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For no particular reason, the Sportswire of Chinese Congo has implemented a football league to garner future hopes of winning an IFCF championship. However, they should focus on basketball and not get their knickers pulled.
*With help from Farfadillis
Key: [] = numerical order of trophy won over club history, () = trophies won in sole competition (names altered from English to Afrikaans [not French due to confusion with Ligue 1])
Season     	Premierskap Winners     Kampioenskap Winners		League Een Winners	Champion's Chalice Winners    Nasionale Liga I Winners     Nasionale Liga II Winners     Die Titans Koppie Winners       All4One Trophy Winners
1 Kolwezi City Mbandaka Athletic Bandundu Field Uvira Fireflies
2 Goma United Kindu FC Kalemie AFC Kolwezi City [2]
3 Kisangani City Mwene-Ditu Town Kikwit FC Lubumbashi AFC
4 Likasi Lapdogs Mbandaka Athletic (2) [2] Baraka 'Bama Bandundu Field [2]
5 Mwene-Ditu Town [2] Mbandaka Athletic (3) [3] Kalemie AFC (2) [2] Mbandaka Athletic [4] Kabolo & Moba Manono Amateurs
6 Kolwezi City (2) [3] Kalemie AFC [3] Kindu FC [2] Bandundu Field (2) [3] Manono Amateurs [2] Oicha FC Bandundu Field [4]
7 Kinshasa FC Kikwit FC [2] Kabinda AFC Lubumbashi AFC (2) [2] Tshilenge Muanda United Lubumbashi AFC [3]
8 Goma United (2) [2] Kalemie AFC (2) [4] Gandajika Wanderers Mwene-Ditu Town [4] Kabalo & Moba (2) [2] FC Bulungu Mwene-Ditu Town [3] Muanda United [2]
9 Lubumbashi AFC [4] Kabinda AFC [2] Kindu FC (2) [3] Kabinda AFC [3] Bukama Sports Sunderbrough Kabinda AFC [4] Boma Bombers
10 Kabinda AFC [5] Bukavu City Butembo Rangers Mwene-Ditu Town (2) [5] Sunderbrough [2] Miabi Lacers Mwene-Ditu Town (2) [6] Kinshasa FC [2]
11 Kolwezi City (3) [4] Gandajika Wanderers [2] Sunderbrough [3] Tshikapa FC Bukama Sports (2) [2] Buta Sporting Department Kolwezi City [5] Gbadolite Town
12 Likasi Lapdogs (2) [2] Sunderbrough [4] Bukama Sports [3] Kolwezi City (2) [6] Manono Amateurs (2) [3] Kaniama Hams Likasi Lapdogs [3] Lower Rutshuru
13 Likasi Lapdogs (3) [4] Bukama Sports [4] Bunia United Likasi Lapdogs [5] Idiofa Bridge Kananga Saint-Mannor Likasi Lapdogs (2) [6] Tshilenge [2]
14 Likasi Lapdogs (4) [7] Goma United [3] Idiofa Bridge [2] Kinshasa FC [3] Tshilenge (2) [3] Basoko City Kinshasa FC [4] Kisangani City [2]
15 Goma United (3) [4] Bukama Sports (2) [5] Manono Amateurs [4] Likasi Lapdogs (2) [8] FC Bulungu [2] Katwa Town

Here are the teams:

Kinshasa F.C.

When Xun Wen arrived at Kinshasa, he had priorly implemented a fascination with Gegenpressing, a modest style of play he had popularised at Goma. Why, he asked, were the Kinshasans so taken aback at it, given that it was essentially a development of the style that had dominated Congolese football just 40 years ago. Wen stands as the martyr of Gegenpressing, although his example has been followed by Second League managers while the theory is a key tenant for some coaches such as Na Mei, Jie Qiu, and Kun Jiang. Pressing is thus characterized by multiple players closing down the man with the ball. That inevitably left other players free, but the reasoning was that that didn't matter, because a player under pressure would be unable to hit a long, accurate pass to find an unmarked teammate.

An Heng (GK) #1

Wattana Klahan (DL) #2 -- Jonas Estera (DC) #3 -- Rikard Gunvald (DC) #5 -- Visvaldis Roberts (DR) #9

Tiriaq Xquenda (MC) #12 -- Aravind Amitabh (DM) #13 -- Javor Nace (MC) #17

Tú Hào (LW) #25 -- Milan Sasho (FC) #40 -- Ferdinand Miloš (RW) #53

Teemu Wunderlin | #4
Diodotus Kueny | #6, Éber Zirkel | #7, Diarmuid Sookram | #8
Furkan Penkala | #10, Kurush Meenach | #11, Rhisiart Ent | #14, Suibhne Diarmaid | #19
Mecit Searson | #15, Abdulla Alsteen | #16, Justinian Kopischke | #18

*Credit to Xanneria for designing most of these
The Gaffer
Xun Wen, pictured at a fan meet in Kinshasa
Stadium: Stade des Martyrs
Nickname/s: Die Hoofstad (The Capital)
Rivalry: Boma Bombers
Predicted Finish: 4/5th place (estimate made from mean placement in last 2 seasons)
Ground Capacity at beginning of the season: 46,311

Key Personnel
Arnold Dohman (Chairman)
Marcelo Merta (Managing Director)
Iban De Kam (Academy Manager)
Tristão Keithly (Communications Director)
Theodor Pfiester (Operations Director)
Nithin Zody (Ticketing and Services Director)
Lavern Holbein (Supporter Liaison Officer)
Prashant Schellenger (Event Safety and Security Manager)
Fermin Bastyr (Head Groundsman)
Kwesi Llera (Head of Football)
Celestine Bugher (Company Secretary)
Grga Manabat (Assistant Head Coach)
Donat Halker (Chief Financial Officer)
Serafim Mitre (General Counsel)
Shadi Granade (Media, Marketing and CRM Director)
Achilles Ence (Stadium and Facilities Director)
Catahecassa Dhingra (Disability Liaison Officer)
Kichirō Bergthold (Medical Director / Team Doctor)
Hieronymus Dalsanto (Managing Editor (Publications)

Lubumbashi AFC

There is no style of football so notorious as Catenaccio, perhaps no style so misunderstood and constrewn. Nowadays, there is a tendency to use Catenaccio when referring to any defensive style of play but its meaning is quite specific and arguably not necessarily defensive. It began in Brazzaville in the 1950s with West Congo FC coached by African-American Dada Chidubem. West Congo was semi-professional and often struggled against fitter fully professional foreign opposition. Chibudem's solution was to adopt a more defensive approach, looking to absorb pressure before soaring forward on the counter-attack. Most sides in the Congo area played a 2-3-5 formation although in practice the two inside forwards would be slightly withdrawn. What Chibudem did was to pull back his two wing backs to flank the full-backs forming a back four, with the centre-half and inside forwards creating the midfield three. This revolutionary tactic won West Congo multiple trophies in their division and a spot in the ROC (Republic of the Congo) Premier League before they were sold to Lubumbashi.
Chibudem was often revered as the last African great in any terms of football for the Chinese Congo and in present-day Na Mei carries on this footballing tactic, if not tradition.

Chijindum Achieng (GK) #1

Emem Neo (DL) #5 -- Itoro Okoro (DC) #6 -- Yazhu Hai (DC) #7 -- Katleho Abimbola (DR) #9

Dubaku Bandile (MC) #11 -- Otieno Iniobong (DM) #15, Nnenna Babirye (MC) #17

Yating Lerato (LW) #22 -- Ibrahima Ayo (FC) #23 -- Bosede Sauda (RW) #28

Macaulay Dresden | #2
Patrice Strimple | #3, Conrad Vlahakis | #4, Pedr Lenhoff | #8
Tlaloc Ballinas | #10, Ambrosio Polendo | #12, Sachin Ashkar | #13
Cahaya Badawi | #14, Prem Cherny | #16, Glaukos Thagard | #18

Home Kit; Shirts:
Green and White stripes
Shorts: White
Socks: White with green

Away Kit; Shirts: Dawn Orange with Yellow-Green trim
Shorts: Dawn Orange with Yellow-Green trim
Socks: Dawn Orange

Third Kit; Shirts: Dull Red
Shorts: Dull Red with Light Orange trim
Socks: Dull Red
Home Goalkeeper; Shirts: Purple
Shorts: Purple
Socks: Purple

Away Goalkeeper; Shirts: Sky Blue
Shorts: Sky Blue
Socks: Sky Blue

Third Goalkeeper; Shirts: Crimson
Shorts: Crimson
Socks: Crimson

The Gaffer
Na Mei, pictured at an interview regarding Lubumbashi's Champion's Chalice success
Stadium: Stade TP Mazembe
Nickname/s: Hippos
Rivalry: Kolwezi City
Predicted Finish: 4th place
Ground Capacity at beginning of the season: 49,335

Key Personnel
Valerio Lacuesta (Chairman)
Kay Gragert (Managing Director)
Ethan van Slooten (Academy Manager)
Nuh Evinger (Communications Director)
Rufus Di Marzo (Operations Director)
Mieszko Verno (Ticketing and Services Director)
Anders Tuckerman (Supporter Liaison Officer)
Ignaas Aydt (Event Safety and Security Manager)
Kazimir Mourey (Head Groundsman)
Sigifrid Pomplun (Head of Football)
Avidan Ciresi (Company Secretary)
Adam Bolotin (Assistant Head Coach)
Tylar Enwright (Chief Financial Officer)
Ghatsok Saccente (General Counsel)
Ovidio Oborn (Media, Marketing and CRM Director)
Toirdelbach Duve (Stadium and Facilities Director)
Prem Daane (Disability Liaison Officer)
Tushar Bewick (Medical Director / Team Doctor)
Abolfazl Crisan (Managing Editor (Publications)

Goma United

The media as well as football experts finally agree on something related to football, that in the last two seasons, most of Goma's superiority gunning to win the Kampioenskap for the last two seasons was largely due to to their takeover as well as the new tactics that overtook the team. In a very defensive position such as a 5-4-1, the fitness and cohesion of the team given can repel an attack and with cohesion comes the flexibility to warp their formations to a 3-4-3, with two mids in Paddack and Arvid Poul coming up to the front as well as two defensive players backing up the midfield in Chesed Ziyadeh and Cadogan Asanuma. That said, the tactic works very well, but it costs a lot of energy that Goma or really any other team wouldn't want to waste in the first half. So they concentrate on simple attacks. No long balls, no counters, lots of backing up and defensively parking the bus.

Andebert Abdul-Hameed #2 (GK)

Chesed Ziyadeh #29 (DL) -- Diokles Roeters #34 (DC) -- Yevgen Gritzner #81 (DC) -- Arttu Pinches #14 (DC) -- Cadogan Asanuma #18 (DR)

Kristjan Paddack #98 (ML) -- Aharon Poulios #79 (MC) -- Livius Arrott #38 (MC) -- Arvid Poul #89 (MR)

Adam Derwin #51 (FC)

Liberius Cuatian Quiz | #3
Bharata Redelsperger | #5, Feivush Koutrakos | #6, Josif Rodlund | #8
Behruz Korotkov | #9, Andreas Fiegenbaum | #10, Zlatko Yannetta | #12
Norbu Feneck | #13, Honorinus Bettano | #14, Per Halencak | #15

Stadium: Stade Les Volcans
Nickname/s: Survivors
Derby with: Kabinda AFC
Predicted Finish: 9th
Ground Capacity at beginning of the season: 54,607

Mbandaka Athletic

Any deluded football fan would say Mbandaka Athletic are genuine title contenders only after looking at the pre-season rankings. The tactics and motivation are, however, what really mattered going into that game against Bukavu City, as if they won, and they did, it would be a reason to imprint the same defense unto the Premier League. Although attacking players caught the eye, their defensive coordination and solidity is perhaps even more significant. Citrus Chao may have arrived with a reputation managing National League teams with an attack-focused philosophy, but he set about creating a mean defensive unit. Mbandaka have lined up almost exclusively as a 4-1-4-1 and the few variations he's made have been played in single matches such as the midfield diamond against Bandundu Field. Back Qiang is the anchor in midfield, a dervish of covering and intercepting, fulfilling the promise he showed when signed as a 19-year old from The Three Flowers Football Club. The preferred back four is Tu Ju, Zion Chima, Conall Ogier, and Stefanus Baldon, although Ogier is still an able deputy at left-back. They play in front of Huang Yahui, the only regular defensive starter from Season 4's title-winning run, every other player has been contracted and bought.

Huang Yahui (GK) #16

Tu Ju (DL) #2 -- Zion Chima (DC) #3 -- Conall Ogier (DC) #4 -- Stefanus Baldon #5 (DR)

Shemaiah Bobier (DM) #6

Chibuike Hellberg (AL) #10 -- Šime Middlesworth (MC) #14 -- Ninian Oberhaus (MC) #18 -- Keegan Dunlop (AR) #7

Euclid De Mir (FC) #9

Morteza Mieras | #1
Anil Saragoza | #5, Temitope Pereyda | #8, Ivory Leavelle | #11
Syed Bernales | #12, Cuthbert Uhls | #13, Aulis Cauthorn | #15
Dáithí Provine | #16, Macauley Rightmyer | #17, Quentin Pincock | #19

Stadium: Stade de Mbandaka Bakusu
Nickname/s: Sterkmanne (Strongmen)
Predicted Finish: 4th place
Ground Capacity at beginning of the season: 59,024

Kananga F.C.

