A Strange World: The Strength of Empires [IC | Closed]

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A Strange World: The Strength of Empires [IC | Closed]

Postby G-Tech Corporation » Thu Mar 28, 2019 2:59 pm

| The Strength of Empires |
A Strange World RP
OoC Thread


The dawn has risen upon a new world - a world unlike that you may know. Shattered by a catastrophic impact not long after the extinction of the great thunder-lizards, Earth is not as it should be. This impact, a star falling to earth, changed not only the shape of all the lands, but also their contents. This star bore strange lights and queer crystals, changing and warping the planet on which mankind slowly arose. Continents were broken, minds shattered, even animals and plants twisted and changed. It is a strange world now - one in many ways hostile to humanity - but in the end, it is your world still.

You stand forward as one of the leaders of a growing empire of men. No longer mere tribes, nor polises, far greater than humble city-states; the mechanisms of nations in truth, of crowns and kingships and bureaucracy and the force of arms - all these things have been manifested upon the world. In fire and blood and bronze have the states of the world been forged, some using peace and the strength of their industries to grow and expand, others conquering at the point of the sword. No longer do men live in kindreds and humble hovels. Great cities of stone, populated by thousands, teem at strategic rivermouths, sprawling across fecund plains and in the passages of glowering mountain ranges. It is a time of instability, but also a strange promise. Man has come into his own, and his threat is no longer the dark things of the world, nor the brutes of the field, but his fellow humans of flesha and bone and arcane might. Will you lead your people to greatness in this new age of war, conflict, and competition, or falter and be forgotten by the histories? Come, and tell the tale of the Strength of Empires.

Third Turning of Fire's Hand, Cycle 240 of the Scion's Brow - Year 488, Common Era
Heights of the Mother Mountains

Down through the jagged peaks, from the Pass of the Moon, the black column wound like a living thing. In midnight-cool leather and armor the soldiers and wains moved, hobnail boots beating on packed earth alongside the creaking of harnesses and the rumbling of wheels. At the head of the column the Herald rode, his stature tall, faint red light leaking from beneath his eyelids as he silently contemplated the sprawling vistas ahead of the army marching westward. Behind him in serried ranks passed soldier after soldier, faces as black as midnight, but in their lines too stood men of swarthy visage, or pale and fair, or dark ebony not yet turned to inky gloom.

It had been a generation since the Tithe-Reaves of the Lord of the Earth and the Obsidian Throne had passed west from the Midnight Vale. Time enough for vassals to forget their responsibilities, for boys to become men, for armies to stand down for their alert wariness and rulers to forget the danger to their rule if they did not hold to their oaths. The known world bowed to the First Man, he who had cast down the Gods and taken their power for his own. But they would, perhaps, need to be reminded of that fact.

Some men had grown lazy in the Vale too. Some did not visit the sacred fires as often as tradition dictated or piety demanded. An army that did not kill slowly became a beast old with age and lethargy, warriors spending more time feasting and storytelling than training and waging red war on those the Lord demanded. The Herald was perhaps a part of that problem, not the solution. His own muscles were marbled with fat, and his hair streaked with gray instead of a pure jet-black - not that any man could forgive him these human failings, not at his age.

But the Tithe-Reaves did not forget. And the accounting was due. Westward this host marched, and eastward another. The Midnight Empire was patient, but it did not forget.
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Postby Novas Arcanum » Thu Mar 28, 2019 4:24 pm

Court of Myth Allannar


It is strange to stand here on the precipice of something far more significant than anything to come before. I, Queen Fey, ruler of the Elves, have been bestowed with a heavy burden on my back by my lord and savior Auri-Al. In the Court of Myth Allannar, I lead the Arameri Dominion. Much as changed in the last hundred years, yet much remains the same.

I smoothed my dress and walked to the windows, and gazed at the streets below and saw mer of all walks of life. They glowed with the radiance of the sun and sang in High Elvish the blessed tongue. The Elves had truly blossomed. We have grown and become prosperous, and as I glanced out at the windows of the palace, I couldn't help but smile. Yet a heavy hand closes in my heart afterward, and I am reminded of the harsh reality of the world.

A knock on the wooden door that disturbed my thoughts. I took a deep breath and gained my composure.

"Come in," I said in a regal tone that conveyed authority.

A courtier emerged from the passageway and bowed to his knees."Your majesty the highlords have gathered and have sought your audience."

"Very well I shall be out in a moment," I said concealing my displeasure.

Politics good gods it never ended! Day in and day out they come to my court, hot on air, flatters, and deceivers attempting to curry my favor and strike deals in the shadows. The mer live far longer than men, but that only gives them ample opportunity to plot and scheme for the centuries rather than years and decades that is the case with men. I try to see above their deceptions and have succeeded so far in reigning in on their base desires. As Queen of the Arameri, I will not let my nation fall to despair and ruin, I cannot, for that would be an insult on Auri-Al himself, I would sooner die than fail my people.

I walked into the Great Hall and sat on the Whitesilver Throne waiting for the Highlord to arrive. He emerged from the great doors and bowed to show respect.

"Most glorious and graceful Queen Fey, so beautiful that the flowers themselves would blossom in jealousy in your presence and the rivers would change course to greet you, it is an honor to greet you finally." Highlord Corellas stated as he kissed my hand.

I wanted to vomit, but kept my composure, and smiled radiant pearls.

"Highlord Corellas it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I do hope it was auspicious winds that brought you here."

"Yes, your kind words bring happiness to my soul, but there is a matter of great importance, that I have come here to discuss with you," He said staring into my eyes.

"Just what would be of great importance?"

"As you know since the short time we arrived on Aramera, our people have prospered and grown, though men have resorted to war and violence the Elves have known only peace since the Transcendence."

"Your point?," I said in a polite tone that hinted at annoyance, I really hated when these magesters beat around the bush.

"Yes, your majesty, House Spellbinder as been instrumental in the development of the Arameri Dominion, our gold paid for the seagoing vessels that brought us here and the construction of this city. As such I humbly request your permission to be granted lordship of the land of Myth Lenora to further the advancement of the Elven race so that we may rise even further in the blessed name of Arkane."

"Highlord Corellas may I remind you that the bequeathment of fiefs is left in the wheels of the Magestrium?"

"Your majesty I only...."

My eyes glowed in the sunlight, and he realized that arguing with the Mistress of Aramera was a futile task.

His eyes flashed with anger for but a moment. He wisely bowed and walked out of the court. What a pain, a hundred years ago, religious fervor had risen us to new heights, and we wanted nothing in this mortal plane only spiritual enlightenment under the grace of Arkane. Now the Elves had become as corruptible and flawed as the humans it seemed. Highlord Corellas was a mere fifty years old not even fully mature by Elven standards, but he had forgotten our ways these younger elves were keen on the pleasures of the flesh and material goods then the higher purpose the elders had sought.

As Queen I would make sure to correct this, or else I feared for the worst to come for my people.

Myth Allanor: Population: 1 - 1 Scholar | Military: 0 - Tribal Warriors | Public Order: 5 | Resources: Whitesilver, Breadfruit, Sheep,Apples,Maize,Wheat| Bonus Food: 0 | Danger: 0 | 9 Riches
Government District(1,000 Elvish Scholar researches Sheep Domestication[2/10]
--->+2 Science,+2 Riches,+1 Public Order,) | Cracked Stone Wall
Agricultural District - Farm [+1 food, No mer working farm]
Agricultural Production: (6 from Domestic Crops)+(1 from Wild Breadfruit)+(1 from Wild Sheep)+ (1 from Agricultural District)= 9 Food
1,000 Elvish Peasants are born this cycle consuming all stored food.
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Postby Pentapolitan Kyrene » Fri Mar 29, 2019 7:11 am

The bit-Armasht

The First Priesthood of Yamkhad

"Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let the sea resound, and all that is in it. Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them; let all the flames of the brazier sing for joy."
-The Wandering of Hiram, Verse 8

The first day of the year was one of deep importance in the temple precinct. Fires were to be re-kindled, priesthoods re-founded and rites renewed. Sacred cedar branches had been being prepared for weeks, and now, with the day arrived, the city's notables had assembled upon the temple mount, before the ever-burning flame spawned from the burning chasm of Nokha. Never had the Aram allowed the fire to waver, and never would they. The ritual began, all but uniquely, with solemnity and quiet, as the assembly looked in reflection upon the ever so slowly dwindling ember of Nokha's flame. It was a reminder. Three men stepped forward from the crowd, and approached the flame, eyes alight, and dressed merely in skirts rather than the robes of their fellows. With a dagger in each hand, they fell, one by one, before the great brazier and slit across their palms, mixing their blood with the fire, and swearing as they did whatever oath they had come to swear. One swore to give unto his father proper cremation and funeral rites. Another swore to bring up his newborn son honest, righteous and decent. The last, as was custom, was a younger man, who swore before the assembled that he would die before allowing the flame to choke and die. Finishing his oath, the young, bronze-skinned princeling raised his hand above his head in a fist, and the other assembled men repeated his oath.

Then, the silence died. In a moment, the dried kindling and fuel burst alight in the brazier, and the temple chamber erupted with cheers and whoops. The flame was re-lit, and the city reborn. Within moments, the temple dancers and singers had emerged in all of their finery, and had begun to swirl and sing around the flame, while musicians strummed at lyres and drums rumbled into joyous life. The Aram himself rose from his seat behind the pyre and raised his arms, signalling the beginning of the festival of first light.

The day would see entertainments and pleasures of all kinds throughout the city, reminding the Armasht of another winter survived, and assuring a bountiful spring to come. The afternoon was taken up first by athletics and sporting performances, with the people gathering to watch, make bets and cheer as youths grappled in the temple square or as dancers competed to best express the majesty of the flame. With bread, fish and mutton flowing free from the hands of the king, all would have plenty. All the city notables rushed home as the evening began, to throw open their doors, light the torches and invite their clients, friends and neighbours to feast at their leisure. The poor would wander as if they were noble, the noble would laugh and serve as if poor, and all would be awash with the sounds of song, dance and reprieve. As the night fell, the revelry would continue, as priests and servants lit torches all across the city, until the dancing of the flames could match the dancing of the people.

In the coming days, sacrifices would be offered to the fire, and singing contests would fill the city with ballads and epics about mythic Meleks and of the journeys of great priests. Perhaps in other cities, that would be all, and the dullness of normality would resume. Not in the House of Armasht. There, the singing would not cease. They could be a grim people, or solemn, if the need arose, but none could truly call The House of Armasht a sombre one.

Above it all, the Melek looked down with a smile, and toasted the city with his companions. Ishrak had been Adonai over the city for decades now, and he had shaped it as much as any since the sons of Armasht himself. He was not much given to modesty, certainly, but he had ruled well, and with an even hand, over an age of burgoening prosperity in which the city had finally come to unity and peace. It had been twenty years since the folk of Aram spilled their own blood in anger. Twenty years since he himself had sealed the peace by marriage at the point of a spear. Now, with peace and plenty assured, it was time for him again to take the rudder of the ship of state, and to guide it to a new and glorious dawn. For now, the city would prosper as ever it had. But soon, he dreamed, the fire would burn brighter still.

Armasht, 3 Pop (1S, 1P, 1A)
Government District (+2 Riches)
1 Scholar - Man Government Quarter (+2 Riches, +2 Science, +1 Public Order)
1 Artisan - Man Industrial Quarter (+4 Riches, +3 SL)
1 Peasant - Man the Docks (+5 food, +1 Riches)
Research Sheep Domestication (2/?)

+9 Riches (Total 19), +3 SL(If it cannot be pre-invested, it is wasted, if it can be, I'll invest it in building a second Fishing Dock in the Harbour District (3/5)), +4 Food (Total 8/15), +1 Public Order (Total 6)

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Postby Nuxipal » Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:09 am

Kingdom of Nekhen (Kingdom of the Aslani)
Year Five of the Reign of High Queen Khalida, Year 427

The sun rose above the Kingdom of Nekhen, over the last century they had a great deal of stability. High King Ramesses fought the horde to a standstill in the deserts north of the grand capital. For the next several decades skirmishes between the Horde's raiders and the Nekhen undead armies raged while the population recovered from the devastating war earlier. The large armies dwindled as fewer raids entered the Serapis, now sometimes referred to as the Red Waste. The Serapis League was all but extinguished as no real attempt to liberate the allied city-state of Mara could be mounted and by the death of Ramesses in 399, the only reminder that there was an alliance are the nearly one thousand people living in Khasut with Maran heritage. These people, while definitively of Aslani descent, they could trace their families to several refugee waves from Mara which came to Khasut after the Midnight Horde conquered their people.

This reached so high in society, that per official records, the matrilineal line of the High Queen actually runs back to a Maran Priestess who married High King Ramesses. To the Maran-Aslani living within the city, this eased the matriarchal identities of many Maran families, which still only recorded family lineage by the female line. Khalida was only twelve when her father, High King Arkhan, died in a skirmish against a Midnight cavalry near the coast. The death set the Kingdom back as the Kingdom braced for another regency. However, unlike when Arkhan took the reigns at age nine, Khalida declared she would reign as High Queen in her own right. She had a brief challenge by a distant cousin, but they were defeated in a small skirmish and sentenced to walk the Asl river barefoot until they came to its origin point. The claimant never returned from the journey and is presumed dead.

