Di Bradini Cup 47/U21WC68 Everything Thread

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Di Bradini Cup 47/U21WC68 Everything Thread

Postby Valanora » Sat Feb 08, 2020 7:37 pm

Starblaydia wrote:OOC:For complete newcomers, please see the Guide to Sports Roleplaying. If you need to ask anything of the host or your opponents, arrange RP angles or generally chat about the goings-on, please use the World Cup Discussion Thread. Misspellings of 'Di Bradini' will be met with zero tolerance.

The Valanora Footballing Association presents

In association with the Starblaydia Football Association:

The Forty-Seventh Di Bradini Cup
The 68th Under-21 World Cup

The Valanora Footballing Association proudly presents the forty-seventh edition of the Di Bradini Cup, the fifteenth edition of which to be held in the Valanora. Recognized as direct successor to the original Under-21 World Cup run by Total n Utter Insanity, this is also the 68th Under-21 World Cup.

This tournament is named after Starblaydia's most-famous player, the first person to score for Starblaydia's own Under-21s, currently the fifth-highest goalscorer in Starblaydia's history, World Cup Winner, member of the World Cup Hall of Fame and one-time President of the World Cup Committee: Simeone Di Bradini. We present, for your participation: The 47th Di Bradini Cup, a.k.a. The 68th Under-21 World Cup!

U21WC1. Audioslavia
U21WC2. Kingsford
U21WC3. Jeruselem
U21WC4. Bedistan
U21WC5. Rejistania
U21WC6. Bedistan
U21WC7. Vilita
U21WC8. Total n Utter Insanity
U21WC9. Jeruselem
U21WC10. Rejistania
U21WC11. Rejistania
U21WC12. Druida
U21WC13. Fmjphoenix
U21WC14. Starblaydia
U21WC15. Fmjphoenix
U21WC16. Nedalia
U21WC17. Hockey Canada
U21WC18. Spruitland
U21WC19. Fmjphoenix
U21WC20. Fmjphoenix
U21WC21. Haraki
U21WC22 (DBC1). Valanora
U21WC23 (DBC2). Candelaria And Marquez
U21WC24 (DBC3). Candelaria And Marquez
U21WC25 (DBC4). Newmanistan
U21WC26 (DBC5). Daehanjeiguk
U21WC27 (DBC6). Valanora
U21WC28 (DBC7). Secristan
U21WC29 (DBC8). Sarzonia
U21WC30 (DBC9). Kura-Pelland
U21WC31 (DBC10). Candelaria And Marquez
U21WC32 (DBC11). Sorthern Northland
U21WC33 (DBC12). Sorthern Northland
U21WC34 (DBC13). Sargossa
U21WC35 (DBC14). Starblaydia
U21WC36 (DBC15). Cafundeu
U21WC37 (DBC16). Queer Poco el Mono Ara
U21WC38 (DBC17). Cafundeu
U21WC39 (DBC18). Cafundeu
U21WC40 (DBC19). Taeshan
U21WC41 (DBC20). Polar Islandstates
U21WC42 (DBC21). Bears Armed
U21WC43 (DBC22). Pasarga
U21WC44 (DBC23). High Heels
U21WC45 (DBC24). Kiryu-shi
U21WC46 (DBC25). Wight
U21WC47 (DBC26). Blouman Empire
U21WC48 (DBC27). Equestrian States
U21WC49 (DBC28). Free Republics
U21WC50 (DBC29). Northern Sunrise Islands
U21WC51 (DBC30). Farfadillis
U21WC52 (DBC31). Furellum
U21WC53 (DBC32). Mizuyuki
U21WC54 (DBC33). Schottia
U21WC55 (DBC34). DNF
U21WC56 (DBC35). Cosumar
U21WC57 (DBC36). Dainer
U21WC58 (DBC37). Pasarga
U21WC59 (DBC38). Ceni
U21WC60 (DBC39). Pasarga
U21WC61 (DBC40). Mytanar Region
U21WC62 (DBC41). Kita-Hinode
U21WC63 (DBC42). Pasarga
U21WC64 (DBC 43). Mapletish
U21WC65 (DBC 44). Cosumar
U21WC66 (DBC 45). Cosumar
U21WC67 (DBC 46). Bears Armed

Siovanija and Teusland
Free Republics
Terre Septentrionale
The Golden Lotus
Imperial Joseon
Baker Park
Bears Armed
Oberour Ar Moro
East Ares
Appalachian Nation

Group A
Applachian Nation

Venues: The Battleground and Hellgate

Group B

Venues: Castle de Mot and Aranfield Bridge

Group C
Siovanija and Teusland

Venues: Metropolis and The Tar Pit

Group D
Terre Septentrionale

Venues: Lathal and Miner's Haven

Group E
Baker Park
Imperial Joseon

Venues: Rose Gardens and Hatire Memorial

Group F
Free Republics
Oberour Ar Moro
The Golden Lotus

Venues: Donna Cathedral and Artani

Group G

Venues: Turmondale Grounds and Angelotic Temple

Group H
Bears Armed
East Ares

Venues: Duran Palace and The White Fortress

MD1: 1v4, 2v3
MD2: 4v3, 1v2
MD3: 2v4, 3v1
Ro16: A1vD2, B1vC2, C1vB2, D1vA2, E1vH2, F1vG2, G1vF2, H1vE2
QFs: R1vR2, R3vR4, R5vR6, R7vR8
SFs: Q1vQ2, Q3vQ4
3PPo: L1vL2
Final: S1vS2

Feb 8th: Group Draw
Feb 9th: Bye
Feb 10th: Bye
Feb 11th: MD1
Feb 12th: Bye
Feb 13th: MD2
Feb 14th: Bye
Feb 15th: MD3
Feb 16th: Bye
Feb 17th: Ro16
Feb 18th: Bye
Feb 19th: QFs
Feb 20th: Bye
Feb 21st: SFs
Feb 22nd: Bye
Feb 23rd: Final/3PPo
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EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Valanora » Sat Feb 08, 2020 7:37 pm

Map of Valanora

Valanora Information
The most important thing to know about traveling through Valanora is that automobiles are banned except for government officials. A high tech railway system connects the entirety of the nation, with three international airports in Raynor City, Gladerial, and Baysleef. A ferry from Rinaldi travels to and from the island of Capri every hour on the hour. The most distinguishing feature of Valanora is the prevalent amount of forests standing in many of the inner half of the nation, even in cities, with the elven attempts to live in harmony with nature. Vanorians are a polite if not a bit high on themselves, believing elvenkind to be superior to humans, though they show a respect for the potential their humanoid cousins have.


The Battleground
Capacity: 78,000
Location: Raynor City

Capacity: 74,000
Location: Mar Sara

Angelotic Temple
Capacity: 71,000
Location: Longview

The White Fortress
Capacity: 70,000
Location: Gladerial

Donna Cathedral
Capacity: 60,000
Location: Mar Sara

Hatire Memorial
Capacity: 60,000
Location: Capri

Capacity: 54,000
Location: Raynor City

Aranfield Bridge
Capacity: 52,000
Location: Everlin

Duran Palace
Capacity: 51,000
Location: Valanari

Castle de Mot
Capacity: 49,000
Location: Wexax

Rose Gardens
Capacity: 49,000
Location: Kareen

Turmondale Grounds
Capacity: 43,000
Location: Raynor City

The Tar Pit
Capacity: 39,000
Location: Char Sara

Capacity: 39,00
Location: Ibini

Miner's Haven
Capacity: 36,000
Location: Goldsan

Capacity: 29,000
Location: Ianisle
World Cup 40, 42, 43, 52, & 61 Champions
WC 47, 51 (2nd), WC 34, 38, 39, 41, 44, 45, 53, 60, 67 (3rd), WC 49, 58 (Semifinalist), WC 33, 35-37, 46, 48, 54, 55, 62, 63, 65, 72, 83 (Quarterfinalist)
WCoH VII, VIII, XVII, XXVIII, XXX, XXXII (1st), WCoH I, XXXI (2nd), WCoH II, XXIX (3rd), WCoH XII (4th)
AOCAF 44, 46, 51, & 53 Champions, AOCAF 39 & 43 Runners Up
Co-Hosted: too many events to count

EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Starblaydia » Sun Feb 09, 2020 9:05 am

Starblaydi RP Permissions Box wrote:OOC Information:

The Starblaydia national football team will tell you more about the team, their style, culture, fans, and history than I can ever write in a simple roster post. Thanks.

I Give My Opponent Permission
(and actively encourage them) To:
Choose My Scorers
GodMod Any Goalscoring Events
Red & Yellow Card Players (Within reason, they're not remotely a dirty side)
GodMod Other Events for Humorous Intent

1) Starblaydia with play an attack-minded game with a +2 style modifier.
2) I actively encourage that if you RP first you pick my scorers (if any).
3) Before each match, in between national anthems and kick-off, the entire 23-man squad will perform the Raiigar, Starblaydia's traditional war-dance (Similar to a New Zealand Haka).
4) * denotes female player, denotes elven player, ^ denotes dwarven player


The Return to Valanora
Roshanak leading the line in title chase

Starblaydi All-time
Junior Cap Winners:

1. Nunzio Gre, 23
2. Gbenga Ogunniya, 23
3. Itechton Matranga, 21
4. Juan Santiago, 21
5. Jikiri Fuinbar, 21
6. Christian Macia, 21
7. Nelson de Montford, 21
8= Zhorin Tumunzahar^, 18
8= Jae Chang-hwa*, 18
8= Cherry Garcia*, 18
8= Surachai Buathiang, 18
8= Danzir Garahildim^, 18
8= Florencio Zaragoza, 18

Starblaydi All-time Junior Scorers:
1. Zhorin Tumunzahar^, 18
1= Sutter McCloud, 18
3. Darius Belizaire, 15
4= Stefan Hinkonnen, 13
4= Giovanni Lopez, 13
6. Marco Del Blanco, 12
7= Mercutio, 9
7= Eomer Hall, 9
7= Alfonso Di Angelo, 9
10= Lubii*, 8
10= Nicole Maitland-Banks*, 8
10= Tarquin Fullbright, 8
10= Jeremy Anselm, 8
10= Stephen Landsberg, 8

Demonym: Starblaydi

Key Personnel:
Ázëwyn Fëanáro, Starblaydia's
Manager at Under-18, Under-21
and senior levels

Most likely to (in order):
(Suggestions only, if you're stuck for a
name to go with a particular incident)

Score goals:
Roshanak, Jimenez, Yorke
Take a penalty:
Roshanak, Williams
Defend well:
Renatovic, Burns, Kranendonk
Create a moment of magic:
Veilleux, Wolffe, Yorke
Receive a card:
Filho, Kranendonk, Burns

The two-time Under-21 World Champions used to have one of the finest youth programs in the world, at various points in history, but lately, despite the success of the Under-18 side - reaching two finals in a the last decade - Starblaydia's Under-21s have continually under-performed with a succession of Group Stage exits, only reading the Second Round in the 45th edition of the Di Bradini Cup. This time, however, they're out to break their run of form and are aiming for a deep run into the knock-out phase.

AF. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, Manager, 4,066
270 Caps, 71 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
Fëanáro scored the winner in the 47th Final against Valanora, denying them a title on their own turf and lifting Starblaydia to the mantle of all-time greatest team. Known for her excellent attacking play, range of passing and great eye for goal that lifts her to second in the all-time goalscorers list too, by virtue of a nearly 1-in-4 ratio, Ázëwyn Fëanáro is a symbol of grace, power and beauty from Starblaydia's golden age, some hundred and twenty-five years ago when the Cup was in its 40s. It is these qualities that the SFA managed to recapture with Fëanáro at the helm for the 78th World Cup Qualifiers, bringing her trademark poise and piercing yell to the touchlines after more than a decade of national failures. Considered to be by far the most successful and beloved manager in Starblaydia's recent history, and at this point may well be the manager for eternity.

JM. Jerzy Makuszewski, Assistant Manager, 76
83 Caps, 0 Goals (6 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
Known as "Chef" by those who can pronounce his surname correctly, Makuszewski took up the mantle of "Best in the World" Lucas Cable to become Starblaydia's unassailable number one between the posts and wear the captain's armband. Always a fiery character, he can shift from jovial to furious in moments, and is Fëanáro's 'enforcer', barking out orders and remonstrating with players and officials with equal fervour. Age has not wearied his inimitable growling on the sidelines by even a little bit.

