World Bowl XXXVIII Everything Thread

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World Bowl XXXVIII Everything Thread

Postby Free Republics » Fri Jan 24, 2020 4:33 pm

World Bowl XXXVIII

Welcome to the 38th edition of the World Bowl, hosted by the Federation of Free Republics. This thread is for the posting of your rosters and RPs and will also be where I will post results. While including OOC notes in your RPs is fine, posts that are purely OOC belong in the World Bowl Discussion Thread. Additional information will be found in the next few posts.

Please refrain from reserving posts for your RPs or roster. Reserving posts and editing the actual post in later is a good way for me to miss your roster or RP.


January 29th - Group Stage 1 Matchday One
January 30th - Group Stage 1 Matchday Two
January 31st - Group Stage 1 Matchday Three
February 1st - Group Stage 1 Matchday Four
February 2nd - Off Day (Super Bowl LIV)
February 3rd - Group Stage 1 Matchday Five
February 4th-8th - Post Group Stage 1 Break
February 9th - Group Stage 2 Matchday One
February 10th - Group Stage 2 Matchday Two
February 11th - Off Day (due to late cutoff on day before)
February 12th - Group Stage 2 Matchday Three
February 13th - Off Day
February 14th - Double Elimination Day 1
February 15th - Double Elimination Day 2
February 16th - Double Elimination Day 3
February 17th - Double Elimination Day 4
February 18th - Double Elimination Day 5 (if necessary)

Cutoff Time: 6-8 PM Eastern Time (North America)

Alphabetical List of Signed Up Nations

Allamunnic States
Champagne Socialist Sharifistan
East Lemyone
Equestria [Equestrian States]
Free Republics
Inner AginanaUsordia
La Montevideo
Main Nation Ministry
Mushroom Kingdoms and Republics
Pius Desurongcrandis
Pridnestrovia [Trans-Dniesters]
Saint Kanye
St Saratoga
Terre Septentrionale
The Greater Nordics
The Sarian
Transmondian Commonwealth of New England
United States of Devonta

All 48 nations on this list have signed up for the World Bowl and may now post rosters and RPs in this thread. Anybody who is not on this list should not post in this thread without special permission.

Useful Links

World Bowl Discussion Thread
World Bowl XXXVIII Bid
Guide to Sports RP
Wikipedia's article on American football
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Postby Free Republics » Fri Jan 24, 2020 4:33 pm

World Bowl XXXVIII

Group Stage 1

Pot 1

Ko-oren (1)
Pridnestrovia (2)
Free Republics (3)
Drawkland (4)
Main Nation Ministry (5)
Taeshan (7)
Ranoria (8)
Transmondian Commonwealth of New England (9)

Pot 2

Cosumar (10)
Abanhfleft (11)
Allamunnic States (12)
Banija (13)
Newmanistan (14)
Vangaziland (17)
The Greater Nordics (20)
Geektopia (22)

Pot 3

Cassadaigua (23)
Terre Septentrionale (24)
United States of Devonta (26)
Anthor (27)
Equestria (29)
Xanneria (30)
Lisander (32)
Kaboomlandia (39)

Pot Unranked

Ahrida (UR)
Bolgano (UR)
Cardo (UR)
Champagne Socialist Sharifistan (UR)
Christos (UR)
East Lemyone (UR)
Hapilopper (UR)
HUElavia (UR)
Inner AginanaUsordia (UR)
Jaspec (UR)
Karditan (UR)
La Montevideo (UR)
Lushansk (UR)
Mushroom Kingdoms and Republics (UR)
Nurkama (UR)
Pius Desurongcrandis
Resarkia (UR)
Saint Kanye (UR)
Smyth (UR)
Space (UR)
St Saratoga (UR)
The Sarian (UR)
TJUN-ia (UR)
Tomure (UR)

AllMart Group

Taeshan (7)
La Montevideo (UR)
Saint Kanye (UR)
Lushansk (UR)
Lisander (32)
The Greater Nordics (20)

BearOil Group

Kaboomlandia (39)
Geektopia (22)
Ranoria (8)
Nurkama (UR)
East Lemyone (UR)
The Sarian (UR)

Dixon Light Group

TJUN-ia (UR)
Cardo (UR)
Cassadaigua (23)
Smyth (UR)
Cosumar (10)
Transmondian Commonwealth of New England (9)

Ecumenical Coalition for Morality Group

Inner AginanaUsordia (UR)
Tomure (UR)
United States of Devonta (26)
Mushroom Kingdoms and Republics (UR)
Abanhfleft (11)
Pridnestrovia (2)

FreedomCola Group

Christos (UR)
Drawkland (4)
Champagne Socialist Sharifistan (UR)
Terre Septentrionale (24)
Vangaziland (17)
Jaspec (UR)

Nicholls Enterprises Group

Ko-oren (1)
Newmanistan (14)
Karditan (UR)
Resarkia (UR)
Pius Desurongcrandis
Anthor (27)

O'Reilly Group of Greatness

St Saratoga (UR)
Space (UR)
Free Republics (3)
Banija (13)
Xanneria (30)
Bolgano (UR)

Sporting World Group

Hapilopper (UR)
Ahrida (UR)
Allamunnic States (12)
Main Nation Ministry (5)
HUElavia (UR)
Equestria (29)


January 29th - Matchday One: 1v6, 2v5, 3v4
January 30th - Matchday Two: 6v4, 5v3, 1v2
February 31st - Matchday Three: 2v6, 3v1, 4v5
February 1st - Matchday Four: 6v5, 1v4, 2v3
February 2nd - Off Day (Super Bowl LIV)
February 3rd - Matchday Five: 3v6, 4v2, 5v1

Group Stage 2

Dr. Spice Group

Taeshan (1)
Cosumar (15)
Xanneria (9)
Anthor (8)

Johnston Marijuana Company Group

Geektopia (10)
Cassadaigua (7)
Drawkland (2)
The Greater Nordics (16)

RepublicSoft Group

Free Republics (6)
Abanhfleft (14)
Vangaziland (11)
Ranoria (3)

Safari Group

Main Nation Ministry (5)
Pridnestrovia (4)
Allamunnic States (13)
Newmanistan (12)


February 9th - Matchday One: 1v4, 2v3
February 10th - Matchday Two: 4v3, 1v2
February 11th - Matchday Three: 2v4, 3v1
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Host: World Cups 68 & 81, CoH 58, Games of XIII Olympiad, X Winter Olympics, World Bowls XXII, XXXI & XXXVIII, WBCs 42 & 46, RUWC 25
Current Senior Consul: Nova Hellstrom-Hancock (Golden Age)
Current Junior Consul: Samuel Izmailov (Nat-Gre)
Demonym: Republican
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Postby Free Republics » Fri Jan 24, 2020 4:35 pm

Free Republics National Information

History of the Free Republics

The Federation of Free Republics was formed in 1767, following decades of revolutions in the Lunia region. In the previous few decades, there had been a wave of revolutions. The ideas of liberalism had become popular in the region, as Abram Schmitts, an economist from Shostistan, wrote several books promoting the benefits of capitalizm. Soon, absolute monarchies fell throughout the Lunia region. The Kingdom of Saintland remained unaffected by this wave of revolutions, due to its self-imposed isolation.

Following the revolutions, there were now many Republics scattered throughout the region. These Republics faced seemingly constant attempts from reactionary elements to reverse the revolution and bring back absolute monarchy. They also had trouble trading and communicating with one another. The newly free, with a lowercase f, Republics had numerous antiquated laws and contradictory systems of measurement in effect. A foot in Vorita was 2 feet in Amolotopia and a meter in Roxawa was a decimeter in Nejax. It was a total mess all around. This mess was made even worse by the multitude of languages spoken in the different Republics. As they sought to eliminate trade barriers and forge closer ties between one another, their efforts resulted in confusion. In the days of absolute monarchy, the inability to speak one another's language was a benefit, since kings were always waging wars against one another. However, as the Industrial Revolution heated up and brought an unprecedented degree of prosperity to the land, they could no longer maintain separate languages, separate measurements and the arcane laws and regulations that were hindering commerce in the region.

Then, a rebellion broke out in the Republic of Roxawa. The rebels sought to abolish all property, all laws and even government itself. Rampaging around the countryside, they attacked government buildings, vandalized property and stole whatever they felt like. All the while, they spoke of total freedom. Terrifying the Republic's well-armed militia into inaction, the rebel crime spree continued for weeks. Fear spread throughout the region that other "rebellions" of this sort would soon break out, providing the perfect excuse for the Federationists. The leaders of 77 Republics throughout the region agreed to send delegates to the city of Baseton in Amolotopia to discuss an appropriate response to the rebellion. This was a pretext, which was seized upon by the Federationists to push their "Constitution" scheme.

The Federationists proposed that a document called a "Constitution" would establish a new unified government of all of the Republics, known as the Federation Government. This would be a relatively weak government, as the Republics would remain mostly autonomous and generally free to do as they wished in governing themselves. The Federation Government would have an enumerated list of responsibilities, such as promoting commerce, maintaining a common foreign policy and common immigration policy and several other minor tasks, such as the option to establish a national postal system.

The Constitution guaranteed a number of fundamental rights. Among them are the rights to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion and the right to own weapons for the defense not only of oneself and of the Federation, but also against tyranny. Other provisions of the Constitution prohibited unreasonable searches, cruel and unusual punishments and double jeopardy. The document also included a strict prohibition on the practice of slavery and declared immediately and permanently free any "slave" that was brought within any territory subject to the Free Republics. The Federation Government has the power to pass any legislation it deems necessary to free slaves. While ratification was controversial, due to the feeling among many people that the Federation Government was too powerful, it was eventually ratified by the electorate in each of the original 77 Republics. Today, there are the number of Republics in the Federation is well into the hundreds.

The Constitution created a bicameral Legislature and an executive branch where power is shared equally by the 2 heads of state. The Assembly is the popularly elected branch of the Legislature. Originally, it used a first-past-the-post system, but this was later changed to proportional representation after political parties and coalitions became the norm. The entire Assembly has always been up for re-election every second year. The Senate, by contrast, is a purely appointed branch and Senators serve for life terms. When a Senator is elected to another office, he becomes an inactive Senator, but other than such periods when he may serve in other offices, he is a Senator for life, without exception. Each Republic may appoint a new Senator every second year and Senators are appointed in the same years when Assembly elections are held. Finally, the Consuls are elected to 8 year terms, with a new Consul elected every 4th year. This means that every other Assembly election is held simultaneously with a Consul election. The Constitution prohibits any Consul from serving more than a single term per lifetime. Originally, Consuls were also elected first-past-the-post, but that has since changed to a 3 round system. In the first round, the top 2 candidates, plus any other candidates that get at least 10 percent of the vote advance, assuming that no candidate gets a majority of the vote. The second round sees the top 2 candidates advance, again assuming that nobody wins a majority of the votes cast. In the third and final round, whoever wins the majority of votes cast is elected. Both Consuls have and have always had full power to veto any act of the other and former Consuls automatically become Senators upon the expiration of their term in office.

The government of the Free Republics quickly moved to standardize the system of measurements used throughout the Federation and adopt English as the national language. To help transition the Federation to an English-speaking nation, the Federation Government established a system of schools funded by the Federation Government, which ensured that the next generation would speak English and identify themselves as Republicans, rather than identifying themselves by their home Republic and speaking their Republic's native language. A substantial minority of parents resisted this effort, but children were allowed to go to school and learn English, whether or not they had parental permission. By 1830, almost everybody spoke English and identified as a Republican, not an Amolotopian, Roxawan, Voritan, Schost or whatever the demonym was for their home Republic. This brought about a more unified society. Around this time, education was returned to the Republics, most of which eventually adopted a voucher based system.

The government also banned trade barriers between Republics. This was an expected and noncontroversial move. The funding of the government by a tariff also proved uncontroversial, since politicians generally agreed that the tariff should be limited to revenue only and not used to "protect" industries from competition. However, an income tax was eventually adopted as foreign imports began to dry up. The Republican economy was simply too much of a powerhouse to justify importing goods from abroad. Discontent with the income tax grew as the government kept pushing it higher and higher. Finally, Paul Musgrove ran for Consul on a platform of capping all taxes at 10 percent of income. After his election, the amendment passed both the Assembly and the Senate before being sent directly to referendum. Voters in every Republic overwhelmingly voted for it and it became a popular amendment.

In the 20th century, the Free Republics became even more of an economic powerhouse, thanks to the capitalizt economic system. Business thrived in the FFR, as the nation became progressively wealthier. Over the years, the FFR has expanded its territory while remaining on the cutting edge of technological advancement. In the present day, the Free Republics have a population in the billions and are one of the wealthiest nations in the multiverse, with a correspondingly high rate of income inequality. The exact population of the Free Republics is unknown, due to a Constitutional amendment adopted in 1934, which prohibited the taking of a Census by any entity, whether governmental or otherwise.

Several years ago, the Free Republics were left leaderless following the death of both Consuls within the span of a few months, one of them via assassination. In the chaos, Reino Kulseth of the Holy Party was elected Consul and gradually obtained dictatorial power for himself at the expense of the nation's Republican institutions. Kulseth established a tyrannical government that passed laws against lying (despite routinely lying to their own people) and mandating the use of the word "thou" instead of you in most circumstances. Kulseth dragged the nation into a large-scale war that proved extremely costly for both sides and which led to his downfall.

In the end, the Republican people rose up against Kulseth and, aligned with several foreign armies, brought down Kulseth's "Holy Republican Empire" and brought back the Federation of Free Republics. Robert Nicholls, the father of Veleik Nicholls (leader of the popular revolt) and owner of Nicholls Enterprises, was named the new Acting Consul until such time as the normal electoral process could elect his replacement. However, the following election led to the rise to power of another tyrant, Consul Caleb O'Reilly, who jailed Acting Consul Nicholls and basically turned over control of the country to a hivemind of robots which oppressed the people of the nation until one day when hackers disabled the robots and Consul O'Reilly resigned from office, claiming to have been under hypnosis during his entire time as Consul. In the aftermath, Consul Nicholls was restored to power as the Senior Consul as the FFR geared up for another election. Consul Nicholls intended to spend his time as Consul restoring the Free Republics to its former glory and was relieved that the Republican people selected retired soccer player and current professional wrestler Kyle Bolton to be their new Junior Consul in the election.

Unfortunately, the left-wing extremists in a handful of Republics, who had previously scared many Republicans into voting for Kulseth and O'Reilly, rose up in a wave of anarchistic street violence. When the Federation Government adopted measures to stop the violence, the 32 Republics they controlled seceded from the Free Republics and declared themselves a Confederacy of Leftist Republics, which quickly became a state sponsor of terror. Consul Nicholls waged war against this rebellion and ultimately defeated them. After the conclusion of this short-lived civil war, Consul Nicholls introduced "charter societies" located in the 32 former Leftist Republics and sold off ownership of these autonomous societies, whose residents are prohibited from participating in Federation Government elections or sending any representation to Republica, to the highest bidding political extremist groups in an effort to address the FFR's political extremism problem once and for all.

With the extremist groups largely exiled to the charter societies, political stability has improved in the nation. This quickly bore some fruit with the decision by the Free Republics to join the Reichsburg Free Trade Agreement and negotiate other free trade agreements with the various nations of the multiverse. Scarlett Nicholls was elected as the new Consul 4 years ago and has focused on a moderate socially progressive agenda, highlighted by her successful effort to legalize same-sex marriage, her push for gender equality in Republican society and her support of the FFR's famous sex-positive culture.


Just about every mode of transportation is an option in the Free Republics. Visitors for the World Bowl may arrive at any seaport or airport in the Free Republics. Planes and ships may also be used to travel between cities. As the Free Republics spans 4 continents and many thousands of miles, the use of planes is recommended for long-distance travel.

Several private companies offer high speed rail between cities. It is possible to travel through most of the Free Republics on high-speed rail, although in some places you may have to walk across the city to a competing company's station to go to your desired destination. There is a high speed rail network across the Malifornia Charter Society.

The use of bicycles, although unregulated, is not recommended. The Free Republics are simply too vast a nation, so players and fans that travel by bike risk missing a match altogether.

Taxis are available in every city that will be hosting World Bowl games. Most bus services cover a radius of less than 100 miles, so the use of buses is only recommended for short distance travel.

Automobiles are legal in the Free Republics and can be rented near any airport or seaport. Travel by automobile is possible to any nation located on one of the 4 continents upon which the Free Republics are located. However, as the Republican continents are located in Lunia, it is not possible to travel by automobile to-or-from the Free Republics and any other nation participating in the World Bowl. Anybody who intends to rent a car is strongly encouraged to get a Republican drivers license, as foreign drivers licenses are only recognized in certain Republics. Most Republics will hand out a drivers license to anybody that applies and passes the driving test. The difficulty of these tests varies greatly by Republics. The test in Nejax is notoriously easy while the test in Amolotopia is notorious as one of the most difficult. Despite this, all Republics are required by Federation law to recognize out-of-Republic drivers licenses as valid. A wide variety of cars are commonly available in the Free Republics, such as SUVs, sports cars and pick-up trucks. Those that have money to burn may rent luxury cars or limos. The vast majority of cars on the road are produced in the Free Republics. Many roads, especially long distance roads, are underfunded and in poor condition, so planes and high speed rail are much more popular in the Free Republics.


There are numerous hotel firms throughout the Free Republics. Participating nations will be required to pay for their own lodging. We encourage participating teams to visit and purchase rooms before the rush. Those that wait may very well end up staying in a cheap motel with holes in the walls and bedbugs under the sheets.

Those national teams that do not wish to stay in hotels may stay at campgrounds outside of the host city.


The Free Republics has a varied climate. As the World Bowl will be held during the winter months, there will be cold weather in the northern parts of the Federation for the duration of the competition. Snow is a real possibility especially in the north but also in the central Free Republics. The south is still warm though even at this time of year.


The official language of the Free Republics is English and all government documents are printed in English. Most private businesses do not print anything in a non-English language. While the rise of xenophobia in the Free Republics has subsided, most Republicans still don't speak any languages other than English. The most common foreign language spoken in the Free Republics is Latin, due to the influence of the Church of Saintland in recent years, but its use is currently frowned upon outside of the Malifornia Charter Society because of the language's association with the former Kulseth dictatorship.


The Republican Thaler is the only widely accepted currency in the Free Republics. Financial institutions are generally willing to change Sanctii bullion, Acedonian Aces or Universal Standard Dollars into Thalers. Due to the large number of currencies in the world, it is impossible for financial institutions in the Free Republics to keep track of all of them. Therefore, it is highly recommend that everybody visiting the Free Republics get their currency converted into Thalers, USDs or bullion before entering the Free Republics. Non-Republican Thalers, such as the now-defunct Taxachusetts Thaler (which was notorious for its extremely high inflation rates), are not accepted as currency in the Free Republics and are not convertible into Republican Thalers.


