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Television in your Nation

Postby State of Turelisa » Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:09 am

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Postby Zhouran » Tue Aug 06, 2019 10:38 am

Unlike many other nations, the People's Republic of Zhouran has multiple state broadcasters instead of a single state broadcaster. As a result, this has resulted in a diverse range of content as well as inter-competitiveness. Zhouran's four state broadcasters fall under the supervision of the National Media Administration, which is in turn subordinate to the Central Council of the People's Republic of Zhouran.

Currently there are up to 2,550 television broadcast stations in the country, of which 800 are operated by state-owned broadcasters under the supervision of the National Media Administration, while 1,750 are local regional stations. The country also currently has up to 18,610 radio broadcast stations, of which 4,875 are AM stations, 6,950 are commercial FM stations, 4,380 are FM stations operated by state-owned broadcasters under the supervision of the National Media Administration, and 2,405 are licensed low-power FM stations.
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Postby Aikoland » Thu Aug 08, 2019 4:26 pm

Due to our nation's small population, there are only a few television channels which originate from Aikoland, although all French television channels are also available on cable or satellite.

The television channels which do originate from Aikoland are as follows:
  • SRTA - The primary channel broadcast by the Société Radio-Télédiffusion Aikolandais (Aikolandais Broadcasting Corporation), the Aikoland public broadcaster, established in 1951.
  • Aikoland News - A 24 hour news channel owned by the SRTA, established in 1993.
  • SRTA-Parlement - A parliamentary affairs channel owned by the SRTA, established in 2003.
  • RTC - An abbreviation for Réseau de télévision commerciale (Commercial Television Network), the first private television channel in Aikoland, currently owned by TéléAiko, established in 1970.
  • Le Métro - Private television channel owned by Société de Métro, established in 1987.
  • TéléJeunes - Private television channel aimed at a young audience owned by TéléAiko, established in 1993.
  • Métro News - Private 24 hour news channel owned by Société de Métro, established in 2001.
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Postby Radiatia » Fri Aug 09, 2019 2:46 am

There is no state owned broadcaster on a federal level, but broadcast television is dominated by the "Big Four" networks - RPN, WTV, SBC and FBS. There's also Satellite (Cable) TV, of which there are an estimated 500 channels, as well as various free to air local and state channels - many states, such as Alayenia, have public broadcasters for example.

Commercial Network Television in the Radiatian Federation is dominated by the "Big Four":

  • RPN: (Radiatian People's Network), formally the state broadcaster until its full privatisation in 4040NC and consisting of five free to air channels:

    RPN-1: Typically aimed at the 18+ market, and most commonly watched by those over 65, usual programming consists of documentaries, current events and some dramas

    RPN-2: Typically aimed at the 14-49 audience, mostly comedy shows, dramas, gameshows and light entertainment

    RPN-3: Focuses on the 16-65 audience, and is generally considered to be less "highbrow" and more "mainstream" than RPN-1

    RPeeWees/RPN-4: Primarily a channel for children, although at night it plays a combination of music videos and infomercials

    RPNN: A free-to-air 24 hour news channel. Parts of the channel are broadcast internationally as RPNN World.

RPNN is arguably the most objective and politically neutral of the Big Four, but its past as the propaganda wing of the Communist Party - despite its commercial ownership - still sets up it from (often blatantly inaccurate) accusations that it harbours left-wing sympathies.

  • WTV: (Western Television) Based in Das Engel, during the communist era WTV was the only independent television station and focussed exclusively on light entertainment. Unlike RPN and others, WTV broadcasts primarily in English and most WTV shows are thus popular outside of Radiatia.

    Today WTV runs two free-to-air channels:

    WTV: A mainstream mix of drama, entertainment and some news

    WTV-2: Consists of light entertainment, more "experimental" or "arty" television shows and aimed at a younger audience. Most popular among university aged viewers.

WTV tends to take an openly liberal editorial line, usually endorsing the SDU and only endorsing the LCP twice.

  • FBS: (Federal Broadcasting Service): Probably the least dominant and newest of the Big Four, FBS runs two channels:

    FBS: A mainstream television show most famous for its successful dramas and comedies

    FBS Business: An Exegrad-based station that provides 24 hour coverage of business news and stories likely to affect the business community.

FBS's editorial line is very pro-business and could arguably be called 'right-libertarian'; the network has only ever endorsed the LCP in elections.

