Shattered Commonwealth: Fallen Morrdun (Semi-Open, Attn GD)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Shattered Commonwealth: Fallen Morrdun (Semi-Open, Attn GD)

Postby Morrdh » Thu May 02, 2019 12:08 am

“Distract with one hand, strike with the other.”
-Combat maxim of the Sealgairí

Commonwealth of Morrdh

The invasion of the Commonwealth’s capital began unnoticed and a fortnight before the actual assault. Small teams of men entered the city, each with their own specific mission and goals to achieve before the assault was launched. Some were agents who were to acquire jobs that would place them in key positions, others would be doing reconnaissance in readiness for creating diversionary attacks and sowing confusion in conjunction with the main attack.

In the days leading up to the attack the main assault force arrived piece by piece, carried unsuspectedly on-board a series of cargo vessels into the port of Morrdun. The arrival of the vessels were staggered to try and avoid raising suspicions, the Roll-on/roll-off vessels transporting the assault force’s vehicles ended up having to arrive a scant few hours before the attack began. Though by that point agents had infiltrated the port’s workforce and ensured that they were on shift when the assault started, again to help avoid raising the alarm.

Within the city itself, other agents went about their own tasks. Chief among these was planting explosives at telephone exchanges and other communications hub, to take out Morrdun’s communication infrastructure to hamper the efforts of the city’s defenders to co-ordinate their defences. Another important target was the HQ of the Morridane Garda, particularly as it housed the control room for the Morrdun Metropolitan Region. Neutralizing this control room would help impede the military units of the HQ Morrdun District area, in particular disrupt the efforts of the Garda to raise the alarm.

Back at the port, men slid stealthily from the ships and scurried along the dark quayside. It was in the early hours of the morning with a moonless and overcast sky that smothered the city with a thick blanket of darkness. The men were able to move like shadows, swiftly through the deserted dockland and quickly secure the RORO terminals. Others moved out to secure the dockyards as the ships were started to be unloaded, though time was off the essence if they were to succeed.

Fortunately the vehicles, armoured vehicles brought on the second hand market, could simply be driven off the RORO vessels and had done so inside of an hour. Heavier equipment, carried on-board container ships, took longer to unload but it was hoped that they wouldn’t be needed. Soon the convoy of armoured vehicles and soldiers were ready to go, though they waited for the signal to do so.

The order would come from one man; Viktor Cathmore.

Stepping foot on the soil of his home country for the first time in over a decade, Viktor was momentarily overwhelmed by the swirling maelstrom of emotions he felt in relation to the thought. Ten years it had taken him to get to this point, ten years of schemes and plans that were now coming to fruition as he made the final moves on the board. By day’s end he would have what was rightfully his to claim; the Morridane Crown.

It would also be worth the decade it had taken.

He looked at the soldiers hanging around the convoy, a mixture of PMC and Scythians. Though they only numbered a thousand, a battalion if that, but they’d proven their worth in New Garrack and Viktor had chosen them personally for this task. Yes it was true that his force was tiny, especially in comparison to what the Commonwealth could bring to bear. Truth was that his plan required a surgical strike, rather than an all-out assault, in order to succeed. Few in number they were, they would be playing a big role in deciding the future of a nation.

Viktor climbed into one of the waiting vehicles, an IFV, and seated himself in the commander’s seat before pulling a helmet and coms gear on. He ensured the right frequency was selected and waited, his patience was soon rewarded as a codeword was repeated several numbers and a number of muffled explosions sounded throughout the city. Switching channels, he then addressed the troops under his command; “All units, the order is given. Commence assault.”

Broadcasting House

Night time broadcasts were filled with mostly pre-recorded programmes, though a radio DJ would occasionally speak but would simply line up another track to play. Similarly, work concerning the various studios was preparing them for the following day’s filming and broadcasts. The workload was light, mainly keeping an eye on transmissions, and so plenty of downtime for the skeleton staff who worked the graveyard shift.

It was a technician, taking a smoke break on an upper story fire escape, who first heard and then saw the explosions that blossomed across the night time cityscape. Cigarette forgotten, the technician rushed back inside and raised the alarm. The night-time programming manager, Michael Hugh, called an emergency meeting of all his staff. “I want the entire schedule scrubbed and an emergency news broadcast ready to go in five.”

“All channels; One, Two, World Service, Dienstad, Mokan language channels, the works.” Hugh continued. “Want every bastard we can get hold of reporting on this, even if we have to drag them out of bed mid-thrust. Step to it people!”

Later hastily assembled news teams, some given a sheet of paper and seating down as the cameras started rolling, started announcing to the world that an attack had happened in Morrdun. Though success in getting the word out, this act would ultimately doom them.

Kaldwin House
Kenway Heights

Lothwyn stirred and sat up in bed, a task made slightly difficult by how large her belly was now getting. She sat for a moment puzzled as to why the glass in the window frame shook, then she heard the muffled boom of a distant explosion. Eyes wide in alarm, she grabbed a nightgown and stuck her head into the corridor outside her room. She heard shouts and cries of alarm from the servants before she gingerly stepped out into the hallway, doors slammed amidst more cries of alarm.

She got partway down the hallway when her bodyguard, Artemis, found her. The look on the man’s face told Lothwyn that something serious was happening before Artemis spoke. “Yer Majesty…a number of explosions have ripped through the city and the lines have been cut. Looks ta be an attack.”

“An attack? By whom?”

“Unknown, but they’re damn good ta have struck so hard without first being spotted.” Answered Artemis. “Buts we must get ye someplace safe, now.”

“Must it be right this instance? Can’t I get properly dressed?”

“We must go now, no telling whether there’ll be an attack on ye.”

“Fine…better be clothes I can change inta wherever we’re going.”

“Promise, buts we must go!”

With a sigh, Lothwyn reluctantly agreed to be led outside to where an unmarked car was waiting with the engine running. She was just climbing into to the back passenger seat when a noise rose up from the city. At first Lothwyn mistook it for the terrible cry of a banshee, but she quickly realised what it actually was; sirens.

Morrdun had begun to wail.

Eastern Command

The command structure of Morridane Army was split into five geographical regions, each one generally called a Command. Southern Command was responsible for the defence of the Mokan border, Central Command had control over much of the Morridane interior and Northern Command had the Rhonannar Isles in the north. Eastern Command covered the Morridane east coast and, thus, the capital of Morrdun.

Soon as Eastern Command found out about the attack on Morrdun, it issued orders for airspace in its area to be closed to civilian aircraft. The other Commands took similar steps when they received word of what was happening. Perhaps most important, before Eastern Command fell silent, was a simple message sent out to all Commonwealth military units.

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Postby Mokastana » Thu May 02, 2019 8:30 am

Ricardo Tatalli sat in a chair of the study, one foot in a running shoe, the other still free. Upstairs, his wife Esmeralda slept quietly, she would get her morning run in later when she woke up at their normal time. Being an administrator at the local international school had its perks, and steady hours was one of them. Ricardo, on the other hand, was the Ambassador to the Commonwealth of Morrdh, on behalf of the People's Unified Federation. The reason he was up so early today was because their daughter, Clarissa, was to perform that evening in a school ballet. He needed to get his daily work out of the way early so his afternoon meetings didn't interfere with picking her up from school and making sure she was ready. Teenagers, forever taking up your precious free time and resenting every second of it.

Finally, two shoes on. Ricardo was about to stand up when the sound of thunder and rattling windows reverberated through their house. He knew it was an overcast, but no television station said anything about rain this morning. A half second later and more muted explosions could be heard. This wasn't rain. He stood up, the hair on the back of his head raising. This wasn't Central GD, Federal Embassies didn't have to deal with attacks this far east. For a second he froze, unsure of what to do. Sure, he read the plans and approved a lot of things regarding security at the Embassy, but here, in this moment. His mind blanked.

A tired, slightly annoyed, voice from upstairs got his attention, "What was that?"

"I don't know honey, I'll turn on the news."

Esmeralda, even in her tired state could understand the worry in her husband's voice. She didn't want to believe it either. Morrdun was a peaceful city, so peaceful their police didn't even carry guns. What were the actual odds someone would attack it?

Downstairs Ricardo saw the news, or lack thereof. A single screen reading standby, in the form of local emergency broadcasts, illuminated his study. Whatever was happening, it was serious. Suddenly his mobile rang: SEG EMB, his shorthand for "Seguridad Embajada", Embassy Security.

"Ambassador Tatalli, what's going on?"

"Rick, we 'ave …..ple reports ….plosions around ….., I'm putting …….see ….. down until you….."

"Burt? Is that you? You're breaking up"

"....owns are….. we are ….ing an a….now!"

Ricardo looked at his mobile, it was roaming, getting a very low signal on a different network, then the call ended abruptly. He yelled upstairs for Esmeralda to get their daughter and meet him in the car. They would be driving into the Embassy this morning.

"Esma, get Clarissa and meet me in the car."

"Once we get dressed."

"Hurry please."

Ricardo reached under his shirt and checked the pistol. It was nothing special, a compact .380, but conceal carry rights in Morrdun didn't exist for citizens. Luckily Ricardo managed to negotiate for that right. Technically, it was less of a right, and more the local constables didn't ask him about what they couldn't see. The local police were aware the Ambassador owned a gun, of course. He was also Mokan, so he was bound to push the boundaries, but he was also the Ambassador to an important ally. He didn't cause any trouble, and donated often to local police charities. The last thing a street cop wanted was to get involved in a international incident. Especially where they would have to justify detaining and searching an Ambassador on his morning jog. The paperwork alone would desk them for a week.

Pistol tucked back into its holster. Ricardo went to start the car, but another sound caught his attention. Sirens. That confirmed it in Ricardo's mind. Explosions, mobile phone towers down, air raid sirens, this was a deliberate attack. He turned back to the stairs, waiting at the bottom, yelling up.

"Esma, let's go! We gotta go now! We have spare clothes at the Embassy"

"Clarissa grew up in the last year, she needs actual clothes that fit!"

"Just grab something!"

Riccardo's phone went off again, Embassy Security once more, again the call disconnected before anything important could be shared. They were only about 20 minutes from the embassy. A few moments later and his wife and daughter were rushing down the stairs and the family was climbing into their SUV. Ricardo turned on the Embassy radio and called in: "This is Ambassador Tatalli, come in. Over."

"Ambassador, this is Embassy Dispatch, is everyone ok? Over."

"We're fine, what's going on?"

"We are attempting to recall all Federales to the Embassy, also, we need you to get your family to point Bravo, an armed GDE unit will meet you there an escort you to the Embassy. Switch to channel 9 and await further instructions. Over. "

"Copy that."

With that, Ricardo opened the garage, and drove into the morning twilight. The moment Ricardo switched channels. A panicked voice spoke up: ".....word that Morrdun is under attack, local military confirmed it. I'm enacting Sasha Protocol. Do you copy?"

"We're under attack?...Over."

"Looks like it. Get to Bravo, you'll be escorted to the farm. I'll handle things from the Embassy, but for now we need you safe. Over."

"It's MY job to keep everyone safe. Burt, I'll send my family to the Farm, but I'll be joining you afterwards. Over."

"Negative Ambassador, you're civilian. Sasha Protocol gives control to Embassy Defense Group Commander. Unless you plan on recalling my Sasha Protocol, you're under my command. My objective is now the safety of our civilians and securing Federal assets. You'll be safe. Now maintain radio silence unless declaring emergency. Over."

"Damnit Burt, don't play policy with me now. I need to be there."

"Are you denying my Sasha activation? Over. "

Ricardo moved the microphone away from his face and swore, finger off the send button at least. In the distance, smoke began to rise above the city sky line. Alberto was a good soldier, great leader, and way too direct. He would never initiate Sasha Protocol without good reason."

"Negative.... damnit... we will meet the escort at Bravo.... You be safe Burt..... Over."

The radio paused for a second as silence filled the car.

"You too Rick.....Over."
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Postby Stevid » Sat May 04, 2019 9:13 am

Princess Royal Barracks

Corporal Daniel Birke sat motionless and bored within the main guard room of the barracks, feet up on his desk and recline his chair. He snoozed lightly in his cold weather thermal ‘softie’ quietly wishing away the hours away and that maybe had he not punched a fellow NCO in the mess the previous night he wouldn’t be on guard duty on a weekend. To make things worse he was guard commander, extra punishment so that the usual bloke in charge over a weekend could spend it with his family in Morrdun. Babysitting Private soldiers on guard was a pet hate of his, because the only reason they were on guard duty was because of their own misdemeanours, which was usually gobbing off the senior ranks.

He sighed and stood up from the table, then walked into the guardroom itself. He was greeted by three soldiers, one playing a football management game, the other two watching movie. Daniel was fine with this sort of thing, guard duty was by its very nature boring; if he told them to clean weapons and stand to full attention at the gate he’d be resented, plus he’d have to manage them. All things he could do without.

“Anything been going on?” He asked openly to the room. His second in command, a Lance Corporal called Nath who was too much of a trouble maker to promote and had languished in his rank far too long, looked up from his football game.

“Nah, mate. Not really. ‘Bout six lads on the piss signed outta camp twenty minutes ago, few wrens with ‘em too.”

“Wrens?” Daniel thought to himself. He didn’t realise the navy were in town– Wren being an affectionate slang word for female sailors. There must be a ship in harbour.

“Fit?” Daniel asked without thinking.

“They were alrigh’ I guess.” Said Nath.

Daniel smirked and shook his head dismissively, “Nothing get’s past you, Nath. But you wouldn’t have a chance in hell.”

“Fuck off, Dan!” Nath said flinging a pencil at him. There was a chorus of chuckles from everyone before Daniel moved towards the exit door.

“I’m going out for fag and to check on Jack, back in a min.” Daniel said to which Nath, in mock salute, flicked his wrist in acknowledgement without looking up from his laptop game.

The night was dark, in fact it was likely early morning now. The overcast sky hung low to the city of Morrdun and kept the heat of the day in close to the Earth. It was still cold and damp enough to need a coat, but it was a mild night. He pulled out a cigarette and lighter from inside his softie jacket and lit up. After a few drags he beckoned over the gate guard of the barracks. The guard was armed but not made ready, and there was only one of them and not wearing body armour. Morrdun was one of the lowest risk postings a soldier could get, and the threat assessment was the lowest it could be. Nothing happened in Morrdh, nothing to put Stevidian soldiers on alert. The Princess Royal Barracks was home to almost 1,500 troops and a dozen military units. In total with family members and Stevidian contracted staff, the total number of dependants and Imperial citizens was almost 3,000. But given the low threat, only one man on the gate was more than enough.

“Jack!” He beckoned.

The Private turned round and began to walk towards Daniel when there was low thud in the distance. Both men looked in the direction of the noise but carried on walking towards each other.

“Corporal.” Jack said in greeting.

“You alright?” Daniel said whilst taking another drag of his cigarette. Another thud, this one was quieter.

“Yeah I’m okay. Just wish I was out with the boys.”

“Yeah, I know… But this is what happens when you go out on the piss and gesticulate towards a bunch of women, one of which is garrison sergeant major’s wife!”
Daniel said with a sort. Another thud, this one more like a boom, but Daniels snort meant he didn’t really hear it. Jack cocked an eyebrow and looked towards the city.

“Story to tell though, ain’t it Corporal?” Jack said looking back at Daniel.

“Absolutely. When you pick up, be sure to spin that dit in the mess. The guys would love… just what the fuck is going on?” Daniel said, interrupted by the loudest thud yet. It was more a boom than a thud – like an explosion, but not fireworks. Or it was it was one of those big commercial ones for crowd displays.

There was another boom, but this one followed a flash of light in the distance – somewhere in the city. Then another flash instantly followed by a bang. That was close. Close enough to feel it in your body. Daniel’s stomach knotted and he walked backwards a few paces. There was shout behind him.

“What’s going on Dan?” Nath shouted.

The guardroom was almost twenty metres from the main gate so you would have to shout to pass messages when not using the radio. Daniel didn’t reply, his gaze and Jack’s fixed on the Morrdun city skyline in the distance. The silhouettes of buildings would briefly take shape with every flash, but still wouldn’t betray what was happening. For a brief second Corporal Daniel Birke thought it was just an impromptu celebration. Maybe the Queen had given birth, there were rumours after all. That changed in an instant as another flash in the far distance and second one nearer but to the far left of the previous illuminated the city better than the others. Tall, billowing columns of smoke rose high into the air. Daniel could now make out flames licking out from the ground as buildings caught fire. The soundwaves of the explosions were massive, like an artillery strike or a bomb.

Daniel sprinted to the guardroom, called Jack after him. “Private! Get your kit one, full osprey, webbing and helmet. Get back to gate and make ready. Challenge everyone who approaches!” Over the sound of his pounding footsteps came that noise, the most awful noise in the world. The distinct rising and falling tones of civil defence warning sirens.

The rest of the guard staff had bolted inside too, having come out to see what was happening. They were already putting their kit on when Daniel re-entered. He nodded to Nath in approval and rushed towards the front desk and flipped up a plastic protection cover that was over a large button marked ‘Station Attack Alarm’. He paused half a second, doubt crossed his mind only because the ramifications for pushing it were huge. But the civil defence sirens in Morrdun were real, the explosions real, and worse yet was that Stevidian families, soldiers and sailors were caught up in it. He pressed the button.

A dull shrilling noise erupted across the camp. On every speaker in every dormitory and every hanger, the siren blared. Every single light on camp, indoors and out, switched on. Floodlights illuminated the camp and twenty metres out beyond the perimeter fence like a star. All over camp soldiers were rolling out of the beds dazed and confused as to what was happening.

Daniel took a deep breath and stood over the station announcement microphone, ready to broadcast to all what was happening.