In the league, Kananga will afford to play mostly with a 5-3-2, with Pinsker and Frutiger up front. The central midfield berths were filled by Heron Di Piero and Musa Khader, in front of the rock-solid back four. Kananga defends with two banks of four, vertically compact, but strung out quite wide across the pitch. Manager Lim Yong knows that in Bowns especially, he had a defender who was composed, quick, and adept at reading the game, and who could plug any gaps that such width created. Both full-backs play wide, as do both wide men in the midfield, and the side only tends to press if the opposition mis-controlled or drifted wide and barely presses in the opposition half at all. Yong relies on his individual players ability to win the ball, to read passes and intercept, and the defensive stance is predicated less on defending and more on being ready to break with extraordinary pace when the ball is won back.

Eduard Grussing (GK) #1

Mick Bowns (DL) #3 -- Bjarni Aldea (DC) #5 -- Dax Leppanen (DC) #6 -- Qinglong Phimmasone (DC) #13 -- Wenceslaus Graunke (DR) #4

Heron Di Piero (MC) #7 -- Musa Khader (DM) #8 -- Servaas Abeles (MC) #15

Dunstan Pinsker (FC) #9 -- David Frutiger (FC) #10

Munro Bienstock | #2
Svetomir Reibel | #11, Mariyan Skeel | #12, Felix Boisselle | #14
Shiva Korell | #16, Gyuri Westbay | #17, Kašpar Vondrasek | #18
Alberich Chynoweth | #19, Isaurus Romes | #20, Lor Hussien | #21

Stadium: Stade des Jeunes
Nickname/s: Atheners (The Athenians)
Derby with: Kananga Saint-Mannor
Predicted Finish: 5th place
Ground Capacity at beginning of the season: 5,703

Kisangani City

Govinda Fetchik hails as the new manager, having had no experience before but moving to a long-term reign from being a caretaker from the three-nil victory at Stade Lubumba versus Kolwezi City. He doesn't bring very much to the table in terms of tactics, but a new formation and more improved man management might not relegate Der Pretzels, and hopefully end in a mid table finish for Season 14's campaign.

The gaffer looks to be used to an "on and off mentality" in terms of defensive and offensive transitions. He'll usually try to able on his boys to score from the first half and won't stop this until he sees a positive half time socre. From there, Fetchik will try to get the XI to conserve the ball, use time-wasting tactics, and deploy the keeper as a sweeper to conserve whatever lead Kisangani has onwards from the break.

Harry Matkovich (GK) #47

János Guenette (DC) #2 -- Ilmarinen Stanly (DC) #6 -- Alexander Hollatz (DC) #13

Giorgino Budzik (MC) #17 -- Cosmas Gubser (DM) #19 -- Grisha Goedecke (MC) #4

Akshay McClenathan (AC) #9

Andon Shwartz (LW) #11 -- Cleisthenes Hanline (FC) #18 -- Ciro Dromgoole (RW) #25

Stadium: Stade Lumumba
Nickname/s: Der Pretzels (referring to their flexibility of formation)
Derby with: Bukavu City
Predicted Finish: 9/10th place
Ground Capacity at beginning of the season: 44,912

Tshikapa F.C.

Tshikapa line up in a fairly orthodox 4-3-3, which becomes a 4-5-1 in defensive posture. They press aggressively in the opponent's half, following the ball and aiming to cut off the opposition's passing angles when in possession. Tshikapa play a high defensive line, which assists this high press. Anton Morone sweeps completely behind, although they occasionally get into trouble against quicker forwards. The high line allows for the compactness in the opposition half - as the press is engaged, Tshikapa can avoid too much space appearing because the defense are so far up that the opposition is forced to pass backwards or laterally. Tshikapa aim to win possession back quickly or, at the very least, force the opposition back or into an error. For Guo Zhong, two principles are key above all else: verticality and possession. Tshikapa are geared up to keep the ball and move it forwards with intensity. If the option is not there, they will recycle the ball until it is. Tshikapa build patiently from the back. Asim Killilea plays short from goal kicks or when he has possession from open play, with Vepkhia Kobashigawa and Nuka Boyson giving short options, and Copelan or defensive midfield prospect Carlinhos, a deep-lying playmaker, dropping in as well. This movement forms at least a triangle, if not several, and all four players are comfortable taking the ball and playing it around.

Hidayat De Barge (GK) #1

Chernobog Anis (DL) #2 -- Islam Rasner (DC) #3 -- Vepkhia Kobashigawa (DC) #4 -- Nuka Boyson (DL) #5

Ülvi (MC) #7 -- Asim Killilea (DM) #8 -- Oluwayemisi Copelan (MC) #10

Anton Morone (LW) #20 -- Cristobal Lienau (FC) #22 -- Kaj Hashagen (RW) #35

Marcianus Burcher | #6
Atticus Hams | #9, Teófilo Osterlund | #11, Eneko Capley | #12
Carleton Rufer | #13, Anath Grünfeld | #14, Lykos Supnet | #15
Heitor Vidovich | #16, Jessé Finnicum | #17, Caj Nonaka | #18

Stadium: Stade de Football de Kampala
Nickname/s: Linte (Ribbons)
Predicted Finish: 5th place
Ground Capacity at beginning of the season: 43,804

Kolwezi City

Kolwezi City FC play a nominal 4-3-3, with Thierry Savageau a deep-lying playmaker behind a shuttling, defensively-minded midfielder Iiro Chapp, and Padraig Biasi, who has more license to push forwards. Manning the flanks is Fredanand Mohanty and Penko Matesic, the Croatian born Rookie of the Year runner-up in 2014. Emilio Sheck is the lone front man. Defensively KCFC press hard in the opposition's defensive third, with Bress and Townzen pushing up on the opposition full-backs and Philander Huaracha working hard to close down the centre backs, aided by Bollmann. As soon as the opposition are able to pass the ball around the back, or transition into the middle third, Kolwezi City FC back off, and align themselves into a 4-1-4-1.

Fionnghall De Noble (GK) #18

Anish Bress (DL) #4 -- Philander Huaracha (DC) #5 -- Aaron Bollmann (DC) #15 -- Prem Townzen (DR) #17

Thierry Savageau (DM) #7

Fredanand Mohanty (AL) #8 -- Iiro Chapp (MC) #23 -- Padraig Biasi (MC) #80 -- Penko Matesic (AR) #88

Emilio Sheck (FC) #9

Alfbern Heemstra | #1
Flavius Landesman | #2, Toms Longie | #3, Straton De Marzo | #4
Milorad Böhmer | #6, Suhail Arscott | #10, Colm Henkin | #11
Jesse Thummel | #12, Iosif Keirsey | #13, Krastio Theilen | #14

Stadium: Stade Diur
Nickname/s: Kanaries
Predicted Finish: 2/3rd place
Ground Capacity at beginning of the season: 68,452
Derby With: Lubumbashi (TAH9 Derby)
Rivalry: Lubumbashi, the capital of Katanga. This is due to the battle of Kolwezi in 1978, almost 100 years ago where Katangan soldiers,
supported by Angola, occupied the city in shedding blood to do so. This, to a point, got so extreme that the former government of
Zaire had to ask allied powers Belgium, Morocco, France and the United States to drive out the rebels. Notedly, when someone
utters the word 'Katanga' to a Kolwezian this is where they've crossed the line. To counteract this, AFC's crowd have conjured up
the chant 'K-T, K-T, bust in their doors for me' to implicitly remind the Kanaries of a much more trying time.

Side Note: 'Kananga' is mostly confused with 'Katanga'

Likasi Lapdogs

Under Vazha Kroenke's rule, Likasi haven't exactly taken Congolese football by storm this season. Their finish with him managing since Matchday 4 of Season 8 leaves a lot to be questioned from the assistant coach of (Kasongo) Jungle. Ludolf Latsch, their sole striker for the Haut-Katangan, is in disarray with the manager and might be replaced by a sub for the first game onwards in S9. Kroenke, though, has reached a tactical balance that should get the best out of a settled and talented squad, using a 3-5-1-1 or 3-5-2 formation. Their major downfall in the S8 era has been in defensive, well, everything. The XI is hosted to the worst defensive record of S8, with a puny 13 goals for to 13 goals against, as well as having docked only one win.This year, Kroenke will commit to a settled, well-balanced back three having previously favored a tight backline of four defenders in one area of the field. With this tactical change, the field will prefer midfield and defensive midfield rigidity, having opposing sides meticulously try to cut down the middle ground before moving any further. Added onto counterattacks is an attacking midfielder who, when given the ball, will recycle it to the isolated front duo.

Nadav Sheck (GK) #1

Völundr Bulin (DC) #3 -- Renato Yenter (DC) #4 -- Surendra Weech (DC) #5

Shinobu Griswell (ML) #13 -- Mukul Hangartner (MC) #19 -- Hyperion Dien (DM) #7 -- Phoebus Olczak (MC) #6 -- Hans-Günter Jeannette (MR) #23

Boghos Leible (FC) #8 -- Ludolf Latsch (FC) #9

Rune Olund | #2
Abner Werber | #10, Canaan Nedeau | #11, Simon Wolstenholme | #12
Minh Swartzbaugh | #14, Calvus Summons | #15, Terenzio Cancro | #16
Lionel Diesing | #17, Ludo Emilio | #18, Mats Knotek | #20

Stadium: RPA Vanheyden Stadium
Nickname/s: Lapdogs, Moneygrubbers, Wifestealers, Big Business, Sellouts
Derby with: Lubumbashi AFC
Predicted Finish: 3/4th place
Ground Capacity at beginning of the season: 41,493

Kabinda AFC

Kabinda have often been portrayed as an unglamorous side with a rough approach to their game. Since their seventh, and successful, attempt at League One promotion in Season Nine under Marin Neo, the club have placed eighth, and most recently, first, digging their heels into only their second ever Kampioene Beker run, and from that, putting in a courageous effort to see themselves out of the group stage for the first time. From then, it was set in stone that this team was more than a dark horse, and eventually the Gods of Africa won the whole thing, fortifying themselves as the first team to win a domestic treble in history. A monumental season for Kabinda, Neo wants to see this dominance continue further and has instilled a set of tactics that are much more than luck and fouls. Marin Neo may have only been in charge since the fifth season, but the impact that he has had ay Le Remorquer has been profound. Giving away nearly league-high fouls and receiving similarly high numbers of bookings, it would be easy to discredit Kabinda as a plucky band of miscreants. Yet, given their incredible constancy, their success is down to cold and calculated methods rather than orchestrated chaos. Kabinda set up in a 4-4-2 system and that doesn't change under Neo, irrespective of the formation they're facing. His tactical plans depend upon the partnership between his players to negate the impact of opposition numbers and rebalance them in his side's favor. It is a system of close understanding through the spine of the team. Neo wants his players to always have the advantage of a 2v1 situation anywhere on the field when the opposition have the ball. This arrives courtesy of intelligent movement, interchanging of positions, pressing at the right time and occupying the spaces seen as most dangerous to force opponents to play their football elsewhere. Once Kabinda win possession, transitioning upfield any pace is the priority. Defense can be turned into attack very quickly. With that, they're also set up to motivate numerical advantages in the areas of the field that theoretically would be capable of doing them the most damage. Neo wants opposition players to be forced to feed the ball wide, avoiding the spaces in betwixt the lines where creatively-minded players might be able to pick apart his organized defense. His side may press with a lot of intensity, but they normally wait until a particular spark is met. Once an opposing team feed the ball out to their left back or right back, a safe pass, given that Kabi have their team set up in 2 banks of 4 and a front 2, then the press will begin. The opposing fullback will be forced to go backwards, kick long, make a risky lofted switch [during which Kabinda will be able to shuffle across to provide another front while the ball is in the air], or play a low-percentage pass into a congested midfield, where Kabinda have manufactured numerical superiority due to wide players tucking in or a more advanced player dropping deeper. This sets them up, of course, to score goals.