There are a plethora of entertainment options in the Free Republics. Every quality hotel room comes equipped with cable or satellite television, including thousands of channels and an interactive program guide. No matter what your preferences, you can probably find something on Republican television that you'd want to watch. If you can't find anything to watch on TV, you can always log on to Sanctustube, a video sharing website from Saintland, and browse the uncensored version of the site, which has (illegal) copies of just about every television program and movie in the multiverse.

Virtually every town in the Free Republics includes a movie theater, which is a popular social hangout. Tickets are relatively inexpensive, to keep an endless flow of teenagers coming into the movie theaters. Concerts are held in the major cities on a near-daily basis and there are several popular groups in each major genre.

Nightclubs and bars are available in virtually every village, town or city in the entire Federation. The local laws do differ, but most Republics will allow anybody over the age of 15 or so to enter a bar or nightclub. Strip clubs and brothels are also popular, although the regulation of those establishments greatly differs in each Republic. Women should be forewarned that the definition of consent in the Free Republics tends to be somewhat looser than they may be used to. In particular, Republican law regards intoxicated individuals as 100% capable of giving consent to the same extent as sober individuals and holds such individuals fully responsible for their actions and choices while intoxicated. Republican law also applies a "reasonable belief" test under which non-consensual sex is lawful if the consenting party has a "reasonable belief" that the other party is consenting. Many bars and clubs also sell marijuana, which is legal throughout most of the Free Republics (despite the efforts of the Outlaw Marijuana Party to change this).

In the past, pro wrestling has been a popular form of entertainment in the Free Republics, especially among guys between the ages of 13 and 30. The wrestling company in the Free Republics put on extremely violent and sexualized shows. As their shows grew more explicit, their ratings steadily increased to the point where they were once of the most popular programs on television in the Free Republics. The Republican Wrestling Conglomerate attempted international expansion at one time, but the rise of Consul Kulseth and the restrictions he imposed on the content of their programming eventually drove them out of business. Abelino Sagese, their former owner, established the New Republican Wrestling Conglomerate, but it is not quite as popular yet as its predecessor. The issues of the NRWC have been exacerbated by its recent decision to fire an executive because his wife was a vocal critic of certain radical forms of Christianity on social media. This inspired the National Baseball Team to launch a campaign called "Stand Up to Sexism" to promote gender equality in Republican sports and eventually forced the NRWC to back down, apologize and offer the executive his job back. All-Taiyou Pro Wrestling of Noburu Taiyou has recently attempted to enter the Republican market and even held a number of events in major arenas earlier this year after purchasing arena dates from the National Basketball Team due to the numerous delays of this year's IBC tournament.

Republican entertainment has been hit hard by the Kulseth and O'Reilly regimes, but businesses in that sector are currently trying to revive it. The Republican video game industry, long dominated by the RepublicSoft Saint, a device created as part of a partnership between RepublicSoft and the Sanctii government, has been hit particularly hard due to RepublicSoft's extremely close ties to the Kulseth regime. Republican gamers are currently enjoying the Miktondo Flip, a Taiyouese import that was the first to release of a new generation of handheld gaming devices while increasing numbers of Republican computer users have begun migrating to open source alternatives to RepublicSoft's Doors operating system and Citrus Computing's cOS mobile operating system, particularly after the free upgrade to Doors 12 was discovered to contain numerous backdoors designed to aid the efforts of the Kulseth government to spy on its citizens and Citrus Computing was discovered to have collaborated with the O'Reilly regime. Even Googol's Cyborg mobile OS has come under much criticism of late for overly restricting the freedom of its users. One of the more popular open source operating systems is Perestroika.
Important Laws

For the most part, visiting teams and fans will not have to worry about any unusual laws in the Free Republics. While public nudity statutes remain on the books in many Republics and around half of the Republics restrict the use of hard drugs, pornography, prostitution, alcohol, tobacco and cannabis are generally legal. In fact, pornography is legal everywhere in the FFR, as it is recognized by the Federation courts as freedom of speech. While many of these activities were barred at the request of the Kulseth regime and later barred again by the O'Reilly regime, there has been a push since the fall of the dictatorships to legalize them as widely as possible. However, laws against abortion tend to vary between Republics and some Republics have made it a crime to utilize their transportation infrastructure to travel to another Republic to procure an abortion. Public opposition to abortion has been growing in recent years, so more and more Republics are passing laws restricting or outlawing abortion.

Some Republics have their share of silly laws. The Constitutional provision prohibiting "cruel and unusual punishment" does not have as strong of an effect as you might expect because the Federation courts use an 18th century definition of cruel and unusual punishment. While nobody's going to be hung, drawn and quartered or tortured for evidence, several backwater Republics do practice some rather bizarre punishments for crimes. If you're going to run into any legal problems, it will probably be in some backwater Republic, since they have historically been the main power base of extremist politicians in the Free Republics. You may also run into problems in the charter societies as they are not required to follow the Federation Constitution and are generally run by extremist groups. Even under the Kulseth and O'Reilly Consulships, the federal system remained largely intact, so many of these extremist politicians have been in power since the days before Kulseth's rise.

In particular, women visiting the Free Republics should be mindful that sexual consent is defined slightly more broadly than they may be used to. The Free Republics has traditionally had a very sex-positive culture for the most part and has tended to be suspicious at times regarding the reliability of accusations of sexual crimes. The different sexual norms in the Free Republics have caused several international incidents in the past. Sexual norms changed during the Kulseth regime and have yet to fully return to the way that they were. Given Kulseth's popularity among Republican women, it is doubtful that the old sexual culture will ever be fully restored but there are many Republicans who long for a return to normalcy, including the old sexual norms, and the nightlife industry is currently bigger and more successful than it has been at any point since the rise of Kulseth.


Over the course of the World Bowl, there will be a total of 13 different host regions that will host games. For the First Group Stage, 8 cities will host games, one for each group. An additional 4 cities will host the second group stage. Finally, the double elimination rounds will be held in Republica, the capital of the Free Republics. If 2 ranked teams are facing each other, then the 2 ranked teams will generally play in the first listed stadium for their group, the other game involving a ranked team will take place in the second listed stadium and the game between two unranked teams takes place in the third stadium. On days where none of the ranked teams are facing each other, the game involving the pot 1 team takes place in the first stadium, the game involving the pot 2 team takes place in the second stadium and the game involving the pot 3 team takes place in the third stadium. For MDs 1 to 4, the games will be scheduled to take place sequentially (i.e. next game starts after the previous game concludes). For MD5, all games involving a given group will take place concurrently (i.e. same start time) as an anti-collusion measure. The exception to these rules is the O'Reilly Group of Greatness where Free Republics games will always be played in CoCoCo Stadium.

AllMart Group

AllMart Dome

Located in Reco, Jolarus, the AllMartDome is an 88,234 seat stadium. Sponsored by AllMart, the leading big box store in the Free Republics, the AllMartDome is a multi-purpose domed stadium used for soccer, football, baseball and several other sports, as well as conventions. A giant green and yellow AllMart logo is one of the stadium's defining features, along with its transparent roof, which permits a natural grass surface to be installed inside of a domed stadium. Jolarus is a socially conservative Republic located in the central part of the Free Republics.

Armed Forces Stadium

Armed Forces Stadium is located in Peroxia, Jolarus and seats 52,406. The stadium is located just off the campus of the University of Jolarus and is the home of Peroxia United, one of the most successful soccer teams in Jolarus. Jolarus is a socially conservative Republic located in the central part of the Free Republics. The stadium is sponsored jointly by the Armed Forces of the Free Republics.

Papa Joe's Crusader Stadium

Papa Joe's Crusader Stadium is located in Peroxia, Jolarus on the campus of the University of Jolarus. It is the home of the University of Jolarus Crusaders football team and seats 42,000. Jolarus is a socially conservative Republic located in the central part of the Free Republics.

BearOil Group

The Big House

The Big House, located just off the campus of the University of Yorkoba in Han Harbor, Yorkoba, is a massive college football stadium that seats 116,623 and is the home of the University of Yorkoba Coyotes. Yorkoba is a northern Republic.


The MingleDome, named after popular dating app Mingle, is a domed stadium in Latroit, Yorkoba that was built as a multi-purpose domed stadium. It is the home of the Latroit Ligers, Latroit's team in the Yorkoba Baseball League, and is also the home of Latroit's Nicholls Enterprises Football League team the Latroit Cheetahs. It has a capacity of 73,203. Yorkoba is a northern Republic.

Admiral Theriault Stadium

Admiral Theriault Stadium is an 89,103 seat stadium in Tonopsolis, Yorkoba near the campus of Republica's Naval Academy. The stadium is named after Admiral Jacques Theriault, the grandfather of Republican National Soccer Team manager Rule Theriault and father of Admiral Francois Theriault. The stadium actually has fairly modern amenities for fans but the locker rooms have not been upgraded in decades. Yorkoba is a northern Republic.

Dixon Light Group

Happy Valley Stadium

Happy Valley Stadium in Republic College, Rensylvania is the home of the Ren Rep Pocahontas Panthers college football team and is located on the Ren Rep University campus. The stadium seats 110,823 and is known for its rowdy atmosphere. Ren Rep is known as the school where former Republican National Football Team coach Jak Hamilton coached well into his 80s and is also known as one of the 5 rowdiest partying schools in the Free Republics. While Republic College is in the middle of a rural area in the mostly rural Republic of Rensylvania, the town is much more socially progressive than the surrounding area. Ren Rep is a massive university with an enrollment of over 100,000 students. Rensylvania is located in the eastern portion of the Free Republics.


The MilaneseDome is named after Virgilio Milanese, a former Consul of the Free Republics. Consul Milanese was born in the Republic of Keronama. The stadium seats 98,734 and is located in Wortana, Keronama. Keronama is toward the eastern part of the Free Republics.

National Organization for Men Stadium

Named after the National Organization for Men (NOM), National Organization for Men Stadium is a mid-size stadium located in Estonopolis, Keronama. NOM is a controversial, but politically powerful organization which advocates for the rights of men in the Free Republics. The stadium seats 58,534. Keronama is toward the eastern part of the Free Republics.

Ecumenical Coalition for Morality Group

Coliseum of the Crucifixion

The Coliseum of the Crucifixion, formerly known as the Los Martires Memorial Coliseum, is a 97,457 seat stadium in the city of Los Martires. Los Martires is part of the Charter Society of Malifornia, which is a Charter Society governed by the Salvation Circle, a religious movement led by Delmar Lavallee that is secretly a front for the Church of Saintland. After Malifornia participated in the ill-fated Leftist Republics Rebellion, Consul Nicholls decided to sell off governing rights to former Leftist Republics to extremist groups within the Free Republics and the Salvation Circle, as the most well-funded extremist group, purchased the largest and most populous former Leftist Republic. The Circle almost immediately funded a full renovation of the run-down Coliseum and renamed the venue the Coliseum of the Crucifixion. Besides being used for football and soccer, the venue is also utilized as a massive outdoor cathedral. Malifornia is located in the south western portion of the Free Republics.

Fierro del Infierno Stadium

Fierro del Infierno Stadium, formerly known as Organic Solar Stadium, is a 93,204 seat stadium in the city of El Fierro. El Fierro is part of the Charter Society of Malifornia, which is a Charter Society governed by the Salvation Circle, a religious movement led by Delmar Lavallee that is secretly a front for the Church of Saintland. After Malifornia participated in the ill-fated Leftist Republics Rebellion, Consul Nicholls decided to sell off governing rights to former Leftist Republics to extremist groups within the Free Republics and the Salvation Circle, as the most well-funded extremist group, purchased the largest and most populous former Leftist Republic. The stadium was once sponsored by the solar energy company Organic Solar, which produces most of the electricity in Malifornia but after the Salvation Circle took over, they renamed the stadium to Fierro del Infierno which means "Fires of Hell" in the Spanish language that was once spoken in Malifornia. The stadium is the home of the El Fierro Gold Diggers football team and has also hosted religious events in recent years.

Barteaux Stadium

Barteaux Stadium is the home stadium of the Barteaux University Elite soccer and football teams that seats 73,421. It is located in San Hacienda, Malifornia. San Hacienda is a college town in the Charter Society of Malifornia, which is a Charter Society governed by the Salvation Circle, a religious movement led by Delmar Lavallee that is secretly a front for the Church of Saintland. After Malifornia participated in the ill-fated Leftist Republics Rebellion, Consul Nicholls decided to sell off governing rights to former Leftist Republics to extremist groups within the Free Republics and the Salvation Circle, as the most well-funded extremist group, purchased the largest and most populous former Leftist Republic. Prior to the Salvation Circle's takeover of Malifornia, Barteaux University was known as one of the most progressive and most expensive universities in the Free Republics. Today, thanks to the Salvation Circle, members of the Circle or affiliated religious organizations can attend Barteaux University at no cost. Malifornia is located in the south western portion of the Free Republics.

FreedomCola Group


The Googolplex is a massive retractable roof stadium located in Geeattle, Torapa that seats 109,371. The stadium is sponsored by the search engine Googol. It is a gigantic stadium with standing room for an additional hundred thousand fans and a full shopping mall inside the venue. The Googolplex also includes a maze of underground tunnels, some of which lead directly to the local Googol campus. Geeattle is known for receiving significantly more rain compared to most other cities in the Free Republics. Torapa is a north-western Republic.

FreedomCola Stadium

FreedomCola Stadium in Borotia, Iodara is the home of both the Borotia Ninjas and Borotia City. A 72,398 seat stadium, FreedomCola Stadium is sponsored by the makers of the most popular soft drink in the Free Republics. Iodara is a western Republic, located in the middle of a mountain range. The city of Borotia is located in a valley between mountains. Iodara is relatively lightly populated and the Republic's populace tends to be very self-reliant and skeptical of outsiders.

Church of Technicology Stadium

Located in Tarita, Quartona, Church of Technicology Stadium is an otherwise unspectacular 61,403 stadium that is mainly known for being named after the Church of Technicology, a religion founded by a failed science fiction writer named J.Q. Caballero. Widely considered a scam masquerading as a religion, the Church of Technicology has nonetheless managed to gain a following among some celebrities. They are mostly famous for their litigiousness, including a lawsuit against the leading domain name registrar in the Free Republics that was literally laughed out of court by a judge, on national television. Quartona is located in the north-western portion of the Free Republics.

Nicholls Enterprises Group

Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium, which seats 107,432, was constructed for the X Winter Olympics in Baseton, Amolotopia. The stadium, which has a retractable roof, hosted all of the ceremonies at the X Winter Olympics and has replaced Nicholls Enterprises Stadium as the foremost stadium in Baseton. Amolotopia is toward the northern part of the Free Republics.

Alex Tomlinson Memorial Stadium

Alex Tomlinson Memorial Stadium is located in Barkersville, Amolotopia. The stadium is named after Alex Tomlinson, a Liberal candidate for Consul from several decades ago. Tomlinson was shot and killed by a lone nut assassin following his victory in the critical Amolotopia primary election. Tomlinson's older brother, the outgoing Consul at the time, had been shot and nearly killed by an assassin several years earlier. At the time, the city of Barkersville was constructing a new multi-purpose stadium for their local soccer, (gridiron) football and baseball teams. Due to public demand, the city chose to name the stadium after Tomlinson upon its completion. It seats 92,906. Amolotopia is one of the northern Republics.

Old Gorilla Stadium

Old Gorilla Stadium is the home of the Baseton College Gorillas football team. It seats 40,345 and is located in Baseton, Amolotopia. Amolotopia is one of the northern Republics.

O'Reilly Group of Greatness

CoCoCo Stadium

The CoCoCo Stadium is a high-tech stadium constructed with funding and materials from Vilita-based companies CoCoCo, Arcticala Electrical and Lighthouse Lightworx. It is a domed stadium with a solar powered retractable roof and an artificial surface that provides power to the displays in the stadium utilizing energy consumed by the players on the pitch. It was constructed on the site of the run-down 103-year-old RT&T Stadium in the run-up to this World Cup and has a capacity of 151,732. New City is widely believed to be the most populous city in the Free Republics. Orlandiana is a mid-northern Republic.

RepublicSoft Stadium Round of 16 Game

RepublicSoft Stadium is located in New City, Orlandiana. New City is believed to be the most populous city in the Free Republics, but RepublicSoft Stadium seats just 42,282. Ticket prices are notoriously high at RepublicSoft Stadium and many believe that the capacity was kept deliberately low to draw a wealthier audience to the stadium in New City. RepublicSoft is a computer company in the Free Republics. They make the Doors operating system, which is the most popular OS in the World Changers region. The most recent version of Doors, Doors 9, is a notorious flop that uses a touchscreen interface better suited for use on cell phones. RepublicSoft is also well known for their line of office software. However, they are most widely known as the co-creators of the RepublicSoft Saint, along with Royal Computer Entertainment of Saintland (RCES) and the producers of most of the first-party software for the Saint. The Saint was a popular handheld video game system around 15-20 years ago. Orlandiana is a mid-northern Republic.

War Memorial Stadium

War Memorial Stadium is the home of the Army Academy Cadets of NSCF and is located near the Army Academy campus. While War Memorial Stadium is maintained, Army Academy has deliberately chosen not to modernize it so it lacks many of the amenities that have become the norm in recent decades. Its capacity is 57,446. Orlandiana is a mid-northern republic and East Point is located about an hour's drive to the east of New City.

Sporting World Group

Podvez Field

Podvez Field is located in the small town of Yellow Bay in Vorita. It is primarily used as a (gridiron) football stadium, but has also been used for some soccer matches, and is named after Mario Podvez. Mario Podvez was a quarterback and later the longtime head coach of the Yellow Bay Tornadoes. He is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks from the early days of professional football in the Free Republics. Coaching Yellow Bay for over 5 decades, he won more games than any other coach in the history of Republican professional football. Vorita is one of the northern Republics. Podvez Field seats 65,397.

Trudeau Firearms Stadium

Located in Shottsburg, Shostistan, Trudeau Firearms Stadium is a 79,456 seat stadium sponsored by the leading gun manufacturer in the Free Republics: Trudeau Firearms Company. Trudeau Firearms Stadium was constructed within the last 10 years and is a state-of-the-art open-air stadium. Shostistan is located in the north-eastern Free Republics.

Milne Stadium

Milne Stadium, located in Samstown, Nessex, is a relatively small stadium located in an ancient town. It is the home of Samstown Standard, a soccer team that has been remarkably successful for a small town soccer team. The 38,506 seat stadium is always filled to capacity, even for middle school soccer matches, as the people of Samstown are soccer mad. Once it was announced that Samstown would get a World Cup match during World Cup 68, tickets for that match sold out in less than 5 minutes, as the soccer-mad locals rushed to purchase tickets. The people of Nessex are known, in addition to their enthusiasm, for being relatively friendly and welcoming to foreigners. In Samstown, the man on the street largely knows who the players are, their strengths and their weaknesses. Nessex is located in the northern part of the Free Republics and shares a border with the Republic of Taxachusetts.

For the second group stage, the first listed game takes place at the first listed stadium and the second listed game takes place at the second listed stadium.

