General Personality of YN’s people

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General Personality of YN’s people

Postby Yeremania » Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:51 pm

This is a reboot of an old thread that existed long ago.

Does the majority of your nation's people share the same characteristics? What accent do they speak in?

Yeremanians are stereotyped as being very chill and fun loving people. Most Yeremanians, except Monterionians and non-English speaking Yeremanians, have a homely, down to earth vibe and are typically conservative. They enjoy the outdoors, have lots of picnics, bike rides, and camp a lot. Monterionians are more urban minded and liberal. While they also enjoy some outdoor activities, they generally prefer video games, social media, and less physical interaction. They are also more open minded and sophisticated. French speaking Yeremanians have some personality traits typically associated with French people. Same with Italian Yeremanians and Lithuanian Yeremanians. In terms of accents, many people who live in the city have a North American accent, though rural dwellers often have very strong accents, many of them are a mix of different accents. For example, rural dwellers in Survia have a distinct accent that is a mix of Irish and German influences.

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Postby Veceria » Tue Oct 22, 2019 2:26 pm

Quite open-minded but also cautious of new people. We build trust very slowly. We speak Vecerian, accents vary by station or colony.
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Lanoraie II
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Postby Lanoraie II » Tue Oct 22, 2019 3:47 pm

It varies a little bit depending on which point of the star you're closest to, but in general Lanomirans are extremely friendly, laid-back, hardworking, and somewhere on the spectrum of politeness without being overly so. Lanoraie's culture values patience, empathy, and honesty, so those values would also be good words to describe the people. Because of this combination of traits, you can tell someone chatting you up in line for the train that you don't feel like talking, and they won't be offended (as long as you're polite about it).

This laid back and patient attitude has positively effected car crash statistics since people are typically not in a rush, but the downside is any theoretical visitors from more fast-paced worlds (or car enthusiasts from our own country) might find themselves enraged by how everyone drives 10 miles under the speed limit.

As for accents, it's a rather interesting case; Lanoraie's language didn't exist until the space wandering linguist Lana Kaufman (Lana Kamen) formed it, thus making everyone a non-native speaker. And with thousands of people of all places of origin on board, the language would sound rather different depending on who was speaking it (and how much effort they put into mimicking the creator of the language's form). Eventually, this has melted into a more uniform accent among now-native speakers, but different accents can still be heard on the streets from time to time, and colonies of like-speaking individuals who went far into the wilderness and built towns in isolation still hold very strong accents, such as the town of Kintai, formed by a group of 30 Japanese and 40 French native speakers, who passed their native tongue onto their children through their accented teachings of the Lanomiran language.
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Postby Amenriya » Thu Oct 24, 2019 3:25 am

Amenriyans are much like real-life Indonesians in the 1950s. They are soft-spoken, gentle, conservatives, but are tough when they need to. They are collectivist, valuing family and friendship. Religiously speaking, they are more liberal than real Indonesians now, as hijabis are few and far between, and parties are more common than irl. Betting is also less taboo, thus more popular than irl.

Politically speaking, Amenriyans are engaged and alert, and elections are met with enthusiasm. The more nationalistic ones go so far as to wave the flag on their yards and cars.

On the other side, Amenriyans can be dishonest and deceitful, to skirt around having to confront whoever they're at odds with directly.

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Postby Jacrain » Sun Oct 27, 2019 3:23 pm

Jacrain is a place that lets loose, Jacrainese don’t restrict themselves, they love partying and music. They find the concept of schedules and deadlines weird and are very artistic. Their English is a very distinct slang that’s hard for outsiders to understand.
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Postby Creslonia » Sun Oct 27, 2019 5:08 pm

Creslonians are highly professional and formal even in their daily lives, and this is instilled in youth as early as primary school. Creslonians do relax regularly, though, and will often visit their local bar and watch the game.
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Kitten loki

Postby Kitten loki » Sun Oct 27, 2019 5:44 pm

Most of our people speak with an Australian accent of some sort. The majority of the population is well educated and interested in the well being of the nation.