Simon Tasca (GK) #1

Charlie Vano (DL) #4 -- Janusz Wanninger (DC) #5 -- Epaphras Howsare (DC) #20 -- Nebuchadnezzar Braner (DR) #23

Edgardo Wallenstein (ML) #26 -- Tatanka Cradle (MC) #6 -- Nollaig Dochterman (MC) #7 -- Selahattin Mehlberg (MR) #30

Kai Carchi (FC) #9 -- Wayland Kunin (FC) #27

Graciano Duesler | #2
Sefa Bookbinder | #3, Asgeir Frieling | #8, Clitus Gaugh | #10
Fabien Kubisiak | #11, Hermanus Seiwert | #12, Marcelo Atiyeh | #13
Time Rothery | #14, Kash Rettberg | #15, Alboin Prajapati | #16

Stadium: Le Remorqueur
Nickname/s: Dieux de l'Afrique (Gods of Africa)
Predicted Finish: 9/10th place
Ground Capacity at beginning of the season: 16,223

Rules for the table include 10th-placers playing against Championship or League 1 1st-placers, top 6 of each league excluding L1 going to Champions Chalice, and bottom four of each league excluding L1 competing in a playoff tournament to see all semifinalists of that competition qualify to Champions Chalice that year.

Kampioenskap includes:

Idiofa Bridge
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-4-1-1
Kuro Radjenovich (GK)

Chizoba Swienton (DL) -- Ramiz Brabeck (DC) -- Montgomery Muckelvaney (DC) -- Shuhrat Pauleus (DR)

Riny Liphardt (ML) -- Jurou Struecker (MC) -- Janek Janevski (MC) -- Yochanan Condella (MR)

Evan Closter (AC)

Wes Tuengel (FC)

Ngawang Enderica (GK)

Gutxi Menichino (D) -- Murugan Suco (D) -- Jürgen Yenger (D)

Anatolius Angely (M) -- Reziko Haskan (M) -- Teodors Pallette (M)

Albert Nieders (F) -- Modest Polifroni (F) -- Bacchus Nadimi (F)

Mwene-Ditu Town
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-2-4
Jyunichi-Troost Ekong (GK) #1

Hamlet Gerhard (DL) #2 -- Carlinhos Laneve (DC) #4 -- Gwenaël Gwenneg (DC) #7 -- Genko Mitko (DR) #11

Abdur-Rahman Fikri (MC) #16 -- Tu Lian (MC) #22

Dubaku Olamilekan (LW) #23 -- Gjon Pjetër (FC) #25 -- Dardan Alban (FC) #28 -- Jia Qiang (RW) #43

Klaudijs Pachico (GK)

Beli Allaband (D) -- Avinash Barla (D) -- Abdullaahi Motch (D)

Jayanta Jonguitud (M) -- Meginrat Lille (M) -- Zola Inbar (M)

Pradeep Karklins (F) -- Þórgísl Prezzano (F) -- Arnau Berd (F)

Butembo Rangers
Code: Select all
Formation: 3-5-2
Iulius Longstreath (GK)

Russ Manely (DC) -- Janusz Hortsch (DC) -- Slaven Arop (DC)

Frans Gudmestad (ML) -- Nirmal Keizur (MC) -- Radovan Dubman (DM) -- Markku Roznos (MC) --Skanda Grandone (MR)

Jephthah Rypel (FC) -- Bhaskar Roix (FC)

Kennith Capace (GK)

Masud Gasbarra (D) -- Mikey Brofsky (D) -- Fulbert Lahners (D)

Seisyll Wentzky (M) -- Ask Rocourt (M) -- Dagfinnr Frassinelli (M)

Narayan Aragaki (F) -- Engel Tunc (F) -- Ashish Ronaldson (F)

Bukavu City
Code: Select all
Formation: 3-4-3
Vidar Malandar (GK)

Pál Steenhoven (DC) -- Njord Raggett (DC) -- Sunil Sedey (DC)

Nikhil Krajcir (ML) -- Isak Scheben (MC) -- Joris Mowris (MC) -- Max Totora (MR)

Henrik Anseth (FC) -- Sigurðr Ped (FC) -- Reinhold Franxman (FC)

Plinius Vladimir (GK)

Tódor Villasante (D) -- Shema'yah Alamari (D) -- Subhash Checki (D)

Bjǫrn Gaworecki (M) -- Sanjay Wickerd (M) -- Josip Perez Estrada (M)

Ercan Juchem (F) -- Grigorios Herrygers (F) -- Luka Allemon (F)

Code: Select all
Formation: 3-3-3-1
Maximilián Hoig (GK)

Sylvestre Svab (DC) -- Alphaeus Woronick (DC) -- Vilhelm Panchak (DC)

Regulus Gallinari (MC) -- York Viehe (DM) -- Algautr Choubey (MC)

Gerhard Badru (AL) -- Arsênio Lyddy (AC) -- Pylyp Chillogallo (AR)

Iarlaith Sinak (FC)

Goran Gredell (GK)

Christoph Nyby (D) -- Gianfranco Di Pronio (D) -- Bjørnar Ososkie (D)

Red Tuffley (M) -- Theodorus Riedmueller (M) -- Uladzimir Trolan (M)

Stanley Fluno (F) -- Dilip Churgin (F) -- Aindrea Yacobozzi (F)

Gandajika Wanderers
Code: Select all
Formation: 3-3-1-3
Kagiso Dugenske (GK)

Jensen Kopylov (DC) -- Zakhar Bracaglia (DC) -- Amias Wallce (DC)

Filip Zehringer (MC) -- Ashish Morledge (DM) -- Albert Paalman (MC)

Madhav Revella (AC)

Balbinus Wannarka (WL) -- Abhijeet Neiwert (FC) -- Dobrilo Gandre (WR)

Yusup Kohanteb (GK)

Oluwasegun Krichmar (D) -- Ajith Buckhaulter (D) -- Motya Richmer (D)

Tertius Siudak (M) -- Ambrozije Gillory (M) -- Dinesh Billiel (M)

Lavi Blazis (F) -- Svarog Mincheff (F) -- Manish Sprofera (F)

Kikwit FC
Code: Select all
Formation: 5-4-1
Kiran Sudell (GK)

Jan Rabineau (DL) -- Juho Gellerson (DC) -- Tsubasa Robus (DC) -- Forbes Hofsess (DC) -- Kain Dahlhausen (DR)

Andronicus Gessele (ML) -- Kasper Omot (MC) -- Geno Colarelli (MC) -- Ranj Tschann (MR)

Kleopas Noceda (FC)

Nicodemo Poelking (GK)

Traian Stattel (D) -- Clifton Livshin (D) -- Alois Zorb (D)

Andreu Dreitzler (M) -- Leighton Floding (M) -- Aloys Davidman (M)

Sigdag Hertzke (F) -- Crispus De Netsosie (F) -- Talgat Kellebrew (F)

Bunia United
Code: Select all
Formation: 5-3-2
Hartmut Abdel-Dayem (GK)

Abdullah Inguagiato (DL) -- Alfr Humano (DC) -- Eadwig Kehley (DC) -- Dilip Vollet (DC) -- Samet Livaccari (DR)

Svetomir Cothrum (MC) -- Pyrrhos Pedoto (DM) -- Firdaus Regenbogen (MC)

Prudentius Alsing (FC) -- Raghnall Falkosky (FC)

Quinctilius Lausman (GK)

Deforest Pecharich (D) -- Set Blizman (D) -- Agustí Ardolf (D)

Bhima Maidana (M) -- Reuben Lybert (M) -- Lino Singleteary (M)

Kasper Schotts (F) -- Þórleikr Damion (F) -- Minato Pineueta (F)

Bukama Sports
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-2-4
Leberecht Kolari (GK)

Hossam Vanidestine (DL) -- Morten Nazi (DC) -- Damjan Mittner (DC) -- Colier (DR)

Zelig Von Kampen (MC) -- Cat Trincado (MC)

Mahesh Karlheim (LW) -- Fridenot Bosgraaf (FC) -- Hariwini Kronish (FC) -- Lutfi Gleit (RW)

Younes Andriacchi (GK)

Hozan Udulutch (D) -- Jeong Stanch (D) -- Ravil Polner (D)

Connla Thluai (M) -- Shahzad Mulzac (M) -- Djehutimose Phagura (M)

Chestislav Schaier (F) -- Costache Larita (F) -- Edmé Radio (F)

Mbuji-Mayi Town
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-1-4-1
Anton Cador (GK)

Sigivald Wilderness (DL) -- Rico Scholly (DC) -- Agni Peneku (DC) -- Arnoud Paiano (DR)

Lycurgus Mogielnicki (DM)

Shareef Thielker (AL) -- Nikolaos Skauge (MC) -- Manel Fradenburgh (MC) -- Olivier Disidoro (AR)

Telmo Kucks (FC)

Sigimund Pettiette (GK)

Fábián Consorti (D) -- Poseidon Votano (D) -- Dilwyn Oberc (D)

Wazo Anstee (M) -- Micael Criscitello (M) -- Chea Van Hoeven (M)

Áedán Cabrito (F) -- Cletus Emmerton (F) -- Sandeep Colebrook (F)

League Een includes:

Manono Amateurs
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-3-1-2
Ásmundr Ciaciarelli (GK)

Dinesh McKnatt (DL) -- Pluto Benckendorf (DC) -- Süleýman Swerczek (DC) -- Korbin Gayhardt (DR)

Kuwat Quiet (MC) -- Neriah Panayi (DM) -- Justus Dakos (MC)

Wolter Brownsword (AC)

Hacı Tzortzis (FC) -- Cyrus Schonsheck (FC)

Ayan Marva (GK)

Philon Colthorp (D) -- Burchard Canote (D) -- Sawyl Capillo (D)

Gergő Compoli (M) -- Drust Streger (M) -- Iskandar McGeoghegan (M)

Iskandar Hogeback (F) -- Léopold Agapov (F) -- Meine Konietzko (F)

Kindu FC
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-5-1
Jaka Alfone (GK)

Sushil Dochniak (DL) -- Vancho Hombs (DC) -- Kristiyan Ogbodo (DC) -- Cenhelm Pietrandrea (DR)

Karsten Ververis (ML) -- Garvan Olevsky (MC) -- Elías Pontorno (DM) -- Hiezecihel Blackshere (MC) -- Ekene Waruszewski (MR)

Alhaji Lippner (FC)

Neelam Bozzini (GK)

Sani Chidichimo (D) -- Rónán Kosierowski (D) -- Roderick Gidlund (D)

Sloan Zerbonia (M) -- Kory Bandley (M) -- Caden Wilcheck (M)

Franz Xaver Tumuluri (F) -- Arthur Bullara (F) -- Sigifrid Homsley (F)

Bandundu Field
Code: Select all
Formation: 3-3-4
Manu Borkamp (GK)

Chandler Kosenko (DC) -- Angelus Solveson (DC) -- Lúcás Champs (DC)

Samir Haeseker (MC) -- Graziano Schlinsog (DM) -- Irvin Rozeveld (MC)

Lindon Misal (LW) -- Aton Valusek (FC) -- Alastar Flandermeyer (FC) -- Jayanta Ihns (RW)

Dálach Merket (GK)

Mohammad Cherchio (D) -- Zeno Blocton (D) -- Dugald Zions (D)

Arvid Bahamondes (M) -- Shikoba Pangonis (M) -- Albert Cannavale (M)

Milivoj Fasanelli (F) -- Limbikani Sa'adati (F) -- Abidan Renaut (F)

Gemena United
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-3-2-1
Donatus Suza (GK)

Kord Heldmann (DL) -- Boos Farello (DC) -- Coilean Challgren (DC) -- Linwood Hollback (DR)

Božidar Adderton (ML) -- Əhməd Ute (DM) -- Masamba Labello (MR)

Iarfhlaith Hoefker (AC) -- Binyamin Alagoz (AC)

Dagon Borsi (FC)

Amancio Newbolds (GK)

Rishi Calavan (D) -- Shingo Wesoly (D) -- Eileifr McEnulty (D)

Fritjof Fardig (M) -- Øystein Quetel (M) -- Treasach Versen (M)

Yehonatan Le Hosky (F) -- Tullius Walesch (F) -- Marino Kolovich (F)

Kipushi Coyotes
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-2-2-2
Krištof Fusilli (GK)

Jarosław Pallman (DL) -- Erle Zieff (DC) -- Gabir Gilbar (DC) -- Brett Serratelli (DR)

Abubakar Hulls (DM) -- Rüşen Fotiades (DM)

Salvio Lodmell (AL) -- Timur Le Few (AR)

Leonardo Oldner (FC) -- Takehiko Handelong (FC)

Prasad Marvets (GK)

Reinoud Makas (D) -- Prudentius Hoalt (D) -- Ioan Lauen (D)

Jayanta Zweibel (M) -- Salvador Zagroba (M) -- Pál Syn (M)

Mantvydas Lutte (F) -- Manu Scharman (F) -- Gerulf Sewel (F)

Matadi City
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-2-1-3
Bulat Di Fillippo (GK)

Husni Carels (DL) -- Hereweald Urdang (DC) -- Feodosiy Powdrell (DC) -- Ziyaeddin Cosart (DR)

Prakash Selick (DM) -- Stanislav Kabaria (DM)

Chima Darder (MC)

Raúl Blersch (LW) -- Benson Laubacker (FC) -- Nur Zapon (RW)

Ángel Ragsdill (GK)

Théodore Kipphut (D) -- Albertus Skalbeck (D) -- Neely Tournoux (D)