Dr. Spice Group

Dr. Spice Warrior Stadium

Located in Sherlock, Malonato, Dr. Spice Warrior Stadium is a 74,982 seat stadium that is the home of the University of Sherlock Warriors. Dr. Spice is a popular soda that claims to be a mixture of 32 different flavors. Malonato is a south eastern Republic and the city of Sherlock is located just 7 miles from the beach. Due to its location being so close to the ocean, Dr. Spice Warrior Stadium is reinforced and is so sturdy that it has survived a half-dozen hurricanes with only minimal damages.


The RayDome is located in Doranto, Contoria and seats 72,469. Contoria is a southern Republic. The RayDome is the home of the Doranto SunRays. The SunRays are one of the more accomplished (gridiron) football teams in the FFR. The RayDome has a fully transparent roof and is an architectural marvel.

Johnston Marijuana Company Group


The IslandDome is located in the city of Toakameau, located in the island Republic of Falatulu and seats 66,665. Falatulu consists of several small islands off the southern coast of the Free Republics. The Republic is known for its libertine lifestyle and for its high levels of political apathy. The Falatuluan lifestyle is a non-stop party, making the Republic a popular vacation destination. Free love is practiced by the majority of Falatuluans and drug use is rampant on the islands. With a tropical climate, its always warm and its almost always sunny on the islands. During the O'Reilly regime, Falatulu declared its independence, but it has since rejoined the FFR. Toakameau is the only major city in Falatulu and is located on the largest island.

Coconut Coliseum

The Coconut Coliseum is a coconot-shaped stadium located in the 'city' of Foaktu in the island Republic of Falatulu. It seats 44,509. Falatulu consists of several small islands off the southern coast of the Free Republics. The Republic is known for its libertine lifestyle and for its high levels of political apathy. The Falatuluan lifestyle is a non-stop party, making the Republic a popular vacation destination. Free love is practiced by the majority of Falatuluans and drug use is rampant on the islands. With a tropical climate, its always warm and its almost always sunny on the islands. During the O'Reilly regime, Falatulu declared its independence, but it has since rejoined the FFR. Foaktu is more like a large town than a city and is located on the small westernmost island of Falatulu.

RepublicSoft Group

Soccer Palace

The Soccer Palace is located in Petrograd, Plymouth and seats 111,663. The Soccer Palace is a truly massive stadium, with plenty of room for future expansion. Petrograd is the center of the oil industry in the Free Republics. The Republic of Plymouth is located toward the south-western portion of the country.

Dixon Light Stadium

Dixon Light Stadium, located in Petrograd, Plymouth, is a football-specific stadium and the home of the Petrograd Tycoons. Dixon Light Stadium has hosted a WrestleCade in the past, but it has never hosted any World Bowl games before. This was due to the refusal of the Petrograd Tycoons owner to permit the stadium to be used for World Bowl XXII. He changed his mind regarding international competition after a meeting with Rule Theriault and the stadium hosted two matches at World Cup 68 (most notably the victory of the Free Republics over arch-rival Felix in the Round of 16). It also hosted Abanhfleft's 10-0 victory over Allamunnic States in the World Bowl XXXI semifinals. Dixon Light Stadium seats 76,804. Petrograd is the center of the oil industry in the Free Republics. The Republic of Plymouth is located toward the south-western portion of the country.

Safari Group

Nejan Stadium

Nejan Stadium, located in Oldston, Nejax, is the home of the Oldston Nejans, a football team in the NEFL. Nejan Stadium has a capacity of 122,406 and is one of the newest stadiums in the Free Republics. Funded entirely by Marcel Friedman, the owner of the Nejans, Nejan Stadium is truly a top-of-the-line stadium in every way. Oldston was built by the Olden Automobile Company as a company town. It has since developed into a city, known for its complete lack of any city planning whatsoever. This has resulted in a city of endless possibilities where you can come across something interesting in any neighborhood. The chaotic design of Oldston can be summed up in the fact that the city courthouse is located across the street from a brothel. Nejax is a southern Republic that has acquired somewhat of an international notoriety in the past.

Olden Stadium

Olden Stadium is located in Falkamore, Nejax. Olden Stadium is named after the Olden Automobile Company, one of the leading automobile manufacturing companies in the Free Republics. Olden is famous for making SUVs and pick-up trucks. Nejax is a southern Republic. Olden Stadium seats 92,681. Nejax has acquired somewhat of an international notoriety in the past.

Double Elimination Round

For the double elimination round, I will specify in the previous day's cutoff/results/next day schedule post which stadium each game is played at.

Gem of the Oceans Stadium

Located in Republica, the capitol of the Free Republics, Gem of the Oceans Stadium is a massive stadium that seats 101,208 fans. Gem of the Oceans Stadium is named after the National Anthem of the Free Republics. Republica is located near the center of the Free Republics, but is slightly north of the true center.

Barjavel Oval Stadium

The Barjavel Oval Stadium is a massive oval-shaped stadium located at the Barjavel Academy at Republica. As part of the preparations for the Games of the XIII Olympiad, a new 70,304 seat bleachers was constructed for this stadium. Barjavel Academy at Republica is considered one of a handful of the most prestigious high schools in the Free Republics.
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2nd: World Cup 68, DBC 27, U15WC 8, UWCFA Gold Cup I, BoI 15, 2nd Imperial Chap Olympiad, NSCF 11
Host: World Cups 68 & 81, CoH 58, Games of XIII Olympiad, X Winter Olympics, World Bowls XXII, XXXI & XXXVIII, WBCs 42 & 46, RUWC 25
Current Senior Consul: Nova Hellstrom-Hancock (Golden Age)
Current Junior Consul: Samuel Izmailov (Nat-Gre)
Demonym: Republican
Trigram: FFR
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Bolgano World Bowl 38 Rosters

#1 Jimmy Taylor
#2 Austin Colorado
#3 Tadioko Kishioma

#4 Wilson Calvés C
#5 Taylor Valds
#6 Sam Calls
#7 Albert Romero

#8 Daniels Fritz
#9 Freddy Vilstren
#10 Osaac Tivez
#11 Thomas Gerdson

#12 Samuels Xech
#13 Patrick O'var
#14 Victor Ratuds
#15 Freddy Volskar
#16 John Salst

Ofensive Line
#17 Ryan Miller
#18 Nick Miller
#19 Zamorino Peréz
#20 Carlos Da Silva
#21 José Davios

Defensive Line
#22 Peter Shamp
#23 Siuds Volmar
#24 Omar Carlson
#25 Frank Petesburg
#26 Adolf Tirrends

#27 Terry Frenks
#28 Lewis Pamb
#29 Francisco Guzman
#30 Ryan Kalvers

#31 Levi Patrick
#32 Zeke Kalbum-Cheets
#33 Wills Born
#34 Digor Evans

Manager: Martin Revers
Manager Assistent: Peter Revers
Physical trainer: Mark Colson
Physiotherapist: Sam Dits
Style: -3
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Free Republics National Football Team
Brought to you by the Nicholls Enterprises Football League (NEFL)


Base Formation: Flexbone (Offense), 46 (Defense)
Style Modifier: +2
Colors: Blue and White
Head Coach - Katakin Maier (F)
Offensive Coordinator - Agrican Langelier (M)
Defensive Coordinator - Eddie Soderstrom (M)
Special Teams Coordinator - Sulimbek Arsanukayev (M)
QB Coach - Matthew Atkins (M)
RB Coach - Kevin Jakab (M)
WR Coach - Bart Wozniak (M)
TE Coach - Americo Terrazas (M)
OL Coach - Tokito Sanwa (M)
DL Coach - Areb Farias (M)
LB Coach - Izaak Marshall (M)
DB Coach - Emilie Hoff (F)
Conditioning Coach - Eve Gale (F)

Roster (age & gender in parentheses)

Starting Offense

QB - #1 Dania Sandberg (21, F)
FB - #44 Makharbi Barsukov (29, M)
SB - #37 Park Han (26, M)
SB - #31 Jonas Hetland (24, M)
WR - #88 Marianna Szep (25, F)
WR - #80 Wang Pan (29, M)
LT - #62 Nicolay Vollan (31, M)
LG - #66 Tenyuu Bouzuki (32, M)
C - #65 Tao Tu (27, M)
RG - #61 Sying Lei (23, M)
RT - #68 Sherip Dratchev (34, M)

Other Frequently Used Offensive Players

FB - #48 Yuan Chien (25, M)
FB - #40 Argun Korgay (30, M)
SB/WB - #34 Rita Alaja (24, F)
WR - #83 Zack Parkes (36, M)
TE - #89 Alauddin Panova (25, M)

Starting Defense

LE - #92 Spaso Pozarnik (29, M)
DT - #94 Mateo Nyberg (33, M)
DT - #97 David Kvamme (26, M)
RE - #95 Ganix Lerma (24, M)
"Jack" LB - #57 Dagman Bisliev (26, F)
"Charley" LB - #52 Alex Dale (35, M)
MLB - #56 Charles McAdam (22, M)
SS - #46 Pasi Pappila (26 , M)
CB - #29 Hanna Ostrowska (24, F)
FS - #27 Masuo Nakashima (33, M)
CB - #22 Hilma Andreasson (26, F)

Other Frequently Used Defensive Players

DE - #78 Demeter Kartal (26, M)
DT - #73 Erik Beckenbauer (27, M)
DE - #99 Svjetlana Maric (24, F)
LB - #50 Sandra Purvis (31, F)
LB - #59 Razmus Nyman (26, M)
Nickel - #20 Tranquillo Romani (23, M)
Dime - #25 Argus Valdez (30, M)
Extra Safety - #23 Al Christiansen (25, M)

Special Teams

K - #3 Takehiko Susui (34, M)
P - #19 Jeppe Bak (24, M)
KR/PR - #13 Marta Remer (21, F)
KR - #82 Ines Fallaci (20, F)
LS - #70 Luke Bryant (25, M)

Backups and Reserves

QB - #5 Selam Hamer (26, M)
QB - #14 Marcus Lind (30, M)
QB - #7 Murray Taylor (23, M)
FB - #28 Emori Kuhabara (22, M)
FB - #49 Leroy Barnard (29, M)
SB - #35 Velma Camp (25, F)
SB - #30 Mark Bieber (29, M)
SB - #32 Thekla Isayeva (22, F)
WR - #85 Nedeljko Jovic (25, M)
TE - #81 Rasmus Mathiasen (24, M)
OT - #67 Kajetan Symanski (26, M)
OT - #72 Alicia Goransson (24, F)
OG - #60 Navila Garcia (26, F)
OG - #63 James Fain (29, M)
C - #64 Alex Lund (22, M)
DE - #98 Marshall Bisson (26, M)
DE - #91 Mick Hands (29, M)
DT - #93 Jadzia Nowakowska (25, F)
DT - #90 Giona Moretti (27, M)
LB - #58 Miko Aoyama (23, F)
LB - #55 Margherita Costa (25, F)
CB - #21 Monique Lamoureux (24, F)
CB - #24 Andreas Petretic (28, M)
SS - #41 Samantha Perkins (22, F)
SS - #47 Tara Kelly (29, F)
FS - #26 Jens Jepsen (30, M)

Notes on Style of Play

The Flexbone is an offense that is built around athletic quarterbacks who can run and pass. If a quarterback is injured, a new one will step in and will run a similar style of offense. Triple options are a significant part of the offense but the slotbacks are very capable pass receivers and the fullback is a capable inside runner. There is also a variant of the Flexbone that utilizes a tight end. In this variant, one of the slotbacks moves out to the wing to become a wingback. While they will run the ball around two thirds of the time, passing plays can be extremely effective in this offense and they will go after the opposing defense with pass plays if they focus too heavily on stopping the run.

The Republican version of the 46 defense relies heavily on pressure and pre-snap movement. The strong safety in this defense is more comparable to a linebacker. The aim of this defense is to shut down the run and force the opposing QB to throw quickly. Against spread formations, they will drop extra men into coverage. While the linebackers will have trouble covering fast wide receivers man-to-man, they are fast enough to hang with a possession receiver. To play for the Republican National Team, defenders have to be fast regardless of position and they have to be looking to force turnovers at every opportunity.

If you're looking for a RL analogue to their style of play, the closest current NFL analogue to their style of play would be the Ravens though the FFR was running this system before they started running something similar. The offensive scheme was a popular college offense in RL in the 80s (and is mainly used by the military schools in RL these days) and the defensive scheme was used in RL by the 85 Bears (i.e. its the Buddy Ryan version, not the Rex Ryan version that the Ravens have been running for the last 15 years).

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Read the notes on my team's style of play: Strongly Encouraged
Why I left NS Sports
World Cup 85 Champions
1st: DBC 28, X Winter Olympics, Independents Cup 4, CoH 66, WBC 46, World Bowl XXXVIII, World Cup 85
2nd: World Cup 68, DBC 27, U15WC 8, UWCFA Gold Cup I, BoI 15, 2nd Imperial Chap Olympiad, NSCF 11
Host: World Cups 68 & 81, CoH 58, Games of XIII Olympiad, X Winter Olympics, World Bowls XXII, XXXI & XXXVIII, WBCs 42 & 46, RUWC 25
Current Senior Consul: Nova Hellstrom-Hancock (Golden Age)
Current Junior Consul: Samuel Izmailov (Nat-Gre)
Demonym: Republican
Trigram: FFR
Official Nation Name: Federation of Free Republics
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Full Nation Name: The Dominion of Hapilopper
Trigramme: HAP
Nicknames: The Haps
Team Colors: Blue, Green and White

Head Coach: Ducky Jenkins
A former player himself, Jenkins was one of those that played a hard-nosed style of defense back in his day playing gridiron football back in the 1980s. Regardless, Jenkins has turned that around and likes to rely on a high-flying pass-based offense in his games, relying on a West Coast-style offense with three wide receivers and one tight end for most of the time. He brings together a tough, hard-hitting group of players, who, at the very least, have learned not to laugh at the name "Ducky." Seriously. They'll have to run laps in practice every time someone - anyone - laughs at the name "Ducky." Meanwhile, the defense will rely on a 4-3 formation.
Ducky's staff includes:
"Get-Back" Coach Tommy Booth
Offensive Coordinator Tito Heck
Defensive Coordinator Leo Fletcher
Quarterback Coach Lou Wehnert
Offensive Line Coach Burt Kingston
Defensive Line Coach Xavier Bennett
Offensive Quality Control Wade Ogden
Defensive Quality Control Curt McKellar
Strength and Conditioning Coach Kenny Lanford

THE ROSTER (Typical starting offensive players in green, starting defensive players in red) Personalities are for RP purposes.

## POS Player                 Age Height Weight Team                      Personality
1 K Mitch Hathaway 44 5'11" 175 Buckridge Marauders Reserved
2 QB Tyler Elliott 27 6'2" 210 Garvinson Stonehands Fiery
3 QB Baldwin Hayley 29 6'3" 221 Hapilopper City Mets Relaxed
4 KS Howard Keegan 25 5'9" 158 Garvinson Stonehands Calm
5 P Alphonso Akerman 38 5'10" 165 Border City Soldiers Determined
8 QB Earl Danielson 33 6'1" 203 Surrey Falcons Redneck
11 WR Norm Stewart 24 6'4" 240 Buckridge Marauders Greedy
12 WR Izzy Ecclestone 26 6'2" 237 Hapilopper City Mets Fiery
13 WR Scott Walmsley 22 6'3" 228 Buckridge Racers Passionate
16 WR Glen Bristol 29 6'4" 235 West Hampton Express Disciplined
21 CB Marvin Farrell 25 6'4" 249 Garvinson Stonehands Determined
22 CB Alan Dixon 32 6'1" 215 Buckridge Racers Devious
24 RB Kerry Garrard 24 6'4" 253 Hapilopper City Mets Prankster
25 FS Leland Young 30 5'11" 195 Conyers Captains Violent
26 SS Horatio Chamberlain 28 6'0" 202 East Point Boilermakers Fiery
27 RB Cyril Ellery 26 6'1" 265 Garvinson Stonehands Sparkplug
28 KR Algernon Lewin 24 5'10" 178 Rockbridge Tigers Focused
29 RB Cash Anson 24 6'6" 255 West Hampton Express Determined
31 GU Patrick Vargas 27 6'5" 275 Emporia Wolves Specimen
32 GU Jeff Bello 29 6'7" 285 Emporia Wolves Fiery
33 RB Dallas Ewart 31 5'11" 245 Hapilopper City Kings Determined
34 RB Raoul Palmer 21 6'1" 270 Buckridge Marauders Bullheaded
35 CB Skychief Williams 27 6'3" 238 Hapilopper City Kings Sparkplug
37 CB Orson Lockwood 24 6'2" 223 Surrey Falcons Violent
42 TE Dale Winthrop 32 6'5" 287 Garvinson Stonehands Vicious
43 TE Willard Joyner 28 6'7" 264 Rockbridge Tigers Arrogant
50 C Mike Adler 25 6'2" 296 Rockbridge Tigers Quiet
51 MLB Dwayne Wilkerson 26 6'4" 255 Garvinson Stonehands Prima Donna
52 LLB James Broadbent 20 6'5" 265 Buckridge Marauders Psychotic
53 RLB Kenton Fear 29 6'3" 258 Rockbridge Tigers Asshole
60 OG Warner Wallace 28 6'3" 315 Emporia Wolves Disciplined
61 OG Duncan Petree 30 6'2" 331 East Point Boilermakers Professional
62 OT Oswald Ryder 29 6'3" 328 Hapilopper City Kings Aloof
63 OT Jerome Roberts 23 6'0" 297 Washington Hurricanes Passionate
64 OG Carlton Hudson 27 6'4" 360 Pinkerton Wildcats Determined
65 OG Conrad Moreno 21 6'5" 345 Jonesboro Roughriders Focused
66 OT Tex Blakely 28 6'3" 303 Conyers Captains Reserved
67 OT Ibrahima Gallego 27 6'5" 326 North Hampton Hawks Passionate
71 DT Elijah Southgate 25 6'6" 343 Buckridge Racers Voracious
72 DT Kip Spearing 26 6'1" 289 North Hampton Hawks Class Clown
73 DE Nate Byron 29 6'3" 303 Surrey Falcons Reserved
74 DE Gareth Hayter 24 6'4" 285 Buckridge Racers Antisocial
75 DT Roy Butler 32 6'3" 316 Pinkerton Wildcats Redneck
77 DE Herbert Ackerman 29 6'2" 325 West Hampton Express Asshole
81 WR Dwight Melville 30 6'5" 250 Surrey Falcons Boring
82 WR Josey Jarvis 26 6'1" 223 Pinkerton Wildcats Specimen
85 TE Detrick Hardy 34 6'6" 270 Conyers Captains Boisterous
87 TE Morgan Caldwell 23 6'4" 245 Jonesboro Roughriders Politician
90 RLB Chester Bundy 28 6'5" 255 Hapilopper City Mets Charitable
92 LLB Buddy Holland 36 6'4" 240 Jonesboro Roughriders Violent
94 MLB Israel Carter 28 6'7" 290 Rockbridge Tigers Violent
99 MLB Kato Fishman 30 6'6" 285 North Hampton Hawks Frightening

DEPTH CHARTS: (Spoilered because it's ugly, but pay attention to what's inside here.)
PS# ## Player
QB1 8 Danielson
QB2 2 Elliott
QB3 3 Hayley

PS# ## Player
RB1 27 Ellery
RB2 33 Ewart
RB3 34 Palmer
RB4 24 Garrard

PS# ## Player
WR1 13 Walmsley
WR2 82 Jarvis
WR3 16 Bristol
WR4 12 Ecclestone
WR5 11 Stewart
WR6 81 Melville

PS# ## Player
TE1 85 Hardy
TE2 42 Winthrop
TE3 43 Joyner
TE4 87 Caldwell

PS# ## Player
LT1 62 Ryder
LT2 66 Blakely

PS# ## Player
LG1 64 Hudson
LG2 60 Wallace

PS# ## Player
C1 50 Adler

PS# ## Player
RG1 61 Petree
RG2 65 Moreno

PS# ## Player
RT1 67 Gallego
RT2 63 Roberts

PS# ## Player
LC1 21 Farrell
LC2 37 Lockwood

PS# ## Player
LE1 73 Byron
LE2 71 Southgate

PS# ## Player
DT1 75 Butler
DT2 72 Spearing

PS# ## Player
RE1 77 Ackerman
RE2 74 Hayter

PS# ## Player
RC1 35 Williams
RC2 22 Dixon

PS# ## Player
LL1 52 Broadbent
LL2 92 Holland

PS# ## Player
LI1 51 Wilkerson
LI2 94 Carter

PS# ## Player
RI1 99 Fishman
RI2 51 Wilkerson

PS# ## Player
FS1 25 Young

PS# ## Player
SS1 26 Chamberlain

PS# ## Player
K1 1 Hathaway
K2 4 Keegan

PS# ## Player
KS1 4 Keegan

PS# ## Player
P1 5 Akerman

PS# ## Player
H1 3 Hayley

PS# ## Player
KR1 28 Lewin
KR2 29 Anson

GUNNER: ("The Destruction Crew")
PS# ## Player
GU1 31 Vargas
GU2 32 Bello

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes. Injuries in gridiron football are almost to be expected. However, if you want to do anything serious, TG me or send me a message on Discord and we'll talk about it.
Godmod scoring events: Yes, but send me a message beforehand. If something has actually happened in a football game, like Zakoby McClain's pick-six in the Iron Bowl last year, I won't consider it god-modding.
Godmod injuries: TG me beforehand and we'll talk about it.
Godmod other events: TG me beforehand and we'll talk about it, but I will say please don't kill any of my players.
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Postby Terre Septentrionale » Fri Jan 24, 2020 9:16 pm

Équipe nationale de football de Terre Septentrionale
Reprezentacja Nordycki w Futbol Amerykanski
Northern Land National Football Team

OOC Note: Most players on my roster have English names because they're some remnants of previous nations I've RPed with and I carried them over with Terre Septentrionale, but most inhabitants in this nation speaks either French or Polish.

