Gnostics conquer Europe! (App|MT|See notes|IC)

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Gnostics conquer Europe! (App|MT|See notes|IC)

Postby Asigna » Thu Apr 25, 2019 10:59 pm

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NOTES: FanT is only allowed if it is inconsequential to the overall geopolitics and military aspect of the rp and only confined to minor incidents. FanT based lore is allowed.

War. Terrible War.

With the rise of Satanism in France, multiple large nations took up arms against each other in what quickly evolved to become one of the largest religious wars the world has ever seen. Among the nations that were involved were the self proclaimed "Armies of hell" lead by the peculiar cultist turned imperial warlord Macron II "Baphomet". The war raged mostly in Europe where the forces of the governments of major powers who proclaim themselves "defenders of Christianity".

It wasn't long before major powers from far across the world such as the Greater Philippine Bayan became involved in the European theater of the war which quickly changed the prospects of the conflict as their forces of the Bayan ravaged across Europe in lightning advances that quickly devastated the nations of the former Commonwealth and Bartilia. In less than a few days, the Bayan seemed to have secured what appears to be a victory over the Christian forces that were fighting there despite simultaneously fighting wars against several nations at the same time but the fight was not over as several nations persisted on fighting despite what many in the Bayan called "hopeless odds against them".


Europe had been conquered. It wasn't long after Operation Luminous Fire had begun, the forces of the enemy quickly surrendered and fell on their knees at the sight of the advancing Filipino troops. There was reportedly no resistance as if the enemy had embraced the coming of the Bayan. According to the most recent reports by Hukbo troops, there was elation, jubilation and sighs of relief as the troops of the Hukbo marched their way in the bombed out major cities of the former Commonwealth. The news of the quick victory quickly came to the Bayan authorities in Bucharest and caught even the most optimistic Hukbo officer by surprise who never in their wildest dreams thought of a victory that will come up in less than a day. The gobernador Heneral who already recovered from the attempted assasination attempt against him rose from the sick quarters and sprinted towards his office to meet the leading entourage of the top officers and commanders there whilst ignoring the pain he felt from the wound on his abdomen. One shot of morphine should do the trick for now, today was the time to relish on this victory and plan for more.

News of the victory swept through the bayan with a massive surprise as people way back in the Kapitalia were informed by way of the localized 1mc systems of their respective urban homes. The news of the victory was met with a massive round of applause and cheers while the national anthem "Tungo sa Digmaan" (To arms past the wayward) played alongside the Kapitalia anthem "Lupang Hinirang" (Chosen land). Millions of people stopped their cars mid traffic just to sing the song in the streets in unison with some putting their hand over the hearts and some preferring to salute the flag with a clenched fist salute. Many families thought this victory meant that the chances are rising that they will see their sons or daughters who are fighting in the front back home.

President Edmund, the current leader of the Bayan decided it was time to throw a party in Manila as he opened the gates of the Punungan palace to the public where people feasted and danced to their hearts content. A hedonistic party of lights raged throughout the night with little to no supervision at all. Strangely enough, despite this public party taking place at a government building, almost no government official attended the party as they were fearful that foreign assassins angered by the victory in Europe might take the party as an opportunity to take out the government. To make matters worse for them, Eluide purposefully directed the Kalihiman (Intelligence directorate) to spread fake rumors of bomb plots targeting government officials who are attending crowded public events. This ensured that not one government official was seen in public all throughout the Bayan despite this day being a day of celebration.

Partying in the Punungan palace, Manila

Minor riots broke out in the Kapitalia on the night of nationwide partying but these riots were due to isolated incidents of Pifflenet user persecution and drunken violence from all the partying. These were quickly put down by the KK although many did notice that their policing had been relatively laxed for today.

The personnel who served under the Hukbo however knew better as there were still several countries that needed to be erased from the Map. Stocks of Tabun, Chlorine, Zyklon B were deployed althroughout the Bayan, many of whom were secretly shipped to Europe. Even most of the high government officials in the Bayan were kept in the dark as to why these poisonous gasses were being transported to the field of battle despite the Hukbo having pledged the charter not to use any chemical weapons. Reports requested by multiple government officials who were seeking information about the transport operations stated wildly varying reasons from pest control to sterilization due to the outbreak of another disease in Romania.

Hukbo Soldiers Patrolling somewhere in Europe
Meanwhile back in Bucharest, Davis convened the high ranking members of the Western Sector high command to the administrative bureau as he ordered the execution of the contingency plan which they never thought they would execute one day: Operation Merciful Angels - Proyek Phase II. In accordance with this plan, a new government was established to meet the demands of the current situations at hand; there was new territory to rule and the future of the newly conquered was uncertain. It was imperative that all actions necessary were to be taken to extinguish the threat of the enemy once and for all.

