New Civilizations ( Author list )

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New Civilizations ( Author list )

Postby Joohan » Sun Feb 09, 2020 5:35 am

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Postby Joohan » Sun Feb 09, 2020 5:35 am

Author Application
Name: Issac Durer
Age: 21
Height and Weight: 6'4 ft, 230 lbs
Skin, hair, and eye description: Issac is a Caucasian of typical northern European complexion; his soft hair is a mousy brown kept usually short and trim for convenience sake, and no facial hair to speak of; his eyes are steely blue gray, with dark circles underneath giving him a shadowed ( if not somewhat sleepy ) appearance.
Picture: na

Prior Profession: Soldier, IT
Level of education: Basic Combat Training, Combatives I, Air Assualt
Physique description: Issac is, as per a requirement of his profession, physically fit comparative to his peers. At 6'4, not only is he exceptionally stronger than most men, he is also surprisingly fast for his size - capable of running 20 meters in as little as 3.2 seconds at a sprint, or a mile in six minutes. Years of being in the armed forces have given Issac a commendable control over his stresses and reflex's - being able to think quickly, calmly, and clearly in most hazardous or demanding situations.
Useful skills: In addition to his martial training, he also has quite an equestrian streak - stemming from his childhood as a farmer in the midwest; Cryptography and code breaking are skills he's recently picked up from work; Basic survival skills; Combat life saver first aid; hiking.

National Origin: The United States of America
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Falling asleep to a movie after work
Description of personality: Issac isn't introverted, per say, but he doesn't feel the need or desire to take up unproductive or unfulfilling actions - this includes talking at times. He hates arguing for arguments sake, and would much rather prefer action over the debate of said action. His attitude is very much so a, easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, type. He can work subserviently within a group, though he prefers to go at things by his own accord whenever possible. He is very content with himself, needing little in terms of material ( or even praise for that matter ), and despises self-pity.
Where in the world are you landing?:Somewhere on the Tibetan plateau...

Autobiography/Biography ( paragraph minimum ): Before his journey across space and time, Issac had been a young man hailing out of middle America. A creative and intelligent youth, his weakness was discipline, made apparent in his general failures as a student. Though he had dream't of being an archaeologist, a wanting academic background and financially burdened family limited the avenue's readily available to him. True to his rural up bringing, and the benefits of military service being more than apparent, he made the strategic decision to enlist himself in the US Army - beginning his contract only two weeks after having finished highschool. Twenty eight weeks of completed training later, Issac would finally be introduced to his unit as their new communications representative - 1st Cav, Ft. Hood, Texas.

He'd spend the next two years at Ft. Hood, occasionally traveling to other facilities for specialized training, drilling with unit and slowly becoming more proficient at his job. Today, a specialist, section leaders, and presumptive future NCO, he is one of a many future cadre employed within his unit.

Writing Sample: no

What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: World Domination
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: Cyrus the Great, Phillip II of Macedon, Red Cloud, Senusret II, Napoleon I, Achaemenid Persia, The Umayyad Caliphate, Ming China, The First Mongol Empire
Why did you chose to land where you did?: Geographically, it provides me with some very interesting and fortuitous opportunities to make my civilization as unique as possible
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: I couldn't tell you yet - culture is an organic thing, a response to history. I'd like for my culture's quirks to be natural, not simply some checkmark I already had pre-planned in my mind.
What are your character's motivations?: At first, to make for himself a life worth living. After that - pheww... eh, we'll find out.
Theme Song?: v i b e s
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?: Blackjack and hookers
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Postby G-Tech Corporation » Sun Feb 09, 2020 7:52 am

Name: Viktor
TG if you have questions about RP. If I don't know the answer, I know someone who does.

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Postby Kelmet » Sun Feb 09, 2020 9:26 am

Author Applicaiton
Name: Conner Monroe
Age: 28
Height and Weight: 5'10 195 lbs.
[/b]Skin, hair, and eye description:White, Blond hair blues eyes
( Optional ) Picture:n/a

Prior Profession: Captain US Army
Level of education ( specify degrees or note worthy classes ): College Level ROTC, Army OCS, Bachelor's Degrees in economics and political Science.
Physique description: Peak physical condition
Useful skills: Organisation and logistical skills. Tactics and Analysis

National Origin: United States of America
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Asleep night before my wedding.
Description of personality: Charismatic, commanding organised and compassionate.
Where in the world are you landing?: Near Copenhagen Denmark

Autobiography/Biography ( paragraph minimum ): Born in a small town in the midwest, Monroe went to college right after high school. Enlisting in ROTC and minoring in several fields. As a new officer doing a tour in both both Afghanistan and Iraq before being invited to attend Officer Candidate School. A few years later while in the United Kingdom he met his now fiance. Now residing in Washington D.C with his soon to be wife the night before he was to be married a mysteries event resulted in him being transported to this strange and ancient land.

What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: Not quite sure.
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: Ancient Vikings and Saxons
Why did you chose to land where you did?: Vikings and bog iron
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: Vikings?
What are your character's motivations?: Build something I can be proud of.
Theme Song?: Not a song i know, but flavor wise
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?: Slow down the time a bit, I'd hate to miss a page and waste 5 years of development.

Updated Info.
(W.I.P. I might add more)
Monroe now officially has a estate in Mara, were for the past several years he has nurtured a official family dynasty via addition of orphans and acceptance of servants into his employ. He however does seek to get married, tho is duty to the Imperium keeps him away from home often.

Decades as an Imperial General across the continent have made Monroe one of (if not the best, words from G-tech himself) Military commanders in the Imperium, tho he has flirted with the idea of entering the civil service to attain more influence in the wider imperial government.

By and large a land and business owner, Monroe on his personal time is always looking for opportunities to invest and further grow his fortune. A rather large example of this is the sponsoring and building of the Bardic College in Mara, a beacon of culture and learning.

A self fashioned champion of imperial culture and people, the Monroe Estates puts on a grand Imperial Festival every year (Also called the harvest fair) In events and games that highlight the virtues and courage of the Imperium and her people. This events doubles as an annual event to further influence with the Imperial autocracy.

Tho originally from the north, Monroe is very loyal to his new home, and seeks to keep the Imperium as peaceful and prosperous as possible.

Religiously a christian, and personally responsible for the building of several churches threw out the Imperium, Monroe champions the value of religious tolerance in the empire.
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Postby Endem » Sun Feb 09, 2020 7:38 pm

Author Applicaiton

Name: Krystyn Warecki
Age: 27
Height and Weight: 5'7" and 160 lbs ( one lbs over the ideal weight )
[/b]Skin, hair, and eye description: White Skin, Dark Blue eyes, Blond hair ( your typical Slav )
( Optional ) Picture: nah

Prior Profession: Entymologist
Level of education ( specify degrees or note worthy classes ): Graduate in Biology, specialized in Entymology
Physique description: a bit overweight, though barely noticeable, other than that nothing unremarkable about his physique
Useful skills:
Classical Wrestling
Chemical Skills

National Origin: Polish
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Camping in Puszcza Bialowieska
Description of personality: an introvert enjoying quietness and peacefulness, hates boredom and will do anything to not get bored, has a small obsession on insects, an aspergerist
Where in the world are you landing?: Puszcza Bialywieska ( Nope, he's in Gdansk now )

Autobiography/Biography ( paragraph minimum ):
Born in Piaseczno, next to Warsaw, he had an unremarkable life, progressing through childhood normally ( thought, for unknown reasons hates the song "Dancing Queen" by Abba ) he practiced during his childhood Swimming, Kayaking, Archery and Wrestling, after high school he went on to study in university trying to fulfil his dream of becoming an entymologist ( around this time he gained his first ant colony he took care of ) after graduating with a graduate degree in Biology he specialized in Entymology and after graduating yet again he finally took up a job enjoying quite a good salary, he was currently enjoying vacations searching for some insects for his collection and camping in the wilds of Puszcza Bialowieska, he was in his tent when he closed his eyes and went asleep... As a side note I should state he is a Asexual and Aromantic because I guess, the backstory isn't a very interesting lecture ( well, he's just a simple man living a simple life )

Since then, did a lot of walking and took over Gdansk, made a tribal confederation started expanding it, blah blah blah
( Optional on down)
What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: survive as an entymologist in a pre-science society well, since then that plan was scraped, make yourself a nice little nation based on the Vistula river
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: me and my aspirations, as well as some chars I previously created for various RPs
Why did you chose to land where you did?: felt it would be a good place for someone obsessed with insects would be at to be honest, can't remember why
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: not sure my guy will even establish one dunno, Mordor, hah, good joke am i right, I really don't know
What are your character's motivations?: survive make a good totally not a dictatorship nation
Theme Song?:NNah, still not
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?: n/a

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Postby Spiritual Republic of Caryton » Sun Feb 09, 2020 9:53 pm

reposting ye olde prophet.

Author Applicaiton

Name: Marley Camdens
Age: 25
Height and Weight: 5'11 , 181 lbs.
Skin, hair, and eye description: A slightly feminine man of charming features such as nearly bleach blonde hair, alluring green eyes, and pale apricot skin.
( Optional ) Picture:
Image - portrait of him from his followers.

Prior Profession: Former handyman apprentice throughout his adolescence. Former Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Former college student while simultaneously working on his tradesman/handyman skills.
Level of education ( specify degrees or note worthy classes ): Major in Civil Engineering @ Brigham Young University with side-classes on Religious studies.
Physique description: Despite his twink-like build, he tucks away a fair amount of slender muscle on a swimmer's body, meaning he isn't completely useless when it comes to matters of physical strength, yet his cut-off point of physical endurance can be considered average.
Useful skills: Excellent knowledge on the Bible and Book of Mormon-- complete with the ability to recite a multitude of scriptures perfectly and interpret them to lessons to be taught. Master level of handyman skills-- meaning he is craftier than the average person due to being an apprentice and tradesman since childhood. His college education in Civil Engineering means that he can plan, run, and maintain cities and villages well, adding to his already present charisma and public speaking skills which both already make him out to be an excellent leader.

National Origin: Bountiful, Utah
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: He was writing scriptures and life lessons to be discussed on the next day's sacrament meeting at Church which he was called to speak to.
Description of personality: Charismatic and lovable, he has been appreciated as a leader figure for most of his life. With frightening public speaking skills accented by taking debate club in high school, he can rile up a crowd and convince them to take action. Some of his peers compared him as 'second only to Hitler' in how well he could rally up listeners and captivate them. With the right cards play, he can gain a close following. This sadly comes with the ability to manipulate and convince others, which while it makes it easier for others to believe that he is a prophet-- can easily lead to corruption within his anticipated church.
Where in the world are you landing?: The Sertig Valley in Alpine Switzerland. Around the area of the soon-to-be village of Sertig-Dörfli. Sparsely populated, a closer connection to the residents can be had. Should all goes well, the area of Sertig-Dörfli will be developed into the capital of Sariah.