  • SBC: (Satellite Broadcasting Corporation): Most of its channels are on Digital (Cable) Television, however SBC has one free-to-air channel, which runs a combination of documentaries, news, lifestyle shows and some comedies, aimed mostly at the over 40 audience - the stereotypical elderly person in Radiatia is someone who watches SBC.

    SBC has by far the most socially conservative editorial line of any Radiatian network, having endorsed in an election the SDU on just one occasion.
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Postby Gandoor » Sun Aug 11, 2019 6:36 pm

In Gandoor, there are presently thirteen nationwide OTA television channels that are being broadcast: six of them are owned by the GBC (the Gandoorese public broadcaster), six are owned by private companies, and one is owned and operated directly by the Government of Gandoor. In addition to the OTA channels, there are also numerous channels available on either cable or satellite television services.

GBC-owned Channels
GBN (originally an initialism for Gandoor Broadcasting Network until 2006) is the original and primary television channel operated by the Gandoor Broadcasting Corporation. GBN began broadcasting on 31 December 1949 and was the first non-experimental television channel in the Democratic Republic. As the primary channel of the GBC, GBN broadcasts programming aimed at all license-fee payers, including news, current affairs, sports, documentaries, and drama. Children's programming was also historically broadcast on GBN from 1950 until 2010.

GBN airs on channel 2.

GBN Alt is a television channel operated by the GBC that began broadcasting in January 2004 as a replacement for GBN Classics, which operated from 1996 until 2004. GBN Alt is aimed at audiences between 20 and 40 years old and primarily broadcasts non-mainstream and experimental programming.

GBN Alt airs on channel 3.

Officially known as the Gandoor News Network, GNN was the first 24-hour news network in Gandoor and began broadcasting in March 1990. In addition to news programming, GNN also airs some current affairs programming and occasional documentaries.

GNN airs on channel 6.

Chiddies is a television channel aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 12 which began broadcasting in April 2003. In 2010, all children's programming still broadcast on GBN was moved to Chiddies, officially ending GBN's 60 year history of airing children's televsion.

Chiddies airs on channel 4.

GBN Nihongo
Created due to the passage of the Foreign Language GBC Act in 2019, GBN Nihongo is one of the two newest GBC-owned channels in Gandoor, along with GBN Russkiy, and began broadcasting in April 2023. GBN Nihongo broadcasts programming exclusively in Japanese with English subtitles available for all programming.

GBN Nihongo airs on channel 7.

GBN Russkiy
Created due to the passage of the Foreign Language GBC Act in 2019, GBN Russkiy is one of the two newest GBC-owned channels in Gandoor, along with GBN Nihongo, and began broadcasting in April 2023. GBN Russkiy broadcasts programming exclusively in Russian with English subtitles available for all programming.

GBN Russkiy airs on channel 8.

Private Channels
Osaka TV
Owned by the Osaka Television Company, Osaka TV is the oldest commercial television in Gandoor, having begun broadcasting in June 1950 and is, alongside GBN and National Network, one of the three remaining original television channels in the Democratic Republic established between 1949 and 1956.

Osaka TV airs on channel 12.

National Network
National Network was originally launched as Rajio-Terebi (ラジオ・テレビ), the television arm of the Wonder Waves Radio Corporation, in October 1950 and was the first non-English television channel in Gandoor, broadcasting programming exclusively in Japanese. Rajio-Terebi began airing limited English-language programming starting in 1965. In 1979, two years following their former parent company spinning-off their television arm into a separate company known as RTV, Rajio-Terebi was renamed to RTV. In 2003, RTV was renamed to National Network, officially due to wanting to retire the then-24 year old branding.

National Network airs on channel 15.

Owned by Alimore, Ten began broadcasting in October 1971 and was the first new private channel in Gandoor since 1956. Ten's owners, Alimore, previously owned ATV, which broadcast from July 1950 until October 1957.

Ten airs on channel 10.

Ten News
Owned by Alimore, Ten News began broadcasting in February 1998 as the second 24-hour news channel in Gandoor.

Ten News airs on channel 11.

TV Kira
Owned by the KiraKira Corporation, TV Kira began broadcasting in March 1976. TV Kira was originally planned to launch under the name of Network Six, as it would have been the sixth television channel at the time (alongside GBN, GBN 2, Osaka TV, Rajio-Terebi, and Ten) but was renamed to TV Kira following the November 1975 announcement that GBN 2 would be shut down in 1976.