Davis also ordered the conscription a huge pool of soldiers from the 40 million Filipinos combined that were currently living in Romania and Spain. It was very convenient that majority of the reserve population of the Hukbo was located in the European area hence transitioning them to active role would take a little bit of time but it would be relatively smooth. Everyone able was activated to a role. This meant the number of Hukbo soldiers in Europe ballooned from 700,000 to 2 million. The entirety of the core Bayan territories in Europe discounting the Eurobayan were now being shifted to total war. Every single activity being done in those territories were no longer civilian in nature.

Davis and his lieutenants paused for a while before discussing anything as they scanned their materials before Basanes, governor of Romania started to speak.

"There is only one immediate threat left in Europe aside from the invasion from Skyhooked in Southern France."

"Italy..." Sighed Davis.

"They have not made moves so far as of yet." Said the newly promoted Tyenente Heneral Gutierez, leader of the Southern command of the Hukbo forces in Europe.

"Our preparations should be sufficient as of now, we have placed rapid reaction corps just 20 miles west of Italy to respond to any threats in our Niner." Basanes then signaled her secretary to brew her some coffee before she turned to Davis.

"Due to the current expansion of the Bayan we might as well name the new officials of the government of the newly conquered territory." She said to which Davis nodded.

"I will personally appoint my cabinet as Gobernador Heneral. I will make announcements in about an hour after i make decisions on more pressing issues. For now the government shall be lead by the administrative teams of the Hukat. Martial law will be installed throughout this new nation called the Eurobayan."

Davis then stood up as he walked to the widescreen on the side of the room to which everyone faced. He unveiled images of the map of the current situation in Europe as well as the flag of the new nation they had just created,

Current situation of the War in Europe

Flag of "the Eurobayan"

"As of now the new uniforms and insignias for this new nation are being patched." Davis then directed one of his Lieutenants to activate the microphone that was attached to the national radio. Everything that was now said in this room was now being broadcasted for all of the Bayan to hear.

"My friends. We stand in the dawn of a new era. The era where the traditional dominance of the ones we call the western white man is being ended by the strongest race in the world."

He paused for a few seconds. In that night, everyone who was asleep was awoken by their loved ones or by their own accord as they itched to hear the voice of the Heneral who lead them to victory in Europe this week.

"My friends we remembered as little as only 30 years ago our movement started off as a fringe political party in the edges of the nation and 25 years ago when we took over the impoverished state of the Philippines and began our brutal and painful road to catching up with the already established powers in the world. Then 20 years ago we started building our armies, 15 years ago we detonated our first nuclear bomb, 10 years ago when we had our armies first marched abroad and just a week ago we conquered Europe singlehandedly."

"This great leap proves our power as a race. This great leap proves our greatness as one nation."

"We are the Filipino Bayan and we will continue to spread the fire of our enlightened rule wherever our armies come to march! We will annihilate the Skyhooked Betamales! We will dominate and sissify the Skycucks!"

To this, everyone in the room rose to their feet and raised clenched fists in the air. They then began to chant in unison the common greeting that simply meant "Long live!".

"Mabuhay! Mabuhay! Mabuhay!" Was heard in the radio before the broadcast ended.

Meanwhile in the Skyhooked Front

Much to the chagrin of the Eurobayan authorities, the Skyhooked fleet remained operational. It seems that the missiles unloaded by the Ultras had little to no effect on the ships who somehow were magically able to dodge the missiles with the agility of their ships. The enemy not only managed to survive but also taunted the Hukgat and the Hukwid with their attempted "hacking" which had virtually no effect as it seemed the Skyhooked communications department had little or no knowledge of how communications worked thus it became apparent to the Hukbo fighters that the people behind Skyhook had low IQ. It did not take long for the "Skycucked" stereotype became rampant owing to the supposed stupidity of the enemy. It seemed that it was time to unveil the weapons that have easily annihilate Bayan's enemies since time immemorial; The Saigant. In Bucharest, half of the general staff corp was assembled by Davis who wanted everyone to watch a livestream of the enemy fleet being destroyed. Many amongst the Henerals brought food with them in anticipation that most of the livestreaming would be just waiting and only a few seconds would actually be dedicated for the destruction scene itself.

"Strike base, do you copy?"

"Copy strike force, detected fire storm. Will respond."

"Don strike base. Will engage on source with LR spears."

"Diri strike force. Deep and high force will do. Over and out."

"Copy strike base."

The Astellas then dived and headed straight for the fleet coordinates.