“Emergency, emergency. OP SECURE and OP FORTIFY is now in effect. All personnel are to report to their appropriate chains of command. GOC and GSM, report to the guardroom.” Daniel said. He repeated himself once and then turned off the alarms after another minute. He looked round at the rest of his guardroom section of soldiers, dressed for battle and clutching rifles. “Outside. Make ready and main the gate in defence positions. Challenge everyone and only admit Stevidian soldiers, citizen and Morridane law enforcement. Only do the latter after consulting me. I’ll inform you of the situation over the radio regularly. Nath, makes sure Jacks gets all that.”

“Roger.” Nath said with a curt nod, and with that they bolted out towards the main gate.

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Postby Morrdh » Fri May 10, 2019 12:02 am

Kenway Heights

The car drove quickly along Kenway Avenue, passing by residences belonging to foreign ambassadors to Morrdh. Most had security details guarding them and enacting emergency protocols in response to whatever was happening in the city to the south. They passed a series of Garda patrol cars, lights flashing and sirens screaming as they raced deeper into the city.

Artemis stayed silent, eyes fixed firmly looking out the window until they turned onto Gotham Road and leave Morrdun heading north. As the city receded behind them and gave way to open countryside, Artemis spoke. “We’re bound fer a private aerodrome, an airstrip really, where a navy chopper will be waiting.”

“So we’re running are we?” Lothwyn asked.

“It seemed…prudent.” Answered Artemis. “Given such a brazen attack and we still don’t know who by, though they know enough ta disrupt our response.”

“Where will we go?”

“First, one o’ the navy’s carriers…the Enbarr I believe.” Artemis replied. “After that, well New Garrack is out o’ the question and I doubt the Mokans would be safe….that leaves the Lamonians as the closest safe haven.”

“The Free Republic? Huh, not quite how I’d expected ta visit it but must we go so far?”

“Yer safety is o’ paramount concern and I see no other way o’ ensuring it.”

Central Morrdun

Given the early hour with dawn still some time away, the city’s roads were relatively free of traffic and the armoured convoy made good time. The few vehicles encountered did abrupt turns and reverses to get out of the convoy’s way, most of them went unmolested by the convoy save for the Garda patrol cars encountered. Every so often, some of the AFVs would peel off from the convoy to go tackle their own objectives but a sizeable force remained by the time the convoy reached its destination; Morrdun Castle.

Originally built as a fortress to protect the then fledging settlement of Morrdun over three hundred years ago, the Castle had been the seat of the Crown since the Great Exodus from Mordent in the 1830s. It was the symbolic and physical heart of Morrdun as well as the Commonwealth, capturing it would be both critical and difficult. The primary force defending the Castle was the Morrdun Guards, a company sized ceremonial unit made up of long-term military veterans and equipped with semi-automatic battle rifles. Backing up the Guards was an infantry battalion of the Morridane Army, nominally billeted in the neighbouring Coldridge Barracks doing a tour of ceremonial duties.

Both were likely to be on high alert.

Viktor had a couple of tricks up his sleeve to help even the odds; the first was to have the city’s power grid knocked out and thus plunge the city into darkness. The other was to detail a portion of his forces to directly attack the barracks and keep the troops there bottled up. Speed was critical to his plans; the sooner he completed his coup the better least his forces got bogged down as the Commonwealth’s military mobilized. He needed to secure the Castle as quickly as he could and then capture his niece, though he had forces rounding up the Morridane government so that the Morridane Armed Forces could be ordered to stand down.

It was make or break time.

MBC World Service

”…standing on the roof of Broadcasting House, can see nothing but bedlam and confusion.

Can see smoke and fires all across the city as well as the sound of gunfire, though still no word on who or what is attacking Morrdun. The Garda have lost contact with their HQ and all the phones have gone down. Even the few soldiers we’ve seen are confused as to what is happening.

Wait a minute, I think…yes…

We’ve just heard a mass of gunfire from the direction of the castle, sounds like a full fledge battle from where I am standing. We can just make out tracer fire as well.

Hang on…

Theres some sort of armoured vehicle moving down the street towards us, there are some soldiers with it but none of us recognise the uniform. Looks like a tank, its stopped and…EVERYBODY MOVE! GET OUT OF HERE NOW! ITS GOING TO FI-…”

Southern Command
Eastpoint County
Province of Ord

The alert warning about the attack on Morrdun sent waves of panic and confusion across the command & control structure of the Morridane Armed Forces. The air force responded by issuing an all squadron scramble order, the navy ordered its ships to go to action stations whilst the army received mobilization orders and carried out emergency protocols. All three Services were then in a state of limbo awaiting further orders, Morrdun was now silent and there was still no confirmation on who the attackers were. Least the units under Eastern Command’s nominal control had a clear objective to proceed to the Commonwealth’s capital.

Troops under the command of Southern Command received orders to mobilize and follow emergency protocols to secure the Mokan border. Southern Command’s General Officer Commanding, Lt. General Brendan Murray, gave further orders “to let nothing pass.”

Murray’s orders amounted to nothing less than the Morridane Army seizing all crossing points on the Mokan border (Western Command had responsibility for the Tatom border), effectively closing the border. Morridane troops were to dig in and not let anything cross the border, though it was left unclear what their rules of engagement actually were.

Republic of Norgorka
Central GD

Lt. General Patrick Collins, General Officer Commanding Commonwealth Forces Norgorka, faced similar issues having given mobilization orders for the troops under his command. As he waited for further orders his command was effectively in limbo, least if the Ordenites attacked he would be ready and had some leeway with his command. Whilst waiting on word from Morrdh, Collins decided to be pro-active and called both his Norgorkan and Mokan counterparts for an emergency meeting.

He would be damned if he was going to sit around idly.

Corbec House
Fianna Street

Prior to the Mordent Exodus in the 1830s, Corbec House had been used as the residence of the Mordentish Governor of Morrdh. Though following the arrival of the Grand Fleet in Morrdh, the position of governor was abolished as it was no longer required. For a time it looked as though the House would be sold after standing empty since the last governor had left, but it ended up being acquired as the official residence of the Taoiseach of Morrdh. Almost two hundred years later it remains still standing in use as the residence of the head of Her Morridane Majesty’s Government and for meetings of the Taoiseach’s Cabinet.

The current Taoiseach, Ser George Whittleton, had been woken by the explosions that rocked the city and heralded the start of the attack. He was up and dressed by the time members of his protection detail, asking them as they entered his room. “I’ve heard explosions, are we under attack?”
“Looks ta be that way.” Answered one of the officers. “Explosions all across the city, phone lines are down and Garda Control has gone silent.”

“Any word from the military?”

“Some, but its confusion and uncertainty over who is behind the attacks.”

“I see,” muttered Whittleton. “What o’ Her Majesty? Is she safe?”

“We believe so, there are plans to get her out of the country in the event of an emergency and last we heard they were being put into action. Sorry, but that’s all we know.”

“Hm, best we assemble what we can o’ the Cabinet and make fer the Farlane Bunker.”
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Postby Mokastana » Sat May 11, 2019 11:38 am

Border crossing outside of Calzon, Mokastana and Ord, Morrdh

Quintin pulled up to the customs checkpoint, something he had done at least three times a week for the past couple of years. In his cargo hold, literal tons of fruit: bananas, oranges, berries and more. All grown in Mokastana and shipped north for various juicing companies and grocery stores to sell to the Norteños at a fraction of what it would cost to grow locally. Quintin was just one of hundreds of drivers who crossed the border every day, keeping the local economies forever intertwined.

Being between two major cities, Calzon in the south and Ord in the north, this particular checkpoint was easily the busiest on the Mokan-Morridane border. Customs agents by the hundreds checked most shipments, and food was no exception. It was why it was such an early route, having to be approved and stamped and in Ord before first shift started up at the first customer's juice factory. Inspection took time, and Quintin waited for final approval before driving back on the main route into town. So when the customs agent came up to his window and told him he needed to turn back to Mokastana, he was shocked.

"What? Why? I got a truck of fresh fruit here due in two hours to our customers in Ord!"

"Sorry amigo, border is closed until further notice. Follow the return routes."

"What do you mean the border is closed?"

Around him, every truck in inspection was being turned around, the car checkpoints were stalled with no more northern traffic, and in the distance, Morridane army helicopters and vehicles headed towards the border. The agent was already gone, off to inform the next truck driver. Pulling out his mobile he tried to call his boss, luckily he was one of the first, as the network was soon to be overloaded with calls.

"Oye, Jefe, it's Quintin, they are telling me the border is closed up here. Everyone is getting turned around."

Juventud Island
Federal Military Command

Primary Admiral Jesus Consuelo sat in the secure communication room, on the screen was Generalissimo Major Hiraku Hayato, commander of the Federal Army. Although the Head of Navy was considered to be the superior in the chain of command, the Generalissimo was in Mokastana City, and was going to brief the President soon. He needed to know the state of the Navy while he had the chance.

"Generalissimo Major, the Navy is ready. We can have the 41st Assault Fleet and 11th Marine fleets ready to move up the coast by midday today with the active fleets ready for deployment by morning. Remaining mainland fleets will be at 80% combat readiness within three days. The Admirals of Wellovia and Aqua Anu inform me they are on standby, there own active fleets ready to move in 9 hours and are awaiting further orders. For the moment, they are to remain at DEFCON 4."

"And the Mokan fleets?"

"Currently at level 4, but expecting level 3 depending on what's happening north of the border."

"I've heard reports that the Commonwealth has closed and militarized the border. I've issued a general mobilization order for Tatomese and Islander Army and Reserve Guard units on the border. I'd suggest we move us to DEFCON 3."

"What about Morrdun? Any word from the embassy?"

"They've enacted Sasha Protocol, and their intelligence units confirm armored personnel carriers attacking Morrdun Castle. Unknown aggressor."

"We have a confirmed attack on an allies capital and troops massing at our border. Very well, let's set the Islands, Tatom, and Moxhuactl to DEFCON 3. Southern Mokastana can remain at 2 until further notice. Get the Security Council to the Command Room, I'll remain on Juventud to Coordinate military operations. I need to contact any military leaders on the Morridane side of the border."

"Will do Primary Admiral."

With that the call ended, and Primary Admiral Jesus Consuelo wondered what his equal north of the border was up to. Previous attempts to contact Morridane military command had failed, meaning someone was cutting off Morrdun from the outside world. At least the Embassy's encryption system was still working, but they probably had that rigged to blow at the first sign of attack. Evacuation procedures were already underway, at least.

However, there were other hotlines. In charge of the border was Generalissimo Minor Isiah Kushkev, who was no doubt scrambling to assemble hundreds of thousands of conscripts being called into active service this morning. Mass mobilization was always crazy, but at least it was a well practiced event thanks to the various wars and events of Mokan history. Seeing as the Primary Admiral was considered the supreme military commander of Federal Forces, his orders carried weight in every branch of service. Of course, he would include the rest of the Security Council once they were back online. The Primary Admiral issued an order, and a few minutes later, a phone rang on a Morridane military base, trying to reach Lt. General Brendan Murray:

"Greetings, this is Generalissimo Minor Isiah Kushkev of the People's Federal Army. I've received reports the border is closed to civilian traffic and militarized as of this morning. My higher ups can't reach your higher ups and we are very concerned over here. What's going on?"

Republic of Norgorka
Central GD

Roughly 5,500 Federal troops were stationed in the Republic of Norgorka, a promise by the Federation to support the friendly, if puppet, government. Unlike the steppes of central Krasnova, the land around Tuktar was Marsh, with a border of thick forests to the south. There was very little point in stationing heavy armor here, even if their role was defensive. Instead, a Federal Regiment of Army Maritime forces was deployed. It's backbone was the Marshite designed MAV-31, which could ford a river just as easily as it could cross desert. In case of war with the Ordenites, amphibious troops wouldn't be limited to roads like tanks and could set up ambushes along highways and slip back into the bogs.

However, today's concern was not the Ordenites. Lt. General Patrick Collins had called in his Federal allies in regards to another matter, Home. From the Federation,
Meeting Patrick would be Colonel Lieutenant Jose Omar, commander of the 175th Army Maritime Regiment. Jose and his staff arrived to Morridane military command, curious what would come of this meeting.
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Postby Morrdh » Thu May 30, 2019 11:16 am

Sea of Moka

Her Morridane Majesty’s Ship Enbarr was one of the newer vessels in the Royal Navy Morridane, effectively a Stevidian Sanctus Mare-class supercarrier that was known as the Ler-class in Morridane service. It was one of a number of Stevidian designs that had been acquired to replace and modernize the RMN’s aging fleet of obsolete vessels. It was so new in fact, it was still conducting its shakedown cruise.

When word came through of the attack on Morrdun, the carrier’s crew went to Action Stations and then waited for further orders. Uncertain of the nature of the Morrdun attack, the Enbarr sent afloat its Skua AEW aircraft and a couple of fighters were brought up to five minute readiness. Additional fighters and some of the carrier’s strike aircraft were made ready, though still so little was known about what was actually happening and the Admiralty wasn’t forth coming with orders.

Then a message finally came through.

Code: Select all

It came from an unexpected source; the Enbarr’s Skua aircraft.

The Skua reported that a rotary aircraft was enroute to Enbarr with a VIP onboard, the carrier’s captain and senior marine officer were required to be on the flight deck when the helicopter touched down. So there Captain Sean Hannon and Commandant Alec Reid, of the Enbarr’s marine detachment, waited as the helicopter circled round the carrier before coming to land on its flight deck. The rotors spun down as the engines were shut down and a marine honour guard quickly formed up before the helicopter’s passengers disembarked.

Present…ARMS!” Cried out the commander of the honour guard as the side door of the helicopter opened and a couple of figures stepped out. Though Hannon was puzzled when the lead figure appeared to be a woman in nightwear, though he quickly realized who the woman was when Reid nudged him and muttered. “So the rumours were true.”

“Yer Majesty,” Hannon greeted the woman as she approached him. “Captain Hannon, commanding officer of the Enbarr. Welcome aboard mam.”

“Ah captain, please forgive the manner in which I’ve arrived upon her ship.” Lothwyn replied. “I shall require a cabin and a change of clothes.”

“I’m living out o’ me sea cabin at the moment mam, so me main cabin is at yer disposal.” Replied Hannon. “If ye no objections ta a navy uniform, then we can see wot we can rustle up from the wrens on-board. Heck, I’ll assigned one o’ ‘em ta be yer personal steward whilst yer on-board.”

“That’ll probably be a good idea,” Lothwyn conceded. “Though if ye’ll excuse me captain, tis been a eventful night and I wish to snatch a few hours more kip.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Southern Command

“Sir,” said the voice on the other end of the line when Lt. General Murray answered the phone. “Theres a Mokan commander trying ta get hold o’ ye, a Generalissimo Kushkev.”

“Alright, patch him through.” Murray replied, then waited for a click and a couple of beeps that signalled the call had been connected before speaking. “Leftenant-General Murray, Morridane Army.”

“Fecked if I know,” Murray answered after Kushkev had spoken. “Morrdun’s gone silent and even the MBC has gone o’ the air, though they reported something ‘bouts being attacked by tanks ‘fore they went down.”

“All I do know at this stage is that some unknown force has attacked the Commonwealth’s capital, high command is effectively non-existence right and so standing orders dictate that we dust o’ emergency protocol files.”

“Fer me, that means shut down the border until ordered otherwise.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


Lt. General Collins was glad that his call for an emergency meeting was answered promptly, it would help make things easier. As he made his way through the command bunker, he stopped by the radio room to get the latest report before heading to the briefing room where everyone else was waiting.

“Gentlemen,” Collins nodded to those assembled when he entered the room. “I thank ye fer coming at such short notice, but I wish it was under a better situation; Morrdun is under attack.”

“We received confirmation couple o’ hours ago, but we’ve no idea who the attackers are and since then communications have been…problematic.” Collins continued. “That leaves us in an awkward situation and venerable, a tempting target fer the lines o’ the Ordenites.”

“So I’m formally requesting aid from the People’s Unified Federation ta help with the protection o’ Norgorka.” Announced Collins. “Colonel Lieutenant, do ye think ye can convince yer superiors ta dispatch extra troops and how long will that take?”
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Postby Mokastana » Thu Jun 06, 2019 10:35 am

2nd Army Command
Somewhere in Central Florida

"It's going to put our shared economies through hell closing that down, but I imagine the safety of your government is the priority. The Federal Army is mobilizing in response, and the External Armed Forces will be at the border soon. The PUF fully intends to honor its alliance with the Commonwealth. As the highest ranking commander we can reach at the moment, Leftenant-General Murray, the Federal Army will be at the ready if you require support."

Morridane Military Command
Somewhere in Norgorka

“So I’m formally requesting aid from the People’s Unified Federation ta help with the protection o’ Norgorka. Colonel Lieutenant, do ye think ye can convince yer superiors ta dispatch extra troops and how long will that take?”

Colonel Lieutenant Jose Omar breathed deeply as the severity of the situation became clear. New Garrack had consumed a lot of the resources under CENCOM(Central GD Federal Command). Now, Norgorka was calling for reinforcements as well because Morrdun had fallen. This had to be a coordinated effort. To many strings were pulled tight, creating the perfect moment where all allied assets were too tied up to respond appropriately. At least in New Garrack they had received additional troops from Belmotin to take some pressure off CENCOM. Federal troops in New Garrack were acting more like heavy police units than combat units, therefore the air cavalry's rapid response times were more valuable to keep the peace than more Paratroopers.

Norgorka, on the other hand, was an actual front line, with heavily armed Fascists just a bog and swamp away. He thought quickly, remembering the details he could share regarding Federal deployments.

