Di Bradini Cup 45/U21WC66 Everything Thread

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Di Bradini Cup 45/U21WC66 Everything Thread

Postby Valanora » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:40 am

Starblaydia wrote:OOC:For complete newcomers, please see the Guide to Sports Roleplaying. If you need to ask anything of the host or your opponents, arrange RP angles or generally chat about the goings-on, please use the World Cup Discussion Thread. Misspellings of 'Di Bradini' will be met with zero tolerance.

The Valanora Footballing Association presents

In association with the Starblaydia Football Association:

The Forty-Fifth Di Bradini Cup
The 66th Under-21 World Cup

The Valanora Footballing Association proudly presents the forty-fifth edition of the Di Bradini Cup, the thirteenth edition of which to be held in the Valanora. Recognized as direct successor to the original Under-21 World Cup run by Total n Utter Insanity, this is also the 66th Under-21 World Cup.

This tournament is named after Starblaydia's most-famous player, the first person to score for Starblaydia's own Under-21s, currently the fifth-highest goalscorer in Starblaydia's history, World Cup Winner, member of the World Cup Hall of Fame and one-time President of the World Cup Committee: Simeone Di Bradini. We present, for your participation: The 45th Di Bradini Cup, a.k.a. The 66th Under-21 World Cup!

U21WC1. Audioslavia
U21WC2. Kingsford
U21WC3. Jeruselem
U21WC4. Bedistan
U21WC5. Rejistania
U21WC6. Bedistan
U21WC7. Vilita
U21WC8. Total n Utter Insanity
U21WC9. Jeruselem
U21WC10. Rejistania
U21WC11. Rejistania
U21WC12. Druida
U21WC13. Fmjphoenix
U21WC14. Starblaydia
U21WC15. Fmjphoenix
U21WC16. Nedalia
U21WC17. Hockey Canada
U21WC18. Spruitland
U21WC19. Fmjphoenix
U21WC20. Fmjphoenix
U21WC21. Haraki
U21WC22 (DBC1). Valanora
U21WC23 (DBC2). Candelaria And Marquez
U21WC24 (DBC3). Candelaria And Marquez
U21WC25 (DBC4). Newmanistan
U21WC26 (DBC5). Daehanjeiguk
U21WC27 (DBC6). Valanora
U21WC28 (DBC7). Secristan
U21WC29 (DBC8). Sarzonia
U21WC30 (DBC9). Kura-Pelland
U21WC31 (DBC10). Candelaria And Marquez
U21WC32 (DBC11). Sorthern Northland
U21WC33 (DBC12). Sorthern Northland
U21WC34 (DBC13). Sargossa
U21WC35 (DBC14). Starblaydia
U21WC36 (DBC15). Cafundeu
U21WC37 (DBC16). Queer Poco el Mono Ara
U21WC38 (DBC17). Cafundeu
U21WC39 (DBC18). Cafundeu
U21WC40 (DBC19). Taeshan
U21WC41 (DBC20). Polar Islandstates
U21WC42 (DBC21). Bears Armed
U21WC43 (DBC22). Pasarga
U21WC44 (DBC23). High Heels
U21WC45 (DBC24). Kiryu-shi
U21WC46 (DBC25). Wight
U21WC47 (DBC26). Blouman Empire
U21WC48 (DBC27). Equestrian States
U21WC49 (DBC28). Free Republics
U21WC50 (DBC29). Northern Sunrise Islands
U21WC51 (DBC30). Farfadillis
U21WC52 (DBC31). Furellum
U21WC53 (DBC32). Mizuyuki
U21WC54 (DBC33). Schottia
U21WC55 (DBC34). DNF
U21WC56 (DBC35). Cosumar
U21WC57 (DBC36). Dainer
U21WC58 (DBC37). Pasarga
U21WC59 (DBC38). Ceni
U21WC60 (DBC39). Pasarga
U21WC61 (DBC40). Mytanar Region
U21WC62 (DBC41). Kita-Hinode
U21WC63 (DBC42). Pasarga
U21WC64 (DBC 43). Mapletish
U21WC65 (DBC 44). Cosumar

Baker Park
Vilita and Turori
Siovanija and Teusland
Oberour Ar Moro
New Juan Carlos Land
Alpine Republics
Equestrian States
Averyickan City
Bears Armed
Third Asopia


Group A

Venues: The Battleground and Hellgate

Group B

Venues: Castle de Mot and Aranfield Bridge

Group C
Baker Park

Venues: Metropolis and The Tar Pit

Group D
Bears Armed
Alpine Union

Venues: Lathal and Miner's Haven

Group E

Venues: Rose Gardens and Hatire Memorial

Group F
Vilita and Turori
Oberour Ar Moro
New Juan Carlos Land

Venues: Donna Cathedral and Artani

Group G
Averyickan City
Equestrian States

Venues: Turmondale Grounds and Angelotic Temple

Group H
Slovanija and Teusland
Third Aspoia

Venues: Duran Palace and The White Fortress

MD1: 1v4, 2v3
MD2: 4v3, 1v2
MD3: 2v4, 3v1
Ro16: A1vD2, B1vC2, C1vB2, D1vA2, E1vH2, F1vG2, G1vF2, H1vE2
QFs: R1vR2, R3vR4, R5vR6, R7vR8
SFs: Q1vQ2, Q3vQ4
3PPo: L1vL2
Final: S1vS2

Jun 13th: Group Draw
Jun 14th: Bye
Jun 15th: Bye
Jun 16th: MD1
Jun 17th: Bye
Jun 18th: MD2
Jun 19th: Bye
Jun 20th: MD3
Jun 21st: Bye
Jun 22nd: Ro16
Jun 23rd: Bye
Jun 24th: QFs
Jun 25th: Bye
Jun 26th: SFs
Jun 27th: Bye
Jun 28th: Final/3PPo
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EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Valanora » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:40 am

Map of Valanora

Valanora Information
The most important thing to know about traveling through Valanora is that automobiles are banned except for government officials. A high tech railway system connects the entirety of the nation, with three international airports in Raynor City, Gladerial, and Baysleef. A ferry from Rinaldi travels to and from the island of Capri every hour on the hour. The most distinguishing feature of Valanora is the prevalent amount of forests standing in many of the inner half of the nation, even in cities, with the elven attempts to live in harmony with nature. Vanorians are a polite if not a bit high on themselves, believing elvenkind to be superior to humans, though they show a respect for the potential their humanoid cousins have.


The Battleground
Capacity: 78,000
Location: Raynor City

Capacity: 74,000
Location: Mar Sara

Angelotic Temple
Capacity: 71,000
Location: Longview

The White Fortress
Capacity: 70,000
Location: Gladerial

Donna Cathedral
Capacity: 60,000
Location: Mar Sara

Hatire Memorial
Capacity: 60,000
Location: Capri

Capacity: 54,000
Location: Raynor City

Aranfield Bridge
Capacity: 52,000
Location: Everlin

Duran Palace
Capacity: 51,000
Location: Valanari

Castle de Mot
Capacity: 49,000
Location: Wexax

Rose Gardens
Capacity: 49,000
Location: Kareen

Turmondale Grounds
Capacity: 43,000
Location: Raynor City

The Tar Pit
Capacity: 39,000
Location: Char Sara

Capacity: 39,00
Location: Ibini

Miner's Haven
Capacity: 36,000
Location: Goldsan

Capacity: 29,000
Location: Ianisle
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EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Nilrahrarfan » Thu Jun 13, 2019 12:07 pm

Valanora wrote:The most important thing to know about traveling through Valanora is that automobiles are banned except for government officials.

We only drive with automobiles, and this will make going to Valanora much more of a slog than it needs to be. We have decided to use our teleportation systems, which are powered with coal.
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Postby Taeshan » Thu Jun 13, 2019 12:54 pm


Nation Name:Taeshan
Demonym: Taeshanis, Taeshites, Taes
Team Nickname: Lil ' (Purple) Knights
Modifier: -2
Captain: Shiloh Morgenstern
Vice-Captain: Liam McKenzie

Image Image Image

Manager: Peter Wiggin

Isaac	Leyton	GK	1	17	Nordiques
Kattan Lightly LB 2 18 Atlantea Hurricanes
Kevin Chandler CB 3 19 Sleepy Hollow
Liam McKenzie CB 4 19 Yaton FC
Ellejay Mackson RB 5 20 X Island Marauders
Nycolas Jackson RM 6 18 Willow Street Pirates
Vincent Vogue CDM 7 21 Blacklake Blues
Yoshimi Hirahito LM 8 18 Cornellians
Shiloh Morgenstern CAM 9 20 Al Haxire
Elmo Brubaker RS 10 20 Hannah
Wilhelm Nkitilina LS 11 19 Atlantea Hurricanes
Heinrich Gochenauer DF 12 19 Hannah
Shannon Lafayette ST 13 17 Ojian Orangemen
Larson Sneijder MF 14 17 Yenvil Town
Few Kennedy ST 15 18 Moresville FC
Bennet Townsend MF 16 15 Moresville FC
Carlisle Martinez MF 17 20 Hannah
Sullivan Garrett DF 18 13 Moresville FC
Giacomo Pantalimon ST 19 19 Hannah
Aime Karlson DF 20 19 Mierton Manatees
Lyle Marchand DF 21 17 1093 Club de Atlantea
Lionel Ninetails MF 22 15 Cedar Township
Benjamin Moriarty MF 23 19 Yaton United
Alan McDavid GK 24 19 Bayern-Algaer

Formation 4-4-2 (Diamond)
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Cup of Harmony 35, World Lacrosse Championship 2, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals)

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14

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Postby Juvencus » Thu Jun 13, 2019 1:43 pm

Juven U21??? Kickball Squad? Maybe, kind of...

"There must be a misunderstanding, we ain't from Juvencus."

"Yadda yadda you dumbwit, get on the spacecraft and keep your mouth shut, you're representing the most glorious and holy of empires in existence in the whole multiverse. The Holy Empire of Juvencus."

And here we are, a bunch of seemingly stateless dudes are going to represent Juvencus on the most prestigious tournament for U21 national teams in the multiverse, a tournament known as the Di Brandini Cup. These players were kind of abducted from somewhere in the multiverse, nobody really knows from where exactly but it was an act to show Juvencus' dominance as a powerful nation or something along those lines. Anyway, the squad is consisted of players between the ages of 15-20 but nobody really knows the exact age of each player, cause nobody has bothered to ask their ages really. But I mean, they sure do look like they're under the age of 21 so they're perfectly fit for a tournament like this. Good thing is that the secret officers cared enough to ask each and every one of them their names, so we know who they are. Only God knows if they know how to kick a ball, though. No weird future projects this time though, the association's too busy overlooking the squad playing in the Independents Cup in Drawkland anyway, because this one's more important.

Starting XI:
GK:Om Jain
DF:Aditya Uzun
DF:Mecit Tamboli
DF:Ulvi Gjorgiev
DF:İlhan Ivanovski
MDF:Pavle Gupta
MDF:Sabah Katırcı
ST:Sundar Değirmenci
ST:Viraj Solak
ST:Mirče Chaudhri
ST:Surya Barış

GK:Harshal Kartal
DF:Çınar Korrapati
DF:Wayan Peynirci
MDF:Seyfettin Koç
ST:Asil Stojanov

Main Coach: Sergeant Giovanni Addemando
Coach: Private Diego Abatescianni
Coach: Private Galvão Benvenuti

As gentle abductors, we are letting our new subjects wear our own kits, hopefully they won't catch a cold away from the Unknown Tropics we caught them from.

RP Perms:
If you manage to RP before me, choose my goal scorers but that's just it. Don't injure, yellow or red card my players without permission though cause that will make me angry. >:(
Style modifier's +5 cause these guys clearly will just go ancient-style football and forget what their positions do.
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Postby Darmen » Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:29 pm

Darmen National U-21 Football Team
presented by the
Darmeni Football Association

Record (Modern-era only, since Di Bradini Cup 40): 18 matches, 9 wins, 2 draw, 7 losses, 39 GF, 34 GA, .537 Win %
1 Avidan Tobias 16
T2 Halli Vaughn 12
T2 Codie Armbruster 12
4 Cyrus Spalding 11
5 Kelan Lyne 10

1 Halli Vaughn 7
2 Craig Blackwood 6
T3 Buddy Pickle 3
T3 Primitivo Reagan 3
T3 Kristoffer Stevenson 3
T3 Brian Firmin 3
Coaching Staff
Position Name Age
Manager Isaiah Atwater 53
Assistant Manager Lucien Brant 42

# Name Pos Age Club Caps Goals Notes
1 Sergio Salas GK 20 Workers Union (Eura) 0 0 (11 U-18 caps)
2 Abimael Michaud LB 21 Scott City FC 4 0 (1 senior cap, 6 U-18 caps)
3 Manu Ó Baoghill CB 21 Olympique Chuckio 0 0 (11 U-18 caps)
4 Thore Brodbeck RB 21 Royal PFC 0 0 (5 U-18 caps)
5 Odoacer Lehrer DM 21 Menomonie United 2 0 (1 senior cap, 7 U-18 caps)
6 Bernhard Amador LM 21 Romanopolis United 4 1 (7 U-23 caps, 10 U-18 caps)
7 Víedharr Svendsen LCM 21 Tempala United Saints 0 0 (13 senior caps, 4 senior goals, 8 U-23 caps, 3 U-23 goals, 13 U-18 caps, 5 U-18 goals)
8 Coleman Mac Ealair RCM 21 Bledia Arba FC 0 0 (8 U-18 caps)
9 Bill St. John RM 20 MTK Kingsville 2 0 (4 senior caps, 3 U-23 caps, 11 U-18 caps, 1 U-18 goal)
10 Darnell Halle LF 20 Atlético Augusta 0 0 (15 U-18 caps, 9 U-18 goals)
11 Godfrey Hutson RF 21 Eau Claire United 4 2 (11 U-18 caps, 4 U-18 goals)

12 Tore Delgado GK 20 Mynda Electra (Banjia) 0 0
13 Osvald Ó Maonaigh CB 21 Chuckio FC 0 0 (1 U-18 cap)
14 Curtis Tremblay RB 21 Bloomer FC 0 0
15 Hákon Thorn DM 21 Portes Ava United 0 0 (8 U-18 caps)
16 Gerardo Cabrera LM 21 RB Maidenhead 0 0 (3 U-18 caps)
17 Augusto Pineda LCM 21 Hugh Town Millionaires 0 0 (1 U-18 cap)
18 Rolo Fuhrmann RCM 21 Olympique Chuckio 0 0 (1 U-18 cap)
19 Rodney Patterson RM 21 Lynx FC 0 0 (1 U-18 cap)
20 Godafrid Alvin RF 21 Kingston Gardens FC 1 0 (5 U-18 caps, 1 U-18 goal)
21 Éber Rademakers GK 21 Ellesmere United 0 0

Formation: 3-1-4-2
Style Modifier: +3

Team Roles
Captain: Víedharr Svendsen
Vice-Captain: Bill St. John
Left Corner: Bernhard Amador
Right Corner: Bernhard Amador
Penalties: Godfrey Hutson
Free-kicks: Bernhard Amador

If my opponent role-plays first they may:

Choose my goalscorers: YES PLEASE!
Godmod scoring events: YES
RP injuries to my players: YES, minor only.
Godmod injuries to my players: NO
Hand out yellow cards to my players: YES, within reason. Contact me if you have anything major planned.
Hand out red cards to my players: YES, no more than two. Contact me if you have anything major planned.
Godmod other events: YES. Contact me if you have anything major planned.
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Postby Cosumar » Thu Jun 13, 2019 5:33 pm

Cosumar U21 National Team
Di Bradini Cup 45


Team Information

Nation: The Fiefdom of Cosumar

Government: Cosumar is comprised of 21 historical fiefs that now function as provinces. The Fiefdom is a constitutional monarchy with King James II and the King's Congress at its head. The pillars of full personal freedoms, protecting nature, advancing knowledge, exploring outer space and, increasingly, passionate soccer support are held dear and instilled in the youth of each generation.

Region: Atlantian Oceania

Nickname: Junior Dragons

Colors: Royal Blue, Silver, Navy, White

Stadium: Estadio MasseMord (capacity 43.000) in Azuris, South Klyde Fief

Note on Vloo: The roster consists of 23 players, all of whom are standard humans. It's the first time a Cosumar U21 team has no included one player eof the Vloo people (homo cosumarensis). The Vloo are a sentient species native to Cosumar. They are humanoid in shape and slightly taller on average, with a subtle pale blue tint to their skin and a pair of horns protruding from their foreheads. The range of athleticism in Vloo is similar to that of humans. You can recognize which players are Vloo by their surnames: which usually begin with one of three clan-based prefixes: Na'-, Va'- or Vu'-.

