The Coating 1: The Metal of the HeaVens (Closed)

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The Coating 1: The Metal of the HeaVens (Closed)

Postby A m e n r i a » Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:49 pm

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There's always that feeling you get when you go on an adventure. Your heart pounds to the promise of discovery as you take each step further from your comfort zone. I am Bodhi Kulkarni. I've lived different lives, but I remember that day like it was yesterday

Somewhere in India
??? B.C.

A crowned man leads his group, charging on horseback across the desert. The moonless sky seemed awfully quiet, save for a single streak of light the people were following. The beating of hooves against sand left dust in the warriors' wake as they push through in service of their curiosity about the object dashing through the heavens. It seemed to fly lower and lower as the people closed in, until it finally crashed before them. They felt it in their hearts - it was the start of something big. Was it a message from the gods? A sign? No - it was a piece of a puzzle embedded in METAL.


Box : A character's inner thoughts/narration
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Postby Crysuko » Wed Sep 18, 2019 7:33 am

A materials Lab, central Crysuko
"we are calling it Sample EM1 for the moment" explained scientist Robert Beauregard to his superior who followed beside him. "We acquired it from the mountain ranges in the state of Finaxi, but the deposits are very abnormally shaped. According to analysis, they're not shaped like clusters and veins like most metals, they are found exceptionally pure, and appear in abnormal shapes which look like explosions, I would say"

The two men enter a room after swiping their keycards, a clump of silvery metal sits inside a bell jar. "All very interesting, Doctor, but I have one burning question on my mind. What are it's physical properties?" he asked, gesturing to it. Beauregard reached aside for a report, starting to read it "we have found that testing samples taken from object EM1 are exceptional in nature. very high electrical conductivity with low resistence, very high tensile and compressive strength, almost triple that of aerospace grade titanium, as well as a melting point which requires plasmas in order to cut and shape" he read, a notable enthusiasm in his voice. "I have my own hypothesis to add" he continued "judging by the shape of the deposits and how close they are to the surface, they may well be extraterrestrial in nature, deposted here by meteor impacts."

Martin Freeman, the director clapped his hands together and rubbed them, his face lightening "Then we must set up a mining operating at once! imagine the possibilities, comrade doctor. For science, for industry, perhaps even military. This could well be the ace in the hole needed to make world socialism a reality!"

Several months later, mining operation south of Mazzim
"Comrade Director" a gopher addressed Freeman, holding a report. "the latest incident report has come, there are tremors measuring up to five on the richter scale, as far north as Meinoda, south has given similar reports from Chapparell". Freeman took the report and skimmed over it, unconcerned "Nothing to worry about" he blustered "the quakes are infrequent and low intensity, casualties are few and aren't serious. This project will give us the power we need to liberate the world!", the party line strongly ringing inside him.

Said intern sighed, it was impossible to get through to him. "Second report is that number two coolant pipe is out for repair, one of pumps burst it's safety valve and the entire system has to be checked and repaired". Freeman sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose "fine, fine. Just tell them to get it over with quickly, we need maximum throughput if we are to meet extraction targets for this month"

Somewhere at the back of his mind, Freeman heard a small but reasoned voice. A voice telling him that he was the antagonist in this situation, blindly marching the nation and people into disaster. What callous fool ignores earthquakes? he took a swig of coffee, and began to read the report in more detail, he knew it was all for good, but it never hurt to have all the facts and figures...
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