Youngest ever President elected in Esperantujo 2

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Youngest ever President elected in Esperantujo 2

Postby Esperantujo 2 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 9:50 am

Verda Verdo, elected for Verda the Radical Green party in Rosetio North East has been elected as Esperantujo 2's youngest ever president at the age of only 14. She received a record majority of 210,914 votes in Rosetio North East and also got more than 100,000 votes more than her male running mate, who was also successful. She will form a government of Verda, Movement for 6th International, Revolutionary United General Alliance and Left Greens. She will suspend our troubled space program and invest in green growth. She promises to remain a virgin during her period of office and wishes to be known as President Frauxlino Verda Verdo. For the opposition S-ino Erisa Nudilido of the Discordia party congratulated the new president, and said that although her party would not enter the goverment they would give the new young President as much support as possible.

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Postby Lillorainen » Wed Jul 17, 2019 12:08 pm

Official Diplomatic Correspondence

To: Ministry for External Affairs of the Democratic Republic of Esperantujo 2.
From: Bundesaussenministerium der Föderation Lillorainen.
Subject: Presidential Election in Esparantujo 2.
Encryption level: Open - can be released.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The President of the Federation of Lillorainen, Silas Flemming, would like to congratulate Pressident-elect Frauxlino Verda Verdo for her successful election! While it does appear surprising, that a girl who has just seen 14 summers is now supposed to achieve the higghest position of her country possible, we are well aware, that countries with very young leaders, while not very common, are not exactly unheard of, either - mostly monarchies, but in some cases also republics.

It may be a hard job for her, especially since she might have to continue her education next to government business, but we do assume in good faith, that she is well aware of that, and that she is not alone; after all, Ministers and Advisors are there for a reason.

President Silas Flemming has given his approval on his personal statement being quoted:
    "It heartens me to see, that the Democratic Republic of Esperantujo 2 does offer political positions even for the youngest in the country! You must know, that I had a hard struggle to get appointed and approved by the Meritocratic Council - and I've already been twenty-eight by that date! I do think, every society needs to listen to the young folks every now and then - even if this needs to be achieved in an unusual manner sometimes. I wish the young lady good luck and all success in running her country for the next few years!"

We can only second that.

Best regards and wishes,

Friedhelm Marquardt,
Minister of Foreign Affairs.
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