Following this, the next two closest claimants to the throne were imprisoned and gelded for their brother's actions ending the next closest Tjenu line to the throne and making any succession following an accident with Khalida that much more difficult. However, for the last five years the Kingdom has gotten back on its feet. A small standing army of Undead continue to protect the city from outside threats. Within the governing districts of the City, Khalida is advised by Priests and Scholars of both major factions within the court. The Court itself is divided into a variety of small factions with their own agendas for the Kingdom. They are kept in check by the High Queen's abilities to play them off of one another creating a pathway for them to get what they want, but only if they work within her vision for the Aslani people.

The other settlements of the Kingdom were needing attention, Khasut was wealthy and could use that wealth to help the other Aslani Cities. High Queen Khalida ordered that the city coffers be opened to loan riches to both Arshak and Isin to aid them in creating farmlands to feed their growing populations. Khalida left the option open to additional loans from Khasut to the other settlements. Debts accrued this way could be paid back in the form of future trade or direct wealth payments if that is what they wished. Behind closed doors, she hoped to foster a degree of loyalty from Isin and Arshak to the Tjenu Dynasty. For now however, she needed them to grow and prosper so that the resources could flow to Khasut so that she could in turn, increase the prosperity of Khasut with incomes from the other cities. Eventually, she wished to march north across the Serapis and liberate Mara. She and her mother both were descended from a Priestess of Mara and it was well within their rights to lay a claim on the city to defeat the invaders which had subjugated the city.

Khasut | 4 Pops | 5 Riches| 3 Food | 5 public Order
Government District - Scholar (+4 Riches, +2 Science, +1 Public Order)
Agricultural District (Irrigated Farm)- Peasant (+1 Riches, +3 Food)
Military District (Barracks) - Small Undead Army
Artisan Pop - (+1 Riches, +1 Skilled Labor)
Other - Wheat (+1 Food), Domestic Aurochs[Burden, Milk] (+2 Food, +2 Riches)
Loan Riches to Arshak and Isin to complete new districts
Research: Social Contract 2/10
Start Construction of Industrial District: 0/50 Riches, 1/15 Skilled Labor
Convert One Peasant into Artisan
Upkeep: 4 Food, 1 Public Order

Arshak | 1 Pop | 0 Riches | 2 Food | 5 public Order
Government District (+2 Riches)
Mining District (Quarry, Amethyst Mine) - Peasant (+1 Riches, +2 Stone, +1 Amethyst)
Trade: Amethyst and 2 Stone to Khasut (+5 Riches?)
Construction: Agricultural District (-10 Riches - Loan from Khasut)
Upkeep: 1 Food, 1 Public Order

Isin | 1 Pop | 0 Riches | 4 Food | 5 Public Order
Government District (+2 Riches)
Forestry District (Timber Camp) - Peasant (+1 Riches, +2 Timber)
Trade: 2 Timber to Khasut (+2 Riches?)
Construction: Agricultural District (-10 Riches - Loan from Khasut)
Upkeep: 1 Food, 1 Public Order
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Postby The Empire of Tau » Fri Mar 29, 2019 4:46 pm

No fluff

Ministry of Labor
Agricultural District: Irrigated Farm, Irrigated Farm [Peasant]
Government District - School, Archives [Peasant]
Training Peasant in School.
Research Aquacultural Science

Total Riches Made - 5
Total Riches in Store - 5
5 Riches to Farm in Agricultural District
5 Riches to Farm in Agricultural District
1 Skill Labor to Public Square
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Postby The GAmeTopians » Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:15 pm

Daily Record of Most Honorable Speaker Lu Song, Representative of Her Imperial Highness to the Council of Zhou-fu (The Capital Prefecture)
The First Convening Year of Her Majesty's Most Loyal Legislative Council, as Recorded in the Diary of the Speaker's Recordkeeper, Qin Feng

"Order, order! All rise for Honorable Speaker Lu Song, Representative of Her Majesty the Empress Zhou Mei and Executor of Her Will."
The rest of the room rose as I scrambled to my feet, nearly knocking over my ink well in my haste. I had been caught up in preparing the Speaker's record for the day, a task that superseded all of my other scholarly duties. As I finally regained my composure, the man in question strode into the room, robes trailing behind, pristine in both color and form. He caught my eye, briefly nodding before taking his place at the head of the room - a relatively modest podium, adorned with only an iron hammer, heavy in appearance but actually hollow so as to avoid damage. It was just a noise-maker, really, but it did the job. My little desk off to the side wasn't nearly as ornate as the podium, with all its etching and polishing, but I wasn't the face of the Empress's will; it was only natural that her splendor be manifested around her direct subordinates. He nodded to the bailiff, who bowed deeply.

"You may be seated!" The bailiff bellowed, and the council unceremoniously dropped back into their chairs, though the Lords of the room with slightly more care for their clothing. Such was the ordering of the room, after all. As I returned to my seat and took up my quill once more, the Speaker cleared his throat, and the room quickly grew silent.

"Thank you. We are gathered here today to serve as representatives of the peoples' will, so that we may better serve our Empress, and our country. This is not an easy role to take, but it is one that will bring great honor to our families so long as we fulfill our duties with care." He glanced around the room as he spoke, seemingly halting his gaze at each and every member of the council.
"Before we begin, Her Highness has instructed me to recite her Decree For the Establishment of a Legislative Council, so that you may all know your duties and privileges. Heed Her Words, as follow:
'Our Imperial Council shall consist of three distinct units: The Lords, whom wield great influence in the city, the Laborers, representatives of the people in their living area, and the Speaker, Our Royal Representative. The Lords may not relinquish their position without explicit permission from the crown, on pain of imprisonment or fine. The Laborers, however, may be replaced at any time by a petition of their peers to Her Highness. Neither position is hereditary, with new Lords being appointed by the crown and new Laborers appointed by petition to the Council by citizens. There shall never be more Lords than exist Districts within the Capital, until such time as Her Majesty deigns to add Lords from Huisu and Shoval. The amount of laborers shall never be so insufficient as to not outnumber the Lords by at least five times, so that the will of the people is sufficiently represented. It shall never, however, exceed a proportion of 6 representatives to 1000 citizens - this is to prevent over-saturation of the Laborers, and streamline the legislative process. Her Majesty plans to add representation from Huisu and Shoval to the Laborers over the coming years, whether by written proxy or through periodic inter-city meetings.
All members shall have equal say in matters of the Council! Despite their status as members due to their wealth and influence, the Lords shall not ever wield greater power than the Laborers. Such is Her Majesty's will. All members, including myself, shall vote one at a time on matters of legislation. Even I may not strike down a law that has been approved by a majority of our number - only the Empress, in all her wisdom and foresight, may overrule a decision. If the council is unanimous on an issue, however, She has agreed to accept the council's judgement. Such is her generosity."
The Speaker proceeded to outline the general proceedings for the meeting, noting several items for the agenda, including plans for a new District for the military and inklings of legislation from the scholarly faction - what they had dubbed a "Social Contract".

Trade Reception:
1 Iron Source, Huisu
1 Stone Source, Huisu
Trade Send:
1 Timber Source, Huisu (1+1-1 = +1 Riches)
1 Timber Source, Shoval (+1 Riches)

3 Peasants - +3 Riches
1 Scholar (Working Government) - +2 Riches, +2 Science, +1 Public Order
1 Artisan - +1 Riches, +1 Skilled Labor

Government District (Occupied by Scholars) - +2 Riches
  • School (Unoccupied)
Industrial District (Occupied by Artisans) - +2 Riches, +1 Skilled Labor
  • Artisans’ Quarter - +1 Riches, +1 Skilled Labor
  • Foundry (Using Iron Source from Huisu) - +2 Riches
Agricultural District (Occupied by Peasants) - +1 Food
  • 2 Irrigated Farms - +4 Food
Forestry District (Occupied by Peasants) - +1 Timber Source
  • Timber Camp - +1 Timber Source

Bonus Food: 5

Gross Income: 15 Riches, 2 Science, 1 Public Order, 10 Food, 3 Skilled Labor

Create Military District: -10 Riches
Research Social Contract: -2 Science [2/10]
Start Harbor District: -3 Skilled Labor [3/10]
Pop Food Consumption: -5
Navy Food Consumption: -1
Army Food Consumption: -3
3rd Peasant Unit Becomes Artisans

Net Income: +5 Riches, +1 Food, +1 Public Order

Trade Reception:
1 Timber Source, Zhou
Trade Send:
1 Iron Source, Zhou (2+1-1 = +2 Riches)
1 Stone Source, Zhou (1+1-1 = +1 Riches)
1 Stone Source, Shoval (1+1-1 = +1 Riches)

2 Peasants - +2 Riches

Government District (Unoccupied) - +2 Riches
Mining District (Worked by Peasants) - 1 Stone Source
  • Quarry - 1 Stone Source
  • Mine (Hematite) - 1 Iron Source
Agricultural District (Worked by Peasants) - +1 Food
  • Irrigated Farm - +2 Food

Bonus Food: 4

Gross Income: 8 Riches, 7 Food

No actions
Pop Food Consumption: -2 Food

Net Income: 8 Riches, 5 Food

Trade Reception:
1 Timber Source, Zhou
1 Stone Source, Huisu
Trade Send:

1 Peasant - +1 Riches

Government District (Unoccupied) - +2 Riches
  • School cannot function, district unoccupied
Agricultural District (Worked by Peasants) - +1 Food
  • Farm - +1 Food

Bonus Food: 5

Gross Income: 3 Riches, 7 Food

No actions
Pop Food Consumption: -1 Food
New Population: -5 Food

Net Income: 3 Riches, 1 Food, 1 New Population
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Mara, the city of a thousand sorrows

The Ever-Gazing eye of the desert sun looked down upon the well-worn steps of the old temple, now turned into a home for the mighty shah of Mara, a tyrant, who's very presence sends men's spines to shake, and his stomach to lurch. The crowd gathered beneath the midday's heat, the bodies baking within the crowd, beneath the sun. The tyrant sat atop his gilded chair like a god, attended to by naked servant girls, who fed fruit for him, so he hadn't to even lift his very hand. His herald, an equally plump and grotesque man, stood before them, and spoke. "In the name of the lord, your Shah, let this will be known! It is his most wise will that we hereby deliver this message. The traitors, rats who live within the walls of the homes, and temples of Mara, are hereby to be cast out, to be trodden down like blades of grass before the horde. Let it be known, that on this day, all occult worship, all unsanctioned gatherings, and all insult to the true god, He, the Lord of The Earth, is hereupon banned, with the punishment of death thereof. It is in light of recent events, that your master has chosen to act. The murders, the crime, the terror, spread by the criminals who gather in the night, must be stopped. It is insult to the God who sanctions this throne, that any others should be worshiped before him. Root them out! Let their names be known, so we may beat them in the streat! We shall reward you handsomely! Now! If anyone has a name, let him step forward, as his duty calls. Any complication in their crimes, by refusing to do so, will not go unpunished." There were mumbling, grumblings, but inaction from the crowd. The terrified men and women simply stood there, while the gaze of the herald looked down upon them with wicked delight. He smirked, and shook his head, and beckoned for the line of bronze-clad guards to come forth unto the crowd, shoving them back with their shields. Their cold disdain for their lessors, the Honori, shook the crowd, and many began to push their way through the crowd away from the steps. More minutes passed, and yet none came fourth. The herald's grin grew from ear to ear, and lust radiated through his very soul. A mad smile, he took forth a horn of bronze, and blew a great, low note. A scream, then the screams of the innocent filled the sky, as the guards drew their swords, and began to cut down man, woman, and child alike. Blood ran down those steps that day, staining the white stone forever red. Above it all, the Herald's booming voice could be heard through the terror, as many perished under the mad dash of the crowd to escape. "Come back to me when you have their names! Or this will not be the last heavy hand!" All while, thirty four bodies lay cold on the ground.

