her grandfather with her knowledge and skill in falconry, showing no fear when Adler's falcon perched on her arm. Her uncle Eyan helped her with her archery. After a week-long stay, the Royal Family headed back to the Vale.

For the next 5 years, Sharra would spend her time learning, practicing archery, horse-riding, playing with her sisters, or practicing falconry. On one occasion, Adler and Sharra were hunting in the woods near the Giant's Lance, and Saqruhaa captured a rabbit. Both of them called her back, but Saqruhaa flew right past her owner and instead perched on Sharra's arm.

Sharra would either be traveling with her father on his journeys, or staying at home with her mother. She didn't mind either. She respected and admired her mother for sacrificing her life to start a new one here. Sharra would soon join Adler's entourage, always accompanying him on stately matters and even speaking at them, impressing many with her wisdom. It is said that Princess Sharra wore the Falcon Crown more than King Adler.

In one journey when she was six, Sharra rode her own horse instead of sharing one with her father. At the meeting, various bannermen were debating where to build a new military outpost to monitor the mountain clans. Sharra spoke up, silencing them. When the bannermen asked where to build the installation, Sharra took put her bow and shot the map that one of the bannermen was holding, right at where she intended. "There," she said. Adler was reportedly so impressed by this that he lifted Sharra up, placed his crown on her head, and then placed her on his shoulder.

Another time, when she was nine, she was at home with her mother. A man slipped into their room with a dagger, intent on killing Queen Bryna in her sleep. Sharra, who was awake, shot the man in the knee. Saqruhaa then swooped down and grabed the dagger from his hands.

Now, at 10 years old, Sharra is continuing to learn how to be a good ruler for the Kingdom.
Mundane Skills:
Archery-Sharra has been doing archery for a few years, a skill she learned from her mother. They like to go hunting together.

Horse-riding-Another skill she learned from her mother is riding horses. One of her favorite things to do is go on rides with her mother.

Politics-Sharra has a great presence in Vale politics.

Falconry-She seems to have a natural talent with it.
Magic (If Any): She has some sort of psychic connection with birds, especially falcons. She often talks to them, and they appear to listen.
Personality: Similar to her father and mother. Calm and cool in most situations, trying to always see what's going on. She makes observations and then rational decisions. Sharra thinks before she does things. She understands her responsibility, knowing full well that she will be the one to inherit the throne. As such, she was forced to age much faster(Adler learned he would be King when he was 25). Sharra is also very compassionate towards the people she loves, especially her parents. She likes to help the smallfolk also.
Kingdom: The Vale of Arryn
Is he/she a Ruler? No
Heir(s): N/A
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Name: House Farwind
Coat Of Arms: Image
Motto: From the Sea, to the Sea
Location: Farwind Keep, a more recent creation on Coast of Ironman's Bay close to Oldstones, and Fairwind, a smaller keep on Harlaw
Vassal of: House Hoare
Military Strength: 4,000, Split half between defending the Keeps and the Farwind fleet that numbers about 40 Longships. These are usually scattered among the Isles and Coasts however, and it not uncommon for several to go missing to Essoss under the command of a young Farwind looking to prove themselves.
Economic Strength: Average

History: House Farwind traces itself back to it's founder, Gelmarr Harlaw, who sought his fortunes after being exiled from Harlaw for a crime he supposedly did not commit. Gelmarr traveled far and wide, assembling a fleet and fortune of his own as a pirate who explored the Eastern World from Slaver's Bay to Braavos. During his explorations he took for himself an Iron Wife, a fierce Valyrian woman who proved herself as a combatant ten times over. After several decades roaming the east, Gelmarr returned to the Islands, becoming known by his nickname, Gelmarr Farwind. Making peace with his family, he used his wealth to build a keep on the shore of Harlaw, naming it Fairwind to honor the winds that bore him to and from the east.

Gelmarr's descendants would end up designating themselves by the name Farwind as time wore on, eventually becoming a separate house from the Harlaw's entirely. The house continued Gelmarr's tradition of exploration and far off raiding rather than sticking to Ironman's Bay like their other brethren. Children of House Farwind would often dissappear for years before returning to take their seat in Fairwind once rumors reached them of their parent's demise. The Farwinds also tended to take their spouses from the East rather than marrying among the Ironborn. This has resulted in the Farwinds inheriting Valyrian white hair over time, making them easy to pick out from among other Ironborn. This tradition continued to Maron Farwind, who encountered the ambitous Harwyn Hoare among the Free Cities. As ambitious as any Farwind, Maron quickly struck an alliance with the young Hoare, and when Harwyn moved to return to the Isles, Maron followed.

Maron there discovered that his father had perished a few months before and that he was now Lord in Fairwind. He was the first among the Ironborn to back Harwyn as King, and he was the first to follow the Hoare's into the Riverlands. Though the conquest was a success, Maron was killed by a stray arrow in battle, and so his young son Theon Farwind took command. Theon was a barely man of 18 who had spent more of his life on a boat following his father than he had on land. Still, he had proved himself a cunning warrior time and again both at sea and in the Riverlands, and so when the Conquest was finished he and his father's loyalty to Harwyn was rewarded with a stretch of land along Ironman's Bay near Oldstones. On this land, using Riveland thralls, Theon built himself a respectable keep with a majority of the Eastern wealth the Farwind's had built up for generations, significantly reducing his own economic standing but giving himself a strong position from which to raid the Westerosi coasts while his siblings and eventually his children would continue his family's tradition.

Name: Taedor Farwind, "The Blizzard"
Age: 21

Bio: Taedor was born at sea, like most Farwinds. His mother was a Volantene Low Valyrian named Saera who his father had taken as an Iron Wife after she cut down 10 of her former master's men when Byrant Farwind raided the rich Volantene estate. Unlike most Farwinds, Byrant gave Taedor a Valyrian name, as the elder Farwind had always been a fair bit more academically inclined and possessed an appreciation for Valyrian culture uncommon among even their Family. Taedor was raised on the rough seas, educated in the ways of Leadership by his father and the ways of combat by his father's Ironborn captains. Taedor grew up hard and cunning, both family traits, but above all the boy was ambitious, taking command of a ship in his father's fleet by drowning its Captain at the age of fifteen, two years before the family would return to Westeros. This ship, the Serpent of Harlaw would become Taedor's own flagship when he ascended to his father's fleet. At the age of sixteen, while docked in Lys, Taedor fell in love with a highborne Lysene by the name of Saenya Taraleos. Using a large portion of his individual wealth, he paid her dowry and wed her, making her one of the first Farwind wives to not have proven themselves in combat in a long while. Saenya still presented the High Valyrian traits of her ancestors and woe came upon the man who would dare touch the wife of the young Farwind.

Following his father back to the Farwind Keep, Taedor was 17 when he first set foot in his "homeland". In a composition about the ascending of Byrant to his seat, Maester Olyvar wrote "Though young, the boy's eyes reveal the look of one who has seen far too much to be pleasent to the world. Indeed, though he boasts and brags more than anyone else at a feast, an air of cold seems to follow him, as though his white hair was actually snow...". Byrant was the firstborn son of Theon Farwind, and when the old veteran finally died after ruling over his new keep for nearly 39 years. Byrant's reign would be in complete contrast to his father, as after a week of feasting to celebrate his ascension, the newly minted Lord of Farwind Keep was found dead on the beach, drowned after passing out drunk in the surf. If Taedor was disturbed by his father's death, he gave no sign, remaining as cold as ever. Over the next three years, Taedor would rule his lands with an iron fist, investing his wealth into establishing a small port near his keep where goods could be shipped to the isles. It was also in this time that Taedor Farwind became one of the most feared names along the Iron Coast, as he and his fleet burned towns from the North down to Dorne. Recently however, the raids have stopped, leaving many in both his own kingdom and across Westeros to wonder why.

Mundane Skills: Taedor is a skilled warrior, being able to best most other fighters with a sword or in hand to hand. He is a decent enough strategist, being able to run small groups effectively but he struggles with larger armies. Though he can read and write, his knowledge of rulership does not extend much beyond that and as such he is forced to use his Maester, Olyvar, as a crutch more often than not.
Magic (If Any): None

Personality: Taedor is primarily defined by his cunning. A trait not often seen in those as physical as Taedor, he relies much more on outthinking and manuevering his opponent than he does on brute strength. This cunning however had made Taedor a cruel man, often seeing the straightest path to a goal and only considering the consequences as they compare to the rewards. He is respected by his Ironborn warriors, and feared by his Riverlander subjects. The only person who is able to thaw his heart is his wife Saenya. Taedor seemingly shifts into a different person in her presence, relaxing and treating her with a kindness unknown even to his mother. It is said that if one is to petition the Blizzard, that they wait until his wife is present to do so.
Kingdom: The Isles and the Rivers
Is he/she a Ruler? Yes, but he is a Vassal to House Hoare
Heir(s): Earon, his three year old son, though it is expected that should Taedor die before any of his children are of age, that one of his many brother will try to seize the patriarchy of the family from the child of that "Highborne Whore" as they call Saenya.

Name: Saenya Farwind, previously Taraleos
Age: 23

Bio: Saenya Taraleos was the middle daughter of Valon Taraleos, a magister of Lys with a reasonable deal of prestige. Her days included recieving courtship from the sons of other Magisters, writing poetry with her mother, and living on the isle of Luxury that was her home city. She had everything that most in the world desired, and yet she wanted more. Her family was once great, among the Dragonlords of Valyria, and yet they were now forced to squabble for glory among the lowborn magisters of a city of whores forced to bend the knee to an upstart bastard city on the mouth of the Rhoyne. And so Saenya began to plot, planning her own return to glory.

Her plans would end up being both interrupted by the arrival of a young pirate in her father's house. Her father had paid the barely-man to kill a political rival on the high seas, and the young man had done so with the brutality of a maul but the precision of a dagger. She was impressed by both the lad's ambition, and his figure, the attributes and features of a Valyrian turned to iron and made brutal. Through Saenya's own machinations, she and the boy began to court, and she found herself falling for the man of steel who she had brought into her life. As it turned out, the lad was no mere pirate, but one of the rumored Westerosi Ironborn that made the subject of tall tales in Lys. Within a year the pair were wed, and soon after Taedor was called to sail home with his father to witness his sire's ascendancy to his seat.

It was through Saenya's wealth and the couple's combined machinations that saw the newly titled Byrant Farwind drowned by a Faceless Man on the coast of Ironman's Bay. Taedor was coronated shortly after, and soon after that Saenya gave birth to the child's first child, Earon. The Lysene woman soon became an entrenched figure in the politics of the Ironborn kingdom, becoming as feared in the shadows as her husband was in the light. Saenya desires true glory, and nothing will stop her or Taedor from achieving it.

Mundane Skills: Intellect- Naturally quick and tutored by some of the best minds in the Free Cities, Saenya may not be able to fight effectively with even a dagger, but she instead can best near any opponent in a game of wits. While her husband is clever when it comes to combat and more basic political movements, Saenya definetly makes up more of the brains of the pair, putting political moves into place years ahead of time and making it seem like it was an entirely other person who benefited from her machinations.

