The Black Moon [FT | IC | Axiom Only]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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The Black Moon [FT | IC | Axiom Only]

Postby Gaazikumukh » Sat Oct 19, 2019 11:21 am

(Hey there! Do you want to take part in this civil war as it builds up and explodes? Do you want to commit questionable actions, spur violent revolutions and commit mass atrocities? Well even if you don't want that to happen, but you do want to intervene in this conflict, join the region Axiom_Supercluster! Only Axiom Denizens can participate in this RP!)

(If you are already an Axiom Denizen, telegram me on NS, or DM me on Discord to join the civil war discord server, where all the RP is planned out and all the casualties are counted! No prior first contact is necessary, join if you want!)

(If you just want a synopsis of what's happened so far, I will keep track of the overall progress of the civil war in my factbooks. This is where all the factions and their standings are listed, and this is where the logs are so that you can quickly understand all the events have have happened so far

9-15-990 - The End of the Isolation Period

Just a little over two years ago, the nation of Ictgia stumbled across the Shai-Confederacy of Gaazikumukh in the Yunla System. After a brief diplomatic encounter, Ictgia has since spent its time assisting Gaazikumukh adjust to the fact that they are not alone in the galaxy. Gaazikumukh is already a remarkably advanced nation, noted for its large technological industry, plasma mastery, pursuit of science and knowledge, and faith. The Confederacy welcomed Ictgians with open arms, and for many days there were celebrations. The Shai, the ruling individuals of Gaazikumukh, offered a large gift to the Ictgians, and declared to join their alliance, the Bright Future Pact. Since then, Gaazikumukh has been warming up to the idea of other great civilizations in the stars, and it seems that the entire population is buzzed with interstellar curiosity.

After two years, the Shai declared that the isolationist period, which had dominated their culture and politics, was over. The four species, or "pillars" of Gaazikumukh -- the Malaah, the Umkhur, the Basraatan, and the Gorbekh -- are eager to welcome in a fifth pillar of various alien species. Many Gaazikumen do this out of the desire of Hiisabi; their faith demands that they learn as much as they can so that they may become enlightened. Others hope to turn a profit, selling Gaazikumukh's many abundant resources to open markets.

And some hope that this will be the final days of the Confederacy, and are eagerly awaiting the total collapse of the nation.

By order of Shai Gaazi Basaa Qara, and in unanimous agreement with the other three Shaila and with help from Ictgia, Gaazikumukh broadcasted an open frequency over tachyonic radio. The message was simple, Gaazikumukh declares itself to all nations, and invites any and all peoples around them to contact and take part in diplomatic relations with the Gaazikumen. The message tells of the size and power of Gaazikumukh, her large stretches of desert and jungle across many worlds, the resources that are abundant to the nation's wealth and strength (not limited to materials which power their plasma weaponry and advanced composite armor, which are very rare elsewhere in the galaxy). The message contains much of the recorded history of the Gaazikumen, the rise of a four-species confederacy, their devout study of mathematics, and the dreadful Interregnum Period which occurred centuries ago and claimed the lives of millions. The history goes on to show the Shai Faction as the true inheritors of the Confederacy, and the peace and prosperity that has been followed since then. Finally, the message ends with a call for faith, that all may become knowledgeable of each other, and all may become enlightened in each other's presence. The message is also tailed with coordinates to the Gaazi homeworld, located in the Shekhanbayyed system on the planet Imilh Gaazi.

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Bureaucracy and Protest

Postby Dethakkan Systems » Sat Oct 19, 2019 5:20 pm

Imilh Gaazi

The diplomatic staff were busy discussing matters in the circular shaped room. Decorated with an assortment of plant life native to Lokken Sol and other Dethakkan core worlds. The white light from triangular lamps on the roof illuminated the centre golden symbol of the assembly built into the table, hidden amongst all the pads with their bureaucracy. They jumped from topic to topic, covering everything from the establishment of a proper embassy, to how to word documents and memorandums. The hardships of bureaucracy were interrupted by the entry of a staff aid: “Envoy sir, Commander Trankhel Lorod Rilnor requests you accompany him to the surface.”
The diplomat looked up at him “Tell him not to leave now.”

He put down his work and got up to follow the aid as he left the room. They arrived in an airlock to find a black-detailed uniformed officer ready to leave “Ah, excellent! You’ve chosen to accompany me Trenknal, watch the cape, without a cultural report ready, I’m not sure what the local reaction would be.”

The diplomat looked very unhappy, he waved at the aid to go into the ship and tell the crew to wait. “Commander Rilnor, you cannot land on the surface until we finnish the reports to the Interstellar Affairs Commissary. You know that yes.”
“Yes, yes. Which is precisely why I’m technically not a member of the diplomatic staff but instead as intelligence services foreign liaison. I’ve already gotten local fruit.” he replied.
The diplomat formatted a response until the thought came to him “How did you get local fruit?”
Rilnor grinned as he stepped into the shuttle “I can’t send my personnel down, so I sent some technicians down to take pictures and buy fruit.” He waved to the craft pilot “Are they fruit even?”

He boarded the craft and set off towards the planet’s surface. The shuttle undocked from the ship and set off on a landing approach. “Imilh Gaazi Flight Control this is DFS-129C entering designated entry corridor, awaiting clearance on final approach” said the pilot.
From the windows, the planet’s landscape could be seen.

The craft circled pass a large city as it followed other craft in an entry approach. It changed course and made its way down to the designated landing pad. To Rilnor’s surprise, guards were scattered across the field of landing pads. Disembarking he made his way towards a large sprawling complex, which he assumed was the seat of power. As he passed over a bridge, he could get a glimpse of massive crowds gathered. The swaths of protestors were like an ocean, with their masses breaking against the barriers that protected the landing sites.
“The shuttle should last long enough” He thought as he was guided into the massive building.
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Postby Arkiv » Sat Oct 19, 2019 6:36 pm

Chapter I: The Visitor
The Visitor had been moving for centuries, gliding through the deep black of Interstellar Space. It had crossed hundreds of lightyears, dormant, only waking once halfway through the trip as a Cycle completed and information transferred to it. Then, many years later, it awoke again, beginning to decelerate with it's mystical stardrive, a gravitic drive, weaker than an ion thruster, yet far more efficient, and excellent for interstellar travel. Months passed as it's velocity decreased from near the speed of light, to a meek several thousand km/s, putting it on a hyperbolic trajectory. For the rest of the journey, the Visitor would remain active to monitor it's arrival into the system.

The Visitor was an Arkiv Colony, an immense cylinder forty kilometers long and ten in diameter. It's surface was worn and pockmarked from centuries of plowing through the interstellar medium, yet still held strong. And, conveniently, it's deceleration burn cleared the path ahead of it from those pesky atoms and micrometeorites.

While not intended for military action, the Colony was rather heavily armed for self-defense. Namely, it had seven powerful bow-mounted laser turrets it could use to deflect larger obstacles in it's path...or focus them and melt a ship. It's "broadsides" were filled with Ordnance Launchers, Particle Beams, and hangars for small escorts and, more importantly, Seeds for creating colonies. This Colony was no invader, it was an Ark, a means with which to establish outposts and communicate new information back to the Core Network.

Now, it had finished cresting the icy clouds of Shekhanbayyed system, or, known to the Arkiv as G-540, where it's obvious IR and even more obvious radar signature would show, meaning it would most likely be detected and intercepted as it descended inward on it's Hyperbolic Trajectory. All that the Colony had to do now, was wait.

Yet, something interesting had occurred. A transmission, indicating civilization. One promising knowledge, and technology...the very things the Arkiv sought. The Colony logged this, knowing that any additional knowledge would help further fulfill the Arkiv's primary directive: Gather all possible knowledge.
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The Black Moon [FT | IC | Axiom Only]

Postby Novi Vrakanda » Sun Oct 20, 2019 6:37 pm

Ophoven Arms Corporation Board Meeting

“Alright gentlemen, settle down.” Pemmarim Ophoven stated absentmindedly, while making sure one of his medals was on right. It was a relatively low honor; it was the Goddess of Physicians, Vorser, as he had been wounded in combat. The other was a cross of bravery, which interestingly lead to the same situation in which he earned the Honor of Vorser. He slowly sat down in his chair, wincing, and looked across the table. “Some of our proprietors in the military...” He said, glancing over at General Houte who ran the DDF, “Have uncovered the existence of an empire on the brink of civil war. At present, they’re practically inviting foreign delegations over for fuhilpiin, meaning we could find our ways to invest in this war.”

Giavrag Venner, a major shareholder, spoke up, “Mr. Ophoven, I surely hope you’re proposing an arms deal, as opposed to another disastrous intervention. We all remember what happened on Ul Island.” Other members of the board nodded and agreed.

“Well,” Ophoven continued, “That was the intent. However, this won’t have as many ramifications. The empire in question, Gaazikhumukh, is within proximity but is nestled between allies and blocked by the Sykons towards the direction of our planet. It’s free range at the moment.”

Venner is silent for a second, and then speaks up again, “Alright, who are our choices? If we’re going to intervene we have to have someone to intervene on behalf of.”

Ophoven pulled out a thick file, “The current tensions are between seven separate factions.” Everyone in the room murmured, “Let’s start with the most popular. The ruling government is the Shai Order, a presidency attempting to retain its power against the other six factions. From intel, we have determined the new candidate in the upcoming election is currently pushing for more stringent anti-terror laws.” Ophoven licks one of his fingers and turns over to the next page, “The Watayem Clique are anti-establishment terrorists founded in the desert, according to Shai sources. In reality, they are a rebellious movement attempting to overthrow the Shai, of whom they deem corrupt. The Watayem Clique, I will also mention, are on a slippery slope. They have no succession apart from familial, meaning they could effectively be destabilized with a surgical strike to their head, who we haven’t managed to locate. We will briefly go over the Hakah Cult, as their force will probably ring some bells.” The members of the room chuckled and whispered to each other, “They are a religious cult who believe the current government is too weak to rule and they largely used stolen and improvised weapons and no vehicles. Add a bit of doomsday to the mix and some krelzakhkriin and you have Girsyr’s Cult.” More members of the board chuckled as Ophoven continued, “The Qashairshah are possibly one of the most formidable forces, believed to be one of the few able to stand up to the Shai. They are, however, volatile and prone to mutilate people. The Meyyad Reformists are next; a democratic movement fixated on removing the Shai, but unlike most other movements, have incredibly petty arguments about the resultant state and still haven’t gotten themselves together to find out how to run their new nation. Following in popularity is the Zelhaf Union, which is an incredibly weak force comprised of the mining sector of the Gaazikumukhan economy. They’ve spoken out against egregious working conditions the Shai has put them through, and after a few suppressive incidents they are currently geared to fight the government… with pickaxes for the most part. And finally, we have the Uraya Pirates. Militarily strong, a good command structure, and for the most part a quick return investment.”