"For the dead and slain!" "God have mercy on their soul." "For the wicked and damned!" Crack! "God have mercy on their soul." Crack! "For the enemies of our people!" "God have mercy on their soul." "For the innocent, slain as animals!" Crack! "God have mercy on their soul." Crack! Crack! Crack! "God have mercy, Lord forgive, Silar, forgive them." The sounds of the whip continued, one after another, striking, over and over, before silence. A thud. The pennant man, shaking, lay face-down on the cold stone. Alive, but barely. His back was a mess of torn flesh and blood. A tall man walked slowly up to the man, all quiet, silent as his boots slowly clop upon the earth. He placed his boot at the man's face, and looks down with a cool, stoic, gentle. "Your sacrifice is taken, child." The man spoke in a kind voice, keeping his stoic expression. "Thank you... father." Spoke the man, kissing the prophet's boot, with barely the strength left to breathe. "Good, my child, your sacrifice has pleased Silar." Spoke the prophet, and touched the man's head, and knelt by him. Blood ran down the prophet's face, down from his crown of thorns, piecing his flesh. A small drop of blood drips from his laurel, and the prophet stands. He turns, and faces the crowd of followers, bathed in the moonlight. The wind cuts across the plains, where their ruins sanctuary now rests. The prophet smiles, and gently wipes the trail of blood from his cheek. He looks back up, and speaks gently. "We perform this sacred right, my brothers and sisters, to fulfill our obligations to the Lord, our God, Silar the Dying One. Your brother is lucky, for it is the highest honor to serve the Lord. Have joy in his suffering, for blessed is the tortured. You, lucky, lucky few- you are the blessed. Your torture is righteous. Trust, nobody. For none know what you know. As we saw today, our enemies grow ever bolder. We Must continue, fight on, and worship the Lord. We must continue along his noble path, for the end of days comes soon, when the enemies of our god shall be turned asunder, and he shall judge forth the wicked and the damned. His will is forever. Be still my children, and go in peace. His glory will return, as the dawn, and I am the heralding colors of sky before the sun. "

That very same night, a fire crackles underneath the moon. While whispers of distant whips and pain fade across the desert sands, a burning passion gathers a gathering of women, far away, their hooded figures illuminated by the flame of their purpose. Their eyes are red, their movements, ecstatic. Their minds are frenzied. Scowls adorn their lips, blood paints their hands. The smell of burning flesh wafts through the air, as their howls and screeches celebrate whatever act has been done. A body lays upon the fire, melting to the bone. A pile of bronze arms and armor from the man lays beneath a neaby tree, a helmet is spiked upon a stake. They dance wildly, and drink heavily, before one stands up, the least drunk of them, upon a large stone in their ancient sanctuary. "My sisters of the midnight coven! Becon! I tell you of good news!" "Ho!" Shouts them all, who look up, setting aside their drinks, grinning wildly. "A shade has appeared to me the last night, within my dreams, and has graced me with a sight of the future! And do you know what I saw, sisters?" Asked the young woman, grinning wildly. " I saw our freedom! I saw mountains of gold, acres of maize, I saw blood, I saw victory! My sisters, I saw the gazes of a hundred Honori sisters, all looking down upon our deeds with pride! And do you know why?!" She called, and all answered in a great singing cheer. "For we are glorious, the bravest there are! We'll protect our homes, both at home and far! If you ever will see me, it will be on the throne! For as long as the sun burns and the distant stars shone! Hey!" Pipes begin to play, drums begin to beat, the young speaker takes up the sword of the fallen soldier, red itself with blood. She licks from it, and manages to cut her own tongue in the process. She takes another gulp of wine, and howls to the sky. She sings alone, calling down from above. "We will cut them all down, we shall take all their lives!" The crowd joins in. "For never surrender is a Honori Bride!" "We'll take back our land, we'll take back our home! And the gods of our people, and the God's temple home! Hey! For we are glor-ius, the bravest there are! We'll protect our homes both at home and far! If you ever see me, it will be on the throne! For as long as the sun burns and the distant stars shone! For as long as the sun burns and the distant stars shone! For as long as the sun burns, and the distant stars shone! Hey!" They decend into drunken laughter, and the woman sits down, but continues to speak. "Do you know why it is we, my sisters, who will reclaim our homeland?" They grin, and make jokes, but her face grows serious. "For so it was written that, whoever shall giveth life unto this world, holds the power to take life at their will. For so it was written that, within the sands live our ancestors, their spirits amassing, in an army of a hundred thousand sisters! And they will fight with us, every man, woman, and child slain in defense of our people, now comes within us as one! Just. You. Wait! Freedom is nigh! Even if it takes us killing these bastards of the North, one coward at a time! Lunda's will shall be done, and the Mother will reclaim her throne! To victory! To freedom! This be my will, or let I be slain trying!"

The Shah's Will
1 Scholars- Government district
1 Peasants- Agricultural district
1 Peasants are turned into Artisans
2 Peasants- None
2 Artisan- Constructing an industrial district.

7 Bonus Food + 5 Food (+1 Agricultural district, +4 Irrigated farms(2) ) = 12 Food - 6 Food (6 People) = 6 Surplus Food
15 Riches + 3 Riches(Peasants) + 2 Riches(Scholars) + 2 Riches(Artisans) + 3 Riches(Governor's Manor, Government District) + 1 Riches(Camels) = 26 Riches
Public Order:
5 + 2 (1 for Governor's Palace, 1 for scholars in Government District) = 7 Public Order
+2 For the research: Massed Labor
Industrial District: [26/50 Riches] [2/10 Specialized Labor]
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Postby Ralnis » Sat Mar 30, 2019 2:11 am

City of the Orleans

Mama Cleo's POV

Another rumble from the outskirts woke me up. I prayed to the Loa that Bondye's Sandworm's don't come close to the city so much. The large worms, the beasts that we tamed by the power of the Tome. They were both guardian and friend, blessed by the power of the Loa and the hands of the Hirearchy, we had tamed the beasts that could swallow whole cities. It was the greatest defense that we have but it also doesn't help our situation when it comes to food and the harshness of the Desert.

I got up from my bed and my bare feet hit the cold sandstone. My mind was heavy with the flood of important matters that risen up over our city. It has always been like this but I heard that it was worse back when we were only a hundred people. Our culture was on the brink of extinction and we had to do whatever we could to keep what we had left. Our origins were not known and we only knew of the past 100 years and what we had to do.

As I walked out of my room, my Majordomo, the commander of our pathetic looks of a city militia. He was a large man, one that was built as a artisan but was trained in the ways of fighting from his father before his passing. It was how it was with our artisans having to do periodic training in the desert but it was not a professional military and he was not a professional commander, merely a skilled builder.

"Had a good night's rest Madame?"

Madame, that and Mama were the titles that we kept for our priestess leadership ever since the Matron led us to what we had become. It was supposed to be similar to a den mother looking over her children and it was something that was kept with us throughout our mysterious origins.

"As much as the Sandworms would allow."

"Well the Family Heads are in the Meeting Room and are bickering as of right now. Though I doubt they ever will not bicker."

I shake my head,"Please, Madame Verdux, please be with me as I keep these Family Heads from trying to destroy what peace we have."

I walked in with my Majordomo to the sudden silence that came when we both came in. If anything, they can at least heed to what our little social contract we had made between each other. There was five heads of the families, three females and two males. They each were among the smartest and the most skilled of the professions they worked in. Each and every one of them had magical knowledge and aptitude in their blood, blessed by Uncle Jimmi no doubt but there were small parts in power, little flowers in comparison to the large nations of the Old World.

When I spoke to them, it was the same issues that I feared. One of the biggest things we have to worry about is agriculture. We had a farm, yes, but we barely have anything in domestic crops. Those were weeds compared to the more fertile farms of the Alliance lands. The idea is that the desert has no fertility and the source of water we have found was a oasis among the wastes. One of the things that had came from our sources was the southern arid lands of the Xcotl Ancestor Region was more fertile and had many things that would expand the prosperity of their city.

One of the things that we have been looking was to make a farm for subsistence and to try to learn how to domesticate the Dust Bull in the southern region in order to grow more food for the city. Though this came at the second issue that sprang up, population growth. Migrants don't come to us as easily since people fear the Sandworms. This does cut into profits and, despite the general people not liking outsiders very much, don't like profits and manpower deficiency to stop them from their expansion plans.

I decided that we needed to start reaching out to other nations, the only two that I can truly trust in some way. The Midnight Empire was on the march again for tithes and very few people have shrugged off the Lord of the Earth's bindings. I knew that they considered us ancient friends and wouldn't mind selling us slaves or rent us scholars who could help expedite our research into exploitation. Plus we needed to understand our environment better despite being near the legendary Spice that the Matron heard from Xcotl's Ancestor Spirits.

The other were the nomadic Wastelanders of the North. They once worked with the Horde at one point and had some interactions with the Kingdom of Lorederon but no one had heard from them in over 100 years. Thing is, we had found one of their encampments and I thought it would be a good idea to send an envoy to their chieftain to express some form of economic trade, since I doubt they have much need for so much wealth that they raid from Alliance lands.

The Families also decided to send an envoy to the Herald or the Midnight Emperor himself to secure prices for slaves and sending their scholars over to help them with accelerating their research.

1 scholar is staffed in the government district and get's to working on researching how to domesticate Dust Bulls(2/?)
1 Artisan works on building a farm(10 riches)(1/4 agri district)

riches produced:
Scholar staffed in government district(3 riches)
Artisan(1 riches)

Public Order Produced
Social Contract:+1
Scholars staffing government district:+1

Food Produced:
Bonus Food from Dust Bull hunting in adjacent province: 2 food

Resources afterwards:
34 riches
7 Public Order
2 food consumed and produced, 0 stockpiled
Dust Bulls Domestication(2/?)
Population: 2000(1 scholar, 1 artisan)

Special Actions:
1 envoy sent to the Midnight Empire to do an inquiry for prices on slaves and renting out scholars,
1 envoy sent to the Wastelanders to talk to them about improving diplomatic relations and establishing a trade route with them
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Stalheim Hierarchy

Eastern Marches of Brightcliff
3rd of Firefall, Year 488 of the Common Era

The inscriptions were completed, and Maasios placed his palm, fiercely warm compared to the chill environs of the testing ground, against the confluence of the lines of force and sorcerous binding. Around the Mage the incantations of activation filled the air, the breath of over a dozen brothers of the College smoking out like the breath of miniature wyrms not yet come into the fullness of their power. Under his fingertips the wrought metal trembled, strength of untold months of enchantment stirring like a living thing, and with the final stanzas of the entwining his awareness expanded to suffuse the small ship that lay atop the peak of granite that looked out over the Strait of Souls.

It was a curious thing. Each man was given his own body to possess, and oftentimes imperfectly cognizant of the limitations and sheer physicality of that vessel, the chariot of blood and bone which his mind rode across his lifetime. But the enchantments and runes binding the Cloudwalker to Ar-Magus Maasios were no less real than the nerves and sinews and passages of thought which the mystic had had since his youth, for such was their design. The wind rustled in the sails of the great ship, and its caress touched the mind of the commander. Men carefully unlashed the mooring lines, and the weightiness of his carapace lessened, refined floatstone pulling the machine of magic and metallurgy skyward.

Through eyes that were not eyes, the Mage felt bearers take up his corporeal form, carrying him carefully up the gangplank to the machine's fundament. He simultaneously felt the rough fabric of their garb on his skin, and their feet pattering on the upper layers of his deck, where a half dozen observers and mages were accumulating to watch and fine-tune the maiden voyage of what would one day be the pride of the Hierarchy's military might.

Since he had been a child, Gregor had dreamed of flying. It was a fond desire of many men, to be unshackled from the tyranny of soil and heaviness, and today he would live the dream that so many yearned for secretly. As the last ropes were pulled away, the pulsing channels of arcane power rippling before the touch of his waking mind, the Cloudwalker creaked up and away from the soil. Wind filled her sails, carefully trimmed, and from the top of the craggy hill she slowly stirred, the ground falling away beneath her.

Kharbarinth: Pop [+4 Science, +15 Riches, +4 Skilled Labor, +Public Order] | Districts [+6 Riches, +2 Skilled Labor, +4 Food, +3 Science] | Resources: 4 Timber, 3 Copper, 2 Stone | Quarters [+1 Science, +9 Riches, +Public Order, +2 Skilled Labor, +8 Food] | Total: +8 Science, +30 Riches, +2 Public Order, +8 Skilled Labor, +24 Food - 13 Food Surplus. 2 Public Order Surplus. 70 Riches.
Growth: 13/45
Research: Sailborn Flight, 8/30
20 Riches, 5 Skilled Labor - Mine (Copper)
0 Riches, 3/5 Skilled Labor - Mining District
Steelsworn: Pop [+5 Riches, +2 Skilled Labor] | Districts [+2 Riches, +1 Skilled Labor, +1 Food] | Resources: 1 Meteoric Iron, 2 Stone, 2 Timber | Quarters [5 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor, 1 Food] | Total: +12 Riches, +1 Public Order, +4 Skilled Labor, +10 Food - 6 Food Surplus. 0 Public Order Surplus. 22 Riches
Growth: 6/25
10 Riches - Artisan Quarters
10 Riches - Artisan Quarters
Industrial District - 4/10 Skilled Labor
Brightcliff: Pop [+5 Riches, +Skilled Labor] | Districts [+3 Riches, +1 Skilled Labor, +1 Food] | Resources: 2 Bloodsilver, 1 Shimmerstone, 2 Stone, 2 Timber | Quarters [+7 Riches, +Skilled Labor, +4 Food] | Total: +15 Riches, +3 Skilled Labor, +14 Food - 10 Food Surplus. 0 Public Order Surplus. 35 Riches
Growth: 10/20
10 Riches - Artisan Quarters
10 Riches - Artisan Quarters
Industrial District - 3/10 Skilled Labor
Rivermouth: Pop [+5 Riches, +Skilled Labor] | Districts [+4 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor, 1 Food] | Resources: 1 Cotton, 3 Timber | Quarters [3 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor, 2 Food] | Total: 12 Riches, 3 Skilled Labor, 12 Food - 9 Food Surplus. -1 Public Order : 4. 17 Riches.
Growth: 9/20
10 Riches - Artisan Quarters
Industrial District - 3/10 Skilled Labor
Tarasheim: Pop 2 [3 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor] | Districts [3 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor] | Resources: 1 Coal, 1 Stone | Quarters [1 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor] | Total: 7 Riches, 2 Skilled Labor, 9 Food - 7 Food Surplus. -1 Public Order: 4. 17 Riches.
Growth: 7/15
10 Riches - Agricultural District
2/10 Skilled Labor - Harbor District
Cadmus: Pop 4 [5 Riches, 2 Skilled Labor, 1 Science] | Districts [3 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor, 1 Food] | Resources: 3 Stone, 1 Cotton | Quarters [5 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor, 1 Science, 1 Public Order, 4 Food] | Total: 13 Riches, 4 Skilled Labor, 13 Food - 6 Surplus. 0 Public Order : 5. 38 Riches.
Growth: 6/20
1 Science - Sailborn Flight 9/30
15 Riches - Irrigated Farm
10 Riches - Market
4/10 Skilled Labor - Industrial District
Nightstone: Pop 3 [4 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor] | Districts [3 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor, 1 Food] | Resources: 1 Cotton, 1 Stone, 2 Blackstone | Quarters [1 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor, 2 Food] | Total: 8 Riches, 3 Skilled Labor, 12 Food - 9 Surplus. -1 Public Order : 4. 18 Riches.
10 Riches - Market
3/10 Skilled Labor - Industrial District
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Postby Olthenia » Sat Mar 30, 2019 1:47 pm

