Savojarna 38 WCoH - Everything Thread

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Savojarna 38 WCoH - Everything Thread

Postby Savojarna » Sat Nov 02, 2019 3:32 am


proudly invite you to


It is our pleasure, in the name of the entirety of Savojarna, to welcome the ice hockey fans of the world to our beautiful nation. Savojarna is one of the most passionate hockey nations of the multiverse, and we want to bring that passion for hockey into the World Cup. Thirty-six nations have signed up to visit us in this autumn, and we hope that they will all have a great time, from the champion to all those who can't make it past the first stage. Here, everyone from fans to players and journalist shall find whatever they need to know about the World Cup of Hockey.


Eight groups of five will contest a single-round-robin, with all games played in Savojarna. All round-robin games will be contested to the official IIHF rules, i.e. with five minutes of 3v3 OT and a shootout, and the IIHF point system (3 for a regulation win, 2 for an OT win, 1 for an OT loss, 0 for a regulation loss). In each group, the top two will advance to octofinals, from where on the tournament progresses with single elimination. The KO games will be seeded according to the following criteria, which are also the tie-breakers for the group stage:

0. Group position (only for KO seeding)
1. Points
2. Head-to-Head results of involved teams
3. Head-to-Head goal difference
4. Goal difference
5. Goals scored
6. Coin toss

The knockout stage will be re-seeded according to these criteria each round. KO games are contested with continuous 5v5 overtime. OOC details can be found in the Savojar bid.


The 36 teams are seeded into pots according to the Post-WCoH 37 rankings. Savojarna are not being placed in a pot; instead, they will be automatically placed in the first position of Group A. Unranked teams are seeded according to order of signup. The pots are as follows:

Pot 1
Savojarna (12, automatically placed as A1)
Neu Engollon (1)
Elejamie (2)
Mercedini (3)
Vilita and Turori (4)
Abanhfleft (6)
Royal Kingdom of Quebec (8)
Equestrian States (9)

Pot 2
Valanora (10)
Kita-Hinode (11)
Siovanija and Teusland (14)
Anthor (15)
Free Republics (16)
Ko-oren (19)
Banija (21)
Cassadaigua (22)

Pot 3
United States of Devonta (23)
Lisander (28)
Lorenthia (34)
Austrakia (35)
St. Saratoga (36)
Xabia (44)
Bolgano (UR)
Gyatso-Kai (UR)

Pot 4
The Sarian (UR)
HUElavia (UR)
Kelssek (UR)
Tornado Queendom (UR)
The Ross Isles (UR)
Aaaaaa (UR)
Greater Cebu (UR)
Taeshan (UR)

Pot 5
Bliuji (UR)
Terre Septentrionale (UR)
Volinovia (UR)
North Quadana (UR)
Gim (UR)
Kingdom of the Polar Bear (UR)
Silver Beach (UR)
Adyatin (UR)


Group A (Sjoedrhavn)
Savojarna (12, seeded)
Banija (21)
Bolgano (UR)
HUElavia (UR)
Kingdom of the Polar Bear (UR)

Group B (Storevik)
Elejamie (2)
Siovanija and Teusland (14)
Lorenthia (34)
The Ross Isles (UR)
Silver Beach (UR)

Group C (Pawlograd)
Equestrian States (9)
Cassadaigua (22)
Lisander (28)
The Sarian (UR)
Adyatin (UR)

Group D (Virkaja)
Abanhfleft (6)
Kita-Hinode (11)
St. Saratoga (36)
Kelssek (UR)
Gim (UR)

Group E (Jarnstad)
Royal Kingdom of Quebec (8)
Ko-oren (19)
United States of Devonta (23)
Greater Cebu (UR)
Volinovia (UR)

Group F (Hovikkära)
Neu Engollon (1)
Free Republics (16)
People's Republic of Xabia (44)
Aaaaaa (UR)
Bliuji (UR)

Group G
(St. Andrei)
Vilita and Turori (4)
Anthor (15)
Gyatso-Kai (UR)
Tornado Queendom (UR)
Terre Septentrionale (UR)

Group H (Landsmark)
Mercedini (3)
Valanora (10)
Austrakia (35)
Taeshan (UR)
North Quadana (UR)

03/11: Group draw
07/11: MD 1 - 2v5, 3v4
08/11: MD 2 - 1v2, 5v3
09/11: MD 3 - 3v1, 4v5
10/11: MD 4 - 1v4, 2v3
11/11: MD 5 - 4v2, 5v1
14/11: Octofinals
17/11: Quarterfinals
19/11: Semifinals
21/11: 3PPO
21/11: Final

Cut-offs will be in a window of 22:30 - 23:00 Central European Time (21:30-22:00 UTC).
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Olympic medal count (winter): 6-2-3
WJHC 12, WCoH 34, Alpine Skiing World Tour
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The adjective is Savojar; Savojarnan is not a word!
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Postby Savojarna » Sat Nov 02, 2019 3:33 am

Savojarna National Tourist Office - Visitor's Guide to Savojarna

We expect visitors from all over the multiverse to arrive to our beautiful country for the 38th World Cup of Hockey. To prevent unwanted surprises, here are the most important things you should know if you come to this nation. The Savojars are friendly and open people, but the law in this nation can be harsh and it is best to be prepared and know your borders and rights. Similarly, it is important to know where to go and what not to miss - surely you don't want to go home and never have seen the famous Great White Dragons? Here is all you need to know as a visitor to Savojarna!

Savojarna is a nation shaped by the roughness and hard conditions of the life on those frozen islands. Often, settlements got too big for what limited resources our soil offers, and the only way to improve the supplies of food was war. This rough environment has hardened us all. For many years, war was the way a man had to take to bring his family through the winter, be it war on his neighbour or on the fruitful lands of Russica. The country hadn't been united until the 16th century, and only in the early 19th century did said unity become more than just central rule from Sjoedrhavn. The divisions of the old times can still be seen and felt, and we definitely advise you to see more than just the city of Sjoedrhavn - even though there is no way of denying you should take a look at it. Travel up north to the rough wilderness of Northern Vestrholm and make some expeditions into nature from Jarnstad. Take a short flight (or a boat) to Storevik and explore the Silver Mountains of Ejana, where the silver was mined that allowed Ejana to reign almost the entire nation from Storevik in the 9th century. Stroll through the vast forests of Sumanen, taste its many berries and see one of the famous Savojar Dragons. Or see the centre of Savojar Christianity in St. Andrei, down south in Russica.

Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in this nation, with the SHS attracting huge crowds outnumbered only by the Football Series due to its bigger stadiums. It regularly reaches a higher percentage of seats filled than the SFS manages. Savojar players have moved to Novaya Zemlya and Mercedini, leading to a great support for these two countries as well, as their players are familiar for the average Savojar fan. The nation considers the aforementioned countries friendly rivals, but also harbours a more bitter rivalry with Vilita (and Turori) due to the Ice Cat Things having spoiled the Savojar's best shot at a World Cup of Hockey title back in the 34th edition here in Savojarna, Turori then knocking the Savojars out again at the 13th Winter Olympics, Vilita and Savojarna playing each other four times in the World Cup Qualification in football, and many Savojar fans thinking that Ice Cat Things is an utterly stupid name. On that last one, Savojar hockey fans can be quite purist and traditional (OOC note: That means traditional European ice hockey in RL terms) and don't value the commercialisation of the game. Things like franchising, giving teams mascots and nicknames and, heavens forbid, changing their colours are likely to be regarded with contempt by the Savojar fanbase, who longs for times when Sumani played for Virkaja or Hovikkära, Ejanans played for ESK, Russians for Traktor, and CASK simply drafted everyone they liked.

Getting here, getting around

WCoH attendees will likely fly to the capital, Sjoedrhavn. This means you will land at Sjoedrhavn International, from where most major national airlines fly to the bigger Multiverse nations. IAS flies to most Rushmori nations and to many destinations in other major nations as well. Some low-budget airlines fly to Thorsborg, from where there is a high speed connection to Sjoedrhavn. Your match ticket serves as a ticket on all national and Sjoedrhavn trains for three days before and after the match! If you fly to Pawlograd, there is a ferry connection which takes about three hours and is covered by the ticket as well. Alternatively, you may want to take a domestic flight which will likely cost you around 30-50 SAK. Visa are easy to get as most Rushmori nations don't need a visum (but need to announce their stay - if you fly with IAS, that was taken care of when you bought the ticket). For the week before and after the matches, this practice was extended to all citizens of nations coming to play in Savojarna. For staying longer, you will need a tourist visum which can be obtained at every Savojar embassy or consulate or on

In Savojarna, you will mostly use public transport. Within all participant cities, public transport is entirely free. Between cities, we have a high speed train network, the use of which is free to ticket holders on game days to travel to or from the venue! Inter-island-travel is usually done by boat (boat transfers are included in intercity train tickets, or can be bought on their own) or by domestic flights. Airports can be found in Sjoedrhavn, Pawlograd, St. Andrei, Thorsborg, Storevik, Virkaja and Hovikkära. Major ports are to be found in Sjoedrhavn, Pawlograd, Storevik, Hovikkära and Jarnstad. Public transport is reliable and affordable. If you want to rent a car, this is possible at airports and train stations. You need to have had a driving license of your home country for at least three years and be over 21 to rent a car, and to drive it you need to have a valid driver's license and be at least 18 years old.

A Place to Stay, A Way to Pay

Sjoedrhavn has a number of hotels and hostels in all price classes. For the games, we advise you to book early on to avoid bad surprises. In the whole country, a number of camping places and guesthouses can be found, while big hotels are not that common outside tourist hotspots. Small private guesthouses and Bed&Breakfasts are quite common in smaller towns and along tourist areas. Contact the SNTO under for more information on a certain area.

You pay for all this with the Savojar Krona (SAK). There are coins for 10, 20 and 50 Öre and for 1, 2 and 5 Kronor, while the bank notes are worth 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 Kronor. Money can be obtained at any change bureau or bank, and there are such located in any major train station or airport. Please only use the Bank of Savojarna exchange places/banks, as other offers are illegal and we do not guarantee that you will not receive invalid or fake money. The Bank of Savojarna is the only institution licensed to offer exchange. You can also obtain money at any ATM, which are equipped to use most credit and debit cards used in the Multiverse. However, this cannot be expected of stores and shops, as Savojars typically pay for things with cash.

Typical prices in central Sjoedrhavn:
- a big beer (0.5 l): 3-5 SAK
- a glass of water or soda (0.5 l): 1.50-3 SAK
- a coffee: 1.50 SAK
- a meal in a restaurant: 15-20 SAK
- a taxi ride (5 km, day): 15 SAK
- a night at a hotel (three stars): 55-80 SAK
- a night at a hostel: 15-20 SAK
- a cinema ticket: 10-15 SAK


Sjoedrhavn is the nation's capital, located in the south of Vestrholm in a natural harbour. Due to this location, it became a big trading station and a major port for the navy. The old town of Sjoedrhavn comes largely from the 17th and 18th century, while the Docklands, serving as the primary nightlife district of the city, were erected in the early 20th century. It is the traditional seat of power in Savojarna through most of the modern time, and even longer ago in Vestrholm. It is a pride and vibrant city that stands on par with many other capital cities in the Multiverse.


Capacity: 26'400
Teams: SHK Sjoedrhavn, Dynamo Sjoedrhavn
Hosts: Group A, Octofinal 1 and 2, Quarterfinal 1, Semifinal 1, Final


Capacity: 8'400
Teams: Akademisk HK Sjoedrhavn
Hosts: Group F


Thorsborg is the second-biggest city of Vestrholm. It is located at a strategic location, a crossroads of trade routes between Jarnstad, Sjoedrhavn and Landsmark. Thorsborg is located on a step in the landscape that allows for use of water power. This location eventually turned the military stronghold into an industrial powerhouse in the 19th century, and a beacon of revolution in 1909. In the 1970s and 1980s, a gradual shift towards a technology-oriented industry happened. Today, Thorsborg is a center of youth culture, energy production and tech companies. It is both an industrial and cultural center, even though this vibrant city has not held significant political power since the rise of Sjoedrhavn.


Capacity: 22'000
Team: CASK Thorsborg
Hosts: Group B, Octofinal 5 and 6, Quarterfinal 3.


Capacity: 12'100
Teams: Thorsborgs Technik, Energie Thorsborg
Hosts: Group E


This far-North city is the capital of Ejana, the smallest and roughest of Savojarna's main islands. In the past, it had grown rich and powerful off its natural resources, mainly copper, iron and silver. Ejanan rulers had been the first to unite Savojarna under their rule, based on their riches and their powerful warriors. Nowadays, Storevik is a pulsating, modern port city. Due to the relatively low population of Ejana, this had always been a place full of immigrants from all over Savojarna. It is also a historically significant location, as the Revolution of 1909 started here, when angry miners from the island's rich mines had besieged the administrative buildings of the Province. These events are memorised in a museum that is considered one of Savojarna's best museums, and the people up here are known as some of the most passionate ice hockey fans of the country. And they are incredibly hospitable, making sure your stay in Ejana will be enjoyable.


Capacity: 14'000
Home teams: ESK Storevik, Admiral Storevik
Hosts: Group B


Capacity: 13'200
Home team: Admiral Storevik
Hosts: Group B


Pawlograd is the biggest town and economic center of Russica Savojar. While its administration lays in the 18th century colonial town of Savojagrad, this has been the area's biggest port from where all the goods acquired in Russica were shipped north to Sjoedrhavn. The connection of Pawlograd and Sjoedrhavn remains the main arteria of Savojarna's economy and the survival of its inhabitants, as the majority of the nation's agricultural output comes from the Russica region. Its inhabitants speak a Russian dialect and have a large Christian minority, based largely in the rural area and around St. Andrei. In the Northern parts of Russica, and especially the Pawlograd region, international influences are high. Pawlograd is a melting pot unprecedented within Savojarna, and one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities in the nation. Its inhabitants love hockey, and its two teams share a bitter rivalry.


Capacity: 23'000
Home team: SK Torpedo Pawlograd
Hosts: Group C, Octofinal 3 and 4, Quarterfinal 2, Semifinal 2

St. Andrei

The old inland city of St. Andrei, named after the patron saint of Russica, St. Andrei the Blessed Zealot who unified Russica under the Christian faith, is the culutral centre of this old region. While Russica's beating economic heart may be in Pawlograd, its religion has its seat in the famous Great Cathedral of Holy King Andrei, where the Patriarch of St. Andrei resides. In the late 18th and early 19th century, St. Andrei was the centre of a literary trend singing the praises of an old Russica when pretty young girls were freely playing in the grain fields of the country while their brothers would harvest the grain and their grandfathers would sing the traditional songs of the country, with not a single Savojar in sight. While these times were long gone, the longing for them wasn't, and it lead to the Russian National Movement that would be forcibly crushed later this century. Nowadays, St. Andrei is an old and proud city, living off tourism and its cultural aura that is second to none in Savojarna. Come and visit the cathedral, explore its ancient mediaeval core, and some core sites of the Savojar Revolution in Russica.


Capacity: 11'980
Team: Traktor St. Andrei
Hosts: Group C


The biggest city of the island of Sumanen lays in the South of the island, where it connects the island and its large timber and mining industry to the rest of the country. Hovikkära is a port and trading city, which has relatively little industry itself. However, it has been a political and trade center of its island in the past, and while South Sumanen has not been independent for a long time, Sjoedrhavn's representants have governed the area from Hovikkära's small but pretty old town. The city is smaller than other regional centers of Savojarna, but considered a "secret gem" by many travelling sites for its beautiful 18th/19th century old town, its harbour which is an industrial museum, and for its representative district overlooking old town and harbour.


Capacity: 24'000
Teams: PT Hovikkära
Hosts: Group D, Octofinal 7 and 8, Quarterfinal 4, 3PPO


The capital of Sumanen is a city that has an old history, but has not been more than a small lumberjack settlement until the 19th century. Only with the advancement and modernisation of the timber industry could the city of Virkaja grow into the "Giant in the Forest" that it is known of today. This place has been decried as a boring town only good for sleeping and working for years, but since the 1970s Virkaja has undergone a massive transformation. Starting out with a spectacular rock music scene in the industrial environment of the city in the late 60s and the early 70s, followed up by a movement to revitalise the city, this massive capital of the Savojar timber industry could improve its quality of life to the point that it is now considered one of the major places to be for the young, independent counter-culture of Savojarna. It is also the capital and home of the Savojar Air Force, leading to a great technical development in the city which further vitalised life in this rapidly changing place.