Autobiography/Biography ( paragraph minimum ): Born into a massive Mormon family in Utah, Marley had been the youngest. As more and more of his 7 siblings graduated, went to missionary service, and started families of their own, he went on to become the star child in his family. Living a life of success and moral correctness, he has had his own fair share of obstacles. Coming out as bisexual to his oddly accepting family, the stress of preparing for college, the change of heart of going on a mission, serving the world, and making it a better place. Now, in his adulthood, he prepares a sacrament talk for the congregation. His last meal had been lemon girl scout cookies with a side of oatmeal and milk. Falling asleep, he now takes up in the past-- believing himself to be a prophet of God and destined to re-establish his own interpretation of the church across the world.

( Optional on down)
What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: Be a prophet and form a religious movement first in the alps and swiss plateaus and call it the promised land, forge a custom language, make a lot of people angry, LGBT harems, divine revelation, and martyrdom. As a long term goal, I do hope to be known by as many of the existent characters as possible.
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: Joseph Smith and many of the other Latter-day Saint pioneers in both modern and biblical times, but with an obviously liberal and inclusive spin on them.
Why did you chose to land where you did?: It's isolated. Few people can invade it, few people live here. If you're isolated with people, you get closer to them and thus they are easier to convince. What better place to start your own religious cult than a place where only the suicidal can march their troops through? The population problem can easily by solved by breeding, polygamy, and conversion of foreigners. With a few years time, it's an obvious win-win for my goals.
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: Joseph Smith in Nauvoo, Illinois and Brigham Young in Utah. Basically a religious 'promised land utopia' feel.
What are your character's motivations?: He feels as if God himself anointed him to be a prophet to spread what he feels is the true gospel of Jesus Christ and to predict the events in the Bible and Book of Mormon. This also gives him leeway to do what he wants out of this power-- for example, if he has male partners in his family and he correctly predicts biblical events, he can change the entirety of Christianity and by default Mormonism to be more inclusive and accepting of people. Furthermore, it gives him a chance to make something special out of his cookie cutter life. If he starts a complete society, forges an army, and restores the gospel all by himself, he will feel accomplished. All while he does these things, he will record them in what he would call the Book of Camdens, on his own metal plates.
Theme Song?: Praise to the Man
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?: A lot more activity in regards to the map, accepting/denying apps, and so on. Also, a New Civilizations Discord Server would be nice.

Sariah, the fictional city set up by Marley Camdens in the hilly Sertig Valley where the Sertig-Dörfli village should be IRL. At the moment, Sariah has a moderately sized claim that has yet to be expanded to beyond their own home territory. This is Camden's location as well as the immediate territory surrounding Sariah in the alps.
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Postby Orostan » Sun Feb 09, 2020 9:57 pm

Author Applicaiton

Name: Aaron Dawson
Age: 25
Height and Weight: 5’ 9”
Skin, hair, and eye description: White Caucasian, light brown hair. Green eyes.
( Optional ) Picture:


Prior Profession: Urban Planner
Level of education ( specify degrees or note worthy classes ): Bachelors degree in Urban Studies, Columbia university.
Physique description: Relatively lean and not athletic.
Useful skills: Interest in geography and history. History knowledge includes knowledge of ancient metalworking.
National Origin: Eastern United States
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Riding the train back from work after a job interview.
Description of personality: Cautious and unwilling to take large risks. Very strong ideas on how society ought to be run.
Where in the world are you landing?: Luoyang, China

Autobiography/Biography ( paragraph minimum ):

Aaron was born in Massachusetts and currently lives in New York City since he graduated from university three years ago. Being born in 1994 Aaron became a more regular user of the internet as he got older, and partially because of that decided to go into higher education in a STEM field. Using the internet also helped him expand his knowledge of geography and history as well as formulate his own views on how the world should work. A year after finishing his education Aaron is having difficulty finding a job in an over saturated job market.

( Optional on down)
What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: Make a Chinese civilization based on a confederation of large cities and metal working.
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: Enlightenment philosophers and Marx.
Why did you chose to land where you did?: It’s isolated and extremely resource rich.
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: Ancient China mixed with a modern knowledge of metalworking and chemistry. I don’t intend to start building cannons a year into the game, but I do want to create a civilization based around metalworking.

What are your character's motivations?: He sees this as a chance to avoid mistakes humanity made in his time and as a new purpose for himself.

Theme Song?: Can’t think of one right now.

What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?: I haven’t participated in the RP yet, so I can’t say.
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Postby Holy Tedalonia » Sun Feb 09, 2020 10:13 pm

Author Application

Name: Edward "Ted" Tomlinson
Alias: Edir Tomli
Age: 18
Height and Weight: 5"7 and 130 lbs
Skin, hair, and eye description: pale skin (very pale; like vampire pale), brown hair, and blue eyes. Not a expressive individual, and defaults to a emotionaless uncaring expression.
( Optional ) Picture: n/a

Prior Profession: Restaurant Worker
Level of education ( specify degrees or note worthy classes ): Highschool Graduate
Physique description: 'skin and bones' skinny, thin,
Useful skills: Nerdy, rough recollection of boyscout skills, basic knowledge level on crossbows,

National Origin: America, Texas
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Was intending to jump right in this time, and gloss over it. Maybe a flashback to cover it. Falling asleep sounds cliche and good.
Description of personality:Rather calm and collective, loves to think through things, and loves to debate opinions and see other viewpoints. Known to despise unfinished arguments, fights, or lack of compromise. Also known to strike hard bargains or ultimatums to get things he desires most. As his zodiac sign, is of course Aquarius, many personality traits that the zodiac sign holds, is quite fitting for Edward's personality.

He also has been constructing a persona whilst in the imperium of a nationalistic, Staunch rule following soldier. Overtime might begin becoming part of his real personality
Where in the world are you landing?: Spalding, UK,
Autobiography/Biography ( paragraph minimum ): Born in the chilly northlands of Minnesota, a land of many lakes. Fate however had not intended the boy of the north to remain, in the north, and so was swept to the south, where his father could find a better more proper job. At this point the lad was no older than a 10 winters. He grew used to Texas, and adjusted to its climate. As time went by the winter chills affect him more, than they used to and he grew a firm distaste in winter weather. Regardless the boy grew mature and responsible, getting a job, helping around the house, and helping his father before his passing. With this firm stalwart attitude from being raised from his father, he was able to act upon himself, and become mostly free-thinking.

Veteran of the short skirmishes between the Imperium and the southern english tribes. He now migrates into the heart of the Imperium, integrating into society in hopes of a better life. Having parted ways with Monroe, and knowing the fleeting importance of the role of translator. He enters Imperial society hoping to make a name for himself, and perhaps make his life more comfortable while at it.

( Optional on down)
What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: Go to the new world, essentially return home
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: Rome, England, America, Germany,
Why did you chose to land where you did?: The shit going down in england looks fun
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: n/a
What are your character's motivations?: To get home, and try to make his standard of living back to where it ought to be modern era.
Theme Song?: Naw, rather not.
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?:Dunno yet, will think about it in time, and voice it if need be
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Postby Nuxipal » Mon Feb 10, 2020 3:52 pm

Author Applicaiton

Name: Javin Torrez
Age: 28 (48)
Height and Weight: 6'1", 195 lbs
Skin, hair, and eye description: Javin fills in the White/Caucasian bubble on forms, though he is of a tanned skin tone. His hair is a dark brown, not uncommon among Eastern and Southern Europe. If left to its own devices it will curl, however, Javin tries to keep it short. Javin also sports a full beard, well groomed and maintained. His eyes were also typically brown, though lightened in direct sunlight.

Prior Profession: High School History Teacher
Level of education ( specify degrees or note worthy classes ): Bachelors Degree in History (Ancient Egypt, Age of Alexander, Medieval Politics, Medieval Warfare, Biological Anthropology, Greco-Roman History, Classical Mythology), AS Childhood Education (Behavior Management, Childhood Development); Electives of note: Public Health, Philosophy of Religion. Currently working, very slowly, towards a master's degree to be able to teach AP level courses.
Physique description: A former state level athlete, Javin's physique has diminished somewhat during his time studying and teaching. While he was one of the fastest sprinters in his school district, today he is simply above average. Outwardly he appears slim, though some hints of a more athletic physique still linger. (Current changes: Twenty years of labor and training has improved his physique to a more outwardly athletic appearance. Muscles are more clearly visible.)
Useful skills: Comfortable giving instruction
Short path back to athleticism
Educated regarding classical and medieval warfare and culture
certified first responder
Familiar with Sword/Shield (SCA)
(Accomplished military leader)
(Known figure along the Ganges and Upper Indus River)

National Origin: American (United States)
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Finishing grading essays for a US History to 1877 course
Description of personality: Javin is typically quiet and reserved, preferring to listen and make informed decisions instead of rushing headlong into action. That being said, he has ambition beyond what he believes to be attainable in his time. (Recent events have led him to believe that he does not age and this has given him the idea that he should create a nation around himself)
Where in the world are you landing?: Patna, Gangetic Plain (Currently in Harappa, Indus Valley)

Autobiography/Biography ( paragraph minimum ): Born in a small New England town Javin lived quietly with his family. At age three he and his family moved south to Florida where they would stay. Pushed by his father to excel in sports, the young Javin played baseball, soccer, ice hockey, and football in his youth. When he started high school he played football in the fall and ran track in the spring. While he wasn't a standout football player, he excelled in track finding himself both fast enough and with enough stamina to sprint through the intermediate distances or the short distances. Twice he went to state track meets but failed to place in any of those meets. Despite this, he didn't go to college for sports. Instead he enrolled at a local community college to obtain an associates degree while he decided what it was he wanted to do.

He started a degree in Microbiology, thinking he had to become a doctor or some other high paying job to impress his family. However, he soon found that he did not enjoy the science courses as much as he had enjoyed his history and philosophy classes in community college. He switched his major to history and began working on that enjoying courses such as Ancient Egypt, Age of Alexander, Ancient Astronomy, and Medieval Warfare. Upon completing this degree and returning home he struggled to find work and started taking early childhood education classes at his old community college where he used the introduction to education courses as a stepping stone to substitute teaching and then eventually a full teaching position at a high school near where he grew up.

One evening, he had just finished grading the essays that he had given his US history class and had gone to start up a computer game to play. A few of his friends, commented that they hadn't seen him in awhile. He told them he was tired, but would probably play for an hour or so. He didn't make it but fifteen minutes before falling asleep at the controls.

