Copa Rushmori XXXII - Sign-Up Thread (ONLY Rushmore)

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Copa Rushmori XXXII - Sign-Up Thread (ONLY Rushmore)

Postby Rushmore » Wed May 01, 2019 11:31 am

[OOC: This thread is intended to be used exclusively by nations in Rushmore, so if you are not a nation in Rushmore or a moderator performing his/her duties, please refrain from posting here.]

Another World Cup cycle has ended, and this means it's time for a new Copa Rushmori edition, the thirty-second one! With Savojarna claiming victory in the thirty-first and most recent Copa Rushmori, held in Mytanija, now we move on to a new edition in which a new winner could potentially claim a piece of silverware and inscribe its name in the Roll of Honour, and that winner could be YOU!

Sign up in this thread, and if you wish to submit a host bid, you can do so here as well.


  • Regulars returning from CTE status after the moment this thread was posted may join, provided that they have competed in at least two (back-to-back) of the previous 30 Copa editions.
  • Only one puppet will be allowed per OOC user (who must declare it as such when entering it) and their final inclusion into the tournament will be entirely up to host discretion.

* Consider this post as a sign-up from Valladares

Nations signed up (22/?):

1. Valladares
2. Taeshan
3. Sargossa
4. Crystalline Caverns
5. Mareibat
6. Darmen
7. Eastfield Lodge
8. Nephara
9. Qusmo
10. Trans-Dniesters (Pridnestrovia)
11. Tcherec
12. Eura
13. Logria
14. Falkyr
15. Schottia
16. Oberour Ar Moro
17. Cassadaigua
18. Mytanija
19. Bernegastad
20. Savojarna
21. Pasarga
22. Queer Poco el Mono Ara

Puppet nations signed up (Conditional sign-up, master nation in brackets) (0/?):


Host bids (1/?):

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Postby Valladares » Wed May 01, 2019 11:31 am

Confirming the above
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Fourth Place: World Cup 67, IBC 8, IBC 9, IBC 12
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Postby Taeshan » Wed May 01, 2019 12:05 pm

Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Cup of Harmony 35, World Lacrosse Championship 2, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals)

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14

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Postby Sargossa » Wed May 01, 2019 12:06 pm

Champions: Cup of Harmony 41 / Di Bradini Cup 13 / Copa Rushmori V / Copa Rushmori XIV / Copa Rushmori XX

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Crystalline Caverns
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Postby Crystalline Caverns » Wed May 01, 2019 12:27 pm

Welcome to Chum Crystalline Caverns, where the only dwellers are boring humans and crystallized wolves!

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Postby Mareibat » Wed May 01, 2019 12:44 pm

Puppet of Apox

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Postby Darmen » Wed May 01, 2019 1:58 pm

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Postby Eastfield Lodge » Wed May 01, 2019 2:19 pm

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Postby Nephara » Wed May 01, 2019 2:55 pm

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Postby Qusmo » Wed May 01, 2019 3:54 pm

Qusmo is in - & interested in a host bid. (If you'd like to be a senior partner with me, let me know!)
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Postby Trans-Dniesters » Wed May 01, 2019 7:23 pm

Pridnestrovia participates.
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Postby Tcherec » Wed May 01, 2019 7:31 pm

We'll make our début.

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Postby Eura » Thu May 02, 2019 2:28 am

Eura signs up.
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Postby Logria » Thu May 02, 2019 2:42 am

EBWKL - we're in.
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Postby Falcus » Thu May 02, 2019 3:35 am

(Note: Falcus is not entering the CR.)

Eduardo Baez paced around the FFA's largest boardroom table. It had seen better days--dozens of pockmarks, stains, and impromptu cupholders dug in through wear--but at least nowadays someone was running a damp cloth over it once in a while. The three people solemnly watching him might have suggested a more intimate meeting room, but knew he liked to use the grand hall for "important" decisions regardless of attendance.