Queen of the Skazahad Delta
The Fifth Matriarchate of Sabezi the Sweet
The First Day of the Arc of Reeds, Year 488 of the Common Era

Above the pointed rooftops of old Fastaqui, the evening air was grey and full of rain. Not that Jeneba could smell it, the way some old fishermen could – but she still had eyes to see. And the clouds above the great, green dome of the Matriarchs? No. It had no business being that grey. Not unless rain was coming. Soon. Maybe if the rains come, I can finally write something. Anything. Some people thought being a scholar in training was easy. Which was fair, in a way. Scholars didn’t get up at the break of dawn to row fishing boats, or hammer copper into tools at the forgefires. They just painted glyphs on parchment. Some people really thought that. Then again, some people were also fools.

Jeneba was a scholar-in-training. She knew all about glyphs and parchments. And by the gods, she couldn’t get a single glyph out. “What about these scrolls here? Can’t you just read some of them?” Anda’s voice was soft but insistent; like a mother trying to convince her child that water was, in fact, wet. “No, I can’t. You know I can’t,” huffed Jeneba. “Can’t what? Read?” Anda teased. “What sort of wise woman can’t read?” She meant well, of course, Anda did. She was Jen’s fezzi – a kind of spare mother to all the young women quartered at the House of Amber. When mothers and fathers sent a daughter to learn the glyphs, they sent them to serve the city. And when the city accepted them, those daughters left their homes for the House of Amber. To live and learn and write on their own, under the care of gentle fezzis like Anda.

Jeneba just looked at her. “I can’t read someone else’s words,” she explained. “If I do, the glyphs I make will just be someone else’s.” And I’m not wise. Not even. “So? Gods below, girl. You think every bird out there learns to fly on their own? Pshaw.” But Jeneba was adamant. If you borrow someone else’s words, you borrow their wits. Her old teachers always warned her. And wits are like an amberman’s muscles. You need to get your own. “I don’t see what’s so difficult about it,” Anda insisted. She was what Jeneba’s actual mother would have called ‘a contrarian’. “It’s just ink on papyrus. Even boys could-“

But it wasn’t that simple, of course. Not in the least. Jeneba knew. Sometimes, writing came as easy as water pouring from a jug. The right glyphs just tumbled from her mind and onto the parchment. And that’s why Jeneba knew she could never be anything else – like a forgemother or a warrior or a speaker in the Tiers, or any of the other myriad things women could be in old Fastaqui. Because when the words came easy, nothing else felt even half as good. I’ll just have to try again. Until the glyphs are mine. What else could you do, in old Fastaqui? Nothing. Nothing but try, and try again. Until the words finally poured.

Like rain.

Start of Turn 1
Riches: 25, Food 2, Public Order: 5.

1 Peasant in Agri District (Farm, Irrigated Farm): +4 Food, +1 Riches
1 Peasant in Harbour District (Fishing Docks): +5 Food, +1 Riches
1 Peasant in Mining District (Copper Mine, Quarry): +Copper, +Granite, +1 Riches
1 Scholar in Military District: +2 Riches, +1 Science
1 Scholar in Government District: +4 Riches, +2 Science, +1 Public Order
1 Artisan in Industrial District (Artisan’s Quarters, Foundry w/Copper): +5 Riches, +2 Skilled Labour

1 new Irrigated Farm raised in the Agricultural District (-15 Riches)
1 new Fishing Docks begun in the Harbour District (-15 Riches, 2/5 Skilled Labour)

Social Contract, Domesticated Camels: +1 Public Order, +1 Riches, +1 Food

The wise crones of the Many Mothers put their wits and wisdom into domesticating a crop of humble Apple trees. [3/?]

End of Turn 1
Riches = 25 + 15 - 30 = 10, Food = 2 + 10 – 6 = 6, Public Order = 5 + 2 = 7.
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The Sons of Saladon

"For hundreds we swore to uphold the Saladonian Contract," shouted the Lord Imperator as he walk around his men.

"From the blood of our fathers to the blood of our sons," shouted the warriors in union.

"And with that contract was a oath that all saladonian men swore to," shouted the Lord-Imperator, "to serve with eternal loyalty and honor."

"Even to our dying breath," responded the warriors.

"Those who would break this code are Gladium... neither worthy of pity, nor mercy! Even now they sit there back in Salli, broadcasting their lies!"

"We will grind them to dust, and scrape them as excrement from our boots!"

"And continue our march to salvation," finished the Lord-Imperator.

The following months a fervor grew in the Saladon Marchers. While they were far away from their homeland, and no longer leading much of the Saladonians, they felt a calling. The call to return home.

It however was not that simple, and the Lord-Imperator knew this. They still had much to do before they started the great journey. Such as bolster the small military and gather livestock for transportation. Even copy the vast knowledge of the south for Saladonia. Muvh to do.

Still this boosted morale was good for the men, and left the conclusion of their journey close to mind. The would begin his journey to the capital of Nekhen to negotiate and introduce himself to the Kingdom. No doubt fear of a horde visiting Khasut would be of concern.

The clans had small dealings with the cities over the years, but never anything superficial. It was likely they knew not of the Saladonians and their great journey. Regardless they will know of them soon enough.
Clan-Marchers - 2,000 Proud Clansfolk
1,000 artisans: offering their labor for wealth and livestock.
1,000 Scholars: requesting access to the Kingdom of Nekhen's archive, otherwise creating a bow worthy of Saladonia.

The Lord-Imperator greets the Head of Khasut leader. Acting like a tradesmen, he offers hardy laborers of freefolk, not for permanent stay, but a offering as temporary workers to provide for production in exchange cattle or wealth.

Saladonian Bow Design - desired to be flexible and strong. Aiming for ranges farther then that of a average bow.
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Postby Nuxipal » Sat Mar 30, 2019 5:20 pm

Kingdom of Nekhen (Kingdom of the Aslani)

During the year 427, the court was approached by a proposal by the wandering group, Sons of Saladon. There had been brief interactions with the northerners, who had apparently heard of the city from an infamous group: The Chosen of Neferkara. The memories of that organization were present full time in Khasut now as a small undead army was maintained for city defense. The surname Tjenu was present within the marchers and was all the proof that the High Queen needed to grant them an audience. It was set for the early spring and upon arrival the Clansfolk were given temporary quarters in the military district as the Undead could remain on the walls patrolling the perimeter when not on actual patrols.

The meeting itself went surprisingly well for High Queen Khalida. She wanted access to the marcher's labor and knowledge and offered riches and the archives of Khasut in return. It was accepted. With the Sons of Saladon providing assistance to Khasut, she believed they could achieve a great deal with their assistance. She soon directed them to how they could best help her and permitted the Scholars into the archives to learn what they could.

Saladonian Skilled Labor added to Industrial District 2/10
Nekhen pays 2 Riches for Saladonian Skilled Labor
Saladonian Scholars permitted to learn from Khasut's intellectual archives
Nekhen Scholars permitted to learn from Saladonian intellectual archives

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Postby G-Tech Corporation » Mon Apr 01, 2019 3:49 pm

Turn One - Year 488

The Time of Tithe

From the east come caravans of men in black, to the wild deserts of the people of Orleans. Their masters, long silent and quiescent, have dispatched emissaries and tax-collectors to take from those who swear fealty, for the provision of the needs of the Lord of the Earth. Their accounting is suited to the abilities of the Folk - a humble five Riches from the sand-city, in exchange for the secret of the Chariot so they may forge arms and raise men to ride alongside the Midnight Host.

Research on Aquacultural Science begins - 1/??
Nothing else of great note passes in Xcotl, as her food supplies swell.

Research on Sailborn Flight begins - 10/30
All is well.

Massed Labor: 2/5
All is well in the lands of the Honori - their defiance, for now, unnoted by their overlords.

Work on formalizing a Social Contract begins - 2/10
Elsewhere, attempts to trade materials between Zhou and her progeny have been stymied - without formal links, marshaling yards, and caravans, much of the goods and products are lost in the wilderness, or so poorly coordinated as to be all but unusable. A Market, perhaps, or a Trade Port to move goods up and down the river, seem necessary.

A tale of silence

The venerable apple, its care and cultivation, are investigated by the wise Crones. 3/10
Otherwise, quiet prosperity is the lot of the Fastaqui.

The formalization of a Social Contract within the confines of the Aslani cities begins to take place. 2/10
Trade between the cities of the Nekhen dynasty proves problematic - goods difficult to accumulate, pilfered by unscrupulous traders, diverted by brigands, embezzled by nobles. A formal Market, where such matters can be overseen, may prove necessary to derive any real profit from such activities.

The taming of small fluffy creatures of wool and meat presses forward. 2/10

A time of silence for the Three Kings.

Sheep Domestication progresses - 2/10.
Nothing else of great note passes in the lands of the Elves, save the sighting of several storms out at sea.

The process of taming the fearsome Dust Bulls is begun by the intrepid minds of Orleans. - 2/20
To the east the emissaries of the Mistress pass, and prices they haggle in the black markets of the Midnight Empire. Souls they may have, in exchange for wealth, to labor at the bequest of their masters.
Elsewhere, the people of the Wasteland, proud sons of the North, prove open to advances on the matter of trade - if the Orleans may devise a market where goods can be exchanged, much profit may be had by all.

A design for a Strong Bow is being fabricated - 1/10.
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Year 101 of the Reign of Queen Fey of the Elves

Myth Allanor


I walked the streets of Myth Allanor in hood and rags. I smiled to the peasants and greeted them in song, the Arameri were friendly and boisterous people, and they smiled back white teeth showing good health and humor. They did not recognize me as their Queen, for I had used a simple yet effective sunstrength charm to change my appearance for but a day.

I walked to the markets where farmers brought their riches to sale in the City of the Mer. Baskets of sun-kissed maize, heaps of golden wheat, and barrels of red ruby apples. Farmers boasted of how prosperous one would become by purchasing and eating their goods.

"You there how was the harvest this season?" I asked a yeomer farmer come to bring his crops to market. He was mer through and through golden skin, pointy ears and flowing white hair with a youthful, handsome face that nearly made me fall for him. He grinned and sang to me.

"Yes these apples would cost but one copper, the harvest was excellent this season, and we couldn't ask for more from the gods, blight, and pestilence haunts us not, and the gods Itempas and Mara have been benevolent in granting us such a bountiful treasure this season."

I smiled joyfully at the yeomers explanation. As Queen, it was important that my people thrived. The Arameri where prospering as Arkane's Chosen and our race was growing every day. Soon the Dominion would be able to compete with the human nations, but for now, we would expand on our own and forge our destiny separate from humanity.

"I'd like to purchase one apple that one," I said pointing to a plump and juicy one that shined like a red flame in the light. I handed him a single gold piece and walked away, laughing at his shock and excitement as he held in his hands' wealth greater than any he had owned in his life.

I owned my own private enterprise that had been particularly profitable this cycle. The gods smiled on charitable acts and in Arameri culture a monarch was to be a parent and guardian to their people. Thus I gave away portions of my wealth to the people. This was to ensure that the good times kept coming.