Llewellyn Talamonti (M) -- Paskal Perreca (M) -- Thabani Castania (M)

Daniel Bivines (F) -- Eloi Venetos (F) -- Gunnar Watermeier (F)

Kabalo & Moba
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-3-3
Tychon Figlia (GK)

Laurenz McShannon (DL) -- Isak La Guerra (DC) -- Ortzi Muenich (DC) -- Thoko Elsberg (DR)

Ahmad Kwaterski (MC) -- Eligio Holota (DM) -- Aniket Beischel (MC)

Kichirou Al Khalaf (LW) -- Pavel Korosi (FC) -- Harouna Gadlage (RW)

Bode MacMorran (GK)

Nyyrikki Veselik (D) -- Shiva Bezjian (D) -- Herve Olas (D)

Miska Kaimal (M) -- Jordão Gorno (M) -- Yishai Osaghae (M)

Lech Moshay (F) -- Erkan Hnatow (F) -- Mayur Kamykowski (F)

Mbanza-Ngungu Town
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Carlu Aleszczyk (DL) -- Dragomir Kelham (DC) -- Llew Hohrein (DC) -- Prakash Svolos (DR)

Yavuz Linnenkamp (DM) -- Dan Kasprak (DM)

Steingrímr Dode (AL) -- Atilla Capicotto (AC) -- Devereux Kovalcin (AR)

Dariusz Seems (FC)

Ile Fatum (GK)

Heimirich Ria (D) -- Olly Clerjuste (D) -- Zikomo Van Heuveln (D)

Pinchas Bungum (M) -- Altwidus Swiatowy (M) -- Valdemar Ansardi (M)

Mandlenkosi Pelkie (F) -- Davey Sampica (F) -- Alojz Donlea (F)

Beni City
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-4-2
Oluwaseyi Tunk (GK)

Arkadi Miessler (DL) -- Mudiwa Kajfasz (DC) -- Russ Vaghani (DC) -- Stanimir Arlitt (DR)

Mitra Rehana (ML) -- Garsea Velesquez (MC) -- Emilios Lavik (MC) -- Kike Lodhia (MR)

Capritta (FC) -- Rick Lifshits (FC)

Trailbreaker Ferragut (GK)

Frankie Sedik (D) -- Arrigo Zirin (D) -- Sylvester La Fernier (D)

Emin Steverman (M) -- Elpidio Depperman (M) -- Yura Caporossi (M)

Sankar Odoardi (F) -- Brennan Mallien (F) -- Erramun Jerousek (F)

Code: Select all
Formation: 3-4-3
Agner Estby (GK)

Ansar Ellensohn (DC) -- Laurentius Erdrich (DC) -- Pravin Henris (DC)

Simonas Ionadi (ML) -- Sage Defendorf (MC) -- Willihard Pinzino (MC) -- Gebhard Skaret (MR)

Niĉjo Hatzenbeller (FC) -- Ariel Condoluci (FC) -- Hunfrid Sendrowski (FC)

Oqoo Delphonse (GK)

Volodya Savy (D) -- Žarko Fit (D) -- Lebron Zitzka (D)

Yadon Kapenga (M) -- Fionnghall Duraku (M) -- Giffard Saccullo (M)

Jere Lobera (F) -- Arnfinn Vonins (F) -- Zephyrinus Mussack (F)

Nasionale Liga I includes:

Buta Sporting Department
Code: Select all
Formation: 3-3-4
Ulrik Pinchera (GK)

Jaromir Wulliger (DC) -- Sundar Calonder (DC) -- Jagadish Steinbeisser (DC)

Samu Colaric (MC) -- Fabio Dalangin (DM) -- Faruk Zard (MC)

Luís Kassik (LW) -- Zerachiel Parmerter (FC) -- Vasile Melgren (FC) -- Wattana Weycker (RW)

Rajnish Montier (GK)

Bastien Abelli (D) -- Onofre Eidinger (D) -- Murali Bidelspach (D)

Winfred Tauteoli (M) -- Randal Oresky (M) -- Iuvenalis La Vanchy (M)

Xavier Egertson (F) -- Bernhard Novilla (F) -- Rich Subedar (F)

Muanda United
Code: Select all
Formation: 2-3-1-4
Stefan Greece (GK)

Matthew Grisi (DC) -- Boone Terrazzano (DC)

Govad Volcko (MC) -- Heilyn Rostomyan (DM) -- Adel Pesano (MC)

Okeke De Risse (AC)

Gero Merat (LW) -- Áedán Lakies (FC) -- Theofilos Kanal (FC) -- Adalwin Kaladjian (RW)

Jakob Gartung (GK)

Hrolf Nattiel (D) -- Sammie Mariman (D) -- Rainer Kroiss (D)

Artemio Heikka (M) -- Reinhold Shirbroun (M) -- Leander Schlesing (M)

Jami Arante (F) -- Ewart Stefanoski (F) -- Luís Calascione (F)

Kalemie AFC
Code: Select all
Formation: 2-3-1-4
Ji-Hu Olorunfemi (GK)

Bruno Spengel (DC) -- Abhijeet Makda (DC)

Rahul Lyubezhanin (MC) -- Hayati Huffstuttler (DM) -- Yong Beldner (MC)

Lasica (AC)

Henryk van Staalduinen (LW) -- Eurig Kurella (FC) -- Masamba Hradsky (FC) -- Anoubis Icedo (RW)

Khwaja Chandanais (GK)

Hilarius Meme (D) -- Raanan Raphaelson (D) -- Lan Mavilla (D)

Koit Knakmuhs (M) -- Týr Chavie (M) -- Sadiq Grisafe (M)

Cleo Chavac (F) -- Cord La Ferrera (F) -- Willie Arneja (F)

Lodgefield East
Code: Select all
Formation: 3-3-1-3
Maqsood Hadas (GK)

Melchior Fendell (DC) -- Linden Du Frenne (DC) -- Nikolaus Calderazzo (DC)

Davis Voloshchuk (MC) -- Amaro Guzenski (DM) -- Stig Stathers (MC)

Bayram Zuroski (AC)

Tàmhas Schiernbeck (LW) -- Raguel Dornquast (FC) -- Dan Alcibar (RW)

Cowal Goze (GK)

Blazh Cassimatis (D) -- Isidore Tomaszewicz (D) -- Krishna Larnard (D)

Hávarðr Gohsman (M) -- Satish Cavalari (M) -- Phuntso Pfleging (M)

Sindri Griles (F) -- Hasse Gandulla (F) -- Yuuto Sachan (F)

Bakwa-Kalonji Athletic
Code: Select all
Formation: 2-3-1-4
Gerold Laurienzo (GK)

Baldur Reemtsma (DC) -- Ekkehard Radowski (DC)

Vauquelin Winz (MC) -- Even Smrt (DM) -- Viktor Tannhauser (MC)

Yamin Dieckow (AC)

Peru Abdalian (LW) -- Otto Rishwain (FC) -- Nazar Dorathy (FC) -- Sawyer Occhialini (RW)

Xuan Karmen (GK)

Jooseppi Getrost (D) -- Bishan Savoury (D) -- Toni Grembowski (D)

Nur ad-Din Crezee (M) -- Aloys Acott (M) -- Jonatan Goscicki (M)

Hyacinthus Zintzun (F) -- Ottorino Korslin (F) -- Nazar Rugger (F)

Lower Rutshuru
Code: Select all
Formation: 3-3-3-1
Yıldırım Ezzelle (GK)

Sagi Agbisit (DC) -- Tsush Skrabut (DC) -- Jupiter Cardonick (DC)

Marinus Dmytryk (MC) -- Halsten Kolodzie (DM) -- Chandra Cofre (MC)

Jonathan McGlashing (AL) -- Dương Riba De Neira (AC) -- Nels Graymountain (AR)

Teodor Simmerer (FC)

Afon Getzel (GK)

Odeserundiye Tampubolon (D) -- Seisyll Fronning (D) -- Ellis Banasiewicz (D)

Sam Dorzweiler (M) -- Hughard Addyman (M) -- Demyan Aluru (M)

Melvin Yatteau (F) -- Rodger Mazewski (F) -- Arvel Gottsman (F)

Uvira Fireflies
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-4-1-1
Teodor Castera (GK)

Wum Taino (DL) -- Barnaby Arheart (DC) -- Amator Orander (DC) -- Naveed Wiwi (DR)

Haimo Grodner (ML) -- Baldo Lenford (MC) -- Radha Vaculin (MC) -- Demir Grabianowski (MR)

Borna Scharnweber (AC)

Olev Gentillon (FC)

Nezih Ahdout (GK)

Dana Flanick (D) -- Cadfael Wooledge (D) -- Ba'al Borgstahl (D)

Oliver Doxon (M) -- Iván Pedrazzi (M) -- Vanna Renedo (M)

Enis Renggli (F) -- Abiodun Biesenbach (F) -- Waldemar La Blance (F)

Boma Bombers
Code: Select all
Formation: 5-4-1
Dagr Pogorelec (GK)

Alac Elyard (DL) -- Bronimir Kurley (DC) -- Titus Hasenzahl (DC) -- Liudevit Dasrat (DC) -- Arlen Harhay (DR)

Rajmund Gennoe (ML) -- Tadej Mozelle (MC) -- Nikodem Clyborne (MC) -- Aeson Begner (MR)

Emilian Milewski (FC)

Chuks Mayewski (GK)

Thorstein Stoerkel (D) -- Bahadur De Church (D) -- Ivor Chavɜz Diaz (D)

Klaus-Peter Valco (M) -- Arcadius McFoy (M) -- Gavriil Becksvoort (M)

Emil Sanecʞi (F) -- Shubham Uribarri (F) -- Zülfikar Dalinɡ (F)

FC Bulungu
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-5-1
Lino Paunovic (GK)

Panteleimon Schacherl (DL) -- Celo (DC) -- Ta Piero (DC) -- Hyacinthus Ordemann (DR)

Thijmen Katje (ML) -- Rokuro Adofo (MC) -- Edvin Dzamba (DM) -- Jaakob Senning (MC) -- Jayant Manha (MR)

Fulton Sorm (FC)

Giambattista Nozicka (GK)

Andrej Rickell (D) -- Aldo Buschlen (D) -- Artturi Osagɘ (D)

Jaci Azɨze (M) -- Iason Rahmoeller (M) -- Zoran Le Mann (M)

Consus Lietch (F) -- Made Stoppelman (F) -- Jökull Ravich (F)

Mulongo Companions
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-5-1
Arya Kuric (GK)

Sigmund Geiswhite (DL) -- André Waechtler (DC) -- Nicolò Eissens (DC) -- Hesperos Drube (DR)

Olamilekan Kreuzberg (ML) -- Róbert Salanic (MC) -- Ba'al Hammon La Biosa (DM) -- Gilberto Tanico (MC) -- Baladeva Montemurno (MR)

Sophos Fruchtnicht (FC)

'Ari'el Koƒfa (GK)

Æthelstan Del Baugh (D) -- Ranko Bruener (D) -- Meir Flachbart (D)

Marceli Dybviḡ (M) -- Javier Mihas (M) -- Ashish Niedergesǯs (M)

Folami Pippeŧt (F) -- Moss Hudiburgh (F) -- Jeremiel Strulovitch (F)

Lisala LBR
Code: Select all
Formation: 2-3-2-3
Hendrik Jahed (GK)

Tautvydas Monterey (DC) -- Robrecht Fernandez Perez (DC)

Fearghas Sourjohn (MC) -- Ashwin Lathram (DM) -- Javohir Tadese (MC)

Willihard Kodsi (AC) -- Garen Aydemir (AC)

Patrizio Lovrin (LW) -- Onangwatgo Froelke (FC) -- Maddox Cyriacks (RW)

Eustaquio Jaffal (GK)

Erasmus Chaparala (D) -- Erling Glenning (D) -- Deep Gumiran (D)

Aloysius Rospigliosi (M) -- Sigmundur Sideman (M) -- Shad Kerzic (M)

Pemphero Blakewood (F) -- Tyoma Cobb-Adams (F) -- Sigvard Elifrits (F)

Code: Select all
Formation: 4-1-4-1
Boaz Bromage (GK)

Dagur Salotto (DL) -- Layton Warzel (DC) -- Eymen Alasady (DC) -- Gopinath Jumping Eagle (DR)

Caj Himenes (DM)

Erland Starts (AL) -- Butrus Realbird (MC) -- Floro Koes (MC) -- Soroush Ghaith (AR)

Jaír Minerly (FC)

Lynton Giangiacomo (GK)

Dan Abbarno (D) -- Marc Marjama (D) -- Bartomeu Villobos (D)

Sveinn Kampling (M) -- Manas Kuczaj (M) -- Fumnanya Jalloul (M)

Aodhán Camaraza (F) -- Angel Shumacher (F) -- Alan Mallos (F)

Kambove Brook
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-3-3
Serdar Catli (GK)