After several minutes had passed in silence, Mårten Van Antwerp wiped some sweat from his brow and straightened his stack of papers. "You know we can't afford this, Ed."

"Don't." He didn't break stride, nor spared a glance. "Even if we don't have the means, I do. My personal finances and connections could comfortably pay the way for a team for one Copa if I will it; and I do."

"And--not as your colleague, but as your friend," Mårten mixed sympathy with a grimace, "it's not worth it. Not your money, not your time. There's so much more we could be doing than sending some amateur kids on a vacation to Cassadaigua or Qusmo or some shit. Improve the training facilities here, get more teams outside the major cities up to semi-pro levels of organization, fix up this rustheap of a building..."

Eduardo finally came to a halt. "You really don't get it, do you?" He turned and leaned forward, planting his hands on the table in overly-dramatic fashion. "It's not about the glory, or winning, or the state of the FFA. All of those will come with time. It's about bringing the nation together. We've had nothing to rally behind but a tattered flag for nearly two decades! When was the last time you saw a Falconian flag flown anywhere other than a government building? Everyone's been so focused picking up the pieces of their local area that our national identity has completely vanished. And all this shit's been so slow because nobody works together--because everything crashed down from a failure of central planning, suddenly Umber won't talk to Nestingham about how they might swap wood for stone and make rebuilding cheaper! This country needs to be reminded it is one, single, united state--and what better way than to remind everyone they all share the beautiful sport?"

"That's a genuine tear-jerker," Svidga Svendersson deadpanned, "my heart strings have been thoroughly plucked. Even if your hare-brained plan could work it's way too late. The Copa is already actively looking for host bids, and turnaround time once one is selected is always quick. The kind of quality we could put together in that time would be a public embarrassment on a massive scale! If anything it'd give Falconians the idea that 'hey, I guess even when we work together we're a crock of shit.' You'd be doing more damage than good."

Sjurd Stendahl deigned it time to speak up, taking one last gulp from his oversized stein and slamming it back down. "Is that what we've come to, friends? Doomsaying and bickering when there's football to be played? We don't need a grand plan or some altruistic cause. We play football because that's what we do. We organize football because that's what the people want to do. We need no obligation to send a team to the Copa beyond that there is a Copa, and it is in our nature to, and it is our job. Of all things that divides us, can't we come together over this?"

Awkward glances were shared around the table. Mårten shuffled his papers again. ", Sjurd, we can't." Before he could elaborate, however, Eduardo buckled and grasped his stomach.

Sjurd immediately snapped up from his seat and started to walk over. "Are you alright?"

"I don't know, Sjurd--I... I don't feȩ̸͠l̶̓ͅ s̷̤̉̿̊̚ơ̸̟̖͕̂̓̌̓̑͘ g̵̨̛̙̳̪̜͔̗̼̖̞̥͎̮̣̱̜͚̼͇͍͙͙͋̍̔̓̇̈́̾̔̽̆̏̈̓̚ͅͅo̸͚̝̹͚͓̻̝̦̜̙̦̣̼̳͍͕͊̎̀͒̈́̐̎̔͋͛͂̈́͂̇̒̏̏̕̕͝ơ̸̢̨̡̰͙̪̤̟͓͔̤̻͎̺͕̂̀͒͌͆́̈́̓́́̀͋͑͋͗̓̕͜ḓ̸͕͖̹̳̲̹̤̠̟̘̬̼̐̂͛̓̅̀̑̎̄̆͌̇̑̔͑͛̋̽͘͜͠͝͠..."

Finally getting around the massive table, Sjurd reached out a hand to help him stand up--and whiffed through thin air. He blinked, and shook his head. Eduardo wasn't in front of him anymore. He glanced around the room, but there was no sign of Eduardo. And Svidga was passed out on the table. And Mårten's seat was empty... and his papers were flying through the air, even though there were no windows to let in a breeze...

And then Sjurd slumped to the ground, unconscious.

Some time later...

