What is law enforcement like in your nation?

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What is law enforcement like in your nation?

Postby Haleck » Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:10 pm

In Haleck, the three primary law enforcement agencies are the National Police, which is the standard policing agency, the National Gendarmerie, which functions as the gendarmerie, as well as the border defense agency and also the military police. Haleck also has the Bureau of Criminal Investigations, which handles special investigations, as well as protection of government officials.
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South Aztlan
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Postby South Aztlan » Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:19 pm

In the South Aztlan Law Enforcement is principally under the control of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), but for reports of Jedi and Force Sensitive children the Order of Inquisitors (Former Jedi that have fallen to the dark side via torture) steps in to deal with the situation
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Postby Haleck » Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:23 pm

South Aztlan wrote: but for reports of Jedi and Force Sensitive children the Order of Inquisitors (Former Jedi that have fallen to the dark side via torture) steps in to deal with the situation

What becomes of any imprisoned Jedi or Force Sensatives if they are apprehended?
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Postby South Aztlan » Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:26 pm

Haleck wrote:
South Aztlan wrote: but for reports of Jedi and Force Sensitive children the Order of Inquisitors (Former Jedi that have fallen to the dark side via torture) steps in to deal with the situation

What becomes of any imprisoned Jedi or Force Sensatives if they are apprehended?

Inquisitors if they survive the torture
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Postby Gandoor » Thu Jan 16, 2020 7:44 pm

Officially speaking, there is only one police force that operates in our nation, the National Gandoorese Police Force, although the yon and city divisions generally operate independently, while still being accountable to the nationally set minimum standards for police conduct and behaviour.

All police officers can speak English and Japanese, the two most common of our three official languages, with officers who understand Russian, our third official language, predominantly being in areas with large numbers of Russian speakers.

Stand issue equipment for a Gandoorese police officer includes: pistol, bulletproof vest, two-way radios, handcuffs, baton, taser, pepperspray, and a first aid kit.

The police livery for police cars in Gandoor is identical to that used in Japan, a black and white livery with the bottom half of a police car painted black and the top half painted white. City divisions have the word POLICE printed on both sides of the vehicle in English, along with the name of the city they operate in, yon divisions have YON POLICE and the name of the yon they operate in, and the national police has NATIONAL POLICE.
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Postby Vallermoore » Fri Jan 17, 2020 11:07 am

The Royal Vallermoore Police, armed with truncheons, tazers, pistols and handcuffs are the ones who go after criminals in our nation.

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Postby Lanteniere » Fri Jan 17, 2020 2:33 pm

Law enforcement in Lanteniere is carried out entirely at the local level. No national police force exists.

Small villages and communes will usually employ a Warden or a small force of Wardens, who are tasked with service to the local magistrate. These individuals are empowered to keep the peace, make arrests and serve writs / warrants issued by the magistrate. Wardens carry a truncheon, handcuffs and wear a stab-proof vest for protection. Crime in rural areas tends to be rare, nonviolent and unsophisticated, meaning that the relatively antiquated nature of a Warden force is adequate to address it. While not routinely armed, Wardens have been known to carry short double-barrel shotguns if called upon to confront violent brigands.

In larger cities, a Marshalcy is the most common form of law enforcement. A Marshalcy is modelled after a modern professional police force, with a standardized uniform, rank structure and equipment. Marshals (as individual officers are known) carry a short sword, known as a gadron, and a wooden truncheon as a matter of tradition, but also carry a small-caliber pistol for more pragmatic protection. Uniforms vary by city but usually are of a dark blue or dark green color. Black berets are the most common form of headwear. A bullet-proof vest is worn while on duty.

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Postby Blodrike » Fri Jan 17, 2020 3:40 pm

Police don't exist in most parts of Blodrike—that's not to say there isn't any security force. The Railway Guards are an elite military force charged with protecting the Queen in transit. There's also the Palace Guards, who are similar but protect the Queen's palaces. Bad idea to f--- with either.
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Zhouran AI
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Postby Zhouran AI » Fri Jan 17, 2020 10:45 pm

The Public Security Corps is the gendarmerie branch of the Zhouranese People's Army. Being a service branch of the ZPA, the PSC is heavily-armed to the point that it has more firepower than low-to-mid tier foreign militaries. PSC gendarmes on the beat carry the usual common police equipment such as taser, baton, handcuffs, pistol, etc., but unlike foreign civilian police forces, the average PSC gendarme is also issued with military-grade gear such as soft- to hard-plate bulletproof vests, a primary weapon such as an assault rifle, shotgun or even a battle rifle, and for high-level situations such as violent riots, military helmet, gas-masks, as well as riot shields or ballistic shields depending on the actual situation.

