Liberal Progressive Equalism [IDEOLOGY OOC]

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Liberal Progressive Equalism [IDEOLOGY OOC]

Postby Free Thouthen » Mon Apr 22, 2019 2:52 pm

OOC: I wanted to state that nothing here represents my RL political believes. This ideology is made merely for in-game purposes and should be treated as such.



The most important information regarding the Liberal Progressive Equalist doctrine can be found in "The Little Pink Book; A Guide to Equal Society" by Daniel Khassai Siyoum.

Liberal Progressive Equalism is the official political doctrine of the Democratic State of Free Thouthen. It's main percepts are contained in "The Little Pink Book; A Guide to Equal Society". While the official propaganda of the Thouthenian Democratic Party states that the book was written by The Great Equalizer, Daniel Khassai Siyoum himself, the truth is that most likely author of this book was Sigsmund Baumann, Professor of Sociology of University of Augustholm and well known former KGB agent. Released in 2005, "The Little Pink Book; A Guide to Equal Society" became the mainstay of the political life of Thouthen, with all the citizens being ordered to study it for at least two hours a week. Free copies have been distributed by various NGOs all across the world.

The first and most important element of Liberal Progressive Equalism is the Gaia Hypothesis, which Daniel Khassai Siyoum had elevated to the status of a "scientific truth proven and commonly accepted by 90% of scientists". According to this theory, organisms on Earth form a complex system which acts as a computer self regulating all life on Earth. Siyoum went even further that the ancient mother goddess found in many religions is nothing else but how primitive man imagined working of such a computer. As such, religions that worship nature - in "The Little Pink Book" called "Gaia" and understood as the ruling imperative of that computer - are to be the only ones permitted.

The second principle of Liberal Progressive Equalism is the idea of Apollonian and Diyonisyan, albeit it's meaning is re identified by Siyoum. To him, "Apollonian" represents the forces working against the will of Gaia (the planetary computer imperative) and focused on self repression - the "patriarchal, toxic masculine personality". "Diyonisian" represents the personality freed from restraints, open to act on the basest impulses.

The third principle of Liberal Progressive Equalism is the racial and political determinism. According to postmodern theory, various races have different vulnerability to the "Apollonian impulses", with the white race being the most vulnerable one, with the black race being the least vulnerable, with yellow race being in the middle. Despite the fact that Siyoum sees the black race as being the least vulnerable to "Apollonian impulses" (and therefore being the one that is most oppressed in the current system of the white patriarchy), he still believes that black people can fall to the "Apollonian impulses" and become enforcers of the white patriarchy.

Fourth, and most important principle of the Liberal Progressive qualism is it's view of history. Liberal Progressive Equalism sees the struggle for ownership of culture as the primary motivating factor. The struggle happens between the forces representing the Apollonian and Diyonisyan impulses. Each class results in synthesis of those forces, which leads to new one. That way, a perfect, fully equal society will arise. The defeat of the "evil patriarchal forces representing our apollonian impulses" is guaranteed, and following the final battle, an era of universal peace, prosperity and equality will arise.

In LPE view of history, as soon as humanity evolved sentient enough to become sentient, they became able to understand the impulses generated by Gaia (the Planetary computer network). The early civlisations, idolized by the equalist propaganda, was - according to Daniel Khassai Siyoum - manifested in ancient Egypt, inhabitants of which were, as Equalists believe, black. The people there were all equal under the benevolent rule of pharaohs, sexuality was not repressed, and women held important functions as priestesses of Gaia. This changed when leader of a white tribe that camped in Egypt - Moses - realized that by repressing human impulses, he can enforce obedience to his own authority. To sanctify the repressive rules, Equalists believe, he invented the figure of a father God who gave them to humanity. His students led the tribe out of Egypt and invaded the Caanan, enslaving and destroying the people there, instating the first patriarchal regime. Their descendants taught the other people - namely the Greeks - their ideas and thus the patriarchy arose.