Team: Due to a string of underachieving tournaments, Johannes Sulo was removed as U21 manager after DBC 41. In his place stepped Lyndalyn Alford, plucked from her post with Real Azuris' U18 team after their unprecedented success at the youth level. Alford has been a huge success, revitalizing the program -- culminating with a title at DBC 44. Alford's fourth DBC squad will play a bit more conventionally than Alexander Pearce's senior team did at the AOCAF, with the wingers staying high and wide instead of tucking in to combine, and a lethal target forward who seldom leaves the box as he waits for aerial delivery (Turner) or for Doyle to slip a ball through into his feet. Cosumar U21 will try to force mistakes and capitalize on them with quick, up-tempo passing. Expectations are at an all-time high for the defending champions, as a new ultra-promising generation has definitively emerged five years behind the Tidesson/Sibucic generation. There are capped senior players and kids playing prominent roles at Härlighet Ligan, Euran and Audioslavian clubs present. Meanwhile, there are some familiar surnames with Tilda Tidesson making it SIX straight DBCs with at least one Tidesson sibling represented. Can they become the first repeat champions since Cafundeu in DBC 17-18?

Style Modifier: +2

Formation: 4-4-1-1


Designed by ediraf, unveiled for the WC 82 cycle. The design was inspired by the beloved WC 54-69 classic kit by Meski, and includes inspiration from the Cosumarite Azure Dragon and the royal family's colors (green & gold).



Starting XI

Goalkeeper - Loic Daumre - 20M - Surf Jettica Image
Raised very wealthy, young Loic is so confident between the sticks that he almost comes off as loathsomely arrogant. The slicked back hair, high chin and $6,000 goalkeeper gloves don't help either. His parents may have paid his way into the prestigious Rocinante Prep. academy, but there's no denying that Daumre has become a legitimate talent. An adventurous sweeper keeer, he's actually not afraid to come out and get his hands dirty. Great with his feet in the distribution game as well. Where he can still improve is in the department of straight-up shot-stopping. A first pro contract in Vilita has been good for his development.

Left Back - Eve Davenport - 20F - IFK Aldenskoett Image
Quick, athletic wingback who uses her long, galloping stride to get up the flank and whip in dangerous crosses. Davenport is ahead of her age curve at quickly creating space for those crosses with ball underfoot, and her one-on-one defending has improved since last cycle too. A key player for second-tier Aldenskoett since the young age of 17.

Center Back - Astrid Omenihu - 20F - OAS Royal FC Image
Adaptable and left-footed, Omenihu is comfortable in a back three or four. She's definitely short for a center back, but makes up for it with quick decisions, fighting spirit and rare positional intelligence. Tipped to compete for a starting job at OAS Royal over the course of this season.

Center Back - Olivia Haidt - 21F - Real Azuris Image
A more modern brand of defender who shines in systems that builds out of the back. Her passing game is polished (well, until particularly insistent strikers pressure her) and she views herself as the first line of attack moreso than the last line of defense. She has decent size as well and can hold her own in the air.

Right Back - Tilda Tidesson - 21F - Real Azruris Image
The youngest Tidesson, Tilda is the opposite of jaded maverick sister Birgid in many ways. Her older siblings are her heroes and she strives to be just like them on and off the pitch. Always upbeat, the "little angel" of the family. Rather than shining in any particular area, her game is an amalgamation of some of her siblings' defining attributes. She has Edith's long legs and lean build, Alfred's earnest mentality in defending, Birgid's two-footedness and, occasionally, a flash of Bryger-esque flair to set up a great cross. In short? She makes an ideal fullback, wingback or traditional 4-4-2 wide mid.

Left Midfielder - Régine Rao - 20F - Eastweald Image
A small but deceptively strong wide attacker who loves to flick the ball out into open space and cut inside on her right foot. Has a great strike on her and the technical intricacy to combine inside with world-class teammates in Eastweald's tiki-taka system too. Still a bit too erratic and questionable in her final-third decision-making at the HL level, however. That should improve with time.

Center Midfielder - Dane Pridgeon - 21M - Cazadores Cathair Image
Even at 13, it was already clear that Dane would be an athlete of the rarest breed. His combination of raw pace, power, height and quick-twitch reflexes allowed him to play well above his age groups. Eventually, his actual football skills caught up too. He started getting regular starts in Audioslavia at age 18, fitting into a quality Cazadores squad as the type of invaluable player who can be plugged in anywhere and fly all around and insert himself into the action, breaking up play as well as getting involved in the final-third. He's still a bit rough-around-the-edges, but he seems destined for a long future in silver-and-blue.

Center Midfielder - Claudian Polastri - 21M - Unioneers Image
A creative #8 with a taste for the spectacular, but his audacious tendencies probably need to be tamed. Brimming with youthful enthusiasm that occasionally crosses the line into recklessness. Moved to Eura over the transfer window in hopes of honing and disciplining his talent. Prior, was the "Freshman of the Year" in the Cosumarite collegiate league at age 18 and then took his agent's advice to turn pro. His agent also happens to be his mother. A year under his belt in Eura now, look for a bit more polish than last cycle from Polastri.

Right Midfielder - Skaldir Tibrewal - 21M - CAPTAIN - Gwinevra Barbarians Image
A man-child who has been getting senior minutes at Goldstaff City since he was 15 (though he already looked 28). Now he's a key player for the Barbarians at 21 and looks 30. He appears somewhat un-athletic for a footballer, but don't be fooled. TIbrewal has a deceptive switch he can flick on and leave you in the dust. Plays with a real moxie and steel too. Probably at his best in more of an attacking wingback role, but has enough skill to succeed as a pure winger at this level too. Capped at the senior level in World Cup 82.

Second Striker - Mylon Doyle - 21F - Klyde Image
The silk to Cathal Turner's steel at Klyde. The two friends have been teammates in the Doves' academy since the U13 level and have since taken their chemistry to the first team and now here in their final youth tournament. Mylon's greatest strength is her off-the-ball movement - she's always popping up in just the right spots in the final third to facilitate chances for her attacking partner(s). Perhaps too unselfish sometimes.

Center Forward - Cathal Turner - 21M - Klyde Image
Heralded as the best talent to ever come out of the Klyde FC academy. Was poised for a big season after the club sold Brenecian star Griffin Riordan to allow him to make the center forward position his own. Had thrived as one of the most dominant super-subs in the HL in the prior two seasons. Surprisingly, struggled at first as a starter, but turned it on towards the end of last season, finishing with 11 goals. A prime athletic specimen who can terrorize defenses in a number of ways. He's just so natural in front of goal.



GK - Faroon Sethi - 21M - Versiaville Image
A goalkeeper that doesn't look intimidating at all, with a skinny frame, a face that always looks bewildered, and a style that's very slow to come out of the box. But somehow, he always seems to come up with the goods and is very reliable back there. Played for the U18s while at College of the Attumac, then signed with Versiaville after graduating. Won their starting job going into this season.

LB - Morgan Oakenfour - 21F - Kanshiro Lopunnies Image
Hails from Kalloroda, a Cosumarite extraplanetary colony not typically known for pro sports. Despite its large population, Romikk Valgard is the only other Kallorodan to appear for Cosumar at any level. But Oakenfour could be the next. She has caught eyes with her extraordinary athleticism and sweet left foot. Doesn't have the technical skill to thrive as an out-and-out winger, but that could be in her future.

CB - Boleslaw Brodecki - 20M - FC Ziemelu Skaida Image
At 19, the only teenage every-match starting defender in Härlighet Ligan. Instrumental in Ziemelu's promotion the season before at age 18. Brodecki is a broad-shouldered behemoth, an old-school defender who takes no prisoners. But his greatest strength is actually between his ears - he's a genius reading the game. Not so great with the ball though. If he can develop a passing game, he'll be a complete CB. Son of a military officer and essentially grew up at the Navy Base in Samotath near FC ZS.

CB - Leandro Dellavigna - 20M - Ramusok United Image
Leandro is a tall, lean center back who is comfortable with the ball underfoot and is rarely out of position. His height is useful in the aerial game, but he needs to add strength. Product of Kolanola Elite Development Academy and has progressed from there to the Ramusok United first team, where he competes for occasional minutes with a very strong group.

RB - Mirijana Zajonic - 20F - CA Paulinthal Image
Zajonic was a top prospect in Real Azuris' robust "El Faro" youth academy, but departed for a fresh start in Pasarga after publicly accusing one of the Real Azuris II assistant coaches of mistreatment and finding herself in the midst of controversy in the local news cycle. A technically clean fullback with a feathery right-foot.

DM - Harlan Sheriff - 19M - Centus Serpents (loan from OAS Royal) Image
A warrior in midfield who lives to destroy invading attacks and recycle long balls back out to his own wingers. Captain of the U18 team last cycle. Proved himself worthy of being an HL starter in a handful of appearances for OAS Royal last season, prompting them to send him on loan to newly-promoted Serpents to get those reps.

CM - Jakki Montelius - 21F - Pelethas United Image
A tricky, technically clean midfielder who always has her eyes down the field for a killer pass. Was excellent for Pelethas last year, slotting into a hybrid #8 / #10 role under Catherine Sedgwick as the Miners ascended to the Globe Cup. Likewise, could challenge for key minutes here as this tournament goes on. Her reserved, humble demeanor makes her easy to overlook at first, but her ability should shine through.

LW - Theris Flaksenhaar - 21M - FC Kaldukosic Image
An aggressive winger who explodes from the left wing, eager and headstrong to take on defenders and dribble through anyone and anything. He has a lot of natural raw ability that will make him useful as a super sub against tired legs, but Theris has yet to lock down a starting place at FC Kal because of a lack of other dimensions to his game. Maybe this, his first and last U21 call-up from Alford, will be a turning point for his development. Little brother of Kaldukosic goalkeeper Mine Flaksenhaar. Has a twin Yur Flaksenhaar, who is a defender - also in the Kaldukosic system.

CAM - Henry Hollifield - 19M - Klyde Image
The breakout teen sensation of last season! Made jaws drop with some flashy nutmegs and wonder-goals. He needs to become much more consistent, but Hollifield is a player who has the rare ability to give you the tingling sensation that something special might be about to happen every time he gets the ball at his feet. Doesn't score a lot of goals himself yet though. Doesn't have tremendous pace either.

RW - Rosalie Duvalier - 20F - Ramusok United Image
An extremely athletic girl whose game, thus far in her career, is all about isolating defenders one-on-one and just... blowing past them. Always buzzing in and around the action and has a nose for goal.

ST - Samothias Odwyk - 21M - Eastal Lunar Image
Yet another Real Azuris connection called up by Alford, who coached Samothias there early in his career. Odwyk was tabbed for big things by Azuris, perhaps as the eventual successor to Andrew Arrowsword, but he ceased to be their little secret when he came on to score his debut goal in the King's Cup XV Final... which just happened to be the 6-5 extra time winner. Azurirs couldn't turn down the big Vilitan bid that came in a week later. Odwyk now looks poised for big things in the V-League.

ST - Domé Odóma - 21M - Stoneshore United Image
Scored 16 goals last season with relegated Fevelo Colony, the sure bright spot of that otherwise forgettable campaign. Only three Cosumarites scored more goals than him - a teenager - and DBC *starter* Cathal Turner wasn't one of them. So the Fevelian could challenge for significant minutes here. His best attribute is his pace. Lump a ball over the top and he'll launch past defenders like he was shot out of a cannon. But he's more than a simple pace-merchant. In his HL debut season, he repeatedly demonstrated the composure to slow himself down enough mentally to bury the chance after getting on the ball. Now with another newly-promoted team in Stoneshore United, but this time one that has made some ambitious moves towards becoming actual contenders.


Manager: Lyndalyn Alford (56)

Assistant Manager: Jan Årud (45)

Goalkeepers Coach: Sanford Whitlock (54)

Defenders Coach: Gomes Perreira (56)

Midfielders Coach: Joan McMahan (57)

Forwards Coach: Stig Aage Jarlsson (47)

Head Trainer: Meghan Almeida (50)
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2nd Place: AOCAF 57, NSCF 13, WBC 34, WLC 12/19/23, AOHC VI, Arena Bowl V
3rd Place: AOCAF 55, CoH 45 & 62, WLC 18 & 24, BoI VI

Host: WC 78 & 82, CoH 69 & 74, BoF 62, World Bowl 27, WLC 20, Beach Cup II & V
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Postby The Authoritarian Republic of Lochario » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:35 pm


Nickname :Ginger Tigers
Men's team ranking : 61st
Coach : Jeremy Farash
Assistant coach : Hurin Aguk
GK Coach : Fjurd Muffurson
Formation : 4-4-2 Diamond
Style Modifier : - 3

The Locharian U-21 team is filled with some great potential like Jerome Oiki and Hermann Soladin and the GK Henry Koghan. These 3 are the potential stars of the future Locharian team.


Home kit
Away kit
GK kit

Anything except Godmodding
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Postby Bears Armed » Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:52 am

Bears Armed

‘The Bear-Belles’

National football organisation: ‘Bears Armed Association for Soccer’ (= ‘BAAS’).
BAAS Chairbear: Surranna SunDaughter (clan= Sun; female Ursine; formerly manager of ‘Sun Valley Smashers’, one of the country’s leading teams, after being their chief coach and also playing for them in various roles for several years; age = 42, fur = golden-brown, left-pawed, now wears glasses.)
National anthem (for sports): ‘The Banner Green And Gold’.
Official supporters' organisation: 'Arri's Furry Army'.

Yes, this team is using the nickname generally associated with the nation’s ‘main’ team: They never settled on a definitive one for the U21 squads, and there isn’t a main team at present to object, so…
Yes, it’s an all-female team again. As I’ve explained before, this is because the main ball-game that's traditionally been played in Bears Armed is actually closer to being a form of Rugby, but [for several reasons] that sport’s “proper” teams are all-male and so some females who wanted to make it as players decided that switching to Soccer — and trying to establish a professional league for that sport for themselves instead — might be a viable alternative: They were right, because that professional league was founded shortly after WC44 and so has now been in operation for over an eightSquared of years.

All of the players and support staff are actual Ursines (i.e. anthropomorpic, bipedal Bears)], except for any whom I actually specify as being members of other ‘peoples’ instead. The Harr'aynau people are physically human (more-or-less, anyway, although inclined towards heavy builds & hairiness), but are spiritually & culturally Ursine instead.

As far as Bears Armed is concerned, this tournament is taking place in the Urssish calendar’s year 4188 which is basically equivalent in the Gregorian calendar to April-December 2019AD & January-March 2020AD. That’s despite the fact that, according to Bears Armed’s previous timeline for sporting events, DBC #29 took place in the year 2100AD and so the “current” date really shouldbe 2164AD instead: This fact will be considered in my RP…



Manager & Chief Coach: Urrsara Northgate _ Clan = Urrset; female Ursine; a former Deputy Manager & Chief Coach at ‘Sun Valley Smashers’ (one of the nation’s top teams), with 6 years in such roles after 5 years as a player (as Forward, Midfielder, and Lynchpin) there and 7 years before that (mostly as a Midfielder) at River City. (Age = 35; fur = reddish light-brown, left-pawed; speaks Ursine and English.)

Chief Coach: Karra’harrna Thunder _ Clan = Gunnar; female Ursine; formerly the Attacking Coach at ‘Newton Arsenal’ (another of the nation’s top teams), with 5 years in such roles after 8 years as a player (as Forward, Winger, and Midfielder) there. (Age = 28, fur = dark brown, left-pawed; speaks English, Ursine, and Ruottsan).

Attacking Coach: Marra Urrth’hrra Norr-Vurra _ Clan = Redwood; female Ursine; formerly the Attacking Coach at ‘Merlchester Rovers’ (another of the nation’s top teams), with 5 years in such roles after 9 years as a player (as Forward and Winger) there. (Age = 30, fur = medium-brown, left-pawed; speaks English, Ursine, Artorranick, and German).

Defending Coach: Greenfinch o Barrdenn _ Clan = GreenWoods; female Ursine; formerly the Deputy Coach at ‘Lakeport Lionesses’ (another of the nation’s top teams), with 9 years in such roles after 7 years as a player (as Lynchpin, Back, and [less frequently] Midfelder) there. (Age = 32, fur = dark brown & relatively long; speaks English and Ursine).

Goalkeeping Coach: Freeda Urrlafh’s-dottir _ Clan = Thuleann; female Ursine [of ‘Polar Bear’ stock]; formerly the Defending Coach at ‘Ammfahr Adventuresses’ (who play in the Northlands’ league),with 4 years in such roles after 11years as a player (purely as Goalkeeper) there. (Age = 31, fur = white & trimmed relatively short, right-pawed; speaks Norren, Ursine, and English).