“Mr. Ophoven, with all due respect; you are not implying we support pirates, are you?” Venner said, stammering, “What will happen to us if we do support them? They’ll come over here and burn down our cities! And what of the long term investment with a group like the Shai; if we support them, we’ll see far more returns in the future.”

“Venner, I appreciate your concern, but this will be a long term investment in the end. You see, once we have done what we want with the Urayas, our arms will be across the empire. People will want more, and if we make a big enough reputation for ourselves, people will want our troops too. In addition, our contractor, Galax, could probably benefit from extra pirates in a system in turmoil. Plus, they pay up front.”
“And preventing the pirates from coming to us?”

“Simple. Void. In this case, we hold all the cards. We have advanced engines to drop us off there and then leave again. We can threaten them with military action if they steal them, and they will back off.”

“Alright then, what about public image? The people will throw a hissy fit when they find out the government supports pirates in backwater economies.”
Ophoven smiled, “That’s where we come in. I have successfully set up a series of shell companies going from us leading all the way down to Cuijper & Bakhuizen, a privateer contracting company.”

“So, what you are saying is, even if the plan goes terribly, we still have their money, and the ensuing conflict will be reason enough for the military to launch a stabilization effort or for us to sell arms and make an even larger profit.” Ophoven nodded, and Venner leaned back in his seat. “Alright, Mr. Ophoven. If you truly think you have this conflict in hand, you’re allowed to do it. We’ll just expect a larger cut.”

Ophoven nodded and replied, “I will contact Keiner Group first thing in the morning. They have RPGs we can use in the conflict; they want a cut as well, but it’s only from sales on their weapons, so we’ll still have a majority. Now let’s vote, anyone against this motion?” No one in the room raised their hands. “Good. It’s time to enter the interstellar market gentlemen.”
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Postby Gaazikumukh » Mon Oct 21, 2019 9:36 am

11-8-990 - The Shai Ascendant Palace, Imilh Gaazi, Shekhanbayyed System

The landing pad was not far from the palace entrance, raised on an elevated platform near the towering stone structure. An elevated sandstone bridge, adorned with marble and strips of polished gold, led to the wide and expansive palace plaza. The guards, wearing what appeared to be a ceremonial deep-purple uniform with orange accents, quickly moved the Dethakkan diplomat to the plaza. Here, the throngs of crowds gathered at the edges of the square, guards holding them back as insults were hurled. It was just a mass of scaled and amphibian creatures, robed in various colors and all shouting at the top of their lungs; no semblance of order or unity in their ranks. They weren't even yelling the same things, and what Gaazi the diplomat knew now didn't give him much insight into what they were shouting over each other.

In contrast, the center of the plaza was relatively calm. A number of black-robed figures stood in silence, simply looking at the foreign diplomat in stoic observance. As the group moved to these figures, they all bowed respectively, including the guards at the diplomat's flanks. Upon closer inspection, the diplomat realized that the guards' uniforms were ornately decorated to hide the solid Kevlar armor underneath. It was a wonder they could even breathe in that clothing.

The black-robed individuals parted, and one wearing a white robe appeared, with his face painted in black and orange. He held his palms together and then spread them open. "Aq qara nonsurya, qoyun mahade iim!" he declared, bowing deeply. The others in black robes responded in turn "Qara qoyun, mahade"

"Greetings to you, most noble outworlder," he said in Common. "We welcome you to the enlightened confederacy of Gaazikumukh. I am known as Suqef Adali Miyat, but you may simply refer to me as Adali." Adali bowed again, parting the tentacles on his head and nervously coughing. "I hope you are not... too disturbed by the display of barbarism occurring at this moment. Let us move indoors, so we can discuss further."

The Gaazi scribe clapped his hands and said something in his native tongue to the others present. The black-robed scribes made a short bow before turning and walking to the massive stairway to the front of the palace. The crowds seemed to be in more of an uproar, but this time there were more guards coming in to support the flanks, and they began shouting in turn.

"It may be unsafe for us to linger here. Again, I apologize for the horrid display; I wish that our hospitality will make up for such disgraceful barbarism," Adali sighed.


White Fleet Flagship Uduronaq, 26 AU out in space, Shekhanbayyed System

A Basraatan officer quickly made his way down the stone hallways. He walked about as calmly as he could, though he was probably failing at keeping his composure. The ship was so large and maze-like, he was already getting concerned about being lost. That fear was at least assuaged when he saw the guarded door to the meditation chamber, but a new fear began to show as he considered having to speak with the Admiral. After quickly getting cleared to enter, he bowed. "Admiral," he said, straightening his back like an arrow, "the Reconnaissance Team at Sensor Array Ka-Sek-Sek-Qo have something of utmost urgency to report!"

The Umkhur in the center of the room grumbled as she took her eyes off of the glass-domed ceiling in the small room. "I am busy, Ensign," the admiral said.

"It's Priority Four," the ensign replied, "Object detected entering our system. High eccentricity, projected to come into periapsis very soon."

The admiral turned. "Is it not a foreign envoy vessel?"

"We do not know, ma'am, but it has not made any contact." The ensign pulled out a small black bowl from his hip. Inside the bowl was a shiny, blackish liquid resembling mercury. The ensign grabbed a special stylus and dipped it in the fluid. He pressed a button on the stylus and began to draw with the liquid in the air above the bowl, bright orange glowing metal suspended magnetically above the bowl. With a steady hand, the ensign drew a pretty remarkably accurate diagram of the local orbits, along with the vessel in question marked with a foreboding X in the air. "Our teams have concluded its size is tremendous, almost 70 waama [40km] in length. It shows no signs of stopping, and it will arrive within 5 waamadiyas [8AU] in the asteroid belt."

The admiral stood up and wasted no time in thought. The Umkhur grabbed the ensign by the shoulder. "Send out a signal, Priority One, to Task Force Sek-Sek-Ai, they are closest to its target destination at periapsis. Order them to burn immediately to match its velocity, weapons live."

"Yes ma'am, I will--"

"I'm not finished. Tell them one thing:" the admiral said, leaning in closer. "If any of those vessels open fire before my order, tell them that Admiral Sima will personally make a coat out of their dead skins! Last thing we need is another reason to fight!"

"... Y-yes ma'am. The message shall be relayed immediately." The ensign said, hurriedly running out of the room.

"... Nature be forgiving, so that I don't do the same to the next person to interrupt my meditation," Admiral Sima said, returning to her work and studying the stars.

Elsewhere in the system, the small destroyer task force, made up of five vessels and a central command cruiser, began to burn to match the velocity of the unknown object with their fusion-propulsion engines. Leading them was Commodore Azasazi, and as ordered, they went into high alert and prepared their plasma weapons for potential conflict with the object...

But... there was someone else in the asteroid belts who detected the message. They instead turned in a different direction, and fleed deeper into the asteroid belt with this knowledge...
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Postby Milain » Tue Oct 22, 2019 12:10 am

Shekhanbayyed System, close to the star

A Seed ship of the Republic exited from Hyperspace near the star of the main Gaazikumukh solar system. Soon after exiting the Hyperspace window, it started moving towards the star, releasing many Supergate blocks in the process. These blocks were in fact smaller space ships, which started moving rapidly towards the star even faster than the Seed ship. When the blocks were at the safe distance from the star, they stopped and started positioneing themselves in a circle. At the same time, the Seed ship detected a strong X-ray burst on a nearby planet, called Terabad. It released a small scout drone which was carrying a Stargate.
The drone started moving rapidly towards the planet, entering orbit a few minutes later and rushing towards the area where the burst originated. It did a quick sweep scan of the area and, when it detected nothing, proceeded to test the atmosphere. It could not pinpoint the exact location of the burst, which was strange. Once it was sure that there were no toxic elements, the drone dropped it's Stargate along with it's platform. While the platform started setting itself up, the drone suddenly turned it's engines and headed back towards the Seed ship. When this drone exited the atmosphere, the Seed ship started detecting several space vessels in the system, so it positioned itself in a way to shield the transport drone from detection. This proved unneccesary as the ships did not yet register the alien vessels in their system. Still, the drone managed to hide behind the star until the Seed ship was in optimal position to cover it's return.

Once the drone was back inside it, the Seed ship started positioning itself in optimal position to enter the Supergate and return to friendly territory. The Supergate slowly started activating for the first time, as the blocks connected with eachother and started glowing with a bright blue light. It established a connection with a Supergate in the Norther military district of the Republic, namely the Ephinus Solar system. The Gaazikumukh vessels have detected the activation of the Supergate as the wormhole was established, and several of their military ships headed towards it, readying their weapons. The Seed ship managed to pass through the event horizon of the Supergate before the alien vessels could detect it.
As the Gaazikumukh ships positioned themselves near the Supergate, the Republic has sent a standard greeting message from the other side of the wormhole. After about an hour of talks between the head of Milainian delegation and the commander of the vessels, the Gaazikumukh agreed to a delegation of three ships entering their system within the next hour.
The delegation on a Milainian cruiser is to be escorted by two vessels. Those vessels, although it was unknown to Gaazikumukh, were drone carriers. The delegation itself was in a special doplomatic cruise ship which is heavily armored and shielded. Because of this, this vessel has very few weapons. That is why the two additional ships were to escort and provide protection for the delegation. After the delegation arrived, it was to be taken to a planet Shaila, where initial talks between the two civilisations was about to start.

Back in the Ephinus system, a military unit of special forces of the Republic was getting ready to go directly to planet Terabad in order to investigate the energy burst. This was unknown to Gaazikumukhians. They were however going to send several patrol drones in front of the soldiers, which should map the nearby area and provide protection for the Stargate.
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Collaborated Post with Dethakkan

Postby Gaazikumukh » Wed Oct 23, 2019 12:57 pm

"Honorable sir Adali, I am Commander Trankhel Lorod Rilnor, you can call me Rilnor, it is a great honour to meet you and your people" He saluted putting his right clutched fist on his left shoulder, jutting his elbow out.

"Ah, commander is it? Rather interesting that the people you represent would send a military officer such as yourself." Adali said. "Of course, I am a man of peace, a member of the Upper Order of Scribes and a small part of the large machine that governs this confederacy." Adali began walking toward the palace steps. "Who do you represent, Rilnor? Are you a people of peace like us?"

"Peace, that was a time long ago. My people are those of the Stellar Assembly of Dethakkan Systems. I guarantee you we are not a warlike people, just... wary from past experiences." He followed Adali towards the steps.

"I understand... There are days when I feel like we have lost ours," Adali said as he climbed a few steps, before turning around and spreading his arms "This palace was constructed a thousand years prior. This plaza, or dahayed in our tongue, is a place where the noble philosphers of our past gathered to discuss great ideas and share concepts of the unknown."

Adali lowed his arms and scoffed bitterly "To see it used in such a barbaric way, people shouting destruction rather than intellectualism, it makes my blood boil..." Adali sighed "But let me not bore you with our internal politics, it is certainly not why you are here."

"I am here in the interests of diplomacy." Rilnor replied.