Sjurd slowly opened his eyes. He couldn't really think, not with the pounding in his head, but he reflexively propped himself up by his elbows and looked around. He could parse that he was in a grassy field; certainly not in downtown in Falcus anymore. He couldn't parse how he could have gotten there, or... why there was a few hundred people scattered about the field around him, in a similar state of disarray.

It took a few slaps to get feeling back in his legs, but it dutifully returned. Thankful it was just shock and not some sort of permanent paralysis, he got to his feet and looked further to try and guess where the hell this was. A glance at the sun to get his bearings, a turn to the west... and not too far off was a great body of water. It looked like the bay, but there were no big empty fields by the bay. The north side was sheer cliffs, the east was all Falcus' urban sprawl, and the south were hills tall enough to make out from his office--wait. He'd been absentmindedly scanning from northwest to southwest as he thought through this, and... the southwest that should have just been a hilly nature reserve was instead a city. There's never been a city over there. That area has been off limits to any sort of development for like... centuries.

Finally, the most obvious thing in the world hit him. A realization so sudden and grave he stumbled back to the ground, and could only mumble it before passing out again: "Something is terribly wrong."
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Postby Falkyr » Thu May 02, 2019 3:35 am

Falkyr will once more join the Campionato Rushmori.

...what do you mean it's called the Copa Rushmori?

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Postby Schottia » Thu May 02, 2019 10:25 am


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Oberour Ar Moro
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Postby Oberour Ar Moro » Thu May 02, 2019 11:52 am

Signing up.
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Postby Cassadaigua » Thu May 02, 2019 1:55 pm

We'll be there!
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Postby Mytanija » Thu May 02, 2019 4:50 pm

*lights flare*
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Postby Bernegastad » Thu May 02, 2019 5:30 pm

Puppet of Filindostan

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Postby Savojarna » Tue May 07, 2019 3:24 am

Title defenders here to, well, defend the title!
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Postby Qusmo » Thu May 09, 2019 6:04 pm

“Hello. Our name is Qusmyr Qaq, Qusmyr Qusma. Our parents, their parents, & their parents before them have ruled this great nation for one thousand ninety-three generations, & it is now our great honour to lead Qusmo as its head of state. Qusmo is a nation of nearly one hundred million people, united in belief in the sacred mantra of Qujz dujz Luq tug Qujz peq Luq: Justice for all & justice above all. Our nation is distinctly Qusma, yet we stand as a proud member of the community of Rushmore. It is in that spirit, as an honest neighbour & a warm friend, that we have assembled twenty Qusma experts for a momentous occasion. It is my especial privilege to formally announce the intent of Fuzpon Qusma to submit a bid to host the thirty-second edition of the Copa Rushmori.”

“Thank you, my Qusmyr. You, truly, are Qusmi Bez. My name is Drolx-Dalox Aka, & it is my honour to call myself Qusmi Bez, the head of government of Qusmo. Under my administration & those of my predecessors, we have made great strides as a nation to reach this point, & we are proud to showcase Qusmo to the entire region. Qusmo is a developed nation, fully enjoying the marvels of modern technology & infrastructure. Politically, we are a social democracy, & we take the rights of our citizens very seriously, especially in regards to ensuring a free & fair vote. Socially, one of the most unique things about Qusmo in the context of the rest of the region is that all Qusmi’y are biologically genderless; this sometimes causes confusion abroad, but it means that we are a tolerant, inclusive nation, accepting of all people & of all their differences & diversity. I can think of no better stage than the Copa Rushmori to showcase Qusmo to the region & to showcase the region to the Multiverse. We have outlined twenty Qusmi’y to speak on various parts of Qusmo’s bid to host the next Copa Rushmori, & we will all stay to take questions at the end of this press conference. So, let’s start straight away, with Brelk-Xeral Erv.”