( Optional on down)
What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: Creating and cultivating a stable and prosperous Indian Kingdom
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: Mughal Empire, Achaemenid Persia, Various works of historical fiction, probably a few that I'm not thinking of just yet. (Dies the Fire by S.M. Stirling for example)
Why did you chose to land where you did?: North Indian Plain is very fertile and a good base for a population center to form around.
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: Orderly and well managed.
What are your character's motivations?: Initially he will try to see if he can get back. After that, he will try and work within the local society, rising to its leadership through careful planning. (working on that second part again. Rise to leadership through careful planning.)
Theme Song?: early: | Current:
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?:

Javin Torrez - Born 13 July, 1990 in the American state of Massachusetts. Lived in Florida until early 2019 when he found himself transported back in time to the bronze age. How resides in Harappa. Age: Immortal at age 28, lived for 53 years as of 2975 BCE

Irra - Current 'First Wife' of Javin (2975 BCE) and the mother of Javin's first child, Ashoka. She was born in Arrah in 3003 BCE, and taken in by Javin and his warriors after the conflict between Arrah and Patna in 2995 BCE. She worked closely with Javin for many years until 2981 BCE when she made it known she wished to marry Javin. Javin's previous wife had died in a plague years earlier and Javin accepted her at this point after mourning for years.

Ashoka - Born in November of 2980 BCE, the first born son of Javin would never meet his father until four years later when he and his mother moved to Harappa after remaining behind at one of the various towns along the Yamuna during the exodus of Javin from Patna.

Janaka - Second wife of Javin, born 2998 BCE in Khasub to a prince of the city. She has shown loyalty to Javin, but otherwise seems to keep to herself and is focused on her child she has had with Javin, Dorian. While she has ambitions of her own, Javin's time split between the army and the other wives has left Janaka in the background.

Dorian Torrez - The only child to actually bear Javin's family name is Dorian. Born in 2977 BCE, the boy was part of a promise between Javin and the ruler of Khasub to produce an heir within two years of his marriage to Janaka.

Ekanga - A Harappan Captain of Javin's Household Guard. Born in 2999 BCE, he was a well trained warrior before Javin's arrival and found himself employed with Javin soon after the wars started. He became a trusted captain shortly after the Second Peshawar campaign began.

Raja Kairov - b. 2983 BCE. Ruler of Peshawar after Javin's campaign against the city. He is set to marry a noble woman of his city in three years time to cement internal alliances that Javin helped him establish so the city's governance was stable.

Banhi - b. 2987 BCE, Banhi is the third wife taken by Javin. This one to cement his own personal alliance with the city of Peshawar. As the oldest sister of Kairov, she holds a significant position in the family there. Javin has been pleasantly surprised by her intellect and has taken to working in his study alongside her on a variety of projects. While it doesn't appear that she shares Javin's bed, that doesn't stop the rumors of her from spreading within the walls of Javin's estate, likely started by one of the other wives.

'The Prince' of Harappa - born sometime before Javin was on the Ganges, the so called Prince is a great mercantile power within Harappa and has enough wealth to purchase his own city if he chose to. He does not care for Javin or his ambitions. The sponsoring of a new city really bothered him about Javin seeing it as a slight to Harappa even if the city is apparently subordinate to Harappa. He will look to undermine Javin's authority at some point in the future, but as of 2975 he can't move against Javin due to his recent political and military successes without hurting his own position.
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Author Applicaiton
Name: Johann Sebastiano
Age: 51
Height and Weight: 5'8", 154 pounds
Skin, hair, and eye description: His skin is lighter than most of his Filipino counterparts, but not so light as to consider him white. Hair is a disorganized mop of black strands with the occasional white hair, longest of which reach downward to cover parts of his eyes and his ears, a small (a hundred thin and wee hairs or so) beard has formed around the mouth area. His eyes seem to be constantly relaxed, and his irises are a dark brown.
( Optional ) Picture: ---

Prior Profession: Linguist (language documentation and translation) and Novelist (wrote some fantasy books, never really took off but he still tries)
Level of education: PhD, Master's and Bachelor's Degrees in Linguistics. Below average general knowledge (i.e the stuff you learn in High School).
Physique description: Tall for his people and and somewhat above average in physique, he is capable of lifting a couple of heavy things, but not something unreasonable such as an anvil or something. Although already in his 50s, a combination of exercise and a fairly good diet (still ate a lot of burgers) has allowed him to be stronger than most of his age.
Useful skills: Did a stupid amount of worldbuilding in his free time during (constructing languages mostly), also a map maker and enthusiast, memorized an atlas he owned. Did long distance sailing in his 40s, learning how to navigate in the process, still knows the ropes.

National Origin: Philippines, migrated along with his family to Canada, more specifically Victoria, British Columbia.
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Overnight reading of how the Pacific Northwest natives subsisted on fishing as to make an expy of them in a setting he is creating, which would've become a novel.
Description of personality: Ambivert leaning towards introvert, he doesn't mind crowds as long as they understand him, otherwise he seeks isolation. Will stand up to a leadership position and provide good leadership if need be, but most of the time keeps his head low.
Where in the world are you landing?: This place, more specifically, this place, and even more specific, the area between Mosquito Lake and that mountain.

Autobiography/Biography: Born to a pair of barely-well off Mestizo parents in Cebu, early 1969; Sebastiano's childhood was mostly composed of reading things, watching things on the TV, being under Martial Law, enjoying food, and even more reading. Prodigious reading made him a model student in most of his kinder and Grade 1 times, but things were greatly shaken up with his father's departure along with a mistress to Cagayan de Oro. Just before his graduation from Grade 1, his mother along with his elder and younger female siblings moved to Cagayan de Oro as well. His times there in his own opinion were some of the darkest, his grades during his elementary gradually went lower and lower as he couldn't integrate well socially and was constantly bullied as a result, which was interfering with his mental well-being. The nadir of this period was reached in the time between Grade 6 and Grade 8.

Eventually recovery came, and by his graduation from high school, his mental well-being was stable and his grades had rebounded. College then came, and he was able to go overseas for his schooling, eventually encountering a Canadian woman who in the future would become his wife. Through her he learned more of the natives of the Pacific Northwest, and she was able to convince him to take Linguistics over Law. Graduating with above average grades for his Bachelor's Degree, he soon settled somewhere in Vancouver, and continued his studies there. Only having one child too early, she left during Sebastiano's 40s. Tragedy struck him with his wife going missing, and he slowly spiraled into a deep depression, which he recovered from on the eve of his 50s with the return of his daughter (who left him a few months later but the healing had been done).

An aspiring fantasy novelist and world-builder, something he nurtured since his high school years, he had already published a few books that although fairly good, didn't send his name into the spotlight, and thus he remained an obscure name. He was making his magnum opus, when suddenly he disappeared. There have been no traces of where he has disappeared to.

A few thousand years ago, a man woke up on the side of a mountain facing a lake.

What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: Create a confederation stretching from the Eyak lands in Alaska all the way to the Chinook lands by the Columbia River, and if possible, even beyond that. Preserving these languages will also be a high priority.
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: The people of the Pacific Northwest of course, although that should be a given.
Why did you chose to land where you did?: Haida have been living there for quite some time now, and their language probably somewhat similar and familiar in that my character wouldn't need to use the language learning ability he now has to learn their language.
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: Native American Viking confederation
What are your character's motivations?: To preserve the local (and perhaps all) languages, and to ensure the cultures speaking them don't go extinct. More to come.
Theme Song?: This
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?: With the Americas being opened to authors, more people (other than California and maybe Japan) to interact with would be nice.
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Author Applicaiton

Name: Danial Adiputera
Age: 25
Height and Weight: 5’10” and ~160 lbs
Skin, hair, and eye description: A relatively tall man by contemporary standards, Danial has a mixed heritage. His mother is Swedish, and his father Malay. Light skin, black hair, and rare hazel eyes.

Prior Profession: Soldier followed by Professional Fighter
Level of education: Sixth form college, Basic Military Training, Army Medical Vocational Training
Physique description: Muscular, Relatively Tall, High Endurance, Strong, etc.
Useful skills: Martial arts (Judo, Traditional Boxing, Muay Thai, and Jiu Jitsu)
Military Training (fieldcraft, basic survival skills, weapons maintenance, First Aid)
Sailing (Navigation, Piloting, etc.)

National Origin: Singapore
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Celebrating his 25th birthday
Description of personality: Driven, Ambitious, and Passionate
Where in the world are you landing?: Coastal Malaya


Although average as far as his education and intellectual level might indicate, Danial is gifted as far as physical pursuits are concerned. He always understood the importance of an education, but much preferred time spent outdoors or making things with his hands. An athlete and martial artist from a young age, Danial spent much of his free time honing his body with martial arts and learning more hands on activities such as sailing or tinkering with his dad, and tending his family’s garden with his mother. When he turned 18, he was conscripted into the Singaporean military like all other fit young men. He learned a number of skills that he would carry with him after being discharged, and will prove useful in the new world he’ll find himself in. Rather than stay longer than the required two years service, Danial left to pursue his dream of fighting on the world stage. After building up a reputation as an amateur fighter, Danial had his first professional fight at the age of 23. The next two years that followed proved to be a successful time for Danial as he earned a number of wins. Unfortunately his achievements would be short lived, on the night of his 25th birthday Danial was transported to the ancient past.

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Author Application

Name: Bruno Davids
Age: 24
Height and Weight: 1.78m, 80kg
Skin, hair, and eye description: White, cleanly shaven, with short, messy, light brown hair and blue-grey eyes.

Prior Profession:Labour union lawyer
Level of education: Bachelor in law, master's degree in treaty law, taken classes in labour law, ancient Egyptian law and history of public and private law
Physique description: Bruno has a relatively strong build, but lacks the endurance necessary to compete in sports. He has the strength to be good tennis player, but lacks the stamina to actually compete at higher levels.
Useful skills: Basic survival skills, teaching talent, oratory and legal knowledge

National Origin: Dutch
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Walking through the city of Leiden
Description of personality: Bruno is a pacifist, who makes it his personal mission to please others. He suffers from major self esteem issues, which makes him very keen to please the people he meets. However, he is also motivated to work, and whenever he sets himself to a task, he wants to do it perfectly. Of course, no task can be done perfectly, which feeds into the loop of feeling inadequate.
Where in the world are you landing?: Around the Montpellier area, southern France

Autobiography/Biography: Bruno was born in 1995 to a moderately wealthy household. From early on in his life, he was intrigued by various subjects, including history, the sciences, and politics. Being granted a vivid imagination, he liked to imagine stories. His imagination and interest in various subjects, as well as his sensitive (some would say hypersensitive) nature, made him a favourite target of grade school bullies, whose treatment left permanent emotional baggage and self esteem issues. However, Bruno learnt that humour was a potent shield against those who would deride him, and became quite ad rem in that regard.

After high school, which was somewhat more bearable than grade school, Bruno went on to study law. It combined his interest in politics and the written word, and gave him an alley into possibly doing work that would be beneficial to others, which was the main reason for his choice of course. He had particular interest in legal history and human rights law, and went on to do a master's degree in public international law, specialising in the law of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Following his studies, he applied for various jobs, and was eventually hired to a senior lawyer position in a large union. After having only worked there for a week, he was teleported into the past.