Magic (If Any): None

Personality: Ruthless, Intelligent, Cunning, and unquestionably stubborn. At least the real her is. For the sake of appearances and to play the Westerosi, Saenya makes herself seem like simply another ditzy and joyful Lysene who couldn't care less about realm politics. Like her husband, she is softened by the presence of her other half, but it can be a risky move to try and play her in any circumstance.
Kingdom: The Isles and Rivers
Is he/she a Ruler? No

Name: House Taraleos
Coat Of Arms: Image
Motto: N/A, Not a Westerosi House
Location: Lys
Vassal of: Technically Volantis, but once again not really applicable
Military Strength: 1,000 Hired Guards
Economic Strength: High

History: In the old days of Valyria, the Taraleos family were one of the older and prouder houses of Dragonlords. Tracing their lineage back to at least a thousand years before the doom and potentially much further, they were a symbol of both Valyrian exceptionalism and arrogance. They maintained both a grand palace and tower within the great city of Valyria, and their own personal resort in Lys. Among their legacy they counted ownership of Kalyx the Green, a great emerald wyrm who in some legends forged the walls of Volantis. Yet, like all of Valyria, their hubris would be their downfall.

Nearly all of House Taraleos was in Valyria when the Doom occurred. In mere moments, a dominant house was reduced to two brothers, Lysan the Black as he would come to be known in Lys, and Vimion the Redeemer, as well as their sister-wives. When the Lysene mobs heard of the Doom, they decided they had had more than enough of the Dragonlords that survived in their city, and in the dark of the night murdered the Dragons of Lys. In this number was Lysan and his dragon Iskan, whose death marked an end to the Taraleos Dragons. With the death of his brother, Vimion was forced to take control of his remaining assets, and through hard work and heavy investment managed to not only save his Lysene possessions but reform his family from nobility to the owners of one of Lys's most profitable trade companies, who worked closely with the newly freed Ghiscari. Thanks to Vimion, the Taraleos palace still stands proud on it's own small island outside of the main city, and many a Lyseni has wondered about what relics of the old Freehold may lie in it's vaults, including the rumored last clutch of Taraleos eggs.

Name: Vilarr Taraleos
Age: 65

Bio: Vilarr was born nine years after the doom to the Redeemer of his family, Vimion Taraleos. As a youth he was often remarked for his energy, and though his father was an empassioned supporter of Volantis, Vilarr was noted to be quite in favor of independence, words that made him no shortage of enemies. Though he lacked skill with a sword, his mind was sharp, and his tongue sharper, and though his father remained patriarch of the family, Vilarr was often the one getting dirty with underworld politics in the Perfumed Sister, much like his daughter later would. Vilarr eventually married his older cousin Raenya Taraleos, daughter of Lysan the Black, and in his earlier days of marraige had a single son, Maedor Taraleos. Vilarr himself would become patriarch of his family and a magister in his mid 40s, when his long lived father passed on in his sleep.

Now forced to play both above the table and below it, many in Lys agree that becoming a Magister only hurt Vilarr's skill. While he was an impressive opponent when he could pay attention to one thing at a time, now that he was split between managing a trade empire, a political position, and underground businesses, he was stretched far too thin. It was during his early days as a Magister that his daughters Jaesa and Saenya were born to his second wife, who he had taken after Raenya passed away suddenly from an unknown illness. Still, stretched as he was, Vilarr still managed to succeed as a magister. Then, tragedy struck. A ship that Maedor was a passenger on was raided by pirates, and Vilarr's only son and eldest child was either dead or enslaved. The tragedy broke Vilarr. The diseases of the mind set in far earlier for him than most men and reduced a once cunning man to a weak willed puppet of his advisors and his wife. Among his two daughter, the elder one, Jaesa, took advantage of this, and after eliminating most of her competition and arranging for her sister to wed a Westerosi she liked, something her father would have never agreed to had he been in his right mind at the time, she took control of the strings that others had attached to her father and has been using him as a figurehead ever since.

Mundane Skills: None really. In his younger days Vilarr was an impressive political opponent but in the present the man is a shell of what he once was, ravaged by both the sadness over the death of his son and the onset of mental ravages normally not seen until one is much older.

Magic (If Any): None

Personality: At the present Vilarr is a weakwilled man who will often just agree or repeat the last thing that was told to him, which is almost always his eldest daughter or someone she has approved to talk to him. Still, he holds a sentimental spot for his family even through the clouds in his mind and when someone brings up a topic he was once passionate about some glimmer can be seen in his eyes and he revives if only for a minute or two.

Kingdom: Volantene Lys
Is he/she a Ruler? No
Heir(s): His eldest daughter Jaesa
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House Targaryen of Dragonstone

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Canon Name: House Targaryen
Canon Flag/Badge: None or a Simple Red Dragon on Black(At this time they had no House Sigil, per World of Ice and Fire Book. Sigil was created by Aegon and his sisters to show themselves as the three heads of the dragon.)
Canon Military Strength: 3000 Total Land(100 Heavy Horse, 200 Light Horse, 1000 Archers, 1700 Footmen), 15 War Galleys
Canon History: Several years before the Doom befell Valyria, Aenar the Exile relocated his family and their five dragons to the isolated outpost of Dragonstone. Mocked as a cowards by his contemporaries, Aenar's decision proved fortuitous as the Doom split Valyria and burned even the dragons flying above. The cursed lands that remained after rarely saw visitors and those who survived the Doom were forever changed into Demons, haunting the lands of the once glorious empire that spread across most of the known world.

Now as the final Dragonlords in existence, the Lords of House Targaryen have dwindled in strength. At one point, they had but one Dragon to their family name. Balerion, the Black Dread. The dragon was fearsome and had grown quickly, being little more than a hatchling during the time of the Exile. Now, the dragon was huge and a true symbol of the strength of a dragonlord. The dragon has also been productive, at the age of 86 now, it has had two of its eggs hatch. First, Meraxes and later Vhagar.

Headcanon History:
- To make things easier, Balerion was hatched in Valyria the year that Aenar the Exile travelled to Dragonstone 114 AC. Doom befell 12 years later. Balerion's age of 86 is derived from that formula.
- Age of Meraxes is unknown, but it was hatched before Vhagar and after Balerion. I'm putting it at Age 47, so a Large fighting sized dragon, but still time to grow. Basing this solely on the AGOT mod from CK2 so I don't have to make the decision myself
- Age of Vhagar is being done the same way. The mod puts Vhagar's age at 24 years younger than Meraxes, so Vhagar is 23 years of age. Again, fighting size dragon, but still plenty of growing to be done.
- As far as the dragon Cannibal is concerned, there are rumors it was on Dragonstone before the Targaryens, and rumors that it was born from a hidden clutch of dragon eggs from Balerion or Meraxes. In this instance, I'd like to believe the former so we don't have a giant dragon floating around without a rider. So dragonstone will have one wild hatchling dragon within a cave of the Dragonmont. Hatched concurrently to start of RP in case any Velaryon player shows up and wants a cute fire breathing pet.
- Small Targaryen family. The family tree given on the wiki page is all the known family members and with the current lord not marrying a sister, I assume that means he did not have a sister to marry and was an only child. Thus the Targaryen line is currently Aerion, Visenya, and Aegon.
- Orys not yet born, if the timeline makes it that far, he will be born about the same time as Rhaenys will, so in a year or two at most.
- Dragonstone military strength. Basing off of later numbers, but it is know they did have a considerable fleet when combined with their vassals in the form of the Velaryon fleet. I'll not add the Velaryon numbers to my own app, as I hope we get a player for them. If not, I'd suspect at least 30 dedicated warships and a land force of ~5000 men as Driftmark has a larger population and a sizable towns on it in the form of Hull and Spicetown.
- Visenya is 2 years Aegon's elder, so she would be two years of age at the start of this RP.

Economic Strength: Average

Name: Aerion Targaryen
Appearance: Wiki Image
Age: 35
Aerion was the son of a third son. His father's brothers preceeded him as Lord of Dragonstone without issue of their own, leaving the island brother to brother to brother, until Aerion came to power five years ago. His father, Daemion, had inherited the lands from the middle brother, Baelon, who rode Balerion as a mount. With Meraxes as his father's mount, Aerion found his way to tame Balerion shortly after the death of his uncle Baelon. With two dragonriders, the island was quite secure and a third young dragon growing gave hope for further power. However, shortly after the marriage to Valaena Velaryon, Aerion's father died and with him the dragon Meraxes flew off to the Dragonmont for some time and lived as an untamed dragon. Before his father's death, Aerion had a growing ambition, but after he was cautious. The last of his line. This changed with the birth of first a daughter, two years ago, named Visenya. Then he decided she would need to become a dragonrider and have siblings to ride the other dragons. Recently Valaena gave birth to a son, whom they named Aegon. The young boy was to be the future ruler of the island, Aegon II of Dragonstone. However, two children would not be enough. There were three dragons, he needed three children. He began talking with Valaena about a third child, and she was unsure if it would be wise for her to have another so soon. The Maester agreed and Aerion was forced to wait.

Aerion regards the mainlands of Westeros with distrust since his father's death. The land is constantly at war. Despite this, he has made friends with several of the nearby Lords in the Stormlands. Particularly Lord Bar Emmon who has had a child recently as well, perhaps a multi-generational friendship could emerge if the two lords could kindle the friendship between the two future lords. Aside from this, Aerion views the mainland as a warzone. With the Kingdom of Isles and Rivers slowly consolidating its power around a vast building project on the banks of the Gods Eye in the Riverlands. Should that monstrosity of a castle be completed, it is likely that the Riverlands will be ruled by Ironmen for generations. Because of the Ironmen and the size of their naval forces, Aerion has made a fairly strict policy to not involve Dragonstone in the military affairs of the continent, instead trading with places such as Duskendale, Gulltown, and Weeping Town. However, his wife has pressed him to be more conscious of the mainland and his vassals on Claw Island, the Celtigars, continually ask for his aid to subdue what they view as the remainder of their lands, Crackclaw Point.

Mundane Skills: Having grown up the son of a third son, he was not expecting to garner any kind of title. However, he was given a good military education should his cousins need his services. This has led to him having good swordsmanship and above average strategic knowledge of warfare. However, this came at the cost of knowing the proper behaviors at court. Because of this he rarely holds court and only does so regularly once a tenday. He avoids going to the mainland of Westeros, preferring Dragonstone and Driftmark with the occasional visits to Claw Isle and Sweetport Sound. He is quite the linguist however, knowing how to read and write both Westerosi and High Valyrian as well as to understand and speak several variants of low Valyrian common in the Free Cities.
Magic (If Any): He is a Dragonrider.
Personality: Cautious and patient. Aerion is not going to rush into anything he has not already thought through. He will avoid conflict with continental powers, knowing that if he dies too soon, the Last Dragonlords could become extinct entirely.
Kingdom: Lordship of Dragonstone
Is he/she a Ruler? Yes
I. Aegon Targaryen, Age 0
II. Visenya Targaryen, Age 2
III. Valaena Velaryon, Age 30
IV: Eldest Male Sibling of Valaena Velaryon
V: Next oldest Male Sibling of Valaena Velaryon, or oldest female if no living Male siblings exist
VI: Father of Valaena Velaryon, mother if father no longer exists
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Canon Name: Kingdom of the Rock/House Lannister
Canon Flag/Badge:
Canon Military Strength: 45,000 (40,000 Infantry, 5,000 Cavalry)
The Rock's Army is one of the mightiest forces in Westeros. Though arguable whether they're the greatest warriors, what is certain is that they're one of the most disciplined and highly trained fighting forces on the continent. What is further certain is that they're likely the best-equipped army in Westeros, with the vast wealth of the Lannisters and her vassals affording soldiers the best armour, the best arms, and the best steeds of war that money could buy. Speaking of steeds, the Lannister Heavy Cavalry is arguably one of the best in Westeros, comparable even to the famed Knights of the Vale in terms of shock value and combat ability. Made up of veteran and extremely well-trained horseman, they're very ideal shock cavalry and are a complete terror to many on the battlefield.

