Kendari Crowns a Queen (FT, signup required)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Kendari Crowns a Queen (FT, signup required)

Postby Kendari » Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:35 am

((OOC: If you'd like to send representatives to the coronation, the signup thread is here. It's also available for questions, if there's anything you want to know.

I'm starting things the morning of the day before the actual coronation ceremony, but arrival times can be fluid.))

Zergin system; 1 day before the coronation ceremony

In the outer reaches of the system, a ship drifted smoothly through a hole in space. Roughly 50 meters in length, it was an old Morningstar-class destroyer – bought as salvage, repaired, modified extensively, and given the name Victory by its current owners. Inside its control center, the crew set about fine-tuning their current location.

“Zergin, right on target.” Belten Grantara remarked from the sensor station. The WX-45 ignored the control panel, simply plugging himself into a data port to interface with the Victory’s computer system directly. “Haven’t been through here in a while, but even without all the nav beacons there’d be no mistaking that view. Lucky jump; I thought we’d need another one to get here.”

Captain Barän Varth leaned back in the command chair, designed to accommodate his 1.93-meter frame and massive build, and closed his eyes. The command station’s psionic interface was a recent upgrade, which he was still getting used to, but tapping directly into the ship’s sensors certainly gave him an incredible view. They’d come out near Manderek, second of the system’s three gas giants, and just beyond the outer asteroid belt. The asteroids were thicker than last time he had been in the Zergin system – still not as dense as the inner belt, but enough of a change to show it was still being reinforced. Varth knew that countless drones drifted amidst the rock and ice, along with the disguised stations that controlled them, but the Victory’s passive sensors picked up few traces of them from this distance. The navigation beacons, on the other hand, were unmissable. Flashing lights made them obvious from a considerable distance while their radio transmissions highlighted the safe routes through the belt. Beyond the asteroids, the broad rings of Tethryl were clearly visible. Barän increased the magnification on the ship’s left forward sensor node and was starting to locate some of the larger asteroid in the first belt when Kayla spoke up from the navigation/communication console.

“A lucky jump indeed. We’ve got enough distance for one more portal before we reach the planet, but we’re close enough to get decent precision. Should shave a few hours off our flight time.”

“In that case, I won’t call the probe in. It’s got plenty of energy left for another run. Ready when you are.” The drone control specialist, Tômas kel Vonoth, hadn’t bothered to open his eyes. As the team’s chief armorer and gadgeteer, he was more accustomed than most of them to relying on a psionic interface.

Barän Varth glanced around the crowded control center, confirming that everyone was ready at their stations. “Right then. Kayla, take us into the inner system. Keep a little leeway; we’ve certainly got time on the schedule, and we don’t want traffic control getting grumpy.”

Even for a short jump in a thoroughly mapped system, they stuck exactly to procedure. First, Kayla set the portal drive to establish a link and prepare for a new portal. She eased open a tiny pinprick while the ship’s sensors scanned for traces of gas, radiation, or any other indication that the portal led anywhere other than open, empty space. Next, she widened the opening just enough for Tômas to send the probe through it. Finally, once the little scout drone reported that there were no objects anywhere in the vicinity of the portal, Kayla brought it to full size and Barän took the Victory across. As the portal snapped shut behind them and Tômas recollected his probe, Barän sent out a transmission.

-“Attention, traffic control. This is the Victory, registered to Varth Security Solutions. Do you have us on screen?”-

The response came a moment later.

-“Victory, this is Kendari-2, currently handling traffic. We’ve got you on sensors and have confirmed your registration. Stand by for medical scan.”-

Monitors flashed at every station in the control center as the Victory’s detectors picked up a surge of psionic energy, but it wasn’t directed toward the minds of the crew. The Guardian battlestation’s psi scanner was checking for the signature of known contagions and other such biohazards. It was a quick process; almost immediately, the psi alert faded and another transmission came in.

-“Looks like you’re clean, Victory. What can we do for you?”-

-“We’re here to take care of some business on Kendari and then enjoy the coronation festival. Can we get a landing site for a Morningstar destroyer?”-

-“Space is tight in Esantir right now, with much of the spaceport reserved for official traffic. Would a slot in Dalenvir work for your business?”-

Barän glanced at a map on his secondary viewscreen, highlighting a small city around 50 km from the edge of Esantir.

-“Dalenvir will work just fine. Thank you, Kendari-2.”-

-“I’m sending you coordinates and a flight plan. Enjoy the festival, Victory. Traffic Control out.”-

Even after the final jump, the Victory had plenty of time to look around on the way in, and there was plenty to see as they drew closer to the planet. Aside from Kendari’s normal traffic, and other visitors coming for the coronation, the Kendaryn navy had brought in every ship that could be spared to ensure the system’s security during this high-profile occasion – and provide a show of force for any of the foreign guests who might have problematic long-term intentions toward the kingdom. The reinforced Zergin Defense Fleet was arrayed above Kendari’s orbit; below it, the ranks of Fleet Stiletto gleamed – the unit traditionally commanded by Doomweaver, the ancient (but constantly upgraded) super-dreadnought regarded as the pride of the Kendaryn navy. The Victory had come out of its last jump a little high, closer to the ZDF, and Barän tapped into his ship’s passive sensors again to examine the force. The flagship caught his attention; he directed its image to the control center’s main viewscreen.

“Hm. Take a look at this one.”

Tômas opened his eyes. “Ah, the Scepter of Zergin. First of the new Staff-class heavy battleships, dedicated to the fleet command and heavy fire support roles. It’s an interesting design.”

The Scepter of Zergin was about three kilometers long, with massive, faceted caps at the front and back, a blocky citadel in the middle, and a narrower stem connecting these segments. The endcaps stretched over 600 meters across their widest point, big enough to support four Type V turrets – the largest guns built in Kendari, generally used for battleship spinal mounts. Until the design of the Staff, only Doomweaver and the Guardian battlestations had carried turrets big enough for these weapons. The stem sections, built with a diamond cross section, were under three fifths this size – just 360 meters from point to point.

“I hear Princess Anjha lead the design team.” Kayla observed. The slender, grey-haired nertar rarely mentioned the source of her rumors, even to the team, but they tended to be reliable.

“So! Our queen-to-be isn’t afraid to try something new, hey?” Tajak Demrol laughed. He was sitting at the weapons station – not because they expected to be shooting at anything, but because they didn’t, and he had won the draw for the unused seat in the control room. “The Traditionalists must be spitting gravel!”

Tômas sat up straight and thumped the arm of his chair. “Good riddance! If the Traditionalists had their way, drones would still be limited to system defense. The navy would be relying on Daggers for screen and strike-flights; never mind that an interceptor drone built for dogfighting can manage acceleration that would kill a human pilot. Or that Darts have been proven as our most effective heavy strike weapon in every major battle since their introduction. Or that turreted gunships are far more reliable in the defensive screen role. Not to mention their idea of a proper army! No power armor, no-”

“No need to convince us!” Barän broke in. “You see me trying to get a Dagger launch bay installed here? Or going out to fight in my pajamas? Let’s forget the Traditionalists and get back to the Staff. Looks like it has… what, 60 Type IVs in the broadside? Must be almost as much firepower as a Pike, even though that core is hardly bigger than a Lance.”

