Stalstatt General Election, 2019

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Who do you support in the 2019 Stalstatt General Election?

Poll ended at Fri Nov 15, 2019 4:09 pm

United Socialist Party
Christian People's Party
Liberal Democratic Party
Farmer's Party
Ecological Democratic Party
Social Revolutionary Party
Total votes : 45

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Stalstatt General Election, 2019

Postby Stalstatt » Fri Nov 08, 2019 4:09 pm

Elections for the General-National Congress are to be held in Stalstatt on Friday, November 15, 2019, following the collapse of the ruling government amidst prolonged social strife. This will be the first time since 1944 that open, multi-party elections are held in Stalstatt.

Since 1947, Stalstatt has been a single-party state ruled by the United People's Communist Party (VVKP), which transformed Stalstatt into a socialist state. Despite elections being held every four years since then, the VVKP has been the only party to be legally allowed to participate. Every Chairman of the Council of Ministers has been a member of the VVKP.

Starting in the early 2010s, civil disobedience to the dictatorial government grew steadily, culminating in several riots in the nation's major cities. This resulted in the VVKP choosing Günther Beyersdorf, a political moderate, as the new Chairman in 2017. Beyersdorf at first attempted to subdue the protests with compromise, but when that ultimately failed, resorted to force. However, the military began to defect to the protestors following the bloody Siege of Strassenburg in late 2018, and the government accordingly began to disintegrate. Beyersdorf demanded the Congress to relax its restrictions on public meetings and censorship of the media, which was reluctantly granted as protestors managed to seize control of the city of Dresdner in May of 2019.

With the government appearing to be unable to handle the protests, threats of a civil war grew more and more frequent. Finally, in September of 2019, Beyersdorf announced, without the support of the Congress, that the VVKP would allow for other parties to contest the upcoming elections. While most of the party membership accepted this, hard-liners did not, and the result was the fragmentation of the VVKP into several parties, with the newly formed United Socialist Party (VSP) retaining a majority within the Congress and committing itself to reform. While protests are still ongoing, the tension around the country has noticeably dwindled following the announcement of free elections.

Since 1947, Stalstatt has used the closed D'Hondt method for calculating the percentages for seats to the Congress. An attempt was made in 1973 to amend this to be a simple first-past-the-post system within legislative districts, but failed due to concerns of a potential upset in areas that were not fully devoted to the governing VVKP. A further attempt to reform the system succeeded in 2010, resulting in the D'Hondt system being changed to allow for open list voting. It is this system that has subsequently been used since the 2011 general election.

The United Socialist Party (German: Vereinigte Sozialistische Partei, VSP) is a democratic-socialist political party in Stalstatt that is considered to be the legal successor to the long-governing United People’s Communist Party. After the breakup of the VVKP in mid-2019, the VSP emerged as a party supportive of a transition to a full democracy and limited privatization, retaining basic and military industries under government control. It currently has a supermajority within the General-National Congress, holding 377 of the 500 seats.

Party Chairman: Günther Beyersdorf
Political Color: Red
Political Position: Center-Left to Left-Wing
Ideology: Social Democracy, Democratic Socialism, Christian Socialism

-Revise the Constitution to allow for a free and open democratic system
-Create an elected head-of-state responsible to the people
-Create a mixed economic system with some free market capitalism but under government regulation
-Maintain a nationalized heavy industry and arms industry while permitting privatized service and light industries
-Fund and improve the public welfare system via ‘hospital tax’
-Maintain current taxation rates on high-earning individuals while offering tax credits to low-income families
-Provide free housing to low-income families, funded by government-issued bonds and built on government land

The Christian People’s Party (German: Christliche Volkspartei, CVP) is the first conservative political party in Stalstatt since 1945. It is considered to be a party of devout Christians (Catholic and Protestant), and although supportive of transitioning to a market economy, is interested in retaining a social welfare system for the poor. Although it has currently the fewest seats in the General-National Congress (13 out of 500), public support for the party and its platform has shown to be particularly high amongst those wronged by the previous communist government.