What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: To build a world from the ground up, where no poverty exists and where everyone is cared for equally.
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: I'm always inspired by Napoleon, although I am a pacifist. Just a mix of Augustus, Napoleon, Frederick II (of the Holy Roman Empire), and Justinian
Why did you chose to land where you did?: There is a lot of area to work with, it is rather fertile, but not very advanced yet.
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: A civilisation not really concerned with glory and conquest, but rather with inward perfection. A kingdom of justice where laws bind both citizens and the government.
What are your character's motivations?: Equality and justice
Theme Song?:
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?: Some civilisations might advance a bit too rapidly. It should take a lot of time for technology to progress, since manufacturing bases need a lot of population to create the economy necessary to sustainable use tech. Getting population up should be a primary goal of the players, since the size of an economy is primarily linked to its population.
The name's James. James Usari. Well, my name is not actually James Usari, so don't bother actually looking it up, but it'll do for now.

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Author Application

Name: Mark Hoffman

Age: 33

Height and Weight: 5'8, 170 lbs

Skin, hair, and eye description: Fair skin, dark brown hair, blue eyes.


Prior Profession: Office Manager

Level of education: Bachelor's Degree in Economics from the University of Michigan.

Physique description: A little shorter than average, not fat but not thin either. A little heavyset, with broad shoulders and thicker torso.

Useful skills: Gardening, public speaking ability and charisma, understanding of religion and faith, basic knowledge of fishing, organizational skills.

National Origin: American

What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Driving home from work.

Description of personality: Mark is relatively calm and gregarious, although he has a fiery temper when provoked. He's a hard worker from a large family, caring deeply about his brothers and sisters. More clever than intellectually smart. He has some flaws - not extremely driven, has a tendency to arrive late, suppresses negative emotions away and lets them bake.

Where in the world are you landing?: Norway

Autobiography/Biography: Mark was born on April 30, 1987, as the oldest of six to a family born in Hastings, Michigan. His father was an accountant and his mother a stay-at-home mom. He was raised in a religious household, going to church every Sunday without fail. In high school, he played baritone in the marching band as well as ran on the track team. After graduating in the top 10% of his high school, he was accepted to the University of Michigan for Economics. This wasn't a well thought out decision - he didn't know exactly what he wanted to do, but he enjoyed it in high school and thought that it was a versatile degree. During college, he was relatively average. Not a terrible student, not an incredible one either. He worked for the school library part-time, mostly reading when he was at the desk. Although he was an avid member of the speech and debate club, this pursuit did not lead to anything greater.

After graduating, he found a job through one of his father's friends as an administrative assistant for their CPA firm, moving on to an office manager in charge of payroll and benefits after the early retirement of his supervisor. Mark's one regret is that he feels an immense sense of wasted potential - like he could have done something more with his life. He's still a bachelor at 33, making decent but not great money, with a few close friends. Sometimes, he wishes he could have another be something else.

What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: Create an economically prosperous kingdom, with the well-being of its citizens placed at the forefront. No military empires or fanatical dictatorships - rather, an egalitarian society that stands the test of time.

What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: Robespierre, Lorenzo Medici, Napoleonic France, and the Quakers and Freemasons.

Why did you chose to land where you did?: The chance to hop in to an already-somewhat established nation is nice. Rather than starting from scratch, I can mold what's already there, which presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: Early American state confederacy, a humanistic theocracy, Phoenicia, Italian city-states.

What are your character's motivations?: To achieve the potential that he believes he squandered, and to find meaning and purpose.

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Accurate as of áS 22.

Author Application

Name: Clara Axinite Juliansdóttir Rose af Toronto, at your service.
Age: I’m forty-five this year, to the best of my reckoning. Yeah, surprises everyone, that.
Height and Weight: My last measurements were 1.72 metres in height and 72kg in weight, but I haven’t been properly measured in two and a half decades. I’m probably a bit heavier, if I had to guess.
Skin, hair, and eye description: Appearance? That’s another difficult one... uh, typical brunette, eyes the colour of fire, and skin just a tad too dark to pass off as a tan. The people here are darker than the so-called Caucasians used to be in Canada, though, so here I might as well be the archetype of the unremarkable, forgettable woman. Other than my sharp, fiery eyes, that is.

Prior Profession: Student. I was never anything other than a student before... before I came here.
Level of education: International Baccalaureate degree - and I scored well enough to be proud there, I assure you - with higher level Physics, Maths, Chemistry and standard level Economics, English Literature, and Mandarin Chinese. I also picked up one year of Civil Engineering in college after that, but I don’t feel like I really learned anything there.
Physique description: Better than it used to be, for sure. I was never a sporty girl back in Canada, although I wasn’t gangly or strangely-proportioned either. Living in this post-apocalyptic wasteland like a bronze-age primitive, though, has put a lot of muscles on my bone where there didn’t use to be. There ain’t be no public transport here, to say nothing of elevators.
Useful skills: Uh... not much? Pretty useless person here. I’m definitely the most knowledgeable person in my country, between my education and my hobby in history and human geography, but in terms of actual skills... I was one of those people who couldn’t replace a bike tyre back in my youth. Afterwards... not even my beloved’s dedicated and diligent tutelage has made me into a competent warrior. I’m a superb administrator and organiser, but that’s probably about it.

National Origin: Canadian. Technically. I don’t feel like one, though. Third culture kid problems, I suppose.
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Oh, goodness. You want me to remember that? It was twenty-five years ago! Er... knowing myself, probably some useless rubbish I shouldn’t have been doing.
Description of personality: I consider myself a quiet, polite sort of person. The kind of person you can stick in any situation and expect to be inoffensive and unobtrusive. I’m not disturbed or get emotional easily. Don’t be entirely fooled, though - that inoffensive visage hides a fiercely determined, stubborn interior. For after the trials of the past decade, how can I be anything but?
Where in the world are you landing?: Roskilde, the capital-to-be of the world.

Autobiography/Biography: I’ll start at the beginning and list chronologically. I was born to Julian and Sophia Rose, my parents, on the 28th January 1999 in some nameless Ontario hospital. I remember having a fairly comfortable childhood - privileged, even, by some perspectives. My father was always off on some business trip, though, and he felt pretty lonely out there, so when he landed a long-term assignment in Bangkok our family moved with him. This was in 2006 or 2007 or so. I went to an international school there. Looking back now, I remember it as being an awesome school in facility, faculty, and even the students, but at the time I wasn’t very happy there. I was cut off from the friends I made in Canada and didn’t really make new ones. In 2014 our family moved again to Seoul, South Korea, and here I had a much more active student life. I pulled good grades, was the star of the debate team, did a lot of other clubs where I made good friends. I remember looking absolutely dashing in a blouse and a blazer, in those days. After graduating senior school I interned for a human rights organisation for half a year, before going back to Canada to study civil engineering. I didn’t really do or learn much there, I don’t think... and then a year later my world turned upside down when that happened. The rest, well, you know. Found the love of my life, forged peace in the north, accidentally triggered a wave of violent hooligans across the Continent... the little things in life.

What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: Oh, lots of places. My one advantage here in this world is my knowledge, and I am going to use it. From the grand ideals of the Enlightenment to Canada’s parliamentarism, from the maritime culture of the Viking age to the beautiful depictions of nature in Korean art... what I know, I use.
Why did you chose to land where you did?: ...what do you mean, “chose”? You mean I could have landed somewhere else? Why didn’t anyone tell me so? I mean, I suppose Roskilde is as good a place as any, right in the heart of the Scandinavian people with ample access to the coast... I suppose it could’ve been a lot worse.
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: The people that I am proud to now call my own are an honourable people, not like the oath-breaking traitors of the south. We’re a compassionate people, bound to our neighbours in solidarity. And we’re a proud people, who will admit no master over us.
What are your character's motivations?: I want to secure the freedom and prosperity of this nation of which I am now a part. I wish to provide the comforts and wealth of an industrial civilisation to my new homeland without making any of the mistakes that, in the history I learned, accompanied this process. I want to preserve this beautiful culture and nature of the Scandinavian lands. There are a lot of things I want, and only history will tell whether I will get them.
Theme Song?: Ha! You’re a funny lad, aren’t you? Danmark for folket. That would be my superhero song.
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?: Honestly? More than anything I wish my luck was better... at this rate I’m going to get crushed. Not that I’m asking for a natural disaster on my neighbours, mind, that would be exceedingly rude, but...

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So I should probably post this here, since I completely forgot the thread even existed
Author Applicaiton

Name: Patrick Kolman
Age: 21
Height and Weight: 5 foot 9 inches- 200 pounds give or take
Skin, hair, and eye description: A relatively average height man of mixed European heritage, Patrick is pale, and prone to significant sunburn. His hair, which is in desperate need of a haircut, is a distinctly dirty blond to the point of being indistinguishable from brown. He has no facial hair, though on occasion sports a patchy five o'clock shadow when he forgets to shave in the morning. His eyes are a not unpleasant, but ultimately bland shade of blue
( Optional ) Picture:

Prior Profession: Fulltime student with varying oddjobs for a bit of extra spending money
Level of education ( specify degrees or note worthy classes ): Third year Political Science major with a minor in history, philosophy, and a focus on international relations
Physique description: Being slightly overweight for his height and age, Patrick is the model of the quasi-sedentary lifestyle. He functions easily from day to day, and obviously is used to some strenuous activities, but also plainly eats just a bit too much, and exercises just a bit too little. His shoulders are broad, and legs stocky, though the apparent stockiness may come less from being vertically challenged, and more from his constant slouching.
Useful skills:
-Political knowledge, and governance
-Eagle Scout (General survival and handiwork knowledge. Leadership)
-Geography?(Debatable really. I have an above average knowledge of global geography IRL, but it's hard to say how useful that would actually be, and if such
knowledge is enough to constitute a skill. I'll remove if necessary)
National Origin: United States of America
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: A bit of studying followed by playing some games with friends
Description of personality: Self conscious, introverted, scholarly, deceptive, kind, pragmatic, and cynical
Where in the world are you landing?: Dublin, Ireland

Autobiography/Biography ( paragraph minimum ):
Patrick was born January 20th 1998 in Long Island, New York as the elder of twins. His early life was exceptionally normal, going into the public education system at the age of five, and naturally making friends with his fellow classmates. Always one for good grades, he as a rule paid attention and did his work. Though the friends he chose may have been a bit more chaotic than one would think, they never got into serious trouble. Joining the Cub Scouts early, he would remain in Scouting for practically his entire childhood. Eventually though, children find that one topic that sticks with them more than the rest. Patrick, in this case, found himself interested in history, specifically Greek history and mythology (and to a child, the two are effectively inseparable when brought up in discussion). Said interest would eventually evolve into a general love of all things historical, and with a bit of guidance early in high school after years of self taught historical knowledge, into a love of the political as well. The gap in between was unfortunately of his own doing, choosing to spend his years of middle school in practical isolation thanks to social awkwardness, and just the natural tedium of transitioning from child to young adult.
Earning the rank of Eagle Scout just shy of his 18th birthday, Patrick would go on to (of course) apply for colleges, look for part time jobs, and after senior year, attend one of said colleges. The next three years went by quickly, leading to the present. And oh what a present it is...