For several years, Zhouran has always been known for having some of the lowest crime rates in the world as well as some of the highest safety indexes as well, this is in part due to social security and providing easy-access to jobs without restrictions in order to promote social mobility and basic right to employment, thus preventing the radicalization of potential criminals since crime especially seen in the western capitalist world is mainly due to various factors including lack of social mobility and job opportunity along with poverty being a reflection of a nation's society & economics rather than being a "personal choice" as touted by the 1% and their corporate loyalists. With very-low crime rates and a very-high safety index, this means the Public Security Corps can focus on dissuading potential threats such as terrorism or mass shootings. The PSC also engages in liaison operations with local communities in order to promote the Zhouranese People's Army's mission of serving and defending the Zhouranese People & Nation from internal & external threats. Most of the time, the PSC mainly deals with small-scale petty crimes and from time-to-time they'll also be tasked with supervising political rallies and prevent both the political-moderate and the political-hardline from engaging in massive protest brawls since the Zhouranese are known for holding massive political rallies and turning into bloodbaths in the streets between the two political sides.
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The JELLEAIN Republic
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Postby The JELLEAIN Republic » Fri Jan 17, 2020 10:49 pm

Basically, uses many societal techniques for rehabilitation, but can rapidly mobilize to a military like state.
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Postby Radiatia » Fri Jan 17, 2020 11:08 pm

Officially, most law enforcement is handled at a state level by the military and there is little distinction between the military and the police, with a handful of exceptions.

Every State has a “State Army” which was originally designed to be a militia or defence force, but is now used almost exclusively for law enforcement (contrasting with the Radiatian Federal Army which is for defence and rarely for law enforcement). Occasionally large municipal governments will be given their own police force, which will usually be a branch of the larger State Army. Notable examples include the Exegrad Metropolitan Police, the Das Engel Policy Enforcement Department (DEPED) and the Xerconia Policy Enforcement Department (XPED), the latter of which is technically a branch of the Federal Police Agency.

Federal laws (as well as customs and border control) are usually enforced by the Federal Police Agency (FPA), while the Radiatian Security Service (RSS) is also used as a federal investigative body as well as, in exceedingly rare cases, the Radiatian Federal Intelligence Department (R-FID). That said, the FPA tend to rely heavily on state or local law enforcement agencies and their involvement is often either a last resort or due to serious crimes. (You're not, for example, going to get a parking ticket from the FPA. But if you kill six people in multiple states, they'll probably pay you a visit.)

Excluding the aforementioned federal agencies, almost all funding for law enforcement is done at a state or even municipal level.

Under Radiatian law, someone who is arrested for a crime is considered guilty until proven innocent in a court of law and automatically lose certain rights such as freedom of movement. However, an arrested person may not be incarcerated for longer than 28 days without facing trial or conviction, in which case they are released (bailed) until the date of the trial. The trial is almost always by jury, who decide whether to convict or acquit the arrested person.

In practice, the system is the same as most common law countries with the primary difference being that the burden of proof lies with the defence and not the prosecution. (This system has been criticised both domestically and internationally and is perceived to be responsible for Radiatia's above-average incarceration rates.)
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Postby Sebourg » Sat Jan 18, 2020 10:30 am

The Principality is a tiny nation that hardly sees any crime, so a single agency—the Police Civile (Civil Police)—handles all emergencies including fires and medical situations. There is also the Maréchaussée (royal guards), but they do not do general policing. Their job is to protect the Princess, as well as guard the entry gates.
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The Eternal Kawaii
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Postby The Eternal Kawaii » Sat Jan 18, 2020 8:27 pm

Kawaiian "public justice" is enforced by our Happiness Police, a volunteer force of young, unmarried female Kawaiians who ensure that public decorum is kept. They're easily recognized by their seifuku ("sailor suit" schoolgirl) uniforms and ceremonial wooden mallets.

This sounds totally inadequate if you're not familiar with Kawaiian culture. Kawaiians are an EXTREMELY orderly people, with a fairly draconian social code. So, most public "policing" simply consists of making sure everyone minds their manners.

