Young Crips III: Gangstas Reborn (IC)

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Young Crips III: Gangstas Reborn (IC)

Postby Rapperland » Mon Jun 17, 2019 10:12 pm

I'm all about some money, and where the fuck the liquor?
Drinking Henny till I'm scummy
Whole time, whole time, I'm flexing hard like Busta Rhymes
You worth a dime, I'm all about my Peso, yayo
Need all mine, yo' bitch she on my other line
Press decline, hoes mad

Unknown Gangsta Philosopher

Gangstas Reborn First Arc: The Dark Resurrection
Theme Song

Kirkwood, Atlanta

As Young Blake walked through Kirkwood. he saw Big Cat shot at the Young Crips gangsters to tie up loose ends and protect the secret of the Haven. When he becomes a member of "The Black Pockets", his father becomes convinced that he is a member of the old Bloods and wants him put to death. Later on, as part of the police investigation and as part of the Black Pockets attempt to kill the Young Crips they are taken into custody by the cops and held for questioning. After they escape, they are sent back to the old Haven where they are held for investigation until they turn up a clue and escape.

After the Young Crips are placed in the juvenile detention facility they soon end up in their new precinct where they learn of the young gang members they left behind. They decide they'll all go in with the Young Crips to deal with them. During this time, the two groups of Young Crips begin exchanging money, drugs and guns, much to the dismay of the members of The Killers. As this becomes more and more known they begin to make plans to kill each other.

"Hey young one, what are you looking at?" Big Cat shouted to Blake as he stuck out his tongue as an insult.

"Ayo, y'all niggas must be out your fuckin' mind
Thinkin' dog can't pull another motherfuckin' rabbit out the hat
Nigga, I ain't gotta check out my motherfuckin' sleeves
You bitch-ass niggas, fuck is y'all niggas
Y'all niggas just thinkin' I'm sittin' around doin' nothin'?
Oh my God, y'all niggas can't be serious""

Blake rapped in retaliation.

"You're gonna get hammered outta plantation." Big Cat replied

"Don't play with these cats
'Cause I ain't got nothin' to say to these cats
For the mothers that really do love 'em, please pray for these cats
'Cause I know niggas is hard-headed but I ain't got the patience
Don't want me havin' no patience turn into more patients"

Blake shot at Big Cat, an action that will possibly spearhead the beginning of Atlanta's gangwar. The second he shot at Big Cat, the player fired on Atlanta's entire team, killing one member, then another. But the player couldn't see anyone, so he killed them all. The third shot hit a gang member in the face, killing him. The fourth shot hit a nearby motorcycle. He then used his own car to run a few blocks up some dirt roads, killing himself, a friend and a cop. He then killed four more members of the force. Four more cops were wounded, one critically, while the player was taken into custody. The story ends there.
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Postby Young Crips III Official Admin » Wed Jun 19, 2019 12:03 am

All of the Young Crips woke up at the nearest hospital, everyone full healed thanks to the Grand Theft Auto mechanics, a bizarre reality just like in the works of Dali. Everyone still had their guns, and only a small amount of cash had been magically deducted. As they walked outside, they spotted an incoming group of Bloods coming to take revenge. With nothing in their weapons, they had no chance of winning. So before they were knocked out by the Bloods, they decided to fight. The Bloods did not stand a chance of victory however, and was killed by a grenade thrown at them.

They made their escape to Liberty City, but on their way, they stopped at a busy strip mall and a man named Joe decided to stop their car. After seeing their gun holster, he noticed a girl and quickly asked her name. As they got out of the car, they noticed that one of the girls had a huge tattoo on her back.

A few minutes later, they saw a group of women who wore sunglasses and had matching eye makeup. They told the girls they were from the Bloods and was a part of the Ghetto, which caused them to get very angry. Then Joe noticed that there were three bodies on the front deck, and ran for the rear deck where a body was, but as they entered his car, they were shot at.




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Postby Borovan entered the region as he » Wed Jun 19, 2019 12:33 am

The gang life ain't easy. Being shit poor as hell, I got the trouble to go and loot from people and stores. Now I'm here at the gang, the Young Crips. Ever since I ended up starring I feel like I belong like maybe some family.

"Niggah watcha been doing?" said a familiar voice towards me.

"I don't know, Smalls."

"Shit, them bloods are like killin our motherfucking guys. And I ain't standing for this shit"

"Okay what we gotta do now?" Said Manuel.

"I talked to the man. We gonna go out dealing some stuff. Drugs."

"The fuck this shit."

"Niggah dont worry. This ain't like we gonna do some bad shit like trying to get some shit from our suppliers. We just need ya to go there and sell them to these kids out here."

"Fuck are we talking."


"Fuck no."

"Damn man."

"I ain't messing with the youngsters."

"Look man you can go back but for realz, you think you like it out there stealing them stuff for shit money. This a good easy job. I promise we gonna do real payback to them motherfuckers. And if you don't do this, I promise there be gonna be some bad stuff."

I didn't have a lot of time to think but I agreed.
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Postby Young Crips III Official Admin » Wed Jun 19, 2019 9:04 pm

Eventually, everyone found themselves breaking the 4th wall and spawning outside the NS page itself.