Patriarchy is, for Siyoum, the system that the white men have created to cement their power. It is characterized by dominance of the "Apollonian" instincts, and repression of minority groups. Because the white men lacker other groups to repress, their first target were their own women - and thus the gender roles were created. The women where however not enough, so sexual minorities became the next target. Later, as history progressed and patriarchy gradually spread it's influence across the globe in XIX century, becoming the dominant force in the world politics, the white men gained new groups to oppress, thus reducing the pressure put on their own women. The modern day patriarchy is seen as an invisible structure, which favors certain countries and oppresses the other. The final, most brutal form of the patriarchy is fascism. The defining trait of fascism is that it seeks to oppress more than just man, but Gaia itself.

Adherents to LPE view the modern day as the moment where humanity is experiencing a point where it has to make a decision. On one hand, fascism is - according to Equalists - everywhere, restoring itself to it's status before the Second World War. On the other hand, the past experiences with fascism have awakened the minorities to their true status and weakened the patriarchy enough that revolution became possible.

The revolution, however, requires a leader. Equalism distrusts the western democracy, seeing it as a product of the white man's patriarchy created by white men to benefit themselves. Instead a new, more progressive model of guided democracy inspired by ideas of Simon Bolivar. Siyoum acknowledges that democracy easily falls to "Apolonian impulses" and is inherently forced to tolerate the forces of fascism due to the fact that humans have, due to years of patriarchal conditioning, varying skills, intelligence levels, education, etc.

The answer is that the minority revolution is to be led by a new kind of overman - the Supreme Equalizer. The supreme Equalizer is a person who had wholly defeated all patriarchal, Apollonic impulses and became a being capable of understanding the directives of the planetary computer (Gaia). Because such men are few, they should be the one setting the model for the rest of the political world.

In the first stage of the minority revolution, the Great Equalizer will organize a group of "Progressive Vanguards", who will help guide the humanity - now still immature and only waking up from it's dream. Those progresive vanguards will prepare the structures of Equalist parties, organize first protests against the patriarchy, etc. etc.

The second stage of the revolution is when the LPE party takes power, and the true role of the Supreme Equalier begins. Here, The Supreme Equalizer has two tasks - his first task is to make the institution that will make everyone equal and redistribute wealth and status, and second ensure it's proper functioning. Because of varying abilities of humans, there needs to be an organ that will make them all equal - only that way equality can be achieved. On this stage, vast majority of humanity is still considered merely children, easily subject to Apollonian impulses, and thus requiring guidance of the benelovent social government led by the Great Equalizer.

The final third stage is when humanity matures. The Great Equalizer is at this point no longer needed as he becomes only "one drop in the sea of overmen who can understand Gaia's directives". At this point, everyone will be equal, wars will case, and humanity through Green Technology Transhumanism will have a chance to become gods themselves.

The utopia, however, will not arise without human action. Because the apollonian forces of Patriarchy will always resist the progressive march, the Equalist states will have to go through a period of bloody warfare. This period will ineventably end in victory of the "Progressive, Dionisiyan forces". Because the Progressive Equalism is a perfect ideology, all those who oppose it serve the patriarchy, and thus, must be done away with.

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    [*] [b]Official name of the nation[/b]:

    [*] [b]Is there a progressive equalist party?[/b]:

    [*] [b]History of Equalism in your nation[/b]:

    [*] [b]Official political stance[/b]:

    [*] [b]Most common popular view[/b]:[/box]

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Postby Commie Finder-General » Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:10 pm


[*] Official name of the nation: The Alliance of Commie Finders

[*] Is there a progressive equalist party?: Not in the alliance, due to the system.

[*] History of Equalism in your nation: In 2013, the Commie Finder General declared Liberal Progressive Equalism to be so similar to communism that it may as well be communism.

