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CAS Canon RP IC/Gameplay (CAS Region Only)

Postby Imperialtha » Wed Jul 03, 2019 6:56 pm

General Rules

-NOTICE: Read ENTIRE OP before applying.

-Canon is run by the Commission Staff:
The annoying Kaiserlike/Neiblham
The Heretic Terra Frima
The Mad Scientist Tarazed
Use this page for any complaints you want addressed by the Commission and any interactions a Player wants to have with NPCs from this point onward.

OOC Thread: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=459514

-Link to canon global historical timeline: History Document
If the event is not on the History Document it cannot be referred to IC

Blank MAP
Full map
Pretty Map
Polandball World Map
New players please select a NPC from this above map


-Preface: This is the section pertaining to Event Mechanics of Canon. Essentially, this mechanism is to ensure a sense of realism and sense of adventure to the canon. In the real world, nothing is ever smooth sailing for politics or people. Society always faces internal factors (IE: Civil unrest, Ethnic or Racial Tensions, Famine, etc.) or outside factors (IE: Natural Disaster, Invasion, Plagues, diplomatic rivalry, etc.). Since this is a simulation of the modern world on an RPing scale, it is reasonable to expect that this will occur. D20 shall be utilized in determining the consequences of said situations.

-Therefore, disasters will expect that disasters will be of the following categories:
-Ecological (Man Made)
-Natural Disaster
-Societal Issue

These occur at the Mod Emperor’s discretion but, societal issues are heavily influenced by the amount of Misery one creates. There is too forms of misery inflation misery and employment misery. These will be influenced by the economic decisions you take IC. Too much inflation or too much deflation will make your citizens upset. If your people don’t have enough work or you are overworking them, they will be upset.

Each player on their app will specify an IRL nation who’s technology that player wants. Note the start date is 1934. If different players want the same nation’s tech it will be determined by the mods. The players that receive the technology of US, UK, Fran, Ger, Jap, Russ, Italy will be deemed as Major powers. Activity is important among major powers as they are expected to driving the canon. If you cannot decide on a nation equivalent or lost out on the one you did want, you can either buy from that player (or some other deal) or the mods will hand you some technology from another IRL nation. There is NO custom technology of any sort in this canon. All technology used must have an IRL equivalent. Non military technology will be open to all players when it was invented IRL. Nuclear weapons require some RPing skill and will be rewarded to the player(s) that best RP the development of nuclear weapons. The same goes for the Moon landing. All Famous people will be born in the nation that received that nation’s tech. I.e. Maxim will be born in the player who receives America’s tech because Maxim was born in America.
There is also a list of "blank tech" that all players have access to
Blank Tech
This military tech is considered weaker than IRL tech. It will also be the tech that the NPCs use by default (players can still sell their tech to NPCs). The purpose of this tech is so that all players have access to all tech but their is differences in it's abilities. Having this tech is not a complete loss against a player with IRL tech. Using strategy is much more important in combat. If you use Blank Tech in your military make sure to list the year you created that blank tech. As the IC progresses blank tech will also improve in strength. You are of course free to convert older versions of blank tech to new versions (i.e. Main Battle Tank 1934 to Main Battle tank 1939). Just make sure to list how much you imagine this costs for the mods to approve.

Players are able to license their tech out to other players, but by doing so allows them to make the tech on their own. In effect giving them the technology.
Players are able to export their technology to other players, but players can spend an IC year or more (depending on tech in question) to reverse engineer said technology and create their own version.
[b PLAYERS are RECOMMENDED to create a military factbook sooner rather than later, as it may limit them [/b]
Players must have an approved factbook in order to be involved in a war.
Players have till the IC year becomes 1935 to make a factbook for 1934, failing to do so will force said player to spend no more than 2% of GDP and have no more than 2% of population as active population. This goes for any following year as well (i.e. once the IC reaches 1936 players without factbooks are under the same constraints for 1935).
Players without a factbook are assumed to have a military
Players with and without a factbook must make IC posts to change their Military (i.e. purchase tanks from another player).
Factbooks must include:
Budget (in 1934 USD)
Equipment in use
Equipment being built
location of all equipment
Optional but helpful: a list of total military equipment
Players can have at max 2% of population as Active Military before seeing economic punishments
Players can have at max 2% of GDP as military budget before seeing economic punishments
Players pay for new equipment once it's commissioned and has entered military use
Personnel make the nation's GDP per Capita.
General Costs can be found on the blank tech sheet.
for every 100k combat troops there should be 15k-25k logistics troops for defensive operations and 25k-35k for offensive operations
For ever 10k Sailors there should be 2.5k-7.5k logistic troops
for ever 1000 pilots there should be 2000 logisitic troops

Economics ... =460654409
Green is player input, each year players will have to enter how much they are increasing/decreasing spending that year, how much they are increasing/decreasing taxes, the “average” tariff for that year, and spending on the national debt.
Red is important values for players
Black is mod controlled
At the bottom is a score sheet for players. The higher it is the more upset your people are, which increases the likelihood of an event happening in your nation.
A simple formula for determining what you should do is
(Estimated Full emp GDP of current year-(Nominal GDP of previous year * (1+ Labor productivity change of previous year)))/2.5
If you wish to cut taxes the exact same but divided by 1.5
I.e. (100,000-(90,000*(1+.03)))/2.5

We will begin at 10,000 BC and as a group decide where humanity began and how it spread across the planet. From there we will discuss what ancient empires emerged and then the beginnings of our own nations. All religions require an approved Factbook before they can be added to the history.

A free flow system where players are required to put date and time on their posts
Are able to move the date at discretion, but approved by mods,
and are able to post before or after the most recent post
all subject to mod approval
As a general rule of thumb after a player posts another player could move the date ahead by up to 3 days, if there has been no post in 24 hours than 7 days, if 48 hours then 14 days.
A player can also make a post that takes place 2 days before the latest IC date.

Players are expected to make 1 post every two weeks IRL (that is if you make a post on the 1st of the month you must make another post before the end of the 15th of that month). Failure will result in the player being labeled inactive. While labeled inactive new players or current players can apply as your nation, though they must remain consistent with how your nation is (i.e. if it's a democracy it must remain a democracy). In order to be removed from the inactive list one must make 2 posts within 2 weeks of each other (i.e. if you make a post on the 1st of the month you won't be taken off unless you make a 2nd post by the 15th of that month).

NPC MECHANIC ... edit#gid=0
Players gain influence for each of their posts THAT IS OF QUALITY (i.e. no spamming posts). Each posts rewards a player with 5 influence that will be tracked on a google sheet. A collaboration post between 2 or more players will reward all players involved 10 influence per collab post. Influence can then be spent, in another post, on the following:
-Defensive Pact [x1]
--Military Ally [x2]+Defensive Pact
---Sphere of Influence [x3]+Military Ally
----Annex Land [x2 per province annexed (min 3)]+Vassalize
-Trade deal [x1]
--Free Trade Agreement [x3]+Trade deal
---Customs Union [x5]+Free Trade Agreementl

-Pressure [x 1+ number of allies NPC has]

-Break Alliance/Pact [x1]
-Coup/Uprising [x2] (breaks Vassals/Customs unions)
-Embargo another nation [varies by relationship between you, the NPC, and the player you want to embargo. Talk to the Mod-Emperor for more details]
x1 means 1 influence per province

Defensive pact means that the NPC will come to your defense if you are attacked. The NPC will not support any offensive actions you take.

Military Ally means the NPC will aid you both in defense and offense.

Sphere of influence means the NPC has listens to your nation more than other. Other players wishing to interact with this NPC must ask you first, that is the player OOCly controls the NPC's actions. This does not prevent them from spending their influence points on the NPC. Any conflicts between players will be resolved by the mods. An NPC cannot join a FTA or CU without your approval. Actions that are two one sided may result in uprisings at the Mod-Emperor’s discretion.

Annexation means adding some of the NPC's land to your nation. you can only annex a min of 3 provinces and if the NPC would be 2 provinces or less it has to be the whole thing. This can increase the chance of a rebellion in the Vassal state and other Vassal states you own. This also makes it impossible for other players to have influence in that area.

Trade deal: This will increase both your Exports and Imports by a small amount.

Free Trade Agreement: Think NAFTA. Increases exports and imports

Customs Union: Think EU. Greatly increase exports and imports. You control the economic policies of the NPC. As such if your actions are too unsided they could leave at the Mod-Emperor’s discretion.

Pressure: Put pressure on an NPC to perform an action. I.e. pass legislation or allow you military passage. (depending on the case it could be free. I.e. if both you and the NPC are at war with the same nation they will most likely allow military passage. Or if you vassalized the NPC you can have them pass legislation for free).

Break Alliance/Pact lowers the relationship of an NPC and another specified player. I.e. if Player A has a military ally in NPC A, player B can use their influence to have NPC A call off the alliance.

Coup/Uprising: Spending player gets to control weather it’s a coup or an uprising. This can result in a vassal NPC breaking free or a nation leaving a customs union. This depends on further IC actions taken by the player(s) involved.

Embargo a nation: Cut off all trade between another player an a NPC. This breaks Custom unions and Trade deals.

All posts detailing what you spent your influence on must contain how many influence points you have left. Spending influence points must be approved by the Mod-Emperor

Combat will be decided between players on the IC thread. Any conflict, war, espionage, etc. is done by posts between players.
-Ex: One posts, the other quotes the post and responds, etc.
-The moves made must be believable for the nations capabilities and in relation to the particular situation it occurs in.
-They must be of mutual acceptance by both players, if they cannot be accepted by the other, any player(s) are not cooperating or playing fairly or at an impasse, a mod can step in to mediate and/or arbitrate if need be to bring a resolution to the situation.

No Godmodding
No Metagaming
No Powergaming
Players cannot have another player post for them, nor can they have another player write posts for them.

19 years have passed since the end of the Großkrieg, the Great War, the War to End All Wars, finished. Many, though, believe that the war did not end. That white peace, the peace with honor, truly did not bring peace. New ideologies; communism, nationalism, sonacism, are on the rise fueled by the injustices the post war world has brought. From the collapse of the Yunnese empire to serf rebellions in Goldritter the world as we know it is on the verge of collapse. And nobody knows who will be there to pick up the pieces when it does.
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Jan 1st 1934 1100

Postby Kaiserlike » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:01 pm

Hohenburg Gate

Kaiser Martin Schwerinburg von Salz-Milan II watched as the line of Kleinetraktorschiff tanks rolled past him, his right arm extended and palm upright, saluting the marching soldiers. The accompanying band played Anthem: Gott Erhalte den Kaiser (God save the Kaiser). The snow was starting to pack on the railings, and the soft crunch of the marching soldiers made a distinct noise compared to other military parades. Across the street Caesii citizens waved little flags and hollered at the Kaiser and the soldiers. The General gave a resounding shout and the soldiers stopped, turned towards the crowd, adjusted their rifles and stood perfectly still in the snow.