Saigants in action
Clearly, it seems, that the bayan's enemies haven't learned their lesson from its last display of how able to Bayan can annihilate its enemies by doing quick work of its strongest forces with its advanced technology and the superior minds operating them and so the Bayan was more than happy to show the world of this fact once more. The submarine force, or deep force as it was called, proceeded to dive as deep as possible as planned earlier. While from the southwestern airfields of the Bayan Hispanya, multitudes of fighters took off the tarmac and headed full speed within striking range of the Skycuck fleet, whose coordinates had long been tracked by all the resources of the recon team such as the all seeing sat force and the AWACs in patrol at the red sea.

Meanwhile roars of fire erupt from the land based platform trucks all over the Iberian peninsula from Teruel, Sitges, Mallorca, Barcelona, Alicante and even all the way from Madrid. The launchers would be able to field as much as 4 but for the sake of quick deployment, only 2 were carried by the trucks. Since the strike was originating from homebase territories there was no major logistical issue that could pose a threat to the integrity of this mission, hence nearly no one saw the need for the bayan to be conservative about this attack except for the Hukwid chief Cainitan, who had qualms about launching an attack in its fullest sense due to it being costly, despite it being total war. However, having already left military matters to the Department of National defense and vowing not to be a micro manager, he happily let the Hukbo do their own thing.

Within seconds, the M-4.7s, all 280 of them were now soaring high into the sky with half of them assuming a sea skimming profile for reasons that would only make sense in the end stages of the attack. The missiles would then assume a subsonic speed using only dead reckoning systems or passively receiving guidance systems like the GPS and the inertial guidance system and at this form, it was completely silent with such a low RCS that it would be nearly indistinguishable from background noise, especially if the enemy is relying on the AWAC's radar for detection against such threats. With less than the RCS of the raptor, this missile was going to be completely stealthy against mobile radar platforms such as the AWAC which surely cannot field enough power on its own to effectively even get a glimpse of the missiles for even a second, let alone something bigger such as the F-22. For the entirety of its no more than 2,700 km long cruising stage, this missile was going to be a completely silent projectile. Already reprogrammed to do so, as soon as the missiles get within 30 kilometers of the determined GPS coordinates of the enemy, it was to quickly shift towards its terminal specifications, reaching speeds up to mach 3 with its terminal ramjet. At this point, no longer was the missile stealthy since it was utilizing active radar guidance. However, to compensate for this, the missiles would quickly move to jam the enemy's detection frequencies which was going to be undeniably a lethal move especially to a fleet with ships who rely heavily on radio guidance. The point defenses of the enemy would only have no more than 30 seconds to respond, if they could respond at all knowing the seekers of their own point defenses are being flooded with false targets. If the enemy could respond at all, they would only be shooting at the sky at best and if they would be mad enough to shift to manual targeting, it would be impossible for them to do so unless they have a superhuman among their ranks who could move to man their guns for less than a second. But with the detectors of the enemy jammed in the first place, it was highly doubted that the enemy would even know they are under attack apart from the jamming on their frequencies, but even so, they would not know where is it coming from and what is heading their way. To couple with the odds of their demise, the enemy would have to face a missile attack that will converge upon them from a wide variety of extreme angles with some coming from the sky and so heading for them only a few meters head on above sea level. Not even infrared seeking interceptors would be a viable defensive maneuver against it as the moment the missile's active detection frequencies had deliberated the presence of interceptors despite the jamming, it would then dispense flare bomblets. The vacuum sealed bomblets would then immediately disperse their contents which was White Phosporous and a pressurized inert gas like Argon. The inert gas's sheer pressure would jettison the powdered white phosphorous out of the bomblets and into the air. The moment the inert gas was jettisoning, with a single spark generated by the bomblets' self shorting batteries, would ionize the Argon creating an electrified gaseous field which would kick-start the full nature of the oxidization process of the white phosphorous particles. The resulting reaction would then be viewed by infrared seekers, burning at more than 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit, as exponentially hotter than their original targets (which would be abysmally colder in comparison due to the only detectable heat they would be emitting would be due to the friction of air resistance on their frontage.) It would then shift the IR defenders' attention towards the resulting cloud of heat while giving the hypersonic missiles precious seconds to escape and kill their targets. Nothing the Skycucked could do in their disposal would be able to change the circumstances which were in favor of their death.