[*] Official political stance: Highly Against

[*] Most common popular view: Here's how it goes: *ahem* "By the powers invested in me by the Austrian Protection Agency, we declare Liberal Progressive Equalism to be guilty of communism."
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Postby Ardoki » Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:43 am


[*] Official name of the nation: Greater Ardokian Empire

[*] Is there a progressive equalist party?: No

[*] History of Equalism in your nation: N/A

[*] Official political stance: Prohibited

[*] Most common popular view: In the Greater Ardokian Empire everyone is considered equal, regardless of any differences (such as race, gender, sexuality, etc.) So-called 'Liberal Progressive Equalism' is a reactionary ideology diametrically opposed to the very concept of progress, and is considered much the same way Nazism is considered (hate speech). But not only does 'Liberal Progressive Equalism' spread racist and sexist pseudoscience, it actively fosters division within a country and will inevitably lead to violence, chaos, and stagnation as it divides citizens against each other. Therefore, 'Liberal Progressive Equalism' would be considered as one of the most reactionary ideologies in existence and strictly prohibited.
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Postby Bolrieg » Tue Apr 23, 2019 7:58 am


[*] Official name of the nation: The Kingdom of Bolrieg

[*] Is there a progressive equalist party?: No.

[*] History of Equalism in your nation: N/A

[*] Official political stance: Banned.

[*] Most common popular view: The view is that Bolriegians are a mighty people who preserve traditional values such as maintaining the Christian faith, family values and patriotism as well as reverence towards the High King. Therefore, these groups and this Leftist ideology is deemed, moronic, parasitic and must be eradicated at all costs.
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Postby Neue Regensburg » Wed Apr 24, 2019 6:00 pm


[*] Official name of the nation: Der Bundeskönigsreich Neue Regensburg

[*] Is there a progressive equalist party?: No

[*] History of Equalism in your nation: Equalists represented a minority of the insurgents during the communist revolt. Their faction were crushed during the Vulkanite Offensive.

[*] Official political stance:

Punishable by death

[*] Most common popular view: Traitors to God, King and Country

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Postby First American Empire » Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:38 pm


[*] Official name of the nation: Empire of the United States of America

[*] Is there a progressive equalist party?: No, there aren't enough of them to make a political party. Equalists typically vote for the Green Party, and one city council member is an Equalist who ran as a Green Party member.

[*] History of Equalism in your nation: It was never created in our timeline, due to Siyoum not existing in our world. A few people started following it after contact was made with Free Thouthen, but its numbers didn't increase beyond a few hundred due to numerous competing ideologies.

[*] Official political stance: We have numerous ideological similarities, and our monarchy effectively serves as a Progressive Vanguard, but we are somewhat more moderate. Our biggest difference is that we don't believe in the Gaia hypothesis, and we are only moderately environmentalist. Equalist nations are viewed as potential political allies.

[*] Most common popular view: "Even if I agree with them on a lot of stuff, they're annoying and they sound like a cult."
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Postby Cat-Herders United » Wed Apr 24, 2019 10:53 pm


[*] Official name of the nation: Cat-Herders United

[*] Is there a progressive equalist party?: no - the SWP (Meowist) condemns it as contrary to Meow Zedong Thought due to being post-modernist pseudoscience that serves the bourgeoisie by distracting from the class struggle with racialist superstition; the Pawpulist Mew Deal Party is too invested in democratic forms of government to seriously entertain such ideas; the Purrservationist Party is too close to the Feline Catolic Church and prioritizes environmental issues over the things this ideology is concerned with

[*] History of Equalism in your nation: it never really got off the ground here

[*] Official political stance: it is racialist autocracy and therefore the promoters of this ideology can be investigated by Bureau 1 and Bureau 2 of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution

[*] Most common popular view: it is seen as a crank idea, similar to flat earth or anti vaccination

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Postby Broader Confederate States » Thu Apr 25, 2019 1:15 am


[*] Official name of the nation: The Confederate States of America

[*] Is there a progressive equalist party?: There aren't even any non progressive equalist parties that get any more than a town's worth of attention.

[*] History of Equalism in your nation: Maybe way back in the 2010s and '20s there was some support for a similar notion in urban Virginia, North Carolina, and Atlanta.