1. David Floyd, GK, 21 - Paricone Athletic FC
Uncapped (5 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)

12. Onish Vadaparthy, GK, 17 - Phraen Palace
Uncapped (4 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)

19. Wilfred Palmer, GK, 14 - Corinthian Spirits
Uncapped (1 Cap, 0 Goals at youth level)

2. Joel Alberto Filho, RB/RWB, 21 - Tabeck Cefn Druids
1 Cap, 0 Goals (12 Caps, 1 Goal at youth level)

3. Lucius Wolffe, C/LB, 20 - Iskara Daii
Uncapped (8 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)

5. Adrian Burns, CB, 19 - Paricone Athletic FC
Uncapped (4 Caps, X Goals at youth level)

6. Arn Renatovic, Captain, CB, 22 - Nidola United
1 Cap, 0 Goals (11 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)

13. Nick Conway, CB, 18 - Phraen Palace
Uncapped (3 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)

14. Shireen Orvalee*, RB, 17 - Samosisos Blues
Uncapped (5 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)

20. Odell Lamont, LB, 16 - Nidola United
Uncapped (4 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)

21. Vincenzo Bernini, CB, 15 - Vecchio Victors
Uncapped (3 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)

4. Noah Kranendonk, DM, 20 - Cedrus Soundgardia
Uncapped (3 Caps, 1 Goal at youth level)

7. Emily Williams*, RM, 19 - Jhanna United
Uncapped (3 Caps, 1 Goal at youth level)

8. Nate Yorke, AM, 18 - Archaeos Judiciary
Uncapped (3 Caps, 1 Goal at youth level)

11. Sebastien Veilleux, LM, 21 - Sporting Salicus
Uncapped (9 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)

15. Hayden Shepherd, C/DM, 16 - Widdrington Wolves
Uncapped (4 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)

16. Donald Royce, CM, 16 - Foxchester Raiders
Uncapped (3 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)

22. Jewel Maddison*, C/AM, 15 - X Island Marauders (Taeshan)
Uncapped (3 Caps, 1 Goal at youth level)

9. Hope Roshanak*, SC, 21 - Malta Lines
17 Caps, 7 Goals (13 Caps, 7 Goals at youth level)

10. Marcus Jimenez, SC, 20 - Iskara Daii
8 Caps, 1 Goal (6 Caps, 2 Goals at youth level)

17. Betanni Jetvanna*, SC, 17 - Kitara AA (Banija)
Uncapped (5 Caps, 3 Goals at youth level)

18. Erik Romaine, SC, 15 - Hecia
Uncapped (3 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)

23. Nicholas Stanton, SC, 14 - Montepool Waves
Uncapped (3 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)


Home And Away Kits
Kits created by:
ediraf once again innovated beyond all competitors with the Generation Five series of football kits, with this version first debuted at the 82nd World Cup Finals.

Generation Five-B blends a number of Starblaydia's iconic kits from across more than a quarter of a millennium, including the return of side panels and a number on the front, while mixing in new design elements such as the subtle stripes of the away kit. Both proudly sport the five gold stars - representing their record-setting five World Championships at senior level - above the Starblaydi Football Association logo. Starblaydi players will also all be wearing rainbow laces, as a symbol of diversity and inclusion.
Six-Time World Cup Committee President (WCs 25-33, 46-51 & 82*)
Co-host of World Cups 20, 40 & 80 • Di Bradini Cup Organiser
World Cups 30, 63 & 83 Runner-Up • World Cup 27 Third Place • 25th Baptism of Fire Runner-Up
Six-Time AOCAF Cup Champions • Two-time U21, One-Time U18 WC Champions • Men's Football Olympic Champions, Ashford Games
Five-Time Cherry Cup Champions • 1st Quidditch World Cup Champions • WGPC8 Drivers' Champion
The Protectorate of Starblaydia
Commended by WA Security Council Resolution #40
Five-Time NS World Cup Champions (WCs 25, 28, 41, 44 & 47)


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Postby Sarzonia » Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:02 pm

Sarzonia Stars Under 21 team
Note: Starters in BOLD

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers/goal scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No*
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: No more than one or two per match
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: No*
Style modifer: +1
*Stuff like choosing who takes a free kick/who scores and how is fine. Weather, someone losing their lunch is OK. True Godmods are not.

Manager: Nathan Hanifer (50 years old)
Hanifer previously applied for this position when the Stars decided to send their Under 21 national team to AOCAF LIX. With the suicide of Bryan Ostrom and the elevation of Kevin Connelly to national team manager for the senior side, Hanifer assumes the managerial position of an international side for the first time.

Assistant Manager: Diego Cristobal (41 years old)
The Incorporated Football Federation and Hanifer both loved the energy and enthusiasm he brought to his interview to be the Stars Under 21 manager. Even though he lost out on the role to Hanifer, he was happy to accept the assistant manager role. He works primarily with midfielders and strikers.

Assistant Manager: Colton Longley (49 years old)
Longley's primary responsibility is to work with defenders and defensive midfielders. He takes on the assistant manager role to help an inexperienced Stars side with the vagaries of international football.

Goalkeepers Coach: Marissa Bingham-Sandt (35 years old)
She played keeper in multiple Sarzonian women's leagues and she married Stars legend Horace Sandt after she retired as a player.

HOME GROUND: Joe Gibbs Stadium, Woodstock (75,900 capacity; natural grass field)

29 Glen Baker, 19, 5-foot-11, 185 pounds, University of Nicksia
Baker won three state championships in his four years in high school. He earned the starting job midway through the college season and finished with a 5-2-2 record with a 0.87 goals against average. Assumes the starting role for the Under 21 Stars after Carlton Sandt got called up to the senior national team.
35 Eleanor Keating, 20, 5-foot-4, 135 pounds, Woodstock Justice reserves
Keating has been brought in to provide depth behind Baker, who was the backup to Carlton Sandt on the AOCAF team.

3 Carlette Taylor, 20, 5-foot-4, 134 pounds, unaffiliated
Taylor is a rugged defender who often marks players who outweigh her by at least 50 pounds and are at least four inches taller. She makes up for lack of speed with positioning and reading her opponent's runs.
5 Ian McKinley, 18, 5-foot-9, 168 pounds, Somerset University
McKinley plays fullback for Somerset University, but will play a sweeper role for the Stars after the loss of sweeper Clyde Gustafsson to a torn ACL.
6 John Taylor 19, 5-foot-10, 175 pounds, Portsmouth University
The younger brother of Carlette Taylor, John plays a similar style to his sister's, although with much more speed.
18 Carlos Arroyo, 20, 6-foot, 200 pounds, Real Portsmouth (Sarzonian third division team)
A reserve sweeper for the Stars, Arroyo starts for Real Portsmouth in that position after converting from fullback. Notched three assists in 12 matches.
32 Brett Mabry, 19, 5-foot-11, 185 pounds, Woodstock Wild Reserves
Mabry earned a starting position with the Wild Reserves after initially making the parent side out of training camp. However, the Wild engineered a trade that brought them an all star defender who took minutes away from Mabry.
44 Pat Meyers, 20, 5-foot-8, 152 pounds, unaffiliated
Meyers won a lawsuit against the Portland Timbers third division affiliate when the team dismissed them after successfully proving the club released them due to their gender non-conforming status. The technical director responsible for the decision was fired two weeks after the verdict. Meyers plays mostly halfback but can also pitch in at fullback if necessary.

2 Charlie Ross, 18, 6-foot-1, 180 pounds, Portland Timbers reserves
Ross is a defensive midfielder who was called upon to play more of an offensive role after injuries decimated the parent club and forced call ups. Can be used in the back line if needed.
8 Marc Kemp, 19, 5-foot-10, 180 pounds, unaffiliated
Kemp was just released from his contract with Wilmington Wanderers, a fourth division side, when a transfer offer to a third division side fell through. He also plays a defensive midfield role although he has better speed and ball handling ability than most defensive midfielders in Sarzonia.
9 Rick Hadley, 21, 5-foot-9, 157 pounds, unaffiliated. Team captain.
Hadley won the playmaking midfielder role for the Junior Stars after Clayton Wilson was called up to the senior national team and began playing a key reserve role.
12 Edwin Campbell, 20, 6-foot-2, 200 pounds, Wilmington Wanderers
Campbell comes to the Under 21 edition of the Stars at the recommendation of Kemp. He brings size and strength to attacking runs that also present deceptive speed and on-ball skills.
14 Joanie Rhys, 19, 5-foot-5, 140 pounds, Woodstock Justice reserves
Joanie signed a contract with the Justice right after high school after leading her scholastic league with 18 goals in 12 matches played. Her speed is unmatched at her level, but she needs to learn to adapt to equally fast players at the international level.
13 Nestor Royce, 19, 5-foot-9, 150 pounds, Saugerties Snakes
Royce earned a starting job with the Snakes as a midfielder and scored seven goals in 18 matches before injuries derailed him.
16 Marco Benignati, 20, 5-foot-11, 180 pounds, Portland Timbers reserves
Benignati can provide depth at defensive midfielder and has played fullback for his high school. Played halfback during a televised contest for Portland Junior College.

15 Suzi Calderon, 19, 5-foot-7, 145 pounds, Portland Pride
Calderon brings ball skill to the table as a forward. She can drop back in a midfield role on occasion and has done so for the Pride when her team played a woman down after red cards.
20 Thurman West, 19, 5-foot-11, 170 pounds, Saugerties Snakes reserves
West also brings ball skill and creative flair to his role with the Snakes reserve 11 and scored five goals coming off the bench in the second half of games during the regular season.
22 Nick Raiden, 21, 6-foot-4, 210 pounds, Saugerties Snakes
Raiden is pure power and pace. He doesn't quite have the finesse of either of the starting forwards, but he is available for late-match offence if needed.
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Postby Terre Septentrionale » Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:56 pm

Équipe nationale de soccer des moins de 21 ans de Terre Septentrionale

U-21 Reprezentacja Nordycki w Pilka Nozna

Northern Land U-21 National Soccer Team

Nation Name in French: République de Terre Septentrionale
Nation name in Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polnocna
Nation Name in English Republic of Northern Land
Short Nation names: Terre Septentrionale / Ziemia Polnocna / Northern Land
Trigramme: RTS
Demonym: Septentrional (plural: Septentrionaux)
Nicknames: Nordiques, Reprezentacja Nordycki, Northmen
Team colors at home: Red, black and green
Team colors on the road: Green and white
Style Mod: 0

Mriin vs Terre Septentrionale
Terre Septentrionale vs Sarzonia
Trolleborg vs Terre Septentrionale

Head Coach     Julie Berlinguette	40
Ass. Coach Zdzislaw Szalkowski 49
Ass. Coach Zsazsa Görög 52

Captain: A.J. Woszczynski
Penalty Taker: Zvonimir Kordic
Corners (left): Kacper Pietrzkiewicz
Corner (right): Jack O'Keefe
Free Kicks: A.J. Woszczynski or Nico Vincelette
Direct Free Kicks: A.J. Woszczynski or Zvonimir Kordic


Num	Pos	Player	                Age	Team	                        Birthplace
92 GK Catherine MacClintock 20 En avant Prévost Holiday Beach, TX
69 GK Hunter Fitzgerald 21 Sporting Port O'Connor Nolanville, TX
85 GK Krzysztof Mystkowski 21 Okocimski KS Wloszczowa Wereszczyn, SL

2 SD Dzsenifer Szenteleki-Csoka 19 ÉTK Szentgyörgyvölgy Szentgyörgyvölgy, BA
96 SD Kacper Pietrzkiewicz 21 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz Myszkow, PO

15 SD/SM Agnieszka Stanislawska 21 KKS Wlokniarz 1925 Krzczonow Szczebrzeszyn, MA
21 SD Sharon LaBonta 20 Roxboro Timbers Siesta Shores, TX
32 SD/CD Julien Arsenault 21 Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier Ville Jacques-Cartier, DC

44 CD/SD Alexandre Massicotte 20 Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier Maskinongé, CN
99 CD Arkadiusz Krzykowski 20 Klub Turystow Rzodkiewnica Ostroszowice, CA

5 CD Katja Dzuzdanovic 21 El Perro United F.C. Zgornji Velovlek, KR
6 CD Grzegorz Krzywicki 21 KSZT Trzebiegoszcz Trzebiegoszcz, PO
16 CD Walter van den Dikkenberg 19 U.S. Papineauville Broughton Station, CS
64 CD Vaclav Zahradnicek 21 Gornik Ostrzeszow Horní Police, SL
66 CD Nicolas Coulombe-Schmidt 21 C.S. Portneuf-sur-Mer Fournier-sur-Mer, CH