More serious crimes--theft, assault, etc.--are usually handled via the "private justice" system, which consists of the Lashkar-Tong (Kawaiian paramilitary) working in concert with the victims of serious crime to bring the perp to justice. Said perp may opt for "public justice", facing a trial before an Elder and voluntarily performing Penance if he's found guilty. Should the perp refuse that route, he's declared Outlaw and well, the less said about his fate, the better.

Because of this, serious crime is actually very rare among Kawaiians. Kawaiian communities are among the safest to visit (currently rated 1,161st highest in the world for Safety, and 4,007th lowest in the world for Crime, according to the World Assembly), but it it imperative that you behave yourself during your visit.
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Postby Andocara » Sun Jan 19, 2020 11:33 am

There is a national police force that runs throughout the entire mainland known as the National Andocarian Police or N.A.P. There are a few other departments that are primarily based in areas outside of the mainland. The N.A.P has access to all cameras across the mainland, including secret cameras, and have the technology to positively identify a person via video. They also have a tracking system that can track down where the person they’re looking for is located. If the person left the country, they can notify that country’s government and issue a search within the area of the suspect’s location. When N.A.P goes out, they already know who the suspect is, what they did, and where they are presently located. The police also have a camera on their suits that the chief can see, to see if any wrongful action done by the police has take place. If so, they either get a warning, fired, or arrested.

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Postby Teknologia-42 » Sun Jan 19, 2020 11:49 am

The State Order is responsible for both military conquest and civil policing. a police state is enforced throughout the country, and it makes use of nearly every sort of surveillance equipment manageable. It is not uncommon for every appliance in a building to be transmitting data to the Order.

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Postby RCA Occupation » Sun Jan 19, 2020 12:09 pm


The National Gendarmerie is the police wing of the RCA. It sees to internal affairs. Imprisonment is rare, most punishments are beatings, torture or humiliation handed to the offender on the spot. The NG typically patrol in groups of five, carrying handcuffs, ankle shackles, rifles, bayonets, pistols, rope and grenades. They often patrol in vehicles. If they happen upon a thief, for example, they may beat him, break his wrists and stab him in the hands.
They can execute people who pose a physical or psychological threat to the RCA, usually by stabbing them or beating them with logs and rocks. People illegally logging, spraying, farming or damaging the environment are typically shot and killed as soon as their actions are realized. Male cowards or weaklings, civilian or otherwise, may be tortured, raped up the arse and killed by rocks or bayonets. Weakling males include but are not limited to; willing cuckolds, failing to protect their wife/children, submissive homos and high-estrogen men.

The primary duties of the National Gendarmerie are;

Protect the safety, ability to operate, and overall interests of the RCA within occupied areas,

Destroy weak and cowardly men,

Protect the environment and natural cycle.
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Postby Wochaystein » Sun Jan 19, 2020 2:24 pm

Law enforcement in Wochaystein is like two-dimensional television images to a devoted fan: constantly on the lookout for larger agendas when there is none.
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Postby Eotenses » Sun Jan 19, 2020 7:53 pm

Imperial Law is managed and enforced by the Imperial Senate, which is responsible for operating and maintaining the Social Fleets of the Empire, which are composed of several fleets of small ships, ranging from 8-20 ships. These are responsible for enforcing Imperial Law in the systems, while also ensuring local governments are aware of Imperial will. Most systems also operate some form of their own fleet that works as a local police, doing the job of the Social Fleets while they're absent and repelling pirates, apprehending criminals, and otherwise enforcing Imperial Law.

Planetside, the Law is enforced by a complex and secretive network of security cameras, spies, and public police known as the World's Watch. They typically deal in petty thievery and industrial regulation violations, though in times where dissent, corruption or crime runs deep in a system, they quickly become the Emperor's fist and enforce the will of the Crown.
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Postby Sylvaniak » Sun Jan 19, 2020 11:42 pm

Sylvaniak does not have a police force. Instead, members of the armed forces are temporarily assigned to police the cities and towns of Sylvaniak. Although they police cities and towns, they are given automatic rifles and hard-plate body armour. They often patrol in groups of 2, driving around the area in a moderately armoured Dodge Charger. These men can try to take criminals non-lethally, but often don't. When they aren't dealing with crime, they are in the lookout using the series of security cameras mounted around the area, ready to beat whoevers breaking the law.