Twenty Five Years Later
What kind of dumpster fire of a world have I landed in?

( Optional on down)
What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?:
Just to have a bit of fun. The premise has always interested me, and this gives me the chance to develop a hypothetical society from the ground up. IC I'd like to create a constitutional monarchy of a sort, uniting Ireland under one ruler, and then cultivating a social conscious that enables democracy to take root. Effectively Enlightened Monarchy->Federated Republic. I'd definitely like a bit of rationalism in there as well
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: Frederick the Great, various enlightened thinkers (a dash of Locke, a sprinkle of Rousseau), Washington/the US to some extent
Why did you chose to land where you did?: Europe is getting full, but it will take some time before the authors interact. Ireland is isolated, relatively resource rich, close enough to other authors that there will be some eventual diplomacy, and to be perfectly frank, it's just picturesque. As close to the Shire as you'll get without going to New Zealand
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: Celtic-North American-Irish mix. Probably with a focus on science and philosophy over religion, since this author probably won't be doing much to proselytize any specific faith
What are your character's motivations?: Figure out what exactly happened, find a way back home, and/or develop a functioning democratic society that he can direct with influence, and long built respect as opposed to direct rule (A democracy without the demagogues/sophists effectively)
Theme Song?:
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?: It'd be very nice to just sort of have the Imperium disappear :P

I've also discovered I'm too lazy to properly update anything...

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Author Applicaiton
Name: Nikolai Aleksandr Sapohznik (Just call him Sasha)
Age: 22
Height and Weight: 5'8"
Skin, hair, and eye description: Nikolai has the fair skin typical to people of Slavic descent, though he has the black hair that his mixed Levantine heritage grants. His eyes are a dim grey.

Prior Profession: College Student
Level of education: He finished bachelors in Psychology and was in his second year for Journalism He also had crash courses in Business Administration. It should also be noted that he knows a TON of history and practical science due to self education and YouTube.
Physique description: It can be said that Nikolai won the genetic lottery; he doesn't need to workout too much to maintain his form (which is not super impressive either, mind you). He isn't particularly a heavy lifter, but he compensates with the mind that he has.
Useful skills: He has a great stock of knowledge in practical science, which means he pretty much knows how to make concoctions, specifically gunpowder and bricks (not that he can do it himself, he just knows the procedures). He is also a pretty competent leader if the opportunity presents itself. Given enough time and a lab, he'll be producing innovations by applying all the knowledge he has, though that takes some time to do.

National Origin: American; fourth generation Russian Jewish immigrant.
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: He was writing the next chapter in his book entitled "Never Forget", a collection of interviews on multiple Holocaust survivors that he spoke to. He was making it into a novel.
Description of personality: Nikolai is a clever joker, perhaps best known for his love of memes on history and science. He has many strange interests, and is seen as strange as a result. However, he is also a flaunter of his superior intellect and looks down on those that don't understand in his level, giving him a mixed reputation. Still, he is ostensibly caring and defensive for those he sees as a friend or as equals, but other people that are not as close don't receive the same treatment, and may even be seen with contempt if they had assaulted him in the past.
Where in the world are you landing?: Near modern day Moscow, Russia.

Autobiography/Biography: Nikolai Sapohznik was born in New York City as the first child of Piotr Andreevich Sapohznik and Isabella Clark. He had two siblings after himself: Grigory and Catherine. Growing up, he proved himself to be especially intelligent in the sciences, though he was a no show in the arts (except for singing, he's a crazy good tenor, as well as the piano). He was homeschooled due to his asthmatic tendencies, and as a result finished junior high school in just two years instead of the standard four years. At age 16, he entered college in New York, where he excelled in general and finished at age twenty. It was in his second course that he met the love of his life; a girl by the name of Elizabeth Turner. What's more is that she was his first and last, and in their junior year he finally proposed to her while being surrounded by their friends and some professors, to which she said yes. It should be noted, however, that Nikolai is, for the lack of a better word, a pretty conservative person, and he pretty much forbade Elizabeth from night life. This produced some... Let's say, friction between them as they neared graduation, but Elizabeth would see that her boyfriend's thinking is for the best. As all of this went on, he spent most of his free time learning about things that most people wouldn't consider useful.

What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: To create a unified Slav nation stretching from Russia to Poland down to Bulgaria. Never mind that they haven't migrated to most of those places yet; these lands will be ours given enough time. Also we’ll take Canada before the Brits do.
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: The peoples of Eastern Europe, of course. Oh, and the Levant.
Why did you choose to land where you did?: Düring the days of the Russian Empire, his ancestors lived within the Pale of Settlement, and when anti-Jewish persecution heightened under the czarist regime, that is when they fled to America.
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: Take Russia and Poland and make them convert to Judaism (ala Khazar Khaganate). Also make them convert to Christianity when the time comes. It would have the vibes of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union (If they became a capitalist nation), Byzantium, and the British Empire.
What are your character's motivations?: He knows most of the events that would eventually transpire in history, and when the time comes, he wishes for Eastern Europe to be a powerful safe haven for the Jews while the rest of the world persecutes them. He also wants to solidify Russia as a global superpower in the world stage.
Theme Song?: One Million Voices by Two Steps from Hell
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?:

(Yes, I entered college at age 16, homeschooling has its perks)
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Postby Khasinkonia » Sat Feb 15, 2020 8:44 am

Author Application
Name: Emmalynn Leisaghiou ar Nola(Not my birth name, not quite my chosen name, but new world, new you!)
Age: 17
Height and Weight: 5’7”, 143lbs. I’ve been trying to learn metric but my country of origin does not do well to encourage it.
Skin, hair, and eye description: Pale skin(Burning or tanning is roughly a 50/50 shot), wavy brown hair that easily gets some wispy sandy blonde streaks from sun exposure, and dark brown eyes
I’ve got a slightly stronger chin, a more aquiline nose, and heaven knows that I have dark circles under my eyes in spades, but otherwise it’s a decent approximation.

Prior Profession: Moderately Enthusiastic High School Student
Level of education: High School Education(~Thru most of junior year), note: 5 years of French, 3 of Chinese
Physique description: I’m overall lithe with a mesomorphic body type. Very proud of my small waist, to the point that I’ve written a whole sentence about it. Kinda thicc, also kinda bony elsewhere. Honest, my body’s just a tad weird, but I suppose that’s life. I will say, I’m not athletic, I hold my chest when I run, and my ankles roll like nobody’s business, so anything involving strenuous physical activity is not great fun for me.
Useful skills: I’m a whiz with languages and social studies. Notable as far as social studies go, I’ve been doing quite well in my AP Economics course(Alas, I’ll never know the end of Macro). Thanks to a rather unorthodox elementary school curriculum and years of playing and watching people play map games, I’m really good at drawing maps, especially world maps. I have a bit of background in small-scale administration, so I would say that I have an inclination towards putting together bureaucracies. Otherwise, I have a decent base in biology thanks to a childhood full of BBC and National Geographic, a good bit of knowledge about digestive health and other reasons for abdominal pain due to lots of gastroenterologist visits, and a good bit of lagniappe theoretical knowledge from my pathological wikipedia reading that may prove useful here and there. As an easy example, although I have no chance in hell of even figuring out how to forge the boiler, I know the rough mechanics of a steam engine, so if someone sorted the metallurgy part, I might be able to help put it to use.

National Origin: United States
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: I was napping on the bus. Frankly, I was really looking forward to a snack and a cup of tea.
Description of personality: I’m a very contradictory person in a few ways. I blame my upbringing. I’m naturally timid, but I’ve been working for a while on being bolder, and so sometimes I’ll speak my mind and then immediately curl up and hide, figuratively. I fancy myself smart, but at the same time I like to make a conscious effort to remind myself about the Dunning-Kruger effect whenever I think I’m getting good at something. I’m pessimistic by nature, but years of verbal abuse and counselling(not at once) have left me in an odd position where I can see the bright side but feel more comfortable assuming the worst. I’ve been told I’m tough on myself. Maybe it’s a mixture of perfectionism, maniacal tendencies, and a bastardised sense of vanity, but I definitely do have a tendency towards brutal judgements both towards myself and towards others. For politeness’ sake, I don’t voice them, but I often can’t help thinking. Also I can be pretty hard-headed, sometimes scarily oblivious, a bit impatient, and have occasional bursts of mania where I’m just busy as a bee.
Where in the world are you landing?: England, Rainham Marshes Nature Preserve, right on the banks of the Aerbaker

I was born a bouncing baby boy in New Orleans. My original name is something I plan on forgetting eventually, so why document it? During my early childhood, I was privy to multigenerational living arrangements, as I was the 6th generation to grow up in the family home, and lived with not only my parents and younger brother, but my great grandparents as well. My mom and dad married fresh out of college and in college respectively, so we were not particularly in a great position financially, which led to my dad working long hours. He did his best to be present by coming home for dinner and stuff, but it was tough. My great grandma did a lot to help raise me until she passed. Before she did, though, we had to live through Katrina. Some of my earliest memories come from that time. But, back on track. I was homeschooled for elementary school, and my mother was functionally a single mother for a while when my dad was up at seminary for a year. She ran depressed, and I had to pick up some of the slack as a result, which as you can imagine left me in an awkward mental position.

Moving on to the second era of my life, my dad’s time in seminary put strain on my parents’ marriage, as I understand, so my preadolescent years had a bit of an upheaval as my parents divorced and I got sent to a private school, kudos to an endowment for the children of ordained ministers. To be clear, my father and I are Anglican, not Catholic(Though I was baptised Catholic). Middle school saw my mother remarrying, then my father doing the same in my 8th grade year. My mother’s husband, I’m afraid, was not great for my mental health. He figured I was a gay boy, and didn’t recognise my damage mental health as a problem. He really was a garbage parental figure, to be frank. He and my mother made us of numerous authoritarian parenting techniques that did far more harm than good, which left me with longstanding trust issues.

In the summer between 7th and 8th grade, I had a real shakeup as far as self-image went, because at summer camp I found out I was trans. (Fun Meta Fact: I actually figured it out in large part courtesy of NS). I’ve never been one to be patient, and I estimated that my mother would not at all be supported, so, after due research, I stole an exacto-knife from my science teacher’s, got a zip tie, and engaged in DIY surgery. It left an ugly scar, and severely complicated any theoretical prospects of SRS, but it achieved the goal of slamming the breaks on the male puberty that had just recently began for me.

