World Grand Prix Championship season 17 [RP Thread]

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Postby Sorlovia » Wed May 15, 2019 4:17 pm

Novoya River, Vanov Oblast, Sorlovia
Three days earlier

The longest moment in a man’s life was this one. That pause between asking the woman you loved if she would marry you and hearing her answer. It seemed to drag out for an unbearably long time and your heart skipped a beat or two in those tense moments. Even if you knew she would say yes there was still that tiny scrap of doubt. Asking a woman to marry you was always accompanied by a degree of uncertainty. Perhaps you were asking too early or had mistaken the depth of the relationship. Had she changed her mind? Was she having second thoughts? These were the thoughts that preyed on a man’s mind in those long seconds.

“Yes! A thousand times yes!”

Tears welled up in Elena’s eyes and she clasped her hands to her mouth. Her long curls bobbed and danced as she nodded briskly. She dropped to her knees next to Gregori and fixed her eyes on his. Her soft green eyes locked with his own and she smiled as he planted a soft kiss on his lips. That first tender kiss that served as both a reassurance of love and a way of claiming him as her own. Gregori rose to his feet and gently slid the engagement ring onto Elena’s slender finger. All thoughts of races and the WGPC had faded from his mind as soon as they’d set foot on the soft grass of the river bank. It could wait. This was a moment that went beyond the mundane things of life. It was as if nothing in the world existed in that moment. Nothing except Elena, the river, the willow tree and him.

“Elena,” Gregori said with a fondness few ever heard “You have just made me the happiest man in the world!”

“You’ve made me the luckiest woman,” she replied wiping a tear away “there is nothing I want more than to be your wife. I can’t wait to be Mrs Krupin.”

“And I can’t wait to be your husband. Meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Viktor would’ve thought the whole affair sickeningly soppy. He was a man who preferred to live the bachelor’s life and viewed romance as the domain of emotional movies. But despite this he would be immensely happy for Elena and Gregori. After all he’d been the one to introduce them and had been unashamedly trying to get them together for a long time. He wanted to live the bachelor life but he knew that Gregori didn’t. Viktor knew that Gregori was a closet romantic and, although he teased him for it mercilessly, he wanted him to be happy. But Gregori knew that deep down under Viktor’s womanizing bachelor exterior lived a man who wanted something more serious. He knew that he was tiring of the one night stands and ‘The Game’. That was the domain of immoral college students and party-boys. It wasn’t the life of a WGPC-ranked mechanic who wanted to be respected in his field.

Gregori and Elena walked back to the car hand-in-hand. The tradition that had begun with his great-grandfather had continued in him and he’d found the woman of his dreams. He’d begun courting her because he’d grown to love her and not because she happened to be a successful model and some of his more outspoken critics had suggested. Things like wealth, fame and beauty had never factored into it. Focusing on such things made a man shallow and materialistic. Gregori had promised himself that he would never become that manner of man no matter how famous he might get.

Autodromo Internazionale del Rivoli

Gregori leaned back in the driver’s seat as he sat in the pit. The way things were going it seemed he was about to enter another slump. A slump like the one that had plagued him for a significant period of time in WGPC16. He’d fallen back to sixteenth place in the final stages of the race due to unknown reasons that were still being looked into. He’d performed with the same level of skill and focus that had seen him take out his first win but something hadn’t gone quite right. He’d felt a distinct change during the fifteenth lap and had done his best to compensate. The style of track had once again been in his favour but something had seemed off with his car. Lap nineteen had only confirmed a sneaking suspicion.

His car was booked into the Race Workshop at MRT HQ for a re-evaluation and full service. His race crew would accompany it to provide the full diagnostic details and post-race analysis. But Gregori sat in his car going over every detail of the race as he watched his Gran Prix racer being loaded into the back of an MRT Race Transport. It had been through a number of races at this point and perhaps it was time for a trip back to the engineers at MRT for a tune-up and examination. Sigur’s own car would likely be receiving the same treatment at the moment. It wasn’t an uncommon practice for a race team to recall its competition cars during a WGPC season for routine maintenance and updated optimization according to WGPO regulations. Gran Prix cars needed to be regularly serviced in just the same way as a regular passenger car. Mechanical parts eventually wore out no matter how finely made or heavy duty they might be. During the course of the season parts had to be replaced even if they were still in reasonable condition.

Swapping out worn brakes for new ones improved the performance of the car even if the old brakes were still in reasonable condition. Scuffed tyres had an impact on how a Gran Prix car preformed in a race meaning that brand new tyres gave it an edge. Gregori’s car would be fitted with a new brand of tyre, given an intensive service complete with an oil change and fuel system clean, an engine wash and even a full car wash. A few barely visible marks on the paint work and chassis were to be touched up with the car essentially coming back to him reborn. He’d grown attached to the car so watching it being loaded into the truck was like watching an old friend being put into the back of an ambulance. In the meantime, to allow him to continue his training regime, he’d been provided with an MRT back up Gran Prix car.

"This is just a slump Gregori," Gregori said to himself softly "you'll get out of it just like you did last season. Remember that."

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Postby Savojarna » Thu May 16, 2019 2:30 pm

Autodromo Internazionale del Rivoli, Nekoni

One light.

Sigur Bjarnason sets the MRT up for start. He looks to the left, staring at Taylor Blake's Obey. He can't see it through the visor, but he knows Blake is looking back right now, thinking the same: How do I beat this guy? For Sigur, it's easy: Don't fuck up the start. Push and keep the inside.

Two lights.