Myth Allanor: Population: 2 - 1 Elven Scholar,1 Elven Peasant | Military: 0 - Tribal Warriors | Public Order: 6 | Resources: Whitesilver, Breadfruit, Sheep, Apples, Maize, Wheat| Bonus Food: 0 | Danger: 0 | 9 Riches
Government District:[1 Merish Scholar researches Sheep Domestication [4/10]
--->+2 Science,+4 Riches,+1 Public Order] | Cracked Stone Wall
1 Merish Peasant educated in the ways of Elven Artisanship--->+1 Riches,+1 Skilled Labor.Leads construction of Industrial District.
+1 Riches from Xcotl
Industrial District: [0/50 Riches| 1/10 Skilled Labor]
Agricultural District (Plots 2/4): - Farm [+1 Food]
-15 Riches used to construct new Irrigated Farm
Agricultural Production: (1 from Farm) +(6 from Domestic Crops)+(1 from Wild Breadfruit)+(1 from Wild Sheep)= 9 Food

-5 Food (Elvish Heritage)1,000 Elven Peasants are born this cycle

Net Results: Population: 3 - 1 Elven Scholar,1 Elven Artisan,1 Elven Peasant | Military: 0 - Tribal Warriors | Public Order: 7 | Resources: Whitesilver, Breadfruit, Sheep, Apples, Maize, Wheat| Bonus Food: 0 | Danger: 0 | 0 Riches
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No fluff yeeet.

Xcotl | Population: 4 - 3 Peasants, 1 Artisan | Military: Grade 1 - Militia | Public Order: 5 | Resources: Great Wolves, Native Copper, Oak, Gold | Bonus Food: 7 | Danger: 3 | 0 Riches

Military District - Barracks [Idle]

Mining District: Mine (Gold) [1 Artisan mine +1 Gold]

Government District - School, Archives: [1 Peasant researches Aquaculture [1/??] → [2/??]
--->+1 Science, +2 Riches]

Agricultural District - 2 Irrigated Farm, 2 Farms [1 Peasant works in the fields ---> +7 Food)

Agricultural Production: (7 from Farm) + (3 from Domestic Crops) = 10 Food (-4 from consumption)

Riches Production: (3+ Riches from Peasants) + (2+ from Artisan) + (2+ Riches from Government Districts) = 7 Riches

Skilled Labor Production: (1+ from Artisan) = 1

Construction of Agricultural District [0/10 Riches] --> [6/10 Riches]
Construction of Public Square [0/20 Riches], [1/5 Skilled Labor] → [0/20 Riches], [2/5 Skilled Labor]

1 Riches to the Dominion

Xcotl | Population: 4 - 3 Peasants, 1 Artisan | Military: Grade 1 - Militia | Public Order: 5 | Bonus Food: 13 | Danger: 3 | 0 Riches
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Postby Nuxipal » Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:36 pm

Kingdom of Nekhen (Kingdom of the Aslani)
Year 428, the Sixth Year of the reign of High Queen Khalida

The desert marauders seemed to have returned and destroyed what little trade the Kingdom could maintain with itself. Fortunately, floating men on barges down the Asl river meant that they could send the coastal town of Arshak the loan it needed to complete an agricultural district, though from the news that came back up river, they were able to begin the harvest in the new agricultural district and that was stabilizing their food supply. Not much has changed in Isin as they were fortunate enough to have wild foodstuffs with which to supplement their diet.

Meanwhile, in Khasut, the presence of the Sons of Saladon has been a mighty boon. Their labors have brought new life to the struggling artisans of the city. The trade secrets they exchanged was a great cultural exchange between the two people and a grand meeting between the Lord Imperator and the High Queen was set to take place soon. Until that time, the Queen mother was busy looking through scrolls of the Tjenu family tree looking for a suitable match for Khalida. Someone of the blood of one of the brothers of Ramesses, similar to where her father-in-law went for his son Tafari. After weeks and weeks of searching, she brought before Khalida five potential candidates for her husband. Two of them from the line of Khatep, and three from the line of Amhose. The line of Amhose married into Neferata's matrilineal tree a couple generations previous.

From there and with a bit of discussion with the families of the young men and Neferata had arranged for them to be presented before her. She would select three of them for Khalida to choose from. While she could choose anyone within the Kingdom she wanted, she needed to have an official Prince Consort. Someone with a noble family backing them. When the day came, it was mid-spring. The planting had gone well in the fields and the river on this particular day was thick with the sediments which floated down stream every spring bringing fertility to its banks. The young men were lined up in the throne room where Neferata looked over each of them. The first, a boy named Ramesses looked strong and fit. He stood impressively tall and looked much the part of the man whose name he held. He was selected to be presented to Khalida. Next to be selected was the youngest of them, a man named Thutmose. He came from a scholarly family, they were the current guardians of the crypt and if new undead needed to be awoken it would be they who directed the rituals. She then came to the last two standing there, the other boy sent away being too scrawny and not of significant rank to remain with the others. Thutep and Arkhan were the names of the last two. Both excellent physical specimens, both had a strength about them which Neferata knew would draw Khalida's eye. After a quick interview, she selected Thutep. He was significantly more intelligent than Arkhan and the lesser was sent on his way. She asked them to return in a week's time.

As the week went by, she showed the three candidates profiles to Khailda. She seemed mostly uninterested, as she had in previous mentions of being married. This had been a six year struggle to convince her that she would have to, one day, marry someone. When the day came, Neferata was nervous. Khalida hadn't given much thought to this at all and it showed in how she treated the whole situation. The three men arrived in their best clothes, armed with the finest weapon their family had. Khalida for her part looked like the High Queen. Few bronze weapons were in the city, but the bronze Khopesh which she wore across her back was the finest weapon in the Kingdom, one which she was surprisingly effective at wielding.

She inspected the three men closely. The weapon they carried, the clothing they wore, every physical attribute was carefully examined by Khalida. She put her hand on the chest of each of them, feeling their hearts beat. She stopped at one of them and asked him to kneel before her.

"Your name." She said simply not looking at him as she turned to take a few steps away. The man spoke proudly and with enthusiasm. "I am Ramesses, named for the Great High King of our Kingdom." Khalida smiled. The last Ramesses also wed a Khalida, that is where she had her name derived from. "I see. Ramesses, do you believe you are an equal substitute for the Great King of our lands? He was married to a woman named Khalida as well." It didn't occur to this Ramesses that would have mattered, but he spoke anyway, "None can be his equal, we can only strive to live up to his example." Nodding at the response, Khalida turned back towards him and said, "Stand." He did so. The young queen looked at him, "Thank you Ramesses, you can go."

With a bit of shock on his face he looked to Neferata who was equally shocked. She tried to signal for him to go. He took the hint from the Queen Mother and bowed saying, "Thank you, High Queen Khalida." Once he was gone she turned to the next of them and repeated the process. "Kneel." She said and the second one kneeled, "Name yourself." The young man spoke just as proudly, not shaken by the ease at which she dismissed one of the highest ranking nobles in the kingdom, "I am Thutmose, your Highness." Khalida smiled. She had liked this one, scholarly and of good build. "Thutmose, your family guards our ancestral tombs. If I were to demand that you sacrifice our population to raise an army of our ancestors as an undead army would you do so without hesitation." He went to answer, but here he hesitated in his answer and before he could answer Khalida simply said, "That will be all. Thank you Thutmose, you can go."

The man thanked the High Queen and left feeling a bit less certain about his family's position. That left the last man that Neferata had selected for her to see. For the Queen Mother's part, she hoped this last one would be well suited to Khalida or the search would have to be renewed.

Khalida walked around the man a few more times, tested out the muscles in his arms and abs before speaking to him, "Kneel." The man knelt and awaited her orders, "What is your name." The man spoke proudly just as the others before him had. "I am Thutep." Khalida observed him and asked a question, "The palace is in flames and I tell you to sacrifice my mother to create one last undead to hold an archway for another few minutes while the court escapes the Midnight Empire. What do you do." Without blinking he says, "I decline and hold the archway myself." The answer was not what Khalida wanted, but it suited her. "Very well. I have become ill and there are rumors that I will be assassinated and they are looking to crown you in my stead. What do you do." He bows his head, "I notify your mother of the plot and aid in anyway I can to have the conspirators captured before imprisoning myself for treason against the High Queen."

Khalida smiled, the man knew his place. It was beneath her, lesser to her being. "Stand." The man stands, his face stern, ready for dismissal. "You may go." Neferata looked puzzled, it seemed as if this last one was going to succeed. Khalida returned to her throne. The man had already left the room as ordered. Neferata turned to her child, "What are you.." she is cut off by Khalida's hand raising to her. "Don't worry mother. I made my choice. As they go down the stairs they are being instructed to remain on site. You will deliver the results to the men below." Bewildered that her child had outplayed her at this point, Neferata sighed and said, "Very well, what have you decided today?"

Giving her mother a look she said, "Do you really think I made the decision today? I've had these men under surveillance for the last week, since you showed me their profiles. I made my choice before today and simply made a show of it to them, to instill the sense of helplessness that they should have when dealing with me as their Queen. I am not to be considered theirs in any matter of the word and only one of them seems to have that understanding. Ramesses," She pauses for a moment, "Shall be given the title captain of the royal guard. His size and skill in arms are commendable and he is to be rewarded. As is his apprenticeship to our general staff. He will become a fearsome general of our legions in the future or he will die trying."

"Thutmose, is to be promoted to the new position of Mortuary Priest. He will no longer guard our ancestors, but instead be responsible for preparing our undead legions and ensuring that we properly handle the dead so that they can be raised to join them in time. Which means, yes. I am going to marry Thutep, make the arrangements for next winter, not this winter. He will serve as a Royal Adviser and my personal assistant until that time. During this period if he displeases me in anyway, his position will be stripped and he will be exiled to Isin to oversee the timber production there."

The suitors were notified of their positions and were all relieved and excited to some degree. Thutep seemed concerned, he would be with the High Queen day and night. He would effectively become part of the royal council and accompany her when she left the city. It was very prestigious, but he couldn't help but feel as if it would be his doom.

Khasut | Food: 5/25 | 4 Riches | 5 Public Order
Government District - Scholar (+4 Riches, +2 Science, +1 Public Order)
Military District (Barracks) - Artisans ( +1 Wealth, +1 Skilled Labor)
Agricultural District (Irrigated Farm) - Peasants ( +1 Wealth, +3 Food)
Artisans (+1 Wealth, +1 Skilled Labor)
Domestic: Wheat[Grain] (+1 Food), Aurochs[Burden, Milk, Herbivore] (+3 Food, +2 Riches)
Expenses: (2 Riches for 1 Skilled Labor with Sons of Saladon)
Projects: Industrial District (11/50 Riches, 5/10 Skilled Labor)
Research: Social Contract 4/10
Total Upkeep: 4 Food | 1 Public Order
Khasut | Food: 8/25 | 0 Riches | 5 Public Order

Arshak | 1/10 Food | 0 Riches | 4 Public Order
Government District (+2 Riches)
Mining District (Amethyst Mine, Quarry) - Unmanned
Agricultural District - Peasant (+1 Riches, +1 Food)
Domestic Crop (+1 Food +1 Food Adjust from previous)
Upkeep: 1 Food | 1 Public Order
Arshak |3/10 Food | 3 Riches | 3 Public Order

Isin | 4/10 Food | 3 Riches | 4 Public Order
Government District (+2 Riches)
Forestry District (Timber Camp) - Peasant (+1 Riches, +2 Timber)
Surrounding Resources: Wild Gourds (+1 Food, +1 food from previous year adjustment)
Domestic Crop: Wheat (+1 Food, +1 Food from previous year adjustment)
Upkeep: 1 Food | 1 Public Order
Isin | 7/10 Food | 6 Riches | 3 Public Order | 2 Timber
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Postby Auvis » Tue Apr 02, 2019 8:27 am

1st Year of the Ancient Age

The Magisters quieted as the Archon entered the Imperial Senate and began to speak. "Magisters, Alti, and Senators, I know some of our more...cautious Magisters have protested the using of Blood Magic, but to assure you that it is safe, I will take a willing sacrifice's blood to increase my power." As he said this, the "willing sacrifice", was dragged to the center of the floor, before being pushed to his knees in front of the Archon. The Archon pulled out a blade and brought it to the man's neck, saying, "Sanguis enim sanguis." He then slit the man's throat and used his blood to increase his power. "Meeting adjourned." The Archon said as he left.
Karath Kartulum: Population: 3 - 1 Scholar, 1 Artisan, 1 Peasant | Military: 1 - Militia | Public Order: 5| Bonus Food: 0 | Danger: 0 | 10 Riches
Government District | Cracked Stone Wall (Idle)
Industrial District - Artisan Quarters | Cracked Stone Wall (Artisan Works Artisan Quarters)
Agricultural District - Farm (Peasant works Farm)
Mining District - Mine (Silver) (Idle)
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Postby G-Tech Corporation » Tue Apr 02, 2019 8:51 am

Stalheim Hierarchy

Stands of the Wendwood, Cadmus
17th of Longnight, Year 489 of the Common Era

Ismael trudged through the light snow, leather boots rubbed soft and pale by years of hard use protecting his feet from the worst of the cold over thick woolen hose that stretched up under his coarse tunic of deep forest green. His breath smoked out into the air as he walked, empty roughwoven sack over his shoulder alongside his unstrung bow. Just a second son's luck, to draw duty for foraging. No claim on the patrimony, just the tools, so he took the Hegemon's coin and signed away a stint of his life in exchange for a parcel of land on the frontier and three hot meals a day alongside his stipend.

