Alexis 2: Commonwealth Boogaloo [IC/CLOSED]

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Alexis 2: Commonwealth Boogaloo [IC/CLOSED]

Postby Oostfalea » Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:49 pm

Commonwealth of Alexis
Peseganaan un Alexias (Alexiad)
Gemenebest van Alexis (Dutch)
Commonwealth de Alexis (Spanish)

Click image for higher resolution

Image Image

Flag and Coat of Arms

Motto: Alang Nagara, Alang Dijos (Alexiad)
For Country, For God

Anthem: Click on link for Anthem
Alexias, aking tanah-bayan (Alexiad)
Alexis, my homeland

Royal anthem: Koningawit (Alexiad)
The King's Song


Capital: Ciudad de Alexis
Largest City: Koningsdam Metrostadt

Official Language: English
National Language: Alexiad, Spanish, Dutch
Ethnic groups:
    16.5% Avadas
    11.5% Malabang
    11% Kampenese
    9.3% Armus
    8.6% Bugaoans
    8% Thel mdamma
    7.7% Pinabacdaoan
    6% Tranganese
    4% Balapagan
    3.4% Dajak/Darak
    3% Altese
    3% Auroran
    8% Other
Demonym: Alexian
Government: Federal Presidential Constitutional Monarchy
  • Koning un Alexias: Willem II anak Willem
  • President: Ulrich Santiago del Rosario Junker
  • Premier of Nestiland: Ernécito Johnson de Los Reyes Santiago de Fiŕenze Jr.
  • Premier of Terudel: Franklin Jose Redrich
  • Premier of Oostfalea: Alexander van Houten-Springsteen
  • Speaker of the House: Hamilah van Jakob
  • Chief Justice: Joshua Jimenez anak Nelson
Legislature: National Parliament
  • Upper House: Federal Senate
  • Lower House: Federal Council

Establishment: current constitution on 5th January 2020
Land Area: 469,220 km2
  • 2019 Census: 138,134,000
  • Density: 294/km2

Highest Point: Mt. Blanca (4225m)
Lowest Point: Alta Plateau (-203m)
GDP (PPP): $ 1.14 trillion (Ba 31.92 trillion)
GDP per capita: $ 8252.9 per capita (Ba 231,081.2 per capita)
Gini index (2020): 35.2
Human Development Index (2020): 0.627

Currency: Baav (Ba)(BAV)
Time Zone: +11 (AXST)
Drives on the: Left
Calling code: +23
Internet TLD: .ax
Alexis (Alexiad: Alexias), officially the Commonwealth of Alexis (Alexiad: Peseganaan un Alexias) is a country in South-East Asia situated north of the island of Papua. Ciudad de Alexis is the national capital, situated centrally on a marshy island. The Koningsdam Metropolitan Area is the most inhabited metropolitan area in South-East Asia, with almost 20 million inhabitants.

Following the 6th of May Coup d'Etat in 2018, former Alexian Army Field Marshal Ulrich Junker was sworn in by the Supreme Court to become the 2nd President of Alexis. In the 2020 General Election, Ulrich Junker received 78% of the vote and introduced a new constitution, where the King of Pasaraja (Koning un Pasaraja), a former protectorate of the Dutch Colonial Government in Oostfalea, would become the figurehead of the nation. The seat of the new King of Alexis (Koning un Alexias) would be Oranjewood, in Oostfalea. Other monarchs, as well as the gentry (Tumao) of Alexis, have demanded that their claims to lands in the states be acknowledged, but thus far their claims have been rejected by the state governments.

Although the official language of Alexis is English, President Junker has pushed for the teaching and promotion of Alexiad in schools and on national television. According to official government sources, the use of Dutch and Spanish is slowly being reduced. English proficiency in Alexis was ranked third in Asia in 2019, after Singapore and Malaysia, and the government has begun broadcasting news in English and Alexiad with subtitles in Spanish and Dutch.

Following an armed and diplomatic conflict lasting 40 years, Alexis became independent from the Kingdom of Spain and the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2017. The Alexian economy has experienced rapid growth, attracting millions of immigrants, mostly from Papua New Guinea and the Polynesian Islands. The large majority of whom arrive illegally, leading to an increasingly xenophobic sentiment among Alexians. On the 29th of December 2019, the War for Islas de Aguilas ended after the Treaty of Taipei was signed, effectively ending the Philippine presence on Islas de Aguilas after their original invasion of the islands on the 24th of March 2018 had caught the island garrison off-guard. This surprise defeat of ASEAN forces has led to unrest, especially in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Following the cessation of conflict, Alexis has put into motion plans to exploit the rich natural gas and oil reserves in the Llewelyn Sea, awarding trillion-dollar contracts to foreign drilling companies such as Redcats Offshore Drilling. This comes as part of the ongoing plan to diversify the Alexian economy away from Agriculture and into the electronics, defence and oil processing industry. Along with the Philippines and East Timor, Alexis is one of the predominantly Christian nations in South-East Asia.

Contemporary History
Following the 6th of May Coup d'Etat, President Junker had instituted several reforms, as well as drafting a new constitution for the Federal Republic of Alexis. On the 18th of August, President Junker dissolved Federal Senate and the Federal Council, effectively wielding unlimited power. He appointed 11 other retired army generals as Councillors of the Nation, as well as established the National Alexian Senate, a new legislative body made up predominantly of high-ranking military officers.

Despite his popularity, many civilians did not wish to see a return to authoritarian rule and protested on the street, culminating in the 2nd September Riots in Ciudad de Alexis, leading to the deaths of 23 people. In response, President Junker guaranteed elections on New Year's Day of 2020. In the meantime between then and the elections, Junker also redesignated several ministers into their previous roles, such as Minister of National Development Douglas Consolacion.

In January of 2019, Junker announced an escalation in the conflict in Islas de Aguilas, deploying the 1st and 4th Terudel Division as reinforcements. It was also two months later that an undisclosed Alexian submarine sank the Philippine navy frigate, the BRP Gregorio del Pilar while it was moored in port at General Santos City. This is viewed as a turning point in the war, as afterwards ASEAN naval ships would dock in harbours far from Islas de Aguilas and the movement of supplies overseas hampered by the threat of submarines. Without aerial superiority and supplies, Philippine troops on Islas de Aguilas became increasingly isolated. The Alexian aircraft carrier, the Cuatro de Junio, provided close air support for Alexian troops and a navy air wing pilot, Flight Captain James M. Kasaysayan was awarded the highest military award of Alexis, the Polaris Cross, after shooting down 5 ASEAN aircraft in one day while flying a Gripen-M from the Cuatro de Junio.

With the last Philippine stronghold on Islas de Aguilas, Porto Seville, surrounded, the Alexian and ASEAN leadership were invited to Taipei to discuss the terms of a peace deal. After several months of back-and-forth negotiation, the Treaty of Taipei was signed on the 29th of December, 2019. With the signing of the Treaty, the Philippines would withdraw all forces from the islands, and return all captured military personnel. This would prove to be a media coup for President Junker, who easily won the general election held soon after, against 3 other candidates. With the victory, the newly-elected National Parliament passed Junker's proposed changes to the Alexian constitution, effectively making Alexis a Constitutional Monarchy.

Besides that, the nation would be reclassified into a Commonwealth, its flags, coat-of-arms and symbols changed. Junker explained that it was to be a move away from the 'dictatorial regime' of the former, deposed president Miguelito de La Santos II. Many welcomed the new King of Alexis, Willem II. His dynasty had ruled the Kingdom of Pasaraja in Southern Oostfalea for almost 300 years and during Dutch rule had become a tributary and protectorate.

Oranjewood, the traditional seat of Pasaraja kings, was chosen as the seat of power for the new monarch of Alexis. Along with this, the surrounding area would also fall under the jurisdiction of the King, who exercised his powers as a governor in the Royal District of Oranjewood (Wilajah Rejal Orangewood). His position as King of the Alexians, and governor of Oranjewood, would be hereditary and passed on to his descendants upon his death.

During the 2020 General Elections, the number of registered political parties had increased dramatically. Where traditionally each state had 3 main political parties, the increased fracture in politics in Alexis following the execution of the former president Miguelito de la Santos II has led to more far-left and far-right parties to pop-up. The military junta established after President Ulrich Junker was sworn in occupies 75 seats in the Federal Council, as well as 12 seats on the Federal Senate. This has led to an increased need for the traditionally centrist and left-wing parties of Alexis (National Liberation Front of Oostfalea, People's Power Party, The United Alliance Front of Nestiland) to form coalition governments with the more radical parties of Alexis as well as the military.

During the 2020 General Elections campaign, Premier of Terudel and leader of the Parti Kayahan Bayan, or People's Power Party, Franklin Jose Redrich was assaulted by several triad members while on his way to a local bakery. Suffering from a concussion and a broken jaw, many in his own party wished for Redrich to pull out of the race, but after several surgeries was able to appear at the Cross-Party debate on the 30th of December 2018. The PPP suffered a loss of more than 100 seats in the Federal Council. The party with the biggest increase in seats was the Alliansia Katolik Demokrat un ga Bayan, led by former Pastor Donald anak Bruce. Recieving 47 seats on the Federal Council, the Catholic Alliance's votes came mostly from the less well-off farmers and plantation owners of Terudel.
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Postby Oostfalea » Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:54 pm

Political Parties represented in the National Parliament

Colour/Abv.PartyLeaderIdeologySeats (Senate/Council)/Coalition
== PMPAParti Militer alang Progreso Alexias
Military Party for Alexian Progress
Ulrich JunkerAuthoritarianism, Ulrichism, Nationalism12/75 (Governing Coalition)
== NLF-OBarisan Liberasion National-Oostfalea
National Liberation Front-Oostfalea
Alexander SpringsteenCentrism, Pluralism4/74 (Governing Coalition)
== PSuOParti Socialisto un Oostfalea
Socialist Party of Oostfalea
Jesús E. AryasSocialism, New Left, Left-wing Populism1/14 (Opposition Coalition)
== PNOParti Nasionalisto Oostfalea
Oostfalea National Party
Paulus WestFederalism, Right-wing, Oostfalean Seperatism2/23 (Opposition Coalition)
== PPP/P3Parti Kayahan Bayan
People's Power Party
Franklin RedrichCentre-Right, Populism4/78 (Governing Coalition)
== CFrBarisan Correlias
Correllian Front
Benjamin BugaoanChristian Democracy, Conservatism0/19 (Opposition Coalition)
== RepLgRepublika Lamang
The Old Republic
John R. BarriyasFar-Right, Nationalism, Conservatism0/18 (Governing Coalition)
== BAKuNBarisan Alliansia Keunoan un Nestiland
United Alliance Front of Nestiland
Michael de Santa PhillipsCentrism, Federalism, Social Democracy3/64 (Governing Coalition)
== PBNParti Berde Nestill
Nestill Green Party
Chow Bun-Yao, StephenGreen politics, Eco-Socialism1/16 (Opposition Coalition)
== AKDBAlliansia Katolik Demokrat un ga Bayan
Catholic Democrat Alliance of the People
Donald anak BruceChristian Democracy, Centre-Right, Liberal-Conservatism0/47 (Governing Coalition)
== TraKTrabaho an Keseganaan
Work and Prosperity
Md. Herman HaryantoCentre-Left, Secularism, Progressivism0/23 (Governing Coalition)
== SNTASocialisto National Trabahador Alexias
National Socialist Alexian Workers
Victor van der WaalsFar-right, Ultra-Nationalism, Anti-ASEAN0/8 (Opposition Coalition)
== PKBayanParti alang ga Komon Bayan
Party for the Common People
Bruno Kovacovic-TerrasLeft-wing, Anti-Facism, Populism0/13 (Opposition Coalition)
== SocASocialisto alang Alexias
Socialism for Alexis
Louise de Santa AnaFar-Left, Syndicalism, Anti-Facism0/5 (Opposition Coalition)
== BaLNoBarisan alang ga Labanan Nationalisto
Front for the Nationalist Struggle
Terrence V. EmmanuelNationalism, Anti-Federalism, Authoritarianism0/15 (Opposition Coalition)
== KeNaPKeunoan National Petani
National United Farmers
Paul van der TrampFarmer's Rights, Democratic Socialism0/8 (Opposition Coalition)

Federal Senate of Alexis

Federal Council of Alexis

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Postby Oostfalea » Sat Feb 23, 2019 12:01 am



Over 60 foreign dignitaries and several thousand honoured guests packed the pews to witness the coronation of HRH Willem II
Date: 15 February 2020
Koning Willem II anak Willem before
the Coronation

"I ask that you ask for God's blessing to help me maintain this nation of bountiful treasures. I ask almighty God that the glorious nation of Alexis be spared his wrath, and I ask him for the endless prosperity that he may bring to this nation. Alexis is a nation of many faiths, cultures and languages. Today I bring you the promise that so long as air flows through my lungs, I may fight for the safety and sovereignty of this nation. Even in my advanced age, I shall tirelessly labour for you, my people.

Throughout this memorable day, I have met many people from the current government. I am sure of the capability of the Alexian government to manage this country. Many thousands of you have come to see me here today, many millions tune into their televisions at home. I want you to know that I am a King of action, not words. I shall work closely with Mr Junker and his cabinet and I shall not delay action that will benefit our homeland."

Archbishop of Alexis, Marcus V. McDavidson raised the bejewelled crown and placed it calmly on the King's head, "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, by God's divine grace, has chosen Willem anak Willem, to be the King of the Alexians. Amen. Rise, King of Alexis, Willem II, long live the King!"

The Cathedral burst into long cheers of "Long live the King!". In attendance were dignitaries such as the Foreign Minister of Japan Tarō Kōno, First Lady of the United States Melania Trump, as well as actors such as Michael Fassbender and Scarlett Johansson. Yellow velvet was draped over the sides of the Cathedral, a new 200-kilogram crystal-glass chandelier was hung 15 metres above the floor. Several floodlights illuminated the Cathedral as the sun set over Nesborough.