"Without approval from the Federal Security Council, or CENCOM, I personally can request up to a Regiment of Paratroopers from Fort Mokan. I call within the hour, and have the first APCs landed by tonight. In 48 hours, we can have an 5,000 soldiers here and combat ready. It's a mix of light and mechanized infantry with artillery support, but they can hold the line until additional support arrives.

I will send your request up the chain of command, and it should be on the Security Council's desks by tonight. If for some reason they do not immediately authorize reinforcements, this area still falls under Central GD Command.

CENCOM has two armored divisions, two Paratrooper Divisions and nearly a divisions worth of Anti Air assets located in Greal it could send. I would estimate two to three weeks from today to full combat ready in country, depending on what gets sent. Anything from the Federation itself will take longer, but guessing what Juventud might send is pure speculation."
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Postby Stevid » Fri Jun 07, 2019 3:44 am

City Centre

The booms of explosions and the roar of helicopters cut the bustle of a modern city apart. People were panicking, unsure of whether or not it was terrorism, a foreign attack or something else entirely. It became worse with the distinct crack of gunfire and the screams of civilians caught up in the chaos. Within the city were hundreds of Stevidian soldiers and citizens, the majority of which belonged the Imperial military contingent in Morrdh; but others were tourists, expats and travelling family members of Morrdiane citizens. The uniqueness of Morrdh and the way it remained true and steadfast to its history and traditions had not stopped the city developing a diverse culture, and this was especially attractive to the people of the Holy Empire.

The character now was different. It was dangerous and bloody. People were running around, scattering from the contact points between the aggressors – whoever they were – and the defenders. There were infantry fighting vehicles, soldiers, helicopter gunships, almost as if it was an invasion of some sort. Reports of these sights flooded social media and local media reporting and it was these that kicked the military command at Princess Royal Barracks into action. As part of operational security, all soldiers had to have their phones on them at all times. They also provide the contact details to the station headquarters. These details, including all those in the family residential estates were phoned and texted from an emergency channel ordering all military personnel into the barracks; anyone who was unable to return, like those in the city centre at this moment, could phone back for assistance.

The system had not been used before tested only once, so the civilian staff operating the phones replying to stranded Stevidians made mistakes – such as incorrectly identifying the people calling or their positions. It was nearly twenty minutes before an action plan was devised and by then Central Morrdun was practically a warzone. As families and contractor staff flooded into Princess Royal Barracks, under heavy guard, a small convoy of empty motorised infantry truck was ready to depart.

Orders were given to Stevidians trapped in the city to make their way to a small church just outside the central district of where there were no reports of fighting. An estimated that around 60 people were still trapped and needed conveyance out of the city back to the barracks. The trucks were military but an effort was made to unmark them as targets; white circles were hastily sprayed on the side with a red cross in the middle and a large Stevidian flag flew from where the convoy vehicle flags were normally placed.

The convoy of three trucks left with two soldiers in each, both armed, and headed into the city.

HMS Consummate Will
Morrdun Harbour

The ship was a hive of activity on account of it being so close to the action. The ships company had witnessed the armour vehicle departing freighters docked in Morrdun harbour. With minutes of the start of the fighting, the ship went to action stations. In a similar manner to the Army barracks, it ordered all personnel on shore leave to return to ship.

The ship was a Reef Class frigate on an anti-piracy rotation in the northeast of Greater Dienstad. She was armed with a plethora of weaponry but for dedicated war fighting, nevertheless, this was not her fight and in actuality, no one really knew what was going on. However, given that military equipment had been spotted on land and in the air, the ship’s commander deduced it was a military operation and probably a coup. While Stevid was allied to Morrdh, the internal tribulations of an ally were not the concern of Stevid, unless otherwise stated by the government – unilateral action on the part of any branch of the military was prohibited unless in self-defence. The ship commander ordered the ship to maximum visibility. Every light on, every bulkhead door open, every floodlight lit and pointed to the hull. The naval ensign and the colours of the empire flying from the flight deck and main mast respectively were lit up especially – showing under no uncertain terms that this was an Imperial ship and not a target.

Communications with the embassy and Princess Royal Barracks revealed that it was probably a coup and that Stevidian citizens and military personnel were trapped in the city. The harbour had almost been instantly occupied by the rebels the moment shooting started. It meant a direct transit path between the city and the harbour was impossible to create without endangering the lives of those trapped. The decision was made for the Consummate Will to slip her moorings and transit out to sea.

There was a further communique from the embassy to the ship, the only official notice from the government regarding the attacks in Morrdh. The ship was to rendezvous with a Morridane naval task group headed by HMMS Enbarr and that whilst in transit they would receive diplomatic cargo via helicopter. This was to be the Stevidian ambassador to Morrdh who would leave in the early hours of the morning at first light on the embassy helicopter – the ship’s mission would be updated then.

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Postby Morrdh » Sat Jun 15, 2019 8:40 am


The position of Lord Steward of Mordent was one that dated back almost two hundred years to the time of the Great Exodus, having been created by the then King to have a viceroy to rule over Mordent in absence of the Sovereign. The post holder also held the title Constable of Lindun Castle; originally charged with the administration of the Castle and the principle defence of the city but later evolved into a more ceremonial role. Regardless of the position’s origins, the Lord Steward had long been viewed as effectively a military governor.

Though the various Lord Stewards had to contend with many a problem over the years, the past decade or so had proven to be especially challenging with a number of conflicts engulfing the island. The current Lord Steward, Sean Gallagher (also the Chieftain of Clan Gallagher), had to contend with rising tensions on Mordent’s doorstep and the virtual loss of communications from Morrdh. Morrdun had fallen silent and even the MBC appeared to be off the air, leaving Mordent effectively isolated from the rest of the Commonwealth. Gallagher’s efforts to try and reach somebody in the Commonwealth’s military high command had only resulted in vague and unconfirmed reports of an invasion.

Now he’d received reports indicating that the entire Ordenite Navy had put to sea.

Though the timing seemed suspect, intelligence suggested Ordenite efforts being directed to Krasnova in light of a build-up of Imbrinium troops in the Macabean enclave there. Krasnova bordered the Commonwealth protectorate of Norgorka and the Reich certainly hadn’t been shy about its territorial ambitions there. Gallagher had been able to get in contact with Lt.General Collins, the commander of Commonwealth Forces Norgorka, the only other senior Commonwealth commander that Norwell had been able to reliably reach. Both men agreed to issue an Amber alert to their respective commands, placing their forces on high alert and effectively put them on a war footing.

In Mordent itself, Gallagher approached the executive Triumvirate Council to recommend to both his Imbrinium counterpart and the First Minister of the Mordent Assembly that the Emergency Powers Act be invoked and martial law declared. There was the risk, he argued, that Mordent could come under attack much like Morrdun had done and they needed to be prepared. He also wanted to speak to his Imbrinium counterpart in order to find out the Kingdom’s intentions.

Central GD

It had been a busy time for Lt. General Collins, the promise of a few thousand Mokan only eased his worries a minute amount. There was still no word from Morrdh as to what was actually happening back home, though the Lord Steward of Mordent had been able to contact him and prove there were still friendlies around. He still had the monumental task of organising the defence of Norgorka if and when the Ordenites decided to roll north.

The swampy nature of the Krasnovan border was an advantage, something that Collins planned to exploit by deliberately flooding the area to make crossing it as difficult as possible. He’d ordered the deployment of forward scouts, joint Gorkan-Morridane special forces units and jeep mounted ATGM teams to operate immediate north of the flood zone. These units would act as the forward screen for the bulk of Collins’ forces deployed further north, though this forward screen would also have some hitting power in the form of a company of Lyran tank destroyers. The Mokan reinforcements, when they finally arrived in-country, Collins had wanted to use as a mobile reserve to strengthen the line where the Ordenites threatened to breakthrough. Ultimately, it was up to the Mokan commanders how their forces were deployed and Collins could only outline what he wanted.

On the air front, things were a bit better. The Commonwealth had seen fit to deploy a considerable amount of SAM batteries and a fair number of squadrons of both fighter and strike aircraft. Collins felt pretty confident that they could check the Ordenites in the air, particularly as intel suggested that the bulk of Ordenite forces were being deployed towards the Macabean satrapy. Collins only real concern was the Bay of Tuktar and the waters round Krasnova, there were Commonwealth naval assets present but there were only skeleton units. In the event of war additional warships were to be sent, but with whatever was going down back home this was unlikely to materialize. With the forces available, all they could do was mine the Bay and patrol the Gorkan coast.

Morrdun Castle

Gunfire spat down the corridor like a swarm of angry bees, shredding tapestries and chipping the stonework of the walls. Viktor risked a glance and ducked back into cover as a hail of hot lead tore through the air. This was one of the last few pockets of stubborn resistance; most of the castle was now in the hands of Viktor’s troops after having assault teams storm the main building from multiple different points. Credit had to go to the roof teams in particular as they managed to outflank the defenders and caused them to falter as the castle’s defence collapsed.

Just last little details like this one.

He could’ve easily had left this in the hands of the assault teams, but he had to be here. This was important and he didn’t want anything…unfortunate to occur. The defiant stand of the last of the castle’s defenders proved that he was closing in on his ultimate prize, just some brave yet stubborn soldiers standing between him and it.

He called to one of his own soldiers as he pulled a grenade out from his webbing, the man looked round and nodded before pulling out a grenade of his own. Viktor counted down with his hand before both grenades when sailing through the air down the corridor, a brief cry of alarm before a couple of explosions blossomed. Viktor ordered his troops forward before the castle guards recovered and secured the pair of wooden doors halfway along the corridor. He shot out the lock and kicked the door open before storming into a large bedroom…empty.

Where was she?

His eye twitched and he cried out in rage as he spun round on the spot, finger on the trigger of his rifle until it clicked dry. He stood breathing heavily for a moment before glaring at his soldiers. “I want the entire castle turned upside down, no stone left untouched. I want her found!”

~ ~ ~

An hour passed and they hadn’t found her, but he couldn’t wait any longer. He needed to act now least he risk failure even at this late stage with the finishing line within touching distance.

They’d set up the cameras and microphones in the great hall of the castle, along with equipment to broadcast over every radio and television signal transmitting out of Morrdh as well as over the internet. The world needed to witness and he was making damn sure that it did.

He’d gotten rid of some of his webbing, but retained the dark military battledress and the holstered pistol as he stood ready. Somebody gestured that they were now on-air, broadcasting live. He stared directly at the cameras and began to speak. “Ye do not know me, but ye will soon enough.”

“I am Viktor Cathmore, brother ta the late King Alfred Cathmore and scion o’ Clan Cathmore.” Viktor declared. “

“I hereby proclaim me right ta the Morridane Crown and the ancient throne o’ Mordent, I claim this on the basis o’ blood.” Announced Viktor. “The so-called ‘Queen’ Lothwyn was a pretender, a no-blood child placed on the throne by men seeking ta use her as a puppet. Supposedly she was me brother’s daughter, but I have proof that she was o’ no relation ta him nor I and I am willing ta share this proof with the world.”

“As o’ this moment I am invoking me birthright and declaring meself Ard Righ o’ both the ancient Kingdom o’ Mordent and the Commonwealth o’ Morrdh. All clan chieftains are required ta swear fealty ta me, all military units are ordered ta stand down and the Assembly is hereby suspended.”

“I am Viktor Cathmore, ye now know me as King.”

City Center

Getting to the Farlane Bunker proved to be easier said than done; the streets were clogged with people, some on foot and some in cars, trying to flee the city. Complicating matters was the fact that the power had failed across much of the city, leaving the only real sources of light being fires caused by the initial explosions, the flashing lights of emergency vehicles and car headlights. Busy junctions, normally controlled by traffic lights, had become especially dangerous as evidenced by a collision between a truck and a double-decker bus that had blocked the road.

“Theres no way through sir.” Said one of Whittleton’s protection detail as he climbed back into the car. “Road’s block, we’ll have to take another route.”

“Sir,” the man nodded and the driver began reversing the car back towards the previous junction. They’d just reached the junction the same time as a military truck did, both vehicles collided with one another but thankfully hadn’t been travelling that fast. Some soldiers climbed out of the truck, along with two others behind it, as Whittleton and his protection detail got out of the now managed car. The soldiers weren’t recognizable as Morridane and the protection detail were ready to reach for their guns, though a Stevidian flag on one of the trucks was spotted and the men relaxed a little.

“Ye there!” Whittleton called out to the Stevidians. “Who’s in charge? I need ta speak ta yer superiors…tell them ye gots the Morridane prime minister.”

Southern Command

“I’m aware o’ that Generalissimo, but tis an extraordinary measure fer an extraordinary situation.” Murray replied. “Still, thank ye…nice ta know theres still friendlies I can trust.”

“Though might be an idea ta exchange officers ta act as liaisons at our respective commands.”

HMMS Enbarr

Lothwyn groaned and buried her head under the pillow, though the pounding on the cabin door continued ceaselessly until she angrily called out. “WOT?!

“Sorry mam,” Artermis, her bodyguard, said as he opened the door and stuck his head round it. “But we’ve received a transmission from Morrdun.”

“Right…” Sighed Lothwyn. “Lemme get dressed and I’ll be there in a moment.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A short while later Lothwyn, now dressed in a borrowed naval uniform, met with Captain Hannon in one of the Enbarr’s wardrooms. The transmission Artemis had mentioned had been recorded and then played back for Her Majesty to listen to. Silence hung heavily in the air once the recording had finished, the implications of the message were difficult things to ignore and tough to even bare thinking about.

“Well…least we know our enemy.” Lothwyn said dryly. “Question is; what happens next?”

“Mam, as an officer of the Royal Morridane Navy me allegiance is ta the Crown and whoever holds it.” Hannon declared. “Ye were crowned Banrigh and that still makes ye the monarch…Yer Majesty.”

“Captain, yer support is much appreciated at this dark hour.” Smiled Lothwyn. “Though the question o’ our next step still remains. Fer now we have ta discount the loyalty o’ the military and presume Morrdh ta be unsafe fer me ta return, so we’ll have ta hope that one o’ the Commonwealth’s allies will stand with us.”

“Lamoni would be our best bet mam, if anything we may be able ta rally the Commonwealth forces stationed there ta us.” Replied Hannon. “And we may even be able ta count on the Stevidians as one o’ their ships, the Consummate Will, is providing us with an escort.”

“Are they aware o’ wot has happened?”

“They are,” Hannon answered. “They were in port in Morrdun when everything kicked o’ and were ordered ta put ta sea, plus the Stevidian ambassador is onboard.”

“Have they been appraised o’ our plans?”

“Not yet, but I’ve invited their captain ta dine with me in order ta gauge wot sort o’ man he is.”

“Very well, we shall have ta see how things go from here.”
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Postby Imbrinium » Tue Jul 09, 2019 3:05 pm

The Imbrinium embassy in Morrdun looked more like a cross between a prison and a military complex from the outside the walls. The other side of the wall was a little better there was tress and grass and park with a wall around it but the embassy building looked still like a prison, small windows except for the upper two floors. This was for the safety of the embassy staff, with the current relationship still on the mend, from the past conflicts.

The embassy position was what they call a hardship tour, no family, no kids, the only family was the ambassador’s wife which was also part of the staff. This was only a few embassies that the Crown operated like this, but safety was the key.

The Imbriniumian’s also operated a consulate annex which more eye-friendly but it was only operated during the day and closely guarded by Royal Marines detachment when it is closed. Talks had been held about opening a new annex for 24hr operations outside the main embassy.

The entire staff in the Morrdun embassy stayed on site it was a very large very secure complex. The complex was protected by DSS agents and Royal Marines, the Marines manned the gates and guard posts. They also had four MRAPs and a few trucks and some light wheeled vehicles nothing more to protect the grounds and heavy escort if needed. The DSS agents ran the classier vehicles the high-in armored cars and SUVs, and the armored bus called the armadillo, which was for evacuation if needed of the staff if things ever went south.

The night was just like normal the embassy annex was secure in the heart of the city with 2nd platoon having the watch for the week along with a couple of DSS agents. The annex was normally protected by a squad size team and two agents from close to right before opening when protection details where swapped out for the day. Tonight, the company’s first Sgt had tagged along for the night something he did from time to time, troop bonding with the higher command was important to him.

Everything seemed to be another normal night ahead, the first signs that things were about to change were when the lights flickered a few times, then the gate guards reported explosions and what they thought was gunfire. Then the city went dark within a minute the backup generator kicked in and turned the power back on. The DSS agents quickly turned the lights back off except for the few needed to run the annex. The police radios busted out with traffic of gunfights with an unknown armed force.

The lead DSS call-sign DUFF picked up his cell and tried to call the embassy security center, the connection was dropped the towers were either down or jammed. The landline was next but the system was dead too. DUFF began to get concerned he had the squad leader to get everyone to get kitted up and ready just in case. The two DSS agents kitted up as well nothing to what the marines had but it would keep them alive in a firefight if it took place.

DUFF went to the annex’s security center and picked up the encrypted radio and call the embassy’s security center.


“This is MAIN HOUSE we’ve tried to contact you as a part of the plan both dead, setrep”

“MAIN HOUSE power is out phones dead we are up and bunkered”

“Roger DUFF reports of gunfights and explosions inside the city, also reports of the castle under attack.”

“Roger, that a go with phase burndown?”

“Wait one still awaiting a decision from primary on next phase here”

“MAIN HOUSE is on lockdown and prepping for possible next phase if things go south, suggest you do the same DUFF”

“Roger out”

A few hours passed with more gunfire and explosions around the annex things seemed to be picking up this was not a riot or something small this was something big.
At the embassy “MAIN HOUSE” things were picking up the ambassador talked to eastern command and the foreign ministry, the guidance was to pull out. The order came quickly and things went into overdrive the staff was told to pack light and grab their go-bags. Once that was done the job of destroying everything came next the annex was told to do the same.