The Rock also retains its own navy: a rather punitive fleet of about 30 Warships.
Canon History: Legends have it that the origins of House Lannister lay during the Age of Heroes when Lann the Clever tricked the family of House Casterly out of their home of Casterly Rock: a massive castle built out of a mountain, filled to the brim with a massive amount of gold. Only several years later, House Lannister would rule the "Kingdom of the Rock," which extended over most of the Westerlands, and extremely wealthy part of Westeros filled to the brim with mines. Though they initially fought against the Andal Invaders, unlike most other Kingdoms, House Lannister welcomed many of the Andals and integrated them into the Kingdom, to the point where when King Gerold III died without a male heir, his throne fell to Ser Joffrey Lyndon, an Andal.

A period of expansion and conflict followed as the Kingdom of the Rock expanded, going into conflict with the Kings of the Reach and the Iron Islands. Though perhaps the richest kingdom in Westeros, House Lannister's prestige took a massive hit when Tommen II lost the Valyrian steel Brightroar during his doomed expedition to Valyria. Now, House Lannister must regain that prestige, and prove that the Westerlands are a force all of Westeros should beware.
Headcanon History:
-Tywin is specifically noted for his intense and surprisingly brutality when taking care of the Reynes and Tarbecks, so I would assume that no Lannister leader before him has been so brutal on such a mass scale. So House Lannister will not have this massive fearful reputation as in the setting of the books/show.
-I've always thought that the term "A Lannister Always Pays his Debts" was somewhat of an invention by Tywin, because of him "paying back the debts" to the Reynes and Tarbecks who insulted them so. So I feel that the motto, and what the values it represents, won't be as notable in this House Lannister as it was in the show/books.
-I'd imagine that House Lannister would be considered somewhat of a laughing stock, or at least somewhat disgraced, because of their loss of Brightroar. I say somewhat because House Lannister still commands one of the most powerful kingdoms in Westeros, and certainly the richest, so to be so bluntly offending to them would probably mean great consequences.
Economic Strength: Very High
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Name: Reyne
Coat Of Arms:

Motto: A Lion Still Has Claws
Location: Castamere
Vassal of: Lannisters
Military Strength: 5,000


Economic Strength: very high
History: House Reyne was a family of First Men who can trace their roots back to the Age of Heroes, where they made their underground seat of Castamere, established around mines, caves, and tunnels. The silver and gold mines made the Reynes as wealthy as the Lannisters and the Reynes became a notable power in the Westerlands and styled themselves as the Lords of Castamere.

The Reynes joined the Kingdom of the Rock when as vassals when King Loreon I Lannister wed a Reyne daughter.

Name: Lord Armond Reyne “The Ironbreaker of Castamere”

Age: 21
Bio: Armond was born the eldest son of Randyll Reyne, the Lord of Castamere. The young boy was known for his willful personality and unwillingness to back down. He would constantly butt heads with the maester as Armond wanted more time training with the sword than to sit a read. If it weren’t for the combined pressure from his parents and his siblings, Armond would spend the rest of his day with a wooden sword at his side.

Reynes already had their high reputation being as rich as the Lannisters but it is through Armond’s father that made the Reynes famous for their warriors. Armond inherited that legacy the moment he picked up a real sword and began training under his father. Given Castamere’s close proximity to the Iron Islands, Armond quickly found himself alongside his father fighting back against Ironborn raiders. It was then when he took on his father’s glory hound attitude towards combat with the Ironborn as he took great joy battling them.

It was when Armond turned 18 when he earned his nickname “Ironbreaker” during a battle outside of a coastal village after he cut down ten Ironborn raiders by himself and personally dueled and killed the Ironborn captain. However, it did not come without a cost as Armond’s father was killed that day by a stray arrow to the throat.

Armond became the Lord of Castamere and inherited Red Rain, the ancestral family valyrian steel sword. Still distraught by the loss of his father, Armond sought comfort in the arms of his wife but it wasn’t enough to calm his thoughts. He became increasingly restless as he would journey outside of Castamere to battle Ironborn raiders in an attempt to enact his revenge of his loss. Still, it wasn’t enough.

It wasn’t until one fateful day when Armond and his retinue intercepted an Ironborn party and routed them back to their ships. A hot pursuit ended up Armond boarding and fighting even more Ironborn on one of their longships. He only managed to secure one ship while the rest fled the beachhead. Beneath the deck, he found and rescued several girls captured from a nearby village that the Ironborn were hoping to take as saltwives.

The moment he looked at them, Armond became instantly smittened by their beauty and a burning desire awoke inside of him. Either out of pity for their injuries or his newfound desire, he offered to take them back to Castamere to recover which they accepted. From then on, his harem would only continue to grow larger every year as Armond continued to remain vigilant on protecting his lands from foriegn incursions. He may have been consumed by the lust but a Lion still has claws and they are as long as sharp as any sword.

Mundane Skills: Arguably the deadliest swordsman in the Kingdom of the Rock and an exemplary strategist and tactician. Despite his relatively good education in rulership, Armond rather delegate the finer details of governance to his treasurer, lord of laws, and castilian so he can focus on his most favorite subject: battle. He’s also quite the chivalrous casanova since his fame would have him bring a girl or two home whenever he returns from his campaigns.
Magic (If Any): N/A
Personality: What he lacks in politicking, Armond makes up for his fascination with warfare. He’s the first one to arrive in the battlefield and the last one to leave it and the soldiers love him for that reason. Armond won’t turn down a good duel since he wouldn’t let an opportunity to hone his swordsmanship slip between his fingers. Despite his dedication to the art of warfare, he is wise enough not to ignore his other duties. Armond regularly hosts festivals for the peasants and engages in Cyvasse with his vassals and courtiers.

His biggest trait is his insatiable lust for women. It is said that the amount of bastards he produced was as high as the Ironborn raiders he killed, and Armond slain a lot of Ironborn. Armond, however, does not actively pursue already married women and quickly rejects advances from those who approach him. “I broke my vows with my wife.” he reasoned, “I will not have a woman break hers.” The beauty of his harem of young girls (since he was very picky) reached mythical proportions when Reyne household knights often joke that Ironborn raid Castamere just to get a glimpse of those girls.

Armond takes great pride in his marriage and his harem and will take great offense to any joke made about either of them. He’s not a slouchy father either as he trains his bastards as well as his trueborn children. He expects all of his children to lead productive lives.
Kingdom: the Rock
Is he/she a Ruler? No, Vassal
Heir(s): Rickard Reyne (infant child of eight months)
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Canon Name: Volantis / New Valyria
Canon Flag/Badge:
Canon Military Strength: 50,000 (40,000 infantry | 10,000 cavalry)
Excessively wealthy and laden with riches from centuries of trade, Volantis has one of the largest most expensive armies in all of Essos. They had no need of levies or training soldiers of their own from the territories they control. They, instead, had all the gold to buy the readily-trained armies it needed to dominate any lands it wanted. Companies of battle-hardened sellswords, free-riders and sellsails fill the ranks of the Volantene army and navy. When their mercenaries fail them, Volantis relies on its legions of slave soldiers to succeed wherever gold cannot. As the closest Free City neighboring the great slaver cities of Slaver's Bay, Volantis has easy access to highly-disciplined slave soldiers like the Unsullied to bolster their military strength whenever they had to.
Canon History:
Oldest of all the free cities and the "first daughter" of the Valyrian Freehold, Volantis was the first colony founded by Valyria to protect her borders north and west of the Summer Sea. It began as a mere garrison protected by immensely thick walls of black stones fused together by dragon fire. Wealthy Valyrian families, however, took advantage of this outpost to trade along the Rhoyne. Overtime, Volantis grew rich and powerful thanks to the trade between Valyria and the Rhoynar whilst their rival Rhoynish city of Sarhoy declined.

During the Rhoynish Wars, Volantis and their dragon overlords broke the power of the Rhoynar and sowed salt into the ruins of Sarhoy after its destruction, preventing that city from ever rising again. After the Doom of Valyria, Volantis cemented its might in the south-east region of the Disputed Lands becoming the greatest and most powerful of all the Free Cities. Believing that the mandate of dominance, once held by the dragonlords, was now theirs, the Old Blood of Volantis declared themselves heirs to the Valyrian Freehold and its vast territorial empire rightfully theirs. Their Triarchs launched a campaign of conquest into the Disputed Lands and conquered the Free Cities of Myr and Lys which they have held in their power for two whole generations.

But that was years ago and now the power of Volantis or New Valyria is beginning to wane. Sensing weakness, the other Free Cities have begun to stir and rebellious sentiments among the Myrmen and the Lyseni have risen one octave higher. If the Triarchs continue to ignore these warnings of impending danger, they might find their mandate of dominance, cut short before its time.
Headcanon History:
- Maelenya Valyreos wins the support of the Old Blood and freeborn people in Volantis and replaces Marqelo Tagaros as the new Triarch in the yearly elections.
- There are now two Triarchs from the tiger party and one Triarch from the elephant party holding power in New Valyria. Triarchs Maelenya Valyreos and Basaron Caliar are tigers whilst Triarch Aegagon Rahgaris is an elephant. Two males and one female.
- True power resides with Triarch Maelenya who has seduced and is now controlling the weak-willed Triarch Basaron. As the only elephant in the room, Triarch Aegagon's influence is diminished and reduced under the united front of the two tigers.
Economic Strength: Absurdly Rich

Name: Maelenya Valyreos
Age: 30
Even amongst the other Old Blood families, the Valyreos have one of the purest Low Valyrian bloodlines flowing in their veins. Generations upon generation of inbreeding between their own family members made sure of that. Their forefathers were very obsessed and meticulous when it came to keeping their succession lines clean of all foreign filth. As proof, their heirs bore all the trademark of the beautiful Valyrians, from their fair skin to their divine silver-gold hair and their deep-blue eyes. This came at a cost however, and almost every successor of the Valyreos family was born with some genetic defect, ranging from insanity, to chronic illnesses and sometimes when the gods wanted a good laugh....disfigurement and limb malformations.

As such, despite their pure lineage and ancient history, the Valyreos are prevented from rarely holding long-term political power in Volantis by the very blood-line they seek to keep pure. Maelenya Valyreos was different however. She was born with all the physical attributes her family sires wished they had and none of the genetic defects they were plagued with.....or so it seemed. Like her forefathers before her, Maelenya was raised with an undying loyalty to her family and the burning ambition to uphold and better the family legacy. Unlike them, however, Maelenya preferred worship of R'hllor than to the old gods of Valyria that her kin kept faith with. When this was made known, it slowly won her the favor and support of both the slaves and the freedmen especially when she became a direct patron to the Temple of The Lord of Light in later years. She also disagreed with her family's methods of keeping the blood-line pure. Maelenya understood that the consequences far outweighed the benefits of inbreeding and was the first of her kin to refuse marriage to a sibling or a closely-related relative with the same blood.