His gaze moves forward. Terho Talvela, waiting in front of him. His opponent. Catching his rear wheel or trying to overtake him straight off the line? Sigur decides to wait for the start. If he gets off the line well, he may as well attack him.

Three lights.

The Savojar looks forward again. Tabuso stands in front of him. Her car is angled just a bit to the left, towards the centre of the track. Sigur decides to pull out to the right off the line, and attack the Fireline driver on the outside. Keep the position and wait for Turn 2, when you can attack on the inside.

Four lights.

His eyes are now fixed on the starting lights. He has a perfect view from here, the car ready for the race and the mind set on what is to come. He revs up the engine, bringing it right into the sweet spot that Krister told him before the start. The perfect spot to get efficiency off the line.

Five lights.

Every muscle in Sigur's body is tensed up and ready to burst forward. He lifts the clutch up to the point where it just about holds the car. The MRT almost bucks under him. If he were to lose control of his foot now, it would jolt forward and produce a false start. But he doesn't, it will yield the perfect take-off.

Zero lights.

Bjarnason lifts his foot just a tiny little bit. The MRT's wheels grip into the asphalt immediately and throw the car forward. Blake is nowhere to be seen. In front of him, Tabuso pulls to the inside, just as he expected. But his MRT took off faster, and he pulls up to the side of the Fireline. The first corner comes up, and he can brake just a fraction later. Sigur pulls level with his opponent, using every little bit of the track. In the next turn, he will have the upper hand. With brute force, he keeps the MRT on the track and yields just a tiny bit of space to Tabuso, ready to take it back in what is to come. Turn 2. Bjarnason's MRT slides ahead centimetre by centimetre. He can see Tabuso next to him. As the accelerate out of the corner, Bjarnason's nose is on the same height. But in the long Turn 3, he has just a bit less way. On the inside, he pulls ahead bit by bit, until his opponent has to step down. "Great start, Sigur!", he hears on his ears. Looking to the left, he sees Terho took advantage of his maneuver as well, passing Tabuso and being roughly level with Sigur. He decides not to risk an attack on the inside for Turn 4 and sticks to the Abovian's back.

As the field has settled into the race, Franssen leads the pack, with Souzare behind. Tripathi, the second VMR driver, stuck to Bjarnason's back to the beginning and caught him on the home straight, but aside from that, the Savojar held his ground. Fifth behind the two VMR, Terho and Souzare, who stuck around behind the VMR squad. Tabuso manages to stick with Sigur, a few seconds behind the MRT. Then, a big gap to Blake, who is holding up a group of Krupin, Kardaeri and Ibuna. "Good drive so far, Sigur. Your gap to Blake is growing, times are still stable. Souzare is losing against you and Terho, you're stable to the others. Push more, your window is approaching", Krister said on the headphones. "Alright, push harder. Copy.", he responds, rips off his visor blade and throws it out before pushing down his foot, hunting down Terho Talvela.

Nine laps into the race, he has caught up to Souzare, who is now fourth. Sigur chases the Hodoran around the track, getting a flashback of the last year. Kardaeri now has overtaken Blake and is closing the gap. Krister is on his ears again. "Sigur, you should be able to catch Souzare. If you don't manage until the end of Lap 10, box. Otherwise, box after Lap 11. Your gap to Terho is no longer closing, try to undercut", Krister instructs him. Like always when a pit stop is upcoming, Sigur is even more motivated to push. The Hodoran does not stand a chance. Following a light slipup in 11, Sigur catches the back of the Polaris. Sucking up to it in the slipstream, he won't let go until the next turn. Swerving out to the inside, he utilises the MRT's better grip to the max and passes Souzare on the inside. "YES! Great move, Sigur. P4 now, box after lap 11", Krister says in a voice that lets Sigur almost hear his smile.

Even in the pit lane, Sigur doesn't get rid of Tabuso. The Fireline enters the pit right before him as the top three move on, the two VMR's battling for the lead. The MRT crew buzzes around Sigur for a few seconds, and then releases him again. "Great stop, Sigur. You're now on P6, nine seconds behind Kardaeri and twenty-six behind Terho. Push hard for the next laps", Krister says. He pushes a button on the steering wheel, adjusting the fuel mixture, and pushes the MRT as if it were the qualifying again. Four laps later, as he approaches the final combination, the radio cracks again. "Great work, Sigur. Talvela is in the pit, you should have made it by about two seconds. Reduce and keep place. You are now in P5; Kardaeri and Souzare still have to stop". Two laps later, it is P4 as Kardaeri's car is out-maneuvred in the tight combination at the end of the track and Sigur takes his spot. Only VMR left to fight.

In lap 21, Sigur is in third place, still chasing the VMR duo and almost in sight of Jess Franssen. The gap between them is closing as Franssen's tyres deteriorate, when suddenly another announcement comes. "Tripathi out. Repeat, Tripathi out, you're now in P2". It isn't like Sigur to celebrate someone else's bad luck, but he can't help but be happy about being back in contention for victory. With her tyres, Franssen soon can't keep up and has to stop, ceding the leadership to Sigur who steadily pulls away from his competitors. Kardaeri, on a different strategy, keeps up narrowly, but still boosted by his lack of a pit stop. Terho Talvela steadily loses time and now lies almost twenty seconds behind Sigur. The Savojar steadily drives around the track, his secure and preservation-oriented style from the first part of the season now replaced by an aggressive style aiming for speed.