Party Chairman: Hermann Wolter
Political Color: Blue
Political Position: Center-Right to Right-Wing
Ideology: Christian Democracy, Liberal Conservatism, Social Conservatism

-Draft a new Constitution to eschew all communist influence of the current one
-Create a bicameral legislature with an upper house that is representative of the states
-Support a referendum on the possible return of the monarchy
-Deregulate all industries except the arms and military, which remain under government control
-Provide tax exemptions to Christian churches for charity work and public housing
-Maintain current funding for the government’s social welfare system
-Revise the tax system towards a flat system but with greater taxation on high-earning individuals

The Liberal Democratic Party (German: Liberaldemokratische Partei, LDP) is a liberal political party that has garnered support from many centrists in the current government. As the party most in favor of transitioning to a full capitalist system, it has earned the ire of many hard-line socialists in the government, and only holds 23 of the 500 seats in the Congress. The party’s aim in its ideology is to create a democratic society with as little government control as possible, both in the private and public spheres, as well as a minimal oversight of the nation’s economic system.

Chairwoman: Judith Eckstein
Political Color: Yellow
Political Position: Center
Ideology: Classical Liberalism, Economic Liberalism, Social Liberalism

-Draft a new Constitution that eliminates all trace of government control on the private citizen
-Create a democratic republic with a popularly-elected head-of-state and court system
-Privatize all major industries, retaining only the most basic emergency services for government control
-Repeal any and all laws imposing social restrictions on the people (especially regarding abortion and homosexuality)
-Establish a flat tax system for all citizens
-Eliminate conscription and transform the military into a volunteer-only force
-Create international agreements to allow for expansion of national industries to foreign countries

The Farmer's Party (German: Bauernpartei, BP) is an agrarian political party that has found popularity with the rural factions of the former VVKP. It is supportive of agrarianism in general, disliking industrialization, and supports continued tariffs on foodstuffs from foreign nations to keep local farmers competitive. In addition, it supports several green policies, such as a carbon tax and investment in renewable energy. The party is also socially conservative, being supportive of the current restrictions on abortion and homosexuality. It currently has 26 seats in the Congress.

Chairman: Reinhold Marquardt
Political Color: Green
Political Position: Center to Center-Right
Ideology: Agrarianism, Green Conservatism, Economic Nationalism

-Revise the current Constitution to remove socialist control over the government
-Maintain any and all tariffs on foreign imports of grain, beef, and dairy
-Maintain all societal laws prohibiting abortion and homosexuality
-Provide tax credits to families for housing and financial support
-Provide tax incentives to farmers for using sustainable farming practices
-Maintain current progressive tax rate but eliminate income tax on low-income individuals/families

The Ecological Democratic Party (German: Ökologisch-Demokratische Partei, ÖDP) is a more traditional green political party in Stalstatt, espousing support for renewable energy under a socialist system. It is one of only two parties that do not make the removal of the socialist monopoly on political power a priority, instead focusing on achieving reliance on renewable energy through the current socialist system. In contrast, the party however does place a premium on public participation in the electoral process, supporting such practices as making election day a public holiday and providing tax credits to those that vote. It currently has 20 seats in the Congress.

Chairwoman: Alexandra Kopp
Political Color: Lime
Political Position: Center to Center-Left
Ideology: Green Politics, Eco-Socialism, Grassroots Democracy

-Invest government funds into renewable energy practices while removing them from coal and oil production
-Maintain current tax rates on individuals but increase those on corporations that do not switch to renewable energy
-Provide tax incentives to industries that reduce carbon footprint
-Create a law that makes election day a public holiday
-Provide tax credits to those that can demonstrate their voter registration and evidence of voting
-Reduce the size of the armed forces

The Social Revolutionary Party (German: Sozialrevolutionare Partei, SRP) is the last bastion for the hard-line socialists and communists in the government of Stalstatt. It is fully supportive of the preceding 70 years of VVKP governance and does not wish to amend the political situation at all. Socially, however, the party accepts that some form of liberalization must take place to end the current strife, and to that end supports the end of government control over public life. It is the second largest political party in the General-National Congress, with 41 of the 500 seats.