Everything was to be destroyed, paperwork, laptops, hard drives everything whatever was taking place the burndown phase wouldn’t stop till it was all cleared out.
The two OAH agents assigned to the embassy tapping into radio traffic to get a sign of what was going on was troubling. The news was that this was a complex attack to take down the monarchy or replace it by who wasn’t known yet but that wasn’t the concern at the moment. The job now was to complete the burndown phase and pull in the annex and move out to the airport to board the on station aircraft for such situations.

The marine commander and lead DSS agent both agreed to take the MRAPs to pull in the annex and meet the rest at the airport due to the fighting being closer to them and the embassy. Everyone else would pack into the vehicles left and pull out within the hour.

The marine’s MRAPs were loaded with extra ammo and guns mounted for the just in case scenario, a squad with two DSS agents would move to the annex and pick up Duff and his team before moving to the airport.

The Rescue

The MRAPs call-signed cedar one and two moved out the gunners reported seeing fires burning uncontrolled and people running around. The police seemed to either pre-occupied with what was going on or in shock cause no one seemed to care about to armored vehicles with Imbriniumian flags on them moving at high speed up the streets. There were some roadblocks so the direct route wasn’t possible this was eating up time and time was something no one knew how much they had.

“Cedar one to Cedar two we are blocked in by vehicles the on other route takes us way out and to close to the fighting”

“Roger Cedar one standby”

Seconds later the gunner reported movement ahead in his night vision, then the street erupted in gunfire.

“Ambush! Ambush! Pull back”

The vehicles backed down the street popping covering smokescreen, then a rocket flew passed Cedar one and hit a parked car and blew up.

The order was given to open protective fire to escape not knowing if it was Morrdane military or the attackers. But there wasn’t time to think about if the team just caused an international incident or not.

The fighting seemed to be moving out from the port and city center to take over the rest of the city, the annex was caught in the middle on their own. The rescue team looked for a way around to the annex.

“DUFF this is CEDAR one”

“CEDAR ONE this is DUFF you guys here?”

“Neg, unable to make your location is burndown complete?”

“Roger, what do you need us to do?”

“Need you and your team to move out on foot to link up to the grid to follow”

“Grid KG 37451-85832 mover there for linkup”


DUFF took a deep breath and said shit to himself, he talked to the first SGT and team leader what was going to have to happen to get out. The marines agreed that was going to have to happen.

Within 20 minutes the radios were packed up and what was left to be destroyed had been and the team moved out on foot. The team moved slowly at first but it would be daylight within hours and no one wanted to be stuck out in the day with whatever was going on in the city.

DUFF and his team were about 200m from the link-up point when they ran into trouble a checkpoint of unknowns were blocking the street in what appeared to be an armored vehicle.

This wasn’t Morrdh military their kit was new and high tech and they meant business, the team kicked in a door of a store and took cover while a passage was found around the checkpoint. An op was set up to watch the personnel also to see if they could be identified or not and their actions.

Suddenly a police car pulled up on the opposite side of the checkpoint and stopped the checkpoint had a short standoff before opening fire on the police inside. The news was quickly sent back the DUFF.

“Shit it appears we are dealing with a very hostile force within the city guys we trust no one and we need to move soon”

The marine and DSS agent returned from their scouting mission they’d found a way around but they’d have to move quickly. The team moved quickly and radioed CEDAR to let them know they were on the move again.

Thirty minutes later the team moved into a park and gave a radio call saying they were on site from across the street they heard motors start-up and then two vehicles moved out slowly the doors opened and the team was told to get in.

CEDAR ONE and TWO moved out quickly leaving the area headed to the airport. The embassy staff had moved out an hour ago not wanting to be stuck out in the daylight on the streets.

Hour before daylight

The annex team finally made it to the airport and to the Crown’s hanger there, the plane was being prepped and loaded with baggage. Not having the fuel load to make it back to the Crown he option was made to try for Mokastana since it was closer and the if needed they could at least call on their air force for protection hopefully. The approval came from Eastern Command and the foreign affairs minister. The only hitch was the Morrdh airspace was closed for incoming and outgoing flights. The ambassador was sure he wanted to proceed with the pullout flight.

DUFF and his teammates along with the two OAH agents were having their own meeting about another mission that the OAH agents had just been approved for them. There was a couple of safe houses within the country there was an operation if the country should ever fall for any reason the OAH agents were to make their way there and report to the OAH what was going on within the nation.

Due to the lack of OAH manpower in the country one cause of death in the family and the other was on vacation they were short by two. Two DSS agents volunteered to join the team and go with them. The DSS lead agent approved their decision and the four packed what gear and kit they needed and took two un-armored SUVs and took off just before the aircraft were being loaded. The handshakes and be safe, keep your heads down goodbyes out of the way the plane taxied toward the runways
The airport tower called

“Unknown aircraft taxiing the airspace is closed you do not have permission to take-off please advise and squawk ID”

“This Imbrinium diplomatic flight JADE three heavy, we are evacuating the city at this time”

“Roger airspace still closed please standby for approval”

The pilots looked at each other approval from who?

“Tower this is JADE three we are taking off”

“Negative JADE three you are not cleared”

The aircraft taxied to the main runway and began final checks as airport police could be seen coming out to the aircraft. The aircraft powered up and started to roll picking up speed till the plane left the earth. The plane banked left staying low as possible to try to stay off from radar till they headed out to sea. This was a risky move, but it had to be done. Within a few hours hopefully, they would be in Mokastana airspace and safe.
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Postby Stevid » Thu Jul 11, 2019 6:29 am

Part 1

Morrdun City Centre

The three military transport trucks slowly snaked their way through the street of Morrdun. Sgt McCormack was the vehicle commander of the front truck and had the unenviable task of running the sharp end of the operation to bring home stranded Stevidian military and dependant personnel. The trucks were twenty man motor-transport vehicles normally used to move deployed troops to and from locations, now they were being used for evacuation and some necessary steps had been taken to protect them. White circles with red crosses had been applied to the vehicles with aerosol paint cans, and in place of convoy markers Stevidian flags flew. The vehicles were destined for a small Catholic church a little way outside of the city centre, Our Martyred Lady, to collect the evacuees in the light of what seemed to be a well-planned coup d’etat.

McCormack signalled to the driver to take a left, following an old map in the vehicle. Mobile phone signal was patchy – probably a result of the coup – so it was back to using old-fashioned methods of navigation. The streets were packed with people, though not seemingly terrified; most seemed concerned and curious as to what was going on although the passage of Stevidian military vehicles may have unnerved them more.

“Stupid people…” McCormack cursed. “They should stay inside, people are going to get hurt.”

Miraculously there was a gap in the crowd allowing the convoy to build a bit of speed just as a car reserved out of a side street. The lead truck clipped the rear right side and mounted the pavement, scattering a crowd of people. The car that had been hit had spun ninety degrees and was now on the opposite side of the road facing the trucks – all of which had now stopped. McCormack looked at the driver, a Private, and grinned. “Sorry fella. Think I jinxed that. Wait here, I’ll sort this.”

He opened the door and jumped out. McCormack initially did not even look at the other vehicle, just his own truck. There was a superficial dent and the light cluster was damaged but otherwise nothing serious. Shock overtook him however as he looked up toward the other vehicle to see several men standing around the car, weapons in hand. He instinctively reached for his pistol but one of the men held up a hand quickly to defuse the situation. McCormack quickly glanced back at the Private driving his truck saw he had his own rifle in hand.

“Ye there!” Shouted one of the men from the crashed car with a thick Morridane accent. “Who’s in charge?”

“I am. Sergeant McCormack – Stevidian Forces Morrdh. We here to evacuate Stevidian military personnel from the city.”

“I need ta speak ta yer superiors…tell them ye gots the Morridane prime minister.”

McCormack frowned and threw one of the Morridane men a quizzical look, hand still on his holstered pistol. He spied a man in the car through the open door looking at him, the one who had shouted at him, and his eyes widened.

“Taoiseach Whittleton? Jesus bloody Christ.”

Cried the Morridane Prime Minister, clearly dissatisfied with the soldier’s response.

“You’ll deal with me Sir.” McCormack said, finding some courage. “My mission still stands. However, we can spare one vehicle to convey you and your protection team to Princess Royal Barracks. You lot, get him in the back of the rear truck.”

The team escorted Whittleton to the last truck of the convoy whilst McCormack briefed the Corporal and the driver in the front. The corporal would run the evacuation operation from the front whilst McCormack would travel back to the Stevidian garrison with Whittleton. The convoy split and went their separate ways. McCormack finally managed to find enough cell signal to phone ahead to the base and update it with the particulars of what had happened.

After about ten minutes of travelling amidst the crackling of automatic gunfire and explosions in the distance, the lone truck rolled into the Stevidian garrison, the bright floodlights of the base providing a sense of safety and security unmatched anywhere in the whole of the city. After a few more minutes, the truck jolted to a halt and the occupants began to unbuckle. Sgt McCormack made sure he was first out and was surprised to see that the garrison commander had at least made some effort to welcome Whittleton.

Colonel Fox and his second tier superior, the colonel in chief of Stevidian Force Morrdh Major General Dodd were dressed in typical Number 1 dress uniform for formal occasions. Unused to being in the presence of suck high ranks, McCormack snapped up an awkward salute.


“At ease, Sergeant.” Col Fox said returning the salute. “We’ll talk later; you’ve done a great thing today. For now, get the prime minister out of there.”

The rear gate of the truck slammed down and Taoiseach Whittleton was clumsily helped down from the truck to the ground. The man dusted himself down and straightened his clothes before turning a around. The two most senior officers on the garrison saluted as a soldier in within a ten-man guard of honour shouted “Present arms!” The guard were dressed in combat fatigues and had webbing and helmets close to hand, anticipating the worst was yet to come this night.

“Ser George,” Said Maj Gen Dodd approaching the Taoiseach. “Welcome to Princess Royal Barracks.”
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Postby Morrdh » Fri Jul 12, 2019 7:08 pm

Princess Royal Barracks

"Major General." Whittleton nodded when he was greeted by the senior Stevidian commander. "A great many thanks ta yer men and my deepest apologies fer the excitement that ye have been caught up in."

"Ye'd be a blind man ta not notice that Morrdun has come under attack, though I cannot say by whom nor why." Continued Whittleton. "But the bastards certainly were well organised and bloody clever enough ta have pulled o' such a co-ordinated attack. Cutting both the power and communications has left us stumbling around in the dark."

"I was on me way ta the bunker at the Farlane Barracks ta meet up with the rest o' the Cabinet, though that prospect is looking unlikely. Likewise, I do not know how much o' the Cabinet got the mess-..."

"Sir!" Cried a soldier as he hurried into the room. "We're getting a local radio transmission!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I hereby proclaim me right ta the Morridane Crown and the ancient throne o’ Mordent, I claim this on the basis o’ blood. The so-called ‘Queen’ Lothwyn was a pretender, a no-blood child placed on the throne by men seeking ta use her as a puppet. Supposedly she was me brother’s daughter, but I have proof that she was o’ no relation ta him nor I and I am willing ta share this proof with the world.”

“As o’ this moment I am invoking me birthright and declaring meself Ard Righ o’ both the ancient Kingdom o’ Mordent and the Commonwealth o’ Morrdh. All clan chieftains are required ta swear fealty ta me, all military units are ordered ta stand down and the Assembly is hereby suspended.”

“I am Viktor Cathmore, ye now know me as King.”

"So the bastard has returned..." Muttered Whittleton before turning to Dodd. "Major General, I'm afraid the situation has just gotten more complicated."

Central Morrdun

Viktor's broadcast, as intended, reached far and wide across the Commonwealth and beyond it.

Amongst the Commonwealth military units who received the broadcast, puzzlement grew. Older hands remembered Viktor as the brother of the last Morridane King, though they were equally shocked by the turn of events as the younger recruits were. The military's actions were going to be critical, it was the one factor in Viktor's coup that would determine whether it would succeed or fail.

Something that Viktor know all too well.

Well placed senior officers in the Morridane command structure had been convinced to throw their lot in with Viktor's cause some time prior, in turn they ensured the loyalty of troops under their command. These turncoats moved quickly, securing strategic locations and arresting so-called 'traitors'. One particular senior officer went a step further and transmitted a message over the Commonwealth military communications network.

"All Commonwealth units, this is General Dunsirn. A pretender ta the Crown has been unmasked and unseated by the true heir ta the throne, though not without trouble."

"A new monarch will be crowned soon, but you all will be receiving orders ta help the Commonwealth through a turbulent time and ensure its security. Hail our new Ard Righ; Long live King Viktor!"
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Postby Mokastana » Fri Jul 12, 2019 11:44 pm

Joint Morridane/PUF Coastal Defense Station
Isla de Flora
500 kilometers off the coast of Florida del Moka/120km off the coast of New Anglia

Isla del Flora was the Mokan name for an island off the Morridane coast that had, at one time, been a point of contention between the Mokan and Morridane states. Even if the biggest battle the island had ever seen was a one shot affair between a farmer and escaped pig. The dead pig had resulted in a general buildup of military forces on both sides, but had eventually turned into a stalemate. Neither side was willing to go to war over a farm animal. From that point on, both sides maintained a military garrison, but neither wanted to push their claim beyond that. Even during the great border war of the 1940s, both garrison commanders agreed to settle control of the island by drinking contest, leaving the island in Morridane hands, but now dry. After the war, the island was left out of the peace treaty on a technically, with both sides still claiming ownership. The confusion was only increased when the Mokan garrison was 'accidentally' restored by their captures on the other side of the island. A few decades ago, a mutual agreement regarding the island had been made. It formally agreed to both nations stationing troops on the island, acknowledging both nation's political influence, but ignored setting up anything concrete, leaving the island's domestic affairs vague and undefined to this day.

Over the years the both garrisons expanded, and airfields were added. On the Federation's side, the 9th Maritime Patrol Unit was set up to patrol the waters just outside of the Sea of Moka. As the farthest defense station from the Federal coast, it's patrols often made up the first line of communication between incoming flights and vessels. Today was supposed to be no different, but the massive alerts going through the base said otherwise, with every available aircraft being fired into the sky. It had been nearly a year since the Kravenite attack on Mokastana, and today there were unconfirmed reports of an attack on Morrdun. A full scale attack on the East Coast was certainly a possibility. Planes were in the sky within minutes of the first alarm, loaded with anti ship missiles and looking for invaders. One patrol picked up a carrier group on radar, but it turned out to be a Morridane carrier named HMMS Enbarr, and her escorts, nothing significant. It wasn't long before they found another stranger in their patrol routes, a diplomatic flight fleeing Morrdun and heading south.

Imbrinium diplomatic flight JADE three, as it would identify itself, would be contacted first by 'Gatekeeper-Cortez' a Federal Tu-95 loaded with Airborne Early Warning Radar and communication equipment. After a hasty verification with base command and the Imbrinium embassy. The diplomatic flight was recognized and instructed to head south to a rally point where a pair of LY908 'Warhawks' would escort them into Federal waters. Armed with more anti ship missiles than AA, the two Warhawks stuck to the sides of Jade Three, letting anyone nearby know that this flight was under Federal protection. Any attempts to intercept it would be met with hostile force. Although they were loaded for anti ship missions, both carried a pair of short range Air to Air missiles, just in case.

Somewhere over the Isla de Flora they were joined by two YA-42 Corsaires from the mainland, callsign 'Shotgun 1 and Shotgun 2' whose mission was to escort them inland. If refueling was needed, Jade three could land on the island and fill up, but the goal was to get them to Mokastana City as soon as possible. Given the nature of the evacuation and questionable status of the island, Jade three was given priority take off and a direct flight path to Mokastana City's Military Airport.

Once over the Sea of Moka, things were peaceful, an easy 800 kilometers to the city and soon Jade three was parked in a military hanger while its crew and passengers were given food, water, clothes, and rest. The ambassador of Imbrinium in Mokastana City was notified and invited to meet everyone at the airbase. If they were willing, agents from the Bureau of Secret Affairs would interview them about what happened in Morrdun for intelligence gathering. Copies of transcripts would, of course, be forwarded to the Imbrinium embassy, but the Federation was blind to what was going on in the north. Any intelligence was important, especially while bullets were still flying in the Capital of their northern neighbor.

"The Farm"
Outskirts of Morrdun

Sasha Protocol, the set of rules and directives that every Federal Embassy must abide by to prepare for a possible
attack. Everything from the design of the Embassies to evacuation plans started with the idea that this new embassy would be attacked, and who was likely to do so. For many, it was often a theoretical coup, or civil uprising, or attack by foreign power. Each possible threat, from terrorism to invasion, had to be factored in for probability and priority. The Embassy in Morrdun was no different.

Planning determined the most likely threat largest in Morrdun was a sea based invasion of the city, with the next most possible threat being a coup. Theoretically, a distant relative of their Sovereign, or populist coup backed by the military. The odds of either successfully surrounding the entire city without warning was incredibly low, meaning the two main threats were a sea side invasion, or a land based invasion. The land invasion plan was easy, get to the primary coastal rally point at the Ambassador's personal dock, evacuate to sea, and meet up with the Federal Navy. Safe and secure.

The sea invasion plan, which was far more likely, was also harder to plan for. It required the staff to flee to secondary outposts, and prepare multiple plans for whatever happens next. Coups vs foriegn attack, scale of invasion, scale of defense were all factors to be considered. Property was purchased in the outskirts of the city, and multiple paths were drawn up. If it was a foreign invasion and the alliance was still strong, use diplomatic status to get to the Mokan border, either by flight or vehicle. If the attacks were surgical, then wait for contact with the Federal Navy and get to secondary coastal rally points.