Of course, readers may note that removing one set of gonads won’t immediately compel the body to switch tracks to a different puberty, which is where the next part of our story leads. I often helped my great grandfather with a variety of tasks. Notably, I helped him write out a lot of his information for tax purposes, which meant that I had access to a checking account that was relatively infrequently referenced. So, I took advantage of that, and funded my illicit acquisition of hormonal treatments via regular small transferrals into a paypal account. It was a lot of work, and a lot of stress, but I succeeded at it.

Baggy clothes and, after a while, ace bandages kept the physical changes out of question, since my voice had dropped early, and I made a point of feigning masculinity as much as possible to keep them from suspecting anything serious. Between the end of freshman year and the beginning of sophomore year, though, shit really hit the fan, as, although I kept my treatments a secret, I did end up getting dragged out of the closet by one particularly nasty line of questioning from my stepfather. Strong tensions started getting even worse, and, after they tried to pry into a section of my personal life I was especially keen on not bringing to light, I decided to run away to my dad’s to live full time.

Since I was nearly 16, they couldn’t really do anything legally, even though CPS wasn’t involved, I got my way, and stayed at my dad’s full time. We tried to address some of the affairs in front of a psychiatrist, but really I don’t think anything came of it other than a guarantee that I’m not bipolar. So that leads me to my last year in the modern world. Although the great grandpa gravy train was no longer funding me, I had managed to get a job with the church nursery that provided just enough monthly income to foot the bill. In addition to new housing arrangements, I transferred schools. It’s a funny story as to how I ended up going to the best school in the state. My dad sent in an application for me in semi-jest when I complained about how slow my school’s curriculum was moving, and thanks to a set of decent PSAT scores, some good grades under my belt, and, I assume, a great stroke of luck, I was accepted in. I made a lot of good friends, and, really, for probably the first time in my life I was doing pretty well. I had plans to head to Memorial University of Newfoundland and leave America, but I guess the universe had a cheekier way of sending me abroad.
What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: Survival at the moment, perhaps setting up an education system and building a functional life in the future.
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: Qing Dynasty, Bourbon France, Communist Romania, Japanese Empire, Joseon Dynasty, Huey P. Long, Jimmy Smallwood, Antonio Salazar, St. Olga, Joseph Stalin
Why did you choose to land where you did?: I’m afraid I left myself to the mercy of
What vibe should we get from your civilization and its culture?: Hopefully something nice and industrialist. Steampunk is a pipe dream, but it might come to fruition eventually.
What are your character's motivations?: At the very least, finding a social niche to occupy. At the most, helping steer humanity towards global domination as one people. Another pipe dream is seeing my transition to proper “completion,” as I define it.
Theme Song?: Jalousie, Hei Haloo, Disobedient, Battle of Wuhan. Maybe I’ll keep adding and make a personal playlist.
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?: I’m eager for what’s already there, but if I think of anything notable, I’ll definitely bend your ear.

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Postby Lord Dominator » Mon Feb 17, 2020 8:42 pm

Posting over now that I've actually posted in the IC...

Author Applicaiton

Name: Mathew Woods
Age: 21
Height and Weight: 6 foot, 150 pounds
Skin, hair, and eye description: White (untanned) skin, short brown hair, green eyes
( Optional ) Picture: [none given]i

Prior Profession: Recent graduate/unemployed
Level of education ( specify degrees or note worthy classes ): Bachelors of History, Bachelors of World & Intercultural Studies
Physique description: Skinny, with no particular muscles. Slow but steady runner
Useful skills: Basic farming/gardening, fishing (including cleaning/gutting)

National Origin: American
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Making an application for this rp about being sent back to the dawn of civilization. Reading a decent variety of fiction.
Description of personality: Mathew is relatively even-keeled and emotionless, but is rather poor at judging social situations and frequently worries about screwing up friendships. Major procrastinator.
Where in the world are you landing?: Paramonga, Peru (ish)

Autobiography/Biography ( paragraph minimum ): Mathew Woods was originally born in the Midwest region of the United States of America to parents of a lower-middle class status. He is the oldest of 5 siblings, with a mix of brothers and sisters. Raised a Lutheran, recently he has been considering other denominations of Christianity and religions both for potential conversion reasons and personal moral & philosophical ones. His schooling was about standard for the time, going to decent public schools for elementary, middle, and high school. Growing up however, Mathew had few close friends and a not much larger group of not-so-close friends, ultimately losing all of them through the course of Junior/Senior year of High School. Recently, he has graduated from a middling private university with the aforementioned degrees, after having done a number of AP and CITS (College in the Schools) courses during Junior and Senior year to get ahead for college. He is presently (or was) some 30,000 US dollars in debt from student loans and politically a Democrat worried about the upcoming election.

( Optional on down)
What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: Crating a long-lasting civilization-state, preventing the dominance of the Americas by those nations of AfroEurAsia
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: The historical Norte Chico civilization of the region, the Inca, various religions
Why did you chose to land where you did?: Fascination with the region and the later Inca, certain advantages from being the only individual in the the region & some existing civilization (offset by the lack of animals/plants to be domesticated)
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: [none yet, check back later]
What are your character's motivations?: Figuring out what the heck is going on, not dying, and maybe making the world a better place
Theme Song?: [may be filled in later]
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?: Being new, can't think of much

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Author Application

Postby Tallin » Sat Feb 22, 2020 9:25 am

Author Applicaiton

Name: Austin Tomlinson
Age: 17
Height and Weight: 5"10, and 175 lb
Skin, hair, and eye description: Skin, hair, and eye description: Very white, black, blue/green

Prior Profession: Subway Worker
Level of education ( specify degrees or note worthy classes ): High School Student
Physique description: Average
Useful skills: (ranked in order of how important it is):
Leadership ability
Knowledge of History (primarily between 1930-1945 and taper off from there)
Other random interesting things not important enough to get their own category
Vexillology (the study of flags)

National Origin: USA
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?:
Making myself a sandwich

Description of personality: level-headed, calm, nerdy
Where in the world are you landing?: Perth

Autobiography/Biography ( paragraph minimum ):
Born in Minnesota April 1st, 2003 where I was raised. Moved down to Texas in the summer of 2011. Notably took a keen interest in history, flags (and the history of), and also never really got used to the warmer weather (seriously it only gets to like 30-50F here I wear shorts year-round). I also got heavily involved in JROTC, most notably the armed exhibition drill team; if you don't know what armed exhibition is the rifle spinning stuff (if you ask me maybe I can find a video for you). I found this forum as it was introduced by my brother, who will undoubtedly desire to bring it up (he's the Holy Tedalonia guy).

What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: Establish a kingdom in Scotland that is close to modern day
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: Minnesota, Scotland
Why did you chose to land where you did?: in Scotland
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: the same vibe you get from the midwest
What are your character's motivations?: try to establish an area as indistinguishable from modern-day countries. "A return to normalcy" so to speak

Note: that I have established a small kingdom consisting of Edinburgh and Perth and the area inbetween
Office of the Protector of Free Enterprise
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Postby 3rdBritan » Sat Feb 22, 2020 9:31 am

Name: Mathew Ayres
Height and Weight: 5 foot 6 16 stone
[/b]Skin, hair, and eye description: Hazel eyes Dirty Blonde Hair White
( Optional ) Picture:

Prior Profession: Linguist
Level of education ( specify degrees or note worthy classes ): A in French A in portugese B in Spanish A in English C in Romanian C in maths C in Geography
Physique description:Fit although doing little sports
Useful skills: Knowledge...of the bye gone cultures, language of ancient sumeria-greece (Athens not Crete)

National Origin: English
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Fading into unconscious after being hit over the head after which once he woke he only had a little bruise
Description of personality: Vicious and Cruel but understanding of the Moral values
Where in the world are you landing?: Crete

Autobiography/Biography ( paragraph minimum ):
after getting his Gcse bunked in all but language he took a job as a language analyst in a software company, He now roamed the world without meaning having amounted a large wealth-
he has experienced the vivid cultures of Peloponesia and Indus valley bye visiting them, however his rash political beliefs were met with caution and he failed to get a job after that.
he was attacked bye democracy supporters at police and after that he never travelled again.
instead he hooked up on books of Greek mythology and Language before learning Sumerian

( Optional on down)
What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: to dominate the Mediterranean and reach the shores of Spain but let The rest of europe Prosper
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?:-Russia prior 20th century, Ancient Crete,Imperium,Greater japanese Empire Greater italian Empire Greater German Empire
Why did you chose to land where you did?:-what better place to dominate my Greater Orthrodox Dynasty than Crete
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: some thing on the style of the Greater German Empire and Tsarist Russia Slur

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Postby New Arcadius » Mon Feb 24, 2020 10:47 pm

Author Applicaiton

Name: Gaukhar Erzhanova
Age: 27
Height and Weight: 5'9, 150lb
Skin, hair, and eye description: Slightly Pale (Now more tanned thanks to the desert heat), Dark brown hair, Amber eyes.


But this could be more befitting later on:

Prior Profession: Graduate from the University of Riverside with honors in History and Mathematics, Going for a teachers associate degree.
Level of education ( specify degrees or note worthy classes ): Bachelors Degree in History and Mathematics
Physique description: For a Kazakh, Gaukhar is a bit taller than her fellow countrymen. As a result, she has more stamina and better body strength to aid herself in day to day activities. From all the times of using a falcon to hunt for sport with, she seems to have keen eyes, and isn't really afraid of feeding one, nor show as much fear when ones being aggressive. She can lift heavy objects as a result, and usually doesn't have much trouble lifting things. This seems to have been weakened a bit since she moved to the U.S, but can be easily recovered with a few months of reshaping and getting back to shape.
Useful skills: Horseback riding (Probably won't be useful until horse riding is introduced to the region or any horses found), animal husbandry (Meaning she could cater to farm animals such as goats, cows and such), medium levels of survival skills (She knows how to hunt, but just falcon hunting, but she understands the basis of survival such as rationing food and water, knowing what to eat and not to eat, all that sorts of things). These skills namely come from the fact she grew up like this on a farm.

National Origin: Kulandy, Kazakhstan
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Was out getting a late night snack at a nearby 7-11 (not really a good idea to go out at night especially at University & Iowa. Trust me), feeling very hungry, and noticing there was nothing at all in the house. Then after that, just browse on the internet looking at some YouTube Videos on her phone, before falling asleep on her bed.
Description of personality: Gaukhar is normally not very trusting with other people, but overtime, she had learned that sometimes, you have to trust people in order to get anywhere in the world. She usually doesn't smile unless the situation requires it, and keeps to herself most of the time. Gaukhar is a naturally very curious person when it comes to certain things, and will usually try to look around for whatever she can to help find out what is going on with what is happening. She is also a fast learner, and it wouldn't take long for her to adapt to something.

It can be kind of hard to really tell what Gaukhar is feeling at times. But overall, Gaukhar is a morally ambitious woman who seems to care much about those around her. Being exposed to others for a long time can help her much with building up trust with other people and make connections very easily. Her untrustworthiness of others from her past life, was namely due to her being stereotypically viewed as Chinese. Now, she feels less paranoid of others, and more open, completely changing her life around, especially after her arrival in the new world and being included by her new home.

