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Auto ManufacturingCompanies From YN

Postby Andocara » Tue Jul 16, 2019 11:16 am

Auto manufacturing Companies are companies that make vehicles of either a specific kind, or various kinds. Examples of such companies include Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, etc. What are some auto manufacturing companies that come from YN?

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[b]Name of Manufacturing Company:[/b]
[b]Date Founded:[/b]
[b]Years Active:[/b]
[b]Founder (if any):[/b]
[b]Areas served:[/b]
[b]What type of automobiles or other transportation does the company produce?[/b]
[b]Most successful sold model:[/b]
[b]Other Information:[/b]


Name of Manufacturing Company: Kamden
Logo: A two layer ring, the outer one composed of flames and the inner composed of water. At the center of the ring there is a red K, symbolizing the brand itself.
Date Founded: July 15, 1967
Years Active: 1967-present
Founder (if any): Julian Kingsley
Headquarters: Mission, Andocara
Areas served: Andocara, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Very rare in North America
What type of automobiles or other transportation does the company produce? sedans, coupes, SUV’s, vans and RV’s
Most successful sold model: The FM 2
Other Information: Kamden rose to popularity in many parts of the world, though not as big as Nissan, Ford, etc, it has become a success in Andocara, the UK, Japan, and Australia. It’s rarely seen in the USA due to relatively low popularity. Since 2010, all Kamden models have been electric, or non-petrol.
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Postby Subhurbia » Tue Jul 16, 2019 3:47 pm

Name of Manufacturing Company: Apollo Transport
Logo: a yellow and green chariot
Date Founded: June 8, 1954
Years Active: 1954-present
Founder (if any): unknown
Headquarters: Interpol, East Suhurbia
Areas served: throughout Suhurbia, not sold in any other country
What type of automobiles or other transportation does the company produce? air sails, saucer planes, hovermobiles (which are only sold in East Suhurbia)
Most successful sold model: Traveller 1
Other Information: A very successful company throughout Suhurbia, makes various forms of transportation (the exception being water transportation). It is unknown who the founder is, and rather or not they’re still alive.
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Postby Lillorainen » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:36 am

Due to automobile manufacturing being an important economic branch in Lillorainen, there are many companies producing motorized vehicles, thus here be only the three largest ones.

Name of Manufacturing Company:
Mowela (Motorenwerke Lademünd AG).

A circle with a vertical and a horizontal line crossing in the center, 'Mowela' written on the horizontal one.

Date Founded:
August 5, 1903.

Years Active:
116 years, as of 2019.

Founder (if any):
A consortium around Ronald Carstens and Hilda Gürzenich.


Areas served:
As of now, the entire Federation of Lillorainen as well as countries surrounding it.

What type of automobiles or other transportation does the company produce?
Middle- and upper-class motorcycles and cars; lorries, engines for land vehicles, ships, and airplanes.

Most successful sold model:
Mowela M-19 Sportsvan, built since 1983.

Other Information:
Mowela is one of the largest motorworks companies in the Federation, with 110,000 employees in total. Not only their cars and motorcycles are a fairly common view on Lillorainian (and some foreign) roads - most Lillorainian airplanes and ferries use Mowela motors as well. Since 2009, electric cars have been produced as well.

Name of Manufacturing Company:
Danabilen Motorworks Ltd.

Silver pendant of a chariot, brand name written below it.

Date Founded:
Around 1917.

Years Active:
Persistently since around 1917.

Founder (if any):


Areas served:
The Federation of Lillorainen only.

What type of automobiles or other transportation does the company produce?
Lower- and middle-class cars, both motorized and electric; lorries, and components for trams and metro trains and for military equipment.

Most successful sold model:
The D-24 XL.

Other Information:
As the second largest motorworks company in Lillorainen, Danabilen employs 73,000 employees in total, serving primarily the East of Lillorainen, but also expands into the West. Danabilen plans to operate on foreign markets as well in the future.

Name of Manufacturing Company:
SAK Motorworks Ltd.

A circle with the letters SAK in Younger Futhark (ᛋᚬᚴ) in it.

Date Founded:
February 16, 1949.

Years Active:
1949 to 1968, since 1980.

Founder (if any):
Hagen Solms, Lisa Ahrens, Boris Kadrić.

Freudenberg in Nessovia.

Areas served:
The Federation of Lillorainen and surrounding countries.

What type of automobiles or other transportation does the company produce?
Cars and motorcycles of all sizes and classes, lorries, tank engines.

Most successful sold model:
SAK 90 Coupé.

Other Information:
As the third largest automobile manufacturer in Lillorainen, SAK, with 56,000 employees, has a wide variety and range, due to the competition on the domestic market and on foreign markets. The letters SAK are for the initials of the three founders' last names, whose heirs still run the company.
Since Lillorainen's geography is currently being overhauled a 'tiny' bit, most information on it posted before December 12, 2018, is not entirely reliable anymore. Until there's a new, proper factfile, everything you might need to know can be found here. Thank you. #RetconOfDoom

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Postby Vysnia » Wed Jul 17, 2019 12:09 pm

Name of Manufacturing Company: Autocrop Cypri (Cypri Auto Group)
Date Founded: 1961
Years Active: 1961 - Present
Founder (if any): Jacob Caron
Headquarters: Formerly Cypri, now New Calais
Areas served: All of Vysnia, many countries in the region, as well as Africa and Eurasia
What type of automobiles or other transportation does the company produce? Basic cars, light duty trucks, motorcycles, and light sports cars
Most successful sold model: Autocrop A1, a license produced version of the Citroën 2CV, production ended in 2006
Other Information: Jacob Caron formerly owned Fabrican Cypri, which produced submachine guns during the Independence War from 1952-1956
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Postby Fostoria » Thu Jul 18, 2019 11:14 am

Name of Manufacturing Company: Daiychaz Autowerke (Daiychaz Auto Works/DAW)
Date Founded: 1880
Years Active: 1880-1935, 1989-present, 1936-1989 as Daiychaz Auto-Unionae (Daiychaz Auto Union)
Founder (if any): Gustav Branhame
Headquarters: 1011 Nordspeiss Blv. Daiychaz
Areas served: Fostoria, Kingdom of the Two Suns, Federation of Fumihiko Aparaconia, Southwestern State (neighboring countries), most of the world by export
What type of automobiles or other transportation does the company produce?All sorts- Coupes, sedans, SUVs, vans, pickups, buses, work trucks, military vehicles (in semi-nationalized division DMMW)
Most successful sold model: 1990-1996 GR-10
Other Information: Gustav Branhame produced Fostoria's first car in 1879 and opened his factory on the Kaarel River named "Daiychaz Autowerke" the next year in order to mass-produce it. His first massive success was the affordable 1905 M-1, which had a straight-six engine incredibly far ahead of its time producing 55 horsepower. The chassis was used for everything, from a long-bodied sports car M-1S to an M-1D family "van" that could carry up to 8 people. By 1915 DAW alone had produced so many cars that it singlehandedly eliminated horse-pulled transport almost entirely. When war broke out, thousands of M-1s were armored and turned into the "M-Wagon" that largely replaced cavalry for flanking maneuvers and such. After the Aleayrayean Revolution, DAW was entirely nationalized and renamed to Daiychaz Auto Union in order to recognize the trade union of which most of the workers had been a part. The Black Revolution of 1989 led to its re-privatization, with a majority of the shares being given back to the Branhame family. The military wing remained nationalized, however. It's most popular car ever, the quick GR-10 sedan, was produced shortly after when people wanted new transportation.

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