Ambassador Ricardo Tatalli sat in the living room of generic farm on the outskirts of Morrdun, owned by the Federation. The family that lived here were on Federal payroll, albeit indirectly, and never thought they would actually have to fulfill their duty to the Federation. What staff could make it to the Farm, did. No doubt in the city the GDE had locked down the embassy and was probably dealing with lots of Mokan refugees. Ricardo knew he should be there, it was a crisis after all, but Burt was a good man, a good soldier, and had made the right call. Besides, Ricardo had his own job right now, get these people to safety. They had heard the radio broadcast by Viktor, and had to fear the worst… it was time to flee the country.

"Sergeant, we don't know what army units are loyal to who. No one would make this move without lots of prep. This evening, we will load up the vehicles and head out. We are going to the secondary coastal rally points and try to escape out to sea."

Phone call between Southern Command and 2nd Army Command

“I’m aware o’ that Generalissimo, but tis an extraordinary measure fer an extraordinary situation.” Murray replied. “Still, thank ye…nice ta know theres still friendlies I can trust. Though might be an idea ta exchange officers ta act as liaisons at our respective commands.”

"I am sure we can make that happen, Leftenant-General Murray. I'll have one of my best officers sent to your command shortly. Long live the Queen."

Federal Security Council meeting

President Ben Rodriguez had barely made a cup of coffee in the morning when the phone rang, regarding the current emergency situation. Military and intelligence leaders had arrived at the Presidential Palace shortly afterwards to discuss options. The first concern was the scale of the attack, and whether or not they should expect a similar attack in Mokastana City soon. When it was determined that this was an attack only on the Morridane capital, focus shifted.

After Viktor's announcement, and miltary intelligence intercepting a message from a "General Dunsirn", it was clear this was a coup. The Foreign Ministry already reported the Embassy had declared Sasha Protocol and was attempting to flee the country. A carrier group was not far from the Morridane capital and could rescue the embassy staff, but the Federation had numerous consulates in Morrdh, not to mention the numerous Federal civilians trapped north of the border. He would have to figure out a way to rescue them all as well. The land border was closed, but they might be letting Federal citizens and civilians back south, but it was not a promise.

It was time to make a choice, remain neutral and let this coup happen unopposed, or prepare for possible war. Neither were very appealing, especially given he was elected on the promise of reducing foreign intervention. If this was the cost of isolationism, perhaps it wasn't the right path after all.

"Gentlemen, Ladies, it seems Viktor Cathmore has the Capital and a military. He did not seize power legally, he never challenged Lothwyn openly, instead he tried to capture her in her bed. Given we have not heard anything about her arrest, it may be safe to assume she is still free. The Commonwealth would have precautions in the event of an attack, just like we do.

If Morrdh falls into civil conflict, we must support our allies, as they have supported us. We will need support from the Senate to authorize full military operations in Morrdh, but until then let's contact anyone in the Morridane military and find out who is still loyal. From now on, all official correspondence with the Commonwealth shall end with 'Long Live the Queen' until decided otherwise."
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Postby Stevid » Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:09 pm

Part 2

Princess Royal Barracks

The radio broadcast was hard hitting to all listening to it, none more so than Whittleton and the Major-General Dodd of Stevidian Forces Morrdh. The explosions in the Morrdun had woken him as it had the rest of the city, and consequently pulled him into work. However, the news that a convoy of Stevidian military trucks tasked with collecting imperial nationals stumbling across a fleeing motorcade containing the Morridane Prime Minister changed everything. Dodd had immediately assumed that the situation in the city was a coup, and well-coordinated one at that seeing as the Taoiseach motorcade was only one vehicle strong and had asked the Holy Empire for help in getting him away from danger. Dodd had donned his ceremonial uniform, anticipating an audience and possible discussions with the high-echelons of Stevidian government and met Taoiseach Whittleton.
The initial meeting was brief and frank and Whittleton was conveyed to Force Headquarters – a typically large and ornate white building where the highest figures of command within Stevidian Forces Morrdh worked. There, Whittleton was allowed to make some urgent calls, receive medical care and, most important, get a hot drink. It was then that they heard the radio broadcast from Vicktor.

Whittleton and members of his entourage who had either been with him at the time or managed to make their way to the Princess Royal Barracks were talking frantically in headquarters’ main conference room. Dodd entered with a corporal in tow with pots of tea and coffee.

“Mr. Whittleton.” Dodd announced in greeting. “I believe your lot will be needing more of this before the night is out.”

The Taoiseach thanked him as his staff helped themselves to the fresh brew.

“Sir,” Dodd started again, pulling Whittleton to one side once he had a fresh mug. “I understand the implications of that broadcast – even if it doesn’t wholly affect the way the Empire conducts itself…broadly speaking. But it looks to me like the beginnings of what might become known as the War of Morridane Succession.”

The implication of this weighed heavily on all present. Morrdh was a hugely significant and influential nation and so the ramifications of a civil war over the leadership and direction of the country were not lost and anyone. All at been alive during the War of Golden Succession, whereas Dodd had actually seen action in the conflict whilst deployed to Safehaven. The fact that the conflict sucked in most of the nations in the region was hard to ignore, and this claim by Vickor threatened to repeat history.

“I cannot speak for my government, Sir. But Stevid and Morrdh are on paper still allied together. So long as you are on my establishment, you have the Empire’s unconditional military support. You can use this conference room to hold strategy meetings on secure telecom links with loyal members of your government and military. Finally, I will try to arrange that my government contact you here directly in due course; however, I know that the Imperial Foreign Office is still evaluating the situation. For now, please feel free to use these facilities and if you require anything… anything at all… just ask.”

HMS Consummate Will

The frigate had fallen in well with the Morridane naval flotilla as a picket ship, a product of previous naval exercises with their cultural cousins over the years. However, there was a distinct sense of unease between the senior leadership of the Morridane fleet and that of the Consummate Will. Initially the Captain of Stevidian frigate, one Captain Marcus Gideon, put this down to the events that had just occurred in Morrdun. As the hours passed by and the communiques from the allied ships remained frank and impersonal, Gideon presumed it probably had more to do with the fact that the Stevidian government had not declared it support for either the usurper Vickor or Queen Lothwyn. Eventually he did get a break in the wall of silence as Captain Hannon of the carrier Enbarr inviting him to a meal aboard the flagship. Aside from the very formal and curt invitation, nothing was given away as to the purpose of the meeting beyond food and a formal introduction.

Gideon prepared accordingly, formal naval mess attire akin to the early 18th century and a steely face and nerve. He had requested diplomatic assistance from the Imperial Foreign Office who refused to be pulled on the subject of declaring a position. In fact, they only reiterated what he already knew; that the imperial ambassador to the Commonwealth of Morrdh was enroute and would be at the fleet’s position within the next few hours. Gideon had cursed the timing of the meeting with the Morridane captain as an accomplished diplomat would be able to handle the current sensitivities much better than he. Regardless, he had a dinner date and so made his way to the flight deck where the ship’s helicopter conveyed him to the Morridane carrier.

A small guard of honour greeted him, with minimal fanfare – after all, he was ‘just’ a captain. But he was promptly escorted to the reception room on the Enbarr where he would meet Hannon for dinner. Upon introduction, Gideon snapped up his finest salute and curtly nodded to Morridane opposite number.

“Captain Marcus Gideon of the Consummate Will, Sir. Thank you for audience today, you have my thanks and that of the Empire’s. I regret that is not under better circumstances. I cannot speak for the Empire, but I’m confident I can express hope that Her Majesty Queen Lothwyn is in good health following her evacuation?”

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Postby Morrdh » Wed Jul 24, 2019 6:34 pm

Morrdun Castle

"So let me get this right," Viktor sighed, the two Scythian officers stood before him visibly squirming. "Ye and yer men have conducted an extensive search o' the castle, its grounds and the surrounding environs. Every inch o' earth, every speck o' dust was fully searched and yet no trace o' me niece was found. Correct?"

"Y-yesh." Stammered one of the Scythians. "Ve found nothing."

"I see." Said Viktor, standing up from where he'd been seated at a desk and walking over to look out the nearby window. "Did it not occur ta ye...when ye indulged yerself with the castle's female staff...that some o' those aforementioned staff could've had an inkling as ta where me niece may have been?"


"Thought as much, but thankfully others had that foresight." Viktor replied, making a hand gesture at one of the Huron Authority soldiers who brought in a terrified chambermaid. "This is Sinead, one o' the maids who attended ta me niece. We've had a lovely little chat and she's told me a rather critical fact 'bouts me niece; she wasn't here."

"No, she was staying elsewhere in the city." Continued Viktor. "Though no do concern yerself 'bouts that, the Huron boys raided the place soon as that titbit was found out...though she'd already fled."

"Honoured Cathmore, we would not have kno-..."

"SILENCE!" Viktor snapped, sharply turning round with rage visible on his face. "I will NOT abide excuses! Ye received yer ranks based on merit as it seemed ye were capable fer the role, it seems that decision was...misjudged fer it seems that ye have failed me. I do not need ta tell ye wot happens now...get them o' me sight NOW!"

The two Scythians pleaded, begged and screamed as they were forcibly dragged from the room. Though the pair had a rough idea of what fate awaited them, they had no idea that Viktor had issued special orders for what was to be done with them. He'd ordered for the two men to be kneecapped with a pistol before being flung from the castle's battlements into the River Morr some hundred feet or so below. It was brutal, but Viktor had combined rewarding merit with being harsh when the situation required in order to shape the Scyhtians into the soldiers he needed. A fair number of the Scyhtian recruits had risen to senior officer rank on merit, though many others had been brutally punished for various infractions.

With that little business dealt with, he could move onto other matters...

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"I am Viktor Cathmore, I speak ta ye as Ard Righ or 'King' if ye will."

"I speak ta ye ta address....concerns over the recent transition o' power in the Commonwealth. Due ta the manner o' the transition, martial law is ta be enforced across the Commonwealth until things have settled down. Though great care will be taken ta ensure that all foreign citizens are safe and they will be free ta leave at their own accord. The Commonwealth will render assistance ta any nation wishing ta recall any o' their citizens residing within the borders o' the Commonwealth."

"As o' this moment the Commonwealth is adopting an official policy o' neutrality in regional politics and conflicts. The hostile stance against the Ordenite Reich will now cease and relations between the Reich and the Commonwealth will be normalized. All Commonwealth ports will be open to everyone and anyone, in addition ta all Commonwealth shipping being clearly marked as neutral vessels and given naval escorts due ta the recent conflict in the heart o' our fair region."

"Though I stress that any act against the Commonwealth, or its interests, will be considered an act o' war and responded ta accordingly."

"I seek ta forge a bright, new future fer the Commonwealth and the first step tawards this is the Commonwealth officially being renamed the Dominion. Things will operate a little differently, but diplomatic relations will be sought and maintained."

"I bid ye farewell fer now."

Princess Royal Barracks

"I...thank ye Major-General." Replied Whittleton. "I cannot imagine how much o' an awkward situation this could place ye in."

"Though I must caution ye that Viktor Cathmore is not a man ta be underestimated, he would've made plans ta ensure that he cement his position rapidly and securely. I fear that I may have ta ask yer government fer asylum fer me and those members o' me cabinet who manage ta escape."

"I do not believe that he'll take any action against yer lot here, rather he'll be trying ta legitimize himself in the eyes o' the international community."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

HMMS Enbarr

Hannon appeared very business-like, dressed in a long-sleeved white shirt with a dark tie and trousers. When Gideon mentioned Queen Lothwyn, Hannon coughed politely and replied. "Captain, I cannot confirm nor deny evacuation o' Her Majesty or divulge information as ta her current whereabouts."

"Apologies if that was somewhat curt, but as a commander yerself ye must understand the need fer operational security." Continued Hannon. "I must also apologie fer me lack o' more formal attire, the Enbarr was on sea trails prior ta its abrupt change o' mission and I was not able ta retrieve me personal effects from shore."

"But please, be seated captain." Smiled Hannon, attempting to create a more relaxed atmosphere. "Care fer a drink?"

"I must confess me inviting ye aboard is twofold; partially fer a general chit-chat and partially fer a more serious matter. We find ourselves in troublesome times captain, I believe there is a very real chance that the Enbarr will come under attack. If such a situation arose, I want ta know whether yer ship will come ta our aid or not."
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Postby Mokastana » Sat Jul 27, 2019 2:33 pm

Somewhere outside Morrdun,
Commonwealth of Morrdh

The Yacht roared to life as the final line was cast, the last of three ships loaded with diplomatic staff fleeing the Commonwealth. Somewhere kilometers off the coast, a Virginia Class submarine awaited at a rally point. The staff would then transfer from the civilian craft to the military one, and officially be under the protection of the Federal Navy. As of now, the three civilian craft moved slowly out, watched from Federal AWAC aircraft many kilometers out, with fighters on standby in case of interception by any Morridane forces, traitors or otherwise. Although they would make it home safely, these few hours of evacuation were a tense moment for the Federation and their diplomats.
As evening began on the first day of Viktor’s reign, Ambassador Ricardo Tatalli stood on the deck of his Yacht, bought and paid for by his beloved country. As their rescue submarine surfaced behind him, he looked back at the country that he had called home for the past years, and wondered what fate had in store for the two nations he once stood between.

Embassy for the People’s Unifed Federation
Morrdun, Commonwealth of Morrdh

Division Colonel Alberto ‘Burt’ Marquez had taken this assignment as a nice retirement package before the Army formally retired him. Close enough to home to fly back if he felt, but far enough away to avoid the unnecessary drama of an ex wife and family demands. Like most members of the Embassy Defense Group, he had seen his fair share of combat, even a few confirmed kills, but like most he rarely talked about it. Being brought in to the Embassy Defense Group was an honor for most young soldiers, but for older officers, it meant the end of their career. Still, it seemed that Alberto had one last war to fight before he could call it done.

Dozens of Federal civilians had taken shelter in the Embassy during the battle, and what diplomatic staff that could not make it out of the city was also holed up here. Marquez’s soldiers did what they could to maintain order, even breaking open the vending machines to ration out snacks to the hungry. Even after conscripting any Federal Citizen who had prior military experience, it was clear a few rifles would do little against a direct attack. Luckily, they were not the main target of today’s war. Alberto hoped when the dust settled he could negotiate with whoever was in charge of the city to allow the Federal Civilians a ride to the airport for evacuation.

Until then, he had one major project to finish before the battle for Morrdun was officially ended. Meeting a few soldiers of the Embassy Defense Group in the Embassies garage, he inspected his final ace in the hole. Federal soldiers in civilian clothing loaded luggage into an unmarked car. Nearby, a few other soldiers in civilian attire were packing luggage with rifles, grenades, grenade launchers, ammunition and explosives. As the Ambassador fled to the countryside, Alberto was scattering his best troops throughout the city to various apartments and homes rented and owned by diplomatic staff or were especially purchased by Army Intelligence for this particular purpose, including one large nondescript warehouse, many kilometers away, that would serve as Federal Guerilla Command. If Morrdun was to fall to a conqueror, then the Federal army would be there to guide the civilians who wished to fight their oppressors. One bomb at a time.

Radio broadcast over civilian and military radios
Area covering hundreds of kilometers between Morrdh and Mokastana















Sea of Moka

After that emergency broadcast, every Morridane naval vessel off the coast of Mokastana would soon find themselves contacted by the Federal Navy, and informed that only vessels loyal to the Lothwyn government were allowed passage in the Sea of Moka. Any vessels claiming loyalty to Viktor’s government were to head back north, as their leader did not have any agreements with the Federation. Vessels claiming loyalty to Lothwyn’s government were requested to allow a fly by of Federal Coast Defense aircraft for secure communications. The Federal aircraft would fly by and over the radio ask a series of yes or no questions, and request responses by signal light. One light for Yes, two lights for No. Some of these questions would include “Have you been contacted by coup forces with orders?” “If so, would you cooperate with the Federal Navy to pass those orders along to military intelligence?” “Do you request a Federal Escort?” and “Will you seek refuge in the Federation?” While it was possible traitor could pick up the radio transmissions issued by Federal aircraft, the signal light response would be much harder to intercept, allowing a somewhat secure communication method until the Federal Fleet could begin interdiction of their coast. It wouldn’t be long before even the HMMS Enbarr was contacted to communicated with the Federal Coastal Defense forces.
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Trust the Mokans to be armed even when among their allies

The fact that the Mokans hadn't faced the same fate was a testament to their preparedness, or perhaps paranoia
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Postby Stevid » Tue Jul 30, 2019 12:45 am

HMMS Enbarr

Gideon’s question about the Morridane queen had been innocent and innocuous; he had assumed the whole time that in circumstances such as those befalling the Commonwealth that the heads of state and government would be evacuated. Hannon’s response betrayed more than intended, and perhaps that was Hannon’s intention – to neither confirm or deny that the Queen had been whisked away from what was a contender to the throne itself was probably for the best. Nonetheless, Gideon’s eyes narrowed and a wry smile crossed his face.

“I’ll take that as yes. For all our sakes.”

Content that the mood was lightened, he took a seat as beckoned.

"I must also apologie fer me lack o' more formal attire, the Enbarr was on sea trails prior ta its abrupt change o' mission and I was not able ta retrieve me personal effects from shore."

“Not to worry, sir. I think how we’re dressed is a moot point considering the events in Morrdun.”

“Care fer a drink.”

“A scotch, if you have one. Though I reckon you probably need it more than me.”

Gideon sipped the liquor once poured and then immediately found himself in a difficult position, as Hannon asked about his ship would defend the carrier group if attacked. Something he could not officially provide.

“Well… it depends on one’s perspective, Sir.” Gideon said rolling his drink around the glass. “My government still hasn’t not declared anything official regarding this apparent coup. Believe me I am in the loop. Unfortunately, this does mean that you cannot officially count upon the Consummate Will to help defend your carrier task group.”