Gaukhar can sometimes be a bit insane however, probably due to the desert heat hitting her. She usually sees illusions of things, such as the time where she founded Neo-Islam with Ancient Egyptian Religious characteristics, and will usually see things others can't see. This usually happens to her every once in a while, but usually if she is out in the sun for too long, or haven't had any water in a while. These grand delusions can be possible from the fact that she has not aged since she had arrived, and her structure remained the same. This can cause her to be somewhat mentally insane.
Where in the world are you landing?: Siwa Oasis

Autobiography/Biography ( paragraph minimum ):
Gaukhar prior to moving to the United States, was born in an isolated community in Kazakhstan known as Kulandy. Growing up, she would learn how to hunt, use a falcon and helped around the farm. Her education was provided when she went over to the nearby town of Aralsk. Despite the hardships she faced, she had a passion for the two things she enjoyed, history of the ancient cultures of the world, namely the Massagetaes, the Iranian Empires, and the Assyrians. She would also have her passion for mathematics, falling inlove and becoming a bit of a mathematical nerd herself. Being apart of a foreign exchange program, Gaukhar would attend school in the United States when she succeeded in her studies, and would graduate from High School with a diploma, and even made it through the trials and errors of college, receiving her Bachelors Degree in History and Mathemetics, and went on to study to become a teacher and would teach the things she love, something she did before she was sent back to the past.


What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: My intentions is namely to see a development of a person who never had any experience in an area she would not be so familiar with, and people that in no way, looks like her, come to grow with her, and strive on to see where the character goes. I want to see the challenge of starting off in a location no one really has heard of either, and see where she will go from there. My long term goal is character development, interaction and all of that. I focus namely on character development when it comes to character based roleplay. Yeah, it may turn into a bigger political situation, but we are starting off really really early... so it's going to be a while until we reach then.

Also, maybe compare her new life to her old life, as both are isolated communities in the middle of nowhere, and both seem to relate to the day to day activities of being surrounded by dryland, in her case, near a former sea that is now probably all reformed and restored and super super clean, and her new home having actual drinking water. Probably a few differences here and there, such as not feeling the modernly vibe from the Soviet-like life style of the village she was from, but still. It would be interesting to be put back in a rural environment, compared to her previous Urban one.

But if you really want a long-term goal, to create a rich, powerful empire that can prove that even with smaller borders than others, a smaller empire can still be powerful and functionally rich at the same time. Oh, and horses. Lots of horses. Horses good. Maybe introduce Kumis? To recreate the empire of Kemet, and to make it into a strong and powerful technologically advanced civilization based around research and technology. Grander than the Imperium.
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: The Berber People Groups, the Ancient Egyptians, The Kushites, the Ancient Phoenicians the Ancient Assyrians.
Why did you chose to land where you did?: The Siwa Oasis is very isolated, and is a perfect place to start a journey of someone lost. Especially if it is something that you could baseline a culture that could become very powerful in the future. Besides, having a start in an isolated community can get people to know you and trust you far better than starting in a well established area, which can cause conflict faster.
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: The Berbers were pretty matrilenial before, so maybe try to improvise with a more woman ran society? Namely feeling the sense of a more matriarchal desert culture that would emerge to the stage eventually.
What are your character's motivations?: Gaukhar literally has no idea what the hell is going on, especially waking up in an oasis that happens to be in the middle of the Western Desert of Egypt, and having 0 fucking clues about where she is... until maybe asking around and note that shes in Siwa, which is isolated as hell. Likely either trying to find a way back home, accept the fact that she will never get back home, or adapt and try to survive, then later on... stuff. It can go either way from here. As I said, I let my character decide what she wants to do. I think it's very clear from all the posts that are made. Just read them an you'll see.
Theme Song?:
Normal Day probably remembering home

Fighting other people

But I do think this could very well be Gaukhar's main theme.
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?: Character arcs, story development. Empire buildings great, but what about your character? Character development seems key here.

Natural events as well! Where are those? Random parts of the world near the authors' chars namely.

Update, I'm still asking for this Joohan. MORE

Now before you ask how a Kazakh woman relates to me, for one, I am very self-conscious about including myself in things. I tried my best to insert aspects about myself into the character, but I really like to avoid doing so. The character, while yes, may act more like a self-insert overtime, I just don't want to include myself fully. It's pretty hard, especially when I am a characterbuilder, not a self-insert. Also, I guess you can say that I just enjoy playing a different ethnicity than my own and I don't roleplay males well? Yeah. You'll see where we go with my character's story. Blah blah blah, you know this already.

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Postby Kafair » Sat Feb 29, 2020 11:51 am

Author Applicaiton
Name: Sean Reinhartz
Age: 20
Height and Weight: 6' 1'', 158lb
Skin, hair, and eye description: Tan, Caucasian, long, straight blond hair, worn in a ponytail at the back (this idea: ... alf-up.jpg). Brown eyes
( Optional ) Picture:

Prior Profession: Chef in Training
Level of education ( specify degrees or note worthy classes ): High School Diploma, 2 Years of Culinary School (CIA [Culinary Institute of America], New York Campus)
Physique description: Muscular arms, yet not clearly visible when not flexing. In shape, but not a body builder, or a especially or noticeably strong person [no six pack if you go off that].
Useful skills: Cooking, Baking, Gardening, Muscular Labor skills (to an extent of course), knowledge of basic architecture, basic knowledge of forging metal

National Origin: Israeli Scottish American (Israeli Mother, Scottish Father, Born in the US)
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Setting aside a bake to cool overnight in the dorm
Description of personality: Loud, yet at times very quiet. Proud or prideful, take your pick, and someone who is confident in their abilities, for better or worse. A calculated risk taker, and someone who is easily drawn into their work so much they have trouble stepping back to see the bigger picture.
Where in the world are you landing?: Linfen, China

Autobiography/Biography ( paragraph minimum ):

Having taken a love of baking early on from his mother, he has spend nearly 16 years doing anything from basic to advanced baking work. He is a gardener, and moved from California after graduating to attend College in New York. He became a popular member of the student body, and made it through two years of college with average grades, showing a proficiency in baking and long term cooking. He is a avid baker when it comes to working with cakes. He has spent some time studying plants and growing various crops for his own use in dishes.

Writing Sample: Took part in TStL, Navy Day, currently in Dirty Money & Dead Bodies and The Valentian Dinner 2. Recent RMB post I made I think should suffice.

( Optional on down)
What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: To have one hell of a good time and meet some new people.
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: People wise it is a mix of my favorite designs and people I have seen IRL, with a healthy does of my life ideals
Why did you chose to land where you did?: Joining another persons civ early on, so for convenience.
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: Same as for Aaron Dawson
What are your character's motivations?: Survive, and put his skills to use by making a name for himself in the history he hopes remembers him later on.
Theme Song?:,
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?: Hoping to see lots of inter-nation play and some enjoyable situations.
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Postby Cainesland » Sat Feb 29, 2020 1:32 pm

Bostwick Frederick Graham Pendragon

Age: 21

Height and Weight:
5'10, slightly overweight

Skin, hair, and eye description:
Caucasian, black hair, hazel eyes

Prior Profession: Student

Level of education:
Business Diploma (Management)
BA in progress

Physique description:
Bostwick stands at 5’10, is Caucasian, and has hazel eyes. He has black hair, and without the ability to shave has a beard that grows similiar to the Amish. He needs glasses to see well far away, and after waking up has a hard time with long range vision. While slightly overweight he is able to run for short periods (5-10 minutes), and dig dirt for 4-8 hours per day with breaks depending on the temperature.

Useful skills:
Bostwick has skills that are more useful in the modern world, such as: financial literacy, knowledge of economics, knowledge of business administration techniques, computer skills, and soft skills like teaching, public speaking and taking an idea and explaining it in manners that are more simple to aid in another's understanding of that topic.

As a history buff, and someone that enjoys reading and writing, he is familiar with some of the general information from European and Canadian history - especially with regards to political and military history. He knows a little bit about opera, and ancient inventions as well.

As someone with experience on public and private boards and elections, as well as taken some courses in political science, economic development, or related he has some skill (or knowledge of) with governance practices.

With regards to hands on skills, he is familiar with first aid and camping. While now rusty he used to have some knowledge of basic carpentry for building a bench out of pre made parts.

National Origin:

What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?:
Before going to bed on the night he was sent back in time, Bostwick was probably enjoying some recreational activities. He was probably playing some xbox, and/or did some googling.

Description of personality:
Bostwick is calm, analytical and patient. He is hardworking, honest, and enjoys helping others and learning. He doesn't like conflict and tries to avoid it if possible. When it comes to negotiation, he prefers a style that involves communicating and compromise.

When it comes to planning and decision making he is more detail oriented; looks ahead at goals on occasion, and sees what can be done to obtain them.He generally thinks things through, if possible, to weigh the pros and cons of a decision before making a decision. He doesn't see the ends as justifying the means. Before making a decision he likes to consult with others to get other opinions.

He likes playing games, such as chess or Skyrim; watching comedy movies such as grumpy old men; and listening to music from the 20th century from the 1900’s to 1980’s.

Where in the world are you landing?:
Sevastopol, Crimea

Autobiography/Biography ( paragraph minimum ):
Bostwick was born in a Canadian city. Growing up he attended beaver and cub scouts where he was exposed to camping trips and social gatherings. His favourite school subjects were history and English. In middle school he became involved in clubs such as: chess club, electronics club, and gaming club where he played empire total war. In high school he was able to learn about films and radio, as well as financial management and legal studies. He engaged in clubs such radio clubs and school council. During his time in high school he engaged in outside activities such as advising his provincial government with regards to educational policy, and international events. When he was 16 he joined army cadets and over nearly three years became a sergeant, was trained in marksmanship, and became involved in field training exercises, hunters education training, drill team, and instruction of junior cadets in Canadian history and governance.

When he was 17, during the summer, he would volunteer at his local zoo. In this role he would help with panphlet distribution, stamps, visitor counting, animal safety from visitors, and visitor education.

That year in the fall he went to post secondary and started taking a diploma in business administration. Bostwick would graduate after 3 years with a major in management, having learned multiple topics including finance, business organization, marketing, Microsoft office, supply chain management, and project work. He got involved with the student association as a guest in the first year, and was elected for two following years. During this time he became involved with committee work, such as governance, external advisory, and campus activities. In his last year with the student association he went to the provincial capital to lobby the members of the legislative assembly. During the last 2 years he joined the schools academic council where he joined two committees and worked on two projects, as well as voted to implement dismiss or modify academic programs. He joined his community board for his second year and engaged in activities such as budget approval and ice rink maintenance. In his second year he became involved with public speaking, helping students transition from secondary school to post secondary.

In the year before he had been taken, Bostwick had been working on obtaining a bachelor of arts. He had taken programs in math and science, academic writing, political science and history. He also was able to get involved with the students association on an advisory committe.