“Well, skipping all those fighter launch bays does free up some space!” Tômas grinned, appeased.

“Hold on a minute, those Type Vs are double-barreled?” Barän zoomed in on one of the turrets in question, currently armed with a pair of Narvok cannons.

“Yeah, I heard a bit about that!” Tômas waved a hand airily, his standard gesture when expounding instead of ranting. “They put together several recent advances to make it possible. A new technique for setting runic circuitry reduces the volume needed for the spatial overlay mount; a more efficient power transfer node allows…”

“Save the details for later. Could we use it on the Victory’s turrets?”

Tômas shrugged. “I’ll have to do some more research on it, but I don’t see any reason we couldn’t at least expand a few of them. I was already planning to look into the possibility next time I have a chance to do some digging. We might have to install slightly bigger turrets, but the Morningstar has some extra room around the upper Tier IIs and a good chunk of the broadside. It’ll cost us, though. Belten and I can make most of the changes we need, but we don’t have the tools for that new runic circuitry.”

Barän grinned. “If it will upgrade our punch by a good 50%, we can scrape together the money.”

“Damn right.” Tajak agreed cheerfully. “The navy clearly feels the same way, at least for the Staff line. And no wonder! With those double-barreled turrets, it must come close to Doomweaver’s broadside.”

“Not a chance!” Belten put in. “Take a look down there. They must’ve figured out how to stuff four barrels in during the latest refit.”

“Four?! Really?” Barän located Doomweaver and placed its image on the main viewscreen. The 3.6-km ship had a simpler, more conventional design: a diamond cross section, straight for most of its length, but angled to a point in front and tapering to the main drive’s octagonal casing in the rear. But its sturdy hull, almost a kilometer across at its widest, supported six Type V turrets on each of its four sides. And all of them did indeed have four barrels.

“Larger turrets.” Tômas explained. “When Doomweaver was first designed, the mounts needed even more room. They probably could’ve stuck double barrels in them centuries ago, but nobody considered it until the latest advances came out while they were designing the Staff. I’d bet a few of the oldest Guardians will be refit with quad-turrets, too.”

Now that he was looking below, Barän continued surveying Fleet Stiletto. It had a pair of 3.5-km Pikes, Kendari’s most powerful battleship line before the design of the Staff. A dozen Halberds, their first heavy battleship above a kilometer in length. Several formations of nimble 400-meter Broadswords with their heavy forward armament and 800-meter Longswords with their vast banks of light turrets. An extensive screen of smaller vessels. But one model stood out in its absence.

“No Lances?”

“Check over by Arferdal.” Kayla replied. “Rumor has it the Lance class is being dedicated purely to support and transport for ground forces as part of the Army’s reorganization. Their speed is supposed to get the shooters where they’re needed faster than a Pike or a flotilla of frigates could manage it.”

“Ah yes, there do appear to be some fairly large ships in orbit. Could well be Lances.”

From their current position, Arferdal was on almost the same line as Zergin’s gate complex. Barän took a moment to watch the stream of ships flowing from the three massive gate stations. There were clearly visitors for the coronation among the crowd; the pair of Guardians that watched over the gates and served as their traffic control must be even busier than usual. But the Victory was almost in place for its own approach to Kendari, so Barän shifted his attention to the planet.

The flight plan would have to be followed closely. Along with other ships coming in or heading out, Kendari’s orbit bore eight Guardians instead of the six protecting most core worlds. It had a belt of shied drones, ready to bring up a siege shield at a moment’s notice, and drone control stations ready to deploy more of them in times of trouble. Further out, several large port stations offered docking platforms for ships that didn’t care to visit the surface of Kendari. But below all this gleaming metal, the planet itself presented a very different picture. The kingdom had always been careful to treat its namesake world with a delicate touch. All three of Kendari’s major continents remained heavily forested, with elevated roads and railways tracing a faint network between the scattered cities and small towns. Layered, multipurpose farmland blended smoothly with open wilderness. To a casual examination, most of the planet looked virtually uninhabited. It was a cool world, with extensive ice caps at both poles, and Esantir was located just far enough north to avoid the worst of the tropical storms.

Dalenvir was a small city, northeast of Esantir, with its outline broken up by bands of parkland and forest gardens. Several small spaceports surrounded it, providing for the portion of Esantir’s overflow traffic that made a sizable chunk of Dalenvir’s economy. Barän located their assigned landing slot, a simple 60 m by 30 m rectangle of durasteel and synthetic stone, and brought the Victory neatly down in its center. Within reach of the ground, the ship hovered quietly on its lower repulsor beams while deploying its landing legs. A moment later it settled gently to the ground, powered down its drive systems, and lowered its access ramp. They had arrived.


Meanwhile, at Esantir’s second-largest spaceport, another ship was arriving. This was no weapon-studded destroyer; instead of turrets, countless glittering emeralds traced out intricate curves across the gleaming space yacht’s hull. It was the state ship used by the highest government officials of the Tolvas system, one of the most prosperous sites in the Kendaryn border zone. It was also expected, and a large skimmer decorated in the midnight blue and gold of the Royal Guard waited at the landing site.

The passengers disembarked as soon as the access ramp settled into place, followed by a single servant hauling their luggage on a small cart. All were tolans, the native intelligent species of Tolmad – a humanoid race in the broadest sense, with a vertically oriented body, two legs, two arms, a head at the top, and remarkably human-like hands. But their narrow, long-limbed frames reflected the somewhat lower gravity of their home world, and their enormous compound eyes and fringe of short, branching antennae had little resemblance to a human face. They wore the intricately embroidered short tunics that were Tolmad’s standard semiformal garb. First came Izelek Tith-Kren Vadralia, the mauve-skinned High Overseer of Tolmad and Anat. With shorter, more muscular legs than a male tolan, she stood only 1.98 meters tall. Her husband, Okarad Tith-Kren Mikandu, strolled beside her a half-step back. His electric blue antennae stood out vividly against his dark magenta skin, made even more obvious by his height of 2.2 meters. Next was Aneren Dom Kesteno, the 2.15-meter head of Tolmadren Energy Blades – the core of the Tolvas system’s arms industry. He had supplemented the embroidery of his tunic with a necklace of vivid turquoise stones, almost perfectly matching his antennae. The final guest was Edalam Vesh Nadiala, her smooth steps showing the grace that helped make her the current champion of the Tolvas system’s grand swordplay tournament. The blademaster had light purple skin and the wiry muscles of a tolan who grew up in Anat’s heavier gravity.