"Yes, of course. I am sure we can become great friends, Rilnor of Dethakkan." Adali continued climbing up to the top platform near the entrance of the towering stone structure. "Our nation specializes in advanced compounds and composites, as well as plasma weaponry. In addition to our trade goods, we have a strong fleet and many people of strong will!"

"The Dethakkan Systems boasts about having some of the greatest shields in the cluster." he continued walking up the stairs "Our Stellar Navy has been baptized by fire and our knowledge of the cluster is expansive. I must say, your people and state made the right choice with their decision to open communications with the rest of the cluster, the Tyher'Utkharn we call it."

Adali laughed "Of course, the Shaila are most wise in their decisions. They are elected, after all, to be the most enlightened of all of us. Such ideals were recommended by the shelled ones... Their names are hard for me to say... 'Iqutgiyans'?"

The pair walked past two guards standing next to an enormous stone archway. In the antechamber just past the archway was a large circular platform with a hexagram printed on the floor. Above was a large, yet remarkably silent pendulum made of gold, swinging back and forth, from one wall to another. "This object above us is the Yuqe Pendulum. It represents both our eternal drive for knowledge, and the inevitable march of time. It has yet to stop swinging for... well, a very long time."

"The shelled ones.... Ah! Yes the Ictgians, yes they seem to be the kind of people to recommend the opening of communications." Rilnor gazed at the pendulum "Reminds me of the Stream of Silver Water at the Capital Complex on Lokken Sol. It represents are march for freedom, equality, and our willingness to sacrifice ourselves for the Great Assembly. It has yet to stop flowing, mostly because we don't let it stop."

"Interesting. We do not let this pendulum stop either, it is powered constantly," Adali clarified "I find it interesting how many alien peoples value freedom so highly that they are willing to die for it. Perhaps it is just a cultural difference with us, but... I prefer peace myself. Tis better not to die at all."

The pair passed under the pendulum and entered the main lobby of the palace. Several guards were marching through as several scribes sat around well-decorated fountains and lounges, discussing various things. A few of them were on ladders, carving things into the walls "If you would like, we can provide any sort of hospitality you require. Food, drink, whatever it is you need."

"Oh, no thank you. My dietary regime is very strict, I would have to have the food scanned so appropriate modifications can be made to my digestive system, otherwise... Well it will be rather tasteless meal, and I feel that would disrespect you as to me not properly enjoying the food and its preparation. I would be interested in having some sample texts though, so future communications would be made simpler."

"Ah, well, if sample text is what you desire, simply look at the wall behind you!" Adali said, motioning to the walls around the room. "When a particular revalation, whether it be in the sciences, or mathematics or philosophy, we carve the important concepts of great minds of the past so that we may always remember. Paper desecates quickly, but that which is carved is stone lasts forever."

Sure enough, there were large markings on the wall in a sort of cuneiform-like script. Most of it just appeared like lines and lines of unbroken mathematical jargon, but sometimes it was interrupted with rather impressive carvings and art of individual portraits of some serious-looking figures. Some other drawings were more abstract, such as the definition of pi being written in a large circle with the Gaazi symbol for pi inscribed inside. There was so much writing, and yet even more scribes constantly maintaining and adding more to what seemed like every vertical surface.

He gazed at the wall, taking note of the writing style and symbols used. Suddenly he received a communication from his shuttle crew still at the landing pad

"Sir! The rioting crowd, they've breached on of the barriers and now they're less than 30 meters from shuttle. The guards are holding them back, but I'm not sure how much longer till they overwhelm the landing site."

"Is something the matter, Rilnor? You appear concerned," Adali asked. As he finished that statement, a whole line of infantry came in from side corridors branching of the lobby. These ones seemed much less decorated, and they were carrying fiercely large plasma rifles. An Umkhur ran in front of them and grabbed Adali by the shoulder.

"Zai! Zai! Galaneyya Wugaq! Aqa!! Zai!!" He yelled to his soldiers as they began to march down the palace steps. He then turned to Adali and whispered something that he couldn't hear. Adali's expression turned from concern to anger.

"The protesters seemed to have broken through our line. This is a most horrible disgrace!!" he shouted, taking his white hood and throwing it back in rage. He huffed and tried to regain his composure, but the fish-like alien didn't look any less furious. "I must go to safer chambers in the palace. You're welcome to follow me to safety, unless you wish to return to your crew. I will not stop you either way."

He looked towards the soldiers marching away and back at Adali."Adali, thank you for your honourable tour of your peoples works. But the situation seems to demand that I return to my shuttle crew." He saluted Adali and made his way the way he came at a fastened pace.

"I understand. May you be safe!" Adali called back, flipping his hood up and running deeper into the palace with other scribes, as other soldiers began filtering out from the opposite direction.


The troops in the palace plaza seemed to be holding just fine, and the crowds there were comparitively dispersing. However, Rilnor could already tell that the situation at the landing pads was critical. A huge number of protesters were on the grounds, and he could see them stretching back to his shuttle. Several guards, beaten and in shambles, ran with whatever dignity they had left as others with heavier armament and armor marched forward in a line across the bridge. Rilnor didn't have much time to get to his vessel.

Rilnor shoved his way to the shuttle landing site to find the vessel surrounded by a crowd. He had his left hand behind him in case he needed to quickly grab the hidden combat dagger hidden on his back. As he approached the protesters looked over at him and suddenly their chant grew louder. They made a clear path for him as he walked slowly towards his shuttle. He looked to his left and to his right, taking note of the facial expressions as the people pleaded to him, though he could understand many or most of them. He could hear their chanting as he boarded the his craft and it began to take off. The crewman who closed the shuttle door as it lifted up was armed with a rail-rifle slung around his back. "Commander Sir, the crowd never came close to shuttle." Said the crewman. Rilnor, looking out a window at the expansive crowd replied "Yes, but why?"

As Rilnor said this, he heard a loud sound from below. Looking out the shuttle window, he watched in horror as the guards opened fire on the crowd, a single salvo from the firing line instantly made the circle of meek and hopeless citizens bolt and scatter in every which direction. After the initial shot, several more marched forward, using their rifles as blunt instruments and scattering the crowd further. No other shots were fired, but plenty of blows were exchanged with the few of the mob who tried to fight back from their capture. There was almost a solemn quiet as the crowd dispersed and the screams died down, bodies lining the area in front of that initial firing line.

The Umkhur captain Rilnor saw before looked around at the carnage, at the many citizens getting arrested. he turned and looked up at Rilnor's ship as it blasted away. It was hard to tell what his expression was, but he simply stood there and stared at the Dethakkan vessel as it took off, in an eerily similar way to how the scribes glared at Rilnor stoically when he first walked toward them.


"Imilh Gaasi Flight Control this is DFS-129C exiting atmosphere, setting exit corridor for rendezvous with DAS Aberration, waiting for confirmation." Said the pilot as they readied to leave the atmosphere. Rilnor slouched back and sunk into thought.

There was silence for a while on comms. "This is Imilh Gaazi Tower, we copy, proceed as planned, we're going dark. Signing out."

"Roger that, Signing out." replied the pilot.

The ship rocketed out of the atmosphere. Meanwhile, on the surface, Adali walked out onto the landing pad. The entire zone had been evacuated, and guards stood at the entrances to the landing area, keeping a watch on the walls and at the doorways.

"The horror is over. For now," *the Umkhur captain said. "Such a thing like this won't happen again, I'll make sure of it, Suqef."

"Such a waste..." Adali whispered, dipping his hand into some blood on the ground. "Such great minds... Gone. Lost to barbarism, turned away from their drive for truth..."

"Sir?" The Umhkur said. "What are your next orders?"

Adali pondered. "I will inform the Shai. Dispose of their bodies. At the very least, they did not manage to harm the foreign guest, thanks to your work."

"Actually sir, they never intended to do so. I would love to take credit for that, but... They did not attempt to harm the foreign emissary."

Adali turned to look at him, a most grim expression on his face. He was silent.

"They just... raised their hands up to him. Some of them brushed their fingers on his clothes. All of them were chanting for help. For salvation." the Umkhur continued. "I don't know what to make of it..."

"We are their salvation," Adali said enraged. He turned on his heels and walked back towards the palace, his fist tightened into a ball.

"Sir, the prisoners--"

"Kill them," Adali barked, refusing to look back. He only stared at the path ahead of him as a second round of plasma bolts rung out across the plaza from behind him. There were tears in his eyes, but he kept marching forward, back into the palace...

Sahaad Dahayed Incident - 11-8-990

Civilian protests turn to disaster! Confirmed that twenty or more civilian casualties have been reported as a clash between Shaila Guard and protesters occur! And in the presence of an outside dignitary, no less! Currently no official statement from the Shai! Is this the beginning of the end?

-3.2% Shai
+1.8% Meyyad
+0.7% Watayem
+0.4% Zelhaf
+0.3% Other

-4.3% Stability
+6.1% War Support
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Dethakkan Capital Complex, Lokken Sol Laralknar

>>>Receiving Inbound Communication<<<

>>>Authentication Delta-2-Green - XXXXX - XXXXX VALID<<<

>>>Encryption Type - XXXXX - Intelligence Services - Long Range Communications Security - 2nd Expeditionary Theater<<<

>>>Signature - XXXXX - XXXXX<<<

>>>Primary Readout:
Dispatched: Commander Trankhel Lorod Rilnor - Commander - Gaazi Foreign Intelligence Liaison Unit - 34th Operative Element
Recipient: Commissary of Defense and the Stellar Navy - Supreme Defense Committee

Topic: Communication Actions Undertaken in Compliance with Memorandum Issued - Commissary of Defense and the Stellar Navy

The state of the Confederacy of Gaazikumukh is fundamentally grounded in the ideal of pacifism. Government structure seems to be centered around an enlightened upper-class governing four distinct regions. Currently there is a large state of unrest, mass protests on the capital (Imilh Gaazi). Full report can be found in Appendix 1A - 1D. Appendix 2A - 2B consist of rudementary cultural details. Appendix 3A - 3H consist of preliminary power projection capabilities (unfinished - low detail). Appendix 4A - 4E consist of preliminary leadership report (unfinished - low detail).

End Primary Readout<<<

>>>Appendix [1,2,3,4] Enclosed - Secondary Encryption XXXXX - XXXXX<<<

>>>End Transmission<<<

Meeting Chamber 73, Emergency Special Committee

The room was filled with activity, personal aids and government staff were running around, speaking to each other, sharing vital documents. The walls were of white stone, engraved with artistic patterns. The circular chamber was dotted with artisan pillars, reaching up to the blue domed roof with an array of triangular white lights. Between the pillars and above the heads of the state officers who knelt against the wall waiting for themselves to be needed were pots of greenery suspended via intricate cords and chains. In the center was a circular steel table, covered in displays and visual aids. Surrounding the table on wooden chairs sat the Dethakkans and Rarkarv that make up the highest echelons of government.