“Qusmo is no stranger to football. On the domestic level, in the span of only three seasons, Qusma clubs have reached the knockout rounds of all four UICA competitions, besides, of course, the Super Cup. Qusma clubs have advanced to the quarterfinals of the Vilitan Cove Invitational, Cygnus Cup Winners' Cup, & Rushmori Copa de Campeones, the three non-UICA international club competitions Qusma clubs have competed in. Back to UICA play, KF Qastyr has reached the quarterfinals of the UICA Champions’ Cup in each of the past two seasons, & I was an assistant on the staff of the KF Atlov team which reached the quarterfinals of the UICA Series B Champions’ Cup. I am on this stage now, of course, because I managed Atlov Juzuna as it won the Twenty-Fifth UICA Youth Cup in Tropicorp Park. Now, of course, I’ll hand it off to someone who needs no introduction - though I’ll give it to them anyways. On the club level, they’re a three-time Pug Qusmyra champion, three-time Fuzpon Qusma Player of the Season, & two-time UICA Champions’ Cup quarterfinalist. On the international level, they’re Qusmo’s record caps leader, leading World Cup goalscorer, & captain. Everyone, please give it up for the incomparable Ilinx-Kepex Zev.”

“Thank you so much, Erv; I appreciate it. But Qusmo’s success isn’t just at the club level. We’ve only participated in three World Cup cycles thus far, but we qualified to the last World Cup - & even advanced to the Round of Sixteen of World Cup 82, eliminated only on penalty kicks. Maybe that shouldn’t be too surprising, since our national team has qualified for the knockout rounds of every final tournament we’ve participated in, including a run to third place in Cup of Harmony 73. Outside of World Cup Committee-sanctioned tournaments, too, Qusmo’s U21s won a knockout match in both their Di Bradini Cup appearances: a Di Bradini Cup 43 quarterfinal showing & a Di Bradini Cup 44 semifinal placing. In the Copa Rushmori, too, Qusmo has made it to the knockout rounds of both tournaments it has participated in, losing to eventual champions Savojarna on penalty kicks in the quarterfinals of the last edition. So, after only three cycles of World Cup Qualifying, Qusmo is ranked twenty-second in the Multiverse, & after only two Copas Rushmori, Qusmo is ranked seventh in the region. We may be fairly new on the football scene compared to some other nations, but there can be no doubt that we are competitive.”

“Of course, playing in a tournament is a much different task than hosting it. It takes a lot of infrastructure to host an international football tournament, & not all nations are up to the task. However, we’re confident that Qusmo is. My name is Alfan-Savar Bel, & as the president of Blonvarz Qusma, our company has built more than two dozen stadia across the country for Pug Qusmyra & Pug Qusma teams, all meeting the minimum requirements for bidding for a UICA final. &, of course, we built the eighty thousand-seat Mastad Qusma, which hosted the UICA Youth Cup 24 semifinals & final, the UICA Series B Champions’ Cup 69 final, & the Rushmori Copa de Campeones 45 final, & which will be the highlight of this bid. Qusmo has the capacity & the infrastructure. Qusmo is capable of hosting the Copa Rushmori.”

“Because we have so many existing stadia capable of hosting an international competition, however, this bid plans on utilizing stadia from all across the nation. My name is Helek-Nenzi Ono, & as a left midfielder for both KF Qastyr & the Qusma national team, I have come to know firsthand the passion of Qusma fans in every vovoq of our country - so, if our bid wins, we’ll make sure that the rest of Rushmore knows it, too. The final will be hosted in the national stadium, Mastad Qusma, while the third place playoff will be hosted in Mastad Atlema, home of Atlov Juzuna, the only Qusma team to have won an international trophy - thus far. Semifinals will be hosted in Mastad Qastyra & Mastad Poldanza, home to Qusmo’s two teams to have won a Pug Qusmyra or Puk Zala. Quarterfinals will be hosted at Mastad Koflira, Mastad Atlanta, Mastad Trewa, & Mastad Tracama, homes of the four other Qusma clubs to have competed in the UICA Globe Cup. Depending on the number of entries we receive, if we have a full octofinal round, we will place each of the eight octofinal matches in its own vovoq. We plan to use all seventeen stadia used by current Pug Qusmyra teams, as well as Mastad Qusma, spreading the beautiful game to every corner of our beautiful country.”