3 out of four missile would be using more than 725 pounds of high explosive warheads which, if combined with the sheer force of the kinetic energy packed by the hypersonic missile, would be enough to obliterate small ships on the size of light cruisers and severely cripple large ships and even splitting them in half on a single shot. The one more missile in the barrage would then be carrying more than 725 pounds of metal augmented charge fuel air explosive which upon exploding, would then engulf the ships in high saturations of fuel air. The moment this was used, whatever personnel that was in the ship, wherever they hid, would not be living the following hour to tell their stories back at their homeland. Pushed by the high concentrations of Argon gas, the elastic balloons would then disperse the fuels in the air which would then be able to seep into the tiniest of gaps and cracks. The moment the spark lit, the entire ship would in an instant be incinerated by the explosion along with the other areas within and outside it that was saturated with fuel ensuring that no one would survive. The heat in fact would grow so hot that it would be enough to make soft metal like aluminum and lead go molten for brief seconds. Depending on where the targets were stationed at the time they were attacked, the thunder missiles would then disperse their remaining fuel into the air hence proving highly deadly for the ships as even those missiles that didn't use thermobaric warheads will be potentially engulfed in thermobaric flames. This whole episode undoubtedly, is going to be one hell of the nightmare for the enemy, specifically their entire surface navy, who has dared to oppose the Greater Philippine Bayan, the Great conqueror President Panganiban and the Great Guardian Domer Eluide. However, such will be the dismay of the Skycucked if they would know that this doesn't count even half of the intensity of the scourge they are about to receive in the coming hours.

-Formation Alpha

The jets, 20 Ultras armed with the lethal M-4.7 Saigants whose sister missiles' lethality was tested and proven in crushing the Topkekkian fleet, Zargehestani, Arawiyan, Germans and the navies of many more nations whose ships are now reefs under the bottom of the sea. They went completely silent at their subsonic cruising range remaining below the horizon having only preset coordinates and satellite information to guide them. As soon as they reached within 260 kilometers of the fleet's outlying coordinates, the M-4.7s will accelerate to around Mach 4, a hypersonic speed, fast enough that responding via automated point defenses will be extremely difficult. The same instructions shall go for the Ultras as they will then open fire their weapons once they enter within 240 kilometers of the target, M-3 Saigants, each and every single one of them, 20 all in all, 3 on each pesky frigate, another 4 on the quicker class and the remaining 5 shall be divided on the remaining ships. The M-4.5 saigants, designed to reach terminal velocity at the speed of mach 3-4, a very fast speed, with their dual frequency capability would unleash a storm on the enemy's detection frequencies jamming their fire controls thus rendering their defenses useless in a wide range of manners. Armed with thermobaric weapons, it would surely be enough to extinguish the life out of a ship in one shot, then what more if multiple were fired on each ship.

The beta male will only have little choices for survival. However, then again, if these cucks think their ordeal would be over, they would be gravely mistaken as the Astellas were heading their way, although a largely dispersed force, if used in this manner, would maximize the stealthy nature of these particular submarines since they are designed to travel at such a low acoustic noise thus, little suspects from any possible ASW detection apparatus the enemy might have. However, MICAs would be within their weaponry array if that would still not pay off. Should the submarines reach within 230 kilometers, they too, will fire their own salvo of M-3 saigants.

This storm however shall be not enough as from above, 2 Boeing 737 AEW&Cs, were deployed immediately until the enemy fleet was within their range, before the missiles could even come to hit, the two AEW&Cs assumed different distances and heights enough to make them separate targets with distances but enough to have the enemy fleet within their radio ranges and work together for this next upcoming attack on enemy wavelengths, giving enemy radars serious problems with identifying of the precise location of the jamming platforms. Digital radio frequency memory jamming was also employed hence the enemy radars were about to see dozens of fake targets coming alongside the real planes and missiles, pretty much ending up shooting ghosts. Not to mention was also jamming coming from the missile themselves.

There will be no mercy for the beta male scum, especially those whose very existence is a threat to the Bayan's struggle as one nation.

It did not take long before alarms sounded off in San'aa, Yemen as an invasion was now taking place in Iran. Indeed, just as the enemy had planned, the Bayan was taken woefully unprepared in proportion to the threat of this attack as the missiles quickly wiped out 10 anti air platforms, 12 SPAAGs, 3 S-300 radar systems and 5 MAVs that were in Bandar-Abbas and Qeshm within the first 4 minutes of attack. It was a frightening attack but much to the relief of the air defense kampanyas, it could have been worse and their capacity to defend their territory's skies was still in good shape. Lieutenant Heneral Enrico Junio simply did not see the need to fortify the Iranian region based on Hukbo intel that an attack from Iran was high unlikely. Although contingency plans were already made in the event of this unlikely battle. However, by the time the last of the Kh-31Ps Anti-radiation missiles have hit, what little aircraft the Iranian sector has such as the Ultras would have already taken off as it only took 2 minutes for the already readied aircraft to leave their hangars where the enemy would be anticipating them. As E-3 Sentries watched from overhead, the AP-9 also watched on an intermediate height on LPI hunting the coming enemy like a hawk. It wouldn't be long belong the AP-9s would fall upon the Su-34 alongside the S-400s. The S-400s would be the first to fire unloading their full loadout 4 40N6E missiles which travel at the maximum speed of mach 14 would open fire on each aircraft making quick work on the intruders. The remaining functional S-300s would also work in conjunction by firing 2 48N6E2 missiles which travel at mach 6. 36 missiles all in all were heading for the enemy, and it is going to hurt. As soon as the air defenses have fired, they would changed their locations and reload along the way. As soon as the Su-34s arrive, they would still be meeting a very strong anti-air defense as the lousiness of the initial attack failed to make any effective neutralization. They would still be meeting with the full might of the already flying AP-9 Ultras who would be waiting for them in the air when they arrive and attempt to attack. With a lateral RCS being considerably smaller than a golf ball, the enemy would find itself with a nasty surprise of being found before they could find anything. As soon as the AP-9s made it to the air, the enemy would have already been most likely shot down according to the probabilities but they were ready to make quick work of the incoming foe with close range combat to which they were heavily ready for along with the Corsaires which, with their forward swept wing was more fit for the job.