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Victorious Decepticons
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Postby Victorious Decepticons » Sun Oct 27, 2019 6:32 pm

Decepticons are brash, proud, arrogant, and cocky. We're also piratical, and enjoy launching raids on other planets to take their resources. This activity also works well with our belief that we are superior to other lifeforms, for raiding them this way gives us a chance to prove it.

At home, Decepticons live up to our name by constantly trying to connive each other. By the time one of us is the mental age of a human 10-year-old, which only takes us about 3 years because we're not made of mere biomass that has to literally GROW up, we all can see through all of the basic cons that can cause humans to lose all of their money. That level of con-game is just preschool play for a Decepticon, and we will laugh at anyone who falls for it the same way humans would laugh at someone who falls on his face in a funny video.

Since we believe that the government should reflect the personality of its people, we do not have any anti-corruption or anti-raiding types in the halls of power. Who would want a government opposed to the very ethos of the People?! That would be stupid! We're all raiders, and conbots, and other outside-the-boxers, and anyone who wants to be in the government had better be more of the same or we'll melt 'em down!

Naturally, Decepticons are not any good at following most rules, and when we go to foreign lands, we have the attitude that their laws don't apply to us. Some of us don't even understand the concept of laws like speed limits, not robbing banks, not summarily whacking one's enemies when possible, and having to pay for things even if there is no serious door security to prevent shoplifting. This is because laws like that literally don't exist here, not on the books or even as lip service, so there are many Decepticons who are unfamiliar with the very ideas such laws embody. Needless to say, this leads to a lot of friction when a Decepticon goes abroad, especially if he falls into the "never heard of laws other than against treason" category.

We place a perhaps-surprising amount of importance on education, though there are plenty of raiders whose only upgrades go to brute strength. Still, education for us is as easy as installing the relevant data packs, so it is far more common to find educated Decepticons than it is to find educated biologicals, at least when compared to most other nations. The biggest limiting factor in higher education is money - unlike basic education, there is a charge for the Advanced Educational Data Packs. How much it costs depends both on the level of the Pack and the prestige of the Institute that published it, and even on whether or not it's a licensed copy or a bootleg. Note that warez versions often come with enslavement viruses, so it is common to run these through external PCs instead of using the usual direct-to-mindboards method of installation.

Which reminds us, yes, a very few Decepticons are rotten dirty hackers who'll enslave their fellows if they can trick them into installing an enslavement virus. We think those are scum and will kill them upon detection. However, there's a lot of money in being able to manage to sell a Decepticon as a slave, so this element always persists. That said, there's also a lot of money in pretending a partner Decepticon is enslaved, selling him, and then having him fly away from the job site laughing!

We tend to counter connives with other connives, and counter bad behavior (such as buying Decepticons as slaves) by scamming whoever is financing it. We think this is all fun, like a giant chess game. Another element of our culture will just blast the hell out of such targets instead. Either way, we're not wimps who "need laws" to deal with such things.

Decepticons are also very violent. We believe that "might makes right," and in the absence of laws against acting on this, most serious disagreements are settled by personal or gang-vs-gang combat. A weak Decepticon is socially powerless because he will be quickly blown to bits if he angers anyone.

Because of this, upgrading our bodies is an obsession with us, and the majority of us are so far above the basic spec that we are very formidable even to each other. Of course, we also obsessively upgrade our defenses, such as inbuilt body armor, so we can take several strong energy blasts to the same spot before our housings give way.

That said, even someone whose body is just at the Minimum Design Specification for the Decepticon Body is quite capable, physically and mentally, of instantly killing something on the level of a mere human. Since the level of social respect someone gets here is in accordance with his strength, that means that we naturally think of humans as being approximately on the same level as earthworms or ants. They are typically put to the same sort of labor as those arthropods naturally do, too, just on a larger scale - down in the mines underground on the organic planets we control.

There are a few exceptions to the rule of everyone being a violent crook of some sort or other. The most prominent are the Debuggers, who are actually certified as being honest before they can get the job. A Debugger has direct access to a Decepticon's mind-code, so none of us would go to Debugging if there was a chance that some hacker, informant, or other scumbag was in the position! Certified Honest Decepticons are also sought-after by the scientific bureaus, but only for projects that require 100%-legitimate results reporting; and can also find work as mechanics.