“Unacceptable! I can’t believe you authorised an intelligence operative to make official first diplomatic contact!” screamed Relnkad Loronal Antholkarn, Commissary of Interstellar Affairs, directing his anger with hand gestures at Thorlarm Lorod Thilmignir.
“The delay you imposed with your procedure was tedious, unnecessary, decadent and useless bureaucracy! Rationalise- the situation there required quick and decisive action, and I made it clear that any state officer, regardless of standing in the diplomatic integrity scheme, could and should make diplomatic contact! It saved us time and in the future will save lives!” The Commissary of Defense and the Stellar Navy roared back as he stood up. Antholkarn himself stood up and threw his green cape back from over his right arm.
“If you had waited just one- less than one Lokken-decimation I would have passed the required report through the Diplomatic Affairs Committee and this would have been perfectly legit! Now your undisciplined intelligence operative-”

“Calm! Enough!” Came out from the head of the Intelligence Services, Leading Marshal Lidrak Laral Tolkrovk. He sat down and took a few deep breaths before regaining his tempo. “I was conducting oversight of stellar cartography-reconnaissance gathering exercises in 3rd expeditionary theater, I only came back into comms circles 30 hours ago. It has been 13 hours since I was notified that one of my honourable operatives made contact with some Gaasi offical. Why I wasn’t informed initially is beyond me. To clarify the reason why this evolved so quickly is because some Field-Commander in charge of security for long range communications in expeditionary theater 2 thought it was best to expedite the communiqué. I have issued two reprimands: improper consultation and impulsiveness. If it seems fit I could add neglect of duty, but I will not do so much as go near dishonourable conduct as the Commissary, Antholkarn, suggests!” He sat down.

“Technically, the memorandum didn’t require the approval of the Diplomatic Affairs Committee.” added a grey caped Rarkarv specialist on government affairs sitting between Antholkarn and Tolkrovk. Thilmignir fixed his cape covering his shoulders and arms and stood up, this time more calmly. “The proximilty of Imilh Gaasi to other places of great concern made establishing contact quickly more of a priority.” He sat back down and there was a silence in the room as the committee members looked through their documents and other fact-files.

Finally, after a few minutes, a blue-silver caped Dethakkan with grey skin, his colar golden and blue, and his chest decorated with distinct medals stood up and all eyes looked to him. “Enough bickering, the past fades and the future clears.” The classic phrase found in Dethakkan literature and philosophy resonated through the room. The Commissary-General looked first at Thilmignir, then at Antholkarn.

“The case is simple, Thilmignir reasoned quite correctly that future security for the Great Assembly may be compromised by the developing situation in the Gaasi systems. He drafted and dispatched a memorandum that failed to go through proper channels and end up in front of Antholkarn. Whether you want to go file with the constitutional-committee about unethical proceedings Antholkarn, the wording in article 40 is ambiguous enough for both of you to win.”

He paused. By now the rapid, debate fueled, argumentative air of the room had passed, all swept away by Tholik Lorod Thagnalr’s stoic, emotionless voice. It was clear the head of state was tired and irritated, in only three days he would leave to head off to his native city and visit his community grouping for the first time in quite a while. He took a deep breath and readied his words.

“The diplomatic strategy focusing on diplomatic integrity and readied response has been highly effective in preserving relations and dealing with prolonged, slow developing, multi-staged matters.” He directed his slow and controlled speech at Antholkarn. “But sometimes I feel as if I should separate your Commissary office into two: one for things that need to be done, and one for things that need to be done quickly. You’d be out of the second Antholkarn. I must say I rationalise and concur with Thilmignir. The situation across the Irhnet expanse has been profoundly detrimental to the future stability of the cluster and the Great Assembly. We could go off of the Economic Planning Committee’s concerns of the decrease in foreign trade because of the collapse of the Maldurii market, in fact our flash coolant and shield component exports, amongst others, have decreased by nearly 40% since the fragmentation of Maldurich. But instead I will take a more practical approach. The Maldurii civil-war and other tensions in the area are but examples of destabilisation in the far region of the cluster. Now, there have been, in more than a few circles, talk and theorisation about something that the most distinguished have called cascading destabilisation. No doubt you’ve heard the circles, and realize that the situation may in the future threaten the Great Assembly. The escalating tension, add whatever else you can find, and one can quickly come to the conclusion that the cluster is terrifying place if one is to truly look. The Irhnet’Utkharn is not that big, the threat will arise.”

“Do honourably forgive me, but rightfully do scorn, but I may have personal motivation to my action. I’ve spent the majority of that that I may call as being Vtar defending the Great Assembly. It is only- acceptable that I feel a need to do so as apart of the Arhyte. So the action will be passed before the Stellar Assembly, the third memorandum, the dispatching of proper Navy assets and operatives to the site that I will authorise. Antholkarn, ready an official diplomatic response and be ready to begin moving away from the diplomatic integrity and readied response doctrine. I want something that we can react with, not plan, test and then implement. The rest of you ready statements for the Assembly meeting, I will request that the Representative call a meeting tomorrow. Honourably- thank you, I need a drink.” He sat down and slouched in his chair, waiting for the meeting to end.

“I will find you suitable officers, Commissary-General sir.” Added Thilmignir. The committee was then adjourned.
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Yunla System, Gaazikumukh

Yunla was a much more quiet system, relatively speaking. Unlike the bustling urbanized worlds of Shekhanbayyed, things in this system were more quiet, at least seemingly. There was still a detachment of the Red Fleet in orbit, and a large station orbited around the star, in defense of the crown jewel of the system, Denakh. A water world, similar to Terabad, it had pretty sizable colonies and a decent link back to the heart of the nation. However, the system was not as it appeared. Sensor arrays and detection equipment on the level of that protecting Shekhanbayyed were not yet present. A common worry was that of the "demons" who lurked out near the gas giants further out in the system. The Red Fleet, too busy protecting Denakh itself, is unable to drive out to these further planets and quell the fears of piracy. As such, it has flourished in these lawless sectors. This is where it began.

On the far end of the system, near Keyya, a single ship emerged. It was obviously not Gaazi; it almost looked like a floating cargo container. It possessed no weapons whatsoever, and seemed to be drifting through space. At first, nothing seemed to happen. The package drifted on through its orbit, beginning to pass low near the atmosphere of Keyya. It was only an hour after it arrived before a vessel began to crest over the horizon from behind the gas giant. "This is Cargo Vessel Et-Ka, come in? We're running low on fuel, requesting assistance!" Someone hailed from the ship behind. It was a bit small for a supposed cargo vessel. The clunky looking box-like ship activated its thrusters and began to approach the cargo vessel, its intentions still unknown. There was a bit of an awkward silence as the vessel approached. After a few minutes and the ship had covered half the distance, the Gaazi vessel ran light scans on the ship. "This is Cargo Vessel Et-Ka, do you read? We see you're coming toward us, uh... Who are you exactly? We appreciate the help, but there's been reports of pirates in the area. Respond?" No reply. "Cargo Vessel Et-Ka, identify now!" The voice said on the line. There was another awkward pause as the cargo vessel approached. When it reached a pretty close range, the voice came back on, but this time it sounded much more sinister. "Identify... or perish!"

Suddenly the "cargo vessel" lept to life, weapons and engine systems activating all at once. A light plasma turret deployed on top of the vessel and began taking shots at the armor of the foreign ship, aiming to disable the engine system. The pirate vessel was quick and maneuverable, able to swiftly get around to fire shots on the ship. "Ahh, welcome to Captain Hezad's luxury shipline. please standby while we get some personnel on-board to assist you with all your... 'luggage'. If you know what's good for you, you'll let us onboard, and we won't have to slit some throats if we don't want to. If we don't want to, heheh!"

A reply came from the vessel, at first, it sounded like a foreign language, then some warbling noises, followed by a computerized voice speaking in Gaazi. "Check your FTL scanners." Only a few seconds later, two military carriers massive in proportion to the "cargo ship" exited a massive wormhole at the edge of the system. The pirates received a ping from the two carriers which were drawing closer by the second.

There was a pause "SHIT, IT'S A STING!!!" Someone, presumably 'Hezad', said. Other explicatives and shouts were thrown around in the background "BREAK, GET US OUT, FULL THRUST!!" The carriers pursued, and the communication continued to ping the pirates.
"They're gaining on us! THEY'RE FASTER THAN US!!" One crewman yelled.

"I'm not ready to die!!" Another shouted.

"I can't tell if the damn thing is targeting us or not, what is that thing!?"

"Pull yourself together!!"

"SHUT UP!" Captain Hezad yelled over his crew. The concerned Gaazi just stared at him, and at the blinking comms console. "Anyone got any brilliant ideas before you cry like hatchlings and we get fucked!?" Hezad barked. "Cuz if you don't, I suggest keeping your existential dread inside you right now!"

The rest of his crew was silent. The entire ship seemed to wait together as the engine hummed behind them. one of the crewmen, probably a recruit, piped up. "... Why arent we dead yet? They could've killed us already..."

"Because they want to capture us, Greengills," A large Umhkur said. "That's what every Gaazi ship tries to do."

"Those aren't Gaazi," Captain Hezad mumbled. " They're outworlders..." Captain Hezad looked back at the console and the flashing light. He pondered deeply about the light, and the crew got wary.

"Captain, dying would be better than that!" his first mate said "Why'd we ever turn ourselves in!?"

"Because they're not capturing us, brothers. Besides, we don't have much else of a choice, do we?" Captain Hezad put his hands on the console as his crew shuffled awkwardly, fear frozen on their faces. He sighed. "This is Hezad. We're cutting back throttle. What do you want?"

"Business." A computerized voice came from the other end, "you may have heard of us. If not, all the better. We're privateers; some of the best this side of the super cluster. And we are open for negotiation. Just let us send a delegation and we will discuss terms."

Everyone looked at each other. Captain Hezad scoffed. "Uh, no, we have not heard of you. And what do you mean by 'business'? Who do you think we are!?"

"We think you are willing to accept support. After all, we know your plans to target the Red Fleet in this system, and Gaazi shipyards nearby."

Hezad was silent. He turned to his crew, then back to the console. "Who are you?"

The console blinked for a second. The silence was stifling. Finally, a response was uttered; "The draconians."

"... Very well 'Draquniyan', send your men and make your case. If you are brave enough to do so..." Captain Hezad stood at the helm for several moments. He had already ordered the rest of the crew to their quarters, and he himself was getting anxious for the Draconians' arrival.

A small shuttle docked onto the side of the pirate ship and the door opened. Ducking to avoid the top of the door, three massive creatures stepped out. They were at least ten feet tall and resembled the desert Gaazi, save for sweeping horns and wings tucked behind them. "Where is the commander?" One of them said. He was wearing a yellow beret and bending forward to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling. Hezad, who had been saving his breath in preparation for some kind of speech, simply blinked and just exhaled. Hezad was a young Gorbekh; he resembled that of a catfish with tendrils extending from his face. He was definitely young, maybe just on the brink of adolescence. He had bright green pain streaked down from his eyes (probably more to look intimidating rather than any sort of aesthetic or religious reason, as is often the case in Gaazikumukh). He wore composite metal armor with kevlar fabric, fit to his body to allow him maneuverability and protection. On his head he wore a black turban with a bright gold pin, featuring a pentagram, squarely on the front.