Nation Name in French: République de Terre Septentrionale
Nation name in Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polnocna
Nation Name in English Republic of Northern Land
Short Nation names: Terre Septentrionale / Ziemia Polnocna / Northern Land
Trigramme: RTS
Demonym: Septentrional (plural: Septentrionaux)
Nicknames: Nordiques, Reprezentacja Nordycki, Northmen
Team colors: Red, white and green
Style Mod: -3

Offensive formations: (in order of frequency)
Standard Shotgun: 3 WR and 2 HB (this formation is weak against pass rushing cuz no FB or TE for blocking)
Pro formation: 2 WR, 1 TE and (2 HB or 1 HB and 1 FB)
Shotgun 3 WRs: 3 WR, 1 TE and 1 HB
Pro 3 WRs: 3 WR, 1 HB and 1 FB
Wing T formation: 1 WR, 1 TE, 2 HB and 1 FB
Wildcat: 1 WR, 2 TE and 2 HB (with a HB and a QB lining as WRs and another HB getting the snap)
Single back 2 TE: 2 WR, 2 TE and 1 HB
Wishbone formation (short yardage): 2 TE, 2 HB and 1 FB
Goal line: 3 TE, 1 HB and 1 FB (sometimes a DT can be used as FB in this formation)

Defensive formations:
Standard: 3-4-4
nickel 3-3-5
dime 2-3-6


Overall record: 9-3

World Bowl XXXVII: 9-3

Points for: 256
Points against: 173

First game: 13-3 win vs Tornado Queendom
First win: 13-3 win vs Tornado Queendom
First draw: -
First loss: 20-3 loss vs Banija
Biggest win: 44-13 win vs Equestrian States
Biggest loss: 30-6 loss vs Banija
First touchdown: Stanislaw Krzyzanowski (5 yards pass from Haylie Woo) vs Tornado Queendom @ World Bowl XXXVII

All time Most TDs (All types excluding passing)	

Montavious McBryde 7
Jennifer Killebrew 4
Barkevious Hawkins 4
Nick Donald-McIntyre 3
Sheldrick Ferguson-McCloud 2
Demetrius Thomas-Jackson 2
Stanislaw Krzyzanowski 1
LaDarius McElwain 1
Coconut Riddick 1
Stanislaw Strzelczyk 1
Kevin McGinnis 1

All time Most Passing TDs All time Most Rushing TDs All time Most Receiving TDs

Haylie Woo 13 Montavious McBryde 6 Jennifer Killebrew 4
Clifford Jenkins 2 Barkevious Hawkins 2 Nick Donald-McIntyre 3
Montavious McBride 1 LaDarius McElwain 1 Sheldrick Ferguson-McCloud 2
Demetrius Thomas-Jackson 2
Barkevious Hawkins 2
Stanislaw Krzyzanowski 1
Montavious McBryde 1
Coconut Riddick 1

All time Most Defensive TDs All time Most Kick/Punt Return TDs All time Most safeties

Stanislaw Strzelczyk 1 Nehemiah Charles 2
Kevin McGinnis 1 Nick Knox 1
Nick Wrzuszczak 1
Eldrick McLeod 1


World Bowl 38 will be played in the FFR.


MD1: Champagne Socialist Sharifistan (UR) vs Terre Septentrionale (24)
MD2: Jaspec (UR) vs Terre Septentrionale (24)
MD3: Terre Septentrionale (24) vs Vangaziland (17)
MD4: Christos (UR) vs Terre Septentrionale (24)
MD5: Terre Septentrionale (24) vs Drawkland (4)

The coaching staff:

Pos     Name                    Age
HC Jim Bob Patricia 45
OC Ginette Champoux 48
DC Boguslaw Korzeniowski 51
ST Pépé Pépin 60

QB Zygfryd Skrzypczak 37
RB Bobby Murphy 38
Rec Louise Dauphinais 49
OL Gilbert Taillefer 68
DL Gilles Brassard 62
LB Stanislawa Bakałowiczowa 46
DB Jean-Pierre Maisonneuve 52

Depth chart
(starters in bold)

Note: These players still haven't been assigned a birthplace and a college team.

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
QB 8 Haylie Woo 26 Wloszczowa Blue Bombers
QB 10 Tyler Kruger 32 Ours de Charlevoix
QB 1 Wyatt Schulze-Lichtenberg 24 Vukosavljevica Dolphins
QB 16 Clifford Jenkins 36 Trzeszczyn Kats

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
HB 32 Montavious McBryde 26 Alouettes de Prévost
HB 21 Keyonte Roberts-Whitaker 23 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks

HB 22 Barkevious Hawkins 30 El Perro Chargers
HB 31 Devaughn Flannigan-Morris 25 Ours de Charlevoix
HB 26 Jhavon Diggs 28 Baie-Verte Packers

Coconut Riddick is 32 years old and didn't made the team. He has no rushing TD and one receiving TD
in his international career with Terre Septentrionale.

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
FB 45 LaDarius McElwain 26 Baie-Verte Packers
FB 38 Hunter McGraw 25 Trzeszczyn Kats

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
WR 11 Jennifer Killebrew 27 Trzeszczyn Kats
WR 15 Sheldrick Ferguson-McCloud 24 Alouettes de Prévost

WR 19 Kentre'vious McCullum 23 Saints de Jacques-Cartier
WR 17 Demetrius Thomas-Jackson 26 Vukosavljevica Dolphins
WR 13 Jarius Floyd 34 Titans de Jacques-Cartier
WR 12 Aphonso McCormack 25 Shelburne Hotshots
WR 81 Jamal Duckett 28 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks
WR 14 Louis-Philip Laframboise-Deschamps 21 Szentgyörgyvölgy 49ers Lac-des-Neiges, CH Patriotes de Catherine du Nord 2024 1.2

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
TE 88 Stanislaw Krzyzanowski 24 Ours de Charlevoix Rybczyzna, CA
TE 89 Nick Donald-McIntyre 26 Titans de Jacques-Cartier
TE 83 Hayden Schultz 27 Vukosavljevica Dolphins
TE 87 Jake Van Leeuwen 25 Eskimos d'Oujé-Bougoumou

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
LT 79 Connor Zagzebski 28 Beach City Lions
RT/LT 76 Emilio Sanchez 25 Vukosavljevica Dolphins

T 62 Tyson Konz 33 Eskimos d'Oujé-Bougoumou
RT 65 Dalton O'Halloran 25 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks
T 78 Evelyn Kallenberger 24 Eskimos d'Oujé-Bougoumou
T 72 Slawomir Janikowski 28 Trzeszczyn Kats

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
LG 69 Mieczyslaw Laszczak-Janowicz 23 Szentgyörgyvölgy 49ers Kliczkow, SL
RG/LG 66 Wesley Ostaszewski 24 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks

G 68 Hunter Mahoney 26 Eskimos d'Oujé-Bougoumou
G 50 Tyler VandeBerg 25 Titans de Jacques-Cartier
G 74 Jake Sanchez 28 Shelburne Hotshots

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
C 75 Karter Szczyrbak 27 Shelburne Hotshots
C 64 Colton Ballard 28 Titans de Jacques-Cartier
C 67 Evan Pokrzywinski 23 Vukosavljevica Dolphins

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
LE 61 Eldrick McLeod 25 Alouettes de Prévost
RE 97 Keyshawn Woodcock-Hunter 22 Szentgyörgyvölgy 49ers

RE 91 Kane VanderHeiden 27 Titans de Jacques-Cartier
RE 93 Donavaughn Fournette 26 Wloszczowa Blue Bombers
DE 71 Brock Wickenheiser 23 Shelburne Hotshots
LE 98 Fernando Peña 22 Wloszczowa Blue Bombers

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
NT 99 Nick Wrzuszczak 24 Szentgyörgyvölgy 49ers
NT 92 Shayne Kilgore 32 Titans de Jacques-Cartier
DT 95 Karolina Rozwandowicz 26 Krzczonow Green Ducks Trzeszczyn, LU
DT 70 Blake Steinhaus 25 Krzczonow Green Ducks
NT 94 Eugeniusz Wasilewski 23 Beach City Lions Mszczonow, LU

Nick Wrzuszczak can play Fullback in offensive goal line formations like shown in this video.

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
SLB 90 Jaxton McFolley 23 Baie-Verte Packers
WLB 96 Nehemiah Charles 27 Baie-Verte Packers

SLB 51 Nick Knox 32 Alouettes de Prévost
SLB 52 Ryan Pietruszewski 25 El Perro Chargers
OLB 57 Jimmy Orr 32 Szentgyörgyvölgy 49ers
OLB 56 Kwashaun McFadden 31 Saints de Jacques-Cartier
OLB 54 Kingsley Thompson-Clarke 24 Beach City Lions

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
LILB 59 Konrad Juszczyk 34 Shelburne Hotshots
RILB 77 Stanislaw Strzelczyk 25 Szentgyörgyvölgy 49ers Kuznica Zdzieszowicka, PO

ILB 55 Hayden Ferguson 28 Krzczonow Green Ducks
ILB 44 Colton Novak-Reigelsperger 22 El Perro Chargers
ILB 48 Julianna Olszewska-Kacperczyk 21 Vukosavljevica Dolphins Krzczonow, MA Mazowsze Wolverines 2024 1.1

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
LCB 34 DeShawn Lewis-Harris 30 Shelburne Hotshots
RCB 25 Kevin McGinnis 26 Baie-Verte Packers

CB 43 Kennisha Hawkins-Henderson 25 Beach City Lions
CB 36 Ja'Kevious O'Reilly 24 Baie-Verte Packers
CB 41 Ja'Whaun Ezechukwu 25 El Perro Chargers
CB 29 Dre'quan Gilchrist-McClary 23 Ours de Charlevoix
CB 35 Kordell Goulbourne 24 Wloszczowa Blue Bombers

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
FS 42 Kareem Johnson 31 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks
SS 24 Roderick McShepard 25 Wloszczowa Blue Bombers

SS 30 Que'shaun Whiterspoon 23 Alouettes de Prévost
S 28 Dawson Floyd 27 Wloszczowa Blue Bombers
FS 20 Kendrick Floyd Jr. 26 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
K 6 Crockett Burkhead 35 Eskimos d'Oujé-Bougoumou
K 18 Nick DeLuca 26 Vukosavljevica Dolphins

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
P 9 Hayden Logan 26 El Perro Chargers
P 4 Evan McSorley 22 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
KR 19 Kentre'vious McCullum 23 Saints de Jacques-Cartier
KR 81 Jamal Duckett 28 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks
KR 11 Jennifer Killebrew 27 Trzeszczyn Kats

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
PR 19 Kentre'vious McCullum 23 Saints de Jacques-Cartier
PR 81 Jamal Duckett 28 Rzodkiewnica Seahawks

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
LS 47 Keifer Landwehr 28 Titans de Jacques-Cartier
LS 39 Marcus Jefferson 26 Baie-Verte Packers

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     LSF Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
H 10 Tyler Kruger 32 Ours de Charlevoix

If Kruger is injured, H #2 and 3 are QBs #3 and 4.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes (I'll choose the severity)
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
Nation name: République de Terre Septentrionale | Trigramme: RTS | Capital: Ville Jacques-Cartier | Maps
Ranks: Hockey: 20th | American Football: 7th | Baseball: 17th | Association Football: 23rd | Rugby Union: 21st
Runner Up: Cup of Harmony 76, International Baseball Slam XI
3rd Place: World Volleyball Expo X, International Baseball Slam XII, World Lacrosse Championship XXXV
4th Place: Arena Bowl VI
World Cup participations: WC 85 (3rd place in group), WC 86 (3rd place in group)

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Postby Main Nation Ministry » Fri Jan 24, 2020 11:11 pm


Ladies and Gentlemen, The World Bowl XXXVIII Ministry of Sports Team!


"There's only sport and the fine art. It's possible to combine both. Now, go forth, my team!" - The Leader

Head Coach: General Emmanuel Jones
Assistant Coach: Lieutenant Parris Mathghamhain
Head Trainer: Drill Sergeant Feidhlimidh Efthimia

LG: Bosede Caius
RG: Benedito Heidrich
LT: Erle Auguste
RT: Brigid Tameka
C: Arnaud Vikram
QB: Jada Diana
HB: Iole Sin-Ahhi-Eriba
FB: Shyamala Ronja
H-Back and TE: Andra Sridevi
Slot Receiver: Vasileios Albaer
Slot Receiver: Anders Aseem

DT: Jorie Koba
DT: Karolina Adolfo
DE: Monta Pippin
DE: Sjoerd Murtagh
Outside Line-breaker: Gennadios Ruya
Outside Line-breaker: Boutros Mila
Middle Line-breaker: Musa Therese
CB: Ninoslav Kostadin
CB: Arbana Ross
S: Yetunde Jaime
S: Zaur Nikhil

Special Team
K: Anita Ekain
P: Nobutoshi Rajendra
KOS: Dolores Eduard
Long Snapper: Edwena Gillis
Punt Returner: Ingvildr Cecilio
Kick Returner: Vikram Lyra

Uniforms: Everyone's famous black and white riot gear football uniforms are back for our players to wear. This time, we have LED numbers on the back of our players, so they can light up during a match. Uniforms also include our red V's which is important, as it is a symbol of our nation. Demons are given similar uniforms that monitor their stress level for several safety reasons.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, TG first on details, though.
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Minor, Yes. Major, TG First or it's a No.

Style: +1[/spoiler]
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Postby TJUN-ia » Sat Jan 25, 2020 8:26 am

The Following Is A Message From The Gridiron Football Association of TJUN-ia (Tah-JUN-ee-a) (GFA-TJUN-ia)

TJUN-ia, as an International Community, has of course learnt of the sport known as "American Football" (or "Hand Egg" as people from TJUN-ia City like to call it). With the nation starting to dive into the world of international sports, we were created for the purposes of representing the state in gridiron.

Name: TJUN-ia
Trigramme: TJN (?)
Nickname: The Jaguars or The Jags
Colours: Light Blue/Orange/White


As this is our first ever international Gridiron tournament, a group of coaches have been sent with the team to the Free Republics with the objective of sorting the team out amongst themselves. FA-TJUN-ia did the same thing during BoF 71, so GFA-TJUN-ia will do the same.


Formation: Shotgun (We believe that this formation will give the Jags options in both passing and rushing)

QB: #10 Jake Griffin (21)
HB: #40 Vinny Mac (22)
WR/KR: #80 Hubert Valois (21)
WR: #81 Jack Davidson (22)
WR: #82 Chris Davidson (22)
LT: #50 Jason Jeeves (22)
LG: #51 La'shaun Mackey (21)
C: #52 David Marquez (22)
RG: #53 Opa Maleleo (21)
RT: #54 Tim Green (22)
TE: #41 Wilson Hibbert (21)


Formation: 3-4 (Modern version of 7-diamond, we feel we can use this better that the others)

NT: #90 Prince Brown (22)
DE: #91 Jester Carter (23) (brother of Prince Carter, footballer formally of Galar)
DE: #92 Andrew Dallapaz (21)
LB: #45 Giannis Minshew (22)
LB: #46 Chris Thorndyke (23)
LB: #47 Callum Peterson (21)
LB: #48 Tom De Souza (22)
CB: #20 Alfie Johnson (23)
CB: #21 Graham Polison (21)
FS: #22 Drew McAllister (22)
SS/PR: #23 Pedro Marquinios (23)


These use players from both offence (block) and defence (tackle) during special plays.
K: #5 Chi On-Ma(21)
H/QB (backup): #2 Allister Ghoulson (20)
P: #6 Martin Grevers(21)
LS: #99 Alf Gunnarsson (22)

MD1: vs The Transmondian Commonwealth of New England(9) @Happy Valley Stadium, Republic College, Rensylvania
MD2: vs Cardo (UR) @National Organisation of Men Stadium, Estonopolis, Keronama
MD3: vs Cassadaigua (23) @National Organisation of Men Stadium, Estonopolis, Keronama
MD4: vs Smyth (UR) @National Organisation of Men Stadium, Estonopolis, Keronama
------------------- SUPER BOWL BREAK ----------------------
MD5: vs Cosumar (10) @MilaneseDome, Wortana, Keronama

We have no real expectations for this tournament, only to prove that we can play ball. GO JAGS!
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4th: WBC50
Quarterfinals: IAC9, ARWC1, RLWC19, IBC30, ARWC2
Ro16: BoF71, CoH77, WBC49, IACX, IAC11, DBC49
Ro32: CoH78, CoH79
Other Achievements: Bowl Winners (AVBF6)/4th (MSMT)
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing: #07 Michael Stefan (2 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (2 T2 Wins)
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter
NSTT: 1 Singles Title (2 Singles Runners-up)/1 Doubles Title (1 Doubles Runner-up)

UN - A multinational organisation that focuses on world peace and cooperation (U1)
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Free Republics » Sat Jan 25, 2020 9:17 am

Sporting World

Sporting World Guide to Football

With the World Bowl coming home for the 3rd claim (OOC: ICly, the Free Republics claims to have invented the sport but this claim is disputed.), Sporting World Magazine has decided to publish a guide to the sport for the benefit of those around the multiverse who may not be overly familiar with the rules and the basic strategies.

