The Democratika Roleplay Forum, First Phase

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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The Democratika Roleplay Forum, First Phase

Postby Far Wilds Akori » Tue May 07, 2019 2:05 pm

The Democratika Role Play Forum!
Welcome My fellow democratikans! I am hoping we Will have a terrific RP, this RP we are doing as you may already know was voted on and the conclusion of our vote is as follows: The Role Play is starting in the year 700 we will have time progress at a decent rate until we feel the RP shall come to a Close, this RP is a closed RP thus you must remain Part of the Democratika to partake in the RP festivities, a link to our wonderful and glorious region is below.
Now into some rules and whatnot.

Le Rules!
Follow the rules
No Fail RP
No Godmodding
No Metagaming
No rudeness, or personal Attacks
No hate speech even in character, racism is never play.
Do not assume that you are in the right if a conflict comes about I E the RP mod has final day the Role play Minister is a elected official we trust and thus their word is directly from the Council.
More rules here!:

Now the Beautiful Map that is being updated as we go by our wonderful Cartography Crew!
The Democratika

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The Horde Awakens

Postby Far Wilds Akori » Wed May 08, 2019 2:48 pm

The sun rose from the great east As it had for As long as anyone could remember, beyond the great sea their was only the edge of the world in the sense that the empire only spanned to the shores of the east.

The day was early and the screams of gallons could be heard across the plains, this was a many days journey from the great proving grounds that this army had known, As they pushed to the edge of the empire a man rode in front of the massive group only flanked by 10 men, As he rode up to the edge of the steppe he looked down at the great landscape ahead of him, he saw fields and mountains many days away.

He looked behind him at the great Urals, they reminded the man slightly of the Altai that he has known As a not he was accompanied by a single balartumen, a great illustrious army of 20,000 odd men.

As the Horde poured across the steppe. They looked ahead at the sea to their left and the great island mass before them, it was a apocryphal land of old Tar-Tar tales the men knew well it's name Krim, also known as Crimea.

Soon the Horde flew off the mountainsided like thunderbolts upon anvil. The booming of the massive steppe horses could be taken for a tremor of a earthquake as the man in the front raised his sword the army without word spit into two cohorts of 10,000 men each, soon they were upon the grand fields of golden wheat, the very wind told them this was the Kievan region. The trackers knew this much from the different breeds of pine they encountered in the lower steppe.
As the Horde drowned the sound of the earth itself and covered the mass of land with its presence they pushed across the land without action or burning though those that dare fought were crushed and their hamlets ransacked and shredded.

After Three suns rose and set they were at the shores of a place known as Dzhangul as said by some Tartars they met as they went, of course as they rode across the great landscape that was coined the "Gateway to the West" many many Yams were set up and riders began relaying information back to the empire.

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Postby Falgayer » Sat May 11, 2019 11:41 am

It was a warm summer day in Riga. It was a great day to hunt, however due to an unfortunate infection the Leader had to stay inside the Riga Castle.

The Leader, clearly bored, was watching the court jester with a blank expression when a young missionary who had been wounded arrived in the castle. "Sir, the heathens have risen up once again in Tartu has risen up again. How shall we react to this?" he exclaimed with an exhausted voice. After hearing this, the Leader said, "Ready my horse. We are sending the army." to his Advisors. "But sir, you must stay in the castle until you fully recover! Surely it would make much more sense to send one of your commanders?" cried the Court Chaplain, to no avail. "No. Dievas will protect me." was the response he got.

For decades, the believers of Suomenusko in Estija, also known as Estonia had been a thorn on Falgayer's side. Certain regions were successfully converted, however it didn't seem like this problem would be solved any time soon. After a long ride to the land where the heathens roam to this day, the Leader reached Tartu with an army of three thousand men behind him.

When they arrived, Tartu was truly in a disgraceful state. The houses of the missionaries that eventually ended up living there were looted and burning, blood ran on the paths of the city and a furious mob of peasants marched, attempting to kill every pious man in the region.
Out of the 3000 men, not a single one fled after seeing the shocking scene. The Leader gave an order, "I want you to go in there with me, and defeat those heathens. Those who die here will be honored, for they will have died as a true believer. For Dievas!" "For Dievas!" the army cried in reply.