When Maelenya came of age, she began seeking other suitors with pure-enough Valyrian blood in them to wed and bed. Maelenya's beauty by then had become the talk and gossip of all Volantis, both within and without the Black Wall and even across to its sister-cities of Selhorys, Volon Therys and Valysar. It wasn't long before suitors came flocking from all walks of life but Maelenya had already set her eyes on the then Triarch of Volantis, Marqelo Tagaros. It didn't take long for her to seduce a man two decades older than herself and persuade him to abandon his wife and concubines and to take her hand in matrimony. They got married and before long, Maelenya became pregnant with his seed. Several years later, after the birth of their only daughter, Triarch Marqelo Tagaros suddenly died in his bed asleep. Most thought his death was natural and contributed it to his old age and ailing health. Others, especially the rivals and enemies of the Valyreos, knew better and suspected that Maelenya had poisoned her husband with the Sweetsleep.

That belief was cemented when in the following year's election, Maelenya Valyreos took her deceased husband's place as a new Triarch of Volantis, having won the support of the freeborn and seduced another older Triarch to her side. As a tiger of the Old Blood, Maelenya strives to seal her family's name and legacy by sealing New Valyria's dominion over all the Disputed Lands. More importantly, she seeks to raise the purity and status of of the Valyreos bloodline and looks west to the last of the High Valyrian families with a plan to do so.
Mundane Skills:
Politically astute and extremely well-versed in political and diplomatic matters. Maelenya is famous for her skill in hiding her true thoughts and emotions and switching them around to change a conversation/discussion to her benefit. From her childhood to adulthood, her slaves, servants, parents and siblings have always felt unnerved at her ability to smile and charm someone one moment and then subtly threaten and terrorize them the next with a calm and cold demeanor. Maelenya has also shown great cunning and intellect when it comes to military planning and strategy.
Magic (If Any): N/A
Maelenya is extremely charismatic with the looks and outward behavior of a true queen. Most people are blinded by her beauty and her visible actions, but deep down she is as apathetic and cold-hearted as an Unsullied soldier. She has no qualms killing children or betraying friends and comrades if they stand in the way of her family legacy. Virtues like kindness and love are all mere tools for her to use in fulfilling her familial ambitions. Her one redeeming quality is her love for her children and she does truly love them to a certain extent, but all her sons, except her eldest, remain afraid of her for like most, they can never comprehend her true nature.

Unfortunately for all her beauty, intellect and outward perfection, Maelenya does have a secret genetic affliction passed down by her sires. Once in awhile on very random occasions, her body would give into sudden epileptic seizures where she would lose control of her body to horrifying fits. Without the help of her longtime slave and trusted confident, Sira, Maelenya would have swallowed her tongue and choked to death a long time ago. It comes as no surprise that the only one she truly trusts is Sira for nobody else, not even her own children, know of her affliction.
Kingdom: Volantis / New Valyria
Is he/she a Ruler? Yes
1. Daemon Valyreos - oldest son
2. Vaegor Valyreos - 2nd oldest son
3. Garon Valyreos - youngest son
4. Alaera Valyreos - daughter
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Canon Name: Ibben
Canon Flag/Badge: N/A, although if a description is needed, it is a white sperm whale on a gray sea background.
Canon Military Strength: 15,000 men at best, 10-11,500 at worst
History: A hundred god-kings of Ibben ruled the island in the times before the Doom of Valyria, aggressive traders, they have on multiple times, tried to seize the Sarne's mouth, and the economic power that came with it. They also have tried many times to wrest total control of Bitterweed/Battle Bay from the Lorathi and sometimes the Norvoshi (mostly over the Axe), although these have not profited them in the slightest, and the bay remains uncontrolled by a single power. Of their more successful attempts at conquering an Essosi foothold, there is the Kingdom of the Ifequevron, which they fully subjugated under the reign of God-King Togg, perhaps one of the more successful God-Kings of Ibben if not the most successful. Nearby Ibbish was also settled. The criminals of Ibben were, and still are being sent to the town of Ib Sar, by far the largest settlement on Far Ib; here, not only common thieves, rapists, and murders are sent, but also those who speak out against the God-King, a treasonous act. So far the nation is united tenuously, but the recently ascended God-King Hroo has a penchant for cruelty and is quick to dismiss most of his duties to equally as cruel sycophants, and with tensions arising, it seems that a rebellion is slowly brewing.
Economic Strength: High


Name: Gurn Kramman
Age: 26
Bio: Born the only son of one Kramman family: one of the noble families in the Port of Ibben, Gurn was constantly in contact with the previous God-King's family, and with his father and mother scraping about whatever favors they could use, received his education under the tutelage of the God-King's younger brother, a general by the name of Holger. He gained the attention of the God-King's family and quickly positioned himself into being a royal favorite. Given command of an army at the young age of 18 and sent to fight in the colonies against the encroaching Dothraki (a scheme he assumed, was hatched by people opposing him), he suffered an initial defeat, fleeing the field even. Given a second chance, he led another army and utterly defeated the Dothraki khalasar rampaging about in the colonies, although at the expense of three-fourths of his army. This price of heavy loss for victory was the usual occurrence for whatever army Gurn led against the Dothraki, but he was capable of spinning the numbers and position himself into the hearts of the colonial Ibbenese. Soon his first victory with light losses was achieved against a local rebellion, and he followed it up with the same results against a Dothraki khalasar.

Afterwards, he was appointed lord-governor of Ibbish just weeks before the death of the previous God-King. His successor Hroo was not fond of him and would attempt to isolate him away from the mainland as much as possible, but with the growing economic differences between the mainland and the colonies due to his policies, said action seems to be growing more implausible by the day, and with his cruelty and wanton dismissal of justice, poor Gurn seems to be on a collision course with something that'll change the Ibbenese nation irreversibly.
Mundane Skills: One of Ibben's most capable generals, as he is able to lead both large and small armies (personally as well) with ease and use them to their greatest potential as shown in his campaigns against the encroaching Dothraki. Although his dueling leaves a lot to be desired (poor duelist). A good diplomat and an above average administrator.
Magic (If Any): N/A
Personality: An ambivert of sorts, he prefers to listen during conversations rather than start them; give him the reins however, and he'll quickly take away the flow of the talk from you. Famously (and genuinely) charitable, he also has a penchant for justice, but is quite the liar and a ruthless man as well.
Kingdom: Ibben
Is he/she a Ruler? Yes, Lord-Governor of Ibbish and her surrounding territories.
Heir(s): Only has 1 son, Gurn.
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Name: The High Septon, His High Holiness, Father of the Faithful, Shepard of the Faithful
Appearance: A tall man, bearing the noble features of the lineage of Garth Greenhand
Age: 57
Born into the most pious House Oakheart, the young man who would go on to become the High Septon had always desired a crown. With three older brothers, and sisters besides, Jon quickly came to realise that his family's resources and affections did not stretch far enough to envelop him. Though receiving an education and early lifestyle unimaginable by the common peasantry, for a noble youth of such status as a scion of the great family of Oakheart it was severly lacking. But young Jon did not allow that to hold him back, as an adept student he turned to the only steady figure in his life that offered any sort of nourishment to his growing ambitions: wise Septon Lyle.
The friendship between abandoned youth and resourceful mentor is one which returns frequently in the annals of history. Perhaps, in some small way, this union of learned and learner is divinely ordained, as the results are often felt as far afield as the Seven hold sway. In this occasion, to-be-forgotten-Jon was placed in the care of a man capable of ensuring that such a travesty would not be allowed to continue. With eager acceptance from the old Lord Oakheart, Jon accepted the faith in heart and mind, and embarked on his ascent to power.
The first step for eager Jon was to the tutorage of the brothers in the Septry of Eightstreams. Famous now for being school of the High Septon, when Jon first walked through the wooden doors the community was known for its beeswax. Indeed if it were not for the fervour of Lyle, who took it upon himself to ensure his new student recieved the best teachers available, then perhaps our Father of the Faithful would yet still be struggling to give a voice to the Faithful. His time at Eightstreams saw the young lordling grow into a pious and powerful orator, wise beyond his years in the creed that is the holy word of the Seven. Quick to make friends, Jon made fellowship with several future voices whose support was instrumental in the High Septon's ascension: Manfrey with the golden eyes; the twins Richard and Rickard, born with winestains on opposite cheeks; stunted Eustace from Starpike; Tyler with the hair of an ironborn; Tyler with the hair of a Dornishman; and Robett, who was near enough twice the age of Jon when the companions were granted the white robes of their rank.
Bittersweet upon leaving Eightstreams, the man then known as Septon Jon was destined for the populous village of Goldwich, to which he offered a community almost a thousand strong comforting guidance from the Seven. Though on the face of it the village was one lost among a thousand of its ilk, it held a special place among the Faithful, for it sat not a day's ride from the Septry of Gareton. Behind its walls, twice the height of those which enclosed Eightstreams, were housed the personal lodgings of one Septon Casper.
Before our illustrious High Septon took it upon himself to guide the Faith in a new direction, the Most Devout were in many ways indistinguishable from the petty nobles they rubbed shoulders with. The greatest of Septries were nothing more than castles, bastions for personal gain and power. And in this way the wealth of the Faith had begun to scatter into the pockets of a certain type of Septon, more often than not within the inner circles of the Most Devout, if not counted among their number themselves.
And Septon Casper, fat and balding, was the greedy patriarch of one such bastion.
Many would think that our Septon Jon, tutored in purest form of faith, would take it upon himself to drive such a blaggard from his position. But Septon Jon was no fantasy hero from a child's tale. He was a man of vision. Instead young, courageous Jon swallowed his sinful pride and wore the mask of friend. Blinded by the lofty dreams our High Septon was able to instill in his mind, Septon Casper acted as the link between Jon and the Starry Sept, nurturing the connections which would become integral in the coming years. And as this friendship blossomed, Jon was able to subtley convert sin to virtue. Years passed, with Casper's donations to market festivals and sept construction nearly tripling each season, and soon the smallfolk were revelling in the presence of Jon and Casper alike.
But as with all things in his life, Jon had to take another step forward. Together with Casper, and in the coming years his friends from Eightstreams, the Septon took his place among the Most Devout. There was speak of the intervention of Osgrey silver, and iron daggers, but no evidence would be found. Nothing to incriminate our High Septon whose joining the Most Devout was most clearly the act of a loving divine force. For once Septon Jon sat the council, his voice began great change.
The Faith has always been the pillar of Andal society. It is the mortar which holds fast the walls which protect the defenseless. The fire which warms the hearts of the pure. And too many had forgotten those tenents by the time of Jon's arrival. Instead of the matters which needed addressing, such as: the decline of the Faith Militant, the regionalism of Septons, and the lack progress of conversion on the fringes of the lands of the faithful; the old High Septon had his advisors discussing renovations to summer lodgings, new festivities to add to an already crowded calendar, and the prospect of integrating certain Faith estates within the hereditary structures of the nobility. Some suggestions went as far as outright blasphemy.
Into this braying did wise, respected Jon enter. A voice for the Faithful, as he had been for decades, Jon quickly earned the respect and loyalty of the Septons who remained true to their vows, and wished a return to the ways of leading which truly represented the Faith. Though his work was arduous, his difficulties great, Jon steadily amassed great influence through his dealings with commoner and clergy alike. To have been living in Oldtown during his first year would surely be the most treasured memory of many. Daily sermons, delivered from a different street each day which had never seen septon whites, spoke of a future which would see the Faith strong and prosperous. Trials, most famous being that of the feud between Septons Alester and Nestor, were dealt with in the public eye. Though many considered such a thing beyond the pale, Jon earned the respect of many more.
And so it was that the death of the old High Septon led the old way giving way to the new. Twenty years of inward stagnation gave way to violent rebirth. Petty greed and waywardism gave way to centralised purpose.
Our High Septon will deliver us all.
Skills: Orator, Administrator, Proficient Reader, Proficient Writer
Personality: Ambitious, pious, self-confident to the point of arrogance, hardworker, gregarious, generous, easily slighted.
Kingdom: God's Kingdom
Is he/she a Ruler? Yes
Heir(s): To be decided by the Most Devout