The Basics

Football is played on a 100 yard (OOC: 1 yard = 0.9144 meters) field (plus two "end zones" of 10 yards each) between 2 teams of helmeted and heavily padded players, 11 of whom are on the field for each team at all times. There is unrestricted substitution and rosters routinely include large numbers of players (OOC: In the RL NFL, there are 53 spots on a roster plus several practice squad players who aren't allowed to play in an actual game. NFL teams have 45 active players for each game plus a 3rd string quarterback who is only allowed to play if both quarterbacks ahead of him on the depth chart are injured in the game. In NCAA college football, rosters can be much larger). Players usually play on either offense or defense but not both (OOC: In the RL NFL, Ravens FB/DL Patrick Ricard is an extremely rare exception but 2 way players are actually somewhat common at the high school level due to lack of players.). The object of the game is to score more points than the other team.

On most plays, the team that has possession of the ball snaps it from scrimmage. This means that the center either hands the ball to the quarterback (if he's "under center" meaning "lined up right behind the center") or throws it back to the quarterback (if he's lined up in a pistol or shotgun formation, meaning a few yards behind the center). At the moment of the snap, 7 offensive players must be positioned on the line of scrimmage which is the yard marker where the ball sits. To maintain possession, the team on offense must gain 10 yards within 4 plays (called "downs"). Failure to do so forfeits possession of the ball to the other team. In practice, teams usually kick the ball on 4th down for strategic reasons.

There are 2 ways to move the ball forward. One such way is the forward pass, where the quarterback throws the ball to another player who is further downfield. Forward passes are only legal if thrown from behind the line of scrimmage. In addition, the 5 players who were positioned on the interior of the line of scrimmage are ineligible to catch a forward pass. If more than 7 players are stationed on the line of scrimmage, then those players are also ineligible to catch a pass. There is a strict limit of 1 forward pass per play (OOC: In the RL XFL, you will be allowed to throw 2 forward passes on the same play but the World Bowl doesn't use that rule.). The other way to advance the ball is to run with the ball. In addition to running with the ball, a player may hand the ball to a teammate or throw an unlimited number of backward passes. While an incomplete forward pass is a "dead ball" (which means that the next play starts from the same line of scrimmage), an incomplete backward pass or dropping the ball while in possession of it with it is a "fumble" which means a live ball that can be picked up by any player on either team. After catching a forward pass, a player may run with it to gain additional yards. If a player on the defending team catches a forward pass, that is called an "interception" and the player may advance the ball.

Each team is positioned along a "sideline" to either the left or the right of the playing field. If a player carries the ball out of the playing field and into the sideline, that player is deemed "out of bounds" and the ball is placed at that yard line. More specifically, if a player is tackled on the left or right of the field, the ball is placed on the left or right "hashmark" which are the pair of yard markers close to the middle of a field. If a player is tackled in between the hashmarks, the ball is placed at the spot where the player was tackled. A forward pass thrown out of bounds is incomplete, even if the player catches it. A pass receiver is only considered to be "in bounds" if he has possession of the ball and gets both feet down inside the field of play (OOC: In RL, the college rule is 1 foot down in bounds but the World Bowl uses the NFL rule of 2 feet down.). In many countries (OOC: and RL football), scoring plays and turnovers are automatically reviewed and coaches can challenge other plays. One of the most common types of challenges involves whether a pass receiver caught the ball in bounds or was out of bounds. However, Republican law prohibits the use of instant replay in sports so the coach's challenge rule will not be in effect at this World Bowl. If a fumble goes out of bounds, the team that last possessed the ball retains possession at the spot where it went out of bounds.

When a player crosses into the opposing team's end zone, that is called a "touchdown" and the player's team scores 6 points. A player who catches a forward pass or recovers a fumble in the end zone also scores a touchdown. After scoring a touchdown, a team has 1 play from the 2 yard line where they can either kick the ball through the goalpost, located at the back of the end zone, for 1 point or they can attempt a running or passing play for 2 points. In most circumstances, teams kick the extra point because it is a near automatic play (OOC: The RL NFL moved extra points back to the 10 yard line a few years ago but left 2 point conversions at the 2. We're not using that rule at this World Bowl.). If the offense turns the ball over on a 2 point conversion, the defense can return a fumble, interception or blocked kick for 2 points. Besides touchdowns, there are 2 other ways to score points in football. One such way is the field goal which involves kicking the ball through the goalpost for 3 points. Teams usually attempt field goals on 4th downs when they are within 35 yards or so of the opposing end zone or at the end of a half. Since the goalposts are at the back of the end zone and since you need to place the ball 6 or 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage to attempt a field goal (otherwise, it'd be extremely easy to block), the length of a field goal is usually 16 or 17 more yards than the number of yards the team would need for a touchdown. While this is largely dependent upon the quality of the kicker, kickers are expected to make field goal attempts of less than 40 yards virtually every time, kicks between 40 and 50 yards most of the time, kicks between 50 and 60 yards sometimes and kicks over 60 yards require both an exceptionally skilled kicker plus lots of luck and/or very favorable winds. Field goals are almost always placekicked soccer style with a player holding the ball for the kicker but rugby style drop kicks are also legal in football (OOC: Drop kicks have almost completely disappeared in RL even in arena football where they were worth 2 and 4 points instead of 1 and 3 because of the lack of American athletes who know how to do drop kicks and also the lower probability of making them but surprise drop kicks by the quarterback were somewhat common in the early days of the sport.). The third and final way you can score points is called a safety and involves tackling an opposing player inside of their own end zone. Teams that score a safety also obtain possession of the ball via a "safety punt" which usually means much more favorable field position than you'd get from a normal kickoff.

The kickoff happens at least twice a game. One team kicks off at the start of the first half and the other team kicks off at the start of the second half, based upon the result of the coin flip and the choice made by the team that wins the coin flip. Teams also kickoff after scoring a touchdown or field goal. During a kickoff, a kicker does a running kick from their own 30 yard line (OOC: Now 35 again in RL because the leagues have been trying to reduce the number of kickoff returns due to safety concerns but we're not using that rule in the World Bowl.). If they kick it out of the opposing end zone, that is deemed a touchback and the ball is brought out to the 20 yard line (OOC: now 25 in RL as part of the NFL's attempt to get rid of kickoff returns). If the kick returner catches the ball in their own end zone, they may return it or take a touchback. If the returner is tackled before they can leave the end zone, it is a touchback, not a safety. The kicking team, on a kickoff, may also recover their own kick as long as the ball has traveled at least 10 yards before they touch it. Attempting to recover your own kickoff on purpose is called an "onside kick" and is usually done by teams that are trying to make up a multiple score deficit toward the end of a game (OOC: The NFL has made these almost impossible to pull off as part of their safety rule changes. We're using the old rules in the World Bowl.). A kickoff that travels out of bounds within the field of play is a penalty which results in the ball being placed at the 40 yard line, giving the offense 60 yards to go for a touchdown instead of 80. If it goes out of bounds before reaching the 40 yard line, it is placed at the spot of the foul (the spot where it went out of bounds).

Another type of kick is the punt which is used on 4th down when a team is too far away to attempt a field goal. With the exception of the safety punt, a punt can be blocked by the receiving team. In addition, the kicking team cannot recover their own punt unless it is first touched by a member of the receiving team. If the kicking team touches the punt first, it is down at the spot where they touch the ball. A punt into the end zone is a touchback, which comes out to the 20 yard line. A punt out of bounds is down at the spot where it goes out of bounds. The punt returner has the option of returning the punt or calling for a "fair catch". On a fair catch, players from the kicking team are required to stand back and let the returner catch the ball. However, once fair caught, the ball is down. Fair catches are also allowed for kickoff returns. After receiving a fair catch, a team has the option to attempt a "fair catch kick" which is a field goal attempt that cannot be blocked. Fair catch kicks are extremely rare, as teams usually do not receive punts in field goal range, and only make strategic sense at the end of a half. They can even be attempted if you fair catch a punt with 0 seconds left. (OOC: In the RL NFL, the last successful fair catch kick was in 1976 but the last attempt was by the Panthers Joey Slye during the Panthers-Buccaneers game in London a few months ago)

Besides kickoffs and punts, field goal attempts are also returnable but field goal returns are extremely rare. Most missed field goals, afterall, do not land within the field of play or the end zone. If a missed field goal is not returned, the ball is placed at the spot of the kick so its also tactically questionable to attempt a field goal return unless you have a great returner to receive it.

If both teams are still tied at the end of 4 quarters of 15 minutes each, we go to overtime. In overtime, both teams alternate pairs of possessions starting from the opposing 25 yard line. Each pair of possessions is considered one overtime. During these overtimes, all downs are untimed. The first team to lead after an overtime period wins the game. (OOC: In RL, these are the NCAA overtime rules and also the rules used by the IFAF which holds a RL "World Championship" tournament that a US team consisting of lower division college players always wins. The NFL used to use sudden death rules where overtime was a 15 minute period and the first team to score won and now uses a modified rule where a touchdown is required to win on the first possession of overtime.)

In the next edition of the Sporting World Guide to Football, we will discuss offensive positions.

OOC: Feel free to ask questions in the discussion thread (link also corrected in the first post of this thread as I had originally linked the old discussion thread that was locked years ago) if anything in this guide is unclear.
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Postby Newmanistan » Sat Jan 25, 2020 10:53 am



"Proudly underachieving since World Bowl I"

Starters (Offense) (Standard Formation listed, but many formations are used)
QB- #3- Brian Scanlon, 24, Centralia Firebirds (First Time On Team)
HB- #21- Thomas Browning, 26, Dover City Mountaineers (Averages 65% of carries) (First time starter)
FB- #45- Devlin Grier, 28, Pocono City Capitals (First Time On Team)
WR- #88- Kyle Scandella, 29, Olympia Gladiators (First Time Regular Starter)
WR- #80- Saquon Chapman, 25, Nashua Broncos (First Time Regular Starter)
TE- #86- Clyde Sanders, 29, South Charlotte Condors
LT- #79- Davis Alfonso, 28, Seminole Bay Gators (First Time Starter)
LG- #65- Byron Vanetti, 24, Centralia Firebirds
C- #69- Kyle Cross, 26, Loudon Leopards
RG- #60- Royce Samuel, 25, Loudon Leopards (First Time on Team)
RT- #63- Michael Janssen, 31, Southport Tigers (Offensive Team Captain)

About the offense:
The considerable changeover that has occurred with the offensive starters was not because the former players were getting older, but because last time was seen as quite a significant disappointment. There were several first timers on that team, too, that are not returning. Head coach Marvin Dineen is on the hot seat with this World Bowl, and many believe that the only reason he has been brought back at all is because of the format used. If all goes according to plan, the scrambling QB and agile Browning can established the run to allow Scanlon to take shots down field with his receivers. Newmanistan will often use three WR sets, or a double TE set.

Starters (Defense) (The Rockets Generally Use a 4-3 Base)
DE- #93- Eddie Suarez, 34, Dover City Mountaineers (First Time Starter)
DE- #95- Dontae Riddick, 24, Jessicaville Millionaires (First Time On Team)
DT- #72- Darien Francona, 27, Springfield Thoroughbreds
DT- #97- Anthony Holliday, 33, Jessicaville Millionaires (Defensive Captain)
ILB- #54- Jerome Blanchard, 25, Tundra Falls Mariners (First time Starter)
MLB- #52- Kelvin Spencer, 23, Pocono City Capitals (First time on Team)
OLB- #56- Anthony Guyton, 24, North Charlotte Wildcats (First time on Team)
FS- #27- Brian Headley, 31, Springfield Thoroughbreds
SS- #22- Desmond Jenkins, 24, Olympia Gladiators (First Time on team)
CB- #25- Alejandro Booker, 26, Southport Tigers (First Time on team)
CB- #23- Corey McManus, 23, Putnam Lake Eagles (First Time on team)

About The Defense:
The defense is no different then the offense in that there has been significant changeover in the roster due to the underperformance of the team in World Bowl 37. These players are looking to capitalize on their opportunity, and while they are inexperienced at this level, they are top players at home. Can they come together quickly as a cohesive unit? Time will tell.

Bench (Offense)
QB: #7- Kyle Kreiter, 22, Jessicaville Millionaires (First Time on team)
QB: #14- Damion McGinn, 27, Tundra Falls Mariners (First Time on team)
HB: #32- DeAndrew Moore, 25, Daytopia Racers (First Time on Team) (30% of carries)
HB: #33- Vance Myers, 22, Penthoria Rivermen (First Time on Team) (<5% of carries)
HB: #34- Jason Schmitz, 25, Tundra Falls Mariners (First Time on Team)
FB: #44- Jerry Jamieson, 27, Springfield Thoroughbreds
FB: #40-Ezekiel Hollins, 28, Putnam Lake Eagles (First Time on Team)
TE: #89- Greg Hoffman, 32, Brighton Bulls
TE: #82- David Freeland, 25, Eastport Falcons
WR: #81- Lucas Jackson, 22, Nashua Broncos (First Time on Team) (Regular 3rd WR usage)
WR: #17- Matthew Elliott, 26, Putnam Lake Eagles (First Time on Team)
WR: #18- Mason Henderson, 24, Centralia Firebirds (First Time on Team) (Primary KR/PR)
WR: #84- Stephon Sutton, 23, Pocono City Capitals (First Time on Team) (Secondary KR/PR)
WR: #15- Chris Thompson, 24, Southport Tigers (First Time on Team)
G: #62- Brian Allen, 27, Penthoria Rivermen
G: #64- Hans Fredrikssen, 33, Olympia Gladiators
G: #67- Fred Oldham, 24, Jessicaville Millionaires (First Time on Team)
G: #68- Marquis Morton, 25, Loudon Leopards (First Time on Team)
C: #60- Troy Hamilton, 22, Putnam Lake Eagles (First Time on Team)
C: #61- Anthony Greene, 21, North Charlotte Wildcats (First Time on Team)
T: #78- Kevin Johnson, 31, Dover City Mountaineers
T: #77- Nate Hayward, 25, South Tier Seagulls (First Time on Team)
T: #70- Brett McCullen, 24, Pocono City Capitals
T: #73- Javon Foster, 21, South Charlotte Condors (First Time on Team)

Bench (Defense)
DL: #94- Jason Young, 30, Putnam Lake Eagles
DL: #96- Stanley Harris, 33, Centralia Firebirds
DL: #99- Miguel Castellano, 27, Olympia Gladiators
DL: #98- Lenny Bailey, 25, Hampton Knights (First Time on Team)
DL: #90- Cole Whitlock, 24, Jessicaville Mariners (First Time on Team)
DL: #91- Christain Turner, 22, Tundra Falls Mariners (First Time on Team)
LB: #75- Steven Rheingold, 30, Southport Tigers
LB: #57- Michael Washington, 22, Loudon Leopards
LB: #58- Jake Houston, 26, Pocono City Capitals (First Time on Team)
LB: #53- Daniel McKinley, 26, Daytopia Racers (First Time on Team)
LB: #55- Josh Hudson, 24, Westport Sharks (First Time on Team)
LB: #59- Brennan Taylor, 23, Olympia Gladiators (First Time on Team)
DB: #24- Jason Mackey, 33, Jessicaville Millionaires
DB: #29- Jeremy Harrington, 25, Olympia Gladiators
DB: #36- Percy Dawton, 27, Dover City Mountaineers (First Time on Team)
DB: #38- Ronnie Willis, 25, Putnam Lake Eagles (First Time on Team)
DB: #39- Richard Clayborne, 21, North Charlotte Wildcats (First Time on Team)
DB: #20- William Campbell, 21, South Tier Seagulls (First Time on Team)

Special Teams
K: #5- Michael Krizman, 36, Centralia Firebirds
P: #8- Matty Gray, 39, Loudon Leopards
Backup K: #4- Justin Morris, 26, Pocono City Capitals (First Time on Team)
Backup P: #1- Bob Jones, 33, Tundra Falls Mariners (First Time on Team)
Preferred KR/PR: #18- Mason Henderson
Secondary KR/PR: #84- Stephon Sutton
Occasional KR/PR: #15- Chris Thompson
Special Teams Gunner: #29- Jeremy Harrington
Long Snapper: #61- Anthony Greene

Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Marvin Dineen, 58, Tundra Falls Mariners
Offensive Coordinator: Brad Beyer, 60, Springfield Thoroughbreds
Defensive Coordinator: Marion Yampolsky, 63,, Olympia Gladiators
Special Teams Coach: Brandon Aldridge, 57, Springfield Thoroughbreds

Misc Important Stuff:
Modifier: +1
Home Uniform: Sky Blue with White Trim
Away Uniform: White with Sky Blue Trim
Helmet: Sky Blue with a white center stripe. The rocket in our flag is on both sides of the helmet.

RP Permissions:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, but only say they are hurt and I will determine the severity.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: No
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Postby Cassadaigua » Sat Jan 25, 2020 12:41 pm

Team Cassadaigua- World Bowl 38

The nation is a two-time World Bowl champion, winning the 8th and 22nd editions. In their heyday, the team strength has always been the play of the secondary. They’ll get enough offense, but the defensive backs are outstanding, making us difficult to pass against. We might concede yardage on the ground, but its much more difficult to get it in the air.

Another thing to note is that while Cassadagan teams in other sports are notoriously all-female, the football team has always been mixed gender with men placed on the line of scrimmage.

Head Coach- Megan Schuster (57)
Offensive Coordinator- Lauren McReynolds (50)
Defensive Coordinator- Cassandra Sullivan (55)
Special Teams Coordinator- Amber Durkin (49)

Traditional Starters In Green (Basic Formations, Both Offense and Defense)
Traditional Non-Starters In Red (Players ordered in position based on depth chart placement in basic offensive setup or a 4-3 defensive base.)