President Junker, as well as the three Premiers of Alexis were in attendance as well, as well as the new Cabinet of Ministers. They were acquainted with HRH during the dinner afterwards. President Junker had rewritten the constitution in August of 2019, declaring that the monarchs of old would be reinstated as the Head of State. Although several candidates were picked, Willem II was chosen, as he was enthusiastic and provided a great amount of vigour into the people he met. He would be the figurehead for an active, peaceful new Alexis.

Times are changing, as the new President and King have ambitious plans for Alexis. We at BNA wish HRH the best of luck, and also pray for the swift recovery of Premier of Terudel, Mr Redrich.

    More News
  • Ba 83 miljon dicawat dali bank lokal Del Galego
  • Tropa Marine Corps an Navy Alexis kembalik home
  • Ekonomi Alexias berkambang 5.33%
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Postby Terudel » Sat Feb 23, 2019 9:30 am


Redrich diakusar un bejing mastermind pemataian former major un Aurora City
AKDB politician Ms Jovina Rubi Aguinaldo claims to have evidence linking Terudelian Premier Franklin Redrich to the murder of former Aurora City Mayor Jess Fernández
Date: 16 February 2020

Redrich days before being attacked

AKDB politician and main rival of Premier Redrich, Ms Jovina Rubi Aguinaldo, has outrightly spoken to the Terudelian media regarding a "preposterous" claim. She accused Mr Redrich of orchestrating the murders of former Aurora City mayor Jess Fernández as well as his family. She threatened to release the evidence if Mr Redrich does not publicly confess to the crime. The PPP chairwoman, Ms Chou Yutzu, responded afterwards, saying, "Ms Aguinaldo has been a well-known political opponent of Mr Redrich. The extent that she is going to publicly humiliate the Premier of Terudel is simply unacceptable."

Premier Redrich was assaulted during the 2020 General Elections, suffering a concussion and a broken jaw, and required several surgeries. He is, as of the moment, on medical leave and Ms Chou is currently assuming the role of interim Premier. Despite Redrich's electoral promises in 2018 to improve the lives of Terudelians, Terudel still continues to suffer economically. Redrich has not been able to lift Terudel out of economic despair, with many Terudelians losing their confidence in his leadership. Countless protests on the streets of Gatayan City have occurred in the past 3 months. Premier Redrich ordered the TERPOL to disperse the crowd and authorised the use of violence if necessary.

Ms Aguinaldo condemned Redrich, emphasising that the people have the right to voice out their concerns. A recent poll suggests that 40% of Terudelians wish for Ms Aguinaldo to take over as Premier of Terudel, 24% opposed the idea and 36% indicated that they could care less. Indeed, Redrich's unpopularity is growing and the people are desperate for action to be taken.

Portrait of Ms Jovina Rubi Aguinaldo

The recent accusations against Mr Redrich have sparked a state-wide movement, 'Remove Redrich', with thousands of people marching in Gatayan City alone. Ms Chou has openly warned the people that concrete action will be taken against those who wish to defy the government's orders to stop the protests. Many PPP members have also expressed their dissent towards Redrich's administration and pledged their support for Ms Aguinaldo.

With Redrich losing support from his own party members, the chances of a coup happening are very high and Terudel may very soon see a new leader in place. Former General, Mr Obersky Torres, has also overtly pledged his unwavering support for Ms Aguinaldo, stating that Mr Redrich has lost the ability to make sound decisions that would benefit the people. Furthermore, Mr Torres elaborated on a previous accusation against Mr Redrich regarding corruption charges. However, there is currently insufficient evidence to prove that Mr Redrich is guilty of corruption. Many politicians are urging the National Government to interfere in the domestic matters, citing the need to restore order in Terudel.

More Stories
  • Unemployment rate in Terudel reaches an all-time high, experts say
  • Aurora City mayor Martin Lee pledges allegiance to Premier Redrich's administration
  • 13 dead after school building collapsed in Pagadian City
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Alexis 2: Commonwealth Boogaloo [IC/CLOSED]

Postby Terudel » Sun Feb 24, 2019 2:05 am


Presidente Pilipinas Bartolomeo Mateo dimatai karena coup; Ms Krista Andrea Agbayani sworn in as Presidente baro
Violent protests outside the Malacañang Palace resulted in the death of Bartolomeo Mateo days after he was sworn in
Date: 17 February 2020

Agbayani during her electoral campaign in January

After the loss of Islas De Aguilas, the Filipino people expressed their anger in the streets of Manila. Thousands held banners protesting to remove Bartolomeo Mateo from power. In a press conference, President Mateo responded by declaring a snap election, stating that he will allow the people to choose their leader and that democracy will be upheld. Liberal Party candidate, Ms Krista Andrea Agbayani, 48, ran against Mateo from the Nacionalista Party and PDP-Laban candidate Carlos Alexandro Panganiban. People expected Ms Agbayani to win, but the results showed otherwise, with Mateo winning by a narrow margin of 64,678 votes.

Many believed that the voting has been tampered with, and took to the streets once more to protest. The PNP was deployed to disperse the crowd, but the people were determined to remove Mateo. Mateo was elected as President in 2016 and had six years in his term. However, due to public pressure, he declared a snap election. The COMELEC has assured the people that the voting was fair and that transparency was ensured. However, that did not stop the people from protesting.

Ms Agbayani was seen with fellow Liberal Party members distributing food and water to the protestors, strengthening the people's resolve. Finally, on the 15th of February, the people stormed the Malacañang and violently removed Mateo from power. Among those killed were Vice-President Jaime Lacson and the family of Mateo. Hours later, Ms Agbayani took the presidential oath and was sworn in as the Philippines' 17th President and the 3rd female to do so. Mr Juan Dennis Roxas from the Liberal Party was appointed as Vice-President.

Ms Agbayani promised to bring glory back to the Philippines and assured the people that massive changes will be on the way. Her views on Alexis, as of now, is still unknown, although AKDB politician Ms Jovina Rubi Aguinaldo has publicly expressed her support for Ms Agbayani, who was her friend back in her university days in Harvard. Alexian politicians are hoping that Ms Agbayani would uphold the terms agreed upon during the signing of the Treaty of Taipei on 29th December last year in order to ensure peace in the region.

More News:
  • 14 killed and 96 injured during riots outside Terudel Government Building
  • Alexian government will only protect Federal Buildings from attacks in Terudel, President Ulrich says
  • Mansion of former Alexian President Miguelito La Santos II sold for B54 million to wife of Premier of Terudel
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The date today, 27 February 2020, live from the Alexis 1 Studios in Dagupan City, Ciudad de Alexis. CCTV Alexis 24/7.

Orbus galaman, detalje ako aj Gaspar Westfield. Tola police officers matai during a shootout with the Lieutenant of Nestiland. Kami will cover the story that rocked Alexis. Lieutenant un Nestiland, Collin Gutierez, assistant of Premier de Los Reyes Jr., was arrested after a protracted shootout at his home in Vilalba, Trinidad. Chief of Police of POLKAB Los Santos, Clarence Prakasa Sr., invited our reporter-in-the-field Jessie Melati to come and witness the arrest of the Lieutenant of Terudel.

Several drug suspects previously arrested by the POLKAB Los Santos and the Drug Crime Prevention Agency have pointed out Collin Gutierez as the pangulo of the infamous "Sonja Scilio" drug trafficking cartel in Southern Baro Eijspanjola. For six months the investigators have secretly combed through the Lieutenants records and had gathered enough evidence for an arrest warrant against the Lieutenant. Over sahatus Police Officers an Ajente Drug Crime Prevention, as well as our reporter an tim camera, were there to witness the police use ladders and armoured vehicles to enter the Lieutenant's compound.

We now go over to our reporter Jessie who has just witnessed what unfolded a few moments ago. Jessie.
Jessie Melati reporting

(Footage in Background)
"Anak de Puta!" (Gunshots)
"Get down Miss... Halt, Mister Gutierez!"
"REDACTED matai, Sarjan."

Turunan, viewers. Thank you, Gaspar. The footage you see is the police chasing the Lieutenant through the alleyways behind his house, attempting to flee into the sijudad. Several police officers were killed in the chase as the Lieutenant shot wildly. This was before he was cornered and subdued by several attack dogs. Even then the Lieutenant did not stop, and instead tried to wrestle free of the unjing.

While this was happening, the police armoured vehicles knocked down the front gate of the Lieutenant's property, leading to another gun-battle between members of the cartel and the Police and the Ajente. The family of Mr Gutierez was found hiding in a shed in the yard, wearing bulletproof vests and crouched in a corner. Bini sa Mr Gutierez, Mrs. Wilhelmina, who was suspected of colluding in her husband's illegal drug activities, was arrested as well. 8 cartel members were killed in the firefight, while 8 more were arrested.

Mr Gutierez's tanggapan comes as Presidente Junker wishes to combat the uses of drugs using more harsher methods. Ga council-members, especially those from the Alliansia Katolik Demokrat un ga Bayan and Barisan Correlias, have called for harsher punishments to be dolled out to drug dealers and users. The governing coalition faces a dilemma as many in the coalition possess more radical views; Presidente Junker wishes for more time to deliberate the options he has before proposing a bill in the council.

Many of Lieutenant Gutierez's kanca have denounced him and cut ties with him. Senator un Parti Berde Nestill, Stephen Chow, has said: "He is not my friend anymore, I do not associate with drug-using scoundrels like him".

Whatever the case, there have been calls to investigate the Premier, Ernecito de los Reyes. Councillor of the Barisan alang ga Labanan Nationalisto, Pamela Siguanco, has tweeted this:

Whatever the case may be, Alexis has been rocked by the events that unfolded today. A valued politician who had the people's trust has broken it through his nefarious activities. This has been Jessie Melati, Vilalba, Trinidad, for CCTV Alexis 24/7.

Thank you, Jessie. Dear viewers, if you see any activity that is dangerous for your community, do not be afraid to call the national toll-free number: 233-190-688-22 and attach your local postal code at the end. We shall go for a short break but stay there, bayan, because your only source of real news will be right back.
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Alexian Armed Forces
Ejersito National Alexias

Alexian Army emblem

Standard of the Alexian Armed Forces

    Founded: 19 September 1988 (32 years ago)
    Service branches:
    • Alexian Army
    • Alexian National Guard
    • Alexian Navy
    • Alexian Marine Corps
    • Alexian Air Force
    Headquarters: Campo Rand P. Markosso, City of Siguenza, Ciudad de Alexis


    Commander-in-Chief: Ulrich Junker
    Minister of Defence: Brian T. Lorenza
    Chief of Staff: Jdrl. Matthew anak Soepan


    Military age: 16 years old
    Conscription: 18 years old (28 months)
    Available for military service: 26,498,213 males age 18-49
    Active personnel: 238,700 (including 90,000 conscripts, 2020)
    Reserve personnel: 2,459,290 (2020)


    Budget: USD 18.52 billion (Ba 500 billion)(2019)
    Percentage of GDP: 1.57%

    Domestic suppliers:
    • Nestiland Aerospace & Electronics
    • National Armament Industries
    • Nestiland Heavy Industries
    • Tangakanang Union Industrias

    Foreign suppliers:
    • United States
    • Germany
    • Netherlands
    • Spain
    • Singapore
    • France
    • Sweden

Related articles
    • War of Liberation (1988 - 2017)
    • Islas de Aguilas conflict (2018-2019)
    • Five-day War (2018)
    • Insurgency of Alexis (2017 - )
    • Wu Ting Islands Confrontation (2017 - )
    • UN Space Elevator Peacekeeping Mission (2019 - )
Alexian Armed Forces
The Alexis Armed Forces (AAF; Alexiad: Ejersito National Alexias) are the armed forces of the Commonwealth of Alexis, encompasing the Army, Air Force and Navy. The Navy includes the Alexian Marines, as well as the Alexian Naval Air Arm. The Alexian Coast Guard maintains several dozen ships, but is under the command of the Alexian Customs and Immigration Enforcement Agency, rather than the Alexian Navy.
Royal Alexian Drill Platoon of the King's Guard Regiment performs for
Prince Andre anak Willem's birthday on 20th February 2020

The armed forces in its current form were formed in 2017 when President Miguelito la Santos II integrated the numerous militia groups after the withdrawal of Spanish and Dutch forces. Following hostilities with the Republic of the Philippines in 2018 over Islas de Aguilas, President Ulrich Junker introduced conscription. Within several months the armed forces had increased from just under 200,000 to almost 250,000 active personnel. Conscription has led to the formation of several reserve National Guard divisions. Rather than be frontline troops, the Alexian National Guard (Gwardja National Alexias) would form a mobile reserve which could be mobilised within a week. In the case of conflict, the military can mobilise over 1.5 million men within two weeks.

Forty-years of war followed by another war with a regional power meant that the level of militarisation in Alexis remains high. President Junker, a former military field marshal and strongman in Alexian politics holds the position that the armed forces of Alexis cannot be weaker than those of its neighbours, whatever the cost. Conscription is held in the highest regard in Alexis; a draft dodger would face almost certain ostracisation from family and in the workplace. Men and women who complete their conscription will receive USD 3,000 (Ba 81,500) in cash and will be automatically enrolled in the government subsidized healthcare programme. Because of this, conscription has been a popular way for those from low-income families.

Despite the relative youth of the armed forces, it has won several victories, most notably against combined ASEAN forces during the Islas de Aguilas conflict. Two servicemen have received the Polaris Cross, the highest medal in Alexis: Flt. Capt. James M. Kasaysayan and Cpl. Edriane E. Kennedy, for shooting down 5 aircraft in one day and selflessness on the battlefield respectively.