TV Kira airs on channel 13.

Owned by WoW Incorporated, StarNet is the most recent private OTA television channel and began broadcasting in November 2013.

StarNet airs on channel 14.

Government-owned Channel
Forum TV
Forum TV is the broadcaster of sessions of the Forum of the Democratic Republic of Gandoor and has been broadcast since March 1994. Sessions of the Forum are aired live and unedited when they are occurring and, when the Forum is not in session, public affairs and other political programming, with both Gandoorese and international programming aired. Due to laws regarding the filming of sessions of the Forum for 'non-personal use', Forum TV is directly owned and operated by the Government of Gandoor and is not part of the GBC.

Forum TV airs on channel 15.
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Postby BuDa » Sun Aug 11, 2019 7:10 pm

Buda has several TV stations which are watched by groups of people. BBC (formerly RHE or rhe) is the most watched of these because of its interesting programs. This is the list of our TV Stations:
  • BBC - This television network started airing on June 13, 1899 as an unknown radio station that broadcasted in 4 MHz and it contained just — morse code. They changed their name to Y&R (Yakirsk & Reneë) and started to use the earliest modern radio equipment. They were replaced in June 4, 1966 because of the 66 years of its airing. The TV station is now broadcasting news at 4:00 AM and 8:00 PM, movies at 12-3 am, a variety show at 11 nn -2 pm, and several soap operas. It was called BBN until 1999 for its 100th anniversary. Y&R is still active for 120 years.

    BBC is separated into 4 units, which are the following:
  • BBC 1 = Aimed at teens, this channel broadcasts documentaries.
  • BBC 2 = Aimed for kids ages 3-9.
  • BBC 3 = The central channel where BBC's world is spinning.
  • BBC 4 = The channel where news are broadcasted like I mentioned before.

    There is an urban legend about BBC 5, a channel that broadcasts in 1:00 AM and in channel 2763 (although Buda-made TV sets maximizes it's channel number to 999).

  • BNN (Budanesic News Network) - This channel airs in the Budanense World, an interplanetary dimension that is influenced by Budanense culture. It is also owned by BBC. It is watched by 60 million people daily.
  • GMB (Good Morning Buda) - this airs in 12-9 am and is owned by Budanesic Media Corporation (BMC). GMB broadcasts such things like Morning News which airs from 6-8 AM.
  • National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) (Not to be confused with National Broadcasting Company, a real TV network) - This is a government-owned TV channel. Only 100 million TVs can broadcast this channel.

For more information, please visit
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Postby Terre Septentrionale » Sun Aug 11, 2019 7:55 pm

Télé-Septentrionale (TST): Owned by the government, public general channel in French language
Télévision Cinq-Saisons (TCS): Private general channel in French language
Telewizja Polnocna (TWP): Owned by the government, public general channel in Polish language
PolSat: Private general channel in Polish language
Sjeverna radiotelevizija (SRT): Owned by the government, public general channel in Croat language
Northern Television (NTV): Owned by the government, public general channel in English language

NordSports (NS), SportsNorth (SN) and PolSports (PS): All three are private owned networks owned by the same company. the first one is in French, 2nd one in English and third one in Polish.

TVSports1 and TVSports2: Another private sports network broadcasting in French, Polish, English and Croat.
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Postby Lushansk » Tue Apr 07, 2020 4:01 pm

Television in Lushansk is Dominated by State Broadcaster ORTL and the Big Four ( LTB, KTLA International,ITV,and Russia One )

The ORTL ( Office de radio et de télévision de Lushansk) is Divided into 3 domestic television stations, two television services for Angola and North Korea , and a colonial service for the overseas colonies :

Le premier programme : one of the first two television stations along with LTB in the country that was formed in 1956. It Broadcasts only in French

ORTL 2 : Established in 1962. Unlike the first station, it broadcasts in both English and French.

ORTL 3 : The Last ORTL Station to be formed. It was Established in 1972 to broadcast the Munich Olympics and the Eurovision song contest after ORTL 2 lost membership in the European Broadcasting Union.

ORTA: Founded in 1961 to serve the Overseas Province of Angola

ORTNK: Founded in 1963 to serve the Overseas Province of North Korea

ORTC: Established in 1958 to serve the colonies of Iarasupneapsanaa and Algeria. in 1965 the service to Iarasupneapsanaa ended after the colony declared independence from Lushansk. Algeria remains the only colony that receives this service.