Ivar Devadas (DL) -- Jaroslavas Podobnik (DC) -- Birger Mabunga (DC) -- Chen Stens (DR)

Tristan Frieszell (MC) -- Gratianus Turvaville (DM) -- Andrea Billich (MC)

Fingal Matthesen (LW) -- Patrick Concord (FC) -- Simon Eggelston (RW)

Yo-ho-ho Stevens (GK)

Medhat Donskoy (D) -- Hermagoras Minuth (D) -- David Larracas (D)

Detlev Pitler (M) -- Silas La Mot (M) -- Floris Galownia (M)

Jaron Saena (F) -- Kshathra Vairya Pacquette (F) -- Yissakhar Sherek (F)

Basoko City
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-4-2
Nuño Horsefield (GK)

Wibo De Sierto (DL) -- Konstantin Wittmuss (DC) -- Nunzio Krysko (DC) -- Jérôme Maheia (DR)

Harsh Dimova (ML) -- Paul Torkos (MC) -- Romilda Scarselli (MC) -- Lestat Cimmarusti (MR)

Diadumenianus Favers (FC) -- Petros Kulle (FC)

Pastor Catozzi (GK)

Taddeo Kloempken (D) -- Charalampos Nipe (D) -- London Hankammer (D)

Vipin Hassanin (M) -- Sigihard Slutskaya (M) -- Jabez Zitzloff (M)

Lütfü Vorona (F) -- Payton Garzillo (F) -- Mukesh Tuchel (F)

Ilebo Development
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-4-2
Behruz Raghoo (GK)

Shirou Swenka (DL) -- Justus Werve (DC) -- Joele Cafourek (DC) -- Silvanus Vandling (DR)

Rudyard Hubrig (ML) -- Avilius Doneski (MC) -- Eastmund Hietanen (MC) -- Vinay Fransted (MR)

Dillon Ramsawak (FC) -- Dumisani Clairborne (FC)

Flannery Dallarosa (GK)

Zhen Wodowski (D) -- Fridwald Freauff (D) -- Farquhar Brugos (D)

Oden Barido (M) -- Garsea Mascagni (M) -- Connor Ishizu (M)

Janko Jeckell (F) -- Valentin Gorrepati (F) -- Gilad cầ-Marco (F)

Kaniama Hams
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-3-3
Krisna Fichtl (GK)

Gerd Coahran (DL) -- Colin La Mielle (DC) -- Lot Kritenbrink (DC) -- Kjeld Lazcon (DR)

Menachem Panchame (MC) -- Pim Marocchi (DM) -- Jamie McWhirk (MC)

Safa McIlhenney (LW) -- Tóni Cascaddan (FC) -- Jurek Albanesi (RW)

Topias Kaneff (GK)

Leonel Pantoliano (D) -- Maximino Shafman (D) -- Cahir Rixe (D)

Dmitar Roubion (M) -- Riad Hehnly (M) -- Erskine Stratten (M)

Shankar Mesley (F) -- Ricohard Ryne (F) -- Vadim Sauvageot (F)

Miabi Lacers
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-3-3
Joel Burgdoff (GK)

Zephyros Ruetsch (DL) -- Danilo De Batɘ (DC) -- Vince Schnetter (DC) -- Arawn Shal (DR)

'Elnatan Krelle (MC) -- Mladen Panny (DM) -- Herschel Kapellen (MC)

Iskandar Sallan (LW) -- Terminus van Wieringen (FC) -- Áed Spinell (RW)

Norbert Opala (GK)

Gilles Vozzolo (D) -- Rehoboam Regli (D) -- Virgilio Anty (D)

Ľuboš Zachmeier (M) -- Sankar Earlington (M) -- Chrysanthos Repic (M)

Gismund Brihm (F) -- Enver Taneyhill (F) -- Pravin Peiker (F)

Nasionale Liga II includes:

Bumba FC
Code: Select all
Formation: 3-3-4
Meinrad Albera (GK)

Klemens Madrey (DC) -- Frederik Di Gaudio (DC) -- Romilly Fulscher (DC)

Gil Schoeni (MC) -- Isadore Di Cent (DM) -- Dayaram Bohney (MC)

Dujam Polacca (LW) -- Gauthier Tauala (FC) -- Victor Kahrl (FC) -- Lukáš Schanel (RW)

Gal Noi (GK)

Wayna Gudah (D) -- Cyrillus Ciejka (D) -- Andrea Berkhahn (D)

Deniel Sangi (M) -- Cicero Ya'haya (M) -- Lino Balthasar (M)

Fedlimid Schobinger (F) -- Valdas Dotan (F) -- Martti Aarseth (F)

The Kasongo Jungle
Code: Select all
Formation: 3-4-3
Ronen Tufaga (GK)

Patsy Kilgrow (DC) -- Timaeus Dalu (DC) -- Chifundo MacMillin (DC)

Sigsteinn Margelofsky (ML) -- Frederico Bici (MC) -- Masahiko Cheramy (MC) -- Nairyosangha Mareschal (MR)

Akakios Humpage (FC) -- Þórarinn Kiousis (FC) -- León De Messie (FC)

Ellington Awakuni (GK)

Bedwyr Weisenfels (D) -- Hershel Header (D) -- Raymund Lour (D)

Bruce Garcia Vîlla (M) -- Rórdán Carpenter (M) -- Abbas Gancayco (M)

Joscelin Pazur (F) -- Fisher Kokalis (F) -- Yaşar Hart-kemeyer (F)

Kalima FC
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-2-1-3
Myron De Laurentiis (GK)

Don Micolta (DL) -- Álvaro Merales (DC) -- Egil Menhorn (DC) -- Herman Schodorf (DR)

Radulf Derivan (DM) -- Pitambara Napalan (DM)

Narcyz Klous (MC)

Tomas De Le Grazie (LW) -- Eutychios Kemraj (FC) -- Pratap Sanchez Vega (RW)

Igor Babwah (GK)

Zion Kaliff (D) -- Elemér Nikolis (D) -- Leo Hendriex (D)

Mattityahu Kaesberg (M) -- Philon Havery (M) -- Lluc Gangewere (M)

Akihiko Theer (F) -- Isma'il Kavaliauskas (F) -- Alim Forsen (F)

The Three Flowers
Code: Select all
Formation: 3-5-2
Karpos Javaux (GK)

Wilhelm Guidon (DC) -- Jeong-Hun Kristjansson (DC) -- Rastus Kostelansky (DC)

Augusts Mardi (ML) -- Paŭlo Razzo (MC) -- Baxter Jurcevic (DM) -- Apollonios Douthwaite (MC) -- Aurél Sono (MR)

Maurice Gyllenskog (FC) -- Nitin Bidart (FC)

Andronikos Ditlefsen (GK)

Ameqran Joramo (D) -- 'Avimelekh Merimee (D) -- Mabon Bonce (D)

Salih Mernin (M) -- Gomes Akhdar (M) -- Æðelstan Cichoracki (M)

Na'im Surez (F) -- Hephaistos Ricchi (F) -- Markos Cluka (F)

Kananga Saint-Mannor
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-4-2
Jonas Adenekan (GK)

Timothy Bisnath (DL) -- Baltazar Sowieja (DC) -- Iulian Wiederspan (DC) -- Markus Clodgo (DR)

Vijaya Durai (ML) -- Zubin Wylds (MC) -- Iuvenalis Kurose (MC) -- Ozi Zurko (MR)

Jepson Hestor (FC) -- Adalfarus Antanaitus (FC)

Slavko Chab (GK)

Péter Baisi (D) -- Ed Kolner (D) -- Ulises Ortegel (D)

Tommy Spale (M) -- Confucius Thuong (M) -- John Van Vark (M)

Kronos Drobeck (F) -- Marjan Schuer (F) -- Bhaskara Marita (F)

Mweka Village
Code: Select all
Formation: 2-3-1-4
Karlo Ajo (GK)

Arthur Mishchuk (DC) -- Collyn Verdinez (DC)

Fedelmid Ozella (MC) -- Ellington Stolly (DM) -- Hampus Vigilance (MC)

Brunello Lapos (AC)

Pravin Caramanico (LW) -- Peretz Ascarrunz (FC) -- Sumit Kendl (FC) -- Eógan McClaskie (RW)

Girish Guray (GK)

Faisal Parrigon (D) -- 'Elifalet Asciolla (D) -- Leonid Huerta Martinez (D)

Ofra Sorokina (M) -- Marquinhos Mastronardo (M) -- Bogumił Kuklo (M)

Sietse Martinat (F) -- Leifr Unck (F) -- Koos Jentry (F)

Oicha FC
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-3-1-2
Rinat Sayasith (GK)

Duško Ohrberg (DL) -- Keshaun Megonnell (DC) -- Isidore Bojar (DC) -- Thabo Spering (DR)

Miloje Arella (MC) -- Erlantz Nisiewicz (DM) -- Grigorii Lesney (MC)

Bakhtiar Jerich (AC)

Bréanainn Petrunich (FC) -- Zafar Hermawan (FC)

La Čunza (GK)

Ásmundur Ledsworth (D) -- Odeserundiye Mullica (D) -- 'Avi'el Vider (D)

Ríoghnán Thaung (M) -- Finnegan Masdon (M) -- Eliyahu Al-Mayahi (M)

Lalawethika Nerheim (F) -- Hamanaka (F) -- Mirza Marquedant (F)

Congo Bay Warriors
Code: Select all
Formation: 3-3-1-3
Ailill Yocam (GK)

Zephaniel De Vizio (DC) -- Potsʉnakwahipʉ Hodgett (DC) -- Cynefrith Marabito (DC)

Norbert Keery (MC) -- Turnus Eglitis (DM) -- Hugo Stawarski (MC)

Zenon Kulling (AC)

Abdur-Rahim Celletti (LW) -- Vishal Beardemphl (FC) -- Adnan Ciummo (RW)

Iair Lesse (GK)

Jamaal Gerew (D) -- Drusus Tribelhorn (D) -- Cuidightheach Kattil (D)

Nicéphore Schlehlein (M) -- Sattari (M) -- Nikifor Hoelzl (M)

Sigsteinn Ruiz Mendez (F) -- Frigidianus Korneychuk (F) -- Cynwrig Kopaska (F)

Inkisi PV
Code: Select all
Formation: 2-3-1-4
Chinweuba Emanus (GK)

Akio Gujar (DC) -- Konstantin Benntt (DC)

Mackenzie Quish (MC) -- Yankel Sponagle (DM) -- Butrus Guella (MC)

Sieghard Garciaa (AC)

Christoforos Carpiniello (LW) -- Hrothulf Zimmaro (FC) -- Nathanahel Copperman (FC) -- Brendan Karhan (RW)

Eduardo Lowthorp (GK)

Ferrutius Guaracha (D) -- Rasul Gossens (D) -- Abdelhamid Gaylard (D)

Kázmér Baytos (M) -- Jo Sensano (M) -- Theotleip Fentanes (M)

Paulos Wabaunsee (F) -- Engel Stoutzenberger (F) -- Émile Tocktoo (F)

Baraka 'Bama
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-3-2-1
Hüseyn Mehmel (GK)

Puneet Di Giusto (DL) -- Ignat Lochamy (DC) -- Villem Gajewsky (DC) -- Tam Handsel (DR)

Liberatore Lidie (ML) -- Suresh Blunda (DM) -- Vishal De Lesky (MR)

Hennadiy Hausherr (AC) -- Gilad Stengele (AC)

Cemal Omilian (FC)

Zahi Fraguela (D) -- Kužo (D) -- Bet'uel Lenarduzzi (D)

Sherali Santiana (M) -- Emmanouel Sinker (M) -- Hugleikr Sterger (M)

Nico Mosheyev (F) -- Þróndr Ransleben (F) -- Simas Grandahl (F)

Kamina City
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Ennius Cotrona (GK)

Björn Saiger (DL) -- Loreto Sabar (DC) -- Konstantīns Chastaine (DC) -- Gawdat Schima (DR)

Jonah Christer (DM) -- Jakov Een (DM)

Åge Spoleti (AL) -- Kilian Chudik (AC) -- Sextus Wioskowski (AR)

Codie Rusczyk (FC)

Avidan Mastaw (GK)

Alvin Tegart (D) -- Miloš Saffie (D) -- Thomas Mickelberg (D)

Ebu Bekir Teplitzky (M) -- Alexandre Lading (M) -- Anton Ab-dilahi (M)

Ruaraidh Solone (F) -- Rune Zillmann (F) -- Hermes Hizey (F)

Gbadolite Town
Code: Select all
Formation: 3-4-3
Gerbern Samari (GK)

Neon Gonzalez Lara (DC) -- Melvin Iovieno (DC) -- Amor Naese (DC)

Addy Narad (ML) -- Günther Moson (MC) -- Samir Pershad (MC) -- Artūrs Kubistek (MR)

Florimond Babiasz (LW) -- Arthur Schwickrath (FC) -- Tushar Vive Kanandan (RW)

Siva Emberlin (GK)