Name: Noble and Puissant Order of the Warrior's Sons
Military Strength: Highly variable, currently around 1,300 under direct command - Oldtown Chapterhouse: 600; Lannisport Chapterhouse: 300; Stoney Sept: 200; Gulltown: 200;
Canon History: The knightly order has been a part of Andal culture for thousands of years, representative of the highest attainable virtues of any faithful man to walk the earth. Its members renounce almost all worldly possessions in the pursuit of the defense of the Faith and the Faithful. Wearing inlaid silver armour and rainbow cloaks, their longswords pommeled with star-shaped crystals, a Warrior's Son was often the most devout of knights. Having earned a reputation for their hatred of all heathens, the knights of the order are seen as the greatest defense the Faith has at its command.
Headcanon History: Though many still argue that it better serves the origins of the Faith Militant as a whole, there is some common agreement that the Westerosi notion of the Warrior's Sons has a strong history with the very first landings on the Fingers in the Vale of Arryn. For it was here that the first zealots, branded with the Seven-Pointed Star, took to the battlefield against the heathens of the continent. While many would argue that those first zealots instead represent the Poor Fellows, their convictions and desire to rid the world of the enemies of the Faithful is something shared with their better trained brothers. Though many years have since passed, the fervour of those men remains within the hearts of all the Faith Militant.
Warrior's Sons are present across the length and breadth of Westeros below the Neck. Across much of the riverlands they can be found in small roving bands, akin to the Poor Fellows whose responsibilities deal directly with the people of the land. However the largest concentrations of Faith Militant can be found at the Chapterhouses, of which five are of any real size worth mentioning. It is from these barracks which the High Septon calls on his most loyal warriors, men whose loyalties are wholly to him.
Economic Strength: High

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Vassal/Custom House
Name: House Urie
Coat Of Arms:
this but with a blue blackground

Motto: Soar to the Light
Location: Nephilim keep and its surrounding lands (in place of Langward)
For Reference:

Vassal of: The Storm Kings of House Durrandon
Military Strength: Maximum 3,000; Currently 1,400 (1,100 Infantry 300 Cavalry)
Economic Strength: Low

The history of House Urie is recorded firstly by the bard Corban the Troubadour and then by the Maesters of Nephilim Keep. The founder of House Urie, Alran Urie, was one of the Andals who landed on the shores of the Stormlands during the late stages of the Andal Invasion of the Stormlands. Alran was well-known among the Andal ranks for his swordsmanship and even more known for his honor and compassion. When he defeated a first man he never chose to kill them; instead he congratulated them on a well-fought battle, made them swore to never take up arms against his Andal brothers, and sent them home. Alran originally had a small group of men under his command, some 50 knights he would travel around with claiming glory for the seven. Over time, the first men he defeated chose to serve under him instead of returning home, increasing the size of his forces twofold.

The most memorable moment of Alran, as recorded by Corban, was his defense of a small town south of the wendwater, at the border between The Storm Kings and The Iron Kings. The town was already previously ravaged by ironborn raiders, leaving them defenseless to the incoming Andal Invaders. Alran was deeply troubled by this situation as he knows that the group coming to the town was led by a warlord who was known for his cruelty and ruthlessness. Alran rushed to the village and informed the smallfolk that their lives were in danger. The smallfolk were initially wary of the tall Andal man ordering them around but were swayed by the hundreds of first men warriors who gave testament to the man's honor and kindness. After a few days the Andal warriors descended upon the village, defended by Alran and his rag-tag group of Andal knights, First Men warriors and village smallfolk. The fighting was intense; only because of the sheer number of Alran's forces were they able to counter the Andal knights. In the middle of the battle, a long and grueling duel between Alran and the Andal warlord ensued. Arlan's skill as well as the warlord's strength and speed was evenly matched. Alran eventually managed to tire out the warlord and behead him with a single stroke. However, a sneak attack from two of the warlord's men hit Alran by surprise. They were killed by the village smallfolk who had seen the unforeseen event. The battle was won yet Alran Urie's state remained in critical condition.

A few week's rest brought enough vitality to Alran who was conscious but will forever be bothered by attack. The two perpetrators left two vertical scars on the back as well as having affected his lungs to the point where he will no longer be able to fight for a very long time. The smallfolk celebrated the defense of the town as well as the heroism of the Andal Knight Arlan Urie. Once Arlan was able to stand on his own feet however, a group of men from House Durrandon came to the village, demanding that Arlan and all Andals with him come with them or else have the village destroyed. Arlan, not wishing to endanger the lives of the smallfolk, went willingly along with the remnants of his original core of knights. Along the way to Storm's End, Alran learned that there was a seventh attempt at taking the mystical fortress and once again, like all other attempts, failed. Suddenly, all andal lords in the region of the stormlands was invited by King Maldon IV Durrandon for an armistice.

The feast at Storm's End signaled the end of hostilities between the Storm King and the various local Andal Lords. All of them, Arlan included, swore allegiance the Storm Kings. Arlan was granted land by Maldon due to his honorable defense of the village a few weeks prior. Coincidentally, the land was the surrounding lands the village he defended was standing on, making him its lord. He also wed a first men maiden, thereby truly establishing the house of Urie. He was greeted with fanfare on his way back to the village and all the smallfolk of the village immediately swore allegiance to their new lord. The knights of Arlan intermarried with the smallfolk and they helped build the foundation of what would become Nephilim Keep.

Name: Asher Urie
Appearance:Image This minus the beard and with amber eyes

Asher stands at a height of 5'10". His long and thick raven hair falls down to his shoulders, giving him a broody aura. He has wide shoulders and yet has a lean musculature. He prefers colors that are predominantly black, due to currently mourning the loss of his father Lord Arlan III of Nephilim Keep. His eyes are a shade of dark brown amber which becomes fully amber when hit by the shining sun.
Bio: Asher was the firstborn son of Arlan "Ambersword" Urie and Miranna Massey. The Nephilim keep's location meant that everyone had to be ready for the eventual ironborn raids. Arlan, from a young age, was taught swordsmanship and archery by the castle's master-at-arms. However, Asher's interests truly lie in reading about the world and of life itself. After the combat training he so greatly resented he would run to the keep's maester and ask him to teach him how to read and write. At the age of six, Asher was sent to his mother's original house, House Massey, on Stonedance to further enhance his own skills. There Asher was given equal opportunities to hone his scholarly as well as martial pursuits. He was well-regarded because of his intelligence and skill with a bow.

It was at this point in his life that he would develop a close relationship with his father. He never felt affection to his father during his early years because Lord Arlan was always busy with defending the lands against ironborn raids. Once Asher left Nephilim keep, he and his father would send letters to one another, discussing things such as warfare, their family, the gods, their hunting dogs, even life itself. Asher came to see his father more clearly than ever and became one of his role models. He would send some gifts to his father, such as the tusks of the boar he killed in his first ever hunt. This relationship with his father became a motivation for him to do better with his swordsmanship, the one thing he and his father would disagree on.

It was agreed that Asher would return home once he reached the age of sixteen, but a local matter with pirates delayed Asher's departure by a few months. Asher was accompanied by several knights of house Massey in order to ensure the safety of young Asher. Once they arrived at the border of Nephilim, they were ambushed by several Ironborn raiders. All of the knights accompanying Asher were killed and Asher was only able to barely escape, racing back to his home to get to safety. Once he arrived, however, he saw the devastation which the ironborn brought upon his home. The village was burning and there are no guards at the castle's gates. Asher rushed inside the keep where bodies wearing his house's colors were strewn across the floor. He rallied the guards still alive and forced the raiders out of his home. He was relentless, even when the ironborn were already retreating; he would shoot all the arrows available at the fleeing islanders until he was stopped by Maester Joren, the maester who taught him how to read and write. He explained that while Asher was gone, the raiders got bolder and bolder with their attacks, but this attack was unlike anything they have ever experienced before. Maester Joren also guided Asher to his dead father, a sword stab on his chest visible, laid down on a table at the lowest levels of the keep. The death of his father hit Asher hard. He was planning on going after the raiders but the presence of his mother and his sister, a young girl born during his years away from home, took away vengeance from his mind. Instead he focused the past few months rebuilding the lands, rekindling his relationship with his remaining family, and preparing the people so that they may never face such a tragedy ever again.
Mundane Skills:
Asher is, admittedly, only an average swordsman. It is only a combination of good armor, a good sword, his guards, a good strategy and tactic, and his own skills that will keep him alive on the battlefield.

Asher is well-versed in the ways of the bow. He is able to shoot an arrow as far as 300 yards with his personal bow, an ironwood bow specially made from the North. An effect of this is that his left arm is somewhat larger than his right.

Asher was blessed with a natural agility, able to move much quicker with his body. This is the basis of his fighting style; tire out the opponent with fast strikes and dodges until an opportunity to end it arises.

Asher is not the type of leader to inspire men in a single speech. In fact his public speaking skills are rather lackluster. His strength lies in speaking to them privately and inspiring loyalty one soldier at a time and he is able to maneuver around political dialogue deftly.
Magic (If Any):None
Personality: Asher is oftentimes a quiet person, preferring to sit in the sidelines, observing as much as he can. This is the public persona Asher presents, which makes him out as a broody scholar, since his inclination for scholarly pursuits are well known. He is known to observe carefully before acting in any given situation, preferring to figure out the situation and taking action based on his observation. He can become an intimidating force as a leader when negotiating, exuding confidence and power. Between those he is close to, however, he is a lot more cheerful and possesses a dry sense of humor. He is a lot more talkative with those he is close with and will playfully tease them once in a while. He also possesses a strong sense of honor but can be forgotten when under extreme bouts of stress.
Is he/she a Ruler? Yes, though a vassal of the Storm King
Heir(s): sister (age 5) and his male cousins of House Massey

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Name: House Feather
Coat Of Arms: White, Golden Sphere, Black Feather
Motto:Our Hearts Light
Location: The North, East of King’s Road, North of Last River, Northwest of Last Hearth
Military Strength: 200 cavalry, 2,500 infantry
    Cavalry from House Feather generally are of the skirmishing nature with the same armor equipment as the infantry, with a kettle helm and gambuseon, though are armed with ironwood shortbows. Their deployment can be characterized as marauding, used to harass the enemy flanks and rear and engage enemy routed infantry. Feather infantry are noted for the standardization of their equipment, which generally can be considered a short spear, round shield (ironwood, a rim of steel, bossed, 30-35 inches in diameter), shovel, short blade, kettle helm with wide brim, and gambuseon. For archers, the equipment is roughly the same with the inclusion of an ironwood flatbow. Tactics often involve the use of deep trenches before and around the lines, shieldwalls or three line maniples, and the use of heavy infantry charges to end combat rapidly.
Economic Strength: Average
    The history of House Feather is recorded via The Old Annals, firstly a work of disgraced and exiled Maester Thomis during his time as an engineer upon the Wall, which details eventually the events of the Houses Founding and continues to this day. A landless soldier by the name of Foy, during the raising of the Wall, would study under the exiled Maester, curious to know of the man, why he was exiled, and what he might tell. Through the Maester, Foy learned much in the way of architecture, much in the way of fortifications, and when that Wall was completed, he rode farther south with the Maester and a small band in tow, in part acting as the Maester’s guard against what marauders and highwaymen there may be and in part to forge out what they themselves wished.

