I Declare Bankruptcy!--Diplomatic/Economic RP [IC|MT|OPEN]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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I Declare Bankruptcy!--Diplomatic/Economic RP [IC|MT|OPEN]

Postby Kuriyama » Thu May 23, 2019 10:38 pm

1. No war. This is a purely diplomatic and economic event. Espionage and sabotage of course is perfectly fine, but if you overdo it, you're out.
2. MT means MT. Everything must be plausible within technology we have right now.
3. No FanT elements for this one. I want to try it at some point, but it doesn't fit here.
4. Low-quality posts will be ignored. I'm not asking for a novel, just show me you give a shit.
5. Have fun. Fun is compulsory.


Congressional Intern Leaks Plans for a Closed-Door Vote on Debt Default
Scope of national debt has been "hidden" from the public, says whistleblower

The Congressional Theater in Kuriyama City

KURIYAMA CITY--At 9:43 AM this morning, several documents were leaked to our offices at NPB, exposing Congressional plans to vote on whether the Allied States of Kuriyama should default on its debt. In a note attached to the documents, the anonymous whistleblower claimed that the vote was being obscured from the public eye to "avoid economic panic", in defiance of the 2nd Amendment to the Kuriyaman Constitution in 1997, which enforced transparency on all Congressional votes 'not on matters of national security'. Along with the bill itself and the schedules for the vote, several documents were leaked that revealed that government money was not being spent on approved budget items such as social programs, but rather on military expansion and international influence.

"Corruption is ABSOLUTELY INSANE [sic]," the note claimed. "The Congresspeople of the Workingman Party are TERRIBLE at the whole socialism thing, and I can't stand by and watch it anymore. Our young country may not survive it if I do."

Congressional Spokeswoman Mary Doe (W-CD) announced in a statement that the bill on the debt default was genuine, and claimed that the closed-door nature was well within the National Security Clause of the 2nd Amendment. She denied knowing of the financial documents, and called for a full investigation into the validity of the documents and into the people responsible for the misappropriation of funds.

Economic analysts say that debt default could be catastrophic for the socialist nation. "The Allied States relies on peaceful coexistence with the capitalist world around it to survive," said Professor Peter Ivanov, a teacher of economic theory at the St. Patricksburg University. "It's an unfortunate fact of socialism that is not yet global. We rely on money coming in to support ourselves, and debt default could very well end that revenue."

President Aya Snowden has yet to make a statement. Read the full documents at our educational website,
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Postby Raven corps » Fri May 31, 2019 7:43 pm

Official Corporate Communique

[align=]The Raven Corporation[/align]

From the Desk of Colderon Jason Zion- C.E.O. of the Raven Corporation
To: President Aya Snowden
Subject: Nation sovereign Debt


I hope this letter finds you in good health Madam President. I would like to start off by congratulating you and your national government for finally coming to terms with your sovereign debt crisis. It takes more guts and determination to look a problem in the face and find will to develop a solution. In that light I would like to drive this conversation straight to the point.

Your nation is voting on a measure to default on your debts, this is not a wise choice for a nation as it will affect its ability to barrow money in the future to pay for vital services that it currently has obligations to provide; public employee wages, sanitation, law Enforcement, fire fighting, etc...Equally unwise would be to enact austerity measures which would cripple your economy for decades to come- if not longer. Which leads me to the obvious solution- Restructure the debt. My company provides a unique service to upstanding nations such as your own for situations much like this. We offer a chance to consolidate your debts into a singular form under and owned by a singular entity making debt management simple to handle.

Currently we are able to offer your nation a substantial amount and offer it at a discount rate as compared to many of your current creditors, many of whom are smelling blood in the water and may seek to extract what they are owed via force- On top of the monetary offer which will settle most if not all of your debts we will also offer you the services of the Corporate Security Forces to help maintain peace and order in your nation and help safe guard your nation from those who seek not just the owed principle, but also the interest. I would like to begin negotiations with your nation as soon as possible and await your reply.

Colderon Jason Zion

The Raven Corporation- A Multi-National Corporation ... Not a Nation

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Postby NS Argentina » Fri May 31, 2019 8:20 pm

Sorry if my ortography is not the best.

Republica Federal Argentina

Federal Republic of Argentina

Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto / Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship

Directed to:Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuriyama
From: Ministry of foreign affairs and worship of Argentina.
Subject: Diplomatic aid and economic recipes.

Best regards.

I hope you are having a good day. I regret that it is in these tragic events that we have made our first diplomatic communication, we certainly do not have formal embassies but even so, we have decided to ignore this detail taking into account the delicate situation in which Kuriyama is located. As a sovereign and pacifist nation that works for the good of the human being, we are encouraged to ask in a cordial way more exclusive information about the situation in Kuriyama. As I have emphasized previously, we do not have embassies or have had contact before, but even so the Argentine Republic wants to clarify that it shows its support to the United States of Kuriyama. We have terrifying experiences in our tragic past when we have faced a bankruptcy and yet we have managed to get ahead, which is why we feel empathy for the Kuriyamen people.

One of the first steps you can take to overcome this economic crisis is to temporarily suspend the payment of the debt or make payments in smaller installments but please do not refrain from paying the debt. I know that this may sound somewhat daring on my part and it is also something very simple to say and very difficult to do, but the fact of postponing the debt and not paying it could lead to more serious consequences for Kuriyama's economy.

We would really be delighted to be able to offer our diplomatic support to Kuriyama in order to strengthen our diplomatic ties and perhaps discuss future economic cooperation from Argentina. If you allow me, I would be delighted to be able to travel to Kuriyama for the first time and know in more detail what is the situation in which the country is involved since unfortunately I am not very well informed due to the precarious communications between Kuriyama and Argentina.

Thank you in advance for reading this message.

[i]Jorge Marcelo Faurie, Minister of Foreign Affairs and worship.
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The federal republic of Argentina

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