The MRT box has a calm second half of the race. Only towards the end, when it is time for the second stop, do they quickly hold their breath again as Talvela almost catches Sigur on the pit stop. "Terho stopped almost together with you, his tyres must be pretty bad. Don't fight too hard, if he gets ahead of you you'll just take him back", Krister calms his driver down. The worst thing would be to lose the lead on a defect now. For a moment, the race engineer has flashbacks of a metallic whizz and an MRT parked to the side of the InternazionRing. Sigur climbing out of his car as he lost his lead in the Grand Prix tsaMattijana to engine failure. Please don't let it happen again, he thinks, as Talvela settles behind Sigur. The Abovian knows as well as Sigur himself that any attempt to overtake his opponent would be fruitless. He isn't stuck behind the MRT, which can easily match the pace of the TRAE on this track. Terho's race is against those behind, Tyra Tabuso and Jai Kardaeri. A reckless attack would only endanger his chances for the podium - victory is gone, and he knows it. In the MRT box, they know it too.

Two laps later, Talvela hits the box, leaving the Savojar alone to carry his victory across the line. "Preserve your tyres, Sigur. Don't take any risks with the car. P1, gap twenty-seven seconds. Talvela in second, then Tabuso", Krister briefs his driver. The final twelve laps are a cruise. Finally he crosses the line, raising his fist in the sky. "YES YES YES! Great work, Sigur! Well done, congratulations", an audibly overjoyed Krister Arlund says in his earpiece as Sigur fights off tears of joy. He is back where he belongs. Back on top.
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Postby Mattijana » Fri May 17, 2019 12:26 pm

MRT HQ, Kopylov InternazionRing

Just a week ago, the mood around the MRT head office had been pretty low. The team trailed championship leaders TRAE by more points than they had actually earned, sat a (by their standards) fairly measly 5th in the standings and had just blown a massive chance of a good result in a chaotic JNI Grand Prix. The hard work had to continue, but it had not yet yielded good results.

The atmosphere now was completely different. The team had just tasted its second victory of the season, Sigur Bjarnason had rediscovered his form and they had lifted themselves to third in the constructors' championship table.

There were still concerns however. Gregori had looked uncharacteristically off the pace as he slipped out of the points and post-race feedback had revealed that something had felt off with the car. Johan had ordered it to be sent back to Mattijana to be checked over whilst the reserve chassis would travel to the next venue of Yogyakulta in Filindostan.

On closer inspection, the floor of Krupin's machine had sustained a fair bit of damage. The scuffing would undoubtedly have disrupted the airflow underneath the car, losing Gregori vital downforce and balance. It probably explained why he had struggled to drive quickly in Nekoni, but they would give the rest of the chassis a checkover as well to make sure it was in good shape for the mid-season test that followed. The team in Yogyakulta would tune up the reserve chassis to the Sorlovian's liking.

Filindostan was a good chance to push on for MRT. The circuit wasn't perfectly set up for them with its point and squirt first two sectors, but the final sector had a nice flow to it and the two Nordus curves were there for the MRT's aerodynamics to get stuck into. In fact, with its undulations and medium-fast turns, it was about as perfect a bit of track as there could possibly be. A double points finish was on the cards, but would not be easy.

Johan had heard through the grapevine about Gregori getting engaged. He trusted his driver's professionalism, but was happy for his driver. Getting such a personal boost would hopefully give his driving extra edge and it would certainly be a massive weight off his mind. Both man and machine would hopefully be in good shape for the next race.

The WGPC was a long season with room for plenty of twists and turns. You could have a good start, fall to pieces in the middle and make a comeback at the end and still find yourself somewhere at the sharp end of the table. If you built a good season and found some groove at the end, it was yours for the taking.

The last two seasons, MRT's title challenge had revolved around getting a sharp start whilst everyone else was working themselves out and then hanging on at the end. This year, it had been they who had been working themselves out early on and who would have to hurry up at the end.

The last couple of races would suit their car and their drivers. If they could seal some consistent results from now on, it was still on.
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Postby Hapilopper » Fri May 17, 2019 12:30 pm

By Doug Goodman
Hapilopper Television Network

VAL DEL RIVOLI, NEKONI - For the first time since the HASCAR Challenge Cup finale last year, Drake Stevenson could be seen, the Friday before a race, happily strolling around a racetrack, listening to some of his tunes and taking notes on a legal pad about the tiniest of tiny details about a circuit. It was an activity Stevenson became notorious for during his career in Hapilopper racing, and probably an activity that helped him understand the circuits more than any other.

As he approached Turn 8, "The Carousel," Stevenson was approached by a security guard who hadn't recognized the stock car icon before. Maybe Drake's problem was the fact his weekend credentials, secured by the Hapiloppian government, were tucked inside his jacket, a huge no-no.

"Excuse me, sir, who said you could come out here?" the guard asked Stevenson, who quickly pulled out his credential.

"Sorry, I'm just figuring this place out," Stevenson said, slightly embarassed. "I'm trying to get myself into the Grand Prix circus and I figure I should learn the circuits. I might be racing here next year in some form or fashion. Got to get a leg up on the competition."

Having seen the credentials, the guard let Drake go on his merry way, as a top driver and two of his mechanics walked by, discussing the ominous rock formations that surrounded the outside of the infamous "Carousel." Not wanting to butt in a conversation that certainly wasn't his business, Drake waited for them to pass so as to not impose himself unnecessarily.

By the time Drake had returned to the paddock, he had filled a little over a dozen pages, front-to-back, with notes about the circuit. Never mind the fact he wasn't racing this weekend. That was completely irrelevant in his eyes. Instead, his mission was to get noticed by a team - any team - to get, at the very least, an opportunity to test a Grand Prix car later this year. To him, the rest would fall into place if he could just get a seat.