Deputy Manager (Admin): Judith Gold _ Free Sept = The Exodus; “ursomorphic” Human, female, follows a moderate form of Judaism; seconded from BAAS head office. (Age = difficult for anybody unfamiliar with ‘ursomorphs’ to tell, but obviously an adult, fur = black, right-handed; very good with languages, and already fluent in several Human ones — including English, Yiddish, German, French, and Greek — as well as in both Ursine and Ouesttree).

Routemaster: Helene Bosanquet _ Clan = Calvin; Human, female; on loan from the Bears Armed Tourism Agency. Her duties involve handling all of the team’s travelling & accommodation arrangements. (Age = late twenties or early thirties, hair = dark brown, right-handed; speaks French, English, and Ursine).

Doctor: Lierr’hee Redwood-of-Thramms _ Clan = Redwood; female; hired from private practice by BAAS for this tournament. (Age undisclosed, but has been a doctor for over twenty-four years, fur = ‘grizzled’ black, right-pawed; speaks English, Ursine, and probably other languages as well).

Physiotherapist: Krrystal Bruin _ Clan = WestWoods; female Ursine; previously worked at hospitals in Wiston City, and helped with local amateur football league. (Age = mid-thirties, fur = dark brown, left-pawed; speaks English, Ursine, and Ouesttree; mother of one child, a daughter, Steffannee Bruin, who is one of this team’s players.)

Chaplain, ‘One Plus Seven’: Marra Moon _ Clan = Silver-of-Night; female Ursine; assigned to this duty by her superiors in the Great Medicine Society. (Age = early thirties [apparently], fur = light brown, left-pawed; is not only a Shabear but also a qualified psychiatrist; speaks Ursine, English, and possibly one or more other languages as well.)

Chaplain, Ursion: (none assigned yet)

Security Chief: Captain Merrfinh Blonk _ clan = WestWoods; male; on loan from [undisclosed duties in] the Confederal Army. (Age = early thirties, fur = medium-brown & relatively long, right-pawed [apparently]; speaks Ouesttree, French, Ursine, and English.)

Caterers: Jordon Blue

Mascot: Perraboh or ‘Bright-Eyes’ (one of the “blessed” [but non-sapient?] Puh-Barra, or ‘Little Bears’)


(#1) Charranna o Barrdenn _ Clan = GreenWoods; female Ursine; home team = LakePort Lionesses, category & usual position = Goalkeeper; age = 20 years, left-pawed, fur = dark brown & relatively long, tall for her age even by Ursine standards & has a correspondingly long reach.

(#5) Errh’thrra Troutbrook _ Clan = Widewater; female Ursine; home team = River City, category & usual position = Goalkeeper; age =18 years, left-pawed, fur = medium brown with hints of grey, physically tough.

(#33) Karramarrsar Ulgha _ Clan = Ostobora; female Ursine; home team = Krasny Kremmer [reserves], category & usual position = Goalkeeper; age = 16 years, right-pawed, fur = light brown, above-average eyesight & reflex speed.

(#2) Urrsa Irrumerrhabarra _ Clan = Beorningas; female Ursine; home team = Wiston City [recently graduated from reserves], category = Defender, usual position = Left Back; age = 16 years, left-pawed, fur = medium brown; “a very promising youngster”.

(#3) Etta Halliday _ Clan = WestWoods; female Ursine, home team = Westport U Wonders, category = Defender, usual position = Right Back; age = 19 years, right-pawed, fur = yellow-brown, short for her age but solidly built & [despite that build] surprisingly fast, fearless; very fond of sweet foods.

(#16) Urrth’hrra Mead _ Clan = Greybear; female Ursine; home team = River City [reserves], category = Defender, usual position = Right Back; age = 16 years, right-pawed, fur = light brown.

(#4) Marra Lightning _ Clan = Gunnar; female Ursine; home team = Newton Arsenal, category = Defender/Midfielder, usual position = Lynchpin (but versatile…); age = 19 years, either-pawed, fur = light brown & trimmed relatively short; fast on her feet, and relatively nimble for a Bear; “a natural leader”, and particularly good at keeping track of team-mates’ current positions.

(#17) Urra-Marra Bright _ Clan = Sun; female Ursine; home team = Sun Valley Smashers [reserves], category = Midfielder or Forward, usual position = Lynchpin or Midfield Left or Left Forward; age = 17 years, left-pawed, fur = golden; very good eyesight even by human standards, particularly accurate on long shots (and quite good at penalty shots, too), and tactically gifted.

(#20) Errinth’hrra Russett _ Clan = Urrset; female Ursine; home team = Northgate Nomads [reserves], category = Defender/Midfielder, usual position = Lynchpin or Midfield Left or Midfield Right; age = 15 years, left-pawed, fur = reddish-brown; serious-minded, she is already a rival for Urra-Marra in tactics despite the age difference and their regular Chess matches draw keen audiences from among their team-mates & the belles’ staff.

(#6) Emerladina Sunbird _ Clan = Sun; female Ursine; home team = Sun Valley Sunbeams [a ‘Junior League’ team, as Captain (but scheduled to move either “up” into the Sun Valley Smashers or by a transfer to some other major team fairly soon), category = Midfielder or Winger, usual position = Midfield Left; age = 17 years, left-pawed, fur = golden with reddish tints, extremely good eyesight, has quick reflexes and is very fast on her feet, lightly-built for a Bear of her height but this doesn’t weaken her.

(#7) Karra Bronze _ Clan = GreenWoods; female Ursine; home team = Barrdenn Barbariennes, usual position = Midfield Right; age = 18 years, left-pawed, fur = medium-brown with reddish tints.

(#21) Steffannee Bruin _ Clan = WestWoods; female Ursine; home team = Wiston City Schools, category = Midfielder or Winger, usual position = Midfield Right; age = 15 years, right-pawed, fur = very light brown with hints of ‘gold’, small for her age but very resilient as well as nimble, good eyesight by Ursine standards (and not bad by Human ones, neither); daughter, & only child, of the Belles’ current physiotherapist.

(#7) Nerretta Barris _ Clan = BlackBear [Between-the-Rivers]; female Ursine; home team = LakePort Lion-Cubs [a junior League team], category = Forward, usual position = Left Forward/‘Inside Left’; age = 16 years, left-pawed, fur = very dark brown; of only average height for her age [or slightly less] but physically tough as well as quite fast; particularly good at keeping control of the ball on the ground, and at getting it goals past keepers & other defenders into the net at short ranges.

(#10) Amarr’hrrree o Redwood _ Clan = Redwood; female Ursine; home team = Kingly City, category = Forward, usual position = Centre Forward; age = 19 years, left-pawed, fur = medium brown with chestnut hints, tall & powerful for her age even by Ursine standards.

(#11) Andrraya Deh-Bruin _ Clan = WestWoods; female Ursine; home team = Westport U Wonders, category = Forward, usual position = Right Forward [‘Inside Right’ or ‘Outside Right’]; age = 20 years, right-pawed, fur = medium brown; some tactical skills, and particularly good at ‘set pieces’, but might be a bit more reluctant than most to pass the ball to team-mates even when their chances of scoring would be better than hers.

[#22] Urrma Kuthbearrh _ Clan = Errhabarra; female Ursine; home team = NorthPort Navigators, category = Forward, usual position = Left Forward (Inside Left or Outside Left); age = 16 years, left-pawed, fur = light-medium brown, not yet at her expected adult height, relatively stocky but not particularly slow because of this; very determined even by Ursine standards.

(#23) Nennu Rangh’harr _ Free Sept = Rangh’harr; female Harr’aynau [humanoid]; home team = Heroes’ Park Heroines [reserves], category = Forward or Winger, usual position = Right Forward; age = 16 years, either-footed, dark red hair.

(#12) Karra Brent _ Clan = Redwood; female Ursine; home team = Holy Ternian’s School, category = Winger or Forward, usual position = Left Winger; age = 14 years, either-pawed, fur = golden-brown; quite large & very powerful for her age, fast & nimble, with very good eyesight even by human standards; apparently fearless.

(#13) Lurrsee Fane _ Clan = GreenWoods; female Ursine; home team = Holy Ternian’s School, category = Winger or Forward, usual position = Left Winger or ‘Outside Left’; age = 16 years, right-pawed, fur = light brown; maybe a bit flighty at times, but basically a good person, and tries to be a good influence on Karra Brent.

(#24) Sarranna White _ Clan = WestWoods; female Ursine; home team = Wiston City [reserves], category = Winger or Forward, usual position = Right Winger or Outside Right; age = 16 years, right-pawed, fur = ‘cream’; said to be better than most of her team-mates at understanding humans.

(#25) Harroya o Sarrndale _ Clan = Herrchaum; female Ursine; home team = Kingly City Kubs [a ‘Junior League’ team], category = Winger or Midfielder [or, less frequently, Forward] , usual position = either Wing; age = 15 years, left-pawed, fur = medium-brown with grey hints.

(#26) Greenfeathers Joysong _ Clan = Chii' Arrakhunnoth; female ‘Arrakhune’ (i.e. anthropomorphic Raccoon); home team = Northgate Nomads [reserves], category = Winger or Midfielder, usual position = Right Winger; age = 16 years (which is proportionately slightly more for one of her people than it would be for an Ursine), right-pawed, fur = as you’d expect of a raccoon; relatively small even by Human standards [although significantly larger than an ordinary Raccoon] let alone by Ursine ones, but not as weak as some people might expect because of that, very agile, and can jump well; She is the first of her people to play at an international level, and is very conscious of this fact.


Usual starters = #1-7, 10-13.
Style: Offensive, modifier = +4.0… ("A good offence is the best defence"...)
Their usual formation will include a front row of at least 5 (normally arranged as 3 strikers & 2 wingers), with 2 midfielders, 2 backs, and a ‘Lynchpin’ (whose starting position would be at the midpoint of an imaginary cross drawn between those other four non-forwards’ positions).


Opponents may _

RP injuries to my players / Godmod injuries to my players / Hand out Yellow cards to my players / Hand out Red cards to my players: Y to all, at least to start with, but remember what I've written here and keep it in limits accordingly... Any serious offences by my players would probably result in injuries to your players, and causing any serious injuries to my players would probably require such obviously-deliberate attacks that your players would get yellow or even red cards as a result too. Don’t kill anybody, or inflict injuries that would be serious enough to end careers, without checking with me & getting my approval (which is unlikely to be granted…) first.
Godmod Other Events: Y, I suppose, at least as long as you do so in an AMUSING way... but please remember that Ursines are fully sapient beings, as much as Humans are, not instinct-driven animals. Oh, and of course female Ursines are not sexually interested in Humans (of either sex), and it's very unlikely that female Harr'ayanau would be either. Please don't have them run amok or outright revert to animality, without checking by TG first, don't make assumptions about their views on politics or religion, and don't do anything that would make more than one of them incapable of playing in their next game...


Kit: This incarnation of the team will normally wear the usual set of designs (from ‘ediraf’) that the Belles have favoured in the past. See "here" for details.
Bears Armed has traditionally used base-8 arithmetic, for several reasons, and this has affected the set of numbers used for this team’s players.



Ursines may tend to be a bit less agile & slower to accelerate on average than humans of comparable ages, but this team's members were carefully selected so the gap between them & their opponents in this respect should be narrower than some people might expect. They do tend to have [slightly] poorer eyesight than humans, on the whole (although the members of both Clan Gunnar and the Sun Clan are generally an exception to this rule, and the eyesight of the latter group is actually often at [slightly] better-than-human levels instead), so long-distance passes & shots at goal will tend to be rarer behaviour for them than they are for human teams... but their typical size & strength mean that when they're running with the ball it will probably take a very brave human — as well as a very skilled one — to tackle them successfully (or, at least, one who has reasonable experience of playing against Ursines…), which should balance that factor pretty well. They don’t jump very well, but then they’re generally rather taller than most Human players to start with so they shouldn’t need to jump as often in order to intercept [relatively] high shots...
Ursines are physically robust, of course, which means that they're much less likely than humans are to suffer injuries in falls or collisions. The females of this species are more even-tempered than the males, and the team's members will try to stay on their best behaviour not only in order to do well in this contest but also to impress upon the watching humans that Ursines aren't just "dumb beasts". They will not 'dive', or feign injury in other ways, because suggesting that they could be harmed so easily goes strongly against the grain. ‘Northlanders’ are maybe not quite as "civilised" as the 'Mainlanders'… or, at any rate, that’s the traditional stereotype..

Unless our hosts at the match in question object, this team's members (including the designated substitutes for the match in question) will perform a [fairly short] ritual that's called the 'harrdiharr' on the pitch just before play begins... This is a traditional war-dance, meant to over-awe opponents, that has come to be a customary prelude for team games as well (similar to the [RL] New Zealanders' 'haka'...). : )
As has now been seen during various tournaments, some of our fans like to take drums — and possibly also 'Urrs-horns' [which are similar to Alpenhorns, cow-horns, or other "musical instruments", too — along to the matches…

The team is accompanied by a number of sapient Ravens, who are there both to gather information about the rival sides and to provide air cover in case of hostile waterfowl.[/size]


Some Questions for the Host

Having read the schedule and what was said about needing to rely on rail travel, I now have some questions that my team’s IC organisers would have definitely have asked before the team was sent over:
1/ Will we be able to use either of the assigned stadiums, or a site close to one of these, for last-minute training and to acclimatise ourselves to playing under local conditions?
2/ The obvious one of the three listed airports at which to arrive, given the locations of the two stadiums assigned to our group, is Gladerial which is basically halfway between the stadiums. If the answer to the above question is ‘No’, then (going by the information available IC, as well as OOC) would it probably seem to make more sense to base ourselves “centrally” in Gladerial — which we’d presumably have to travel through to get from one stadium to the other, anyway — rather than at one of the stadiums’ locations?
3/ Do services run directly from Gladerial to both of the towns/cities where those stadiums are located, or would we need to change trains once or more along either route? Looking at the basic map provided, I suspect that direct trains run from Gladerial to Ianisle through one or both of Sharala [and then Therathor?] or Zul’Daratar, but that to get to Goldsan we would need to change at Longview…
4/ Bears are often interested in forests, of course, so they’ll enjoy looking at Valanora’s while travelling between sites. What basic sort of woodland (coniferous, mixed, broadleaf deciduous, broadleaf evergreen, or whatever) and particularly noteworthy species can they expect to see along those routes?

EDIT: Oh, and...
5/ What are the tie-breakers for progression from the group stage?
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Postby Schottia » Fri Jun 14, 2019 9:00 am

Schottia U21 Squad
The 45th Di Bradini Cup

Manager: John Sedder, 59 Image
Assistant Manager: John McCormack, 37 Image
First-team Coach: Grey Holden, 41 Image
GK Coach: Duncan Ross, 51 Image
Physio: Duncan Collison, 29 Image

Style Modifier: 0

The Schottic FA were in the right place at the right time to pick up seasoned manager, John Sedder, following his release from Chenoworth Harriers. The man who took Lammerton from mid-table drudgery to serious competitors is more than qualified to take control of this squad as he waits for a return to club management. Former Lammerton and Central Heart striker, John McCormack, gets a first stab at coaching, coming in as assistant. Grey Holden has previously worked with the national academy in Port Christopher, and takes up the job as first team coach, while former La Gorlions keeper, Duncan Ross, will nurture the next generation of keepers.



The kits for this tournament cycle are designed by Schottsport of Schottia

Starting XI


The Squad
GK. Donald Bone, Image Marionville, 20. Height: 187cm. Weight: 70kg 
GK. John Prichard, Image Kirk Preston United, 18 Height: 186cm. Weight: 67kg
GK. Jack Thompson, Image Handon North, 21 Height: 181cm. Weight: 68kg

Much of Schottia’s goal-keeping hopes for the future are currently pinned on Donald Bone, with the 20-year-old already looking the part in the Marionville starting eleven. This athletic young keeper burst onto the scene last season as budgetary restrictions forced the Old Boys to turn towards home-grown options. On the bench, John Prichard is another rising star, who has picked up experience at under eighteen level and in the First Division with Kirk Preston. Handon North’s Jack Thompson is second reserve.