The Kaiser lowered his arm and the crowd fell silent, for a moment all that could be heard was the humm of the two tanks. "Citizens," Kaiser Martin spoke into the microphones "Today marks the 18th year of my rule, another year of peace from horrors of war. This year also marks the 44th year of Caesii Unification. This year will see the Empire rise to new heights and meet new challenges. Together, just as we beat the horrors of the Großkrieg all those years ago, we can accomplish anything."

The crowd erupted into cheers and the band began playing another song, the Kaiser stepped back from the microphones as the politicians behind him clapped. It was now President Hindenburg's turn to speak, yet the Kaiser would not be able to stay, it was too cold and he was too busy.

Alten Stadtschloss

The Kaiser was glad to be back in a warm room, a nearby fire crackled and the smell of warm coffee delighted him. Sitting down he smiled a bit, for an Emperor his real throne wasn't very special. Certainly well crafted and comfortable but nothing shiny. Though, they do have a golden throne for show in the main hall. Knock Knock
"Open," the Kaiser replied.
The door opened and a blonde haired Frau stood at the door, " Oberbefehlshaber Werner von Blomberg and Oberbefehlshaber Johannes Scherwinburg von Salz-Milan are here to see you."
The Kaiser blinked for a moment, he had forgotten about this meeting, "Yes, send them in."
The door closed behind him and some noise could be heard as the two men entered the adjacent room. Finally the door opened the Frau let the two Commanders in. The Kaiser stood up with a smile, "Werner, Johnny, what brings you two to my office on such short notice."
"That would be this," Werner replied handing the Kaiser a packet of sealed documents with the Imperial Crest stamped in Red on it, signifying it's secrecy.
"What's this another new tank?" The Kaiser joked as he undid the tie and sat back down.
As the Kaiser skimmed through the details, the door opened as the Frau entered with two cups of coffee and two cigars for the Commanders.

Based on work submitted to Salzburg University by Goldritterian Leó Szilárd.....
A new weapon may be possible.....tremendous power....

The Kaiser looked up through his reading, "You think this might work?"
"Brother," Johannes replied, "we only ask for funding."
"Hmph," The kaiser grunted, "We were both taught in the ways of Lykorgas, to think that the atom makes up this world, it is beyond belief. But it is not my place to challenge science. I do though do not want to waste money on a magical wonder weapon. I may present a small grant but until results are seen there will be no more."
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Postby Terra Frima » Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:42 am

Glacial Skies

It was a cold and snowy day, the snow from last night laid freshly on the ground the ice artificially extending the land. Thunder rumbled in the distance. Standing there at the guardpost that split two pieces of land, two nations. A lone soldier stood with his brothers in arms inside staying warm in from the cold outside, briefly turning to the building that housed them at the post he wondered to himself about going inside and say that he had done his route quickly, but a quick shake of the head pushed that thought aside. Thunder could once again be heard in the distance. He kept walking looking for anything that was out of place that would signal that the post was in danger and under threat. Seeing nothing he kept walking to the bridge that connected the two landmasses the two nations, the haze made it impossible to see the other side of the straight where sat the Mishkodewin’s in there own guard post more armed then the one that Amerce had where he stood, it was almost a mini fortress. Built to stop any attack that may have came it's way. He shook his head continuing his patrol, before heading back inside to get out of the cold and get warm. As he got inside the sound of the Thunder could be heard it was clear to all those in the area a storm was coming and they would all feel it's wrath.
"This nation has the means to end this war in a definitive and elegant manner, we seek not destruction and conflict but a balance of power and restoration to peace, and it will be done with reason and justice from beginning to end, and the world will be grateful, only then will they see the way to true peace."

"They paint us as if we have lost the democratic traditions this nation was founded on, that can not, is not, further from the truth in this nation, do they not know what we went through? the 30 years of war that was started by men who did not listen to the people? This Republic will weather the storm, we will fight to the death and win, then welcome our enemies into our great state."

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Postby Mes » Sat Jul 13, 2019 8:36 pm

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Postby Mes » Sat Jul 13, 2019 8:44 pm

On the eve of the Buddha's birthday, 1/4/1934 the emperor of Shinguo issued an imperial decree on the floor of the imperial legislative council announcing his goals and plans for statesmen and politicians to fulfill on this momentous occasion.



This is the transcript of the speech that took place in the imperial legislative council:

My fellow-subjects,

On this momentous day on the behalf of the birthday of the Shakyamuni Buddha, I
will now address and coordinate our plans for the future.
This day marks the great importance taking place during the decisive stage in building a moderately
prosperous society in all respects and at a critical moment as Sonacism with
Shinguo characteristics have entered a new era.
We hope to create a world bound by unity through Sonacism where these following values are defiant of our success as a society

We must be: Honest: The Party must remain clean, incorruptible, above board and transparent, and lead with integrity.
Multiracial: A Sonacist Shinguo state that belongs equally to all citizens, where every individual, regardless of race, language, and religion is assured of justice and fairness.
Meritocratic: A system that provides citizens with equal opportunities to progress, and for a person's contributions to be recognized and appreciated on the basis of merit.
Self-reliant: No one owes us a living. We will avoid creating the dependency syndrome a welfare state generates.

We must be resilient in a quickly changing developing world where the foriegn atmosphere is hostile and we must keep up our guard for the Unity of humanity through Sonacism, the creed of humanity proper at it were.

Our policies on foreign affairs must also be vigilant and strong in accordance with our national interests and goal for the future.

In terms of foreign policy, we ought to arrange our borders with our western neighbor: The Union Kingdom of Greater Ergonia and Fluirland.

Our subjects in the Mindanao and Cebu ought to be unified and be one and we will engage in political talks with their foreign delegates. We must engage in rounds of negotiations in order to receive our rightfully deserved territories based on our ethnic distribution in that region. As a tradeoff with the Ergonians we will issue them a Rohingya majority province in our population that does not belong within our lands but rather should be part of Ergonia's holdings. We are likely to transfer sovereignty to one-another for these territories.
At the same time, we must keep a good relationship with Yehoa as they have common cultural and historical ties of kinship towards us. As part of our plan this year we will encourage businesses to take in workers from Yehoa and at the same time invest in their coal industry in order to create a starting point in improving their economy. We aspire to improve the lives of countless people who live in the undeveloped east in order to promote humanity and the welfare of the masses.
We will soon engage in rounds of negotiations with them in order to finalize the trade deal.
He continues on....

We ought to unify the might Yellow river valleys and Gobi desert to the north and the western commandaries with the Yangtze through peaceful means with Tiangdu.
Our solidarity should be based on our ties of kinship, history, and ethnicity and we should put aside all political differences in order to create a confederation.
We should and shall recognize as one politically in terms of foreign policy while leaving our unique political systems intact and eventually creating a federation for Yunese and Shinguo states.
In order to answer our citizen's call for plurality and democracy, we nobles plan on sharing power with political figures in Shinguo in the days when we create a federation in which all Yunese nobles of imperial descent can take turns sharing the throne as the emperor and head of state of the five great river valleys and numerous islands.
It is time to end our internal conflicts and cast our animosities aside in creating a better future for all our subjects.

Finally, I wish you all the best in celebrating our beloved Buddha's birthday. Stay vigilant and keep up your good faith.

The audience applauds for a few minutes and starts leaving the venue. The Prime Minister and the emperor stays behind in order to discuss foreign affairs regarding Der Merdiane, Amerce, Illuska, and geopolitical interests of Shinguo.
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Postby Ariesla » Sat Jul 13, 2019 10:27 pm

The Billowing Dragon: January 26, 1934

See-Wu, although not entirely a formal practitioner of the traditional sport, was conducting Tae-Kwon-Doe kicks on a hung rice bag. The sack rattled with every kick, and as a tear opened up on the bottom on the final hit, rice started spilling out onto the concrete floor outside his small house where he lived alongside his mother. Room was cramped in there as so was limited supplies, so when See-Wu's mother walked outside, she roared of an angry lion to him, as she shamed him of wasting the little precious food they have.

Although, See-Wu's thoughts were not all caught up in malarkey and fire. His mind often raced about the safety of him and his mother against the dangers of the military and their interference with the privacy of citizens. Recently, the Army has been cracking down on civilian activity regarding spies of foreign states, presumably from Yunna. This is because of an ongoing bloody civil war between the several Yunnese warlord states that have once against disturbed the status quo of eastern Kykia.

For centuries, Yeoha has been involved with many bloody conflicts with the Yunnese for their ambitions regarding Yeoha. Fortunately, Yeoha has been able to fend off such threats to its sovereignty and well-being for the past 2 millennia. Although, the loss of sovereignty does not travel across the mind of Yeoha, but rather a more internal dilemma from deep within its own people. For months, Yeohan high command has feared of an imposing and rather eventual internal threat regarding extensive spy networks in Yeoha. They fear these spy networks may have connections to some Yunnese state from the east which bears much paranoia in Yeohan high command.

With this, high command had demanded for a new group of "hunters" to be deployed into the heart of Yeoha and investigate these possible speculations. What Yeohan high command fears even more is the participation of its own people in these events, which would be treasonous as such and a crippling blow to the trust between the state and its people. So far, these investigations have been brought back to Seoul as negative, but that does not account for the populace that resides outside large cities; specifically in the deep country side. Although, the methods these "hunters" bear have gotten significantly more and more violent as they have tried to abuse their power with the law. Many farmers have complained about taking beatings after they were interrogated. For these reasons, fear and the lack of protection an safety has spread quickly amongst fellow country alike, and the demand for self-defense has increased. Because of these internal struggles of Yeoha's distrust against its people, many people, like See-Wu have begun arming themselves for the benefit of the safety of them and their families.

See-Wu helped his mother clean up the rice, although something had bothered him. A slight chill ran down his spine as his overheard a motorcar's engine roaring up the dirt hill. See-Wu ordered his mother to go inside and find safety in a secluded space. He turned his head and out climbed a motorcar carrying 3 people, including the driver. The men, dressed in an all tan military uniform, short black boots and a tan army cap, stepped out of the vehicle and proceeded to walk towards See-Wu. See-Wu, was indefinitely armed, placing his hand on a pistol holster tucked deep and under his shirt. The men, also armed with varied weapons, such as a batons and pistols, were ultimately the biggest threat See-Wu had ever faced in his life. Slowly, See-Wu would feel his heart rate rising had his palms sweating as the men got closer.

What the so called "hunters" were very great of doing was recording and keeping data collected from various sites of investigation. They were also good at keeping record of those who had been investigated and those who had not. This method of tracking and checking had proved to be quite an effective method and made it more time efficient. This, however, was not a topic that had crossed See-Wu's mind and nor one that he had heard of most definitely. He had seen a notebook in one of the men's hand and he had thought to himself if that held important information that if breached or stolen, could compromise and jeopardize all other operations regarding these intense investigations.