There were a few moments where he just looked at the Draconians. "That's... much bigger... than I thought," was all he could muster out. He coughed and quickly added. "Uh... c-captain Hezad"

"Uh huh. Mind telling us where this captain is?" Behind the three lumbering creatures it was obvious there were more. They were all wearing body armor and helmets, as well as yellow scarves tied around their necks. They certainly didn't look like officials between the sloppy attire and crudeness the commander was using. There was also a sulfurous stench in the air, but the pirate crew was unsure if it was the draconians or the shuttle they had been boxed in.

"Yeah, uh, that... That would be me. Hello, er... Qara Qoyun if you want to be... formal about it," Captain Hezad said. He immediately regretted this decision to let them onboard. "Could I ask, uh... What is this business you were talking about?"

"We are here to provide troops." The commander gestures to the ship behind them, "We have lots of troops."

"I can... See that. But you see, I'm not really the one who can... Accept those? I mean I guess that I could, but it'd be very hard for me to take such an offer." Hezad shifted uneasily, before pausing. "Why is it that you'd want to help us out? What's the gold tied to your finger?"

"We may seem different captain, but it remains; we're businessmen. You and I both know we're in this conflict for wealth, not power and glory. That's why we're here; because we know we have our goals aligned, and we both know how to run a damn good business."

Hezad seemed flustered. On one hand, he was still quite intimidated and untrusting of the giant Umkhur-like people on his ship, but on the other hand... They did have a way with flattery. "Well, I would say... If this is the case then by all means! If you don't mind... We can go see my, er... associates? Colleagues? Whatever they are!" Hezad bowed to them respectfully. "Like I said, welcome aboard Hezad Luxury Shipline, if you don't mind, I'll ask your carrier friends not to follow. I'll take you to where we need to go, but taking those giant things will draw a whole lot of attention to us."

"Do not worry. The carriers have a defense chit from the DDF, our homeworld's military force. If one of them gets attacked or approached, the military will step in and break it up, as we are here with the rights of the God of Commerce." The commander continued to lean forward until the ceiling became high enough for him to stand up. "And do not worry, if the Red Fleet did not see us when we entered, why would they see us now, no? The distance is too far for visual confirmation, and their long range detection is bust."

"I understand ya, mister... Whoever you are?" Hezad said. "But my business has policies too. Even if we weren't detected now, I don't want to risk it. Especially since the Shai aren't the only ones we gotta worry about out here." Hezad leaned back on the console. "So I'll tell you what. I will get you to where you need to go, shuttle you to the Pirate Lords to strike a nice deal, and bring you right back here, just for you! Otherwise, I cannot guarantee that the Pirate Lords would want to have talks with someone breaching their... policy. You have my oath that you will be perfectly, one hundred percent safe!"

The commander leaned in close, "Oh, I know it's a guarantee. Because if it isn't, my privateer force will push your lords out of competition so fast you'll be scraping dried blood of these boots by next week." The draconian stood back up. "I'll wait here for you to contact your commander, and when you do, tell him we have a plan to cripple the Red Fleet."

"..." Hezad was in stunned silence, the confidence which had found him previously now vanishing yet again. "Right then... You never... gave me your name, but... I'll remember that." Hezad turned around and tuned the ship's communicator to a special frequency. "This is Cargo Vessel Et-Ka, requesting response from this frequency, how copy?"

There was a small delay. "This is Outpost Qo-Sek-Qo, this is a military outpost under the control of the Confederacy of Gaazikumukh. As a civilian, you are unauthorized to communicate on this frequency, Et-Ka"

Hezad shrugged nonchalantly. "Yeah, hi, can I have a large number 5 with the fried mollusks and a big 'fuck you'?"

The receiver responded in kind. "Would you like cheese with that sir?"

"Negative, I'm on a diet. Listen, we gotta cut the banter, I got something real important going on up here, coordinates are being sent now."

"Uh huh, what's got you tied up right now, Et-Ka?"

"I need the Sons up here," Hezad ordered "Let's just say it's a... business opportunity"

"Very well, I'll see if any of them want to slug out of bed for you. Can't guarantee any of them will care--"

"It's... an outside business opportunity," Hezad replied.

"Very well, you should get something soon. Good luck out there." The transmission cut out.

"Now we wait..."

It took about fifteen minutes before something came over the horizon. Dozens and dozens of light ships, of various sizes and armaments, seemingly made with whatever junk was lying around, began to approach the vessels. "That'd be them," Hezad said, "You mind if we, uh... go somewhere a bit more... roomy?"

The receiver went off. A gruff voice sounded off. "Alright, all ships, someone tell me what in the bloody stars is happening? Who's the bastard docked with the weird shuttle?"

"That would be me, sir. Cargo Vessel Et-Ka, Captain Hezad."

"Ah, hello there captain. Let me be the first to say: One, you're a fucking imbecile, and two, where is this meeting happening?" The voice responded on the other end. "And hurry up why don't you, we're burning sunlight."

The commander followed Hezad through the hallways still muttering to himself, "You mentioned the Shai weren't the biggest problem around here. I can't think of any foreign military groups off the top of my head, or any other splinter forces... so who is it?"

"We... don't call them by name. We just call them the Mutilators." Hezad replied. The captain led the group to a small meeting room near the heart of the ship. It was little more than a dirty table, covered with the remains of last night's processed meal and all the assorted disposable containers that go with it. Meanwhile, a light cruiser pulled forward and moved into position to dock with the opposite port of Hezad's light ship. The group could hear the docking bay doors lock in and open. A few members of Hezad's crew also awkwardly filtered in from behind some of the Draconians.

"Finally, goddammit. Anyway, tell me a bit about these mutilators." The commander had drawn a nutrient brick from his pocket. It smelled of rotten eggs, almost like brimstone, and had yellow, brown, and red flecks peppered throughout it. It was obvious that's where the stench was originating.

"Uh, well, they're pretty damn silent. You wouldn't know if there was one until he was on top of you, gouging out your eyes. Silent buggers, they've... massacred of a few of us before--"

A large Umkhur guard with a heavy plasma rifle marched in from the side. "AT ATTENTION!! ALL SHUT YOUR MOUTHS AND STAND UP STRAIGHT FOR URAYA PIRATE LORD BAKAASA UMOR, SON OF URAYA."

Another Umkhur, one who has many scars on his body and a missing eye, strut into the room. "Shut up, Iron-lung."

"GLADLY, SIR!!" He yelled with a salute, slamming his hand onto his chest.

Umor scoffed at his underling. He swiped a chair from under the table and propped his leg up on it, eyeing the creatures in front of him. Finally after a few moments of silence, he responded. "This it then?" He said to the Draconians.

"There are more of us, don't worry. We're just the forces our company elected to send as an... expeditionary group. "

"Very well, let's talk," Umor said to them, flicking open his knife and playing with it in his hand. "It takes someone brave to charge into a system they don't know about and ask for help from the local pirate band. Now either you got something fucked up in your skulls, or you're in this for some kind of profit that nothing else can fill." Umor stood up and pocketed his knife. Though he was not as tall as the Draconians in front of him, he didn't back down in his tone or expression. "What I want to know is, who told ya where we were?"

The commander smiled, "On the account that we can't fit spies in your growing pirate army, we use SIGINT. You may want to change your encryption key by the way, we estimate the Shai are about a week from full cracking it. In any case, the most you need to know is our homeworld has been listening for a long time. We have the gist of many alliances and we're still collecting data on the more enigmatic ones."

Umor shrugged. "I'll give you merit on that one. You've got some brains all the way up there at the ceiling." Umor laughed, bringing himself over to the chair he pulled out. It was now that everyone noticed he had a limp. "So let's talk business then. You seem to know what you're doing, which is something I can't say of some people," Umor said, giving Hezad a harsh glare. "But competence is only half of it. What do you want from us?"

"We are privateers, sir. Our specialty is... putting it in your terms, fucking people's shit up for a fee. All we want is payment and we'll do just that. I know what you intend to do with a nearby shipyard, and we'd love to offer ground support there."

Umor looked at them, pondering what they offered. "One more question. How do I know that you'll keep your commitment? What's stopping you from backing off the second you get a little sand under your scales, huh?" The pirate lord stood up. "Cuz I'll tell you one thing, the people in this country will fight you at a cellular level if they have to! There isn't such things as surrender in the Shai infantry handbooks. Those desert rats will decimate you, like they did me!" Umor sat back down again, with a strained grunt. "If you really intend to do as you say, you better be prepared for a fight. Not any of this looting and pillaging shit, that part's easy. We're going to war."

"Oh, you think I haven't seen war?" The draconian commander said with a dangerous amount of calm in his voice, "I've fought on islands a couple clicks across in steamy weather against unseen enemies; everything from guerrillas to bacteria that causes your legs to go gangrenous in a matter of days. I've been stationed in deserts with insurgents crawling out of every single cave armed to the teeth with stolen weapons. I've watched comrades get blown apart, I've fought in dust storms on boiling hot planets that make your deserts feel like a nice temperate forest. I fought to the bitter end of my nation's existence before the bombs dropped. I've seen war, and I'll fight in it again if I get gains from it."

"If that'd be the case then," Umor said, "then name your price." The umkhur grinned. "What would you be willing to have to feel the blood pumping again?"

"You see, that's where we gain problems. Because even though our empire is spacefaring... we have no way to trade currencies. However... we can trade more stable metals. We want iridium, tungsten, and tritium in return for our service."

"Iridium and Tungsten we got plenty of. Part of the perk of living on asteroids, you know. There's a big enough reactor that can make a lot of tritium from the oceanwater on Denakh; if you help us down there too, we got a couple villages we've been... policing. We can get any one of em to pop up and hold that reactor for ya, assuming we can get rid of that Fleet problem."

"Simple. The shipyard is guarded by tons of single fire anti-ship guns. Each one has relatively basic radio communication, nothing a good microwave generator can take out. Zero oxygen means they can't hear anything and once we neutralize some of the patrols, a direct base assault will lock them in a situation where they either have to bomb their own troops due to zero comms or retreat and come back later to land troops."

"Uh huh, and we can take care of the task force up above while their ships are docked," Umor said "Not to mention that much of the fleet will be docked down there. We'll give you some fire support while you're down there, heheh." The Umkhur straightened up in in his chair. "So it's settled then? We'll get you your resources, you provide the firepower."

"Mhmm. And if you so desire, we can train your ground forces. We have ex-military sergeants floating around our company who would be happy to give them the draconian training regimen, albeit without learning how to fly and breath fire." A couple of the privateers chuckled.