Nikolaos De Steno (D) -- Jaywant Cluse (D) -- Dragoslav Trunkhill (D)

Mokhammat Bacelis (M) -- Alim Sechriest (M) -- Eadgar Molhoek (M)

Erling Ammen (F) -- Koios Stroisch (F) -- Ilan Kustka (F)

Katwa Town
Code: Select all
Formation: 3-4-3
Eyal Sierocki (GK)

Kostas Muenchen (DC) -- Shahzad Al Rasheed (DC) -- Mnason Wilis (DC)

Gavril Rammacher (ML) -- Stáli Salinas Garcia (MC) -- Natalio Groenig (MC) -- Chidiebube Forghani (MR)

Jarl Weinard (LW) -- Arnulf Libbrecht (FC) -- Pompeius Madris (RW)

Thorvald Yenawine (GK)

Theo O'Layan (D) -- Miloslav Efrem (D) -- Okropir Ashbey (D)

Aries Wennerholm (M) -- Dan Parakh (M) -- Loann Vergenz (M)

Nazar Confino (F) -- Jehosheba Martinage (F) -- Miĉjo Aunspaugh (F)

Binga Whitecottons
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-4-1-1
Alan Mercereau (GK)

Myroslav Banagas (DL) -- Lewi Faulkenberry (DC) -- Giselmund Lonsdorf (DC) -- Kiran Garsow (DR)

Gavriil Heinssen (ML) -- Avksenti Merworth (MC) -- Lalo Hajali (MC) -- Tahmid Wilmerding (MR)

Iesus Kerezsi (AC)

Gijsbert Shuldberg (FC)

Mu Xun (GK)

Wen Kwan (D) -- Gang Lin (D) -- Xinyi Sung (D)

Paul Kustermann (M) -- Gláucio Hilverding (M) -- Efraín Tomai (M)

David Guillebeaux (F) -- Roger Avanzino (F) -- Abioye Dellenbaugh (F)

Balamba Lime Greens
Code: Select all
Formation: 2-3-1-4
Kumara Zampan (GK)

Kleopatros Monte'ferrante (DC) -- Howard Onifade (DC)

Bendik Fautz (MC) -- Nanda Nani (DM) -- Cleo Breitkopf (MR)

Gandalf Baddoo (AC)

Chandra Tykwinski (LW) -- Rónán Cicek (FC) -- Glenn Hitzfeld (FC) -- Asa Weyher (RW)
Haimo Grigorenko (GK)

Ely Gisser (D) -- Aldo Kabe (D) -- Feofil Nisula (D)

Beli Lazarowitz (M) -- Aesop Wrucke (M) -- Raeburn Zetzer (M)

Dylan Sir Louis (F) -- Karel Shellow (F) -- Nicklas Goderich (F)

AFC Kimpese
Code: Select all
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Bratislav Klabenes (GK)

Tadala Bjerklie (DL) -- Rab Dokas (DC) -- Mukesh Illan (DC) -- Roeland Rockower (DR)

Carbrey Kampenga (DM) -- Thoko Muhlig (DM)

Kali Winata (AL) -- Björn Benca (AC) -- Sraosha Malinoff (AR)

Egon Bovasso (FC)

Eligio Umagat (GK)

Corey Skwiat (D) -- Venkata Maseman (D) -- Tri De Chick (D)

Danko Baranova (M) -- McKenzie Biando (M) -- Ljubomir Lhotsky (M)

Sylwester Binker (F) -- Sextus Farineau (F) -- Eliud Ervasti (F)

Portuguese Settlers
Code: Select all
Formation: 3-4-3
Magomet Garraty (GK)

Aurangzeb Gaffoor (DC) -- Maynard Khanolkar (DC) -- Sandeep Huscroft (DC)

Xue Shirani (ML) -- Byelobog Pekin (MC) -- Seyyid Corritore (MC) -- Theudobald Damisch (MR)

Tolly Meeuwenberg (LW) -- Gid'on Andreottola (FC) -- Samed Wearren (RW)

Lopo Ferreyra (GK)

Carmo Coelho (D) -- Ismael Santana (D) -- Adelmar Madeira (D)

Matheus Delgado (M) -- Sebastião Pinto (M) -- Jerônimo Silveira (M)

Duda Pinho (F) -- Adão Félix (F) -- Severino Santiago (F)

Other Derbies/Rivalries

Kings of the Coast: any match between Boma Bombers, Inkisi PV, AFC Kimpese, Matadi City, Mbanza-Ngungu Town, Muanda United, and Congo Bay Warriors.
Big Bout of Bandundu: any match between Bandundu Field, FC Bulungu, Idiofa Bridge, The Kasongo Jungle, and Kikwit FC
Battle for Kasai: any match between Tshikapa, Kananga, and Mbuji-Mayi Town
North vs. South: Goma United vs. Bukavu City (referring to North Kivu and Southern Kivu)
Mongala Derby: Lisala LBR vs. Bumba FC
Tanganyika Firefight: any match between Kabalo & Moba, Kalemie AFC, Kongolo, and Manono Amateurs
Haut-Lomami Derby: any match between Bukama Sports, Kamina City, and Kaniama Hams

Bantertown: any match between Baraka 'Bama, Lodgefield East, Manono Amateurs, The Three Flowers, Congo Bay Warriors, and Portuguese Settlers
Scramble for Africa: Portuguese Settlers vs. anyone at all
Lonely Derby: Basoko City vs. Basoko City U19s
Double-Dash Derby: Mbanza-Ngungu Town vs. Mbuji-Mayi Town
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Postby Chinese Congo » Fri Oct 18, 2019 3:11 pm

MD1 Results
Kananga FC (KFC) 2–1 Kolwezi City (KOC)
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 0–2 Goma United (GOU)
Bukavu City (BUC) 2–1 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 0–1 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)
Tshikapa FC (TFC) 1–1 Kisangani City (KIC)

Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Goma United 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
2 Bukavu City 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
Kananga FC 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
4 Likasi Lapdogs 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
5 Kisangani City 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
Tshikapa FC 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1
7 Kolwezi City 1 0 0 1 1 2 −1 0
Lubumbashi AFC 1 0 0 1 1 2 −1 0
9 Mbuji-Mayi Town 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
10 Kinshasa FC 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0

Kikwit FC (KFC) 1–7 Boma Bombers (BOB)
Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 0–0 Bunia United (BUU)
Kindu FC (KFC) 0–2 Matadi City (MAC)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 1–0 Kabinda AFC (KFC)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 1–0 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)

Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Boma Bombers 1 1 0 0 7 1 +6 3
2 Matadi City 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
3 Butembo Rangers 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
Mbandaka Athletic 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
5 Bunia United 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Uvira Fireflies 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
7 Kabinda AFC 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
Mwene-Ditu Town 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
9 Kindu FC 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0
10 Kikwit FC 1 0 0 1 1 7 −6 0

Bandundu Field (BAF) 3–2 Kamina City (KAC)
Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 0–1 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)
Beni City (BEC) 0–0 Gemena United (GEU)
Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 0–4 Kalemie AFC (KFC)
Bumba FC (BFC) 2–1 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)

Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Kalemie AFC 1 1 0 0 4 0 +4 3
2 Bandundu Field 1 1 0 0 3 2 +1 3
3 Bumba FC 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
4 Baraka 'Bama 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
5 Beni City 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Gemena United 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
7 Kamina City 1 0 0 1 2 3 −1 0
8 Kipushi Coyotes 1 0 0 1 1 2 −1 0
9 Gandajika Wanderers 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
10 Mbanza-Ngungu Town 1 0 0 1 0 4 −4 0

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Postby Chinese Congo » Fri Oct 18, 2019 3:55 pm

We also will be accepting any international transfers, so if you have a player who needs a wash, send 'im to the Congo!

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Postby Chinese Congo » Sat Oct 19, 2019 11:07 am

MD2 Results
Kolwezi City (KOC) 3–2 Kisangani City (KIC)
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 0–1 Tshikapa FC (TFC)
Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 3–0 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)
Goma United (GOU) 1–1 Bukavu City (BUC)
Kananga FC (KFC) 1–0 Kinshasa FC (KFC)

Boma Bombers (BOB) 1–0 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)
Kabinda AFC (KFC) 0–2 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)
Matadi City (MAC) 0–0 Butembo Rangers (BUR)
Bunia United (BUU) 0–0 Kindu FC (KFC)
Kikwit FC (KFC) 1–5 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)

Kamina City (KAC) 4–1 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)
Kalemie AFC (KFC) 0–0 Bumba FC (BFC)
Gemena United (GEU) 0–0 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)
Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 2–1 Beni City (BEC)
Bandundu Field (BAF) 1–1 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)
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Postby Chinese Congo » Sat Oct 19, 2019 1:18 pm

MD3 Results
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 3–1 Kolwezi City (KOC)
Bukavu City (BUC) 1–0 Kananga FC (KFC)
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 1–0 Goma United (GOU)
Tshikapa FC (TFC) 0–1 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)
Kisangani City (KIC) 0–4 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)

Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 1–2 Boma Bombers (BOB)
Kindu FC (KFC) 1–0 Kikwit FC (KFC)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 0–0 Bunia United (BUU)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 1–0 Matadi City (MAC)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 0–3 Kabinda AFC (KFC)

Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 1–1 Kamina City (KAC)
Beni City (BEC) 3–2 Bandundu Field (BAF)
Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 2–2 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)
Bumba FC (BFC) 0–0 Gemena United (GEU)
Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 1–1 Kalemie AFC (KFC)
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Postby Chinese Congo » Sat Oct 19, 2019 3:41 pm

MD4 Results
Kolwezi City (KOC) 1–1 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)
Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 0–2 Kisangani City (KIC)
Goma United (GOU) 0–0 Tshikapa FC (TFC)
Kananga FC (KFC) 1–0 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 2–1 Bukavu City (BUC)

Boma Bombers (BOB) 1–2 Kabinda AFC (KFC)
Matadi City (MAC) 2–3 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)
Bunia United (BUU) 1–1 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)
Kikwit FC (KFC) 0–2 Butembo Rangers (BUR)
Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 1–1 Kindu FC (KFC)

Kamina City (KAC) 0–0 Kalemie AFC (KFC)
Gemena United (GEU) 0–1 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)
Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 2–0 Bumba FC (BFC)
Bandundu Field (BAF) 3–0 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)
Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 2–3 Beni City (BEC)
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Postby Chinese Congo » Sat Oct 19, 2019 4:47 pm

MD5 Results
Bukavu City (BUC) 0–4 Kolwezi City (KOC)
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 1–2 Kinshasa FC (KFC)
Tshikapa FC (TFC) 0–1 Kananga FC (KFC)
Kisangani City (KIC) 0–4 Goma United (GOU)
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 1–0 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)

Kindu FC (KFC) 1–2 Boma Bombers (BOB)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 1–0 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 2–1 Kikwit FC (KFC)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 2–1 Bunia United (BUU)
Kabinda AFC (KFC) 2–1 Matadi City (MAC)

Beni City (BEC) 1–1 Kamina City (KAC)
Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 0–1 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)
Bumba FC (BFC) 0–1 Bandundu Field (BAF)
Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 0–1 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)
Kalemie AFC (KFC) 6–3 Gemena United (GEU)
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Postby Chinese Congo » Sat Oct 19, 2019 5:49 pm

MD6 Results
Kolwezi City (KOC) 2–0 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)
Goma United (GOU) 0–1 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)
Kananga FC (KFC) 0–0 Kisangani City (KIC)
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 2–2 Tshikapa FC (TFC)
Bukavu City (BUC) 0–0 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)

Boma Bombers (BOB) 2–0 Matadi City (MAC)
Bunia United (BUU) 3–3 Kabinda AFC (KFC)
Kikwit FC (KFC) 2–2 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)
Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 1–1 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)
Kindu FC (KFC) 1–2 Butembo Rangers (BUR)

Kamina City (KAC) 1–1 Gemena United (GEU)
Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 2–1 Kalemie AFC (KFC)
Bandundu Field (BAF) 2–5 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)
Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 2–1 Bumba FC (BFC)
Beni City (BEC) 1–0 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)

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Postby Chinese Congo » Sat Oct 19, 2019 7:45 pm

MD7 Results
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 0–2 Kolwezi City (KOC)
Tshikapa FC (TFC) 2–3 Bukavu City (BUC)
Kisangani City (KIC) 2–2 Kinshasa FC (KFC)
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 2–0 Kananga FC (KFC)
Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 1–2 Goma United (GOU)

Butembo Rangers (BUR) 2–1 Boma Bombers (BOB)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 2–0 Kindu FC (KFC)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 1–1 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)
Kabinda AFC (KFC) 0–1 Kikwit FC (KFC)
Matadi City (MAC) 1–0 Bunia United (BUU)

Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 1–1 Kamina City (KAC)
Bumba FC (BFC) 1–0 Beni City (BEC)
Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 4–1 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)
Kalemie AFC (KFC) 2–0 Bandundu Field (BAF)
Gemena United (GEU) 0–1 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)

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Postby Chinese Congo » Sun Oct 20, 2019 10:51 am

MD8 Results
Kolwezi City (KOC) 1–0 Goma United (GOU)
Kananga FC (KFC) 2–4 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 1–0 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)
Bukavu City (BUC) 0–1 Kisangani City (KIC)
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 1–1 Tshikapa FC (TFC)

Boma Bombers (BOB) 1–2 Bunia United (BUU)
Kikwit FC (KFC) 0–0 Matadi City (MAC)
Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 0–0 Kabinda AFC (KFC)
Kindu FC (KFC) 3–1 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 0–1 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)

Kamina City (KAC) 0–0 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)
Bandundu Field (BAF) 4–3 Gemena United (GEU)
Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 2–0 Kalemie AFC (KFC)
Beni City (BEC) 3–2 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)
Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 1–0 Bumba FC (BFC)

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Postby Chinese Congo » Sun Oct 20, 2019 12:16 pm

MD9 Results
Tshikapa FC (TFC) 1–5 Kolwezi City (KOC)
Kisangani City (KIC) 1–2 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 4–5 Bukavu City (BUC)
Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 1–0 Kinshasa FC (KFC)
Goma United (GOU) 1–0 Kananga FC (KFC)

Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 2–2 Boma Bombers (BOB)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 1–1 Butembo Rangers (BUR)
Kabinda AFC (KFC) 0–1 Kindu FC (KFC)
Matadi City (MAC) 0–1 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)
Bunia United (BUU) 1–1 Kikwit FC (KFC)

Bumba FC (BFC) 0–2 Kamina City (KAC)
Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 4–1 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)
Kalemie AFC (KFC) 2–2 Beni City (BEC)
Gemena United (GEU) 0–2 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)
Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 1–3 Bandundu Field (BAF)

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Screw it, I want to sim the Champion's Chalice.