Capacity: 19'000
Home team: Savojars Vinge Virkaja
Hosts: Group D


Jarnstad is a city that has wielded great power in the middle ages, when its easily defensible position north of a mountain range and its access to near unlimited ore (hence its name, meaning Iron City in Savojarsk) meant that it could defend its territory easily. It was the only part of the country to have a King all the way through the First Empire, although it was a ceremonial role for the most part, and played a crucial role in its breakup in the 14th century. Jarnstad still is largely a working class town, being the centre of the mining industry and the railroad industry, and suffers from large-scale emigration to the South, where winters are less cold and grey. But in the autumn, it has a rough charm that has been recently discovered by Savojar travel bloggers who fawn over the rock formations in the nearby mountains, the abandoned mines repurposed into hip restaurants, galleries and bars, and over the accessible dragon reserves (half an hour north of the city by train). Its inhabitants are proud of their origin and their hockey team, Metall Jarnstad. Traditionally, it has a very strong local identity and relies on homegrown players more than any other Savojar team besides ESK.


Capacity: 13'800
Teams: HK Metall Jarnstad
Hosts: Group E


A military town almost since its inception, Landsmark has been shaped by its geography. The city is placed on a peninsula on Vestrholm's eastern coast, theoretically the closest major port to Sumanen (although it has continuously been overshadowed by Sjoedrhavn due to the higher wealth and prestige of the latter and due to the fact that on the part of Sumanen's coast opposite Landsmark, there is only forest) and largely cut off from the rest of the country by a lake. This makes it a perfect place for a defensive fort controlling the strait between the two islands, and this is exactly what the Sydjarl dynasty did in the 15th century after acquiring the land. Landsmark nowadays houses a major armed forces base, and in sports, it is famous for the development teams of the mighty CASK. As being a development team who often had to hand over its best players to Thorsborg soon after their blossoming fell right in line with the perennial feeling of abandonment the Landsmarker had, it soon spiralled into a famous and brutal rivalry. Landsmark's fans are known to be very loud and enthusiastic when they play CASK, or any of the top teams, but the city itself is considered to be pretty friendly, although a bit boring. If you don't enjoy Landsmark's charms (of which there are some, most notably the beautiful nature right to its North and West), it is very easily reachable by a roughly 45 minute train ride from bustling Sjoedrhavn.


Capacity: 11'700
Teams: ASK Landsmark
Hosts: Group F
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The adjective is Savojar; Savojarnan is not a word!
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Postby Kelssek » Sun Nov 03, 2019 8:15 am


Sean Duneasler - C/RW, Dinamo Lupinissia
Julien Lescarbeau [A] - RW, Ad Astra
Ryan Carter-Jenkins - C, Burnaby Ravens
Riley Hesselboe [C] - LW, Internationale
Roch-Olivier Charron - RW, Éireann Dartmoor
Cameron Franklin - C, Olympique Langlois
Luc Pelletier - RW, Grand Falls Haligonian
Mathieu Fabre - RW/LW, Kirkenes Dragons
Shawn Freedman - C/RW, CH Outineau
Jackson Croft - LW, Dinamo Lupinissia
Dylan Saranack - LW, Faucons de Saint-Rémy
Brad Torrhen - RW, Dinamo Lupinissia
Pierre Machouf - C, Redswyth Union
Eamon Coady - C, Breton Emeralds

Kirk Betand - LD, Neorvins Wolves
Rory Kirkland - RD, Dinamo Lupinissia
Zach Polanis - RD, CH Outineau
Pieter Ostend - LD, Vickery Vikings
Matej Halmana [A] - RD, Kirkenes Dragons
Alejandro Belvila - LD, Kirkenes Dragons
Antoine Lauzon - LD, Clayquot Partisans
Loïc Normand - RD, Novanaya Rangers

Simon Durocher - CH Outineau
Gabriel Dillon - Redswyth Union
Bryce Kennedy [starter] - Vickery Vikings

Head coach: Daniel Kirkland
Assistant coaches: Dennis Emberly, Alain Champagneur, Richie O'Malley

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Postby HUElavia » Sun Nov 03, 2019 9:43 am

HUElavia National Hockey Team

#1: Marco Vasilevskiy
#30: Alejandro Rodriguez-Gomez
#56: Tomas Sanchez

#4: Mateo Companioni
#8: Ruslan Chevchenko
#25: Raul Martinez-Herrera
#38: Felipe Costa-Reus
#50: Felix Garcon-Chevalier
#67: Karim Ben Youseff
#88: Joao Leite

#7: Rafael Dominguez-Garcia (C)
#18: Ricardo Lima-Fernandes
#21: Robert Petit
#31: Gianluigi Rossi
#49: Alexei Pavluchenko
#55: Josue Carvalho
#69: David Kariya
#77: Marc-Andre Roux
#87: Igor Ovechkin
#97: Pierre Giroux

Starting Goaltender: Vasilevskiy
Starting Defenders: Chevchenko and Garcon-Chevalier
Starting Attackers: Dominguez-Garcia, Ovechkin, Grioux
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Postby Valanora » Sun Nov 03, 2019 9:43 am

Valanora WCoH 38 Roster

My opponent if the RP first may:
Choose goalscorers: Y
Choose goal scoring events: Y
Godmod goal scoring events: Y
Penalize players/give game misconducts: No, the Calcuttas play a clean and fast paced game, committing few penalties, preferring to use skill over goon tactics.
Godmod other events: N

What is the name of…

…six time World Cup of Hockey and twice Winter Olympic champions?
Valanora (known prior as Elves Security Forces)

...the nickname of the team?

...the other nations involved in Valanora?
Sabine and Caddonia, Vyinta and Dark Templara

…the nation in which this Commonwealth play their domestic league?
Elves Security Forces (sometimes ESF in shortphrase)

…people from the Commonwealth?
Vanorians or Vanors

…the person who created this mess?
Elves Security Forces

Modifier: +2


Manager: Zelda Hellström (F) - age 50
Assistant: Tarik Carlsson - age 51

Scoring Line 1
LW Jacob Sandberg, 28, Stormgaurd Lions
C Leandro Söderström, age 26, Soldarian Royals
RW Hussein Gustavsson, age 26, Therathor Majestics

Scoring Line 2
LW Eva Strömberg (F), age 21, Raynor City Raptors
C Ricky Björk, age 32, Raynor City Raptors
RW Nora Åström (F), age 27, Soldarian Royals

Scoring Line 3
LW Maia Nordström (F), age 27, Ispan Wanderers
C Måns Dahlberg, age 27, Zul'Atun Eagles
RW Jamie Hansson, age 26, Everlin Hawks

Checking Line
LW Felizia Norberg (F), age 21, Longview Sabres
C Denniz Danielsson, age 27, Gladerial Panthers
RW Melker Åström, age 33, Raynor City Raptors

Defense Pair 1
LD Caspar Öberg, age 26, Hondo Guards
RD Najma Engström (F), age 29, Gladerial Panthers

Defense Pair 2
LD Vilmer Sandström, age 31, Ianisle Guardians
RD Charlie Eliasson, age 26, Longview Sabres

Defense Pair 3
LD Dino Håkansson, age 20, Hondo Guards
RD Jesper Nordström, age 24, Travesian Giants

Starter - Birk Dahlberg, age 29, Ianisle Guardians
Backup - Freddie Holm, age 32, Hondo Guards

Power Play 1
Eva Strömberg - Leandro Söderström - Hussein Gustavsson

Power Play 2
Maia Nordström- Måns Dahlberg - Nora Åström

Penalty Kill 1
Ricky Björk - Melker Åström

Penalty Kill 2
Leandro Söderström - Felizia Norberg

Extra Attacker
Nora Åström
Måns Dahlberg
World Cup 40, 42, 43, 52, & 61 Champions
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WCoH VII, VIII, XVII, XXVIII, XXX, XXXII (1st), WCoH I, XXXI (2nd), WCoH II, XXIX (3rd), WCoH XII (4th)
AOCAF 44, 46, 51, & 53 Champions, AOCAF 39 & 43 Runners Up
Co-Hosted: too many events to count

EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Sun Nov 03, 2019 11:04 am

Siovanija and Teusland National Hockey Team


Nation Name: United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland
Short Names: Siovanija and Teusland, the United Republics
Demonyms: Siovanijan, Teuslander/Teus
Governing Body: Hockey Siovanija and Teusland
Colours: Blue, gold, white
Anthem: ‘High Mountain Skies’
Highest Domestic League: Ehrenliga
Nicknames: The Goldhorns
Style Modifier: +4

Head Coach: Aaron KUHN (Stelburg Kaisers)

Aaron Kuhn returns to his place behind the national team bench for World Cup of Hockey 38. His Stelburg Kaisers team lost in game 7 of the Strauss Cup Final last season, and he’s surely hungry to take the Goldhorns to another level at this tournament. Kuhn’s teams play the classic Siovanija and Teusland brand of hockey: fast and physical. Young Ehrenliga stars like Timo Schlager and Frank Heider are perfect examples of this: incredibly fast, Schlager in particular being considered one of the best skaters in the league, and also not afraid to use their bodies if need be. Eliminated from World Cup of Hockey 37 in the Round of 16, the hope for the team this tournament is that they can go a little deeper than that and leave their mark on this tournament.



G -- David WAGNER -- 29y/o -- Stelburg Kaisers -- #1
G -- Ruslan IVANOV -- 32y/o -- Admirala Pomorie -- #30
G -- Volker SEIDEN -- 25y/o -- Eisbaren Stelburg -- #31

David Wagner takes over the starting position for the WCoH thanks to his exceptional performances over the last few seasons in the Ehrenliga. He led the league in GAA and S% last season, was named the league’s Best Goalie, and guided his team to the Strauss Cup Finals again. He’s excellent under pressure, and clearly Aaron Kuhn feels that in a high-pressure tournament situation, he is the man. There could be no better backup than Ruslan Ivanov, the Admirala Pomorie man who has been key to the national team’s success over the last few years. Asked before boarding the plane to Savojarna about his new role with the team, Ivanov replied that he’s excited to help David and the entire team achieve their goals. Volker Seiden returns as the third goalie for the tournament.

D -- Bojidar IVANKOV -- 31y/o -- Admirala Pomorie -- #2
D -- Jorg GOTTSCHALL -- 26y/o -- Seelowe Marlesee -- #3
D -- Koloman SCHWARZMANN -- 27y/o -- Teufelsberg Devils -- #4
D -- Timo HORN -- 31y/o -- St. Jakob Saints -- #5
D -- Gregor HERDER -- 28y/o -- Stelburg Kaisers -- #6
D -- Stefan SCHIELE -- 19y/o -- Marzig Wolves -- #8
D -- Lothar SCHERER -- 31y/o -- Stelburg Kaisers -- #22

The Goldhorns’ veteran defence corps returns to this tournament, with some changes to the pairings and a new face joining the ranks. Bojidar Ivankov and Jorg Gottschall are the top pair, great chemistry between the two-way Ivankov and the puck-moving Gottschall. Koloman Schwarzmann, whose Ehrenliga highlight reel is full of massive hits as well as a cannon of a slapshot, pairs up with Timo Horn. Horn is a quite versatile defender who will be expected to pinch more and play the puck more on a pairing with the big man Schwarzmann. Gregor Herder is a constantly reliable defender who always makes the smart play on the puck, while Stefan Schiele joins the national team for the first time: the Wolves’ draft pick proving to be a great offensive defenceman last season, and he could in fact see some special teams minutes this year. He was one of the reasons why the Wolves had one of the best power-plays in the Ehrenliga last season. Lothar Scherer is back as the 7th defenceman, capable of playing any role he is called for.

Left Wing

LW -- Alex SCHNYDER -- 29y/o -- Teufelsberg Devils -- #7
LW -- Frank HEIDER -- 23y/o -- Seelowe Marlesee -- #14
LW -- Kosyo VARBANOV -- 29y/o -- Rudar Trkev -- #13
LW -- Veselin FILIPOV -- 30y/o -- Olympia Borograd -- #15

The left side features a very, very strong contingent of players for the national team. Alex Schnyder is one of the best goal-scorers in the Ehrenliga, he put up 53 goals last season to lead the league and being 4th in overall points. His one-timer is probably the best in the league, and any time he is on the puck the goalie needs to be aware. Frank Heider has developed into one of the best playmakers in the league during his career, but he also has the capability to score goals. Usually when they come for Heider, they come when needed: he certainly has a clutch gene about him, and has great chemistry with his centre Timo Schlager. Kosyo Varbanov is a veteran of the team, and another very capable playmaker. Veselin Filipov makes up the left flank of an all-Olympia 4th unit that serves as this team’s energy unit but is capable of creating on its own as well.

Right Wing

RW -- Razvigor TSVETANOV -- 24y/o -- Admirala Pomorie -- #19
RW -- Wolfram SPIEGEL -- 32y/o -- Stelburg Kaisers -- #12
RW -- Christian HASSELBERGER -- 26y/o -- Pinguine Ternau -- #24
RW -- Grozdan ADAMOV -- 32y/o -- Olympia Borograd -- #17

No national team roster would be complete without Razvigor Tsvetanov at the very top of the right wing depth chart. 50 Ehrenliga goals last season, and the power forward is perhaps the best pure goalscorer in the league. It’s hard to stop him when he’s on the puck, and that applies to both defenders and goalies alike. Wolfram Spiegel had 47 goals last season as he continues to produce as he ages, Spiegel has always been good for his country and that will be expected to continue this tournament. Christian Hasselberger is an energy player, doing a lot of heavy lifting to win the puck along the boards. There’s no one on this team you want in the corners more than him, as he is a big physical presence. Grit isn’t the only part of his game, however, and he’s had consecutive 20 goal seasons for Ternau now. Grozdan Adamov is back, a strong playmaker who will provide much of the creativity on the fourth line.


C -- Gunter PFENNING -- 31y/o -- St. Jakob Saints -- #9
C -- Timo SCHLAGER -- 22y/o -- Seelowe Marlesee -- #97
C -- Edwin RANGER -- 21y/o -- Stelburg Kaisers -- #34
C -- Gero RADULOV -- 28y/o -- Olympia Borograd -- #64
C -- Vitomir GLASKOV -- 19y/o -- Energija Chernovets -- #20

The depth the Goldhorns possess at centre is ridiculous, and this will be a core strength of the team at the World Cup of Hockey. Gunter Pfenning is our nation’s greatest-ever player, and is fresh off winning his third career Strauss Cup. He was the playoff MVP as well as the league MVP, and put up 98 points. There’s just a certain aura around him: a consummate professional, a strong leader on and off the ice, and a player with incredible on-ice vision. Pfenning is the leader of this team, and with his third Strauss Cup secured, the goal of his career now is to guide Siovanija and Teusland to new heights. Behind him is Timo Schlager, the heir apparent who led the Ehrenliga in scoring last season (101 points). Schlager has an explosive first step when skating, and blows by defenders with ease. He is the best puck-handler in the league, and reads the game at an exceptional level. He can shoot and pass very well, scoring 45 last year, but it is his playmaking ability that will help out on a line with Wolfram Spiegel this tournament. Next up is Edwin Ranger, the Stelburg Kaisers centre, who many pundits say has the best wrist shot in the Ehrenliga. Ranger is a big man who uses his body well, and he often plays in front of the net when working the power-play. Gero Radulov centres the fourth unit, a very skilled player in his own right but capable of playing the role tasked with. Vitomir Glaskov, last year’s #1 overall draft pick, is a great playmaker and will make a key part of the future of the centre ice position for his country, he serves as the 13th forward in this tournament.