"Can't make the promise that we can teach you how to breathe underwater, but perhaps some of my more incompetent captains who let themselves get captured would love to hear of it." Umor sighed. "I can't say that the other pirate lords will be very helpful right now, but I know a damn good number of men, and they'll definitely side with us when they see our success."

"Well, if there are any lords with hang ups against support, I assure you... they'll lose more than their title when we're done with them. In any case, I say we split before the Shai get a bit too pokey around here. When we're ready for the assault, we will give you the signal. It should sound like a bunch of grunts, but use this..." the commander slammed a clunky looking device down on the table with a tangle of cables and adapters sticking out, "And those grunts will become beautiful Gaazi."

"Heh, I'm eager to start up our business venture. What do I call you?"

"They call themselves 'Draqoniyans' or something..." Hezad piped up/

"Their names, imbecile."

"You don't need to know my name... just call me 'Kinbokein'."

"Very well, 'Kinbokein' the Winged. You give us a good cut of the spoils and help us take care of the Red Fleet. And in return, we'll get you those resources you need. You have yourself a deal!" Umor said, bowing respectfully. "Men! Get out of this sector. We're getting ready for war!!" Umor yelled, as all the Gaazi crewmen roared and shouted triumphantly.

The commander retreated to the shuttle and rode back to the carriers. One of his orderlies said, "You didn't fight on Yolzoor. You weren't even born when that war went down."

The commander shrugged, "Eh, it works for negotiations. Won't matter once we get this war going anyway." He grabbed a flask from his belt and took a long swig of it, as the shuttle approached the looming carriers in the distance.
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The Unity Trade Fleet

Postby Republic of Ictgia » Wed Oct 23, 2019 11:56 pm

Ukqini (Shekhanbayyed) Station, 14.7.2556

“Well, here we are. We’ve traveled from Zmedqi to Ukqini to be the first cargo convoy to enter the Confederacy of Gaazikumukh since the end of isolation. Comms, please contact the station and request docking permission the freighters.”
“Okay. I would like to politely ask everyone on the command deck to please shut up while I’m talking this time.”
One of the officers from the sensors station turns around and yells across the room at communications.
“You okay Tmuqi? You sound like you’re having a bad day.”
“I am always having a bad day. I’m stuck with all of you on this ship, and I would really like it if you could just stop existing while I’m trying to get docking permission.”
“Understood. Shutting up.”
With a sigh Tmuqi went back to the communications panel and started typing some things on their computer.
“This is Ictgian Battlecruiser Horizon, lead ship of the 1st Ictgian-Gaazikumukh Unity Trade Fleet. Commander Oniiani is requesting docking permission for our 10 class-J freighters.”

“We do not have the capacity to dock 10 class-J freighters at this moment. We have reviewed your paperwork and the first 2 ships are cleared to dock at the end of arms 1 and 4.”
“Thank you. Since we’re in-system, do you have any information on the Uroia pirates?”
“The Uraya Pirates? They haven’t been as active since their recent attack on our shipyards. It’s believed that they’re rebuilding for another attack.”
“That’s concerning. Thanks for the information. If we see any pirates we’ll do something about them.”
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Covert Contact

Postby Dethakkan Systems » Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:49 am

Onboard the DAS Aberration, Near Imilh Gaazi

The DAS Aberration, an Acumen-class stealth destroyer which had initially responded to Gaazi open-frequency transmission and delivered the diplomatic staff, waited not far from Imilh Gaazi. It had increased its distance from the planet in order to receive and send encrypted transmissions back to Lokken. It had already been some time since Commander Rilnor’s report had reached the capital, therefore they maintained a holding pattern in anticipation of the reply.

“Confirmed! We are receiving tachyon-wave communication, Assembly space, Dethakkan signature confirmed. Starting primary decryption- destined for Commander Rilnor.” said a bridge officer at the communications station as he read the screen.
“Excellent.” Exclaimed the officer on duty, sitting at the captain’s console, elevated above with the main command centre to his right, and the combat-information-centre to his right, and his immediate two subordinate officers’ consoles in front of him.
“Maintain local travel trajectory pattern, we are expecting another communiqué for the diplo-staff and maybe another for ship-keeping. We will declare confirmation handshakes in 1.5 hours, comms send the transmission to Commander Rilnor.”

The communication reached Rilnor’s office, who was at his quarters. There was a small beep like noise from his console.
“Commander Rilnor, Priority Communication Forwarded from Bridge Communications Relay.” said a computerised voice.

He looked over, away from his mirror, and saw the terminal. He rotated his head back towards the mirror and resumed what he was doing. Rilnor continued to apply the plastic like biomedical tape that was to cover most of his horns and the back of his head where there was softer reptilian skin. With the help of a small droid that aided in the application, he finished and put on a piece of neoprene like material around his neck and tucked in under a small plastic flap on his collar, which he then swiped his hand across to seal. In the near zero-g environment he grabbed a handrail which was positioned above the cabinet where he put the remaining tape in and pulled himself along the room’s ceiling. As he floated around the cylindrically shaped senior officers quarters, decorated with various plantlife designed for growth in space, and covered in silver artistic panels depicting everything from pop-culture to ancient mythology to government messages, his small personal assistant droid floated after him. Coming to the desk with the console and sitting down in the chair, he waved in a particular way, and the cylindrical drone flew over to a slot in the wall and placed itself in it. He pressed a button on a subpanel and entered a code dimming the lights and locking the door.

>>>Receiving Inbound Communication<<<

>>>Authentication Alpha-2-Orange - XXXXX - XXXXX VALID<<<

>>>Encryption Type - XXXXX - Intelligence Services - Long Range Communications Security - 2nd Expeditionary Theater<<<

>>>Signature - XXXXX - XXXXX<<<

>>>Primary Readout:
Dispatched: Commissary of Defense and the Stellar Navy - Supreme Executive Committee
Recipient: Commander Trankhel Lorod Rilnor - Commander - Gaazi Foreign Intelligence Liaison Unit - 34th Operative Element

Topic: Future Operations in Gaazi Operational Theater

Given the report you dispatched an Emergency Special Committee was held. Present were Commissary-General, Commissary of Defense and the Stellar Navy, Commissary of Interstellar Affairs, Commander - Intelligence Services, Envoy-Commander - Diplomatic Services, Assisted by Specialists. Meeting covered future actions to be taken in Gaazi-related operations. Full details located in Appendix 1A - 1S. On the expectation of future operational requirements of operating near, around and potentially within Gaazi space, Gaazi Operational Theater created under general command of 2nd Expeditionary Theater according to High Command Strategic Organisation Directive (unspecified). Full details of reorganisation located in Appendix 2A - 2V. Your assignment has now changed from <Commander - Gaazi Foreign Intelligence Liaison Unit - 34th Operative Element> to <Commander - Gaazi Operational Theater Intelligence Unit - 7th Intelligence Corps>. Full reassignment order enclosed separately. Additional details located in Appendix 3A - 3C. Future orders include the establishment of communications of dissident elements favouring reform towards a more egalitarian or democratic system of governance, future cooperation with current regime highly unlikely. Full details located in Appendix 4A - 4E. Expect assistance from Stellar Navy assets within near future. Full details located in Appendix 5A - 5G. Future communication arrangement located in Appendix 5A.

End Primary Readout<<<

>>>Reassignment Order Enclosed - Secondary Encryption XXXXX - XXXXX<<<

>>>Appendix [1,2,3,4,5] Enclosed - Secondary Encryption XXXXX - XXXXX<<<

>>>End Transmission<<<

The lights came back as Rilnor leaned back into his chair and pressed a button “Ready 12th Detachment and a recon trio for covert incursion planetside, 4 hours, expected mission objectives and operational requirements will be drafted shortly, mission room 4.” Rilnor ordered.

Imilh Gaazi

The descent was rough and bumpy, the crew and passengers were thrown back and forth as the craft made its re-entry into the atmosphere. Though the shuttle was capable of limited sensor evasion, the pilot still took the route he felt was the most concealed. Posing as a regularly scheduled cargo flight, they made their way into the lower atmosphere. Here the pilot launched a drone, it stayed on their path and mimicked the shuttle signal. The shuttle fell back and dropped altitude. It brushed the Gaazi desert as it turned 180 degrees and re-accelerated in the opposite direction. Hugging close to the ground, the aircraft’s instrument officer input a new signal, now they were a low-altitude passenger carrier. They climbed a bit higher, now the city in the distance was visible. Another drone flew out from under the starboard wing and the craft now banked the other way. It came to a near standstill over some slums, here the rear drop-ramp lowered. In the darkness of the night four figures jumped out and were followed by large and round transparent parachutes deploying.

They gently carried themselves down, guiding themselves between the buildings, their feet hitting the ground, they detached the chutes and leaped forward, rolling on the ground, slamming into the dirt. The chutes were automatically pulled back into the packs which had been dropped, then as the operatives raised their weapons and scanned their environment, eight drones picked up the packs and flew back to the shuttle. A chorus of “Clear!” erupted on the radio as they began walking down through the slums. They came out into a plaza, but made sure to keep themselves hidden as crept against a wall. The square was dotted with a few groups of locals discussing their philosophical matters, it was surely more organised and orderly than what Rilnor saw at the square outside the palace. The leading operative stopped and raised a hand, the other three froze and sunk down. Only a few meters in front of them passed some Shai guards on a patrol, plasma rifles and all. They looked similar to the ones that fired on the crowd, but they didn’t have time to look, they sprinted across the street to the next alley.

The followed up the alleyway, after a minute they were now in a more moderately wealthy area. The leader turned a hard right and in front of them was a circular plaza, out of the way of the main streets and filled with Gaazi of all four species, all waiting for someone to arrive. The team hugged the wall and looked on, placing their rifles on their backs.

A modestly-dressed Gaazi walked up into the crowd, they all hushed and looked onto him. The Malaah gazed over the crowd from one end of the plaza to the other.

“My friends, we have all seen the atrocities committed by Shai, the murder of atleast two dozen people, and the execution of countless more. Each and everyone of them was a hero in their own right!” The crowd fixated on his hand gestures.
“I then put it to you that the only further course is not through the negotiation table, but will happen in a far more violent manner. The Shai have fired upon our congregations, raided our homes, spread their cult-science as they stall us at the negotiations. And they call us out for Barbarism! It is only just that the emissary from afar saw the violence unfold! I then put it to you to arm yourselves, arm yourselves to counter the Shai Order’s aggression against all of you!” The crowd, made up of Malaah, Umkhur, Basraantan, and Gorbekh, clapped and applauded, making sure not to cause too much noise.