On Sunday morning before the Grand Prix, Stevenson talked to HTN about his goals for the weekend - and possibly for the next weekend, should he travel to Filindostan for the Grand Prix Filindostan Cepat.

"I want to get my name out there," he said as he relaxed at a picnic table near the paddock. "I was a stock car driver for a decade, and I was able to do everything in the Challenge Cup. I've had opportunities to go open-wheel single seater racing. Our country's Championship Car series is shooting themselves in the foot with all the political bullshit going on with the top teams, and I don't want to get caught in the crossfire. But there was an alternative. Every morning, we'd turn the WGPC and just be in awe at how utterly amazing the cars looked, sounded and behaved, and how amazing the drivers were for being able to handle those beasts."

With a twinkle in his eye, a twinkle that hasn't been seen in a couple of years, he hunched closer and smiled.

"THIS IS WHAT I WANT!!" he said, demonstrating the youthful enthusiasm that endeared him to millions of fans across Hapilopper. "I can do it and I can be a world champion. For myself, for Team Blue, for Preston Autos and for Hapilopper. It won't be this year, but who's to say it can't happen in the future?"

To make it happen, Drake came armed with hundreds of business cards and flash drives featuring videos of his best moments on track.

"You remember that guy that used to do backflips after he won races?" Drake asked, his eyes widening. "I asked him for suggestions to get my name out there. He told me he used to make business cards that said 'If you're looking for a driver, you're looking for me.' We used to laugh at him for this but, hell, it got him attention."

Drake was referring to Benny Johnson, the Surrey-based driver who shockingly retired at the end of the 2016 Challenge Cup. Johnson has returned to a private life in the Surrey suburb of West Columbia, but remains in contact with Stevenson.

Sure enough, those business cards, complete with Drake's headshot, were distributed with the flash drives to seemingly everyone in the WGPC paddock with the likely exception of the scout troops that were manning the concession stands, and it's possible they got a copy as a mechanic left one on the counter as they picked up a plate of nachos to chow down on between practice sessions.

"You know, if I get no phone calls or emails this weekend, I won't even be upset," Drake said. "The fact is, I wanted to do something different with my life and this might be the best way to do it. If there's a better way, I'd sure like to know how."
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Postby Vangaziland » Fri May 17, 2019 3:33 pm

By the time the NEXPRO Gran Premio di Nekoni ended, the name Drake Stevenson was gaining momentum. This was especially true in Vangaziland where the name drew recognition by familiarity. Stevenson was fairly common, ranging in variation from Stevenson to the more Vannish construct of Stevenssen. The Mainland differed from most Scandinavian nations because of Viking Age ties to African exploration.

Vangaziland is diverse, not just by race but by national origin. Even the Empire’s wide array of people can relate to the new driver. Many groups have migrated to Mainland Vangaziland since the Unification of the Tribes formed the Vannish Empire. An open minded approach from the beginning and isolation to negative racial attitudes of other continents made it so all Vangazi see themselves as one race, one people. If that’s not entirely accurate in DNA, it’s completely true in spirit. Even those with names like Kwameson and Kufussen see themselves similar to the Drake.

Today’s Vangazi have an eye for international culture. Vannish people are passionate about sports and competition. History and politics also draw a lot of attention. The Vannish media understands how the outlook and interests of the Vannish people can drive a story.

Therefore, the story of Drake Stevenson showing up and spreading promotional materials went somewhat viral quickly.

Jessica Franssen had a big part in this. She met Drake while he was handing out his info. It was a few hours before she had to climb into the car for the practice session.

She noticed a man seemingly lost from her perch behind an engineer’s desk. When he turned to enter the paddock, she approached. “Can I help you?” Jess subconsciously crossed her arms defensively.

He introduced himself and mentioned why he was here.

“I’d love to check out your material”, Jess said as she uncrossed her arms. “Here, let me show you around our paddock. As a matter of fact, give me a USB drive.. I’ll put these vids on right now.”

Jessica had more sway in the paddock than Simon Marton, VMR’s principal. If she wanted to watch the new driver’s clips, it would be done. Jess waved over the team’s intern. The young man jogged the drive over to a laptop. A projector broadcast the clips onto a large screen.

“Let’s see what you’ve got”, Jess said as it started to play. Many of the clips were from HASCAR. It could be hard to visualize how a stock car driver could translate into open wheel for someone without Franssen’s experienced eye. Jess had limited experience in stock cars, driving in the international league NSSCRA. Her father made of career racing stock cars across the Vannish Empire.

As the video wore on, she saw things that suggested Stevenson could fit into the WGPC well.

Stevenson had also mentioned time behind an open wheel car. “Not bad”, Jessica said as it began to wind down. “You know.. I think you’ve got a lot of potential in the league”, she added.

The topic of a spot at VMR came up. “We just can’t. Our team is doing well. Vijay Tripathi is our second driver. We’ve got a plan and a good thing going.” After a few more exchanged words she said, “if things were different, we’d make a switch.”

“Maybe I’ll help get your name out”, she said. Jess had noticed one thing this season. Her name was now just as prevalent in international news as it was in Vangaziland. Many nations seemed to watch her placement every week and compare their drivers to her position. This season has been far from perfect, but Jess drives ahead with dogged pursuit. She knew the multiverse was watching.

The Vannish woman waited until her Sunday pre-race interview to mention Stevenson. When the journalist asked Jessica how the field was shaping up, she found her chance.

“I think potential driver changes can affect the outcome of the title chase”, she said. “There are seriously talented drivers out there. I met someone named Drake Stevenson from Hapilopper. What a driver. If he gets into the right car, he can make a lot of noise.”