QB: #7- Taylor Crimmins (24)
QB: #11- Tori Flannery (25)
QB: #10- Jessica Rosenblatt (21)

HB: #26- Stacey Carlson (23)
HB: #35- Britney Moyer (23)
HB: #32- Renee Churchill (27)

FB: #42- Victoria Martinez (31)
FB: #44- Ellie Jasperson (29)

TE: #88- Stephanie Keating (31)
TE: #89- Emma Millard (33)
TE: #86- Jennifer Purcell (23)

WR: #81- Alexa Schultz (24)
WR: #80- Brooke Talley (22)

WR: #83- Kaitlyn Rogers (22)
WR: #84- Summer Cahill (23)
WR: #82- Meghan Sanborn (25)
WR: #87- Keisha Valerino (28)
WR: #85- Ashley McCourt (26)

LG: #66- Robert Jones (31)
RG: #69- Brian Payne (34)

OG: #68- Floyd Sterling (30)
OG: #63- Alberto Perez (27)
G/T: #64- Dave Walcott (24)
G/T: #78- Rajiv Singh (32)
G/C: #61- Bryce Cole (24)
G/C: #60- Craig Philcox (30)

LT: #77- Octavio Orosco (35)
RT: #76- Carnell Middleton (30)

OT: #62- Percy Cooper (35)
OT: #65- Quincy Molina (31)
OT: #67- Syed Mohammad (31)
OT: #70- Zeshawn Diego (26)

C: #50- Garrett Tartaglia (31)
C: #53- Willis Kane (32)
C: #51- Miguel Alvarado (25)

LE: #56- Dante Woods (33)
RE: #92- Darian Greene (32)

DE: #58- Francis Westlake (26)
DE: #94- William Tenny (34)
DE: #91- Clifford Santiago (31)
DE: #59- Kenny Tomzic (23)

LT: #99- Brett Albright (35)
RT: #98- Chris Whitney (29)

DT: #97- Demetrius Alonzo (28)
DT: #90- Terrell Graham (29)
DT: #95- Tyrone Cornett (30)
DT: #96- Rudolph Pensky (31)

ILB: #54- Lawrence Santana (34)
OLB: #72- Isaiah Abernathy (30)
MLB: #52- Kevin Pennington (32)

LB: #74- Dirk Schneider (33)
LB: #75- Vincent Giroux (33)
LB: #73- Jose Gutierrez (28)
LB: #93- Carlos Sanchez (30)
LB: #55- Nelson Jones (26)
LB: #57- Mick Ortega (25)

FS: #20- Kenzie Gibbons (31)
SS: #22- Hannah Rafferty (26)
LCB: #27- Ashley Wilbanks (23)
RCB: #21- Madison Rayburn (31)

DB: #23- Gabrielle Martinez (33)
DB: #28- Kelsey Stocker (25)
DB: #33- Sierra McMurray (24)
DB: #24- Caitlin Galloway (28)
DB: #29- Tara Stephenson (27)
DB: #30- Veronica Samarco (30)

Special Teams:
K: #3- Kiersten Baker (24)
K: #2- Melissa Andrews (25)

P: #4- Danielle Hayner (32)
P: #1- Melanie Moore (29)

Main KR/PR- #22- Hannah Rafferty
Backup KR/PR- #28- Kelsey Stocker
Occasional KR/PR- #81- Alexa Schultz (24)
Long Snapper- #61- Bryce Cole

Style Mod: +1

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes, but I request that you have the most of your success be on the ground, rather then through the air. This is just a request, not a requirement.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but just say they are hurt and I will take it from there.
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: No
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Maybe. TG your idea first
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Postby Space » Sat Jan 25, 2020 2:14 pm


Space Astronauts

ARENA - "Extaterestrial Dome of Sport".
The dome is constructed of clear plasticized glass allowing a cristal clear view of the stars and planets above. The dome will rotate with respect to its surroundings during matches for enhanced viewing, though any nearby stars (Stars within 2 or fewer Astonomical Units) will remain on the backside of the playing field to prevent glaring and temperature control.

The dome currently has 35,000 permanent seats, with a further 43,000 temporary seating available. The dome is expandable up to over 200,000 seats but there are no plans of this type at the time.

It will be an interesting challenge for the players from opposing nations as the Academy is non terrestrial (Of course, a playing field and gravity are provided, but are isolated to the dome of play itself. The upper dome is clear allowing a view of the solar system). While the team representing Space will surely be the underdog during away matches, it is quietly hoped that they will be able to gain more of a home field advantage than other teams might usually have due to this subtle location difference, and end the season with a respectable recon.

Coach: Spiral Galaxie

Spiral Galaxi the long time defensive coordinator for the Academy of Space is the Head Coach of the Space team for the World Bowl. Cosmo the teams former coach is getting old and will focus only the College Team events NSCF.

Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
CB   200      Jessie   Eichadson
CB   200      Jacqueline   Tyson
CB   205      Hay   Bead
CB   185      Michelle   Middleton
CB   190      Matthew   Godon
CB   180      Kisten   Eoman
CB   220      Eossa   Lane
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
DB   185      Comet   Jetson
DB   175      Mofy   Suaoinn
DB   190      Impact   Jetson
DB   200      Stacey   Nash
DB   200      Beuce   Geoege
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
DE   260      Juajua   Klioaokl
DE   255      Badley   Howad
DE   250      Tyone   Hawkins
DE   255      Tuck   Juuaiiali
DT   285      Eicol   Small
DT   295      Rokca   Buch
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
LB   230      Brittany   Hunt
LB   225      Randall   Owens
LB   205      Risto   Lane
LB   235      Leozed   Gomez
LB   225      Noman   Jacobson
LB   220      Valeie   Yates
LB   220      Claie   Noel
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
S   200      Deanna   Hading
S   210      Anasola   Reilly
S   210      Buckiri   Asteoid
S   205      Hollyvale   Cameon

Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      First.   Last.
QB   175      Concrete   LaDucka
QB   200      Maion   Gaines
QB   215      Stella   Groovie
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      First.   Last.
OL   275      Deniro   Suawlla
OL   275      Viola   Hendicks
OL   305      Neil   Tey
OL   290      Carmen   Bennett
OL   295      Caroline   Kelly
OL   270      Douglas   Lindsey
OL   320      Kyle   ives
OL   265      Hugh   Jenkins
OL   270      Stephanie   Gadne
OL   320      Bill   Wokman
OL   285      Fred   McLeod
OL   295      Neil   Bidges
OL   280      Louis   Leach
OL   305      Lee   Fletche
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      First.   Last.
B   195      Majuli   Nitrogen
FB   235      Noso   Faso
FB   250      Dolphin   Isla-Planeta
IB   180      Katie   Figueoa
IB   210      Calos   Faell
IB   215      Havey   Meitt
IB   190      Thomas   Lowe
IB   210      Rats   Sila-Pesona
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      First.   Last.
TE   245      Caigsol   Vagas
TE   255      Calos   Mashall
TE   245      Pittsbug   Jupiter
TE   240      Teesa   Buns
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      First.   Last.
W   195      Suzanne   Callahan
W   180      Maian   Wane
W   175      Rocket   Hyda-tea
W   195      Razo   Bush
W   210      Wesley   Wall
W   195      Heman   omeo
W   215      Nuai   Baisiri
W   225      Jeffey   Cason
W   175      Zips   Firigita
Code: Select all
Pos.   Wt.      Fist.   Last.
P   185      Donna   Woodwad
P/PK   185      Zachay   Heste
PK   190      Socca   WylWyl
LS   240      Heathe   Ramiez



P Permissions:
Choose my scores: Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
P injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Scoring events: Yes
Godmod injuries: Yes
Godmod "other" events: Yes

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Postby Jaspec » Sat Jan 25, 2020 3:49 pm

Jaspec National Football Team


Nation Name: Kingdom of Jaspec
Short Names: Jaspec
Demonyms: Jaspecois
Colours: Blue and white
Anthem: ‘Saints de Jaspec’
Capital City: St-Jean-Baptiste
Other Major Cities: Charlesbourg, Trois-Pistoles, Kamouraska, Riviere-du-Loup
Highest Domestic League: Ligue Jaspecois de Football
Nicknames: Les Bleus
Style Modifier: +3

The Kingdom of Jaspec, located in Rushmore, is a decently-sized nation with a population of about 20 million. Historically, the lands now known as Jaspec were split into 4 different independent duchies, before they were united over the course of about 200 years through a series of wars led by the Savard dynasty, who were supported by the Pope of the time. The Savard dynasty has continued to rule Jaspec ever since, currently with King Henri XVII on the throne. The Catholic religion is dominant within Jaspec, with the College of Cardinals having a great deal of influence on internal politics and foreign affairs. Pope Laurent VI is the current head of the Church, and he exerts a great deal of influence over the state. The Pope resides at the Basilique Sacre-Couer in St-Jean-Baptiste, and technically serves as the head of government. Thus, several leading political figures, such as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Finance, are also Cardinals. Football is the most popular sport in the country, with the LJF and college seasons being extremely well-supported. The football schedule sees games played on Friday, Saturday and Monday, with the marquee game played in the 7:00pm Saturday evening time slot. Jaspecois football is the 3-down version of the game, but the national team will, of course, adapt to the international rules for the World Bowl.

Coaching Staff

Coach -- Henri Pouliot
Offensive Coordinator -- Joseph Rivet
Defensive Coordinator -- Marcel Levesque

Historically, Jaspecois football has been mainly based around the passing game. This is due to the fact that in Jaspec, football is played with 3 downs and a slightly larger field compared to the international game. Jaspecois quarterbacks are valued for their arm strength and passing ability. Quarterbacks tend to be on the athletic side as well, however, and have great success rushing the ball, such as Acton Vale Maple Leafs QB Jack Bell, who led his team to a National Championship last season. In addition, with running back Hugo Lemieux, who had 1410 rushing yards last season and led the nation, expect a more balanced offence. Jaspecois defences are very strong against the running game, and Marcel Levesque is expected to incorporate much of his colleague Pierre Polet’s tactics which enabled the Maple Leafs to win the National Championship with one of the greatest defensive showings of all-time in the playoffs. The secondary will be strong, with cornerbacks like LJF Defensive Player of the Year Stephane Rigeux and National Championship Final MVP Mark Kennedy in the lineup.



QB -- Luc Deschenes -- 28 -- Thurso Foreurs
QB -- Jack Bell -- 22 -- Acton Vale Maple Leafs

Running Backs

HB -- Hugo Lemieux -- 25 -- Charlesbourg Zebres
HB -- Cedric Papineau -- 23 -- St-Jean-Baptiste Bleu et Blanc
FB -- Phillipe Goyer -- 25 -- Trois-Pistoles .45s
FB -- Evan Hennessy -- 24 -- Acton Vale Maple Leafs

Wide Receivers

WR -- Lucien Margot -- 24 -- Thurso Foreurs
WR -- Marc-Antoine Pelletier -- 28 -- Trois-Pistoles .45s
WR -- Jamie Chambers -- 25 -- Acton Vale Maple Leafs
WR -- Marcel Lucien -- 26 -- Charlesbourg Zebres

Tight Ends

TE -- John Howerton -- 25 -- Acton Vale Maple Leafs
TE -- Maxime Laporte -- 27 -- Thurso Foreurs
TE -- Silvien Pilon -- 25 -- Trois-Pistoles .45s

Offensive Line

LT -- Nicolas Laurin -- 27 -- Ste-Isabelle Expos
LT -- Francois Croteau -- 25 -- Thurso Foreurs
LG -- Joel Lizotte -- 27 -- Temiscouata Mooseheads
LG -- Laurent Bouger -- 24 -- Kamouraska Aigles
C -- Wesley Johnson -- 22 -- Acton Vale Maple Leafs
C -- Leo Leclerc -- 25 -- Thurso Foreurs
RG -- Julien Daneau -- 26 -- Sacre-Couer
RG -- Alexandre Dubois -- 24 -- Trois-Pistoles .45s
RT -- Walter Calder -- 25 -- Ironpool Rangers
RT -- Kevin Lebrun -- 23 -- Sacre-Couer


Defensive Line

DT -- Theodore Faubert -- 27 -- Kamouraska Aigles
DT -- Leon Bechard -- 25 -- Thurso Foreurs
DT -- Matthieu Clarke -- 26 -- Thurso Foreurs
DT -- Rafael St-Laurent -- 24 -- St-Jean-Baptiste Bleu-et-Blanc
DE -- Aurey Langlais -- 26 -- Trois-Pistoles .45s
DE -- Gabriel Lafond -- 28 -- Kamouraska Aigles
DE -- Pierre Droule -- 25 -- Ste-Isabelle Expos
DE -- Benoit Hebert -- 26 -- Temiscouata Mooseheads
OLB -- Remy Guerette -- 22 -- Thurso Foreurs
OLB -- Ethan Drolet -- 24 -- Thurso Foreurs
OLB -- Mikael Payette -- 25 -- Kamouraska Aigles
OLB -- Michel Rioux -- 27 -- Thurso Foreurs
MLB -- Nicolas Lesage -- 25 -- St-Jean-Baptiste Bleu-et-Blanc
MLB -- Naphtale St-Martin -- 24 -- Trois-Pistoles .45s


CB -- Stephane Rigeau -- 28 -- Kamouraska Aigles
CB -- Mark Kennedy -- 26 -- Acton Vale Maple Leafs
CB -- Noah Dube -- 22 -- Acton Vale Maple Leafs
CB -- Alvaris Laforest -- 24 -- Acton Vale Maple Leafs
S -- Geno Levesque -- 23 -- Kamouraska Aigles
S -- Guillaume Francois -- 25 -- Thurso Foreurs
S -- Demias Hubert -- 26 -- Kamouraska Aigles
S -- Charles-Antoine Guy -- 28 -- Ste-Isabelle Expos

Special Teams

K -- Thierry Tetreault -- 28 -- Thurso Foreurs
P -- Charlemain Chenier -- 30 -- St-Jean-Baptiste Bleu-et-Blanc
KR -- Jonathan St-Denis -- 27 -- Trois-Pistoles .45s
PR -- Alexandre Robitaille -- 28 -- Thurso Foreurs

Group and Schedule

Jaspec have been drawn into the FreedomCola Group. The group is as follows:

Christos (UR)
Drawkland (4)
Champagne Socialist Sharifistan (UR)
Terre Septentrionale (24)
Vangaziland (17)
Jaspec (UR)

Two other teams in the group will be making their debuts in the tournament, and the Jaspecois team will be hoping to pick up wins against them. The other games, including a match-up with world number 4 Drawkland, will be much more difficult. It is expected that the main difficulty for this team will be the ability to adapt their game to the different rules between Jaspecois and international football, namely the number of downs and size of the field. Here is the schedule for Les Bleus:

Matchday 1: Christos vs Jaspec
Matchday 2: Jaspec vs Terre Septentrionale
Matchday 3: Drawkland vs Jaspec
Matchday 4: Jaspec vs Vangaziland
Matchday 5: Champagne Socialist Sharifistan vs Jaspec

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, I determine length/severity
Godmod scoring events: Y, within reason
Godmod injuries: Y, within reason
Godmod other events: N
The Kingdom of Jaspec

Capital: St-Jean-Baptiste Population: 19.3 million Languages: French, English

"Dieu, Roi et Pays"

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Postby Cassadaigua » Sat Jan 25, 2020 4:46 pm

Soon, it’s time for football,
by Hannah Rafferty- SS

That’s right sports fans, pretty soon the biggest tournament in football will be starting. Some people might think it’s about to end, but they’d have the wrong tournament. World Bowl 38 will underway soon, and for the second consecutive cycle, our great nation is sending a team. I am glad to be a part of this once again. I have been watching the World Cup, and I was extremely disappointed in the most recent result that had us lose to Eura. Unfortunately, Eura does not give people a chance to get revenge on them in other sports, but I would have loved to had had the opportunity.

World Bowl 38 has very disappointing news right from the start, and that is that there will be no games played in Cassadaigua, or any of the other participating nations. We were a little spoiled by having so many great soccer games played in our country, but it would have been great to have carried on that momentum with the World Bowl. The competition is being hosted by Free Republics, and all of the games will take place on their soil. The format for the competition is not as crazy as World Bowl 37 was, thank goodness, but it is still not a conventional format. There are two separate group stages and then a double elimination playoff round. So tell me, why can’t we just play this tournament with a single group stage and normal playoffs. It is the Free Republics, after all, and they are no stranger to throwing out these formats upon us. Just look at the last World Baseball Classic.

What do the fans think about these varying formats? Do you like them? As a player, I don’t get bogged down in the format when I am out on the field or preparing the game. The goal is always to win the game and do whatever it takes in order to accomplish that. If you are able to do that, you will do well in the format proposed. After all, in that aforementioned World Baseball Classic, we did make the semifinals as a nation. Not as much because of media coverage and all that, but because we did our talking on the field. I know when I tried to follow that Classic, I had a difficult time figuring out what was going on. Casaran formats are for domestic leagues, a video game, or if you doing some fictitious league online and just want to do something a little unconventional. They are not for real life national tournaments like ours!

This is not the same team that took the field in the last World Bowl. Coach Schuster has gone with a younger lineup, and that includes giving Taylor Crimmins a chance to start at quarterback. Offensively, there has been a move to bring her more big play receivers, so that will be good in that regard, but we will have people able to go over in the middle to catch a pass as well. For me, my job is stop the passing game from the other team, and as a secondary, we are mostly the same group of players. In practice, we will work to learn each other’s preferences so that we can succeed as a cohesive unit. We’ll have a few days to that and hope to make this format work for us. I hope you’ll be watching!
NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, 19 & 50; WB 8, 22, & 40; WCOH 11 & 39; IBC 13.
Also: CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, WVE (Vball) 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13, 15, 47 & 48, DBC 21. 3rd Place @ WC 86
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77), 81-86.
Games of the XIII Summer Olympiad: Second Most Medals
Hosted: World Cup 54, 67 & 84; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 45 & 50, Some NSCAA, NSCH 1; WLC 7, 30 & 33.

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Postby East Lemyone » Sat Jan 25, 2020 6:04 pm

Team: East Lemoyne Wolves
Starters Offense
QB- Paul Mitchell #12
HB- William Barrington #23
FB- Vincent More #33
LT- Aaron Mendez # 82
LG- Kyle Simmons #91
C- Doug Baldwin #95
RG- Danny Malone #93
RT- Terry Andrews #92

WR- Bob DeCarvalo #88
WR- Kemani Collins #81
TE- Kyle Spitzer #83

QB- Duncan Boyd #11
HB- Nelson Clements #16
FB-Terrence Childress #22
LT-Matthew Hobert #90
LG-Arsenio Boswell#94
C-Jadin Kelly #89
RG-Phillip Stratton #77
RT-Drew Mobley #76

Starters Defense
LE- Khalid Joseph #97
RE- Lawrence McKinney #99
DT- Jalen Manning #72

LOLB- Josh Wells #55
MLB- Sam West #43
ROLB- Kirkland Elgin #42

CB- Davante Jackson #17
CB- Ryan Sherd #20
CB- Frank Miller #30

FS-Will Brent #19
SS-Tyler Swann #1

LE- Calvin Young #27
DT- Michael Abbot #29
RE- J.J. Brooks #32

LOLB- Kevin Issac #10
MLB- David Hurley #18
ROLB- Chris Vaughn #4

CB-Josh Wilkins #6
CB- Lee Newton #5
CB- Robert Dillion #7

FS- Patrick Carlisle #25
SS- Perry Seymour #24

HC: Bobby Knight
OC: Craig Dawkins
DC: Nick Samus

RP Permissions:
Scoring: Yes
Injuries: Contact First
Events: Yes

Team Tendencies:
The Wolves are a running team that constantly uses play action. Their most used formations are the shotgun, pistol, and singleback. This play style can be a curse, when they are down in the 2nd half, but is a major boost, when in the lead. Their 2nd string running back could be a starter on many other teams. This two headed run attack can go for 300 combined yards at any time. Paul Mitchell, the quarterback, is accurate and mobile, but lacks the arm strength that most professional QBs have. This lack of arm strength is masked by the skilled receivers. Bob DeCarvalo is a tall receiver who doesn’t have the speed to beat cornerbacks, but has the hands and vertical to catch over them. Kemani Collins is the exact opposite. He is a small receiver with the speed to beat most corners. He lacks the skill to catch in traffic.

