2019 Kiteahui-Velkanikan Conflict [Closed/GO Only]

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2019 Kiteahui-Velkanikan Conflict [Closed/GO Only]

Postby Velkanika » Sun Jun 23, 2019 6:30 pm


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Postby Kiteahu » Mon Jun 24, 2019 7:28 pm

The Meniti Observer
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Article 198, 25/06/2019
Kiteahui Corporates Infuriated, Aggressive
TSMC Board Chief Kai Pikari stood in front of cameras today, cursing the Peoples Republic of Velkanika for their insults.

- The Taimaha State Mineral Company, a massive Kiteahui conglomerate operating primarily in heavy industrial metals, received a significant blow several days ago when the Velkanikan Matrogorsk Metals Company unilaterally withdrew from contracts, citing a number of problems including price extortion, and low quality of tungsten exports, the primary commodity traded between the two companies.

The latter of the two major allegations was found particularly insulting to the Chief of the TSMC board, Kai Pikari, who made the claim that Kiteahui Tungsten is "Purer than the wives and mothers of the Velkanikan devils." Pikari demanded immediate action by the Velkanikan government to set wrongs right, including the reinstatement of export contracts with Matrogorsk Metals, as well as financial compensation for damages caused to the prestige of TSMC. Pikari said that without immediate rectification, "We'll have to get out the Patu." Seemingly a directed threat, referencing the traditional Kiteahui weapon.

There has been some worry in circles of Kiteahu political analysts that the threat might be more literal than expected. While the State of Kiteahu has yet to make any public indication of an opinion on the matter, Taimaha State Mineral Company is heavily intertwined with government policy, and Kai Pikari personally is believed to hold significant influence within internal party politics of the leading National Peoples Congress.

There is no indication as of the publishing of this article whether the Velkanikan government, or the Kiteahui government for that matter, will attempt to smooth over the issue and relieve tension, though analysts are calling it unlikely.

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