Thus, the battle began. The men fought the enemy with great morale, despite knowing that many of them would die. The Battle of Tartu lasted an entire fortnight, ending with the city painted red with the enemy's blood and the remaining 2300 men marching back home.
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Postby Hydraxim Imperialis » Sun May 12, 2019 8:59 am

It wasn’t the act that disturbed her, but rather the way his head hit the floor. The way it thudded, the way the flesh sounded smacking the floor without a care in the world. The way that it slowly rolled ever so slightly. The way her brothers dead eyes stared across the room aimlessly. It was an execution, but it was different from the ones she saw. All the ones she saw were disconnected - random murderers or rapist that deserved their deaths - while yes their families watched in horror, it was for the greater good. But this was different.
The fur coat of the king was stained ever so slightly in blood, as he sheathed his steeled sword he wiped away the mix of blood and tears on his face. He stood, much like the crowd gathered around, staring on at the bleeding body. Men it white robes gathered around, two poured water over the bleeding body and whispered with their eyes closed under their breath. A third with a strange crown of golden thorns resting over his raised hood put his hand on the kings shoulder and whispered into his ear.
“It was for the greater good, it had to be done, praise be the king, praise be the almighty.” He reached for his medallion that showed a series of letters and crosses on it. He held it in his hand for a moment whispering under his breath, and finally kissed it.
“Praise be.” The king said. He walked out with his eyes averted staring seemingly into nothingness, disappearing behind a massive wooden door.
The dim light of grey morning rays were beaming in from the cracks all around, dimmed by the fog that rested over the land. The crowd slowly disbursed, all began chattering mildly, and all mixed together as they filed out of the room. Robes of red and gold, and silver armor mixed among the crowd.
As they exited the rather large hall they entered an open field in the center of the castle, some reaching horses stables while others chattered more about the events that had taken place.
“The king killing his son, in his sons home nonetheless, still hard to believe…” a young man dressed in grey robes said to another, older man, in red.
“That's the power of the church, it's the pure first, that is our only right to rule.” the man in red said with a casual tone. “We shouldn’t linger on the thoughts of the dead, else it bound them to this realm for eternity.”
“Do you think the accusations were really true? Like sincerely think about it, 32 women?”
“I would. i’ve seen lowly soldiers do far worse, and suffer worse at the hands of the church.” he said with a tinge of bemusement at the grey clad man looked on appearingly shocked at the news. “We live in dark times Gustav, the light of God must be held above all, else we become barbaric like our neighbors all around.” he began mounting a horse by the stable they had wandered to, Gustav did likewise. “There's a reason the king unified us as he did, with the fall of our ancestors the civilised, in a world of hedonism and heresy, are hard to find.” he paused for a moment thinking of his next words carefully as the horses began trotting towards the gate “If we don’t hold ourselves, let alone the rulers, to the highest standard what would come of the gluttony in power?” the horses began slowly trotting, passing by an intrinsic carriage with a weeping girl inside. Passing through the gate a small contingent of soldiers crowded around them, all wearing a similar red and gold pattern as the man.
Gustav smeared his black, long, hair back as the group walked onward. “It’ll be a long ride home, demonstrations are always so agonizing. Wouldn’t you agree Rais”
“They’re important.” He said in the same casual tone as before, “but yes, highly annoying.”
The men passed further and further from the small castle towards massive mountains in the distance. The air was cool, and the men sighed as they walked forever on. It was an interesting time, one of change, and slaughter. ‘In the coming years’ the man in red, Rais, thought, ‘this world will change for better or worse, agonizing as it may be. We trudge on, years to live, time to pass, may the eternal all father watch over me as I serve his holy king.’