Other than in the above-mentioned positions, a Decepticon who can be Certified Honest is a pariah and doomed to both social and career failure, as well as being at high risk for death for cultural treason. Even the Debuggers have to take care to never insult the morals of another. We will note, however, that actually-honest people aren't the ones who go around claiming that other people's morals are worse than theirs. It's always crooks who do that. Our Debuggers and legit scientists stay quiet and unassuming, unless bragging about their own prowess at their chosen field (rather than casting moral aspersions on others).

Finally, we have a strong sense of honor. This may seem strange in a land of pirates, thieves, and con-bots, but it is there - and anyone who steps on it will find himself in live-fire battle in an instant. The code is much like the Mafia's Omerta, but also encompasses battle honor, the avoidance of doing labor considered to be for slaves, not letting oneself be made a slave, never considering oneself to be merely equal to the other species, never building an inferior offspring (no cheap parts or script-kiddie-tier coding) and other such things.

(OOC Note: This is just a synopsis of the Decepticon People, and by no means is it all-inclusive. Nor is every part of it a "no-exceptions" law. RPs may bring out nuances, other aspects, etc.)
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Postby Forvania » Wed Oct 30, 2019 8:19 pm

Forvanians are often characterized as warm and friendly. People will however :) get rough if provoked. We are still a rather "old boys club" and have some hard time understanding more alien migrants and cultures among us. We just believe that we should peacefully practice our cultures separately for most part.

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Postby Flaxxony » Wed Oct 30, 2019 8:45 pm

Honest but not insulting, critical yet reassuring, hard-working but balanced, cultured not stuffy, intelligent yet intuitive.

Well, at least that's what they aspire to. But in aggregate it all works out.

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Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic
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Postby Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic » Thu Oct 31, 2019 12:05 pm

Alingan tend to be informal, in most occation, it can be a loud "happy" people, and seen as an extrovest people. This didn't eman that they didn't like aloneess, for all alingans after time of socializing need a time to recharge the batteries standig on theoir own,

Music is loved by alingan general population, in all stretts you can hear music from radio, people's smartphonr, or street musicans. EDM, is extremely popular here.

Alinghi tend be a sensible, and openminded, and an gerenal didn't criticise another person if they didn't know who he/she is. The Alingan tend to not be influenced to judge a person by action of some people that share the ethnocs/religion/nationaliy or other thing that accomunates the peron with a group, pratically Alingan have a great respect for the individuality of the single person.

Alingan but can be a pround person, and bit stubborn, and are extremely precise. Alingan people was considered a sort of extroverst and "informal" and rude Japanese, Alingan hate who arrive late without a justificable reason. Alingan is extremely imaptient.

Alingan are jealous of their rights idividually and collettivally, and they was very pound that they are a nation that a freedom lighthouse for oppressed people. If they granted a right they will not recounces them easly and spend the right.

ALingan is also both rude and gnelte person, whey will ever thanks the you do a good thing to them and will help you if they see that youre in the difficulty. But, if happen a thng that are not predicted, or hurt the alingan person, he/she probably show their dissapoinment loudly with curse world and sometime blasphemous words, and insulting or give the verbal rage against the person who cause a disappoinment, expeccialy into the car then someone commit a road infrangement.
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Postby Tankmenistan » Thu Oct 31, 2019 12:45 pm

We Tänkmenler are reserved and suspicious especially of any humans we might encounter, a proud nation of warriors born to fight and conquer, fiercely nationalistic under the authoritarian rule of the Great Tänkmenbascy as well as scientific atheists and stoic materialists free of human desires and whims. Being originally created by humans as supersoldiers to fight their wars, we were drawn together to escape them enslaving us and to form a nation of our own. We look after ourselves. The human minority remaining within Tänkmenistan after the conversion of most into Tänkmenler have been repurposed into manual labor to mostly produce more of us.