Chairman: Maximilian Geisler
Political Color: Burgundy
Political Position: Left-Wing to Far Left
Ideology: Marxism, Revolutionary Socialism, Democratic Centralism

-Maintain the status quo of the current political system
-Increase income tax to 100% for high-income earnings over Gm 1 million
-Repeal laws criminalizing homosexuality and abortion
-Establish increased conscription laws to all adults between ages 18 and 24
-Nationalize all industries and businesses with more than 50 workers
-Establish new election laws that give the government mandate to the party with the most seats won

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Postby Tyrannyicalist » Sat Nov 09, 2019 5:41 am

To, Hermann Wolter and whom ever else it may concern

The country of Tyrannyicalist itself is devoutly christian with 84% of it's population being catholic in a census taken in 2018 and as such we commend your religous ideas and support your political cause and we would be willing to donate campaign funds to you and your cause should you be in need of such funds. We hope you may be more successful in future elections.

From, Edwin Cuid, the Tyrannyicalist Ambassador
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Postby Valtrona » Sat Nov 09, 2019 5:53 am

Dear Chairman Judith Eckstein,

As a nation of laissez-faire economics and minimal government, Valtrona wishes you and your party the best of luck in the upcoming elections. We give you our support and, if legal, donations to your campaign. May you truly change Stalstatt for the better.

- Director Alexander Kovich of Valtrona

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Postby Stalstatt » Sat Nov 09, 2019 7:09 am

Thousands gathered outside Falkenstein Palace this morning to protest the government, which has been accused of deliberately mishandling reform attempts aimed at placating the angry populace. With the first free elections since 1945 only a week away, the protesters appeared to make clear the latent dissatisfaction of the current government.

Chairman Gunther Beyersdorf, who is vacationing at the resort town of Holzhausen, was not available for comment. His government, which is largely composed of the United Socialist Party, has promised multiple reforms ahead of the upcoming elections, but has not delivered them to a riled up and agitated people.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Hermann Wolter appeared on the steps of the Palace of the Republic, asking for calm in preparation of the elections. He stated that the nation would move forwards in time, "but not before it is ready." While his speech has done little to soothe the protestors, his willingness to appear in public to them has improved his standing compared to his rivals for power in the General-National Congress.

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Postby Stalstatt » Sun Nov 10, 2019 5:32 am

Preliminary polling at this time for the election later this week shows a massive amount of support for the conservative Christian People's Party, which currently sits at nearly 67% of those polled.

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Postby Stalstatt » Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:04 am

Today marks the first appearance of pro-communist counter-protestors in Falkenstein, as a crowd of just over 400, many of them sympathetic to the Social Revolutionary Party, have begun demonstrating in front of the Palace of the Republic demanding the free election to be held this week be cancelled. Pro-democratic protestors continue to camp in front of Falkenstein Palace, in the meantime.

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Postby Stalstatt » Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:49 pm

Speaking before the final assembly of the General-National Congress before Friday's election, SRP leader Maximilian Geisler gave a blistering speech outlining how a transition to a bourgeoisie democracy will be the death of the nation. He railed further on the liberal and conservative elements within the Congress, calling them "the surest enemies of the people as the Kaiser." But the most concerning note was at the end of the speech, where Geisler mentioned that the protestors supporting the socialist state had "every right to ensure that their government remains theirs, by force if necessary."

While most of the Congress and the Council of Ministers are looking forward to the election to settle the decade-long opposition to the communist single-party state, few are willing to see force used to prop up the government that is not supported by a popular mandate. Indeed, Chairman Beyersdorf was swift to denounce Geisler's seemingly brazen support for a coup against the results of Friday's election, saying it was "not in the best interests of anyone to have force used to ensure an unpopular system."

