Does your nation's language have any unique sounds?

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Does your nation's language have any unique sounds?

Postby Borinsa » Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:17 pm

Two unusual (from an anglophone point of view) sounds that can be found in Borinsan are Lh and Dt.

Lh is actually pronounced as Hl, similar to how in English wh is actually supposed to be pronounced hw usually in some dialects.

Dt is the d-t hybrid sound that kind of has the popping quality to it. D and t are already closely related sounds.
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Postby Joija » Fri Mar 15, 2019 7:18 am

Any vowels with graphemes + “g” = a clicking “k” sound (e.g. Mõndāg is pronounced as “moon-deck” [say “deck” in a pseudo-Australian accent])

Js are stressed unless after any type of vowel (incl. accents, umaluts, etc. It doesn’t matter). That is with the exception of the letter “ij” which is pronounced the same as Dutch. Jōijā is pronounced “yoy-yei” (and “küja” (cat) is “kyu-ha”).

If two graphemes are put together, they are pronounced like they are in English (e.g. “īōlijk” (disgusting) is pronounced “e-o-leck”).

Ä - “ya”
Ë - “ye”
Ï - “yi”
Ö - “yo”
Ü - “yu”

Ā - “ei”
Ē - “ay” (like what mumble rappers say)
Ī - “e” (sounds like the “y” in “neurology”)
Ō - “oy”
Ū - “oo”

Æ - “ae” (like the scottish greeting)
Œ - “we” (sounds like “oui” in French too)
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