A World of Magic and Adventure ((Magicae Mundi OOC Thread))

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A World of Magic and Adventure ((Magicae Mundi OOC Thread))

Postby Aedis Aurora » Tue Nov 19, 2019 7:38 pm

Welcome to the World of Magicae Mundi!
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Magicae Mundi is a complete high fantasy setting for NS, based partially on the D20 campaign settings of yore (and now). It is a world thousands of years old, whose history is constantly being built by its members and whose future is in their hands. Taking place on the world of Vardamir, joining is as simple as coming to the discord. There are two ways to take part in Magicae Mundi:

1) Developing a character from an existing nation, which only requires membership and permission from the person running that nation

2) Building your own nation in the campaign setting, which requires passing a simple interview with the dungeon masters

There are only three rules:

The Rules

Rule #1: No guns or gunpowder.
Rule #2: You must be a member of this discord.
Rule #3 Treat all players with respect.

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