( Optional on down)
What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?:

Edit: I’m interested in founding a Black Sea country. This would probably have Romania with dubrogea, Moldova, Ukraine, the Sea of Azov including rostovskaya oblast, Krasnodar krai, Georgia, and the Black Sea region of Turkey.

What people or places are you taking inspiration from?:
British - Bicameral Parliamentary Democracy, House of Lords, Cabinet, Governor-general, Lieutenant-Governor and Deputy Minister, Coats of Arms
Romans - Senate, election system (Public Assembly, Tribal Assembly, Centuriate Assembly), military organization, and castes (Patrician, Equities, and Plebeian)
Vikings - Military equipment, longboats, Municipal governments
Egyptians/Persians/Chinese - Bureaucracy
Venice - Doge title replacing senator title
Scottish - Bagpipes, Kilts, Golf
Canada - RCMP police, Federation, "Peace, Order and good governance motto", and similar governance divisions of powers as outlined in section 91 and 92 of the Canadian constitution.
Athens - Provincial governments (Areopagus upper house, Boule lower house, Prytaneis Cabinet), tribes are called clans
Russia - Streltsy municipal police
Ukraine - Kulaks
United States of America- Baseball
Europe- Chess
Why did you chose to land where you did?:
Crimea is centrally located in the Black Sea; potentially allowing for better expansion or trade in the Black Sea area later on. Crimea is also located in a defensible location; potentially allowing for an easier ability to maintain at least that holding later on if wars occur. The culture at the time is close to a heavy dense population; allowing for greater trade possibilities. You were discussing the possibility of established civilizations getting added to the civilizations list, and while it would take time this might be easier on a peninsula than on open land.

What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?:
At first the civilization would probably resemble early Athens politically, with a governing oligarchic council. Economically it would probably primarily focus on animal husbandry, especially Cows and sheep. and focus secondarily on agriculture, hunting, and fishing. Defensive wise, as at the time the people lived in fortified settlements with long houses made from wattle and daub that is probably how it would start as well. As 500 years earlier, around 3500 bc, the yamna’s neighbor the Trypillia culture had cities with populations reaching 20,000-46,000 people they may have a population around that size as well.

What are your character's motivations?:

Theme Song?:

What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?:

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Postby Boraki » Tue Mar 17, 2020 8:00 am

Author Applicaiton
Name: Christopher Micheal Warren
Age: 24
Height and Weight: 6’0”
Skin, hair, and eye description: Sandy/Dirty Blonde, Northern European Pale skin tone, deep ice blue eyes
( Optional ) Picture:

Prior Profession: Auto Mechanic
Level of education ( specify degrees or note worthy classes ): Certified in several key fields of auto mechanics, sent back in time while studying to become a mechanical engineer.
Physique description: Slender, Lean, Athletic.
Useful skills:
Repair and Diagnostic of mechanical and other simple contraptions or objects, former avid huntsmen/camper,

National Origin: United States, Michigan
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Trying to listen to an college course audio book while unbolting a transmission prior to a swap
Description of personality: Focused, Good sense of humor, center of attention at parties, social, and clever
Where in the world are you landing?:
Northern Tunisia approximately right around where historical Carthage was founded.

Autobiography/Biography ( paragraph minimum ):
Christopher grew up with an average lifestyle. A class clown but bright, never truly rose to his potential in grade schools. That was never to say he wasn’t smart and he made sure he made grades that allowed him to play football and basketball. Had a fascination with history in school as well as began to develop a love for mechanics and engineering. Deciding to work on cars to put himself through college he was working on a side job while studying before he awoke in the Neolithic past...
Writing Sample:
The cool breeze swept into his nostrils and grazed his nether regions into a chill. Awakening in a brown field of sandy soils and thin grasses. Not a building or sign of civilization as far as the eye could see as the intense midday sun beat down on the naked and alone man whom sitting up shook his head trying to recollect his thoughts and take grasp of this situation. Standard mag to his bear feet as the soft dry sandy soil sifted between his toes, the air around him as he drew a deep breath felt oddly cleaner and more crisp than he had remembered.

“Why am I here in this field? What happened and why am I naked?” Christopher analyzed to himself before he decided to walk in the direction of the wind...

( Optional on down)
What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: To craft a unique civilization with hybridization of some of my favorite cultures. My character is a history nerd, think if Ceaser from fallout had this oppurtunity instead. I might make it be the new Rome if I have any luck a Rome and Carthage union with heavy Greek influences as well.
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: see above lol
Why did you chose to land where you did?: To establish a mercantile center in the Mediterranean over time and consolidate power in the region
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: Rome, Sparta, Macedon, Carthage, with a distinct Norse Viking flavor when it comes to honor bound warriors.
What are your character's motivations?: To engineer a new world in his image and to re write history as he sees fit.
Theme Song?:
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?: I wanna see us flesh out the entire concept in anyway possible because it’s awesome and I feel discord might make a valuable resource.

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Postby UniversalCommons » Sun Oct 04, 2020 9:52 am

Author Applicaiton
Name: Victor Spear
Age: 70
Height and Weight: 5'8" tall and 3 /1/2 feet wide in the shoulders and 200 lbs
Skin, hair, and eye description:Olive complexion, Black curly hair head, red and black beard, brown eyes
( Optional ) Picture:

Prior Profession: Library Administrator
Level of education ( specify degrees or note worthy classes ): Masters in Library Science, Certified Public Library Administrator Certificate, Booksellers Certificate American Booksellers Association, Gardeners Certificate,
Physique description: Victor Spear is of average height with broad shoulders. He has a layer of fat over muscle. His eyes are piercing and he seems to be larger than he is when talking to him.
Useful skills: Librarianship, Organization, Administrative Management, Writing, Bookmaking, Gardening, Weightlifting, Philosophy, Basic understanding of chemistry through high school, mathematics through trigonometry, Low Technology, Art of Memory, Meditation, Speed Reading.
Nonuseful skills: Has some knowledge of the martial arts, took a hodge podge of them, but failed at it. Can recognize who is good at martial arts and warfare. Hates swimming, forced to do it as a child.
Skills Learned in past: Mysteries of Sabazius and the Great Goddess, Herbalism from Penelope
National Origin: United States, California
What were you doing prior to falling asleep and awakening in the past?: Reading De Rerum Naturae
Description of personality: Being sent into the past made him a bit unhinged. He could not get himself to remarry and became obsessed with recreating a great library. He fell in love with Penelope, but it is unrequited and has turned into a difficult friendship. He has come to terms with this more lately. He has dalliances, but does not plan to remarry. His latest dalliance is with Scholar Ishtar. His obsession with creating a great library and research center and improving the Nestos League has taken over his life. He is becoming increasingly obsessed with knowledge.
He is friends with Diaghis and was friends with Den and Scorylo before they passed. He is also friends with Scholar Scilla.
Victor Spear is depressive. He deals with this by keeping a journal, meditating and being under the care of Scholar Doctor Lukics who has prescribed him nepenthe an herb from the ancient world that no longer exists. A lot of his meditative exercises are about being tranquil and balanced.
His depression feeds his obsessive behavior. He fears not being able to accomplish things while being depressed so he drives himself worse than any other people can push him. He internalized being hard driven from his parents who were both quite successful. For a brief time he burned out, but was able to get back up again.
This makes him both a tragic and accomplished figure who some would consider a mad man. He sometimes thinks of people like Winston Churchill and the Black Dog.

Where in the world are you landing?: Thrace

Autobiography/Biography ( paragraph minimum ): Victor Spear is from the United States in California. He grew up with a mother who was a nurse and a father who was a doctor. He very much led a life that was alternative. From an early age, Victor Spear was steeped in the classics. His father read him the Odyssey as a small child.
His mother wanted him to be a technical person, a scientist or computer programmer. They tried to prepare him for this by making him take science classes at the science museums and teach him computer programming. After a while, they let him stop doing computer programming. They also insisted he take swimming lessons, until he refused to do any more of it. Then they enrolled him in martial arts which he was not very good at.
He was almost always involved in some kind of activity. Most of his friends came from the schools or classes he attended. He was surrounded by people who had many alternative ideas about health and science. Health food hippies and people interested in alternative ideas about how science worked. He started college in a community college where he was interested in anthropology focused on applied anthropology, introducing appropriate technology to the locals. When he learned that it would involve working with huge corporations and manipulating people, he changed his major to philosophy focusing on the Greek and Romans from his childhood..
In college, he found that he enjoyed weightlifting. He also when he had time, spent time gardening in his yard. He would end up keeping up the gardening and weightlifting as two of his hobbies along with reading for the rest of his life.
In college, he got a job part time working in the library. He enjoyed it enough to go to library school where he worked in an academic library part time.
When he finished library school, he went back to California, but found himself in trouble, so he headed east to New York where he worked in a public library. He also took a variety of classes on bookmaking and books. He rose steadily up through the ranks until he became a manager, then he took a Certified Public Librarians certificate and went to work at a college library. At the Age of 45, he became the administrator of a college library.
In New York, he developed a habit of collecting and reading books which he could not afford very well. He began to collect and sell books so he could afford his habit. Eventually, he became good enough at it that he worked part-time for a bookseller and attended Book Expo. He got a certificate in book selling from the American Booksellers Association.
His life was taken up by his jobs and hobbies. In New York, he continued doing gardening, becoming interested in sustainability, enrolling in classes for Master Gardeners where he focused on learning about organic gardening.
Victor Spear is successful because he is obsessive and is doing exactly what he wants to do both as a profession and a personal interest. He focuses his mind into improving that obsessiveness through meditation, speed reading, and memory techniques. He knows many people, but is not close to many of them. It is part of what makes him tick.

Writing Sample:

( Optional on down)
What are your intentions for this RP, what's the long term goal?: To create a great library and build a knowledge based culture.
What people or places are you taking inspiration from?: I take inspiration from John Todd and the New Alchemy Institute, the Great Library at Alexandria, H.G. Wells and his book, The World Brain, Lucretius De Rerum Naturae
Why did you chose to land where you did?: Because of Democritus the father of atomic theory was from Abdera, Thrace. Also, the Thracians did not become a great civilization because of their lack of unity and constant internal warfare. I thought it would be interesting to change that.
What vibe should we get from your civilization and it's culture?: A mix of Greek, Thracian, and other ancient cultures with a colorful alternative lifestyle focused on food, gardening, and science.
What are your character's motivations?: To build the World Brain written about in H.G. Wells books and make a Great Library and Center of Learning
Theme Song?: Blue Moon Sonata
What do you wanna see in this RP? What would make it better?: I want to see how the characters change. I would like to see a wide variety of interactions. Combat, espionage, intrigue, self improvement, love, relationships, knowledge, innovation and inventions. I want to see gripping stories that involve all aspects of a characters life. I would also like to see a little more about how people either go completely mad or adjust to the past.
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