Add option to auto-dismiss issues after period of inaction

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Add option to auto-dismiss issues after period of inaction

Postby Nexexen » Thu Jan 23, 2020 1:55 pm

To whom it may concern:

NS should include a settings option allowing players to designate a length of time after which an issue will be automatically dismissed if it has not been acted upon.

For instance, one may choose to have issues automatically dismissed 5 days after receiving them (if no other action on them has been taken, obviously). This feature would only affect gameplay for those who turn it on; auto-dismissal would not be a default option.

Why I'm suggesting this:
I'm an off-and-on long-term player of the game (since 2007!), and I have a bad habit of letting issues lurk in my inbox for a long-time before I make a decision (perhaps I'm scared of commitment?). It's often my indecision and uncertainty that reduces my activity on NS; when my inbox is full of issues with multiple appealing options, I tend to avoid acting (even if that action is dismissal). This becomes no fun for me, so I drop-off until I forget to logon for a period. I don't know if this pattern of activity fits any other longer-term players, but this also seems like no fun for NS--lost ad revenue and the sorts.

How auto-dismissal of issues might help:
The option to auto-dismiss issues after x days serves as a commitment mechanism for noncommittal players: it ensures my issue inbox will be refreshed when I'm being too indecisive, which keeps players like me coming back to the game instead of being weighed down by my/our own indecisiveness. It'd be easier to let the settings I've chosen be responsible for issue dismissal than to continually put-off answering issues in my inbox until I've decided on my own.

I'm not sure this is a pressing issue for most players, though if any players have had a similar user experience to mine, I'd be curious to here you share your thoughts.

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Postby Oceara » Thu Jan 23, 2020 2:00 pm

Such a system would also need to work around the issue that cannot be dismissed that pops up when you dismiss enough issues, which if I understand all options for that one have -some- sort of effect even if it is minor so then there might be further complaints that such an automated system would slowly shift a nation's stats around without player input.

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Postby Frisbeeteria » Thu Jan 23, 2020 4:02 pm

Nexexen wrote:I'm not sure this is a pressing issue for most players

Given that this is the first time in memory that anyone has ever raised this particular point, I'd say you're probably one of the very few people this would help. Adding a setting isn't something we do lightly either - it has to be something used by a significant proportion of our user base, such as the ability to block certain telegrams and notifications.

If we added options for everything everyone suggested, the settings page would be a massive, multi page affair. We don't want that, and in our opinion, neither do most players.

Nexexen wrote:I'd be curious to here you share your thoughts.

If a whole lot of people agree with you, maybe we'd consider it. I'll go on record as Against, simply because I don't want key issues like the ones that let you set your Capital, Leader and Religion to disappear.

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Postby Candlewhisper Archive » Fri Jan 24, 2020 3:31 am

Seems to me that you can always choose to dismiss issues (except for Dismissal Denied), and that there's already a mode to stop receiving issues.

Doesn't seem like an option to automatically dismiss issues is something that would benefit the game significantly enough to be worth the coding time or the server load.
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