War is what we know best. The world rages in a constant conflict. Our philosophy is historical materielism as explained best by Märkz-I: we don't believe in the significance of ideals or beliefs in war, but matter over mind and material imbalances giving rise to conflicts and unrest. Tänkmenistani economy is a command economy operating under central planning, as any other would necessitate needless waste of resources. We disdain the wastefulness of human society and its 'private economy' of 'markets'.

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Postby Izvbard » Fri Nov 01, 2019 12:05 am

It is often said that while Izvbardians may dress and speak differently from one another- they have one thing in common- cynicism. They are also rather irreligious. Proud certainly, but mistrustful of their government
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Raider Clans
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Postby Raider Clans » Fri Nov 01, 2019 12:08 am

Violent, stupid, and rude sums it up pretty nicely.
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Postby Monsone » Fri Nov 01, 2019 12:16 am

Monsonians are known for being quite realistic and cynical. This is best demonstrated by the fact that most jokes are self-depricating and that one never boasts about what they own. Besides that, Monsonians are known for being quite friendly, open, giving and accepting. Yet, it is easy to anger a Monsonian, especially if it is a personal insult.

The most distinguishing part is that Monsonians love dark humor and making fun of the government. Primarily the jokes pertain to religion (Monsone is very secular), ones social status or history. Also, Monsonians are very adept at changing their accents due to how complex the Monsonian language is.

Lastly, Monsonians are curious, and hard working, with a near obsession with diligence, perfection and precision. Because of this, most anything belonging to a Monsonian looks immaculate and brand new (100 year old coins have been found in mint condition after being circulated for 60 of those years).

Modesty and being down to earth are prevalent in society, and it is not uncommon for the richest and poorest to rub shoulders.

Upon this, all Monsonians have a slight accent when speaking anything but Monsonian or English (English is spoken in an American accent). But, most accents change when it comes to slang and not the formal language.
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Postby Crysuko » Fri Nov 01, 2019 2:37 am

Crysukons as a whole tend to be very inwardly communal, but are suspicious of outsiders, perhaps even paranoid. Told that they are the bastion of true socialism, and other countries like Korea, China and Vietnam are mere pretenders.

When it comes to the western world, much of the populace is flat out discriminatory, with nothing but vitriol for Europeans and Americans, with also a strong sense of autonomy as Crysuko is mostly self sufficient, producing most of its own goods and foodstuffs with a relatively small amount of imports needed, most trade comes from South America and Asia.

More generally, Crysukons are socialist realists, hard nosed materialists. Always tending towards pragmatism through collective effort, with many being deeply patriotic, believing Crysuko to be an astounding triumph of nation, government, culture and people, in their minds, the nation and party are infallible and can do no wrong.

In times of war and struggle, the general consensus is show high national morale, a raised fist being used as a salute and greeting, with wide scale veneration of party leaders and heros, this combined with efforts from the party has caused president Neos to have a substantial cult of personality, with her being touted as the "mother of modern socialism" among other grandiose claims.
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Synne Industries
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Postby Synne Industries » Sun Nov 03, 2019 8:21 am

Smart in a cunning way but not towards eachother.

The general Synnian's personality greatly reflects how Synnian society functions.
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Though the average Synnian does focus on the individual they do also consider their effect on society and how this might affect it in either a positive or negative way that might come back and bite them. This results in a lot of planning on how some chain reaction may interact with everything else, and since everyone is thinking this way Synnian society is like a superhighway of ideas and actions swerving not to collide with eachother.

Synnians have a "default level of respect" for everyone and do not judge someone unless they have definitive reason to do so, people know this about eachother and strive to make good impressions. Though many Synnians do not belong so any social group there is a mutual respect for everyone in Synnian life. On the other hand, foreigners will have to prove themselves before being accepted. Kind of tying into Synnian nationalism.

Speaking of nationalism Synnians are absolute fanatics, but reasonable. This isn't some sort of Jingoism bullcrap that's thrown around to act superior, it's built off of fact and when a Synnian cannot usurp some other nation's statistics they'll work day and night to fix that. Synnians will work from the ground up to patch up any issues in Synnian life.