President Miguelito la Santos II and President Ulrich Junker have both advocated for a strong domestic arms industry and funded the establishment of several defence companies. The largest of which, Nestiland Aerospace & Electronics, was nationalised in 2019. Arms manufacturing today accounts for 9% of Alexis' exports and directly provides almost 100,000 jobs. Several Alexian designs include the ABT-1 Pantera main battle tank, which was made with the technical help of German engineers, the M18 7.62mm Modular Assault Rifle and the ATGM-19 "Thunderfist" anti-tank guided missile system. Alexis had also collaborated with the Swedish and Brazilian armed forces for the "Naval Power 2018" programme. The Alexian Navy received the retired Brazilian aircraft carrier the Sao Paolo, renamed the Cuatro de Junio, and co-developed a naval version of the Swedish Gripen fighter, the Gripen-M. The new Gripens proved themselves during the Islas de Aguilas conflict, shooting down 4 aircraft without loss to own. Alexis, in return for providing a base for the Americans, became part of the 2K Peace Pacific initiative, where the Americans would send 50 upgraded F4 Phantom IIs to bolster Alexis' air force. Several were converted to naval versions, serving alongside the Gripen-M and several F-14 Tomcats. During the closing months of the Islas de Aguilas conflict, Flt. Capt. Kasaysayan flew the F4 2Ks on ground attack missions from the deck of the Cuatro de Junio. It was during one of these missions where he shot down two Philippine F-5 Tigers and an F-16, as well as a Singaporean F-15SG and destroyed a C-130 transport using his under-fuselage minigun. When he returned to the Cuatro de Junio after 5 hours he had expended all 6 of his missiles, both bombs as well as 400 rounds of ammunition. He had been wounded in the leg from shrapnel and lost a pint of blood before he was treated.
The Alexian Commission for Weapons unveils
the domestically produced NAE-1 Lightning
attack helicopter in December 2019 designed to
operate alongside current AH-1 Supercobras

As part of Alexis' Foreign Policy, the United States Navy maintains a permanent military presence on Palencia in Oostfalea. This comes as the Ulrich administration reneged several promises made to the People's Republic of China during the reign of Miguelito. One main point of contention was the promise of military bases for Chinese ships, troops and aircraft in Alexis. In response, several Chinese frigates sail close to the island group of Santa Barbara, or known as Wu Ting in Chinese, 102 kilometres north of Alexis. Despite being several thousand kilometres away from the Chinese mainland, task forces have been sent to exert pressure in the area. On 23 January 2019, an Alexian Coast Guard yacht was rammed by a Chinese trawler sailing 6 kilometres from Santa Barbara. The Coast Guard called for support from the Armed Forces, deploying three OV-10 Broncos of the 2nd and 3rd Aerial Support Squadrons. Equipped with miniguns and bombs, the Broncos made several low passes over the fleet of Chinese ships before they eventually retreated back into international waters.

On 20 November 2018, 19 cruise missiles targeted the city of Firenze and although most were shot down by radar-guided AA and surface-to-air missiles, three reached their target, killing roughly 600 people. It had been deduced that these missiles were of Vietnamese origin, launched from either missile boats or aircraft. What is certain was that these missiles' global positioning system had been tampered with, as many eyewitness accounts saw the missiles behaved erratically while on its final approach. Several former military personnel have claimed of the existence of a Jamming array on Nevera Peak in Mount Batan National Park. The military has long denied the existence of such an array. Several documents of dubious origin had been released since the time of the Spanish Viceroyalty, detailing the range and capabilities of such an array; almost 1000 kilometre range and capable of causing loss of use of GPS tracking, electronics and navigation equipment. High-resolution satellite imagery of the area where the jammer was purported to be proved unsuccessful in finding said array.

Since the cessation of conflict in late 2019, Alexis has deployed several hundred marines as part of the UN Space Elevator Construction mission (UNSEC) in Singapore. Despite previously hostile relations, both the Alexian and Singaporean governments have made a commitment to further peace in South East Asia. Minister of Foreign Affairs Anthony Martinez has said Alexis wishes to amend relations with ASEAN, and participation in the UNSEC mission is one of the ways it plans to achieve this goal.
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Jovina Rubi Aguinaldo
Vice-Chairman of the Catholic Democrat Alliance of the People
Assumed Office
11th August 2019

Preceded by: Francis Nandos Lopez
Personal Details

    Born: 20th November 1967 (age 52)
    City of Kalibo, Terudel, Alexis
    Spouse: Professor Tan Jianhong (m. 1995)
    Wallace Tan Zedong (b. 1995)
    Stephanie Tan Xin Yu (b. 1996)
    Rodolfo Eduardo Aguinaldo (Father)
    Marisa Denise Defensor (Mother)
Residence: Gatayan City, Terudel, Alexis
Alma Mater: Harvard Law School (LL.M. - Master of Law)

Jovina Rubi Aguinaldo (born 20th November 1967) is an Alexian politician and is the current Vice-Chairman of the Catholic Democrat Alliance of the People (Alliansia Katolik Demokrat un ga Bayan). She succeeded Francis Nandos Lopez as Vice-Chairman of the AKDB on 11th August 2019, where Lopez was promoted to Chairman of the Party. Aguinaldo is known as The Tiger, due to her strong presence in Terudel politics.

Aguinaldo is the only child of Rodolfo Aguinaldo, a lawyer, and Marisa Defensor, a high school principal. She grew up in Kalibo, a small city near the island of Santa Fe. A smart girl, she was the valedictorian in elementary and high school and eventually finished her studies at Harvard University, finally attaining her Master's Degree in Law in 1994.

She immediately came back to Gatayan City after her studies and got a job at Reyes Law Firm. There, she met her spouse, Tan Jianhong, an Alexian citizen with Chinese descent. Eventually, in 2007, Aguinaldo left the firm to join the People's Power Party. From there, she established herself as an up-and-coming politician. However, she left the PPP in 2014 and joined the AKDB, due to a disagreement with former President Miguelito Luiz De La Santos II.

In 1995, she gave birth to her first child, Wallace Tan Zedong and in 1996, she gave birth to a daughter, Stephanie Tan Xin Yu. She is described as a loving wife and mother who puts family first.

Early Life

Jovina Rubi Aguinaldo was born on 20th November 1967, at the Hospital of Kalibo. She lived with both of her parents in a two-storey house in Kiblawan, where she spent her entire young life. She attended St. Patrick's School, where she became the valedictorian at the end of her elementary and high school years. Her teachers described her as an intelligent young girl with a curious mind. She had a very strong personality, with many of her peers fearing her. Despite that, she had many friends and had a very enjoyable childhood.

After finishing high school, her father sent her to the United States of America to study law at Harvard University. There, she would become friends with the current Philippine President Krista Andrea Agbayani. It was said that they were rivals in school but were actually very close friends outside. After graduating with a Master's Degree in Law, she went back to Alexis and got herself a job at Reyes Law Firm.

She would meet her future spouse, Tan Jianhong, who was also an attorney at the firm. She worked tirelessly during her years in the firm but would eventually quit her job to enter the world of politics.

Political Career

Aguinaldo joined the People's Power Party of Terudel in 2007 and moved up the ranks quickly. Many party members admired her for her staunchness. She put in 7 years of hard work in the PPP before leaving in 2014 to join the AKDB. It was later revealed that the reason for her departure was a heated argument with Miguelito Luiz De La Santos II. Both had strong personalities and often clashed with one another during party meetings. Eventually, La Santos II made a remark that offended Aguinaldo, calling her a 'fat, self-consumed, slut'. Aguinaldo stormed off the meeting room and left the party the following day.

She remained quiet for the next 4 years, putting in work to establish the AKDB as a political party to be reckoned with in Terudel. When Miguelito fell from power, the AKDB was allowed to participate in domestic politics, and from there, Aguinaldo's political career took a positive turn. She became one of the strongest critics of Premier Franklin Redrich, criticising his policies. She felt that Redrich was young and incompetent. This would lead to a heated debate between the two, with Aguinaldo gaining increasing support from the people.

People protested in the streets, pledging their support for Aguinaldo and asking for Redrich to step down as Premier of Terudel. This would lead to a violent showdown between the people and the TERPOL. Aguinaldo publicly supported the protests, gaining the approval of many PPP members. With Redrich's support dwindling, many believe that Aguinaldo would succeed Redrich as the 3rd Premier of Terudel.

Personal Life

Aguinaldo had been active in charity, donating yearly in the Make-A-Wish Foundation together with her husband. Her husband, Professor Tan, is currently working in Gatayan City State University, as a professor in the law school. Tan is 4 years older than Aguinaldo. Aguinaldo gave birth to their first child in January 1995 and named him Wallace. Because the father was Chinese, Wallace was given a Chinese name. On November 9 1996, they welcomed a baby girl, Stephanie.

In 2004, Aguinaldo purchased a mansion in Gatayan City for B12 million. She loaned a sum of money from the bank and eventually paid it off in 2008.

In 2009, Aguinaldo was almost killed during a bombing incident in Gatayan City. She suffered injuries to her right leg and head but eventually recovered. She is very close to her daughter and approved of her relationship with Miguel Carlos De La Santos, the son of former Terudel City Mayor, Felipe De La Santos II.
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Ethnic groups in Alexis
Alexis has over 230 ethnolinguistic groups, including the Avadas, Malabang and Kampenese.

With the arrival of Spanish merchants in the West on the island of New Spain (Spanish: Nova Espana, Alexiad: Baro Eijspanjola), the local population was introduced to Catholic Christianity. As Spanish, French and Portuguese influence over the archipelago increased, the efforts made by the Europeans to convert the local populace increased. The Dutch arrival in Oostfalea introduced the Protestant, Lutheran and Reformed branches of Christianity. Many in the coastal areas converted to Christianity. A large proportion of the Dajak/Darak population practices their traditional animist beliefs along with Christianity.

There remains a sizeable Muslim minority in the West of the archipelago, mostly among the Mahotang and Julatang groups.

The majority of the people of Alexis are of Austronesian descent, specifically from the Malay archipelago. Besides the native Dajaks, Malay population centres have been dated as far back as 7000BCE. The Dajak are closely related to the Andamanese of the Indian Ocean and have lived in the Alexian archipelago for the longest among all other ethnic groups. The Dajak population faced a great threat to their existence when multiple Spanish punitive expeditions sought to remove much of the population from Baro Eijspanjola and Nestiland, killing tens of thousands of the Dajak and forcefully resettling them further East. Although a small population are still found in Baro Eijspanjola, most have relocated to Palao de Legazpi.

Other ethnolinguistic groups that inhabit Alexis include Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indian.

The Dajak arrived in the Alexian archipelago 25,000 years ago, archaeological finds have suggested that these early Alexians crossed the oceans on boats and settled in Alexis. Occupying several distant and isolated settlements, the Dajak would eventually split between the Western Daraks and the Eastern Dajaks. Although linguistically and genetically identical, their cultures have deviated significantly from one another. Malay sailors arrived later on and settled largely in the northern islands, around the Magellan Sea and Archipelago of Kings. Their relative distance and isolation would mean that when Europeans arrived, they would retain many of their traditions.
Alexian War Hero, Sarjan Antonius Jonnie Tecson-Visser
(1955-1988) was a Kampenese-Dutch Duits, captured and
crucified by Pro-Spanish miltias during the
3rd Battle of Toledo

The establishment of the Spanish viceroyalty in Alexis meant the influx of Spaniards, Filipinos and other Hispanics from the Spanish Empire. Intermarriage between the different races was common, particularly among the Filipino diaspora. Over the next hundred years, the Spanish would settle more Filipino workers in the Alexian islands to labour on plantations, leading to significant intermarriage between the Alexiads and the Filipinos. In a recent estimate, the Universiteit van Koningsdam published a report that nearly 47% of all Alexians had some Filipino ancestry. A large proportion of the Alexiad language derives from Tagalog and its sister languages as well. Millions of Tagalog-speakers would arrive in Alexis, contributing to the language spoken among 96% of Alexians as their mother tongue.

In Nestiland and Terudel, Alexian-Spaniards are known as Eijspanjos.

In Oostfalea, the Dutch brought labourers from the Indonesian archipelago and Suriname, as well as from the Cape Colonies. Although the Dutch were very open to trading with the local Kingdoms, the Dutch East India company forbade its merchants from intermarrying; this is believed to be due to an unfound rumour that there was a disease on the archipelago that would kill those of 'light-skin'. The Dutch East India company would soon lift this ban. The Kampenese and Tranganese resemble the people of Indonesia, with large minorities of Dutch and French ancestry.

Alexian-Dutchmen are known as Duits.

The use of Alexiad and other native languages was suppressed in the 1800s when it was sought that English be used as the lingua franca of the Dutch government in Oostfalea and the Viceroyalty of Terudel and Nestiland. The legacy of this remains till today; English is still taught in all government schools, alongside Alexian, Spanish and Dutch. It was only after the 1900s that the Spanish, Filipino and Dutch ethnicities viewed their nationalities as Alexian rather than that of their homelands. This was largely due to the increased autonomy that the Alexian viceroys had and the further emancipation of non-whites which allowed them to enter the Alexian civil services.

Avadyan People
Bayang Avadas

Highest grossing Alexian actor Margerine
del Gado is an Avadyan
Guadalupe, Gatayan City, Roxas, Kalibo
Alexiad, English, Spanish, Avadyan
Predominantly Roman Catholic with
Protestant and Muslim minority
Related ethnic groups
Auroran, Maatab, Siquijoras

The Avadyan People (Avadyan: Bayang Avadas, Alexiad: Bayan Avadas) is a the largest ethnoliguistic group in the Alexian archipelago. Most inhabit the areas of Gatayan, Roxas and Guadalupe, with significant minorities in Ciudad de Alexis, San Antonio and Toledo. The Avadyan people are known for their fair-skin, largely a product of inter-racial marriages with Spanish and Portuguese traders.