    Eventually the group of fifty men would find themselves several dozen miles northwest of Last Hearth and House Umber, and begin construction of their own stronghold. Built from the ironwood of the nearby forest, what would become Foy’s Point started as a simple settlement of half-sunken houses covered by snow, low walls, and hundreds of spikes circling the estate. Near the Last River, their ability to trade and hunt ensured the settlement’s survival through many harsh winters though Foy himself was not satisfied. He began to send out patrols, managing the area about his estate through force of arms, establishing himself with other townships as an honorable man. Such patrols would become known to train local townsfolk in the arts of combat and siegework, turning what otherwise defenseless towns into places able to withstand a raid or two by the Wildlings. Such patrols also become known for their keenness in hunting raiders, deserters, and other such filth of the land.

    Two years into Foy’s Point, the fort was approached by a small retinue headed by bannermen of House Stark who delivered a message. Such a message made the demand for Foy to go to Winterfell, give word on his case as to why he made such a settlement, and for what Lords there to make their cases for ownership of the settlement to be included in their lands. The raising of random, wanton settlements was not unknown, but what settlements which did exist had to be accounted for and to be held within the domain of one Lord or another. As Foy’s Point began operation nearly outside the lands of that of House Umber’s, such a discussion for ownership had to be had. Before Foy had even arrived, the head for House Umber was already making his case to Bran the Builder at Winterfell, saying that even good deeds had to be accounted for in the laws of the land.

    When the smallfolk Foy made his case, he did so with little restraint, stating that they had strengthened those about them, trained, them, fortified them without the aid or approval of House Umber, that the raiders upon the road preyed no longer, and that the chance to do all this and more had already been presented to House Umber through time itself. Foy argued that he had done all this, that the labours were his and his men's alone, and that to deprive them of such a thing would be wrong on every level. Foy had planned, of course, to abandon the fort if the King did not agree, and yet Bran the Builder was an honest man, in part a kind man, and most certainly grateful for the elimination of highwaymen on the King’s Road. He granted Foy the title of being a bannerman in his realm, ruling his settlement with a more apt title than “Foy’s Point”, and taking control over those villages affected by his actions. When asked his family name, which Foy had none at the time, the smallfolk looked about, saw a black feather on the ground, and replied with the very same. While good in building and training, he was not well known for his creativity in names. Likewise, Foy’s Point was renamed to Irontown due to the Ironwood in it’s construction. He would marry one of the numerous Glover daughters, giving rise to House Feather.

    Since then, House Feather has held faith with the Starks on any and all occasions, fielding the army when necessary. Most notable would be their willingness to go against the Wilding raiders in support of the Night’s Watch, sending riders and soldiers to aid them when necessary, fortifying those towns under their control when necessary, and generally acting with honor. Feathers are known for their libertine attitudes towards smallfolk, their lack of serfs and subsequent citizen-infantry, and the stoutness of their battle lines and attitudes.


Name: Lord Eyan Feather, The Little Feather
Gender: Male
Age: 29
    Standing at 6’1”, by most accounts a tall man, Eyan is well-built for his height with square shoulders, well muscles, and calloused hands. His brown hair is longer than most in standard Northman fashion, with a smaller beard by the virtue that the man cannot grow hair on his jaw. Due to his nature, many scars can be found about his own body from both arrows and sword strikes. Eyan prefers to wear simpler clothing in line with most North Lords, taking comfort in solid tunics, wool jackets, and coats.
    Born in Ironwood to Lord Kaegan Feather and Lady Khelsie Feather née Forrester, Eyan’s earliest life was one of the usual hunts and rides, albeit with some modifications compared to the more conventional Houses. Taught by his father personally, Eyan learned to write from an exceptionally young age compared to most, in part to ensure that the Old Annals are always kept whatever may come for the Lord Kaegan Feather and in part to ensure that nothing may pass Eyan’s eyes without him being able to read it. In terms of hunts, it would be on such occasion in Eyan’s twelfth year that the hunting party would be ambushed by a raiding party of Wildlings. With two of his retainers killed, Eyan took up his bow from horseback and downed two Wildlings before taking-up a spear, nearly falling over from the weight, and skewering another. For these actions, his father was exceptionally pleased, commended and praised his son with a feast in honor of the dead men and his son’s ability, and generally was more than happy with the outcome. His mother, meanwhile, coddled Eyan briefly before realizing he too was pleased with himself.

    Since then, the training of “The Little Feather” as he would become known, was accelerated, the youth practicing his swordsmanship with many a soldier, both in the field and in practices at home, with the vast majority of such practices concerning fighting Wildlings, their dogs, and things of that nature. House Feather, after all, had little inclination to or believe that it would face the other soldiers of the Seven Kingdoms, both due to their size and geography, and yet he would still be trained far better than any common soldier or even many a nobleman in the arts of war. He learned, in addition to the simple sword, the use of the round shield, plate, and how one may stand in the shield wall or three line. As stout of spirit as many, he grew to be used to that battle line, to the control over it, to the abilities of it. Despite this focus, the other aspects of lordship were not neglected during that period of his life, with Eyan at one point being assigned as a Ward to House Stark in order to further his education.

    His time with the Starks was enlightening to say the least, learning of the rule of law, a strong hand, and a hint of the stalwart nature of those Starks. In addition to this, on the whole he found himself more of the styling in "he who passes the sentence should swing the sword". Nevertheless, following this time as a Ward, his father made one final test for his son, before the man might step down and allow him to rule. Kaegan Feather said his son must pass beyond the Wall, up into the Haunted Forest and Beyond, and hunt Wildlings for a full month. No retainers would be given for this task. Eyan marched, taking his bow and a full quiver, and did not return for two and, upon his return, came with a quiver of Wildling arrows, his own bow, a bow of Wildling make, and a belt lined with cut squares of Wildling cloak. He walked through the gates, through the Gift, and when finally at his bed, slept for what his mother said a fortnight, though such a thing is unlikely. When he had departed, Eyan was just twenty years old and, in his time Beyond the Wall, had found himself to be the possessor of far more than merely a sharp eye. He was a Warg, an exceptionally late-blooming Warg who used such a tool to better hunt his human prey. Eyan would keep this hidden from all, including his closest family, for fear that such a thing may be considered unnatural.

    After resting and speaking to his father over the experiences therein, Eyan was granted the title of Lord, his father choosing to peacefully abdicate and become instead an advisor, and since then has ruled with a moderately distant hand. He would not often involve himself in the affairs of law and judgement, nor often meddle in the affairs of the woodsmen and fishermen, though when he did so it was to correct mistakes made by one party of another. The man is seen more frequently on the hunt against Wilding raiders.
Mundane Skills:
    Archery & Swordsmanship
      Due to his tutelage under the various masters-at-arms of Irontown and those of Winterfell, his time south and north of the Wall, Eyan is well versed in the methods of both the bow and melee combat. While he cannot be considered an excellent swordsman, solid tactics, good armor, and a preference to engage with due superiority helps him in keeping alive while on the battlefield.
    Small Unit Strategy
      While lacking in knowledge or experience in the arts of grand strategy, of vast armies and campaigns, Eyan does hold a good deal of experience with smaller units of around five hundred men, utilizing his shieldwalls and three lines to deadly effect as a strong block of infantry against any enemy foe. In battle, one might consider him to take up the role of the captain, the man immediately at the line who directs it against the immediate foe. Ambush tactics, strong flanks, and the holding of line are those tasks to which he excels at against most odds. In addition to this, his skills at marauding cavalry to harass or intercept Wildling raiding parties is not to be understated as Eyan is a capable rider who is able in the encirclement tactic.
Magic: Warg
    Eyan Feather is a Warg, one of those capable of entering the minds of animals nearby and perceiving the world through them, controlling them. Such actions are most often with birds such as sparrows, crows, and finches due to their commonality, bird’s eye view of the battlefield, and speed, though Eyan has taken the mind of squirrels and winter foxes before. Warging has not at all become a common thing for Eyan due to his fears of discovery.
    Quiet and with full understanding of history, those who have not seen Eyan in battle would characterize him more as a scholar than anything else. They know him by his seldom few words, his voice never above calming, and his endless pouring-over of ancient histories. Those who have seen the man in battle know him by a bull’s voice in the din of battle, a roar heard amongst the shieldwall, by his strong arm dedication to his men. When engaged in single combat, many would state the man to be savage, a killer who takes preference in the shock of his tactics, the brutality of them, charging into a foe with his shield to drop them on the ground and finish them off, there and then, before the battle can last more than a few breaths. To those Wildling foes, he is lacking in all mercy, seeing them as forfeited that right when they crossed down to the North. Nevertheless, despite this duality, Eyan Feather is by all accounts an exceptionally honorable man even among the Northmen, one who upholds the guest’s rights with duty and who takes preference in marrying for both love and politics.
House: House Feather
Heir(s): N/A

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Name: House Velaryon
Coat Of Arms:

Motto: "The Old, the True, the Brave".
Location: Driftmark
Vassal of: Dragonstone
Military Strength: 6,000 men, 50 warships. Comprised primarily of footmen, as islands do not offer room for extensive pastures, the Velaryon host consists of around four thousand front line soldiers evenly divided among heavy and light infantry, one thousand archers, five hundred heavy horse belonging almost entirely of the isle's knights and five hundred crossbowmen. Being a predominantly maritime power, their cavalry are experienced at fighting dismounted on ships, with perhaps less experience serving as proper cavalry on land. It is worth noting that with its wealth, the affluent House could call upon more men via the contract of hireswords. To estimate how many, however, is impossible, as mercenary companies vary wildly in price depending upon which job they're hired for. The Velaryon fleet's flagship is named the Sea's Fury, and is an ironwood dromond, built during the rule of Lord Rhogar Velaryon, with wood purchased during a trade deal with the Starks. The fleet's vessels, mostly quicker ships, serve to patrol the trade routes which pass up and down the narrow sea, guarding Driftmark's trade assets from would-be pirates and sellsails while her larger war vessels find storage at harbour. Her ships are crewed by men of the waves, boasting some of the finest sailors in Westeros, skills kept sharp by skirmishes with cutthroats and routine sailing.
Economic Strength: High
House Velaryon is an ancient and proud house, with the blood of old Valyria in its veins. A noble house with a storied Valyrian lineage, the Velaryons had come to Westeros even before the Targaryens, if their family histories can be believed, settling in the Gullet on the low-lying and fertile isle of island of Driftmark (so named for the driftwood that the tides brought daily to its shores) rather than its stony, smoking neighbor, Dragonstone. Being the most arable and hospitable of the islands in Blackwater Bay, Driftmark is able to support a sizable population and a forest in the central part of the island, providing men and ships for both industry and war. The castle of Driftmark housed their ancient high seat, the Driftwood Throne, which according to legend had been given to them by the Merling King to conclude a pact. The head of House Velaryon traditionally use the titles Lord of the Tides and Master of Driftmark. They have a long established prowess as sailors and traders, and it is sometimes said that their prowess at sea rivals that of the Ironborn.