A tall, bronze-skinned man with blue streaks in his shoulder-length black hair stepped forward to greet them. He wore a traditional Kendaryn formal robe in the copper-trimmed midnight blue of the kingdom government, with the white embroidery of a high-level employee on its sleeves; someone well versed in Kendaryn formalwear would recognize him as a senior diplomat by his flat-topped, narrow-brimmed hat and the details of the trim on his robe. While he bowed, a servant began loading the delegation’s luggage into the skimmer.

“Welcome to Kendari, your excellencies. I will take you to the palace and answer any questions you might have along the way.”

The Tolvasrens kept the conversation casual during the trip. The skimmer glided swiftly and quietly on the faint yellow glow of repulsor beams, taking only a few minutes to reach the Royal Palace. The delegation had seen images of the palace, but this didn’t quite prepare them for experiencing the sight in person. It looked like something out of a fairytale, a graceful structure composed mainly of white stone and silvery metal, fading into the morning mist. Slender towers soared above gleaming walls. A broad moat sparkled around the outer wall, crossed by a lightly curved bridge of the same white stone. A few ancient trees towered nearby. But for all its elegance, this was a serious fortress. Every approach was guarded by battlesteel bunkers; various decorative elements helped them blend into the storybook surroundings, but did little to hide the energy cannons in their turrets. When the group emerged from the skimmer and walked into the main gatehouse, they saw additional turrets built into the ceiling and heard the faint hum of battleship-grade shield generators waiting on standby somewhere close. A psi scanner built into the outer gate checked everyone who passed for biological hazards. Several Royal Guards were on duty at the inner gate, wearing midnight blue power armor with extensive gold trim.

Their greeter moved ahead, announcing them to the guards. “These are guests from Tolvas. High Overseer Izelek Tith-Kren Vadralia and her consort. Aneren Dom Kesteno, of Tolmadren Energy Blades. Blademaster Edalam Vesh Nadiala.”

“Welcome to the Royal Palace, your excellencies.” The senior guard took a step forward and bowed lightly. “You’re right on schedule. Do you have any weapons to declare?”

“Just our blades.” Izelek replied. “And another one, in here.” She held out a finely inlaid wooden box, the delegation’s coronation gift.

Another guard, a WX model with sensitive tech scanners built into its head, looked the group over and nodded in confirmation. The first stepped back with another bow and gestured grandly toward the inner gateway. “If you’d prefer not to carry that around, we have a storage area set up where you can check in gifts until you are ready to present them.”

Overseer Izelek shook her head with a smile, gestures she had learned while studying at one of the universities on Korvial. “Thank you, but it is small and light. We will keep the package with our luggage until the time comes to make a formal presentation.

More people waited beyond the gatehouse, and the diplomat gestured for one of them to come forward – a young woman wearing billowy trousers and a short robe in the intense blue and gold of the Delerän family, with the white-banded sleeves of a servant. “Ah. Miss Kalynta will be assigned to you during your stay here.”

The servant handed Izelek a small communicator. “This button will reach me at any time, so you can easily call me if you need something. You requested a three-bedroom suite, size nine, correct? I can show you there immediately. And once you’ve settled in, perhaps you would like a tour of the public sections of the palace?”

Izelek gave a slow nod. “Thank you. That sounds perfect.”
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Postby Ferret Civilization » Thu Sep 05, 2019 9:46 am

The galaxy was quite a large place to get lost in, with so many species and states dotting all over it was almost impossible to keep track of just what was what. During a brief stint one nation had tried to become apart of the larger international scene that was constantly playing out everywhere did not come to be successful. On the bright side of that since the international scene kind of left the nation alone they were able to get by not having to deal with large scale disasters and wars that were and probably still are occurring at a breakneck pace. The Ferret state learned to prefer it that way and learn from the mistakes that it had made trying to play with the others on the block too soon. The head of that state, a certain individual that went by Veikko, was the one in charge only Sol years ago went the state went to space and then was quickly pushed into the faster than light era. Things started to happen so fast politically going from being alone to joining groups and meeting other states to going back to isolationism it was kind of dazzling to the Ferrets in charge that knew everything that was going on. Stuff like that should have taken generations not something to flip around on in a lifetime and it ended up costing a lot, so much that the current leadership had to be changed which was not something that had ever happened in recorded history.

No longer having the duty of maintaining a state, not that it was actually difficult in this case being a state the size of a city, Veikko took this chance to do something that he was not able to do before and that was to go see the galaxy that shifted a lot of things up. Getting off his home world was probably the hardest part of the whole journey since no one really bothered to trade with the Ferret state, luckily there was one place that still bothered with an old business venture their state had also attempted to do so the window was there. Getting to see other species and places was quite the culture shock, while most individuals that had been around space hardly batted an eye at seeing something new. That was something to think about, having seen so much new and sometimes crazy things that someone adapted to that by never being unfazed again. For Veikko though being fazed was the whole purpose of this adventure, though finding that the galaxy at large was practically totally indifferent to the minor things of life put a hamper on that. Getting by on universal English and those magical auto translators that some individuals employed made getting around by communicating pretty easy, however the Ferret was left with trying to get currency to get around on commercial transport.

That was a nightmare that Veikko did not know really existed, trying to make sure that he had currency that would be accepted by some states or could be exchanged for more acceptable currencies was starting to become a feat. Sometimes however the Ferret was able to get around by working off the debt of getting a ride around the galaxy to the many neutral trading space stations that nations like to pop up and have other nations flock there to do business with each other. Other times Veikko would get lucky to have a saved currency up that some state accepted and be able to take a somewhat real vacation on some planet that was somehow better than every other planet out there in the galaxy going by advertising. Food became the biggest problem after some time, one could not simply carry around infinite supplies forever and when the rations Veikko could carry around ran out it was a problem that had been faced once before by the military. That did not turn out well, so Veikko had to work extra hard where he could to get some traders looking for some quick currency to go play fetch and get the food that he could eat and restock up on the rations.

However as time passed Veikko could see how being unfazed could start to set in, pretty much everywhere offered kind of the same thing but maybe slightly different to draw in some crowds. Big events seemed to really be only for individuals in the know or had the power, life as an average individual just going around and around got to be too much of a routine with nothing to shake things up outside of either going to war or eking out an existence as a settler. Going space station to space station though word got around and Veikko was lucky enough at times to hear of things going on around the galaxy, it was how he travelled after all, going by the words of others to be able to shake things up once and awhile. Eventually the word got around that some state called Kendari was going to be hosting a coronation ceremony for a new leader and practically anyone could be invited. Doubt was real but it seemed like a place to go see nonetheless, so putting some work for a commercial line to get a ride and the course was set to one of the more popular places the state had to offer.