In the political structure of pre-colonial Alexis, the Avadyans occupied the second highest rung of the Hinduistic society as the Kshatrija or nobility: the warriors, administrators and rulers.

During the Spanish colonial era, many Spaniards married into Avadyan families as the Avadyans were seen as of a 'higher rank' than that of the other ethnic groups, such as the Aurorans, who often worked as serfs for the Avadyan Kshatrija. Because of this, many Avadyans have Hispanic surnames, and their traditional dress reflects their Spanish routes. High collared shirts and flowing gowns are common for an Avadyan event. An element of Avadyan culture borrowed from the Spanish is the Rondalla ensemble, known locally as Rondalah.

Due to the large population of Avadyans, the Avadyan culture is prevalent in all corners of Alexis. Avadyas also account for the largest percentage of political representation in Alexis, with more than 50% of politicians of full or semi-Avadyan descent. Because of this, many different ethnicities have called the parliamentary system 'unfair', as the Avadyan majority hold most civil service jobs. This, combined with centuries of favouritism from Spanish overlords has led to a large sense of distrust of the Avadyan community.

Avadyan cuisine consists mostly of rice cakes and pudding (Buras Largo), raw vegetable-fruit salad (Salado) and fried tofu served in peanut sauce (Tohu Cacang). Avadyan cuisine strays from the traditionally spicy foods of the other Alexian ethnicities towards sweeter and more savoury dishes. Croquetas and Potato mash are also key aspects of a traditional Avadyan meal, imported by the Spanish. An Avadyan meal is often served with warm wine.

Malabang People
Bayan Malabang

Malabang people celebrating Epiphany
Baro Eijspanjola, Batan Peninsula, Requiem
Malabang, Alexiad, English, Spanish
Predominantly Roman Catholic with
Protestant minority
Related ethnic groups
Layaran, Pelombok

The Malabang People (Malabang: Bayan Malabang) are one of the largest ethnolinguistic groups in Alexis. Traditionally originating from the central highlands of Batan and Montanas, the Malabang migrated towards the low-lying coast when the Spanish arrived. They became the first ethnic group to embrace Christianity in the early 16th century and hence were favoured trade partners for European traders. Over the centuries, the traditional homeland of the Malabang has extended as far as Toledo. They form the largest ethnic group in Nestiland and make up 11.5% of the total ethnic makeup of Alexis.

The Malabang have large enclaves in Cape Siren and Ciudad del Rey.

The traditional economic activity of the Malabang has been mining. The ore-rich mountainsides which the Malabang inhabit have yielded large deposits of gold, silver and copper. When the Europeans arrived, the Malabang used their early Christianization to gain the trust of the European traders. Using their mineral wealth, several Malabang warlords bought European firearms and conquered the large majority of the surrounding tribes. Those that were not conquered were assimilated peacefully. In 1829, with English support, the Malabang tribal confederation led a revolt against the Spanish viceroy. Uniting with the Layaran and Dajak, the revolt lasted three years, before a Spanish army was dispatched to quell the rebellion. The Peninsular War which ended in 1814 weakened the Spanish viceroyalty and the Spanish had to collaborate with the Dutch in order to administer the colony effectively. The Spanish expelled the Daraks from Nestiland, and the Malabang tribal leadership was decimated by summary executions carried out by vindictive Spanish generals.

The Malabang practice a syncretic form of Catholicism, mixed with their traditional animist belief system of spirits and shamans. Critisized for being 'backwards hillbillies' by the Avadyas to the North, many Malabang have abandoned their traditions and language while living in Urban centres such as Toledo, Nesborough and Requiem. The Spanish government of Alexis had declared the Malabang language to be 'endangerered' in 1988, although currently the Federal Government works with provincial authorities to promote the learning of Alexiad and Malabang, from which a large number of Alexiad words are derived.

Malabang cuisine is made up of largely vegetables and rice, along with small birds such as chicken and ducks. Malabang cuisine tends to favour fried foods, notably pork rinds and ribs.
Kampenese People
Bajan Kampen

Kempenese girl during Chinese New Year
Koningsdam, Sint Maarten, Palao de Legazpi
Kampenese languages, Alexiad, English, Dutch
Largely irreligious, minority Protestant,
Hindu and Roman Catholic
Related ethnic groups
Tranganese, Balapangan

The Kampenese people (Kampenese: Bajan Kampen) is the largest ethnic group in Oostfalea, accounting for over 35% of the population. Occupying the Koningsdam and Prinstadt area, the Kampenese largely originated from the Indonesian archipelago, brought in by their Dutch overlords to labour on plantations and to work as administrators. Ranging from the island of Java, Sumatra and the Moluccas, the varied culture and language of the Kampenese people has become a unique symbol of Oostfalea.

Its more Hispanic varieties exist as the Balapangan and Pinabacdaoan.

The Kampenese people has become synonymous with the Indonesian-descended, Dutch-speaking communities of Oostfalea. Many Oostfaleans have called the differentiation by the Alexian government between Kampenese, Tranganese and the Balapangan to be 'useless', stating that they all should be classified simply as Kampenese. The official statement on this issue is that the Federal Government wishes for the differentiation to remain so as to simplify record keeping from the colonial past, who would often class different people based on their social strata. Paulus West, leader of the Parti Nasionalisto Oostfalea, himself a Duits, said that the Federal Government does not wish to combine the three ethnicities, as doing so would move the Kampenese to become the most populous ethnolinguistic group in Alexis.

The Kampenese are traditionally seafaring peoples, who established trade links between Alexis and the rest of Asia. Kampenese-owned Alexian multinational container shipping company Brenwroth Shipping is owned by the Kantaga family, the richest family in Oostfalea. Offshore floating villages are common, where villagers rely on fishing and sea cucumber gathering for their livelihoods. The expansion of offshore oil fields in the Koningszee has damaged the ecosystem of the surrounding waters. In 2009, an oil spill in the area affected almost 50,000 Kampenese who lived in offshore villages.

There also exists large exclaves on Palao de Legazpi and Sint Marteen. There, Kampenese merchants had set up businesses and helped with the administration of the surrounding villages. This had led to conflict in the past with the traditional nobility of the area, the Avadyas, who had lived there for hundreds of years before the arrival of Kampenese immigrants.

This escalated in the 1800s when the Avadyan Kshatrija, with support of the Spanish viceroy, seeked to expel the Daraks and the Kampenese from Palao de Legazpi altogether. Despite this the number and influence of the Kampenese remains strong, with many roads and villages in the Capital and Palao de Legazpi named after Kampenese businessmen.

The Dutch presence in Oostfalea meant that the influence of the Dutch church over the lives of their Kampenese subjects was high. Although the government did not actively pursue the conversion of the local population, many Kampenese decided to baptise themselves with Dutch names, while retaining their Indonesian-sounding surnames. In the years following the first and second World Wars, many Kampenese have abandoned faith, or practice individual spiritualism.

Kampenese cuisine has large influences from Dutch and Indonesian cuisine, with kebabed meats, Dutch Rijsttafel and sweet chili paste. Meals are often served with unsweetened black coffee and tapioca sweets.
Armus People
Ayan Armus

Armus celebrate the Festival of Plenty
Maverick Bay, Koronadal, Buenavista, Consolacion
Armuan, Alexiad, English, Spanish
Equally Roman Catholic and Protestant,
minority Hindu and Buddhist
Related ethnic groups
Kayugaan, Badak, Bugaoan, Timoran

The Armus People (Armuan: Ayan Armus) are the fourth largest ethnolinguistic group in Alexis. Though originally occupying isolated population centres far from European trade ports and fortresses, the Armus today occupy much of Eastern Alexis, and their economic activity contributes greatly to the agricultural-based economy of Terudel. In the Hinduistic societal system of pre-European Alexis, the Armus occupied the Vaisjas and Shudras castes of society, subservient to the Avadyan overlords and responsible for much of the manual labour required by the Kingdoms and Sultanates of the region. Despite their underprivileged status in the pre-European society, the Armus' farming and cattle-rearing activities proved vital for the Hindu Kingdoms and special provisions were made for the Armus.

With the arrival of the Spanish to the West and the Dutch to the South, the Armus people have largely split into two sub-divisions, the Armus, or lowland Armus, and the Mountain Armus. The Mountain Armus that live east of Gatayan are largely Catholic, and the lack of arable land has caused them to make use of terraces to grow rice. These rice terraces have attracted tourists into the area of Mount Blanca and Rapida, both sites of active volcanos.

The Lowland Armus are largely Protestant and are generally wealthier. Large tracts of land in Ragay and San Pablo are set aside for plantations and small-medium enterprises in the business of wood-felling and furniture making. The Armusian Lowlands, as it is known, is responsible for producing 68% of Alexis' agriculture, and vital to the economy of Terudel and Northern Oostfalea.

A traditionally Armusian holiday is the Festival of Plenty, where the Armus celebrate the harvest season with parades of their produce through the streets of towns and cities. The Armus' reliance on agriculture hit hard during the War of Liberation, when more than two million, mostly Armusian peasants, perished due to a famine in the Eastern part of the Nation. The Armus, and its sister ethnicities, have a largely unique language which has been on the decline in the last few years. The Armus also have the lowest incidence of Hispanic or Dutch surnames among the top four ethnicities, relying on the traditional patronymic surnames used by other groups such as the Dajak, who also occupy the highlands of central-eastern Terudel. For example, a son named Rudolf, born to a father named Eduardo, would be named Rudolf anak Eduardo (lit. Rudolf son of Eduardo).

An Armusian meal reflects the crops grown on the family farm; rice with fried eggs and black soy sauce (Nashi Itam), smashed fried chicken served with sweet-sour sauce and beef jerkey, originally made for consumption during long trips from the plantations to the city markets.

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1420 HOURS, 26°C, CLEAR
28 FEBRUARY 2020

Jovina sat in her office, staring at the screen of her computer. On the screen was a CCTV footage dating back to the 20th of October 2018 at around 2320 hours, just outside Jess Fernandez' home in Aurora City. With a cup of chamomile tea in her hand, she watched as 4 armed men broke into Fernandez' home, hours before the murder of the Fernandez family was reported. The report made back then was that Jess went mad and killed his wife and kids before apparently committing suicide. Since then, there had been speculations that the TERPOL was hiding something. Many family friends could not believe it as they described Jess as a 'caring and loving husband and father who could do no wrong to his own family'.

Now, there is clear evidence that the report released by the TERPOL 1 and a half years ago was false. Jovina knew that the revelation of this footage would lead to the questioning of the TERPOL and Redrich's administration. This was her chance to finally get rid of her biggest political opponent. The footage was not the only piece of evidence in her possession. Former 4-star General-turned-politician Obersky Torres had secretly recorded his conversation with Premier Redrich the very same night that Fernandez died. Redrich travelled all the way to Requiem just to spill the beans to Torres about his plans to eliminate Fernandez.

Redrich, who trusted Torres, informed him that the special ops team of Redrich will be deployed to kill Fernandez. Redrich shared the details with Torres in hopes that Torres would run for mayor in Aurora City once Fernandez was out of the picture. Torres thought about it for awhile but ultimately did not. Torres knew something was not right when Redrich wanted to hold a secret meeting far away from Terudel. That is why he decided to record the entire conversation in case it may come in handy in the future.

Torres realised in the months to come that Redrich was corrupt and power-hungry. With the condition in Terudel not seeing any significant improvement, Torres was convinced that new leadership is needed. He decided to betray Redrich and openly support Ms Aguinaldo. He helped Aguinaldo gain possession of the CCTV footage, which the TERPOL carefully hid under Redrich's instructions, as well as the recorded conversation, which would link the murders directly to Redrich.

All Aguinaldo has to do now is to send this to The Daily Terudel to publish the evidence to the world. She was hesitant at first but in the end, she knew that this was the right thing to do. With the knowledge that Terudel may potentially be ruled by Redrich and his wife for the next 30 years or so, she had to act fast. Chou, Redrich's wife, had recently used the state funds to purchase the mansion of former President Miguelito De La Santos II. The earlier she can get rid of the two, the faster it will be for Terudel to escape a terrible fate. Aguinaldo attached the footage file and the recorded conversation and wrote an email to The Daily Terudel. As she clicked the 'send button', she smirked to herself, and thought, "Soon enough, Jovina, you will be the Premier."

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Mantai mayor an patrijark sa angkan La Santos, Felipe de la Santos II, matai karena nyaragan corazon
Felipe suffered from a cardiac arrest during a flight from Terudel City to Nesborough and was pronounced dead on arrival in Nesborough General Hospital
Date: 29 February 2020

Felipe in a charity event a day before his death

During a flight from Terudel City to Nesborough, patriarch of the La Santos Family, Felipe De La Santos II, suffered a cardiac arrest while having a scrumptious lunch at around 1340 hours earlier today. He was 49 years old. Felipe appeared to be in good health for the past week, participating in a marathon, attending a charity event and taking part in a mass cleanup in Terudel City. As of now, the doctors do not know what is the cause of the cardiac arrest. His son, Miguel, immediately flew to Nesborough upon hearing the news and was completely devastated. He refused to speak to any reporters and the La Santos family requested for the media to be kept away during this period of mourning.

Felipe has been the patriarch of the family for 23 years, taking over the business in 1997. Now, the business is expected to be taken over by his son, Miguel Carlos, who is currently 23 years of age. He is currently studying at Gatayan City State University, pursuing a PhD in Molecular Virology and Immunology. Miguel Carlos is best known as the boyfriend of the daughter of prominent Terudel politician, Jovina Rubi Aguinaldo. Miguel would have to shoulder a huge responsibility, with El Pasto Agriculture Co. providing 70% of the Terudelian rice as well as exports to nations like Singapore. It is rather peculiar, however, that Felipe, at a somewhat young age of 49, has actually left a will and testament. It states that his own personal wealth is to be inherited by Miguel and that the company, if Miguel chooses not to take control of it, should be put up on sale.