"Joh-eun nal," said the soldier carrying the notebook. He stood at quite an average height, possibly 5 foot 9 nine inches, but bodily a very lanky structure. He also carried a subtle,but dark, mustache on his upper lip. He stopped in front of See-Wu and had crossed his arms behind his back, locking them firmly. "...May we, look around?"See-Wu stopped, his mind dead, his heart gone, his sanity not restored, only what was left of See-Wu was the shakiness in his voice. "Ye-yes, of-of-course...please come in."
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Young Ítalanians

Postby Kaiserlike » Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:25 pm

Site Romulus
Near Rome, Lombardy
Feb 3rd 1934 22:05

Emilio Sindoni paced back and forth in the cold dark night. A bit of snow fell into the barn. they're late, Emilio thought. His mind began to race, fear began overwhelm him, Perhaps I should flee he thought.


Emilio threw his cigarette onto the barn floor and stamped it out. Looking out of the barn he saw a truck moving towards them, That must be them!

The truck came to a stop just outside the barn and gave two quick flicks, It is them! Emilio thought. He pulled out his flashlight and returned 3 quick flashes. The engine was turned off as two men got out of the vehicle. Emilio walked to the car flashlight on, "Bacco, Edgar, you guys are late!" He scolded.

"It wasn't exactly easy moving this stock," Bacco retorted walking to the bed.

Bacco and Edgar pulled a long wooden box down from the bed, of which housed 10 other boxes. The two carried the box into the barn where Edgar opened the box with his crowbar. Inside the box were 4 Gewehr 98 rifles. "What are we fighting in the trenches again?" Edgar retorted at the sight of the old Caesii rifle.

"These will do," Emilio replied, "let's get the rest in."

"Yes," Bacco agreed, "For the freedom Ítalanians."

"For freedom!"
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Postby Sobeiska » Tue Jul 16, 2019 8:51 pm

186 Miles NW of Heiligen Luft
Feb 5th 1934 18:06 local time (Mean Time - 3)

Tragedy Strikes den Orden

The Rolls-Royce slowly navigated its way through Rosenkranzes' almost-deserted streets. The matte black car seemed to bear a yet darker reflection of the clouds looming overhead, hugging tightly to the road, as if it were weighed down by the worries of its occupants. It slowly picked its way over the new-built avenues and roads of the Rosenkranzes Suburbs carefully, the driver avoiding drawing any suspicion with his cautious navigation.

Inside the luxurious car were two men, sitting opposite each other. The rich red leather softening the occasional bumps in the road. The first man spoke, his voice tired and weighed down. “President von Hanenburg, are you ready for your meeting with Mr. Hitler today?” The president adjusted his glasses and responded "I'm not sure why we had to go all this way, what must be kept so secret?", he looked back down onto the road, Neither man looked outside.

First Councilor Luchs took a few moments to respond, looking back to his newspaper, before folding it up and resting it on his lap. He let out a soft sigh and finally let his gaze look out at the street. “Are you ready for another disappointment?” The Prophet himself in all his divine advice couldn’t think of a real response to that harsh truth as the dilapidated tenements of the historic Native settlement and half-complete works projects whipped by. The car was picking up speed on the empty roads now, the failed construction projects slowly turning into a grayish blur outside the car, almost melding with the sky.

The Rolls-Royce purred smoothly along the Franzstraße, but even with the smooth rumbling of the engine silence reigned inside. Neither man spoke, letting the relative quiet envelop them as the car made the final part of its journey to the headquarters of Hitler's Frommenationalewiederherstellungspartei

Hanenburg thought long and hard about that, shuffling the papers on his lap. A speech prepared by the best orators he had to hand, but he doubted it would’ve helped. He could’ve had it written by Tolste, Chekhogt and Pushkuhn, and the result would’ve been much the same. “I have to hope that we will make them see reason. The Reactionaries have been insistent.” He let out a dread-filled sigh, and looked up from the speech arrayed in front of him and towards heaven, where he could find no guidance through the ash-filled sky.

His eyes briefly passed over the figures trudging through the thick fog that blanketed Franzstraße now. Half-formed shadows in the mists, wandering forever like shades in the Asphodel Meadows. He couldn’t bear the sight of the phantoms for long, and he found his thoughts returning to the papers that rested in his lap. That such an arrangement of paper and ink could have the power to cast yet more out into the night, to live on what charity existed in this ruined country made his soul recoil in disgust.

For his part, Francis Luchs shrugged. “But what can we do? If we let them decide it, it means the end for our government. We have to play by their rules.” Hanenburg looked away from the speech, the harsh truth of his friends words bringing bile to his throat. Outside the window were markers of the price he had paid just as the nation's minorities were paying for its chauvinism. Veterans, widows and orphans, all reduced to a level below human, about to be joined by tens of thousands more because of the paper in front of him.

“But what if we say no? What if we tell the Chancellor that we aren't going to agree to Hitler's demand for his government? It’s not like he can march on Heiligen Luft. We can still raise the Army, damn it!” For a fleeting moment, Peter Hanenburg reared up in his seat.Just for a moment, he could feel the old fire rising in him. “Damn the Chancellor! Our grand nation was born against tyranny, Luchs, we can do it again! I cannot betray our Nation. Not to this...this insult!”

“Hanenburg, calm down. If Hitler wants to, he can cut us out of the government. This nation will be done for! Unless you want to talk about seizing power or starting a war, I’d advise you to take a deep breath and just….let it go.” Francis tried to calm his friend down, speaking slowly. He knew why Hanenburg was so outraged. He could feel the same thing Hanenburg was right now. Indignation. Anger. Humiliation. But he knew those would not help Den Orden, not avail her of the problems plaguing her. A calm, measured hand was required to save this country from the depredations of the radicals, and sometimes Francis had to remind his friend of that.

“I...I suppose you are right Francis. Though….still. Call Baron Vogt here when we arrive. We’ve a few hours to talk things over. Then we must present Hitler’s reasonable demands to the Reichstag and the Versammlung.” The words tasted of ash, and the bitterness in his voice was palpable as he spat out the words of the demonic communique.

“I will, Alexander. I will also bring the Liberals together. We will….talk over what you’ve said. Even for us. This power grab will be a bitter pill to swallow.” Hanenburg nodded. If the Liberals were going to have trouble, he couldn’t imagine the nightmare the leader of the People's Caucus would have. Still, his mind was buoyed by the faint traces of hope that this final humiliation might finally unite the People behind him.

The car slowly came to a halt, jolting Hanenburg out of his thoughts for a moment. “We’ve arrived, Mr. President.” His driver explained from the front of the Rolls Royce. Two dozen Redshirts stood at attention on the steps of the Headquarters building. Looking to Francis, he took a moment to compose himself and got up out of his seat, one of the guards opening the door for him. His mind was racing despite his attempts to control himself. He had so much to do today, even if he was aging under the pressures of this job, so much left to do…

He was surprised at the crowd assembled outside the building. The massive throng were hurling insults, but even just seeing so many people in such a tight space made him straighten his back a bit. Stand taller.

He never saw a man push through the crowd behind him, pistol in hand. All he heard was a man yell ‘Death to the defiler!’ He’d barely heard it over the din of the crowd, and for reasons he wasn’t quite sure of, he turned back to see who’d said it. He’d made half a turn before he heard it. Gunshots. Gunshots and screaming.

A moment after the flash of the gun, an unholy thunder, and then it struck right between his shoulder blades. A massive, burning pain shooting consuming his body. He swayed a bit for a moment, before he fell to his knees, and then the ground.

He didn’t feel the impact of the hard marble at all, and when he tried to rise back up to see what was happening, his arms were dormant. He heard screaming and more gunshots, or he thought he did. It seemed so far away, off in the distance. His entire body, lied for what it was, his last anchor to the terrestrial world.

Lying down, Hanenburg felt even more tired than usual. The burdens of the world helping to crush him into the asphalt. His eyes were heavy, and it was getting harder to keep them open every moment. He had so much left to do today. The speech, meeting with….who had it been? It had been important, he was sure, but he couldn’t quite place the name. He coughed and felt something come up, but he couldn’t see. Night had fallen in Den Orden.
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Postby Goldritter » Wed Jul 17, 2019 12:48 pm

February 8, 1934
Kaiser Wolfgang Pontius Wilhelm XII sat comfortably in his quarters, admiring the many extravagant paintings of himself.

“What will become of this world?” the Kaiser contemplated to himself

“Rebellion and Bolshevism is spreading like a disease… A foul plague feasting upon the nobility of the world…” the Kaiser thought

The crackling of the fireplace or the vanity of his paintings could not console him… His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door

“Open,” the Kaiser bellowed.

The door opened and Fritz Scheffel, the head of his housekeeping staff, stood at the door.

“Generaloberst Franz von Tserclaes is here to see you.”

“I don’t recall Franz having a meeting scheduled with me today… Send him in, Fritz…”
The usually jolly general walked in slowly and starkly

“Ah, Franz… What brings you here on a stormy evening like this on such a short notice?” the Kaiser said with a gentlemanly panache

“I have news from the Baron of Tserclaes,” Franz replied

“Did he receive the paintings I sent him? I designed them myself, you know… It was executed by Herr Switzer, our court painter, I can’t tell you how admiring he was of my design!” the Kaiser boastfully queried

“With all due respect, your magnificence… I have pressing news from my father more important than the paintings…”

“How is your father, Franz?”


Thunder boomed seconds after Franz spoke. Kaiser Wolfgang stood up from his chair shocked.


“Assassinated… The work of a revolting serf… Revolution is brewing, your magnificence…”

“My deepest condolences, Franz… Your father was a very dear friend of mine… These Bolshevik savages must be disposed of, someone will pay for this cowardly act of murder… On that you may rely!” Kaiser Wolfgang shouted with a vicious bravado

“I am deeply touched your magnificence… I fear another serf rebellion will rear its ugly head, my Kaiser…”

The Kaiser slammed his fist against his ceremonial cuirass

“Blasphemous Bolsheviks! Do they not realize they are rebelling against an instrument of Ashur!” boomed Kaiser Wolfgang seething with prideful anger.

“The world has crumbled, your grace… Radical tendrils will crush Kyria, I fear…”

“We will see, my dear generaloberst, the mighty sword of Ashur will lead Goldritter… From the world’s demise, our empire shall rise…”

The Kaiser turned to Franz

“Not to be rude, dear boy, but I must ask you to depart from my chamber…”

“Of course, your magnificence!”

Franz salutes the Kaiser and then leaves. The Kaiser puts his hand on his rapier’s hilt and walks to his window, the sky lights up with multiple flashes of lightning…

“If my destiny is to be a tragic one, then let it come.”

