[DRAFT] Regulating the Trading Card industry

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[DRAFT] Regulating the Trading Card industry

Postby Vilita » Sun Mar 24, 2019 1:01 pm

In the style of an Easter Egg I have some 'bonus' perks depending on the issue which may or may not be technically feasible, but i kept them in for the purpose of the inital discussions. Still early in the process of course but would love some suggestions.

The Issue: Regulating the Trading Card industry

The Debate: Collectible Trading Card Games have taken over @@NAME@@. Unemployed adults are unable to pay their share of the rent as they instead spend their money looking to build the best collectible card deck that @@CURRENCY@@ can buy.

  • 1) If someone wants to pay one million @@CURRENCY@@ for a common collectible Trading Card, who am I to stop them!

    Result: @@DENONYMS@@ often take out home equity loans to finance their trading card collection.
    + Capitalist / Free Market Nation
    + Gain a Card Pack (Unless at 9)

  • 2) It's not fair! I paid the same amount for my deck of cards as ##PERSON## but they got a Legendary ##CARD-NAME## and all I got was a bunch of uncommon junk. Every deck should have the same types of cards with the same value and you shouldn't be able to re-sell a card for more than it's base value!.

    Result: "I want one too" is the most common justification in civil suits
    + Socialist Nation Effects
    + Gain a Card Pack (Unless at 9)

  • 3) XYZ is my Favorite Card. I shouldn't have to blindly open decks of cards to find it. The contents of a deck should be clearly listed on the outside of the package so you know exactly what you are getting before you open it

    Result: All goods must be sold in transparent packaging
    - Standard Chance at getting a Card Pack (Unless at 9)
    - (Alternate) If you don't own your own card already, and it exists, you might receive it here

  • 4) This has gotten out of hand. The power at my house goes in and out all day long because Bob next door is running a super computer out of his basement just to calculate his odds of getting some super rare trading card in any given pack! He's even trained his farm animals how to open packs without ruining the cards and they are at it all night long! Stop the madness! Ban these crazy card games.

    Result: Trading Cards are only permitted to be used as kindling for a fire
    -Cards are turned off and user is notified so they can un-do it if they wish
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Postby Azlaake » Sun Mar 24, 2019 1:04 pm

This is pretty good
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Postby Aclion » Sun Mar 24, 2019 1:06 pm

I like this idea. :lol2:
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Postby New Ladavia » Sun Mar 24, 2019 1:52 pm

Although it's a good idea, usually you shouldn't directly reference gain mechanics in the issues as it lessens the immenseness within the issue. However, this is a good premise on its own but just needs to be fleshed out a bit. Otherwise, stay at it.

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Postby 9003 » Sun May 26, 2019 7:00 pm

It opens the door for cards to be more immersive outside of just a fun little game is this just the world population making cards of every nation? I think it would be cool! Both in support of making it more part of the game and as an issue
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Postby Australian rePublic » Sun May 26, 2019 9:24 pm

So you're saying that unemployed adults are using these cards as a form of gambling?
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