V A N Q U A R I A [Factbook/Closed/WIP]

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V A N Q U A R I A [Factbook/Closed/WIP]

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The Dominion of Vanquaria is a nation-state situated in the far north of the world and currently governed by an absolute monarchy. Vanquaria is recognized as one of the global powers of Alitheia in the modern age and the nation boasts a powerful but infamous military and commands the loyalties of countless millions. The nation boasts membership within the Aegeaon Pact, an international organization comprised of select nations representing the powers of the world and is often considered the de facto leader of the intercontinental alliance with its neighbor, Swiftea.

The country's landmass is vast and encompasses the lands of Helsa and Aishai. Vanquaria's lands are rich with resources though its extremely large size can hinder the movement of its citizens and the prosecution of law by its government. Nonetheless, its size is often viewed as a blessing by its inhabitants for it has historically proved to be a natural defense against invaders.

Vanquaria is often recognized as an empire due to its past jingoism and divisive foreign policies. Vanquarian heads of state are termed, 'Autarch' with the government operating as a hereditary monarchy with a traditionally patriarchal nature. The current Autarch is Scott Esic of the Esic dynasty. Often compared to his father, Vladimir Esic, who was an internationally condemned war criminal due to actions in the Azenyanistani wars in the Middle East, Autarch Scott Esic is an active participant in foreign affairs who is known to cultivate relationships with foreign heads of state. However, Vanquaria under his rule has only grown more threatening in the recent years of major increases in funding for its military and the fostering of nationalism within the populace.






Vanquaria's position in the world order is safeguarded by their fearsome military. The nation is defended by its military, the VAF, and its intelligence organizations, the Institute and the VSIO. A history of brutal warfare in all parts of the globe even against other first-world powers has hardened the Vanquarian military and their achievements in the field of battle, both overt and covert, have granted infamy amonst the nations of the world.

The Vanquarian Armed Forces are divided into 4 major sub-organizations that coexist together:

  • Imperial Ground Forces
  • Imperial Fleet
  • Imperial Aerospace Forces
  • Coast Guard of Vanquaria
As a result of the nature of modern warfare in the 21st century, the VAF has renewed its investment into unconventional combat units and has fostered strong relationships with the Institute Military Intelligence and Special Operations and the Vanquarian Security Intelligence Organization.

◆The Institute Military Intelligence and Special Operations: The 'Institute' is Vanquaria's foreign intelligence agency. The organization wields a complex intelligence network that spreads to all the corners of Alitheia and all field operations are conducted through the use of human intelligence, advanced signals intelligence and advanced cyber intelligence. The Institute has access to military satellites and to any Big Brother asset. Their operatives have gained a reputation for their notorious brutality and success and it is speculated that Institute field operators have and can masquerade as private military contractors for the controversial SIGMA Corporation.

◆Vanquarian Security Intelligence Organisation: The VSIO is Vanquaria's domestic intelligence organization. It is chartered to address a wide variety of threats within the Empire. VSIO does not possess independent arrest powers, as such, it must rely on its close partnership with the Institute and the VAF. The VSIO’s strength lies in its ability to operate under a well-defined structure and an independent assessment umbrella.

Commissioned Ranks

ArmyNavyAir Force
Lord MarshalGrand AdmiralAir Commander
Field MarshalAdmiralAir Chief Marshal
GeneralVice AdmiralAir Marshal
Major GeneralRear AdmiralAir Vice Marshal
BrigadierCommodoreAir Commodore
ColonelCaptainGroup Captain
Lieutenant ColonelCommanderWing Commander
CaptainLieutenantFlight Lieutenant
First LieutenantSub LieutenantFlying Officer
Second LieutenantEnsignPilot Officer
Officer CadetMidshipmanFlight Cadet

Non-Commissioned Ranks

ArmyNavyAir Force
Regimental Sergeant MajorWarrant Officer of the NavyWarrant Officer of the Air Force
Warrant OfficerChief Petty OfficerFlight Sergeant
SergeantPetty OfficerSergeant
CorporalLeading SeamanCorporal
Private ProficientAble SeamanLeading Aircraftman

Division Organization

Theatre of OperationsConsists of 2-3 Army Groups (800,000 to 1,200,000)
Army GroupConsists of 2 Field Armies (400,000)
Field ArmyConsists of 4 Corps (200,000)
CorpConsists of 5 Legions (50,000)
LegionConsists of 2 Brigades (10,000)
BrigadeConsists of 5 Regiments (5,000)
RegimentConsists of 2 Cohorts (1,000)
CohortConsists of 2 Companies (500)
CompanyConsists of 5 Platoons (250)
PlatoonConsists of 5 Squads (50)
SquadConsists of 2 Fireteams (10)
FireteamConsists of 5 personnel
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