Thunder booms after the Kaiser uttered this sentence…
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It was late in the night has three men quickly moved themselves throughout the buildings of New Cuir taking care to avoid the rain-snow mix that came their way. Finding the building that they came for, an old pub near the lower ends of the city, moving to the side entrance of the building to the cellar, knocking on the door waiting for an answer. A slit on the door slid open showing a pair of eyes who spoke in Sonchen, “who are you are a friend of?” quickly replying with “ At this late of an hour we are friends the revolution.” The slit closed and the sounds of locks opening and then the door opened. Taking off their outer layer then showing themselves to be they made though the cellar, finding themselves at a table surrounded by 8 men, talking in Sonchen over a map of Der Orden der Meridiane and her client states. Their talking died down at the three men entering in, “What took you so long, Were you to busy serving the Bourgeoisie and betraying our cause?” one of the then spoke called out jeering, he had slicked back hair and Spanish mustache. Tension began to be built in the room, till being broken by another at the table, “Stalin that is not how you treat our brothers in the revolution, given the safety that their government and them have given us.” Another from the table spoke with messy hair and small framed glasses. “Thank you Trotsky, our cause may not be in arms or strikes but the power we have is key for when the time comes and the revolution begins. We must have friends in all places less we see us killed and exiled.” Trotsky put both his hands up trying to get them to calm down before a fight broke out the last thing that the Morgigites needed. “Gentleman, there is no point in fighting each other, Amerce and her comrades have been great to us, we have a base here, are safe to plan our home coming, now we can’t sit here fighting amongst ourselves and get nothing productive done or.” He pauses for a second motioning. “We can use Amerce, her resources, our brothers, to bring the revolution home.” The room and along with Stalin thought about that, before coming to agreement. Once again Cannon continued “Yes, a nation focused on the workers cause will help your homecoming greatly something which we should be able to pull off in the next few elections. The laws we have gotten passed will help bring more to our cause, even now many in the cabinet sit on our side and are open about it. Our only concern are the our two parties that sit against us who no doubt are planning against us.” Another from Kohol spoke up “why can we not taken action against them? It would do us all a favor without needing to worry about them.” Cannon returned “The Ware Deal it is the only thing that keeps us from so, along with the people’s view. Something which greatly annoying us, but has been a game we are winning.” Kohol seemed content with the answer. Silence covered the room for a second before Trotsky motion the three Amerce men over to the map and join them in there planning.
"This nation has the means to end this war in a definitive and elegant manner, we seek not destruction and conflict but a balance of power and restoration to peace, and it will be done with reason and justice from beginning to end, and the world will be grateful, only then will they see the way to true peace."

"They paint us as if we have lost the democratic traditions this nation was founded on, that can not, is not, further from the truth in this nation, do they not know what we went through? the 30 years of war that was started by men who did not listen to the people? This Republic will weather the storm, we will fight to the death and win, then welcome our enemies into our great state."

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Suffingham Palace, Conston, Union Kingdom of Greater Ergonia and Fluirland
31st January, 1934

Thousands crowd before the Northern façade of the Royal Residence of Suffingham, some even sitting on the base of the Gloriana Statue to holding onto the fences of the palace. January snow twinkled down at a soft pace, landing on the ground, hats or exposed heads. Within the palace yard, hundreds of Royal Guardsmen stood shoulder-to-shoulder, rifles shouldered in neat order, and Guards being sufficiently barked at by the Lord-Protector of the Crown, a giant young man on horseback. Rudolph Faulkner, one of the youngest men to ever hold the position of Lord-Protector...

Lord Faulkner barks once again, and the Royal Engineer band begins tapping on their drums, catching the attention of the masses, as up on the balcony the doors are pushed open, the band easing into the royal anthem, God Save the King. Out onto the balcony, walks a greying old man, dressed in Imperial (and royal) splendor, his beard well-kept, his medals well-organized, and his icy blue eyes looking upon the many below, his subjects. His Royal, and Imperial majesty, by the grace of Ashur, Edmund IV, King and Emperor...

The crowd was happily shocked, for they had not seen their sovereign in over a year, on the count of his worsening health attributed from injuries sustained during the dreaded Great War...
behind him comes forth the Royal family, the Queen-Consort Anne, Princess-Royale Mary, Edward, the Duke of Breckenham, and their older brother, the Prince-Regent, David. Many commonly joked that when he ascended to the throne, they would need only to erase the beard from the farthing to be accurate to his likeliness. Tall, proud and thin much like his father the King...

"My subjects..." King Edmund begins, his voice magnified by the microphones the Lord-Steward had installed earlier that same day. "We stand before you all, on this most blessed day, that of the Feast of Saint Aiden of Wynnedown to apologize to our most loyal subjects, for their King's absence as of late... he starts off, hiding a cough from the microphone by his clenched fist, "We hereby resolve, to return to attending Royal events and such, continuing to meet our most loyal subjects, as prior to our illness. And to visit our subjects, throughout the Empire. Those same subjects have been as wronged, as have been those in the Isles. The Empire has been united, further through the advances of science..." he continues, taking a deep, and somewhat weak breath. "An empire, whose wide dominions and domains sweep the globe, rivaling the most ancient legacy of Caesii. Yet whose people, still see each other as foreigners, even if they are blood kin... For that reason. We, shall open the Fourth Imperial Conference..." Edmund says, smiling weakly at his son, who returns it... For his legacy, and his son's inheritance...

The crowds below were split, some cheering, waving little Union Jacks or Standards, or that of the Royally despised Union of Ergonia, others simply remaining silent, rather wishing for vengeance against the enemies of the Empire for the Great War. "May Ashur guide you, and the Holy Mother wash her light upon you all." Edmund says, raising his hand in a wave, before slowly returning to the warmth and glow of the palace, followed by his son, wife and younger children. The crowds, eventually began to cheer, after all how rare was it to see his Majesty?
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Postby Kaiserlike » Fri Jul 19, 2019 3:08 pm

Wachenburg Hall
Wilhel Vontaine, Goldritter
Feb 14th 1934 20:01


The ballroom shone like a dazzling diamond, electric lights bounced off the jewelry of hundreds of nobles. From local mayors and dukes to the double Kaisers were there to celebrate Saint Valentine and of course goodwill among the aristocrats. In the background an orchestra played Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G Minor “Oh Marty! Look at how much they’ve done recently!” Princess Viktoria Luise von Hohenzollern said to her husband.

After finishing waving to some unknown Goldritterian aristocrat Kaiser Martin Scherwinburg II replied, “It is quite wonderful, they even seem to have some new paintings.”

Kaiser Wolfgang entered the room donned in a shining cuirass and other extravagant regalia.
”So afraid of dancing you came dressed in armor and brought a sword, Wolfie?” jested his own wife, Katherina.
“Come now, you know as the Grand Inqui-“ his sentence was cut short by her sigh
“It’s just so tacky” she whispered to him before Kaiser Martin and his wife approached the royal couple

“Father, mother, it’s so good to see you two again,” Viktoria said as she kissed her father on the cheeks.

“Kaiser,” Martin said sternly

“Kaiser,” Wolfgang replied as they shook hands, “another year another ball.”

“It’s good to see everyone again, sometimes with all the duties of Kaiser, one can forget what’s important, family,” Kaiser Martin said.

“Indeed,” Wolfgang agreed, “and in times of such upheaval we must keep that in mind.”

Silence fell across the room as the orchestra finished playing, “Welcome all,” an announcer spoke into a microphone, “the dances shall begin soon so please find your partners.”

“Well shall we, Marty?” Viktoria questioned her husband.

“Yes we shall,” Kaiser Martin replied before bowing to the Grand Inquisitor.

The orchestra took up Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and the dance floor became like a machine, each dancer moving in sync with the others. Dresses twirled through the air casting light onto the walls. Viktoria and Martin danced through the night, with Wolfgang and Katherin, with Manfred von Richthofen and Ella von Scherwinburg, Jürgenn Von Könzer and Gertrudt, Hans Von Klink and Hildegard, and Christoffer Von Widmer and Greta.

“I never realized the Red Baron could dance so well,” Viktoria said as she came off the dance floor with Manfred to Kaiser Martin and his sister Ella.

“A man that can dance on the ground and in the air,” Ella teased her husband who blushed.

The orchestra fell silent once more, “Attention dukes and princes, queens and princesses, and of course Kaiser and Kaiserins.” Kaiser Wolfgang boasted into the microphone, “Kaiserin Katherina and I are incredibly honoured to be your hosts at this very special occasion in such a magical setting. Expertly planned by myself and brought to life by my incredibly skilled staff.”

Viktoria smiled and whispered to Kaiser Martin “Leave it to papa to brag during a speech”

“Through this Grand Ball, we celebrate the enduring friendship which has enabled our nations to prosper and grow, side by side, as comrades, and as neighbors. This Ball also provides the opportunity for great happiness, and to welcome old friends and family members to my country. Over the many hundreds of years of our shared history, there are few nations who are able to claim a closer bond. As we continue to work together to ensure peace, prosperity and security, I am confident that this friendship between The Divine Kaiserreich of Goldritter and the Heiliges Kaiserlike Reich, which we greatly treasure, will continue to deepen, and to prosper. Ladies and Gentlemen, I invite you all to rise and drink a toast to Their Majesties, my daughter, Viktoria and her husband, Kaiser Martin.”

“Here! Here!” the room boomed as the aristocrats raised their champaign drinks.

The room once more filled with chatter as the orchestra began to play again, “Excuse us Manfred but it is getting late,” Kaiser Martin told the Red Baron as he shook his head.

Viktoria had a pouty face as she complained, “taking me away from the Hero of the Air?”


Sounds of the ballroom could still be heard in the small study room the Kaisers and Kaiserins were in. Martin sat on a couch in front of the fire while Viktoria sat on his lap.

“This was such a wonderful party, papa!” Viktoria laughed gleefully.

“I’m starting to think you had too much champaign,” Kaiser Martin laughed as Viktoria softly batted at his chest.

“Thank you darling” Kaiser Wolfgang replied out of breath

“Papa, you look so tired… What’s wrong?”

“Dancing in armor and then delivering a speech is incredibly exhausting, darling… Katherina! Help me get this blasted piece of metal off me…”

The room fell silent as Katherina helped her husband out of his armor, “I heard about the Baron of Tserclaes, I sent my condolences to the family,” Kaiser Martin stated.

“He was a good man… He didn’t deserve that fate…” Katherina responded

“Bolshevik savages… Believe me, the only language those Bolshevik knaves understand is the iron fist!” Kaiser Wolfgang boldly exclaimed

“The serfs revolts are only getting worse,” Kaiser Martin stated, “it is only a matter of time before another riot breaks out.”