The journalist asked what Jessica would do if she were team manager. Would she replace drivers? “Some contracts are expiring. Here’s an idea for a slick move. If I felt I needed to make a switch, I’d try to sign Jang Xiaopeng with Drake. Xiaopeng is a tier 2 champion and a top 5 finalist in the big league. I guarantee he can show Stevenson how to refine his open wheel skill.”

Jess was asked what she noticed about his style. “I see the makings of a consistent driver. He’s been preparing. It might take a bit to build enough steam to win a race... I bet he can get into the top 5 after a race or two. He’s fast. This is a driver that knows how to prepare. You can tell he understands the track”, she paused... “Or tries to. He showed me a ton of notes he took on the track. That’s the sort of thing some drivers overlook here. The prep work.”

Jessica’s interview started to draw attention as the race weekend concluded. Her own effort had been mediocre in Nekoni, falling out of the top 5 from pole position. “I could have pushed harder”, she said after the race. “A lackadaisical place is almost worse than a DNF. We need those points though.”

Her fans were glad to see the Vangazi push herself. She wasn’t settled. She knew what she had to do.

Jang Xiaopeng jumped on the Drake wave in the hopes of finding his own seat. “I’d love to pair up with Steve... er... Drake. Drake Stevenson.” The confusion may have been because Xiaopeng’s surname of Jang is traditionally placed ahead of his given name. In his mind, he subconsciously saw Drake’s name as Stevenson Drake. Sometimes he even accidentally thought of him as Steve Drakesen.

“I’ve seen his highlights. I’d like to see what he can do in certain cars. I bet we can push each other to catch up and make some headway.”

The interviewer asked Xiaopeng how his recording session has been going. A Vannish pop singer named Anna Kelder recruited Jang to drop a few verses on a song or two. “It’s been a great experience “, the driver said. “I’m ready to get back on the track though.”

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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Sat May 18, 2019 12:40 am

After blowing his big day in Somos, Vijay Tripathi was not going to do anything reckless at the Gran Premio di Nekoni. In practice, he took his time learning the course before trying a couple of faster laps, and he just didn't push that hard. There was no sense in wearing out himself or the car at a practice session. He wasn't sure if that lax approach had anything to do with why he placed 7th at qualifying while Franssen took the pole, even though they had the same car. He wondered if he could have put himself in a more competitive mindset or gotten a better feel for the track by pushing harder during practice.

There was some chatter around the paddock about Jang Xiaopeng and some driver from Hapilopper that was trying to break into international racing. Tripathi was reminded that there was always someone itching to take your seat if you didn't do well -- just another reminder of how important it was to do his best. He had to push himself every race, but remember not to get sloppy. It was a tricky balance.

Tripathi instinctively scoffed with disdain when he heard that the driver from Hapilopper came from a stock car racing background. In the Sherpa Empire, and especially in the South where Tripathi was from, stock car racing was traditionally regarded as an uncivilized sport, little better than street racing. Even though it was becoming more popular and respectable in recent years, old habits died hard. Tripathi had to remind himself that the prejudice against stock car racing was not universal, and outside the South of the Sherpa Empire, there were world-class drivers who came up through stock car racing. Even his own countrymen who lived north of the Himalayas...

On race day, Tripathi arrived at the track focused and eager to take the wheel. In his mind, he tried to visualize how he would fight his way up past the 6 drivers who were starting ahead of him. The engines roared to life, and the race started to play out almost the way he had imagined. He took the lead and opened up a nice gap between himself and Franssen in 2nd. Everything was going great.

And then it was all going wrong. He was losing power. Amarnath told him to bring the car in.

When Tripathi got back to the paddock, he felt like ripping the engineers a new one, but when he saw the looks on their faces he realized there was no point. They all knew what had happened and they knew they needed to make sure it didn't happen again. He could see in their eyes that they understood.
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WGPC17 - T4A - Toys '4' All Diecast Wave 1 - TRAE

Postby Vilita and Turori » Sat May 18, 2019 11:10 am


Toys '4' All release first wave of WGPC Die-cast Replicas


Toys '4' All Regional Distribution Facility, Lopinka, Vilita :: Toys '4' All, The leading designer, distributor and retailer of Toys and Games in the Vilitan Cove region has announced it will begin carrying World Grand Prix Championship inspired die-cast cars at all of its retail locations. Toys '4' All has been increasing its presence in Motorsports of all kinds as its brand begins expanding beyond the Vilitan Cove region. During the eigth season of the Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association Toys '4' All stepped up as the title sponsor for the first ever Toys '4' All 500 race at the Lonngeylin Ring in Lonngeylin, Vilita. Toys '4' All also stepped up as a partial-season sponsor on the #14 Dart of then reigning series champion River 'Shark' Suzgar II. While Toys '4' All is expected to continue its relationship with Vilita & Turori Motorsports on the NSSCRA circuit, they have also entered the world of open wheel racing as one of the corporate partners of the Tropicorp Racing Aelund team based out of Aboveland. While Toys '4' All is not the primary funding source for the team their partnership has resulted in prime nose placement for the Toys '4' All logo as well as licensing rights to produce and distribute Toys and Merchandise using the Tropicorp Racing Aelund team cars and drivers.

In addition to small items such as stickers, temporary tattoos and pencils, Toys '4' All has entered the die-cast replica business with its first two Officially Licensed Tropicorp Racing Aelund World Grand Prix Championship Diecast Racing Cars.