The enemy in all their dullness made no attempt, much to the delight of the Hukbo, to shift the positions of their OTR-21 Tochka ballistic launchers after they had fired which by now, have been flagged by the Guardian system in real time as soon as they attacked. Much to the delight of the Hukbo who had been waiting for the appropriate time for retaliation, now was the right time. Saigant launchers from all the way in Yemen quickly opened fire on the flagged locations. M-4.7 "Lance of Longinus" missiles were now in the air but due to the nature of their attack, it would be close to impossible that they would be detected by the enemy. They would be annihilated much like the Skyhooked's cucked fleet which foolishly persisted. 4 missiles were launched for each launcher that was detected within 450 kilometer radius of Bandar-Abbas.

Along with the launchers, an entire fleet was ripe for the taking. It would only take about 10 AP-9s from Bandar Abbas and 20 more from the BRP Santa Ana to wreak massive devastation on the incoming "Imperial fleet". The same attack procedure would follow as Formation Alpha. The enemy fleet would turned into new coral reefs as expected of them.

Still, despite all these defense maneuvers, when the first warheads of the ballistic missiles fell upon the hangars, they made quick work of the emptied structures which instantly destroyed the civilian aircraft that was occupying it. Still, 6 HAD S30 Sylradas (Machete), 2 x C130J-Hercules, 18 Corsaires Fighter craft were damaged beyond repair or destroyed a tragic and expensive loss for this overwhelmingly surprising attack. In the deadliest damage of the attack, one of the warheads hit a barracks that was just right beside a trainer hangar and a large hydrazine storage truck. The volatile liquid caught fire when debris and shrapnel pierced the truck creating a fiery explosion that trembled the city. The shockwave sent glass, debris and smoldering fuel raining upon the airbase and destroyed several quarters where around 50 engineers and mechanics were instantly killed or injured fatally before succumbing to their wounds upon arriving to the local ER. 31 cadets, 25 pilots, a Lieutenant Colonel and 2 Captains were reported among the dead.

The explosion sent numerous people into a frantic panic and waking the ones who were asleep as well as deafening those who were near the blast. It then became clear to the people that they were indeed under serious attack.

Meanwhile while the enemy had not advanced yet, measures were taken by the Hukbo to make sure that if the enemy takes the city, they will pay for it with a cost. Anti-personnel and anti-tank mines were laid out all over the city, especially in the main thoroughfares in which the enemy could make as the routes of their heavy vehicles. Spikes, anti-tank traps, IEDs and even members of the local Shia population who volunteered to fight against the Kuffar with suicide bombing (the Hukbo soldiers who were assigned to Bandar-Abbas and Qeshm were Muslim). The enemy could field thousands more men but they will have to pass through the meat grinder of a city made out of people unwilling to give it up without a fight. Loads of civilian cars were turned into car bombs while pro-Khomeini propaganda now ran rampant in the city under the instruction of the contingency plan.

The Hukbo checkpoints on the 40 kilometers north and 160 kilometers east and west of the city were left abandoned but if the enemy is to inspect much of the material that the Hukbo used were still there such as ammunition, vehicles, crates of food, supply boxes, and even the personal electronics of the personnel who appeared to have once manned these stations and in peak condition. It was as if the Hukat troops left in such a hurry they didn't bother to carry anything else with them. Bodies of some officers who have committed suicide could also be found in the stations. These checkpoint offices and bases were ripe for the taking by the enemy. However, the Lieutenant Heneral in command of the Yemeni Air Corps did not want what was in Bandar-Abbas to be all there was. In order to ensure that the city would be more properly defended from oncoming attacks, their Iranian flank was now to be reinforced. This attack was a blessing in disguise to him as it taught him a lesson of always to anticipate the least likely and consider them as equally real possibilities. HIA HT-01 Vycd Muytan (Fast Mover) Cargo Aerocrafts flew from Yemen alongside Manila class NPPCDS which set sail from Al-Ghaydah and Aden to bring 2 more battalions and reinforce the area with more equipment needed for the defense of Iran.