Forward Lines

Schnyder - Pfenning - Tsvetanov
Heider - Schlager - Spiegel
Varbanov - Ranger - Hasselberger
Filipov - Radulov - Adamov

Defence Pairings

Ivankov - Gottschall
Schwarzmann - Horn
Herder - Schiele

Powerplay Units

Schnyder - Pfenning - Tsvetanov
Ranger - Schwarzmann

Heider - Schlager - Spiegel
Gottschall - Schiele

Penalty Kill Units

Pfenning - Hasselberger
Ivankov - Gottschall

Radulov - Adamov
Schwarzmann - Horn

Captain: Gunter Pfenning
Alternate Captains: Bojidar Ivankov, Alex Schnyder


The Triple Edelweiss jerseys serve as the primary set for the WCoH, with the light gold and blue being the main colours for these jerseys. Each of these colours represents Siovanija and Teusland, with the national flower featured prominently on the front. Writing below says ‘Siovanija and Teusland’ in both official languages. The team attempts to use each jersey equally, and of course avoids clash with other teams. The gold primary jersey, however, has sold more with fans and is considered the de facto home jersey. The throwback jerseys from World Cup of Hockey 37 have also returned. This jersey is designed off the first international uniforms used by the nation, and is full green with an edelweiss on the front. The writing ‘OPCT’ is on the front as well, taken from when the Siovanijan language still used the Cyrillic script (OPCT = United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland).The Goldhorns will wear the greens for their matchday 4 clash with Cassadaigua.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes, as long as it could realistically happen in a hockey game
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, I determine length/severity
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes as long as it could realistically happen in a hockey game
Godmod Other Events: Yes, as long as it could realistically happen in a hockey game

Group and Schedule

The Goldhorns have been drawn into Group 1 for World Cup of Hockey 38’s group stage, which will consist of a single-stage round robin with points based on international rules (3 for a win, 2 for OT win, 1 for OT loss). The overtime format internationally is the same as it is in the Ehrenliga. The World Cup of Hockey will be hosted by Savojarna, who previously hosted the 34th edition of the tournament. Here is the full list of teams in Group 1:

Savojarna (12)
Siovanija and Teusland (14)
Cassadaigua (22)
Bolgano (UR)
Greater Cebu (UR)
Kingdom of the Polar Bear (UR)

Kingdom of the Polar Bear, Greater Cebu and Bolgano are all new nations to the World Cup of Hockey. Cassadaigua, ranked 22nd, have previously won the competition (WCoH 11). The Goldhorns have never faced off against Cassadaigua before, and the game on matchday 4 will likely be massive in determining the playoff picture in group 1. The Goldhorns are also drawn alongside the hosts, Savojarna. Ranked 12th in the world, the Savojar have been to the final of WCoH 34. The two nations were drawn together in the group stages of WCoH 37 as well. Siovanija and Teusland won the away leg 5-3, while the Savojar defeated the Goldhorns in Stelburg 5-4. It should be a great game as the sides go head to head on matchday 2. Here is the full schedule for the Goldhorns at the World Cup of Hockey.

Matchday 1: Siovanija and Teusland vs Greater Cebu
Matchday 2: Savojarna vs Siovanija and Teusland
Matchday 3: Siovanija and Teusland vs Kingdom of the Polar Bear
Matchday 4: Siovanija and Teusland vs Cassadaigua
Matchday 5: Bolgano vs Siovanija and Teusland

We’ll have all the latest news and highlights as the Goldhorns take on the world again at World Cup of Hockey 38! Come on you Goldhorns!
The United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland

Capital: Borograd -- Population: 74,245,000 -- Languages: Siovanijan, Teus

"Concordia, Patria, Libertatem"

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Équipe nationale de hockey de Terre Septentrionale

Reprezentacja Nordycki w Hokej

Northern Land National Hockey Team

Nation Name in French: République de Terre Septentrionale
Nation name in Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polnocna
Nation Name in English Republic of Northern Land
Short Nation names: Terre Septentrionale / Ziemia Polnocna / Northern Land
Trigramme: RTS
Demonym: Septentrional (plural: Septentrionaux)
Nicknames: Nordiques, Reprezentacja Nordycki, Northmen
Team colors at home: Red, white and green shirt with green pants
Team colors on the road: Green, white and red shirt with green pants
Style Mod: +2


MD1: Vilita and Turori (4) vs Terrre Septentrionale (UR)
MD2: Terrre Septentrionale (UR) vs Austrakia (35)
MD3: Free Republics (16) vs Terrre Septentrionale (UR)
MD4: Terrre Septentrionale (UR) vs Tornado Queendom (UR)
MD5: Banija (21) vs Terrre Septentrionale (UR)


Head Coach	Georges Grondin	        68
Ass. Coach Urszula Wieczorkowski 40
Ass. Coach Michel Picotte 51
Ass. Coach Wlodzimierz Kostrzewski 47
Goalie Coach Sylvie Mongrain 56
Video Coach Malgorzata Przybylowicz 38
Equipment Manager Paul Picard 46


Captain: Szymon Krzysztalowicz
Assistant: Antoine Lusignan
Assistant: Czeslaw Niemczynowicz

Num     Pos     Player                  Age     LSH Team                Birthplace                      College                 Drafted
Line 1
81 C Czeslaw Niemczynowicz 34 Naprzod Krzczonow Szydlowiec, PO
16 LW Emilia Zyskowska 31 Naprzod Krzczonow Wloszczowa, PO
17 RW Melania Zyskowska 31 Naprzod Krzczonow Wloszczowa, PO

Line 2
13 C Pierre Sanschagrin 31 Trzebiegoszcz Bears Grande-Rivière, KA
15 LW Antoine Lusignan 30 Loups de Jacques-Cartier Baie-Sainte-Catherine, CH
29 LW/RW Frédérique Lainé 28 Éperviers noirs de Prévost Côte-des-Neiges, MT

Line 3
11 C Virginie Woodbury 26 Naprzod Krzczonow East Broughton, CS
88 LW Zofia Stepniewska 33 Nordiques d'Oujé-Bougoumou Swietochlowice, PO
66 RW Kasandra Wojcinowicz 23 Port O'Connor IceHogs Krzczonow, MT Krzczonow Sea Hawks 2019 1.2

Line 4
19 C Jennifer "Jenny Hockey" Gaudreault 21 Yamaska Swamp Rabbits Baie-des-Chaloupes, CN Huskies d'Oujé-Bougoumou 2021 1.1
90 LW Arkadiusz Zlomanczuk 33 Trzebiegoszcz Bears Wyrzysk, CA
82 RW Slawomir Zawistowski 32 Loups de Jacques-Cartier Krzeszowice, PO

Defensive Pairing 1
86 LD Kévin Beauregard 23 Yamaska Swamp Rabbits Sainte-Mélanie, HY Foreurs de Yamaska 2019 1.1
23 RD Krzysztof Klepczynski 29 Naprzod Krzczonow Malogoszcz, PO

Defensive Pairing 2
3 LD Szymon Krzysztalowicz 33 Stoczniowiec Trzeszczyn Rzgow, LU
5 RD Stanislaw Wojciechowski 32 Shelburne Whalers Zdzieszowice, PO

Defensive Pairing 3
89 LD Nico Villemaire 30 Trzebiegoszcz Bears Champlain, CN
32 RD Wlodzimierz Wawrzynkiewicz 24 Port O'Connor IceHogs Wyrzysk, CA

1 G Jennifer Ciccarelli 30 Kukljica Grizzlies Upper Woodstock, SH
33 G Nico Eggenberger 22 Yamaska Swamp Rabbits Ville Jacques-Cartier, DC Coll. Catherinois de Longueuil 2020 1.1

91 C Malgorzata Niemczynowicz 25 Shelburne Whalers Trzebiegoszcz, PO
93 C Pierre-Marc Carbonneau 29 Loups de Jacques-Cartier Oujé-Bougoumou, CN
26 C Peter Szczesny 27 Port O'Connor IceHogs Trzcinsko-Zdroj, KZ
9 LW Jennifer McKernan 29 Éperviers noirs de Prévost Hacketts Cove, SH
74 LW Wlodzimierz Puck 22 Podvolovljek IceDogs Piotrkow Katarzynski, KZ Miedzywodzie Golden Gophers 2020 1.5
99 RW Günther Schützenauer 22 Éclairs de B-Ste-Catherine Ville Jacques-Cartier, DC Patriotes de Bernard-Landry 2020 1.3
21 RW Frédérique Brassard 30 Nordiques d'Oujé-Bougoumou Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, HY
34 LD Czeslaw Szerszenowicz 27 Naprzod Krzczonow Szczebrzeszyn, MA
87 LD Joanna Katarzynska-Goj 22 Port O'Connor IceHogs Trzeszczyn, LU Trzeszczyn Red Raiders 2020 1.2
44 D Samuel Choquette 34 Loups de Jacques-Cartier Sainte-Martine, MT
2 RD Keaton Brind'Amour 23 Kukljica Grizzlies Beach Meadows, SH Shelburne Chanticleers 2019 1.3
25 G Grzegorz Grzegorczyk 34 Trzebiegoszcz Bears Trzebiegoszcz, PO
35 G Natalia Mroczkowska 26 Naprzod Krzczonow Krzczonow, MA

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Penalise Players: Y
Eject Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y

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AOHC Champions
World Cup of Hockey XXXIV Champions

Vilita & Turori Ice Cat Things
Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Avalan Marcraw
Assistant Coach: Colora Boharii
Style Mods: +3.14159

Players shown in Jungle Teal are projected to be in the active lineup during the opening match of competition. Players may be subbed in/out of the active roster in response to performance, injury, quality of opposition or match importance.

[ 80 ] 'Snowman' Avalanski [ - Seraai Icestronauts (VHL) - ]

[ 96 ] Fiko Oreta [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]
[ 92 ] Tommy Finn [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 42 ] Koyo Apen [ - Turoki Islanders (VHL) - ]

[ 37 ] Kevin Diesel [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 06 ] Dolak Vintal-Morta [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 62 ] Hluali Tiik [ - Turoki Islanders (VHL) - ]
[ 56 ] Torren Filiao [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 45 ] Cinnami Vellamoi [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 55 ] Bayyre Provichuk [ - Tivali River Sharks (VHL) -]

[ 74 ] Mike Ice [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 50 ] Rikki Budushield [ - Lopinka Lynx (VHL) -]
[ 57 ] Korus Korney [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]

[ 32 ] Cartai Chiate [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 48 ] Ricky Fike [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 16 ] Vakki Cren [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 22 ] Ieeko Nareta [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]

[ 44 ] Alagre Wilnodstar [ - Lopinka Lynx (VHL) - ]
[ 26 ] Ippolit Entara [ - Turoki Islanders (VHL) - ]
[ 7 ] Fordin Unrangii [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]

[ 4 ] River Suzgar [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 23 ] Eastern Raciani [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 41 ] Lance Blaki [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 21 ] Buffky Oktopi [ - Morata Valley Fog (VHL) - ]

[ 52 ] Malaino Oraziala [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]
[ 33 ] Askol Mastley [ - Morata Valley Fog (VHL) - ]
[ 49 ] Ki||to Orreta [ - Turoki Islanders (VHL) - ]

[ 88 ] Ocean Suzgar [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 91 ] Tavren Raparon [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 22 ] Jualiar Fichaud [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 15 ] Emhaoi Linaozi [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]

[ 32 ] Akitana Ruta [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]
[ 17 ] Ataris Filiac [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 51 ] Denmastre Redfran [ - Lopinka Lynx (VHL) - ]


The Vilita & Turori uniform shirts are dark blue with orange and lighter blue striping. The shoulders are Vilitan Jungle Color while the elbows are highlighted in Eelskin Brown. The numbers match the striping in the lighter shade of blue with orange trim. The two-tone helmets allow the Vilita & Turori players to stand out on the ice.

RP Permissions:
Choose my Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod my Scores: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, Duration of Group / Current Stage only
Godmod injuries to my Players: Sure.
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

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(logo wonderfully made by the former New Wolfopolis of Kaplewof)
Elejamian national men's ice hockey team
Selección de hockey sobre hielo de Elejamia
Elejam men ishoci tim

Nickname: The Icy Elephants
Style Mod: 0

Ice hockey is the most popular sport in Elejamie, followed by football/soccer (both are acceptable in Elejamie) and rugby [union], In fact, the men's national team - nicknamed the Icy Elephants, not to be confused with the ENIHL team Elejamie City Ice Elephants - are one of the best teams in the multiverse, having made the World Cup of Hockey finals four times in four consecutive competitions; winning two (29th edition against Gregoryisgodistan and 31st edition against Valanora) and losing two (30th and 32nd, both times against disliked rivals Valanora), as well as two bronze medal games; although the B-team won a gold medal in the men's ice hockey at the 12th Winter Olympics, they're considered a different team and as a result their achievement is not counted alongside the two WCoH wins. They've also been one of the best teams in the tournament, very nearly making it out of the group stage in their inaugural tournament, making it to the quarter-finals in their second, winning the bronze in their third and staying in the top ten in rankings since the 29th edition (and top 3 since the 30th WCoH), even nabbing a third trophy in the 35th edition.

In the last edition in the Equestrian States, Elejamie somewhat struggled in the early part of the group stages, with long-time head coach Michael Madgwick (who retired after the 33rd edition only to come back sometime later) stepping down as official head coach after the fourth game (a goalless draw against Devonta) and leaving the position vacant while he and fellow long-time assistant coaches Ron Berg and Tim Furst took it in turns to carry on the role. This seemed to have worked a bit better as they got a string of wins (as well as a draw that pushed them down to third) before finally finishing top of the group with a 7-2-1 record. After sweeping Mytanija in the Ro16, they lost their first QF game against Abanhfleft 3-1 before bouncing back with 2-1 and 5-4 (after OT) wins to make it through to the semi-finals. They lost to eventual victors Neu Engollon but they swept Vilita and Turori to take home the bronze.

After an attempt to bring the World Cup of Hockey back a few months ago went absolutely nowhere due to a lack of interest, the competition finally returned for its 38th installment, with Savojarna having the honours of hosting the competition. With a new full-time coach in Ron Berg and almost the same line-up as the last competition (George Lincoln being the only player missing due to his retirement from the sport), Elejamie are hoping to carry on their winning ways, even hoping for the possibility of a fourth star on their jerseys. Will they be able to manage it or will it just lead to more disappointment? Only one way to find out...




Helmet and gloves:

Head coach: Ron Berg (59)
Assistant managers: Tim Furst (48); Frank Martson (44)
Goaltending coach: Patrick Schmitz (42)
Physios: Sam Finney (34); Rachel MacIntlock (35)


No. Name Age Position Club
1 Peter Berg 27 G (S) Elejamie City Ice Elephants
18 Pedro Cervantes 25 G (B) Ángeles de la Playa de Rocas


Line 1

No. Name Age Position Club
2 Lupe 31 LD Avon Stars
7 Adam Keane (A) 27 RD Partizan Belushya Guba (NZEL)

Line 2

No. Name Age Position Club
34 Diego Pinto 25 LD Mainsborough Icemen
28 Greg Warren 33 RD Coventry Puffins

Line 3

No. Name Age Position Club
15 Neil Cuevas 27 LD Elejamie City Ice Elephants
32 Carlos Sierra 27 RD Ángeles de la Playa de Rocas


Line 1

No. Name Age Position Club
29 Stacy Saunders 22 LW Kingston Knights (QHL)
20 Cerin Meloten 28 C Rosetta Royals
13 Anatoly Kasputin (C) 35 RW Torpedo Belushya Guba (NZEL)

Line 2

No. Name Age Position Club
9 Lucas Madgwick 30 LW Davenport Dockers
6 Paul Morton 34 C Coventry Puffins
14 Bill Harrison 26 RW Rosetta Royals

Line 3

No. Name Age Position Club
8 Ethan Swinburne 30 LW Metallurg Matochkingrad (NZEL)
12 Aaron Andrews 34 C Edgebaston Shamrocks
10 James Han (A) 28 RW Avon Stars

Line 4

No. Name Age Position Club
5 Pael Atenar 33 LW Avon Stars
4 Danilo Barajas 27 C Zoloroni City Icers (MSL)
21 Felipe Barajas 27 RW Zoloroni City Icers (MSL)


No. Name Age Position Club
17 Bill Judge 26 C Edgebaston Shamrocks
22 Alejandro Rubio Orosco 35 LW Barr Bears
23 Rafinho 29 RD Avon Stars
26 Mike Keller 27 RW Mainsborough Icemen
42 Alex Martin 21 LD Coventry Puffins
96 Adrian Lambert 22 G Darlastan Wolves (MSL)

Lupe - “Luis Gomes Pereira”
Rafinho - “Rafael Cardoso de Sousa”

(B) Backup
(S) Starter
(C) Captain
(A) Alternative captain



3-on-3 1:
3-on-3 2:

Declan Madgwick Memorial Stadium, Davenport, WYKN

Home to the Davenport Dockers - the most successful team in the ENIHL (Elejamian National Ice Hockey League) - and the national team. Built in 1992 to replace Dockside Stadium, which was eventually demolished in 1995, Davenport Stadium is the largest ice hockey arena in Elejamie, with a capacity of 18,500. The stadium was originally known as the Davenport Stadium but it also spent a brief spell in the early 2000s as the Rapid Beer Co. Stadium. Eventually, it was renamed the Declan Madgwick Memorial Stadium just in time for the start of the 2015/16 season, in honour of famed politician and diplomat Declan Madgwick (1927-2015). This will serve as Elejamie's home arena for MD1, MD3 and MD5.