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MD10-18 Results
Kolwezi City (KOC) 2–0 Kananga FC (KFC)
Goma United (GOU) 0–0 Kinshasa FC (KFC)
Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 3–4 Bukavu City (BUC)
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 0–0 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)
Kisangani City (KIC) 2–2 Tshikapa FC (TFC)

Kisangani City (KIC) 1–1 Kolwezi City (KOC)
Tshikapa FC (TFC) 1–0 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 0–2 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)
Bukavu City (BUC) 2–3 Goma United (GOU)
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 2–1 Kananga FC (KFC)

Kolwezi City (KOC) 2–2 Kinshasa FC (KFC)
Kananga FC (KFC) 1–0 Bukavu City (BUC)
Goma United (GOU) 3–3 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)
Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 2–0 Tshikapa FC (TFC)
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 0–1 Kisangani City (KIC)

Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 1–1 Kolwezi City (KOC)
Kisangani City (KIC) 1–1 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)
Tshikapa FC (TFC) 0–0 Goma United (GOU)
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 0–1 Kananga FC (KFC)
Bukavu City (BUC) 0–1 Kinshasa FC (KFC)

Kolwezi City (KOC) 0–1 Bukavu City (BUC)
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 0–0 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)
Kananga FC (KFC) 6–1 Tshikapa FC (TFC)
Goma United (GOU) 1–2 Kisangani City (KIC)
Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 3–1 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)

Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 0–1 Kolwezi City (KOC)
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 0–1 Goma United (GOU)
Kisangani City (KIC) 2–1 Kananga FC (KFC)
Tshikapa FC (TFC) 0–0 Kinshasa FC (KFC)
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 1–1 Bukavu City (BUC)

Kolwezi City (KOC) 0–2 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)
Bukavu City (BUC) 1–0 Tshikapa FC (TFC)
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 2–3 Kisangani City (KIC)
Kananga FC (KFC) 0–1 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)
Goma United (GOU) 2–3 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)

Goma United (GOU) 1–1 Kolwezi City (KOC)
Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 2–0 Kananga FC (KFC)
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 1–1 Kinshasa FC (KFC)
Kisangani City (KIC) 0–1 Bukavu City (BUC)
Tshikapa FC (TFC) 0–1 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)

Kolwezi City (KOC) 3–0 Tshikapa FC (TFC)
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 1–1 Kisangani City (KIC)
Bukavu City (BUC) 1–0 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 0–1 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)
Kananga FC (KFC) 3–2 Goma United (GOU)

Boma Bombers (BOB) 4–4 Kikwit FC (KFC)
Bunia United (BUU) 1–4 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)
Matadi City (MAC) 1–0 Kindu FC (KFC)
Kabinda AFC (KFC) 3–0 Butembo Rangers (BUR)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 0–2 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)

Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 2–1 Boma Bombers (BOB)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 1–0 Kabinda AFC (KFC)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 2–2 Matadi City (MAC)
Kindu FC (KFC) 3–3 Bunia United (BUU)
Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 1–1 Kikwit FC (KFC)

Boma Bombers (BOB) 2–1 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)
Kikwit FC (KFC) 0–0 Kindu FC (KFC)
Bunia United (BUU) 3–3 Butembo Rangers (BUR)
Matadi City (MAC) 2–3 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)
Kabinda AFC (KFC) 1–2 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)

Kabinda AFC (KFC) 3–2 Boma Bombers (BOB)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 0–0 Matadi City (MAC)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 1–2 Bunia United (BUU)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 1–1 Kikwit FC (KFC)
Kindu FC (KFC) 2–1 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)

Boma Bombers (BOB) 2–0 Kindu FC (KFC)
Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 5–2 Butembo Rangers (BUR)
Kikwit FC (KFC) 1–1 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)
Bunia United (BUU) 0–1 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)
Matadi City (MAC) 3–3 Kabinda AFC (KFC)

Matadi City (MAC) 0–0 Boma Bombers (BOB)
Kabinda AFC (KFC) 1–1 Bunia United (BUU)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 2–2 Kikwit FC (KFC)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 0–2 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 2–0 Kindu FC (KFC)

Boma Bombers (BOB) 0–1 Butembo Rangers (BUR)
Kindu FC (KFC) 4–2 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)
Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 0–1 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)
Kikwit FC (KFC) 1–1 Kabinda AFC (KFC)
Bunia United (BUU) 1–1 Matadi City (MAC)

Bunia United (BUU) 1–1 Boma Bombers (BOB)
Matadi City (MAC) 1–0 Kikwit FC (KFC)
Kabinda AFC (KFC) 2–0 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 1–0 Kindu FC (KFC)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 1–0 Butembo Rangers (BUR)

Boma Bombers (BOB) 1–2 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 1–3 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)
Kindu FC (KFC) 3–2 Kabinda AFC (KFC)
Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 0–4 Matadi City (MAC)
Kikwit FC (KFC) 4–0 Bunia United (BUU)

Kamina City (KAC) 0–1 Bandundu Field (BAF)
Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 3–1 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)
Gemena United (GEU) 1–2 Beni City (BEC)
Kalemie AFC (KFC) 4–4 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)
Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 3–2 Bumba FC (BFC)

Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 2–1 Kamina City (KAC)
Bumba FC (BFC) 1–0 Kalemie AFC (KFC)
Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 5–2 Gemena United (GEU)
Beni City (BEC) 1–1 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)
Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 0–1 Bandundu Field (BAF)

Kamina City (KAC) 2–1 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)
Bandundu Field (BAF) 3–0 Beni City (BEC)
Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 0–3 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)
Gemena United (GEU) 1–1 Bumba FC (BFC)
Kalemie AFC (KFC) 2–1 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)

Kalemie AFC (KFC) 3–5 Kamina City (KAC)
Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 4–1 Gemena United (GEU)
Bumba FC (BFC) 3–2 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)
Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 2–4 Bandundu Field (BAF)
Beni City (BEC) 0–1 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)

Kamina City (KAC) 2–0 Beni City (BEC)
Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 1–2 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)
Bandundu Field (BAF) 0–1 Bumba FC (BFC)
Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 0–1 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)
Gemena United (GEU) 1–1 Kalemie AFC (KFC)

Gemena United (GEU) 1–1 Kamina City (KAC)
Kalemie AFC (KFC) 2–0 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)
Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 1–0 Bandundu Field (BAF)
Bumba FC (BFC) 0–0 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)
Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 2–3 Beni City (BEC)

Kamina City (KAC) 0–2 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)
Beni City (BEC) 1–1 Bumba FC (BFC)
Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 3–4 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)
Bandundu Field (BAF) 0–1 Kalemie AFC (KFC)
Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 1–0 Gemena United (GEU)

Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 1–1 Kamina City (KAC)
Gemena United (GEU) 0–2 Bandundu Field (BAF)
Kalemie AFC (KFC) 0–1 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)
Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 0–1 Beni City (BEC)
Bumba FC (BFC) 1–2 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)

Kamina City (KAC) 2–1 Bumba FC (BFC)
Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 2–1 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)
Beni City (BEC) 3–0 Kalemie AFC (KFC)
Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 3–0 Gemena United (GEU)
Bandundu Field (BAF) 1–0 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)
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League vs. League
Tshikapa FC 4-0 Mbandaka Athletic

|Relegated| Kikwit FC 0-1 Bandundu Field |Promoted|

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Champion's Chalice Group Stage

Code: Select all
Group A                Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts
1 Kinshasa FC            6   4  2  0    8   3  +5   14
2 Boma Bombers           6   2  1  3    3   4  −1    7
3 Kindu FC               6   2  1  3    4   6  −2    7 | Eliminated
4 Tshikapa FC            6   1  2  3    3   5  −2    5 | Eliminated

Group B                 Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts
1 Matadi City             6   5  0  1    7   2  +5   15
2 Mwene-Ditu Town         6   1  3  2    7   7   0    6
3 Kabinda AFC             6   1  3  2    8  10  −2    6 | Eliminated
4 Kananga FC              6   1  2  3    6   9  −3    5 | Eliminated

Group C                 Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts
1 Bukavu City             6   3  2  1   11   6  +5   11
2 Uvira Fireflies         6   3  1  2    6   7  −1   10
3 Kolezi City             6   2  1  3    7   8  −1    7 | Eliminated
4 Likasi Lapdogs          6   2  0  4    6   9  −3    6 | Eliminated

Group D                 Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts
1 Butembo Rangers         6   5  0  1   11   7  +4   15
2 Mbandaka Athletic       6   2  2  2   10   9  +1    8
3 Kisangani City          6   1  4  1    7   6  +1    7 | Eliminated
4 Lubumbashi AFC          6   0  2  4    4  10  −6    2 | Eliminated

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Kinshasa FC (KFC) 0–2 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)
Bukavu City (BUC) 2–0 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)
Boma Bombers (BOB) 0–1 Matadi City (MAC)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 0–2 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)

Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 2–1 Bukavu City (BUC)
Matadi City (MAC) 2–5 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)

Third Place
Matadi City (MAC) 1–3 Bukavu City (BUC)

Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 2–4 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)

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S2MD1 Results
Bukavu City (BUC) 0–1 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 2–2 Kolwezi City (KOC)
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 2–0 Tshikapa FC (TFC)
Kisangani City (KIC) 2–4 Goma United (GOU)
Kananga FC (KFC) 3–1 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)

Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 2–1 Bunia United (BUU)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 3–0 Boma Bombers (BOB)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 1–1 Kindu FC (KFC)
Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 0–0 Matadi City (MAC)
Bandundu Field (BAF) 1–2 Kabinda AFC (KFC)

Beni City (BEC) 0–0 Bumba FC (BFC)
Gemena United (GEU) 0–0 Kalemie AFC (KFC)
Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 1–1 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)
Kamina City (KAC) 1–2 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)
Kikwit FC (KFC) 3–4 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)

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S2MD2 Results
Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 1–1 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)
Goma United (GOU) 0–1 Kananga FC (KFC)
Tshikapa FC (TFC) 1–2 Kisangani City (KIC)
Kolwezi City (KOC) 1–2 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)
Bukavu City (BUC) 0–2 Kinshasa FC (KFC)

Bunia United (BUU) 0–0 Kabinda AFC (KFC)
Matadi City (MAC) 3–3 Bandundu Field (BAF)
Kindu FC (KFC) 1–0 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)
Boma Bombers (BOB) 3–0 Butembo Rangers (BUR)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 3–0 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)

Bumba FC (BFC) 1–2 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)
Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 0–2 Kikwit FC (KFC)
Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 0–2 Kamina City (KAC)
Kalemie AFC (KFC) 2–0 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)
Beni City (BEC) 1–1 Gemena United (GEU)

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S2MD3 Results
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 3–3 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 4–2 Bukavu City (BUC)
Kisangani City (KIC) 2–1 Kolwezi City (KOC)
Kananga FC (KFC) 2–0 Tshikapa FC (TFC)
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 0–1 Goma United (GOU)

Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 4–3 Bunia United (BUU)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 0–1 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)
Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 1–0 Boma Bombers (BOB)
Bandundu Field (BAF) 4–4 Kindu FC (KFC)
Kabinda AFC (KFC) 1–1 Matadi City (MAC)