A farrier's son, the young former scion of House Bywater had never had to hunt in his life before. But the army could be an education in more ways than sticking a man with the right end of a spear - if you couldn't darn, couldn't clean, couldn't cook, you had to learn something useful to your squad or the other men in the unit would regard you as little more than a body to put in front of an arrow if things got hot and heavy. Plus it felt good, knowing the meals that went on the table at night to supplement the rations came from his traps and his bow.

Stomping through the snow, Ismael stooped to peer under one of the large pines, grunting to himself in satisfaction at the small broken body that lay in the complex weaving of twine and sticks. With gloved hands he untangled the coney from the contraption, adding it to his string with a length of needle and robust gut-wire. One more for the cookpot. It was a few days back to the barracks, but in weather like this the creatures would keep just fine, even without a dose of salt or brine. That was the beauty of a long patrol. With a bit of careful planning, you could eat like a lord for weeks afterwards, and it wasn't like anybody ever saw more action than the odd brigand or rabid bear.

Though, to be fair, nobody wanted to have to deal with a rabid bear.

Kharbarinth: Pop [+4 Science, +15 Riches, +4 Skilled Labor, +Public Order] | Districts [+6 Riches, +2 Skilled Labor, +4 Food, +3 Science] | Resources: 4 Timber, 4 Copper, 2 Stone | Quarters [+1 Science, +9 Riches, +Public Order, +2 Skilled Labor, +8 Food] | Total: +8 Science, +30 Riches, +2 Public Order, +8 Skilled Labor, +24 Food - 13 Food Surplus. 2 Public Order Surplus - 4. 87 Riches.
Growth: 26/45
Research: Sailborn Flight, 18/30
2 Copper traded to Lordaeron [+7 Riches]
Industrial District [8/10 Skilled Labor]
Peasant converted to Artisan

Steelsworn: Pop [+5 Riches, +2 Skilled Labor] | Districts [+4 Riches, +3 Skilled Labor, +1 Food] | Resources: 1 Meteoric Iron, 2 Stone, 2 Timber | Quarters [5 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor, 1 Food] | Total: +14 Riches, +1 Public Order, +6 Skilled Labor, +10 Food - 6 Food Surplus. 0 Public Order Surplus. 36 Riches
Growth: 12/25
Industrial District - 10/10 Skilled Labor

Rivermouth: Pop 3 [+5 Riches, +Skilled Labor] | Districts [+4 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor, 1 Food] | Resources: 1 Cotton, 3 Timber | Quarters [4 Riches, 2 Skilled Labor, 2 Food] | Total: 13 Riches, 4 Skilled Labor, 12 Food - 9 Food Surplus. -1 Public Order : 3. 31 Riches.
Growth: 18/20
1 Cotton processed into 1 Riches
Industrial District - 7/10 Skilled Labor

Brightcliff: Pop 4 [+5 Riches, +Skilled Labor] | Districts [+5 Riches, +3 Skilled Labor, +1 Food] | Resources: 2 Bloodsilver, 1 Shimmerstone, 2 Stone, 2 Timber | Quarters [+7 Riches, +Skilled Labor, +4 Food] | Total: +17 Riches, +5 Skilled Labor, +14 Food - 10 Food Surplus. 0 Public Order Surplus. 52 Riches
Growth: 20/20 - New Peasant gained
2 Bloodsilver, Shimmerstone processed at Artisan Quarters - +9 Riches
Industrial District - 8/10 Skilled Labor

Tarasheim: Pop 2 [3 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor] | Districts [3 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor, 1 Food] | Resources: 1 Coal, 1 Stone | Quarters [1 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor] | Total: 7 Riches, 2 Skilled Labor, 10 Food - 8 Food Surplus. -1 Public Order: 3. 24 Riches.
Growth: 15/15 - New Peasant gained
4/10 Skilled Labor - Harbor District

Cadmus: Pop 4 [5 Riches, 2 Skilled Labor, 1 Science] | Districts [3 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor, 1 Food] | Resources: 3 Stone, 1 Cotton | Quarters [5 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor, 1 Science, 1 Public Order, 7 Food] | Total: 13 Riches, 4 Skilled Labor, 13 Food - 6 Surplus. 0 Public Order : 5. 52 Riches.
Growth: 15/20
2 Science - Sailborn Flight 20/30
1 Cotton processed for 1 Riches
8/10 Skilled Labor - Industrial District

Nightstone: Pop 3 [4 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor] | Districts [3 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor, 1 Food] | Resources: 1 Cotton, 1 Stone, 2 Blackstone | Quarters [1 Riches, 1 Skilled Labor, 5 Food] | Total: 8 Riches, 3 Skilled Labor, 12 Food - 9 Surplus. -1 Public Order : 3. 24 Riches.
Growth: [15/15] - New Peasant
2 Blackstone, 1 Cotton sold to Kharbarinth [+8 Riches]
10 Riches - Artisan Quarters
10/10 Skilled Labor - Industrial District
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Postby Elerian » Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:55 am

[Insert Text Here]

Serrith | Population: 3 - 1 Scholar, 1 Artisan, 1 Peasant | Military: 0 - Tribal Warriors | Public Order: 5 | Bonus Food: 5 | Danger: 0 | 10 Riches
Government District | Cracked Stone Wall (Scholar Researches Food Preservation)
Housing District (Idle)
Industrial District - Artisan Quarters, Market (Artisan works the Artisan Quarters)
Agricultural District - Farm (Peasant works the Farm)

Sorncost | Population: 1 - 1 Peasant | Public Order: 5 | Bonus Food: 7 | Danger: 0 | 0 Riches
Government District (Peasant)
Docks District - Trade Port (Idle)

Sarfuth | Population: 1 - 1 Artisan | Public Order: 5 | Bonus Food: 5 | Danger: 0 | 0 Riches
Government District (Artisan)

Ellander | Population: 1 - 1 Peasant | Public Order: 5 | Bonus Food: 6 | Danger: 0 | 5 Riches
Government District (Idle)
Agricultural District - Farm (Peasant works the Farm)
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Armavir's Plain, The House of Armasht
The Twentieth Priesthood of Yamkhad "The Cedar-Smoked"

Yamkhad was a young man. Far younger than most of the men to hold his priesthood, and certainly the youngest to hold it for so long. He had expected only the first priesthood, of thirty six days to begin the last year, but he had been elected once again by the City Fathers, and then again, and again, and again, his stream of elections broken only by the regular, ceremonial elections of the Melek to the priesthood. Oddly, of course, he was perhaps the only man who didn't know precisely how it had all happened. The young man had everything behind him, in short. His father, Yamhattu, had been priest three dozen times in his old age, and he had been pledged upon every year of his childhood at the new year's alighting. Even if he hadn't grown to be the man he was he would have been able to expect at least one priesthood.

But indeed, he was far more than the disappointment everyone had expected compared to his boisterous war-hawk of a father. He had grown well, and the flame had taken in his eyes better than it did in most. He was broad, with skin an approachable tan rather than the aristocratic ivory of his cousins, and with his hair distinctively left in shoulder-length black ringlets to match his beard, in the "ancient style" once worn by the priests of myth. His eyes were perhaps the most important thing about the looks of him, however; they shined an amber-bronze in the firelight, and seemed to draw in the watcher in the absolute glee and exuberance they expressed. Most of all, though, it was his rhetoric that won him his place.

To watch Yamkhad speak was as if to see the hearth-fire roar and sway over fresh fuel. Before him, speakers had always remained all but still, gesturing occasionally or for the sake of indication. Yamkhad, though, was more than merely a speaker; he was an actor, and he threw himself into each new speech. He would pace up and down in the temple, would cast off his cloak and speak only in the traditional reed-skirt, would raise his arms in exaltation or cast his great, flaming eyes upon particular men. To be sure, he rarely left an audience more than breathless. Among the conscript fathers, this fire and impulse was unheard of, and the sheer force of it bowled them over. In the street, where this style was known, none claimed themselves a finer practitioner of it than the young priest. The throng would appear in their mass to hear him, and quickly they came to love him.

His theatrical speeches broke up the monotony of daily life and work, while the temple singers and dancers he paid to walk the streets punctuated cool spring nights. From his own vast estates, the preacher gave freely, in a way formerly reserved for the Melek alone. He gave the people all they wanted, and they adored him. He was not, for certain, the first man to rouse their adoration, but he was among the first to hold it for so long, and to win along with it the support of the City Fathers. With both camps behind him, he was a clear bet to be the next of the Melek, after old Ishrak, increasingly outdone by the dynamic young priest, passed on into the flame, with only two half-wit sons left behind him. Yamkhad knew precious little of these ambitions for him, as men so often do not. If he had, perhaps he would not have remained so vocal; old Ishrak was peaceable in the street, but he had not kept power for forty years by leaving charismatic reformers in the street.

Old Ishrak, who much took exception to the new name attaching itself to him, was well aware of the rumoured princeling in his city. He was old, certainly, and withered down to the bone, a relic of a more violent age, but he was still as sharp as ever he had been. If the children of summer wished to raise themselves before him, let them try; but he was a man of winter, and not easily toppled from the pile of bones he had so long ago climbed. Let them try.

Turn 2 - The House of Armasht

Government District (+2 Riches)
1 Scholar - Man Government Quarter (+2 Riches, +2 Science, +1 Public Order)
1 Artisan - Man Industrial Quarter (+4 Riches, +3 SL)
1 Peasant - Man the Docks (+8 food, +1 Riches)
Research Sheep Domestication (4/10)

-15 Riches for Fishing Docks (Total 4)

+9 Riches (Total 13), +3 SL, +4 Food (Total 12), +1 Public Order (Total 7)

Fishing Docks Complete (6/5 SL)

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Postby Nuxipal » Tue Apr 02, 2019 6:07 pm

Khasut, Nekhen
Year 428, Sixth Year of the Reign of High Queen Khalida
Collaboration between Saxony-Brandonburg, Holy Tedalonia, and Nuxipal

Midsummer was always hot in Nekhen. The Asl river's waters did very little to cool the desert Kingdom as it flowed alongside the city. Khasut has had one hundred years of hardship, perpetually under siege by the vast Midnight Empire, but the adherence to the old teaching of Neferkara, the city has found the means by which to hold back the incursions. Now, they are finding themselves in need of new allies. Within their city and outside of it. Recently, a group of people calling themselves Saeling had arrived. These Saelani had asked for a meeting with the ruler of the lands and were notified of a time and place for the meeting between the leaders of their group to take place.

A small, square stone structure was near the center of the Government district. It was not well decorated as some of the older structures, but instead it was made for practicality. Inside was a chamber specifically created for meeting with outsiders. It had been built in hopes of finding new cities to create a new Serapis League, or perhaps a Nepharis League should there be cities across the desert to the south. Instead, it was being used to meet with these Saelani and a group of Marani.

As the two other groups arrived, only a handful of scholarly sorts were there to greet them. Their places at the grand table were near the center on opposing sides, with the only other open seats being at the far end of the table below a shield bearing the Tjenu family's crest. The chair there was larger and more ornate, clearly made for the ruler of the city.

The Lord-Imperator Faelyn Varly, with his advisers on his flanks, entered the building. They were glad to be out the scorching heat. The shade of the roof, provided a luxury that is often taken granted by many outside the desert. The Saeling had once done the same, but it had been in and out of the desert many times now familiar with that unfriendly heat.

After being guided to the their seats they sat patiently eager to renew and improve upon the deal they made a year ago with Nekhen. One of the adviser, a aged lytling, was the only one without posture, however with the quick eye of Faelyn he corrected his sons behavior. It was necessary to correct his sons behavior, as he can't embarrass the Saladon marchers nor Faelyn himself. They wait patiently for the meeting to begin.

Yelling is heard outside the room for several long minutes before going silent, turning into low grumblings and curses as the two Honori representatives make their way inside the building. Two crowds travel with them, but stop at the doors, too busy fighting among themselves, and potentially starting a riot with each other, to be a threat to the men and women inside.

"Good lords of Nekken and Saeling."
The man begins, bowing his head.
"Most respected lords." The woman says, scowling at him.
"We pray your journeys were well and the gods-"
"God. Had favor upon your journey."
They look half about to actually assault each other, before they bow to the men in the room and go to sit as far apart as possible at the table.
The two can't help but stare at each other, showing the clear divide among Honori. The tan woman, wearing but a simple woven skirt, leather sandals, and elaborate jewelry, and yet the darker man, with a drab and modest tunic, and nothing to cover his most blistered and bruised feet.

"It is good to meet officials of Mara," stated the Lord-Imperator smiling to the Honori representative, "we are all fortunate to have you with us."

Faelyn dared not mention religion, as it seems to be a division among the Honori, and dared not incite conflict. The Saladonians wore plain clans-made clothing. The traditional plain tunic and pants, sown by fine weavers. Only a fine necklace made the Lord-Imperator standout; the glimmering iron showing his authority.

"The-" "The-" they both speak on too of each other, anxious to go first. "The council sends their regards, they are busy fighting the good fight against the midnight horde." The woman says, as quickly as she can. "And the prophet sends the Lord's blessings, but he cannot be in attendance. He must look after his flock at home."

"I am Ikra, high priestess of Lunda's council, and he" The woman motions across the table. "Is Assor."

"Favored disciple of the prophet, true lord of Honori." The man responds.