As of the moment, Miguel's decision is relatively unknown but it is expected that he will continue his father's legacy. A smooth transition is desired. If ever the company is to be sold, it could affect the exports as well as the supply of rice in Terudel. This would eventually lead to a crisis, which is something everyone is trying to avoid. Felipe's wife, Cherry Delgado, informed the Daily Terudel that the family has no intention to let go of the company, which implies that Miguel should be taking over. The details would be confirmed soon.

The current Chief Operating Officer of El Pasto, Juan Álvarez De La Santos, has expressed his grievances for the loss through his Twitter account and posted a picture of Felipe on Instagram with a #youwillbemissed. Other relatives, however, such as former Health Minister Imelda De La Santos-González, have spoken out against Felipe just minutes after he was reported to have passed away, claiming that he was an incompetent swine who only got his position due to his inheritance from his father. Imelda felt that leaving the company to a 23-year-old is a foolish move and that someone like her is a more suitable candidate to take over the company. For now, all we can do is watch the situation as it unfolds.
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Miguel Carlos De La Santos
Chief Executive Officer of El Pasto Agricluture Co.
Personal Details

    Born: 24th August 1996 (age 23)
    Terudel City, Terudel
    Race: Spanish
    Partner: Stephanie Tan Xin Yu (b. 1996)
    Felipe De La Santos II (Father, deceased)
    Cherry Delgado (Mother)
Residence: Terudel City, Terudel, Alexis
Alma Mater: Gatayan City State University (BSc Molecular Biology, BSc Economics)

Miguel Carlos De La Santos (born 24th August 1996) is an Alexian business executive and is the current Chief Executive Officer of El Pasto Agriculture Company despite just being a university student. He took over the business after the death of his father.

Miguel is the only child of Felipe De La Santos II, a businessman, and Cherry Delgado, a psychiatrist. He grew up in Terudel City, where his family is well-known. He is described to be an intelligent young man but he also has a reputation to be a troublemaker.

Stephanie Tan Xin Yu

Miguel Carlos De La Santos was born in Terudel City on 24th August 1996. Sharing the birthday of his uncle Miguelito II, his parents decided to name him Miguel. Being the only child and born into a wealthy family, Miguel lived a privileged life, and many described him being born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He had many toys as a kid, wore expensive clothes and ate the fanciest of food.

Miguel attended St. Peter's Primary School until he was 12, before going to Terudel City Secondary School to finish his secondary education. He spent 2 years in King Alfonso Junior College before being admitted to Gatayan City State University, where he graduated with a degree in Molecular Biology and Economics. He is currently pursuing a PhD programme in Molecular Virology and Immunology. He was a varsity basketball player during his junior college days and a member of the Model UN in secondary school. He was an all-rounder, very much like his father.

When he turned 16, he got his driver's license and his father bought him a BMW i8. He met Stephanie Tan Xin Yu when he was 17 during a gala ball organised by his father. Felipe invited the family of Jovina Aguinaldo, who brought her daughter along with her. Stephanie was the one who initiated the conversation and Miguel claimed that it was Stephanie who took a liking in him first. They exchanged numbers after the ball and eventually started dating a month later.

Aguinaldo, as well as Felipe, was supportive of the relationship. Miguel had taken care of Stephanie well and both families are already planning for the two to get married when they both turn 24. Stephanie graduated from Gatayan City State University in 2019 with a double degree in Law and Economics.

On the 29th of February 2020, Felipe De La Santos II passed away, making Miguel the new CEO of El Paso Agriculture Company. Miguel is the youngest CEO of a company in the whole of Alexis. For now, his mother is assisting him in managing the company so that he can focus more on his studies. The COO of the company is his godfather.
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Coup Sa Terudel Basukses; Jovina Rubi Aguinaldo Dimalik As Premier
Redrich was rescued by a government helicopter from the Casa De San Jose as people stormed the building; Aguinaldo took the Premiership oath and became the 3rd Premier of Terudel
Date: 5 March 2020

Terudelians forcing their way into the government
building despite resistance from the TERPOL

The Redrich era in Terudel is over! Franklin Redrich and his family were rescued from the Casa De San Jose this morning by a government helicopter and was transported to Ciudad De Alexis on orders from President Ulrich Junker. The TERPOL were given instructions to allow the people to enter the government building and it was later announced that Redrich has been forcefully removed from power. Jovina Rubi Aguinaldo, an AKDB politician, was welcomed by the Terudelian crowd as she entered the building, raising her arm to proclaim victory.

The Terudelian people have expressed their dissatisfaction with Redrich for over 6 months now, with Redrich resorting to violent measures to keep his power. However, this only strengthened the people's resolve and Aguinaldo provided her support for the people. The fate of Redrich and his family is, as of now, unknown, and President Ulrich is expected to address the situation in the coming days.

Aguinaldo would be the state's third Premier and the first non-PPP to do so. The People's Power Party has dominated Terudelian Politics for over 3 decades, and now signals the end of their 'tyrannic' rule. The removal of Redrich from power has led to multiple resignations of PPP politicians immediately. The Terudelian Cabinet will be re-arranged and the AKDB is expected to take the majority of the positions.

Aguinaldo promised the people that corruption will be eliminated from Terudel and that the living conditions will be improved. Rapid change is expected in the coming months with potential reforms to be introduced by Aguinaldo. She has stated that under the current laws in Terudel, the politicians identified to have been corrupt will face the death penalty. Whether or not this law will be changed, no one knows.

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10th MARCH 2020

Redrich, Yutzu and their child Theodore sat in the hallway, surrounded by armed guards. It had been five days since Franklin was deposed and escaped by the skin of his teeth by a helicopter that Ulrich had sent for. Ulrich had confirmed the legitimacy of Jovina Aguinaldo's claim to power on national television yesterday and now had to think of how to dispose of the human waste that is Redrich and his wife. When the civilians stormed the Casa de San Jose, Franklin and his entourage had left behind all of their possessions. In the ensuing looting, several TERPOL officers and members of the public were crushed when a water tank on the top of the Casa de San Jose collapsed onto the courtyard below.
St. David's House in the National House Citadel

Ulrich and his advisers had come to the conclusion that the only way to ensure Redrich's family's safety was to make them flee the country; Junker had several men buy one-way tickets to San Francisco, California where Redrich could live out his days away from the eye of the public. Redrich was summoned into the Presidential office. There sat Ulrich on his chair, eating his usual breakfast of bacon, eggs and orange juice. The vegetables that Ulrich had ordered hadn't arrived yet that morning, so he would have to make do with half his breakfast. Redrich sat in a chair facing Ulrich, waiting for a response. Ulrich simply slid his fingers under his plate, pulling out three Air Alexis tickets to San Francisco International Airport. He held his hand out across the desk, waiting for Redrich to take it.

"You'll leave in one hour. We booked the whole plane for you. Lay low and don't draw too much attention to yourself."

"I have no clothes, no passport, how am..."

Ulrich interrupted, pulling out a small luggage bag from under his desk, "Everything you need is in here,"

"Outrageous!" Redrich retorted, "I will not let my power be usurped by some bitch, I will get the National Guard to slice her head off, they are still loyal to me!"

"Let's not forget who saved your sorry ass when the people stormed your palace and when the TERPOL let them through. You'll do no such thing. You will leave this country at once, start a business, maybe change your name. Your two-year-old son may still live a normal life if you take this opportunity and run. There's a helicopter on the roof which will bring you right to the plane. Or would you prefer option two?"

Ulrich brandished a .357 magnum from his hip holster, pointing it at Redrich's head. He got the message and left the room with the tickets and baggage.

As the helicopter powered up and took off, Ulrich got back to the task at hand: finishing breakfast. Before he could fork up more eggs, another man entered the office. Saluting, he held a folder under his arm.

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1030 HOURS, 28°C, SUNNY
11th MARCH 2020

Anna Marie Sanchez, the Minister of Finance, was adjusting the microphone on the podium while the entire crowd was busy minding their own businesses. Some politicians were dozing off while some were chatting among themselves. Sanchez went through her notes one more time before clearing her throat to get everyone's attention. "A very good morning to all of you. I am Anna Marie Sanchez, your Finance Minister. Today, I will be proposing the budget allocation for the year 2020."

Sanchez showed a large pie chart representing the allocation of the budget on the screen behind her.

"From here, you can see that our main focus for this year is National Development. In order to move forward as a nation, we must increase the funding for National Development. In Terudel last year, the removal of slums began but there was not enough funding to provide new homes for the people. As a result, people were left homeless and resorted to building their own homes on public property. Hence, we believe that it is only necessary to allocate 1.22 trillion baavs for National Development."

The crowd seemed to take this in a positive way as many were seen nodding in agreement. Sanchez continued, "Funding for defence remains high because we believe that as a young nation, our sovereignty is of utmost importance. We must be able to defend our shores and be able to deter any potential threats. Just last year, we were at war with the Republic of the Philippines. The President himself emphasised on the nation's military capability. Therefore, 908 billion baavs is allocated for defence. We also see an increase in funding for Education, Infrastructure and Health as these sectors are vital for our nation's survival. The education of our people will ensure that the future of this nation is moulded in the way that we envision it to be. Infrastructure, I'm sure, is self-explanatory. Health is something that has seen a steady increase in funding over the last 2 years. We are aspiring to be one of the leading health hubs in Asia by the year 2023. In Terbugao City, a new science research institute is currently under construction. This would provide a state-of-the-art facility for scientists to work on cures for cancer and other diseases. We would want to use the funding this year to improve the quality of our hospitals and provide doctors with the necessary equipment to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. As for state funding, Terudel continues to be highest funded state due to the severe damage caused by the war against communism. Terudel, too, is the poorest amongst the three states and requires immediate attention to reduce the income gap betweem the rich and the poor. The rest of the sectors are rather similar to last year and the President, as well as the Premiers, have agreed to take a pay cut in order to allocate more funds to other sectors. Now, all of you will be given time to think through and your vote shall be cast when the time comes. Thank you."

Sanchez walked off the podium and was greeted by her fellow ministers, taking turns to shake her hand. From the looks on their faces, they seemed to be pleased with the work that Sanchez has put in.
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11th MARCH 2020

Aguinaldo sat in her new office, going through some files that were handed to her by her secretary. It had just been about a week since she took office as the Premier of Terudel and had not sorted out the necessary paperwork that was needed. She had been too caught up answering to the pesky Terudelian media about her intended plans for the future of the state. She assured the people that drastic change will be coming. Now, the Casa De San Jose has been closed to the public to allow Aguinaldo to focus on appointing members of her cabinet.

She had to appoint a Lieutenant of the State, and she considered a few potential candidates. She initially wanted Felipe De La Santos II to be her Second-in-Command but he passed away just before she was able to consolidate her power. Now, she is considering a PPP politician to be her Lieutenant. It is rather unorthodox that a person from another political party to be the Second-in-Command but Aguinaldo felt that this would be seen as equal representation. She thought that if it is so, then PPP supporters would naturally pledge their allegiance to her. On the surface, it looked as though that the AKDB and the PPP were bitter rivals. What the people didn't know was that behind the scenes, AKDB and PPP politicians were working together to oust Redrich from power. Redrich had lost the complete confidence of his own party which made his removal from power highly inevitable.

Aguinaldo's secretary stood next to her desk and was waiting for Aguinaldo to say a word. "Gabby, please contact Mr Marcus Montenegro from the People's Power Party. I think that he is the most suitable candidate for the position of Lieutenant of State. I'm pretty sure he would be interested in the post."

Gabby simply nodded and proceeded to the telephone. Aguinaldo continued to rummage through the files on her desk, apparently searching for something that seemed rather important. Finally, after several minutes, Aguinaldo found what she was looking for. It was a document which stated that at the age of 24, her daughter will get married to Miguel Carlos De La Santos, formally uniting the Aguinaldo family and the La Santos family. On the 9th of November, her daughter would turn 24. In Aguinaldo's mind, this would strengthen her hold on Terudel politics, with the La Santos family controlling many major sectors of the state.
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Aguinaldo pakilaran baro kabinet; janij pabuti Terudel sa doa taon
Aguinaldo’s Cabinet is a mixture of politicians from different political parties in hopes to garner more support for her government
Date: 13 March 2020

Isla De Santa Maria’s Integrated Resort Construction

Nobody was supposed to see Jovina Rubi Aguinaldo as the new Premier of Terudel. The 52-year-old AKDB politician, also known as The Tiger, has amassed more than 14 million supporters in Terudel over the past few months for her harsh criticisms towards Franklin Redrich's administration. The situation in Terudel has been rocky despite receiving increased funding from the National Government. Redrich continued to assure the people that Terudel would see massive changes. However, it never came. The concrete evidence of Redrich's association with the murder of the Fernandez family about a year ago proved to be a chastening lesson for the young Premier. From his inauguration to the defeat of the communists in Terudel, Redrich was riding high, lauded by Terudelians for his efforts and strong resistance against the rebels. Nonetheless, his subsequent fall from grace was swift.

More and more, it was clear that Redrich's time as the Premier of the impoverished state was coming to a disgraceful end. Corruption became increasingly evident within his own government and was later revealed that he himself was, too, practising corruption. His wife embezzled a few billion Baavs to purchase assets owned by former President Miguelito De La Santos II. The consequences of his actions were illustrated in the form of continuous failure to meet the demands of the Terudelian people.
Marcus Montenegro with his wife, Evangelina

Now, it seems as though that, maybe and finally, the misfortunes of Terudel is finally coming to an end. Aguinaldo seems to be committed to change. A positive change. As compared to her predecessors, her second-in-command is from a different political party. A stark contrast to previous administrations. Furthermore, the different political parties are seeing more representation in the Terudelian government. Aguinaldo has gathered the most competent politicians in her Cabinet to ensure that work will be done to improve the situation in Terudel.