Heaven be with them.
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Postby Bartilia » Fri Apr 26, 2019 3:02 pm

Wallace, Bartilia
One week after the collapse of Europe


The King was furious. He did not intend to join the war in Europe only to have his army being defeated by a nation of a lesser race but most of all, by a heathen non-Christian nation. Alexander III just wanted to defend the Christians in Europe being threatened by the vile hate of the unbelievers in the continent yet he failed. This made him very sad and he weeped every night after the night of the defeat. Generals kept sending him news that more and more bodies were being transported back home on ships sent from the ports of Croatia. Many had died as a result of the battles but many also died because of suicide. The King understood because Bartilian warriors are trained not to surrender and to prefer death by either the sword of the enemy or by their own hand rather than live a life of defeat. There were a few who chose to live on however but they will not show their face in public ever again. This defeat is too shameful. Bartilian culture does not tolerate the weak.

The King then summoned the House of Lords to convene in the concession chamber of his palace to discuss what to do next. Many of the Lords were angry at the conquest of Europe but many were also afraid. They feared that if they continue the war the Bayan may invade the Bartilian mainland. They were horrified of the news that came from Europe such as the poison gas being transported there. Many of the Lords are well read enough to know of the intentions of the Philippinos. They have read the political manifestos of the regime and words like genocide, purification and religious conversion are frequently thrown around. It was very obvious to them that the Philippinos are planning a genocide in Europe. The Bayan already wiped out the Romanians and the Spanish and replaced them with Filipinos in just under 5 years. They have heard stories about how efficient the Bayan conducts genocide like simply letting disease spread and starving entire villages and cities until there was no one left. They are not different from the Nazis and the Khmer rogue in their evil. Their evil was absolute. The Lords said this and the King nodded. Now their war, which was once something that should not have concerned them, became even more righteous because their war is to prevent a massive genocide to happen in Europe. Even though Bartilia does not have the strength to return to the European continent, they still have the strength to disrupt the Bayan by attacking its shipping. The Bartilians are after all in the Indian ocean which cuts the Philippinos in Europe away from their homeland.

"Very well." Alexander III nodded. "It is time we deploy our navy to fight the Bayan wherever they are. We will deploy 10 William class Battlecruisers, 25 Corvettes and 20 Enderby class Attack submarines to sink any Philippino ship that travels the Indian Ocean. Our spy satellites will keep watch of the Ocean for any enemy ship and keep our navy informed. The deployed battle ships shall be part of our Royal Crusader Armada."

The king then signed the order to deploy the Warrior Navy of Bartilia.

"This fight is not over." The King declared in a loud voice. "God is with us in the fight against the Antichrist. The apocalypse has finally come and the camp of the Lord needs as many fighters as it can get. We may not be as strong as our enemy but we possess the ability to stop them before they become to strong to even be fought meaningfully. The black death has once again terrorized Europe and our faith is the cure!"

"DEUS VULT! DEUS VULT!" The Lords cried out and applauded.
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Postby Vanquaria » Fri Apr 26, 2019 6:16 pm

Details of the Bayan's successful offensive into Europe had been condensed into thick bundles of documents. These documents had been processed, assessed and submitted for review. Once reviewed, they made their way through the snaking maze of the inner sanctum of the Imperial Palace until they reached one of the most heavily guarded rooms in the entire realm. The War Room.

A long mahogany table was placed at the center of the room. On all sides were wide screens displaying a plethora of visual information and raw data concerning the Bayan and the rest of Europe. The Vanquarian offensive to reclaim the Slavic countries from NATO had been achieved but the Eurobayan's sudden presence in the region threatened operational security for further plans to continue the Vanquarian blitzkrieg across Western civilization.

An entire theater of operations had been established with 2 whole army groups on the borders of western Vanqauria facing Bayan-controlled Europe. Vanquarian forces within the recently annexed Slavic nations were in the process of fortifying the defenses against potential invasion.

C-RAM weapon systems were being deployed throughout the annexed territories, automated MANTIS turrets, improved from the Skyshield C-RAM system they were based upon, were being placed to protect vital troop bases within the territories. The Israeli's David's Sling counter-missile system plus their Iron Beam weapons system were also being transported to reinforce Vanquarian military positions in the region.