8 SM Patrycja Juraszczyk 21 Gornik Ostrzeszow Ostrzeszow, SL
9 SM/CM Nico Vincelette 21 A.S. Baie-Sainte-Catherine Grande-Bergeronnes, CH

51 SM Maria Elena Lopez 20 U.S. Oujé-Bougoumou North San Pedro, TX
71 SM Élisabeth Crawford 21 Racing Club de Prévost Lemoyne, MT
90 SM Nevenka Martinovic-Hasanbegovic 19 DNK Hajduk Vukosavljevica Krnjak, DA
94 SM Slawomir Skrzypinski 20 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz Mikolajki Pomorskie, PO

11 CM Jack O'Keefe 21 El Perro United F.C. El Perro, TX
97 CM A.J. Woszczynski 21 U.S. Oujé-Bougoumou Port O'Connor, TX

4 CM Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz 19 KKS Wlokniarz 1925 Krzczonow Ostrzeszow, SL
14 CM Luca Szécsi 21 ÉTK Szentgyörgyvölgy Pusztaszentlaszlo, BA
17 CM Émile Filiatrault 21 En avant Prévost Baie-des-Chaloupes, CN
22 CM Krasnodar Schildenfeld 20 NK Lokomotiva Kukljica Podcrkavlje, DA

10 S Krystyna Walczykiewicz 20 Kaszubia Ostroszowice Ostroszowice, CA
13 S Zvonimir Kordic 21 NK Lokomotiva Kukljica Kukljica, DA

21 S Katerina Szewieczková 20 U.S. Oujé-Bougoumou Rokytnice nad Rokytnou, SL
25 S Slawomir Wolniewicz 21 KS Ursus Trzeszczyn Mszczonow, LU
88 S Kévin Cauchon 19 Impact de Jacques-Cartier Chambly, MT

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
Nation name: République de Terre Septentrionale | Trigramme: RTS | Capital: Ville Jacques-Cartier | Maps

Ranks: Hockey: 20th | American Football: 24th | Baseball: 29th | Association Football: 42nd | Rugby Union: 42nd

Runner Up: Cup of Harmony 76
3rd Place:
4th Place:

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Postby Sarzonia » Sun Feb 09, 2020 4:59 pm

There's an adage that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

This will be the case for the Sarzonian Under 21 national team as it assembles in Goldsan, where they've decided to make their headquarters in the 68th Under 21 World Cup.

Gone are the late Bryan Ostrom, the previous Under 21 national team manager who was elevated to manage the senior national team but committed suicide before his team played a single World Cup qualifying match and erstwhile assistant manager Kevin Connelly, who took over as interim manager for the rest of World Cup 84 qualifying. In their place steps Nathan Hanifer, who will be making his international managerial debut here in Valanora. He takes on Diego Cristobal and Colton Longley as assistant managers, plus a name that hearkens back to the glory days of Sarzonian football.

In as Sarzonia's goalkeeping coach is Marissa Bingham-Sandt, the wife of Horace Sandt, the legendary Stars goalkeeper who had multiple qualifying campaigns that saw his teams only concede one goal throughout the qualifying stage. She was a stellar goalkeeper in her own right in Sarzonian women's football, and Hanifer was quick to say her marital ties with Horace Sandt weren't the reason she was hired.

"She has her own pedigree," Hanifer said. "She's been successful in her own right as a player and as a coach. I wouldn't hire someone to this position just because of her last name."

It clearly helps, though. As Marissa Bingham, she might have encountered a few questioning glances from the goalkeepers the Stars have brought with them, but as soon as they hear the name Sandt, they sit up and take notice. After all, he was the goalkeeper who kept the clean sheet for Sarzonia against Oaker in the World Cup 22 final won by the Stars 4-0. He played a key role in a team that advanced to the semifinals in four consecutive World Cups and was a major reason behind Sarzonia being inducted into the nations' hall of fame. Oh, and Sandt himself occupies one of 10 slots given to Sarzonia in the football hall of fame.

"When you hear the name Sandt and you're a goalkeeper in Sarzonia, that's the level you want to be at," goalkeeper Glen Baker said. "If she can help me be a better goalkeeper, I'm all ears." Baker assumes the starting role after serving as another Sandt's backup. Carlton Sandt, who impressed Banijan scouts during AOCAF play by keeping Sarzonia's Under 21 national team from being blown out of the water by senior national teams, is ineligible to play again for the Junior Stars as a member of the senior national team. Thus, Baker will start, backed up by Eleanor Keating.

The Stars will play a 3-5-2 formation favoured by Diogo Avarel, the manager of the newly-minted Under 18 national team colloquially dubbed the Baby Stars. However, Hanifer said the team will seek to play with more emphasis on defence than Avarel's aggressive offensive style.

"We want to dictate tempo and play aggressively, but we also don't want to leave Baker out to dry," Hanifer said. "We need to create a balance and make sure we're not leaving players too wide open because we missed a mark trying to build the attack."

Until the Stars open their play with a match against Trolleborg on Tuesday night, they'll have one eye on the Baby Stars in Taeshan as that team gets set to face Poafmersia in the Round of 16 at The Haberdashery in Williams Isle.

"That team plays with a lot more devil may care abandon than we're used to," Hanifer said. "We want a small element of that for our side, but not to the extent that we're giving up five goals in a match that we win. That's enough to age anybody."

As for the question marks about Von Page and their status as a gender non-conforming player, Hanifer said the team almost took a gender non-binary goalkeeper as the third choice keeper, but said they had a death in the family and couldn't make it.

"We'll have a plane ticket ready for them if we do well enough," Hanifer said. "We believe the best players in Sarzonia should be able to play regardless of who they are, whom they love, or how they express themselves." Hanifer also praised Ben DiSoto for his support of Page.

"That kid comes from a great family," Hanifer said. "I hand it to Matt for responding to Ben by saying, 'get in the car' and going to get Von. I hand it to Ben for being such a fiercely loyal friend. I hope to be able to manage them both when they're eligible for this team."
World Lacrosse Council President. Member of the FWC Council.

Championships won: World Cup 22; World Baseball Classic 18; Di Bradini Cup 8 (U21 World Cup 29); World Bowl XI & XIV; FHWC 15 & 18; Quidditch World Cup 9; AOCAF XII & XXIX; 4-time IBC champions; 5-time WLC winners and Scott Cup champions. First nation to win NSWC grand slam (Baptism of Fire Cup 3; Cup of Harmony 10; World Cup 22). NSWC Hall of Fame

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Postby Taeshan » Sun Feb 09, 2020 7:08 pm


Nation Name:Taeshan
Demonym: Taeshanis, Taeshites, Taes
Team Nickname: Lil ' (Purple) Knights
Modifier: -2
Captain: Larson Sneijder
Vice-Captain: Foster Benjamin

Image Image Image

Manager: Peter Wiggin

Isaac	Leyton	GK	1	21	Nordiques
Sullivan Garrett LB 2 17 Moresville FC
Lyle Marchand CB 3 21 1093 Club de Atlantea
Foster Benjamin CB 4 17 Wolfin Wolves
Tyler Colt RB 5 18 Wolfin Wolves
Lionel Ninetails RM 6 19 Cedar Township
Bennet Townsend CDM 7 19 Moresville FC
Elton Kenoby LM 8 18 Mierton Manatees
Larson Sneijder CAM 9 21 Yenvil Town
Shannon Lafayette RS 10 21 Ojian Orangemen
Geoff Swanson LS 11 19 New Capetown Falcons
Dan Martin DF 12 18 Mierton Manatees
Alejandro Tedeschi ST 13 19 Blacklake Blues
Xavier Ydrissil MF 14 16 Atlantea Hurricanes
Pierre Elciega ST 15 16 Mierton Manatees
Tyler Swan MF 16 20 Nordiques
Addison Hartwright MF 17 19 Nordiques
Edgar Cortizon DF 18 17 1093 Club de Atlantea
Enigma Montoya ST 19 16 Fadron Flight
Alistair Williams DF 20 16 Capetown Crocs
Karl Irvine DF 21 21 Sleepy Hollow
James Markus MF 22 20 Ojian Orangemen
Michale Jenson MF 23 19 Al Haxire
Florian Wagner GK 24 17 Capetown Crocs

Formation 4-4-2 (Diamond)
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Cup of Harmony 35, World Lacrosse Championship 2, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83, 84 (RoS)

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14, Sporting World Cup 10

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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:20 pm

Football Association of the Commonwealth of Baker Park


The FAC was founded in 1901 and currently has 124 full member clubs, 307 associate member clubs and approximately 21,000 registered players--male & female--between the ages of 11 to 65+ as well as approximately 3,100 registered officials, both male & female. It sponsors competitions across all age groups, genders and ability levels, including 12 National Championships and 6 domestic cup competitions for men and women.

Major Multiverse Honors

SWC 5 & SWC 9 Under-18 Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runners-up
DiBradini Cup 42 Quarterfinalists
DiBradini Cup 43/44/45 Round of 16
World Cup 84 Cassadaigua/BP Round of 16
World Cup Banija/Equstria 83 Round of 16
World Cup Apox/ 82 Round of 16
World Cup Banija/FFR81 Round of 16
World Cup EqueStar80 Group Stage

National Anthem--"Hear Our Voices Commonwealth"
Region—Atlantian Oceania
Nickname--since the end of the 1960's the National Team has been known as "The Bees", a period when the team's uniforms consisted of alternating black and gold hoops. While the bee is an element on the coat of arms of the Commonwealth—a long accepted heraldic symbol of industriousness--the association was actually a reference made in an Italian newspaper game story when the senior team was wearing the hooped shirts, referring to the BP team as il Bombi (the bumblebees) for their perseverance and swarming tactical play.
Colors--Black & Gold (while they are just 2 of the 5 main colors on the flag of Baker Park--Blue, Red and White are the others--black & gold have been closely associated in the nation's consciousness as representative of the country since its founding.)

KPB—36.49 (11th, current through end of WC 84)

The Commonwealth National Under 21 Team returns to Valanora for the sixth time to take part in the DiBradini Cup, which was the first tournament that the nation participated in the NS era. Following a surprising elimination from the group stage last time out, Baker Park will look to return to form, with 8 new additions from the previous U18 Championship winning side. Jennifer Prescott will take charge for the third time here, and will be teamed up with Tony Weiss as her assistant; the pair were in charge (in opposite roles) when the U18's won their first title in SWC 5.

1 Rose McCormick 20 University of Endover
21 Rob Callaway 19 Newport City FC
24 Ian Dickerson 19 University of Coolville

3 Jerrol Allen 20 Sanborn Borough SC
5 Jerome Brooks 21 University of Ezra
2 Liam Hughes 21 Mooresville Celtic FC
4 Lucy Hardwick 21 Linden Ladies United FC
16 Emily Bruce 19 Sherwood Forest Ladies FC
15 Susie Knight 21 U. of Southern Baker Park
17 Jon Schulman 19 Fairport City FC

11 Travis Grimaldi 21 Hamilton Wanderers FC
7 Susana Aguilar 21 Shirley Metros Ladies FC
6 Paige Eichorn 21 Osheana State university
8 Christa Vuckovic 20 Tsutsuji University (HIN)
14 Isabelle Wiley 19 Hannover United FC
22 Luke Olivera 20 North Royalton Town FC
19 Kurt Taylor 19 Baker Park A&M University
23 Amber McFairlaine 19 Ridge Raiders Ladies FC
10 Quinton Harris 21 University of Endborough
9 Tim Cassel 21 Sorenberg Park FC
18 Kyle Baum 20 Learfield FC
12 Chandra Mack 20 Ezra State University
20 Karrie Price 19 Shirley Metros Ladies FC
13 Elena Diaz 19 University of Osheana

Manager—Jennifer Prescott
Assistant—Tony Weiss
Coaches—Lawrence Bell
Chris LaRue
Danielle Harper
Physio—Gina Damicone



My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers/goal scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y (duration of match only)
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (TG in advance please)
Godmod other events: Y
Soccer--2x Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5&9) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII Third Place (co-hosts)
World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
Football--NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

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Postby Nephara » Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:59 am


Preferred Formation:
Style Modifier: 0
Playstyle: The 'new style'. Solid in defence, fluid across the wings, hard-pressing, hard-running, hard-tackling. Always moving forward, ideally but not necessarily with quick passes along the floor but unafraid to make devastating long balls across to the opposite flank to throw defences off-guard.
Kit Supplier: ediraf
Captain: Lothaire Cromwell
Nickname: The Magpies

Nephara abruptly went from a low ebb to a powerful new world due to an exceptionally successful cycle, and apart from the ... apart from pretty much the midfield situation, they're hot to trot this generation. Suddenly, not only is the current generation living up to its potential but the next appears ready to follow in its footsteps. Apart from not having a defensive midfielder. The faintly psychopathic Ivy Herrick remains in charge, bringing her brutalist, uncompromising style to the team.