The die-cast replicas hit the stores in the Vilitan Cove just in time to sell out in the wake of Tropicorp Racing Aelunds 1-2 finish at the Somos City Circuit in Joushiki Nante Iranai. Now, shelves are being restocked in the Vilitan Cove and Toys '4' All branded Die-cast Replicas are also being shipped to partner retailers throughout the multiverse. The first wave of die-cast replicas consist only of the two Tropicorp Racing Aelund machines, the #56 of former World Grand Prix champion Terho Talvela and the #77 of veteran Turorian driver and three-time World Grand Prix race winner iBen Toralmintii. In addition to retail outlets, the Toys '4' All Diecast Replicas will also be available track side starting with the Grand Prix Filindostan Cepat at the Yogyakulta Internationstatal Circuit at the official WGPC Merchandise Tent and the Tropicorp Racing Aelund merchandise trailer.

The first batch of Tropicorp Racing Aelund die-cast replicas was produced for Team and Company employees and contain a special sticker on the backside of the box. This batch was also used for quality control before the mass-production of the two Tropicorp Racing Aelund cars began. Currently Toys '4' All plans only to produce the cars as 1:64 scale Die-cast Replicas with a focus on the toy car market and not the display collector who may often seek a larger 1:24 or 1:18 scale replica. Instead of branching out in size, Toys '4' All is expected to look at expanded its product line by signing agreements with other World Grand Prix Championship teams to produce die-cast replicas of their team cars in future wave releases using the same die-cast mold that the company has already refined in producing the Tropicorp Racing Aelund replicas.

Toys '4' All prides itself in providing a positive experience for children and adults alike when visiting its stores. Customers enjoy a wide selection of otherwise hard-to-find Toys and Games with Toys '4' All bringing to market toys from independent toy makers and innovators. The future of the Toys '4' All brand likely depends on being able to retain the market share from the independent toy makers using Toys '4' All as a storefront for their goods as well as strengthening their relationships with foreign retailers willing to stock Toys '4' All's original merchandise such as their WGPC die-cast replicas.


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EDIT: Oh yes. Erm:

for Practice and Qualifying at Yogyakulta International Circuit

Week 11: Practice
Conditions:      	Dry
Lap Record: 00:01:31.625
Session Length: 75 minutes
Nation: FID
Circuit: Yogyakulta International Circuit


Drivers have 75 minutes to complete as many laps of the track as they like
POS #   DRIVER                              FASTEST LAP     GAP TO LEADER				
1 7 Vijay Tripathi 00:01:36.284 00:00:00.000
2 41 Jean Mercer-Daly 00:01:36.284 00:00:00.000
3 3 Darius Castellammare 00:01:36.294 00:00:00.010
4 71 Rustom Ibuna 00:01:36.298 00:00:00.014
5 56 Terho Talvela 00:01:36.298 00:00:00.014
6 48 Tyra Tabuso 00:01:36.385 00:00:00.101
7 1 Jessica Franssen 00:01:36.388 00:00:00.104
8 29 Esteban Guilhermez 00:01:36.410 00:00:00.126
9 42 Alex Dimitrianov 00:01:36.419 00:00:00.135
10 27 Gregori Krupin 00:01:36.429 00:00:00.145
11 77 iBen Toralmintii 00:01:36.436 00:00:00.152
12 17 Evdaden Carnétier 00:01:36.498 00:00:00.214
13 64 Carsten O'Rourke 00:01:36.686 00:00:00.402
14 14 Sigur Bjarnason 00:01:36.895 00:00:00.611
15 18 Taylor Blake 00:01:36.969 00:00:00.685
16 23 Jelena Colac-Strek 00:01:37.151 00:00:00.867
17 47 Erica Okumura 00:01:37.281 00:00:00.997
18 51 RL Cruisin 00:01:37.509 00:00:01.225
19 49 Benjamin Talison 00:01:37.583 00:00:01.299
20 52 Sayono Souzare 00:01:37.624 00:00:01.340
21 94 Ryker Lane 00:01:37.663 00:00:01.379
22 22 Jasmin Kranjska 00:01:37.684 00:00:01.400
23 65 Hunter Digri 00:01:38.005 00:00:01.721
24 15 Tabita Novax 00:01:38.070 00:00:01.786
25 63 Dalia Dahl 00:01:38.334 00:00:02.050
26 33 Jai Kardaeri 00:01:38.456 00:00:02.172
27 20 Mick Schramm 00:01:38.562 00:00:02.278
28 37 Ryan Harris-Jones 00:01:40.586 00:00:04.302

Week 11: Qualifying
Conditions:      	Dry
Lap Record: 00:01:31.625
Qualifying Type: Elimination
Nation: FID
Circuit: Yogyakulta International Circuit