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Postby Stalstatt » Wed Nov 13, 2019 2:56 pm

With only two days until the first democratic elections since 1946, the conservative Christian People's Party remains leading in all polls. The pro-democracy protestors have begun to recede away from Falkenstein Palace as a result, returning to their homes in preparation of the polls opening, while the pro-communist demonstrators have begun to grow in number slightly as fears of a 'bourgeoisie' takeover grows.

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Postby Ravenni » Wed Nov 13, 2019 5:28 pm

Statement on behalf of the Ravenni Ministry for Foreign Affairs

On behalf of the citizens of the Communes of Ravenni, our Government offers its utmost solidarity with the Social Revolutionary Party of Stalstatt in their bid to maintain their vanguard against the forces of reaction and capitalism. As a nation, we applaud their efforts to improve citizen engagement in the political process while upholding constant vigilance against those who would see a strong Marxist society fall. Furthermore, we are heartened to see that the SRP are working towards the emancipation of civil rights in their position on homosexuality and abortion. We hope that the incumbent Government of Stalstatt offers the revolutionary protesters the same freedom of assembly that they have afforded the reactionary elements of their society.

Yours in solidarity,
Sebastian Romagna
Minister for Foreign Affairs

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Postby Stalstatt » Fri Nov 15, 2019 5:04 am

Despite regional tensions, the polling stations have opened all across Stalstatt, and although most protestors have gone home to vote, the pro-communist ones remain in front of the Palace of the Republic, loudly demanding the elections be postponed or even cancelled. Falkenstein Police are on scene to prevent any sort of violence.

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Postby Stalstatt » Sat Nov 16, 2019 4:45 pm

With the final election results in and counted, the Christian People's Party have won a decided victory in the country's first democratic elections since 1946. Having secured 197 of the 500 seats (below the expected majority that pundits had anticipated), the CVP will likely seek to form a non-socialist coalition with the Liberal Democrats or the Farmer's Party. All three parties achieved massive gains at the expense of the VSP, whose seat total collapsed from 377 to just 55, while the hard-line SRP secured just 48 seats.

Speaking at his party's celebratory gathering just outside of Falkenstein, Hermann Wolter stressed the need not only to seek a broad consensus on the direction of the country, but also to keep in mind those that did not wish to see change enacted. "We act for the greater good, not ourselves," he reminded the jubilant crowds. Similar tones were taken up by the leaders of the LDP and BP, while Chairman Beyersdorf, whose own gathering was far more somber, acknowledged that the time had come for change, and that the VSP had a duty to assist in implementing these changes.

Maximilian Geisler, the leader of the SRP, vowed to resist any and all changes implemented, saying that "the bourgeoisie is going to run roughshod over the workers, and it is thus the duty of all workers to resist their erosion of rights." Despite Geisler's statements, preliminary studying of the election ballots suggests that a majority of lower-income workers and farmers opted to support the CVP and BP instead of the VSP or SRP.
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Postby Greater Miami Shores » Sat Nov 16, 2019 11:14 pm

To Chairman Hermann Wolter of the Conservative Right Wing Christian People's Party:
Minister of Foreign Diplomatic Relations - Otto Reich and Vice Minister of Foreign Diplomatic Relations Giovanni Corrado.
German Jewish Austrian Cuban father - Catholic Cuban Spaniard Mother.
Vice Minister of Foreign Diplomatic Relations - Young 20 years old Giovanni Corrado of Italian birth and descent.

Otto Reich: I taught the Kid everything he knows.
Giovanni Corrado: You ain't taught me anything, I taught me everything.
Otto Reich: You got guts Kid.

