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The World Capitalist Confederation
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Corporate Police State

Postby The World Capitalist Confederation » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:53 pm

New Colchester, being a safe seat for the so-called "Wallstone Party" thanks to their legacy and base of support there, led to the already-popular NPP getting the largest landslide seen in New Colchester history, and one of the largest in Sankta Hilda history.

Henry Wallstone (NPP): 80%
Willy Miller (SLP:R/LGA): 14%
John Thalmar (PFNS): 4%
Other: 3%
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Henry Wallstone Sr., Member of the National People's Party in the NS Parliament - For Family and Freedom

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Postby Lysone » Sun Jun 23, 2019 10:43 am

Birgitta Marklund breathed a sight of relief after the final results for her constituency had been declared. She had known the result would be tight in the closely-fought election, but her hopes that deep personal ties to the local community would see her through had been well-placed.

Social Liberal Party - The Radicals (Liberal-Green Alliance): 39%
National People's Party (Freedom Union): 35%
Centre-Progressive: 12%
People's Labour Party: 7%
Sankta Hilda All-Patriots' Congress: 4%
Others: 3%
Birgitta Marklund in the NS Parliament


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