The place ended up being Korvial, the space station above it used for trade to be more precise, where Veikko ended up to make a request to whatever officials in the bureaucracy he could find or be redirected too. At the end of the day the request was made and it was pretty much a waiting game and during that time the Ferret was a tourist first and someone waiting on a coronation second. In an honest opinion while offering the same unique things other states could pull the same kind of stunt and left Veikko wanting more for some reason, hopefully being accepted to go see high class officials doing whatever it is that they do would fill that want. Time passed and it seemed luck had not left the Ferret, it was all that had to rely on after all, and he was accepted to go despite not really being an official himself anymore or bringing anything along to act as a bribe which was nice. Being able to get here early had another bonus in allowing Veikko to work to save up some local currency and eventually afford passage to Kendari without having to work in some part of the crew to get there. That was always a nice resting time, being able to travel as a tourist instead of a worker. He probably did not get the best accommodations, it was probably the worst the commercial vessel had to offer, but after working abroad so many other commercial ventures this was probably the best luxury that he could really enjoy time and time again.

Eventually the Ferret found himself in the city of Esantir, on the planet of Kendari, in the state of Kendari. Kind of interesting what some nations reused some names for thinking upon that little interesting fact. After getting some directions to the place that he was supposed to go to he set off on foot to enjoy the cultural up close and at a really slow pace. He decided to do this because the place that he was going to had offered rooms for their short term guests and while he was trying to be modest and humble that was one thing that he would take them up on to enjoy himself. When he got there at however late in the day it was before the event took place he would go through whatever security there was being completely compliant and friendly with the guards. He had nothing on him but his clothes, khaki green cloth that was loose and comfortable, a holdout from the old government days that was not at all that long ago. Once whenever he was able to get past all the security features to get to the palace itself the little Ferret would allow himself to be taken aback by it. The security parts really did not faze him before since it seemed like every place loved to go all out on that stuff, probably for good reason since everyone else did it and it was most likely an arms race thing but seeing good civilian design was something to be appreciated more.
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Postby Lotrabme » Fri Sep 06, 2019 11:17 am

A ten kilometer long cylinder entered the Zergin system's Kuiper Belt with a flash of light. Immediately to deter the doubtless incoming alerts from military installments the ship's communications crew sent out the standard message of goodwill, modified to the present situation:

Code: Select all
+---WE COME IN PEACE:----+
+--- MESSAGE END---+ 

By the point that two hour time had been reached the Illuin Support Frigate, unarmed and designed with luxury travel in mind, had been checked and double checked by the on-board dock officials for the Effervescent Medium. Sarena and her companions entered the vessel and took their places in the observation suite on board. The ships autopilot prepped the grav-lifts and the vessel glided outside of the carry-all hold and into the icy void. Turning it's prow toward the sun of Zergin, the Illuin sped up and set a course for Kendari.

Sarena always made sure to look her best on state visits. She was dressed in golden-brown and orange-red robes which reflected off her silver and red eyeliner and lipstick under the shade of her plumed hat. She wore a necklace of deep ruby and black pearl to match. Looking out the plasteel and titanium wall-made-window projection of the observation lounge she smiled. "Another leap for Haman kind, and another friend among the stars. At least I hope we can make such a good impression."

"Indeed my dear" her plump, tall, and self satisfied husband Markos Lee said. She looked to him, admiring the black and red trim waistcoat he had chosen for this occasion, displaying his honors from his home Neocity in the Hamesol system. Chords of red, white and gold, signifying service with the First Order of the Armada, as her son's uniform also showed, along with two silver medals from his native Neocities' Knights of Knowledge and the Xeno-Anthropological Travellers Guild. He sat reclined and relaxed, rubbing his platinum blond hair and watching the Sun of Zergin get closer and the planets change from points of light to distant orbs.

"You look so sharp my love, you chose well with that coat."

"I thought it to be my best."

"It does suit you father" said their son Sparrow taking his seat on another reclining chair. "Mother, what do we know about this Stellar Kingdom?"
Sarena shrugged "Not much to be fair, we've spoken to IRDaC agents who have done business with theirs about some of the social protocols and I think at least we can be assured of comfortable accommodation and few chances of social faux-pa's. I imagine this trip will be a good one to learn on them."

"Fascinating" her son said calmly as he lounged. "I have to say honey" Sarena said to her son "I was surprised you were willing to join us on this mission for your away leave from the Armada. Don't you have friends you'd rather hang-out with?" She thought that someone that looked as sharp as he did in his First Order science officer dress uniform, white and black with golden trim and decorative elements.

"Eh" he sighed "They're all busy. And don't start asking me if I've found anyone to date, I haven't." Sarena sighed "you're handsome but you're more worried about scientific advances than you are romance. I'm not surprised if the ladies of the fleet find you aloof."

Sparrow raised his eyebrows to her. "Oh I'm aloof now? I think I'm just calm."

"Keep that calm demeanor" said a reptilian voice from the back of the room "it's key to a successful hunt" to which Sarena saw her son roll his eyes. Sarena turned in her chair and saw her Malluman friend, Werox Apomaya Phoee approaching, dressed in her yellow, green, and red clan tartan. "Come have a seat Maya, don't be a stranger. We were talking about his prospects."

"He's young for your people, he will need time to prove himself a worthy mate" Apomaya hissed. The seven foot five purple saurian tucked her tail and took a seat on another chair close to the projected window.

"It's not a subject that needs to be continued Mon Apomaya" Sparrow said to his mothers disgruntlement but understanding. She decided to take his cue "we were also discussing what we can expect about these people, the Kendaryn."

"Doubtless they have a bit of warrior in them, did you happen to get the specs on that battleship they have out?"

"What battleship?" Asked Sarena's husband, and Sarena continued "We didn't get a good look at the system."

"Oh" Apomaya chuckled "I was up with the other weroes and braves having a look at the system with the telescope, to make sure the defense fleet didn't need to be engaged." Sarena laughed and thought to herself that ofcourse Maya would be there.

"Well, I don't think we need to worry about it since we are expected" Sarena replied. "It looks as though we will be landing in the next hour." She turned and could see the blue and green orb of Kendari becoming more well defined. They awaited the pilots to receive commands from space traffic control on where to land close to Esantir.

Once they landed, Sarena thought they should head for their rooms and get unpacked and ready for the next day's festivities. They were already arriving pretty late into the local day.
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Postby Kendari » Sun Sep 08, 2019 10:15 pm

(Ferret Lands)

Like most of the ships that make regular runs between Kendari and Korvial, the smallish multipurpose transport vessel carrying Veikko landed at Esantir’s largest spaceport – located at the edge of the city’s largest commercial district, and commonly referred to as Esantir Central. Of course, the spaceport’s main office was quite used to providing directions. It also had maps available – both small paper copies showing the major transportation routes and common points of interest and digital versions that could be loaded onto most portable computers and the like. Although further from the Royal Palace than the port usually used for government business, it was still a manageable walk. Like most urban areas on Kendari, it also had frequent stops for the ubiquitous railcar system, each having a map of the route and the time of the next arrival.