Though never dragonriders, the Velaryons had for centuries remained the oldest and closest allies of the Targaryens. The sea was their element, not the sky. Their close proximity to the Gullet enabled the Velaryons to fill their coffers from trade in the narrow sea and Blackwater Bay. Hull and Spicetown have grown wealthy from dominating the trade in the Blackwater Bay. They allied with House Targaryen from Dragonstone and House Celtigar from Claw Isle, both houses of Valyrian descent; while the Velaryons and Celtigars dominated the middle reaches of the narrow sea with their ships, the Targaryens ruled the skies with their dragons. With Driftmark being the largest island in the Blackwater Bay, the naval power and wealth from trade has afforded them a larger military force than their liege lords in Dragonstone, though this superiority in wealth and conventional military power never affected their loyalty to the last survivng family of Dragonlords. The close relations between Houses Velaryon and Targaryen resulted in multiple marriages between the houses, including Viserra Targaryen's marriage to Jacaerys Velaryon, and Valaena Velaryon's marriage to Aerion Targaryen; the mother of Aegon and Visenya.

The Island of Driftmark currently has the castle of Driftmark (along with a small temple dedicated to the Valyrian gods), the cities of Hull and Spicetown, and the castle of Nimmark. Hull and Spicetown see a high flow of trade and travellers arriving and departing on a regular basis, and are continually growing in size and riches. They can be seen as the lifeblood of the island, and it is from these port towns that House Velaryon extracts the majority of its wealth. Both towns have a large population, especially in contrast to most of the Blackwater Bay island towns, and are home to a large number of skilled craftsmen and artisans, seeing a vast amount of goods and travelers pass through them. Each town has strong seaward walls and trebuchets along with other fortifications in case of sea-based attack, and between Spicetown and Hull, they provide the bulk of the Dragonstone fleet. The castle of Driftmark, meanwhile, bosts formiddable defences as the ancestral home of House Velaryon, and a strategic position overlooking the sea on the east coast of Driftmark, with Dragonstone to the north and the Gullet and Sharp Point to the south. Driftmark has its own castle town and shipyard, with its own protecting flotilla and garrison. Trade is not as active at Driftmark as it is at the other settlements on the island, but the castle still sees a healthy amount of traffic.

In recent years, the experienced and astute leadership of Jacaerys has helped in the acquisition of a number of trade agreements. Likewise, sucessful anti-piracy actions against pirates in the narrow sea have made trading vessels more confident and capable of sailing from the Essosi coast to Driftmark, improving revenue. Several daring raids into the Stepstones resulted in certain pirate strongholds being sacked, whilst pirates have been ambushed returning from raiding, and their ill-gotten gains transferred to Velaryon hands. Recently, several ships were added to the fleet, bolstering its size to 50 warships. With power being increasingly delegated to Daemon, he has his own plans to increase the power and wealth of the Velaryons, and by extension, their Targaryen kin.

Name: Daemon Velaryon
Appearance: 5'10". With flowing white hair, intense blue eyes (though they seem purple in certain lights) and a slender, androgynous figure, he could easily be mistaken for a woman of Valyrian heritage. Many have spoken of his beauty, and of how he seems as if he had stepped out from a painting.



Age: 19
Daemon is the oldest surviving son of Jacaerys Velaryon, the current Lord of Driftmark. His older brother, Vaemond, died during childhood. Along with his older sister Valaena, and younger brother, Viserys, they are the children of Jacaerys and Viserra Targaryen. Not of the most sturdy disposition, the Maester who was present during Daemon's birth remarked that he would likely be physically frail and prone to illness later on in life, should he survive past his early childhood. With this weakness, he was more reliant on a potion concocted from a combination of herbs, to help his condition, though it fluctuated at times. At points he was bedridden, while at other times he seemed visibly fine, if perhaps a bit delicate. Daemon was at first somewhat sheltered, though his intellect and capacity for learning presented itself at an early age. Of course, part of the reason behind his studying of intellectual pursuits was due to spending a fair amount of time with their Maester, and physicians. He delved into many books, from ones covering religion, to war, strategy, politics, the sciences and even alchemy. Of course, dabbling in different topics afforded him a varying degree of knowledge in these things. In some cases his knowledge is surface level, whether it be due to lack of interest or limited access to works relevant to the subject. His knowledge of alchemy, for instance, is generally theoretical, and in line with the amount of knowledge most scholarly-inclined noblemen would possess. He found a great deal of interest in his own ancestry, reading of old Valyria's exploits, and of how the dragonlords established themselves as a preeminent power in Essos. At this point the Valyrian nobility of Dragonstone, Crackclaw Isle and Driftmark still follow the Valyrian gods, and this holds true with Daemon. He also developed a certain appreciation for storytelling and poetry, and occasionally tried his hand at the latter.

Despite his physical disposition, as a child, he had something of curious, adventurous spirit. When he wasn't indoors, he was often spending time acquainting himself with the alleyways and markets of Hull, or the nearby beaches, collecting seashells and items that had washed up. A bit mischievous, he sometimes snuck off and dressed as a commoner, ocassionally dying his hair brown to fit in, or when he couldn't, attempting to masquerade as the child of one of the Lyseni merchants or traders that sometimes visited the island. He sometime spent time befriending the common children, or playing with the cats in the harbour or alleyways of Hull. At one point one of his escapades in Hull ended up taking a turn for the worse, when he was kidnapped by a group of Tyroshi sailors at the harbour, who planned to sell him at Lys. While the ordeal only lasted a few days, and he was rescued by his father's men, he became more wary and cynical, and preferred not to speak of what happened during those days. He also grew a bit more reclusive and less adventurous than he had been before.

In the castle he eagerly pursued reading as much as he did swordsmanship taught by his instructor, an exiled Braavosi swordsman-turned mercenary, Vyresso Reyaan. As was a tradition among the Velaryons, his father took him with him on sailing expeditions. While not the strongest or toughest, he came to be known for excellent speed with a sword, his perception, dexterity and agility serving him well in sparring. He was better at avoiding the strikes of others, letting them tire themselves out, or striking with surgical precision, than feats of strength. He has the most skill with sabres, rapiers and cutlasses. He also developed a fondess for falconry. While able to fit in and adapt to social gatherings, he found the not-so-subtle scheming and elaborate etiquette somewhat tiresome. His uncle, Aemon Velaryon, a man obsessed with matters of prophecy, myth and magic, and who had supposedly sailed as far east as Yi Ti and Asshai, spurred an interest in esoteric matters.

As he grew up, his looks did not go unnoticed. They said he was more beautiful than a woman, and that both men and women desired him. It was joked that if he dressed the part, many would assume him to be the daughter of Lord Jacaerys, rather than his son. Understandably, various rumours and tales have subsequently arisen over the past few years. Daemon, for his part, ignores or finds amusement in some of the things said about him. As it is, Daemon doesn't mind having a reputation for being good-looking, though he would like to be thought of as more than just a pretty-boy with no skills or value beyond that. While there are also some rumours that he uses his looks to gain favours from people, his natural disposition is not one of a philanderer. Indeed, at first, when he was younger, discussions of potential betrothals, and approaches from girls ineterested in him was something he found embarassing. While usually possessing a calm demeanour and a certain natural charisma, in this area, he was actually a bit shy. Of course, he was not asexual, so it wasn't like he had never thought about such things before. When he was 15, his cousin, Valarr, managed to get him drunk and bring him to a brothel in Spicetown. To Daemon's ire, this led to various rumours spread by the women there, including several that claim he was a masochist and a crossdresser.

His grandmother, the wife of the late Lord Rhogar Velaryon, was a member of a cadet branch of House Arryn, only distantly related to the current main branch, and taught him a bit about the Vale's history and traditions, though Daemon always staunchly refused to accept the Faith of the Seven, despite her attempts to persuade him in his childhood. Nonetheless, as an homage to her lineage, Daemon had himself made armour in the fashion of a falcon. In parts of the armour's ornate form can also be found dragon and seahorse motifs. When he uses a sabre or longsword (or other one-handed weapon) he sometimes utilises a heater shield bearing the heraldy of House Velaryon. He also has a suit of armour in the traditional style of House Velaryon, made of silvered and blue enamelled steel plate with a white seahorse engraved on the breastplate, sapphire inalid rondels, and a flowing blue cloak pinned over one shoulder. When he was 16, accompanied by his uncle, Aemon, he led a naval detachment to victory against pirates launching raids north from the Stepstones.

Whilst a promising heir to the the Velaryon lineage, his physical condition continued to fluctuate over the years, with the help of the family's Maester having a limited effect. It got particularly bad during the latter part of his sixteenth year, when his condition took a turn for the worse a week after returning from his participation in the punitive expedition against the pirates of the Stepstones. After consulting some old Valyrian texts handed down from his great-grandfather, Daemion Velaryon, over a period of several months, Aemon left on a voyage east with several ships, crewed by handpicked sailors. After visiting Volantis, he went to the Smoking Sea. At the outskirts he found a mist-cloaked, deserted island with the remnants of a small Valyrian harbour, and a collapsed manor. While there were few things of value left, he did find what he was looking for in a concealed room beneath the manor's reading room. It was an old Valyrian artifact; an ornate necklace with a ruby carved in the fashion of a dragon's eye, linked by gold chain. The voyage took around a year, and had involved no small amount of danger and false leads in Aemon's search, but it managed to pay off in the end.

After some experimentation, Aemon found that the amulet allowed the user to borrow the lifeforce of those sacrificed in blood magic rituals, maintaining a youthful appearance and vitality should they bathe in their blood. He recognised that it was the answer to his nephew's condition, and would be helpful in counteracting Daemon's physical condition. Of course, it was obviously not something that would grant immortality. The user could still die in battle, accident, illness, or various other causes. It simply meant that as long as they have the means, the preparation and the time to make use of it, they could extend their lifespan for a bit longer. It could be compared to how the Undying Ones of the Qartheen Warlocks extend their lives unnaturally through magic, or certain priests of the Lord of Light live beyond their natural years. Of course, in many cases the physical element of this unnatural lifespan was only hidden via illusion magic, but it would likely vary depending on the nature of said magic, and whether or not magic in general was strong or weak at the time, likely affected by the presence of dragons.

Ever since Aemon's return, and Daemon's recovery, there have been strange disappearances in the harbours of Hull and Spicetown. These are infrequent, however, and usually pinned on various causes. Less infrequently, however, Daemon has begun taking an increasing role in participating in patrols and expeditions by the Velaryon fleet in the narrow sea, targeting pirates, protecting shipping and honing his own experience and skills as a sailor, trader, commander and swordsman. Over the past two years, many of the pirates captured during these expeditions and patrols have wound up within the dungeons of Driftmark, only to meet untimely deaths for the purposes of Daemon's blood magic.