"What the fuck."

What the fuck what?

They realized that there was no-

"Yeah I can see it dumbass nigga there's no Young Crips 2, why the fuck did you make a third then?"

Well young crips 2 got cancelled due to transphobia and the fact that "no one is listening to no n****rs". So they found they could create something out of nothing. So they called it Young Crips 2 and they got some major players like Kanye West, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross to sign on. It worked out great.

Fast forward 7 years later to the Black Lives Matter movement to push forward racial dialogue and what it has become. I would never have guessed that with the popularity Young Crips 2 has now got you can get the same kind of viral response it had in 9 or 10 years ago with no backlash, no social media campaigns and no backlash at all for your work. Not only that, but the fact that you were making an album that's getting so much attention to begin with and also that's actually pretty rad doesn't stop Young Crips 2 people from going nuts on you.

That's what would happen if YC 2 got released but it never did.

"Yeah I can see that imma whoop yo ass." The OG said.

"Yo this Max Barry nigga look like a roll on deodorant."

"thats very kek of you my nigga!"

"Thats what you like." The OG stated.

"So if you got a kid up there he gotta want to have a baby then." The OG said

"No." The OG stated, looking annoyed "he can say y'all want you want me to." "Thats not how it works with my family".

The OG looked confused, "What if someone doesn't want me to have your child but they don't?"

"That's like asking for permission but it doesn't have to be. We just let you decide what you want it to be." "That's how we live." The OG told his brother.

"And just when we were starting we said you know what, if y'all don't wanna have my kid, and yo no one wants what we want, we'll just cancel the deal." The OG said.

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Postby Kentucky Fried Land » Wed Jun 19, 2019 10:14 pm

"Damn, my Nathan." Humphrey said, digitizing into the Internet. "Where are my parents? Where's my GameCube? I want to play Frogger: Ancient Shadow. Please."

Triple H flung himself into the pages of NationStates, where his brain was filled with the essence of Max Barry's novels and a trillion fictional countries; oftentimes, he is covered in the secretive juices of ironic Shadman nations, and other times he observes the reactions of hermaphroditic muscle women races to seventy-six kilometer ships glassing their homelands. He reacted to that zombie mode from like a year ago on a NationStates Discord call reaction YouTube channel, he cataloged the catastrophic drama of fictional nation roleplaying groups with six members, he winamaasdddddd

"Wow, my Nathans! This is pretty cool!" Hogart said as he forgot what to say. Harland had a stroke and was then archived in Forum 7, trapped in limbo.
You're dead meat.

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Postby Borovan entered the region as he » Thu Jun 20, 2019 10:24 am

Ms Mann the school counselor was over with Manuel.

"I'm very disappointed in you. Your attendance record is shoddy. And the school police has noticed you have been involved in delinquent displinary problems."

Manuel shrugged.

"Look I know things don't look good for lot of yall folks but please try to focus and stay in school."

Manuel stood up. "Whaddya mean?"

"Well you either stay or you get arrested for delinquency."

"Damn niggah, why you be like that?"

"It is under my care. And I am getting sick and tired of everything here. I mean seriously there's nothing."

"Fine man"

scene then starts cracking up

"The hell?"

"Manuel, we gonna get revenge on these fuckers."

"Why am I in a car?"

"That's them! Manuel shoot these fuckers! "

The sight of two members of the bloods were walking towards a liquor store.

"Damn bro. This town stinks" said one of them.

"We're in their territory?!" Manuel said.

"Yo Niggahs," Jay D called from the driver said.

The two blood members turned their heads and Manuel then grabbed his gun as the car stopped to shoot them. Shots were fired and they ducked, hitting a small white kid.

"Niggah the fuck was that?!" Jay D yelled.

Manuel shot again hitting, one of the Bloods members..

"Fooo, some nerve ha got. Going with a drive by," he groaned bleeding, "Fuckers, we gone get you. Ohhhh! FUCK!" he yelled in anguish.

"Ok let's scram the fuck." Jay D said.
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Postby Borovan entered the region as he » Sat Jun 22, 2019 9:36 pm

Manuel went into the house.

"Woah boy whaddya think you doing?"said Smalls.

"I'm seeing the man."

"Oh no you're not seeing the boss. He doesn't deserve low folks. You have to work your way--" He then stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

"I think I can take care. What's your name kid?" asked the big fellow.


"That's a stupid name. Don't fret. We give you new name for all the homeboys. What you like to do?"


"Jams you new name. Nah listen boy I heard bout you. Making rounds and shit popping them pistols and making trouble at them stores. I like you boy. You think you can step it u?"

"Uh huh, whatever it takes."

"Good now what you gotta do is retag all dems Bloods tags graffiti. See them niggahs get all triggered and worked up if their territory is marked with our shit. It makes them lose it but it can get you in trouble. People lose their heads and get beat up and shot at this. Now you can do this?"


"Good. That's my boy. " He put his hand on Manuel , " I like you this gang is family we have to support. But one last thing," his face darkened, "don't fall for any of thems Bloods members girlfriends. Because we don't need any of them mixing with us."
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