Who was the previous leader of YN?

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Postby Fatatatutti » Mon Jun 10, 2019 10:27 am

Our previous President was Mickey Chang. In the role of President, he was much like the current President Fish - because there isn't really any role for the President to play unless there is an impasse in Parliament and there almost never is. Mr. Chang is best remembered as Prime Minister for eight non-consecutive terms (or nine, depending on how you do the math) and as a popular author of history and fiction.

Our previous Prime Minister was Harlan Escrow, who left politics to take his present job as Chancellor of Fatatatutti University (FU) and Director of the Manned Spaceflight Center. He was only Prime Minister for a short time; he is best remembered as Fatatatutti's irascible Foreign Minister.

General Castro-Stalina has no predecessor in her role as head of Air-Mobile Command because the position was created especially for her.

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Postby Sefionto-Redu » Mon Jun 10, 2019 8:12 pm

The Auto-Reds base their legitimacy on the idea that the Antiudecte based in Calan (who are now the Antiudecte for the Flux Empire of the Auto-Reds) are the source of power, since the Fliudero was given the title of ISRA by the Antiudecte, making the Flux Empire of the Auto-Reds a continuation of the earlier Redstone Empire. So the previous leader is the 18 year old Dshenretshot Mashfera.

Mashfera became ISRA when her 15 year old brother Ecsero suddenly resigned after a day. She was obsessed over the sudden resignation, and wasn't too keen on having such a high role (Ecsero was always the more ambitious one, though it would be hard to tell), and so over a period of 5 days came to the conclusion that he was removed from power by the Antiurenia. She felt that this would set a dangerous precedent (it never would, though not because she was wrong). She then felt that the Antiurenia were traitors, and then decided to leave Calan with her brother to join the besieging Auto-Reds (let the irony sink in).

So, she is remembered as ISRA as doing nothing more than the other five ISRAs between Calanot Solo Liucfero and Fliumenot Antiubodulo, other than obsessing over her brother. However she is also remembered for rooting out corruption and for allowing the Auto-Reds to reform the government (she is remembered in a pro-Auto-Red light). Meanwhile she's a governor of Vindeshmer Poria I, and her brother is a high ranking official in the Ministry of Expansion.
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Postby Naxera » Tue Jun 11, 2019 6:46 am

The Previous Leader Was President Lada McOlau She was the 1st Leftist leader in 30 years. She had a populist agenda that was controverted and disputed by the Parliament as She did lose the mid term election. For many She is very polemical She won a second term by the lowest vote proportion ever. She is considered an authoritarian, nepotist, inept and a bad leader. She was overthrown by Censure vote of the Parliament Parliament forcing anticipated elections. Which She tried to avoid. In the end She was defeated by Right-Wing coalition that Won Presidentials and Parliamentary election.

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Postby Taihan » Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:00 pm

Emperor Heisei is our previous leader

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Postby Alpes a Septentrionali imperium » Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:08 pm

The previous emperor of Alpes was Henri VI

He was known as one of the 3 great emperors of Alpes since the Regency period. He built up the alpine navy to the formidable force that it is today and he developed the industry base and railroads that are seen throughout Alpes today. He also made it so slavery was illegal in major cities and many other things that define Alpes to this day.

He died early at the age of 55 because of an unexpected stroke-heart attack in his sleep and didn't have an heir with his son Harold died a decade before in the Indochinese wars. His death brought an end to The cadet house of Froid-Pussiance and lead to the election of the current emperor
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Postby Victorious Decepticons » Wed Jun 12, 2019 12:15 am

Leader Megatron is our first, and current, Leader of the Decepticons. There have been no others.
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TurtleShroom wrote:Also, like any sane, civilized nation, we always consider the Victorious Decepticons a clear, present, and obvious threat we must respect, honor, and leave alone in all circumstances. Always fear the Victorious Decepticons.

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Postby Anollasia » Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:48 pm

The previous Prime Minister was Selim Atacan (in office 2013-2015). He was elected as part of the Independent Party after former Prime Minister George Albenbury resigned. He was an ardent secularist, with controversial bans on clothes such as the hijab. He was fine in all other respects though, and was a down-to-earth, friendly person. He is currently the Assistant Prime Minister.

The previous Assistant Prime Minister was Thomas Bartlett (in office 2015-2016). He was head of the New Capitalist Party. Wealth gaps grew under his rule and the environment wasn't as prioritized. The people weren't happy with this and demonstrated against him. As a result of the pressure, he resigned one year later and Selim Atacan was elected as Assistant Prime Minister. Most people are grateful that at least he wasn't power-hungry, so he resigned once there were large amounts of dissent.

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Postby Dushan » Fri Jun 14, 2019 5:20 am

Who was the previous leader of your nation? How are they remembered today and in comparison to the current leader?

The previous leader and ruler of the Dushan was Lord Kalan II. also called the "Young Prince" who ruled for for equivalent of 14 standard earth years. Which is considered a short time by dushani standards. He suceeded his late father on the throne in his youth and was soon afterwards elected and confirmed by the Great Council. He continued many of the reforms and tried to improve the harsh conditions upon which many Dushan were still living. He delegated many matters of the state to the civilian government and increased its role, moving away from the occassional authoritarian and heavy headed technqiues of his late father.

Kalan dedicated his regency to the motto of "To serve right ideals and justice for all" and indeed for some years it seemed he would made good for it. However the course of history took a different turn as the realms came under attack of the barbarious Zizuk Horde. Not afraid of conflict he would lead the Army himself into the war and this would be his fate, as he fell honorably and valiantly in the final and victorious battle in defense of the western capital of Ujain buried under the ruins of the old citadel.

According to ancient custom he was followed by his wife, Lady Zelina on the throne.

Kalan is generally kept in good memory by most and his nobility, sense of justice and bravity keep serving as inspiration and role model. Despite some histographs say that he had his shortcommings and was prone to influence and occassional indecisiveness, his legacy is one of good reputation.
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