Gemena United (GEU) 0–1 Bumba FC (BFC)
Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 1–1 Beni City (BEC)
Kamina City (KAC) 0–3 Kalemie AFC (KFC)
Kikwit FC (KFC) 2–0 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)
Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 2–1 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)

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S2MD4 Results
Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 1–1 Goma United (GOU)
Tshikapa FC (TFC) 1–0 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)
Kolwezi City (KOC) 1–0 Kananga FC (KFC)
Bukavu City (BUC) 5–1 Kisangani City (KIC)
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 2–0 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)

Bunia United (BUU) 1–1 Matadi City (MAC)
Kindu FC (KFC) 4–0 Kabinda AFC (KFC)
Boma Bombers (BOB) 1–0 Bandundu Field (BAF)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 2–5 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 1–3 Butembo Rangers (BUR)

Bumba FC (BFC) 1–6 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)
Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 2–0 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)
Kalemie AFC (KFC) 1–0 Kikwit FC (KFC)
Beni City (BEC) 2–3 Kamina City (KAC)
Gemena United (GEU) 3–0 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)

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S2MD5 Results
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 1–3 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)
Kisangani City (KIC) 0–2 Kinshasa FC (KFC)
Kananga FC (KFC) 0–3 Bukavu City (BUC)
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 2–3 Kolwezi City (KOC)
Goma United (GOU) 1–0 Tshikapa FC (TFC)

Butembo Rangers (BUR) 1–0 Bunia United (BUU)
Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 0–2 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)
Bandundu Field (BAF) 1–0 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)
Kabinda AFC (KFC) 0–1 Boma Bombers (BOB)
Matadi City (MAC) 0–1 Kindu FC (KFC)

Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 1–1 Bumba FC (BFC)
Kamina City (KAC) 2–0 Gemena United (GEU)
Kikwit FC (KFC) 2–5 Beni City (BEC)
Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 1–1 Kalemie AFC (KFC)
Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 2–1 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)

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S2MD6 Results
Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 1–0 Tshikapa FC (TFC)
Kolwezi City (KOC) 1–1 Goma United (GOU)
Bukavu City (BUC) 1–4 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 3–4 Kananga FC (KFC)
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 1–2 Kisangani City (KIC)

Bunia United (BUU) 0–1 Kindu FC (KFC)
Boma Bombers (BOB) 0–2 Matadi City (MAC)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 1–0 Kabinda AFC (KFC)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 4–1 Bandundu Field (BAF)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 1–1 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)

Bumba FC (BFC) 1–1 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)
Kalemie AFC (KFC) 0–3 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)
Beni City (BEC) 3–1 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)
Gemena United (GEU) 0–0 Kikwit FC (KFC)
Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 4–1 Kamina City (KAC)

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S2MD7 Results
Kisangani City (KIC) 2–0 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)
Kananga FC (KFC) 2–3 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 1–0 Kinshasa FC (KFC)
Goma United (GOU) 0–0 Bukavu City (BUC)
Tshikapa FC (TFC) 0–2 Kolwezi City (KOC)

Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 3–0 Bunia United (BUU)
Bandundu Field (BAF) 2–0 Butembo Rangers (BUR)
Kabinda AFC (KFC) 1–0 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)
Matadi City (MAC) 2–1 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)
Kindu FC (KFC) 2–3 Boma Bombers (BOB)

Kamina City (KAC) 3–1 Bumba FC (BFC)
Kikwit FC (KFC) 2–3 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)
Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 1–1 Gemena United (GEU)
Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 1–2 Beni City (BEC)
Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 1–2 Kalemie AFC (KFC)

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Postby Chinese Congo » Sun Oct 27, 2019 2:10 pm

S2MD8 Results
Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 1–2 Kolwezi City (KOC)
Bukavu City (BUC) 1–2 Tshikapa FC (TFC)
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 2–0 Goma United (GOU)
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 1–1 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)
Kisangani City (KIC) 1–0 Kananga FC (KFC)

Bunia United (BUU) 0–1 Boma Bombers (BOB)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 1–2 Kindu FC (KFC)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 1–0 Matadi City (MAC)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 3–2 Kabinda AFC (KFC)
Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 2–0 Bandundu Field (BAF)

Bumba FC (BFC) 1–1 Kalemie AFC (KFC)
Beni City (BEC) 1–1 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)
Gemena United (GEU) 0–1 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)
Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 1–1 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)
Kamina City (KAC) 1–2 Kikwit FC (KFC)
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Postby Chinese Congo » Tue Oct 29, 2019 8:19 pm

S2MD9 Results
Kananga FC (KFC) 0–0 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 1–5 Kisangani City (KIC)
Goma United (GOU) 2–0 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)
Tshikapa FC (TFC) 2–1 Kinshasa FC (KFC)
Kolwezi City (KOC) 4–2 Bukavu City (BUC)

Bandundu Field (BAF) 0–1 Bunia United (BUU)
Kabinda AFC (KFC) 1–1 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)
Matadi City (MAC) 1–1 Butembo Rangers (BUR)
Kindu FC (KFC) 2–1 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)
Boma Bombers (BOB) 1–2 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)

Kikwit FC (KFC) 2–2 Bumba FC (BFC)
Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 1–1 Kamina City (KAC)
Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 3–2 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)
Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 3–0 Gemena United (GEU)
Kalemie AFC (KFC) 0–6 Beni City (BEC)

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Postby Chinese Congo » Tue Oct 29, 2019 10:14 pm

MD10-18 Results
Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 0–1 Bukavu City (BUC)
Kolwezi City (KOC) 0–0 Kinshasa FC (KFC)
Tshikapa FC (TFC) 1–0 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)
Goma United (GOU) 3–0 Kisangani City (KIC)
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 0–1 Kananga FC (KFC)

Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 1–2 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)
Kananga FC (KFC) 0–3 Goma United (GOU)
Kisangani City (KIC) 1–1 Tshikapa FC (TFC)
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 2–1 Kolwezi City (KOC)
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 1–0 Bukavu City (BUC)

Bunia United (BUU) 0–2 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 3–0 Butembo Rangers (BUR)
Boma Bombers (BOB) 1–3 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)
Kindu FC (KFC) 2–1 Bandundu Field (BAF)
Matadi City (MAC) 1–0 Kabinda AFC (KFC)

Goma United (GOU) 0–1 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 2–0 Tshikapa FC (TFC)
Kananga FC (KFC) 0–4 Kolwezi City (KOC)
Kisangani City (KIC) 1–1 Bukavu City (BUC)
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 0–0 Kinshasa FC (KFC)

Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 2–4 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 1–0 Kisangani City (KIC)
Bukavu City (BUC) 0–2 Kananga FC (KFC)
Kolwezi City (KOC) 1–1 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)
Tshikapa FC (TFC) 0–1 Goma United (GOU)

Tshikapa FC (TFC) 2–3 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)
Goma United (GOU) 3–2 Kolwezi City (KOC)
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 0–1 Bukavu City (BUC)
Kananga FC (KFC) 0–2 Kinshasa FC (KFC)
Kisangani City (KIC) 1–0 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)

Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 0–1 Kisangani City (KIC)
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 1–2 Kananga FC (KFC)
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 0–0 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)
Bukavu City (BUC) 4–0 Goma United (GOU)
Kolwezi City (KOC) 3–1 Tshikapa FC (TFC)

Kolwezi City (KOC) 0–2 Lubumbashi AFC (LAF)
Tshikapa FC (TFC) 1–4 Bukavu City (BUC)
Goma United (GOU) 1–2 Kinshasa FC (KFC)
Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT) 0–1 Likasi Lapdogs (LIL)
Kananga FC (KFC) 2–0 Kisangani City (KIC)

Lubumbashi AFC (LAF) 4–3 Kananga FC (KFC)
Kisangani City (KIC) 1–1 Mbuji-Mayi Town (MMT)
Likasi Lapdogs (LIL) 0–2 Goma United (GOU)
Kinshasa FC (KFC) 1–1 Tshikapa FC (TFC)
Bukavu City (BUC) 1–4 Kolwezi City (KOC)

MD10-18 Results
Bunia United (BUU) 1–4 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)
Boma Bombers (BOB) 2–1 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)
Kindu FC (KFC) 0–2 Butembo Rangers (BUR)
Matadi City (MAC) 1–2 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)
Kabinda AFC (KFC) 0–3 Bandundu Field (BAF)

Kabinda AFC (KFC) 2–3 Bunia United (BUU)
Bandundu Field (BAF) 3–2 Matadi City (MAC)
Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 1–1 Kindu FC (KFC)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 2–2 Boma Bombers (BOB)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 1–1 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)

Bunia United (BUU) 0–2 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 3–0 Butembo Rangers (BUR)
Boma Bombers (BOB) 1–3 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)
Kindu FC (KFC) 2–1 Bandundu Field (BAF)
Matadi City (MAC) 1–0 Kabinda AFC (KFC)

Matadi City (MAC) 2–0 Bunia United (BUU)
Kabinda AFC (KFC) 0–0 Kindu FC (KFC)
Bandundu Field (BAF) 0–4 Boma Bombers (BOB)
Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 2–1 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 2–1 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)

Bunia United (BUU) 2–2 Butembo Rangers (BUR)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 2–1 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 1–0 Bandundu Field (BAF)
Boma Bombers (BOB) 1–3 Kabinda AFC (KFC)
Kindu FC (KFC) 0–1 Matadi City (MAC)

Kindu FC (KFC) 1–1 Bunia United (BUU)
Matadi City (MAC) 1–1 Boma Bombers (BOB)
Kabinda AFC (KFC) 2–4 Mbandaka Athletic (MBA)
Bandundu Field (BAF) 1–3 Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT)
Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 0–1 Butembo Rangers (BUR)

Bunia United (BUU) 1–2 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 4–2 Bandundu Field (BAF)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 1–0 Kabinda AFC (KFC)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 1–1 Matadi City (MAC)
Boma Bombers (BOB) 0–1 Kindu FC (KFC)

Bunia United (BUU) 1–2 Uvira Fireflies (UVF)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 4–2 Bandundu Field (BAF)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 1–0 Kabinda AFC (KFC)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 1–1 Matadi City (MAC)
Boma Bombers (BOB) 0–1 Kindu FC (KFC)

Bunia United (BUU) 1–1 Bandundu Field (BAF)
Uvira Fireflies (UVF) 3–1 Kabinda AFC (KFC)
Butembo Rangers (BUR) 0–4 Matadi City (MAC)
Mwene-Ditu Town (MDT) 2–1 Kindu FC (KFC)
Mbandaka Athletic (MBA) 0–2 Boma Bombers (BOB)

MD10-18 Results
Bumba FC (BFC) 0–0 Beni City (BEC)
Kalemie AFC (KFC) 2–0 Gemena United (GEU)
Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 0–0 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)
Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 1–1 Kamina City (KAC)
Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 0–2 Kikwit FC (KFC)

Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 0–1 Bumba FC (BFC)
Kikwit FC (KFC) 0–0 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)
Kamina City (KAC) 1–2 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)
Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 2–3 Kalemie AFC (KFC)
Gemena United (GEU) 0–2 Beni City (BEC)

Bumba FC (BFC) 1–1 Gemena United (GEU)
Beni City (BEC) 2–3 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)
Kalemie AFC (KFC) 2–0 Kamina City (KAC)
Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 1–1 Kikwit FC (KFC)
Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 2–1 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)

Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 1–3 Bumba FC (BFC)
Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 4–3 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)
Kikwit FC (KFC) 3–0 Kalemie AFC (KFC)
Kamina City (KAC) 2–0 Beni City (BEC)
Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 1–0 Gemena United (GEU)

Bumba FC (BFC) 0–0 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)
Gemena United (GEU) 2–2 Kamina City (KAC)
Beni City (BEC) 1–3 Kikwit FC (KFC)
Kalemie AFC (KFC) 3–1 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)
Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 0–2 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)

Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 0–0 Bumba FC (BFC)
Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 1–2 Kalemie AFC (KFC)
Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 1–3 Beni City (BEC)
Kikwit FC (KFC) 1–0 Gemena United (GEU)
Kamina City (KAC) 0–1 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)

Bumba FC (BFC) 1–3 Kamina City (KAC)
Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 3–2 Kikwit FC (KFC)
Gemena United (GEU) 3–2 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)
Beni City (BEC) 1–0 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)
Kalemie AFC (KFC) 2–2 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)

Kalemie AFC (KFC) 2–2 Bumba FC (BFC)
Kipushi Coyotes (KIC) 2–4 Beni City (BEC)
Baraka 'Bama (BAB) 1–2 Gemena United (GEU)
Gandajika Wanderers (GAW) 2–2 Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT)
Kikwit FC (KFC) 0–0 Kamina City (KAC)

Bumba FC (BFC) 2–1 Kikwit FC (KFC)
Kamina City (KAC) 0–2 Gandajika Wanderers (GAW)
Mbanza-Ngungu Town (MNT) 0–0 Baraka 'Bama (BAB)
Gemena United (GEU) 1–4 Kipushi Coyotes (KIC)
Beni City (BEC) 0–2 Kalemie AFC (KFC)



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