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Postby Phalanix » Fri May 17, 2019 6:45 pm

Ander offered a curt nod to the server, taking his sip in some effort to calm the nerves before proceeding into the conversation. After all civil wars were a thing his homeland knew a bit too well.
"Civil wars do tend to bring a bother of troubles with them if you're new to the ball. Insurgencies, back room dealings, maybe an assassin or two." Pausing for a moment to sip his glass, letting the whiskey work his nerves down before resuming, "All kinda blurs into a mix of bloodshed and instability, counter to what a new leader wants in their first few years. Sorry to jump in like that, bit of personal experience with the topic. Had more than a few back home."

((damn spellchecker changing his name on me :V))
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Postby Rave Shentavo » Sun May 19, 2019 5:38 am

Sigma Octavus

"Do you know how long it has been since humans have been represented within our government? They never have. This is more a matter of equality than anything else. Given we make up the majority of the nation, you can imagine how people are feeling at the prospect of being represented," he said easily. "And I suppose it's frightening to those who aren't humans at what a human Emperor would mean; one of the reasons why I've cultivated my strengths in diplomacy.


"We want to avoid a civil war," Eloanne replied. "It seems almost unavoidable - but that's a natural thing. People don't like change, and when they don't feel like they have a say in the change it's even worse. I think that is something that will happen with every candidate."
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Postby Underaloz » Sun May 19, 2019 5:46 am

Fishing is hard.

Every man, woman and child in the village called Kilran simple minded. So it is no wonder that things stopped making any kind of sense to him the Day of the Compromise.
Red Cove is by the ocean, you see, and Kilran has a boat he uses to show much better people around. They would pay good money for the service. To Kilran, it is because of his deep knowledge of the coast but every man, woman and child in the village would tell you it is because his socialite clientele likes talking business with no one smart enough to know what is truly going on.

But since the Day of the Compromise, Red Cove had been deserted. Gone were the fancy cars on the pier and gone was the line in front of Jumar's truck.

“Everybody's at the Spire now,” Jumar tried to explain to Kilran. “Nobody's interested in my blood-boiled Botuga anymore”

Kilran didn't understand, even less when a man came to the village the day after and told every boat owner he would pay triple for Botuga fish. Apparently, Somerset citizens were crazy about Botuga!

To Kilran, the equation seemed simple: he had a boat, he had no client and someone ready to pay an insane amount of money for those fish.

Thing is fishing is hard.

First, you need nets. Nets get messy when you have no clue how to throw them. Then you have to deal with the competition and, sometimes, the competition has fangs.

So Kilran decided to go further down the coast where it's full of rocks and the currents are bad. Sometimes, nets would crack on the rocks. Sometimes, they would go with the current. Of course no-one else was around
It was not all bad though. Everyday, when the sun rises and the sun sets, Kilran could see the top of the Spire turning bright red. Everyday, when the sun rises and the sun sets, he tried and imagined what the rest of the structure could look like. One day, maybe, he would go to the Capital... after he manages to catch at least one goddamn Botuga fish.

It was right after such a sunset musing that Kilran saw the man.

At first, he thought the rock was covered in some kind of goo. But, as he brought the boat closer, he quickly realized it carried a man lying face down.
He took upon himself to bring the body on board. It didn't take long for him to regret his decision. For one, having a dead body suddenly move in your arms is the scariest of experiences and it also meant he now had to lose his fishing spot and go seek help at the village.

He arrived at the pier in the middle of the night then walked straight through a dead silent Red Cove to where he knew he would find Jumar.

As expected, his friend was drunk as a lord. Since all the fish was funneled to the Capital, the cook had taken the habit of getting mildly drunk in the morning and then of proceeding accordingly through the rest of the day, right until he couldn't take it anymore. Kilran was pretty sure Jumar would be able to proceed from morning to morning in too near a future.
It took some convincing for Jumar to follow Kilran to his boat and the unconscious man on board.

“That does not look like a Botuga fish”, Jumar rightly pointed out before examining the stranger more thoroughly.

The man's clothes seemed to have fallen apart and were all but unrecognizable. A grey, unnatural skin would show through the tears. His dark hair was long and sticky, surrounding a face covered with a raw, greasy beard as black as the night itself.

“So?” Kilran asked
“So you're a lousy fisherman,” Jumar replied.

At this very moment, the man moved ever so slightly and his right cheek emerged from the darkness. There was some kind of a symbol engraved on his skin at this very spot. Kilran was convinced he had seen the symbol before but he was too tired to recollect where he remembered it from.
Jumar, as drunk as he was, recognized the symbol immediately. He looked Kilran straight in the eyes.

“Call the mayor. Now.”

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Postby Rave Shentavo » Sun May 19, 2019 6:12 am

The man was sat in a chair, cuffed hands behind his back.

It’s cold in this room; colder than the rest of the building, and darker. The lights are dim as the chorus of visitors and guests within the Spire echo through the halls outside. Three officials bicker quietly back and forth in hushed tones.

“This is a sign that the Empress is still alive. We must find out what he knows; maybe he knows where she is now,” a red headed woman dressed in military attire remarked.

“This is no such sign. We don’t know when he received that mark, or how, or why. We can’t risk the vote not proceeding due to false hopes. The people expect a new successor. If he tells us she’s alive, we will be the ones punished for starting the selection process. We should just kill him and be done with it.”

“Kill someone with that mark?” the red headed woman points to the intricate arcane pattern etched into the man’s skin. It was perfect; utterly perfect. It had to have come from the empress. “Kill someone important to the empress? We can just keep him here for the duration of the event, but we aren’t killing him.”

Outside a servant passed Kilmar who was just outside the door. She looked at him for a brief moment before heading inside. The door creaked open, and the group turned wide eyed.

“Claudia, what are you doing here? We did not summon you,” the man quickly snapped at the servant who had entered unannounced…

“Vela sent me - eyes and ears everywhere, you know her well enough. If I know, how long will it take for the others to find out?” The woman carries a tray set with glasses of liquids and personal items. She brings it to the table beside the man and turns back to the officials. “Now you can let me at least make him presentable so the press doesn’t clamor at the idea that a corrupt government is torturing those who bear the mark of the Empress, or you can simply do away with me as well and you’ll have no one to help you avoid these disasters.”

Reluctantly, they agreed – with the stipulation his hands remain tied. She turns to get a better look at the man. She began tending to his unkemptness.

She tapped on her watch for a moment – and the message was sent. It is a legitimate mark. What does this mean?

No reply.

Virgo Room
Meanwhile in the Virgo room, Deliverance picks up her phone excusing herself from the conversation. Kilmar’s phone rings outside the door. I’d like to thank you for your diligence in obtaining the Botuga fish – but tastes have changed recently and I’d like to cancel. Thanks for all your efforts – please keep the deposit. She smiled softly to herself, and gets back to the conversation at hand.

“You know,” she remarked to her guests. “Some times fate is as fickle as tastes; sometimes there are multiple fates competing with one another – sometimes with nothing guaranteed…”
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