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Christian Nation united
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Postby Christian Nation united » Sun Jan 19, 2020 11:51 pm

Our Officers are here to protect our citizens. In order to do that, our citizens have to communicate well with them and not have any fear to confess/talk to them for any reason. Our police officers are friendly towards our citizens but they are no Jokes. Our police officers carry AR-15’s and M1911’s so they’re well armed. Crime is unknown in this country, therefore we only have 13,000 officers on duty. If someone’s life is in danger because of someone else then they’re ordered to use lethal force. Our Police go through an intensive 5 years of training for many different situations that may happen.

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Postby Bouwen » Mon Jan 20, 2020 6:37 am

Sparse. In some areas, mainly the cities, law enforcement is prevalent but also extremely overworked as gang-warfare and organised crime run rampant. On the frontiers law enforcement is almost non-existent outside of crimes such as smuggling. Local police forces are usually made up of volunteers and mob justice is common, but crime is actually far less common in more rural areas

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Postby Union of Sovereign States and Republics » Mon Jan 20, 2020 6:47 am

The USSR's main policing force is the Militsiya - the civilian police, not limited to subnational police. However, subnational police does exist, however the Militsiya is more widespread.

Law is proposed to the head of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR by the President, who can also propose laws themselves - the laws are edited and then voted on by the Supreme Soviet.
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Postby Victorious Decepticons » Mon Jan 20, 2020 7:36 am

We barely have any laws, so there is nothing that most people would think of as "law enforcement" patrolling the streets and being menaces to proper Decepticons. You can even go ahead and battle in the street if you want to, and the reaction of others will be to either join in or stand at a semi-safe distance and make bets on who will win.

However, this is also a proper dictatorship, which means that any attempts to bring about regime change are an existential threat to the leader. Fomenting, plotting, or making an attempt at this is understandably treason. We also are very adamant about protecting our culture, so attempts to undermine it are officially treason as well. Finally, working with an enemy of the State, with the goal of causing damage to the State or its People in general, is treason too.

Those who have committed any of the acts in the prior paragraph, or similar acts, will soon be made very much aware of two agencies:

Domestic Intelligence and the Decepticon Military

Domestic Intelligence, commonly known as DomIntel, is the "secret" police tasked with rooting out traitors of all sorts. They surveil everything, and a non-sapient supercomputer carefully analyzes the teraflops of data that come in every hour. When a suspicious pattern is detected, the case is passed to sapient agents, who will then devote their time to determining whether or not the suspect is really guilty. If they decide that he is, indeed, a traitor, a death warrant is signed on him.

DomIntel then finds and destroys all spare bodies and mind saves of the traitor. This prevents him from simply mind-transferring to a new body once the death warrant is executed. With no mind-saves left either, nobody can save him by reinstalling a copy of him into another body.

The death warrant then goes to the Decepticon Military Outpost closest to the traitor's last known location. Soldiers, typically first-time conscripts under the guidance of an experienced commander, are dispatched to the address. Since this only happens when the intent is to kill a traitor, said traitor will usually hole up in his fortified house. Fighting commences, and continues until the traitor is duly dispatched. If any soldiers are deactivated in the process, they simply mind-transfer to their spare bodies, which are intact and well-protected.

Traitors who think that they can convince Leader Megatron to spare them can yell "I APPEAL TO MEGATRON" and then surrender. In that case, they are taken to the Leader to plead their cases. Typically, all this results in is an official execution by meltdown, but there are some notable exceptions.

Un-Decepticon coward scum who don't want to die in a glorious yet hopeless street battle against the government, but know that an appeal will be denied, can still surrender. If they do, they will be executed by the official method (meltdown), which is typically faster and less painful, but also shameful and ignoble since only a seriously mealy-mouthed, rubber-engined coward will just peacefully allow himself to be led to the foundry to be melted down. As you might guess, most of those who fall into this category are guilty of attempting to weaken the nation and culture through the promotion of pacifism, which, of course, is cultural treason.

Of course, there is also plenty of extralegal law enforcement. Mob justice is much more common than official types, and it's rare for a traitor to last long enough for a military death squad to actually reach the location. The ones that do last are very strong, very stealthy, or have a massively fortified house - and usually, they are some combination of all of these.
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Postby Lillorainen » Mon Jan 20, 2020 9:17 am

In the Federation of Lillorainen, law enforcement is primarily in the hands of the fourteen federal states, hence why each state has its own legislation on organization, structure, and duties of its police forces. In all states, they are managed by the respective State Ministry of Interior (or equivalent thereof). However, there is also a Federal Police operating all over the Federation, managed by the Federal Ministry of Interior. While there is a high level of cooperation between federal and state law enforcement authorities, most rather operate in their respective jurisdictions.

