World War 5

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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World War 5

Postby Kazernava Brazil » Sun Jul 21, 2019 3:59 am

Kazernava Brazil. one of the glorious bastions of Monarchism left in the world. has always been a constant question in this world a nation which is as absolute as its extreme monarchism. It always has had Wars with countries like Gran Columbia and Argentina. but Fascism has also been rising in countries in South America in 2098 a Fascist Regime took over Argentina as it destroyed Chile Bolivia Paraguay and the 6th Republic of Uruguay [yea alot of civil wars] in an attempt to eventually conquer and destroy the one thorn on its side Kazernava Brazil. Before this takeover many countries fell to Fascism including Germany which became the 4th Reich, Spain which became Falangist Spain Mexico which became the Neo Mexican Empire which then conquered all of Central America Haiti which became Imperial Haiti Sweden which stayed the same but under a fascist regime and Turkey which renamed to the Great Caliphate [which can just be called Turkish Empire they didnt want the Ottoman term]

The 4th Reich declared war on France on January 5th 2088 which soon resulted in Falangist Spain joining in. NATO survived to this time but it was much weaker and most contained a few Western European Nations aswell as remainder Scandinavia Canada USA and Dominican Republic [fear of falling to now extremely powerful Imperial Haiti] NATO declared war on Both Falangist Spain and 4th Reich which resulted in The Imperial Cross Alliance joining in La Plata being a member joined in and declared war on Kazernava Brazil seeing a chance to kill one of there worst rivals. Image Attack on San Domingo by Haitian Soldiers supported by 4th Reich

The War has quickly started with the DR collapsing and France which was weakened from ANOTHER REVOLUTION Kazernava Brazil losing land to the well prepared La Plata Kazernava soon called for help from its almost Century Long Ally Peru which also hated La Plata for disbanding Peru-Bolivia resulting in Peru Joining the war also resulting in Gran Columbia declaring war on Both Peru and Kazernava Brazil. with the Situation Violent who will exist to help one side of the World war Asia is neutral

Please follow the rules
Rule 1: dont use extreme technology no space battles mainly
Rule 2: Please dont start so many sides [Example lets say Cuba joins the war to invade everyone and the same thing goes for Puerto Rico] no please join on the current sides of the war
Rule 3: dont rp conquering nations i will rp the effects of your actions upon a country but specify what country you are attacking so you can make my life easier
Rule 4: Dont bring up memes im not joking
Rule 5: dont be overpowered i understand if a country comes and thy might be in 10 Billion Plus but please dont overkill everything cause that is just terrible and overkill rping which i hate
Rule 6: Foreign Occupation is allowed but dont invade Switzerland lol
Rule 7: No Spam
Rule 8: ABSOLUTELY NO SMALL RPING [example: Insert Country Name decides to join the war ] please specify what your doing if your neutral you can rather not chat or just do this [Insert Country Name] Declares Neutrality
Rule 9: understand that your country can die in this but it isnt meant to affect your literal Nationstate
Rule 10: the War is focused in Europe and the Americas with nothing in Africa and barely anything in Asia so if your an asian country your in luck
Rule 11: If your ns is based off Germany yes you can rp the 4th Reich
Rule 12: [insert praying] if you wanna rp a south american country then please do so its especially wanted for La Plata and Gran Columbia to be rped
Rule 13: your not allowed to rp as Kazernava Brazil because you know why. [if you seriously dont then its because im Kazernava Brazil lol]
Rule 14: you are allowed to start any type of revolt anywhere [except Switzerland]
Rule 15: If you want request any country to be added [for example if you have a rival] I will add that country but please specify its location capital and your side in the war so i can add them to the Opposite
Rule 16 and Final Rule: You are allowed to leave the war anytime

Enjoy The Roleplay and again follow the rules

and to make rp easier i will specify all countries in this war

Kazernava Brazil
Peruvian Republic
Dominican Republic
Imperial Cross Alliance
Germany [4th Reich]
Imperial Haiti
Falangist Spain
Mexico [Neo Mexican Empire]
La Plata
Gran Colombia
Turkey [Turkish Empire]

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Postby Yuyencia » Sun Jul 21, 2019 4:23 am

yuyencia are condemn fascist and are proclamate support for NATO mans

knights of lady tunglu are deploy europe help hard work local mans train catholic militia, defend against wicked bn
___ Federation of Yuyencia 幽燕西亚联邦 ___
Proud independent free Catholic nation are continue Yan area history pride great history faith culture
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Kazernava Brazil
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Postby Kazernava Brazil » Sun Jul 21, 2019 4:41 am

Yuyencia specify please

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