Building off of hard work, Synnians are born into a working environment. It doesn't matter how rich a Synnian's family is, they'll have to work hard to get anything. This rarely changes and keeps almost all Synnians on a roll for their entire life. Having to actually work for everything Synnians often don't have the time to brag about their achievements and don't see much benefit in it. Synnians do acknowledge the talented but know some random selection of genes is no reason to be an asshat to everyone else.

Even if Synnians do have that serious attitude to them they understand the importance of the human psyche and consider the affects of long hours of work on the mind. Hard work doesn't always mean not having fun and Synnian society pushes for people to enjoy their work and due to this there is an air of positivity around the workplace with a 9 to 5 cubicle job seen as just another "alright" activity of the day like eating or sleeping.
Now for the fun part.

Send a Synnian into foreign society and it'll be torn from the ground within weeks.

Synnians love to screw with foreigners when they get the chance, even on their home turf. When even the tiniest screwup occurs a Synnian will use that as the launchpad for an all-out attack on physical and psychological fronts. Every loophole in the system will be abused to the greatest extent until a Synnian has had their fun.

On an unnamed occasion this has actually toppled a government.
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Postby Wochaystein » Sun Nov 03, 2019 11:26 am

Wochaysteiners are generally distrustful or aloof of outsiders.

Among themselves, they have become famous for their friendly and warm attitudes and for their love of the world. They are well-respected for their good humor and honesty, and are frequently viewed as role models by everyone, especially young people. They have no problem accepting responsibility for the situation in which they find themselves, so long as people are well-disposed toward them, which means everyone. Wochaysteiners are generally hardworking people who are not satisfied with a simple life, and always want to do something. They are interested in learning how to make things from scratch and to learn many technologies and crafts, and they have a great interest in nature and its creatures. They tend to work in small and rural communities or villages, especially in the mountains of the south and in the eastern part of the country. Wochaysteiners are not only good workers, but also wonderful people to live with, especially the young ones. They tend to be calm, self-confident, and independent-minded, and when faced with difficulties, they can reach out to their neighbors for help.
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Postby Marsoslavia » Wed Apr 29, 2020 9:53 am

That depends on ethnic group. For example:

Poles are ENTJ
Russians are INTJ
Ukrainians are ENTJ
Belarussians are INTP
Czechs are ISFJ
Slovaks are ISTP
Serbs are ENTP
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Postby Ko-oren » Wed Apr 29, 2020 12:39 pm

Ko-orenites are, on the whole, quite minimal(istic). It's ok to spend time thinking how to approach work, or any problem, to complete it faster, with fewer materials used, in a more future-proof way. Most people are quite individualistic hobby-wise, but very communal on other points: sharing resources, public spaces, etcetera. Ko-orenites are generally well educated, multilingual, leading to an open and welcoming society (at least superficially). While Ko-oren consists of many smaller linguistic cultures (the nation being home to 10 languages that are all spoken by over 1 million people, on a population of 27 million), the further you break the population down into smaller groups, the more tightly knit communities get and the harder it is to find social interactions. Ko-orenites aren't known for being outgoing, too.

Communities with lesser spoken languages, and located further towards the ends of the islands, tend to be more suspicious of others: Aerellen, West Strand Riding, Mawryshire, Yoshima. Communities with more widely spoken languages are somehow very friendly: Finisterre, Nordoren, Sudoren, even if they are left to themselves in remote locations. The rest of the country is quite urban, modern, and in touch with the rest of the world.
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Postby Subhurbia » Wed Apr 29, 2020 1:19 pm

The general personality differs depending on which group of people you examine.

For examples

People in North Subhurbia are phelgmatic in temperament, agreeable, sympathetic, and peaceful. They are introverted and to themselves.

People in South Subhurbia are choleric in temperament, free spirited, lively, and action oriented. They have a 'larger than life', and optimistic attitude and are described by others as loud and sometimes boisterous.