“Rioters, murderers, moral decay of that kind seems to accompany the lower born of Goldritter… Contemptible unwashed Marxists spreading their vile tendrils everywhere. “ Kaiser Wolfgang spat

“The violence is intolerable,” Kaiser Martin noted, “but it may be time to end the practice of serfdom. To make the Goldritter crown the hero of the people, before some crazy Marxist does.”

“My courage is unabated, no, I can… I can handle these problems… Ashur will guide me through this dark spot in my history… Oh what an arrogant fool I have been, maybe you are right Martin… I fear if this rebellion continues, it will be the coup de grâce of the Kaiserreich…”

Kaiser Martin stood up and walked over to Wolfgang, “The choice is yours and with Ashur and Maidalis’ blessing you will make the right choice.”

Wolfgang offered a smile to Martin before regaining his composure and walking over to a nearby map of Kyria and his smile falling to a frown. “Being eaten from the inside from Bolsheviks and at constant threat from all sides,” Wolfgang retorted.

“Our Empires are still strong, perhaps even stronger than the Entente now,” Kaiser Martin stated, “but we cannot be idle, the war will start up again.”

”Many problems ale Goldritter; Bolshevik Revolutions, other countries conspiring against me, and having a degenerate son for an heir… If war starts up again… I don’t know what will happen to us…”

“Oh papa, Romulus will make a great Kaiser one day!” Viktoria retorted, “besides he’ll always have Marty and me to set him straight.”

“More importantly,” Martin stated, “Technology has changed in the last 20 years, another war will be much more different than the trenches.”

”Romulus has never been like my other children… While I taught the others to be followers of chivalry, he never followed. Even to this day, that man has a sadistic streak. Viktoria? Do you remember that time he sabotaged the chancellor’s cane when he was a boy?”

Viktoria frowned, she remembered that day well. Katherina stepped forward, “Dear, you have no need to worry about your heir just yet, and it is not our place to guess God’s plans. I have faith in our son.”

Kaiser Martin walked over to the map, opposite of Kaiser Wolfgang, “this talk of Bolsheviks, serfs, and the Entente. It wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for that damn fool Mikhail!” Martin stated as he slammed his fist on Vael, “Mikhail’s a prime example of what happens when the wrong person ends up in power. The fool decided to fight us in the Großkrieg and let the damn Sanacja take control of his country. If such things did not happen the Bolsheviks here would not have been emboldened! We must limit these radicals, Vael will be cleansed Maidalis willing!”

”We shall provide an end to these radical swines, my dear Kaiser! One that even the Bolsheviks, however much they claim they desire freedom and peace, will find hard to swallow!” Wolfgang boldly exclaimed.

“But we must not act carelessly!” Martin replied, “we must wait for the right time and gain strength in the meantime. We cannot forget that Vael is apart of the Entente.”
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Postby Mes » Fri Jul 19, 2019 7:27 pm

Negara Dragiti Istana
Hong Kong
Feb 15th, 1934 21:01

A depiction of the prime minister dressed in Javanese official attire as he speaks on the floor of the parliament.

On the floor of the imperial parliament, Prime Minister Rama Purnama Sudjarwadi speaks on the issue of national reunification and the concept of nationhood with Shinguo and Tianguo based on similar ties of kinship, culture, and religion. He remarks on the essential need on a pan-Yunese movement backed by the Sonacist government from Shinguo.

In a part of the speech, he explains that "A historical conclusion has drawn over the course of the 1900s that Shinguo and Tianguo must merge together as the confederation of Yunna in order to the tackle hostile colonial nature in the world. It is a must for the great rejuvenation of the Yunese nation in the new era. Regardless of political affiliations, the blood of Yunnese are all the same and we must be joined in collective efforts across political agendas the to advance peaceful national reunification. We ought to change course and forge a new path with the republicans, sonacists and different factions collectively as a confederation. We need to be recognized as one by foreign powers and gradually unify under one government but we promise all powers will hold substantial regional power until we can come to a consensus on the timetables for unification and how the government would be like in the future. We ought to unite behind Sonacist principles such as the "Three Principles of the People" by Neokon Yat-sen which promotes Ideocracy, Meritocracy, and Democracy among the Yunese people.

He later describes the details in which unification would unfold:
1. Sign a treaty which promises and legalizes confederation under a conceived nation named the Yunese Confederation.
2. Uniting and creating a national government that only responds to foreign issues by only electing representatives for foreign diplomacy while states keep the majority of the state power in their hands.
3. Electing representatives based on all Yunese regional governments and creating a diet for all Yunese people as a bicameral legislature in which the diet is responsible for electing the prime minister which gives power back to the people. The Emperor as the head of state would be a ceremonial title held by a nobility of the realm in the conference of rulers.
4. Enforcing and servicing a rigorous Sonacist (Singapura) civil service systems and attracting the best talents from society in which would create ideocracy and meritocracy of which civil servants would be persuaded to follow in Sonacist state.
5. Democracy would be provided to the people by creating direct mandatory elections for the well-educated individuals of society.
6. Finally, Buddhism, Yunese Folklore Religion and Oriental recusantry would also be the declared co-state religions in which the state recognizes but does not enforce.


A future map of Yunna proposed by the prime minister.

In stereotypical Yunese manner, he yells out "三民主義統一中國."

At the end of his speech, he enigmatically exclaims that in Yunese that 分久必合,合久必分 which signifies that "Unity succeeds division and division follows unity. One is bound to be replaced by the other after a long span of time. This is the way with things in the world. The world under heaven, after a long period of division, tends to unite; after a long period of union, tends to divide".
It was a sign that things were to unfold in the next few years of Yunna's future.
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Interrupting Forces
11:06 PM

After the meeting Cannon had found his way home thankful for no one had followed him back given no senator or high official wanted to be seen with the Russians it was a death move, Meridine may have conflicts with Amerce but the revolution they caused was a black mark on the socialist in Amerce one they needed to clear away and some of the reasons for both the collation and Wear Deal to be formed. He found himself a spot to sit in the dining room of his house hopping to enjoy some coffee and that days paper before heading to sleep, he needed not to go the senate tomorrow it was a day off for all senators one he intended to enjoy fully has he sat there reading away, knocking could be heard from the door, he stopped his mind running black, could he have been followed? Was this the end of his career? Knocking was once again heard, putting the paper down and moving towards the door grabbing the 1911 close and pulling it behind his back. He opened the door, finding Trotsky outside, “Leon, what brings you this late of an hour here, come come let’s get you outside of the cold.” Pulling Trotsky inside and checking to see if anyone followed him and shutting the door in a hushed voice to his vistor “Trotsky, what the hell are you doing here, you know how dangerous this is for me?” Trotsky briefly looking to the 1911 in Cannon’s hand. “I wanted to talk to you about Stalin, he going to try for the Army and climb his way up it.” Cannnon stood there dumbstruck “I’m sorry?” “You heard me.” Trotsky answered back. Cannon walked cover to the table sitting down and letting the 1911 lay on the table, looking to have been defeated. “And?” Trotsky said his hands wide. “What is with that man? Why could he not try and lay low, and die with a pickax to the back or dead in a bar fight. Primus, we have done everything to keep you guys hiddened with your id’s but this? It’s like he does not even care.” Trotsky stood there thinking before saying “we could, we could have him get killed and end this mess before it blows this whole thing open. It would be hard, but possible.” Cannon quickly stood up “nononono, that would only make this mess worse, it split us up more the last thing we need right now, we will just need to hope that man does not make our situation worse by trying something like this.”
"This nation has the means to end this war in a definitive and elegant manner, we seek not destruction and conflict but a balance of power and restoration to peace, and it will be done with reason and justice from beginning to end, and the world will be grateful, only then will they see the way to true peace."

"They paint us as if we have lost the democratic traditions this nation was founded on, that can not, is not, further from the truth in this nation, do they not know what we went through? the 30 years of war that was started by men who did not listen to the people? This Republic will weather the storm, we will fight to the death and win, then welcome our enemies into our great state."

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The Road to a Modern Empire

Postby Hugoslava » Sun Jul 21, 2019 11:22 pm

February 15th, 1934

"Gentlemen, may I present to you Her Imperial Excellency, Queen of the Kurgs, Protector of the People, Lead--" the guard announcing his ruler's entrance was silenced with the death glare that is well taught and inherited within the imperial family. It was one of the few things to have survived a seeming decline for the empire. Not many mourned or were reeling from the loss of her father, Emperor Qazir, who was dubbed by the people as Qazir the Imbecile. It was one of the reasons her presence was a welcome one despite her youth as a ruler and one that could wield power so quickly. The imperial court and high command had been waiting to turn the page since his early failures, and someone with great potential. Someone such as Ayana.

The High Imperial Court was assembled at a table commissioned by one of the earlier emperors of the Empire, at it's greatest extent. A table in the shape of the boundaries of the empire in its golden age, which overtime had been added onto by Ayana's own grandmother as empress. Though awkward in shape, meetings conducted by the court were at this table since its commission to once again see the empire return to its ancient glory. Around the table stood at attention her ministers: the Hetman of the Imperial Army (Minister of War), the Minister of Imperial Land (Agriculture/Land Management), of the Warchest (Treasury would be it's equivalent), of Knowledge (Education), of Justice, of Commerce, of Internal Affairs, and of External Affairs.

Ayana, after standing for some time without a word, filled the chair at the table with her advisers taking theirs after her. Silence had fallen over the room and none dared to speak before the Empress did, as they have learned since earlier meetings after her coronation. "Ministers, Honorable Hetman, what do you bring of concern today?" she queried, looking to each minister. "I am aware that it is that time we must revisit our financials. Warchest Minister Tursynbek please, enlighten us." Tursynbek nodded and cleared his throat, dusting off his coat. It was evident he was nervous. The newly appointed Minister had never before come close to serving the Empire in such a capacity, and unlike others at the table, was not a holdover from her predecessor.

"Yes, your excellency. The crown has seen an uptick in tax revenue. I can safely say that we can spend no more than ($1.683B) Grivnas comfortably. I advise we make no adjustment how much we should collect."

Ayana and others at the table nodded, acknowledging the new minister. It was nothing short of what they expected, nothing extraordinary either. It was the status quo, as always in the Empire. A little boy came in to fill the cups around the table with water as the room grew silent once more, awaiting for the direction of Ayana. Politely dismissing the young cup bearer, she waited until they left for her to pick up where she had left off. "That is most fortunate to hear. I understand our tariffs are currently set at 10%. I see the need to change that. Wouldn't you agree, Commerce Minister Anarbek?" The table looked to him for an answer while he looked like a deer in headlights, not expecting to be addressed at any point by her during this meeting, as is tradition in every meeting since she has been Empress. In fact, the pair had yet to exchange words aside from Anarbek giving his congratulations at her coronation.