There was concern over the state of the Baltic sea. With the threat of NATO having been conveniently removed but replaced with the possibly more dangerous threat of the Bayan. However, there was hope, at least in Autarch Scott's eyes. The Bayan was not part of the degenerate system that had overtaken Western civilization. Vanquarian societal ideals had much in common with Asignism. Autarch Scott believed that if Vanquaria played its cards right, it could continue on its planned offensive of the degenerate Nordic realm.


Addressed to President Edmund of the Bayan
Foreign Ministry of the Imperial Autarchy of Vanquaria
16 July 2019

The victory of the Bayan in Europe has been met with praise by the Vanquarian populace for its admirable dismantlement of Western defenses and the installment of an occupation that emphasizes the construction of a progressive but conservative society.

Our nations have much in common with each other and it pleases me to know that the Bayan desires to crush the stench of Western degeneracy as much as we do. I'd very much like to arrange a meeting with you and discuss our nation's views for the future for Mankind. I haven't visited Europe since the war began, my presence in Bayan Europe would represent Vanquaria's stance of kinship with the Bayan, a symbolism of our approval of the legitimacy of the Bayan's occupation of the European realm.

I hope that our peoples will become united in our single-minded pursuit of the restoration of morality to Humanity.

His Excellency,
Autarch Scott Esic Tyeora of Vanquaria

Vanquaria-Finland Border

A column of trucks stretched along the winter landscape. They were chassis's for Krasukha-4 EW System. They had been sitting in the cold for a day already, awaiting orders from the capital. And finally, the orders would come.

With a range of up to 300km, the EW systems had the capability to target low-orbit satellites, AWACs, and even ground-based radar systems. And so they did, jamming Finnish military radar-systems on the border, their positions having been outlined by the insertion of Vanquarian Special Reconnaissance Service commandos.

Mere minutes after their jamming of Finnish detection systems had begun, a rumble emitted from behind the trucks. A hundred T-14 MBTs rested behind the EW trucks and with them were squads of T-15 IFVs, carrying Imperial Army troops. But the Vanquarian attack would not begin with an armored assault.

The Jobaria MLRS was the crown of Vanquarian MLRS technology. There were 50 of the trucks on the Vanquarian border and within each of them were 240 107-mm rockets with an effective firing range of 11km. Alongside them were the famed BM-Smerch MLRS's, numbering 80, with effective firing ranges of up to 90km. Together, they simultaneously released their ordnances, slinging them over in a concentrated bombardment of Finnish border defense positions.

Overhead, a bomber squadron consisting of 20 B-2 Spirit bombers soared into Finnish territory. Their payload were 2 FOABS each. The FOAB was more powerful than the MOAB, its blast wave comparable to a tactical nuclear weapon. Their targets were Helsinki, Espoo. Tampere, Vantaa and Oulu. Their objective was to cripple Finland in 1 killing stroke. With the Finnish radars jammed, the B-2 Spirits flew past the border with ease. The bomber's stealth technology would do the rest, the aircraft flying above 37km in order to mitigate the risk of being visibly sighted though the anti-reflective paintjobs on the vehicles would further give them the edge over the naked eye.

While the ground was taking place, a Vanquarian Carrier Strike group pressed into Finnish waters to begin engaging the littoral surface fleet of the Finnish Navy. The Vanquarians exploited the Finnish's lack of submarines by deploying their own. 2 Akula class nuclear submarines moved in with the Vanquarian CSG, primed to bring annihilation to the Finnish Navy.

As the Vanquarian surface fleet entered foreign waters, 24 F-22 Raptors began the process of deploying off of the Nimitz-class carrier of the CSG in order to begin the air war.
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Postby Imperiya Mani » Fri Apr 26, 2019 10:25 pm

Hormozgan Province
Iran Region
Manichaean Empire

The strike on Asignan forces in Bandar Abbas had apparently gone terribly wrong. Asignan aircraft had been far more prepared than anticipated, and it was apparent that there air defence systems were more numerous than they had predicted, with the initial SEAD operation having failed to wipe out such capabilities. The ten Su-34s that had been responsible for this aspect of the operation had turned back after unleashing their complement of Kh-31P missiles, and largely escaped the massacre that followed as their lamentably unescorted brethren moved in to launch the second phase. The operation had been supposed to catch the enemy off guard, and had thus neglected to provide a fighter escort for the ground attack aircraft. These ten Su-34s were rapidly torn part by the salvo of SAMs and the host of AP-9s while there brethren fled north-east over friendly territory, engaging in evasive action and utilising their Russian-built Khibiny ECM system in an attempt to evade the long-range S-400 SAMs. Despite this valiant attempt, an additional three aircraft were shot down, although four of the crew were able to safely effect before impact.