Aura Sanchinelli - Leading Psychic of Greater Miami Shores:
Young 20 years old Miamian of Italian birth and descent, future Popular Minister of Foreign Diplomatic Relations under popular 2 five year terms President Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Vice President Mel Martinez of Cuban birth and descent. After they succeed Popular 2 five year Terms President Lincoln Diaz-Balart. After Otto Reich retires as Minister of Foreign Diplomatic Relations and wins election by landslide as a Popular CRNP Parliament Representative leader. After 2 five year terms Popular President Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Vice President Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Giovanni Corrado of Italian birth and descent future Popular 2 5 year terms President of Greater Miami Shores. According to our nation's leading psychic Aura Sanchinelli of Guatemalan Italian birth and descent, married to a Cuban, whom everyone knows is always right.

We strongly believe you and your democratic capitalist Party did not get a majority of the seats In Parliament as pundits had predicted because it was clearly divided between the 3 democratic capitalist Parties with at least 76 % of the votes, but this is what democracy is all about. We are sure you will win a majority on your reelection night as you will prove to your nation and your people as their Prime Minister or Leader.

The government and nation of Greater Miami Shores is proud to be the first nation to congratulate the Conservative right wing Christian People's Party of chairman Hermann Wolter of Stalstatt, for your considerable landslide election victory, with at least 39.40 % of the vote to 40% and seats in Parliament 197 seats, To Make and Keep Stalstatt Great Again Democratic and Capitalist.

We are sure you will be the next democratic Prime Minister of Staltstatt or leader of your nation and People.

As we share many of the same economic, political, cultural and religious views.
In the name of President Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Vice President Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and the Miamian People.

We see a possible two way coalition government of the Christian People's Party with the Farmer's Party with at least about 277 seats 55.40 % to 56 %. or a possible coalition government of the Christian People's Party with Liberal Democratic Party with at least 297 seats 59.40 % to 60 %. or a grand non socialist right wing coalition government of the Christian People's Party, the Farmer's Party and the Liberal Democratic Party. We suggest the cabinet post positions of Ministers be divided between the two or three Political Parties roughly by proportional representation of their political strengths by seats in the General-National Congress Parliament.

General Examples:

080 - 28.88 % * cabinet post positions of Ministers - Farmers Party -
197 - 71.12 % * cabinet post positions of Ministers - Christian People's Party
277 - 55.40 %

080 - 16.88 % - 21.22 % - Farmers Party
100 - 21.10 % - 26.53 % - Liberal Democratic Party
197 - 41.56 % - 52.25 % * Christian People's Party
377 - 75.40 %

or after determining the cabinet post position of Ministers for the Christian People's Party, you dive the remainder cabinet post positions of Ministers between the Farmers Party and the Liberal Democratic Party by proportional representation of their political strengths by seats in the General-National Congress Parliament.

080 seats - 44.44 % * Cabinet post positions of Ministers - Farmers Party -
100 seats - 55.56 % * Cabinet post positions of Ministers - Liberal Democratic Party

President Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Vice President Ileana Ros-Lehtinen are Accountants, lawyers and school teachers, by Profession and love math statistics and percentages % and provided this information above to share with you. Ileana is a former school teacher and Lincoln is a former lawyer.

We would like to establish close friendly economic, political, cultural and tourist diplomatic relations between our nations governments and people. We offer a fair free trade agreement on all sectors of our economy. Increasing exports and imports between our nations. A good deal $, a great deal $.

An online visa registry system to make it easier for both our nations capitalist businessman and businesswomen to enter and leave our nations when their business interests require it. But with strong security police reports updated as needed. Just in case a businessman or businesswomen is compromised, blackmailed or commits a crime of passion in any of our nations while on business.

Make and Keep Stalstatt Great Again Democratic and Capitalist.
Make and Keep Miami Great Again.

Minister of Foreign Diplomatic Relations - Otto Reich
Vice Minister of Foreign Diplomatic Relations - Giovanni Corrado

Make and Keep Miami Great Again.
President Lincoln Diaz-Balart.
Vice President Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.
The Conservative Republican Nationalist Party CRNP.
The Miami Shores Council of Ministers with Pics.
The Democratic Capitalist Republic of Greater Miami Shores.

Meet our Council of Ministers with Pics - Presidents and Parliament Representatives: ... /id=846690
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