The Caravan Guard (open, IC)

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The Caravan Guard (open, IC)

Postby Infinite Miracles » Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:29 pm

There were a dozen armed soldiers carrying MK guns and wearing bullet proof vests. They were preparing to lead a caravan of supplies to Easterdan. "The weather is a little dusty", says battle born looking Commander Greg. "Yep", replied a grunt looking soldier.

The guard got in their trucks and followed the caravan prepared for a fight. After a few hours the grunt looking soldier said, "I think a sandstorm is coming." Because sand was flying in every direction in the barren landscape.
"HURRY UP", yelled Commander Greg who's uniform was turning brown.

-Commander Greg is my character, you can use him to respond but don't use him to make major decisions.
-In character only OOC comments must be in the bottom of a post like mine.
-Be realistic no fairy tales or dinosaurs.
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