ISSUE IDEA: I Do Not Concent To Arrest

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ISSUE IDEA: I Do Not Concent To Arrest

Postby Australian rePublic » Mon Dec 16, 2019 4:06 am

[title] I Do Not Consent To Arrest

[desc] Last night a man who was driving 10kph over the limit was pulled over by the police. After a 25 minute argument, he eventually conceded and showed them his licence. He now came to your office to complain about the encounter.

[validity] must be a democracy, must allow cars, must have police, have computers, must be capitalist

[option] "I was not driving!" demands the man who refuses to be identified, whilst handing you a flash drive showing you the video of his encounter. "Driving is the act of using a motor vehicle for commercial purposes. I was travelling in my automobile for recreational purposes. I was therefore travelling on a public road, exempt from the laws that applies to drivers, as I was not driving. See, the roads act of 1880 says so. It was never repealled, that was unconstitutional!"
[effect] criminals can avoid prison by refusing to consent to arrest
[option] "What you see here, @@LEADER@@ is a sovereign citizen." Explains @@RANDOMNAME@@, your police minister. "These freemen on the land are pests and a waste of police resources. For far too long, we've been putting with this garbage. I say that if anyone refuses to provide their licence after the third request, the police should smash their windows and force them out."
[effect] glass manufacturers are accused of promoting the sovereign citizenship movement
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