First Team

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y*
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y**
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y***
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N
* Basilisk takes penalties, Flaxwood and, appropriately, Koerner take most free-kicks and corners
** I'll have the final say on severity.
*** One per match.

Manager - Ivy Herrick - Age 40
Assistant Manager - Lorelei Redruth - Age 63

A journeywoman defender in her playing days, Ivy Herrick is convinced she's actually in her fifties in real terms and has significant experience managing in Bonesea. Nobody believes her, but it's hard to argue with her badges, and her ... odd canniness for her age. Redruth's the seasoned head to cool her down.

1 - Aranea Provost (Brookford Otters) - Age 20
12 - Raluca Garamond (Coret Hawks) - Age 20
20 - Yves Carroll (Sabrefell Moths) - Age 21

Provost and Garamond are by a distance the leading two, but Provost has the advantage of actual first-team minutes under her belt, an uncompromising leader and excellent shot-stopper with appropriately long limbs. Garamond might get a game, and is perhaps the stronger shot-stopper though overall less balanced.

2 - RB - Linde Rostock (Stahlburg City) - Age 21
3 - LB - Vivica Muscadin (Sabrefell Moths) - Age 21
5 - CB - Reniira Clevinger (Newrook City) - Age 21
6 - CB - Miska Brabanzon (Sabrefell Moths) - Age 20
13 - CB - Gawain Warden (Stahlburg City) - Age 19
19 - RB - Petria Brincat (Sabrefell Athletic) - Age 20
22 - LB - Alexis Koutros (Sabrefell Athletic) - Age 20

Probably the strongest area of the side. Sturdy little Rostock and lithe Muscadin are both great examples of the classic pioneering Nepharim fullback who has pace to burn and a staggering Napoleon complex. Miska Brabanzon loves the art of defending and slams full-blooded into challenges. And Clevinger's a fucking half-satyr, so there's that. The others aren't far off their level, either.

4 - HM - Lothaire Cromwell (Raven River) - Age 20
7 - RM - Anselm Koerner (Chenoworth Rovers) - Age 20
8 - CM - Leif Flaxwood (Starling) - Age 20
11 - LM - Sonya Latimore (AFC Corvistone) - Age 21
13 - RM - Janna Sauthier (Cypher Town) - Age 21
14 - CM - Shiida Roesler (Crisisbless United) - Age 21
16 - LM - Chantal Kalevi (Vermillion Wanderers) - Age 20
23 - HM - Sander Moritz (North Laithland) - Age 21

The slightly thorny point of the squad. Lothaire Cromwell might be the best player in the squad and certainly has the armband but plays his club football in a box-to-box role, but here is likely to cover for Flaxwood, a slow but muscular and composed playmaker who doesn't do much running. Koerner and Kalevi are both well-honed conventional sorts who like to smack crosses in, with their backups offering more direct approaches. Roesler's another half-satyr.

9 - ST - Lukas Stonemoore (Revolutionaries, EUR) - Age 21
10 - ST - Latona Basilisk (Coret Hawks) - Age 20
15 - ST - Renira Schanzer (Sabrefell Athletic) - Age 20
17 - ST - Ruby Gjasula (Raven River) - Age 21
21 - ST - Felix Sebastian (AFC Treason) - Age 21

Lukas Stonemoore hasn't played a single minute of football in Nephara as an adult, but was dominant enough at university level (Hinodejin, so, not just amateur kickabouts) to carry on the honoured tradition of Euran cradle-snatching. Basilisk has been honing her art on loan in Taeshan, clever and ruthless and good between the lines. Gjasula is probably the natural impact substitute, perhaps the fastest player in the squad, but is not expected to be a top-class international; Schanzer might be, if she can overcome injuries.
WCC Grand Slam champion.
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Postby Imperial Joseon » Mon Feb 10, 2020 2:25 am

Head Coach: Hwang Yong Geun
Assistant Coach: Lee Yoo Ho
Assistant Coach: Kim Young Tae
Trigramme: JOS
Demonym: Joseon
Style Modifier: -5

1. Bae Hyun Jae (19)
Height: 177cm
Weight: 69kg
2. Ki Koo Seok (21)
Height: 178cm
Weight: 70kg
3. Jo Sae Min (19)
Height: 184cm
Weight: 74kg

1. Kim Sang Hueh (20)
Height: 173cm
Weight: 67kg
2. Kim Tae Sung (21)
Height: 180cm
Weight: 71kg
3. Lee Kang (19)
Height: 161cm
Weight: 54kg
4. Pyo Cheon Seung (20)
Height: 169cm
Weight: 65kg


1. Kim Seong Jin (21)
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 74 kg

2. Seo Jae Woo (20)
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 62 kg

3. Kang Seo Wook (19)

Height: 179 cm
Weight: 70 kg


1. Lee Ki Cheol (19)
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 68 kg

2. Jung Hyeok (18)
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 76 kg

1. F – Baek Tae Gook (19)
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 48 kg

2. M – Kim Ki Joon (19)
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 54 kg

3. D – Jang Sae In (19)
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 66 kg

4. F – Kim Dae Sik (19)
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 47 kg

5. M – Cha Jae Han (19)
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 58 kg

6. D – Seo Jae Hoon (19)
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 63 kg

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes. Don't kill anyone.
Champions - Sporting World Cup 10 (U-18),

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Postby Schottia » Mon Feb 10, 2020 5:29 am

Schottia U21 Squad
The 47th Di Bradini Cup

Manager: Grey Holden, 44 Image
Assistant Manager: Lewis Beardie, 41 Image
First-team Coach: Tommy Rearson 44 Image
GK Coach: Duncan Ross, 53 Image
Physio: Duncan Collison, 31 Image

Style Modifier: -1

The jury is still out on Grey Holden, after taking over from John Sedder two years ago. Schottia have been struggling to make much headway at this level of international competition for a while, and the FA are yet to be convinced that Holden is the man to oversee it. Lewis Beardie keeps his place as assistant, with first team coach, Tommy Rearson completing a very youthful backroom team. Goalkeeping coach, Duncan Ross, is the elder statesman of the team at 53, with Duncan Collison completing the line-up as physio.



The kits for this tournament cycle are designed by Schottsport of Schottia

Starting XI


The Squad
Starters in bold
GK John Prichard, 21, Kirk Preston Image Height: 190cm. Weight: 78kg 
GK Tony Tyneman, 21, Energija Chernovets Image Height: 181cm. Weight: 65kg
GK Max Cassley, 19, Handon United Image Height: 196cm. Weight: 78kg
This tournament is an excellent chance for John Prichard to put himself in the shop window. Playing first team football with Kirk Preston has helped him jump up the pecking order with regards to his international career, but his $800 a week contract is coming to an end, and it’s time to move on. Tony Tyneman has really given his career a shot in the arm with a move to Energija Chernovets. He’s very much second choice in this squad, but getting his name associated with the Schottia setup will do him no harm whatsoever. Finally, Handon United teenager, Max Cassley, completes the goalkeeping trio.

RB Hiro Del Duniun, 18, Willox Street Pirates Image Height: 174cm Weight: 59kg
RB Hazel Hanson-Conavacio, 16, Kazama All-Schools FC Image Height: 185cm. Weight: 67kg
LB Jojo Ayoub, 17, Willox Street Pirates Image Height: 188cm Weight: 72kg
LB Isla Kincorick, 21, Bergholz Caledonian Image Height: 175cm. Weight: 55kg
CB Lucy Hellhauer, 21, Manat FK Image Height: 186cm. Weight: 68kg
CB Michael Christie, 21, AC Izotz Zubia Image Height: 186cm. Weight: 69kg

CB Sarah Meerfeld, 21, West Holbrookdale Image Height: 184cm. Weight: 67kg
Under Holden, Schottia are always going to be about the defence, and that’s just as well, given one or two of the players at their disposal. Schottia have three pretty decent centre-halves in this age bracket, Lucy Hellhauer, Michael Christie, and Sarah Meerfeld. Despite looking like an escaped convict, Hellhauer is a very switched on and reliable defender. She came through the ranks at the Handon branch of the National Academy, before joining Timurian side, Manat FK last summer. She is probably favourite to start alongside Christie, another academy graduate that has moved on to pastures new this recently. The former Golden Boy of RDS:D was subject to a fair bit of interest in the window, before signing a contract with Audioslavian outfit Izotz Zubia. Meerfeld, on loan at with the Dale from Cornellians, may have to be content with second fiddle, but she’s a good player in her own right. Pirates duo, Hiro Del Duniun and Jojo Ayoub, will start at right and left back respectively, and are two players who have a big future in the game. Ayoub has been keeping skipper, Liam Goncalves, on the bench in the SPL this season, and is probably one of the best talents the Christopheran club have produced since Maeve Bronte. Isla Kincorick is a good option on the bench, and has benefited from getting a season in Baker Park under her belt. Sixteen-year-old Hazel Hanson-Conavacio also gets at call up, after a good first season in the All Hinodejin Youth League. The versatile, beanpole defender, also plays basketball for Quebec.

RW. Michael Robb, 21, Kings Park Image Height: 180cm. Weight: 60kg 
RW. Kerr Campbell, 19, Willox Street Pirates Image Height: 191cm. Weight: 75kg
LW. Úisge-Aonàranach, 19, Port James Athletic Image Height: 108cm. Weight: 35kg [Kelpie]
LW. Kendra Ramsey, 18, Port Patrick United Image Height: 179cm Weight: 64kg On loan from Chenoworth Rovers Image
CM. Lewis Nicholson, 20, Port Patrick United Image Height: 188cm. Weight: 70kg
AM. Rachel Arniston, 21, AFC Corvistone Image Height: 184cm. Weight: 62kg

AM. Ingrid Holstad, 20, FC Soessch Image Height: 182cm. Weight: 64kg
CM. Tessa Maitfield, 19, Real Azuris Image Height: 178cm. Weight: 63kg
There’s no shortage of first team experience for Schottia in the centre of the park, with Port Patrick’s Lewis Nicholson already well established at club level. His outstanding breakthrough season, while still at Dundee, was enough earn him his first senior cap for Schottia as well as a move to the Breakers. The DBC will be a good learning curve for Nicholson, and we’ll get the chance to see how he handles the pressure of being the “main man.” Kirston Union youth product, Rachael Arniston, signed for Nepharim Premiership club, Corvistone, in the summer and will be looking to further her development with some good performances here. The quick-footed midfielder will likely get the nod just ahead of Soessch wunderkind, Ingrid Holstad, who Teufels fans will be irate to see settle for a place on the bench. Real Azuris’ Tessa Maitfield is another option for Holden, but it will probably be the next cycle before we see her become a key player at this level. In the wide areas, Michael Robb and Úisge-Aonàranach have been adjusting well to first team action at Kings Park and Port James respectively. Úisge is the first Kelpie to be capped for Schottia at this level, and has been an ever-present part of the Athletic starting eleven, since making the switch from Central Stars a little over a year ago. Robb, by contrast, is a no-nonsense, run-of-the-mill winger, who helped the Royals to the First Division title last season. Pirates teenager Kerr Campbell will act as cover on the right, with Sporting World Cup skipper, Kendra Ramsey, providing support on the left.

ST/AM. Enrico Hanson-Conavavio, 19, Manechester City Image Height: 187cm. Weight: 68kg 
ST. Freja Simonsen, 20, Handon United Image Height: 179cm. Weight: 62kg

ST. Simon Palermo, 20, Issington FC Image Height: 175cm. Weight: 66kg On loan from Willox Street Pirates Image
ST. Joanna McGidden, 19, Cornellians Image Height: cm. Weight: kg
ST. Kinnel Hunter, 20, Directus Image Height: 169cm. Weight: 54kg
United’s Freja Simonsen will lead the line for a second tournament on the bounce, with either Enrico Hanson-Conavavio or Simon Palermo likely to start alongside her. Simonsen – daughter of Semar, Marko – has been on red hot form since making the step up to first team football at United, and you’d imagine a senior cap beckons. Enrico – another second-generation player – is the son of Schottia physio Claire Hanson, and Quebecois attacker Leonardo. He’s a big strong attacker, who just needs to learn a little in terms of professionalism. Palermo is a tricky little forward, who has been getting a lot of game time under his belt at Issington in the ANL. Joanna McGidden is currently enjoying a bit of first-team football at Cornellians, and is a pacey option on the bench. Kinnel Hunter is roughly of the same mould as McGidden, and recently switched from the National Academy, to join the youth set up at Directus.