RB. Lena Kiefer, Image Willox Street Pirates 21. Height: 181cm. Weight: 68kg 
LB. Katherina Meyer zu Heide, Image Lammerton, 18. Height: 183cm. Weight: 64kg
CB. Joel Kamara, Image San Marco Storm, 21. Height: 190cm. Weight: 81kg
CB. Jack Lennon, Image The Warriors, 21. Height: 186cm. Weight: 69kg
CB. Sarah Meerfeld, Image Cornelians, 18. Height: 186cm. Weight: 69kg
RB. Francisca Beckett, Image Lammerton, 19. Height: 176cm. Weight: 61kg
R/LB. Alexander Caulder, Image Port Sebastian, 21. Height: 186cm. Weight: 68kg

After the season she had with the Willox Street Pirates, Schottia fans have every right to expect a lot from right-back Lena Kiefer. Solid as a rock defensively, but with an assist rate that would put a lot of wingers to shame, the Soessch born lass probably isn’t far off her fist senior cap. Kati Meyer zu Heide and Francisca Beckett both had solid breakthrough seasons with Lammerton, but while the former is guaranteed a place at left back, the latter might need to be content with a place on the bench behind outstanding Kiefer. Storm centre-back, Joel Kamara, is another highly rated player, who has been tipped for a move away from the San Marco club this summer. The towering defender naturally adds some aerial prowess at the back, but he’s also got a decent footballing head on his shoulders. Jack Lennon was one of the few players to shine during what was a dismal season for The Warriors. The 21-year old is still a little accident prone, but came up with some crucial defensive interventions when the chips were down. Teenage Eagles star, Sarah Meerfeld, and Porty utility man, Ally Caulder, complete the list of defensive players on the plane to Valanora.

AMR. Lukas Archic, Image Kirk Preston Athletic 19. Height: 181cm. Weight: 69kg 
ST/LW. Lyie Lerwick Image San Marco Storm, 21. Height: 174cm. Weight: 59kg
CM. Madeline Donaldson, Image Handon United, 19 Height: 180cm. Weight: 63kg
DM. Roberts Kalniņš, Image Lammerton, 19. Height: 185cm. Weight: 70kg
DM/ST. Iain MacClaurin, Image Central for Excellence, 21 Height: 185 cm. Weight: 73kg
CM. Olivia O’Quinn, Image Blue Coast 1981, 20 Height: 178cm. Weight: 64kg
RW. Kaba Hoshie Image Marionville, 20 Height: 176cm. Weight: 59kg
CM. Inga Oòlansa, Image Port James Athletic, 20 Height: 178cm. Weight: 69kg
AM/ST. Rachael Arniston, Image Kirston Union, 18. Height: 184cm. Weight: 62kg

There is no shortage of first team experience in the midfield, with Schottia’s long UICA exile creating plenty of opportunity young players to break into their respective club setups. Madeline Donaldson will be the creative energy in the centre of the park, and will be hoping to replicate some of the form from her breakthrough season with United. The daughter for former NT skipper, Colin, will likely start alongside Cornellians loanee, Roberts Kalniņš. The East Vormsi born defensive midfielder earned a starting position with Lammerton last season, and held his own against some far more experienced competitors. Kirk Preston winger, Lukas Archic, is another player hoping to make a big splash this tournament. His father, Ivan, was all-time top scorer for the Warriors, netting 198 goals in 416 games. While Archic junior might be more of a wide man, the 16 goals he tucked away last season suggest he has some of his father in him. On loan from at Storm from Cornellians, Lyie Lerwick will occupy the starting berth on the left. The young attacker had a very strong finish to last season, and can be employed either in the wide areas or up front. Waiting in the wings: Olivia O’Quinn was a real surprise package at Blue Coast last season, and will provide competition for Kalniņš and Donaldson. Iain MacClauin is coming to the end of his time with the CfE in Apox, and will be desperate to show potential suitors what he has to offer. Coming in on the back of a strong season for Marionville, Kaba Hoshie will provide cover on the wings. Finally, Inga Oòlansa, and Rachel Arniston will likely need to be content with the bench.

ST Kajsa Kupper, Image  Tropicorp City, 21.  Height: 169cm. Weight: 63kg  (C)
ST. Jonte Bestatter, Image FC Soessch, 21. Height: 187cm. Weight: 73kg
ST. Emil Klempner, Image Port Sebastian 21. Height: 189cm. Weight: 78kg
ST. Madita Fetlar, ImageCentral Stars, 19. Height: 179cm. Weight: 65kg

Skipper, Kajsa Kupper, will lead the line for Schottia in what is likely to be a two-man attack. This sturdy little striker spent time in both Bonesea and Apox with the centre of Excellence, before joining up with Tropicorp in the V-League. With her side winning promotion this season, it could be a pivotal 12 months for the 21-year-old. Standing almost 20 centimetres taller, Jonte Bestatter, will be favourite to start along side her, after continuing to make waves with FC Soessch this season. Drawing obvious comparisons to Bruno Schwartz, Bestatter combines strength in the air with a more delicate touch. Emil Klempner was largely disappointing at Port Sebastian last season, but this hulking brute can probably still cause problems at youth level. Madita Fetlar picked up some much-needed game time on loan from United at Central Stars last season, but at nineteen, it’s maybe a little early for a starting slot.

Player roles: Captain: Kajsa Kupper | Vice-Captain: Madeline Donaldson | Penalties: Jonte Bestatter | Free Kicks: Lukas Archic (R) – Lyie Lerwick (L) | Corners: Lukas Archic (R) – Lyie Lerwick (L)


Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y*
Roleplay injuries to my players Y (I will decide how long.)*
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events Y*

*Please don't kill anyone, or end his or her career.

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Union of Socialist Alpine Republics
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Postby Union of Socialist Alpine Republics » Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:04 pm

Union of Socialist Alpine Republics U-21 National Football Team

U-21 Reprezentacja Alpejski w Pilka Nozna

Unija Socijalističke Alpske Republike U-21 Nacionalna Nogomet Momcad

Selección U-21 de fútbol de Unión de Repúblicas Socialistas Alpinas

Équipe U-21 d'Union des Républiques Socialistes Alpines de Football

U-21 Alpischen Fußball Nationalgemischtschaft

U-21 Sgioba Nàiseanta Ball-coise na Aonadh Sòisealach Ailpeach Poblachdan

Full nation name: Union of Socialist Alpine Republics
Short nation name: Alpine Union, U.S.A.R.
Trigramme: UAR
Demonym: Alpine
Nicknames: Alpines, Bisons, Reprezentacja Alpejski, Green & white
Team Colors: Green and white
Formation: 4-4-2
Style modifier: 1

Kits: Designed by No Nonsense Sportswear (Thanks to NNS):

Home, Away, Goalkeeper

Team Schedule (group D)

Matchday 1: Bears Armed vs Alpine Union @ Metropolis, Ibini, Valanora
Matchday 2: Alpine Union vs Lochario @ Metropolis, Ibini, Valanora
Matchday 3: Cosumar vs Alpine Union @ Metropolis,Ibini, Valanora

Head Coach: Aleksandra Kasperczyk
Assistant Coach: Seumas Càidh
Assistant Coach: Zbigniew Blaszczak

Captain: Sandrine Fontaine
Penalty Taker: Sandrine Fontaine
Corners (left): Franciszek Niedzwiecki
Corner (right): Rudolf Güntensperger
Free Kicks: Sandrine Fontaine


SD--NIEDZWIECKI---------------------NI CONCHUBHAIR--

Starting XI in blue.
#       Pos     Player                  Age     Birthplace              Team
1 GK Georges-Kévin Vainqueur 21 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Les Rousses, AM
22 GK Esmee van den Ouweland 21 Real Manzanilla C.F. Hoornsterzwaag, HO
80 GK Katarzyna Wszolek 21 Korona Malbork Skorcz, WP

2 SD Nacho (José Ignacio Moreno Lopez) 20 Real Manzanilla C.F. Escarabajosa de Cabezas, CS
4 SD Franciszek Niedzwiecki 21 Olimpia Szczebrzeszyn Niedzwiedzica, WP
33 SD Aibreann Ní Conchubhair 21 FK Zeljeznicar Castletown-Bearhaven, HY

72 SD Natalia Pruska-Oldenhof 21 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Miedzyzdroje, WP
95 SD Sebastian Wieczerzak 21 Rangers F.C. Szprotawa, WP
96 SD Kacper Pietrzkiewicz 19 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Miedzywodzie, WP

3 CD Karolina Zaborowska 21 Korona Malbork Kruszwica, WP
5 CD Katja Dzuzdanovic 19 Twyford F.C. Zgornji Velovlek, KR
14 CD/SD Serhiy Otczenaszenko 21 Legia Puck Puck, WP
16 CD Konstanze Rosenberger 21 VfL Schloßböckelheim Schloßböckelheim, AM
18 CD Ballou Béland-Hamel 20 Real Manzanilla C.F. Cacouna, SG
66 CD/SD Maoldònaich Ó Néill 20 Celtic F.C. Craigdhu, CD

6 SM Grzegorz Wolsztynski 20 Gornik Mszczonow Uszczyn, WP
13 SM Nico Windmüller 19 Borussia Ueckermünde Großschönau-Hainewald, AM
21 SM Ryder Koniarczyk 20 Waddington Crew SC Sharpsburg, WA
36 SM Rudolf Güntensperger 21 Borussia Ueckermünde Großröhrsdorf, AM
74 SM Zvonimir Crncevic 21 Gornik Ozorkow Ozorkow, WP
91 SM Joanna Szewczuk 21 Zawisza Ozorkow Skierniewice, WP

7 CM Sandrine Fontaine 20 FC Tortella Beaumont-Pied-de-Bœuf, AQ
9 CM A.J. Woszczynski 19 Real Manzanilla C.F. Kickapoo, WA
10 CM Jakub Dragowski 21 Klub Turystow Rzodkiewnica Kamienica Krolewska, WP
11 CM Jack O'Keefe 19 Twyford F.C. Kingskerswell, BR
22 CM Vjekoslav Krklec 20 HNK Crikvenika Klostar Vojakovacki, DI
79 CM Lorenzo Rey 21 Legia Puck Windischeschenbach, SW

8 S Zvonimir Kordic 19 GNK Dinamo Zagrad Kukljica, DI
77 S Elvedin Husejinovic 20 FK Zeljeznicar Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje, HZ
91 S Wladyslaw Kaczorowski 20 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Juszczyna, WP
92 S Nicolas Neuenschwander 21 Pogon Miedzyzdroje Krausnick-Groß Wasserburg, WP
98 S Zuzanna Karpieszuk 21 Zawisza Ozorkow Nieklonczyca, WP

AM: Alsace-Mecklenburg
AQ: Aquitaine-Languedoc
BR: Britannia
CD: Caledonia
CS: Castilla
DI: Dalmatia and Istria
HO: Hollandia
HY: Hybernia
HZ: Herzegovina
SG: Saguenay
SO: Sonoma
TD: Transdanubia
WA: Wabash
WP: Wschodnioprusy (Prussia East)

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
Hockey: 15th | American Football: 8th | Baseball: 10th | Association Football: 65th | Rugby Union: 23rd

Champions: World Bowl XXXII
Runner Up: WCoH 36
3rd Place:
4th Place: WJHC 12, Independents Cup 4, Handball World Cup 21

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Postby Sajnur » Sat Jun 15, 2019 3:38 am

Sajnur National Under-21 Football Team


Typical starters in bold

Player Age Positions

Giorge Iajevici 21 GK
Kugha Mastric 21 GK
Natasha Kirai 18 GK

Silja Jorse 16 RB/RW/LB/LW
Kagashe 21 RB
Hatu Raglan 19 RB/CB
Kahala Murje (c) 19 CB/LB
Kabas Verjez 20 CB/CDM
Zoran Vastra 21 CB
Hela Isarghie 20 LB/LM

Siaka Munjari 19 CDM/CM
Mursata 19 RM/RW
Cristiano Karaji 19 LM/LB
Tatiana Pavlov 19 CM/LM/LW
Samson Kaljo 20 CM/CDM
Jasmina 21 CAM/CM
Taradir 18 CAM/CF
Oshla Qarinasi 21 CAM/LW

Ella Ciuru 17 CF/LW
Dario Mirkha 21 RW/RM/RB
Parjazu 20 CF/RW/RM/ST
Basuli Maktar (vc) 21 ST
Vadur Flotrin 18 ST

Free Kicks: Kabas Verjez, Ella Ciuru, Silja Jorse
Corners: Ella Ciuru, Parjazu, Silja Jorse
Penalties: Anyone on a hattrick, otherwise anyone else
Manager: Marat Kharalov (35)
Typical Formations: 3-5-2, 3-4-3, 4-3-3
Style Modifier: +4

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y, but TG me for FIFA style bullshit
Injure Players: Y, but TG me for severe injuries
Godmod Injury Events: Y, but TG me if it's stupid
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
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Postby Bears Armed » Sat Jun 15, 2019 7:03 am

The scene: The office at Wimbley that has been assigned to Judith Gold, who is the Belles’ current Deputy Manager (Admin).
Persons present: Judith Gold herself, and her assistant Helene Bosanquet who is the team’s ‘Routemaster’ in charge of handling the details for travel, accommodation, and so on.


Helene: “What newspaper do you have zhere, Judith? It doesn’t look like a local one.”

Judith: “No, it’s one that the ravens have just brought in from one of the nations whose teams we’ll be facing in the group stage, the Alpine Union, with a brief article about the Cup: See, there_”

Helene: “Ah, yes. Thank you.” She skims the article.
“Eh? Zhey are listing stadiums for our matches zhat are not the ones I was told would be zhe case!”

Judith: “What!?!?” She takes the paper back, and re-reads the article.
“No, that’s okay, you were told for true the first time. It looks as though somebody over there has mis-read the briefing sent out by the authorities in Valanora and thought that it was the stadiums named above the list of teams for each group — rather than the stadiums named below those lists — which will be used for that group’s games…”

Helene: “I wonder whether zhat was just the newspaper’s staff zhemselves, or if their nation’s football ’as made the mistake to start with? I suppose zhat we should make sure zheir football team does know the correct location… It might be slightly amusing if zhey went to the wrong place expecting the Belles to be zhere, but our girls are looking forwards so strongly to the contest that I think zhey would be more disappointed at missing a game zhan zhey would be pleased at getting a ‘bye’ because zheir opponents forfeited zhe match by not turning up for it.”

Judith: “Yes, we should confirm that their management has the correct information. That’s the right thing to do. I’ll send a raven across with a letter.” She pens a quick note, places it in an envelope, and then rings a small hand-bell that was sitting on one corner of her desk.

Suddenly there is a rainbow burst of light in one of the room’s corners, up near the ceiling, and a large raven appears “out of nowhere” through this. It flies down, perches on the back of a chair, cocks its head towards Judith, and speaks:
“Kerrrkh Sheepfinder reporting for duty. What’s the mission, this time?”


The ravens involved here are fully sapient, and have a Clan of their own within the Confederation. They can use that same method to cross international distances very — with a burst of light at both ends of the trip —very quickly, and even to make inter-Reality journeys, although when visiting people who don’t expect them they’ll normally “appear” up in the outdoors air and complete the trip using normal means of flight instead. The ones employed in such roles can usually understand several languages each, and speak at least the basics of those.
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The Confederated Clans of the Free Bears of Bears Armed
(includes The Ursine NorthLands) Demonym = Bear[s]; adjective = ‘Urrsish’.
Our population is approximately 20 million. We do have a national government, although its role is strictly limited. Economy = thriving. Those aren't "biker gangs", they're our traditional cross-Clan 'Warrior Societies'... and are generally respected, not feared.
Author of some GA Resolutions, via Bears Armed Mission; subject of an SC resolution.
Factbook. We have more than 70 MAPS. Visitors' Guide.
The IDU's WA Drafting Room is open to help you.
Author of issues #429, 712, 729, 934, 1120, 1152.

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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Sat Jun 15, 2019 5:05 pm

Siovanija and Teusland National U21 Football Team


Nation Name: United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland
Short Names: Siovanija and Teusland, the United Republics
Demonyms: Siovanijan, Teus
FA: Siovanija and Teusland Football Association (STFA)
Colours: Blue and gold
Anthem: ‘High Mountain Skies’
Capital City: Borograd
Other Major Cities: St. Jakob, Stelburg, Vlaikograd, Chernovets, Felsenkirchen
Highest Domestic Youth League: J. Republikaliga
Nicknames: The Goldhorns
Style Modifier: +4

Coaching Staff

Manager: Slava Tarasov

Slava Tarasov takes charge of the national U-21 side. He’s coached in youth football for many years, including as coach of the FK Metropola Borograd U21s, who advanced as far as the UICA Youth Cup Quarterfinals. He’s still coach of Metropola, and has been asked by the STFA to lead the national youth side forwards. He’s a forward-thinking manager, normally playing a 4-2-3-1 but capable of adapting to other formations such as a 3-5-2 depending on the situation. His teams are quite aggressive in attack, always pushing forwards. Tarasov is known as a strong man-manager, and the players he’s helped develop have become some of our nation’s finest. The hope is he can repeat those tricks here.