Anarbek cowered, starting to say something but not finishing even a word. "I-I-I am not sure I follow, y-your excellency. I don't see any need to-" She would be quick to hush him, keeping from uttering another syllable. Anarbek, unbeknownst to him, would become an example of the type of person that did not belong at the table. Ayana had long been speaking that there is no place for keeping the status quo, and the time was now or never to be bold and move the posts or forever say goodbye to the imperial glory that once was the Kurgan Empire. Her head shaking was a clear indication to all, like Hetman Serik Aytmatov, of her disapproval of the status quo she had long discussed with some of them of changing.

Tursynbek was given a go ahead nod from the empress, as she took a drink from her goblet of water. It would take him a moment before speaking to Anarbek to collect his thoughts and convey what he knew the empress wished for him to say. Tursynbek, in reality, was carefully chosen by the Empress to do more than just his job as the Minister of the Warchest. It was to be a well-versed, contributing member of the cabinet. Not only that, but to convey the wishes of her imperial highness without her doing so herself. "Minister Anarbek, it would seem as though that, increasing tariffs to 15% would discourage our people from relying on foreign imports as we look to prioritize investment in ourselves, in developing ourselves and our industry. From henceforth, it is our belief that tariffs should be 15%."

Anarbek sat fat, flabbergast upon his face. If it were the cabinet of Qazir, he would dare raise an objection. However, only a fool would do so without the Empress welcoming it the cabinet of Ayana. If he were smart, he would apologize for his reaction, one of clear disbelief. Anyone who knew him could tell he wanted to speak his mind, but although he was not smart, nor was he a fool. He sat fat, without moving. "I hear no issues being taken with that, therefore it would seem from henceforth it is now 15.00%." she stood silent for a moment before continuing, "Gentlemen, allow me to be clear. I want to restore the greatness of our people. We can not do so, as I have said, do so by sitting comfortably and drinking wine. Doing as we have been during The Imbecile's reign. Need I not remind you there is a reason he was given that name. The path forward is clear: catch up or else face letting our own to die."

The Hetman stood up from his chair and stood tall. Confidence coming from him as he prepared to make what would appear to be a bold comment. Serik Aytmatov was one of thew few that understood the problems ad issues from Ayana's predecessors. One of the few that was frustrated as he watched his own men die on the battlefield in conflicts that were all for naught. He held a strong opinion, too: Qazir was not just an imbecile, but a coward, too. One of the reigning monarchs of the empire to not set foot on the battlefield, which is one of the reasons he cites as to why they were always doomed under Qazir. "Your excellency, if it may so be necessary, I am willing to sacrifice some of our needs for the good of the empire. You are absolutely right. We can dilly dally like this! We must take action!"
The Minister's Proposal

From Ayana's expression, it was clear she welcomed the interjection, despite it going against her general meeting decorum. As he took his seat once more she acknowledged him, raising her cup in approval. "That will not be necessary. I appreciate your willingness and understanding, Hetman Aytmatov." AS clear as day, was what Ayana was proceeding to do next. She looked over to the Minister of Imperial Land, looking for him to contribute to the discussion. He would not be fazed by the events that have taken in the meeting thusfar. Much like the Hetman, he was greatly frustrated with Qazir's reign. As a reformer and individual who looks forward much like his Empress does, he was always stifled under Qazir. Any good plan put forth by the man would be quashed. There was one in particular that he found himself rather proud of, and it was that one the Empress would be looking for.

"Your Excellency, I agree we can not sit here and pretend all is well when we have lost ourselves to the outside, and look as though we may lose ourselves from the inside. A step in the right direction is something that has long been tabled by your predecessor." From beneath his chair he produced a yarn ball. For a moment, across the table he would make lines between major hubs in the east. Their connections made a shape that resembled that of a y that was closed off on the top. He had waited for this moment quite some time, the hidden passion behind him in how he wove the network. "This is the Imperial rail network. It is better than no network at all, however, it has not changed for sometime unlike the rails of other nations." Once more, he began laying out the yarn from a major hub to another and another. He stood back, looking over what he had done. "This, is what I believe the crown should invest in. It would be a start for an improved, more integrated network. Some thousand miles of it, to be exact. It would connect Kyzan and the interior to the western frontier and by extension, the western frontier to the east. It can be done, for no more than ($108M) Grivnas."

Ayana almost grinned, appeased by the Minister's proposal. It was something on par with what she wanted for the empire in order for it to move forward. She nodded approvingly, allowing the Minister to sit in his chair once more. This meeting was convened not just to raise tariffs, not just to put accept bold rail expansions, not just to make official the budget. She stood up from her seat and gazed towards the Minister of Knowledge. While like the Minister of Commerce, he was little talked to, the reasoning was unlike the Minister of Commerce. Instead education in the empire was widely ignored under Qazir, and to some extent, the later reign of Qazir's predecessor, Ayana the First. As such, the Minister of Knowledge was symbolic and largely ignored. Always filled with hope at the beginning, and hopelessness at departure. Perhaps, had Qazir lasted longer, the Minister of Knowledge would have also been a fresh face like the Minister of the Warchest. But, it did not come to that. With Ayana, there was hope.

Ayana spoke, referencing the ignored education of imperial citizens. As she paced around the table, she spoke at great length, rather convincingly, why this is something that couldn't be ignored further. Ayana came with her own proposal: ($50M) Grivnas to build more schools across the empire, and more importantly, a foreigner versed in education to assist, if not take the reins for some time, from the current minister of Knowledge and design a new system for education to be in line with the rest of the modern world. "It is difficult for us to move forward if we do not ask for help from outside from the places that are where we want to be. We can only do so much on our own. It is why we must look to the Commonwealth of Amerce or the Holy Empire for someone construct a new foundation of knowledge, one that myself, and some of you, were blessed to have but the rest will never see without taking action."

It was clear that this would be no reign like Qazir. It would only go one of two ways: a better, if not, restored empire. Or one that would be nailing itself to the cross as it crucified itself... Stagnation would be a thing of the past.
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Development in Shinguo

Postby Mes » Tue Jul 23, 2019 7:00 pm

In the year February 16th Sāsanā Sakaraj 2488 (1934) Prime Minister Rama Purnama Sudjarwadi spoke of the floor of the Sonacist Imperial legislative council. He advocates development in the interior lands of the empire by promising opening up and pushing forth with reforming the systems of trade and interactions between foreign investors and domestic interests.

In his speech, he starts off by advocating and encouraging development in the interior lands of the empire by promising opening up and pushing forth with reforming the systems of trade and interactions between foreign investors and domestic interests. He states that if we don't alleviate the conditions of the poor and the working masses it would mean turmoil and political instability for the government and for the realm of Shinguo. He loudly proclaimed during the speech that if we don't upkeep Sonacism and if we don't reform and push forward with developmentalism for our country we will wither and fall apart like leaves on an autumn day. He states that it would be the end of the road for us all. The elder statesman states that the government's focus is to keep “Plants with strong roots grow well, and efforts with the right focus will ensure success." This political path he insists and labels for Shinguo is what he called "Socialism with Yunese Characteristics." He talks about Shinguo adopting these characteristics in which

1. For the economic aspect, Shinguo insists on the economy with different types of ownership basic system of market economy with the public ownership in the leading role.

2. For its political aspect, Shinguo sticks to a system of the People's Congress, a system of multiparty cooperation and political consultation, and a system of regional ethnic autonomy.

3. For its cultural aspect, China keeps its socialist value system at the core of social trends, while respecting differences and expanding common grounds.


The prime minister also announced plans to build infrastructure across remote areas of Shinguo such as Papua, Timor Leste, Laos, Sumatra and countless other islands in hopes to spur economic growth and development across the realm of Shinguo. He believes that the natural rich resources that exist in these areas would greatly improve the status of the economic power of the country and give the country to be more self-sufficient.

Image Dams, roads, bridges, ports and canals are being planned at this session of the legislative council.

He states that if the country does not develop it could face outside dangers and warns the country that outsiders are like vultures waiting to prey upon Shinguo.

At the end of his speech he asks the country to "Join hands to sow the seeds of cooperation, harvest the fruits of development, bring greater happiness to our people and make our world a better place for the Yunese."
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Postby Terra Frima » Thu Jul 25, 2019 7:22 pm

Brighter Future

“And we welcome the president of the Federal Commonwealth of Amerce, president Alan Shepard.” A man easily in his late 50’s, took to the podium prepping himself for a speech to the joint session of the House and the Senate. “Thank you Speaker of the House, I’m glad to be in your chambers to give this speech over the state of our nation, last year I pushed for a plan to continue to bring our nation into the modern age, of which I hope that both the industry men, workers, and politicians can continue to move in step on this.” Pausing to catch his breath, and let the audience clap, after dying down he continued. “Which is why I ask that the Congress make the funds available to undertake this, with that I look to the world stage and see many other nations moving there military’s into the modern-day and I ask the same of our nation.” Clapping picked up and then died down again. “I hope to see at the end of my term new tanks, planes, and ships that fit the time and the time and the threats.” He paused to get a breath “I’m proud to see the men and woman of this nation working together and facing the challenges of the day. And that we can continue to work together united and strong. With that I.m proud of the state we have reached, I simply could not be more proud.” Both chambers began to clap a few standing up. “With that, I wish everyone a good year, and fair winds to our nation.”
"This nation has the means to end this war in a definitive and elegant manner, we seek not destruction and conflict but a balance of power and restoration to peace, and it will be done with reason and justice from beginning to end, and the world will be grateful, only then will they see the way to true peace."

"They paint us as if we have lost the democratic traditions this nation was founded on, that can not, is not, further from the truth in this nation, do they not know what we went through? the 30 years of war that was started by men who did not listen to the people? This Republic will weather the storm, we will fight to the death and win, then welcome our enemies into our great state."

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Liberal Democratic Socialists


Postby Ithra » Sat Jul 27, 2019 11:21 pm


Synedrion Building
Kallipolis, Megasa

Megas Archon Anaximandros Erythrotis sat calmly at the front row of left side of the Synedrion's chamber. He had to appear confident, even if he was anything but on the inside. This budget bill could break his government if it failed. Anaximandros looked to his left as another Radical member voted in favor of the budget. All was going according to plan, for the moment. He turned his attention back to the front of the chamber where the Speaker of the Synedrion called out names. Clerks on either side recorded the votes of the members as they were called.

He had spent weeks negotiating with the Radicals in his cabinet to craft a budget that both parties could agree to. The Radicals had demanded increases for poverty relief and pensions. Many of his liberal Modernists had opposed this, demanding a limit on government spending and threatened to vote against the budget. Many of the extreme Radicals had promised to oppose it for not going far enough. However, majority of both parties had come to support the budget.

A man sat down next to him. It was the Modernist's Chief Whip, writing names in a small black book. "Lord Archon." The man said, not looking up.

