Soviet Embassy Program [OPEN/IC]

A place to put national factbooks, embassy exchanges, and other information regarding the nations of the world. [In character]


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On behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Serpens Land, HM Serpens Land government requests to establish diplomatic relations with your nation. We hope that our diplomatic relationship will be beneficial for both of our nations, and foster greater international connectivity.

National Information:
- Official Name of Your Nation: The Dominion of Serpens Land
- Shorthand Name(s): Serpens Land
- Government Type: unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
- Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II
- Head of Government: Prime minister Karter Preston
- Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chief Ambassador, or Equivalent: Emerson Morin

Ambassadorial Information:
- Ambassador's Name: Dylan McAdams
- Ambassador's Family (if any): N/A
- Are there any health of security issues local authorities should be alerted of? N/A

Locational Information:
- If you wish to establish an embassy on a street outside of the Embassy Street in Moscow, why and where?:
- If you wish to establish an embassy in a city outside of the capital city of Moscow, why and where?:

Staff and Equipment Information:
Please remember, limousines, armed/military vehicles, machine guns, explosives, riot gear and armor-piercing weapons are prohibited. We ask that you limit employment based on the guidelines above.
- Diplomatic Staff: 10
- Security Staff: 8
- Service Staff: 8
- Will you be hiring from within the USSR? no

The only weapons allowed within the embassies of the USSR are pistols, submachine guns, melee weapons, and weapons that use electricity or pellets to incapacitate.
- Number and Type of Weapons: 8 P9 pistols
- Number and Type of Vehicles: 5 SUV's

- Do you have any special requests? Our embassy program: link
- Would you like to enter into trade/treaty talks? N/A
- Is there any additional information we should know? N/A
- Please declare any drugs, alcohol, animals or plants you are bringing into the country: We would like to bring a snake, our national animal to display in our embassy
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