The route took Veikko away from the large, almost self-contained towers that made up the densest part of the district through a quieter section, composed of clusters of smaller towers interspersed with groups of single-business buildings like theaters and large restaurants. The streets were far from empty, but not as busy as one might expect in a city this size – especially around the tower clusters, where many of the pedestrians moved about on bridges between the extensive balconies that ringed most buildings.

It likely wouldn’t take Veikko long to conclude that Kendaryns love trees and green spaces. Even on heavily urban Korvial, the cities were surrounded by expanses of lush parkland. Here on Kendari Prime, this inclination was even more pronounced. All the major streets were lined with trees and narrow bands of woodland segmented the city. Many of the larger restaurants Veikko passed were surrounded by extensive gardens, often offering outside seating for diners. Even in this commercial area, almost every neighborhood had a park of one sort or another, often centered around a pond or fountain. Most of the larger buildings also had rooftop gardens.

Closer to the palace, structures like museums, libraries, and government buildings replaced the shops and other small businesses of the commercial district. Veikko also passed alongside a neighborhood of manors and mansions, most screened by trees to give them greater visual isolation. Finally, he arrived at the broad stretch parkland that surrounded the Royal Palace. Along with road and rail lines, this area of scattered trees and low, rolling hills was traversed by a well-maintained and marked network of walking paths. Most of this space was fairly open, with a mix of meadows, low bushes, and small rock outcrops. A few structures were visible from the path, designed to look like ancient ruins, archaic windmills, and other such decorative elements. Each actually housed a shield generator or array; if the palace ever came under attack, they were intended to absorb and deflect any blasts and minimize the damage to the rest of Esantir. But these precautions would not be apparent without close investigation.

At the main gatehouse, Veikko went through a relatively quick security process. Kendari generally didn’t favor extensive security theater, preferring to minimize the inconvenience as much as they could without sacrificing safety. Unless the Ferret happened to be sensitive to psionic energy, he likely wouldn’t even notice the psi scan checking him for signs of any potentially dangerous contagion. The guards checked him against the registered guest list, confirmed that he wasn’t carrying any detectable weapons, and waved him through with a bow; the process took around 30 seconds. Inside, a tall, slim woman with very pale hair and skin and extremely dark green eyes stepped forward to greet him – the current senior diplomat assigned to welcome any guests who arrived on their own, instead of on a scheduled landing.

“Welcome to the Royal Palace, your excellency. We hope you have been enjoying your visit to Kendari. Mister Stanzyn will show you around and help you get anything you need.”

She waved forward a young man with grey eyes and light brown hair, wearing the same garb as the other servants. Stanzyn passed Veikko a communicator. If he found the Ferret’s appearance surprising, he didn’t show it; working in the Royal Palace, he had clearly seen exotic visitors before.

“This button will contact me if you need anything, at any time of the day. I see you’re registered for a single-bedroom suite. Are you comfortable in quarters sized for humans, or would you prefer something smaller? We can adjust the furniture to your wishes, either way.”

Unsurprisingly, the buildings making up the palace were surrounded by garden space and fountains. Stanzyn led Veikko along a broad path to one of the guest wings. Inside, the floor was covered in blue-grey carpet. The walls were the same white stone that covered the outer structure, with frequent tapestries softening the surface and adding color. Most doors had polished wooden panels set in a durasteel frame. When they reached the section built to Veikko’s chosen scale, Stanzyn registered him on a data pad at one door and passed him a key.

“The cleaning crew will visit the suite once per day. If you want your bedroom cleaned, leave the door open; otherwise, they will just clean the sitting area and bathroom. There’s a keyed safe in the bedroom. If you want more security activated, we can set it to require fingerprint, voiceprint, retinal scan, genetic analysis, magical or psionic signature, or an entry code of your choice.”

The sitting area included a small table, several chairs, two cabinets, a refrigerator and freezer, and a cooking unit. It also provided access to a balcony overlooking one of the gardens. In addition to the bed, the sleeping chamber held a small desk (also serving as a nightstand) with a chair, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, and the safe. Walls in both rooms had viewscreens that could be plugged into a computer, set to display artwork or imitate a window, or configured to act as a mirror.


The Effervescent Medium’s introductory response got a response shortly after it was sent.

-“Welcome to the Zergin system, Effervescent Medium. With your permission, we will open a portal near your location to facilitate trade. Many of our merchants will likely be eager to see what you have to offer.”-

If the Effervescent Medium agreed, a Pike drifted out of its position in the Zergin Defense Fleet and dropped far enough toward Kendari’s orbit to have generous clearance, then powered up its portal drive. The portal opened with enough distance from the Effervescent Medium to be outside normal weapons’ range, but close enough for convenient access. As word spread about the enormous ship’s presence and nature, merchant vessels started coming out (through the portal if authorized, or else independently) to investigate. New products from distant parts of space always had a market, and many of the traders also hoped to sell their own wares to the visitors – most common being food and clothing, artwork and music, sensors and communication equipment, and weapons and armor. The portal could also provide a shortcut for Ambassador Vulcana’s ship, if they so chose.

As the Illuin drew close to Kendari, it received the expected contact from traffic control.

-“Ambassadorial transport, this is Kendari-4, currently handling traffic. I’m transmitting your flight plan and coordinates for your landing. Your slot is in the closest spaceport to the Royal Palace, on the edge of the city. Someone will be waiting to meet you when you land. Do you give consent for a voluntary medical scan?”-

A skimmer waited at the landing pad, with the same senior diplomat who met the Tolvasren delegation standing beside it. He was accompanied by a servant to help with any luggage and three Royal Guards in gold-trimmed midnight blue power armor – one of them a nertar, recognizably different despite the armor because of his legs’ digitigrade joint structure. The diplomat stepped forward and bowed.

“Welcome to Kendari, your grace. Your excellencies. I will take you to the palace and answer any questions you might have along the way.”

After taking them to the palace and showing them through the security checkpoint, the diplomat introduced them to “mister Dosten,” the nertar servant assigned to them during their visit. Dosten was a lightly built humanoid, around 1.62 meters tall, with feline ears, mottled brown and black hair, light brown skin, and slit-pupiled golden eyes. He gave them a communicator and led them to a suite matching their specifications, similar in most respects to Veikko’s quarters.

((OOC: We can go through the trip in more detail if there's something you want to address, or you can go straight to the unpacking and settling in. Let me know if there's anything I missed that I need to cover.))
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Postby Ferret Civilization » Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:04 pm

‘Your excellency’ almost got a somewhat of a taken aback look from Veikko right from the start of things but he had to quickly shake that off assuming it was probably going to be some kind of general saying for all the visitors to this event even if some of them were for all purposes civilian tourists. However the Ferret could and did appreciate the effort that some of the bureaucratic workers would be doing to make things appear to be nice and run smoothly so a simple curt, “Yes I have, quite the lovely place to see for oneself.” Followed by a, “Thank you,” once he was redirected to another individual who would be the one that was probably going to be having to deal with him. Veikko did hope that he would not be too much of a hassle to make one regret having to do this part of the job. First thing he did was to thank the man for the communicator gadget and probably a little awkwardly just had to hold onto it along with some of the paper maps that were given out for free from when he first arrived since he had no pockets to put it in. “A standard human room will do fine. No need to make a fuss about trying to change everything up for just a few days visit.”