For the record: In the northwest of Elejamie, the term "stadium" is used for any building which hosts a professional sports team even if they don't play on a pitch.

HomeFiller Arena, Coventry, AVEN

Built in 1989, the HomeFiller Arena is also known as the Coventry Arena, especially in situations where HomeFiller isn't sponsoring the event in question. With a total capacity of 17,000, it is also home to the Coventry Puffins; the backup stadium for the national ice hockey and basketball teams; home to the junior and U-18 ice hockey teams; and home to the Coventry Nets basketball team. It entered a sponsorship deal with furniture store HomeFiller in 2013. The deal, which was initially set to expire in 2017, has been extended to 2023. This will serve as Elejamie's home arena for MD7 and MD9

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes (but nothing too serious; one person at a time and they can't be out for anything longer than two games. Killing is definitely out)
Godmod Injuries to My Players: Yes (same as above)
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes (again, one person per game and the longest they can be suspended for is one match)
Godmod Other Events: Depends on what it is. Fighting I'm OK with but it might be a good idea to TG anything else.

  • "Keh-reen Mah-loh-tahn"; "Payl Eh-tah-nahr"; "Ah-lah-YEHM Mahn ees-hoh-kee teem".
  • Stacy Saunders is still a guy, if anyone's wondering. So, if you do mention him in your RP, make sure you say "he", "him" and "his" instead of "she" and "her".
  • In the event that any of my players interest you and you want to sign them, please tell me which one you want, which club wants them and all the details.
  • Please get back to me with RP info by 8pm BST. Otherwise, I'll go ahead and put my own stuff in.
  • My main enforcers are Lupe, George Lincoln, Carlos Sierra, Paul Morton, Ethan Swinburne, Pael Atener, Mike Keller and Bill Judge (who was Elejamie's main enforcer during WJHC8). The only players that don't fight are Pedro Cervantes, Peter Berg, Stacy Saunders, Cerin Meloten and Anatoly Kasputin. Everyone else can fight, just not as often as those first guys I've mentioned.
  • Elejamie will wear their alt kit on MD1, MD5 and, should they make it there, QF.
  • It's "Rubio Orosco". Not just "Rubio" and not just "Orosco". See below for why.
  • Pedro Cervantes is Antonio's nephew. Not his brother or his son. Using the traditional Spanish naming custom (father's surname followed by mother's) it's Antonio Cervantes Nakamura and Pedro Moreno Cervantes; the latter went by his mother's surname because there was already a "P. Moreno" on the team. Even though Antonio's now retired I'm still keeping this up as I might be bringing him up a lot in RPs.
  • Danilo and Felipe Barajas are twin brothers, with Danilo being the oldest by about five minutes. Peter Berg's younger brother George played for the junior team; however, the two of them aren't related to assistant coach and ice hockey veteran Ron Berg. And usual second forward line left-winger Lucas Madgwick is the son of head coach and Elejamian hockey legend Michael Madgwick.

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The Ross Isles
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Postby The Ross Isles » Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:03 am

The Ross Isles Hockey Association
the National Team for WCoH 38

#     Player          Pos.  Team
1 Michael Stahl G Herzöge Neuhannover
30 Harry Perkins G Port Harrington Pirates
31 Pete Albright G Northern Coast Knights

2 Luke Taylor D Prince of Wales County Royals
4 Alex Quinn D University Blues
5 Kevin Kreuz D Herzöge Neuhannover
22 Malcolm Tait D St Albans Saints
24 Callum Campbell D Southern Isles Stars
44 William Welch D Port Harrington Pirates
55 Anton Bauer D Herzöge Neuhannover

7 Anthony Ryle LW St Albans Saints
9 Tom Richards C Prince of Wales County Royals
10 Will Price RW Northern Coast Knights
11 Peter Schmidt C Herzöge Neuhannover
14 Tyler Youngs LW Port Harrington Pirates
17 Benji Mayer C Herzöge Neuhannover
19 Sam Cowan C University Blues
21 Simon Reiter LW Combined Services
27 Ben Quincy RW Southern Isles Stars
43 Arthur Johns LW Port Harrington Pirates
49 Ollie Gray C Northern Coast Knights
51 Xavier Frings RW Herzöge Neuhannover
54 Mick O'Rourke RW Combined Services
61 Henry Sibley LW Prince of Wales County Royals
66 Aaron Toner RW University Blues

Style Mod: -1

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to My Players: Yes
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
The Dominion of the Ross Isles
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Anti: Disestablishmentarianism, Republicanism & Hard Brexit.

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Postby Ko-oren » Mon Nov 04, 2019 11:57 am

Ko-oren - WCOH 38

Team Colours: Green, blue, yellow
Demonym: Ko-orenite
Nickname: Dragonflies, Green-and-blue
Style Modifier: -5
Jerseys: Home, Away, Alternate (AO)
Most recent season: 1 Egevea Islanders, 2 Aevanna Plains Wanderers, 3 Aevanna Scouts

Position, Name, Age, Team

G Aiane Alacia (21) - Northerners Egevea
G Eliun Aoporin (24) - Explorers Aevanna
G Samuel Isaakszoon (26) - Launott Polar Bears

D Assanor Aiaros (20) - Rangers Southwest Aevanna
D Winand Nedergard (23) - Storm South Aevanna
D Erling Mirre (26) - Launott Polar Bears
D Aiane Auvia (23) - Scouts Aevanna
D Roger Haarstad (25) - Wanderers Aevanna Plains
D Aemis Aivimara (28) - Mariners Aevanna Bay
D Jowdah Wamallu (30) - West Coast Blizzards

LW Izan Aiamalod (22) - Storm South Aevanna
RW Elis Hermanszoon (28) - Noordrug Bi-state
LW Nim Curumbah (30) - West Coast Blizzards
RW Aidaloph Autibel (28) - Mariners Aevanna Bay
LW Kjell IJsberg (22) - Noordrug Bi-state
RW Torsten Groenbloem (21) - Straudum Ice

C Hallady Buck (24) - West Coast Blizzards
C Yaller Nyan (28) - West Coast Blizzards
C Ainoph Eriren (25) - Scouts Aevanna

An 'umbrella' with Mirre, Wamallu, Aiamalod, Curumbah, and Buck

Penalty kill:
Either a 'box' or a 'diamond' with Haarstad, Aivimara, IJsberg, and Groenbloem.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Penalise Players: Y
Eject Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
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Runners-up 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 2x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x WCFH
Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC

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Siovanija and Teusland
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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Mon Nov 04, 2019 12:02 pm

Die Stelburger Zeitung


RBC Wins Broadcasting Rights for World Cup of Hockey

Hockey Night in Siovanija and Teusland just got a massive new addition to its broadcasting lineup: rights to the Siovanija and Teusland national hockey team’s games at the World Cup of Hockey.

The deal, signed with Hockey Siovanija and Teusland, gives the national broadcaster rights to the national team for the next 4 editions of the World Cup of Hockey. A deal between RBC (Republic Broadcasting Corporation) and RSN (Republic Sports Network), however, allows RSN to broadcast 1 game from the group stage of each tournament. RSN also received the rights to one game per playoff round not involving Siovanija and Teusland, as well as the rights to any future World Juniors tournament. RBC will show the Goldhorns’ games against Greater Cebu, Savojarna, Kingdom of the Polar Bear and Bolgano, while RSN will carry the game with Cassadaigua.

“We’re really excited about this deal. Siovanijans and Teus have come to expect quality hockey broadcasting from our RBC Sports crew, and we look forward to carrying on the national tradition at the World Cup,” commented RBC President Stefan Muller. In a press release, RBC announced that it would air all games live, as well as re-running the game during the primetime hours.

Hockey Night in Siovanija and Teusland was established in 1943 as a radio broadcast from RBC Radio One during Saturday night Ehrenliga games. The programme has persisted through technological developments as well as changes in the league, as it went from its founding 6 members to the 20 teams present today. HNIST airs every Saturday, showing games at 4:00, 7:00 and 10:00. The 7:00 ‘marquee’ game is usually the top rated television program in the country for the week. The brand has also been carried over to the Wednesday night games aired on RBC. Given that hockey is a national obsession in this country - a larger than you would think proportion of citizens answered 'hockey' as their religion on the most recent census - the acquisition of the national team's games will be a massive moneymaker for RBC.

While in this country hockey players are the biggest celebrities around, HNIST’s personalities have their own status as well. Ronald Mensing, for example, a former TMJHL (Teus Major Junior Hockey League) referee, is the host of HNIST’s Saturday broadcasts and perhaps the most recognizable media figure in the country. Play-by-play voices like Ivan Kolikov or Jurgen Schiltz are also recognized across the country.

No figure is more known, however, than Oskar Kirsche. The controversial Kirsche hosts ‘Kirsche’s Corner’ during the first intermission of 7:00 games. In addition to a long TMJHL and minor league career, he played 1 Ehrenliga game for Eisbaren Stelburg. He also served as the coach of Eisbaren for 6 years, winning 2 Strauss Cup titles, before moving on to coach the Teufelsberg Devils for 3 years. Since then, he has served as the intermission entertainment for HNIST. For the most part, his focus is on the action around the league: the best goals, hits and highlights from the week, as well as providing advice to young hockey players. Sometimes, however, Kirsche has stepped too far and received criticism. The height of this was a statement that ‘only Siovanijan guys wear visors anyway,’ which caused an outcry in Siovanija and calls for him to be taken off the air. Mr. Kirsche’s program was instead put on a timed delay by RBC.

RBC has announced that their panel will be live in Savojarna for the duration of the World Cup of Hockey, fully covering all the action surrounding the national hockey team. That means Kirsche’s Corner will also be live from the WCoH, with Kirsche giving his thoughts on the international game. He has made a few comments on this subject in the past, notably claiming the Ehrenliga to be ‘the best league in the world’ (ranked 14th internationally as of the most recent Hockey Champion’s League) and the Goldhorns to be ‘easily the best in the world’ (ranked 14th heading into the WCoH). Mr. Kirsche has, however, given credit to teams that have beaten the Goldhorns in the past. It is expected that the RBC will attempt to keep a tight leash on him during this tournament to avoid any controversy amidst the good publicity that comes with the network now being the home of our national hockey team.

The puck drops on World Cup of Hockey action soon, so make sure to stay tuned to RBC Sports as well as the Stelburger Zeitung for all the latest highlights and updates from the tournament. The national team take on Greater Cebu in the first game of round robin play. Come on you Goldhorns!
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Postby Taeshan » Mon Nov 04, 2019 3:23 pm

Taeshan Ice Hockey Team For their Return

Forwards (by Line)
12 Jackson Gagne 21 MT Ceabring Stormchasers C (Captain)
14 Emmit LaRue 25 Reynea Monsoons RW
89 Jeffrey Kordell 23 Chinchinhua Catalysts LW
24 Axel Gardener 30 Atlantea-Greenville IceWolves C
25 Jordan Maxwell 32 Zorg City Zephyrs RW
33 Alvaro Venatia 22 Yaton Fissures LW
68 Morten Packwell 24 Capetown Capricorns C (Alternate)
88 Fordham Lafayette 20 Atlantea Atoms RW
15 Mathew Gold 27 Loudon Thundercats LW

20 Tyler Pierre 19 Reynea Monsoons LD (Alternate)
5 Gordon Quarant 25 Reynea Monsoons RD
30 Johnson Kent 34 X Island Avalanche LD
40 John Drew 29 Eshington Earthquakes RD
99 Porter Syvret 22 Machrobat Ice Kings LD
2 Benjamin Moriarty 25 Pariot Phoenix RD

1 Emmit Williamson 25 Reynea Monsoons G
70 Emerson Quioto 35 Mierton Lakers G
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Cup of Harmony 35, World Lacrosse Championship 2, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14

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Postby Kita-Hinode » Mon Nov 04, 2019 3:29 pm

"The Samurai on Ice"

Home | Away | Third
Goal Horn: Goal | Hat Trick

One of those teams that usually shows up for the World Cup of Hockey but doesn't seem to leave that kind of lasting impression you'd expect from the usually competent Hinodejin sports teams. They're managed by a former wonderkid from the Mido-Hinode University and have yet to really win any kind of silverware on the sport. Maybe this is the year?

G 8 Sueko YOKOSHI F 18 Mayako Flyers
G 99 Fumihiro HASHIRA M 21 Maniwa Suns
G 7 Sakuko DEKURA F 21 Hinode Guardians
D 14 Kaito MORI M 25 Sora Blades
D 24 Maki SHOHOJI M 22 Giishiga Bears
D 34 Tomohiro UMENAKA M 19 Giishiga Bears
D 23 Kōhei KIKUTANI M 23 Mereti Colts
D 77 Yuka KOMIYAMA F 20 Tentai Capitals
D 18 Aika TAKENOCHI F 23 Mayako Flyers
D 22 Rieko AZUMI F 22 Mayako Flyers
D 36 Hideki HARANOSONO M 21 Kurosawa Natives
D 13 Neko KOGANEMARU M 23 Soshi Oilers
RW 47 Yasunori YAMANARI M 18 Tentai Capitals
RW 25 Aki ORI F 22 Maniwa Suns
RW 67 Tami HAMAUCHI F 20 Nukutaki Penguins
C 88 Kaoru MARUTSUJI (C) M 20 Nukutaki Penguins
C 3 Waka NOSHITANI F 20 Shira-Hinode Musketeers
C 69 Fumiya SHINGAKI (A) M 22 Sora Blades
LW 39 Yoshinobu KAMACHI M 18 Soshi Oilers
LW 64 Shoma TOMASHINA (A) F 21 Shira-Hinode Musketeers
LW 85 Mizuki OKAZUMI F 21 Taishinami Painters
MAN. -- Kira KUROSAWA F 31 Shira-Hinode Musketeers [Style: 0]

FL1 Yamanari - Marutsuji - Kamachi
FL2 Ori - Noshitani - Tomashina
FL3 Hamauchi - Shingaki - Okazumi

DL1 Mori - Shohoji
DL2 Umenaka - Kikutani
DL3 Komiyama - Takenochi
DL4 Azumi - Haranosono

Don't kill them or injure them for long stretches of time, cheers.
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Free Republics
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Postby Free Republics » Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:37 pm

Federation of Free Republics National Ice Hockey Team

Style Modifier: -2
Colors: Blue and White
Head Coach: Lisa Edwards
Assistant Coach: Nicola Dellucci
Assistant Coach: Viktor Rokstad
Goaltending Coach: Ai Nishio
Arena: Indoor Sports Palace
Arena Location: Baseton, Amolotopia, Free Republics
Arena Capacity: 23,412

Roster (age and gender in parentheses)

Line 1

LW: Maria Gonzalez (27-F)
C: Emil Danielsen (28-M)
RW: Caitlyn Kiddle (23-F)
D: Lindy Waddell (26-F)
D: Willie Pettersson (24-M)

Line 2

LW: Esra Havekes (25-F)
C: Albinca Seferaj (31-F)
RW: Rosando Visket (31-M)
D: Sharina Bart (25-F)
D: Maryam Lundberg (26-F)

Line 3

LW: Manchu Tan (30-M)
C: Elaine Matheson (32-F)
RW: Tihana Jovanovic (30-F)
D: Lei Sung (27-M)
D: Bodor Angyalka (26-F)

Line 4

LW: Guang Liu (30-M)
C: Chaborz Inarkaevich (32-M)
RW: Fanny Eklund (26-F)
D: Amadeus Melendez (23-M)
D: Bethany Barnes (23-F)

Line 5

LW: Eric Genovese (27-M)
C: Visia Kucharska (32-F)
RW: Valentine Kapustin (27-M)
D: Jasmin Gunnarsson (27-F)
D: Cosma Pisano (32-M)


Starter: Annabelle Johnstone (29-F)
Backup: Lukas Young (30-M)
Third: Procopio Piazza (27-M)

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Games of the XIII Olympiad Host / NS Olympic Council President
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3rd: World Cups 71 & 81, DBC 29, UWCFC Gold Cup III, GCoS 1
Qualified: World Cups 68, 69, 71, 72, 73, 79
Host: World Cups 68 & 81, CoH 58, X Winter Olympics, World Bowls XXII & XXXI, WBC 42, RUWC 25, Beach Cup XI, World Korfball Classic III, Runner Cup 7
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Postby Gyatso-kai » Tue Nov 05, 2019 12:33 am


2 NOVEMBER 2019.3


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Written by SHEN Ning Lee

REPUBLIC CITY --- Gyatso-kai is set to send the National Team abroad in the Twenty-Sixth Edition of the World Cup of Hockey.