“Of course, it’s not just the physical infrastructure; there’s a certain technical & logistic element that comes to hosting a major international football tournament, too. I’m Xilit-Culak Ixi, & as Executive Vice President of Fuzpon Qusma, I can say that we understand that Pug Qusmyra is not really directly comparable to the experience of hosting a full international tournament; there may be some doubts as to whether our nation is really up to the task. That’s why we’ve gone to such great lengths to ensure this press conference answers as many questions as possible. That is also why we have contracted with the NSFS unit of the Paripanan sports consulting firm xkoranate, which will provide the expertise needed to ensure the tournament runs smoothly. We would also like to assure Qusma taxpayers that we will be responsible with the money we plan to spend; we have negotiated a contract with xkoranate which features additive bonuses for performance, not the multiplicative performance modifiers that some other host bids have employed, whose costs can quickly get out of hand.”

“Of course, one of the most important logistics for teams & fans alike is actually getting to the tournaments. My name is Yivix-Sylax Opu, & I’m the president of Qusmair, Qusmo’s premier airline, & I would like to assure everyone that we will expand our operations between host cities & international destinations throughout Rushmore during the course of the tournament. But before anyone books their tickets, of course, we need to know the schedule - &, in fact, that’s one of the areas where the bid committee has already consulted with xkoranate. Fuzpon Qusma plans on using roughly the same matchday schedule as was used in competitions like Copa Rushmori XXX & Copa Rushmori XXIX; however, the bid does plan on giving an extra day of rest to all teams between the group stage & the knockout rounds, as well as between the semifinals & the third-place playoff & final. We are hoping that this bit of extra rest - &, yes, extra travel time - can help produce higher-quality football for all involved, allowing the teams which are truly the best to emerge victorious in the end. Now, please welcome Yelto-Alfan Ono, centreback for Qusmo’s national team.”

“Groups will be drawn based on four nearly equally-sized pots, derived from the most recent Rushmori regional rankings; however, Pot 1 would contain one fewer nation than the other pots, because Qusmo would be assigned to Group A as its Pot 1 team & would play in the tournament’s opening match, at Mastad Qusma. Representatives from each participating nation, as well as the general public, whether fans from afar or from here in Qusmo, will be invited to a gala to be hosted at the famed Hall of Discord in Qanz to observe the live draw. We will also post live updates on twii.tur & release the full group draw to the public immediately after it is conducted. Pots are not yet set, because more teams may yet enter the tournament, but updated Rushmori rankings can be found at our bid website & are attached in our press materials for those in the room now. I’m proud to say that Qusmo is seventh in the rankings now & will only climb higher - & that’s because of our fantastic manager, Avarn-Oxolt Ban, who’s up next.”

“Thank you, Ono. The rankings hint that there will be two heavy favourites in this tournament; however, we want to assure everyone that Rushmore isn’t just Nephara & Eura. Just look at the last time this tournament was played, when Savojarna marched all the way to win their first regional championship. Just look at the last major tournament to be played, as a quarter of the World Cup 82 field hailed from Rushmore & four Rushmori teams made it to the knockout rounds - with Eura & Nephara being conspicuously absent, & the other two Rushmori teams not to advance being eliminated by other Rushmori teams in their groups. Of course, I don’t expect Nephara or Eura to finish at the bottom of their groups, but one would be remiss to consider those two teams to be the only challengers for the title, no matter what the rankings might say. Many teams will be able to pose a strong challenge; it’s my hope that Qusmo will be one of them. If that’s to happen, every member of our team will have to be top class - including our goalkeeper, Xynat-Evela Cuf, who’s about to take the stage. But with players like Cuf on our team, I know we’ll be able to.”