23-man Squad


GK -- Ewald HEUSER -- #1 -- 20y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
GK -- Josef PEIPER -- #22 -- 18y/o -- SW Stahlberg
GK -- Mika JANKOV -- #23 -- 19y/o -- FK Orlovska Bistrica

Ewald Heuser has always been the number one option at the youth level, and FC Teussen Stelburg are very pleased with his development. He’s a strong shot-stopper and an overall athletic keeper who will be valuable for this team. Josef Peiper has come out of relatively nowhere to become another strong goalkeeping prospect, while Mika Jankov is already a starter at his FK Orlovska Bistrica side.

Left Back

LB -- Axel RICHTER -- #3 -- 19y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
LB -- Matias VESELOV -- #13 -- 18y/o -- Energija Chernovets

Richter’s a name to remember for fans of the national team and Teussen alike; the expected heir to Dietmar Kleinmann for club and eventually country. A speedy full back who likes to get forwards, his crosses are well-timed and his delivery is strong. He’s got a good passing range and an excellent workrate. Matias Veselov is another left back with a great work rate, and his defensive skills are the strongest aspect of his game. Veselov needs to work a bit at the timing of his crosses, but if he manages that he’ll be the total package.

Centre Back

CB -- Taras MAKSIMOV -- #4 -- 17y/o -- Rudar Trkev
CB -- Tristan NIEDERMEYER -- #5 -- 18y/o -- FC Einheit Marnau
CB -- Gregory SCHERWEY -- #14 -- 18y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
CB -- Svetislav MIYATOV -- #15 -- 20y/o -- Olympia Borograd

The centre back youth pipeline has, in recent years, produced such talents as Karl-Heinz Jager and Kasper Martz amongst others. The next big name to watch out for at the back is Taras Maksimov, the Rudar Trkev man who is already expected to be a starter for his club next season. His tackling is excellent, and he’s another in a line of defenders from this country that move the ball well. Maksimov is one of the main names to watch on this team. Beside him is Tristan Niedermeyer, a physically imposing defender that reads the play well. Scherwey and Miyatov are both strong options from the bench, Scherwey the more likely of the two to see game time.

Right Back

RB -- Pierre-Louis LOTBINIERE -- #2 -- 18y/o -- 1912 Stelburg
RB -- Konstantin SOTIROV -- #12 -- 20y/o -- Energija Chernovets

Pierre-Louis Lotbiniere, the 1912 Stelburg youth product, is the number one right back prospect in the nation. He plays with a maturity rarely seen at his young age, and is also a big, physical player. He’s a player really in the mold of 1912 teammate Lutz Daschner, and working with the veteran Daschner on and off the pitch has really helped his game. Lotbiniere is Daschner’s heir for club and country, he gets his first chance to shine here at the Di Bradini Cup. Behind him is Konstantin Sotirov, the ever-reliable Chernovets full back.

Centre Midfield

CM -- Goran IVANCIC -- #6 -- 19y/o -- Olympia Borograd
CM -- Todor MIHAILOV -- #8 -- 18y/o -- Yeaddin Owls (VIL)
CM -- Damir CVETKOV -- #16 -- 17y/o -- Olympia Borograd

Goran Ivancic returns for the young Goldhorns, the central midfielder being a key part of Olympia Borograd’s youth team. Beside him is Todor Mihailov, a key midfield prospect. He was part of Metropola Borograd’s run to the Quarterfinals of the Youth Cup, and regarded as a stud in the midfield. After that, he was hotly pursued by several clubs from some of the world’s top leagues, eventually settling on Vilita’s Yeaddin Owls. Damir Cvetkov is the youngest player in this team, and has often been compared to Thorsten Kramer. Cvetkov’s got a very bright future and should see some game time here.

Left Wing

LW -- Oskar VOGEL -- #7 -- 18y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
LW -- Pavel VLADIC -- #17 -- 18y/o -- Olympia Borograd

Two bright prospects from the two big clubs in our nation. Oskar Vogel’s the number one option, with great passing vision and attacking awareness. The Teussen youth product should be a starter for his club soon as they undergo a youth revolution. Pavel Vladic has great speed, but an inconsistent end product. If he improves on that, he’s got all the tools to be a star.

Centre Attacking Midfield

CAM -- Florian FRANZ -- #10 -- 19y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
CAM -- Vsevolod HRISTOV -- #20 -- 18y/o -- Energija Chernovets

There’s not much between these two players. Florian Franz has perhaps more raw talent, but isn’t a polished product yet: if he gets there, the sky is the limit for him. Hristov, on the other hand, has been solid as a starter for Energija Chernovets and a good understudy for Viktor Dimitrov. While Franz has been given the number 10 shirt for the tournament, the starting spot here is surely up for grabs.

Right Wing

RW -- Lukas TAUSCHER -- #11 -- 19y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg
RW -- Slava LUZHKOV -- #19 -- 17y/o -- FK Metropola Borograd

Lukas Tauscher is the most experienced player on the youth team, having earned many starts for Teussen, and has even been discussed as a call-up for the senior national team. He’s a dynamic winger with a strong shot on him. Behind him is Slava Luzhkov, a winger who has broken many of Metropola’s records for youth players, and is the club’s all-time youngest goal scorer thanks to a goal in the President’s Cup. The quickest player on this team, the 17 year old isn’t yet a finished product but already one of the brightest talents in the nation.

Centre Forward

CF -- Horst HACKL -- #9 -- 20y/o -- TSV Marzig
CF -- Kazimir KUZNETSOV -- #18 -- 18y/o -- Energija Chernovets
CF -- Sandro GLASER -- #21 -- 18y/o -- FC Rotmunde 1932

Horst Hackl has been the leading man at the U21 level for a few years now, and his time at TSV Marzig has been productive as well. He’s a physical forward who is always able to get the ball, and has a powerful shot. Behind him, Kazimir Kuznetsov is a really, really bright prospect from Energija Chernovets. Coaches at the club have described him as a Michael Ribbeck-level prospect, or in other words: really good. His explosiveness on and off the ball makes him incredibly hard to defend against, and he’s able to place his shots well. Sandro Glaser is a pure target man, a giraffe-like figure in front of the net who has the potential to be a reliable scorer in the future.

Horst Hackl is the captain, with Goran Ivancic and Tristan Niedermeyer as vice captains.


Siovanija and Teusland will continue to use their current kits for the Di Bradini Cup tournament, although new kits are reportedly in the works from Starblaydi design company ediraf. The crest, circular, features an edelweiss in the middle with blue and gold colour around it. The home kit is coloured mainly gold, with blue highlights. In addition, a blue stripe is in the middle of the kit, with the crest inside. Gold shorts and blue socks round out the home design. The away kit is coloured mainly blue, with gold highlights and a gold stripe. Blue shorts and gold socks complete the design. The blue and gold here come from the flag of the country. The goalkeeper kit, not pictured, is fully green. Green was both the colour of the House of Stajovic, Siovanija’s old imperial family, and the colour of the uniforms of many Knights from Teusland during several historical conflicts.

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I determine length/severity
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: No

Group and Schedule

The Goldhorns are in Group H for the Di Bradini Cup, hosted in Valanora. That group includes:

Siovanija and Teusland
Third Asopia

Darmen are the most well-established football nation in the group, but Nilrahranfan and Third Asopia should prove an interesting challenge. The schedule for the Di Bradini Cup is as follows:

Matchday 1: Siovanija and Teusland vs Nilrahranfan, @ Duran Palace, Valanora
Matchday 2: Darmen vs Siovanija and Teusland, @ The White Fortress, Valanora
Matchday 3: Siovanija and Teusland vs Third Asopia, @ Duran Palace, Valanora

We’ll have complete coverage as the future of Siovanija and Teusland’s football takes on the world.
The United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland
Capital: Borograd -- Population: 67,245,000 -- Languages: Siovanijan, Teus

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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Sat Jun 15, 2019 6:53 pm

Football Association of the Commonwealth of Baker Park

The FAC was founded in 1901 and currently has 124 full member clubs, 307 associate member clubs and approximately 21,000 registered players--male & female--between the ages of 11 to 65+ as well as approximately 3,100 registered officials, both male & female. It sponsors competitions across all age groups, genders and ability levels, including 12 National Championships and 6 domestic cup competitions for men and women.

Major Multiverse Honors
SWC 5 Under-18 Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runners-up
AOCAF LVII Quarterfinalists
DiBradini Cup 42/63 Quarterfinalists
DiBradini Cup 43/64 Round of 16
World Cup Apox/Valanora82 Round of 16
World Cup Banija/FFR81 Round of 16
World Cup EqueStar80 Group Stage

All time match record—234 wins, 184 losses, 87 draws (current through World Cup 82)
NS match record--55 wins, 22 losses, 18 draws
DBC record--6 wins, 3 losses, 4 draws

National Anthem--"Hear Our Voices Commonwealth"
Region—Atlantian Oceania

Nickname--since the end of the 1960's the National Team has been known as "The Bees", a period when the team's uniforms consisted of alternating black and gold hoops. While the bee is an element on the coat of arms of the Commonwealth—a long accepted heraldic symbol of industriousness--the association was actually a reference made in an Italian newspaper game story when the senior team was wearing the hooped shirts, referring to the BP team as il Bombi (the bumblebees) for their perseverance and swarming tactical play.

Colors--Black & Gold (while they are just 2 of the 5 main colors on the flag of Baker Park--Blue, Red and White are the others--black & gold have been closely associated in the nation's consciousness as representative of the country since its founding.)

KPB—33.73 (13th, current through WC 82)

The Commonwealth of Baker Park return to the scene of their first ever tournament, the DiBradini Cup in Valanora. Jennifer Prescott takes charge of the Under 21's for the second time at the DBC.

25 Zachary Johnston 20 New Bremen FC
21 Ben Kelley 20 Cornell HS, Lima BP
1 Kelsey Vickers 21 Far Hills Ladies SC
3 Victor Onikambe 19 Westwood-Morgan Park HS, Clayton BP
5 Jerome Brooks 19 Eastside HS, Eriquay, EZ
2 Liam Hughes 19 Mooresville Celtic FC
4 Amy Freeman 20 Riverside City Ladies FC
16 Lucy Hardwick 19 Linden Ladies United FC
26 Susie Knight 19 Broadview-Pleasant Plain HS, Asbury BP
17 Alan Wiseman 21 Corinthians FC
13 Grant Myers 20 Corinthians FC
12 Marcus Nolan 20 Maritime Athletic FC
11 Travis Grimaldi 19 South Bank HS, Belle Haven
20 Susana Aguilar 19 Middlebourne HS, Middlebourne SL
6 Paige Eichorn 19 Northeastern HS, Oceana OS
23 Kelvin Buxton 19 Monmouth Park FC
7 Lars Putnam 21 Osheana Capital University
8 Anna Porter 21 Riverside City Ladies FC
19 Max Rizzo 21 University of the Commonwealth
15 Amy Reynolds 21 University of Coolville
18 Quinton Harris 19 Upper Endborough HS, EN
9 Alicia Craig 20 Sherwood Forest Ladies FC
24 Hayley Gibson 20 Todman HS, Castleford EN
22 Tim Cassel 19 Sorenberg Park FC
10 Daniel Pryor 21 Brentwood Borough FC
14 Reggie Laing 21 Marshallton Athletic FC

Manager—Jennifer Prescott
Assistant—Michael Haddad
Coaches—Lawrence Bell
Kristen Sawyer
Physio—Russell van Dyke

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (TG in advance please)
RP Injuries to my players: Y (duration of match only, unless a TG ahead of time with your idea)
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Godmod other events: N
Soccer--Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII Third Place (co-hosts)
World Cup 81 & 82 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
Football--NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

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Postby Ko-oren » Sun Jun 16, 2019 1:19 am

Ko-orenite National U-21 Team
Trigramme: KOR
Team style: -5
Formation: 4-4-2
Starting XI: any
Nickname: Dragonflies, Butterflies, Greenblues

Last year's policy of only selecting not-yet-pros to the U-21 team has been revoked. Instead of just University League players, every player (of the right age) is eligible.

Heiko Heijting - 19 - GK - Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde
Vaughn Evans - 21 - GK - Willowbourne Technological Academy
Meoffrher yGofwef - 18 - GK - Bruncester

Isabela Basquez (f) - 21 - DEF - RB - Branvón
Thaddeus Rampton - 19 - DEF - CB - Centre for Excellence, Apox
Barnamakun Genperinden - 20 - DEF - CB - Maynard
Elmer Collins - 18 - DEF - CB - National University of Willowbourne
Valle Borggreve - 19 - DEF - LB - Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde
Napoleon Brownhill - 21 - DEF - CB - Willowbourne Technological Academy
Tommy Parlow - 21 - DEF - LB - Willowbourne Technological Academy
Thies Bruijns - 21 - DEF - CB - Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde

Jurorarra Yerowie - 19 - MID - CM - Miradela
Xilgorio Caldeira - 18 - MID - CM - Branvón
Susumu Miyazawa - 20 - MID - RM - Alara
Celia Marrable (f) - 21 - MID - DM - Maethoru
Edwin Odonaghue - 18 - MID - AM - Willowbourne Institute of Humanities
Raskasseu Torsatherinthen - 18 - MID - LM - Maethoru National University
Que Emmanuelli - 20 - MID - CM - Université des Arts d'Aminey
Joeri Bredenoord - 21 - MID - DM - Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde

Linus Throgmorton - 21 - STR - SS - Rakun Biological Institute, Kita-Hinode
Tobias Killand - 18 - STR - S - Sudaefjolluniversitet
Steef Kisjeswant - 19 - STR - SS - Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde
Calvin Kennedy - 21 - STR - S - Willowbourne Technological Academy

Heiko Heijting has been one of the more exciting talents at GK Ko-oren has seen in a while. The universities and professional teams have done a great job developing goalkeepers, but the influx dried up a little bit - that's also why Heijting is so sought after. He seems to be by far the best talent of his generation. yGofwef is selected because of his status as a professional, but Heijting is lightyears ahead of him.

Rampton will make his first appearance in green and blue: exciting times, as it's the first time that the Apox-born Ko-orenite will play for this 'home' team. Brownhill, Parlow and Bruijns will not appear at the next DBC, and with a defence as 'experienced' as it can get, this is one unit to fear. Expect Basquez, Brownhill, Parlow, Bruijns and Rampton to share the apps.

In midfield, players have been selected in such way that we can field a diamond and a line. In the diamond, we should see Marrable, Miyazawa, Torsatherinthen, and Odonaghue. On the line, we should see Miyazawa, Yerowie, Emmanuelli, Torsatherinthen. Bredenoord is the victim of this, he has great potential but is overshadowed by Marrable. Odonaghue should be the next Longchambon: an insanely talented attacking midfielder. Emmanuelli is also a great player, but ever so slightly behind the biggest names of this generation.

In attack, Throgmorton has been called up despite a few over-21 appearances. The rest of the attackers are all stereotypical Ko-orenite: great accuracy, incredible finishers, but can't do much in creating chances and passing.

RP: no killing, no godmodding, but life-altering events are encouraged.
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Postby Kita-Hinode » Sun Jun 16, 2019 11:13 am

"The Speed-o-Sound Sonics"


Black jerseys, black shorts and black socks. The jersey also features the kanji in the nation's flag although the colors are obviously reversed. It doesn't have a proper representation because the federation's head lost a game of poker to the head honcho back at ediraf.

Already a well-established side in the youth part of things (and possibly at the major level as well, considering this nation won the last two relevant titles they played for), the Hinodejin are now looking towards that elusive second DBC win, which would also make them three-time champions if you count the time they won as Northern Sunrise Islands eons ago. The tournament also serves as promotional material for the Hinodejin Intercollegiate Football League, the league where pretty much everyone in the national team came from.