POS #   DRIVER                                  FASTEST Q1     GAP TO LEADER    FASTEST Q2     GAP TO LEADER    FASTEST Q3     GAP TO LEADER    FASTEST Q4     GAP TO LEADER								
1 77 iBen Toralmintii 00:01:34.422 00:00:00.046 00:01:34.018 00:00:00.532 00:01:32.890 00:00:00.323 00:01:31.656 FASTEST : Q4
2 41 Jean Mercer-Daly 00:01:34.382 00:00:00.006 00:01:33.904 00:00:00.418 00:01:32.788 00:00:00.221 00:01:31.659 00:00:00.003
3 47 Erica Okumura 00:01:34.376 FASTEST : Q1 00:01:33.522 00:00:00.036 00:01:32.837 00:00:00.270 00:01:31.706 00:00:00.050
4 48 Tyra Tabuso 00:01:34.397 00:00:00.022 00:01:33.805 00:00:00.319 00:01:32.712 00:00:00.145 00:01:31.803 00:00:00.147
5 94 Ryker Lane 00:01:34.407 00:00:00.031 00:01:33.578 00:00:00.092 00:01:32.647 00:00:00.080 00:01:31.942 00:00:00.286
6 1 Jessica Franssen 00:01:34.415 00:00:00.039 00:01:33.769 00:00:00.283 00:01:33.067 00:00:00.500 00:01:32.125 00:00:00.469
7 17 Evdaden Carnétier 00:01:34.671 00:00:00.295 00:01:33.486 FASTEST : Q2 00:01:32.942 00:00:00.375 00:01:32.197 00:00:00.541
8 7 Vijay Tripathi 00:01:34.383 00:00:00.007 00:01:33.546 00:00:00.060 00:01:33.394 00:00:00.828 00:01:32.242 00:00:00.586
9 52 Sayono Souzare 00:01:34.470 00:00:00.094 00:01:33.994 00:00:00.508 00:01:33.147 00:00:00.580 00:01:33.091 00:00:01.435
10 15 Tabita Novax 00:01:34.450 00:00:00.074 00:01:33.540 00:00:00.054 00:01:32.567 FASTEST : Q3 00:01:35.162 00:00:03.506
11 18 Taylor Blake 00:01:34.647 00:00:00.271 00:01:34.265 00:00:00.780 00:01:33.586 00:00:01.020
12 33 Jai Kardaeri 00:01:34.574 00:00:00.198 00:01:33.500 00:00:00.014 00:01:33.750 00:00:01.183
13 14 Sigur Bjarnason 00:01:34.404 00:00:00.029 00:01:33.561 00:00:00.075 00:01:33.977 00:00:01.410
14 29 Esteban Guilhermez 00:01:34.402 00:00:00.026 00:01:33.493 00:00:00.007 00:01:34.987 00:00:02.420
15 49 Benjamin Talison 00:01:34.463 00:00:00.087 00:01:33.608 00:00:00.122 00:01:35.247 00:00:02.680
16 27 Gregori Krupin 00:01:34.400 00:00:00.025 00:01:35.175 00:00:01.689
17 23 Jelena Colac-Strek 00:01:34.378 00:00:00.002 00:01:37.729 00:00:04.243
18 65 Hunter Digri 00:01:34.460 00:00:00.084 00:01:38.866 00:00:05.380
19 56 Terho Talvela 00:01:34.417 00:00:00.041 00:01:39.384 00:00:05.898
20 22 Jasmin Kranjska 00:01:34.643 00:00:00.267 00:01:43.803 00:00:10.317
21 64 Carsten O'Rourke 00:01:34.695 00:00:00.319
22 63 Dalia Dahl 00:01:34.701 00:00:00.325
23 37 Ryan Harris-Jones 00:01:34.896 00:00:00.520
24 51 RL Cruisin 00:01:35.031 00:00:00.655
25 71 Rustom Ibuna 00:01:35.067 00:00:00.691
26 42 Alex Dimitrianov 00:01:35.267 00:00:00.891
27 3 Darius Castellammare 00:01:35.695 00:00:01.319
28 20 Mick Schramm 00:01:35.831 00:00:01.455
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Postby Sorlovia » Sat May 18, 2019 7:29 pm

Gregori knew that his engagement might give Johan and the MRT executives reason to question him. For all they knew he might now be distracted by thoughts of wedding planning and his focus might be distracted by thoughts of his fiancé. But Gregori held himself to the highest standards of unfailing professionalism. His wedding would have to wait until after the season ended and Elena herself fully respected that his focus had to be on the WGPC in the meantime. He had obligations to MRT that he had to fulfil and he wasn’t about to let his focus drift. The wedding planning would come later. For now he would focus solely on the upcoming races and doing the best he possibly could for MRT.

He’d been quick to reassure Johan that he was fully committed to MRT. He had many months to plan his wedding after the end of the WGPC17 season. MRT would be his sole focus until then and not just because of his contract terms but because he was a man who liked to focus on the race. Gregori was a man of honour. He had given MRT his word that he would be focused on performing for them and he was not about to break his word. Gregori had a knack for compartmentalizing his life when he needed to. His engagement and all the excitement that came with it was filed into one box. The WGPC races and his obligations to MRT were filed into another box that was his main focus. Elena and their wedding planning was filed into yet another box.

He would of course make the most of his time with Elena. She was his wife-to-be and as such stood as one of the most important things in his life. But there were appropriate times to devote attention to the differing obligations in your life. During his downtime he devoted his full attention to Elena and their relationship. But when it was required of him he redirected his full focus to WGPC17 and his competing for MRT. Admittedly the latter took up the largest portion of his attention, focus and energy meaning that Elena had to take a backseat a lot of the time. But she’d known that would be the reality of dating and becoming engaged to a WGPC-ranked racer. He needed to remain focused on the races and doing the best he could.

Gregori knew that the race engineers at MRT HQ would be giving his car their full attention. It would be subjected to intense scrutiny and evaluation as it was put through its paces. He’d highlighted a few of the issues he’d encountered with the car in an email to the race engineers. His main chassis was a remarkable feat of race engineering. It was more than capable of meeting the rigours needs and demands of the WGPC. But it had been through several intense races that had put a great deal of strain on the chassis. As such, as could be expected, it had experienced wear and an impressive amount of heat out on the tracks. It wasn’t that he had been hard on the car. It was just the reality of the WGPC environment and the pressures of the race environment on raceday.