As the Marani and Saelani delegations introduced themselves to one another, the various court officials simply discussed various ideas they had for the High Queen, even though this wasn't for them to petition for anything, they still hoped to get the chance. Nearly five minutes after all delegations arrived, the doors on the opposite end from where they had entered open. The large wooden doors swung inward permitting a procession of a half-dozen handmaids followed by the Queen Mother who stood on the right of the head seat. Soon behind her another half-dozen handmaids entered and a young woman wearing the crown of Nekhen, Star-Silver with amethysts, atop her head.

She took a seat and the Queen Mother announced her. "Presenting High Queen Khalida, Queen of the Aslani and speaker of the gods." At this she raised her hand indicating for her mother to sit as she herself spoke. "I welcome the Lord Imperator of the Saelani, I hope our people have welcomed you into the city without much trouble. And the honored representatives of the Marani that live in our city. I believe this is my first meeting with you as well." She nods her head in respect to both delegations.

She then motions to one of her advisers, he seemed to be some kind of scribe by trade, however he has been given the position of an economic adviser by the High Queen. He stands and speaks, "Thank you, Your Highness." He clears his throat and speaks aloud towards the meeting as a whole, "During this last year we had some difficulty in conducting trade with our other settlements and thus will have lost a significant portion of our economy because of it. That being stated, we are looking to alternative methods of producing wealth for our people. For that, the High Queen has asked me to put together a list of what our people would like to have from the Saelani." He hands her the scroll with his recommendations.

"I see that we have the need for Saelani skilled Labor immediately for the next two years, simply to get our economy rebuilt. Beyond that, I believe that we can find other use for our friends here. I must ask, how long are your people planning to stay here Lord Imperator Faelyn? I personally wish to know, and I am sure our Marani sisters wish to know as well."

Faelyn thinks carefully, this is a important answer one that couldn't be said easily. His adviser whispers to him lending counsel, however after listening he shakes his head disappointing his adviser. "We plan to stay for 10 years if the labor their is good work to be done. We may stay longer depending on circumstance, but our goal is to gather great knowledge that was foretold to my ancestors by the chosen, and other great wise cities like those of Nekhen."

Ten years, that was a long time, but it would be useful. With their assistance, they could hopefully tackle a large number of projects, she wanted a full docks district built as well, but that would come in time. "That sounds reasonable Lord Imperator. As you know, you are welcome to stay as long as you wish. We can hammer out a contract for your work later in this meeting if you wish. For now, I have something to ask of the Marani." She looks towards the bickering colleagues. "I have been told that the Honori District is seeing a bit of unrest. May I know what the major issues are? I may be able to solve some of them for you. I don't need a riot in my city."

The two snarl once more at each other.
"That man's supposed 'prophet' has had our children break from tradition, from the family, and from our dear Goddess!"
"My lady- that woman is a radical! She would have religious law from the courts of two hundred years ago decide the fates of us all! Even today, Honori are still judged by this 'council' in the middle of the night! Where the punishment for so much is slayal or mutilation!"
"It is the just ways! It is what the gods desire! It is the way of the ancestors! Of our people! Of the priestesses- the rightful claimant to the throne!"
"You goat- you would have a man stoned for theft from your sanctuaries!"
"Defiler! You would have your prophet come to rule us all make make us sing penance for our tradition!"
"Lady Khalida- do you not see this woman for who she is?"
"Mistress- he would deny your right to rule our people for his new god! He denies lunda and the inheritance of your mother!"
"You defile these grounds by beginning such a conflict in a house of peace!"
"You Sheep. You snake! You dare walk into the neighborhood and preach of the sin of the old ways! You dare walk into our homes and insult us!"
"Do you know what evil rituals they do at night, lady Khalida? They murder babies in the night, they feast upon blood! I have seen so with my eyes!"
"Hah! What a sheep! What a sheep! You know nothing! You have a man whipped until death's doorstep for loving his family!"
"Well I aught to-... No. This isn't the time. I shall be civil. I shall love as is our ways, and not succumb to this woman's words."
"Do you see mistress Khalida? This man would have his 'prophet' be placed above your rightful inheritance to the city of Mara and her people!"
The man sits down, throwing up his hands while the woman looks on to Khalida, looking for a response.

She was quite embarrassed by the outburst of the Marani. They may be the last free folk of Mara, but they were Nekhen citizens. She saw her mother was about to say something, but she instead put her own hand up to silence all parties. "We have a foreign guest, and the two of you decide to bring this display into the House of Peace. High Priestess Iska, while his actions are not warranted, It is Aslani Law, not Honori that rules this city. You will cease these councils that the Disciple Assor speaks of. Criminals are to be judged by Aslani Law alone in this city."

The man is not pleased by this strangely, but nods.
"But my lady- if I may-" spoke the woman, looking to see if she could continue.

Moments later, "That being said. Disciple Assor, as your Prophet has no legal, Aslani or Honori, claim over the city of Mara. While I do not yet possess that right myself, my mother does. She is the descendant of the only Maran Priestess to travel south with the refugees nearly one hundred years ago. While you have the right to believe in whatever god you wish, that does not mean that everyone must follow them. If that is your goal, we will have to evaluate your religious belief system to ensure that it is not working against the interests of the Kingdom of Nekhen."

The man goes from his relaxed state to one of silent bitterness, while both look at each other, equally outraged.

She looks towards the man to judge if her words got across clearly. "In Khasut, I am the final authority. The Gods which have blessed these lands with fertility speak through me. They work through me. That bloodline flows through my father's line. The Bloodline of Mara flows through my mother." She pauses and gives a nod, "With that made perfectly clear, which one of you is most willing to assist the Saladonians getting settled. They have two thousand people and I can't keep their people cramped in our extra housing and the military barracks. The Honori District should be able to hold the overflow. I just do not wish for them to be harassed by religious zealots or ancient traditions. They have their own religion and traditions which they follow and we aren't going to be forcing ours upon them. We are not the Middani."

"But my lady- this man's zealots will have them harassed for their own sins! If not for the councils, then they would have their laws in the streets! With whips and chains."
The man, although appalled at the woman, has other matters on his mind.
"Our district is impoverished, lady, we haven't the food, nor the clothes, nor the wealth to keep more than two times our fold."

"I do not recall this being the city of Mara, nor do I recall it's laws reaching from across the desert," states the Lord-Imperator coldly, "you best listen to your queen. As her dynasty has protected you all from the scourge of the Midnight Horde and sacrificed a great deal of her people to preserve this independence. To talk to her in this manner is truly disgraceful, as she is by all accounts the law of the land to my understanding."

Not quite scowling at the two Marani, there was a look of displeasure on the face of the High Queen. "The district is in the same shape as any other we have. The impoverishment that you see in your district is from the opulence which you reserve for your elite members of society. Namely, the people in the positions which you currently reside. Neither of you look underfed. For the time being, a quarter of the Saelani will be housed in the Honori District, half in the government housing, and the other quarter in the barracks. If that means a few extra Saelani living near my own home, so be it. If I can sacrifice for the betterment of the city, what will be said of the Marani if they cannot do the same?"

Without waiting for a response, she turns back to the Lord Imperator, who interjected his opinion in support of her. "I apologize for the behavior of my subjects, in recent days there seems to have been a divide that I was too young to understand and one which was not taken care of by my advisory staff during my youth. If I remember, your people have asked regarding the archives of my people. While we have lost a great deal to the sands of time, we retain the tombs of our ancestors with instructions for summoning the dead. Aside from that, you are welcome to peruse any sort of knowledge we have, so long as we can do the same with yours. My arcane advisers tell me of your rune magic and I would greatly enjoy seeing some of that passed on to my own scholars and mages. Our struggles have forced us to leave behind much of our arcane knowledge of the past."

"Any knowledge is welcomed," he said smiling, "if is to much of a issue to retain housing the Saeling will simply do that of which has been before and continue to stay at the campsite outside the city. "

His eyes glance towards the Honori, "if you need any assistance regarding public order or warfare, my warriors are available for contract, you will find them both loyal and mighty in the days to come if you find a use for them."

"Any knowledge is welcomed," he said smiling, "if is to much of a issue to retain housing the Saeling will simply do that of which has been before and continue to stay at the campsite outside the city. "

His eyes glance towards the Honori, "if you need any assistance regarding public order or warfare, my warriors are available for contract, you will find them both loyal and mighty in the days to come if you find a use for them."

Nodding to the Lord-Imperator at his wise counsel, "I appreciate the gesture, at least let half of your people remain within the walls. It is safer and we do have the space, despite what the Marani think. My advisers say we only occupy 4/5 of the usable homes within the governing district. We can fit another thousand or so people here." She pulls a papyrus scroll open before her and looks at it. "It seems we paid you two talents for your labor last year. I would propose that we do so again for these next two years, paying you four talents for two years of labor. After which, I suppose we can negotiate for the next project. I would like to hire your scholars as well, but I'm afraid that my city's budget requires that the rest of our talents be put into assisting in the construction of the Industrial District itself. This should free them up long enough for you to learn something from my people's archives."

She didn't see any beasts of burden with them, so perhaps the Aurochs would be something they would find interesting. They were strong and helped with harvesting and even produced milk to supplement the diets of the people in Khasut. She was almost certain that they knew of this beast after being in the city for a year.

The man grows cold. "The Marani will need no aid in the keeping of order. No Saeling men under arms will be needed in our streets. We can keep the order, I swear unto you lady. We will keep this woman's like in check."
The woman stares at the queen, lost for a moment, and then at the man, and then smiles. "I for one welcome these Saeling men. In fact, please, let me begin their payment with the little wealth my home does possess!" She takes off her jewelry- her necklace, her earring, and her bangles, and places them on the table.

"That sounds great, Queen Khalida, these are terms we are happy to agree with however..." he glances towards the two Honori, "while it is not by place to give you counsel, I would say that this meeting is far from over. Whatever you hire my warriors for; they will do it without question."

He found the offering of wealth distasteful, as it presumed that the queen would pay, before she gave a opinion. However this, offer brought savage cunning.

"If a full force is not necessary, we could offer smaller contracts to those who desire protection," he said smiling as his eyes shifted to the female Honori.

Offering his loyal warriors at a price was quite useful to Khalida. She was eyeing up some future ventures, however, it would be likely that the Sons of Saladon would have left the city by the time her campaign began. Her people were still too fractured to march on Mara. Instead, the smaller contracts would be useful for her individual citizens. "Very well, I can permit your warriors to take up contracts with my citizens for protection or hunting only. I will not permit violence within the walls of my city."

The only comment she made for the Honori at this time was simple, "You two, draft a message to be sent to your representatives in Mara. I am summoning them here to negotiations regarding the future of the Serapis League."

The woman's expression fell to a fleeting pain, before attempting to regain some decorum. "Yes, my lady. If that should be your will." She was visibly sick, for some reason. "Hire them out individually? I do believe this will be just." spoke the man.

Faelyn gives a subtle nod. However his eyes shift to the priest. That Honori man who held distaste for hired mercenaries. He hoped nothing would become of it, but he hoped nothing would come of it.

Nodding to her subordinates, Khalida was done dealing with the Honori for the day. "Lord Imperator Faelyn, I do believe that you can be trusted to oversee any such contracts that your men take up while they are in the city. I myself may find use for a few of them in the palace. I know some of my household guards are in need of some time away from palace duty in the near future. If any of them have proven Aslani heritage, I would enjoy having them as guests in the near future." She looked at the Honori next, "As for what to do about the Honori District, it will remain as it has. Divided in on itself, unable to manage their own affairs. Iska, Assor; you have until the representatives from Mara arrive to settle your differences and learn to co-exist. If that is not possible I will step in and settle the dispute for good."

"Do not worry, my lady. We shall end this dispute for good ourselves."
The man says, eyeing the woman across from him, who has turned as pale as her dark skin will become at this point.

The way Assor said it made Khalida suspicious of his intentions. She told them co-exist and hopefully that is what would happen. The Honori had been a lost people for the last century and with the benign neglect of her father and the great Ramesses on their people in Khasut led them to be less than productive and not even counted among the citizenry simply due to their inability to properly organize themselves within the area they were provided. There were some Honori which had assimilated well, but they were the exception and many of them were more Aslani than Honori at this point. She responded with a short, "We will see."

Then back to the Saladonian leadership, "So, back to our business at hand. Two years at two talents per year sound fair to you? We can renew the contract as needed after that point."

"These are agreeable terms. The Saeling will work hard in these coming years," said the Lord-Imperator. He considered giving her counsel, but it was not his place. He found the Honori's disrespect distasteful, and while he sympathize the mistreatment of the Midnight Horde I did not absolve them of the sins they make. "Is their anything else you need, great queen of Nekhen? Or shall I return to my Saeling and begin organizing them for their jobs?"

She smiled, the Lord Imperator was a very likable man. He was focused on the task at hand and little else. "Excellent, and yes, I do believe that will be all." She paused, "For all of us." She motioned to her mother who stood, along with the other advisers, who had been suspiciously quiet aside from when she asked them to speak. "Should the need arise, I will summon for you. Aside from that, you may petition the Queen Mother who will notify me if something I need to know arises." She stands from her position and leaves, the half-dozen handmaids follow suit, along with one of the larger male guards. He had been seated to her left, but never spoke or even changed his expression during the proceedings.