#01 GK Myozan NAMEZONO 20 M Imperial Forces Academy Human A member of the Original Elite 5, a group of prospects from Elite Mashu HS that promised to take over the University scene. So far, only he and his teammate Ikki Tokei have done well on the promise. Also known for being very resilient, once going through an entire match with a broken nose at the high school level.
#02 RB/RM/OM Choji MATSUMONO-GIDE 20 M Somei-Yoshino University Human Nicknamed "Black Panther", Choji Matsumono-Gide is the son of a wealthy businessman from the southwestern portion of the Hinodejin Empire, who chose to add the surname of the family that gave him a roof to live under while attending Somei-Yoshino University. He was either the best or second best prospect to come out of his class, according to experts on the field.
#03 CB Amenemapet MONTH 20 M Tsutsuji University Anakaris The Giant from Kairi, Amenemapet Month was a sleeper hit during his class, coming off as an exchange student that happened to pull a lucky grade at his entry exam, becoming the top dog in the influential Tsutsuji defence. He's an Anakaris, which is the race of humanoids that are pretty much equal to humans, besides being born with an animal head. Furries love them.
#04 CB/DM/CM Madonna McINTOSH 20 M Williams Institute of P. & M. Dev. Cyborg Once a poor, frail girl, Madonna McIntosh was the first project of Williams College (now under a new name) in their process of taking a survivor of heavy sickness and turning them into a fine human specimen. These days, she serves as the captain and sheriff of the Williams' defence, a key reason why their team can be so scary.
#05 LB/CB/RB Cristina KONOVALOVA 20 F Kameria University Human Legend has it that Cristina was found as the sole survivor of a destroyed village in the tundra that composes most of the Empire's northern holdings. Konovalova never really found a family to call hers, living off of the aid of an orphanage at the main island, turning to football once the opportunity appeared. A walk-in that eventually solidified herself as a capable threat maker.
#06 RM/CM Eneko TACHIBANA 20 M Basque University Human The Tachibana twins are well known in the University level, two brothers who promised to break a family curse in the institution, fueled and tutored by Audioslavian manager Vilfredo Corsi. Nicknamed "The Flying Basque", Eneko is one of the fastest players in all of the league, often relying on his speed to lose markers and the eventual goalkeeper. His reach is legendary.
#07 LM/CM Ander TACHIBANA 20 M Basque University Human The Tachibana twins are well known in the University level, two brothers who promised to break a family curse in the institution, fueled and tutored by Audioslavian manager Vilfredo Corsi. Nicknamed "The Basque King", Ander is the general piece of the Basque Carroussel that his university fields, although his leadership will probably not be used in the tournament. He should be able to play his role quite well in this machine.
#08 CM/OM/ST Kotaro KATSURA 20 M Imperial Forces Academy Human The Captain of the Imperial Forces' team, owner of the Medal of Development (a prized possession for a student of the Imperial Forces) and already touted to be given one of the jeweled swords that only a select few groups of students from said Academy has ever earned. A professional, known for his hard work and leadership skills, he plays as a sort of General in the Imperial Forces and is expected to do the same here.
#09 OM Ikki TOKEI 20 M Mido-Hinode University Human Possibly the most famous member of the Original Elite 5, whom we already mentioned, he was locked in a battle for supremacy with Choji Matsumono-Gide for who was the top dog at their University entry year class. Owner of some of the deadliest moves on the field, he's touted as the major prospect to come from this team, which upsets a certain amount of players to some extent.
#10 SS Kakeru AIZAWA 20 M Sakurahana University Human Considered the second most surprising pick of the starting eleven, Kakeru Aizawa was once destined to be in the shadows of his more talented brother Suguru, who sadly passed away in a freak accident, known as the first biggest failure of Hinodejin medicine. Having considered hanging up the boots, Kakeru found his resolve in painting, never once looking back when the dreams for a true "Knight in the Area" called for him.
#11 ST Tanui TSUBAKU 20 F Hylia University Hylian Easily the most shocking pick of the starting eleven, Tanui Tsubaku was the first real prospect of Hylian football. Determined to prove that Hylians are more than second-rate elves, the nature-loving Tanui became a workhorse for her team, the plucky Hylia University, helping it through the seasons towards becoming a respectable team, albeit never aiming for the top of the pecking order.
#12 GK Frederik HIRAGUMA 20 M Mido-Hinode University Human The third of a lineage of goalkeepers that graduated from Mido-Hinode University, Frederik is the no-nonsense goalie that protected the nets of his school straight from day one. A regular at U-21 affairs, he is considered a leader in a team that has to deal with players from all across the multiverse.
#13 RB/LB Meiki FUKUHARA 20 F Uchina State University Human Once upon a time, Meiki Fukuhara was supposed to pass on the lineage of Fukuharajimitsu Ninjitsu. She, however, found it all too boring and instead chose to take her skills into the sport of football.
#14 CB GIM Jeong-Hun 20 F Kanshiro University Human A plucky underrated defender nationally speaking, Gim Jeong-Hun is a solid piece in the backfield of the Kanshiro University, although not the team captain by a long shot. Introverted, she prefers to keep things to herself, only really opening up on the field.
#15 CB Matthias JÖNSSON 20 M Mido-Hinode University Human The de-facto captain of the Mido-Hinode University football team, Jönsson was the finest prospect of his region of the Empire when he joined his favourite, local university. Sadly, for Jönsson, what was supposed to be a key moment for one of the greatest defenders the multiverse would ever see was overshadowed by the fact that a day later, the same Mido-Hinode University picked up one of the two consensus top players of the entire nation. He's not envious, but he always tries to overcompensate as a result.
#16 RB/CB/LB Guvuke MIGUMIBERGA 20 F Nabooru University Gerudo Known as the Merchants of the Empire, the Gerudo are an all-female race that usually lives on a constant motion from town to town. It was only recently that the institution known as Nabooru University was established for Gerudo to learn and better their crafts. Alas, they also created a football team for said university where Migumiberga found her real calling, the beautiful game.
#17 LM/RM/CM Niviarsiaq KAALILASUT 20 F Zeppelin University Human The writer of the best-seller "Tears from the Icy Peaks", many were surprised that Niviarsiaq Kaalilasut chose to play football as a main priority over her writing, which has since taken a bit of a backseat. She maintains that her choice was actually to come up with new material at a faster pace and she'll be soon writing new books, once her journey at the university level is done.
#18 CB/DM/CM/RB/LB Kavon IPERKOVA 20 M Zora Institute Zora Considered one of the largest non-human forces in the Empire, the Zora are known for their underseas kingdom, usually placed around the coast in colder waters. Their investment in sports has been very apparent, as Zora athletes have been showing up quite a lot on the top half of sports events, a surprising feat for a sort of mermen like them. Kavon Iperkova is the Zora Institute's captain and top reference when it comes to a high quality of football.
#19 LM/LB/CB/CM Seira MUCHIKO 20 F Imperial Forces Academy Human With the nickname of "Shrinking Violet", Seira Muchiko is a versatile player, often going as deep as possible for the ball with not a whole lot of care for her own well-being. Things usually change off the field, but you won't find anyone more spirited in the game than her.
#20 CB/CM/OM Gintoki SAKATA 20 M Imperial Forces Academy Human Called "the Walking Anomaly", Gintoki Sakata should be one of the best players of all the Empire. But the truth to the matter is that he doesn't see himself as such nor does he make the effort to be better than he already is.
#21 CF Nana MOKUBA 20 F Sakurahana University Human Although she's usually busy making a massive profit over a mysterious card game franchise, Nana Mokuba's side hobby of football earned her a scholarship at Sakurahana University ages ago. When asked about it, she said that she wanted to join to get a proper education. Then again, considering most of the time she spends there is in a football pitch, one has to wonder if she's learning anything besides losing markers and scoring a boatload of goals.
#22 ST Momoko ICHIBONJI 20 F Himawari University Human Once the hands-down, consensus best youth player in the Empire, Ichibonji was marked by a legendary meltdown once her team at the time failed to pull a repeat of their title in the first ever season of the All-Hinodejin Youth Football League. She remains a major player in the Empire, but people still doubt she has what it takes to reach the top on her own, needing to hold Wakamaruichi's hands to peace down.
#23 GK Sprîta MARAJA 20 F Togene Girls' Academy Golem The artificial daughter of a couple of scholars that happened to be in a homosexual relationship. She was built with the specific traits that her two fathers preferred: a bookworm with some athletic capacity. With time, she aced on both fields, although results haven't been as solid whenever she has to deal with the pesky "competition" thing.
-- COACH Koji KAGONAME 37 M Mido-Hinode University Human (SP:+0,5) Once deemed the plucky manager of a lost cause, keeping football alive in the then-hockey centric Mido-Hinode University, Kagoname has since earned his stripes as a legitimate manager, capable of doing wonders. He's also known for his loyalty, planning to retire having only managed the Under-21 national team... and his loved Mido-Hinode University job, where he now gets his proper respect.

As you might've noticed, some of these players aren't human. Just wanted to point out they're still fairly close to being human, just in case. Please don't kill them. Injuries for large stretches of time have to be informed by telegram, or else they'll get the ignore cannon treatment. Anything else (bar anything that destroys any city of the empire or its' people, just in case anyone gets a bit too creative) is fine by me.
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Vilita and Turori Roster DBC 45

Postby Vilita and Turori » Sun Jun 16, 2019 12:09 pm


The coaches will select the squad from the National Player pool. The latest known members of the National Player Pool are listed below, grouped by position and sorted by projection 'Depth Chart' position where the top player listed is most likely to be named the first player selected for that position, and so on. Depth chart positions are determined by performance in pre-cup training sessions, as well as performance and average ratings in the Vilitan League competition and previous appearances for the National Team.

HEAD COACH: Purapal Eskiiy
Eskiiy was lauded as an up and coming youngster who could trace a lineage back through Lake Bekk and Starblaydia and as a trainee was a member of the Vilita & Turori regional squad that won the AOCAF 42 Championship. The young Eskiiy then broke into the Vilitan lineup during World Cup 68 and started in the World Cup Final, scoring the goal that changed the momentum of the game in the Jungle Cats favor. Having reached what many would consider the pinnacle of their career in just their first season, Eskiiy would go on to have an uncommonly long career with the National Team. The midfielder would earn their Second World Cup Title during World Cup 77, their last as a regular starter for the Vilitan National Team. Eskiiy would remain with the National Team through their waning years as a veteran influence. Eskiiy's final start for the Vilitan National Team would be during the World Cup 81 Finals in the 2-3 defeat against Cassadaigua. It would be the only match the Jungle Cats would lose that campaign, however, making Eskiiy the first Vilitan player to have been on 3 World Cup winning squads. Eskiiy was an unused reserve player during the World Cup 82 cycle where they worked as an assistant to the staff. After officially hanging up the boots following World Cup 82, Purapal Eskiiy was named Assistant to Nili Ylimaiina for the Vilita and Turori Eel-Cat Things roster and in that role, Eskiiy is responsible for young player development including the Vilita & Turori Under-21 Squad.

Timaala Hualtia [ - Inland Peaks FC - ]
GK ( AGE: 19 :: [ NT CAPS: 4 :: NT CLEAN SHEETS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 1 :: V&T CLEAN SHEETS: 0 ] )
Hualtia came through the Eelandii Academy and instantly developed as a future Turori National Team prospect. Played one season for Sporta Eelandii before their relegation from the Vilitan League prompted Hualtia to make a switch to become the starting goalkeeper at Inland Peaks during Season 59. Made first Turori National Team start during World Cup 82 Qualifying in a 2-1 victory over Kelssek. Made first ever World Cup Finals start in the World Cup 82 Semi-Final helping Turori to a 6-3 win over Farfadillis to advance to the Nations first ever World Cup Final.

Striitca Virahat [ - Alikki-Corra Academy - ]
GK ( AGE: 19 :: [ NT CAPS: 1 :: NT CLEAN SHEETS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 1 :: V&T CLEAN SHEETS: 0 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 82 : ]
Virahat is the latest goalkeeping prospect to come out of the Alikki-Corra Academy behind such former Vilitan National Team netminders such as Kalek Intafel. Was part of the roster for Vilita & Turori's AOCAF 56 championship team but did not appear in any matches. Made their internationstatal debut for the Vilitan National Team as a substitute during World Cup 81 Qualifications in a 2-0 victory over Mercedeni.

Vernasa Sanamun [ - Kiiarana - ]
GK ( AGE: 20 :: [ NT CAPS: 9 :: NT CLEAN SHEETS: 3 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 12 :: V&T CLEAN SHEETS: 3 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : World Cup 82 : ] : Tropicorp Cup :
Sanamun came through the academy at Kiiarana and was promoted to the senior squad at the age of 15 after the departure of Super-Llamaland netminder Lukas Bernholm following the clubs relegation from the Vilitan League. Made two group stage appearances for Vilita & Turori in AOCAF 56 at the age of 17 as the Eel-Cat Things eventually earning first ever regional silverware as a player. The youngster impressed helping Kiiarana City to the Tropicorp Cup title and promotion back to the Vilitan League and became a regular fixture with the Vilitan National Team after making their internationstatal debut in goal for the Jungle Cats as they opened up their World Cup 81 Qualifying campaign against Kernovi and Rewgwlas. Sanamun appeared twice in World Cup 81 Qualifying for the Jungle Cats without conceding a goal earning the young netminder the gloves as Vilita competed in the 7th Cup of Champions competition, ultimately conceding their 1st international goal against in the fourth match of their career, the Cup of Champions semi-final against Banija. The impressive performances however earned Sanamun trust and a place on the team for the World Cup 81 finals. Sanamun would start two matches - a group stage defeat to Cassadaigua and the Round of 16 victory over Sargossa as Vilita would go on to win the World Cup.

Amakli Inuro'o [ - Bastion (EUR) - ]
D RLC ( AGE: 18 :: [ NT CAPS: 11 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 2 ] )
After making their debut in Turori’s 3-0 World Cup 82 Matchday 5 qualifying match against Cosneolta, Inuro’o would become a regular in the Turori National Team squad eventually becoming a starter for key matches as Turori advanced to the World Cup 82 Final.

Lohani Riiyaaw [ - Cassandra City (COS) - ]
D RLC ( AGE: 19 :: [ NT CAPS: 5 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 82 : ]
Riiyaaw was trained at the Tivali City Academy until the age of 16 when they had the opportunity to sign their first professional contract. Instead of staying local with Declasse side Tivali City, Riiyaaw took the opportunity to move internationally. After attracting the attention of foreign bidders, Riiyaaw eventually signed a deal with Internationstatal high-flyers Cassandra City of Cosumar where they earned Runner-Up medals in both the UICA Champions Cup and Atlantian Oceania Champions League in their first season of competition.

Rojara Tiones [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
D RC ( AGE: 19 :: [ NT CAPS: 7 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 15 :: V&T GOALS: 2 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : World Cup 82 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Rojara Tiones progressed through the training programme at the Owls Castle Academy before getting a call to train with the senior team at Yeaddin Owls AFC for Vilitan League Season 58. Tiones was a member of Vilita’s World Cup 82 Championship winning team, having watched the final from the bench as an unused substitute.

Moumouni Verre'elali [ - Tropicorp FC - ]
D RLC ( AGE: 19 :: [ NT CAPS: 6 :: NT GOALS: 1 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 5 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
TROPHIES :: : Vilitan Declasse :
Made their debut for the Turori National Team at the age of 17 on the opening matchday of World Cup 82 Qualifying against Bohr, eventually making six appearances for the Eels over the course of the campaign.

Biliki Rona'atu'i [ - Cednia Beach AFC - ]
D LC ( AGE: 21 :: [ NT CAPS: 9 :: NT GOALS: 2 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 11 :: V&T GOALS: 1 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ] : AO Champions League : : Vilitan Declasse :
Trained at the Alikki-Corra Academy, Rona'atu'i moved on to Inland Peaks FC during Season 55 and become a crucial part of their Declasse Division record setting championship season resulting in promotion back to the Stellar Division. Signed for Eastal Lunar after arriving in the Stellar Division but only spent one season there before earning a starting position at Colonial Sile for the Season 57 campaign helping Colonial to a third place finish in the League table. After a season and a half in Sile, Rona'atu'i returned to their native Turori by joining Cednia Beach AFC and helping them to the 31st Atlantian Oceania Champions League title.

Lati'ala Giaoka [ - Yeaddin Owls - ]
M RLC ( AGE: 20 :: [ NT CAPS: 8 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 16 :: V&T GOALS: 2 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Lati'ala Giaoka impressed from a young age at the Owls Castle Academy and earned their first professional contract with the Yeaddin Owls at the age of 16. During Season 56, Giaoka became the youngest player to appear in a Stellar Division match for the Owls since Mako Canopii made their debut at the age of 16 during Vilitan League Season 50.

Intikko Kuhilana [ - Makosile - ]
DM C ( AGE: 20 :: [ NT CAPS: 7 :: NT GOALS: 1 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 15 :: V&T GOALS: 1 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : World Cup 82 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Kuhilana was perhaps too young when being called into the squad at Jlinal Cove on an emergency basis to cover squad gaps as they struggled to keep fit during Vilitan League Season 55. Strong performances did catch the eye of Makosile United, however, who snapped up the youngster in order to fill their own gaps left by departing players following their relegation from the Stellar Division.

