Tales from the Hermit Kingdom [Esquarium Only]

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Tales from the Hermit Kingdom [Esquarium Only]

Postby Ianann » Mon Oct 21, 2019 9:40 pm


Earlier today the Committee for Public Displays have announced plans for the annual Christmas celebrations at Stadion Krolewski. In terms of public transport nothing is changing this year with trains running on its overtime event schedule and new bus lines will be created with various arrival and departure times for people traveling within the region. For out of region and out of country attendees the Hotel Krolewski will open up all rooms for the week at discounted prices with subsidized rooms for schools and parishes that have applied. Due to last Easter's major issue with funneling attendees into it's event, the committee has announced that new checkpoints will be opened in the North Eastern quarter of the Stadion. Security is said to be extended with better metal detectors and more military presence established throughout the Stadion and outside. The Committee has also put out its notice to the surrounding area and to its attendees that fireworks will be used during performances so necessary precautions should be taken by people attending.

For attendees wondering what the event schedule looks like for the Christmas Celebration, the opening part of the celebration starts at 12pm with a opening words by Krol Fryderyk and at 1pm a mass led by Patriarch Piotr IV will be conducted after the mass is finished. Krol Fryderyk will hand out the yearly Order of the Narod award to the recipient, the current choice is unknown right now. Further information will be announced when such a choice has been made. At 5pm the Royal Orchestra of Sobieski and Dmow City will perform their set. At 7pm various entertainment groups will perform. At 8:30 pm, Krol Fryderyk will have a special announcement which is unknown by the committee. At 9pm the schools that have been selected to perform in the yearly banner display show. And finally to close out the celebration at 10 pm, the Choir of Lwow and the Royal Orchestra of Seoldansk will perform the closing celebrations which will end with a firework show. Closing remarks will be made by Krol Fryderyk and stewards will be giving each section it's time to leave.

Schedule for Fryderyk and Nayeon:

Fryderyk and Nayeon are scheduled to attend a hospital in Giewont's grand re-opening after damage from last winter's blizzard had caused great damage to its infastructure

Fryderyk is also scheduled to attend a inspection of a technology manufacturing plant

Fryderyk is also scheduled to attend a legislative meeting

Nayeon is scheduled to attend a school's weekly Friday mass this week and is expected to meet the students afterwards at a reception

God Bless our most Gracious Krol, Fryderyk and our most Beautiful Krolowa, Nayeon

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