With that out of the way Veikko was able to enjoy seeing more of just what a palace looked like as this was really his first time seeing one. While he could come to appreciate that the style of construction was meant to look like it was the same as the rest of the surroundings where it was placed something said that this was still a lot grander than what the other places interiors would look like. Getting through the guest wing the Ferret figured that this was where most of the other human or human like visitors would be staying making for some new and most likely interesting neighbors. Whether or not that he would be able to meet any of them would be up for time to tell. But as of the then and now Veikko was left watching as Stanzyn performed a few more steps to get him settled in for the rest of the day and night along with the next two days coming up. He started off with an “Okay,” about the cleaning crew but was kind of taken aback again by the security since he had nothing on him to protect except the clothes that he wore which unless Kendaryn cultural was accepting of nudism he would kind of need to have on outside of the room making securing that rather moot. “No need but that is good to know.”

Being able to see the room that he was going to be staying in and it was kind of impressive even if it was not trying to go all out. One lucky thing about being the size that the Ferret was and being able to pick out a human sized configured room meant that everything was luxury size meaning Veikko had no way to not enjoy that if everything else was not going to be all that great. Most of it he would not be using like the kitchen stuff along with any possible food that the refrigerator or the storage things but it did make the place feel more welcoming than some places that he had stayed at before. The one thing that the Ferret did offload for the moment was the maps that he was holding onto so they would not get in the way sometime in the future. If Stanzyn was not too busy trying to get to other things that had to be done Veikko would try to inquire about the schedule and where to be when it became time for the events in the schedule to happen. If the man happened to need to get going during the brief time that it took the Ferret to set papers down then he would drop it for some later time to bring up. It was going to be even more awkward for Veikko to try and use that communicator device to bother someone who he did not know would be busy trying to do other stuff or not with more important people.

Though that was just the anxiety of being in a new place with an unfamiliar culture, something that the Ferret had to deal with a lot when he first started out traveling. By the time that he would get used to it though he would be leaving the one place where it will be one of the most important places to not be dealing with that. It was however a nice feeling to be having again to Veikko, after all it was the whole reason that he started to try and explore the civilized galaxy at large. Another thing Veikko had going for him was looking forward to sleeping on a rather large bed compared to what species that it was made for which was quite the free score to get out of everything here. That was on top of all the other free amenities that would be received tomorrow, the only thing that he had to turn down was the food which was a necessary bummer but not that big of a loss to face.
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Postby Diarcesia » Sat Sep 14, 2019 4:01 pm

It is the year 3950. The Monarchy Diarcesian learned of the existence of Kendari, an interplanetary polity that combines technology with magic in its everyday functions: a rarity among civilizations the Diarcesians catalogued and interacted with. As standard protocol with non-hostile foreigners, it has been decided that formal diplomatic relations be established with Kendari. The upcoming coronation party presents an excellent opportunity to break the ice, so to speak.

The Day Before the Coronation Ceremony

"Approaching. Zergin System," the serene female voice representing the ship's announcer declared the completion of the superluminal jump. The Bronteanus, named after the ocean to the south of the ancient capital of Arcesius, is one of the more venerable vessels of the Monarchy Diarcesian, having ferried dignitaries in countless diplomatic missions. At a kilometer long, the custom Thoth-class destroyer is fitted with all the trappings of Diarcesian authority and the best defenses available as befits its status.

"This is an unusual mission complement," said Duldyna Aresni to Dunenc. Arcane-sensitive Diarcesians are a rarity, especially so in the past, and Duldyna, fortunately, was one of them. Raised in Odrioya, she was raised in a family of traditionalists, never forgetting their potential to wield magic ever since her ancestors arrived from their old country. The said rarity of magic-users ensured that when a gift-giver was needed for the coronation who can craft an item with an affinity to the Kendaryn idiosyncrasy, it would be her mentor Dunenc Nulealvel who would be selected. It has been several years since they last interacted in person.

"Our briefing introduced Kendari as one of the 'magi-tech' starfaring civilizations, with their known arcane arts being enchanting, high and wild magic, and psionics. I am not surprised that they would include you to bear the coronation gift. I figured this is too big an opportunity for you to miss something new to learn on your field."

Dunenc gave a slight smile. "I'm afraid it may be theoretical at best. Their methods of enchanting will definitely be different from mine, and I don't know if my biology is capable of harnessing their magic."

Upon being on the range with one of the Kendaryn traffic control stations in the system, the captain hailed them. "Hail. This is the Vessel Diarcesian Bronteanus, in official capacity. As arranged, we shall attend the coronation ceremony of the Kingdom of Kendari. With us is The Honorable Duldyna Aresni, the Monarchy Diarcesian's representative, and Dunenc Nulealvel, the gift-giver."
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Postby Menschlicher Sternenstaat » Wed Sep 18, 2019 10:30 am

“I have grown my beliefs from years of exploration; of experience and of extrapolation... all from the fount of discovery.”

Sternenkaiser Leonel Kästner

SWM Lied der Meere, Interplanetary Route to Kendari, Zergin System
Image Herzog Thomas von Podhalański, Kingdom of Kendari
UNKNOWN DATE, 790 S.A (Staat Ära) — 9:07 a.m. Synchronized Veran Operator Time

“... Overall, I think that we are prepared enough for... Christ, did the Duke fall asleep already!?”

The inquisitive phrase of his trusted commander shook von Podhalański away from the forceful grip of incoming sleep. He, Hauptmann Schwefel, and Gefreiter el-Soliman were all seated in red and white plush, rollable chairs around a convexing diamond table, embossed with the seal of the Podhalański noble house and the state symbol of the Menschlicher Sternenstaat alike. The very center of the table was the host to a general holocasting module projecting the current charted path of the Lied der Meere through the Zergin system alongside another holograph of basic information pertaining to the Kingdom of Kendari.

“Me? Asleep? I'm afraid not, my good captain!”

“You were on the verge of snoring, my Duke... anyway, Maik is currently talking to the traffic control of this system - once we get past this asteroid field, we'll be on a straight course there and dock at our designated location. It's reserved, anyway, so I doubt we will have to resort to landing.”

“Let me just make sure of a few things,” the Duke said, adjusting the noble, feathered cap atop his head. “This Kingdom... it has a history with magic, yes?”

“Yes, my Duke. From the information we could gather about them, a lot of it seems to be innate to their biologies and is utilized in fashions much like what we consider to be psionic phemonena.”