The defensive side is where they are the most effective. They mostly use the 3-4 formation and play zone with the occasional man blitz. When they are in the five yard line, they use the 46 formation to stop the run at all cost. Head Coach Bobby Knight is known for his tricky defensive plays that can catch even the most seasoned veterans off guard.

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Postby HUElavia » Sat Jan 25, 2020 8:04 pm

HUElavia National (Gridiron) Football Team Squad:

#7: Rodrigo Gomez
#13: Samuel Afonso
#16: Mateo Rodriguez

Running Backs-
#28: Marcos Perez
#30: Jaguar Silva
#35: Ken Tonegawa

Full Backs:
#31: Chadrick Moreno
#38: Norberto Teixeira

Wide Receivers:
#11: Diogo Fernandes
#12: Eric Martinez
#17: Luca Fernandez
#80: Rafael Gallegos
#88: Cornelio Correia

Tight Ends:
#81: Tomas Fonseca
#82: Gao Ling
#89: Eugenio Silva

#60: Lenard Lambert
#65: Salvador Torres

#62: Ajax Silva
#63: Amando Moreno
#71: Martin Sanchez
#72: Gabriel Rocha

#68: Didier Vincent
#69: Riel Oliver
#70: Benjamim Silva
#75: Rogelio Gomez

Nose Tackles:
#90: Eduardo Santos
#93: Lombardi Perez
#95: Artemiy Pavlov

Defensive Ends:
#78: Blas Torres
#79: Evren Smirnov
#98: Gabriel Teixeira
#99: Paulo Martinez

#52: Raheem Roux
#53: Michele Marrero
#54: Julio Carvalho
#55: Dario Moreno
#56: Mikhail Sokolov
#57: Jax Lopez
#58: Pyotr Petrov

#20: Kentaro Miyamoto
#21: Simao Amor
#24: Parker Bowman
#25: Umberto Fernandez

Free Safeties:
#22: Sergio Machado
#41: Tomas Aspas

Strong Safeties:
#23: Vincente Moretti
#42: Zhong Lao

#1: Francis Sanchez

#5: Xavier Santos


Starting Lineup:

Offense- #7 Rodrigo Gomez, #30 Jaguar Silva, #11 Diogo Fernandes, #80 Rafael Gallegos, #81 Tomas Fonseca, #60 Lenard Lambert, #62 Ajax Silva, #63 Amando Moreno, #69 Riel Oliver, #70 Benjamim Silva

Defense- #90 Eduardo Santos, #95 Artemiy Pavlov, #98 Gabriel Teixeira, #99 Paulo Martinez, #52 Raheem Roux, #54 Julio Carvalho, #56 Mikhail Sokolov, #20 Kentaro Miyamoto, #21 Simao Amor, #22 Sergio Machado, #23 Vincente Moretti

Special Teams: #1 Francis Sanchez (Kicker), #5 Xavier Santos (Punter), #88 Cornelio Correia (Kick Returner), #17 Luca Fernandez (Punt Returner)

Touchdown Song:
Style: +1.5

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing serious
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: No
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes.
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Postby Main Nation Ministry » Sun Jan 26, 2020 1:18 am

Prologue: Striking at the New Hour

No. No! This is wrong! Do they have any clue on what they will do to us all?!

Orwell ran across the empty rain-soaked square, as the nightly downpour had made the streets wet of what Orwell felt was a warning. The streets of Victory Square were empty, expect for the occasional soldier patrolling, though they didn't understand why Orwell was in a hurry. For Orwell's expression wasn't of suspicion, but of fear and panic. He ran pass the "Of Valor and Strength" display that was near the main government building, as a crack of thunder was heard. Orwell went up the small marble stairs to get up to the front doors.

There was no one inside, but the doors were unlocked.

No! NO!!! They already know about that I was going to arrive!

Orwell darted into the lobby. Empty. He needed to get upstairs as fast as possible. He had to stop them.

"He can't do anything more for us."

"I filed for his denunciation. He's already messed up."

"Uhhh...I'm getting something up now? He has been issued an executive order?"

"WHAT?! That piece of shit thinks he can run this nation! Change of plans, kill Orwell immediately!"

"Help me! Someone!" Orwell screamed at the top of his lungs, as he ran through the empty hallways in the middle floors. A towering beast was charging after him. Cloaked in the shadows, it was trained on Orwell. The only human soul in the Ministry, now running for his life, as he was now cornered by the creature, as he ended up in a conference room. The slide projector was still on by a clumsy worker, but the slides were reading off such topics as "Might of the Leader!" and "4 easy steps to push past your workload!" in a font to get people's attention.

Orwell could only end up in front of the room, where the projector shined into his face, illuminating him for the beast to see him in full view. Orwell had the look of terror from his face, as he looked at the monster in front of him. "Please! It's me, Orwell! Snap out of it!" Orwell begged to the monster, as it gotten closer. It wasn't until Orwell showed a strange pattern of scars on his left palm of his hand was when the monster hesitated. "I'm with them! You can't kill me, or they will kill all of your species! They wouldn't stop!" Orwell begged, but he was given a response.

"You're rendered obsolete, my foolish friend." the demon said, as it extended it's teeth and claws for Orwell to see. Orwell was done for. He had did everything to save him and others, but now he has to die for the consequences for his actions. Maybe the sharp teeth and nails wouldn't hurt after all...

The next day...

The Leader woke up in his bed, as he had his emergency phone ringing inside his bedroom. "Ughhh... What now? The World Bowl is happening and we have an international incident in here every time." the Leader complained to himself, as he yawned. Who is it? The Leader grabbed his phone and pressed the call button. "Hello? Who is this?"
"Leader, sir?"
"Jones? What is going on?"
"Sir, I'm with Truman right now. There has been a murder. It happened in your building?"
"My building?" The Leader said, confused.

"My building" is another word for saying, the fancy large building where the Leader gets to sit at his desk and do issues that reach him. Word of a murder in the building isn't anything new to him. However, he could be referring to an unauthorized murder. "Tell Truman he better have an excuse for me to not kick his ass, because I'm not in the mood for this. And make sure there aren't any soldiers in my office, otherwise it counts as unlawful entry." the Leader said, before he hung up his phone and groaning in annoyance. He had to rush breakfast, though he could have a soldier get him Joe's as take out. He got out of his pajamas, as he gotten on his dictator outfit.

He exited his penthouse through the bookcase in his office, where he saw several soldiers outside his doors. "Leader, sir. We were informed of a murder in the building." one of them tells him. "Help me follow the blood." The Leader took them, as a soldier helped the Leader into the elevator.

The murder happened on one of the many middle floors of the building. In a boardroom, now covered and soaked in blood. Truman could only hold his disgust, as he saw the body of Orwell...or what looked like Orwell after it looked like he got mauled to death. The Leader was meeting with Jones outside of the boardroom, before the two of them met up with Truman. "Place looks just like what happened back at Catharsis Plaza.."
"Jones, we agreed that whatever happened there was normal. Sorta."
"Truman. Who is our victim? Is it a government worker?"
"Nothing so far. We have to identify our victim by dental records. What we do know is that he's a male, average-aged, brown hair on his severed scalp, an eyeball with a brown iris, a hat, and a severed limb or two." Truman explained to the both of them, as investigators were bagging up body parts. One of them had the scar pattern on the severed left hand.

Jones was the first to start asking questions. "Truman, this looks like the result of a demon attack. Was there the chance of a demon here? Is there evidence from the agency that monitors demon activity that a demon attack happened here. The I.D.A.A it's called?" Jones asked, where I.D.A.A stood for Internal Demonic Activity and Affairs. The Internal Demonic Activity and Affairs are responsible for monitoring the activity of any demon who left hell and any demonic citizens who is currently residing in the nation. "That's the problem, guys.. The I.D.A.A had reported that they had a major shutdown of their surveillance systems last night. It's something that never happened before."
"Wait? So you're saying that the security systems we pull in check to make sure that denizens from Hell don't eat people shut off for several hours?" the Leader asked.
"I know. Something isn't clicking right. A glitch in the system is rare. And this is surveillance we're talking about. Demon attacks are a bit uncommon, but there is technology to prevent it from being frequent. This was something different."
"How about surveillance in the building?"
"It was shut off, also. Same type of shutdown."

"So what you're saying is that we are dealing with a murderer or possibly a demon that managed to create our inter systems to commit murder? But why? What's the motive?"
"We're trying to figure that out, Leader. I'm making sure this guy isn't a foreign official. We're bringing witnesses who were here near the place last night." Truman responded, as both Jones and Leader went outside to the front of the building.


At first, the building (or the Ministry as everyone likes to call it) appeared small, however it was much bigger on the interior. It was a common tourist attraction to stand in front of the building, but it was nothing special for both the Leader and Jones. "Leader. I can't deal with this issue."
"I know that, Jones."
"But I'm concerned about your safety in this."
"I slept through this event, Jones. I don't know why someone would practically be murdered at my workplace. We hold rallies at the main floor. People die there all the time."
"This is an actual murder, though!"
"Jones, we been through stuff a lot. However, this might be just a work of some sort of disgruntled employee. Who is a demon, also but we're burying leads here."
"You think it's just an isolated incident?"
"People have a bad habit of waiting for signs before they appear.."

Emmanuel Jones wished the Leader farewell, as he had to attend to the World Bowl that was happening around this time. The Leader looked back at his building in a bit of discomfort. Something was happening, but he wasn't afraid of what might happen. After all, it is Main Nation Ministry after all.

Death and Taxes: Hostile Resigning

Terry Fitzpatrick was in his living room, adjusting his air conditioning as he helped his mother and father make sure the house wasn't cold. "Son, we need to talk about your fellow girlfriend that you invited at the miner's canteen a few days ago." Terry's father asked her, as he was getting annoyed at being mentioned about his girlfriend. "Father, we discussed this."
"We didn't discuss enough. You can't allow people who aren't miners at the miner's canteen!"
"Father. It was just one day. Many of the other miners allowed their friends at the canteen, anyways."
"Son, you need to listen more to your father. When he was a miner your age, he had to make sure that he provided for this family before you were born." his mother spoke up to her son.
"But don't you still have a job?"
"No, son. I'm retired after the accident." his father explained to him.
"Can't we try to talk about other people more important than me and my girlfriend? What about aunt Estoile who's staying with us for two months or my uncle?"

"Terry!" Terry's aunt Estoile arrived with bandages of plastic surgery, which she believed were the proper looks to have before being a youngling. "Terry, don't be a mean little gazelle, you are a young man who shouldn't lose his job with the simplest of mistakes." Estoile said to him, as he didn't want to admit it. He did need to keep the job. The pay was good, but it was hard enough to work in the mines. "Alright, alright.. I need something to drink. Is Uncle Andy getting beer?"
"Uncle Andy is out at the pub." his father said.
"Right, father.."

It wasn't until Terry and the whole family heard a knocking at the door was when Aunt Estoile went to answer it, while Terry had a thing of chocolate syrup to squirt onto a spoon for fun. Opening it was a man in a neat business suit and a clipboard. "Mr. Fitzpatrick?"
"No, who is this?"
"Mr. Fitzpatrick?"
"I need to ask who are you?"
'Mr. Fitzpatrick.."

Several soldiers were behind the man, getting their rifles ready where Aunt Estoile nearly screamed in nervousness. Aunt Estoile immediately closed the door, not knowing who the people were. She and the whole family got their answer, when someone threw a flashbang through the window, blinding the whole family, where a soldier kicked open the door. In a second, the whole living room and practically, the whole house was covered with soldiers with their rifles trained at the whole family. Terry was suddenly grabbed, as he yelled at the soldiers to let go of him. The man with the business suit entered the house calmly and approached Terry, as he was restrained.

"Mr. Fitzpatrick?"
"Who are you!? What are you doing here!?'
"Mr. Fitzpatrick?"
"Leave my family alone! I can give you money! Please, we won't tell anyone!"
"Mr. Fitzpatrick."
"....Yes?" Terry said, not understanding the man.

"Finally. I'm here to inform you that due to a minor inconvenience within our government facilities, you are to be resigned from your occupation as miner from Sector 27 and relocate to Bright City immediately. Due to your overall job skills and experience with help from your government-issued job resume and testimony from your boss, you are to be assigned to be a government employee working in Victory Square at the capital. Your boss has already signed papers to let you go. You are given a release payment of $100,000 chips as a reward for allowing us to re-adjust you to a new occupation. Sign here, please." the man gave Terry a pen, which he signed. "Thank you."

"Now, we will be taking your son with us. He is in no trouble. He is being escorted to his new workplace." the man explained to the family, as Terry gets violently struck from the back of the head by a blunt object, before his unconscious body is dragged out of the house. "You will receive payments for damages caused in several minutes. We will automatically be notified if there is null payment, where we will make sure you will get the money needed." the man explained to the family also, as the man and the soldier left through the burst front door. Uncle Andy finally arrived home to see the mess that the soldiers left behind. "Good cripes! They raided you! Where's Terry, the lad?"

The mother couldn't speak, as she was shell-shocked. The father could only wonder what has happened to his son, while Aunt Estoile was more focused on her face.

"My son is going to the Ministry.."
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Postby The Greater Nordics » Sun Jan 26, 2020 6:08 am

The Nordic Football Association has announced the roster for the upcoming World Bowl. The coach for the last several editions and the man who introduced football to the Nordics, Matthias Holst, has retired so there is a new look to this team. Longtime Quarterback and fan favorite Leif Beck has taken the reigns of the team and program. The offense is still pass heavy but Beck likes to run the ball a lot more than his predecessor. The defense is still aggressive.
Head Coach:Leif Beck
Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach: Vidar Hall
Defensive Coordinator: Bjorn Pallesen
Line Coach:Philip Abel
WR Coach: Tor Vang
RB Coach: Annelise Borisov
DB Coach: Mathias Dahl
Special Teams Coach: Ola Mattsson
Team Doctor:Tim Klasson

Herman Lang
Marius Nilsen
Henriette Nurmi

Catrine Abel
Olya Alvarsson
Rudolf Winter

Rain Alvar
Alexandra Victorsson
Lena Leifsson
Filip Kristiansen
Nika Ottosen

Kamilla Jonasen

Monika Henriksen
Eino Haraldsson

Dan Lange
Peer Jensen

Kris Jacobsen
Lauritz Olsen

Duncan McDaniel
Leo Lange

Alisa Glenn
Alan Frazier

Stig Berg
Merit Sorensen
Jonatan Lorenzen
Leo Lange

Greta Wallis
Lissi Carson
Dougal Lang
Saana Mcnabb
Victoria McLean

Cai Nieminen
Ulla McPhee
David Sorensen
Janna Alfredsson
Otto Johansen

Jenni Adolfsson
Laura Patterson
Tomas Glen
Pelle Lesley
Kaja Neil

Anders Carlson

Douglas Hunter

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers:Yes
Godmod scoring events:Yes
RP injuries to my players:Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players:Yes
Godmod suspension events:Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Ko-oren » Sun Jan 26, 2020 7:30 am

World Bowl 38 - Ko-orenite National Team

Coaching Committees
Offence: Sajerkun Mulestinthen (Wolves), Gyalong Woganure (Emperors), Liam Karneveld (Astronauts), Lyman Rule (Godspeed), Preston Withers (Saints)
Defence: Hypo Bourguignon (Caspians), Pollmodd yFawgaff (Centaurs), Oli Breukelman (65ers), Noah Westerhof (Admirals), Pinoles Mulestinthen (Destroyers)
Special Teams: Sep Nordholt (Dragonflies), Avape Aemenos (Explosions)

The offence features players that were in excellent form for last season. Instead of going with the best performing individuals across multiple years, the Committees had no trouble selecting younger players that were simply doing very well, regardless of their experience with the system. This has paved the way for Thorebourne and Paterson at running back, and Fineman and Porden as receivers. The offensive line issues that plagued the team at the start of World Bowl 37 have been mitigated as well, with plenty of choices at the tackle positions, a default experienced center, but less choice and less talent at the guard positions.

The offence will change depending on the quarterback running it. Reeman will be given mostly 10, 11, 12 personnel as a static pocket passer. Arerira thrives in higher personnel numbers, 11 as a base, but frequently 21, 20, or even 22, and puts up a run-first show. Sylvestre is the best of both worlds, scrambling to extend plays in any kind of personnel, at the cost of decision-making. Receivers are marked WR or SR for Wide Receiver (implying they operate close to the sideline) and Slot Receiver (closer to the centre of the field).

The offence's formation does not matter, because almost every play can be run from nearly any formation - it's just the role that each player takes on that changes. Trick plays will be used at times: backs that throw, QBs and tackles that receive, but very few trickery behind the line of scrimmage.

Offence - Skill Players
QB Robin Reeman (35)
QB Aolif Arerira (29)
QB Mati Sylvestre (26)
RB Spencer Galway (26)
RB Alastair Thorebourne (22)
RB Sidney Paterson (22)
FB Alois Guillan (29)
TE Bruce Suthmeer (23)
TE Paul Antonsen (25)
TE Nanko van Luttert (29)
WR Golatisu Junstarin (27)
WR Roe Fineman (22)
WR Kaharen Patrasthen (31)
WR Lilisun Ranindhen (26)
SR Lloyd Whitlock (26)
SR Alulura Aidivan (24)
SR Tim Porden (23)

Offence - Offensive Line
LT Nolau Tathinden (24)
LT Sibren Schooten (27)
LT Luvon Medor (31)
LG Dillard McLelland (30)
LG Pi Cornelis (23)
CE Fellaws ySegrwm (30)
CE Jahè Nijmans (25)
CE Adé Gavreau (25)
RG Larel Norali (26)
RG Tjibbe ter Brinke (29)
RT Adri Couturier (28)
RT Nathan Schildwacht (22)
RT Olinosuke Vuluja (23)

Defenders have also been chosen for their form and confidence in the past season. Moreso than the offence, players are invited to the national team if they're not just punishing and good tacklers, but also students of the game. The Ko-orenite defence is tactical and technical, playing around with movement before the snap, coverages, and confusing quarterbacks above all else.