“You’re too kind. Of course, which teams challenge is dependent on which teams compete. As of now, we are aware of twenty entries for Copa Rushmori XXXII; however, we believe that the number of teams competing in this tournament could rise. Nations like sixth-ranked & two-time champions Pasarga have not yet formally registered, & besides, despite the small size of the last edition, each of the four Copas Rushmori that came before featured twenty-four teams. With this in mind, Fuzpon Qusma has prepared two alternate bid formats, based on estimates of twenty or twenty-four entrants. Both feature four-team groups with a single round robin format, with the top two teams from each group & some third-place teams advancing to single elimination knockout rounds. I’ll hand it off to Xilit-Zaxac Yol, Qusmo’s record goalscorer, to walk us through the twenty-team format before we settle in for a decidedly thorough explication of the proposed twenty-four-team format.”

“Thank you, Cuf. If twenty teams are entered to compete in Copa Rushmori XXXII, we’ll divide these teams into five groups of four teams each. The five teams to win their groups will advance directly to the quarterfinals, & the five group runners-up & the best third-place team will advance to the second round. We have attached a bracket in this conference’s press materials, which we’ll make publicly available on our bid’s official website, which indicates which teams will play in which matches, with the first number indicating in which position the team finished in its group & the second number indicating where it ranked among the teams that finished in that place in their groups.”

“& now we go from the front line to the back line; I’m Cunix-Betva Tla, centreback & vice captain for Qusmo. If twenty-four teams compete in Copa Rushmori XXXII, we would divide these teams into six groups of four teams each. The six teams to win their groups, the six to finish as group runners-up, & the four best third-place teams will advance to the octofinals. As opposed to a few previous tournaments featuring twenty-four teams, with sixteen advancing to the knockout rounds - including Copa Rushmori XXX, the first regional tournament I or any other Qusmi have ever played in - while a deterministic bracket will be used, seeding will only be determined after all group stage matches are played. Let’s go right back up front again with Paliv-Xilit Max, our team’s poacher.”

“The past past two Copas Rushmori to feature twenty-four participants - Copa Rushmori XXX, in Cassadaigua, & Copa Rushmori XXIX, in Valladares - used a tournament format which, while common, is flawed. A knockout round seeding based on groups is convenient for setting tournament venues in advance, but it is unfair to participants, because it makes some groups more advantageous to play in than others. In response to Qusmo’s only experience in a twenty-four team tournament - Copa Rushmori XXX, which used this format - Fuzpon Qusma consulted with a statistician to produce an improved format. We have attached a copy of their findings in this conference’s press materials, which we will also make publicly available on our bid’s official website. We have adopted the proposal outlined in section 3.1. Now, let’s invite our statistician, Pertz-Azeld Xer, to speak to us.”

“Thank you. It’s phenomenal to be surrounded by so many wonder people. In the Qusma format for a twenty-four team tournament, teams always have an incentive for performing their best, even if they have guaranteed advancement or even guaranteed winning their group. In addition to this universal win incentive, this format features balance based on group stage performance, & it ensures that there will be no group stage rematches until at least the semifinals - the latest stage it is mathematically possible to guarantee this for - & no rematch of a group winner & group runner-up until the final or third-place playoff - again, the latest stage it is mathematically possible to guarantee this for. All of this will produce more exciting action for fans of all teams in both the knockout rounds & the group stage. Most of all, though, this format will ensure that the tournament is conducted as fairly as possible: with balance & group diversity preserved, group advantage eliminated, & global win incentive heightened. I have the utmost confidence that, if twenty-four nations play in a Copa Rushmori hosted in Qusmo, it will be the soundest competitive format we have seen in the history of this tournament.”