[*] Official political stance: Equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.

[*] Most common popular view: Same as the official stance.
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Postby Zhouran » Thu Apr 25, 2019 1:30 am


[*] Official name of the nation: People's Republic of Zhouran

[*] Is there a progressive equalist party?: No

[*] History of Equalism in your nation: There is none because equalism is seen as crazy pseudoscience dogma that is a detriment to the forward-thinking pragmatic human-centered national approach towards politics

[*] Official political stance: Banned

[*] Most common popular view: Crazy pseudoscience dogma that is a detriment to the forward-thinking pragmatic human-centered national approach towards politics
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Postby Siebe Station Jaiana » Thu Apr 25, 2019 6:22 am


[*] Official name of the nation: Siebe Station Jaiana

[*] Is there a progressive equalist party?: No

[*] History of Equalism in your nation: None

[*] Official political stance: N/A, we don't do official stances

[*] Most common popular view: It's a backwards ideology which would make no sense in a Jaianese context

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Postby Qirmizi Azerbaycan » Fri May 03, 2019 6:29 pm


[*] Official name of the nation: Socialist Republic of Azerbaijan

[*] Is there a progressive equalist party?: No

[*] History of Equalism in your nation: If anyone espoused such ideas prior to the revolution, they have since been eradicated.

[*] Official political stance: The so-called ideology of Equalism is utterly rejected by the people-masses of Azerbaijan, and by their representatives, the Revolutionary League of Workers and Peasants. We reject its pseudoscientific and pseudo-historical doctrine, its adherence to racialist ideas and its promotion of tribalism in an effort to divide the people-masses by race and gender. We note the resemblance of 'Equalism' to the equally pseudoscientific, pseudo-historical, racialist and tribalist ideology of Nazism, and consider it to be nothing more than a mirror image of such destructive delusions. 'Equalism' must be utterly crushed wherever it is to be found, and annihilated before it drags humanity backwards to its doom.

[*] Most common popular view: Pretty much no-one in the ASR has ever heard of it, and possession of Equalist texts and spreading of ideas would be met with summary execution, or assignment to a rehabilitative labour camp (which usually amounts to the same thing anyway), so suffice to say it is unlikely to spread even if people were attracted to its ideas.

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Postby Romsarend » Fri May 03, 2019 6:41 pm


[*] Official name of the nation: Republic of Romsarend

[*] Is there a progressive equalist party?: None have entered into existence throughout Romsarend's political history; at least none that have entered public conscience.

[*] History of Equalism in your nation: There wouldn't be much detail here for such an ideology will have difficulty just taking root in a society such as Romsarend's.

[*] Official political stance: In theory, a party such as this would be allowed to exist given that there are no legal or constitutional restrictions on what platform a political party may have. In practice, given the ideology's detestable nature to the Sarendite eye, a liberal progressive equalist party would not see any success beyond the vision of its members.

[*] Most common popular view: Such an ideology has never crossed the mind of the average Sarendite. Nevertheless, they would most probably view the ideology as incredibly absurd, racist, and built on lies.
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Postby Azlaake » Fri May 03, 2019 6:47 pm


[*] Official name of the nation: The Democratic Socialist Union of Azlaake

[*] Is there a progressive equalist party?: Yes, the DSP and FUP

[*] History of Equalism in your nation: Aaron Phillips wrote his most famous books The Ones Who Walk Alone, he wrote about an ideology he invented called Equalitism which is pretty similar

[*] Official political stance: HIGHLY FOR

[*] Most common popular view: Equalitism as described by Aaron Phillips
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Postby Nazi Basurian Empire » Fri May 03, 2019 10:40 pm


[*] Official name of the nation: Nazi Basurian Empire

[*] Is there a progressive equalist party?: no

[*] History of Equalism in your nation: Mentioned once on twitter

[*] Official political stance: None it is unremarkable

[*] Most common popular view: Stupid baizuo idea
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