Player roles: Captain: Michael Christie | Vice-Captain: Lewis Nicholson| Penalties: Enrico Hanson-Conavavio | Free Kicks: Enrico Hanson-Conavavio (R) – Freja Simonsen (L) | Corners: Michael Robb (R) – Freya Simonsen (L)


Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y*
Roleplay injuries to my players Y (I will decide how long.)*
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events Y*

*Please don't kill anyone, or end his or her career.

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Postby Trolleborg » Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:46 am


Trigram: TRL
Nickname: Trolls



Hendrick KERR. 49-years-old coach, who having already won National League championship, two national cups, one league cup, two Youth League championship and in addition won a second division tournament once. He was always looked for a young talents, gave youngsters a chances to play and make many of them a first-rate players. He lead national team in the both U18 Cups in which she takes part.
The last of them, judging by the face value, was disastrous, but this is clearly due to biased refereeing and other circumstances beyond the control of coaches and football players. And now Kerr appointed to lead the team assembled to participate in the Di Bradini Cup, since only two Trolleborg coaches have at least some international experience, and, apparently, the FA leadership still trusts him.


Lunde, Johann (20)
Slotwijg, Beertels (20)
Bogge, Joosten (19)

Dagger, Mikkel (20)
Loonstrup, Jesper (20)
Wormeldange, Jorgen (19)
Grenning, Tobias (19)
Dalgard, Bango (20)
Hejde, Hendrick (20)
Droost, Mogren (20)
Bakker, Buur (20)

Windass, Kasper (19)
Thorup, Poontus (19)
Fossum, Morten (19)
Rinn, Per (20)
Kastrup, Peter (20)
Bjerregor, Mikkel (19)
Shtage, Brujin (20)
Qwist, Beertels (20)

Hogh, Brutil (19)
Graulund, Peter (19)
Grenholm, Jorgen (19)
Langgren, Brandur (19)

As the national team for the WC cycle was selected from the best players without regard to age, there was a gap between the youth teams and the main one, and Trolleborg FA chose to work for the future, staffing U21 team players who for the most part would be able to go to another Di Bradini Cup and gain experience there too, with a view to developing their skills as much as only possible.

Everyone expected that team will play fast offensive football, but not to the detriment of defence.
Style modificator +1


Fans is a pride of Trolleborg and almost part of the team. Having already earning themselves a name and a good reputation at every tournament where they arrive (apart from the bland and dull Taeshan U18 Cup), they surely will make their presence seen and felt everywhere games will be held, with their usual pastimes like marching with songs, waving flags, try local cuisines, putting cultural performances and trying involve everyone around in all of this. They will give out some Trolleborg memorabilia like a ribbons, buttons, scarves and so on. As already become tradition, we ask host countries to allow a parade of fans with a live music before each game and a places for series of exhibitions devoted to gastronomy, culture and national traditions of our country. Also we ask allocate us some space in the hosting cities to make an exhibition of our cultural heritage and traditions with some traditional sport contests for a local citizens. Also they will explore everything host nation can put to display, and you will probably find big number of them near landmarks, tourists hotspots and so on. Despite their noisiness and almost-over-the-edge-buoyancy, the fans of the Trolleborg team have never been seen in any riots and problems, neither in the stands, nor around, they are rightfully proud of this and intend to continue this trend.



Games will be covered by Trolleborg TV (TTV) in 3D format,

albeit technology is only in its first legs, and problems unavoidable

“Goool!", i.e. leading sports magazine in Trolleborg


with occassional articles in the local press and T-friends social net.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
Roleplay injuries to my players Y, but only a slight one
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y, albeit no more than three
Hand out red cards to my players – generally N, but send me a message if you have something special in the mind
Godmod other events - N
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Postby Banija » Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:07 am

Banija U-21 National Team- The Vijana Kadongo Kamu


Country code: BNJ
Denonym: Banijan(s)
Nickname: The Vijana Kadongo Kamu(The Young Kadongo Kamu)
Manager: George Wangolo. 43 years old. Former national team player. Played center back, former captain for World Cup 79 cycle. Banija's first ever Galactico. After retirement from his playing days, he began to manage on the college circuit in Banija. He managed the women's soccer team at the University of Moravica for four seasons, leading them to the national championship game in his fourth season. He has now been hired as the senior assistant manager for the national team, as well as the manager of the youth teams.
Captain: Anwar Dawit
Alternate Captain: Wanda Kouyaté
Home Kits: Green(similar to Nigeria)
Away Kits: White(similar to Algeria)
Alternate: Orange(similar to Ivory Coast jerseys)

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes(please state how long they will be out if you do choose to injure them however).
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
Style modifier: +3

Do whatever you want besides godmodding the actual goals(I prefer the actual goals to be real). If anybody dies, please TG me who so I can replace them. All players are male unless specified.

Starters: 4-2-1-3
Players who are based in a foreign league are bolded.
BSL = Banijan Soccer League, the top-flight league in Banija. Regional leagues are in Banija's second tier. All players are male unless otherwise stated.
GK #1 Wanda Kouyaté. Age 21. Plays for the Busukuma Force in the BSL. (Female) Member of Sporting World Cup 8 championship team.
RB #2 Kabiru Sowe. Age 21. Plays for Cerenus United in the Northern League.
CB #3 Petros Obi Joas. Age 21. Plays for Zakuta City in the Lower Coastal League.
CB #5 Chioke Uchie. Age 21. Presently on loan to Dodoma City SC in the Southern League from Bunyoro RSC in the BSL.
LB #4 Mohammed Gassama. Age 21(Banija/Busoga Islands dual-national). Plays for Lakiska SC in the BSL. Youth team appearances do not cap tie him to Banija.
RCM #8 Immaculate Kaba. Age 20. Plays for Capitol City Football Club in the BSL. (Female)
LCM #6 Musa Gaye, Age 21. Plays for Djoro Athletic in the Lower Coastal League. Member of Sporting World Cup 8 championship team.
CAM #10 Momodou Sene. Age 21. Plays for Eastern Moravica FC in the Northwestern League. Member of Sporting World Cup 8 championship team.
RW #7 Anwar Dawit. Age 21. Plays for the Kitara Athletic Association in the BSL. Captain.
ST #9 Kausu Dione. Age 20. Plays for Capitol City Football Club in the BSL. Member of Sporting World Cup 8 championship team.
LW #11 Samba Ogunsola. Age 20. Plays for Rukunbi FC in the BSL.

GK #22 Sulayman Diawara. Age 20. Plays at Corizova United in the Northwestern League. Starter on the Sporting World Cup 8 championship team.
GK #25 Zikora DoDimma. Age 21. Plays for Sororo City in the Southern League. Member of Sporting World Cup 8 championship team.
RB #14 Okechukwu Jelani. Age 20. Plays for Sororo City in the Southern league.
CB #21 Kawsu Mboge. Age 20. Plays for the Kitara Athletic Society in the Lower Coastal League.
CB #19 Awa Sene. Age 20. Plays for Nsade United in the Lower Coastal League. (Female)
LB #18 Sarjo Diene. Age 20. Plays for the Slobochia Bears in the Northwestern League.
CM #16 Idi Mboge. Age 19(Banija/Mriin dual-national). Played for the Moravica Regional Academy; Presently a free agent. LEFT THE TEAM BEFORE MATCHDAY 1.
CM #15 Cyper Corr. Age 19. Played for the Ankole Regional Academy in the Banijan Youth League; Presently a free agent. Member of Sporting World Cup 8 championship team.
CAM #20 Abigal Admassu. Age 19. Played at the Kitara Regional Academy in the Banijan Youth League; Presently a free agent.
LM/LW #13 Ifammah Zebenjo. Age 21. Plays for Amaku City FC in the Southern League. (Female) Member of Sporting World Cup 8 championship team.
RM/RW #17 Adama Coote. Age 21. Plays for Umbazi Metropolitan SC in the BSL.
ST #12 Daba Kuta. Age 21. Plays for the Kitara Athletic Society in the Lower Coastal League. Member of Sporting World Cup 8 championship team.

- Kausu Dione takes the penalties; Samba Ogunsola takes the free kicks
- Note- anyone playing for an academy squad, or listed as a free agent is available to sign, for the right price.

Group G Schedule
Matchday 1: Chromatika v. Banija @ The Turmondale Grounds in Raynor City, Valanora
Matchday 2: Banija v. Hapilopper @ The Turmondale Grounds in Raynor City, Valanora
Matchday 3: HUElavia v. Banija @ The Angelotic Temple in Longview, Valanora
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Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
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Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. Di Bradini Cup 47. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Postby Pasarga » Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:24 am

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events Y


Pasarga Roster
Nickname: Young Wanderers

Image Image Image

Home Away Third
Modifier: +1

Manager: Srđan Jakšić, age 49
Assistant: Michael Mueller, age 49

GK: Illed Chávez Sedillo, age 18, Santos Luega (F)
GK: Dalma Kollár, age 17, Tanrısal (F)
GK: Ábel Virág, age 20, Hellinic Rouge
With a twenty year old and an eighteen year old, the keepers are one of the most experienced groups in the team. On top of being the oldest, Ábel Virág comes off an impeccable domestic campaign with the Sparatans and gets the nod as the number one and should be expected to start every match barring injury or suspension. He has good reflexes and decent at communicating orders to his backline, will look to replicate his youth league form where he made enough saves that the team in front of him could convert their own chances for results.

LB: Deli Sinka, age 17, Tanrısal
LB: Erik Klein, age 17, Baskita FC
CB: Anisah Sfiyah Said, age 18, Stein-los Turkish (F)
CB: Ompoly Erôss, age 19, Club Stein-los
CB: Vidor Kovách, age 17, Duke of the North
CB: Markus Vida, age 17, CA Paulinthal
RB: Fulco Salas, age 18, Revolutionaries Image
RB: Barbara Nagy, age 20, Club Stein-los (F)
The backline has a bit of strength to it and Nagy will be expected to lead the group and squad with her experience last tournament in helping the team finish second. There is an argument to try and get Salas some playing time as well, having shown moments of maturity while playing in Eura, so don't be surprised if he makes a start at centerback or takes over a game for Nagy. The leftback position has the most question marks, though both options there come from respected youth academies and have had memorable campaigns domestically. A bend but don't break approach is likely what we are likely to see with this group, though if they can come together as a group early in the tournament, it could be the strength from which the Young Wanderers can build into a solid unit that could go deep in the tournament once more.

RW: Erzebet Lörinc, age 21, Hellinic Rouge (F)
RW: Katinka Pálffy, age 17, Tanrısal (F)
D/MC: Noel Orsós, age 17, Galatica
MC: Michael Baer, age 17, Fetherdron United
MC: Ásmundur Jónatansson, age 17, Lunas FC
MC: Elvar Konráðsson, age 17, Peynol-Lunas
AML/LW: Gillen Madrigal López, age 17, CA Paulinthal
LW: Christina Durr, age 17, Fetherdron United (F)
This is where the biggest question marks come into the entire side, with a whole slew of midfielders who are fresh off their first campaign in the youth leagues. Only Erzebet Lörinc has experience playing, having been on the wing last tournament and she will get the start as a result, though it will be the young CAP winger on the other side who will be handling the corner duty. In the middle of the park will be a pair of youngsters from Lunas, though playing for opposite clubs and rivals. Both are tall, athletic, and good with the ball at their feet. The question will be if they can put aside their domestic rivalry in order to pursue international success or if the less skilled options will be thrown into the starting lineups instead.

ST: Eustacio Corral Magana, age 17, CA Paulinthal
ST: Péter Csorba, age 17, Baskita FC
LW/ST: Elek Salai, age 17, Ibini FC Image
ST: Olivia Garza Rosales, age 20, Santos Luega (F)
It's an odd thing when the player who was on the squad last cycle did not get any playing time but is now expected to lead the attack and is the chosen penalty taker, but that is the situation that the Young Wanderers are in. Magana arguably has the highest potential of the other three option but Csorba had the best form in the domestic youth league and will initially get the nod. Salai is likely to get some playing time as well, though he might be moved to the wing, being a natural at both the striking position or out wide, though his taller frame makes him more suited for the role of a hold up striker.

