It's Raining Over Whitebay [Closed, Atlas only]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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It's Raining Over Whitebay [Closed, Atlas only]

Postby Brytene » Wed Jun 12, 2019 3:25 pm

St Leonard's Cathedral
February, 2019

Fleet Admiral Botas glanced around the ruined cathedral. Once a bastion of the Catholic faith in Brytene, boasting gilt and oaken furnishings, luxurious hangings and upholstery, and beautiful stained glass windows, it was now a hollow ruin. A vast hole had been blown in the nave, debris still strewn across the floor, and the explosion had shattered most of the windows around it. A cruel sea wind howled through the breach, invading the space and filling it with bitter coldness. Although only a slice of the rolling grey clouds beyond was visible, those standing inside the towering building felt as though they were outside.

Assembled were most of the Witenagmot, as well as dozens of Thegns and a crowd of journalists and other onlookers. Flanking the central aisle and ranged around the dais, as well as along the walls, were marines in their red parade coats. The atmosphere was tense, cold not just because of the sharp sea winds.

There was a susurrus of noise as, through the main doors behind him, a platoon of marines marched briskly up the front steps and into the cathedral. In their midst was the unmistakeable form of Sir Arthur Canillac, former Eorl of Whitebay. Looking somewhat drawn and pale, he was still stiff-backed and proud, pacing as evenly as he could between the jostling Brytisc marines, hands cuffed in front of him.

They escorted him to the dais where he was met by an official of the Rihtsgemot, a woman Botas did not recognise. She read out the list of charges against Canillac. They included conspiracy to murder, accessory to murder, conspiracy to commit treason, the commission of acts of terrorism, bribery, blackmail, destruction of public property, destruction of private property and more, most multiple counts. He seemed impassive as the list was read out, even contemptuous.

"As you are aware, you were found guilty of your crimes at trial on the second of this month. The death sentence placed upon your head is to be carried out today, in this place. Do you have any words for those here assembled?"

Canillac reared his head, staring for a moment out of the hole and into the sky beyond, before lowering his gaze and staring at the ground below for a few moments more. He sighed, and glanced out at the crowd.

"All I have done, I have done in the service of God and of Susseax. My actions were regrettable but necessary, and I trust that I will be judged fairly when I am translated to His side."
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