He said the word ‘officially’ with an inflection that betrayed a caveat behind the statement.

“However, a friendly meeting of ships at sea conducting friendly joint exercises between friendly states is a common occurrence. Should a hostile force attack your carrier group it would be difficult to distinguish whether your ships are the target or mine. The Consummate Will, therefore, will defend itself from any perceived attack. It is mere coincidence that the protective envelope of its anti-sub and anti-air abilities covers your carrier group.”

Gideon sipped his drink again. “Perspective, Sir. I’m sure we understand each other?”

Princess Royal Barracks

A palpable tension had fallen over the camp. Gone were the berets with fresh and pressed combat uniforms of the guards and trade soldiers, replaced by combat prepared kit, scrimmed helmets, armoured chest rigs, and webbing. All had pistols, rifles with an assortment of ancillaries, but given the majority of the units at the camp were trade cap badges, and not line infantry, their kit was mundane and standard. The order to deploy as this was given the moment after Viktor Cathmore’s second speech had ended and the Taoiseach had been whisked away to a more defendable location than the station headquarters.

Whittleton currently sat in large briefing room whilst Maj Gen Dodd hosted several meetings over phone and video link in quick succession. Among these conversations included a direct line to the Stevidian government’s emergency cabinet session with the Prime Minister and a satellite call to the Imperial ambassador to Morrdh, who was apparently on a helicopter to rendezvous with a Morrdiane carrier group who were loyal to Queen Lothwyn. With all the information he needed, Dodd called an emergency meeting with all the commanding officers of units based at Princess Royal Barracks, the Morridane government in exile and several other political and military heads over live video link.

Upon him entering, all stood up in respect of the rank.

“Please, be seated. We can’t stand on ceremony at the moment – far too much to do.”

Everyone sat down again, Whittleton to his left. Dodd noticed the tired expressions on their faces and beckoned a junior soldier to fetch more tea and coffee from everyone.

“Ah… thank you all for attending at short notice. With us via video link are political heads of the Defence Committee, Director Special Forces General Walmsley, and Air Marshal Sir Alan Marsh of RAF Fighter Command N.E.T. For the aforementioned, you have myself, COs and OCs of 213 Signal Squadron, 121 Logistic Regiment, X and Q Companies of 6 ELDRICH infantry battalion, 556 Company 40 RMP, 6 Squadron 3 AAC and 20 Company REME. May I also introduce Taoiseach Whittleton himself of the Commonwealth of Morrdh, and his advisors.”

There were nods of acknowledgement from all, but they allowed Dodd to continue uninterrupted.

“By now you have all heard the rhetoric from the newly self-proclaimed king of Morrdh, Vicktor Cathmore. The information I give you now does not leave this room: The Holy Empire of Stevid supports the government in exile of Morrdh and the legitimacy of Queen Lothwyn… God save the Queen…” He said looking at Whittleton with half a smile. In unison the room echoed ‘God save the Queen’.

“The reason the government has been tight lipped on the subject is due to the fact we have the Taoiseach on an Imperial military establishment and in our care. We do not know the status of the Queen at this stage but Whittleton is here in the flesh, and Vickor will want him come what may. “Given that Vickor’s speech to the region stated that he wants a clean slate on foreign relations buys us some time, but not much. It will not be long before agents loyal to Vickor deduce that it could be possible that the Stevidian military would harbour the political head of the Commonwealth and come knocking on the doors of PRB.
“If they suspect we are harbouring Mister Whittleton they will demand entry into the camp. We have no right of refusal, but we cannot allow them in whilst Whittleton is here. Stalling them at the gates will give the game away, and it is likely that when they ask for entry it will be in force.”

Dodd then paused to reinforce his next point. “Be under no illusion, ladies and gentlemen, that within the next twenty-four to thirty-six hours, Princess Royal Barracks will be in enemy hands and the flags of the Empire will be pulled down. I have no intention to hand this base over to them whilst Whittleton is in the country, much less within the confines of the base. That’s why we’re getting you out sir.”

“I guess that’s my que.”
Walmsley said over the video link. “Taoiseach Whittleton, we have deduced that your presence in Morrdh would be detrimental to the longevity of the Commonwealth as it used to be. Morrdh will continue to exist in your name, only if you are alive to say it is. Princess Royal Barracks is a minimum threat barracks with very little in the way of military force. Certainly not enough to defend it from a sustained attack on multiple fronts from forces loyal to Viktor. Your evacuation is paramount and to that end, we have devised three possible plans on how to get you out. Ultimately the decision is yours on which we take – or not to.”

The display on the wall showing the gathered figures on the video link minimised the faces and showed a digital rendering of Morrdun and Morrdh itself. In the top left corner, it said 1. LAND EVAC, and a yellow line traced its way out of the barracks on the city image south and then resumed its journey on the image of Morrdh, terminating in Mokastana.

“Option one is a land evacuation. This extremely long-winded and dangerous operation will see Mister Whittleton escorted by Special Forces to the southern border via a series of safe houses and living rough in the field with only night moves authorised. The high-probability of intercept and difficulty crossing the border typifies the danger. However, by going to ground for so long may prompt the usurper government to believe Whittleton is in fact dead. Another drawback is that this works vice versa and knowledge of your survival would have to be kept secret for weeks, perhaps months. The people need to see you to believe, Sir, and you can only do that if you are not on the run and in hiding.”

The image on screen flickered again. This time only a digital rendering of Morrdh and the western sea was displayed, with the title 2. AIR AND SEA EVAC.

“Option two; I have to say this is favoured by many. A military helicopter, with a secondary for support and or decoy, will ferry you to a Royal Navy light carrier steaming towards Morrdh’s western approaches. Given the current chaos, we believe there is a high probability that you will successfully reach the ship. We do have drawbacks, however. Assuming everything goes to plan, the Carrier will be only twenty-miles off the coast. I can count on Morridane intelligence working for Viktor to deduce that the carrier may have a Morridane VIP aboard and intercept the carrier. Depending on what happens at PRB, they may even attack it. I would argue that being on a Stevidian carrier puts you in as much peril as you would be if going over land. The Empire’s navy on paper is superior, but Morrdh has newly acquired Stevidian designs and is on home turf. Intercept is not only likely, but almost guaranteed .”

Finally, the image changed again, this time an image showing most of Greater Dienstad with a yellow line directly between Stevid and Morrdh. The title was 3. AIR EVAC.

“Finally is option three, and despite this inherent risks and political fallout this is my preferred choice. This is a high risk and exceptionally dangerous operation; it is the only one that get you out quickly and cements the Holy Empire as an ally to your government against Viktor. The two helicopters there at PRB will escort you directly to Morrdun international airport. Two Scorpion fighter-bombers will scramble from RAF Donnachaidh some twenty miles away a few minutes before the helos arrive….
“Now this is the controversial bit… Members of 213 Signal Company at PRB will stage a cyber-attack on local power infrastructure. This will have variable success, from minimal to total – so to ensure total, the Scorpions will strike three substations servicing the airport.
“The special forces section that would otherwise be used in the land evac op will secure flight P-SVD9898 in tandem with other ‘assets’ we have in Morrdh. Flight P-SVD9898 is a private charter aircraft for a television personality bound directly for Capita Gateway Airport in Stevid. It is due for travel today in the next few hours. We will commandeer the plane minutes before take-off, synchronised with the airport black out. If all goes to plan, we can get Whittleton and his entourage in the air before anyone notices something untoward has occurred with the flight – the air attack will also draw attention away. Probability of intercept while in the air is low once out of Morridane land airspace. Whilst over the sea, escort will be provide by the naval Fleet Air Arm.”

There were loud murmurs of discontent around the table and Dodd bid them quiet with a wave of a hand.

“Needless to say this represents a direct attack on Morridane assets and would likely provoke a response. The Scorpions will flee south and claim asylum in Mokastana; Princess Royal Barracks’ fate, however, is in the balance. Forces loyal to Viktor will likely demand the surrender of the base, or worse, force immediate entry. The course of action for PRB, in this regard, I leave to Major General Dodd.”

As the Walmsley concluded his plans, the table murmurs began again, this time as louder conversations. Dodd noticed that Whittleton had remained quiet and stoic throughout and continued to do so, clearly weighing his options.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please!” Dodd said again, beckoning for quiet. “Mister Whittleton, the choice is ultimately yours. Every second we delay increases the chances that Viktor will send military units to this base. You must decide now. Regardless of which you choose we will need to move quickly. But if you choose the third option then we will have to prepare and leave almost immediately…”

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Postby Morrdh » Wed Jul 31, 2019 8:57 pm

Morrdun Castle

It was one of the many large chambers in the castle, though Viktor couldn't recall what its name had been he didn't actually care. Regardless of its former function, the chamber now served as his command center from which he directed actions to finalise the coup and secure himself as monarch. Radios and banks of telephones had been setup and were manned as the forces under his command re-established communications in and out of the city. A map table had also been setup and presently displayed a map of the Commonwealth as Viktor and his commanders, mix of loyal Morridane officers and Huron AUthority, gathered round.

"What is the status o' Commonwealth forces?" Viktor asked. "How many units have come over to our cause?"

"Much o' the Commonwealth military is in shock over recent events." Answered Commandant O'Mallory, a fifteen year veteran of the Morridane Army. "But we're looking at a good two-thirds coming over ta our side, the remainder is deserters and mutineers according ta the reports from various units. A good chunk of the army is our, 'bouts half the air force we know fer sure whilst we're still waiting to see wot ships in the navy report in."

"And what o' those resisting the new regime?"

"At the moment, they're being least fer now."

"Hmm, think we should make a big show o' offering them parole and releasing them after a short time." Commented Viktor. "We still need to garner international support, so we need to look like one of the 'good guys' by respecting the rule of law."

"Speaking o', we still have alot o' foreign nationals including military units from other nations based here."

"Thats a...complication." Viktor muttered. "They could certainly be a thorn in our side unless we get them onboard. Invite the various base commanders fer a meeting, offer them reassurances and perhaps see if they'll be open to mutual co-operation."

"Would that be...risky?"

"Perhaps, though it'll be best to approach them as friends 'fore they get ideas 'bouts taking matters into their own hands."

""I suppose, especially since we're friendly with the Ordenites now...that'll be sure ta more than ruffle a few feathers."

"Indeed, though without them we wouldn't be standing here today and their help came with a price."

"Wots the cost?"

"Fer now, I'm giving them all the intel Commonwealth Intelligence has its hands on. Though ultimately its Tuktar, Norgorka or whatever its called, that they want...but their hold on Krasnova is looking vulnerable."

"All this under a pretence o' neutrality?"

"Neutrality is a necessity, least until we've strengthened our position. Though nothing says we can't help out short o' actually committing troops."

HMMS Enbarr

"Yes, I think we do." Replied Hannon, sounding relieved. "Though I must caution ye 'bouts spreading rumours o' Her Majesty's whereabouts, unfriendly forces have been known ta operate in these waters."

"Though I can divulge that the Enbarr is sailing fer Lamoni, theres a substantial Commonwealth military presence there including a naval ship yard. Should make a good shakedown cruiser fer the lass and show o' the future o' the Royal Morridane Navy."

"Course the Enbarr is based on one o' yer carrier designs, the Sanctus Mare if I remember rightly. Granted we made some modifications ta better match our own requirements, operational procedures and equipment. We've also called our version the Ler-class, rolls o' the tongue easier."

"I can give ye a tour if ye like, see wot we've gone with the lass."

Princess Royal Barracks

"Major-General," Whittleton began. "I appreciate there is an element o' risk with all three plans, it is a trade-off between acceptable risk and chances o' success."

"That said, I am inclined ta agree that the third option sounds like our best option. Viktor's forces have already attacked Morrdun's power infrastructure, something that will play inta our own advantage. We can also use his promise to protect foreign nationals ta our advantage as well, that is presuming yer lot will be happy to provide a fake identity and a Stevidian diplomatic passport ta go along with it."

"As ye said every second counts, so lets get ta it gentlemen."
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Postby Stevid » Fri Aug 02, 2019 2:40 am

Part 1

HMMS Enbarr

The Wildcat helicopter baring the markings of the Stevidian Royal Air Force had flown through the night out at sea towards the HMMS Enbarr. Now, as morning threatened to break, it had finally arrived. Despite the friendly IFF signals, the Morridane carrier protection force of aircraft closed in around it at low speed escort for its final approach – clearly taking no chances. The helicopter identified itself as the emergency military transport for Sir Archie Julii, ambassador and senior diplomatic representative for Stevid in the Commonwealth of Morrdh.

The helicopter arched around the carrier towards the rear for landing. The carrier was familiar, one of Imperial design and a product of the arms agreement reached with the Commonwealth over a year ago. Just as unmistakeable was the Reef Class frigate steaming with the carrier a few hundred metres away flying the ensign of the Imperial Royal Navy – HMS Consummate Will. Sir Archie looked out through the spray spattered window; the ships were close, evidently the captain had been invited abroad or was about to be. The Morridane deck crew guided the grey helicopter onto the flight deck and Sir Archie hopped off whilst the rotors still thumped. He was bundled off the deck and swiftly into a small cabin.

“I need my satellite phone!” He said. “I need to know what’s going on over there. Tell your captain I am here and being appraised of the situation. When I know the full details of my government’s position, I will be able to speak with him.”

* * *

Meanwhile, in Hannon’s Offices…

Gideon appreciated the Commonwealth’s want and need to keep the fact that Lothwyn lived and was safe, ‘allegedly’. A threat to this ‘Viktor’s’ claim would challenge his position and would likely make him lash out at any opponents or rebels.

“You haven’t disclosed anything, Sir. I have merely inferred, and I am not the sort to gossip about unsubstantiated hearsay.
“Lamoni though… a wise decision in the grand scheme of things. Strong, friendly, likely to support the ousted government over the new one. However, they are a considerable distance away – would Mokan’s not provide a safe harbour?”

Gideon took Hannon up on the offer of a tour. The little else they could discuss beyond pleasantries and tails of the service. That was until Gideon’s phone rang. A locally networked and secure duty mobile phone that linked directly to the Consummate Will. Upon answering and hearing the message, he smiled and looked straight at Hannon.

“Okay thank you… Captain, it seems the Stevidian ambassador to the Commonwealth is here and has some interesting information for us both regarding Taoiseach Whittleton”

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Postby Stevid » Tue Aug 06, 2019 1:35 pm

Part 2

Princess Royal Barracks

On Whittleton’s decision, the meeting adjourned and everyone left in a hurry. The Signals Company had set up an operations room in an adjacent room with lines of military telephones, computers and other signals equipment. All the senior officers filtered into the room and began making calls to their direct subordinates to put the plan into play. The Army Air Corps squadron had already prepped the only helicopters on the base, a pair of fast transport Wildcat’s, since the bombardment and explosions in Morrdun began. Now, the pilots and gun crews were in the aircraft, rotors gently whirring and awaiting their cargo. One would take the Taoiseach, his aides and guards, and two soldiers. The other would transport the Special Forces section to secure the ground around the aircraft.

Aside from setting up the operations room, the Signals Company had deployed a platoon to an exposed area of Princess Royal Barracks. The deployment included a light vehicle and equipment truck, complete with a mobile generator, command tent, a collapsible forty-foot antenna mast, and a satellite up-link dish. The platoon was responsible for providing emergency and direct battlefield support and battlespace management for the region, including joint communications between army and air force units and the all-important cyber-attack. Around the rest of the base, all over formations deployed their soldiers complete with operational equipment. For those infantrymen of Q and X Companies of 6 ELDRICH battalion this included the full works of the infantry-fighting soldier. Rifle scopes, attachable UV and real light torches and lasers, grenade launchers, side arms, grenades and infantry support weapons for the relevant section. The support sections included a single anti-tank and mortar section, a sniper section and two heavy 50. Cal machine guns. As for the rest of base’s soldiers, many were simply issued with a rifle and ammunition with some of the rifles only equipped with iron sights.

Dodd accompanied Whittleton on his short five-minute journey across the base to the helipads, only able to offer the best of hollow reassurances.

“I can only empathise with what you and your country are going through, sir. I’m sorry the Empire cannot do more at this stage.” The car slowed and the bright lights of the helipad silhouetted the two aircraft, a dozen armed Special Forces boarding one.

“They’ll protect you as best they can.” Dodd send gesturing to the soldiers. “The plane on the ground will be commandeered by the state, but not the military – it will still be a civilian flight. In all honesty, just do as they say and you will be okay. The helicopters have two GPMGs each, no missiles or anything special here – Morrdh supposed to be safe!”

Despite the attempted at light-heartedness it felt flat. The gravitas of the situation stifled all humour and frayed the nerves of both men. They exited the car and Whittleton’s bodyguard beckoned him to move quickly. Dodd flung Whittleton a lacklustre salute and then shook his hand.

“It’s been a pleasure Sir. Go in God’s grace… and God save Queen.”

The boarding was routine and the helicopters lifted off in unison, swivelled around and travelled towards the airport perpendicular to the glowing red sky to their left were Morrdun burned. The roaring of the vehicles grew dim and then the flicking taillights disappeared into the dark midnight blue of the pre-dawn.

Morrdun International

Amy Timms was incensed; her heavily powered face was all that hid her burning rage at her predicament. It was typically selfish of her, but who cares? This sort of thing should not happen to her; she was far too important and had far more important things to do than wait around in an airport. Her scarlet stilettos on the hard floor of the empty VIP terminal clanged out, her beige double-breast coat unfasted and flapping behind her and she typed furiously on her smart phone. Behind her, were equally disgruntled members of her entourage; though whether or not they were actually angry or playing up to Amy’s persona – who could say? Amy continued to type on her phone, her several social media accounts ablaze with the unabashed and profanity riddled story of how she had been wronged. Despite the early hour, now gone four in the morning, her fan base and glossy mag journalists latched on by commenting, liking, reposting. Most offered support, some provided derision that was then flooded out by the die-hard supporters and promptly blocked by Amy. She was afflicted by a very common problem, something that everyone experiences and that everyone would react to the same way: her flight had been cancelled.