State Police.
In general, police in Lillorainen has the primary duty of protecting the populace. Whereas the organization is subject to state legislation, thus may vary depending on where you are, the different sections of the law enforcement are similar all over the Federation.
  • Security Police - generally spoken, the Security Police is obliged to uphold public security and order, including prevention of crime and other threats. Traffic controls, assistance in and observation of public events, as well as general patrol are typical duties of the Security Police. In order to maintain contact with the general populace, uniformed officers regularly patrol areas they know well and serve as contact persons wherever problems emerge.
  • Traffic Police - in some states, traffic police is a part of the aforementioned Security Police; in others, they form their own section. The Highway Patrols are usually part thereof as well, focussing on traffic controls and observation specifically on the Federal Highways.
  • Water Police - self-explanatory. Jurisdictions are shared with the Federal Police.
  • Criminal Police - in general, they form their own section and are obliged to investigate in crimes of all nature (thus, everything that constitutes a crime in the Lillorainian Penal Code, ranging from stealing a chocolate bar in a supermarket to murder). The coordination thereof is managed by each State Criminal Police Office (Landeskriminalamt, LKA), as well as the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA).
  • Alert Police (or Standby Police) - generally in charge of assisting in unusual situations such as riot control, natural disasters, protection of objects etc. Unlike their Security Police colleagues, they usually operate in tactical squads and, in exceptional situations, may also operate outside the state they normally serve in.
  • Special Forces - self-explanatory.
Local areas of operation may vary from state to state as well. In some states, each administrative district and statutory city may have its own police authorities, the Kreispolizeidirektionen (as is the case in e.g. Rathenia, Nessovia, Thulia, and Storöer), others (such as Rigesöer and Kongsöer) subdivide their territory into greater police authority districts. Similarly, in some states, there are municipal polices serving as public order offices, whereas in others, these are a regular branch of the State Police. - Whereas Greater Lysköping (the 'double-city-state' including Lillamala-Capital) uses the same terminology as area states, the Free City of Pontrath uses both 'police' and the historical relic of 'city guards' (Stadtwachen) interchangeably in practice, albeit the latter is officially the correct term.
Police vehicles and uniforms vary in appearance, but are easily recognizable.

Federal Police.
The Federal Police, Bundespolizei in German, is the police force that operates in all states and is subject to federal authorities. In makeup, they are a mix of civil and paramilitary police forces. The ranks are military style.
Unlike the State Police forces, the Federal Police has a nationwide standard on the appearance of uniforms and vehicles.
Following branches are parts of the Federal Police's duties:
  • Border Control.
  • Counterterrorism (usually in cooperation with BKA/LKA as well as the secret services of the MND and BSB/LSB).
  • Water Police (in cooperation with the State Police forces) and Coast Guard.
  • Railway Police.
  • Airport Security.
  • Special Forces.
Since Lillorainen's geography is currently being overhauled a 'tiny' bit, most information on it posted before December 12, 2018, is not entirely reliable anymore. Until there's a new, proper factfile, everything you might need to know can be found here. Thank you. #RetconOfDoom

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Postby Estado Novo Portugues » Mon Jan 20, 2020 10:10 am

There are two national police forces in Portugal.

The Polícia d'Ordem Pública (Public Order Police), or POP, is responsible for civil (non-religious) law enforcement. These are the cops you're most likely to meet everyday patrolling the streets by foot or car. They're the first ones you go to if you have any problems. Uniforms of the POP are light blue suits/shirts and black pants. Patrol cars are white with a single large blue stripe running across each side, the word POLÍCIA in bold letters on the front and back, and blue lights on the roof. They're extremely easy to identify, because they're likely the only vehicles you'll see (private cars are banned in Portugal) other than trucks, buses and taxis. The emergency number for the police is 112.

The Corpo d'Inquisidores (Corps of Inquisitors) is a paramilitary security force. They're responsible for prosecuting religious and moral crimes (blasphemy, heresy, witchcraft, prostitution, etc) and eliminating threats to the government's authority. They also provide security for churches and clergy. The Corpo has a history of being heavy-handed, and most are very unfriendly and annoyed if they think you're interrupting their 9–5 vacation. So these guys should be avoided at all costs unless it's something really pressing. Uniforms of the Corpo d'Inquisidores are dark olive green. Vehicles are white with a single large green stripe running across each side, and a flaming Sacred Heart symbol, but they're rarely seen except when someone's house or business is being raided.
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