Nagy Erôss Said Klein
Lörinc Konráðsson Jónatansson López
Csorba Rosales

Captain: Barbara Nagy
Corner Taker: Gillen Madrigal López
Set Pieces: Olivia Garza Rosales
Penalties: Olivia Garza Rosales

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Postby Mavinet » Mon Feb 10, 2020 11:03 am

Mavinet Broadcasting Company (MBC)
Nightly news


"The Mavinet U18 was knocked out of the Sporting World Cup at Taeshan yesterday after a disappointing 2-0 loss to Gergary in the Play-in round. The young players put in an admirable effort to save their chances of going forward in the tournament, but was made to rue their missed opportunities to gain a lead early in the match. 2 well-executed goals from Gergary showed how much the U18 team still need to train and improve for the future. Nevertheless, Mavinese people everywhere can be proud of the youngsters' overall performance in their very first tournament. A win against a renowned team like Starblaydia and a good match against Croblade were positives to take away, as we prepare to welcome the team back.

As we close the curtain on Mavinet's performance in the SWC, let's turn our attention to a different stage. Today, Mavinet U21's head coach Nguyen Phuc Quang has submitted his final 23-man roster for Mavinet's participation in the upcoming Di Bradini Cup in Valanora. This is also the first time Mavinet participate in this prestigious tournament. There have been 47 editions of the competition, with Bears Armed being the defending champion this year. our entry in this year's Di Bradini Cup is believed to be the preparation for our participation in the upcoming World Cup 85. The group draw saw Mavinet fall into Group E with Baker Park, Imperial Joseon and Equestria. Baker Park and Equestria are giants in the football world, while Imperial Joseon are doing quite well in the Sporting World Cup in Taeshan, the competition Mavinet was just eliminated from. It will take a lot of luck for Mavinet to go far in this competition, but judging by our performance in the Sporting World Cup, we can still be optimistic and hopeful.

We will conclude tonight's news program with the weather forecast for the next 7 days. Thank you for watching and have a good night. Pham Minh Nhat, MBC's news anchor."


No fixed starters. The lineup will be decided on/before matchday

1. Do Manh Cuong, aged 21 (Captain).
13. Nguyen Trung Trinh, aged 20.
22. Tran Dai Nhan, aged 20.

2. Lam Tu Anh, RB/RWB, aged 19.
3. Phan The Trong, RB, aged 20.
4. Nguyen Phuoc Long, CB, aged 20.
5. Tran Phan Anh Duc, CB, aged 21 (Vice-Captain).
6. Hoang Van Ha, CB, aged 19.
18. Nguyen Viet Trung, CB, aged 19.
20. Le Thanh Binh, LB, aged 21.
23. Bui Cong Danh, LB/LWB, aged 19.

7. Dinh The Quang, CDM, aged 19.
8. Tran Khanh, CDM, aged 20.
10. Ly The Kiet, CM/CAM, aged 21 (Vice-Captain)
11. Huynh Huu Nghia, CM, aged 20.
12. Nguyen Hoang Trung Anh, LW, aged 19.
14. Lam Van Dai, LM/LW, aged 20.
15. Ho Vu Thanh Hoang, RW/LW, aged 21.
16. Mai Quang Phuoc, RM/RW, ages 19.
17. Vu Viet Minh, CAM, aged 20.

9. Chau Minh Tuan, ST, aged 21.
19. Le Van Dung, LF/ST, aged 20.
34. Truong Cong Linh, ST, aged 19.


Head Coach: Nguyen Phuc Quang
Assistant Coach: Tran Thuc Anh
Trigram: MAV
Demonym: Mavinese
Style: -1 (slightly defensive, counter-attack)
Formation: will switch between 4-2-3-1, 5-3-2 WB or 3-5-2


Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y (within reason)
Injure Players: Y (I decide severity)
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y (discuss with me)
Yellow Card Players: Y (up to 3 players, 2nd yellow possible, discuss first)
Godmod Other Events: Y (not life-threatening, career-ending or forcing out of match)

Lineup against Imperial Joseon

Di Bradini Cup 47 (3rd)

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Postby HUElavia » Mon Feb 10, 2020 11:19 am

HUElavia National U-21 Football Team Uniform and Squad:

Home Uniform:


#1: Ana VALLARES (18 Years Old) (F)
#13: ROBERTO Gomez-Garcia (20 Years old) (M)
#23: BARBARA Silva-Alves (20 Years Old) (F)

#2: Miguel Angel DURAN (21 Years Old) (M) (C) (RB-LB)
#3: MARCO Ferreira-Gomes (21 Years Old) (M) (CB)
#4: Carolina ACOSTA (17 Years Old) (F) (CB)
#5: Ivan AKINFEEV (17 Years Old) (M) (LB-RB)
#12: Daniella ARIZA-Rincon (21 Years Old) (F) (LB-RB)
#15: Giuseppe D'AQUILA (18 Years Old) (M) (CB)
#18: ANGELICA Santos-Reus (20 Years Old) (F) (CB)
#19: Saori KAWASUMI (19 Years Old) (F) (RB-LB)

#6: Aurora CONTI (18 Years Old) (F) (DM-CM)
#8: Maria SAKAGUCHI (18 Years Old) (F) (CM-AM)
#10: Joao FREITAS (19 Years Old) (M) (CM-AM)
#14: Makoto NAKAYAMA (19 Years Old) (M) (DM-CM)
#16: Carolina FURTADO (17 Years Old) (F) (CM-AM)
#22: Emilia LEBLANC (19 Years Old) (F) (CM-AM)

#7: Isaac CAMACHO (18 Years Old) (M) (LW-RW)
#9: Melissa LEITE-Reis (21 Years Old) (F) (CF-ST)
#11: Guglielmo ROSSI (19 Years Old) (M) (RW-LW)
#17: Christina RUIZ-Arrizabal (19 Years Old) (F) (LW-RW)
#20: Natalia TORREJON-Valeron (19 Years Old) (F) (RW-LW)
#21: Bruno MOUTINHO-Figo (17 Years Old) (M) (ST-CF)

Starting XI: Vallares, Duran, Marcos, D'Aquila, Ariza, Conti, Sakaguchi, Camacho, Freitas, Rossi, Leite
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Captain: Duran
Free-Kick Taker: Freitas
Pentalty Kick Taker: Rossi
Left Corner Taker: Conti
Right Corner Taker: Freitas

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers/goal scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (Please let me know what it is for)
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Kita-Hinode » Mon Feb 10, 2020 5:08 pm

"The Speed-o-Sound Sonics"


Black jerseys, black shorts and black socks. The jersey also features the kanji in the nation's flag although the colors are obviously reversed. It doesn't have a proper representation because the federation's head lost a game of poker to the head honcho back at ediraf.

Already a well-established side in the youth part of things (and possibly at the major level as well, considering this nation won the last two relevant titles they played for), the Hinodejin are now looking towards that elusive second DBC win, which would also make them three-time champions if you count the time they won as Northern Sunrise Islands eons ago. The tournament also serves as promotional material for the Hinodejin Intercollegiate Football League, the league where pretty much everyone in the national team came from.

#01 GK Arata YAMAGUCHI 20 M Bolt Travelling Human
#02 RM/RB Yuki SHIROKAWA 16 F Elite Mashu HS Human
#03 CB HAN Seung-Hwang 19 M Kanshiro University Human
#04 CB/DM CHEN Xinya 19 M Tentai University Human
#05 LM/LB Shigekatsu AMASAWA 19 M Eigyojo Knowledge Bank and University Human
#06 DM Takuma MISHIMA 20 M Miishima Polytechnical Institute Human [CAPTAIN]
#07 RM/RW Nitara HESHIMAKAGE 19 F Hylia University Hylian
#08 CM Chikako MORI 19 F Royal Academy Human
#09 LM/LW Katara NANAMIKAWA 19 F Hylia University Hylian
#10 SS/OM Yasunobu HATTANDA 19 M University of the Pacific Human
#11 ST Kazuya MISHIMA 19 M Miishima Polytechnical Institute Human

#12 GK Nifea SITREMBEL 19 F Mido-Hinode University Human
#13 RM/RB/RW/ST Kasumi HAYABUSA 20 F Himawari University Human
#14 CB Hana VAN DE FUROKU 19 F Bolt Travelling Human
#15 RB/CB/LB/SW Mackenzie DE LA TORRE 20 M Kuroba University Human
#16 LM/LB/LW/CF Ayane HAYABUSA 20 F Himawari University Human
#17 DM/RB/RM Charlize WILLEMSEN 20 F Imperial Forces Academy Human
#18 OM/CM/LM/RM Jeong-Ryun MITSUHARASHI 20 M Mido-Hinode University Human
#19 CM/OM Teku SANTEN 20 M Hylia University Hylian
#20 CM/OM/RM/LM Cheftzi-Bah BRONSON 19 F National Institute of R&K of Robotics Cyborg
#21 OM Kyoko HAKKARAINEN 17 F Grand Royal HS Human
#22 RW BRUNO SILVA 19 M Project Olimpo Jutsii Human
#23 OM/ST/CF/SS Ilppo MÄKINEN 16 M Zeppelin Foundation Human
-- COACH Koji KAGONAME 40 M Mido-Hinode University Human (SP:+0,5)

As you might've noticed, some of these players aren't human. Just wanted to point out they're still fairly close to being human, just in case. Please don't kill them. Injuries for large stretches of time have to be informed by telegram, or else they'll get the ignore cannon treatment. Anything else (bar anything that destroys any city of the empire or its' people, just in case anyone gets a bit too creative) is fine by me.
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Postby Geektopia » Mon Feb 10, 2020 5:35 pm

Di Bradini Cup Lhis Information


Geektopia play a 3-3-4.

Quintiquadralum () 19 YRS () GK () #1
Born March 7, 2000

Octotrigintillion () 20 YRS () DF () #3
Born January 21, 2000

Bisuperior Grand Megahugetrixul () 19 YRS () DF () #5
Born January 17, 2001

Joyce () 18 YRS () MF () #6
Born February 12, 2001

Gaspocaior gaspocaior gaspocaior gaspocal () 17 YRS () MF () #7
Born December 13, 2002

Trultep () 17 YRS () MF () #8
Born September 16, 2002

Dimenbolplexdex () 17 YRS () FW () #9
Born September 30, 2002

Quintibaddom () 18 YRS () FW () #10
Born June 18, 2001

Trooprovi () 19 YRS () FW () #11
Born March 19, 2000

Myriodufact () 18 YRS () DF () #14
Born January 13, 2002

Deutero-dekaelheptol () 16 YRS () FW () #15
Born October 4, 2003

Substitutes (presented in /pre)
Lyric Westen
| #12 | GK | 29 years old | Born May 18, 1997 | 6'2, 180 pounds |
Proficient at clearing and goal-kicking to defenders, midfielders, and attackers, but only if the main goalkeeper is having a bad day.

| #48 | DF | 19 years old | Born May 25, 2000 | 6'3, 190 pounds |
Proficient at giving long balls to attackers

| #70 | DF | 16 years old | Born February 23, 2003 | 6'0, 180 pounds |
Proficient at passing long to the right

Owi Di Piero
| #20 | MF | 19 years old | Born November 10, 1995 | 5'9, 130 pounds |
Proficient at passing diagonally to the right

| #23 | MF | 20 years old | Born November 3, 1999 | 5'10, 150 pounds |
Proficient at passing diagonally to the left

Giganthrol Aldea
| #21 | FW | 16 years old | Born May 12, 2003 | 5'11, 180 pounds |
Good at giving long balls to defenders from either direction

Terrible terrible terrible tethritriterator
| #24 | FW | 16 years old | Born April 18, 2003 | 5'8, 160 pounds |
Good at giving diagonal passes from either direction

Attacking Pass Formation for Competition Onwards:

Style Modifier: +2.793

Primary Colors
—————— | Horizontally Striped, Top to Bottom
Secondary Colors
—————— | Horizontally Striped, Top to Bottom

Code: Select all
RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
Role play injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: N
Godmod other events: Y
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History: ... id=1197182
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Postby Darmen » Mon Feb 10, 2020 8:25 pm

Darmen National U-21 Football Team
presented by the
Darmeni Football Association

Record (Modern-era only, since Di Bradini Cup 40): 24 matches, 10 wins, 6 draws, 8 losses, 47 GF, 44 GA, .500 Win %
1 Avidan Tobias 16
T2 Halli Vaughn 12
T2 Codie Armbruster 12
4 Cyrus Spalding 11
5 Kelan Lyne 10

1 Halli Vaughn 7
2 Craig Blackwood 6
3 Darnell Halle 4
T4 Buddy Pickle 3
T4 Primitivo Reagan 3
T4 Kristoffer Stevenson 3
T4 Brian Firmin 3
T4 Godfrey Hutson 3
Coaching Staff
Position Name Age
Manager Isaiah Atwater 55
Assistant Manager Lucien Brant 44