Limu Katarakhna [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
M/F ( AGE: 21 :: [ NT CAPS: 37 :: NT GOALS: 6 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 23 :: V&T GOALS: 8 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : World Cup 82 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Limu Katarakhna came through the academy system at Colonial Sile and impressed greatly upon making their debut midway through Season 54. After Colonial Sile failed to qualify for UICA competition in Season 56, the young athlete able to step in anywhere on the field made the switch to Eastal Lunar FC. Katarakhna made their international debut during AOCAF 45 for the Eel-Cat Things but did not commit immediately to playing for Vilita or Turori internationally. After the success of the Cocoabo Squad during World Cup 79 however, the highly touted prospect acceped an invitation to be apart of Vilita's World Cup 80 Qualifying playing pool. The decision would prove to be a good one as Katarakhna was part of Vilita’s World Cup 81 and World Cup 82 championship squads including their first career World Cup Finals goal during the World Cup 82 Quarter Final against Apox.

Kiidallen Aeroluzzi [ - Rammsissil - ]
DM C ( AGE: 21 :: [ NT CAPS: 6 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 14 :: V&T GOALS: 2 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ] : Vilitan Declasse :
Aeroluzzi joined Rammsissil from Surf Jettica at the age of 17 as the eventual Declasse Champions looked to bolster their squad ahead of a season 57 Stellar Division return.

Tulaki Rauogba [ - Mliona-Lpaka Academy - ]
A MC ( AGE: 17 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
Top performer at the Mliona-Lpaka Academy

Cuoabaza Orani’aoa [ - Inura Forests AFC - ]
M RLC ( AGE: 16 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
Youth Starlet who signed a first team at their local club Inura Forests in Turori at the age of 16 years

Lentali Purama [ - RammsBank Sissil Academy - ]
M RLC ( AGE: 16 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
Recruited by Rammsissil AFC at school age to train with the RammsBank Sissil Academy to be evaluated as a potential Rammsissil player in the future

Nii'arala Milaaso [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
F C ( AGE: 21 :: [ NT CAPS: 40 :: NT GOALS: 21 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 24 :: V&T GOALS: 13 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : World Cup 82 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Born in Vilita to a Turorian and a Starblaydi, Milaaso came through the Eastal Lunar Jr. Academy winning the Tropicorp Youth challenge with the Jr. Astronauts and was adjudged to have the 'DNA of Champions' based on their multi-cultural upbringing. Milaaso had a breakout season during Vilitan League 57 as the 18 year old netted 11 goals in all competitions and was widely regarded as the third best forward in the league behind National Team duo Sipke Tarala and Berali Tzufarei. Miilaaso made their international debut at the end of World Cup 79 qualifying against The Steel Coast, scoring late to net their first international tally on their debut. Was named Galacticos Youth Player of the Season at the age of 18. Miilaso scored their first ever World Cup Finals goal in World Cup 80 against Banija then was a key part of Vilita’s World Cup 81 Championship winning squad scoring three goals during the World Cup Finals. When Vilita won the World Cup 82 Final against rivals Turori, Miilaso did one better scoring a goal in the World Cup Final.

Enzoril Alabonni [ - Marine Coast United - ]
D/F C ( AGE: 21 :: [ NT CAPS: 18 :: NT GOALS: 8 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 16 :: V&T GOALS: 3 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : World Cup 82 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ]
A young prospect originally from Mavaloiao, Enzoril Alabonni moved with their family to the main Island to be trained by Marine Coast United at the Crosaibi Academy. The Mavaloier has height well above the others in their age group and as such often switches between a center-back role and a role as an aerial target in attack.

Turakia Diijelhma [ - Owls Castle Academy - ]
F C ( AGE: 18 :: [ NT CAPS: 2 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 1 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
Diijelhma made their international debut on the multiverse’s biggest stage as a substitute in Turori’s 2-1 World Cup 81 Round of 16 knockout round victory over host nation Banija.

Nua'oma Aikiki [ - FC Almintora - ]
F C ( AGE: 19 :: [ NT CAPS: 16 :: NT GOALS: 4 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 7 :: V&T GOALS: 1 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Brought up through the youth system at FC Almintora. Made their international debut on Matchday 3 of World Cup 82 Qualifying and then scored their first career international goal on Matchday five of World Cup 82 Qualifying against Cosenolta.

Kala'a Yuliizala [ - Inland Peaks FC - ]
F C ( AGE: 18 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 3 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
A key member of the youth movement at Inland Peaks FC, Yuliizala’s early call up to the senior squad domestically attracted the attention of the Vilita and Turori coaching staff who called the Turorian striker into the AOCAF 57 squad.


I Give My Opponent Permission To:	
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)
GodMod Injury Events Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)

Red Card Players: Y (TG After RP is Posted to Inform)
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y


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This will be the fourteenth time that Abanhfleft will be participating in the Di Bradini Cup. Another era of change is about to come. No longer will Abanhfleft play co-ed teams at all levels of football competition. This decision was reached after another disappointing performance in the 8th Under-18 World Cup, and after days of deliberation the Samahang Futbol ng Abanhfleft has announced that it will now adopt the same rotation model that the senior team uses in international competition for all youth levels now. The die is cast. Let the game begin...

Name of nation: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Team colors: White (home), red and blue (away)
Style modifier: +3
Formation: 4-2-3-1 (This will be standard unless I change it through RPs)
Head coach: Owen Bevan (60 y/o, Wales)

GK: Guildenstern CARDEW 21 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Image, captain
Guildenstern Cardew is the younger brother of former Panem striker Silvia Cardew. After Panem was enveloped by a mysterious Catastrophic Termination Event (or CTE), the Cardews eventually managed to wind up on the shores of the Fhulghamous Peninsula Colony along with a large number of their fellow Panemian nationals. Guildenstern was eventually picked up by Besanza Emeralds FC of the Fhulghamousian Premier League. Guildenstern decided to emulate his Panemian idol Walnut Durant and become a goalkeeper even though his sister Silvia is a striker. Guildenstern is also very close friends with Marius Rosenkrantz the soccer player (because of course they would be friends) but it looks like Guildenstern might have something more than just friendship in his eyes and heart for Marius...

RB: Victor DAUER 17 y/o, Szigetszentmiklos Image (Pridnestrovia)

RCB: Wilton KABA 19 y/o, Sfaxspor Image (Fhulghamous Peninsula)
Ball-winner and ball-breaker, or so his fellow academy mates in Sfaxspor say. He has an incredible leap for someone who's 5 foot 8, and balls find themselves naturally gravitating to his forehead.

LCB: Walter BOSSERT 20 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Image

LB: Trent KNAUF 18 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Image

RM: Derek NIXON 18 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Image
Excellent midfield general in the making. Actually lucky enough to make it into Ceneisis' first team at just 16 years old in the previous season. Whether he stays there (the first team or Sporting Ceneisis itself, take your pick) is still another question entirely.

LM: Dario FRIGO 19 y/o, Bohuda United Image
One thing that can be said of Dario Frigo is that he appears to have been born with glue on his feet as there has never been a reported instance in which this young half-Oontaznik player playing for Bohuda United ever lost the ball when it was at his feet. Not even the older and more experienced players plying their trade in Liga Ikalawa could take the ball from Dario when he turned out for the senior side for a game or two without sliding in for the tackle and drawing a card in the process, both yellow and red. And it's not just his sticky feet that is Dario's greatest asset in playing football. He also has an eye for taking the ball over the midfield and straight into the attacking third, jumpstarting attacks in the process. The Young Revolutionaries will look to benefit from this greatly.

RW: Jaime DEANS 16 y/o, Duhblakk Rovers Image

CAM: Anderson PERONE 17 y/o, Effelenendro FC Image

LW: Darren RICHARDSON 17 y/o, Uranium City Radiation Image

ST: Mustafa BENSOUSSAN 19 y/o, Bananas FC Image

RESERVES (All players are members of their league team's youth squads unless otherwise noted)
GK: Roy RINEY 20 y/o, New Llama Capitals Image (Super-Llamaland)
Now this is probably a sight that you didn't expect to see; a 17-year-old among a bunch of mostly twenty-years-plus players with the odd teenager here and there. Roy is the youngest member of Ranulph Bustamante's experimental Independents Cup squad but not by a big margin as the next-youngest player to him is fellow reserve goalkeeper Guildenstern Cardew. Usually, people would be questioning the inclusion of such a young player in a representative football team but once Ranulph Bustamante took over managing Abanhfleft and unearthed such gems as Robin Riedewald and Tanaka Okamoto, no one questions his decisions anymore. Besides, Riney must have done something right for Ranulph to even consider calling him up, even if it is just for the Independents Cup. Not that Ranulph thinks that the Independents Cup is a nothing trophy; it's still a trophy after all for those nations who aren't affiliated with the Big Three regions of Esportiva, Rushmore, and Atlantian Oceania.

GK: Luki GAMBE 15 y/o, Nuevo Guadix CF Image (Fhulghamous Peninsula)

DF: Peter EXLEY 18 y/o, Arsenal de Releinthi Image

DF: Rodger HECKEL 15 y/o, Rosenpfelblatz City Image

DF: Mack LUDLOW 17 y/o, Ludogorets Markovsky Image

MF: Stanford RONAN 17 y/o, Sporting Ceneisis Image

MF: Wallis WALLIAMS 20 y/o, Paulsen FC Image
Looks to be one of those hidden gems that keep popping up in the squads and youth academies of lower league teams and Premier League midtable teams. The question now is whether to keep him in Paulsen to develop or to throw him straight into the deep end of a top PL team.

MF: Jan McCLOY 17 y/o, Admiral Porcusces Image

MF: Wilson SMELSER 17 y/o, Nou Philippopolis Image (Fhulghamous Peninsula)

FW: Alexander "Xander" CUSTODIO 18 y/o, Red Horse Biñan Image (Sultanate of Oontaz)

FW: Dustin RAMIREZ 17 y/o, Pasargad Manitogoro Image (Sultanate of Oontaz)

FW: Karamoko BAKAYOKO 18 y/o, Uranium City Radiation Image
Supposedly the best striker to ever come out of any Fleftic academy since Kevin Kelvin and Chelsea Stuart. How else can you explain the presence of the 14-year-old in previous Sporting World Cup and Di Bradini Cup squads? But what exactly makes him a good forward? Is it his silky smooth runs, his mad tekkers, or his unbelievable range from almost anywhere in the attacking half of the pitch? Or maybe all of it? But after he failed to find the back of the net in the most recent Under-18 World Cup,


KITS (by Adidulas)

To be edited...

Total win-loss record: 31-14-19 (matches that go to penalties are counted as draws)
DBC 32: 5-1-3 (knocked out by Mizuyuki in quarterfinals)
DBC 33: 5-1-1 (won 3rd place by defeating Free Republics)
DBC 34: 2-0-1 (tournament did not finish for unknown reasons)
DBC 35: 1-1-1 (knocked out in the group stage by loss to Farfadillis)
DBC 36: 1-2-2 (knocked out by Pasarga in Round of 16)
DBC 37: 3-0-2 (knocked out by Tumbra in quarterfinals)
DBC 38: 3-0-2 (knocked out by Tomikosan in quarterfinals)
DBC 39: 3-1-1 (knocked out by Ceni in extra time in quarterfinals)
DBC 40: 0-2-1 (4th of 4 in Group B)
DBC 41: 1-1-2 (3rd of 5 in Group D)
DBC 42: 2-2-0 (knocked out by Pasarga on penalties in Round of 16)
DBC 43: 3-3-1 (lost to Mapletish in the final)
DBC 44: 2-0-2 (knocked out by Ko-oren in Round of 16)
DBC 45: ???

Everything except killing is fair game.
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

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Postby Savojarna » Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:12 am - inside reports from all Savojarna
Di Bradini Cup 45: Savojarna's 23 men for Valanora are known

Football is a highly popular sport in Savojarna, even though it usually has to take the #2 spot behind ice hockey. Thanks to bigger stadia, the Savojar Futbol Serien (SFS) still manages to draw the highest average attendance numbers in the country year after year and is generally considered a fast-growing league offering lots of openings for young players, as evidenced by the majority of the U21 roster playing in the league or in its second tier (SFS 2) already. Savojarna's top team is ranked 28th in the world, and the next generation is always somewhat under pressure to follow up on their predecessors. Savojarna are a common guest among the KO rounds of the Di Bradini Cup, which is considered a testament to the strong youth level of the sport in the nation. The focus of Savojar football is traditionally on tactics, teamplay and athleticism. However, the youth team is often a bit more wild than the average Savojar side and plays up its speed a bit more under its new coach, Pyotr Kolarov, who is the first Russian-language coach of any Savojar national team in history.


Coach: Pyotr Kolarov (63)
Assistant Coach: Lauri Bjugstad (32), Denis Okra (59)
Goalkeeper Coach: Valtteri Andersson (40)
Doctor: Dr. Christer Ljungberg (46)

STYLE: -1.3


#1: GK Albin Lindholm (21, 192 cm, Landsmarks Industrie)
#2: LB Matts Pedersen (21, 179 cm, Rotor Värstjö/SFS 2)
#3: LB Eino Kiivälä (18, 172 cm, Union Roopere/SFS 2)
#4: RB Flemming Skov (21, 184 cm, Energie Thorsborg)
#5: CB Rasmus Vikborg (20, 196 cm, Norrhavn FK/SFS 2/loaned by Libertas Bergheim)
#6: DM Thorwulf Baldvinsson (21, 198 cm, ESK Storevik)
#7: CM Victor Loeseth (21, 180 cm, Dynamo Sjoedrhavn)
#8: RM Mikhail Jashkin (20, 176 cm, RLSK Pawlograd)
#9: ST Vilhjalmur Ruriksson (21, 199 cm, ESK Storevik U21)
#10: OM Morten Poulsen (20, 182 cm, Partisan Sjoedrhavn)
#11: ST Simon Jacobsen (19, 177 cm, Partisan Sjoedrhavn U21)
#12: GK Stanislav Jushchenko (21, 185 cm, Akademiker Savojagrad)
#13: ST Ivan Onagin (20, 183 cm, Zenit Jegrava/loaned by Dynamo NR)
#14: RF Poul Olsen (21, 176 cm, ASK Landsmark U21)
#15: LM Kasperi Lehtonen (21, 186 cm, Metsuri Virkaja/SFS 2)
#16: CB Erland Jespersen (20, 202 cm, FK Sjoedrhavn)
#17: RB Sergey Nemtsov (21, 188 cm, RAS St. Andrei/SFS 2)
#18: OM Hannu Vuotala (20, 180 cm, Partisan Sjoedrhavn)
#19: CB Zibo Olberg (19, 183 cm, Energie Thorsborg U21)
#20: GK Pär Tjova (18, 199 cm, Libertas Bergheim U21)
#21: CM Pavel Shipulin (21, 177 cm, Navigator Jaromirgrad/SFS 2)
#22: CB Oleg Eremenko (21, 190 cm, Traktor St. Andrei)
#23: LM Kjetil Borkerud (20, 171 cm, HK Metall Jarnstad)

Captain: Loeseth => Eremenko => Poulsen
Free Kicks (direct): Poulsen (left, centre) / Simonsen (right)
Free Kicks (long): Pedersen (left) / Loeseth (centre) / Jashkin (right)
Corners: Pedersen (left) / Jashkin (right)
Penalty Kick: Poulsen
Shootout progression: Simonsen, Poulsen, Loeseth, Ruriksson, Jashkin, Vuotala, Eremenko, Onagin, Baldvinsson (skip substituted players, move from strikers towards GK if listed players are exhausted)


Savojarna are usually playing a flat 4-4-2 with two parallel lines of four and heavy pressing from the two forwards, aiming for a quick counter. In case of possession, Poulsen moves forward and the winger on the non-possessing side moves in towards the goal. If they are behind, the two wingers often join the pressing, making the formation more akin to a 4-2-2-2. The lineup is as follows:

Goalkeeper: Albin Lindholm
Lindholm is the only U21-eligible goalkeeper who regularly plays in the highest tier and set as the Nr. 1 GK of the team. His first replacement would likely be Jushchenko, but if Savojarna are already qualified before their last game Tjova may play as he is assumed to take over Lindholm's post next time. Albin Lindholm is an agile goalkeeper with good reflexes on the line, but some weaknesses in terms of box control.