“Thank you for your insight, Xer. My name is Forzu-Ralox Kal, & I’m a right midfielder for Qusmo. To illustrate this new format, we have also attached a bracket. The first number indicates in which position the team finished in its group. Group winners then have a second number, indicating where they ranked among the teams that finished in that place in their groups. The top four group winners will play an octofinal match against a third-place team, & the top two group winners will not play another group winner until at least the semifinal round. Group runners-up will be divided into two tables: one for those whose groups’ winners are on the left side of the bracket, & the other for those whose groups’ winners are on the right side of the bracket. The top two group runners-up in each of these two tables will play each other in the octofinals, while the remaining two group runners-up will play a group winner in the octofinals. Finally, third-place teams will be seeded such that no group stage rematches can occur until the semifinals. In the event that there are multiple possible configurations which satisfy this condition, the top available third-place teams will be placed in the most advantageous seed possible, indicated by the lowest of the second numbers in the attached sixteen-team bracket. I’ve just about lost my breath talking about this bracket, so I’ll pass it over to Zenon-Gerol Kal, one of our centrebacks, to finish it off.”

“Thanks, Kal - though if that’s worn you out, maybe you ought to spend some more time in the training room. To illustrate how this method might be implemented in practice, we have also attached an example bracket showing how the bracket would have been structured in Copa Rushmori XXX had the Qusma format been used. Some octofinal pairings remain the same - most notably for our domestic audience, Qusmo’s tie against Ceni, which currently stands as Qusmo’s last Copa Rushmori loss, Ceni’s last victory in any competition, & not my best-ever performance. That said, most pairings have changed - but precisely the same sixteen teams would be selected to advance to the knockout rounds; the knockout seedings &, therefore, the knockout pairings would be the only difference in this format. Let’s kick it up the pitch to Gavax-Nenzi Abe, our attacking midfielder.”

“In either a twenty- or twenty-four-team format, a third-place playoff would be played between the two losing semifinalists to determine the third-place team in the tournament. Fuzpon Qusma would prefer to play a full octofinal round, both to implement the Qusma format & to have the symbolic opportunity to place one octofinal match in each vovoq of Qusmo; that inclines us towards preferring the twenty-four-team format. Twenty-four teams would also mean thirty-six group stage matches, allowing us to place two group stage matches in each of our eighteen hosting stadia. &, of course, it would allow for an even grander showcase of football from across the region. That said, the format is, of course, dependent on how many teams enter competition; we hope to play with twenty-four teams, but we are also prepared to play with twenty.”

“My name is Jerat-Jonto Jan; I’m Qusmo’s defensive midfielder, & as the least-capped member of the XI we used at the World Cup, I get the delight of explaining our tiebreakers. Before I begin, we have also attached a full explanation of our proposed system of tiebreakers in our press materials packet, & those not present today can find the full list of tiebreakers at our official bid website. So, we put head-to-head results over goal difference, & we’d prefer to use wins as a metric over goals scored when ranking, for example, a third-place team in one group with one win & two losses against a third-place team in another group with three draws. That’ll ensure that all tactics & styles of play are accommodated at the tournament, & it’ll add even more to teams’ incentive to win. We’d also like to point out that if there’s three or teams or more tied on points, & if a tiebreaker only partially resolves a tie, we will recalculate the tiebreakers using only the teams still tied at that point. Since the first set of tiebreakers relate to head-to-head results, this could be important if three teams tie within a group, though it would not have any effect in any other situation. Finally, we do not plan on playing any additional tiebreaker matches; if teams cannot be separated by any other criteria, we are prepared to conduct a random draw.”

“Thank you all, truly. I do believe I’m our twentieth & final speaker today. My name is Kynda-Nirlo Zyn, & I’ve had the great honour of presiding as the Chair of the Qopa XXXII Bid Committee. We’re so excited to unveil this bid to the world, & we hope the rest of the region is as happy as we are. If anyone here has any questions for anyone on the stage today, we’ll get straight to them now. Thank you all for making the trip to Qanz; we hope you’ll return again for the opening match & the final of the Copa Rushmori.”
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Mind if we play?
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