Rilnor gave his rifle to one of his operatives and took off his helmet, making his way into the crowd. Members of the crowd nearly panicked as the fully armoured Dethakkan walked up to the Malaah.
“Can… I help you?” asked the puzzled speaker.
“Yes, honourably you are?” replied Rilnor.
“I am Qiigama Watayem, but you-” he was cut off by Rilnor.
“So you are all part of the Meyyad Reformists.” Rilnor put in. “I am Commander Trankhel Lorod Rilnor of the Stellar Assembly of Dethakkan Systems. My government sees more potential working with a reformed government than the Shai regime. For this reason I have come to establish official communications with your Meyyad movement and provide my services. I witnessed the atrocities committed by the Shai, I was the foreign emissary.”

There was a pause as Qiigama consulted the people surrounding him, after a while Qiigama walked up towards Rilnor. “It is unsafe for us to be discussing this here, I wouldn’t want the Shai to find you here. I suggest that you and I discuss this somewhere else, I have told the rest here that we will be meeting again at another time.”

Qiigama pointed towards an alley and implied that Rilnor follow. The Dethakkan raised his hand up, clenched his fist, made a circle in the air with it and brought it back down. Qiigma and some of the others were nearly blown back in surprise and three fully armed emerged from the edges of the plaza, holding the rifles up above their heads as to signal peace. Qiigama and another local, a Umkhur led the way as the three Dethakkans and one Rarkarv followed. They turned a corner and entered a building. Inside there was an open space, the walls were of a green-colour with benches lining their entirety. Two of the operatives stayed by the door, Rilnor and the Gaazi accompanied by the other operative went further into the building.

“The Dethakkan Systems, tell me, how are mathematics from where you come from. I mean are they part of yo-” he was once again cut off by Rilnor.
“Mathematics are a component to the sciences, now I’m running short on time, we have less than 10 minutes before extraction is in place. I will leave you these instructions and this communications cypher. Any questions?” The operative handed Qiigama’s assistant a plastic case with various devices and instruments inside. Qiigama pondered before asking.
“Can I tell the rest of the Reformist Council? Tell them that you’d support us?” he asked.
“Definitely, do tell them to contact me, Commander Rilnor. Valiantly do stand.” Rilnor said as he saluted.

The operative and Rilnor headed towards the door as the other two headed outside. They made their way to the plaza and waited against a wall. In front of them appeared two wires, reaching towards the sky, to their shuttle. Two of them stepped forward, the other two made a quick hop onto their backs as they were lifted up and latched onto the lines. The remaining two latched onto the wires near the end. Immediately as they radioed that they were secure, the started to ascend to towards the shuttle. As they cleared the building the craft began to accelerate and they were pulled through its doors.
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Postby Arkiv » Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:55 pm

Chapter II, Contact
The Colony continued it's course, barreling through the Gaazimukh system. It's massive bulk showing no signs of slowing down, yet it's heat signatures, just now penetrating it's thick outer shell, betrayed far more activity within.

"Task Force Sek-Sek-Ai, approaching target velocity, closest approach 100 wamaa, holding steady and all systems on high alert," Commodore Azasazi said over the White Fleet channels. "All systems appear nominal, ETA to intercept will be in 80 seconds. All vessels, status report!"

"Quralaq, checking in. Systems nominal."
"This is the Abazar, systems nominal."
"Qolaq Sun, reporting with an all-clear. Pilots readied up and systems operational"

"Understood," Commodore Azasazi responded, sighing. "Pray to whatever you believe in that all goes well here."

The four vessels made their approach, gradually getting closer to the immense Arkiv vessel. The Task Force was composed of a command cruiser, two destroyers, and a light carrier.

"This is Commodore Azasazi of the Confederacy of Gaazikumukh," the commodore hailed to the vessel "Respond immediately!"

The massive construct barreled on, seemingly ignoring the vessels as it shot past, but then something began unfurling on it's rear face.
Several large arms folded out, as a spire in the center rose and sent arcs of electricity between the arms, appearing to be some form of alien communications array.
A return message was sent. White Noise. Yet, something, about the Noise. It seemed to grow and waver in volume, pulsing...Azasazi would find themselves becoming dizzy, their vision blurring, the rest of the crew seemingly unaffected...everything went gray.
And came back into focus. Time appeared to be frozen, and a soft mist hung about their body. All seemed normal....
Until they noticed the ominous, void-black octagon floating a few meters in front of them. As they watched, a small pinpoint of light opened on it's surface, expanding out to form a handprint...their handprint.

Commodore Azasazi shook his head, feeling nauseous. He beat his hand on the command console. "Help..." was all he could meekly mutter before it felt like he went in a wind tunnel, his head shaking and his mind roaring with unrestricted chaos. Until suddenly, he snapped back, consciousness returning to him.

He slowly looked around him. "Aroza?" he asked, looking over at the crew members frozen in place, their expressions a terrified surprise. Medical Officer Aroza had his hand outstretched toward the commodore, his visage frozen in terror, a light mist surrounding all present in the bridge with him. The world seemed dark and cold...

"Aroza!! Anyone!?!" He called out, but no response came. He turned to look out the bridge, only to see the octagon open and emerge before him. "Eight-sided..." he whimpered. There was power in numbers, and eight was a number he didn't want to consider. Eight was a number of power, one to be feared, and Commodore Azasazi did indeed fear

The commodore fell to his knees, looking at the shape with terrified awe. He had the sort of expression of someone staring God in the face as the world ended around him. "What are you...?"

Everything went white.
A shape resolved itself. Three legs. Four Arms. One head. Tall. Bladed fingers. More of them. A world. They began disappearing. The remainder rearranged themselves. A computer. Many computers. A server room. A building. The beings died. A world, forest but now desert, time passed, the computers built machines, the machines built more machines. Smaller. Ever Smaller. The planet reappeared. It revolved faster, faster, until it's surface was grey and covered in black fields of ice. No. Not Ice. Machines. Countless tiny machines in unfathomable masses.

Space. Ships. Massive ships, cylinders the size of the one before the fleet. Spreading. Not faster than light, slower. Centuries passed. Millennia. The Machines spread, assimilating the two nearby systems. More Cylinders, all across the Supercluster. Only few discovered.

A planet, rolling plains, vast creatures with civilization on their backs. Trade. Peace. Coexistence. In orbit, a Cylinder watched.
Everything began collapsing. Folding in like a piece of paper. All leading back to that planet. Everything went white again.
There was a voice-no-a thought inside Azasazi.
"We are the Arkiv."
He returned to the bridge. Everything unfrozen, seeming as though only a few seconds had passed.The Noise was gone. The Ship-no-The Colony was silent as a tomb, the communications array no longer sparking lightning.

Commodore Azasazi gazed upon the machination before him and shuddered. He could do nothing save to bow towards it in stunned silence.

"Arkiv... " he repeated, uncertain of the syllables coming out his mouth or the feelings washing over his body. He felt like he was about to burst apart at the seams, yet he felt a wave of calm hit him. He didn't understand its purpose, but he knew that which had approached him was divine... powerful... perhaps a true Ascended.

Azasazi opened his eyes and found the bridge in shock around him. "Commodore! Are you alright!? By the stars what did that thing do to you!?" Aroza exclaimed, trying to shake and drag the commodore off the console

"This is Captain Naro, Code Ka-Et, Code Ka-Et!! Commodore is down, the ship did something! Open fire on that damn thing, I repeat, open fire--!!"

"Hey, hey, HEY!!" The commodore yelled, jumping up and quite aggressively shoving his captain into a panel on the wall.

"Commodore what the hell is wrong with you!?"
"Weapons systems armed!"
"Clear comms, clear comms!"
"What in the flaming core is going on in that bridge!?"


The rest of the bridge was in a panicked stupor. A couple of communications officers quickly relayed the order to hold fire, just as the plasma weapons were charging.

"What is WRONG with you!?! YOU IMBECILE!!" Captain Naro shouted, standing right back up and attempting to whale back on the commodore with a flurry of fists before getting restrained by the weapons officer and a security guard.

"SHUT UP, CLEAR COMMS, AND LISTEN!!" Azasazi yelled, feeling his blood boil and his heart race at the mere thought of his revelation. "Listen, listen to me! Call back all fighters, shut down weapon systems..."

"And someone PLEASE take my good captain here to brig!" Azasazi ordered, giving the captain a stern glare.

"What the hell!? I'm doing my JOB! Someone restrain HIM!!" Captain Naro responded. "Who knows what that... that thing just did!!"

"I am not done talking, captain, let me finish!!" Commodore Azasazi barked. "You all listen closely. I want you off your consoles! I want you to get on your knees, all of you!!"

There were some confused stares.

"That 'thing' out there... I don't know what it is... I dare not say its name on my breath, for I don't fully understand its power..." Azasazi said, his eyes wide with fervor. "But I know it commands respect. So pray, damn you!! That is your order!!"

No one seemed to move. Everyone was awkwardly silent. "Commodore, if I may suggest a visit to the medical bay--" Aroza started

"As sure as my heart is beating and my eyes are seeing, I tell you that I am fine. I've never been more better than I am at this exact moment..." Commodore Azasazi said, raising his hands out and falling to his knees

"He's lost it" Captain Naro spat "He's lost his damn mind..."

The array began sparking again, sending out massive arcs of lightning, much more violent than the last burst. The Noise returned, yet, everyone on the bridge would feel nauseated, before everything went back into focus, time seeming to have stopped as the Octagon reappeared.

Everyone on the bridge suddenly grabbed at their heads and moaned in pain. Lots of shouts of discomfort and fear filled the room yet again. The two restraining the captain dropped him on the ground, and he writhed on the floor. The only one who was unaffected was Commodore Azasazi, who simply closed his eyes.

"Arkiv. Speak to us... Show us your power..." He whispered prophetically, embracing the feeling as the whirlwind seemed to carry them into a different state of mind.

"What the hell is happening!?!"
"It got dark, hit the lights!"
"I can't no terminals are responding!!"
"This is the Ikumukh, come in, I repeat come in!?!"

The rest of the bridge seemed to be in panic. Medical Officer Azaro immedietly got up and bolted toward the door. "I WONT OPEN, HELP ME CAPTAIN!!!" The Umkhur officer heaved and pulled at the door as the others looked in a varying spectrum of awe and panic at the octagon shape unfurling before them.

Captain Naro looked at Commodore Azasazi, who was on his knees, palms outward, chanting a hymn. "You... You..." He started, marching over to the commodore. "What have you DONE!?!?"

The medical officer banged and yelled at the door. "SOMEONE!?! ANYONE!!?? HELP US!!!"

"... uuuuhuumuuukh... Adalaaiiiyeeeeennnnzaaaa..... Uurrooooo Iiiiii.... Matahannnnnniiyaaa..." Commodore Azasazi chanted.

The Octagon let out a noise. A blaring, low, droning noise. Then it's surface exploded into a rainbow of light, bathing the room before fading back to the void it originally was. Evidently, it wanted order in the court, so to speak.

All of the crewman in the bridge were taken aback, covering their membraned ears and falling to the floor at the deafening sound. Even the commodore had to brace himself and cover his ears at the noise.

"Ascended Arkiv," The commodore declared "Show them what you have shown me! Show us your awe and might!"