“Keep your head in the game Gregori,” he said softly to himself “things are only going to get more full on from here.”

He leaned back in the plush leather armchair placing his tablet on the arm of the chair. He’d spent the last three hours poring over the race analysis results from Somos and Rivoli. Those two had been his most challenging races and he owed it to himself to learn as much as he could from them. What had he done wrong? How could his handling have been better? Was there anything he could learn from those tracks that might help him in future races? Which sections of the tracks hadn’t he done well on? If he could just figure out which sections he wasn’t doing well on he could evaluate how he approached the unique environments and demands of those section types.
Prior to opening the older of race analysis readouts he’d been on a conference call with his pastor back in Sorlovia. Sergei Kletska was the Head Pastor of a large Pentecostal megachurch in Kamensk of which Gregori had been a member for several years. Gregori’s faith could perhaps label him as a target on the international stage and had the potential to subject him to persecution. But he refused to budge on the matter of his devoted Christian faith. It was the foundation of his life and he wasn’t about to change that. The WGPO didn’t care. A racer’s religion belief or sexual orientation were not to be talked about or considered in the WGPC. Only their skills as a racer and their race track record.

Pastor Sergei had prayed for him over the phone. That constant link to home and his church was one of Gregori’s greatest sources of support. It was what helped him get through the dark times and was what picked him up when he was down. In truth you couldn’t separate Christianity from Gregori. His faith was a central part of his identity. He shared it with others when they asked and politely kept it to himself when it wasn’t appropriate to talk about it. That didn’t mean that he wouldn’t seek to tell others or work in faith when he saw the opportunity. Only that he was a professional and didn’t seek to shove it down your throat the way some Christians did. He was an outspoken Christian but he was also respectful.

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WGPC17 Tyre Supplier Standings - Rd 6

Postby Vilita and Turori » Sat May 18, 2019 10:38 pm


Petrovi Keeping Pace with Bigger Suppliers

NEXPRO Gran Premio di Nekoni, Autodromo Internazionale del Rivoli, Val del Rivoli, Nekoni :: Defending Constructors champion Mattijana Racing Team have only finished in the points during three of the seventeenth World Grand Prix Championship's opening six events but have made their finishes count posting their second win of the season through Sigur Bjarnason making MRT the second team to have both of their drivers visit victory lane during the season just one week after Tropicorp Racing Aelund secured the same accomplishment with iBen Toralmintii leading Round 1 victory Terho Talvela to the checkered flag.

With Bjarnason and Gregori Krupin the only two drivers in the field using Mattijana's Petrovi Tyres it seemed it would be an uphill battle for Petrovi to compete in the World Grand Prix Championship 17 Supplier Standings but with strong performances from the Mattijana Racing Team Petrovi are keeping pace in 4th position on 59 points just 8 behind Pire Eleven who are represented by Vannish Motors Racing and McPahan Motorworks and ahead of the joint Brutus Tyres entry represented by Brutus ObeySport and Nexus Racing.

WGPC17 Supplier Performance Standings
After 6 of 13 Events
[1] - 99 :: Tropicorp Racing Supply
[2] - 84 :: Solymok
[3] - 67 :: Pire Eleven
[4] - 59 :: Petrovi
[5] - 31 :: Brutus Tyres
[6] - 24 :: Stellenbosch
[7] - 15 :: Cypress
[8] - 14 :: Grafonil

Tropicorp Racing Supply maintain their position at the top of the table despite failing to place any of their cars on the podium at the Autodromo Internazionale del Rivoli. Tropicorp saw their lead cut sharply from 22 points down to just 15 leaving the Gran Premio di Nekoni with Solymok close behind on the heels of a big day for Mattijanan Motorsport with Alex Dimitrianov finishing as runner up in the Badai Angin #42. Dimitrianov will be looking to continue the good form as the series progresses on to Filindostan, home of Dimitrianov's constructor Badai Angin.

Another Filindo driver looking to impress the home fans will be Rustom Ibuna who has hit a patch of poor form after a strong start to the season. Ibuna was runner up to Terho Talvela in the season opening IZAYOI Grand Prix of Hodori then placed fourth in three of the next four events. After a 7th placed finish in Somos City and a finish outside the points in Nekoni however, the Filindostan based driver will be looking for the home crowd to propel them back to the top of the leader board earning points for themselves in the Drivers standings as well as being the point earner for Constructor and Supplier competitions.

While the World Grand Prix Championship's 17th season has yet to see a repeat winner through the first six events, some might point to Tropicorp Racing Aelund's Terho Talvela as the most likely driver to accomplish the feat. The Abovian, a former World Grand Prix champion from the competitions 14th season, currently sits atop the World Grand Prix drivers standings and despite failing to claim victory has posted the fastest lap of the race in three consecutive Grand Prix events.

While Talvela, Ibuna and Vijay Tripathi of Vannish Motors Raceway were all fast in the opening practice at the Yogyakulta International Circuit, it was Turorian iBen Toralmintii in the Tropicorp Racing Supply outfitted #77 Tropicorp Racing Aelund machine that set fast time in the Qualification session to take top spot on the grid. It is the first pole position of the season for Toralmintii who had previously posted second fastest time in qualifying on three occasions. Things were not quite so rosy for Terho Talvela and Rustom Ibuna with the points leader posting the second slowest time in Q2 to roll off the grid in 19th position while Rustom Ibuna struggled in front of the home fans with the #71 Eelandii VTGP sitting 25th on a grid of 28 cars. If Ibuna is to crack the podium in their home country it will certainly require a driver of the day performance and quite a lot of luck along the way.




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