Although this was different and, in a way, one could feel Ms. Timms had every right to feel aggrieved. This was a privately chartered flight at four in morning. The VIP lounge was empty and departures of commercial airlines at this time were virtually non-existent. Why had it been cancelled? Why her? Why now at stupid o’clock in the morning? These questions formed the overarching burning injustice that a famous Stevidian television celebrity, like her, should not have to put up with. She approached the departure gate, the cold expression of rage on her face covered only by some oversized sunglasses. The gate staff, Stevidian and dressed in the usual flight attendant uniform and hi-vis vests, looked ready for the confrontation.

“Let me on my plane.” Amy said curtly.

“I’m sorry ma’am but your flight is cancelled due to an emergency change in circumstances.” Replied one of the flight attendants.

“That is my plane, I’ve paid for it, and I’m going to use it. Let me on my plane.” Amy said, clearly oblivious to the events gripping the city.

The flight attendant repeated herself, almost word for word, which enraged the TV personality. With her temper barely in check, Amy replied, “Let me on my fucking plane.”

“I’m really sorry Madam Timms but that simply is not possible. Your flight is cancelled. We’ve provided your team details of a first class hotel to mitigate…”

“I don’t fucking care what you’ve laid out for me!” Amy said whipping off her shades and using them as a pointer as if to accuse the flight attendant of the cause of her indignation. “This is fucking unacceptable, un-fucking-believable even! I am fucking Amy Timms and you have the audacity to tell me when I can and cannot fly on my own plane? Do you know how fucking ridiculous that sounds? I’ll fucking show you…”

The pressure valve within her burst. Wave after wave of pent up anger, stoked by her supporters online, was thrown at the aircraft cabin crew who stood silent and stoic. Amy waved her phone in front of them as if providing evidence from her social media that she was clearly the victim and in the right, therefore able to fly. The attendants continued to refuse, much to Amy’s verbal annoyance. Some of her entourage had started to chime in, desperate to get in on the argument.

It was then that a woman approached Amy. She was small; maybe five foot five – perhaps no more than seven she surmised, and in her mid thirties. Amy dwarfed the woman in her scarlet heels. Her hair was straight, only just shoulder length and black as the night. However, Amy’s sense of self-entitlement really asserted itself when she looked at this young woman’s face. She was pretty in her own way, very pale with a plain, unremarkable, featureless face – inferior, of course, to Amy’s lavish looks and bespoke make-up art. Even the way she dressed was unremarkable and actually drew more ire from Ms. Timms. This plain woman approached her confidently and with a stature that belied her size. Yet dressed a simply as she looked, all black with knee length skirt, top, blazer and wearing short heels. Just who did she think she is?

“What the fuck do you want?” Amy spat, suppressing the urge to slap the small woman. “Huh? What the fuck do you fucking want?”

“Ms. Timms, you need to stop shouting and return to your hotel. Your flight is cancelled.”

It took every ounce of self-control for Amy not to physically lash out. “I beg your fucking pardon? Do you think I am stupid? I can see the crew preparing the flight! These attendants have their luggage packed behind them! My flight is not cancelled! I have chartered it. It is mine! Mine!”

“My apologies, Ms. Timms. I have not been completely forthright.” The woman said calmly over the din. “The chartered flight back to Stevid is not cancelled… it’s just cancelled for you.”

Amy exploded and was physically held back by members of her team. In response, she started recording the woman on her phone, excusing her of any and every vile thing she could think of.

“Ms Timms!” The small woman in black exclaimed above the clamour. “I must ask you to calm yourself and return to your hotel or else I will be forced to take punitive measures against you.”

Amy was about launch into another tirade, but then the small woman pulled out a leather wallet from her blazer pocket and open it at her waist revealing a badge inside. In an instant, the ruckus stopped and Amy’s world collapsed around her and in on itself. It was as if she and this other woman stood alone in complete and utter oblivion – it was only the two of them in existence. She could only live in this moment there and then, there was no before or no future, just the present. Amy could not see, or sense or even hear the people around her. It was just a grey blur and completely inconsequential. For the first time in many long years, she felt small and insignificant. She had frozen and her eyes were wide in terror with pinprick pupils. The badge in the wallet was a silver stylised letter ‘I’ with the top and bottom lines of the letter emboldened in a glossy black. In the middle was broader horizontal black line and on it was the word ‘Hereticus’ finely embossed in gold. All of Amy’s preconceptions of this unassuming woman were dashed upon the revelation of this, the symbol of the Inquisition. Even a personality such as herself and as popular as her understood the significance of the Holy Office, its power, and its reach.

Amy shook visibly and then, ever so slowly, meekly bowed her head.

“F-forgive me, Lord Inquisitor. I did not…I did not know.” Amy said in a quivering voice, her character an ironic stark contrast to seconds before.

“That’s okay.” The inquisitor said with a small smile that now seemed more malign than a comfort. “You were not to know, but you do now. The state requires your aircraft and I am to help oversea this. I require you to return to your hotel and not to mention this to anyone… understand?”

“Y-yes… Lord Inquisitor.”
Amy replied, head still bowed and avoiding eye contact.

There was a pause and the inquisitor returned her badge of office to her pocket but her hand came back out flat as if expecting something.

“You were recording me… your phone.” She beckoned. “All of you! Your phones!” Said the inquisitor in a raised voice. Amy practically thrust the phone at the inquisitor as if it were too hot to hold. Everyone in her entourage did the same without comment or eye contact, all visibly frightened of the woman. Their lives of grandeur, special treatment and privilege colliding with the militant and political arms of Imperial power with one clear winner.

“Thank you. You may all leave, I require nothing more of any of you and I apologise for any inconvenience. Go in God’s grace.”

Amy did not reply and began to turn and leave, but the Inquisitor sidestepped in front of her, cocking her head to look directly at Amy. She did this and raised an eyebrow with a chiding parental look on her face, as one would give to a disobedient child.

“God save the Empire…” Amy whispered and turned quickly, trying to put as much distance between her and the small woman in black.

A Flight
122 Sqn, Fighter Command North East Theatre (NET)
Out of RAF Donnachaidh, 20m South of Morrdun
0410 hrs

Amidst a repeating wailing klaxon, two XF-24 Scorpion multirole fighter-bomber aircraft took to the dark skies over Morrdh. Wing Commander Kaiser was the flight lead and had just concluded the mid-air briefing. His stomach was a knot. Bombing Morrdun? It was unthinkable. Yet there he was, behind the controls of an aircraft carrying live munitions on combat sortie. He knew that combat was only a minute or two away too. Both aircraft were carrying standoff cruise missiles, two apiece, with two targets each too. Apparently, a coup was underway and centred in the capital; as a result the Morridane political leader had ended up in the care of the Stevidian Army and was being evacuated. This, in turn, required the elimination of civilian power substations to produce a black out over a large area of the city and airport to effect the Taoiseach’s escape.

“I wonder what’s happened to the Queen?” His wingman said over the comm net.

Kaiser silently wondered too. As a senior officer, he was only too aware of the politics of the region and those surround Morrdh and Stevid. A coup could be devastating for relations and the wider region.

“Try not to worry about it. It’s a military coup, which means this sortie could get dangerous. Have you got you target GPS corods?”

The wingman acknowledged by reciting them back in confirmation and Kaiser did the same for his.

“Good. Ground force time sync confirmation?”

“T minus thirty seconds, local. Confirm?”

“Confirmed. Cross-ref BattleNET… confirmed.

“Roger. Confirmed. I am green.”

“Fire on my mark… three… two… one… mark.”

Both pilots in unison flipped a button cover on their control yoke and depressed it. Four missiles dropped away from the aircraft fuselages and then ignited soaring away into the distance. Kaiser patched into the local BattleNET for the operation to update the senior staff on the mission progress.

“Hello Zero, this is A Flight. Rifle, rifle, rifle, missiles away T-minus twenty minutes. Commencing evac. Breaking sound barrier.”

As ordered during the mission brief, the aircraft dropped to low level and made a direct beeline for the international airport.

Morrdun Evac Force
Morrdun International Airport
0430 hrs

The sky was steadily getting a lighter shade of blue as dawn crept ever closer, but the helicopter flew as low to ground and houses as they dared to avoid silhouetting and radar detection. It was not yet safe to pop up higher into the sky, as the city limits power was clearly still functional. Despite the orange haze of fire and smoke from the city, all the lights were on which meant that the airport’s radar was as well. Even at low level, the pilots could see the airport in the distance and the crews and operation leaders began to think the whole would have to go ahead but under observation. Then it happened, almost all at once.
Almost a quarter of the visible city blinked out into darkness as the cyber-attack blinded the city. Seconds later were four bright flashes with one right next to the airport. In that instant, everything disappeared. The familiar lights of the airport winked out and the whole place was plunged into darkness. The helicopters soared upwards, gathered speed, and readied for an aggressive line of attack, throwing their occupants around even whilst fastened into their seats. The pilots knew exactly where the charted Stevidian civilian aircraft was supposed to be and donned their night vision to confirm this. There, in the blackness, was a small private jet. All its lights were out except for the wing and tail marker strobes, and at the front was a lone figure waving UV torch.

The first Wildcat surged ahead and landed close to the plane. It allowed the occupants a few seconds to disembark before taking off again and then circling in a holding pattern. Those that disembarked formed a perimeter, bar two who met the figure with the UV torch and then entered the plane. The second, the one that contained Taoiseach Whittleton, landed shortly after and one of the members of the Special Forces who had initially boarded the plane ran out to it to get people unloaded.

“Come on! Come on! Move! Heads down, keep moving. The plane is in front of you, watch your step! Move!” Shouted the soldier. Whittleton was grabbed by the scruff by one of his own bodyguards but all were ushered towards the plane, the cabin crew were waiting outside to help them all aboard. Above the noise of the helicopter and nearby private jet was a huge roar as two fighter planes careened overhead. There was then a ripping noise as one of the aircraft opened fire with its cannon targeting something beyond the airport. Then the second Wildcat took off as fast as it had arrived, and it and its accomplice flew off into the night.

Whittleton was passed up the boarding stairs into the jet by the flight attendants before being bundled into a seat a strapped in. In the cockpit was the other member of the Special Forces who had boarded earlier and was in deep conversation with the Captain.

“Good, he’s aboard. Prepare for take-off, we have only minutes.”

“The passengers?”
The captain started, his voice betrayed that he was quite overwhelmed by the situation. “Let us worry about that, just begin to move. Use the taxi strip, fuck the runway.”

“Are you mad?” Replied the captain having found some composure at the ridiculous idea. “We could hit anything!”

The commotion drew the attention of the passengers who were frightened enough as is was; meanwhile the rest of the Special Forces section boarded the flight and kicked the stairs away. The captain was handed a helmet with night vision goggles mounted to the top.

“Use this, RAF pilots land at night on ops not for safety but because NVGs give superior range of sight… now you can see what not to hit. Get us in the air!”

He left the cockpit to find a seat. “It’s gunna get bumpy folks. This is not a conventional take off.”

The plane taxied towards the run way but veered back down the taxi way. It was clear of obstacles but taxi lines and strobe lights littered the ground. Regardless, the captain pushed the engines to full burn and in an instant the jet was tearing down the runway. The weather was good and the wind was gentle, yet as predicted the ride was as bumpy as if they were in mid air turbulence. Then with a jolt they were airborne and banked heavily to port and climbing steadily. It was likely to be the single worst take off any of them had experienced, but they were up and airborne despite the complete blackout. The captain then radioed out to say they had conducted an emergency take off due to the danger posed by the attack on the airport and that they were following the routine flight plan. He had no idea if anyone could hear him, but if they could he had to maintain the innocence of this flight for as long as possible.

A Flight

The two Scorpions formed up together once the private jet had taken to the air. The mock strafing run was designed to attract attention in the control tower away from the runway so Whittleton could make good his escape. How it was up to A Flight to keep the attention on them and off the jet.
Both quickly gain altitude and deployed flares in both a show of force and distraction before commencing the second phase of the plan and flying due south towards Mokastana.

Kaiser relaxed back into his seat as he let the aircraft cruise, his wingman just over his left shoulder. If it were not for the darkness would have been able to wave. His mind drifted to what he’d done, to what had happened, to what was going to happen. The flight to the PUF would be reasonably short, but in that time a great many things could have happened. The future of his airbase, or worse, the future of Princess Royal Barracks. He knew Morridane forces loyal to the new king would be knocking on their doors soon enough. Thoughts of himself then came crashing into mind as an ear splitting electronic garble of noises rang in his ear.

“…known aircraft… idane civil de….ence….. fy yourself…” The comm message crackled to an end and Kaiser nodded in approval. The cyber and additional electronic attacks seemed to be interfering with Morridane efforts to use their own telecommunications. However, the natural consequence of that is that signals units loyal to Viktor would be able to trace the emissions back to Princess Royal Barracks.

“Shall we reply?” Questioned his wingman clearly over the BattleNET Vox.

“Negative… we use standard radio frequencies to reply. Give the impression we have troubles communicating too.” Kaiser replied. The Morridanes, however, signalled again after more garbled electronic noise.

“Unident….craft…. his is…. Air defence. Identif….elf or we….fire… Acknowledge!”

“Christ those Signals lot are flooding the battlespace. I can barely hear.” Kaiser said to himself. However at the identification of the speaker being part of some sort of ground based air defence unit, Kaiser had no choice but to reply. He pressed some buttons on the Vox communications system in his cockpit switching for BattleNET to local broadcast. Morridane troops able to hear on the ground would have heard faintly, barely audible over the static, the following words:

“Vae victis… Regina in Gloria.”
Woe to the defeated… Glory to the Queen.

Kaiser smiled broadly to himself, he’d always wanted to say that. “Vae victis”, first used by the Royal Navy in the Great Dienstadii War after a surprise attack on an Imbrinium fleet, the saying had now been adopted by the whole military when taunting a defeated or confused enemy over open communications. As a final farewell, the Scorpions both performed a low barrel roll whilst deploying flares leaving a corkscrew display behind them. Both then hit their afterburners to break the sound barrier and make to southern border with Mokastana; and then there was light to east where the threatening morning had finally come. The turmoil of the night was over, but a new time was now dawning on a rocked Commonwealth.
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Postby Morrdh » Sat Aug 17, 2019 8:15 pm

2nd Army Command
Somewhere in Central Florida

It had been a somewhat...interesting night, one especially short on sleep as far as Commandant Flynn was concerned. He'd been dispatched, at short notice, to be Leftenant-General Murray's liaison with the Mokans for the duration of the crisis. A Mokan Army officer of an equivalent rank had been sent north of the border to perform a similar role as Flynn's at Murray's HQ. It had meant precious little sleep, capacious amounts of Mokan coffee and an anxiety inducing uncertainly over when he would be going back home.

Least they'd given him a room to bunk in.

Viktor's two broadcasts had raised more than a few eyebrows and Flynn had found himself being interro-....questioned at length about the new claimant to the Morridane crown. Murray also expected regular reports, primarily on how the Mokans were responding in hopes of heading off anything too rash. Trouble was the Mokans were bound to be monitoring his communications and he didn't want to say something that would make his hosts' warm welcoming several degrees cooler. But he couldn't blame them for being paranoid, considering that a friend and ally had suddenly become a potential enemy right on their doorstep.

It was now nearly dawn and Flynn vowed that he would get at least a couple of hours sleep before scuffing some breakfast in hopes of even vaguely feeling like a human being.

Flight P-SVD9898

Whittleton didn't relax until they were confirmed to be clear off Morridane airspace, though he found his anxiety replaced by a deep sorrow at the relatively minor news. Yes it meant that the mission had succeeded, though the cost was effective exile as he was forced to leave behind the country he loved and had led for a short time. There was no telling if and when he would ever return.

A short while flying over international waters, the aircraft's pilots received a warning that war had broken out in Krasnova and of a mass Ordenite aerial assault against the Golden Throne. It was an unexpected and unwelcome complication, a warzone suddenly springing up right in the way of their planned flightpath. He didn't envy the pilots now hastily calculating the plane's fuel reserves, rate of consumption and whether they had enough for a diversionary route. Whittleton mused that the region must look like a chaotic mess right now to anyone glazing down from the heavens.

An idea suddenly struck him.

He made his way up to the flight deck and spoke to the pilots. "I need ye ta send a message ta Stevidian High Command, its urgent. They need to get in contact with a Space Marshal Cosgrave, he's a senior officer in the Royal Space Force. I can provide ways ta contact him."

No doubt Viktor was still trying to secure things on the ground, but if they moved quickly enough they could beat him to control over the RSF and have a huge ace up their sleeve. If the RSF could be rallied to the Queen's cause, then they would have the nucleus of a force to topple Viktor and take back the Commonwealth.

HMMS Embarr

"At the time o' the initial attack on Morrdun it was feared that the Mokans would come under a similar attack." Answered Hannon. "Besides, there is a large Commonwealth military presence in Lamoni."

After being informed of the arrival of the Stevidian ambassador, Hannon called a steward over. "Bring the ambassador here if ye'll please, also...also fetch our newest Wren as well."

The steward returned a short while later with the ambassador in tow, then left again after a nod from Hannon. The Morridane captain greeted the new arrival. "Ah, Sir Archie I presume?"

"Welcome aboard the Embarr, please help yerself ta a look like ye could do with one." Continued Hannon. "Just waiting on one other they are."