In her press conference, she introduced Marcos Montenegro, a member of the People's Power Party, as the new Lieutenant of Terudel. Montenegro, similar to Aguinaldo, is of Spanish descent. Montenegro is known to be one of the staunchest critics of Redrich despite being in the same political party. Redrich faced pressure to step down from his post not only from the opposition but also his very own party. Now, Montenegro has been appointed as the new leader of the PPP after Redrich disappeared. No one knows about Redrich's current whereabouts and the government has yet to address it.

Aguinaldo also introduced her Cabinet during the press conference and the members were greeted with huge applause. Aguinaldo made a bold promise to the people to improve their lives within 2 years. In her own words, "Only the wrath of God would prevent me from doing so!"

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0900 HOURS, 26°C, CLEAR
25th MARCH 2020

Everything seemed fuzzy, slow. Miguel sipped his cappuccino before going back to what he was doing. There was a large stack of papers on his desk, each waiting to be signed. Since becoming CEO, Miguel had been, to simply put it, overwhelmed. The portrait behind his desk, originally his father's portrait, had been replaced with his own. The decorations from inside out had also been replaced. A total makeover.

Miguel had dreamt of this moment. The moment he became his own man. The moment he became the leader. He was the best student in his course and that was never enough for him. Miguel desired everything he could get his hands on. He didn't care if people said that he was walking right into the eye of a storm. People believed it was suicide if he took over his father's position in one of the largest companies in all of Alexis while he was still studying. But was he affected by the criticisms? Not at all.

He knows that the year would be eventful. El Paso would be releasing new products and exports is expected to increase. His wedding to Aguinaldo's daughter would be held on the 10th of November, in what is dubbed to be 'The Grandest Wedding Since Miguelito's'. The return of the La Santos family into Terudelian politics was near. He trusted Aguinaldo’s ability and being married to her daughter allows him to have some form of influence on the policies that will be implemented in the future.

However, one man stood in the way. His name was Marcus Montenegro. Montenegro’s dream was to be President of Alexis, and the only way to do so is become the Premier of Terudel and rescue the doomed state. Montenegro hated the La Santos family. He was forced into years of suffering due to the oppression of Miguelito II and wanted revenge. Montenegro’s closest associate was Rafael Salvador, a business tycoon. Rafael was trusted by Miguel’s father but Miguel knew that Rafael was not a genuine friend.

If he was to bring down Montenegro, he has to take out his closest associate. By targeting Rafael’s daughter, he would be able to break him down to his limit and extract the necessary information to eliminate Montenegro from Terudelian politics. Now, all Miguel needed is to be patient.


Rafael Salvador, CEO sa TerudelMed, ibungay plana para putoro
TerudelMed vows to make sure that more hospitals will open in the future and healthcare would be more affordable
Date: 1 April 2020

Terudel City General Hospital

Big changes are expected in the healthcare scene in Terudel. PPP Chairman and CEO of TerudelMed, Rafael Salvador, announced in a press conference earlier today that 10 new hospitals will be opened at the beginning of 2021. This will add to the 42 hospitals owned by TerudelMed. Salvador explained to the media that the Terudelian Government had contributed close to 40% of the cost to build these hospitals.

In the past 2 years, the healthcare industry in Terudel had grown significantly thanks to the efforts of Rafael Salvador. The introduction of the SeniorHealth card earlier this year provided free healthcare to all Senior Citizens and the card could be used in all TerudelMed hospitals. TerudelMed also purchased new medical equipment to ensure that the hospitals are up to date. Renovation works have begun on over 20 hospitals in March and other hospitals, too, are expected to undergo renovation works in the coming months.

The new plan unveiled earlier today includes HospiChild, a card that would provide discounted prices for children, increased funding for stem cell therapy, and increased pay for all employees. The plans were greeted with praise and Salvador remains ever popular amongst the Terudelians. Salvador, a great friend of the late Felipe De La Santos, hinted on potential business collaboration with El Pasto Agriculture Company.
The Salvador Family

When asked on whether he has been in contact with El Pasto CEO Miguel De La Santos, he simply shrugged. The two companies remain the largest in all of Terudel and have provided jobs for many people. El Pasto has succeeded in lowering prices for rice and canned goods are expected to be part of the new product line set to be launched later on in the year.

The continued success of the two companies is a good sign for Terudel and may be the stepping stone for rapid transformation. The economic success is not only evident in Terudel but all of Alexis. Alexis had a 5.6% economic growth in 2019 and is expected to do better this year.

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8th APRIL 2020

Rafael stood next to the conveyer belt as he waited for his baggage to arrive. The flight was rather unpleasant due to the heavy rain and Rafael was a little shaky. He wasn't very fond of planes and drank 8 glasses of champagne on the flight. Rafael has agreed to meet Oostfalean Premier Alexander Springsteen and Nestiland Premier Ernécito Johnson de Los Reyes Santiago de Fiŕenze Jr. to cover up for Jovina Aguinaldo, the Premier of Terudel. Aguinaldo had been busy for the past week and she has requested for Rafael to be her representative. During the last meeting between the Premiers of the three states, Aguinaldo revealed that Marcus Montenegro, Lieutenant of Terudel, is plotting to overthrow her. She informed the two that Rafael Salvador and Miguel De La Santos are spies for her and pretending to work with Montenegro. She, however, did not mention that she has stolen 40 million Baavs from the state fund. That was a kept secret between her and the two premiers.

As Rafael carried his baggage and exited the arrival hall, he was greeted by two men in black suits, wearing shades. The two men escorted Rafael to a black Mercedes, where Springsteen and Firenze were waiting. "Greetings, Mr Salvador," said Springsteen as he extended his arm to shake Rafael's hand.

"Sorry for the delay, Premier Springsteen," Rafael apologised. "The turbulence was rather inconvenient. I suppose the safe house is ready?"

"Yes, yes. Heavily guarded place. We know of Montenegro's plans. The President does not know of it. However, if we can resolve the situation ourselves, then, at the very least, we can save President Junker the trouble. As you already know, Lieutenant Gutierez of Nestiland had been arrested. Further investigation suggests that Montenegro had been working with him for some time. A secret society called Harapan is rumoured to have been started by Montenegro and, shockingly, Pamela Siguanco. Yes, Siguanco has gone public, calling for the investigation of Ernécito and accusing him of being an accomplice of Gutierez. It was all a publicity stunt. Siguanco wants Ernécito out. With Ernécito gone, Siguanco believes she could take down the Navarro family for good. Siguanco thinks that Nestiland can survive on its own. She feels that by separating from Alexis, Nestiland would prosper."

"That explains a lot," Ernécito said, looking displeased.

"It will be alright though, Premier Firenze. Jovina, Miguel and I have already spoken about our plan to remove Montenegro. With Montenegro out of the picture, Pamela is vulnerable,” replied Rafael.

"No," Ernécito said calmly. "Do not underestimate Pamela Siguanco. She has lots of connections. She has the power to take us all down. We can't stop at eliminating Montenegro. This fight is far from over. We know that the Navarros are an easy target but Siguanco will not just stop there. Your family, Rafael, is in danger. You are one of the richest persons in Alexis. Siguanco will not let a competitor like you walk around freely. The La Santos family, too, is in danger. You know what Montenegro did. He poisoned Felipe's coffee before bribing the aircrew as well as the doctors who attended to him to state that Felipe died from cardiac arrest. If Siguanco fails to eliminate you, be prepared because she will come for your family. Your wife Juliana, your two daughters Angelica and Veronica and your beloved granddaughter Natalie will be considered primary targets."

"If she even comes close to them, I will be the one to personally kill her. A woman like her does not belong in the elite society of Alexis. She is an imbecile who only got her status by sleeping with Lorenzo Siguanco. I really think that she is a motherfucking whore! And you know very well what we do with motherfucking whores! We burn them alive!"

The three men laughed as the car zoomed through the streets of Ciudad De Alexis. Rafael succeeded in fooling the two premiers of his allegiance and chuckled to himself.
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Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant

Date : 10 April 2020
By: Dwayne Wayne

Minister of National Development, Douglas Mcdaniel - Consolacion, has issued a statement in a press conference this week that there were plans that were put into place in the rehabilitation and restoration of the Kalibo Nuclear Power Plant in Kalibo City, Terudel. The 730 square kilometer facility is situated in the town of San Jose in Kalibo. The facility was built in 1978 by the Spanish Viceroy and producing about 10 Megawatts until the following year where it ceased operations due to a lack of funding for the facility's upkeep and the insurgencies around the area. After over 40 years, the facility will be expected to resume its operations to help with the country's power outages,especially around the region.

A study by a Russian firm that has assessed that states that the mothballed Kalibo Nuclear Power Plant is in good condition and thus, is viable for rehabilitation at a cost of around $1.1 Billion USD or about 56 Billion Bavs. During a panel discussion at Power of Future 2020, the director of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation (RSNC), Dr. Yuri Ivanovich has said that the nuclear facility is in "good condition" but there are several key components that needs to be replaced due to corrosion. The RSNC director has also said that the timeline of the plant's refurbishment could be completed within 3 years. In another interview with the director of Alexis Nuclear Research Institute (ANRI) has assured that the facility is not sitting on a fault line. He said the although there is minor fault line 5 kilometers off the coast of Kalibo in the sea according to the Nestiland GeoScience Association, it is unlikely that it would trigger a major industrial accident in the plant. He also added that its foundations will further supported by reinforced concrete and new seismic mitigation technologies will be installed in the facility. Once completed, the Kalibo Nuclear Power Plant will not only power the city of Kalibo, but also neighbouring regions to lessen the load of traditional power plants around the area.

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About a month after his shocking removal from power, we take a look at what Redrich has achieved during his term
By: Amanda Juanita Andrada
Date: 20 April 2020

Redrich during a televised interview 4 weeks before his removal from power

TWO years ago, Franklin José Redrich emerged to become the most popular politician in Terudel. His tenure, however, ended 5 March anticlimactically when his successor, Jovina Rubi Aguinaldo, was sworn in as the third Premier of Terudel after the successful coup. For many Terudelians, Redrich's legacy, at best, is varied.

Starting off his promising political career as the second Premier of the impoverished state, he garnered overwhelming popular support from the people for his electoral promises that resonated with every Terudelian. However, he managed to pass only a few critical pieces of legislation during his short two years in office. More often than not, Redrich was more concerned about attending parties and spending lavishly rather than addressing the needs and concerns of the people.

Nonetheless, we have to acknowledge the fact that he brought peace to Terudel for most of his term, introducing corporal punishment as well as capital punishment, collaborating with the National Government to put a stop to the communist insurgency and arresting thousands of drug pushers. But peace came at a cost. The police were given hefty pay increases, and scarce resources were diverted to the security of Terudel. Furthermore, critical military personnel such as 4-star General Obersky Torres were given control over several government posts. Despite all these, Redrich had to endure five coup attempts during his two years in office.

Cronyism and corruption remained within the government. Redrich surrounded himself with his political friends, and an estimated USD 3.1 billion (115 billion Baavs) was stolen by Redrich and his cronies. The Terudelian Government is still struggling to retrieve most of the money and is rumoured that at least $2 billion is kept in overseas banks by the Redrich family.

Poverty, meanwhile, remained widespread. 55% of the Terudelian population lives in absolute poverty, and although this marked an improvement from Reed's time as Premier, Terudel continues to be the worst in Alexis. The income gap continues to widen, with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The land distribution also continues to be a problem. 25% of the Terudelian population owns 70% of the land. Despite Redrich promising to introduce a comprehensive land reform during his inauguration speech, nothing had been done.

Terudelians watched as Terudel languished while Nestiland and Oostfalea boomed. Described by his staunchest critics as a tactician but not a strategist, Redrich remained unwilling and unable to challenge old Terudelian orthodoxies or change the political weather in the state. He was indecisive, unknowable and pandered to public opinion.

Although seen as a fundamentally decent politician who fought for democratic values in Terudel, many in the National Government had lost confidence in his leadership of the largest state in Alexis. Redrich's short-lived political career in Terudel will not be viewed kindly by future historians, critics say.

Alexander Springsteen, the Premier of Oostfalea, who initially supported Redrich, said in a recent interview, "Politicians in Alexis have to be effective and credible if the nation is to prosper. Redrich is neither effective nor credible. He lost the trust of key personnel in the National Government and more importantly, he lost the trust of the people."

However, to blame all of Terudel's problems on Redrich is genuinely unfair. The issues Redrich confronted — widespread poverty, income inequalities, communist insurgencies and drug trafficking — were inherited. Indeed, the myopic and self-serving Zelha Reed left an almost impossible task for Redrich to fulfil on his own and without the proper personnel to surround him, all that Terudelians will remember is disappointment.

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Following the end of the Islas de Aguilas conflict and normalization of relations and entry of Alexis into ASEAN, the Alexian Army (Alexiad: Armija Alexias;
ARMAS) went through a major shift in organization away from state-sponsored units to a more Federal military, commanded directly by the Minister of Defence.