"Stephanos," Anaximandros greeted without taking his eyes off the Speaker. "How is our tally?"

"We are well on our way to a favorable outcome. Thirteen of our holdouts have disobeyed my instructions and attended. Of those, six have voted in favor of the bill. Four have opposed it. The remaining three have not yet been called." Another name was called out, it was a yes. "Make that seven in favor."

"Have we had any surprise defections?'

"None sir. Two members failed to show. One came down with a sudden flu, the other had a relative die yesterday and he is attending the funeral today. I had a men confirm both excuses were true."

"Have someone speak to the remaining two and warn them of the consequences of voting against us. Give my compliments to the seven who have changed their minds and inform them that there loyalty will be remembered."

"I shall warn them myself. What of those who have already voted against us?"

"Do nothing, for now. We shall deal with them at a latter date."

Stephanos nodded and tucked the book inside his coat pocket.

Army Headquarters
Kallipolis, Megasa

Two strategoi sat in a spacious office. Opposite the door was a large map of Ithra. The map was covered in pins and notes. In front of the map was a large desk, three chairs were arranged around it, all unoccupied. The two men instead sat on a pair of couches on opposite sides of a coffee table that occupied the middle of the room. The two men drank their coffee in silence, not looking at each other. The older of the two kept sneaking glances at the door. The younger strategos was more focused on his coffee, adding more and more sugar to it. While normally, the older of the two may have been the senior officer, here it was the younger one that held the higher position, he was Chief of the Army General Staff, Strategos Gregorios Kallaris. The other man was the Commander of the Army of Megasa, Strategos Solon Nikos.

A knock on the door attracted the attention of both men.

"Enter." commanded Kallaris, barely raising his voice.

A lochos entered and saluted. Kallaris waived it off.

"The result?" Nikos asked.

"The budget passed, 363 to 325." the lochos announced.

"That will be all, thank you." Kallaris said.

The lochos saluted once more before he left the room, the sound of the door closing was almost silent.

"Does this not concern you?" Nikos asked.

"It was a budgetary vote. They have those every year." Kallaris said, turning his attention back to his coffee.

"Yes, but not like this. The Radicals gain more power every day. How long before they seize power again and start their blasted reforms. We must protect Ithra!"

"Careful, Solon. One would think you are speaking of overthrowing the government."

"And if I am?"

"I would be forced to report you to the Capital Guard for treason." Kallaris said with a smile. "It would be a shame to lose such a fine commander."

"Yes, it would be." Nikos rose and made for the door. "Be on your guard, Gregorios. The Radicals tried to purge us last time too. It would be a shame to lose you too." Naxos grabbed his coat and left the room.

Alone in the room, Kallaris took a sip of his coffee. "Hmm, it would be."

Boibe, Halos, Megasa

Boibe was a small village, an outgrowth of Halos, a small town in the hills of inner Megasa. Halos was a small polis of only a few thousand. Perhaps its greatest claim to fame was that it was named in the Bionica as a village of shepherds (The fact at least three other settlements called Halos existed around the hills was seen as irrelevant by the citizens of this Halos). In the outskirts of the village was a small house that stood somewhat apart from the rest of the homes around it.

Inside the small house was a small living room. Pictures of relatives were arranged haphazardly on the wall and on various tables. The only sound was from the radio.

"The Modernist-Radical Budget passed the Synedrion, 363 to 325. Radical leaders have promised that this is only the start of their social agenda and pledge to increase worker protection..."

"Pappous! You promised we would go on a walk with Simeio!" A small voice drowned out the radio.

An elderly man turned his eyes away from the radio to the young boy siting next to him.

The boy stared back at the old man, pointing to the dog laying next to the couch. His tailed wagged at the sound of his name.

The man laughed. "Okay. Philippos. I am sure Simeio has waited long enough."

Philippos practically jumped off the coach and ran to the door.

"Wait for me, I am an old man."

Philippos smiled. "I know you are old pappous. You are papa's pappous after all. You are so old, even the old men call you geros!" the boy laughed.

The man laughed as he rose from the couch and moved toward the boy, moving quickly for a man in his ninth decade of life. Simeio stood and followed his owner dutifully. "I hope you live long enough for your grandchildren to laugh at you."

"I am going to live to be a hundred and then another hundred!" Philippos announced.

The man smiled and ruffled the boy's hair. "I hope you do and a hundred after that."

Together the three began their long walk around the village, enjoying each other's company.
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What the Rich spend their money on

Postby Kaiserlike » Sat Aug 03, 2019 7:17 pm

March 10th 1934
Amsterdam Port, Saxony, HCE

Matthäus Reeder, or as he liked to call himself, Duke Matthäus Reeder II von Heiligen Luft, was very anxious. He had spent most of his life working up to this moment, restoring the crown jewel of Saxony and his family, The Saxon East Sagaries Company. He was gone through years of work following the end of the Großkrieg to gather the funds for a merchant fleet of state of the line cargo ships, and more importantly, marketing. A crowd of Saxons had turned out to see the SOS
( Säksisch Oost-Sagrichebedrijf is Hollandisch for the company)
set fleet once again.
Matthäus paced back and forth muttering his speech, one that he had chosen to memorize. But he was much more worried, now he was no longer the head of a long forgotten family, but a president of a company. He was no longer a man begging the noblity for funds, but an admiral of a fleet off ships.
"Dear," Sophie Reeder said in a worrisome tone laying his hands on him, "calm down."
Matthäus sighed and his wife began to massage his shoulders, "This is it, out there, are all 20 of my ships, it's my entire fortune. All that's left of my family's wealth."
"And it will return back to us with 200 ships," Sophie replied optimistically, "because you will be at the helm."
Matthäus gave a weak smile, "Well, it's time."
His wife patted him on the back as Matthäus left his office. He walked out towards the ports where about 100 people stood in front of a podium. To his left laid the ocean and his 20 ships, of which his flag ship SOS Phoenix, was docked and it's crew peering over the hull. Climbing the steps Matthäus regretted not purchasing a microphone before taking a deep breath and thinking, I don't need one.
"Saxons, Caesiians, friends," Matthäus began his voice booming, "I am here to say that the Empire is once again returning to his glory days! I am here to say that we are undoing the mistakes of the past, undoing the dishonors done to us, that the Saxon East Sagaries Company has returned from the ashes. After being robbed by revolutionaries and Ausfens nearly 100 years ago, it is reborn from the fires of the Großkrieg like a Phoenix. While it starts off small, it will return to its glory all in do time! So join me in welcoming in a new era!"
Matthäus took a bottle of champagne, showed it to the crowd, a threw it at the flagship.
The crowd erupted into cheers and the other ships began to moving out, their cargo already loaded. The Saxon East Sagaries Company had returned, now only to get a trade route to the Sagaries.
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Speech by Yunnese Emperor on March 11th 1934

Postby Mes » Sat Aug 03, 2019 9:00 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,

Shinguo has become one of the world’s strongest economy thanks to years of reform and opening-up. A right path leads to a bright future. Shinguo as comes this far because the people have, under the leadership of the Sonacist Party of Shinguo, blazed a development path that suits Shinguo’s actual conditions.

This is a path based on Shinguo’s realities. Shinguo has in the past years succeeded in embarking on a development path that suits itself by drawing on both the wisdom of its civilization and the practices of other countries in both East and West. In exploring this path, Shinguo refuses to stay insensitive to the changing times or to blindly follow in others’ footsteps. All roads lead to Rome. No country should view its own development path as the only viable one, still less should it impose its own development path on others.

This is a path that puts people’s interests first. Shinguo follows a people-oriented development philosophy and is committed to bettering the lives of its people. Development is of the people, by the people and for the people. Shinguo pursues the goal of common prosperity. We have taken major steps to alleviate poverty and lifted over hundreds of million of people out of poverty, and good progress is being made in our efforts to finish building a society of initial prosperity in all respects.

This is a path of pursuing reform and innovation. Shinguo has tackled difficulties and met challenges on its way forward through reform. Shinguo has demonstrated its courage to take on difficult issues, navigate treacherous rapids and remove institutional hurdles standing in the way of development. We are determined to reunify all of Yunna with Shinguo. These efforts will enable us to unleash productivity and social vitality. Building on progress of 30-odd years of reform, we have introduced more than 1,200 reform measures over the past four years, injecting powerful impetus into Shinguo's development.

This is a path of pursuing common development through opening-up. China is committed to a fundamental policy of opening-up and pursues a win-win opening-up strategy. China’s development is both domestic and external oriented; while developing itself, China also shares more of its development outcomes with other countries and peoples like the Holy Caesii Empire, Illsuka and Der Orden Der Meridiane.

“Our friendships should be higher than the higher mountains of Himalayas and deeper than the deepest oceans after thousands of years of recusantric influences from the west .”

Image Image Image

Our objectives remain clear at heart in our nation. We must expand our influence through cooperation with other states and reform internally and exert this positive Sonacist energy throughout Yunna.

These energies from east and west marks our dynamic culture in terms of our diversity of religions and cultural practices. However, we must remove these kinds of practices from clear nonsense like this as it is unlike the character of what we expect from our citizens and from what the world expects as we are Buddhist-Sonacist-recusantrists.

Image ImageImage

The old corrupt ways must go and the new with old good elements must be in place.

We must retain
*Common practices include

-worship of Buddhas and bodhisattvas as guardians of the true faith and as messengers of god.
-through offerings of incense, flowers, food, etc to the poor.
-offerings to Devas who reside in the heavenly realm
-paying respect to dead ancestors during Qingming and Hungry Ghost festival
-performance of religious ceremonies to help souls of the deceased find peace (超渡)
-forming affinities with other people, through gifts and acts of service (緣份)
-vegetarianism: monastics are required to be vegetarian, devout laity are also often vegetarian
-compassion towards all living beings through activities such as "life release"

*Common beliefs which includes

-existence of gods, ghosts and hell realm
-reincarnation (超生), or more technically, rebirth, according to one's karma
-karmic retribution (報應), ethically cause and effect

If these deeds are followed the universe would be at peace and the Yin-Yang circle will be balanced and the empire would be at peace!
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Postby Imperialtha » Tue Aug 06, 2019 1:12 pm

March 15th 1934 16:01
New Cuir, Amerce

“Good Evening Amerce, I’m Thomas Koch with the Amerce Broadcasting Company, here to deliver you the news. Our main story tonight takes us to Sagaria, no not the islands off of Seminoa, the lands far to the east where the Ergonians have conquered most of the barbaric lands. Where kings, khans, and emperors vie for dominance! Three days ago Motilal Kapudia Govinda, a hermit, had gathered a crowd of Sagaries at his little home off the Kosi River. This hermit has long been held in high esteem by the simple people of the Sagaries. He told the people there that he wanted to make some salt! Normally he could buy salt like anyone else, but no, he wanted to make his own from the ocean! Which is illegal! The Ergonia Raj controls the production of salt within the empire! Govinda then set out on a 300 mile journey to the ocean, gathering a huge number of folks along the way! Meanwhile the bolsheviks in Sagaria have praised Govinda’s disobedience yet resounded the call for more aggressive non-cooperation. Govinda has disavowed the bolsheviks before calling their violence unneeded, yet both agree that Ergonia must go! Will the hermit make his salt? Will the another communist revolt break out? Is the end of Raj near? Stay tuned folks!”