The M-4.7 Saigants launched from Yemen were indeed stealthy, but to sustain these status necessitated that they also be slow. Flying at subsonic speeds, it would take them about an hour to reach Imperial airspace, and this was plenty of time for them to be picked up by systems designed to counter stealth aircraft. A thousand kilometres inland, Manichaean designed and constructed Sepehr over-the-horizon radar installations kept a watchful eye on the Indian Ocean. Utilising high frequencies, they could bypass the Saigant's stealth capabilities, which like all stealth aircraft were optimised for the radar used by conventional SAM systems and fighter aircraft rather than those used by over-the-horizon systems. Unfortunately, these bands also lack precision, so while the Sepehr radar detected the inbound Saigants, it could not provide sufficiently accurate data to target them. Nevertheless, the information was relayed to defence systems closer to the coast by the Faravahar Network, a similar concept to the Asignan Guardian System.

The Empire had invested heavily in anti-stealth systems, and when the Sepehr radar indicated that the Saigants had entered Imperial airspace, more precise radar systems knew where to look. These next systems were based on the Swedish concept of Associative Aperture Synthesis Radar, designed by the SAAB group to track stealthy cruise missiles, for which exact purpose it would now be applied. Using a series of transmitters operating with ultra high frequencies combined with receivers attached to S-300 SAM sites, the AASR system could detect stealth aircraft by exploiting the phenomenon of forward scattering to bypass radar absorbent coatings and deflective geometries. With the Sepehr telling them where to look, they targeted the one hundred and twenty missiles, still cruising at subsonic speeds and unaware of their imminent destruction. S-300 SAM sites opened fire, sending 9M83ME missiles screaming skyward to intercept the inbound Saigants. A hundred and sixteen of the stealth missiles were thus struck down, although four managed to get through, obliterating four of the Tochka launchers which had remained stationary in order to reload for a second strike. The same anti-stealth systems that had struck down the stealth missiles proved to be just as effective against AP-9 stealth fighters, their normally minuscule RCS proving unable to escape the watchful eyes of the AASR system should they stray north or east into Imperial airspace. Any that did so would rapidly find themselves on the receiving end of a 9M83ME SAM courtesy of an S-300.

Colonel Reza Deljou, the Artesh officer responsible for local command of Operation Azure Dawn, thanked the Radiant Lord that things hadn't been worse. He had lost thirteen Su-34s and four Tochka launchers, but defensive systems had ensured that they had avoided the total destructive abilities of the Saigants, and they could now commence the second offensive. Of course, the remaining air defences that the initial SEAD operation had failed to neutralise would have to be dealt with. Reza did have access to a sizeable complement of Sabah stealth loitering munitions, based on the Israeli Harop concept, and decided that these drones should be able to succeed where the Su-34s had failed. Already, ten MiG-31 interceptors, this time escorted by five J-20 stealth fighters, were preparing to launch the next strike. Armed with Vympel R-37 hypersonic air-to-air missiles to target enemy AWACS and new Kh-47M2 Kinzhal ALBMs destined for the ships of the HukGat, the interceptors were primed to deal a crippling blow to Bayan forces in the region. Before he could order that they begin their assault however, Reza received new orders, straight from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, orders telling him to stand down. Apparently, the Empire had reached a diplomatic consensus with the Bayan, and the hour-long war was over.

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Postby Zhouran » Sat Apr 27, 2019 1:32 am

The Greater Zhouranese Confederation: Basically the People's Republic of Zhouran but with occupied territories across the Pacific, the Central Americas and all the way to West Africa. The PRZ still exists, but the occupied territories are part of the new confederation; occupied territories that are now added to the list of of overseas territories along with original Zhouranese overseas territories that make the traditional Overseas Zhouran. This was all part of the Zhouranese World Order; the goal of creating an expanded living space for the Kangyuli race.

Back in the Zhouranese archipelago, after days of debating whether or not the Greater Zhouranese Confederation should intervene militarily, the stratocratic leadership back in Ouyang finally agreed to send a combat naval group to the Mediterranean and assist in securing the sea and turning Italy and the coast of the Balkans into part of the Greater Zhouranese Confederation. Senior Marshal Kang Yingyong sent a congratulatory message to Ermund Panganiban:

State Presidium of the
People's Republic of Zhouran


To Ermund Panganiban

Congratulations on the victory in Europe. Btw, I will send troops to defeat Italy and secure the Mediterranean.

Regards, Senior Marshal Kang Yingyong, President of the State Presidium & Eternal Big Boss of the New Zhouranese Order

Combat Naval Group Crimson Tide Blue Thunder 284 - ZPA Navy

Combat Assault Group Vigorous Red Wolf 453 - ZPA Navy & Ground Force

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