Unlike Most State Broadcasters, ORTL is a Regional Television Service owned by Private Television Companies with the exception of Kemsley-Winnick Television which is a owned and operated station that is owned by the Ministry of Television. and Le premier programme which is the only station that is fully owned by the Government . Most Regional Television Stations only Broadcast the live feed of ORTL 2 or ORTL 3

List of Regional Television Stations :
Crimea Television : won the bid for Channel 2 in Crimea. Started Broadcasting in July 7 1962

Western Lushansk Television : won the bid for Channel 2 in Voyln. Started Broadcasting in December 25 1962

Capital Television: won the bid for Channel 2 in New Scotland Province. Started Broadcasting in January 15 1963. Replaced by Frontier Television in July 2 1983.

Pyongyang Broadcasting Service: Started Broadcasting in July 1963

Tyne Tees Television: One of the Few OTL ITV networks to be used on this list. Started Broadcasting in 1963
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Postby Tinhampton » Tue Apr 07, 2020 6:16 pm

Tinhampton wrote:From our factbook:
Television in the nation only started when a mast was put up in a hill convieniently located in the Demilitarised Zone in 1958. Having long tired of the BBC and TinVision (the local ITV franchise) by 1966, the Tinhampton Broadcasting Service was proposed that August, taking up Channel 9 and making demo broadcasts of the Centennial Celebrations in October. Further demos were broadcast until the system finally became up, running and in glorious colour on the 1st of September 1969. All TV and radio in Tinhampton is now broadcast from this mast... The nation's TV stations are those as recieved in the UK, plus the TBS.
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Postby United Mafia Empire » Tue Apr 07, 2020 6:37 pm

United Telacom
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Postby Vlaandia » Tue Apr 07, 2020 6:59 pm

What is a television? Some form of far-sight?
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Postby Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic » Wed Apr 08, 2020 9:15 am

In Alinghi exist several tv companies. The language of the tv channel depends where you are, but from the TV setting you can choose that languange you want set, and the TV will retune the channel of preferred language (except for the kantonal tv channels or tv channels that are not aviable in preferred language).

There are a Confederal TV, owned by the Confederation and by Canton. Managed by the Alingan Radio TeleVision Confederal Agency in english (ARTVCA)

And have main Channel
TV1 - FS1 - TB1 - RÖ1: First Generalist Channel
ImageImageImageImage ImageImageImage

TV2 - FS2 - TB2 - RÖ2: Second Generalist Channel

TVK - FSK - CTV - RÖZ: Cantonal Reserved TV Channel

FSK: TV channel for kids

FSJ: TV Channel for Teens

FSS: TV Channel Sports

FSH: TV Channel History and Documentaries

FSM: Music Channel

FS-News24 News Channel

Private TV Networks (the two most famous)

THE THIRTIES: Pratically it cover all channel what are the number 3 in the dozen (30-39 / 130-139 / etc...)

30: Generalist (130 HD; 230 +1h)
31: Generalist 2 (131 HD; 231 +1h)
32: Sport (132 HD; 232 +1h)
33: Kids (133 HD; 233 +1h)
34: Teens (133 HD; 233 +1h)
35: Science (135 HD; 235 +1h)
36: History (136 HD; 236 +1h)
37: Lifestyle (137 HD; 237 +1h)
38: "DMAX"-like channel (138 HD; 238 +1h)

WIZ-TV: Owned by the owner of WizTech (or Wizard Technologies), owner of the Alingan Major Technologic Industry.
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Postby Toin » Wed Apr 08, 2020 3:33 pm

Television of all kinds is primarily delivered by private companies. The Toinan Broadcasting Company is a nonprofit public service that broadcasts proceedings of the Toinan federal government, airs many TV and feature-length documentaries on government and public service, and has several domestic and international news and talk shows. The Toinan Broadcasting Company also has state subdivisions that act in the same way towards the state government, but notably do not tend to air documentaries.

In Jampired, television is modified to have Portuguese subtitles or voice-over. The same is provided in Norther with Inuktitut. Sign language interpretation is provided for government broadcasts by law. All stations are also required to have support systems in place for deaf and blind persons.
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Postby Kyrusia » Wed Apr 08, 2020 3:52 pm

Insufficient OP; iLock. This would be best placed in the Miscellaneous Worldbuilding Thread.


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