People in East Subhurbia are sanguine in temperament, open minded, happy, creative, and adventurous. They are extroverted, and it is not uncommon for two strangers to suddenly spark small talk. They have good social skills, and are described by others as cultured, and a bit nosy.

People in West Subhurbia are melancholic in temperament, conscientious, reserved, and value work ethic. Like Northerners, they are generally introverted; even in crowded places in Republic City, most noise you're going to hear aren't coming from people talking.

People in Central Subhurbia are much more balanced in temperament, but due to their position in the country, they sometimes appear self absorbed and percieve themselves as the main characters in the federation. Some even see themselves as the real Suhurbians. Other Subhurbians see them as having a superiority complex.

People in the intermediate divisions (Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Northeast Subhurbia) have a mixture of their two adjacent nations' personality traits.

People in Euraea are left brained, analytical, conceptual, cultured and sophisticated, while people in Dravonia are right brained, flavorful, creative, more emotionally open, and artistic.
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Postby Zeganas » Wed Apr 29, 2020 3:17 pm

Zeganasians are portrayed and stereotyped as being very open-minded, diverse, mildly nationalistic, and socially progressive. Centrist Zeganasians tend to be more nationalistic yet stereotyped as somewhat cowardly, in favor of the status quo, and cautiously pragmatic while leftist Zeganasians are more populist, gun-loving, and are obsessed with equality.
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Postby Snakeden » Wed Apr 29, 2020 10:37 pm

Snakedenites tend to do things slowly and deliberately, both because they live a pretty peaceful life and because it gives them time to make long-term plans. They're a quiet sort of people, preferring not to hog the spotlight--after all, the more eyes that are on you, the less chance you have of successfully ambushing your prey! It doesn't matter if you're hunting a good furniture bargain, a political ally, or a rodent of unusual size. Impatience leads to bad decisions and failure. Cleverness means striking at the best moment, not the first one.

They also don't see the point of amassing huge amounts of possessions when nature offers them so much already, and they make sure to pay nature back by taking care of it as best they can. Heavily capitalist or environmentally destructive nations sadden them. They don't understand why the citizens of those places spoil their own lands for trinkets they'll barely use. Fancy clothes seem a silly concern when you're covered in thick scales and do not have mammary glands or other external bits; the clothes they own are fairly utilitarian and mostly for keeping warm in winter. A few simple bits of jewelry can be nice, but too much of it weighs the body down or alerts the prey when it jingles. Things like that.

They love food. Food is life, after all. They deal in a lot of food farming and trading--particularly fish, since fishing appeals to their patient nature--and one of the easiest ways to tell you've made friends with a Snakedenite is when they offer to cook for and eat with you. This is a big deal, as they tend to grow sluggish for at least a few hours after a meal. (They don't eat often, but when they do, they definitely do.) If they trust you to be there when they fall into a post-gorge doze and not stab them in the back, you're good people in their eyes. If you're an outsider, it's even more special because they'll have had to acquire ingredients and skills they don't usually use in their own cooking.

Snakedenites are not big on religion. For one thing, many outsider religions look down on snakes. For another, they do not see why they should worry about a potential paradise when they can live in a wonderful world right here, right now. They know death will come to all things eventually. There is no need to rush it. (This is, incidentally, one of several reasons they're not fond of war either. Territory disputes are violent, deadly things. If they can be halted with posturing, hissed threats, bribes, or yanking the rug out from under the enemy, it'll be better for both parties in the long run. New territory does no one any good if they die right after picking it up. That said, if the time to stop war in its tracks has already come and gone, they will do everything in their power to defend their home.)

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Postby Andocara » Tue Mar 23, 2021 10:56 pm

Andocarians are relaxed, creative, and quirky. Some are highly intellectual and skeptical, others are highly creative and adventurous. When it comes to work, Andocarians like to have a work/life balance. Their attitude is "work hard, play hard". They often also come from a secular background.

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Postby Philosocom » Mon May 17, 2021 7:45 pm

All the Philosocom Members who have commented on articles thus far were very polite, mature and respectful, as expected on a civilized website. The same applies on non-members who have commented outside of the Main-Website, on the Backlink Outposts.
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