21 Player Roster
# Pos Name Age Club Caps Goals
1 GK Konrad Joseph 20 Rogerton Whitecaps 0 0
2 LB Eardwulf Chaves 19 Sportklub Palerma 0 0
3 CB Sadiq Lucas 19 Chippewa Valley United FC 0 0
4 RB Mattheus Freeman 19 Sportklub Palerma 0 0
5 DM Alan Duncan 21 Rogerton Whitecaps 0 0
6 LM Marvyn Grosse 20 Royal PFC 0 0
7 LCM Lennart van der Vennen 19 Olympique Chuckio 0 0
8 RCM Alard Hoedemaeker 19 Darmen City United 0 0
9 RM Malachy Aartsen 19 Bloomer FC 0 0
10 LF Charles Frederickson 20 Springfield United 1 0
11 RF Kennard Hale 19 Scott City FC 0 0

12 GK Bertil Herman 19 Centre for Excellence-Darmen 0 0
13 LB Pablo Candelaria 19 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
14 CB Cináed Böhm 19 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0
15 LM Adoniram Bähr 19 Club Jim Falls 0 0
16 CM Artur Haenraets 19 Royal PFC 0 0
17 RM Gwil Danell 19 Royal PFC 0 0
18 LF Jasper Kirchner 19 Rogerton Whitecaps 0 0
19 CF Birger Schulz 19 Royal PFC 0 0
20 RF Jasper Thorburn 19 Lynx FC 0 0
21 GK Ori Poirier 19 Project Olimpo Darmen 0 0

Formation: 3-4-2-1
Style Mod: +1
--Grosse--van der Vennen--Hoedemaeker--Aartsen--

Team Roles
Captain: Charles Frederickson
Vice-Captain: Alan Duncan
Left Corner: Lennart van der Vennen
Right Corner: Lennart van der Vennen
Penalties: Kennard Hale
Free-kicks: Lennart van der Vennen
If my opponent role-plays first they may:

Choose my goalscorers: YES PLEASE!
Godmod scoring events: YES
RP injuries to my players: YES, minor only.
Godmod injuries to my players: NO
Hand out yellow cards to my players: YES, within reason. Contact me if you have anything major planned.
Hand out red cards to my players: YES, no more than two. Contact me if you have anything major planned.
Godmod other events: YES. Contact me if you have anything major planned.
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:59 pm

© Sporting Times Daily 2020
Redemption at stake at DBC
by Fiona Devlin, National Soccer Writer

The Commonwealth Under 21 National Team will be starting off from an unfamiliar role as the 47th DiBradini Cup/Under 21 World Championship 68 gets underway across Valanora.

A final day 4-0 defeat to Taeshan meant, that for the first time, Baker Park would not advance from the group stage, and this time around, the team will have their matches confined to one small part of the country.

Group E have been assigned to play their matches on the island of Capri, off the coast in the southern part of the country adjacent to the nation's most populous region. The marquee matchup will occur straight out of the gate, as the Commonwealth will face off against Equestria at Hatire Memorial in Capri city. Rounding out the group will be Mavinet and Imperial Joseon. The other venue will be in Kareen, south of Capri, at the Rose Garden.

Jen Prescott will be in charge for the third time here, and will have Tony Weiss joining her. "I asked Tony, after the World Cup was over, if he was looking for places to go on vacation and could I recommend a place to him. So he says 'sure' and I replied I hear that Valanora is really nice, so he goes 'ok, I'll check into it' and I said, you'll have plenty of time for that while you're there with me and the 21's."

Joining the squad for the first time will be the group of 19 year olds who were the core of the SWC 9 championship team and Prescott says she's excited to see how they fit in with the returnees. "They are an exciting athletic group, and the options they open up are really interesting."

lineup vs Equestria:
McCormick; Allen, Hardwick, Hughes; Grimaldi, Vuckovic, Taylor, Aguilar; Diaz; Mack, Harris
Soccer--2x Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5&9) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII Third Place (co-hosts)
World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
Football--NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

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Postby Chromatika » Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:10 pm

Chromatik U-21 Squad

Manager: Shani Hayashida, 56
Assistant Manager: Mikhail Dushov, 50
Physio: Anna-Maria Myers, 36
Style Modifier: +2.5

Quarterfinals was where Hayashida's team ended the first season with her in the helm. Although the Felswyr State University Firehawks didn't do so well - only reaching the Quarterfinals - Hayashida has been given another shot.

The Roster
GK 1. Nadia Rios, 21, Urrheddiao State University
GK 12. Asher Singh, 21, Deprí Theological Seminary

Nadia Rios had a ridiculously good season - winning the title - and is going to be one highly sought after player. Asher Singh will be one of the better keepers Chromatika has created once he has graduated.

RB 2. Wilson Diaz, 21, Urrheddiao State University
CB 3. Noemi Walters, 20, Southern Chromatik University
LB 4. Marietta Adams, 20, Pùr State University
RB 13. Hannah Hill, 21, Pùr State University
CB 14. Solomon Torres, 21, Deprí Theological Seminary
LB 15. Pietr Nex, 21, Alnio University of the Arts

Wilson Diaz is a hellfire of a defender who can tackle extremely well, Noemi Walters a solid defender all around, and Marietta Adams one of the brighter spots for a down year for Pùr State. Hannah is a solid backup, Torres someone who is still a work in progress, and Pietr Nex a side threat with a decent long ball.

RM 5. Addie Lefebvre, 21, Deprí Sanar University
CM 6. Kateryna Zuniga, 20, Chromatik City College University
CM 7. Leysa Burns, 21, Urrheddiao State University
LM 8. Vasiliy Marten Kuznetsov, 19, Urrheddiao State University
RM 16. Joss Johnson, 20, Eyrods Tech
CM 17. Pickering Sionne, 21, Alnio University of the Arts
CM 18. Zelma Adam, 21, University of Myana
LM 19. Jenell Moreno, 20, Eyrods Tech

Addie Lefebvre is a crosser at heart, while Zuniga is one of the better box-out center midfielders in the CCFA. Burns and Kuznetsov was the reason why Urrheddiao State won the title - Kuznetsov is going to be a great one. Joss Johnson has decent pace, Pickering Sionne quick and nimble, Zelma Adam a solid all around player, and Jenell Moreno a right-footed streaker.

RW 9. Oriane Marc, 21, Deprí Sanar University
ST 10. Prisca Rogers, 21, Eyrods Tech
LW 11. Tomas Moaves Addams Jr., 21, Deprí Theological Seminary
RW 20. Augustus Humphreys, 21, Deprí Theological Seminary
ST 21. Carrie Arson, 21, Chromatik City College University
ST 22. Ana Valencia, 21, Urrheddiao State University
LW 23. Minx Potten, 20, University of the Wirr Tsi

Prisca Rogers returns to the U-21 team, having led the team in the last DBC; she had another stellar year and scored the most goals in the CCFA. Oriane Marc is an assist machine, and Moaves Addams Jr. is a technically sound, cerebral winger. Augustus Humphreys can be a demanding player who likes attention, but knows how to score. Carrie Arson scored the most game-winners in the CCFA, while Ana Valencia was happy to get the passes from Kuznetsov that led to the championship for Urrheddiao State. Rounding out the team is Minx Potten, Wirr Tsi's bright light.

Urrheddiao State University - 5
Deprí Theological Seminary - 4
Eyrods Tech - 3
Pùr State University - 2
Alnio University of the Arts - 2
Deprí Sanar University - 2
Chromatik City College University - 2
Southern Chromatik University - 1
University of Myana - 1
University of the Wirr Tsi - 1
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Lineup: No. I will be listing the starting lineup for each match at the end of each RP. You can choose my subs, though.
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I choose the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, 3 max.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, 2 max. Please TG me.
Godmod other events: No
Former User of the Nations of Yesopalitha and Falconfar

Regional Tournaments: 52 (2nd), 53 (4th), 54 (QF), 55 (Champions), 56 (Ro16)
WC Proper Appearance: 75 (Ro16), 76 (SF), 77, 78 (QF), 79 (Ro16), 80 (Ro16), 81 (Group Stage), 83 (Group Stage)
KPB Ranking: 37 (Mid 84)

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Postby Schottia » Tue Feb 11, 2020 12:49 am

OOC: As always, with the Larry Watt opinion pieces, please remember that these are the views of a fictional character. They are not definitive opinions, nor do they necessarily represent my opinion.

SBCNEWS Online...
DBC special – Five Future Stars.
by Larry Watt, Schottia international, and former Champions' Cup winner.
Larry currently lives with his wife and daughters in Ceni.

It’s that point in the cycle again, where we turn our attention towards youth football and the Di Bradini Cup. With the U21-World Cup now entering an incredible sixty-eighth edition, it’s easy to see why it has come to be regarded as the Multiverse’s premier youth tournament. The Under Fifteens World Cup previously got to edition nine, and the Sporting World Cup is currently on a consecutive run of ten, but despite their popularity, none of them can hold a candle to the Di Bradini Cup.

For the last twelve cycles the tournament has taken place in Valanora, one of the sport’s spiritual homes. Most of us grew up with stories of the five times world champions, and the legendary Vanroian team of the early [WC] Forties. For many of young players taking part in this year’s competition, it will be their first taste of tournament football; bringing the chance to play in front of the cameras and packed crowds. The opportunity to grace the hallowed turf of venues such as the Battleground will bring with it its own set of pressures.

The hosts currently opt not to compete it the tournament, and interestingly, this gives the Di Bradini Cup the sense of a neutral and level playing field. They did win the first ever trophy following the rebrand however, then repeated the feat five cycles later in the DBC6. With their legendary Night Academy, the young Marauders would undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned on home soil – and in a sense, it’s a little sad that we don’t get to see them in action.

It’s hard to believe, but until eighteen months ago, no Schottic club had a single Vanor on their books – not one! Even at it’s peak, when it was the SPL was one of the top ranked UICA associations, with hundreds of foreign players across the top three tiers, we couldn’t manage so much as one pesky Vanor. A travesty, right? Well during the 25th transfer window, all of that changed.

Gideon Riemann, Heike Schoß, Claudia Makatsch, Jutta Palminger and Anja Loos – five 16-year-olds with pluckiness to burn – braved the perpetual rain and dourness of Schottia. Five future stars, one for each World Cup that Valanora have won. Very little was known about them, other than their international potential, and the fact that they had graduated from one of the most prestigious academies in the Multiverse. So much can happen in a teenager’s career, and there are plenty of Handon bars propped up by mournful drunks with tales of how they themselves were once the “next big thing.” But let’s remain optimistic, keep our fingers crossed, and give them the time and space to allow their careers to develop on an even keel. (If football doesn’t work out for them, then happy hour at the Harpooner’s Arms is two til four, Monday to Thursday.)

In the spirit of giving them time to develop, and not apply any undue pressure, it seemed like the most appropriate thing to do would be to rate them on a scale of one to five. At the same time, I hope this serves as something of an introduction into the Five Future Stars.

Gideon Riemann
Age: 17
Position: Left/ Centre Midfield
Club: Blue Coast 1981

Riemann’s destination of choice was the town of San Marco on Port Christopher, and with it, Blue Coat 1981. At one of the island’s most famous clubs, the young Vanor is following in the footsteps of players such as Evelyn Conjure, Ross Renshaw, and Sylvestre, who under Jan Markus Hellensen, once reached the Champions’ Cup semi-final. Nestled amongst the palm trees, hotel blocks, and sunburnt tourists, Coast actually have a decent record at developing young talent, and at the very least, this may serve as a stepping stone in his career.

In his first season with the club, Riemann featured predominantly for the development team, helping them to a respectable tenth place finish in the Schottic Junior Championship. He got his bum onto the bench for the senior squad on occasion, and a couple of cameo appearances at sixteen isn’t bad going. It’s been all-change at the Ocean Shores Stadium this season, however, with Brenecian manager, Daniel Snowden, taking over from Nicolas Lars. Another year older, another year wiser, Riemann has so far made three substitute appearances along with his first start for the club, as he seems to be adjusting well to the new 4-3-3 system.

The Verdict: 2/5
A good young player, pacey, and seems to have his head screwed on. It’s hard to tell how quickly he’ll push on from here, but with four appearances in the first twelve matches, it’s clear that he’s firmly in Snowden’s long-term plans.

Heike Schoß
Age: 17
Position: Attacking Midfield
Club: Cornellians

The Eagles were Schottia’s most successful club in the UICA era, using their two seasons in the now-defunct MPL to give them a bit of financial boost over the other sides. The grey pebbledash houses and muddy fields of Lochend isn’t exactly a location that screams world-class football, but Cornellians have seen their fair share of international stars pass through their doors. Their academy side have won the UICA Youth Champions’ Cup, and that would have undoubtedly been a factor in Schoß deciding to continue her development there.