The other crewmen looked at each other skeptically, but they were all in silent observance of what the vessel would do next.

The Octagon...Arkiv, if what Azasazi's ramblings were anything to go by, made everything go white...
The same sequence was repeated, but there was more.
Orbital Trajectories. The Colony maneuvering out of a hyperbolic trajectory and back out into the asteroid belt. A large planetoid, one crater slowly having it's lower regions covered in the Black Ice. Infrastructure. Solar Panels. Fusion Reactors. Surface-to-Orbit Defenses. Shipyards...
More. Another large-ish asteroid, it's core hollowed out and a Cylindrical shaft carved through it. Frameworks. An even larger shipyard. More ships emerged. Solar Arrays like flowers to grant it even more access to energy.
Ships. More ships. More designs than there are stars. Large black, crystalline ships alongside bulkier, bullet-shaped ships propelled on flashes of explosions.
A communications array, more massive than the one deployed on the Colony's rear, being erected in deep space, aimed at the core systems, transmitting, processing, receiving.

The full scope of the Arkiv's intent had been revealed. It wished to colonize. Not dominate the system entirely, but coexist with the inhabitants.
Everything went back to normal, the Array once more falling silent.

There was a stunned silence among the crewmen as the visions ceased playing. All of them knew now what the Arkiv was, feeling as though they had been billions of miles away.

For the longest time, no one spoke, not even the commodore. It was Captain Naro was the first to speak. "What... do we do...?"

The commodore looked at his captain. "We must let these beings pass by. Leave them be, and spread the word of their most glorious arrival to others."

"Only then can their colony survive," Aroza whispered, falling to his knees. "They're truly ascended... they seek knowledge, they're so... so perfect..."

Commodore Azasazi grinned, and he tilted his head back and laughed, and he couldn't stop laughing. "Don't you see now? Hahahah!" Azasazi called out. "It is beautiful!! Sing praise to our new ascendants!!"

The other crewmembers seemed enthusiastic in their new-found devotion, calling out and chanting to the ship as it began to drift further away. All except Naro, who was nervous and non-committal.

"Oh mighty Arkiv," Azasazi called. "We understand your purpose, but we cannot hope to understand you! We will prove our worth to you, so that we may become equally enlightened! Praise be to--!!

"Commodore, come in, we're still waiting on clearance to fire," the radio blared out. "Do we need to send someone up to you to make sure you're half-sane?"

Commodore Azasazi attempted to reach the communications piece, but his medical officer stopped him. "Uh, negative captain, we're all under control up here. The good commodore had a bit of an anxiety attack is all; he's in medbay safe and sound." Azasazi mouthed a "What!?" with a confused expression on his face. Adaro held up a claw to signal him to wait. "Yeah, sorry about the little breach of protocol, but he is being looked after. We also got a communication line, Priority Zero, directly from the fleet admiral. She says, do not engage, fall out of pursuit; its comms arrays were jammed and it is a friendly vessel. Code 78172-Qo-Sek"

The commodore's expression changed as they both reached the same page. "Copy that, as per orders we're breaking off pursuit. Tailing behind, pulling 180, awaiting retrograde burn orders, command."

"We hear you, over and out," Adaro replied, an almost mischievous grin on his face.

"This is treason..." Captain Naro stated, sitting in the chair at his corner.

"No, this is the will of a higher power, Naro. Remember that our people were founded on the idea of faith--"

"Our people were also found on the idea to obey their higher authorities, not to make up orders on the spot and defect!!" Naro shouted "I don't care what we saw, that damn... brick is manipulating you, all of you!!" The rest of the crew stared at him. "You don't realize that these could just be hallucinations to distract you from your jobs! Your lives!!"

Commodore Azasazi, rather calmly, walked forward and put his face very close to his captain's. They stared each other straight in the eyes. "You are free to reject your own vision and what you've just seen. I will not stop you from denying the truth. But... you will leave this bridge. Now."
Captain Naro glared at all the other people on the bridge with him, and he stomped out into the corridor. Azasazi sighed. "Tell the rest of the task force that we're going to break off for repairs. Tell them... I dunno, we have a malfunctioning thruster."

"Of course sir," Adaro replied. "It's strange, isn't it? That people can deny what they can clearly see with their own eyes?"

"Don't worry, Adaro," The commodore replied, gazing out the window as the ship began to turn around and the Arkiv vessel drifted further off. "We will make them see."

The Arkiv vessel continued it's headlong trajectory, but...something changed. It began to, miraculously, decelerate, as though it were producing several Gs of thrust, yet no engines in sight. It's comms array collapsed and folded back into the hull. Any orbital traffic computers seeing the data would note that it's orbit was closing, no longer taking it out of the system. It continued decelerating, ever shortening it's trajectory closer towards the asteroid belt.

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Postby Gaazikumukh » Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:06 am

16-8-990 - The Shai Ascendant Palace, Imilh Gaazi, Shekhanbayyed System

Deep within the palace, in a dimly lit room, four Gaazi sat around a table in total silence. A single lantern with a large bowl of oil burned above them, casting flickering shadows on their painted faces and black silk robes. One of them reached forward and grabbed a small marble game piece, moving it to an adjacent hexagon, and then allowing the next to go.

These four men were perhaps the most famous in all of the confederation. Maybe not the most powerful, but their most enlightened words hold incredible sway. It was, therefore, their job to remain silent. Brash words and panicked reactions were that which could tear apart decency; only mediated and carefully-planned actions should be taken. In their minds, they were the only things preventing the entirety of Gaazikumukh from falling to chaos, and one wrong word could immediately fracture the entire nation.

Sometimes, though, it is necessary to break the status quo, to finally sit down and affirm a decision. Sometimes issues required an immediate response; it's just that the Shai did not like to decide such things off the cuff. That was a scribe's job, the Shai were more enlightened than that. Shai Getoro had called the other three Shai to meet here for-- initially-- a game of Wayyalaq. The aged Gorbekh rubbed his catfish-like tendril, planning his next move.

"You are always capable of being so decisive," he said, "It is a shame you did not anticipate this, Wadam." Getoro pushed his piece over a couple spaces, and took two of Shai Wadam's pieces. Though Wadam was mildly irritated, the other two Shai seemed impressed.

"Beautiful play," Shai Gaazi Basaa exclaimed, "But I will unfortunately have to politely decline." The Shai Gaazi then pushed his piece and took one of Getoro's. All of the Shai laughed jovially, except for Wadam. He simply glared at the board, his mind in another place.

"When will we address the Shisawen in the room?" he finally asked after the others had calmed down. They all looked at him in confusion, though they all probably knew exactly what he was talking about. "What are we going to do about this incident?"

Basaa looked down at the board and then back at Wadam. "As we have discussed, there will be a private trial for Suqef Adali and Pakherak Uzuurim. Then, business as usual."

Wadam tossed a game piece in his reptilian claws. "Look at us. The confederation is bursting at the seams, and here we are playing games and drinking like nothing is wrong." He tossed the game piece across the room in frustration. "It is no wonder people are upset."

"Calm yourself, Wadam, there is more to this than it appears," Shai Qali croaked. "We must not give in to barbarism, and we shall all keep a level, clear head for a fair trial."

"Respectfully, I don't think you understand, Qali," Wadam replied. "This is not an issue that can be swept away. The people are turning on each other, we need to show them that we will uphold justice!"

"And what, give in? He is a scribe, if he is called into question, soon we will all be! We must remain strong in our conviction!" Getoro said, standing up from his seat.

"Remain strong in our ability to let this slide? There was blood in the sacred city! If an Ascendant were to see our barbarism, he would be ashamed!"

"Do not dare speak of an Ascendant, you cannot speak for him! You cannot insert words into the mouths of the hypothetical any more than the dead!"

"Enough," Shai Gaazi Basaa said quietly, but sternly. As Shai Gaazi, his words carried more weight than any living creature, short of an Ascendant. The other three backed down and sat in their seats. "Shai Wadam, please go on."

"Thank you, honorable Gaazi," he said, getting a sharp death glare from Getoro. "We must not leave this as a private trial. The people want conviction and justice more than they want stability and soft control. The people want retribution, and to know that the Shai are willing to uphold justice. We must publicly broadcast this trial for all, even outside Gaazikumukh, to understand that we are not corrupt."

"Yes, but if I may interject," Qali croaked, "It is by the name of justice that the 'massacre' occurred. Do we not have the right to punish those who act in defiance of the state? Are we not allowed to punish criminals and rebels? Whose justice are we willing to follow, the justice of the mob or the justice of the enlightened?"

"I must agree with Qali," Getoro said after some thought. "We must not condemn a scribe for doing what he felt was right. But I agree that the trial must be publicized, only so that all can understand that defiance against us is... unwise. Unlike my friend Wadam, I believe that we mustn't give in to simple pleasures such as revenge. Violence only begets eternal violence."

Before Wadam could retort, Shai Gaazi Basaa raised his hand. "Let us remind ourselves that Shai elections will come soon. We must project ourselves in a way that keeps the nation stable enough for the next cabinet to take control and lead us to a brighter future." The Shai Gaazi stood up from his floor mat and instructed the others to do the same. "Raise your right hands, noble enlightened men. Raise your hand if you agree with the statement hence, that we shall hold the trial of Suqef Adali and Pakherak Uzuurim in a public setting, within the rites of Grand Judgement. If you disagree with this sentiment, leave your hand at your side."

Wadam and Getoro raised their hands. Qali was still. Shai Gaazi Basaa then rose both his hands. "The vote is in favor, four against one. We shall have the trial take place in a week. Make a public broadcast to all systems, including our allies and acquaintances."

Qali turned on the other three and started walking out of the room. "This is a grave mistake..." he groaned. The other three continued their game in awkward silence. It was, after all, the job of the Shai to remain silent.


The prime news source of the Confederation!

A recent message has been broadcast from the Shaila themselves, completely bypassing the Suqefeya! A public trial will occur for the notorious Sahaad Dahayed Incident which occurred 6 days ago. Many of the mourning families have called this an act of righteousness, and some faith in the Shai has been restored for a few. Others, however, are skeptical if this will amount to anything.

The Suqef involved, known as Adali, was responsible for ordering the mass execution of 34 unarmed prisoners in a mob protest at the Sahaad Dahayed. It is reported that this incident occurred during an alien emissary's visit to the sacred city, and the repercussions of this embarrassment are felt throughout the Suqefeya.

"Adali may have been wrong in his understanding of the situation," says Suqef Muzu, "but the true ramifications are the harmful messages we've sent to the interstellar community... The Shai believe that this will be an opportunity to make right."

The trial will occur on 26-8-990, 10 days after the release of their transmission. Foreign dignitiaries who are visiting Shekhanbayyed are invited to join in the "exercise of Gaazikumukh's justice" by arriving in person to spectate the trial. Only time will tell what this trial will uphold for the nation, as surely many will be intend to watch the spectacle! A Scribe has not been tried for criminal charges in over 120 years!
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