RE and LE refer to defensive ends and the side they most like to play from. The defence will mostly have a 3-man line, with the LD/RD working as a nose tackle and the RE/LE as run containers. SB and WB (Strong and Weak side backers) are the primary pass rushers, but players like Sparre and Ahern can do it all, with the MB (middle backer) as the pivot. Kinportinden has experience in this position, but all eyes are on Haserin. The secondary is more talented than ever, with Dollen and Mesjathaunden (good for nearly 10 interceptions in the previous World Bowl) in the safety positions, and a much deeper group of cornerbacks than ever before - enough at least for the occasional nickel or dime package.

Defence - Line
LE Leon Ahern (20)
RE Iwane Sugimoto (21)
RE Koji Gamo (29)
LE Hugo Sparre (22)
LD Jorgan Rusadhin (27)
LD Hubbe Braakjans (26)
RD Marc Gérald (24)

Defence - Linebackers
SB Gabe Henry (28)
WB Arvid Holmgroen (25)
WB Seymour Cause (28)
WB Kalle Hartszoon (25)
SB Roch Dujardin (25)
MB Dasmanul Haserin (30)
MB Rein Keijser (26)
MB Molrak Kinportinden (25)
MB Toon Fokke (29)

Defence - Secondary
SS Peter Dollen (26)
SS Chilra Minjarrah (28)
FS Lilgaunin Mesjathaunden (27)
FS Lucas Wheelwright (24)
LC Max Devilliers (22)
RC Jalu Vigouroux (23)
LC Camille Dutertre (23)
LC Elwood Guillan (23)
RC Aelithage Ecaliris (26)
RC Clinton Dwyer (24)

Special Teams
Special team play always has a special place in Ko-orenite gridiron football. It is taken seriously, it is analysed thoroughly, and with a defence like ours, punting is a weapon. Trick plays are involved every now and again, too. Aecherin (LS) is selected straight from the Salamantic Professors, the Ko-orenite NSCF team that has made waves. Aecherin leaves the 'college' team for the professionals, but hasn't found a pro team yet.

PUNT Gus Bourbeau (23)
P/KR Go Bronsvoord (20)
P/KR Ulf Lindeman (20)
LS Elothe Aecherin (25)
PK Abner Bennett (28)
PK Edmund Brownhill (27)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes

Style mod: -5
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Postby Cardo » Sun Jan 26, 2020 4:47 pm

Newtown Chancellors - Representing Cardo in World Bowl XXXVIII

Head Coach: Wendell Olson

Starting Line-Up:
QB: Josh Fredrickson
HB: Pablo Franklin
FB: Raymond Lynch
WR: Matt Mathis
WR: Tony Yates
TE: Elon Wills
LT: Arnold Taylor
LG: Billy Elba
C: Jayshawn Marks
RG: Olu Folarin
RT: Esau Simms

DT: Alan Price, Wilfred Hall, Darnell Thorton, Carlton Robertson
MLB: Caleb Carrol
OLB: Samuel Baker (R), Marq Bishop (L)
CB: Ernest Tucker, Shaun Holland
FS: Fred Rhodes
SS: Ed McCoy

QB: Jeff Gilbert, Alfredo Carr
HB: Rolando Peterson, Todd Cook, Roderick James
FB: Ben Tate
WR: Reggie Evans, Clint Campbell, Conrad Frazier, Wilbur Ball
TE: Aubrey McCoy, Ben Tate, Ryan Howard
Linemen: Ismael Black, Preston Chambers, Sheldon Harris, Barry West, Ruben Hayes

Linemen: Dominic Roberts, Dale Baldwin, Julian Casey. Frank Onasis
Linebackers: Peter Hopkins, Alton Beck, Corey Wright, Ty Coleman, Vincent Hayes
Cornerbacks: Almer Hunter, Edgar "Ed" Duncan, Luis Drake
Safeties: Johnathan Bell, Trae McGuire, Salvatore Wade

Ending the most recent season as Cardo Football League champions, the Chancellors seek to propel Cardo among the titans of international gridiron football. After an 11-7 ending in domestic play, the Chancellors have enjoyed a storybook year, beginning the season as underdogs, much as they do now. Their defensive scheme, created by Coordinator Hugh Arnold is simple: quick, fast and based on a merciless pass rush and a zone coverage. Star free safety Fred Rhodes ended last season as a league leader in interceptions and led the team in open field tackles, stopping upwards of ten potential touchdown drives with his soft hands and fast feet. The offense on the other hand is balanced, often electing to rely on the run game in the opening minutes of a game and then hit with a "foot-on-the-neck" sky approach.

((RP Perms))
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Taeshan » Sun Jan 26, 2020 5:47 pm

Taeshan Fitin' Falcons

Head Coach - Andrew Crew
Offensive Assistant - Kyle Park
Defensive Assistant - Jeremy Drew
Special Teams Assistant - Everett Clark

Defense - 4-2-5
Offense - Spread

#14 Sam Clentimack QB 34
#28 Parson Newberry HB 35
#88 Angel Herrera WR 34
#87 Drew Lantern WR 26
#84 Patrick Wantanabe WR 28
#44 Dallas Andrew TE 35
#51 Kevin Connors LT 35
#52 Jacob Walker LG 36
#53 Ken Crewe C 36
#54 Everett Ford RG 37
#55 Jordan Grosh RT 36
#69 Emmit Karlson LE 35
#68 Evander Kyle DT 36
#94 Jones Peverell DT 36
#91 Liam Chiswick RE 34
#57 Hector Flint LB 33
#59 Nick Porter LB 32
#37 Gehret Vandenbosch CB 26
#23 Oliver Hahn CB 30
#44 Fabian Chester N 30
#8 Gideon Chester FS 30
#41 Peter Fisher SS 37
#2 Martin Xavier K 36
#5 Adam Kline P 36

#4 Alexandre Forrest QB 23
#5 Tyler Comet QB 35
#32 Karl Huyett HB 23
#33 Alan Fields HB 35
#85 Isaac Smallwood WR 24
#17 Elain Martack WR 31
#15 Benny Stewart TE 30
#60 Kyler Jenson G 33
#61 Fred Clopas G 32
#62 Gene Ira T 33
#63 Amos Clark T 36
#64 Ned Dragon C 35
#74 Shinji Vrabel DT 28
#75 Jim Cope DT 31
#77 Lester Qwarany E 31
#66 Emmit Kline LB 31
#67 Drew Fasnacht LB 31
#55 Jason Goldsmitt LB 27
#41 Karl Muller CB 25
#24 Michael Ventura CB 24
#34 Mark Malphasar CB 32
#28 Maxwell Karcurn S 28
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Cup of Harmony 35, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34, World Lacrosse Championship 2

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83, 84 (RoS), 85

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14, Sporting World Cup 10,
Quidditch World Cup 10, World Cup of Hockey 41

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Postby Saint Kanye » Sun Jan 26, 2020 6:03 pm

The KGB (Kanyean Gridiron Board) proudly presents St. Kanye's roster for World Bowl XXXVIII.


Full nation name: The Glorious Free Republic of Saint Kanye
Short nation name: St. Kanye
Trigramme: STK
Demonym: Kanyean (formal), Yeezie (informal)
Nickname: Surge
Colors: Purple, lime, black




Home primary: P/P/P
Home alternate: P/P/Bk
Away primary: P/W/P
Away alternate: P/W/W

All players and staff are male, starters in bold.


HC: Jeff Delphine
OC: Cory Myers
DC: Kevin Macintyre
ST: Ken Kirby


QB: #3 Landon Klein / #8 R.J. Linetti / #7 Harry Santos
RB: #34 Noah Sherman / #41 Randall Cole
FB: #33 Nico Jackson / #31 Blake Underwood
WR: #12 Bruce Dobler / #18 Patrick Moore / #13 Taylor Johns / #16 Hunter Lane / #17 Travis Delgado
TE: #80 Hussein Jeffers / #88 Greg Malloy / #85 Topher Brown
LT: #67 Nick King / #62 Devon Morse
LG: #66 Mike Coaston / #61 Robert Shannon
C: #63 J.R. Nichols / #69 Gordon Ferguson
RG: #64 Clay Conrad / #65 Jahar Gray
RT: #68 Rick King / #60 Mitch Grant


LE: #77 Simon Carver / #72 Liam Steele
RE: #78 Matt Dawson / #71 Jason Sparks
NT: #99 Robby Edison / #75 Jon Patel / #76 Ken Miles / #70 Edward Teller
LOLB: #52 Jasper Heath / #51 Zach Oakley
MLB: #56 Lamont Everett / #57 Jed Duncan / #54 Marcus Cantrell
ROLB: #53 Hansel Jones / #58 Alvin Faris
CB: #22 Aidan O'Connor / #21 Mason Schwartz / #28 Bernard Van Pelt / #27 Chaz Ramsey
FS: #40 Gary Bradman / #42 Raheem Kerrigan
SS: #45 Oliver Law / #37 Jake Tucker


K: #1 James Rasputin
P: #10 Chris Florence
LS: #50 Ruben Elroy


3DRB: #41 Randall Cole
KR: #13 Taylor Johns
PR: #88 Greg Malloy
KOS: #10 Chris Florence
Holder: #8 R.J. Linetti
Gunner1: #42 Raheem Kerrigan
Gunner2: #15 Isaak Clearwater
Off. Captain: #3 Landon Klein
Def. Captain: #40 Gary Bradman
ST Captain: #15 Isaak Clearwater


Offense: I Form, ~70% Pass, ~30% Run
Defense: 3-4, Blitz Happy
Special Teams: Always go for it on 4th and less than 5 and on opponent's side of field.


Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: N
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: TG
Style Mod: +1

If you want to depict my team using a real life image, you may do so BUT PLEASE DON'T USE THE VIKINGS. I HATE THE VIKINGS.
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Postby Christos » Mon Jan 27, 2020 9:03 am

Team Name: Christos Emperors
Mascot: Emperor Cal/ Empress Bess (Looks like a King Penguin)
Jersey Colors: Orange, Blue, White
Jersey Colors (Alt): Blue, Orange, Black

Head Coach: Miles Godwin - 52 years old
Offensive Coordinator: Alex Yi - 49 years old
Defensive Coordinator: Morgan McCoy - 54 years old
43 players in total

Roger Bryant #3
Jeremy Elbow #21
Togo Hill #42

Running Backs
Lamar Beckham #23
Gregory Stuart #2
Harold Potts #14

Wide Receivers
Uther Penfire #41
Devon Dedman #20
Paul Orion #5
Manuel Ortiz #17
Larry Bird #39
Luke Williams #26

Tight Ends
Caleb Toth #28
Jamal Pearson #36
Barack Lopez #13

Offensive Linemen
Jason O' Donnell #7
Jamal Obama #18
Gerald Thorn #34
Gregory Bates #35
William Perry #40
Johann Yamamoto #11

Defensive Linemen
Patrick O' Connor #30
Antonio Force #24
Peter Michaels #19

Jerome Smith #37
Paul Ford #33
Jude Grimes #16
Scott Koy #22
Vladimir Wutin #9
Scott Indian #10
Henry Castille #4

Defensive Backs
Edward Davis #32
Dale Dixon #31
Cyrus Mills #6
James Stewart #8
Kendall White #25
Sam Logan #15
Justin Watson #12
Oscar Mayon #27
AJ Maverick #1
Michael Eritrea #8

Special Teams
Rodrigo Perez #29
Ivan Yanovich #38
Raul Flores #43

Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Banija » Mon Jan 27, 2020 11:14 am


Big 5 Banijan sporting governing bodies hold senior-level executive talks

BUSUKUMA, NATIONAL CAPITOL REGION- There are five major sports governance bodies within the Kingdom of Banija. The Royal Banijan Soccer Association(RBSA), the Olympic Committee of Banija(OCB), The Banijan Commonwealth Games Council(BCGC), the Banijan Hockey Federation(BHF), and the Banijan Collegiate Sports Group(BCSG). The five groups cooperate with each other, of course, regarding things like scheduling, but they generally do not meet with each other on a consistent basis. So when Ousman Kaba, the Executive Chairman of the OCB, had announced that the executives of all 5 Banijan sporting organizations had agreed to meet, it was certainly something that was going to make front page and front line news within, and all across, the Kingdom of Banija.

"While we generally do not hold meetings with each other, we here at the Olympic Committee believe that the Banijan sports movement would be better served through cooperation between our five major bodies. We are seeing Banijans filter out to help run the major international sporting organizations- our very own Kamoyo Chikondi, for example, serves as the Vice President of the World Baseball Council. We have another one of our members serving in a senior role at the World Bowl Assembly, and Adama Sowe, the former RBSA Chairman, serves as the Vice President of the World Cup Committee. Banija has flown up the charts rather quickly- both on the field, where our teams compete for championships across a wide variety of sports, and off the field, where Banijans are rising up the ranks to be powerful figures within their own industries off the field as well."

He paused, and then, continued. "That is a good thing for this country, and a good thing for our sports as we hope to bring more trophies back home to our shores. We just finished our second straight quarterfinal run at the World Cup- that was quite an impressive feat by our boys. But we are not generally here to talk about on the field issues, as that is the competence of organizations individually. We are talking about building Banija as one of the premium places in the world to play sport. We believe that we are getting to that point. We've successfully hosted all three WCC tournaments, an AOCAF, championship tournaments in lacrosse, gridiron, and basketball, among other sports. We want to host this meeting so that we can better discuss the advancement of Banijan talent within these international sporting organizations, help Banijans who want to climb up within the sports industry off the field, and talk about our own skill in hosting tournaments."

The move was surprising, and for those who are observers in the sports business, it will certainly be something that will be interesting to follow. The organizations generally cooperate when it comes to hosting, to obviously ensure that bids from any Banijan organization to host a tournament do not conflict with other bids. Banija has a stunning record of winning host votes in our recent history. But even that story about Banija becoming a good place to hold major tournaments starts in a not so good place- the 66th Baptism of Fire. The RBSA, fresh out of bankruptcy, was eager to show that it was ready for big-time international sporting events. But considering their own recent financial issues at the time, their organization's reputation had taken a hit, and it showed- 13 votes were cast on the first ballot. 5 each went to two of the other competing bids, 1 abstained, and two went to re-open bids. Adama Sowe's aggressiveness and boldness in running the RBSA, of course, was a stunning success since. But that success permeated elsewhere.

Interestingly enough, that was the last time a Banijan host or co-host effort was voted down. We co-hosted the next Baptism of Fire with Qasden, although we were the senior hosts. We co-hosted World Cup 81 and 83. We co-hosted AOCAF LVIII. But it even goes beyond that sport. Everyone else has been getting in on the game as well. We won a bid to co-host the 25th International Basketball Championships. We have won a pair of bids to bring the World Bowl to shore, solo efforts for both World Bowl XXXIV and World Bowl XXXVII(although those were certainly not successes on the field). And don't forget the Cup of Harmony that is currently on Banijan shores. And, of course, a pair of World Lacrosse Championships. That brings us to quite a record- we have won the last 10 bids we have launched to host or co-host a major tournament within Banija. It's quite a record.

Nobody keeps track of that stat, however, so we have no idea how that ranks among other nations. Regardless, considering the level of tournaments we've brought to Banija, it does show that the world believes Banija is a great destination to play its tournaments. So then, the question must be asked- what are they going to talk about when the suits meet in Busukuma?

1. What tournaments to bring next to Banija?

The Kingdom of Banija has seen a variety of tournaments brought to shore in recent years. The next tournaments that we bid on are likely to be tournaments that have not before been played within Banija. It is no secret that the OCB desires to bring the World Baseball Classic to Banija at some point, especially with fan interest in the game growing thanks to the launch of the WBBL, and Banija's championship won at the last World Baseball Classic. They'll obviously need to clear the calendar for that, and while it seems likely they can do that, that is something that they'll want to get backing on before they launch a bid to bring baseball's largest tournament to shore.

Another debate that will be likely hotly discussed will be World Cup 85. It is, of course, a 'major' edition of the tournament- World Cup 85 falling on the 5s and 10s. Considering Banija has co-hosted the last two odd World Cups, there are rumors that the RBSA would very much like to bring the third World Cup in 5 editions to Banija. Even Robel Ezera, the RBSA Chairman, hasn't denied that fact. "Banija has always been a great destination to host the world's biggest tournaments, and it shows that we have brought two World Cups here. Bringing a tournament such as 85 to our shores would be a good thing for us. And we should strive, for the first time ever, to bring a World Cup Final to the Stadium of the Restoration." Of course, competition for World Cup 85 is expected to be fierce- other nations have the same view on what is bound to be a special tournament. Will Banija bid? If they need to make a choice, which one will they make?[/b]

2. Baseball Spinoff- will it happen?

The OCB, originally expected to vote on the creation of an independent sporting agency to govern the sport of baseball, has repeatedly kicked the can down the road on this issue. Ever since they re-established control over gridiron after World Bowl XXXIV, there have been concerns about the viability of an independent baseball organization. There have been prior efforts to make both gridiron and basketball independent in the past, though of course both sports eventually went back to being ran by the OCB. But the Banijan Hockey Federation has been seen as a success- though of course, it has unique factors, including the operation of a professional domestic league that operates via Banijan migrant communities across 12 different countries.

Can baseball follow in those footsteps? The thoughts of the Banijan Hockey Federation are expected to be crucial, in the difficulties of starting your own organization and having to make do on your own. The WBBL has no trouble attracting talent, with Ko-orenite and Hapilopper players expected to play in the league. But without the support of the OCB, they will be much more financially at risk. It was a risk for the Banijan Hockey Federation, but of course, it has panned out great, with the GBHL being well supported by the communities that it plays in, and even though travel costs are extremely high, teams are thought to be financially viable. If they believe that baseball can generate enough money and sustained interest to warrant its own spinoff, and the other orgs there support adding to their number, then expect that to happen soon after the meeting.

3. The BCSG and the Busoga Islands- a confrontation?

The BCSG has been well known for their marked refusal to work with schools from the Busoga Islands. The RBSA has led the way since Islander independence, consistently incorporating Busoga Islander teams into their own domestic league. While that has not happened within the Banijan lacrosse League, it has also happened in the Banijan Gridiron Football League, where a Dukuma side plays within the league. Of course, the Islamic Republic has not joined the Commonwealth, so there isn't much needed for BCGC Commonwealth cooperation, though the BCGC has strived to ensure that Banijans on the Busoga Islands are eligible to compete under the Banijan banner.

But the BCSG has always refused. They've always disallowed Islander Universities to join the BCSG and any organizations underneath it, which is having quite the effect. The other organizations, particularly the RBSA, have said that they are 'quite annoyed' by this refusal from the BCSG. An unnamed source within the RBSA said that the BCSG should 'get off its high horse, get over themselves, and just let Islander schools back into the organization'. They'll be confronted about it- will they be pressured to change their stance? Or will there be no progress on an issue that has dogged them for the last decade and a half?

Many interesting things will happen at this meeting. And it'll be our magazine that is there to cover everything that goes down at those meetings.
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Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica), NSCF 21 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. Di Bradini Cup 47. World Cup 86. IBC 30. National Trophy Cabinet.
Does your country need public transit? Contact the RTC!
Want your country's unions to be represented internationally? Join the UAW!



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