Neferata, the Queen Mother, spoke to close the meeting, "Thank you all for your attendance. We all have our tasks and should get to them soon." She nodded to the advisers who began to shuffle out. Neferata waited behind to watch as everyone left before she would leave herself.

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Orleans Folk

(no fluff as irl just hit me)

1 scholar is staffed in the government district and get's to working on researching how to domesticate Dust Bulls(2/20)
1 Artisan staffs the Industrial District

riches produced:
Scholar staffed in government district(3 riches)
Artisan staffed in industrial district(3 riches)

Public Order Produced
Social Contract:+1
Scholars staffing government district:+1

Food Produced:
Bonus Food from Dust Bull hunting in adjacent province: 2 food

riches paid:
5 to the horde for tribute and the chariot tech
15 paid to the horde to buy a slave unit

Resources afterwards:
20 riches
9 Public Order
2 food consumed and produced, 0 stockpiled
Dust Bulls Domestication(4/20)
Population: 2000(1 scholar, 1 artisan)
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The Arameri Dominion


~In Need of Creditors~

The Arameri Dominion are searching for creditors for funding. As such the Magestrium as voted to send diplomats to the mainland with the approval of Queen Fey to secure in loans necessary for the development of the empire. The Dominion sends word to the civilized nations of the West, Xcotl, Lordaeron the Great Zhou Imperium, and the Stalheim Hierarchy to extend the sacred branch of friendship and goodwill and also establish embassies if the receiver nations accept, in order to allow more advanced communication in the future.

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Guide to Fastaqui
Penned by the hand of Corto Tiuc, Year 490 of the Common Era

An overview of Fastaqui’s more notable features and customs.

Welcome, vary traveler, to Fastaqui! It is the largest city sprawled across the delta of the Skazahad – and traveler, take heed: it smells accordingly.

Approaching from the west, along what the Fastaqui call the Sunset Road, the first thing your eyes will see of the city called the Queen of the Skazahad is its great stone walls. Tall as a Hierarch longneck, they are – and half as broad. The sons of Fastaqui’s many mothers built these for defense; and they meant it. Above these, the morning air will likely shimmer in a haze of cookfires and forge smoke. The Fastaqui take great pride in their industry; some might say unduly – for their main export above all else is copper, and a metal more weak, fickle or womanly is scarce found upon the face of this world. Still, walk on, traveller - and let not the stink of marsh and river, nor soot and industry, deter you. An offense to the nostrils the self-styled Skazahad Queen might be, but she has her charms yet!

The staple crop of the Skazahad’s people is quinoa – a simple reed which, despite the size of its fruit, can feed many mouths if properly cultivated. The Fastaqui use it in any number of ways; from soups and mashes flavoured with roasted river eel, to stuffing in roasted waterfowl. If you’re ever unfortunate enough to be offered a quinoa-based beer, however – take this advice and do not try it! The sons and daughters of the Many Mothers can cook a bird in any number of savoury ways, it is true; but they have yet to master the art of brewing. Keep clear of their river-fed swill. It tastes about as foul going in as going out!

As far as sights worth seeing go, beyond its walls Fastaqui hosts a wealth of statues, carvings and other fine works of stone. The river-queen’s people have raised their homes on the Skazahad’s swampy islets, and they have raised them to last. The homes of the wealthiest mothers have their walls adorned with carvings of reeds and candlewood trees, and waterspouts shaped in the likeness of eels and fishes, flowers and waterlilies. Their handicraft is not as beautiful as that found amongst peoples farther west – Ita or Serrith, namely – but it is not without a certain charm.

As near to the center of Fastaqui likes the ill-named ‘Square of Captains’. I say ill-named, for it is less a square and more an open stretch of river lain all about with quays and pontoons. An isle of flotsam ringed by stone causeways – it is here by ancient custom that Fastaqui men gather to speak, haggle and plan journeys. For as the Many Mothers deny their sons and fathers the right to own land, the men of the city are forced to look elsewhere for worth of their own. The most intrepid of them are without doubt the captains – those men bold and brave enough to lead expeditions beyond their Mothers’ marshy home. They hold their courts here, on the edge of things – as manly as only they can be.

Public spectacles are oft held here – all of which appear to feature actors dressed as cats in view of actual people. The reason for this is one of expedience: the Many Mothers are as fond of theater and gaiety as anyone; but find it a useful custom to mask their worst jokes and rudest japes behind acts and actresses masked as felines. To laugh at cats is one thing; to laugh at caricatured Matrons quite another. Choirs are also often found here, performing any number of dreamy singalongs to please the ear and sooth the soul. While their baritones are disappointing, higher tones well suited to women and young men fit the Fastaqui physique excellently. Catering to the passing crowds; noisome sellers and hawkers of everything from roasted nuts to copper ingots and flatshell shirts are found here in abundance.

North of the Square of Captains lies the snarls and quaysides of Fastaqui’s fisherfolk. Here, along the piers and ferry berths and old, grey wharves a multitude of shrimpers, crabbers and all those whom the fates force to ply the mudflats and rivermouth make their living. While the scents and noises of this place are hardly pleasing to the senses, the quality of their catches are as fine as any. Fresh silverfish, boned and roasted, is especially recommended.

East, beyond the fisherman’s wharves and but a spear’s throw shy of the great, green dome of the Hall of Tiers, sprawl the streets home to Fastaqui’s artisans. Foundries, amber-workers and stonecutters all ply their trade here, and most can easily be bartered with if coin is shown upfront. Most, if not all of them, are women, however – and foreign folk should take care not to haggle to harshly, lest irate matrons call their sons to level the barter-board. Be warned, traveler: the words that leave your tongue can not be unsaid.

There is more, of course, to Fastaqui than fish, quays and swampy matrons. I will write of these other things shortly, but will retire for now. My ink is near spent, and hand starting to cramp.

Until your eyes alight again upon my writings - be well.

Start of Turn 2
Riches: 10
Food: 4
Public Order: 7

1 Peasant in Agricultural District (Farm, 2 Irrigated Farm): +6 Food, +1 Riches
1 Peasant in Harbor District (Fishing Docks): +5 Food, +1 Riches
1 Peasant in Mining District (Copper Mine, Quarry): +Copper, +Granite, +1 Riches
1 Scholar in Military District: +2 Riches, +1 Science
1 Scholar in Government District: +4 Riches, +2 Science, +1 Public Order
1 Artisan in Industrial District (Artisan’s Quarters w/Amber, Foundry w/Copper): +5 Riches, +3 Skilled Labor

Social Contract, Domesticated Camels: +1 Public Order, +1 Riches, +1 Food
Efforts to train and equip a band of Settlers has begun. [1/10] (-10 Riches)

A Fishing Dock is completed in the Harbor District (5/5 Skilled Labor)

Intense investigation into the care and cultivation of the humble apple continues. [6/10]

End of Turn 2
Riches (10 + 15 - 10) = 15
Food (4 + 11 – 7) = 8
Public Order (7 + 2) = 9
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The House of Armasht
A Pilgrim's Progress

Aharon walked long through the rich scrub-lands and the copses of sacred cedar, all full of the gleaming sap that gave the wood-flame it's colour. He walked, now, with a limp and leaning heavy upon an old crook, his wizened frame hunching low in the last cloak his wife had ever woven him. He walked to the House of Armasht, to Aram. He had made the walk a dozen times in all his years, and he was well used to tracing his own steps on the sheep-tracks and sandal-worn pathways. He had met many men on his walks before, and this time was to be no different, as pious young shepherds and hunters dropped to bow for him an elder and the impious walked on. He did not blame them; he had been young once, and knew not much more now than he had when first he'd walked to the city with his kinsmen all those years ago. What hopes he'd had, in those days, of joining his brothers and going off to the wars, of winning glory with spear and sling. He laughed, dry, at the foolishness of wanting such hardship, and thanked the gods for giving him a wife wise enough to keep him home.

He caught sight of the city from a way off. First was the cloud of smoke on the horizon, rising from a thousand cook-fires and temple-pyres into the cloudless blue of the mid-day sky. Then, as he crested a hill, the farmland surrounding the city spread out before him, and the sea beyond it rolled off to the ends of the world. His father had been a fisherman, and a sailor, for a long while. Early in the Bleeding Time he'd sailed up and down the coast for the Adon of the city, out from Tzuriel's Bay into the great green and onto the towns and villages of other Adonai. He'd been raised on stories of great sieges and raids, of the battle at Talman's Quay or the daring escapes he had had in the mists of his own youth. Aharon had not taken to the sea well, to his shame, but he had done well in marriage and lead his life hunting and surviving off of a wild herd of sheep claimed by his wife as her dowry.

A while longer, and he passed into the great fields of wheat that kept the city fed. The season was high, and the grain was ripe and high-grown. It was hardly a grand crop, but the fields of gold it grew in fed thousands with rich bread, wheat-meal and, best of all, with small-beer. Many couldn't stand the rough brew, but it was rich, and thick with grain, and it had long washed away the ills of city and country folk alike. The farmsteads were relatively empty, but even they were returning to life. Aharon had not seen the years before the Bleeding, but his father had remembered how the farms used to teem, how they spread across the land, a time when the people were many and their enemies few. it took a long while of walking and scrounging at wheat-grains to reach the city's high gate, and especially to ascend the Barrow (As the hill upon which the main city sat was called), but soon enough he reached the Wall of Dumuzi, rising into the evening sky. They still amazed him, as ever they had. Rising thrice so tall as his own hut and just so wide, the towering structure wrapped like a cord around the inhabited sections of the hill, marked with towers and three gates.

As was tradition, the old pilgrim walked the last stretch of the Barrow up to the High Gate, which kept unbarred in this time of peace. To see it, open, with the great doors pulled aside, brought the old man almost to tears, even after so many decades. He had lost brothers, friends and kin in the Bleeding, as all had, and he wept to see the safety his sons would live in, alongside two or three other pilgrims. Beyond the gate, the Way of the Flame continued straight, while Arzan and Rimon's paths shot out to the sides, following the wall. Before, he had followed Arzan's path, to the gate of the same name, along which shepherds, farmers and other small-salers gave of their wares, either in stalls or simply freely upon the path, and where a half-pail of small beer and a dance could be had for but little. He had walked RImon's path out of curiosity before, but it had never been his like it had been some of his kin's. Along the path of Rimon were the workshops, the forges and the crafting-halls of the city, where artisans rushed to shape, carve and cut their works from the gifts of the world. Nearest the gate were the tanners, then the petty carpenters, but beyond them came bronze-mongers, spear-smiths, jewellery makers and grand carpenters, those who shaped the sacred cedar.

Today, though, the old man would follow the Sacred Way as it rose to the Temple Mount. While the alleys and side-streets of the city fell dark with the nightfall, the Sacred Way remained clear and fire-bright, with the Throne-Temple, the Hall of the Conscript Fathers and the Holy of Nohra gleaming with the light of their pyres, facing one another at the city's heart. He had not come for these, though, but for a humbler shrine. He bowed deep facing the Throne and the Hall of the Fathers, and cast himself prostrate at sight of the Holy, before walking down a side-path from the Sacred Way, down into the Sheon, where the dead kept lease and danced at their will. This section of the city was filled with little homes and streets, like all the others, but here the denizens were all ash, and no longer flesh, though all said they still danced and would never cease to sing while their blood still flowed in the hearts of their kin.

Aharon knew exactly where he was going, in the depths of the labyrinthine Sheon, knowing every twist and turn on his path as well as the sailor knew the path to port. As the night turned dark, and the star of the ploughman loomed overhead, the old man stepped down once again into the home in which none lived but to which all went. He bowed deep to his father's urn, and to his mothers, and on and on until all had seen his face. He greeted each in turn, joking with his brothers and re-lighting long-dimmed candles as he descended through side-chambers into one he had long known. Though dozens, perhaps more than a hundred urns marked the mausoleum, spaces yet remained. One with an empty urn, and one with nothing at all, with space in an alcove behind them for a half-dozen more to come. The urn sitting there was his own. In his hands, borne from his life's home to that which would be his after-lifes, was his wife's. He set her down, the granite stone with carven eye seeming to smile on him.

He sat, then, and was still, in the glimmering candlenight. He wished to stay, here, in the chill, surrounded by his kin. He was old. He had passed his time well, with many strong sons and fine daughters, all married well too. His sheepfold was full. He had lived his finest. Would it be so wrong to simply settle into the cold stone, to stay where he belonged?

He felt as if a strong hand were upon his shoulder. As if he were again the stripling lad who'd first solemnly traipsed down the stone stairs behind him, and again his father's firm grip were chiding him. No, it seemed to say, you must be warm, for them, not cold for your own self. The old man laughed, like the boy had, but he understood better now why. He lit the candle before his wife's new chamber, and rose, again, to his feet. He would see her again, but not while there was still warmth and vigour in him. He walked back outward, waving tearful goodbyes and giving his love to the hundred eyes looking upon him, or at least those of them he'd known. At the centre of it all, the urn of his father, of red basalt, seemed to gleam. He hoped, in all his years, he had made him proud.



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