I NESTILAND CORPS (BAHIA DE DELFIN/KABJAN DELFIN [Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Christopher Chng-de Sao Luis])
  • 1st Nestiland Division [Gen. d.Brg. Jenseng Jorje Lie]
  • 2nd Nestiland Division [Gen. d.Brg. Hector Mendoza]
  • 3rd Nestiland Division "CONQUISTADORES" [Gen. d.Div. Manuel Ramon Montega II]

  • 5th Nestiland Division "PEACEKEEPERS" [Gen. d.Brg. Lord Juan Anton de Jong OSC EDC]
  • 12th Nestiland Division [Gen. d.Brg. Henry Louis III]

  • 7th Nestiland Division [Gen. d.Brg. Ernst Dajak-Mach]
  • 19th Nestiland Division [Col. Tyrone Onfrei Sr.]
  • Requiem Special Rangers "HELLDIVERS" [Gen. d.Div. Lord John Isaisawalo OSC KoTC EDC]

  • 1st Terudel Division "VANGUARD" [Gen. d.Div. Miguel McRee Mason]
  • 4th Terudel Division [Gen. d.Brg. Pol Peerce Jr.]
  • Guadalajara Light Division [Col. Hubertus Siegfried Hackenholt]
  • Koronadal Light Division [Col. Benjamin Wilhelm Klenton]
  • 23rd Terudel Division [Gen. d.Div. Jorje Juan Ramirez de Luna]
  • 27th Terudel Division [Gen. d.Div. Lucio de Santa IV]
  • Gatayan Ranger Division [Col. Ricardio Bonepart EDC]
  • 9th Terudel Division [Col. Franklin Oskar de la Hoya]
  • 28th Terudel Division [Gen. d.Brg. Corellius Maximillian von Eisenbach]
  • 1st Oostfalea Division [Gen. d.Brg. Marcus de la Rosa]
  • 6th Oostfalea Division [Gen. d.Brg. William Josef MacArthur]
  • 35th Oostfalea Division [Col. Matthew Quintin Bear]
  • 36th Oostfalea Division [Gen. d.Brg. Brandon Westfield]
  • 40th Oostfalea Division (RESERVE) [Col. Bruce Juan McMillan]
  • 15th Oostfalea Division [Gen. d.Div. Bartolomeo Corona]
  • 21st Oostfalea Division [Gen. d.Brg. Arnold van der Harz]
  • CIUDAD DE ALEXIS DIVISION [Col. Victor Huygens van Obersalzberg]

M18ALEXISBattle rifleNational Armament Industries7.62x51mm NATOStandard issue service rifle
MG556ALEXISLight machine gunNational Armament Industries5.56×45mm NATOStandard issue light machine gun
MG127ALEXISHeavy machine gunNational Armament Industries.50 BMGLicense produced M2HB Browning
K4SOUTH KOREAAutomatic grenade launcherDaewoo Precision Industries40x53mm-
M1911AXUNITED STATESPistolTangakanang Union Industrias.45 ACPIssued to rear-echelon drivers and clerks, to be
phased out in the future
M416GERMANYAssault rifleH&K5.56mmx45mm NATOIssued to overseas units

ABT-1B/C PanteraALEXISMain battle tank36Unknown number of units to be delivered by 2035
M113A1/2UNITED STATESArmoured personnel carrier
Mortar carrier
530Recieved 22 units from the Netherlands, captured 40 examples
from Philippine Army during the Islas de Aguilas conflict
Bandvagn 206SWEDENArmoured personnel carrier
Field ambulance
Resupply vehicle
BoxerGERMANY/NETHERLANDSArmoured fighting vehicle486 more units on order, to replace the M113
Ridgeback PPVUNITED KINGDOMProtected mobility vehicle14Recieved from the United Kingdom for demining operations
HMMWVUNITED STATESLight utility vehicle~6,000Recieved from United States and Taiwan. Some captured during Islas de
Aguilas conflict

NAE-1 LightningALEXISattack16Unknown number to be delivered by 2030
Bell AH-1W SuperCobraUNITED STATESattack652 used as advanced trainers
Hughes OH-6 CayuseUNITED STATESLight observation
Bell UH-1H/N IroquoisUNITED STATESutility264Several modified versions exist with infra-red sensors and pylons
for machine guns, rockets and anti-tank missiles
Boeing CH-47D ChinookUNITED STATEStransport/utility68-
Eurocopter AS332 Super PumaMULTI-NATIONALCSAR/utility32-

The Armija Aire Koninga Alexias (lit. Alexian Royal Air Army) is the branch of the ENUN tasked with air superiority over Alexian airspace. The Air Force
had recived numerous aircraft from overseas, notably retrofitted US F-4 Phantom IIs, as well as air intelligence and refuelling aircraft. The Air Force has
claimed to have shot down two Vietnamese cruise missiles during the Islas de Aguilas conflict.

Boeing F4-2K Peace PacificUNITED STATESmultirole fighter417 more are to be delivered
Northtrop F5B/EUNITED STATESfighter/reconnaissance15To be phased out in the near future
NAR OV-10D BroncoUNITED STATESlight attack/COIN8Modified to use 7.62mm miniguns and additional weapons pylons
Embraer R-99ABRAZILAEW&C/martime patrol7-
Kawasaki P-1JAPANmartime patrol1On trial in the AAKA, with another unit ordered
Lockheed C-130B HerculesUNITED STATEStransport/aerial refueling123 are capable of aerial refueling
Airbus A400MMULTI-NATIONALtransport6-
Boeing 747-8UNITED STATESVIP/transport21 is used by the President
Pilatus PC-12SWITZERLANDtransport5Used for the transport of high ranking military officials
Bell UH-1H/N IroquoisUNITED STATESutility16-
Boeing CH-47D ChinookUNITED STATEStransport/utility5-
Mil Mi-26RUSSIAtactical airlift1Donated from the Indian Air Force
Boeing MH-6 Little BirdUNITED STATESobservation/light attack4Donated from Malaysian Army
AIDC T-3TAIWANjet trainer18-
Pilatus PC-9SWITZERLANDtrainer37-

The Fuerza Naval Koninga Alexias (English: Alexian Royal Naval Force; FNKA) is the most well-funded branch of the ENUN, and is one of the largest and most
technologically advanced navies in South East Asia. During the Islas de Aguilas conflict, the Naval Air Force (Alexiad: Armija Aire Naval; AAN) has achieved
significant victories over the Islands, with a kill-to-loss ratio of 6:1. Alexian vessels have the prefix HAMS.

Carrier Battle Fleet ALEXIS (CIUDAD DE ALEXIS [Adml. Lord Sigfried Alberto Mikelangelo Myers OSC KoTC EDC])
  • CV Cuatro de Junio (28 JAS-39 Gripen M, 12 AV-8B Harrier II, 12 AH-1 Supercobra, 2 CH-46 Seaknight, 5 CH-53 Sea Stallion)
  • CC Terudel
  • DD Washington
  • DD Viking
  • DD Wilhelm
  • SS S-501 Chastity
  • SS S-502 Temperance
  • Terbugao

Battle Fleet KONINGSDAM (SINGAPORE [Rear Adml. Gregorio Benedict Halsey EDC])
  • CC Oostfalea
  • DD Westphal
  • DD Victory
  • SS S-503 Diligence
  • LST-111

Battle Fleet REQUIEM (ISLAS DE AGUILAS [Rear Adml. Godfrey Joshua Santana])
  • CC Nestiland
  • DD Voyager
  • DD Valour
  • DD Vengence
  • SS S-504 Gratitude
  • Cuerpo de Cristo

Battle Fleet GATAYAN (GATAYAN [Rear Adml. James Guillermo John-Paul Robert Johnson])
  • DD Vanquisher
  • DD Valkyr
  • Divine Intervention
  • other assorted support vessels

Submarine Squadron LA SANTISIMA TRINIDAD (BANGKOK [Cmdr. Lord Günter Ludwig de la Rosa OSC ESC])
  • SS S-505 Shield of the Constitution
  • SS S-506 Sword of the Commonwealth
  • SS S-507 Instrument of Salvation

The Korpus Marinar Koninga (English: Royal Marine Corps; KOMAR) has fought several battles alongside the ARMAS during the Islas de Aguilas conflict. Following
the end of the conflict, the ENUN has diverted a larger percentage of the budget towards the KOMAR due to its increasing usefulness at home and overseas.
The KOMAR has some of the armed forces' most experienced men and officers.

I Marine Expeditionary Force (OLONGAPO [Lt. Gen. Lord Freddy Wewak anak Wewak OSC])
  • 1st Marine Division [Gen. d. Div. Norville Roberto Ocampo IV]
  • 2nd Marine Division [Gen. d. Div. Adrianus Victor Bakker]

II Marine Expeditionary Force (AURORA CITY [Lt. Gen. Lord Nicholas Matthew van den Berg OSC KoTC EDC])
  • 3rd Marine Division [Gen. d. Div. Hendricus Christiaan van Rooijen]
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Postby Nestiland » Mon Mar 16, 2020 8:06 am

|29th of April, 2020|SATURDAY|26°C OVERCAST|7.30 p.m.LIVE FROM METRO ALEXIS
Tonight on News in the Evening, COVID-19 cases in Alexis reaches 18, with 1 reported fatality. Operation to evacuate Alexian nationals from mainland China and other countries is underway. A low-pressure area, 300 kilometers North-East from the Alexis' area of responsibility, has formed. All this and more, on UVA-TNJ News in the Evening.

Good Evening, my name is Gaspar Westfield.

Coronavirus cases in Alexis has reached 18 with 1 fatality

The Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Diego Guiterez, has stated that eight new cases of COVID-19 has been confirmed during a press conference this afternoon. This brings the total number of Coronavirus infected cases in the country to 18 as of today, 1930 Hours, 29 April, 2020. The Spokesperson has also mentioned that this is the biggest increase in the number of cases since the first one was reported on 23 April, 2020. Seven out of the eight cases are linked to a private wedding function at Shanghai Garden Hotel on 23 April, 2020. "Organizers of the event were prompt in giving us the necessary information and the contact details of all 64 attendees of the wedding function. It is safe to say that all the seven cases are imported and the individuals have traveled to Alexis during the virus' incubation period." Mr. Guiterez has also said that Ministry of Health is conducting contact tracing and "needs to talk to all the attendees of the wedding", according to Mr. Guiterez, and urged people to cooperate with them and share information fully if approached.

Shangai Garden Hotel

The eight, recently infected individual is the first case of a local transmission. 58-year old, Dr. Dominic Espenoza was reportedly infected while treating Mr. Xing Zhao Chang (9th case), a tourist who arrived in Alexis on the 18th of April. Mr. Chang's condition was already critical when he was admitted to Ciudad De Alexis General Hospital yesterday. When being told by Dr. Espenoza that his condition was worsening and nothing can be done, Mr. Chang flew into a rage and shouted “If I can’t live anymore then you will all die with me as well.” Afterwards, he punched one of the nurses before spitting into Dr. Espenoza's eyes. Mr. Chang was reported to have died after succumbing to the virus about 24 hours after the incident.

As of now, the eight individuals are temporarily quarantined in the containment ward of Ciudad De Alexis General Hospital before being transfered to Isla De Salvación quarantine zone, along with the other infected, to receive further treatment. The Sagrado Corazón de María Hospital on Isla De Salvación is expected to be fully operational on the 1st of May, 2020. It will be able to accommodate up to 700 individuals once it is operational. The island is located 3 km off the southwestern coast of Ciudad De Alexis.

The Ministry of Health has also affirmed that there are measures being put in place. They include temperature screenings at all international airports and sea checkpoints of the Commonwealth. The idea of thermal scanning is to identify potential infected patients who are having a fever as it is one of the symptoms of the virus. However, the Ministry of Health has stated that temperature scanning may not be a "water-tight" solution as infected individuals tends to show symptoms after a week due the virus' long incubation period according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Temperature scanning station at Gatayan City International Airport

Furthermore, a travel suspension extension is in the process of implementation. The travel suspension extends to 27 additional countries in addition to China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. These countries include Australia, United States of America, Canada and all of Europe. The complete list of countries can be found in the Ministry of Health's website. President Ulrich has also made a statement this afternoon about the issue.

"After much consultation from our top government experts and officials, I have decided to take several bold but necessary decisions to protect the health and well-being of my fellow Alexians. We will be extending the travel suspension, or should I say, temporary ban, to 27 additional countries such as all of Europe, America, Canada, Australia and so on. The new rules will take effect tomorrow at midnight..There will be exemption for fellow Alexians who have undergone thorough examinations. In other words, these restrictions will be adjusted, subject to conditions on the ground...These restrictions will also apply to trade goods from the highlighted countries."

Very bold and firm words from our President. In addition, Operation Soggy Wanton was initiated yesterday, It is a multi-organisational
effort with an objective to bring back all 69,420 Alexians in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Italy and more into the Commonwealth.

Coroners in hazmat suits in Ciudad De Alexis International

Breaking News

This just in. It looks like an incident had occurred this evening in Ciudad De Alexis International. It looks like we just had a shooting incident at the aforementioned airport...Oh..I have just received reports of a Chinese tourist that was just gunnned down by airport security personnel at one of the airport's arrival gate. Right now, I will pass my time to Karen Diaz, who happened to be at Ciudad De Alexis International Airport where the incident has just unfolded.

K: Thank you Gaspar.

G: Now Karen, what exactly happened there? Were you and the crew at the scene itself when it happened?

K: No Gaspar, we were at terminal 2 departure hall when the incident took place. When we reached the scene a few minutes ago, we saw a motionless body sitting upright on the floor, leaning against the window, along the hallway at arrival gate 8-B. The incident took place at around 6.10 P.M. Right now we can see that the body is a few meters away from the temperature scanner. It looks like a few shots missed and exited through the windows of the hallway. Not sure if anyone was injured from the stray rounds. From what we can see from here Gaspar, about 6 entry wounds is visible on the body, we haven't have a proper ID on the individual for now...looks like the airport security and a few NATPOL personnel that are on the scene with us are now in the process of cordoning off the area and asking us to move away.

K: "Ok, ok, relax we're moving back..hold on. Get your hands off me!"

K: "Hi,yes you, do you know what happened here?...Come again?...So you shot the guy?"

K: With me right now is Sgt. Evan Dirk Ramos, who just told us he was the one responsible for gunning down the tourist and is willing to tell us what happened. So, Sergeant, what made you open fire on the tourist?.. was it the right thing to do?