Defence: Matts Pedersen, Rasmus Vikborg, Oleg Eremenko, Flemming Skov
Pedersen and Skov are a pair of fast and aggressive fullbacks who are hard to pass, but may be a bit too agressive on the attack occasionally. A strong and fast opponent may be able to use this to their advantage. Both, but especially Skov are known for incredible stamina and will rarely be replaced, but if it happens both their replacements are more defensive. Especially Nemtsov is known as a highly annoying opponent who never gives up on an opponent. Centre-backs Vikborg and Eremenko are both hard to get by because of their physical strength and towering height, but are somewhat vulnerable to quick passing. When they have the ball, Vikborg shows some clear weaknesses while Eremenko is usually calm, but unimaginative. Neither of them are included in constructive play much. The most notable substitute is Zibo Olberg, a fast and creative CB that can also play as a defensive midfielder. Erlandsen, on the other hand, is mostly a one-to-one replacement with similar strengths and weaknesses.

Midfield: Kasperi Lehtonen, Morten Poulsen, Victor Loeseth, Mikhail Jashkin
Lehtonen and Jashkin are fast wingers with a dangerous shot or cross, and they both search for opportunities wherever they can. Jashkin in particular is known for a deadly eye and his laser-like passes. In between them, Loeseth and Poulsen take on clear defensive and offensive roles. Poulsen is the creative mind of the team and a very quick player for the counter-attack. His left foot is very accurate and given his young age, he is already very cool under pressure. Loeseth is more defensively oriented and has a good talent for calming down the match, but rarely creates any flashy plays. His secret weapon is his heavy shot which can score from a long distance. Baldvinsson is a solid, hard-to-pass and incredibly strong defensive midfielder who is likely to come into play if a match has to be secured. On the other hand, Shipulin and Vuotala are creative and fast midfielders that can open the play, but are considered somewhat too flashy and feeble for the starting lineup. On the wings, Borkerud is more or less a carbon copy of Jashkin, but with more focus on crosses rather than counter passes and a bit weaker on the defence. His counterpart on the right, Olsen, is a hard-driving winger who is more offensive than Jashkin and often pulls into the box to search for a shot.

Forwards: Vilhjalmur Ruriksson, Simon Jacobsen
Simon Jacobsen, allegedly named after tournament namesake Simeone di Bradini (in a more Savojarised form), is a highly talented forward that is called the biggest talent on the team by some observers. However, he is rather small by Savojar standards and has to rely on speed and technique even against physically superior opponents. His counterpart Ruriksson is supposed to alleviate this problem with his impressive handball-player -ish physique of almost two metres and 112 kg. Despite his size, Ruriksson is rather fast but takes a long time to accelerate. Onagin is a good allrounder who fits somewhat between the two and is especially known for his solid defensive duties, but can also score plenty of goals if he gets the space he needs.

Designed and manufactured by ediraf

Choose Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Scoring: N
Injure Players: Y (no longer than the rest of the tournament, if it is more than on TG me)
Godmod Injuries: N
Yellow Cards: Y
Red Cards: Y - not more than one per game
Godmod other events: ask for permission

Interactive roleplay on and off the pitch is highly encouraged, and I am also willing to go for longer storylines - shoot me a TG!
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The Belles are just about to leave the changing room for their first match of this tournament, to go out and face the team from the Alpine Union.
They will be the first Urssish team in international competition for over three-Eights of years, as time is reckoned back home, but all of them feel ready for this moment. They have trained extensively, both at home before this journey to Valanora and surrounded by the “friendly”-feeling forests here as well. They have practiced passing the ball, and set pieces, and making shots at goal; they have trained at intercepting opponents’ passes, and screening the goal, and — for the goalkeepers — “saving” against shots; and they have trained for even higher levels of fitness than normal.
And they have practiced the ’harrdiharr’* that, in the absence of any last-minute objection by their hosts, they intend to perform once both teams are on the pitch, as well:
“Shouldn’t be any problem about that,” Urrsara Northgate murmured to her coaching team. “After all, Valanora has a long sporting history with their neighbour Starblaydia, and the Starblaydis have a similar pre-game ritual too…”
She then addresses the players**, raising her voice slightly so that they will hear her clearly despite the fact that some of the Bears in the crowd of spectators have started to beat their drums, and to sing a song that dates all the way back to the Belles’ very first actual ‘World Cup’ campaign.***
“Hrright, ladies, here we go. Just hrremember that although this is your first international game, it might be the first one for at least some your opponents today as well — especially as their homeland didn’t send a team into the last Di Bradini Cup, although it had done so for some previous ones — and that it’s very unlikely any of them have ever played against Ursines before this anyhows, hwhich might help you a bit… but don’t get over-confident, neither: Their homeland’s ‘main’ team is good enough to be hrranked at one-EightSquared-and-one’th in the worlds, hwhich suggests that this side maybeso comes from a fairly strong footballing environment…
"Hokay, that’s it, now go out there and play your best!”


* As mentioned in my Roster post, and possibly also as remembered by some of this thread’s readers, this is a ritual along basically similar lines to the RL New Zealanders’ ‘hakka’.


** For this match the line-up is _
Starters: #1-7, 10-13.
Substitutes (if needed: No substitutions are actually pre-scheduled to take place during this match): #5, 16, 17, 20, 23, 24, 25.


*** Boom! BOOM! Boom, boom, badda-boom! Boom, boom, badda-bada-badda, boom, boom, BOOM!

“Over there, over there,
Every bird spread the word, over there:
That the Bears are comimg, the Bears are coming;
We’re drum-drum-drumming everywhere!”

<Boom! Boom! Badda-badda-Boom!>
“So beware, say a prayer,
If you get in our way over there:
Over, we’ll push you over;
And we’re not just ‘Humans, with a lot of hair’!”
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DBC a return to deja vu
by Oliver Stanley
The Post Soccer Correspondent

Vaharia, Valanora--The Under 21 National Team have set up camp once again for the 45th edition of the DiBradini Cup, but for the first time in 4 appearances, they are not sequestered in their usual Vanorian home away from home.

Having been based in Sharala the past three times the U21's have participated, this time around it was thought to be more practical to have training camp closer to the venues they would be playing at, which in this case is the same venues they played at in the last DBC.
The opener will be at Metropolis, in Ibini, which is on an island off the northwest coast. The junior Bees defeated Siovanjia & Teusland 4-2 in their only previous match played there, and will face Taeshan on the opening day of group action.
In a strange twist (and unlucky scheduling), the other venue that will be used for Group C will be The Tar Pit in Char Sara, which will mark the third time BP have played at the 39,000 seat oval stadium; the first was in the round of 16 of DBC 42 against...Taeshan.

Manager Jennifer Prescott explained the reasoning behind the switch. "Obviously we have so much affection and admiration for the supporters of AS Sharala, and the city itself, who have adopted us during the DBC everytime we've played here. We felt that since we're playing at venues on the opposite of the country, it would be more practical to get someplace closer, halfway between the two cities, which Vaharia is. Strangely, and I didn't know this until we got here, Sharala and Vaharia are almost in a straight east-west line from one another. So, we hope that'll be a good omen. Of course, if the opportunity arises, we would love to go back (to Sharala) in the future."

Asked about her squad, Prescott said she was excited by the possibilities she envisions with this group. "We are really high on the first timers (who came up from the under 18's) and what they bring to the table. It's been fun trying to see how different combo work and how pieces fit into place."
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Postby Kita-Hinode » Mon Jun 17, 2019 7:04 pm

Tentai City
Celestial Castle
1:34 PM

The Empress examined the people that were in front of her. Carrying an orange flag with what looked like a slightly miswritten black kanji for strength, they were a unique party. As the Empire had been growing towards other planets, she expected to see more aliens but so far they had only found one rational group of people, the Canvusians. Their green skin was a bit of a shock at first, but soon enough Satomi found out, in a rather disappointing manner, that they cared really for the arts, a matter that bored her but, as an Asakawa, she knew how to handle it.

Of course, that counter had to be rearranged now that someone met them instead. They called themselves the Saiyans, the people that lived on the planet of Carrota, not too far from where one of their bases, Base Shinigami, had been operating at. Apparently, that's how they found out they weren't alone. Of course, that didn't excuse them coming to blows against the well-armed crew of the Shinigami, which meant they had come into conflict and were handed some losses out of it.

The Planet's King, one King Carroto, a massive man with a ridiculously well-built body and ridiculously large hair decided to approach the Empress in the one way she hated the most. That same talk she had heard time and time again, the bit about "making you my wife". If there was one thing that annoyed, it was exactly that. They never followed it up with a box of chocolates, but rather some boisterous talk about how their skill was superior and Carroto was no exception. He said he'd only need a single strike to make her quiver and call defeat.

He stopped in the middle of the room, his feet touching the rather hard wooden floor. He made poses. He shouted a Kiai. And then he posed as if he was calling the energy of his ancestors, pronouncing slowly the word Kamehameha. Of course, by the time he reached the first me, Satomi had kicked him square in the jaw, dropping Carroto on the ground although not kicking his lights out in the process. He still seemed to be alert, but as he started to get up, a stomp to his back pushed him down again. She spun slightly and directed a heavy kick to the top of his head.

He still managed to get up, but it was clear his head wasn't really in the game anymore. Carroto flailed his limbs as if he was shooting something from his fists, but Satomi remained, crossing her arms after a while. Once she got tired of waiting for him to do anything, she grabbed hold of one of his arms, took him down to the floor again and started to dislocate his shoulder. The surprisingly massive arm wasn't exactly hard enough to pop out. The loud pop came not too long later. His followers were all shocked as the king grovelled to a corner of the room, tears flowing from his eyes. Satomi herself was now looking at the group that accompanied him, six in total.

"Alright, you all. I've beaten your king. And I'll gladly beat you as well if you dare to harm any other of my Hinodejin."

They all remained silent, their faces a bit whiter than usual, still in shock. Satomi rose an eyebrow, examining them. She did notice they had monkey tails but that was about it. She sighed, crossing her arms.

"Oi, clowns. What do you want? You came here for a good reason, didn't you?"

The largest of the six stepped away from the group, walking towards the Empress. She was taller than her, although not as big as the King himself. For Satomi, she was still pretty tall but clearly beatable. As the Hinodejin Empress put herself in a Tiger stance, however, the Sayajin lowered herself, putting herself on her knees.

"We renounce our status as an Independent Planet in order to serve as a colony of the Hinodejin Empire."

Murmurs came from the group in the back. Although Satomi couldn't exactly pin a full sentence down, she could gather the words "she beat King Carroto", "why is Beatroo doing this" and "our attacks don't work here". She sighed, offering her hand to the lowered Sayajin.

"Get up. We don't do colonies, we do dependencies."

Beatroo got up from the floor, looking at her in the eyes, although the height difference really made it stand out. Satomi was confident, but she was clearly bored, the short fight with an alien king didn't really put up the excitement she was looking for, clearly. Of course, once they said they'd surrender their status, it just meant more bureaucracy. Satomi soon turned her back to her, walking back to her throne.

"I'm sure that you already have a proper political system in place. Since you were the only one to properly answer to me, I'm appointing you as the overseer of the Hinodejin Dependency of Carrota. As for your king..."

He motioned for a maid to help him up, the King still in tears, holding his broken arm.

"We'll patch him up and send him back to your planet. As to what you do with him after he returns, that's up to you. Should he become a nuisance, send him here and I'll kick his ass again."

Beatroo sighed, nodding. Satomi was once again bored. Alien threats, my ass.
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Postby Abanhfleft » Mon Jun 17, 2019 7:47 pm




By Malik Qazizadah

The Abanhfleft men's under-21 national football team trains in Capri in preparation for their opening match against Huelavia in the 45th Di Bradini Cup. (Courtesy of Crescent News Network Sports Channel/Andros Tasasa)

REPORTING FROM CAPRI, VALANORA - The Samahang Futbol ng Abanhfleft today announced that it is going to split up the nation's youth football program along gender lines, with the men's and women's teams now training and participating in tournaments separately.

The decision comes after rumors that the SFA was considering disbanding the youth football program altogether following Abanhfleft's shameful exit at the group stage in the 8th Under-18 World Cup, which ended with a 5-0 humiliation against returning footballing superpower Schottia.

"The decision was not an easy one to make, but in the end the board of the Samahan was in agreement that this course of action was the best one to take if we are to have an eye on developing competitive players in the future," SFA spokesperson Ricardo Panopio said in the official press conference announcing the split.

Abanhfleft had previously come under fire from certain international sporting bodies and national teams following the decision to split the senior football team down gender lines just a few years after our first ever participation in a World Cup qualification cycle, with critics claiming that the nation was "sidelining great players in the pursuit of an old and outdated system".

"We are very much aware of the consequences and criticism that we are going to face following this decision," Panopio answered when asked about the potential ramifications to the international footballing community. "But this is the way that we've been playing football in our country for more than a hundred years. Call it old and outdated if you must, but this is what has been proven to work for us, and that is why we are going to do it."

The Fleftic men's under-21 national football team will the first gendered team to participate in youth football competition, having traveled to Valanora even before the decision had been made official. They will face Huelavia in their first match of the tournament at the Hatire Memorial in Capri.
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Postby Pasarga » Tue Jun 18, 2019 1:14 am

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Pasarga Roster
Nickname: Young Wanderers

Image Image Image

Home Away Third
Modifier: +1

Manager: Mór Császár, age 50
Assistant: Mezei Orbán, age 49

GK: Szescõ Mezei, age 18, Hellinic Rouge
GK: Ozsvát Orosz, age 18, CA Paulinthal
GK: Zsombor Szôlôsi, age 18, Baskita FC
It is a very young group of keepers that has been called up to this squad, with very little experience in the Young Wanderers bunch among them. That being said both Szôlôsi and Mezei massively impressed for their youth teams last season and have undoubtedly earned this call up. With a few less goals conceded and a few more clean sheets last season, Mezei earns the starting gig. However all three keepers are worth their salt, which you would expect given that they all come from very well renowned academies and youth teams.

LB/W: Deli Ács, age 21, Directus Image
LB: Ibolya Takách, age 19, Club Stein-los (F)
CB: Dean Živković, age 21, AC Holmenkollen Image
CB: Borbála Szôcs, age 18, Tanrısal (F)
CB: Fruzsina Budai, age 19, CA Paulinthal (F)
CB: Grégoire Grimard, age 18, Lunas FC
R/CB: Tabor Csikós, age 20, Spartangrad Image
RB: Mojmira Jović, age 19, Tanrısal (F)
Unlike two years ago, there is a good mix of potential and those who have already proved their worth at the senior team level in this squad. Although down the center of the defense lies the problem, as none of these players are names that even the most ardent of youth footballing. The group also has three players who ply their trade abroad, which have seem all of them slide into starting positions given their upperhand in experience compared to their domestic counterparts. Deli Ács is probably the most talented member of the defensive core with his great diversity and ability to get into the attack with ease, though don't get caught napping on Budai, as that young lady has all the makings of a good cover centerback in the making.

RW: Juliska Müller, age 21, Stein-los Turkish (F)
RW: Dávid Berec, age 18, Galatica
D/MC: Vitéz Takácz, age 17, Duke of the North
MC: Domokos Biró, age 17, Hellinic Rouge
A/MC: Márió Szölösi, age 17, Ulsa Image
A/MC: Mária Vöröss, age 20, Canterlot Royals Image (F)
LW: Ferike Szôllôssi, age 20, Hellinic Rouge (F)
LW: Mónika Csordás, age 19, Peynol-Lunas (F)
As is the tradition of mast Wanderers squads, be it the youth team or the full senior team, the strength of the squad lies in the midfield. By all accounts Juliska Müller is the most talented player on the roster, and don't be surprised if she is moving to a bigger club soon, though she is flanked in the midfield with three other craft players. Even the young Domokos Biró has shown great promise, having helped lead a dynamic midfield whilst being the anchor for the Spartans youth team, and should be a good defender and lynchpin to allow the attack to move in force and waves. The only question is if the depth in the center of the park is enough should an injury or suspension come up for the squad.

ST: Najiyah Lubanah Mifsud , age 17, Stein-los Turkish (F)
ST: Mihály Bernát, age 17, Revolutionaries Image
ST: Éva Mezei, age 20, Club Stein-los (F)
ST: Gergo Sáry, age 20, Lunas FC
The attacking options are surprisingly the weakest point of this roster, though Éva Mezei has shown flashed of brilliance on the occasion, though far to infrequently to start had there been more prolific options to choose from. All the same, she will be the focus of the attack for the Young Wanderers, with the hope that she can terrorize the opposition with her pace and be more clinical when in front of goal. If not, Mifsud may be getting the nod, while Bernát is unlikely to get any playing time, having been selected more as a need than a desire, though we have seen in the past that folks like that often do pounce if the opportunity does ever arise for them.

S. Mezei
Csikós Budai Živković Ács
Müller Biró Vöröss Szôllôssi
Sáry É. Mezei

Captain: Juliska Müller
Corner Taker: Ferike Szôllôssi
Set Pieces: Júlia Müller
Penalties: Éva Mezei



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