Over the past few years, Jacaerys has been pressing him to marry, though so far Daemon has been a bit evasive about the issue. One year ago, Alysanne Celtigar, the daughter of the Lord of Crackclaw Isle, Baelor Celtigar, was suggested as a potential wife, but Daemon deftly avoided making any firm acceptance or denial of the proposal. It has sometimes been joked that he simply has standards that are set too high, and that he would only be willing to accept a bride whose beauty rivals his own. While his father Jacaerys is still the Lord of Driftmark, he is in his late 50s, and has been gradually giving Daemon more responsibilties over the past few years. By this point, Daemon is essentially Lord in all but name.

Mundane Skills: Swordsmanship, navigation/sailing/seafaring, mercantile/trade-based stuff, knows several languages (Common, High Valyrian, Trade Tongue), versed in literature, strategy and politics. A decent rider, though he has spent more time at sea than horseback.
Magic: Blood Magic. Occassionally has the prophetic "dragon dreams" associated with the Targaryens and Velaryons.
Personality: He can be described as diligent, charismatic, and ambitious. Beneath a complex façade, lies one who desires to be acknowledged by those close to him, obsessed with not failing that which he is tasked to do, or indeed, fulfilling his own ambitions. He often seems to be on the side of whomever he deals with, though those who are perceptive enough can realise how he subtly remains on his own side, never truly committing to one faction or another. That said, when it matters, he acts with a ruthless decisiveness. He can seem oddly calm in the midst of chaos and death, and is able to nonchalantly debate unrelated matters in the midst of a battlefield. Some might take it as an odd innocence or ignorance of the consequences of war and suffering, yet at other times he can be seen to act with ruthless precision, making it all too clear that he knows what he's doing.

He has a certain cynicism, and at times analyses others in terms of what possible benefits they could have from approaching him, or how they could prove useful to him. That said, he finds it boring to think like that all the time, and would prefer, if he could, to learn more about people, places and things he finds interesting, discussing shared interests with others and at least enjoying himself a bit if he can. He is aware of his good looks, and can perhaps be considered somewhat vain and fond of ornate and ostentatious things, though not enough to have this trait easily misused against him. A certain thirst for finery and affluence means he has a proclivity to dress himself in the finest silks, drink the most delectable wines and collect the most exotic of trinkets. He is quite protective of his appearance, and he would be decidedly irate should someone attempt to mar his looks or damage his clothing. He has his own pride, and seeks to bring house Velaryon to new heights as of yet unseen. He also harbours the desire of reclaiming the Velaryons' ancestral sword lost in the Doom, the Valyian sword Seafoam.

As far as Daemon sees it, the Targaryens are their blood kin. This is not just because his mother is a Targaryen and his sister is married to one, but also a matter of history, heritage and common sense. They only gain strength through their centuries-old cooperation with one another. As kin, any power or glory the Targaryens have or gain, is likewise considered Velaryon glory and power. While outwardly coming across as possessing a noble countenance, he has no qualms with dabbling in dark arts and blood magic if it benefits him. Of course, he also sees it as simply continuing the Valyrian tradition of magic rooted in blood and fire. Though hidden behind a calm, charismatic demeanour, he has a certain intensity that can be seen in his gaze. Perhaps along with this intensity, is hidden an element of the madness the Targaryens sometimes possessed. Toward the people he trusts or consider as friends, Daemon is much more open about his thoughts and impressions, being honest about his opinions and trying his best to be supportive. He is very attached to a selective few people who he considers to be close and trustworthy. He has a fondness for cats and birds of prey.
Kingdom: Lordship of Dragonstone
Is he/she a Ruler? No. Well, not officially.
Heir(s): Father is Jacaerys Velaryon (59). Mother is Viserra Targaryen (51). Daemon's younger brother is Viserys Velaryon (17). His sister is Valaena Velaryon (30), wife of Aerion Targaryen (35), whose children are Aegon (0) and Visenya (2). He has an uncle, Aemon Velaryon (53), who has two sons and two daughters, Lucerys (30), Valarr (21), Saerys (19) and Jaehaera (14).
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Name: Edric Stark

Age: 25
Edric Stark was born on a harsh and cold winter night 46 years after the doom in Winterfell. He was the the fourth child of the aging King Cregan Stark, but he was doted on by the King and his retainers, for he was Cregans first and only son. His mother, the late Lady Lyla of House Manderly passed mere days after she gave life to Edric. His two oldest sisters had already been married off and his youngest sister was betrothed at 14.

The Kingdom saw a period of regency as Cregan died of a winter sickness in his 55th year of life, Edric was only 10 years of age and had only just begun his training to be a great lord and king. Regency fell to Cregans only surviving brother Eric who also took over Edrics lordly training. He learned the ways of the sword and lance in Winterfells training yard. He was no renowned warrior by the end of the regency, but he could hold his own very well, and his tactical prowess was only growing as he gave many lords and lordlings a like a run for their money in the war games they played.

When Edric reached the sixteenth year of his life and took Lady Mara Umber to be his wife, his regency officially ended and he was crowned Lord of Winterfell and King in the North. Edric ruled and dispensed justice in his own name with his own hand as was tradition, he holds to the Old Golds and looks to them in times of strife. His sword was bloodied for the first time when a small band of wildlings scaled the wall and began looting north of winterfell, he lead his own retinue against them and rode them down to a man.

His only child was born a year after his marriage and was named Torrhen of the House Stark, another son, Brandon, was born out of wedlock and was acknowledged by Edric as Brandon Snow. Brandon and Torrhen have been raised as brothers despite the protests of Lady Umber who once again grows heavy with child. Another child is soon to arrive for Edric, but not all is well, news comes that the Boltons and Feathers are feuding and may resort to open warfare. Volantis has named themselves New Valyria and have all but declared its intent to reclaim the freehold, war comes in essos and the North. War Comes, Edric can feel it in his bones, but strife has visited the north often enough that the north knows how the weather it. Winter is Coming, and the Starks are ready.

Mundane Skills: Formidable Swordsman, Formidable Tactician/Strategist, Decent Orator, Rides fairly well, skilled with the bow.
Magic (If Any):
Personality: Hard, Just, Honorable, Optimistic, Loving towards his family.
Kingdom: Kingdom of the North
Is he/she a Ruler? Yes
Heir(s): Torrhen Stark (Aged 8 )

Canon Name: House Stark of Winterfell
Canon Flag/Badge: A Grey Direwolf racing across a field of white
Canon Military Strength: Depending upon how much time is given to gather the levies, maximum 45,000
Canon History:
House Stark of Winterfell is one of the Great Houses of Westeros and the principal noble house of the north. The Starks are an ancient house of First Men descent. House Stark was founded by Brandon the Builder, a legendary figure who lived during the Age of Heroes. Bran the Builder is said to have raised Winterfell, the seat of the Starks, and the Wall, and other legends connect him with Storm's End and the Hightower. The Starks are Kings of Winter in the north, and have been for near eight thousand years since the Age of Heroes, possibly beginning with Bran the Builder.

Headcanon History: Edric Stark the father of Torrhen Stark (The king who Knelt), Cregan Stark the grandfather of Torrhen Stark
Economic Strength: High
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Name: House Osgrey

Coat Of Arms: A chequy lion, green and gold rampant on a field of white

Motto:Our Honor, Our Blade

Location: Coldmoat

Military Strength: 600 cavalry, 2,400 infantry

    Due to the fact, that they constantly have to watch and fight against incursions from the Westerlands around a third of their infantry are made-up of heavier elements meant to go face-to-face with the disciplined and well-armed forces of House Lannister. While the need to quickly react to the changing situations and shore-up their flanks has most of their cavalry be light and meant to mostly ferry messages and or support the infantry in defensive formations.

Economic Strength: Average

History: House Osgrey was established at least 1,000 years ago. The family being Marshalls of the Northmarch under House Gardener. Having in their possession around four castles and holding fealty to a score of lesser lordlings and a hundred landed knights. Their largest castle is Coldmoat, which had been recently raised by Lord Perwyn Osgrey, the head of House Osgrey. The Osgreys being a prominent family whom have intermarried with other great families such as the Florents, Swanns, Tarbecks, Hightowers and Blackwoods.

For years House Osgrey have watched the Westerlands for any source of conflict - guarding the path north into the lands of the Reach and House Gardener. Though their lands aren't as plentiful or rich as those of House Tarly or House Hightower - House Osgrey has maintained their watch over the border. Recently, Lord Perwyn Osgrey has established a new seat for their House known as Coldmoat - which has cost their family a fortune and has left the current lord slightly short on funds - although something that Lord Perwyn hopes would improve their standing in the Reach and pay them back in time.

Name: Perwyn Osgrey, the Proud



Age: 35

Bio: Perwyn had been born the only son of House Osgrey, around times while his grandfather was still running the House - it had been him, whom had filled up Perwyn with the many stories of their House and their achievements. Though they never built the greatest keeps or lands, they always kept their watch and remained the most steadfast allies of House Gardener. Though it had been years since the time of William 'the Little Lion' - House Osgrey still maintained the 'ancient' shield of William as both a symbol and reminder of their glorious past.

His father and Perwyn disagreed on 'filling his head with stories and fantasies' - as he wanted Perwyn to grow into a more practical man, focused on practicality over glory and honor. Seeing the future able to change at any moment, with the fortunes able to change as quickly as they are gained. Unfortunately, his father would fall ill from a cold and rather quickly was bed-ridden. Thus without a father, he was left in the care of his grandfather - whom groomed Perwyn into a skilled warrior yet one whom let pride dictate his actions.

The most reason action was the establishment of Coldmoat - all that started from some word of gossip from House Tarly. In response, he poured much of his family current wealth in establishing their new home - with walls standing thirty feet high with towers at each of the corners. The yard of Coldmoat filled with kennels, stables, a smithy, and a seven-sided wooden sept with windows of leaded glass and a maester's tower. Able to support twenty times as many smallfolk as Standfast.

Mundane Skills: Like the other members of House Osgrey before him - Perwyn is a skilled fighter and knight and tactician. Having been raised by his father and grandfather in being the watcher of the border and Marshall of the Reach and Northmarch. In such regards, he is comfortable both on horseback and on-foot - being skilled with a longsword and a halberd, though having his squires carry both and a spare at all times. Not to mention, the Marshall of Northmarch has a habit of leading from the front and being unafraid to kill Westerman alongside his men.

Magic (If Any): ---

Personality: For the Lion of Coldmoat, like those in Casterly Rock, pride is what dictates the actions of the Lord of House Osgrey. Lord Perwyn is a good commander and charismatic on the field, off the field - he is a prideful man and known for taking even the most minor insults as slights against him and his House itself. He has challenged many a knight or noble to duels over such insults and has more than once gotten the scars for his mistake. Granted, none can deny that while Lord Perwyn is prideful, he is neither a coward nor a greedy individual - as he often puts his duty before House Gardener first, though that doesn't diminish his desire in gaining glory as had his ancestor William 'the Little Lion'.

Kingdom: Reach

Is he/she a Ruler? Yes

Heir(s): Eustace Osgrey (15)


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