E: So, I was on guard duty at the temperature screening area with the boys from the Ministry of Health. About half an hour ago, a flight from Thailand, if I remember correctly just landed. There were lots of tourist.. Especially with the virus outbreak nowadays. I noticed this one Chinese man wearing a beanie with his fringe down, trailing behind another individual. One of the Ministry of Health boys told the man to take off his beanie and move aside so that the scanner can see him, he refused,.. started shouting about us being racist, so one of the staff walked down the hallway, towards him, removed his beanie while he is resisting. I was still behind the temperature scanner and what I saw were red markings or areas,..on his head. That guy was most likely infected. When I looked over, the tourist punched the staff, while shouting. The worst part.. he spat at the staff, friend,.. brother from another mother,..I only knew him for like 3 days now after he was posted here by the Ministry of Health. That was it,.. the last straw, so I took out my gun, gunned down that mother******.

K: Do you think what you did was right?

E: Whether it was the right or the wrong, I just saved thousands of Alexians.

K: Thank you Sgt. Ramos. There you have it, the man who was responsible for the shooting has just spoken up to us and is now being taken away by NATPOL personnel. We have also received more information about the tourist, Mr. Larry Wong Xin Jie, was travelling alone aboard the Thai Airways flight and was the only passenger that displayed feverish symptoms as detected from the scanner. Furthermore, there has been word that the authorities will be placing every passenger in the Thai Airways flight under quarantine for the next 2 weeks. As of now, we received confirmation that the individual is sick with a body temperature of 38.9 degrees and this is most likely another positive case of the COVID-19. This would bring the number of fatalities in Alexis to 2. Back to you, Gaspar.

5 Airbus A-400M transport of the Armija Aire Koninga Alexias enroute to Hong Kong.

Operation Soggy Wanton has commenced

Thank you Karen, last night, at exactly 0000 Hours Operation Soggy Wanton has commenced. It objective is to bring back Alexians back to the commonwealth from countries where the Coronavirus cases are considered severe. The initiative is joint cooperation between various private companies and government bodies. Local Companies such as Air Alexis, MyFly, Air Herrier, Water of the Commonwealth, El Passo and many more are working together, tirelessly, to bring sufficient supplies to the affected Alexians overseas and to transport them back. There are also massive efforts from our boys in the Airforce as all of the country's A-400M heavy lift transport are being utilized for the operation.

With over 500, 000 Alexians living in countries where the cases are severe, 69, 420 individuals from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Italy, Iran, South Korea and Germany are to be brought back to Alexis. There will be special allocated quarantine areas at embassies overseas for the rest of the Alexians and supplies will be issued to them through the embassies. The transportation of the 69, 420 individuals will end on 3rd of June, one day before our Independence day. Furthermore, public support for the the operation are at a high with the Catholic Church of Alexis having the highest amount of funds donated at 200 million Baavs, followed by El Passo with over 69 million Baavs donated. Collectively, about 500 million Baavs have been raised for our affected Alexians. It is truly heartwarming to see fellow Alexians coming together and looking out for one another at times like this.

New typhoon has formed 300 kilometers North-East from the Alexis

In another news, a new typhoon has formed from a tropical depression 300 km north-east from the Alexis' area of responsibility. Just about 25 minutes ago, The Alexis Meteorological Agency (AMA) has just classified it as a typhoon. The Alexis Meteorological Agency (AMA)
has named the typhoon; typhoon Olivia when it has properly formed into a proper typhoon at 1600 UTC today, after a period of rapid intensification from its low-pressure state. I will now pass the time to our weather reporter, Regine Del Rosario for more details of the typhoon. Regine, we already know that it is headed straight for the Commonwealth. To what extent is the damage are we expecting?

Satellite image of Typhoon Olivia

R: Thank you Gaspar. I will get to that question later. Just a few hours ago at around 1600 hours, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center(JTWC) assessed the system as a category 4 equivalent typhoon. Almost a super typhoon. The AMA has reported that Typhoon Olivia's maximum ten-minute sustained winds is about two hundred and eighteen kilometers per hour (218 km/h) or one hundred and thirty-five miles per hour (135 mph) with gusts of about three hundred and sixty-nine kilometers per hour (369 km/h) or two hundred and twenty-nine miles per hour (229 mph). The typhoon is going to make landfall 40 km off of Terbugao City in Terudel and continue eastward in a path that seemed to be deflected towards the north. Its lowest recorded pressure is 885 hPa.

Typhoon Olivia's eye would then move through the areas in the Eastern Lowlands in Terudel and Oostfalea and move across the entire length of Alexis before exiting thr=e country through Firenze. Typhoon Olivia would then make its way towards Mindanao of the Philippines and the eye just missing Islas De Aguilas by about 100 kilometers. The total damage caused by the typhoon is estimated to hit at least $3 Billion USD across the areas and countries it is about to hit. Typhoon Olivia is expected to make landfall on Alexis on the 2nd of May at around 04 00 hours in the wee hours of the morning. So I urge all of you to prepare for this impending calamity as it will affect the entire country.

G: Thank you Regine for all the necessary information about the incoming typhoon.

So now we will be taking a commercial break and in our upcoming news, The Sagrado Corazón de María Hospital on Isla De Salvación may not be enough, Panic-buying has taken place in major cities in fears of the virus and typhoon, Minister of Finance: "16-week maternity leave bill may not be feasible", Many outraged with discussions of an implementation of Emission taxes and actor Jake Dominguez denies sexual relationship with a male pastor. Jake: "Yes I have d*ck pics of him, nice c*ck not gon lie, good curve and girth.. but i did not have sex with that man!" All these and more on UVA-TNJ News in the Evening.
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Postby Terudel » Mon Mar 16, 2020 11:53 pm

0930 HOURS, 26°C, CLEAR
1st MAY 2020

“The virus is going to spread quickly,” Jovina said, looking at Jianhong. “I don’t see the reason why we shouldn’t close the borders of the city.

“Are we really going to take such measures?” asked Jianhong. “Dear, why don’t you consult the premiers of the other states on what they have planned?”

“And appear as a copycat? No. We are an independent state, sort of. The President has given me power over this state and I will decide what is best for my people.”

Jianhong nodded slightly and proceeded to walk out of the office, appearing to be annoyed by Jovina’s stubbornness. Jovina turned to her blank monitor, glancing at her own reflection. She could see the wrinkles on her face, the silver hair that was growing on her head. Age was catching up to her and she felt a sense of despair. How old would she be when Terudel finally becomes prosperous?

There was a knock on the door and her daughter, Stephanie, came in. “Hi, mum,” Stephanie said, smiling at her. “How’s work?”

“It’s fine, honey. What brings you here?”

Stephanie pursed her lips as she sat on the brown swivel chair in front of Jovina’s desk. “I am not sure how to say this to you,” Stephanie started, slightly shaking. “Something happened.”

Jovina raised an eyebrow and asked, “What is it?”

“I’m pregnant, mum,” she replied, before looking down. “It’s hard for me to say it to you, knowing how devoted you are to our religion. You always talked about not doing it before marriage but it did. And I have no regrets.”

Jovina was taken aback by what she just heard. This was the last thing she wanted to know on such a stressful day. She had no words to say. She could see the fear in Stephanie’s eyes and she did not want to scare her daughter any further.

“Congratulations.” The word escaped from Jovina’s mouth, much to her surprise. Stephanie looked at her awkwardly, not knowing how to react and was doubting whether she heard it right.

“Sorry, mum? Did I hear you correctly?”

Jovina nodded and smiled weakly. Deep inside, she was disappointed. However, at the end of the day, she is getting married to Miguel and being pregnant now does not make much of a difference. And that is when the question came to her mind.

“Miguel is the father, right?”

“Of course,” Stephanie replied. “Who else would it be?”

“Take care, then. And extend my congratulations to him. I guess I am going to be a grandma now.” Jovina sighed as she continued to see her ageing look. Stephanie left the office, more cheerful than she was a few moments ago.

Jovina picked up the phone and dialled a number. “Cherry, this is Jovina. I suggest moving the wedding day to the 4th of June. Your son is going to be a father soon.”

“What! He didn’t tell me anything!”

“Calm down. If the information leaks out, we are in trouble. Terudelians are highly conservative. Pre-marital sex is seen as a grave sin by many. If Miguel and Stephanie get married soon, then no one will know that she got pregnant before marriage.”

“Ok. I’ll speak to Miguel. I’m sure he will agree, especially with the image of El Pasto on the line. And it will protect Stephanie from public hatred. Once he agrees, we can inform the press. The Quatro de Junio Wedding. It will be grand.”

“Grand, indeed. The Premiers will be in attendance. Even the President will be there. It will make Miguelito’s wedding to Zelha look like nothing, and that is exactly what we want. The good thing about pushing the marriage to an earlier date is that we can start on Project N quickly. Marcus is getting more powerful as the days go by. Consolidating the power here in Terudel can bring Rafael down and that will make Marcus vulnerable.”

“Very well, Premier Aguinaldo. We are almost there.”
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Postby Terudel » Thu Mar 19, 2020 4:29 am

TERUDEL DAILY-La Télévision Terudélienne
|3rd of May, 2020|SUNDAY|24°C CLEAR|6.00 p.m.LIVE FROM GATAYAN CITY

Good evening, my name is Jessica Gutierrez.


Distribution at Gatayan City General Hospital

Terudelian Premier Jovina Aguinaldo held a press conference at the Casa De San Jose earlier today to address the people. She emphasised the severity of the coronavirus pandemic that is terrorising the entire world and that 34 new cases have been confirmed in Terudel alone. She stated that more funding will be given to the healthcare sector of the state and that TerudelMed will be distributing a 500 ml bottle of hand sanitizer to each household in Gatayan City in addition to the box of surgical masks that will be available for collection in Gatayan City General Hospital.

Premier Aguinaldo also announced the measures that will be taken to slow down the spread of the virus. All classes up to the tertiary level will be suspended for 4 weeks, employers are urged to allow their employees to work from home if possible and all flights are grounded. The borders of Terudel will be strictly patrolled by the TERPOL and no entry or exit will be granted. The TERPOL will also be escorting non-Alexians to the airport, where they will be forced to fly back to their respective countries within the next 7 days. Failure to comply, according to the Premier, will be charged and punishment will be given. Alexis is facing a shortage of testing kits for the COVID-19 virus and has placed orders in order to meet the demand. Those who are infected in Terudel will be quarantined in the general hospitals across the state and contact tracing will be conducted. So far, there are 51 confirmed cases in Terudel, 22 in Nestiland, 16 in Oostfalea and 102 in the National Federal District, giving a total of 192 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Alexis.

Terudelians have started panic-buying, leaving empty shelves in supermarkets across the state. Goods such as canned food, toilet paper and instant noodles sold out almost immediately following the announcement of the first confirmed case in Terudel. Facing a shortage of goods, Premier Aguinaldo formally announced that there will be a limit set for each household in order to stop the panic buying. She was very firm and urged the people to be more civilised. "Panic buying will not, and I repeat, will not solve the issue. It only results in unnecessary distress and I do not want to see this in our state. I will take measures to stop this nonsense at once and bring order back. Should anyone fail to follow, the authorities will be given the power to issue a warrant of arrest to those who do not comply with the rules set in place."


Robert Tony Sanchez, CEO of RedCats Drilling & Shipping

CEO of RedCats Drilling & Shipping, Robert Tony Sanchez, has tested positive for the COVID-19 Virus. He had travelled to Germany, Italy and France recently before arriving at Alexis International Airport on the 28th of April. He tested positive for the virus two days later and was immediately quarantined in Ciudad De Alexis General Hospital. All operations by RedCats will be halted and all employees have been given a Home Quarantine Order for the next two weeks as a preventive measure. Contact tracing is currently being conducted to identify close contacts of Mr Sanchez.

Mr Sanchez, who is 54 this year, is currently warded in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and is in a critical condition. Doctors and nurses are working round the clock in order to stabilise his condition and Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Diego Guiterez, has assured the nation that the situation in the capital is under control. He also said that Mr Sanchez is in good hands and his condition should normalise in the coming days. He believes that the healthcare sector of Alexis is one of the best in the region and urged the people to put their trust in the doctors.

Several measures are being put in place to curb the spread of the virus, including travel suspensions to badly affected countries. Many more prominent people have tested positive for the COVID-19, including singer Jimmy Deemy, Lieutenant of Terudel Marcus Montenegro and ABA star Ang Zhou Lin.


A grainy video of what appears to be a sex tape of El Pasto Agriculture Company, Miguel Carlos De La Santos, has been circulating around the internet. The footage was unclear but the silhouette of the man in the video was similar to Miguel's. So far, the Terudelian Cybersecurity Unit has been taking down the video on several websites but with the video circulating on social media and text messaging platforms, it will be difficult to fully get rid of the video.

Mr La Santos has denied the allegations and intends to file a lawsuit against Mr Kow Jin Ming, the CEO of JeepneyVids. The sex tape was uploaded on the JeepneyVids website, garnering over 300,000 views and 90,000 shares. Mr La Santos spoke to the media earlier today. "I was not the man in the video. I have never filmed such a video in my life and I am disturbed by the accusations. The authorities are working closely with me to put an end to this and those responsible for this video will be dealt with accordingly. I urge the people of Terudel to stop sharing the video as it will only cause more trouble."

El Pasto suffered a drop in shares after the release of the video, exacerbating the losses suffered by the company due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite that, Mr La Santos has assured the Terudelians that there will be no shortage of rice. He also announced earlier today that his wedding with the daughter of Premier Aguinaldo will be moved forward to June 4 2020, stating that it was due to the global pandemic. Many are concerned about the wedding becoming the next cluster for the virus. However, Mr La Santos made it clear that the attendance will be limited and it will be televised. Screenings will be conducted before the wedding to ensure that the guests are not suffering from any of the symptoms.

We will return right after the commercial break. More news will be coming up shortly, including the school shooting at Terbugao City and more information about the typhoon. All these and more on the Daily News.
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