While it has been over eighteen since the last time we saw our boys in black take to the ice, the team has yet to slow down on what seems like a whirlwind birth. From obscurity and retirement back in April to now a fully-fledged team in October, the Ice Bisons are hoping to not endure the same fate as the National Football team did in their first ever regional tournament...

Coming out in last place...

We do not have much else to say on the Bisons, so take a look down at our roster for the tournament and let us hope from some great Hockey!!!

As has become expected, GyatsoAir --- in partnership with the AHL and the National Sports Council --- have promised to offer reduced-pricing on airline tickets to the Storevik, the capital city of the small island known as Ejana, for the Group Stage of the Thirty-Eighth World Cup of Hockey. Should the Ice Bisons emerge victorious, all transport to the other venues in Savojarna shall be provide at no additional cost. In addition, each game the Ice Bisons play in shall be aired on the entire ASPN family of networks (ASPN Prime, ASPN2, AVS, ASPN3, UASPN): All other games shall air on the World Sports Nation and World Sports Nation PLUS, which are being made available on all television and internet-provider services at NO COST from now until the conclusion of the World Cup of Hockey.

Official Name: Gyatso-kai National Ice Hockey Team / 凯海洋国家冰球队(Kaihaiyáng Guójia Bingqiú Duì) / Gyats'kai Tsad droten Cinyc'get'shuk
Official Nation Name: The Avatarian Republics of Gyatso-kai / 凯海洋降世神通共和国 (Kaihaiyáng Jiàngshì Shéntong Gònghéguó) / Tsad Gyats'kai Jettise
Country Code: GKI
Officiating League: Avatarian Hockey League (AHL)
Founded: 1902 (17 YARk)
Titles: 1 (Championship: World Cup of Hockey XXIII)
Rank: Unranked.
Nickname: Ice Bisons (commonly just Bisons)

Head Coach: ISHII Hakoda
Assistant Coach: Ito Pakku
Forward Coach: IKEDA Kuruk
Defense Coach: KO Piandao
Goalie Coach: SHU Huanguo
Medical Staff: FONG Wuchin (Head Doctor), LEE Haicheng, WEN Jintao, HU Jiabao

Position #	Name		Age	Hand	College				Current Team
GK 22 BAO Lin 32 R Keldabe State Univ. Ba Sing Se Bears
DEF 32 WATANG Kouji 24 R Univ. of Kibago Beijing Stars
DEF 91 KANG Deniigi 36 R Republic City State Univ. Kyrimorut Ramikade
OFF 19 CHEUNG Sepi 26 L Saigon City College Kelita Riverhounds
OFF 86 Nestori HUAN 27 R Ba Sing Se Univ. Shu Jing Dragons
OFF 49 SONG Unataq (C) 32 R University of Adirolf Gaoling Bears

Out of the six players on the first line, three have played on the Ice Bisons before. Both Kang Deniigi and Song Unataq have come a long way from their time on the third and fourth lines of the Ice Bisons back in WCoH XXV; with Kang having developed into a generational defenseman for the Kyrimorut Ramikade, and Song having brought a powerful sniping left-winger to the perennial last place Gaoling Bears; with Song having set both the record for most assist in a single season for the Bears as well as the most consecutive games with a goal to start the season also with the Bears. Bao Lin, once the starting netminder during the Royal Alexandre Hockey Invitational, now finds himself a well-season goalie far removed from his days back at Keldabe State. Utilising a stand-up style, Bao is kick to stop play and break up any momentum the opponent was hoping to build up.

To round out the first line, Kang is paired with Watang Kouji, a young Fire national out of Beijing who won the MVP for last 's Kuruk Cup. An impressive player reminiscent of Song Sorua, Watang is known for powerful forechecks and his insane speed on the backskate. To solidify the front, Cheung Sepi of Kelita fame finds himself opposite Song, with Nestori Huan in the center. A bit of an odd pick, from the Shu Jing Dragons who haven't made the Kuruk Playoffs in 4 seasons. Despite such lackluster performance from his team, Huan showed himself to be rather indispensable during tryouts, showing off his incredible hockey vision as well as his preference to not hog the limelight.

Position #	Name		Age	Hand	College				Current Team
DEF 26 HITEKI Kia (A) 38 R Uni. of the Southern Tribes Southern Polar Leopards
DEF 77 HED Torvik 26 L Uni. of the Northern Tribes Itakawai Lightning
OFF 18 WANG Torsti 24 L Adirolf State University Si Wong Beetles
OFF 21 HOSAKA Severi 21 R Drotenfao College Gaoling Bears
OFF 17 KIL'OR Alecyc 23 L Roku University Itakawai Lightning

With Hiteki Kia having 49 caps on the Ice Bisons uner his belt, he is the most seasoned player on the team, and rightfully wears the first A. Renowned for his ability as "damage control" through the last two World Cups he played in, Hiteki is set to do much the same now that he is paired with the youthful vigor of the "Mandalorian Shield" that is Hed Torvik. Standing at just under two metres in height and tipping scales at 101 kilograms, Hed is an impressive northern Mando who has shown time and time again in his four seasons with the Itakawai Lightning that you do not want to be between him and the boards at any time.

On offense, Wang Torsti from Si Wong finds himself on the left side of the ice, opposite another Itakawai favored son in Kil'or Alecyc. Both men played in the Southern Island Conference in college, and often times faced off against each other as their two schools - Adirolf State University and the University of Kom'rk - where strong and very heated rivals. While their professional teams do not inspire the same rivalries, both have remained in touch throughout the years and spent a great deal of time together preparing for the Tryouts. In the middle, a recent gradate from the prestigious Drotenfao College, Hosaka Severi brings a blinding speed to the center, on a line that will often times be called out to quicken the pace of a game and to bring about more scoring chances.

 Position #	Name		Age	Hand	College				Current Team    
DEF 92 Ki'an LOSOW (A) 32 R University of Keldabe Outer Ring RabbiRoos
DEF 31 Ero'ki NACER 18 L Hatsu University Hatsu University
OFF 71 RELICYC Tho-An 21 L Republic City State Uni. Itakawai Lightning
OFF 87 KOBUSHI Kaede 28 L Royal Earth Uni - Dongjiang Keldabe Strills
OFF 33 SOUMA Shichiro 25 R Yokoua State University Senlin Archers

With Ki'an Losow, who was last seen on the National Team's Travelling Corps back in WCoH XXVI, serving as the veteran pillar of the third line, you can be sure that this line is the true "clean-up crew" of the Ice Bisons. A strong defenceman who one played solely on offense, Losow has no fear in leaving his zone and pushing in for a quick goal from one of the most unlikely players. Sure, his form is a bot on the unrefined side of the spectrum, but for what he lacks in technical mastery, he makes up in the psychological.

Pairing with Losow is the youngest player on the Ice Bisons, Ero'ki Nacer, who is just finishing his first season at Hatsu University. With his imposing size and fierce nature, expect many players to get right up and close to Nacer, only to have them get thrown into the glass with such vigor that they may second-guess any decision to stand up again.

Offensively, the third line is filled with strong passers and even stronger shooters. Both Relicyc Tho-An and Souma Shichiro have done amazingly well in skills competitions involving accuracy and shot speeds, with Kobushi Kaede serving as the trapper of the line; with an impressive 190cm wingspan, Kobushi can easily reach out and take hold of any enemy puck without so much as a blink.

Position # Name Age Hand College Current Team

GK 88 MING Zhanshi 27 R University of Omashu Itakawai Lightning
GK 70 Dang Mun-Hee 19 L University of Adirolf University of Adirolf[
DEF 02 SHAO Lee 31 L University o9f Omashu Republic Capitals
DEF 49 ARPAD Roku 17 R Ba Sing Se University Ba SIng Se University
DEF 37 DEGOUR Niyan 19 L Royal Fire Academy Kyrimorut Ramikade
DEF 34 Jaster KAL'OKI 18 L University of Adirolf University of Adirolf
DEF 42 SHANG Koma 17 R Ba Sing Se University Ba Sing Se University
OFF 28 Taneli SANTTU 23 L University of Kirachu Whale Tail Whalers
OFF 12 Samuli YANG 25 L Humoki Tribal Univ. Crescent Islanders
OFF 35 Rikuto ADORJAN 22 R Royal Earth Univ. Ember Redhawks
OFF 48 FONG Yisheng 18 L Keldabe State Univ. Keldabe State Univ.
OFF 43 HUANG Aatto 17 L Univ. of Enceri - Keldabe Univ. of Enceri - Keldabe
OFF 11 Gyorje KOP'KI 20 R Kyoshi State Univ. Crescent Islanders

The Ice Bisons will wear the World Cup XXVI Uniform for the duration of the WCoH.

All Games Will Be Played at STADION TRAKTOROV on the Island City of St Andrei

Match Day 01 - 6 November at ImageTornado QueendomUR
Match Day 02 - 7 November vs ImageTerre SeptentrionaleUR
Match Day 03 - 8 November at ImageVilita & Turori4
Match Day 04 - 9 November vs ImageAnthor15
Match Day 05 - 10 November BYE DAY

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes, so long as they are reasonable.
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, so long as they do not effect the overall game
STYLE MODIFIER: +3.2 out of 5.0

If you have any questions at all about players, coaching staff or what you can do with my team, please feel free to telegram me. I will answer as soon as I am able to.
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Third Place: World Cup of Hockey XV, XVII, XVIII
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Rankings: 5th in Ice Hockey (Before WCoH 21), 22nd in Association Football (after WC 64)

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Pre-Match Day 01

Postby Gyatso-kai » Tue Nov 05, 2019 2:49 am

An ASPN Production, Brought to you on

REPUBLIC CITY --- Aaron Yitsune

Here we are, ladies, gentlemen, and individuals of a non-binary gender. We are sitting on the cusps of what is our first World Cup of Hockey in over twelve editions and eighteen! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am, and in fact, as soon as this posts, I will be boarding a plane for Savojarna and preparing myself for what will likely be the most exciting five days of our year!

The Group Schedule was announced just the other day, and here it is:

Match Day 01 - 6 November at ImageTornado QueendomUR
Match Day 02 - 7 November vs ImageTerre SeptentrionaleUR
Match Day 03 - 8 November at ImageVilita & Turori4
Match Day 04 - 9 November vs ImageAnthor15
Match Day 05 - 10 November BYE DAY

And a very interesting group to be thrown into...

To open our return to the Multi-Verse, the Ice Bisons will be facing off against a pair unranked opponents fresh on the Multi-Verse stage, which in and of itself may not be a bad thing. With Tornado Queendom ranked as a +/- 0, the first game out of the gate will give the Ice Bisons, who are ranked as a +3.2 a chance to stretch their wings and settle into themselves.

After the Torpedo Queendom, comes the ever puzzling new commercial of Terre Septentrionale, or as they have translated their name into Basic as the "Northern Lands". For the sake of consistency, I shall be referring to them as Terre Sept; always the problem with covering the Multi-Verse is when you have to handle the names of countless Nations and countless Languages... But anyway... With a very similar offensive style as our own (+2.0) we are sure to see quite a few great goals being sent behind the netminders and deep into nets and crossbars.

The real tournament begins after two match days, when Gyatso-kaiis reunited with an old tournament opponent who we have faced off against many times in the past; the Ice Cat Things of Vilita and Turori. In tournaments past, we always seemed to find the Ice Cat Things in the post-group stages. It will be a very interesting match with the teams essentially equally matched (+3.14159 is where ASPN puts the Ice Cat Things compared to our +3.2). However, as will be the key whenever we faced higher ranked and much more seasoned teams, our defence must shut down any opportunities for the opponents to score, and Bao must stand firm in the next to break off momentum with every puck stop.

After the Ice Cat Things, we come up to the final match, and one we will certainly not be going into well-rested... Anthor. The Anthoran Ducks, last ranked by ASPN at a +3.0 are sure to be a difficult team. The came back from a bitter defeat in World Cup XXXV in the group stage to claw and quack their way to the Championship in World Cup XXXVI, and likely partied so much that they completely missed the Thirty-Seventh Edition. All joking aside, the Ducks are not to be taken lightly, and if we can clip their wings, and soar above them, we just might make it out of the group stage alive...

However, let me be frank... I am not expecting us to get out of the Group Stage.

Sure, back when Gyatso-kai made its debut on the Multi-Verse stage back in World Cup XV, we made it all the way to the Third Place game against Cotdelapoms and pulled a single-goal victory after we got stomped 3-nil by Plutoni in the Semifinals. But you cannot expect to catch lightning in a bottle twice, and we have to be realistic in our expectations.

Do I want to see us go all the way?


Will I be calling for Head Coach Ishii's head on a pike if we go nil-and-5?


We did not get exactly the worse group (look to Group E, with three Top 25 Teams) and we are going to have to fight tooth and nail for every goal, especially in those last two games before the bye.

So let us enjoy the great island town of St Andrei, the religious center of Savojarna and comparable to our own Island of the Avatars, and let us fill that Stadion Traktorov --- all 11,980 seats of it --- with as many Avatarian flags as we can and may our voices ring as loud as ever possible.

Because our boys are going to need every decibel...

Copyright 2019.3 Avatarian Sports Programming Network. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
© 2019 Avatarian Sports Programming Network

Edited to reflect the Group Changes

So with this Cup, I want to chronicle how Hakoda Ishii, one of the greatest players ever to done a Avatarian Sweater, came to be Head Coach. Unfortunately, that means making RPs that take place in the past, as well as making the ones that take place in the present.

In that regards, I will be sure to mark which is which, and as always, for those exceedingly long RPs, I will put them behind spoilers to save those who have to scroll to find what they are looking for. Expect the first of the Origin posts later today.
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The Origin of Hak'buir

Postby Gyatso-kai » Tue Nov 05, 2019 3:40 am

Ishii Family Estates, Ita’kumi, Sundari Autonomous Region, Gyatso-kai
0540 hours Kekerturk Time (UTC+11), 3 August 2019.2

The sun had not yet begun to rise over the eastern horizon; though even as it would begin its slow crawl from its place of slumber, many hours would pass before light would break over the Kumi Mountains. The air was crisp and cool, not out of the ordinary for this time of year in the far eastern reaches of the Avatarian Republics. Even in August, the territories of the Eastern Reaches would already have begun to feel the cooling airs of autumn push through the seas to them from the south.

Alone at this hour was a single man. Aged like a fine whiskey, though still bearing the sharpened edges of a well-honed sword, this man would wake up every morning at this hour; he would inspect his homestead, change into his traditional Mandalorian attire before venturing out to inspect the entire property of his family estates. He had made a career out of hockey, leading his team to 12 Kuruk Cup Championships before stepping down as Captain and retiring in 2017.1. After his captainship, he was pursued by many of the college teams to be a coach, and it would be a simple task to guess where he would end up.

The alma mater. The University of Adirolf in Hoggetowne just a day’s drive across those majestic Kumi Mountains.

Although he would be distant from his once-captained team, his heart would never truly leave it. While it was quite the drive through the mountains to get from Hoggetowne to Sundari, it was a mere two hour flight. A flight the former captain, now collegiate head coach would make as often as possible. Over the course of his eleven , the man had managed to take a team that was on the brink of greatness and turn them into a perennial threat who had managed to rack up six Memorial Chalice trophies in the Avatarian Collegiate Sports Association. Of course, he had help from those who had helped shape Avatarian Hockey for generations.