“Innate thaumaturgy, huh? Interesting... so, they're able to read our minds?”

“Probably. The Staatsnachrichtendienst could not attain much information about them, given our mutual ascensions to the astropolitical scene... we're going to be taking self-encapsules as a precaution against such.”

“Captain,” el-Soliman voiced, finally speaking from his bout of silence. “Would they not be suspicious if they cannot read our minds like other humans?”

“It's a risk that we have to take. They aren't privy to the information in our heads, now are they?”


“There's your answer, el-Soliman... my Duke, are there any other questions that you have?”

“Not that I can think of. Then again, I'm bound to ask you something, aren't I?”

“Here's your weapon, Gefreiter.”

Schwefel procured a scabbard with a locked sword from within a weapons box in the cargo hold of the clipper, black in shade throughout and only reflecting the overhead lights on its form. He motioned for el-Soliman to take it, waving it up and down and morphing the overhead lights upon it into varying blobs of white.

“A tactical sword, sir? I thought only officers got these...”

“They do - but this is a special occasion, right? Besides, you know how to use them from your schools on Bresen.”

“That is true, sir. Is this also the reason why my uniform is more, uh, 'decorated' that normal?”

“Precisely,” Schwefel said, locking the scabbard of his own tac-sword onto his belt. “First impressions are everlasting. Can't disappoint them, now can we? Or, break their rules... that's why we can't bring firearms.”

“I remember that from the briefing. Are they scared of guns or something, sir?”

“Probably not, since it seems the Kendari civilization is placated with their own magical aptitude. Nevertheless... you know the potency of our weaponry. It would be shame if we lose one of our guns here.”

“Oh, okay... where is the Duke, by the way?”

“I honestly have no clue. He said that he would be ready for the docking procedures in an hour or so - I'm guessing he's getting dressed in that uniform he's been raving about. We'll just have to see it to believe it when we actually dock...”

The cockpit of the Lied der Meere was teeming with the activity of glinting consoles and rushing busybodies as the crew prepared for docking procedures at the vessel's designated spaceport-of-entry over the Kendari capital world. One of the crew in particular - Maik Oehlenschläger - was in direct communication with the port authorities, relaying the information beaming in to the rest of the crew through linked transmission channels.

A small flag of the Sternenstaat bobbed to and fro with the cycling of air throughout the cockpit above Maik's console, its crimson, black, and white colors being obfuscated by the holography dripping into view that indicated the current frequencies and spectra that he was interacting with in relation to speaking to the port authorities. Alongside this was a small collage of paper photographs that were printed in remembrance of his old platoon, who all served during the Punitive Staat-Sikazi War. Luckily, all of them survived that war, and a few were even in the cockpit with him now - namely Erich, Christoff, and Bertham - but Maik specifically left the war with his legs being torn asunder from a cocktail of explosives that his convoy passed through on a Sikazi world. Now, with a pair of synthetic legs, Maik felt ashamed for violating the purity of his body, often volunteering for jobs such as operating the comms so that he wouldn't have to show them as much.

“This is the SWM Lied der Meere, the registered diplomatic vessel for Herzog Thomas von Podhalański and member ship of the Weltraummarine, requesting to dock as per scheduled arrangements, over,” Maik relayed, making sure that his communications feed was being transmitted to other members of the clipper's crew. The pilot of the vessel, Ekkehard, gave him a thumbs up as an indication for communicative affirmation.

Erich, the ship's main technician, voiced his thoughts over the silence that normally pervaded the cockpit. “Did you see the big 'ol fuckers that they have docked all the way over there? Shit... they must be bigger than the news Herreshoff battleships we got rolling out.”

This was followed by a loud smack to his head by Christoff, laughing as Erich threatened him with a reciprocating punch. Lighting up a kretek soon after, he addressed Erich's dumbfoundedness with a more rational approach.

“Just because a ship is bigger doesn't mean it's better, Erich. You, out of all people, should know that more than anyone...”

“The fuck's that supposed to mean, Chris?”

“Uhm, nothing? Just looking at it, I can tell our old Langens can go toe-to-toe with those things, if not best them. That's not arrogance talking - that's experience.”

“Chris, you don't experience about shit with battleships,” Maik said, making the former turn to face him with a quizzical expression.

“Maik, we were stationed on a fucking Langen. You saw what those things can do - they punch well above their size.”

“That's true, but we were fighting-”

The responsive blips from the communications console brought Maik's full attention it, cutting himself off from responding to Christoff in the process.

“We got a response!”
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Postby Lotrabme » Thu Sep 19, 2019 7:44 pm

Kendari wrote:


The Effervescent Medium’s introductory response got a response shortly after it was sent.

-“Welcome to the Zergin system, Effervescent Medium. With your permission, we will open a portal near your location to facilitate trade. Many of our merchants will likely be eager to see what you have to offer.”-

If the Effervescent Medium agreed, a Pike drifted out of its position in the Zergin Defense Fleet and dropped far enough toward Kendari’s orbit to have generous clearance, then powered up its portal drive. The portal opened with enough distance from the Effervescent Medium to be outside normal weapons’ range, but close enough for convenient access. As word spread about the enormous ship’s presence and nature, merchant vessels started coming out (through the portal if authorized, or else independently) to investigate. New products from distant parts of space always had a market, and many of the traders also hoped to sell their own wares to the visitors – most common being food and clothing, artwork and music, sensors and communication equipment, and weapons and armor. The portal could also provide a shortcut for Ambassador Vulcana’s ship, if they so chose.

As the Illuin drew close to Kendari, it received the expected contact from traffic control.

-“Ambassadorial transport, this is Kendari-4, currently handling traffic. I’m transmitting your flight plan and coordinates for your landing. Your slot is in the closest spaceport to the Royal Palace, on the edge of the city. Someone will be waiting to meet you when you land. Do you give consent for a voluntary medical scan?”-

A skimmer waited at the landing pad, with the same senior diplomat who met the Tolvasren delegation standing beside it. He was accompanied by a servant to help with any luggage and three Royal Guards in gold-trimmed midnight blue power armor – one of them a nertar, recognizably different despite the armor because of his legs’ digitigrade joint structure. The diplomat stepped forward and bowed.

“Welcome to Kendari, your grace. Your excellencies. I will take you to the palace and answer any questions you might have along the way.”

After taking them to the palace and showing them through the security checkpoint, the diplomat introduced them to “mister Dosten,” the nertar servant assigned to them during their visit. Dosten was a lightly built humanoid, around 1.62 meters tall, with feline ears, mottled brown and black hair, light brown skin, and slit-pupiled golden eyes. He gave them a communicator and led them to a suite matching their specifications, similar in most respects to Veikko’s quarters.

((OOC: We can go through the trip in more detail if there's something you want to address, or you can go straight to the unpacking and settling in. Let me know if there's anything I missed that I need to cover.))