Cornelians were runners up in the Schottic Junior Championship last season, with Schoß a key figure in the attack. Despite failing to make an appearance for the senior team under Jon Fotan, she was one of the young players who helped take the youth league by storm, forming a lethal attack partnership with Joanna McGidden. Schoß made nineteen starts, and found the back of the net eleven times, as the club went on to finish just three points behind the eventual winner, Willox Street. Similarly to the story at Coast, Cornellians have also seen a change in manager this season, with the highly rated former Union gaffer, Erin Camden, taking the reins. Schoß has been a permanents fixture on the substitutes bench during the new campaign, making eight appearances even scoring her first goal in a 2-1 win over Lammerton.

The Verdict: 4/5
A top class player in the making, who is likely to put a lot of pressure on Mirka, who currently holds the number-10 jersey. Schoß is already drawing comparisons to a certain, Isla Sibučić, and is likely to breaking into the first team proper over the next two seasons.

Anja Loos
Age: 17
Position: Left Wing
Club: Regional Development Side D

Loos has gone down a slightly different root from the other four, joining up with the South Berwick branch of the Schottic National Development Programme. Okay… it might be more night school than Night Academy, but the system has produced its share of Schottia internationals.

Loos was a big player for the all-conquering RDS:D last season, who wiped the floor with the rest of the Regional Division B opposition. The academy sides are ineligible for promotion to the First Division, meaning that they stay in the third tier of Schottic football, despite finishing five points clear of Jena at the top of the table. Loos was an crucial part of the first team, scoring nine goals, and contributing another fourteen assists, whilst being the youngest player in the starting line up. Trading Raynor City for the waterlogged pitches and hatchet-men defenders of the Schottic lower-tiers must have been a wake up call for her - but if it was, she never let it show, as she met each match with the same steely determination. This season it’s been more of the same so far, and while RDS:D have waved goodbye to a few of their star players, Loos has got down to work and battled hard.

Verdict: 3/5
Loos will be a good professional some day soon, it just depends when she wants jump ship and find a club. There are certainly a lot of SPL clubs who would love to add this 17-year-old prospect to their books.

Jutta Palminger
Age: 17
Position: Forward
Club: The Warriors

Despite failing to win promotion last season, the Warriors are still a big club. Not necessarily big in terms of attendances or budget, but big in terms of chronicle and reputation. They are a working-class, workingman’s football club, steeped in history. It will most certainly have been a change of pace for Palminger after leaving the Night Academy, but as we’ll see, she’s probably had the most success of our quintet so far.

The teenager made an instant splash last season, with her lively performances brightening up what was a frustrating season for the Whalers. Almost from the off, Palminger was pushing hard for a starting berth, and proved her versatility and willingness, filling in right across the forward line. She made eight starts and fourteen sub appearances last season, finding the back of the net ten times en route to making the short list for Young Player of the Year. Her second season at the club has seen her promoted to the starting lineup, as well as being handed set-piece duties. She’s always been a skillful player, but she is now starting to add grit to her game (no doubt a byproduct of playing in she Schottic second tier).

The verdict: 4/5
Probably the furthest on in terms of development out of our five, no doubt benefiting from position the Warriors find themselves in. The club will most likely be promoted - if not this season, then soon - and Palminger will need to make a big decision about where her future lies.

Claudia Makatsch
Age: 17
Position: Central Midfield
Club: Willox Street Pirates

Billionaire owner, Mr Willox, has been relentlessly pumping money into his little pet-project for the best part of twenty years. Part of his dream of winning the Champions’ League [Cup] title involved the construction on a multi-million pound youth training complex, where the club set about tapping up the best young talent they could get their hands on. No doubt it was these facilities (along with a big signing-on fee) that convinced Makatsch her future lay on that godforsaken island.

Despite joining up as a long-term prospect, Makatsch’s career took a dramatic turn after her performances in training were enough to catch the eye of Lionel Mah. The manager promoted her to the senior squad, and had her training with the first team from about mid-point last season. In the handful of appearances that she’s made so far, Makatsch has yet to let the side down, showing the strength and composure needed to go toe-toe with the best the SPL has to offer. The Pirates are a club who seem to love a strong female midfielder – Jenny McDonald, Maeve Bronte, Seyda Artîn, Alyss Driver – it’s their archetypal player. Makatsch is a couple of season away from that standard, but there’s no reason why she couldn’t the next in that long line.

The verdict: 5/5
A strong central midfielder, who swapped one world-class academy for another. Makatsch looks well on the road to becoming an established member of their Pirates squad.

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Postby Cassadaigua » Tue Feb 11, 2020 5:03 am

Team Cassadaigua- Di Bradini Cup 47

Coach- Jessica Curran (37)
Jessica was the rock of the Fillies defense from World Cup 78-83, and was a part of the roster for the World Cup 84 in more of an honorary role as a reserve. She was more like an assistant coach for Stephanie Sweeney. Jessica was always seen as being a highly intelligent player with a future in coaching, and CASE is not wasting any time giving her an opportunity.

Starters In Green
Subs In Blue
Reserves In Red

#20- Danielle Cotter (20)
#21- Kori Marion (20)
#31- Tara Spooner (19)

#2- Michelle Graves (21)
#3- Shelby McNair (19)
#6- Amanda Clayton (20)
#4- Sierra Swift (20)

#25- Audrey Kimber (19)
#26- Emma Joyce (19)

#32- Kerri Sigler (21)
#31- Summer Speers (20)

#8- Sarah Giles (20)
#16- Nicole Kirkpatrick (21)
#9- Heather Barrick (20)
#19- Cheryl Zeccola (21)

#23- Cynthia McCarren (19)
#24- Kevin Ricci (21)

#29- Hannah Westhoff (20)
#36- Lukas McKeever (20)

#12- Kelsey Whitman (21)
#22- Jessi Stewart (19)

#28- Claire Marcinek (21)
#27- Loreen Hazen (20)

#34- Jacob Porter (21)
#35- Becca Lomax (19)

Team Info:
Style Mod: +1
Formation: 4-4-2
People from Cassadaigua are referred to as Cassadagans.
Team nickname: Fillies. Also, we are commonly referred to as the Dagans

RP Permissions:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes but only say they hurt
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, no more then one
Godmod other events: TG idea first. If it fits the theme of my team, I probably will allow it.

Retired Kit Numbers:
#1 is retired in honor of Allison Salamida
#5 is retired in honor of Michelle Fuller
#7 is retired in honor of Shannon Myers
#10 is retired in honor of Brittany Lawton
#11 is retired in honor of Courtney Ferguson
#13 is retired in honor of Meaghan Bateman
#14 is retired in honor of Stacie Kerrigan-Fraser
#15 is retired in honor of Erica Lambert
#17 is retired in honor of Jessica Schanke
#18 is retired in honor of Taylor Connolly

Numbers are retired at all levels of Cassadagan international soccer
NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, & 19; WB 8 & 22; WCOH 11 & 39; IBC 13.
Also: CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, WVE (Vball) 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13 & 15, DBC 21
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77), 81-84.
Games of the XIII Summer Olympiad: Second Most Medals
Hosted: World Cup 54, 67 & 84; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 43 & 45, Conferences within NSCAA, NSCH 1; WLC 7, 30 & 33.

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Postby Cassadaigua » Tue Feb 11, 2020 5:24 am

Curran Gets Another Chance,
by Chelsea Dufresne, Concord Heights Times

After the team crashed out at the Sporting World Cup, many thought that Jessica Curran’s coaching career at this level had been immediately derailed, or at least there would be a lot of time before she was given another chance. That was not the approach taken by Taylor Connolly, the President of CASE (Cassadagan Associate for Soccer Excellence), who opted to thrust her right back into action for the Di Bradini Cup, and the answer was very simple as to why. “You can’t tell anything from three games of managing teenagers.” Jessica will get at least three more games of managing players that are a little older then teenagers. However we can read between the lines a little bit on this lineup and see that no one was really happy with the Sporting World Cup performance. There is not a single player that is 18 years of age or under on this team. Not that they would be required too, but if any player impressed during that competition, you would think they would be a part of this team in some capacity to get more experience. Typically, we have had a few players in that age group that have also been a part of this team.

Returning to the Di Bradini Cup is a bit of story in itself, as Cassadaigua stopped participating in the tournament, because they felt that, “too many delegations send teams that are too obsessed with wins and not about player development.” The purpose of both of these tournaments is player development, but regardless of whether or not it is the Di Bradini Cup or Sporting World Cup, you see too many media delegations putting the pressure on their squad as if it is an senior team lineup. This has not been the case with our team, but I do feel that may be a little different this time. Curran knows that another flame out at this level will likely result in not getting another chance at this level. Let’s not forget that these tournaments can also be about developing coaches, and that seems to be what is happening with Curran, the long time veteran defender of recent World Cup rosters before serving as an assistant to Stephanie Sweeney in the last World Cup. Sweeney has also coached the vast majority of the junior teams as well, and it seems as if CASE wants to lighten her workload. It is highly probable that Sweeney’s current focus is on the forthcoming Copa Rushmori.

In her press conference, Curran did not throw anyone under the bus in the Sporting World Cup, referencing that effort as, “An example of what can happen when you put together a group of people, who may be, and absolutely are, great young soccer players, who have never played together before and just expect everything to gel. Things didn’t really work out that way, but it was a very limited sample size. That’s why you see scorelines that you would not expect to see at the senior level in those games.” Curran, though, realizes, that the Di Bradini Cup is not much different, “In this tournament, you have players who are older, so that goes a long way and I think they will come together just fine. I have tried to learn where I personally may have went wrong in preparing for the Sporting World Cup to make sure that happens again.”

The one thing that the Di Bradini Cup has in common with Sporting World Cup is that it will not start easy for Cassadaigua. Whereas before they opened up against Baker Park, here they start off against Starblaydia. The Purple Peril also did not play well in the Sporting World Cup, so one hand supports the idea that games in that tournament are often unpredictable, but on the other hand, it means that the Fillies must be ready to go. Starblaydia’s under-21 team is managed by Ázëwyn Fëanáro, who coaches all of the nation’s team, similar to Stephanie Sweeney before CASE opted to lighten her workload. It also goes without saying that Starblaydia has all the motivation they need to do well in this tournament just by the name of the tournament. “Di Bradini”, of course the Starblaydi legend, and “47" representing the last World Cup they won.
NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, & 19; WB 8 & 22; WCOH 11 & 39; IBC 13.
Also: CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, WVE (Vball) 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13 & 15, DBC 21
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77), 81-84.
Games of the XIII Summer Olympiad: Second Most Medals
Hosted: World Cup 54, 67 & 84; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 43 & 45, Conferences within NSCAA, NSCH 1; WLC 7, 30 & 33.

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Postby Sajnur » Tue Feb 11, 2020 7:32 am

Sajnur National Under-21 Football Team


Typical starters in bold

Player Age Positions

Natasha Kirai 21 GK
Alan Kursiev 19 GK
Anzoroi 19 GK

Silja Jorse (vc) 19 RB/RW/LB/LW
Nelson Baziru 18 RB/RM/CB
Kahala Murje (c) 21 CB/LB
Gjuka 20 CB
Olah Pracia 19 CB
Alton Matuska 20 LB
Layla Shinwar 21 LB/LM/LW

Toljo Latvala 20 CDM/CB
Piotr Hojaiev 21 CDM/LB/LM
Mursata 21 RM/RW
Hela Samedov 20 RM/CM/RB
Kolosa Matlaba 19 CM/CAM
Tia Parci 21 CM/CAM/CF
Stella Moranici 18 LM/CDM/CM
Shahid Mollish 19 CAM/RM

Ella Ciuru 20 CF/LW/ST
Makazole 17 RW/ST
Olga Turei 20 ST
Lazar Niuca 19 LW/LM

Free Kicks: Ella Ciuru, Silja Jorse, Kolosa Matlaba
Corners: Ella Ciuru, Silja Jorse, Tia Parci
Penalties: Anyone on a hattrick, otherwise anyone else
Manager: Marat Kharalov (39)
Typical Formations: 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-3-3
Style Modifier: +3.5

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y, but TG me for FIFA style bullshit
Injure Players: Y, but TG me for severe injuries
Godmod Injury Events: Y, but TG me if it's stupid
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod other events: TG me

Artist: Brusseldorf

Artist: Brusseldorf
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