Kad Skirata, Ikeda Kuruk, Shu “The Great Wall” Huanguo, Ito Pakku

Teammates, friends, old head coaches... All came to his aide whenever called...

Of course, when the great Ishii Hakoda called, you answered that phone.

Though lately, age had begun to show on the former Captain. He was not a spring sho’ken anymore. When he last played for the National Team, he was 30; just starting to show signs of aging. Now, he was 42; far from old by Avatarian standards, but retired from professional play, and incredibly comfortable in the collegiate world. Though, at times, Ishii would find himself wondering if there was any more gas left in the tank. If one more World Cup run was in him...

Of course, Gyatso-kai hadn’t sent a team to the World Cup since World Cup XXVI... And no one knew when they would rejoin the Multiverse Stage...

As he stepped out of his bed, Ishii began to walk towards his closet. A warm shower was on his mind, and his usual habit was to gather his undersuit before bathing, and then trudge his way to the master bathroom. A few steps from the bed, he paused to look at its occupant; his wife of 12 , she wouldn’t even wake for another three hours. He sighed, appreciating the beauty of a sleeping woman, and continued the long march to the bathroom. Once the water was on, it would be a six minute shower – not a second longer – before he would step out, dry himself off, and begin to dress. Boots and undersuit secured, Ishii would then make his way down to the armory; a room situated one floor below him and across the house, adjacent to the four vehicle garage. The armory was wear he would begin the traditional Mandalorian ritual of securing armor plates to his undersuit. The armor was ceremonial, if anything, as Mandalorians had not fought in a war since the Gaoling Occupation of 2008. However, in the culture, you still wore armor whether or not you were on the way to battle or just patrolling your yaim... your home... It was a ritual, just like any other in Ishii’s life; one he undertook with an almost religious dedication. It took just under two minutes – 115 seconds, to be exact – for Ishii to don the oversuit of his armor, flak vest, and the thirteen plates that made up the entire ensemble. His gauntlets were the last thing to be placed on, and with a simple keyed code, the suit would be brought online. His helmet sat on its perch, a small red blinking light in the upper corner of the visor to signal it was synced with the body systems.

As he reached for his helmet, the red light changed to green, signaling an incoming call. It is too early for any talking, thought Ishii as he hooked his helmet to his belt, and without even looking to his gauntlet to see who the call was coming from, he slid a single finger over the touchscreen ending the call. A quick sigh and Ishii made his way to his ride of choice for these morning excursions. It was an open air vehicle, a military surplus all-terrain vehicle designated the M278 Xiemeng. Used for light ground reconnaissance, here on the home estate of Ishii it was used for him to traverse the 10 kilometer-wide property and to enjoy the natural beauty of his family’s historical home. The Ishii family had owned the property for over ten generations, and Hakoda Ishii was just the last in a long line of men to perform this inspection every day before the sun would rise. Though generations past had always used native ori’ulik horses to make the rounds, Ishii preferred the technological equivalent; even if he still kept several ori’ulik to enjoy at other times.

Ishii looked at the wall next to the Xiemeng, and saw that the battery was fully charged. He walked over to the quad and circled around it, doing his usual visual check and kicking each tire. The Xiemeng was not a very sophisticated machine; in fact, the only thing less sophisticated than the vehicle was the crate it was shipped in. There were no gauges on the dashboard, no fancy buttons to push, no additional accessories save for a weapons rack on the right hand side, four high-powered LED headlights, and a support rack on the back that could hold about 100 kilos of gear. The battery on the Xiemeng would last about 200km of driving, which was more than enough for its intended use on the estate; it would be a quick twenty minute ride to the lake, followed by another thirty minute run around the edge of the property for a total trip of twenty clicks.

Placing himself in the only seat on the Xiemeng, Ishii leaned back and gripped his helmet. Detaching it from his belt, he saw the light again blinking green. Still too early, he thought as he reached for his gauntlet again. Maybe they will get the message this time, he smirked as he silenced the call again. Placing the helmet over his head, he could see the icon in the top corner of his heads up display showing two missed comm attempts. He didn’t care at the moment, for it was too early to talk to anyone. Ishii wanted to ride over his property, commune with nature, and center himself before the sun even peaked over the Kumi’cerar. The last ACSA season had been particularly rough for the Adirolf Gators, having not made it into the quarterfinals for the first time in Ishii’s career.

I need to find myself before next year. I’ve lead a whole team through multiple World Cups and even into a Championship. I’ve lead an entire team of kids into battle and emerged victorious. I’ve done it once, I can do it again.

The sound of the Xiemeng turning on was barely audible; being an electric vehicle, the only sounds you would hear were the various servos engaging. As Ishii gripped the handlebars, he looked up into his HUD; the time was now 0700, weather report was showing a comfortable 20°C with no rain in sight, and the GPS compass had finally calibrated. He leaned forward, giving the right bar a gentle twist towards him, and the Xiemang took off with impressive speed for something so small. Quickly breaking 50kph in a little bit over 3 seconds, Ishii was flying away from his home on a long dirt road that stretched all the way out to the edge of his property for about five clicks. Once to the end of it, Ishii would pass a wrought iron gate that would open out onto more dirt road before he would take a hard left bank; racing along a concrete perimeter fence which would seemingly vanish into a thick forest of the native veshok trees and armand pines. The Xiemeng had a hell of a suspension, and handled the heavy road with ease. Each dip and drop in the road was hardly felt, and Ishii was able to race through the woods without any issue. Towards the center of the forested area was a large lake, with a great hill to look out over the lake... Ishii’s middle destination this morning.

Passing through the forest, Ishii was on auto-pilot. He had driven this route ever since his father – Hakomok – passed away nearly seven ago, and even longer before as a child with him. Through generations his family had owned this property, and every man would take ownership after the passing of his father. Though, Ishii and his wife, Quỳnh Ngà, had no children as of yet, so the issue of succession was not far from his mind. He had one younger brother, Mako, who already had two sons and a daughter, however in reality that was not an issue... seeing as how Mako was not a Mandalorian. He had married young – 21 to Hakoda’s 30 – and to a wealthy Earth Kingdom socialite in the Sanbei Islands, long forgoing his family’s culture in exchange for a padded life with a trophy wife.

As the Xiemeng turned through the final edges of the forest, it came out onto the sandy shores of his familial lake. It didn’t have a name, as his family had always simply called it Suumpir.

It is a shame that Mako isn’t Mandalorian, Ishii thought as the wheels of the Xiemeng gripped into the heavier sand of the hill that would overlook the lake. Ishii could not help but wonder what happiness he would have riding out with his brother behind him. Sure, the land would rightfully be his... but he missed his family at times. Their mother was long passed, having died when Hakoda was 15 and Mako was 11, and when his father died, the land became his. Of course, if he died without a child – son or daughter, it didn’t matter in Mandalorian culture – Mako would take the land.

Lets not think about that right now... Ishii chided himself before turning his attention back to the lake. It was an impressive view, one Ishii would often find himself looking over; watching the lake as the sun broke over the distant mountains, as the deep emeralds and sapphires of the water gave wave to cerulean hues, and the native wildlife would stir awake...

Incoming Communication from SKIRATA, KAD

Ishii brought the Xiemeng to a complete stop, his breath stolen away as he read the name at the top of the HUD. He hadn’t even reached the top of the overlooking hill... and his plans for morning contemplation were about to go right out the window. It had been months since he last heard from the former National Team and Itakawai Lightning Head Coach, and as far as Ishii knew, Skirata had been enjoying his retirement on Whale Tail Island.

Incoming Communication from SKIRATA, KAD

Ishii looked up to the corner of his HUD at the message overlayed. Usually when calls were made, a simple icon would appear and he would have to activate the call to display the ID; a safety feature so that you could see the caller when it was safe to read. In order for the ID to display immediately, the person on the other end would have to enter a priority code to override the general safety settings. Taking a deep breath, Ishii glanced upwards towards a small IR sensor and blinked twice, opening the commline. He cleared his throat, and instantly became nervous.


Hak’ika.... It’s been a while.

Skirata – Kad’buir or “Father Kad” as so many players had called him over the decades – sounded a bit more energetic than in months past. What’s the old verd up to? he thought as he prepared his next sentence.

”That it has, buir. How goes Whale Tail?”

Oh, you know how us old men get... We stop moving and suddenly we are restless. I spent yesterday with ol’ Zhou Shirou at the Whalers. He was holding some DevCamp stuff and asked if I wanted to swing by.

It never leaves your blood,
Ishii thought. Skirata was pushing 70 years-of-age, and considering he had started coaching the Ice Bisons when he was 38, it was an impressive streak to consider he had only retired just a few years ago. Even if it had been nearly eighteen since the Bisons had last played in the Multiverse, Skirata had not been officially retired... The team had simply been disbanded.

”So, buir, mind if I ask why you called?” Ishii had never been one to beat around a bush, so he decided to take the direct approach to questioning his old coach. He wasn’t sure how it would work out... but he was never one for small talk.

Well, Hakoda... I just wanted to give you a bit of a warning before I just showed up at your front door.

“Excuse me, sir?’
I must not have heard him right...

I said I wanted to give you a warning... I just arrived at Sundari International and should be at your place in about thirty minutes.

Ishii was speechless. He quickly pulled up his schedule, checking for any missed inputs. Nothing... Today is clear...

”Well, sir... I appreciate the thought for a... a visit, but I was not aware you were...”

Oh come now, Hak’ika. I called your wife days ago and asked if I could swing by. She said you would love to see me and some old friends.

Ishii looked down to his gauntlet pad, and began typing a message to his wife. Did she honestly forget?

Hakoda... You alright? Skirata asked over the comm. You’re awfully quiet over there...

stumbled Ishii as he started the Xiemeng up and begin racing back to his home. ”I am just not at the house right now. Doing my morning tour, you know?”

Skirata sighed. One of my favorite rituals when back home at Kyrimor’yaim. Take the ol’ori’ulik out for a few hours and just enjoy nature. It has been awhile. Maybe when I get there we can go out for a bit... humor an old man...

Ishii was saddened by that last comment, wondering why Skirata was talking about his home in a distant tense. Maybe the old Coach had been out from home for a while. Maybe doing a national tour or something to local colleges. Maybe he is just being reminiscent in his older years... but 70 is hardly old for us. Pushing into the twilight, but still firmly within dusk. Ishii turned the Xiemeng down the hill and began to head for a less-than-familiar route to try and get back home with a bit more speed.

”Of course, buir. I have quite a few ori’ulike who would love a good run.”

Never was fond of those quads you seem to prefer. Just doesn’t feel as natural.

“The speed cannot be match, sir. Besides, they are a fair bit quieter when you are not trying to wake a sleeping riduir.”

That’s a fair point, my old friend.
Ishii could hear Skirata pulling the comm away from his face to talk to someone next to him, but he couldn’t make out any words. Anyway... We are about twenty or so minutes away from you. I’ll let you go, so you can get back to the house and wake the wife. Skirata, out.

He still ends calls like he were on military commlinks, Ishii laughed as he pushed the Xiemeng a bit faster as it hit an open stretch of dirt. He really wanted to know why his wife hadn’t said anything about this meeting, or at the very least informed him that the old Head Coach wanted to see him, or that he had even called. She’s probably busy with the local festival...It is that time of year, sighed the man as he turned the quad into the final stretch of road before the actual home line. He could see in the distance that his wife was already up, the lights in the kai’tomika were on meaning she had already started cooking breakfast.

Maybe I forgot, Ishii’s mind wandered as he passed the main gate – still opening as his quad ran between it – and he could make out more details of his home. The large wrap-around porch – called a udesii'veray in Mando’a – was mostly clear save for a few well-worn chairs and table, so he was sure Skirata would want to sit out there; talk shop, relive the glory days, do as all old men do. Spirits only know why he was coming to Ishii’s family homestead before the sun even rose. As Ishii pulled closer to the house, he didn’t even return the Xiemeng to the garage, simply coming to a stop right to the side of the stairs leading up into the porch before dismounting.

As he climbed up the six stairs onto the porch, he could hear his wife singing in the kitchen. Oh... she is guilty, he thought as he opened the front door. His boots, clean as could be, would certainly not appease her as he walked through the front hallway and into the kitchen; tracking in every ounce of the homestead he had just raced out to and raced even faster back through. It was customary for Mandalorians to not remove their boots when entering a home – a stark contrast to the traditional Earth, Fire, and Air cultures where shoes were never worn in the home – however, you never wanted to traipse through a clean home in mud-covered cetare.

Turning the corner into the kitchen, Ishii laid his eyes upon his wife, Quỳnh Ngà. She was such a beautiful woman, something Ishii could not help but admire as she stood with her back to him preparing something. She was not Mandalorian by birth, a fact that truly did not matter in Mandalorian culture; it never mattered where you came from, only where you were going. She had adopted the culture while the two of them started dating back during World Cup XXV; he could very distinctly remember the first time he gave her a Kar’ta Beskar – the diamond-shape armor plate that sat in the middle of every Mandalorian suit of armor. It was a symbolic gesture, to give someone your ‘heart’ and for them to hold onto it until the day of your wedding. Of course, weddings in Mandalorian culture were not some social fiasco as they were in most other Avatarian cultures. Mandalorian weddings were cut and dry, with the two parties sharing a traditional vow, which in their culture (and through Avatarian law) bound them as married partners. Ever since she was given the Kar’ta Beskar, Quỳnh Ngà would always wear it around her neck.

Romantic little aaray, Ishii thought as he stepped fully into the kitchen.

” Quỳnh, [i]cyar’ika
he spoke, leaning against the first chair he came to. ”Was there something you wanted to tell me?”

Quỳnh turned slowly towards Ishii, a look of innocence upon her face. ”Oh,” she feigned surprise. ”I forgot, didn’t I?” she smirked, her long auburn hair tied back in a sloppy not with just a few stray wisps to frame her face.

”Yes you did...” Ishii was not as amused as Quỳnh was, and he simply stood there, arms crossed in front of himself, hips leaning against a rather sturdy dinning chair. ”Would you like to tell me now?”

“Oh, I know you get so nervous with plans, Hak,”
Quỳnh said as she turned to walk to her husband. Even angry, Ishii could not help but admire her beauty. Sure, it was a bit shallow for him to admire her auburn silky hair, gentle curves, youthful features... but she was his wife, and if after twelve of marriage, and another four of dating, he did not find her beauty disarming, then there was simply no point in being married. As she came up to him, she reached out for his hands; her slender hands finding their place on his gauntlets. The sound of her nails – long and the same steel blue color as his armor – making contact with the armor rang slightly in the silent kitchen, and Ishii softened his glare slightly.

”You could have at least put it on the calendar, riduir’ika,” Ishii sighed, using the pet name for “little wife” to address Quỳnh. ”So now we have company coming in mere minutes...and the house is...”

“Perfectly clean, save for where you walked...”
Quỳnh smiled. ”Now, go get yourself out of that armor and put on your best bora’kute before the old coach gets here.”

“Why is he coming here?”
Ishii asked as he put his arms around Quỳnh. She was so small compared to him – 157 centimeters and 49 kilograms compared to his 193 and 95, respectively – and he seemingly engulfed her.

”You know why, cyar’ika. Even I know...”

And she was right. Ishii did know why...

He had seen the news stories over the last few weeks. He had heard the rumors through the papuurgaat’brik that the National Sports Council had been wanting to bring back Multi-Verse Play. He had been at the trials for all of the corruption after World Cup XXVI. For all the higher ups who were gambling on teams, fixing recruitment and wagering on tryouts. All the money that had shifted hands between collegiate tournaments and national awards. All of the kickbacks and promises and downright greed that had led to billions of yuans being embezzled. How many General Managers and Presidents and Chief Executive Officers that had tried and imprisoned... It was frankly a wonder that the AHL and RPFL had not folded after the scandals.

But the Avatar assured us all that these were isolated incidents... that one day we would again return to the world stage and show ourselves to have been better for our misdeeds, and to have learned from our mistakes...

Ishii could not help but wonder... Had they?