On the trip to the planet, the auto-pilot informed the passengers of the request for a remote medical scan. Sarena thought nothing of it and approved. The scan would find nothing out of ordinary health parameters with the passengers, and a relatively spotless cabin, purposefully so to prevent the spread of foreign pathogens to friendly foreign venues.

On the ground, when greeted by the senior diplomat, Sarena introduced herself and her party. "We've come along way Mon... I'm sorry, we don't seem to have caught your name sir? And do forgive the honorific. A man of your station would be a Mon at least on Hame." When they walked, Sarena would look at the curious and light eyed expression of her husband, the alert gaze of Apomaya to the features of the guards and attendants and to the layout of the palace itself, and the inward thinking and silent look of her son. At least this is what she perceived. Knowing her friend Apomaya's thoughts were probably the most accurate. She was taking note of the Nertar, Mr Dosten who had been assigned to guide them.

Like Mr. Dosten, Apomaya and her race were digitigrade in stance though at 2.3 meters in height she towered over him. The therapsid grinned her sharp teeth at him to see if that provoked a reaction, but then laughed. She said to him "Just trying to size up our hosts. No hard feelings."

Markos stepped in just like Sarena thought he would and told Mr. Dosten "so sorry about our brute of a companion. Her people have been our guardians for generations and take the job very seriously."

Before the Senior Diplomat left them Sarena would inquire about the Kendaryn magic users and their schools of training. "You know sir, our own Empire was built on the work of Mages and Psychic masters. We have a lot we could teach each other if contact between our peoples could be more regular."
"Yes" Sparrow said joining this conversation to which Sarena was visibly pleased "I would be curious if you could tell us a bit about how your people get their training. We have numerous schools of psychic mastery in the core worlds of our Empire, all of them unique. The more we can learn the more we can improve."

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Postby Pikasistan » Sat Sep 21, 2019 12:12 am

New Horizons
Thales, Elysian Concordat, 3 years ago

Elias Garvey was waiting in a park, a rarity upon the heavily industrialized world of Thales, waiting for a mysterious man that contacted him a few days before. The stranger seemed to be a forreigner of sort, maybe a Borealian spy, but the rumors had that the so called Free State of Borealis was also in turmoil as foreign powers as powerful, maybe even stronger than the Pikes were splitting the borders of the former nemesis of the Elysian Concordat.

It had been 5 months since the start of the war and the situation was dire, and that was an euphemism as morale had crumbled across the nation. In only five months, the "Outsiders", a blanket term referring to the nations that were annihilating all Elysian forces in their path, had reduced the Concordat's size by almost half of it's size. Mungus was the first to fall as the Pikasistani finally showed their true faces to the naive nation who thought the presence of this powerful human nation would allow them to vainquish their rivals once and for all, claiming the entirety of the sector as their own. Zoe's star quickly followed, the meager defenses in place within that system being quickly dispatched by the Pikes as the Olimpiadan seized Violet with a swift ground invasion. Even then, the military leadership thought it was possible to win the war, that the timely arrival of a handful of Houseidian ships in Elysian space would allow them to turn the tide. But the Pikasistani ships were far too numerous and technologically advanced for the Elysians and refitting their ships with more capable weaponry would take too much time.

News had just arrived that Pegasus fell, meaning that the next logical step of the Pikasistani would be to finally deliver a crushing blow to the Elysian war effort by invading Geolia, heart of the military industry with its archeotech orbital ring and defenses and surely, the upcoming battle would lead to the death of tens of millions of men, women and children. The news had spread that the invaders had little care of non-human populations, summarily executing them as they pursued their relentless advanced.

Elias waited on the park bench, thinking about his future, of the future of his family, of his fellow soldiers which would ultimately die for what, a place in the history books? That was preposterous, especially as it is widely known that History is written by the victors and that they would be but a footnote in whatever material the Pikes would teach to the descendants of those that would survive.

A vehicle pulled up, a light blinking in the dirty back window, the signal he told to wait for. He stood up, and entered the van, swiftly being grabbed by one of the men in the van and injected with an unknown substance. He struggled, thinking that he was now done for, but it was all in vain. His consciousness faded away, his vision getting blurry and his entire body losing strength...

◊ ◊ ◊

Current times, aboard the Raxum], Kendari space

Elias woke up from cryosleep as the ship transitioned back into slipspace, his ankylosed body slowly recovering to the many weeks spent in suspended animation. Unlike his new bosses, the ex-general's body had yet to acclimate itself to the mandatory cryosleep of long range slipspace travel. He sat on the edge of his bed, expiring a cloud of almost frigid air compared to the relatively comfortable temperature of the vessel. He streched his body, trying to prevent unnecessary injuries before finally stepping up. The black body suit he wore making heat regulation of his body a little easier, preventing hypothermia at the very least.

He rubbed his left forearm, at the exact location where the emblem of his former unit was, a bitter reminder of what he did, even if it was for the good of his own men. He was forced to sacrifice many of those he called friends back then, moments that would haunt him for the rest of his life. In front of him layed his armour, neatly installed on a rack before him. The black and red paint on the graphene coating showing his appartenance to those who invaded his very home.

Despite this historical mishap, he couldn't really complain. In fact, the Misdrea family were kind employers which gave him an unprecedented wealth, despite his unofficial status as a second class citizen. The pay was good, he didn't risk to die on a battlefield on the other side of the galaxy, if there was one thing he truly missed, it would be without any hesitation the food. Pikasistani cuisine is, to most outsiders, really bland, cultural heritage of decades over overcrowding in their pre-FTL era, making their culinary tastes far less developed than those of other human nations, bar perhaps the Olimpiadans, but even then, Olimpiadan cuisine was a culinary delight in comparison to whatever atrocities Pikasistani cooks could create.

He strapped the armour on, making him feel a little heavier as the armour of the Palatine Guards assigned to Pikasistani high nobility were not mounted on a powered exoskeleton like the ones wore by Pikasistani soldiers, and magnetically locked his weapons to his waist before leaving his room, walking in the narrow, but refined, corridors of the Raxum, his boots clipping and unclipping from the metallic floor, allowing him to walk instead of being subjected to the caprices of zero-g. After a few minutes of walk across the ship, he arrived to his intended destinations, the chambers of Lady Misdrea. He knocked on the metallic door, before speaking up.

"Milady, we have arrived to our destination, the captain should have already reached out to the local authorities by now.", he paused, "We need to go."

The door opened slightly, showing an unready Agrippina. "I'll be ready in a few minutes Romulus", she said, calling the man by his codename, always forgetting, or perhaps never bothering to actually learn his real name. "Make sure with Remus that everything is within the shuttle, I wouldn't want to arrive there to realize we left the gifts on board."

It took everything for the man not to sigh in exasperation in front of his boss. Truly, this would be an annoying sojourn for him...
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