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Postby New Karelograd » Tue May 14, 2019 6:59 am


It was a chilly day as Tsar Gregori Bratistov stepped out into the pale sunlight. Since his reign began, the city of Moskau had grown and was no longer just a village. A wall was slowly being built around the good looking city, in order to defend it from any who oppose the Karelian Rus. He had made many deals with merchants to secure stone, brick and other needed items to make what he called "The city of gold" flourish. The army of 2,500 troops had been trained quite well to battle and was ready at any moment to strike. His advisor, Vladimir Storvito, came up to him.

"My Tsar, I have heard from multiple sources that this new Mongol horde has taken the Southern Territory(Ukraine/Crimea). Should we send the army?". The advisor looked worried about this issue but even more when his Tsar responded with this.

"No, not yet. I want to discover their motive. I want to talk to the horde.". "Send a man who can speak their tongue to negotiate with their leader at once.". His advisor hesitated, and walked away, knowing best not to oppose the Tsar's orders. A man was sent to speak with the horde, and the Tsar would hope that the Horde would listen.

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Postby Far Wilds Akori » Wed May 15, 2019 3:14 pm

New Karelograd wrote:The Tsar's Man

The Rise of the East
As the sun shot forth from the eastern darkness the second time after Krim was taken, many men awoke in their yurts, as the camps came to life men began packing for a long journey, some had the glimmer of adventure in their eyes.

Soon the camp was packed and the men rode North, leaving part of the Balartumen from the Steppe to keep the order and begin the process of setting yams, soon the high buzzing of whistling and the low growls of the traditional steppe music resonated among the clopping of horses, even some drumming could be made out.

As they continued their way North the man who lead them released a majestic white falcon into the great Kievan land before him, he watched as the massive bird of prey flew over the high eastern mountains presumably back to Altai. As the horde continued North they noted the change in the trees, the trackers made note of much of the environment, the very grass alone told them where they were, they rode for one day until they were upon the hamlet of Kyiv.

At Kyiv they sat for a few hours, as they set up camp on the Steppe near the city fires could be seen burning in the distance from the earlier raids, the army lay in weight for early morning hours for the full attack to commence. As the night sky faded only slightly yet no visible light had yet risen the full force of 20,000 men was met. They rolled through the city slaying any survivors who withstood the assaults throughout the night. As the levy was dealt with the reserve army began pushing North once more into Belan lands, after 5 suns rose and fell, The army encountered a group of men unlike any they had seen yet they quickly identified them as a Baltic people. These men appeared to want to communicate so the Khan waited in a yurt, he directed camp kharuuluud to seize and explain if they want council they shall converge to him.

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Postby Splootan » Fri May 17, 2019 8:06 pm

The Holy Church of the Ascension of the Messiah, Baghdad

"And I say, Lord of thee, let thee light shine upon the unenlightened, as they should be da-" Sir John Abadebed the II was interrupted by his servant. His servant wispered something in his ear. Rebellion. A Jewish rebellion was started in Chaba, the far east. He told him to ready the horses, he was going after service. "As I was saying, the unenlightened should be damned. If they dont understand the suffering and the miracles of Christ, then they should endure the suffering." As he continued his mass, the rebellion went on.

Abadebed arrives at the royal stable, readying up his men. He readied the men and had his servants train the horses. They didn't. All the servants took the horses and rode off to barns to sell. Abadebed was furious. "Did those pesky servants really think they could steal my horses like that?" As the King went on and on about how he shouldn't have those stupid servants, his officers convinced him to seize other ones. Those stupid Jewish servants.

Wait, Jewish? Didn't that servant say there was a Jewish rebellion? He must've been behind it. "Get the Army Ready! We'll march to the east! Crush the Jews!" He was still fired up after his mass. As he stormed off in rage, his officers ordered their troops to seize any and all horses they could find. This made the people furious, and people were at arms. Were they being taken of their necessity because a couple of guys rode off with horses? Not on their watch. The people who bought the horses at cheap prices were surprised of the quality of the horses. The only way they knew it was royal was by the hat the servant wore, but was overshadowed. No commoner knew or cared.


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