Only time would tell...
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Third Place: World Cup of Hockey XV, XVII, XVIII
Qualified: Baptism of Fire 44 (Mangolana Quaterfinals), Cup of Harmony 50 (4th Place), World Cup 59-63, World Cup of Hockey XV-XXVI
Participant: World Women's Hockey Championship I (9th Place), World Cup of Hockey XVI, World Cups 57-63 Qualifying, Republic Cup I, Cup of Harmony 49
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Postby Savojarna » Tue Nov 05, 2019 5:07 am - inside reports from all Savojarna
Home World Cup roster is revealed

Savojarna plays a game that is mostly depending on tactical discipline and puck possession. While the Savojars do value a good deflection or rebound goal, and certainly have many players who can do such things, they usually prefer a pass to a shot from a desperate position hoping for a lucky bounce. Their players think fast rather than move exceptionally fast (but they are not slow either!), with a few exceptions on the attack since the coaching changed and the team is a bit more aggressive. While they don't have to hide from anyone, they are usually not physically superior.

In terms of tactics, they play an aggressive forechecking with one or two men, trying to force puck losses, and drop back to their own blue line once the opponent has reached the neutral zone. They attempt to keep the opponent away from their own side, and defend usually quite solid. On the attack, Savojarna's top lines work with a lot of passing and cycling the puck to find an open lane while the third and fourth line play deeper and with more drive to the net. Especially the fourth line often crowds the slot, while the third is more likely to go deep and play behind the net. Usually, the Savojars play with 13 forwards and 7 defenders. On the men's team, Glukov can be expected to barely play outside special teams.

The Savojar team plays a powerplay focused mainly on shooting from the point and the circle. The two defenders play both in the area between the blue line and the top of the circle, but occasionally advance to the circle. The winger on the side of the puck moves to the circle to be open and get a shot off, the other winger moves towards the goal to assist the center in screening and opening shooting lanes. The center remains in front of the goal. In penalty killing, Savojarna lets the opponent play around the boards, but intervenes quickly if the puck moves inside the box. They play a PK with relatively little pressure.

Style Mod: +1.25

Coach: Fridtjof Ragnarsson (53)
Assistant coaches: Denis Patrishin (42), Alexander Litmanen (37)
Medical and physio staff: Dr. Pyotr Alexandrov (63), Dr. Valtteri Naumanen (46), Lisa Andersson (35), Kari Litmanen (33)
Press representative: Carl Törmänen (34) - please note that apart from mixed zone interviews and WCoH press conferences, only Törmänen is authorised to speak to foreign media.

Savojar National Team
Pos Nr. Name Age Club Style
GK 30 Niklas Hoyman 31 CASK Thorsborg BFY
GK 35 Andrey Strakhov 36 International Pawlograd HYB
GK 70 Ville Kerjanen 25 Savojars Vinge Virkaja HYB
1st LINE
D 22 Erik Kristiansen - C 30 Dynamo Sjoedrhavn OFD
D 5 Jon Asgeirsson 31 ESK Storevik DFD
LW 40 Ville Stefansson 32 SK Torpedo Pawlograd SNP
C 18 Mikko Simonen 32 RHK Savojagrad PLM
RW 28 Denis Elegin 29 International Pawlograd SNP
2nd LINE
D 8 Mikael Ingerman 23 CASK Thorsborg DFD
D 21 Soren Falborg 28 Exton Islanders (MRC) OFD
LW 17 Johan Bryzhnev 24 Torpedo Belushya Guba (NZE) SNP
C 47 Eythor Malinsson 23 ESK Storevik PLM
RW 41 Jonas Gulbrandsson - A 26 Partizan Belushya Guba (NZE) PLM
3rd LINE
D 80 Victor Troels 30 RHK Savojagrad TWD
D 29 Terje Nordrsson 24 ESK Storevik OFD
LW 55 Dominik Gränlund - A 29 CASK Thorsborg GRN
C 92 Anders Hejman 29 ESK Storevik SNP
RW 19 Tuomas Jaskinen 30 PT Hovikkära TWA

4th LINE
D 13 Vyacheslav Glukov 33 RHK Savojagrad TWD
LW 53 Valeri Taranin 27 CASK Thorsborg SNP
C 33 Jacob Andersson 22 Orga MC (MRC) PWF
RW 53 Yuri Elyagin 21 Dynamo St. Andrei PWF
RW 10 Andrey Dragunov 23 PT Hovikkära SNP
D 44 Tuukka Lajanen 23 Traktor St. Andrei TWD
C 52 Anders Hjalmarsson 29 HK Metall Jarnstad PLM

Goalkeeper order: Hoyman - Kerjanen - Strakhov, unless indicated otherwise.

Special Teams:
PP1: Falborg - Gulbrandsson - Stefansson - Andersson - Bryzhnev
PP2: Glukov - Kristiansen - Söderberg - Hejman - Jaskinen
PK1: Asgeirsson - Falborg - Andersson - Jaskinen
PK2: Ingerman - Glukov - Elyagin - Gränlund


Goalkeepers: Nick Hoyman is the main goalie of Savojarna. He is an athletic and quite spectacular butterfly goalkeeper who is very hard to beat off the first shot, but gives up a lot of rebounds. Obviously he got quite some practice in defending against them as a consequence, but facing against teams who shoot the puck a lot he is bound to give up some goals. Kerjanen is a very different type and considered Hoyman’s equal. He is more stationary and relies a lot on his insane skills of reading play and knowing what to expect from an opponent. He and Hoyman will alternate group stage games, and Kerjanen may also play a KO game (this is indicated in RP if it happens). Strakhov has been considered the best goalie in the SHS for a while, but is past his prime. He is extremely consistent on a somewhat mediocre level, and mainly on the team as an off-ice leader.

Following the retirement from international play of Alexey Yarchenko, Kristiansen has inherited the task of organising defence as well as the role as Savojarna’s leader. He has great spatial awareness and good passing skills, but is a bit limited in physical play (by Savojar standards) and doesn’t have the shot expected by an OFD. Asgeirsson is a shutdown defender whose speciality is to relentlessly attack the opponent’s key players in the defensive zone and wear them down with hard checks. The second pairing has probably the most offensive firepower. Falborg is a pinching defenceman who has high speed and stamina, and is very good at keeping the blue line. His linemate Mikael Ingerman is considered to have the hardest shot in the SHS, but is often considered a bit lacking in judgment. Due to his overall conservative disposition, that rather means overly safe play than giving up chances, so the risks are limited. Troels is a hard-working player who will run after every puck and secure the blue line, as well as having a decent shot, whereas Nordrsson is a player whose main strength is to construct and guide the game with the puck. Defensively, he is limited, explaining his third line status. Glukov is a physical player with an extremely hard shot, and an off-ice leader, but age has worn down his stamina. He is kept on the team as a special teams player and a leader in the locker room. Lajanen is a solid allrounder with some lack of experience internationally, and will be used against offensive top teams to stabilise the defence.

Simonen and Malinsson are both similar players who will be distributing pucks left and right. Both of them are somewhat lacking - again, to Savojar standards - in physicality and will suffer against very strong opposition that drive them away from the goal. Consequentially, they will mostly drift wide a bit and try to find open wingers at the posts. The main difference between them is that Malinsson is a technically more adept man, whereas Simonen relies more on vision and intelligence. Hejman is the only centre who mainly scores goals. He is a relentless sniper who often lurks at the hashmarks to find some space to drive to the goal, receive a pass and deflect or score. Andersson is another regular scorer, but thrives more off deflections and assists due to his hulking presence. He is also a very enduring player thanks to his time in the Mercedinian league. Finally, Hjalmarsson is a more physical playmaker who will be mostly used as a backup or an occasional 13th forward for the powerplay.

Stefansson and Elegin both are extremely hard and precise shooters, who are great at utilising the passes from their centre. Both are fast on the first metres, but somewhat lacking on long, fast runs. Their physical presence often allows them to anchor themselves at the post and wait for a pass. Brzyhnev and Gulbrandsson are also similar to each other, but completely different than the top 2 wingers. They are fast players, and especially in the case of Gulbrandsson, dazzling technicians. Expect them to show glamourous plays on the counter and score a few breakaways. Both are considered to have barely any defensive responsibilities to allow their skills to shine. Gränlund is a player who thrives on the boards and in the corner, hard to drive away or separate from the puck, and good at pinching in to secure a rebound. His linemate Jaskinen is comparable to Stefansson and Elegin, but notably slower and stronger, lurking at the post rather than accelerating in from the side. Taranin is a sharpshooter operating from the side, bringing the puck to the net whenever he can, and hoping for goalies to miss it or for his linemate Elyagin to drive in and push it over the line. Dragunov is the more defensively oriented version of Elyagin, to be used more often when a lead must be defended.



(Displayed is the Olympic version. For the WCoH version, the Olympic Estoile is replaced with the Savojar flag)
Reigning Handball World Champions (HWC 20)
WCoH 34 runner-up
Olympic medal count (winter): 6-2-3
WJHC 12, WCoH 34, Alpine Skiing World Tour
National newswire

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The adjective is Savojar; Savojarnan is not a word!
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Postby Mercedini » Tue Nov 05, 2019 2:40 pm


Head Coach: Image Bernardo Allegri • Trigramme: MRC • Nickname: The Kingfishers

Following the nation's historic 2nd place finish in the Equestrian States at the tournament's 36th edition, the Kingfishers couldn't go one better and claim their first World Cup of Hockey, as Neu Engollon pipped the team in black and blue at the end of a fifth-game title decider in Equestria to lift the title and rounding off what was a groundbreaking tournament for the team. It took them past the likes of Alpine Union and Vilita & Turori during the knockouts in a spectacular play-off run which took them to their first final, where they were overhauled by the Ibex of Neu Engollon in the final following a best-of-five tussle. Now, their team is refreshed after entering a long winter and spring period where hockey certainly wasn't on the mind of much of the populace. Delays in the Hockey Champion's League has meant the MSL domestic season has only recently come to a conclusion, leading many of the clubs in Mercedini to cope with severe fixture congestion come the end of the season, to finalise a league result while also giving time for recovery and consolidation for the league, its teams and their players. With plenty of debutante players taking part in the 37th edition, and the success of the side that went into that tournament as underdogs, it's little surprise that there is a similar feel to the roster for the 38th edition. Let's see who has made the trip to Savojarna and line-up for the 38th edition of the World Cup of Hockey.

Mercedinian-style hockey is much more irregular than its regulation counterparts from other nations, with players often staying on the ice for large periods of time, rarely changing only for injuries and drastic tactical changes. Changes are typically made during the inter-period intervals or during special events such as power-plays or short-handed periods, where management and coaches then assess tactics and change the line-ups from there. Changes are often made man for man at a specific position on the ice rather than a whole line change all at once, meaning there can be hundreds of different combination of players available to the coaching staff throughout the tournament, all depending on the opponents they are playing. This means Mercedinian hockey players are extremely fit and have tremendous stamina to last vast swathes of the period. However, tactical adaptability does become a challenge, with players excelling in some areas while lacking in others, with those qualities dependant on their preferred play-styles in the game.

GT Luke Carshavington 24 Image Severnaya Oblast
GT Martin Adalya 31 Image Orga HC
GT Adam Orlavic 20 Image Kaldex Tridents

Severnaya Oblast's Luke Carshavington gets the nod as first choice goaltender for the tournament as he maintains his position as the nation's number one, but it's likely that the second and third choice for Mercedini will almost certainly get a run out during middle period or against potential dead rubbers if they work their way to a position where they can afford to take their foot off the gas for a couple of matches. Adam Orlavic will be in accompaniment once again with the latest addition of Orga HC's Martin Adalya (thanks to his top performances which saw his team lift the domestic title a couple of seasons back), with the three goaltenders each having different positives and negatives which can be used to the teams advantage depending on the opponent. Defensive technique will need to be assessed after the team let several winning positions slip in the final tussle with the Ibex, but skill and talent might be enough to get the Kingfishers through to the knockout rounds once again

D Peter Pollock 27 Image Lokomotiv Nezaemy
D Ian Pollock 23 Image Lokomotiv Nezaemy

D David Ornstein 22 Image Orga HC
D Karl Darlington 25 Image Acoflosa Pengiuns

D Magnus Demokritos 32 Image Zoloroni City Icers
D Andris Draspanza 19 Image Blue Strike Zoloroni

The defensive roster as stayed marginally the same since the previous edition with every player from the first two lines called back up from the previous World Cups of Hockey in the Free Republics, Anthor and Equestria. The Pollock brothers, still playing their hockey in Lokomotiv Nezaemy, remain the first choice for the defensive line thanks to their speed with the puck combining well the communication that the brothers have nurtured throughout their professional careers as hockey players and as real-life siblings growing up. They are the only two member of the defensive roster currently playing their hockey outside of Mercedini, a league which is rapidly receiving further international coverage thanks to the clubs' performances in the Hockey Champion's League. The rest play for teams in the Mercedinian Super League and hold their own when it comes to positions in the national team. No new additions or changes to the roster means the players are more familiar then ever, which will certainly aid team chemistry. Defensive errors is where the game is won or lost, so Mercedini have been working hard on it, so it will all come to head when Mercedini play their opening group games.

AL Zach Arthur 25 Image Acoflosa Penguins
AC Max Morton 21 Image Rotor Rogachevo
AR Ayal Ismaat 24 Image Albertain Mutants

AL Oliver Ansellini 20 Image Civano Jackals
AC Robert Jindrich 27 Image Zoloroni City Icers
AR Patrick Pucheclic 21 Image Acoflosa Penguins

AL Eliah Kozhikina 26 Image Ozzaya Agranka Synthesis
AC Pedro Antic 23 Image SKK Ogdenagorv
AR Lambeth Carpic 18 Image ZSCYA

When it comes to attacking prowess, Mercedini are one of the world leaders in the sport of football, but hockey is largely an untouched market when it comes to internationally recognised players in many reaches of the multiverse. Still, Mercedini have got a series of marquee names on their rosters with a series of leagues represented in all different parts of the multiverse. MSL winner Arthur, NZEL team of the year member Morton and Kebecois league winner and player of the season Ismaat are named as the preferred trio once again to lead the Kingfishers into battle against their five other opponents in the group. There's plenty of support in the second and third lines of the attacking roster with Mercedinian league clubs up and down the country represented well by the number of players in this roster. There's plenty to be excited about if you are a fan of the Mercedinian National Team. We all wait with baited breath for the first match of the tournament to see whether all this practice has finally paid off.

Mercedini (3)
Royal Kingdom of Quebec (8)
United States of Devonta (23)
St. Saratoga (36)
Aaaaaa (UR)
Volinovia (UR)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod my Scores: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes*
Godmod injuries to my Players: Within Reason
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes*
Godmod other events: Within Reason
*just let me know what you've done so I can factor that into our schedule

Novapax Founder • Host Portfolio • Trophy Cabinet
World CupBest: Group Stage ('77, '81, '82, '83)
Cup of HarmonyBest: Champion ('72)
U21 World CupBest: 3rd Place ('43)
U18 World CupBest: Champion ('4)
Independents CupBest: Champion ('5)
WC of HockeyBest: 2nd Place ('37)
WJHCBest: Champion ('13)
Best Placing: 1st (Lipa '72)Most Points: 108 pts (Lipa '72)

World Hit Festival
Best Placing: 1st ('34 & '36)Most Pts: 34 pts (Mousiki '31)
Junior World Hit Festival
Best Placing: 3rd ('3, '4 & '5)Most Pts: 26 pts (Tushlark '5)
Mercedini in WVSC & WHFs

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Postby Savojarna » Tue Nov 05, 2019 3:34 pm

From the signup thread:

Savojarna wrote:
Important host announcement

There has been a mistake regarding signups. I have used the signup list in the OP of this thread as basis for the signups and tacked on the five nations who signed up after the signups were last updated. However, what I had not seen was that Kita-Hinode and Bliuji had signed up and not been included in the OP signup list (although I did even scroll through the thread, but missed their signup even when doing that). As a consequence, and after consulting with more experienced hosts on Discord, that means three things:

1) We now have 38 teams, which is an awkward number. While we do have puppets, both are puppets that have been roleplayed along with their main nations, I would rather not kick them out. If someone messages me until tomorrow morning 9:00 CET (that is, 9.5 hours from the moment this is posted) with a puppet to make things work out again, I will create and throw in one of my own as well, and we'll use the 40 team format.
Alternatively, I will use a format of four groups of six and two groups of seven, and delete the result against the last-placed team in seven-team-groups for the seeding round (as is done in some editions of the UEFA EURO qualifiers).