Motilal Kapudia Govinda has started out on a march from the foothills of the Himalayas to Kolka.
He has an ever growing crowd following him. Each day the crowd gets bigger.
Some have already taken to creating their own salt.
The Govinda will reach the ocean by April 30th 1934
AT RISK: Imperial control of salt trade
AT RISK: Growing anti-Raj support
AT RISK: Growing communist support

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Postby Terra Frima » Tue Aug 06, 2019 3:22 pm


Looking over the papers of the day checking transactions and business dealing sat Fred Koch patiently wait for his guest to arrive and for there business dealings to be discussed. One minute, five minutes, ten minutes, pasted with the clock ticking away, and he continued to read over the papers in front of him. That was till a knock on the door pulled him from those papers, putting them down and looking to the door, he called out “Who is that?” And a muffled voice came out from behind the door “It would be the High Priest and company.” That was strange, strange indeed, it could have not been Trump, he was busy running the party out in New Cuir, it would have more likely been company to the High Priest, who it did not matter to Koch, they were allies against the socialist and their illness to Amerce. They would see him dead and the church taked apart. "Come in" Koch called out, coming in were yes it the High Priest and what Koch's guess was some aids to the same man. Getting up from the desk and moving to greet then "I'm very glad to see you attend this meeting, for what we can discuss and come to agreement." The High Priest replied back "I hope so too, even if it was hard to find the time for this meeting. But this threat, the socialist and there like, shall we start?"
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"This nation has the means to end this war in a definitive and elegant manner, we seek not destruction and conflict but a balance of power and restoration to peace, and it will be done with reason and justice from beginning to end, and the world will be grateful, only then will they see the way to true peace."

"They paint us as if we have lost the democratic traditions this nation was founded on, that can not, is not, further from the truth in this nation, do they not know what we went through? the 30 years of war that was started by men who did not listen to the people? This Republic will weather the storm, we will fight to the death and win, then welcome our enemies into our great state."

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Postby Mes » Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:52 pm

Descriptions of events in concerning Shinguo on a editorial page 3/15/1934




Pictures taken in these events described by the local Sirkalio news.
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Postby Goldritter » Thu Aug 08, 2019 1:04 pm

Romulus, The Crowned Fool

Hohmessinger Stronghold
Wihel Vontaine, Goldritter
March 12, 1934 7:34 AM
Crown Prince Romulus Ludwig Von Hohenzollern strolled the mighty halls of the Hohmessinger Stronghold, once an almost impenetrable fortress, now a decadent palace. In Goldritter, militarism and extravagance go hand in hand. Romulus was always the black sheep of the royal family, he was constantly out drinking and partying with the rowdiest sorts of noble scions. The royal family did their best to try to help and hide his rampant hedonism, but his borderline crippling addiction to fine wines and cigars proved persistent.

“This place has always been so tacky” the Prince said as he walked up to a grand painting of his father. The Kaiser was donned in shining armor and wielded a mighty rapier, combating a monstrous red and yellow hydra with sun-like manes; this beast symbolized Solarism.

“And they say I’m pompous…” the prince said to himself as he gazed in disgust at his father’s vanity. He didn’t hate Wolfgang, he hated his father’s desperate attempts to chain his unstable and scandalous personality. As a child, Romulus and his father never saw eye to eye; Romulus was something of a sadistic practical joker. Always taking pranks and jokes way too far, from torturing birds to sabotaging the Chancellor’s cane, he seemed to enjoy when others felt pain. Ever since his childhood, Romulus has had little sense of right or wrong, which often leads him to trouble, especially when he loses his temper. When things go wrong, Romulus blames the problems on others. Despite being willful he is reckless, vicious, cruel and not particularly intelligent, all of which combine to make him prone to irrational and bad judgements.

Romulus unsheathes his extravagant rapier, a gift from his father. The long slender blade was elegantly engraved with the symbol of the Goldritterian crown, the recusant star, and a visored helmet depicting his status in the Rheingoldian knighthood. Kaiser Wolfgang is no warrior, the only thing close to being one was his service in the Kaiserliche Armada and him being a frequent fencer, but being the Grand Inquisitor of Rheingold’s Order requires him to appear like a chivalrous warlord. Always donned in gleaming half-armor, with a rapier and a parrying dagger at his side. This tradition also required his children to do this as well, even his daughter had to heed to this tradition up until she was wed to the Kaiser of Kaiserlike, much to the dismay of Romulus. He found the armor uncomfortable and heavy, the rapier was long and cumbersome to wear.

“Traditions… Such pointless luxuries for fools…” Romulus thought to himself as he sheathed his rapier and started to pour himself some brandy.

“Foolish dress up, we should have let this ignorant tradition die… We look like asinine children stupidly pretending to be the Gefiederte Kürassiere of the 16th Century…”

As he continued to think about his disdain of authority his mind switched to the more pressing matters of the Kaiser: the serfs…

“Lowerborn scum… How dare they raise their wretched hands against the royal family, those Bolsheviks should be put in their place… When I take the reign, I will strike fear into these inferiors… My father is weak willed and foolish, he is letting these lowerborn marxists walk all over him…” Romulus thought to himself as he took a mighty gulp of brandy. If it was up to Romulus, he would have the Kaiserliche Landstreitkräfte shoot any protester in sight, he would begin a reign of terror… He hated authority only when it was over him, he was completely fine with tyranny, as long as he wasn’t affected.

Wihel Vontaine, Goldritter
March 12, 1934 5:07 PM
On the outskirts of Wihel Votaine, in an old barn sat a collection of men most of them Goldritterian standing/sitting, with there being two men from Amerce sitting on boxes next to each other.

“Look all we are asking is that you consider the consequences of your actions, not to give up the revolution.” One of them said.

“And what? You have us sit in this oppression while you and this is crown live in luxury?” Someone from the crowd called out to the two is his voice filled with anger, with others in the room showing their own support.

“What no, but look what we have been able to do in Amerce, we have managed to get into the government with enough support to succeed in the revolution without them repressing us to the fringe of politics.”

“Oh please, the Kaiser would see to it that we are all dead then, then see himself lose power slowly.” Another called out most likely the leader of the Goldritterian group.

“If you want to take the violent route and seize power that way go-ahead if there is one thing that Amerce hates it is monarchies, and if a civil war were to break out you can count on our support fully.” he pauses hoping to make that point clear, “But if it fails, you need to have a backup plan, something more then we will see. That won’t cut it, we all saw what happened in Meridiane, Rhina was killed that the rest fled make sure, the people will back you in this motion, the people must back you and you alone if you are to succeed.”

Goldritterian Broadcast
March 18, 1934
“Tragedy has struck Goldritter today, I’m Sascha Bischoffin with the Reich’s Broadcast, here to deliver you the pressing news. Tragic events unfolded earlier today at the Saint’s Duel Parade, when an assassination attempt directed at our Kaiser led the death of his son, Crown Prince Romulus Ludwig Von Hohenzollern. No source so far allows us to know exactly what happened, but through the testimonies of eye witnesses, we have pieced together an extensive explanation. The supposed eleven conspirators appeared to have no experience in the use of weapons, and it is only by extraordinary luck that they succeeded in the death of a royal. Luckily due to their incompetence, his magnificence survived the horrid debacle. Several parade goers claimed to have seen some suspicious individuals as the Kaiser passed by in his vehicle minutes before the attack, along with his son, Romulus who attended due to his mother’s inability to attend due to a slight fever. Otto Derskorzy, a Bolshevik radical, threw a bomb on the car of Kaiser Wolfgang, but in his haste, he apparently threw it too soon. It seems that Prince Romulus had time to take the bomb in his hand and to throw it out of the car. The explosion nevertheless destroyed the next car, seriously injuring its passengers, a policeman and several people in the crowd. Derskorzy tried to kill himself by swallowing a cyanide pill but accidentally dropped it in a frantic haste, before he could pick it up, the crowd had gotten a hold of him and severely beat him before he was arrested. As the Kaiser and the prince began to depart for safety reasons, reportedly, ten regularly dressed men pulled out pistols and started to fire at the vehicle. Prince Romulus was rumored to have jumped in front of his father, taking most of the bullets before the authorities and the royal guards put an end to the madness. Most of the bullets missed, but Romulus was still fatally filled with many wounds, while Kaiser Wolfgang suffered from only a bullet wound in the shoulder and the abdomen. His chest plate made the low caliber gun fire nonfatal… Six of the conspirators were either killed or detained, while the other four supposed assassins disappeared into the chaos of the crowd. Prince Romulus died minutes later, in the arms of the Kaiser. A tragic event that shall forever leave a bloodstained mark in history, stay tuned for more testimonies and information…”
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Cannon was sleeping in his bed it was around 1 Am in the morning when a call came through. Getting up after giving some assurances to his wife that he would not be long, he made his way to the phone slowly waking up himself, getting to the phone and picking it up. The voice on the other side spoke: “uh, sir, we have a report for you.” Canon didn’t answer he was still waking up and trying to figure out the voice on the side of, someone from the government no, from the Meridiane socialist, no. “So, what is it you called me about, so early in the morning?” “Our mission in Goldritter, we have an update, They wanted to push an assassination of the Kaiser and.” He was quiet for a second. “They ended up killing the crown prince.” Canon was quiet for a long time. “Oh” “What do you want us to do now.” “Listen to my next words very carefully you understand me if the Goldritter’s push a purge of them you're out on the next train, it does not matter were your out of there, and if they call you traitors or whatever tell them to kill the right man next time.” Canon pause for a second to catch his breath “We are not giving up our chance here, to help them primus forbid that.” “Yes, I understand.” “good the last thing we need is this to cause problems here, is that all?” After a pause, the man on the other end answered back “At the time yes.”
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"This nation has the means to end this war in a definitive and elegant manner, we seek not destruction and conflict but a balance of power and restoration to peace, and it will be done with reason and justice from beginning to end, and the world will be grateful, only then will they see the way to true peace."

"They paint us as if we have lost the democratic traditions this nation was founded on, that can not, is not, further from the truth in this nation, do they not know what we went through? the 30 years of war that was started by men who did not listen to the people? This Republic will weather the storm, we will fight to the death and win, then welcome our enemies into our great state."



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