"Gentlemen," Hannon announced as a red-haired woman entered the room, the naval uniform she wore did little to disguise her rounded belly. "I'm sure ye'd agree that wot we're 'bouts ta discuss is o' great interest ta our guest here."
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Postby Mokastana » Wed Aug 21, 2019 12:43 pm

Embassy of the People's Unified Federation
Morrdun, Commonwealth of Morrdh

Division Colonel Alberto ‘Burt’ Marquez had not slept in nearly 24 hours, with a midnight attack on the city, his special forces scattering to the wind, and an embassy whose lobby floor was filled with Federal citizens sleeping on couches, chairs and even the marble floor. What blankets could be spared were given to civilians, while his limited soldier force manned weapon systems on the roof.

In a back room, a table had been set up where a Sergeant Major was interviewing volunteers for combat duty. What civilians could be activated for service were given a rifle or shotgun, a spare bush hat, and makeshift armband. The few spare sets of helmets and body armor were reserved for anyone with warrior society membership, as they had the experience to fight. In addition, he could conscript a handful Tier Two Reservists that had made it to the Embassy, but since they had been on vacation, more than half of them needed to sober up before they could be useful.

At least they still had the embassy's encryption device running to speak with Juventud island. It was standard procedure to destroy them at first declaration of Sasha Protocol, but Burt had kept it to maintain some secure communication with home. Every hour, a message was sent from Juventud, often times a variation of 'stand by' or 'holding' just to keep any intercepts guessing. Burt knew it was almost time for another message, so he traveled to the basement where the device was located.

He only knew the basics of how it worked. The machine would receive a series of encoded variables that, when decrypted, would be a number file. The device would then match that number against one of the few thousand premade basic messages, and spit that out to the users. Many of the premade messages and many more number files were blank 'stand by' messages just to add clutter. To respond, they would need to insert their military ID and punch in a PIN, then select their response message. Burt expected to hear from Juventud soon, but so far he'd been getting nothing… maybe this time would be different. Ten standard messages were delivered and being decrypted, and Burt watched the machine work.


So far nothing exciting.


This might have been a wasted trip, perhaps the roof teams needed rotation, and a fresh view of the city would be important.


Wait, a message? What happened to Ricardo?


Did they make it out safely? Burt watched the next message intently


Yes! They rescued Ricardo and his people!


Well, at least he got good news. Why didn't they just put that at the beginning of the message report?


Another message? Were they going to send in the Navy to rescue them? They were, after all, the only ones who could get a helicopter to Morrdun. Was that even a safe option?


Reinforcements? Did they not think they would be able to evacuate everyone? How long would he be expected to hold here?


At least in three hours, he'd have his answer.


2nd Army Command
Somewhere in Central Florida

Generalissimo Minor Isiah Kushkev had watched everything unfold on the border, with Federal and Commonwealth troops massing their armies, more so because they didn't know what else to do, than anything malicious. The majority of Federal battle plans assumed a march north would be in support of their ally, fighting off a foreign invader, not staring at their ally wondering if a border war was coming.

Their Capitol was under siege, and these troops were blocking allied reinforcements from aiding them in battle. Plus now he effectively had a spy in his headquarters. The 'Commandant Flynn' was currently sleeping off his flight, but only time would tell if he would be useful or not. So far the only concern was how deep into the Commonwealth military did this Viktor dig himself in before staging a coup, or if he had dug into the Federal military as a check to southern aggression. After all, the Federation could launch an attack into Morrdun, but that was a call to be made by someone higher up than him. His only concern was to hold the border and help any escaping forces get to Mokastana.

So when a radar station reported two inbound fighters from the north, they were warned to identify themselves or be fired upon when crossing the border. They quickly identified themselves as was a pair of Stevidian aircraft seeking asylum. Per orders, every time someone requested asylum, Army Command was informed. Meaning Generalissimo Minor Kuskev watched on the computer screens as two Stevidian aircraft entered his airspace and headed towards an air base outside of Nuevo Orleans. The Imbrinium embassy staff had already fled to the Federation and taken refuge, but they showed up in a passenger aircraft. Did these fighters have a VIP with them? The orders were to take no chances.

A pair of LY910 Shadowhawk met them at the border to guide them in, leading them all the way to their landing where Army intelligence officers waited for them. They were told they would be escorted to their Embassy shortly, but first the Federation needed answers. The interrogations were friendly, mostly wanting to know why the aircraft chose to flee and what happened to the rest of their unit. Ideally the Federation wanted to know what happened to the Morridane government, but they didn't know if these pilots knew anything more than they did.

The pilots would be given the asylum they requested, and would be flown to Mokastana City in the next day or so. From there it was up to the Stevidian government to decide what happens. Meanwhile, Air Force engineers finally got a chance to look closely at a XF-24 Scorpion. It was an older plane, with already a lot of details readily available, but an actual copy was in custody, might as well as take a look.

11th Marine Fleet
Escorted by Carrier Group B of the 31st Assault Fleet
300 kilometers from the Morridane coast


Sea Stallions marked with the Red Star on Black Shield flew low over the city, escorted by Marshite designed Roc attack helicopters. The above broadcast was issued over any available channel, trying to get the attention of anyone who might be listening. It seemed Viktor decided it was a good idea to allow the Federation to evacuate its civilians. No doubt an olive branch to maintain peace along the border. Would be bad form if his new dominion was at war within hours of its birth, might convince loyalists to the old regime to rise up in support of the foreign invaders. At least for now, the Federation restrained itself, or maybe it was just mobilizing its forces.

The first Sea Stallion landed in the embassy courtyard, where soldiers poured out and made a perimeter, rifles pointing out into the surrounding city. Two ran up to the Embassy door where Embassy guards began escorting civilians towards the waiting helicopter. Once full with civilians and their luggage, the helicopter took off and headed back to the fleet, behind it, another helicopter approached to land, with another batch of soldiers traded for civilians. Overhead, a Roc patrolled, keeping an eye out for possible attacks from any faction in the city.

Inside the embassy, one of the soldiers met with Division Colonel Alberto ‘Burt’ Marquez in a private room.

"Greetings Alberto, I am Major Tomas Mescalero, Blue Frogs 3rd Marine Division, we understand you have special forces blending into the city. I have a platoon of troops with me, ready to join the GDE in guerrilla warfare. Orders are to secure contact with loyalist forces in the area and assist in loyalist operations."
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Postby Stevid » Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:57 am

Nuevo Orleans
Central Florida

Wing Commander Kaiser and his wingman, Flying Officer Connelly, were now the guests of the People’s United Federation having approached the southern Morridane frontier in their Scorpions. The quick reaction escort of Shadowhawks came across to Kaiser, at the time, as routine. The anticipation of possible combat did not really cross his mind as he realised that they were Shadowhawks, which were hardly interceptor aircraft. That did not mitigate the threat, however. Those aircraft were more than a match for the Scorpions, which were now over thirteen years old. Kaiser and Connelly had transmitted a standard greeting and a further one of compliance. On the somewhat neutral and wary response from the Mokan pilots, Kaiser formally requested asylum because of the actions he had taken during the coup that was under way would make him personae non grata, and an enemy. The flight to the airbase was short and uneventful, with only simple transmissions between all aircraft and the air traffic controllers. The PUF and the Holy Empire had fought side by side more times, than Kaiser could remember, yet feelings between the nations could not be described as warm. Relations were not poor, but nor were they cordial – it was strange and it was typified by this escort into the PUF. It was not like they were being frog marched into the nation with suspicions to their motives high, but the escort did still seem like a veiled threat.

Upon landing, Kaiser and Connelly had been approached by two intelligence officers of the PUF Army who were keen to know the details of Kaiser’s journey. Both pilots were escorted away to car to be whisked away for a debriefing, but Kaiser had taken much satisfaction at his parting remarks to the officers.

“Oh we’ll be needing those back when you’re done.” Kaiser had said, gesturing to the pair of Scorpions. “Doubt you’ll find anything you don’t already know about them… your ‘allies’ shot down more than enough off of South Greal to get a good look.”

Kaiser had spat the word ‘allies’ as if it was bile. Doubtless the Mokans knew there was little to no love lost between the Holy Empire and the Lyran Protectorate, the jibe was evidence of this distaste. To what extent the alliance shared information with each other was a mystery to Kaiser, but if it was anything like Stevid’s friendship with Independent Hitmen, Morrdh or Lamoni (and now even the Golden Throne), the capabilities of Stevidian equipment were now likely common knowledge.

The interrogations were more like debrief interviews though Mokastana was still a powerful foreign power in alliance with Lyras, so Kaiser and Connelly took great care not to divulge strategic or tactic information to the interrogators. Kaiser told interrogators that he was of A Flight, part of 122 Squadron under the command of Fighter Command N.E.T. It was measured, proportionate and correct answer to the question – though a simple inspection of his aircraft decals would confirm this and that Fighter Command split the region into theatres was inconsequential. Questions on why the pilots fled to Mokastana were easier to answer without having to worry about state secrets, the act of directly attacking Morridane ground infrastructure would likely cause enemy aircraft to scramble or for ground AA units to target them – thus they would be unlikely to fly out of Morrdh airspace and territorial waters before being caught. Mokastana was closer and therefore safer.
Neither Kaiser nor Connelly knew the full extent of the operation, but they did know they were assisting the evacuating high value personnel from Princes Royal Barracks outside of Morrdun and that was it. Beyond that, Kaiser knew nothing.

Flight P-SVD9898

The small aircraft battled through some initial turbulence and then resumed its scheduled flight path back to Stevid. The usual communications were made with regional air traffic control and all seemed normal. The pilots relaxed and so did the soldiers, but it was evident that Whittleton and the entourage he had brought with him were no so relaxed. It was understandable, but not relatable. To see your entire world and country fall apart around you and to escape with your life by the slimmest of margins was almost unimaginable.
After a few hours had past the aircraft slipped beyond Morrdh’s borders and into the pale morning skies of international airspace. Only then did the Morridanes seem to relax into their situation; there was no evidence they had been caught or that they were being shadowed – they were safe. It was not long before Whittleton had jumped to his feet with the look of epiphany on his face. He rushed to flight and collared the First Officer who was mid conversation with the Special Forces Commander.

"I need ye ta send a message ta Stevidian High Command, its urgent. They need to get in contact with a Space Marshal Cosgrave, he's a senior officer in the Royal Space Force. I can provide ways ta contact him."

The pilot and soldier exchanged glances of confusion.

“The RSF?” Asked the Soldier. “Yes… Sir. We can arrange communications. Corporal Moore, on me!”

A younger looking soldier, still clearly armed to the teeth but baring the tactical recognition flash of the Royal Signals as an attached arm to the Special Forces.

“Get the BattleNET radio talking with this aircraft, or at least make contact with the Navy below via satellite. Relay the information.” The corporal nodded and went back to retrieve his radio daysack, meanwhile the commander turn back to Whittleton. “Given what has occurred so far, Sir, how can you be sure you can trust the RSF?”

Within a few minutes, the signaller had established a tentative link with a Stevidian Royal Navy light carrier, HMS Divine Right, some one hundred miles away to relay Whittleton’s message to the Admiralty and then the government. Whittleton himself informed the correspondents how to make contact with this ‘Space Marshal’. The process was convoluted and long winded, over an hour passed by with little exchange of information. Then out of the blue came a strange message to the signaller over BattleNET from a man identifying himself as Space Marshal Cosgrove. The signal was weak and distorted, but the words and voice intonation could just be made out.

“Mister Whittleton, Sir. I have Cosgrove on the line. Passwords are correct. I can confirm it’s him. Channel is secured up to military secret and Delian Secret; you can speak freely.”

HMMS Embarr

Sir Archie Julii, the Stevidian Imperial Ambassador to Morrdh, was ushered into Captain Hannon’s office with about as much ceremony as could be expected from an overworked Steward at first thing in the morning. Sir Archie thanked him with a smile and nod before looking at the two men in front of him. Having been pre-briefed, he identified Captain Hannon immediately and bowed in greeting.

“Ah, Sir Archie I presume?” Asked Hannon.

“You assume correctly. Good morning Captain Hannon… and to you Captain Gideon, I’m glad the Consummate Will escaped unharmed.”

“I could say the same thing about you, Sir Archie.” Gideon said rising from his chair and shaking Sir Archie’s hand. “It’s been a difficult morning for us all.”

"Welcome aboard the Embarr, please help yerself ta a look like ye could do with one." Hannon said. In truth, Sir Archie was desperate. The morning had been thus far been the most stressful and dangerous of his career and so he could murder a scotch. Gideon handed him a tumbler where Sir Archie downed it in one, handing it back to the Stevidian captain. Gideon sniggered and poured the exhausted ambassador another, though this time he sipped.

“Thank you… much better. Sir, I…” Sir Archie started, but Hannon jumped ahead quickly.

"Just waiting on one other they are." Said Hannon as the two Stevidians turn and were met with the sight of the heavily pregnant queen of Morrdh, Queen Lothwyn. "Gentlemen I'm sure ye'd agree that wot we're 'bouts ta discuss is o' great interest ta our guest here."

Both Stevidians bowed awkwardly given the surprise entrance. Neither were foreign to concept of royalty, both had serve royals directly in the past, but neither were prepared for this of even aware of the Queen’s presence on board. Despite this, Gideon flashed Hannon a wry glance and a smile as he rose. He had guessed she was safe and secure, though not that she was on the Embarr.

“Your Majesty.” Sir Archie said rising. “It is agreeable to see you safe.”

Gideon offered his chair to the Queen and all exchanged some brief pleasantries before Sir Archie deliver his news – probably the most informed person among those gathered.

“Right….” He sighed. “Good news, I’m happy to say. Not only are we all aware that the Crown is safe, but I can say that Taoiseach Whittleton was picked up by Stevidian soldier quite by accident and the quickly evacuated aboard a privately chartered aircraft towards Stevid. They have recently made contact with the carrier Divine Right and we believe he is lobbying the Royal Space Force to the Queen’s cause. Viktor, however, is consolidating his position and the government is essentially in exile. However, the Commonwealth has two branches of governance secured – the Crown and the legitimate government, it is unclear what support Viktor has behind the scenes but with believe foreign actors are involved. It is too early to presume or jump to conclusions, but the Commonwealth does have enemies and some have a lot to gain from toppling the government of Morrdh. The Fourth Reich comes to mind.”

Sir Archie finished his drink with a deep gulp and sigh. “That is good scotch… Right, so, the really important bit. Technically, our two countries are at war. Stevidian aircraft attacked the international airport to facilitate the escape of Mister Whittleton; but with all the confusion at the moment, Morridane air and ground forces did not counter attack. However, Stevidian forces in Morrdh are likely to be forced to surrender within a few hours or days. That is all I have at the moment. Captain Hannon, Your Majesty, it would be beneficial to hear what you two know… compare notes and devise some sort of strategy I can deliver to my government.”
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Southern Command

Unlike his subordinate, Murray had the advantage of having a general rank to enable him catch a few hours of undisturbed sleep. He even made it clear that he would shoot whoever disturbed him without good cause, a threat not many were keen on seeing whether the Lt.General was bluffing or not. So he was feeling a little be refreshed after he'd woken up and then handed a message, their first edict from Morrdun since the coup. Murray read it, then turned to speak to his aide. "Assemble the officers fer a briefing in 'bouts twenty minutes time, then fetch me Major Perez soon as."

Short while later Major Perez, the Mokan liaison who'd been sent after news of the coup broke, arrived at Murray's and was greeted by the Morridane general. "Ah, apologies fer summoning ye at short notice."

"We've received a communique from Morrdun that I thought ye'd like to see." Murray explained. "New orders, seems our new righ wishes ta return ta business as usual soon as possible."

"As from oh-six hundred hours tomorrow the border will reopen, though night-time restrictions will be in effect as part of a curfew from ten hundred hours through to oh-six hundred." Said Murray as he paraphrased the message. "Morridane troops are to remain on the border, but in a much reduced capacity."

"Leaving the honour o' informing yer superiors ta ye."

HMMS Embarr

"Thank ye." Lothwyn replied when Sir Archie greeted her. "Though the circumstances o' this meeting could be better."

"I am pleased ta hear that Ser George made it out safely, it would've been a get loss fer all if we'd lost a man more agreeable than his predecessor." Answered Lothwyn. "The Space Force makes sense, Ser George is the former Space Minister and retains a degree of respect from those in the RSF. It would deny our space assets ta Viktor, though there is still the question of ground based installations within Morrdh."

"I agree that Viktor is likely to have the support of a foreign power, but likewise I agreed tis to early ta start pointing figures. Our best bet is seeing whether we can gather the evidence and wait fer them ta play their hand, whoever they may be."

"As o' right now, I believe the Enbarr is Lamoni." Stated Lothwyn. "There is a sizeable force of Commonwealth troops based there, if they can be rallied ta our cause then it would give us a core o' an army."

Flight P-SVD9898

"Thanks." Nodded Whittleton before taking the microphone. "Derry? Ye still floating 'bouts in that tin can o' yers?"

"Whittles?!" Exclaimed a voice as it crackled back in response. "Wot the heck is goin on down there?"

"Viktor's come back and managed ta pull o' a coup."

"...Feck me." Cosgrove replied. "Any word on Her Majesty?"

"I have reason ta believe she's safe, but I cannot say any more than that at this stage."

"Understood. So wot do ya need from me?"

"I need ye ta pull every asset ye can ta Lunar, we cannot let Viktor get his hands on the Force."

"Ye don't ask fer much do ya?" Sighed Cosgrove. "Anything else?"

"Get yerself and select members o' yer staff ta Stevid, we'll be able to co-ordinate a response from there."

"Will do long as ye can convince the Stevies ta not shoot me down."

"I'll see wot I can do." Whittleton chortled. "Whittleton out."
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