2) Regardless of the decision we take on team sizes, the groups will have to be re-drawn to accommodate changes in the pots. RP's written until now will be graded normally, even though they don't apply to the new groups anymore. That means that you don't have to retcon your RP unless you want to.

3) Cutoff for the first match day will be pushed back 24 hours and occur tomorrow at the indicated window. The new schedule will be noted in the Everything Thread when the new group draw is released.

I apologise dearly for this mistake, and I hope that the rest of the tournament will go smoothly. Please forgive me for having missed those nations, and I hope that you can still trust me for possible future host bids!
Reigning Handball World Champions (HWC 20)
WCoH 34 runner-up
Olympic medal count (winter): 6-2-3
WJHC 12, WCoH 34, Alpine Skiing World Tour
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Socialist island state 2018 - Cultural mixture of Scandinavia, Finland and Russia -Exports iron, steel, silver and wood - Low fantasy in terms of animal species - Sports-loving - 22.8 million inhabitants.

The adjective is Savojar; Savojarnan is not a word!
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Postby Adyatin » Wed Nov 06, 2019 5:18 am

The Holy Kingdom of Adyatin
Roster for 38th World Cup of Hockey

Adyatin are new to the international hockey scene and not expected to make big waves. They play a defensive style of hockey, with a lot of zeal and force. While not an unfair team, you can expect them to stand their ground, rattle the boards and drive to the net. Due to being located very close to Savojarna, their fans will probably turn out in large numbers and might provoke clashes with Savojars as the two countries are considered mortal enemies, especially from the POV of Adyatin. Adyatin's fans and players are all expected to be fervently nationalist, as this is a prerequisite to being allowed to leave Adyatin, especially when the target is Savojarna. The Adyatinian hockey league is small, but professional; but it suffers from being closed off the rest of the world. It is largely dominated by the army club ZSKA Adyatyagrad (and its two SKA subsidiaries) and the Northwestern club Ataka Staraya Vetry, which is said to be favoured by Royal Prime Minister Svetanov. ZSKA and ASV have finished in the top 2 all of the last eight championships, and the last victory by a different team is more than fifteen years ago. They keep competition small by gobbling up all talent in the nation, leading to strong teams with weak competition - and it is an open secret in Adyatinian hockey that the refs are biased towards the two top clubs as well.

OOC Note: Despite using the (Z)SKA nomenclature common in post-communist states, Adyatin is not communist; it is a fervently anti-communist conservative authoritarian/fascist-ish state.

Style Mod: -3.25

Coach: Yauheni Paravich (44)
Assistant coach: Oleg Metrov (47)
Political Officer and Head of Team Security: Cpt. Lew Turganov (53)

#1 Hleb Yeranek (24, ZSKA Adyatyagrad)
#30 Vitaliy Ivanov (30, ZSKA Adyatyagrad)
#31 Gennadi Stamkov (22, Ataka Staraya Vetry)

Line 1
D #2 Kasimir Novchenko (32, ZSKA Adyatyagrad)
D #5 Vasiliy Urov (25, ZSKA Adyatyagrad)
LW #12 Mikhail Samov (29, Ataka Staraya Vetry)
C #14 Kirilo Naroshenko (30, ZSKA Adyatyagrad)
RW #8 Patryk Sukachev (27, Ataka Staraya Vetry)

Line 2
D #3 Juray Hetman (34, Ataka Staraya Vetry)
D #4 Aleksei Hautarovich (25, Ataka Staraya Vetry) -- C
LW #9 Barys Netanov (27, ZSKA Adyatyagrad)
C #11 Lyubomir Tsygankov (28, Ataka Staraya Vetry)
RW #10 Heorhiy Tretyak (33, SKA Yautarograd)

Line 3
D #6 Dmitry Zareyev (35, HK Rotko)
D #20 Konstantin Andreyev (30, ZSKA Adyatyagrad)
LW #13 Pavel Katorenko (22, ZSKA Adyatyagrad)
C #15 Miroslav Ogonek (27, ZSKA Adyatyagrad)
RW #23 Artsyom Volkov (31, Ataka Staraya Vetry)

Line 4

D #16 Leanid Preshov (26, SKA Yautarograd)
D #18 Nikita Ukanenko (21, SKA Varinsk)
LW #19 Serhey Savorenko (26, ZSKA Adyatyagrad)
C #24 Nikolau Pavatsin (29, SKA Varinsk)
RW #21 Aljaksander Simunov (25, Ataka Staraya Vetry)

D #26 Petro Omachenko (28, Ataka Staraya Vetry)
D #27 Karol Hanarek (17, SKA Yautarograd)
C #22 Taras Mihailovich (32, ZSKA Adyatyagrad)

Special Teams:
PP1: Novchenko - Urov - Netanov - Naroshenko - Katorenko
PP2: Hetman - Hautarovich - Samov - Tsygankov - Sukachev
PK1: Novchenko - Urov - Naroshenko - Volkov
PK2: Hautarovich - Andreyev - Ogonek - Sukachev

RP Permissions:
Go wild, but keep to RL natural laws. Also, you may only do to me what I may do to you.
Additional note: If you're one of the people who first checks in with your opponent on RP, no need to do that with Adyatin. This is a puppet and between hosting and RP'ing Savojarna, I doubt I'll do much with it in this edition, so feel free to RP first.
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Postby Abanhfleft » Wed Nov 06, 2019 5:59 am


This will be Abanhfleft's nth time participating in the World Cup of Hockey. Abanhfleft is going through a bad patch of form sports-wise so no one really expects much from this team this time around. Hockey has also experienced a bit of a decline in popularity so that also means that less people would be watching the national hockey team this time around. The ice hockey craze bubble has burst, and Fleftic ice hockey fans aren't taking it too well so they'll support the team no matter what but even they aren't getting their hopes up. That's how far expectations have fallen for this team. It's kind of sad, really. And then they went to the final of WCoH 35 where they lost to Elejamie so apparently interest in hockey has been revived.

Nation name: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Style modifier: +2.25
Head coach: Harris Bunsen (USA, 63 y/o)

Goaltender: Jeremy Gonzalez (26 y/o, male)

1st Defensive Pair:
Francis Griffith (30 y/o, male)
Ruben Arnold (30 y/o, male)

2nd Defensive Pair:
Teddy Langenfeld (33 y/o, male)
Kelly Hughes (30 y/o, male)

3rd Defensive Pair:
Hassan McNichol (25 y/o, male, defense)
Willard Feder (27 y/o, male, defense)

1st Offensive Line:
RW: Ted Kawakami (32 y/o, male. captain)
C: Brandon Weyandt (26 y/o, male, offense)
LW: Cristobal Rosenberg (32 y/o, male)

2nd Offensive Line:
RW: Tatiana Vinogradova (27 y/o, non-binary)
C: Gjorgij Tymowski (27 y/o, male)
LW: Lino Mable (33 y/o, male)

3rd Offensive Line:
RW: Doug Chavez (31 y/o, male)
C: Jacques Ruston (30 y/o, male)
LW: Nicolas DiPaolo (33 y/o, male)

4th Offensive Line:
RW: Benjamin Elsasser (31 y/o, male)
C: Mark Housman (30 y/o, male)
LW: Lewis Dejulio (30 y/o, male)

Neil Imperato (34 y/o, male, goaltender)
Billy Ryan (24 y/o, male, goaltender)
Terrance Batura (32 y/o, male, defense)
Isaiah Moulder (33 y/o, male, defense)
Reggie Karg (31 y/o, male, defense)
Venkata Phadanis (24 y/o, male, defense)
Nuri Hamina (23 y/o, male, defense)
George Holden (29 y/o, male, offense)
Ronald Coleman (26 y/o, male, offense)
Keith Wee (32 y/o, male, offense)
Jordan Pursley (25 y/o, male, offense)
Patrick Lewis (25 y/o, male, offense)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Anything except killing is fair game.
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

I also write stories. Would you like to read my works?

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Postby Savojarna » Wed Nov 06, 2019 2:48 pm


This is your MD 1 cutoff!

Group A (Sjoedrhavns Stadsstadion, Sjoedrhavn)
Banija 4–0 Kingdom of the Polar Bear
Bolgano 3–7 HUElavia

Group A (Sjoedrhavns Stadsstadion, Sjoedrhavn) Pld W L GF GA GD Pts
1 HUElavia 1 1 0 7 3 +4 3
2 Banija 1 1 0 4 0 +4 3
3 Bolgano 1 0 1 3 7 −4 0
4 Kingdom of the Polar Bear 1 0 1 0 4 −4 0

Group B (Norsk Palace, Storevik)
Siovanija and Teusland 3–2 Silver Beach
Lorenthia 3–1 The Ross Isles

Group B (Norsk Palace, Storevik) Pld W L GF GA GD Pts
1 Lorenthia 1 1 0 3 1 +2 3
2 Siovanija and Teusland 1 1 0 3 2 +1 3
3 Silver Beach 1 0 1 2 3 −1 0
4 The Ross Isles 1 0 1 1 3 −2 0

Group C (Stadion Ivan Petrovich, Pawlograd)
Cassadaigua 3–1 Adyatin
Lisander 4–1 The Sarian

Group C (Stadion Ivan Petrovich, Pawlograd) Pld W L GF GA GD Pts
1 Lisander 1 1 0 4 1 +3 3
2 Cassadaigua 1 1 0 3 1 +2 3
3 Adyatin 1 0 1 1 3 −2 0
4 The Sarian 1 0 1 1 4 −3 0

Group D (Aviatorium, Virkaja)
Kita-Hinode 4–1 Gim
St. Saratoga 3–2 Kelssek

Group D (Aviatorium, Virkaja) Pld W L GF GA GD Pts
1 Kita-Hinode 1 1 0 4 1 +3 3
2 St. Saratoga 1 1 0 3 2 +1 3
3 Kelssek 1 0 1 2 3 −1 0
4 Gim 1 0 1 1 4 −3 0

Group E (Jarnstads Samfunnetsstadion, Jarnstad)
Ko-oren 5–2 Volinovia
United States of Devonta 5–0 Greater Cebu

Group E (Jarnstads Samfunnetsstadion, Jarnstad) Pld W L GF GA GD Pts
1 United States of Devonta 1 1 0 5 0 +5 3
2 Ko-oren 1 1 0 5 2 +3 3
3 Volinovia 1 0 1 2 5 −3 0
4 Greater Cebu 1 0 1 0 5 −5 0

Group F (Stadion Karl Marx, Hovikkära)
Free Republics 4–0 Bliuji
People's Republic of Xabia 2–1 Aaaaaa

Group F (Stadion Karl Marx, Hovikkära) Pld W L GF GA GD Pts
1 Free Republics 1 1 0 4 0 +4 3
2 People's Republic of Xabia 1 1 0 2 1 +1 3
3 Aaaaaa 1 0 1 1 2 −1 0
4 Bliuji 1 0 1 0 4 −4 0

Group G (Stadion Traktorov, St. Andrei)
Anthor 2–2 Terre Septentrionale (2–3 SO)
Gyatso-Kai 4–1 Tornado Queendom

Group G (Stadion Traktorov, St. Andrei) Pld W L GF GA GD Pts
1 Gyatso-Kai 1 1 0 4 1 +3 3
2 Terre Septentrionale 1 0 0 2 2 0 2
3 Anthor 1 0 0 2 2 0 1
4 Tornado Queendom 1 0 1 1 4 −3 0

Group H (Stadion General Axel Nejdur, Landsmark)
Valanora 3–1 North Quadana
Austrakia 3–1 Taeshan

Group H (Stadion General Axel Nejdur, Landsmark) Pld W L GF GA GD Pts
1 Austrakia 1 1 0 3 1 +2 3
Valanora 1 1 0 3 1 +2 3
3 North Quadana 1 0 1 1 3 −2 0
Taeshan 1 0 1 1 3 −2 0
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Reigning Handball World Champions (HWC 20)
WCoH 34 runner-up
Olympic medal count (winter): 6-2-3
WJHC 12, WCoH 34, Alpine Skiing World Tour
National newswire

Socialist island state 2018 - Cultural mixture of Scandinavia, Finland and Russia -Exports iron, steel, silver and wood - Low fantasy in terms of animal species - Sports-loving - 22.8 million inhabitants.

The adjective is Savojar; Savojarnan is not a word!
I am 21, male, and study politics and history. I like left communism, foreign politics, philosophy, ice hockey and metal. Feel free to TG me if youre bored or something, I guess.

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Postby -Anthor- » Wed Nov 06, 2019 4:53 pm

Anthoran National Hockey Team
Nickname: Anthoran Ducks
Head Coach: Lucius Horn
Assistant Coach: Gabe Wilmer

Style Modifier: +3

Annual Introduction:

The last World Cup was hard for the Ducks, not because defending your title is difficult, but because external factors prevent you from even getting the chance; after eight appearances of strong, continually improving play the Ducks managed to gain the long sought after goal by winning the 36th World Cup of Hockey, after taking down much more storied teams, and arguably better teams; needless to say, despite all the protests from nearly every player on the team, and Horn's own veracious arguments the Ministry of Sports 1-year moratorium on international play prevented a chance at a back-to-back title. However, the denial would allow Horn extra time to tweak his team, with more time for practices, exhibition games to trial off experimental tactics and lineups and hone the Ducks overall. Their absence has seen them leave Top 10 ranks, and despite a slow start by loosing what should have been an easy win, the Ducks are eager for a long playoff run; anything else would be sheer embarrassment, and for what many speculate will be team captain Graham Robertson's last season, that would be a pitiful end.



No. Name Age Position Club
2 Lester Brandon 31 G Penshurst Earls
1 Dickson Moore 35 G(S) Yarmouth Ducks


Line 1

No. Name Age Position Club
40 Blair Johnson 30 LD Avon Knights
38 Roderick Deschamps 36 RD Yarmouth Ducks

Line 2

No. Name Age Position Club
48 Tony Pearson 33 LD Aviemore Pioneers
13 Erhardt Müller 33 RD Mers Militia

Line 3

No. Name Age Position Club
11 Michael Brice 31 LD Toussard Daemons
57 Kenneth Thorpe 30 RD Aviemore Pioneers


Line 1

No. Name Age Position Club
14 Austin Poindexter(A) 32 LW Avon Knights
20 Graham Robertson(C) 37 C Furness Hammers
68 Albert Kersey 31 RW Kerveguen HC

Line 2

No. Name Age Position Club
23 Harold Jewel 30 LW Yarmouth Ducks
16 Adam Bohatec(A) 34 C Yarmouth Ducks
22 Alexander Blackman 30 RW Cheshnut White Knights

Line 3

No. Name Age Position Club
10 Timothy McLeish 29 LW Norton Riders
25 Scott Bebbington 23 C Rannoch Masters
39 Ross Bacon 31 RW Yarmouth Ducks

Line 4

No. Name Age Position Club
26 Mark Juhasz 30 RW Inverness Lions
12 Ondrej Houska 23 C Aviemore Pioneers
31 Bert Tabor 22 LW Furness Hammers

No. Name Age Position Club
18 Simon Morisette 29 LW/C Avon Knights
71 Aiden Trendell 23 C Aviemore Pioneers
74 Johnathan Horsley 26 LD Mers Militia
61 Marcus Murray 30 LW Cheshnut White Knights
21 Glenn Greene 23 RD Aviemore Pioneers
99 Hugo Edlund 29 G Aviemore Pioneers
91 Dylan Haddon 23 LW Inverness Lions

(S) Starter
(C) Captain
(A) Alternative captain

RP Allowances
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes (Must clear anything severe, resulting in loss of play time, over TG)
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes (Clear over TG first)
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes (Clear over TG first)
Godmod Other Events: Yes (TG first)
Kingdom of Anthor
Capital: Vaumort
Monarch: King Samuel III of House Lenova
Prime Minister: Thomas Dalen
Info: Anthoran News Network, Anthoran Sports Broadcasting Network

NSS International Ratings: #83 (WC/Association Football), #4 (WCOH), #29 (WBC), #22 (WB/Gridiron)



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